172 thoughts on “What The University Of California Berkeley Riot Means For America”

  1. Yay! First to say “tolerant liberals” and “antifa are the real facists” I’m a good Conservative!

    1. If you dislike reason, logic and right wing stuff, why the fuck are you here?
      These idiots are harming people and property, and you mock those who are disturbed by this. You sound very similar to Jammy when he gets his right-hate on. It would not surprise me if this were a sock puppet account in the least.

  2. If you do not want to listen to Milo, then don’t. People who aren’t interested in what he has to say have every right to do so. That is what a free country is all about! The violence that is erupting because people differ in opinions is like a disease, destroying everything in its path. Is the destruction of America the goal of these animals?
    President Trump shouldn’t threaten to defund Berkeley, he should just do it. Us tax payers are telling you to defund them now and take away all federal grants and student loans anyone there is getting. They are so stupid they don’t even know what they are protesting! Shut the place down.

    1. I was actually in Berkeley at the protest and I can confirm that the police did absolutely nothing. There was recklessness and violence consistently happening and the police were doing nothing. Smells like a conspiracy on behalf of the admin, who also tried to price Berkeley College Republicans out of the event.

      1. They were told to stand down. CA democrats are using this bit of agit-prop for polticial purposes against Trump.

        1. Who does the police chief or campus police answer too?? You could have simply asked them, but me thinks they would probably have not answered in any case.

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    2. “President Trump shouldn’t threaten to defund Berkeley, he should just do it. ”
      I don’t think it’s the universities fault – the police could have easily contained the situation but did nothing, was reported by people in the field.

  3. Holy Fuck. Cernovich periscoped this last night. Plus this was the 1st hour of the Gavin McInnes, Anthony Cumia and Alex Jones shows. WE KNOW! Another fucking no shit video.
    Milo, Cernovich and McInnes always take the money and run. Cops have to babysit this bullshit and I’m sure they love getting spit on for a bunch of retards who make zero effort to protect themselves. Their supporters even stick around “talk it out” while cops have to stand there getting called pigs. Awesome job!
    This shit is getting old. It’s the conservative version of “No Trump! No KKK, No blah blah blah.”

    1. Have the Hells Angels do security. They would probably do it for free. I for one am tired of hearing how Marxist agitators beat up Joe Shmoe conservative everyday. How many times are conservatives going to take a beating before fighting back. Did you forget you won the election? Did you think the left would just curl up and die because more people showed up to the ballet box for trump in November?
      The left right now by lashing out so violently is acting like a wounded cornered animal and I say its time to put it out if its misery.

      1. They’ve gained far too much power because spineless academics and corporations (freaked on losing a dollar) have given into their every demand.
        If federal funds were shut off to these universities … you’d see how fast campus administrators would tell these brats to F-off.

      2. Trump is backed into a corner. He is fighting on two fronts, on one side there is the media, on the other there’s the marxist financed terrorist groups.
        If Trump does something to the protestors, then the Media will call for more violence saying that he is an authoritarian figure that wishes to silence his opposition

        1. Openly calling for violence is a very, very serious offense. A solution for Trump would be to instruct law enforcement (Federal in any event) to arrest all overt calls for violence in the MSM.

    2. I sympathize for the cops who have to deal with this BS too.
      But it’s absurd to blame those who’ve been welcomed by a student group to speak when a pack of intolerant lefties create violence in attempt to silence those they dislike.
      If people like Milo and Gavin McInnes stop showing when welcomed to speak, the left wins. Their ultimate goal is to completely squelch ANYONE who expresses an opposing paradigm.

      1. “I sympathize for the cops who have to deal with this BS too”
        The cops did nothing. I would wager they were told to stand down by either Soros or that frumpy police chief.
        “If people like Milo and Gavin McInnes stop showing when welcomed to speak, the left wins”
        This is what I was thinking too. But since the university had zero help from police they probably had no choice.

  4. 2:10 in video: Starbucks plans to hire 10,000 refugees. You gotta love how these corporations mask their desire for CHEAP labor with veneer of “compassion”.

    1. Ha ha, I posted elsewhere: No more bacon sandwiches, no more service dogs. It turns out the ‘compassion’ goes only one way.

  5. This is just further evidence that the United States is headed towards civil unrest and possibly war.
    Unfortunately for guys like me, I have too much to lose to fight back. I can’t just attend one of these rallies and shoot an antifag in self-defense. My life would be ruined.
    The good news with Trump as president, we should have a booming economy. Stack money, prepare for the worst, and make an exit plan if this can’t be handled in an efficient manner.
    These protestors have consistently demonstrated that they are not only unable to make coherent arguments, but they will resort to primitive violence in order to further their agenda.
    Unless this is dealt with swiftly, we either have to fight back with force, or eject from the toxic situation permanently. Truly scary times for a young conservative American male.

