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  1. My only goal is to live through today. I will worry about tomorrow, tomorrow.

  2. Interesting talk Roosh.
    A few years back I realized that the goals of hard work, always striving for success and material things so I could be”happy” were hollow sorts of effigies of life with little real value..
    We’re programed from the get go, school, church, society etc to think we need to be work hard and contribute to a “fair and just society”, in such a Blue Pill fashion.
    But then you look around and start thinking, who does my hard work benefit? Me?
    No, not really. Constantly getting walloped by ever increasing taxes as I stack up cash and paying for other lazy sacks of shit, welfarians, public sector workers and other such dead wood…
    Also don’t like this idea popular in the last few decades that we never actually retire or relax that we have to be active until we die.
    When my dad retired people were always asking him what his next project was? He was like “Whatever I feel like doing. Not much else..”
    He died in his sleep very content…so I was glad he did whatever the he wanted and was actually “happy.”
    You never know what will happen.
    I’m still trying to break away from the “goal” oriented way of thinking all the time but it’s hard when that’s all you’ve done your whole adult life..

    1. There’s a difference between deadlines and goals.
      “I’m going to finish project X by next Thursday” is a deadline.
      “I’m going to finish project X soon, and then I’m going to do project Y” is a goal.
      I prefer goals.

  3. Hi Roosh
    The prevalent mindset that life is about achieving goal after goal is deeply rooted in the fear of death. This very deep fear push people to always do thing in excess because most of us deeply believe that there will be nothing remains after death. So the time while spent alive is the only time we have; then every single minute is precious. Thus, any minute not spend on experiencing more is deemed undesirable. It is not difficult to see in western society where everything that could potentially prolong a person’s life is deemed valuable whether it is physical practice like yoga or medical advancement or political arrangement like an insurance.

    1. Putting phyilosophy to the side for a moment, practical everyday life calls for goal setting, else you are floating adrift.
      It is very important, then, to set worthwile goals in a sensible manner.
      For example, many people try to tackle goals too big when they should be focusing on tiny baby steps. Of course the latter are not as showy. It takes time and will.

  4. I am a 21 yr old (female) student who recently started a PhD in Chemistry in the US and this video really resonated with me. I’m not so sure that finishing this PhD will make me happier in the long run. I feel like it is mainly my ego pushing me..and I honestly just want to instead go live my life for a little bit. I’ve spent a lot of time on ROK and while I don’t agree with every single article, Roosh does have a lot of sincere and authentic advice and he has really helped me both as a woman, and as a person (even if I feel too afraid to share that with my feminist friends).

    1. As a man who dates women from 18-49, let me share one thing with you: Men and women age very differently. Not just on the outside. Our internal thoughts and our self image are dependent on different things. Many men love being the lone wolf, and are ecstatic after their first divorce. However with women, without children and a life partner, they have a very hard time being alone. I was all anti marriage and liberal in my early twenties. Now at 33, I’ve lived in latin america, traveled the world, and dated hundreds of women. I see now the conservative, traditional life actually does yield happier families, less divorces, richer friendships, and happier women as they age.
      So when you say you want to “go live my life for a little bit,” be careful. I’m not sure what that means to you, but there are a lot of very unhappy women I know who are wishing they had just started families at your age. There’s time for me at 33 to marry a young girl and build a great family with her, because I’m a man. My value has gone up since 21.
      When you are my age, the pickings will be very slim (for you). The remaining single men your age will be chasing younger girls, or taking trips to meet exotic women around the world (like many here on ROK). The only men that will view you as a “young hottie” will be 45 years old with 2 divorces and big beer bellies.
      I have at least 5 close girlfriends in their 30s who are very smart, make great money, but are devastated that they can’t find the man they want. The truth is, they met him 10 years ago, but they chose to “go live their lives for a bit.”

      1. That’s primarily what I meant. I want to share my life with someone special and build a happy life together. I wish I could find him and we could face life’s ups and downs together, but today’s men around my age just don’t seem to care about that right now. I’ve proven I can work hard in a cold field mainly run by men, but men mistake that to mean that I don’t want to be held or seen as delicate and fragile, when I do.

