7 Ways “The Walking Dead” Hates Straight White Males

“The Walking Dead” has perhaps been the most popular television show around the world for most of the 2010’s. Within the United States, its TV ratings often fall below only prominent NFL games, and it’s an incredibly popular topic on Facebook, Twitter, and other discussion boards across the globe.

Everybody seems to love zombies. Unfortunately, the producers of the red hot TV show also want the world to love cultural Marxism too.

The show has not been shy at shoving a steady stream of interracial and homosexual romances in our face (just for the sake of shoving interracial and homosexual romances in our face), and it’s always gotta be a heterosexual white guy who spoils the party in some way for everybody else who inhabits this mostly undead world.


“Hey, when I’m peacocking with my hand cannon pointed at a downward 45 degree angle, you listen to me alright?”

Women, non-whites, and homosexuals on the show are almost exclusively portrayed as either helpful, friendly, cooperative, or (at worst) oppressed victims of their association with straight white males. As for the straight white males themselves, they are more often than not truly deplorable human beings who regularly commit unspeakable atrocities which only get amplified over time.

Is the Frankfurt school really trying to tell us that in a TV show which is both filmed and mostly set in the U.S. state of Georgia, only white males can be the undisputed criminals, tyrants, and common enemies of humanity? The same state where African-American males make up 15% of the population but commit the lions share of the state’s murders, rapes, home invasions, and gas station robberies on a good (non-zombified) day?

Yes they are. And this article will showcase seven ways in which “The Walking Dead” wants the world to despise the idea of any kind of white male leadership, or large groupings of white males in general. Find hope and sanctuary with women, non-whites, and the LGBTQ community instead.

1. They’re Tyrannical Patriarchs


I’m in charge now! GOT IT!?

When the world turns sour after a zombie apocalypse, white males will find any kind of attempt at leadership by women or non-whites to be totally unacceptable. Violent and despotic “White Supremacies” and the gawd-awful “patriarchy” must prevail at all cost. Women, Jews, minorities, and homosexuals will (of course) inevitably suffer as the next Donald Trump-Literally Hitler avatar takes the helm.

So by all means, throw your Hispanic subordinate in a zombie pit (The Governor), contemplate taking over a town run by a Jewish congresswoman (Rick Grimes), attempt to kill your former friend and colleague because he wants his wife back (Shane Walsh), and bash some ethnic Asian skulls (Negan) if your power is feeling threatened.

2. They’re Cannibals


“You taste much better than we thought you would”

Did you actually think that cannibalism was just something that Amazon natives or the New Zealand Maori did for fun in the past? WRONG.

When the zombie apocalypse occurs, white males will be at the forefront of resurrecting modern day cannibalism via luring multicultural bands of travelers into a trap. Growing suitable crops in Georgia’s humid subtropical climate, combined with maintaining simple chicken coops, would just be too much work after all.

The best course of action is to capture a black man in the woods, eat his leg before his very own eyes, and give him a Yelp review of how he tastes.

3. They’re Marauding Child Rapists


“Why hurt yourself when you can hurt other people?”

You might think that white males have a tendency to maintain highly-functioning and civil societies. Places where social Darwinism does not compute in the 21st century, and where everybody should have a fair go in life.

Well in the Walking Dead world, bands of unkempt white men (The Claimers) will adopt philosophies like “Why hurt yourself when you can hurt other people?”, lay claim to anything they set their eyes upon, and attempt to rape young boys when said boys father (Rick Grimes) crosses them. If you see white men out on the road or rummaging through your house, don’t walk, don’t stop, RUN.

4. They’re Racist Rednecks


Watch out. He’s southern, from poverty, and probably on the law center’s list!

Oh come on now, it’s the state of Georgia for crying out loud. Did you think that the liberal entertainment industry was gonna let a TV show, set in an ex-Confederate state, go without featuring at least one prominent white male character who despises non-whites and probably moonlights as a Klan member?

Well say hello to Merle Dixon, a ridiculous made-for-TV character who likes to beat up and assert dominance over black men with names like “T-Dog” and Asian-Americans by the name of Glenn. All for well…. pretty much nothing. He’ll just hate you for the sake of being you (a non-white).

5. They’re Gay Bashers


Homosexual man offers straight white male patriarch and his entourage a walled refuge. Gets slugged in face by straight white male patriarch.

Straight white males are the promulgators of “toxic masculinity” according to the SJW world, so why should the zombie apocalypse be any different? If a well-spoken, clean cut, and friendly homosexual man (Aaron) offers a tired group of travelers a walled citadel, it’s only natural that the first reaction for the straight white male leader (Rick) is to assert his dominance over a “marginalized” victim group and send him to the floor.

Clearly, LGBTQ people in this new world are exposed to severe threats and oppression under Donald Trump straight white male dominance. For instance, the lesbian character Tara has seen her whole family plus TWO girlfriends get killed when patriarchal heterosexual white men (the Governor and the Saviors) come into her life.

Why can’t those deplorable white males show any solidarity, tolerance, and love for the LGBTQ community? Liberal logic will explain everything, and it’s because they are irredeemably full of HATE.

6. They’re Bloodthirsty Animals


Let’s put a “W” on our forehead and just kill people!

The zombie apocalypse does some real damage on the psyche of white males.

While most women and minorities will maintain a level of sanity when the world turns south (Morgan goes crazy for just one episode), heterosexual white men will find an innate desire to keep people’s heads in jars (The Governor), eat human flesh (The Hunters), or here’s the best part….. inscribe a “W” on your forehead, cover yourself in half-ass blackface, and just murder anybody you come across (The Wolves)!

The Wolves didn’t “choose” to be that oppressive (and presumably racist). That’s just what inevitably happens when white males don’t check their privilege enough when society is functional.

7. They’re Thieves And Conquerers

the saviors

“Your stuff now belongs to Negan” (Another white man)

Public schools teach children that White Europeans went all over the world and stole land and resources from the non-White natives, who were without question living in some sort of natural utopia before the evil white man came and took all their shit.

Well, that history lesson needs to find its way into “The Walking Dead” universe too. Because in the show, white men will form organizations and institutions which are specifically designed to enrich themselves at the expense of all others.

So say hello to “The Saviors.” They’re a merry band of mostly white males (and certainly led by them) who will not shoot you or bash your skull into tiny bits just as long as you give them half of everything you own. It’s a business strategy so brilliant, why didn’t Donald Trump think of it?


“The Walking Dead” is certainly a compelling show to watch, study, and contemplate. For instance, how would you react, where would you go, and how would you defend yourself when a figurative hell has replaced the Earth?

But seriously, in seven seasons of mayhem has there really only been one truly bad black guy (a prisoner named Andrew) to compensate for a steady slew of bath-shy white male baddies who inhabit what remains of the black crime heavy states of Georgia and Virginia? That’s television for you, and the faux reality that the Marxists want to disseminate across the world.