    1. Same. I have too much to lose to head out to the streets, outnumbered, risking serious injury or doxxing. I’ll let the riot police do it for now.
      But you can be sure I have all the necessary HARDWARE in case it gets super serious and I can’t even walk down the street.

      1. There’s no need to join the rabble, but if they come near you or yours….don’t hesitate. Let ours be a revolution of resistance.

        1. Agreed. I’ve said it many times, the last place I want to be, is near a snowflake convention. If they try to burn your neighborhood down though, in that circumstance, its time to take the gloves off, at that point.

      2. We all have something to lose but it’s time to defend ourselves. Until leftist fascists have their skulls cracked or throats slit, this will continue.

      3. You guys sound like you should be doing recon and compiling dossiers. Thats will keep you out of the front and you cannpass that knowledge to whom you deem most effective.
        These antifa are subsidized and funded.
        Attacking their logistics seems a good tactic.
        Riots get headlines. Vandalized buses get page 10.

    2. Everyone has too much to lose… their lifes for example. You failed in giving an excuse to run of the fight.
      I’m not saying we should retaliate with violence. For the time being we are actually winning, and these events are red pilling people. Violence is the last resort of the wise, if it comes to that you have a duty with your people.
      Then, send your wife and kids for somewhere safe and be prepared.

      1. Violence should be the last resort. I really do hope there is a non-violent way, to resolve what happened at Berkley. The first thought that came to mind, would be screening for weapons? I shoot at the range, for fun, but I also train for “exceptional” circumstances. I pray to God, people of these ilk, do not spill their rioting over to fly-over county, or even the suburbs. If they continue to push violence, if they continue to beat innocent people, they will be stopped lawfully and it won’t be with water canons, tear gas or rubber bullets. There are many working folk, that will not put up with shit like that. Even in the area I live where we have many hispanics, even they will not put up with this shit. The left is going to get the response they want, and it pains me to write a statement like that, but there is no way, you keep beating down good people who did nothing, without pissing off the majority of the population, who will do something to stop it.

        1. By non-violent way, I mean, establish check-points and have law enforcement screening for weapons. Search people who enter onto campus. That is what I mean. I don’t believe it’s ok for these “protestors” (I use that term lightly), to have anything, except hot air in their lungs. They can protest all they want, but I would have check points outside the school, at every entrance and search them all, before letting them on campus grounds, besides that, I think if they continue this crap, people will rightly fight back agains them.

        2. I’m with you, I also pray that we will see this problem solved in a peaceful manner. But if they hit a normal person’s window with their rocks, then there will have retaliation.

        3. Last resort!! Theyre already assaulting, pepper spraying us and burning buildings to squash our rights. What exactly are you waiting for? I see a lot of cowardice on this thread. Trump cannot succeed if his troops get mauled on the battlefield. We must win at all levels to demoralize the enemy.

        4. The leftist fascists have funding and complicit police. They’re winning the street war. Bullies only stop when they get punched in the mouth.

        5. The problem at berkeley is that the admin has given them a green light to “vent”
          The cops are told to let it happen. If the rules inplace were enforced, this cant happen.
          Who loves not enforcing laws they dont like even though they swore a solemn oath to do exactly that?

        6. The point is to not have troops on the battle field.
          You go mix it up with rabble.
          The rest of us recognize that this is their deaththroes and organized street hooliganism will turn the fence sitters against us.
          The left is destroying itself. Help them. Dont join them.

    3. Well you’re going to lose no matter what. This shit is going to keep escalating, and they’re going to kill your wife or your son, etc. Maybe it’s because I don’t have kids, but I’d just as soon we cut to the chase and start fighting.

    4. You don’t need to fight anything, just defund these assholes and the problem will go away. These bitches are getting a free ride, end the ride, they will get jobs like everyone else.
      Black community pre-welfare -> good families far lower crime
      post welfare -> niggerland.
      White people pre-student loans -> study in school and wear suits
      post-student loans -> PARRTTTTYYYYYYY!

      1. Correct. What was the final nail in the USSR coffin? The west stopped funding them. Without other people’s money, they are nothing.

      2. How are you going to defund them?
        Will someone go to Soros and ask him to please stop financing these groups?

        1. Its the public money that is the issue, not the private money. Soros is just the front man of a machine, a machine that passes laws and manipulates everything around it. If soros wants to waste his money propping up universities, he is welcome to do so. The problem is he uses his money to buy off politicians who pass laws that waste YOUR money to do so.
          Also, get rid of bankruptcy protections for student loans. Currently a retarded monkey cna take out a student loan because legally he cannot declare bankruptcy and get out of the loan, which means its no-rsik for the lending institution. That has to stop ASAP. Because retarded monkeys and women will inevitably take useless fluff courses that are cheap for the university to create. Ie, its free money for the university, amd encourages them to “teach” more bullshit. Also, retarded monkeys and women are easily led into doing things for the activist professors.
          Finally, of you get rid of the student loans, then women will not sign up. On the one hand this sounds bad, because they are there to provide free sex for the male students. On the other hand this is a long term good because they will have to actually deal with the real world sknce HR departments will no longer be able to justify hiring retards with a college degree. Also, since they will not be taking lesbian studies courses in the politics of cunnilingus, we will have better looking women who are less damaged and insane then the current generation.