        1. I am 24 and many guys my age will not accept this stuff, cannot believe there is actually a girl your age reading these articles, and with an open mind. I was going to say, that I know what you mean regarding guys at my age or worse yet, late teens and early 20’s. If I may ask, how were you able to obtain a undergrad degree at such a young age?

        2. I recently graduated in May. I simply was always young for my grade. I realize I made a mistake in typing- I am 22. I turned 22 just this month so I’m not quite used to it yet haha. But I graduated at 21. I never took an easy semester. I was in 16-18credits each full term (plus 2 jobs & extracurric) and full 9 credits for each spring term. I studied so much and worked so hard and learned so many different things but I’m realizing so much of what was promised to me is just a trap. It’s all smoke and mirrors. I know I won’t be happy leeching off a man financially, which is part of why I worked so hard. But I also don’t want to portray myself as a woman who doesn’t want a man’s touch. I want to make the right man feel needed and loved, but none of the guys I’ve known seem to be worthy of it. I don’t love any job enough to neglect this deep desire I have to belong to a man. I want to be smart, and hardworking, and capable, and sweet, but most of all I want to be “his.” And I don’t know if I can find that in my generation.

        3. Sorry if hijacking your conservation. For me collage + feminist friends would scare me off of remotely considering a girl for a serious relationship. In fact completely off the radar. You wouldn’t even exist in my eyes. I’m sure you understand the minefield and risk a solid guy would take on rolling the dice for the sliver of ” perhaps she is an exception and will tell her friends to piss off.”

        4. Those friends are only 2. They were former roommates assigned to me and we all live in different states now.
          I was just using it as an example that it’s hard for women to express interest in ROK to anyone, let alone female friends (bc of backlash)

        5. Roger that, my minds eye can take things to extreme.
          My advice for vetting a guy you wish too really commit to is simple.
          His thoughts / words / actions. If there isn’t a contradiction with those three things, he should be solid. Doesn’t mean it’s gonna work out. Just you have done your job in not getting played.

        6. “And I don’t know if I can find that in my generation.”
          You might want to aim for men who are +10 years older than you as they are usually the biggest sub-set looking to solidify a relationship (if thats what you are pining for).

        7. Look for men in late twenties and please, be a lady. Don’t spread your legs before the first ten dates or so.

        8. Unless you get a date with BetterDeadThanRed, in which case you should definitely put out on the first date! Don’t make him wait

        9. Marina, a young woman who has realized that she wants to belong to a man and be “his” is a very rare thing these days. The fact that you understand that so much of what modern culture and media has promised you is a trap, nothing but smoke and mirrors, at your age is a really amazing thing. There will likely be few men your age that recognize this or appreciate it. Even the fully red-pilled ones your age will likely be most focused on their own personal development and missions, and on building the resources that will allow them to support a wife and children in the future.
          You should consider a more established man who already has or is well on the way to gaining the resources to support himself and his family, and who can appreciate not only your youth but also your understanding of what is truly important in life. He will likely have achieved (or be in the process of achieving) the emotional and financial stability in his life that will complement you and what you are seeking.
          And you will not be “leeching” off of him, you will be enjoying the resources and support he has worked so hard to gather for you and the children you will have together. If you can develop (and show him) an appreciation of the work and sacrifices he has made and will continue to make to build and maintain a home and a life for you as his wife and his children, you will find yourself well-rewarded in all of the most important ways.
          Waiting until you get to be of an age with men that have reached this level of stability, etc., will mean you have lost years of your own youth and vitality, which will mean you will be less attractive to them, then. Your educational achievements, your independence, being “hardworking”… these are things that are attractive to you as a woman in a man, but not as attractive to a man in you as a woman. You want these qualities in a man, so you think (or have been told) that a man would them in a woman. Some men have been conditioned to believe those things are attractive, but eventually that conditioning wears off, and that attractiveness fades.
          There is this idealized, modern vision of a man and woman as partners, each with the same set of (traditionally masculine) qualities and skills, both working to achieve their own individual personal and career goals, and somewhere along the way they have kids and it all magically turns into a healthy marriage and a happy family.
          But that is a false ideal. A marriage is not a partnership between two identical-in-every-way people on parallel tracks sharing a home, pursuing their careers, splitting the costs and rewards, and making sure the babysitter picks up the kids from school. Both the men and women in those marriages are usually miserable, because neither is achieving what makes them truly happy as people.