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224 thoughts on “7 Ways “The Walking Dead” Hates Straight White Males”

  1. That show jumped the shark a looonggggg time ago and I simply stopped watching. The show is bashing white men? Is that really surprising? That is the MO these days if you want to stay on the air.

    1. watching the mid season finale I was struck how nearly every white man was weak minded and needed guidance from females. Clearly, we are useless without them! It’s the same everywhere, even where a white man leads, they go overboard to ensure that you see that they wouldn’t succeed without a pack of women and lgbt’s behind them!

      1. Men have to work and chase pussy, so it’s mainly women who watch TV and buy the stuff in commercials

      2. As mentioned below, the target audience isn’t men so grain of salt and all that. I stopped watching TV for the most part ages ago, but will check something out if recommended by friends or family (eg. Last movie I watched was the russian movie Brat/Brother recommended at ROK. Wife and I watched it several times already).

  2. “They’re Thieves And Conquerers”
    Ironically isn’t that what turns chicks on? There was an ROK article titled “Women Would Rather Be Raped By Invaders Than Stuck With Beta Males” asserting that: “women have no in-group loyalties. Whoever the powerful are in that moment, women drift their way with their asses bent over, knees quivering, and legs dripping with tingle juice. They want to be conquered, but they don’t care by who.”
    The way these white guys are portrayed is exactly what women want – strong and dominant.

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    1. For the people who did never read it: during the occupation of the Netherlands in WW2 thousands of women fucked German soldiers. Don’t let the horror stories about the nazi’s fool you. They had it good here, like going on a holiday. Young boys 18-30, good customs, but… they were the law at the time, they had the guns.
      Then short after WW2 thousands of dutch women jumped on Canadian cocks. Those guys didn’t end the war, they just finished of the scraps. You could barely call them liberators. But… they had the guns, they received the applause. Women love that. And in our modern society women go for criminals, for assholes. It conveys self-confidence.

      1. “Women love that. And in our modern society women go for criminals, for assholes. It conveys self-confidence”
        And more importantly women go for the assholes who are running everything.

        1. I disagree. Younger women will fuck you as long a you look good and it “feels” right. They don’t care that you live in a shitbox and don’t own a car. AFBB. When a woman is 28+ -ish, she will focus on wealth, thus goes to the Beta-provider probably.

        2. 28+ would still fuck good looking young guys if given the opportunity. Don’t fool yourself. They would just be more careful about it.

      2. It was Canadian units who helped to tear the guts out of the German armored divisions on the Normandy invasion front. They did their fair share. I suggest you read Michael Reynolds’ history of the 1st SS Panzer Korps.

        1. Always did feel like many popular American military historians(looking at you especially, Ambrose) were really unfair to the Canadians and British. Esp. considering the sheer number of men and tanks the Germans tossed into the defense of Caen.

        2. Seeing your avatar I can’t take anything you say serious. It would be the same if I had a swastika user pic. Ridiculous.

        1. As incredible as it would seem, there was at least one Allied camp commandant reporting up his chain of command, that the local women around the camp were trying to get with German prisoners.
          Since the camps in North America were so far away from the front lines (plus, if anyone escaped, how would they get back to the fight in Europe?), prisoners in those camps were allowed out, under guard, each day on work details in the area. This is where and how the local women came into contact with German POW. One camp commandant reported that he had to have the camp guards taking time and effort to keep local women away from the POW.
          Sleeping with the enemy: The British women who fell for German PoWs:
          WW II German soldiers remembered on Fort Campbell:
          “They werent trying to go back to Germany, but merely to find a woman, OBrien said. The Germans believed the local women were dumb, and that they could get a good meal and some affection from them.”
          ” At Camp San Augustine, a POW named Otto Rinkenauer fell in love with a local girl, Amelia Keidel; after the war he returned from Germany, and they were married.”
          “No successful escapes were reported, but Leslie said that one German escapee hid for three weeks in the home of a willing local woman.”

        2. Update on my original posting.
          There were some German POW that were allowed out on the ‘honour system’. i.e. Since there was no realistic way for them to rejoin the fighting, some German POW were allowed outside of the camp without any guards or supervision whatsoever.
          “Life for the Germans in American POW camps was reportedly “firm but fair”.[25] There were insufficient American guards, especially German speakers. They mostly supervised the German officers and NCOs who strictly maintained discipline.[12][26][11]:33–34[15] The Germans woke their own men, marched them to and from meals, and prepared them for work;[27] their routine successfully recreated the feel of military discipline for prisoners.[11]:34 Prisoners had friendly interaction with local civilians[27] and sometimes were allowed outside the camps without guards on the honor system[13]:104,223 (Black American guards noted that German prisoners could visit segregated restaurants that they could not.[20]:52–53), luxuries such as beer and wine were sometimes available, and hobbies or sports were encouraged.[14] Alex Funke, a former POW at Camp Algona, wrote: “We all were positively impressed by the USA….We all had been won over to friendly relations with the USA.”[28] Indeed, unauthorized fraternization between American women and German prisoners was sometimes a problem.[24][15] Several camps held social receptions with local American girls, and some Germans met their future wives as prisoners.”
          Towards the end of the war, the Germans also did allow some POWs out without any supervision. In “The Battle for Berlin” by Cornilius Ryan, writes an account of a French POW that was working in a tank factory in late 1944/early 1945. He reported that many afternoons they went to the cinema without any supervision and no one seemed to care, as long as no one made an issue of it. Of course, this was not the norm and was only happening as it was becoming clear that Germany was going to lose the war and pointless to continue the fighting for much longer. Also, I am somewhat sure that certain classes of POW were given nothing special or extra, such as the large number of Russian POW.

      3. My grandmothers where slaves by germans. One of here still lives. Don’t believe the lies about “nice nazis”.

        1. I genuinely believe most Wehrmacht soldiers were decent people. Now, my grandmother also was underfed after WW2 and had to go to Sweden to restrengthen, but that also was due to Allies bombing railroad-tracks which prevented food supplies.

        1. Yea… they make black men look like little beta bitches throughout most of the series. It’s pretty much an attack against men in general.

    2. these guys are just red pill guys in a post apocalyptic
      world (read : no time for gaming bitches, all for survival and leading their tribes). no surprise they are portrayed as bad guys

      1. “read : no time for gaming bitches, all for survival and leading their tribes”
        Exactly – and in that World the alpha guy that the chicks go for is the one that can put a roof over her head and protect her from being gang raped.