        2. Soros uses government moneys when he can.
          Trump can defund ALL the far left if he wants.
          Hope he does.

    5. “I have too much to lose to fight back”
      That is why GOP lawmakers should be pushed to craft new laws allowing people to use lethal force in the street if they merely PERCEIVE an imminent threat to their life.
      All they’d have to do is provide some video evidence (easy to do nowadays).
      Nobody here can deny that SJWs and antifas create such an atmosphere.
      A heated conflict, caught on camera, would provide all the evidence necessary to justify a citizen pulling a gun and shooting.
      The advantage is in that the right is already far better armed than the left.
      And so it forces this conflict into an arena that the right can win at.
      Either the far left will have to up their game or cease their antics.
      Half of them have never shot a gun in their lives and the other half shoot sideways.
      Part of the reason they act like they do is because they (correctly) perceive that there are no serious consequences for their actions.
      If they’re arrested they know they can rely upon friends in very high places to bail them out, provide legal defense, etc.
      But nothing can bail them out of a bullet in the head.

      1. Yeah, we have those laws. Conveniently, those places suffering withering attacks DONT.
        Funny that….

    6. “These protestors have consistently demonstrated that they are not only
      unable to make coherent arguments, but they will resort to primitive
      violence in order to further their agenda.”
      and its becoming increasing obvious.

    7. This is just further evidence that the United States is headed towards civil unrest and possibly war.

      True statement.

      Unfortunately for guys like me, I have too much to lose to fight back. I can’t just attend one of these rallies and shoot an antifag in self-defense. My life would be ruined.

      True statement. And why would you, or anyone else, want to?? What strategic goal would be advanced by someone ruining their life to mingle at an ignorant sheeple gathering like this? Sheeple gatherings are for sheeple. Stay as far away from these ignorant congregations as you possibly can unless you consider yourself a sheeple or want to risk life and limb for no good reason.
      Some Christian principles which, like all Christian principles, are universal:
      “Who at any time serves as a soldier at his own expense?” – Corinthians 9:7
      Rhetorical question. The answer is no one. Vigilantism in any form is doomed to fail from the start. The time to potentially serve as a soldier has not yet come. There will be no mistaking that time if it does come. In the meantime:
      “When a strong man, fully armed, guards his own house, his possessions are undisturbed. But when someone stronger than he attacks him and overpowers him, he takes away from him all his armor on which he had relied and distributes his plunder.” – Luke 11
      Be the strong man. That’s where every awakened man’s time and energy should be invested. Consider where your home is. Personally, I’d never live within a two hour drive of any major metro area and would encourage everyone to think about where they live and how that would affect their lives if SHTF:
      “. . . while Lot settled in the cities of the valley, and moved his tents as far as Sodom. Now the men of Sodom were wicked exceedingly and sinners against Yahweh.” – Genesis 13
      Even Westerners who’ve never touched their birthright, the Bible, know the story of Sodom. Lot knew it was a wicked place and still moved there. I’ll skip going into detail, but at least a dual principle here, is that there is evidence Lot chose to move to Sodom because of his woman. Everyone knows how his story turns out.
      “But if anyone does not provide for his own, and especially for those of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.” – 1 Tim 5
      Provide for your household. Stores of food, ammo, water, barter goods, etc. Real money, that is gold and silver, not “federal reserve notes”, though have some cash on hand as well in case it holds value if things go south. In any event, you can still wipe your ass with it.
      “And He said to them, “But now, whoever has a money belt is to take it along, likewise also a bag, and whoever has no sword is to sell his coat and buy one.” – Luke 22
      Goes back to what Jesus said above in Luke 11. All the provisions in the world are useless if you cannot defend yourself or your provisions. Self defense considerations are paramount. Defense and preparations are the primary concern. As Roosh pointed out, right now the ball is in our current civil government’s court to deal with the rabble. Hopefully, we see some of the money they extort from us in taxes go to good use.
      “But He replied to them, “When it is evening, you say, ‘It will be fair weather, for the sky is red.’ And in the morning, ‘There will be a storm today, for the sky is red and threatening.’ Do you know how to discern the appearance of the sky, but cannot discern the signs of the times?” -Matthew 16
      Finally, and most importantly, serve the King of Kings if you do not already. He alone has the way to your salvation.

    8. Right. So everyone has something to lose, and the leftist bullying continues, and Trump supporting girls get pepper sprayed. At some point, we need to organize and beat them back. And bring your gun.

  6. In light of recent events, it shows now what it is truly like to be libtarded. It also gives full credence to leftism being an actual mental disorder.