        10. Ok Marina, haha, 22 not 21 (why do all women do this with their age) lol. What virtues do you desire in a man to complement your virtues?

        11. Hahah it was an honest mistake! I only turned 22 about 3 weeks ago! I barely even noticed the month go by. I want a man who sees me as a reflection of him- he appreciates my intelligence and strength but I want him to even more appreciate my empathy, sensitivity, vulnerability, and femininity. He encourages these traits and complements them…. Is it bad that I actually typed up (a year ago) a list of character qualities I want in a man and another list for traits that I, as his wife, would maintain as a form of respect for him?

        12. I was a player the first 32 years of my life. You might need to look outside that age range. You’ll need to find a man who wants to build a legacy, not just have fun. That usually means religious, or at the least traditional. Where do you live? It’s easier said than done in the “blue” cities.

        13. This.
          Traditionally, older men and younger women worked perfectly for thousands of years. The girl is always younger and more attractive, the dude is always (usually) responsible, stable, and legacy-based.

        14. My advice is usually the same.
          The best girlfriend and woman I loved the most made me wait for about 5 months! She knew that I was serious after that, even though I was humping my blankets like a dog in my sleep haha.

        15. You sound like you have a very mature perspective. You’ll probably have better luck with guys at least 28.

        16. She left me for an older man lol. She made the right decision though. I was young and didn’t appreciate her

      2. A 26 year old I’ve started dating asked me why I even date women she’d seen me with my own age? I’m 44. She was actually puzzled at first and thought my self-esteem must have been down or something. You’ll be surprised how many young women think an older man is selling himself short if he doesn’t try and date younger more fertile women.

      3. David, this is all so very very true. Nearly all the women I know of my age would argue with you, but you are spot on. How happier most of us would be if only we would acknowledge this and act accordingly

        1. It’s our culture that spread this backwards ideology. The media makes fun of family women while glorifying women for partying, making sex tapes, and dressing scantily.
          But who’s gonna be there when this girl turns 35 or 40 and no one pays attention to her? Without kids or a husband, she won’t have much going on. (I only say this based on what I see in my mother, sisters, and the drunk cougars that claw at me in the bars.)

      4. “The truth is, they met him 10 years ago, but they chose to “go live their lives for a bit.””
        AMEN – I’ve seen it many many times…

    2. Perhaps you should get better friends. Just an example, I don’t drink or do drugs…so why would I have drunk junkies as friends. They would only lower me and cause me to judge myself from a substandard. Friends are not people you have too fear being honest with.
      As for school. My wife seven years of collage. I ask her to name one thing that ever benefited her in the real world. NOTHING, not a single thing. Hummm feminist friends you say.

    3. Marina, I understand so very well your position. I discovered ROK a few weeks ago through a feminist leaning friend’s share. Given the site’s reputation, I was surprised to find it often quite reasonable. Regarding romantic relationships …. My experience at NYU and BU taught me that my peers strongly preferred sexually experienced women willing to have sex within the first 3 dates maximum, no commitment. I suspect they’ve given up on treating women as women simply because the women so rarely behave as such. No criticism there! Is it fair to expect anything else from a 20 year old boy? Realizing a proper relationship with someone my own age wasn’t going to manifest, I dove headfirst into my studies, envisioning nothing but a demanding career on the horizon. Well, either that or a convent. By the grace of God, I finally came to my senses and accepted a proposal from an older man – older, red pill types being just those I was warned against. They’re creepy, right? I turned 25 last October, he’ll be 40 next spring, I’m engaged and a much happier person. I wouldn’t presume to dole out educational advice, but I must say I believe you’re right to suspect the men of our gen aren’t yet capable of giving you or me what we really want. Listen to your heart and look elsewhere.

      1. It’s amazing how what we’re told by the powers that be out in the “real world” rarely accord with the reality of something when we get down to brass tacks and examine it, isn’t it?