    1. Pretty sure betas love bashing popular things while sitting in their mom’s basement eating Hot Pockets. 😉

  3. This is why I stopped watching it around season 3, and I used to be the show’s biggest proponent.
    For all its attempts at realism, there is a logical disconnect when ALL gay and black non-male characters can do no wrong and/or are redeemable, and white males (aside from bad boy chick favorite Daryl) are utterly irredeemable.
    Oh, and I also found it super-repetitive.
    Compare to Breaking Bad on both counts.
    At least there you had a large amount of black and Mexican villains to round out the white villains.

    1. TV series these days. Every psycho, pathetic or creepy character is white male. It’s not only The Walking Dead, it’s most of TV series and most of Hollywood movies.
      Just check Star Wars: the Empire is a pseudo-nazi organization composed by white males. All are white? No! There’s a black guy, and of course he is the one that changes side and goes with the good guys.

        1. Whatever degenerate. Your baseless bullshit will get you nowhere.
          Not very surprising really.
          What made it so that you finally respond to me, coward?

        2. You are exactly the kind of guy that gets me pissed most.
          I don’t care about feminists trampling on our values.
          You licking their feet is what pisses me off.
          You have no spine, no sense of right and wrong and I would beat you up in good conscience because you need it.
          You can’t even face me on the internet for a second.

      1. Before that, all the bad weirdo guys were Asian, the thugs were black, and the bad guys were Arabs depicted as terrorists. What do white males have to complain about? They get bad ass roles a lot of times.

  4. Somehow I missed the Walking Dead train. Didn’t even know it was a thing until Season 4, didn’t keep my interest.

  5. I was starting to wonder if I was the only person in the World who noticed how badly this show sucks. I watched the first few seasons and quickly lost interest after Shane and Dale (really, the only two interesting characters on the show) died. Even those first few seasons weren’t really all that great.
    It seemed to me to be just long stretches of boring and/or inane dialogue broken up with a few scenes of violence.
    WTF is wrong with the fans of this show? Seriously.

    1. I think the ratings are finally going down. I watched until they wrapped up the Governor story line. Its the end of the world, there is no ending in sight, its just about surviving. Why this hasnt gotten boring to fans at this point is beyond me

      1. Dale was the voice of reason and humanity. Shane was an animal in a f*cked up world where nothing mattered and anything goes. The conflict between those two was the only merit the show had. When they died, the show died.

    2. I tried watching the first few seasons as well and I can’t stand this show. Melodramatic and unrealistic characters. The background setting and costume design is well done. The rest of the show is unimpressive at best.

      1. i keep watching because its currently the only bigtime show on tv that praises rather than defames the second amendment

    3. I always found it incredible that ammo was in limited quantities, even though there would be places with thousands, if not tens of thousands of rounds available.

      1. Where are these places? Would the average Joe know exactly where to look? And could it be that these places were raided immediately after the Fall? First thing everybody would think of right?

        1. Maybe I just know of people with a ‘different outlook on life’, but I know of at least one person that not only has a small cache of 5,000+ rounds, but has the base components to make their own ammo, and refill spent shell casings. My estimate is that the hand powered machine to refill blanks or make new bullets (or a motor can be attached) can make 100+ bullets per hour. Other people I know only have a few guns with a few hundred rounds each per gun.
          While I would expect that places like gun stores and armories to be cleared out, I would also expect as people/places were overrun that they would leave behind a lot of guns and ammo. i.e. While those places would ‘shoot off’ a lot of ammo before they got overrun with walkers, I would expect that large parts of the ammo to not get used.

    4. Its a great show. Shane only seems great because he was only in it for two seasons. But both Shane and Dale were bound to die. They had to for the story to continue.

  6. Its the obama era’s political correctness gone insane. Obama based his entire political career around demonizing white males. Muslim terrorists become misunderstood victims of racism, and white police become the enemy.

      1. Watching TV or any of the other Hymiewood slime is incredibly gay.
        But that’s what they want. Homo, degenerate, perversion of every stripe. What could go wrong? Weimerica here we come!

    1. I liked the first two seasons of Penny Dreadful (absent the tranny/gay/SJW stuff). The final season…eh…no thanks. The show got canceled. Probably a good thing, based on where it was headed.

        1. she gets naked in everything. while i enjoy it now, you know she’ll be the type of girl to keep getting naked even after she’s solidly hit the wall

      1. Ah, Ive only seen the first two seasons. Cancelled after three? damn
        Americans is still solid

    2. I quitted the americans when the russkis, with the company of a noble and moral savage, burned a white boer alive.

  7. One of the only TV shows I watch though I watch it after it airs on Amazon because I find TV insulting in general. The cultural BS is great for laughs. Mocking the shows PC, multicultural, and bi-racial nonsense is the best part of the show now. Best seasons were the first couple.
    This is a good place to point out how our exciting cultural shift represents a potential change in our entertainment back to actual entertainment. I’m hoping the new counter culture can make strides in this area to pick up where pre 1990s entertainment left off.

    1. Horror and sci-fi movies and TV are, for some reason, the most fertile grounds for cultural marxist propaganda. Since the days of Romero you see all the classic ‘stereotypes’ in there: evil racist rednecks, brave and tough chicks, wise and moral niggers, etc, etc, etc.

      1. Sorry but drama and comedy take the price as the preferred vehicles of social change. Horror and sci-fi joined the party much later.

        1. Could be…. I dont watch drama and comedy much….. I watch mostly horror and sci-fi, and all the movies in that genre since the 60’s are filled with cultural marxist propaganda. Of course, as in all the movie industry, most of the guionist/producers/writers are jews; but sometimes you can find a decent movie in other genres (i.e. The 13 Warrior), but in horror/scifi 99% of the movies are filled with propaganda.
          The only sci fi movie that I can remember now who doesn’t have absurd ammounts of propaganda is Blade Runner.
          Como esta el clima en la zona del canal? Si pasas por Bogota avisame.

        2. I didn’t think the Romero movies were SJW. They were a mere critique of a lifestyle that, to be honest is as soulless as it comes (American consumerism). Nowadays, that’s a whole different story, everything is infested.
          I mentioned drama and comedy because they (the culture leaders, in charge of the narrative) will make you laugh at something first, then feel compassion for it and in the end you will start claiming for more rights for (insert group) and later on you will cheer when they shut up anyone brave enough to criticize it. Horror and sci-fi are not as mainstream as other forms of entertainment and action movies are normally ruined when the SJW narrative is blatantly inserted, unless it’s done in such a subtle way that no one notices until it’s too late, something at which they have become very adept. Hence drama and comedies are the preferred vehicles to bring about social change.
          Nowadays almost everything coming out of Hollywood is tainted with SJW messages.
          El clima es húmedo, como es de esperar en esta parte del mundo, aunque se acerca la temporada seca… Con mucho gusto.

  8. I watched the first season because it was a great premise, and then gave up. In the Walking Dead universe, there isn’t a single man left with any tactical sense at all. As a former soldier, I just can’t watch (even for pure entertainment) so many stupid decisions. Not a person in the Walking Dead universe who understands how to set up security (a perimeter), which is always your #1 priority whether you are in friendly territory or operating beyond the wire. Just insulting.