    1. Leftism has essentially become its own religion at this point, complete with fanatical zealots.

      1. It’s amazing to hear the leftoids drone on like a bunch of zombies in a vast vegetative state bleating and screeching all the manifestations of their globalist elite masters at their command. Yet still, they have no idea how idiotic they appear to be to anyone peering from the outside, exuding a rhetoric which resembles a manifold of idiocy that I’ve not seen to date in all my years.

      2. not a religion, a cult. a cult which promotes hate, self hate, fascism and degeneracy under the veneer of being the self claimed goodness defenders. Madness, i said. madness

    2. I think a better analysis would be that they are demonic. The Right has its share of nut jobs, but the Left is sinking further into fascism.

  7. Roosh makes a very important observation about how people use a convenient label -without any evidence – to produce targets for attack and inflame a mob. This is a favorite tactic of majority muslim nations such as Pakistan. Neighbors who hate each other simply claim the other said something blasphemic, whereupon the wrong side ends up imprisoned or summarily beaten/shot dead by an inflamed mob.
    Of course it’s OK to kill a “blasphemer” – of course it’s OK to beat/maim/kill a “Nazi”.

  8. I think Milo is a an idiot and I’m not into the alt right movement but this left wing protesting is getting out of hand. It’s like any opinion that strays from a leftist ideology is grounds for a protest. I consider myself more left wing but this is ridiculous now. Free speech is just that, speech. Unless Milos and that Spencer guy want to organize speeches to instruct people on how to strategically kill, rape, and assault minorities and women then who cares what hot air they blow. Spencer wants an all white state or something, good luck with that but hey, if you want to talk about this dream in a room full of like minded people go ahead, no biggie. Most of what they say isn’t going to change anything anyway, just like protesting won’t change the fact that there is an alt right movement and Trump is president.
    I live in Toronto and people here are outraged and worried because Trump is president and I think to myself, he’s not even our leader!! Yes there will be a bit of blow back with some trade policies and our Prime Minister needs to grow a pair but it’s not like a new world order. Have a drink and chill. I hope this sickness doesn’t linger into patio weather because I don’t want to listen to this crap when I’m sipping my IPA.

    1. “I live in Toronto and people here are outraged and worried because Trump is president and I think to myself, he’s not even our leader!!”
      Yea. No Shit. A few days ago, I think I saw a gaggle of Canadians in Ottawa or Toronto protesting Trump’s 7-nation immigration pause.

  9. “Anti-Fascists shut down speech” ……see also
    Anti-Semites buy puppy for nice jewish man
    and so on

  10. Milo’s youtube views have probably skyrocketed. I can’t imagine there were going to be more than 20 attendees at his speech at Berkley. But now that the children have made a big deal of it, he’s going to reach a much larger audience.

    1. And that’s what (((Jewnopolous))) is all about:
      Make a fuzz, collect the shekels for the BBC loving gay liberal.
      I have more respect for Antifa cucks than for this subversive kike.

  11. Who is this Milo person? I only heard that he was a faggot. If that’s true, good riddens — the libtards finally did something right. Who wants to hear a lecture from a faggoty gay person?

  12. Take away all federal funding from the universities, and at the same time remove bankruptcy protections from student loans. Once you do those two things you will remove the free money that universities currently receive from both government and morons.
    This will force the universities to actually meet the needs of the people or shut down. Currently they are insulated from that, which is why the moronic leftists are allowed to run amok.

  13. A lot of this leftist bullshit would stop by making George Soros go away. The God Emperor should create something like Section One from the La Femme Nikita TV series back in the late 1990’s with the power to make extrajudicial arrests and conduct secret executions without trial of society’s elite troublemakers. Just grab Soros off the street, taser him or inject him with sedatives, throw him into the back of a nondescript van, bind his hands and feet, put a sack over his head, speed away from the scene – and we’ll never see or hear from him again.

      1. “”Making George Soros go away” no nah…I’d say slay him and drag his head across the streets. Exterminate his son too.”
        One way to start is by seizing his assets.

        1. Remember the line in “Trading Places” where the Louis character was going to shotgun/kneecap the Duke brothers? Eddie Murphy’s character said, “How do you hurt rich people? You take away their money.”

      1. Perfectly succinct. Be wary of anyone claiming to have your interests at heart.
        However, the more likely scenario is the phony, self-serving ‘saviors’ are looking for common people to exploit as useful idiots.

      1. The left has specialized in pulling donor lists for everyone they oppose. Lets get the lists of the supporters of all this violence, publish them, and then freeze all their assets. This includes a lot more than Soros. He is number one but far from only.

    1. “with the power to make extrajudicial arrests and conduct secret executions without trial of society’s elite troublemakers”
      yeah that’s great until they decide YOU’RE a troublemaker.