      2. Hi, Shura. Thanks for your message. I went to a big school as well. Graduated from the Univ of Michigan. When I first heard about Roosh, it was my women’s studies class telling me he was a rape apologist. So I decided to read about it. It turns out that the whole “rape on private properties should be legal” was actually a thought experiment/critique of modern society. Roosh in no way condones rape anymore than Jonathan Swift condones eating babies like in “A Modest Proposal.” The fact that he hasn’t sued the media for slander is incredible. There are many writers on ROK and I don’t agree w/ them all, but they’re right about a lot. I have a lot to give and I don’t want to give it to the wrong man. I know a girl who is committed to getting into better grad schools than the guy who dumped her just b/c she wants to be at a better school than him. How’s that for ‘independent, career woman too good for petty boyfriend issues?’

      3. Shura is a man’s name. So this means you’re a man engaged to a man? Seems like a troll account. But that’s none of my business

        1. Yes, Shura is usually masculine, but not always. I’m half Russian and my middle name is Alexandra. My Russian grandmother started calling me Shura as a nickname when I was a young girl. I’m not a troll. 🙂

  5. First off… This is the first Roosh video I have watched. Love the articles but not one for video personally. After watching this it strikes me that you have life of leisure illness. One common cure is home ownership with land. I have a handful of tasks/beatings that would repurpose your lack of purpose. Freedom to do what you want is cheap in rural America. Making something of this freedom of want and need is the fabric of American culture. A city of hipsters or town of rednecks it makes no difference. Culture and confidence are the goals we must strive for at ROK.

    1. Life of leisure illness lol that’s one affliction I’ll never have to worry about.
      They tell me money doesn’t buy happiness, I wish I had enough to prove them wrong.

        1. It is true that money won’t make a miserable person happy and losing money won’t make a genuinely happy person miserable. That said, happy or miserable, a fuck ton of money does make for a lot of fun

        2. The “money can’t buy you happiness” thing always struck me as odd. It CLEARLY came from somebody who had a full stomach, a roof over his head, a cheery fireplace in winter and had his health. It’s a nice little bromide to strut out in front of the lumpen proles from one’s landed estate, but give the person saying it an empty stomach, children who are sick and can’t be treated due to lack of funds, and who is one missed mortgage payment away from living under a bridge and you can bet that he’d change his tune instantly.

        3. Exactly right. One of my bosses is a very miserable billionaire and a colleague said to me that he is proof that money can’t buy happiness and i told him “let him be that miserable and poor and you will see how much happiness you can buy.”
          This is a guy who just yesterday, I shit you not, complained about the traffic on his way to work…traffic incurred in the 2.5 mile drive from his home in his cheaufer driver maybach.

        4. You can instantly spot people who grew up with all of their essential needs met in relative happiness. When you come from a poor/blue collar house, you find yourself wanting to punch these smug little idiots square in the face when they trot out shit like that.
          We need to coin a term for these types. Full Stomach Philosopher?
          I think that it’s fine to conjecture about the finer points of life and human understanding from a position of having all of your needs met. Perfectly just and right. But to conjecture negatively about the things in life that give you the ample free time and luxury to make lofty those pronouncements should be met with nothing less than an uppercut to the jaw.
          I’m in a punch-y mood today heh.

        5. Ha. I feel the same. I like to put it, with a sneer, as “this is a kid who was too well loved”
          I like FSP for a name. Or maybe BOSOs (Bourgeoisie Stoics)
          Glad you are feeling punchy. I am in a similar mood. I already have one gnat picking at my ankles. I feel I may say some pretty mean things today. Ought to be fun.
          Bum asked me two days in a row now, by the way, for “a couple bucks” The fucking sense of entitlement on the homeless is growing. Next thing they will want me to cosign a mortgage for them. Today I asked him if he took amex and then just walked away as he stared at me.

        6. At my Ghetto University, swatting bums away was part of getting to class. My friend solved this by pre-emptively asking THEM for a dollar was they approached.

        7. ha. one of my favorite moves is
          Bum: DO you have any change
          Me: (reaches in pocket looks at bum and smiles) Why yes! I have a ton of change. Thanks for asking!

        8. My personal approach was to go full-RainMan: Banging my head with both hands, shrieking like an imbecile, lurching past….