    1. Horribly unrealistic characters. I was hoping they would all die early on by season 2. I can’t respect a show that needs to progress its plot via irrational characters. That means its a poorly written show.

      1. I thought that Darrel, Merle, and Carol were stupid stereotypes on season 1 and they grew into very interesting characters. Even Carl is now likable.

    2. I thought the same thing, the characters look like crying girls with brain damage. I think it’s because it’s written by libtards that they would not survive one night to a zombie apocalypse.

    3. Even in the first season, it didn’t make a lot of sense to set up tents in the forest and that was quickly overrun. Then the whole season at the farmhouse showed they were just a single attack away from being zombie-chow.
      Of course, the whole zombie apocalypse premise is thin since unless you’re an idiot, avoiding walkers is pretty easy. Even in a group, they’re predictable and can be manipulated by setting up a noise in one area to draw them away from you. The ones on Dawn of the Dead that moved fast, THOSE were a threat. This isn’t meant to be a literal universe.

      1. The forest was still safer than the city. What would you prefer to tents? Total exposure? The problem was not enough on watch shift, not the location or shelter.
        Even the smart can get surprised by walkers if they are in a hurry to go rescue someone in danger like a woman or child.

      2. You mean like they did in season 6?
        I think though they have definitely learned from the past mistakes. That said, individual walkers are not a problem. Its masses of them (as we have seen). It is humans who are the real threat.

        1. Keeping in mind this is a TV adaptation of a comic strip, it doesn’t necessarily make perfect sense in the real world.
          If it happened today, the ideal location would actually be a city since as you said: masses of walkers are a threat and this helps to cut down on the bandit/marauder factor. With a city, you can set up traps, see where the bad guys are coming, and engage in urban warfare. The Sanctuary uses this principle of walkers as a deterrant.
          Next, you can use buildings to clear out walkers. Remember in season 1 episode 3 where walkers flooded into a building where “fresh meat” was? Set up the walkers: clear out the staircases and build a small bridge from buildingtop to buildingtop and set up planks, pirate ship style. Walkers flood to the top of one building and then “walk the plank” and plummet to their, er, deaths by the hundreds as you jeer them over the brink. Also, with buildingtops you can use the location and noise factor to spot marauders and attract walker herds to defend the citadel.

    4. They always get caught unawares, never wear even rudimentary tactical equipment (that would protect from bites). Last weekend – you know the boat has holes – how about one guy bail, one guy paddle? Nope – too stupid for that. So many tactical and problem-solving blunders, it’s impossible they would have survived much less thrived and “dominated” (Pre Negan) as much as they supposedly have.

      1. You forget when Glen wore the riot gear at the prison?
        Saviors favor leather which would be bite proof.
        One guy paddling is half speed meaning zombies can grab your boat easier. They were going slow enough with their pseudo oars. Was there even a bucket for bailing?

        1. Bite “proof”? Or resistant. Beware the dangerous of inaccurate language. It will get you dead. Or just wet. “Water resistant”?

      2. But they did fine with boat mate. Zero casualties.
        You must not pay attention. They wear tactical equipment frequently.

    5. In all fairness here, to do proper perimeter you need troops who can take directions. Shane had police experience but a bunch of civilians so obviously their camp failed.
      Also difficult since they had to be constantly in the move and were probably starving and suffering infections. Tactics can suffer when mind isn’t 100%
      You should have kept watching past season one. They do learn.

    6. I think in the entire show there is only one person who is a former soldier. I think you’re expecting too much.

    1. Once you go redpill, the in your face agenda on TV/Hollywood is unbearable. Our only means of fighting it for now is boycotting it.
      In saying that, it still needs to pointed out and exposed to the greater public so they can make an informed decision for themselves if they wish to unplug from the ‘matrix’

    2. I saw that you upvoted greboada’s comment.
      What’s that about?
      Do you have some grudge you can’t bury because you don’t have the inner strenght for it?
      Like a child?
      Such acts showcase a baseless, amoral nature. It is true indeed that cursing habitually and being as emotional as you is a sign of inner weakness.
      Do you like being dominated?

        1. This would be the point where I would give your smug face a proper slap.
          Someone with such a degenerate mind needs pain to get a grasp at reality.
          So you find it fine to call someone a pedophile based on nothing but your emotional, dare I say it bitchy, nature?
          Get it together.
          Let me repeat myself. Do you like being dominated?
          Clearly there must be some reason you so fervently jump to greboada’s defense and take his word as gold.
          Is it that I destroyed the depraved idea of a matriarchy being a good thing?
          Really, there is nothing but pedophiles that fills me with more rage than weak men.
          Yes, your baseless words stand against mine. It is better to be dead than to be pedophile and you are the degenerate here.

        2. I don’t care but you should definitely write a few more essays, so I really get your point. I feel you haven’t written enough here already.

        3. Because unlike yours my words mean something?
          As you epitomize it with yet another meaningless, bitchy piece of trash.
          You can’t be bothered to be be concise for one? To get this done quick and efficiently?
          To actually respond?

        4. No because I could seriously care less. This is only the internet and I don’t actually know you. You’re humiliating yourself.

        5. You responded to me and continue to respond to me. I rent free space in your head. I control you and you can’t help yourself.

        6. Spare me this pretentious bullshit. I can’t stand childishness.
          Are you so perplexed by how you got my attention as you called me a pedophile?
          Grow up or are you just a male attention whore alongside your bitchiness?

        7. Again, I don’t know you and I didn’t call you anything until you stalked me. You saw I had up-voted a comment elsewhere and responded to my unrelated comment because you had a bone to pick with me because of weird internet grudge with someone else. It’s pathetic and again, I rent free space in your head. I’ve come to expect a response from you, each time I open my Disqus. Prove me wrong.

        8. Sure, hypocrite.
          I don’t take it lightly when someone calls me pedophile. It is very natural to me to at least want to know the reason for such depravity.
          Your opinion on my doing doesn’t matter. I am well aware that you don’t have any standards to speak of.
          That aside RoK is supposed to be for men and not some gossiping male cunts such as you.
          It is natural to call out idiocy and effeminate nature here.
          It must be really enticing to slander my being behind my back. Just look how fervent you are even now. Dignity and self-respect mean nothing to you, huh?

        9. You sound triggered little buddy. If you’re looking for a safe space, you came to the wrong place. Now buzz off.

        10. Aren’t you the one wanting me to stop?
          I am not running from anything.
          Just tell me, concisely, what aside from a gossiping and effeminate nature drove you to defame me?
          There is nothing is there?
          You say that you “don’t care” and that “this is just the internet” and yet you hold a grudge over more than half a year now about absolutely nothing noteworthy.
          How emotional and intensely “triggered” you are, hypocrite.