    2. You are making it way to complex. Simply arrest him and throw him in jail. If you can get the true goods on him have a very public trial where all his dirty linen is washed in public then execute him. However, I feel executing him, or attempting to prove the case for execution, is not worth the effort. He is extremely old and will die soon enough. Just pull his fangs, strip him and his cronies of every red cent they have, and let him coast into death as a pauper.

  14. In the coming Civil War–that seems more and more inevitable everyday, what I am starting to ask myself is this: do I get engaged, or rather head to “The White Mountains.” The media has done the ‘trippy show’ act on our population and everyone is getting capped.

  15. Great points Roosh, love your analysis & see it happening easily by May. With celebs fanning the flames, it will kick off in no time.

  16. the regressive left doesnt get it right? FREE SPEECH means EXACTLY THAT it doesnt mean “love speech” or “hate speech” it means all kind of speech but these idiots dont get it they will now try to paint ANY KIND of speech that they dont like as “hate speech” in order to censor it but even if it was (which isnt) its still protected by the constitution and they dont have a say on it so they can just go and get lost.

  17. Let’s see what happens till summer. Also let’s all pray (those that believe in god) that no assassination attempts occur on trump. That’s what we all fear for.

  18. Somewhere in my mind is a notion that Milo is a CIA creation, beyond an asset like various feminist gurus. Steinem was discovered and then promoted as a showchsed propaganda tool to unglue the trad family, but Milo seems like he was made from scratch.
    The CIA is a motley mix of hebe zionists, patriots, yes men and some of the brightest jobbers for the globalists. Is Milo a made man, tweaked with a strange fetish for black boys whilst being a silver tongued debater for free speech in reverence to the right? He seems so ‘assembled’ with various stands from opposing camps. The politics he flexes on but he doesn’t budge on the gay part, like it’s a permanent bug implanted in his brain. He can’t get to the root of it or meditate it out because it was likely implanted and needs physically removed with small tongs and is likely a microchip in the prefrontal cortex.

      1. It was the British boy’s school vice then. Something is not right about the sex ed in there.

  19. We need special laws to stop feminazi terrorism. President, lock them up. Deport them to Guantanamo

    1. GOP lawmakers should be pushed to craft new laws allowing people to use lethal force in the street if they merely PERCEIVE an imminent threat to their life.
      All they’d have to do is provide some video evidence (easy to do nowadays).
      The cool part is that such laws could be modeled after more recent anti male DV legislation. A hostile atmosphere.
      Nobody here can deny that SJWs and antifas create such an atmosphere.
      A heated conflict, caught on camera, would provide all the evidence necessary to justify a citizen pulling a gun and shooting.

    2. Deport them to somewhere where we are never bothered by them again. I suggest airdropping them into Saudi Arabia or the portion of Nigeria controlled by Boko Haram. Where ever we send them it would have to be by airdrop since no one wants these living pieces of (I’ll be generous) human feces.

  20. They want to blame anybody but themselves for:
    1. Their lack of self control.
    2. Their lack of comprehension when it comes to nuance in understanding details, information and laws.
    3. Their lack of cogent, adult-level argument.
    4. Their forced, false pride-backed need to exist “beyond reproach.”
    What can you do with people who simply will *never* follow the rules and are always switching from unapproachable aggressor to childish victim every time the wind direction changes? It may come down to the last resort: They will be shown force.

  21. And what will be the next step ?
    killing spree nights organized BY these leftards to hunt people who don’t agree with them ? Just like the movie “america nightmare” ? That is madness !!

  22. those people are civil war mongers. no doubt about it.
    perfectly looks like a zergs (weak disgusting creatures in large numbers, with no self intelligence but driven by herd mentality led by a far away evil brain) vs protoss (few strong evoluted individuals united for a higher purpose) conflict.
    Only chance to stand up and win : be strategic.
    sorry for this childish comparison, but at this point, i lack words to express my disgust of what is going on.

  23. Next time Milo does an event at leftist indoctrination camp, in a blue state no less, I will bring 10 gallons of gasonline and matches and give it to rioters. Be sure to burn it all down kids. Hah.
    This is paid and staged guirella theater and everyone knows it. As other ROK posters mentioned in other threads, the left will alway “threaten” mass violence, but they would all be dead in the street if they actually tried it. And they know it. Of note, most state governors have learned from the past. You do not send in the National Guard (bad optics), but quarantine the area and arrest participants as it dies out with local police. Condisering this was CA, I have doubts local and state reps were all for it as it is a democrat shithole to begin with, so police did not intervene and those fags knew they had free reign.
    I enjoy watching dullards burn down their own dwellings, but this is the standard MO of Amercian leftists for the last 60 years and is not surprising, but predictable and boring.

