Crazed Indian Woman Attacks Uber Driver And His Car, Faces No Legal Consequences

Recently, a 30 year old Indian woman living in Florida named Anjali Ramkissoon attacked an Uber driver and then started destroying his car and personal property. In spite of video evidence, she has not been charged with a crime. She was working as a neurology resident at Jackson Memorial Medical Center until they suspended her because of the incident.

I can sit here and write a long article about how entitled, spoiled, arrogant, and disgusting many women are, but just take a look at the video below and you will see for yourself the massive entitlement complex that some women suffer from:

What is it about Indian women in particular that causes them to develop such a massive entitlement complex? As Mike Cernovich pointed out in his article about this incident, both America and India are matriarchies. Only in a matriarchy would a woman feel so invincible as to attack a man because she knows the man cannot fight back, due to the anti-male matriarchal laws and legal system which favors women.

Other men have studied how the uglier or fatter a woman is, the more prone she is towards feminism. I’ve yet to meet even a single hot chick who is inclined towards feminist thinking. Now with this point in mind, consider the following: many men consider Indian women to be among the worst women on earth. It is Indian women’s massive insecurity complex which causes their frigid and bitchy behavior, and when they get to America they are also the most extreme feminists.

What Consequences?


After viewing the above video, you can imagine what happened next. Only after the police arrived did she finally apologize and start crying, demanding a pussy pass. Later on it came out that she gave money to the driver as compensation so that he wouldn’t press charges. One report I read claimed that she also tried to attack the police and was trying to kick them and resist arrest, but this is still unverified.

Anjali has taken down her Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram account in the aftermath, but the Facebook page reviewing her as a medical doctor is still up and many people have taken to writing negative reviews about her.


Unfortunately, the Uber driver decided to not press charges against her. To counteract this man’s cowardice, men must start holding women accountable for their bad behavior. If a woman physically attacks you, press charges. Do not give her a pussy pass. The reason women are so out of control is because men refuse to hold them accountable for their bad behaviors.

Lessons We Can Learn


This incident should serve as a warning to all men. If a woman starts getting physically aggressive towards you, or you see a woman getting physically aggressive to another man, immediately take out your phone and start recording. If the bystander had not recorded that video, there would be zero evidence to prove that the driver was innocent and he would be the one to have been arrested, while the woman would have claimed to have been getting attacked.

The days of women thinking they can behave like monsters with impunity should be over. Start publicly shaming women who act like psychopaths by capturing their psychotic behavior on camera and then uploading it to the internet for the whole world to see. If enough men started doing this, women would begin to change their behavior.


While Indian women in America may suffer the most from a spoiled entitlement complex, it’s important that we shame all women who operate with an entitlement complex.

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309 thoughts on “Crazed Indian Woman Attacks Uber Driver And His Car, Faces No Legal Consequences”

        1. I would bang her no problem. I’m not embarrassed to admit it.
          Crazy? Yeah…. I just wouldn’t let her anywhere near my car.

        2. Yeah but she is a filthy brown little savage trying to act like she belongs in the WASP doctors’ club. Hate to break it to the punjabs, but even the SJW liberal WASPs will never accept you as one of them in this country. They tolerate you because: “diversity”, but you are not really American.

        3. I don’t think this is about race, it’s about feminazis transforming women into entitled cunts like this doctor.

        4. Maybe that’s why she is such a psycho-bitch. She’s drunk, entitled, and needs a plunger to help relieve some of her plugged-up tension.
          What in the hell was she going to practice? Seems like should be a patient not a doctor?

        5. OK. I give it to you that stereotype is true and funny. It’s not even an insulting stereotype when you think about it.

        1. I guess no BJ?
          I’d bang her, I can admit that but I wouldn’t date her…at her place or an abandoned parking lot. I would never let that little psycho know where I live.

        2. It’s the fuck you face rather than the face you fuck! My guess is that she would be perfectly fine to date NSA or to plate but if you were in any sort of “relationship” it’s almost a certainly that she would have another psycho-eruption – perhaps drunk, maybe sober – and you will more than likely be the target.
          My theory is that people tend to show their true selves when given enough alcohol because it disables the higher brain functions that might otherwise make you act civilized and not give in to based emotions. There are happy drunks, weepy drunks and then angry drunks. Being angry while drunk is not the same thing, when you have a good reason for getting angry (qv Aristotle). Similarly, angry drunks are usually quite happy as long as EVERYTHING goes their way.

        3. Naw, hers is thinner and pointier. I suppose if I got caught short I could just grab her by her stick thin waist and use her face as a bottle opener.