        11. Says who?
          You must find this very uncomfortable.
          What would be wrong about outing effeminate, emotional chit-chatting manlets?
          Why don’t gather all your masculinity and clear this up in a consise and efficient way?
          This is the only way it’s going to go.
          Tell me all your foolish reasons for slandering me and own up to it.

        12. You are literally the human equivalent of testing positive for herpes. The only contribution you will ever make to society is when you assume room temperature and biodegrade.
          P.S. Blocked.

        13. Oh, did I trigger you?
          Keep living in your safe space. Pretend that anything but a tendency to gossip made you spout your lies.
          Truly the internet is the breeding ground for filth such as you. You must love the ability to just avoid what you don’t like.

  9. Couldn’t be more wrong. Sure there are plenty of evil white guys in the show. But there are also plenty of badass good white guys. That’s the thing: They are portrayed as strong alpha males, for good or for evil. The rest of everything in this article is either imaginary or inconsequential. I must say, I’m noticing a disturbing trend in return of kings articles: the SJW-like ability to enjoy anything, without picking it apart and conjuring up non issues to be offended by.
    To my great relief, Rogue One turned out to be great.

    1. rogue one was actually good because they showed how much hypocritical assholes the rebels were. Plus Vader regaining his glory after those shitty prequels

        1. The whole second season of Rebels is a god damn masterpiece. My only problem with Rebels is the fact that they already kill 4 inquisitors.
          No wonder Vader has to do most of the Jedi hunting himself.

      1. Star Wars is only special effects. It drifts on a thin 3rd Reich story: oh glorious democracy of multi-ethnicity and evil Hitler in a black suit vs some partisans. Cashcow Created by a Jew. Critics on that kind of childlike crap is justified.

      2. The real problem here is all of you basing your worldview on Hymiewood movies and TV shows and thinking they have any basis in reality.
        When TSHTF you will all find out the hard way what the evil White man is all about.

  10. I could never get into the Walking Dead. The writers clearly have no understanding of human behavior. You nailed it on item #2: besides growing crops, you mean to tell me there’s no deer, rabbits, or birds to hunt? I doubt zombies can outrun wild animals.
    This show just displays liberals nasty view of the world, and they expect people to degenerate into savages if civilization stops.
    Let’s say there is a zombie apocalypse and society goes to shit:
    1) Marauding gangs and tyrannical communities will be likely be from the darker side of the skin color spectrum.
    2) The majority of women will turn chicken shit and rarely venture far from their communities.

    1. Characters have been shown hunting multiple times in the show. It is hard tough. Why do you think humans began farming?
      Bullets are scarce and attract attention. Bowmen/trackers or trappers would be the only ones scoring. Even then farming is more sustainable than expecting to forage for your non-meat nutritional needs.

    2. To be fair, the cannibals were terrible hunters, everone would be forming gangs so black gangs would have competition (unlike today where everyone else better thing to do), having a tyrant actually makes sense when life is so cheap, and the women wouldn’t have much of a community to hide in.
      Really, the source material does good job describing what goes on when civilization collapses. The show skews left, but what doesn’t? It just seems to me that some alt righters don’t understand that violence makes sense, and that civilization is not some characteristic that white people inherently have.

  11. Can anybody here name a single Hollywood movie that featured a black character who was portrayed as a monster/killer/subhuman creature, in the same manner that white men are always depicted. I’ve been sitting here for the last 10 minutes trying to think of just one movie, and I can’t do it…

      1. Let me revise this. Can anybody name a film, wherein, as is the case with “The Walking Dead”, black men have been portrayed as being the lowest, vilest, most horrible form of human life on the planet…one film. I can’t do it. i don’t think one exists.

        1. Actually I do have one: Sug Knight in Straight Out of Compton. But that film falls under different set of circumstances because of who produced it.

        2. But that’s glorifying the whole thug lifestyle, isn’t it. I haven’t seen it, just a wild guess there. Let’s revise this again. Because I didn’t get at the crux of the issue. What I mean (let me be even more specific) to get at, is, can anybody name a film, wherein, as if the case of “The Walking Dead”, black men have been portrayed as being the lowest, vilest, most horrible form of life on the planet – while white people have been summarily played up, as being glorious, wonderful, Supermen – just like blacks and women are portrayed in all Hollywood films today. Betcha can’t name one, betcha can’t name one…

        3. Yeah…now we’re talkin’…so that’s one. Post 1930’s? 1940’s? I’m trying to quantify the obvious bias. I’m going to have to research it and write an article. Any input is welcome. By anybody who might have some. Going through a couple thousand films would really suck…

        4. Ya I can’t because while Knight is truly shown to be scum in the film the protagonists are also black.

        5. Thanks, dude. I gotta watch that one. My theory now (early in the process) is that silent films, and really old films, portrayed black people as buffoons and savages, much like white men (but not white women) are depicted today. But as actual killers? Murderers? Dunno about that one…

        6. I can name one, I think, I don’t recall the name or details but it was a Steven Segall movie where he had it in for a Jamacian drug gang. He may have had a black guy helping him though so it wouldn’t be racist or anything.

        7. That little gem was the Steven Seagal movie “Marked For Death” , with him fighting a Jamaican drug gang. This movie mixes gang warfare, Aikido, swordfights, and zombies under the influence of a voodoo master. Bad one liners abound.
          Here’s the trailer. They don’t make ’em like this anymore.

  12. Uh folks, this has been the modus operandi of Hollywood since “All in the Family” started to be viewed by the nation back in 1969.

  13. Merle was kinda interesting. In season one he was what I call a “Hollywood Racist”, spouting slurs at everyone he meets. Most real racists I’ve known had stats and personal experiences behind their beliefs, and were very in the closet about it. Then in seasons two and three some writer decided he should actually be a nuanced human being with conflicting loyalties. They get some credit for that, at least.
    The black characters in general are handled weirdly. T-Dog was a tag-along token. Michonne and Tyreese seemed to be overcompensating for him. Both are just a little too badass and saintly. Kinda reminds me of the 90’s fad of making black characters really ethereal/loyal/talented to the point of it seeming patronizing.
    The interracial romance aspect is really contrived. It seems like we’re seeing a push for white guy/black girl romances from the media lately(see: Loving, Belle, and Scandal) and TWD is struggling to catch up. Abraham randomly realizes he’s head over heels for a black girl he barely knows and discards the adorable Latina he’s fought alongside for months. Very contrived, but not as contrived as the Rick/Michonne thing.

      1. *Abraham, and it looks like her name is Rosita.
        If I can go on a tangent, she’s the only Hispanic person in the show even though they outnumber blacks in real-world demographics. Interesting how at least 25% of a show’s cast has to be black to get past the PC-police but other minorities are ignored.