    1. the military police are on the left…
      And see the police chief? – -she looks like the “Barren”-ness of catville

      1. “the military police are on the left…”
        Not from my experience. Quite the opposite.
        You piqued my curiostiy and went to find out who the chief of Berkely Police was. The guy resigned a few months ago according the local rag and something else caught my eye (SFGate):
        “Meehan’s resignation comes after the sudden departures of chiefs on other Bay Area police forces this year.”
        Trouble in the ranks.

      1. Let it. When these little cupcake “anarchists” step outside of their privileged protected bubble, they become fair game for flyover country. We’re heavily armed and we don’t take shit like trying to harm us or burn down our property lightly.
        It would put an end to the madness in less than two hours, guaranteed. Which is why their handlers are keeping them safe inside their consequences free bubbles, for now.

        1. No one finds noodle armed boys in black hoody attire getting glamour shots on campus threatening. They’re fags with police protection and were given permission by CA politicos and facutly to do put on a show in a renowned leftist hole. Sorry to hear about People getting assaulted, but there is a reason this type of thuggery happens in gun free zones.

        2. yea but they will not…
          time for you guys to march to the coast again.
          pro tip – avoid Pennsylvania

        3. Ferguson, MO was locked down and out. Further, store owners there could be and were armed and their stores were untouched.
          I mean, if they venture outside the cities more than anything in my original comment.

        4. Amen.
          A two hour period of 762s flying at them would radically change their thought processes.

  24. Ah, the Fascist Left. I don’t agree with MY’s views but he was there to..defend Free Speech. What sad times we live in!

  25. Good video Roosh, thanks for reporting in. With regards to Stefan Molyneux – well he is a bit melodramatic. Don’t forget he did study theatre and acting years ago – I highly doubt he’s on suicide watch.

    1. i recently started watching his philosophy videos, and watched his end of the world video shortly before this. mid melodramatic, however, I think they are both correct.
      There is no reasoning with these people – violence is increasing…

      1. ” watched his end of the world video shortly before this. mid melodramatic, however, I think they are both correct”
        I think that Molyneux is astute in a lot of ways – I think “The Story Of Your Enslavement” is brilliant, yet he fails to tell specifically what one can do to ‘break free’ and ‘leave the farm’.
        Which of his end of the World videos are you referring to?

        1. oh the one that Roosh mentioned – “he’s on suicide watch”.
          from yesterday.

          towards the end @11:40 he is a bit upset — “time for words is over…”
          However, Love Stefan Molyneux now — learning much from him – Aristotle, Ayn Rand etc…

    2. I respect Molyneux’s flexibility. That motherfucker had a 180 degrees opinion change on everything.
      I remember in one of his videos not too long ago. A wish I had a strong black man as a stepfather… now he’s like white women shouldn’t date blacks, because they make fucked up kids.
      Not too mention the libertarianism, he sure threw that out of the window.

      1. “I remember in one of his videos not too long ago. A wish I had a strong black man as a stepfather… now he’s like white women shouldn’t date blacks, because they make fucked up kids.”
        What video was that? Are you talking about his video about Bill Cosby?

  26. I agree that they are hoping to provoke retaliation and then demonize supporters of the President.
    I’ve seen comments like, oh sure, a few people got beat up, but what about the Trump supporter who shot up a mosque (in Canada). As if you can compare the two situations.

  27. Milo’s book now 5th ranked on Amazon:
    “Following the violent anti-free-speech protests in Berkeley, California last night – sparked by cal’s special snowflakes hurt feelings at the potential words that would come out of Milo Yiannopoulos’ mouth during a sold-out event – it appears America’s curiousity has been piqued.
    Sales of Milo’s book have increased 12,740% overnight sending it rocketing from 642nd to 5th ranked best-seller on Amazon. Pretty impressive considering the book is not even released until March 14th 2017.”

  28. ‘[MMA Fighter Jake] Shields reportedly came to the defense of a man that was being
    attacked by people that wore masks that hid their identities. Shields later said, “They attacked him for being a Trump supporter, no other reason.”
    After protecting the man, Shields confronted some of the masked protesters, saying, “You guys have your faces covered. You’re attacking people. You are being (expletive) fascists. Look at you guys, you’re (expletive) embarrassing. It’s not okay.”’

  29. To the younger generation, California wasn’t always so cucked. When Ronald Reagan was governor he sent in CHP and the National Guard to put down the violent People’s Park riots and restore order.
    It was beautiful, brutal, and effective.
    It is sad that the odds of California ever electing another governor like that are slim to none now 🙁

  30. There is absolutely no coverage of the coward hordes dressed in black over this side of the Atlantic. I mean nothing. The bias is palpable. You can be sure the minute Trump orders cracking skulls it will be fire and brimstone…..
    The funny thing is you just know the guys and girls holding the “This is War” sign never held a fire arm in their lives. If the cops had done their job it would have been contained in 10 minutes and these cowards would have run away like the rats they are. You have to question the motives of the mayor and police commissioner…..