        9. I suggested to lolknee that he should offer to give them a Bitcoin.

        10. “The fucking sense of entitlement on the homeless is growing.”
          Yeah I’ve had them ask me to “buy them lunch.” A quick go “Go f*** yourself” or laughter is my response to that but it must work on some sheeple..
          Fuck I hate them dirtying up downtown, getting welfare and often subsidzed housing yet they have the nerve to beg..
          There are days wheni wonder if a Bukenwald solution wouldn’t be the best solution to this problem..

      1. In the words of weird al
        You’re dead for a real long time you just can’t prevent it
        So if money can’t buy happiness, I guess I’ll have to rent it

        1. 1 yr ago I finally resigned from my last job and i couldn’t be happier now… I started working from my house, over a site I stumbled upon on-line, for several hours /a day, and my income now is much bigger then it was on my office work… Last paycheck i got was for Nine thousand dollars… Superb thing about this work is that now i have more time to spend with my family… http://chilp.it/728813e

    2. goals are good for successful people… so that they don’t slacken up. small goals are also good for starting up a new project, so that the end point doesn’t seem out of reach. the part in the middle isn’t worth having goals, it’s just practical sweat.

  6. You could probably make that much working one weekend a month being a doodoo hoe in Dubai.

  7. I agree with the idea that once the basic’s are met (Food, clothing, shelter, etc) you are free to pursue whatever you choose. I believe, however, goals are forever part of a man’s life. A man is goal oriented and purpose driven. Without some form of purpose, whatever it may be, a man feels worthless. This leads to vices which leads to depression and so on. Obviously there are goals that are more valuable than others such as educating yourself on philosophy versus chasing women but not all are intelligent enough to see that. Like a wise martial art’s master once said “If everybody was enlightened it wouldn’t be enlightenment.”

    1. How about if “goals” as you describe it is really a mechanism of the ego, which is a societal construct installed on you?

      1. All things stem from the ego though, that is what separates humans from other animals. As soon as we became self conscious the ego developed.Your desire to run this site and keep updating it with your opinions is ego driven. If you wish to shun your ego that badly shave your head, lose the beard, and become a monk. Shun all emotions and become a recluse. You can’t decide which parts of your ego you want to indulge in and those you don’t.

  8. Strippers in my home state made $10,000 in one weekend dancing for the oil riggers. The money was so good, they quit their jobs as teachers in Minnesota. Get back to us when you have a better offer.

  9. I have to disagree, Sir. The purpose of life is a life of purpose. When you’ve embarked on something you’re truly passionate about, you will never spend another moment living in vain.
    Where lesser men get it wrong is that they make money, power, and women supplementary, as opposed to complimentary, to the craft that made them great in the first place.
    You’ve ascended to a position of respect and influence most will only dream about. To disengage over a sense of “keeping the ego in check” would be an insult to all the work you have put in.

  10. Cabin I built / Land / wood heater / chickens / rain barrel / water tower.
    Goals short term, garden / proper workshop.
    Goals long term, well / greater water pressure / proper water heater / solar.
    For those in the city ( as I was for 35 years )…try the country. Takes money as many things do. Only FREEDOM doing it your way negates cost. Bloody few years of taxes in a major city = all the above and more. I did not fail in the city, but staying would have been failure. It’s like getting out of a bad relationship and wondering how ever tolerated the stupidity. Long term / sustainable is always a good goal, anything else is a waste of resources. Part time work, and still saving / investing at same pace as city where was working beyond full time. Fuck.

    1. I have the same goals, to own a piece of land and build a self sufficient cabin/homestead. Like you said everything requires money and unfortunately I only have about a quarter of what I think I would need but I think it’s worth the efforts. The way society is heading moving away from cities seems like a way to ensure your long term survival in the future.

      1. Might want to rethink not having enough money. I was delaying my move from old land I was on ( after knowing what it took too break ground ). Had a timeline of three – four years, so could do it comfortable / proper and keep a buffer of funds. Well fate jumped the gun on me, had roughly a THIRD what felt needed. MADE IT WORK. Shocked myself…more money would have just been wasted.
        Some owner financed land, something like a 5th wheel or rv, electric pole, bullshit water solution…can make it happen from nothing damn near. Land around 3K – 6K an acre. Three acres is usually the smallest can expect, ten acres usually lifts tons of restrictions yet pro con of paying for that much land.
        When can see the stars and shoot a gun off front porch, you really won’t care about the details.