        1. I figure it was Rosita but she was never with Rick the whole time; in fact they rarely had any discussions. Only Rick giving few orders to Rosita and that was about it. She was with the show only after late Season 4.
          Michonne was with Rick’s group way earlier than that like in early Season 3.
          Tomas the villain was hispanic too. Morales from Season 1 too.
          I think they put more blacks because of the location of the filming. This was supposedly to take place in Atlanta, GA and then to Alexandria, VA and those two places have some quite number of blacks.

    1. To be fair guys, the priest. Cowardly two face. He only gets redeemed after being given way too many chances. So not every black was idealized, just too many.

  14. A lot of the things mentioned in this article are actually the correct thing to do when you fighting for the survival of your family/tribe. Its just that they are shown in a bad light but not having gays & minorities and being a strong forceful leader might just be what keeps your family alive in a apocalyptic scenario.
    Also the picture for #7 is completely ridiculous lead biker is about to get shot in the back by his idiot henchmen.

  15. I quite agee, but don’t overestimate it.
    It shows also how weak and dellusional a community with a women at his top can be (Alexandria), and that everybodies dream is a tie knit old fashioned extanded familly.

      1. Kinda funny, if you Google search for pictures of the defense ministers of Russia, Iran, etc they actually look like guys you’d want want watching your back in a bar fight.

        1. The only reasons these women are on these positions is not because they are the best one for the job. It’s because they have no penis. And that… is a disgrace. These women should be in a Zumba class, or be working in a Hotel, not be a minister of a crucial government post.
          Affirmative action is another nail in the coffin of our civilization. I’m not going to fight for a country that supports cucks, feminism and multiculturalism. But looking at our military: almost nobody wants to be a part of it, because it is stripped to the bone. Even Belgium could invade our country with success. Almost every country in the world could. We have the army we deserve.

      2. Europe is lost. US isn’t too far behind. Can you imagine Imperial Germany or the British Empire with a female defense minister?

  16. I’m proud to say I’ve never watched a single second of this show (because between hollywood, video games, and walking dead, zombies are far beyond played out) but this article helps make sense of how a lot of liberals think. I always wondered where the “evil, white hetero male” hatred you see everywhere in the media stemmed from. Looks like I have my answer.

  17. I watched part of the first season way back when but got tired of how silly the entire premise really is. Everyone isn’t going to turn into a kill-or-be-killed asshole during an apocalypse. Some of us don’t discard our morals that easily.

        1. I figured she’d be one of the first to be zombified or whatever. Anyway she can fend for herself!

    1. Who said it was easy? It happens slow. People begin to do it out of love not assholery. See Archer in Enterprise during the Expanse arc.

  18. I stopped watching it after the second season when I noticed the signs of creeping Marxist propaganda – white villains and colored noble folks specifically. Had no idea they added sodomy into it, not surprised though.
    I hope the day will come when modern Hollywood will be dead and its “produce” will be destroyed and replaced with red-pilled movies and shows.
    (((They))) will not give up this power easily.

    1. I thought that Kingsmen was one of the neat exceptions. A great black villain (Samuel Jackson) whose got a Bond-like premise of saving the world from global warming and a bunch of white guys take him down. The female heroine of the film winds up doing a relatively easy task (flying in a balloon) while all the arse kicking is done by the guys.

  19. TWD is, when you start looking at it rationally, a total cuckfest. It’s like a ethnic bradybunch. Everybody loves each other. The main character is now fucking a psycho negro woman. The Asian fucked a white woman. There are gays, lesbians, people that in a real scenario would be dead for a long time. But that is also why they’ve chosen to pick that comic, because it’s an all-in ethnic party.
    But on topic. I do watch TWD, along with Vikings. I have no doubt that if you would have any sort of large successful community in the west a white man would lead it. Because only he would have the patience and insight to do so. The Negen character is fantastic I think. Far more realistic than that Rick who now is the equivalent of a socialist politician. I bet that, if we men would act more like a sort of Negan, you will get laid more and people would respect you more. How would that look like? Quit apologising, laugh more, don’t evade conflict, don’t show respect to people who didn’t earn it, be more bold, take what you can in business. The typical alpha-behavior.

    1. With your description, the only thing that seem off was Rick’s chemistry with Michonne. They don’t fit in right. Rick should be paired with that Alexandria girl who should have lived.

      1. He will get the most votes probably. But the other parties will not comply to form a coalition with his movement. So it’s only a protestvote. But it will be a strike to the marxists in the whole op Europe.

  20. You guys are reading way too much into this. This is one of the only shows worth watching in my opinion. I don’t think anyone is trying to portray men in a negative light in this show. I think it does just the opposite.

      1. The best show from Arrowverse is Constantine. Sadly they ended it after the first season. But on the plus side Matt Ryan is going to star as a Constantine in Justice League dark.

        1. Go read the comic on which the show is based on. The main character is a chainsmoking heavy drinking masculine and sarcastic magician who toys with everybody. Doesn’t matter if it is Heaven, Hell, superheroes or ordinary people. He even made Batman his bitch.

      2. Arrow was great in Season 1, then it became a watered-down Batman in season 2, and became the soap opera “Felicity and Friends” after that.
        Season 2+ undermined the main character’s motivations, cheapened events & characters and was the antithesis of “bros before hoes”.
        The showrunners needed to have been sent a copy of A Boy and his Dog.

    1. I think part of the problem is that is can be hard to have a conflict or obstacle to overcome without the characters doing something dumb or irrational.
      Plus things like, “not having people on watch all the time” seems like a bad idea, but I think all of us run into people everyday that WOULD do stupid stuff like that and think nothing of it. (It is excusable to not have people on watch all the time if a group simply does not have enough people to so that, but once a group in the show starts getting as large as ten or more, there is no excuse, except as a plot device, to NOT have someone on watch all the time.

  21. They need to wrap this series up and find a damned cure or kill everyone. This series is like South Park; it went on and on until it lost its fucking purpose.

    1. South Park began purposeless and actually gained storylines recently. You are thinking Family Guy.

  22. The subtext of the Walking Dead is that white culture somehow caused the creation of the Zombies in the first place. The movie the Road based on the Cormac Mc Carthy novel has a similar subtext, although the father is portrayed in a positive masculine light. Certainly the later story seems to suggest that the destruction and dying of living things around them is some type of judgment from a higher power against the hubris and arrogance of modern societies.
    Still, we shouldn’t imagine that every white man is a saint, there are some white dudes who are just jerks who imagine they’re something special by the mere virtue of being white. I really can’t stand these types of dicks, you develop your masculinity not because you’re white, but, because you know the value of what a real man stands and fights for in this world.