    1. Precisely. The cops and college were a disgrace during this riot. They should have nipped this in the bud immediately. If this shit keeps going on, I’m willing to bet that civilian anti-riot groups will begin popping up.

      1. UC Berkely has a rep to protect. They need to have their outbursts of ‘protest’ and ‘unrest’ and ‘sticking it to the man’. Its nothing but theater at best, marketing at worst.

        1. If it goes violent and to a riot, it’s more than just theater and is legally actionable. Protests under 1st Amendment protections only involve those conducted peacefully. Rioting, harming people, setting shit on fire is not “freedom of speech”.

        2. According to the FBI’s definition, it’s terrorism:
          The unlawful use of force or violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a Government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives.

  31. yep – -no word of domestic terrorists – australia, europe, or USA.
    Only stories of divisive radical MIlo and hate speech…
    Is all american cowboy show – -get them to draw first – then media condemnation of the nazi, fasist violence…
    I don’t understand or know the intricacies of the various groups – I prefer to label them all communists – either leaders or useful idiots.
    Good story I read of the infiltration and details of the so-called anarchists:
    In any case there is no reasoning with any of them…

  32. It is very simple people. This is not about ideology. It’s all about resources. People on the left are collectivists. That’s the only surviving strategy available to them… ganging up. They are also the free loaders of course. On the right we have the individualists. They have no problem surviving on their own.
    Well… when the producers (the right), decides the free loading must end, that is a mortal threat to the collectivists in the most literal sense of the word, and they become violent. That’s what people under threat do.
    I’d say let them die a slow and painful death. That’s what’s gonna happen eventually anyway.

  33. In Brazil, we have been dealing with those Marxist thugs for 15 years. Here they kill people. There is even a black bloc group sponsored by Soros
    Our last Marxist president would fund them and receive them at the Palace.
    When they wanted some leftist law approved, they would tell the leaders to protest, and then pass the law in response to this false popular claim.
    Trump is the best opportunity for Marxists to consolidate and radicalize their forces. He is a catalyst.
    Please note that all these protests are funded and carefully planned.
    Things will only get worse.
    Learn from our example.

  34. Don’t waste your time analyzing fools. They are Lenin’s useful idiots.
    Go to the source, Soros and the globalist foundations.

      1. Yep. Too late, now its time to charge them with domestic terrorism.
        FBI definition:
        The unlawful use of force or violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a Government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives.

  35. It’s just like with children, if you don’t bring the hammer down the first time than it’s just going to get worse…Fucking imbeciles. These people are subhuman dipshits

  36. Spot on Roosh. Good to see and hear your take on things. You are absolutely correct that this path the SJW movement is on is one of gaslighting. My experience in dealing with women of borderline personality is to remove all attention from them first. In the case of this mob mentality, it is ESSENTIAL that men of the red pill mindset do not go near such protests, even for fun and or curiosity. If you must go to these type of events, go with a great video camera and stay at a distance to film and catalog what happens. Now is the time to observe and record only.
    It is 1968 all over again, and the tipping point is not yet here. I am hungry for the day for the return of law and order, but if we get involved prematurely, it will only fuel their rage filled fire. I think it will be a group of women who actually commit such acts of violence which cannot be ignored by law enforcement. Give them no attention and they will spontaneously combust…….

  37. Stefan Molyneux is crying? Big effin deal. Roosh you used the same logic feminists and pussy leftists have used for years. “Stefan’s feelings were hurt so they need to stop this rioting.” Whereas rioting should be stopped because it destroys private property.

    1. The tears were the sadness that violence is mounting and it will be horrific once the alt-right decides to blow a gasket….bye bye Left…..

  38. An excellent summation Roosh. Could not have put it better. Laughed out loud at “Antifaggots”. I think in general you are right about Trump waiting to act, but you must recognize that has a risk. Remember Madonna’s words. The ‘big act’ could be an attempt on his life, or that of his family. We know these cowards are willing to go after children.
    All of this is predictable ultimately, The left has been driven mad by the speed of their own ideological shift. When I moved my blog to WordPress, my last article talked about this hysteria.
    The left is now fundamentally committed to using violence. They justified it against Andrei Karlov because the Russians are muhh ebil natsees. And now they justify it against us. We do need to be prepared.

  39. I wonder what kind of media coverage that a bunch of “alt-right” people would get if they went out and beat a bunch of antifas senseless.
    By the way I can’t really blame them for not liking that faggot Milo. I don’t like him either, just for different reasons. Every time I hear him speak it makes me want to throw a brick at his face.