        1. Here is some more…put the heat wire on the pipe to the water tower before its 14 degrees outside, not when it’s 14 degrees. Next day it’s 50, MOTHER FUCKER.

    2. Thankfully I’ve never truly lived in a city. At most a suburb during my college years. Even then I was affected by the culture of the city dudes.
      I’m currently renting a house from my granny that my grandfather built as their retirement home in one of his old hay fields. Once I finish the backbone product of my business and get it off the ground I plan to buy the place and set up shop here.
      I guess I’m actually quite close to one of my life goals. Heh.

  11. Here’s what consumerism will try to sell you as the ultimate attainable goal in life.
    It looks more like euthanasia to me. Vegetating on a beach without even using your brain. Just laying there, mentally comatose and all beaten to shit and tired from some corporate rat race job presumably. Unbelievably people pay good sums of money for the priviledge to vegetate on a beach. I see money making ads frequently that depict some person vegetating on a beach and the ad says “This could be you”. One real estate course ad on how to flip properties promised a chair on a beach under a palm tree as the reward. It is no reward. It is death. It should be a sentence, the chair on beach.
    Lately there has been focus on the large number of social marxist professors in state colleges. Beach ‘mind wipe’ should be their sentence. They need strapped into beach chairs until they completely forget their ideology. Then maybe have a Scientologist declare them as ‘clear’ and fit to be released back into communities to rebuild the bridges they destroyed.
    AND THE WOMAN on the beach.
    Advertizers dangle the ‘beach vegetation’ vacation like a twinkie to working women, trying to entice women to work harder and be more sterile, like it’s the ultimate goal, rewarding yourself for making a monetary killing, whether it be divorce raping or doing the cubicle squat. The image of the female vegetating on the beach screams ‘sterility’. Well I’m MCGOO and that bitch should be TIT FEEDING, nourishing and building the new wave of young healthy troubadours for our great green republic. But all that the MSM and pop culture ads offer is more euthanasia for westerners. Beach rot is really only a goal that little other than bank robbers, lottery winners, corporate drones or anyone devoid or deprived of a noble purpose would pursue.
    Women will never do right unless what’s right feels right. They won’t do anything they don’t feel like doing. And they wouldn’t know what’s right half the time even if it bit them, and it’s because women have no beards. It is the job of bearded patriarch men to OVERSPEAK to our women. To theosophize the religion of MAN, of the grand patriarchal order over and over to them until it rattles their brains. Then they will feel good to serve man and they’ll juice their titties to their heart’s delight. Our immediate job here on Earth is to reign in our herds of wild women and restore natural order to our human species. Extremely large goals never disappoint and the journey itself is the outcome, full of surprises and fun!

    1. Marketing is nothing but con. Even if you really wanted to relax on the beach, when you get there you will find, mosquitoes, other bugs, angry natives, crowded messy places and etc. that one moment in time the photographer captures, you can also capture but only for a few seconds. The rest of the time will be an expensive grind and leave you feeling lost.

      1. The more women wallow whether it be in the sand or in the cubicle they become sterile like the linoleum and fluorescent lights. Or sterile and rough like the sand, not like the rich fertile Iowa soil that sprouts kratom blossoms in springtime. I love the smell of a fertile woman in the morning.

    2. What if I supplied a cold local beer and young dark vixen to keep you company? Would that change your mind?

  12. Spend some time getting the time of the video down. Maybe do a second take?
    And no material comfort and sexual comfort aren’t the only fucking goals around,
    Also that beard is just pubes.

  13. I think it depends on the goals a person sets. If their goals are same-old-shit-different-day, they are going to get the same old shit on a different day. “Oh, wow, now I’m a lawyer, guess I’ll get wifed up and raise kids…” Think outside the box, and set goals other people don’t set, and a weird thing will happen – you’ll be surprised and happy at achieving them, not to mention the fact you wont be a freakin’ lemming.