    1. The Road is an amazing book, movie not so bad either. The mother(portrayed by Charlize Theron) finally snaps, walks off into the woods to die, abandons her husband and son. That flick is about 7 years old, no way that plotline makes it into a movie these days.

      1. Charlize Theron? pfff in these days, she will be a bad ass mom and the pussy dad will be the one who abandon the family.

    2. “The subtext of the Walking Dead is that white culture somehow caused the creation of the Zombies in the first place. ”
      wtf… white culture caused the creation of zombies?
      you got to be kidding me. Is that your own interpretation and projection?

      1. It’s what happens when white culture doesn’t repent for its sins against humanity. That’s what the atheists and Marxists proclaim.

        1. Seems like Atheists and Marxists will do anything and everything to stomp out already dead white males.
          ““We’ll keep bashing the dead White males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as the White race is destroyed.”
          Noel Ignatiev (a JEW)

        2. And yet all the true white Christians are worshiping the birth of the King of the Jews this very night.

        3. Jesus was a Jew?
          He is a semite. Most of the Christ bashing comes from Jews though. Jews love to bash and mock Christ.

        4. And many Jews are celebrating their role in his crucifixion and supposed eternal damnation in hell boiling in excrement.

  23. “The Walking Dead” as with any other thing that breeds “Consistency” will create a narrative in which becomes “Real” based on people needing something else to believe in.
    They create these stories and events on Sundays which gives people something to look forward to before Monday comes and they are forced to take orders from a “Leader” in a “Infinite universe”
    How be ever, reality is always changing. No matter how many times they can try to pin this narrative or any other kind of narrative eventually reality will spear its ugly head
    Some white people are evil just as some black men are evil, Chinese men, Russian men. Jewish men. Etc
    There are always going to be bad seeds. Its what keeps the people trying to do better TO DO better because there are other people who just simply want to watch the world burn. Its when the media and other people in cult fashion try to pin one ENTIRE race as bad is when the problems arises
    “The Walking Dead” is a great show to me and is merely for entertainment. Its just a TV show. But, at the same time I see what your bigger point is. We have to accept the fact that crazy and bad people will forever exists. Its just the way the world is. Life is not meant to be perfect for 365 days a year. What then would be the point? SJWs have to stop trying to find a “Bad guy” and realize Nature and reality don’t give a damn who you make out as the “Bad guy”. It will kill them too and keep it moving.
    Life, just is…..

    1. There is no entire “race” of subhumans that make up most of the crime, murder, rape, etc.
      There is no entire other “race” that makes up most of the “white collar” crime, usury, etc. or make these kind of movies.
      Nah, that’s crazy conspiracy talk.

  24. Ironically, TWD buys into the dominant white male cultural narrative in that the major figures are white males and minorities such as Morgan (whom I like) is a “magical negro” and the minority characters are largely “red shirts” getting knocked off here and there.

  25. I think you’re wrong. Look at Daryl and Abraham. They are badass white guys. The characters for the most part follow the comics except for Daryl. The other thing is guns and self defense.
    Plenty of things don’t make sense, but it’s a tv show, not real life.

    1. Roosh needs to prostitute himself to those white nationalists to keep his book empire afloat.

  26. I think this whole “the world is against white male” mentality
    needs to go away. The protagonist of this film is a straight white male.
    There was only three asian dude so far in this film (Tim, Governor’s henchman,
    Glenn being Gone, and the one guy from Hilltop),
    black men being replaced and introduced with new characters, some few minority
    like Rosita, Sasha, Michonne while good majority of them are white.
    How is this show anti-white?
    If you hate white men for being protrayed as listed from the lists in this article
    then how do you propose white men be protrayed by?
    A lovable flower boy who does not harm anyone?
    wake up, it’s walking dead.. it’s supposed to show you the reality of human beings.

      1. Insecure…. yeah… that’s it. Anytime a guy doesn’t like something, he’s “insecure”. Oh, and don’t forget “coward”. Bro.

        1. You’re obviously a homo that is insecure in his masculinity if you don’t like to watch sodomite degeneracy. You are obviously AFRAID of the buttsexx and phobic of the diseases brought down upon the sodomites.

      2. tell me would you like to see a show where cannibals eat human meats, or would you be disgusted. by the way i was pretty disgusted too when the black dude had his leg ate.

  27. Funny, the bad looking “white guys” (whatever the hell that means anymore) look a lot less scary than the -one- gay… thing.
    Also, never even heard of this show. Seems I’m not missing out on a thing without TV. 😉

  28. Long time reader, hardly ever comment anymore… That being said, this article about zombie TV, and the women’s tennis article, both highlight a reality that men should have woken up to long ago. Boycott women’s tennis? An SJW focused show on TV, really? If you have yet to stop consuming this bullshit already, do so immediately… The vast majority of television and films have been so far converged, it is pointless to support this industry in any way whatsoever. Even if, Hollywood completely pulled a 180 with the focus of their narrative, and we’re to cater explicitly to masculine ideals and traditional norms, I still wouldn’t consume their garbage…. Admittedly, I still need to quit Google and Amazon.

  29. The author of the original comic on which this series is based on is disliked by SJW’s for the way he writes black characters. Author doesn’t give a shit about that and tortures all the characters,as he wants.
    The comic is many times better, more brutal and not a SJW cockfest. I highly recommend it.

    1. Much better, there’s some crap about wife-beaters, but other than it’s about as red-pill as comes.

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  31. Great article.
    Have seen some of the show.
    Not enough to gather all that. Seems legit tho.

  32. This is so riddled with cherry picked misrepresentation that if the author isn’t trying to set up ROK to get rebutted by critics, they must not have watched the entire series and instead got spoonfed facts from some other party who is trolling.
    The gay got bashed for security, not sexuality. This last season Rick was outraged when the Saviors beat him up and carried him.
    Shane didn’t go for Rick just because of Laurie, but because he thought Rick was too soft to protect the group.
    Is there an over representation of ethnic/women/lesbian heroics compared to their representation in villainy? Sure I’ll admit that. But think of it this way: good guys are more receptive to these groups’ contributions and advancement so we should expect to see some of that. They would have higher fatalities in bad guy groups explaining why we see less of them.
    Your criticism about Glen (put up a spoiler warning faggot) makes sense for the comic but in the TV he was an afterthought, the first victim was white.
    You went overboard but some legitimate criticism does exist here. We do need some villainous lesbians and black homosexuals to round things out.
    We should consider Fear the Walking Dead which at least portrays villainous Mexicans, both male and females.
    It is silly you include the Ricktatorship in your criticism. He took on a leadership role because if his police experience and actually took a step down and asked a council to lead. They pretty much thrust him back so he grabbed it because they needed it and nobody else was stepping up.

    1. Only losers watch TV, so I don’t even know what you are talking about. I just know you are a loser.

  33. Some good points, the show has definitely been infected by feminism. One has to look no further than Cult Carol to see evidence of that.