  40. What happened at UC Berkeley the other day was a fucking disgrace. Obviously leftists don’t care about Free Speech especially if it opposes t their delusional views which is why these bastards did what they did in the first place. What’s even worst is that the mainstream media and Hollywood celebrities were encouraging the horrible actions committed by these pricks and refusing to denounce them.
    Even though Milo was disappointed about his lecture being cancelled because of the chaos that took place it didn’t hurt him too much because this gave Milo more media attention and the violent rampage exposed the left for the intolerant and irrational pieces of shit that they are. These assholes realize that their their retarded nonsensical world views have been debated into the ground multiple times by guys like Milo,Roosh V,Davis Aurini,Matt Forney,Aaron Clarey,Jack Donavon,Mike Cernovich,Gavin McInnes,Alex Jones,and myself included. Plus they are also starting to realize that calling people who don’t agree with them or calls them on their bullshit racists,sexist,misogynist,and bigots doesn’t work anymore(hell those lame ass shame tatics never worked on me in past) so they had to resort to using unlawful violence to further a political agenda and censor opposing views. And what is dictionary definition of that statement? TERRORISM. It’s gotten to the point where they are using terrorist style tatics to take down anyone who opposes them so the time for talk is officially over especially since the debate has already been won unanimously but these fucktards are so invested in the bullshit that has already proving to be wrong they will keep repeating and regurgitating over and over again and will destroy those who dare disagree. These leftist dickheads persist on wanting to learn the hard way but if that’s what they want then they are going to get it but knowing how they are they are going to cry like schoolgirl bitches and play the victim once they get what they have coming to them. Actions have consequences and these cancerous pussies are going to realize that one way or another.

  41. Roosh thanks this was a brilliant analysis and prescription for us to just wait and support the law when it cracks down. Loved the insight of how the lefts tactics are so feminine- that is right on.

  42. I remember reading an ROK article about how to prevent a BLM attack ,ram jamming was one of the suggestion’s and some one too your’e advice good for him brother.

  43. Sorry for having nothing relevant to say, it was irresistible.
    As others already said, do not let your blood boil into violent reaction. Cut the fund$ of these bastards. I mean: now!

    1. watch roosh at this point:

      at 6:46
      he tells it as it is..
      More and more I realize the people near me who look like that and glare at me…Hate capitalism and straight white males…

        1. yea but where?
          I have a kid in school in NYC.
          It’s really just a state of balance. I get too focused on the negativity.
          My brother in law just moved into a new house in the “gunshine” state
          his neighbors/parents at kid’s school, plenty of former military, police etc…guns, MAGA, bbq’s, fishing and hunting…
          The dad’s at my kid’s school attend the woman’s march…
          But, the good side – there are wall to wall hot women…the place is teeming with them day and night…

  44. What I think Trump is waiting on is Sessions. If Sessions is even 50% of what he talks, he will be the one Trump will have deal with these folks. Right now, he has to deal with confirmations so he can’t have the DOJ [sic] involved with anything “controversial”.

  45. Most men (real men) want nothing more than to live their lives in peace. But if these people want to keep poking the bear, they better be prepared for the day when the bear finally rips their throat out. We are slow to anger, and slower still to righteous violence. But, as the saying goes, just because we are peaceful does not mean we have forgotten how to be violent. These people are starting a fire they are not prepared to handle.

  46. The only way this will end well for honest conservatives in america is if good americans start bankrolling biker gangs and other proud patriots, recruit young men from your local gym, and step up and beat the hell out of these larping marxists.
    Conservatives are going to have to stop being peacemakers and pussies and actually fight.
    If people do not step up and fight these radicals, our country is done. If you are not willing to fight, send emails, call your congressman, and protest… i dont want to hear you cry in 30 years when these marxists sieze your 401k and roth accounts for the better good of those who couldnt plan their own future.

    1. Exactly. I see these comments along the lines of “i hope this is settled peacefully”. Are they serious? This will only get worse and more bloody, with media glamorization, until we develop a national network to beat, maim and-or kill the enemy.

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  48. Is there any proTrump protests taking place? why don’t right wing nationalist American support the president they just elected?

  49. Good article today:
    “With Trump and conservatives taking near-total power after the Left had assumed they would never lose again, their reaction has been to transform. They are stepping away from the normal activities and mindset of cultural Marxism and evolving into full blown communists. Instead of admitting that their ideology is a failure in every respect, they are doubling down.
    When this evolution is complete, the Left WILL resort to direct violent action on a larger scale, and they will do so with a clear conscience because, in their minds, they are fighting fascism.”
    “Trump is the perfect tool for scapegoating conservative movements for the economic crisis the elites have already engineered. But, this is
    only one part of the agenda. In the midst of chaos generated by financial calamity, the morals of an entire society can become
    “malleable”. The most important target of the globalists is not only
    conservatives, but the conservative philosophy. They don’t just want to annihilate conservatives today, they want to annihilate conservatives for all time.
    The globalists cannot accomplish this task without our help. They
    NEED us to adopt an attitude of moral relativism, much like the Left.
    They need us to turn into totalitarians. They need us to become the
    monster we claim we want to defeat. Only then can conservative
    principles be demonized for all time. Only then will history look back
    on us as a stain on the human record.
    This is the globalist’s long game.”

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