  14. Psychologist Abraham Maslow identified a “hierarchy of needs”. The lowest one is physical security, the next is safety, the next higher is love/belonging, the next higher is esteem, and the highest is self-actualization, which is very individual — it means doing whatever you were put here on this Earth to do. It may be artistic accomplishment for some, something else to another. The point is that healthy people keep on moving up the hierarchy. If, once you achieve comfort, the only thing you can think of to do is get even “mo money”, or once you satisfy your base sexual needs, the only thing you can think of to do is lay even more girls, you are stuck at the lowest level of need satisfaction and you need to move up a level.
    “”What a man can be, he must be.”[3]:91 This quotation forms the basis of the perceived need for self-actualization. This level of need refers to what a person’s full potential is and the realization of that potential. Maslow describes this level as the desire to accomplish everything that one can, to become the most that one can be.[3]:92 Individuals may perceive or focus on this need very specifically. For example, one individual may have the strong desire to become an ideal parent. In another, the desire may be expressed athletically. For others, it may be expressed in paintings, pictures, or inventions.[3]:93 As previously mentioned, Maslow believed that to understand this level of need, the person must not only achieve the previous needs, but master them.”

  15. Here is something I came across that sounds just like Roosh. It’s from the Unabomber Manifesto:
    “We use the term “surrogate activity” to designate an activity that is directed toward an artificial goal that people set up for themselves merely in order to have some goal to work toward, or let us say, merely for the sake of the “fulfillment” that they get from pursuing the goal. Here is a rule of thumb for the identification of surrogate activities. Given a person who devotes much time and energy to the pursuit of goal X, ask yourself this: If he had to devote most of his time and energy to satisfying his biological needs, and if that effort required him to use his physical and mental faculties in a varied and interesting way, would he feel seriously deprived because he did not attain goal X? If the answer is no, then the person’s pursuit of goal X is a surrogate activity. Hirohito’s studies in marine biology clearly constituted a surrogate activity, since it is pretty certain that if Hirohito had had to spend his time working at interesting non-scientific tasks in order to obtain the necessities of life, he would not have felt deprived because he didn’t know all about the anatomy and life-cycles of marine animals. On the other hand the pursuit of sex and love (for example) is not a surrogate activity, because most people, even if their existence were otherwise satisfactory, would feel deprived if they passed their lives without ever having a relationship with a member of the opposite sex. (But pursuit of an excessive amount of sex, more than one really needs, can be a surrogate activity.)”

    1. Given as the Unibomber had a strong underpinning of post modernist philosophy under his belt, you’re probably going to find similarities in any modernist philosophical musings for a myriad of writers. Additionally, you can also find things Roosh says that sound like Gandhi.
      Nice try at a character smear though.

      1. I’m not trying to smear him. I find some of the Unabomber Manifesto useful and even enlightening, I just think it’s incomplete, that’s all. I disagree that any goals beyond mere physical survival and comfort are artificial are useless and that the only alternative is a goalless life..

        1. I misunderstood the thrust of what you were indicating then, clearly. My bad.

  16. It is always good to have a general plan of where you want to go though the odds are against that plan from being achieved. There is from my general experience many things unexpected that will explode in your face as they have for me but if you know where you want to go and adapt to the bad things as they come you may get somewhere where somebody with no plans at all will really get nowhere at all.

  17. I believe a man has to have goals and objectives to make him sharp and ambitious. However, the goal is to be moderate and balanced pursuing those same objectives, in order not to be consumed by them. I always say that a man only gets frustrated if he has larger than life goals that he cant achieve. Great expectations lead to great disappointments.

  18. This is a load of bullshit, every man should have as a goal to have a wife that admires him and bunch of little kids running around, with ample money to afford it all. We have extended sexual value and looks; a man looks his best in his 40s, there is no reason why you can’t do whatever you want in your youth and then marry a young girl when you’re older and wealthy. You sound like a depressed bitch Roosh, be a fucking man.

  19. I believe the problem is that most people set goals that are not actually theirs. These goals as Roosh rightly said are largely ego driven and our ego is largely driven by the society we live in. We try to live someone elses dream and stay unsatisfied when it comes true. This lack of satisfaction pushes us to pursue new fake goals. Rinse and repeat.
    Most people just don’t know who they are. They never learned rational, critical and selfreflected thinking. They think that they live self- determined lives while in reality all they are is drones with an individual spark.

  20. Make a long term goal instead of short term.
    If you don’t set your goal and just live by eating, shitting, sleeping and on that cycle, how are you any different or better than animals?
    Humans are supposed to be producers and constantly produce for society.

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