  34. So try the serie ‘Shooter’. The hero is a God fearing ex marine, with a lovely feminine and loyal wife, and a good father.
    i can’t say for the sniper side, but the hand to hand scenes i’ve watched are one of the best and more ‘realistic’ i’ve watched on TV

    1. I’m concerned about Shooter as the 2007 movie that it is related to was a weak movie, and was dominated by leftist ideas (not surprising, given that Marky Mark was the star & Fuqua the director).
      No action/thriller movie should delay the action so that the main character can whine about an SUV being so fuel-inefficient that the EPA doesn’t estimate its mileage.

      1. Well, the serie is very much about family values… sort of. This is not only the archetypal man against the MAchine, but a man fighting to get back his life and familly.

  35. If it’s something the asshole cucks at work yammer about, chances are i wouldn’t give a fuck about it, much less waste time on watching that bullshit

  36. Great article. You see the same patterns in a lot of shows especially criminal shows. Always the over the top cliché evil white man or that regular white guy perverted paedophile serial killer that could be lurking in your neighbourhood or church.
    The real world criminal statistics just don’t back it up. Its fantasy.
    The brave rags to riches minority or strong morally righteous leftist progressive white male always saves the day.
    If a minority somehow does somehow do bad it is generally twisted so they are still the victim because evil white male influence.
    *The white Christian minister or teacher raped them when they were young
    *The white boys brutally abused them
    *The white male ripped them off
    *The white male bribed them
    *The white male was in the position of power/leadership
    *The white male provoked them

  37. “The Saviors” – normally a term associated with Christian religious beliefs in a positive context, but the white males corrupt the term with their actions. So, disdain for organized religion in general.

  38. I stopped watching this PC soap opera after season 3; can’t say I miss it at all.
    And the spinoff “Fear The Walking Dead” is even more PC than the original.
    Gale Anne Hurd, the executive producer of both shows is an uber-leftist…not hard to figure out why the shows are anti-straight, white male.

  39. The rampant SJWism of The Walking Dead is to be expected from Hollywood, and I think this article breaks down a lot of these issues well. My basic problem with TWD is that the threat, the evil, the big bad thing… is humanity itself.
    In a post-apocalyptic world overrun by hordes of flesh-eating zombies, the thematic bad guys are always other living humans. The zombies became background noise late in the first season, and are now mot much more than a plot point. Of course, this happens in 99% of zombie stories now… the heroes survive a few attacks by the scary zombies and attain some relative safety, only to find out that the *real* bad guys, the real threat, is each other.
    The flesh-eating zombie monsters, while bad, are just doing their thing, acting on their primal zombie instincts, munching on brains, while the living humans exhibit the *real* evil in their hatred/abuse of other living humans. The zombie threat is just something the characters have to accept and live with — they build some half-ass protections against them but basically their zombie policy is to just be quiet and avoid them. Yes, there are a few exceptions, but those exceptions generally highlight the rule. The vast majority of the heroes’ fear, strategy and struggle is focused on the threat from other humans.
    A conspiracy theorist, at this point, might mention a certain real world parallel with hordes of invaders with violent instincts that we are supposed to just accept and not really do anything about (“it’s just their culture/religion”) — a shambling, spreading threat that we are supposed to just learn to accept and live with while we focus our energy on the “real” enemies, those who dare to transgress against SJW dogma.
    But, again, this zombie-tolerance-while-we-fight-each-other phenomenon arose long ago in the zombie genre, so I think its more just about the fact that there are only so many times we can watch the characters narrowly escape a zombie attack before the show would get terribly boring.

  40. Though on a related note, the whole “make Daryl gay” thing gives us a bit of insight into Liberal thought patterns,
    Make Rick gay? He’s married. The “normals” won’t buy that.
    Glen? He’s with Maggie. Besides, we like interracial couples.
    T-Dogg – He’s black.
    Daryl? Ooh. He’s the resident badass! He’s white! And he’s not actively trying to get laid (We’ll ignore the fact that his only options are basically a grandma and a chick that is young enough that it will piss off older women and anyone that has been trained to be disgusted by a 40-year-old man dating a chick young enough to be his daughter)..

  41. I always thought that the show highlighted how womn fuck everything up. Besides Carol, they usually portrayed women as ill equipped to handle the apocalypse. Bad decisions are usually the story with them.Often being the cause of a problem that the group must work through to overcome. For a while I was hoping they would be using the zombies as a metaphor for Mass muslim immigration since it seems to fit. Either die or become one of them. The hordes of “refugees” at the walls and fighting them off at every turn but it was just wishfull thinking. I don’t see the (((writers))) straying far from the leftoid hivemind.

  42. I have to say, we should call this piece The Whining Dead. Jesus, you got a show with a strong male character (several in fact) and minimal homosexuality (until season 6) and in fact when the gay guy (that Rick doesn’t know is gay) gets punched in the face you complain?!!!
    Sure, white guys make up the bulk of the bad guys but they also make up the bulk of the good guys! Fucking hell Abraham? Most alpha male on the TV for a long while? Shieeet you’re probably mad he likes brown chicks.
    Not sure what you want from a show man. Its got to be exciting or you wouldn’t watch it. What do you want, a show where all the good guys are exclusively white and all the bad guys are exclusively… something else? Just like reality?
    Honestly, I think RoK was running out of things to whine about when they published this piece. Hate to break it to you kid, but there are actually white racists, thieves, cannibals, child rapists etc. etc. That’s the world we live in. Time to put your long pants on son!

  43. I don’t watch The Walking Dead. However, I have been meaning to ask something about the world it depicts; are there any Twinkies left?

  44. Speaking of gays, Liberal hypocrisy and the way women think. The whole nonsense about making Daryl gay kind of makes gay activists look homophobic.
    So because Daryl might not find a middle–age housewife attractive, he’s gay?
    Housewives who drool over Daryl. They are the ones who wanted Darly/Carol to be a “thing”. And they didn’t want Daryl/Beth to be a “thing” because it’s supposedly “creepy” even though she’d be legal normally (19) and we’re talking about the zombie apocalypse here where we can sometime justify killing people!
    So since Libs can’t admit that Daryl might not be attracted to Carol he supposedly gay? We’re just going to assume his sexual orientation because he’s just not attracted to the one chick middle-age housewives want him to be with?

  45. So many complaints without even mentioning the true travesty of the show:
    No one ever gets sick from all the putrefaction. I mean, literally rotting corpses are walking the streets. They don’t have to bite to create some mass level sickness on the level of the plague, with no doctors, hospitals, and very few antibiotics for everyone.
    Also kind of pisses me off that they have been firing guns for 6 years that should have made them all deaf in the span of 2 weeks time. But these are “Hollywood action show” problems.

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