    1. Her mother and sister have had to close all their social media accounts too. “Guilty by association”. Comes to show guys, if you want to act like an ass in public, your whole family can suffer horribly in this age of insta-doxxing.
      BE NICE to people. The instant you start getting aggro or mental in public, people start whipping out their phones.

    2. Yup. Hair would make nice gripping device. Ass would be red. So too would the cheeks from tears as I never return a phone call.
      The one pic above has her face not properly hidden. The make up is hiding the beginning of the deep trenches of the approaching wall and it’s hideous aftermath scarring her sub-conscious. One more female doctor to enjoy the benefits of aging out in the medical field.
      Also, her ass is definitely approaching the limit of the pre-wall condition. Unlike the theory of calculus, there is no eternity of half steps to spinsterhood. The cellulite is creeping in around her shorts. She has maintained her figure. But strangely, random sex acts with strangers, obvious drinking problems, anti-depressants, and legion insecurities all have the obvious taint of a spinster in the making cashing in on what’s left of her obviously good genetics.
      Sadly, some schmuck will still wife that up, and never be aware of what happens post divorce. But we can all be glad of the silver lining! She most likely does know.

      1. Would Indians please… Stop fucking so much and producing so many filthy little “offspring”? Oh, and aborting all their girls as well, so the uber-beta Indian male nerds come over to the US on their H1B visas and steal jobs from American university grads while pining over our white American sluts because all the Indian girls were vacuumed out of their mothers’ uteruses. Just thinking aloud. P s., same goes for Pakis, writ smaller scale.

        1. It would be nice if they would offer American males something useful in return…like good easy sex or your pleasant wife/good mother of your future child but they are like non of the above but a pain in the ass.
          Pakistani women don’t act like this chick.

        2. This cunt was out of line & Indian bitches are often spoiled in general, but screw your racist corn fed mid west ignorant comment…. I’m so sick of whites blaming foreigners for taking their jobs.
          The truth is that if you pull your fat american ass off the couch and away from the tv/facebook/iphone/beer kegs; you might actually be smart enough to do the jobs you complain about losing. The truth is it’s your own corporate white america that’s screwing your own country over & people like Donald Trump are a great example of this.
          It’s your own white owned corporations/CEO’s/banks/and corrupt gov that are selling your own american people out. You cant hate on a immigrant who had no modern world luxuries and worked several jobs while taking care of their family to put themselves thru school to get a better life.
          These poor people come from awful 3rd world conditions & work hard to get a better life & you can’t hate them for that. It’s not their fault they’re more hard working & disciplined and are happy to have any job they can get, when Americans bitch & wine over vacations days & working overtime. Are you willing to work as hard as them & go thru what they went through to get that job? NO you’re not because lazy ass Americans think their entitled to everything; including this very land that they stole. Truth is Americans are the unwanted foreigners here and finally getting what they deserve.
          Sorry for the angry retort but your comment sounds like one of those jackasses from south park, “DEY TOOOK R JOBS!” stop whining like spoiled child who didn’t get his way and work harder & direct your hate at where it really belong – which the White CEO who doesn’t give a crap about you or family and pays his way to influence gov to screw over hard working Americans. Times are tough, stop the bitching & deal with it; or realize that you’re obsolete JETHRO!

        3. How come that these poor people can’t fulfill their dreams in their own countries and by own will are going to country full of spoiled white racist people?
          Just don’t tell, “white privilege” and “opression”.

        4. They are not coming here by their own will, some of them are coming because they have no other choice. And Because some country’s are under developed, or opportunities are less there, and a myriad of other reasons. Is your point that people should just stick to the country they came from because then how would America have ever been formed? After all wasn’t it so called immigrants from Europe who migrated to America to colonize it and to get away from the oppression of the British? Why do white Americans today think this is their country when its not? How great would this country be if it was only full of white Americans and no one else, it’s the mixture of the different races we have and all the things that the immigrants bring with them that make this country so great. Its 2016 and I can’t believe people are so close minded still. Anyone has the right to migrate to any country they want to, life is not about staying in your own small box. Jobs go to those who are most qualified and who are most willing to take them. Through the ridiculous amount of luxuries we have here in America, Americans have gotten too comfortable and lazy and now they’re being passed up and they can’t understand why. The root of the problem is American society and not immigrants, but it’s always easier to blame someone else.

        5. They are not coming here by their own will, some of them are coming because they have no other choice

          It’s not job of white people or Americans to correct wrong from Third world countries.

          How great would this country be if it was only full of white Americans and no one else

          Less crime. Spending more money on inovation, advanced technology, than on Affirmative action.
          How great would be Japan if it was not only full of Japanese?

          And Because some country’s are under developed, or opportunities are less there, and a myriad of other reasons

          Who is responsible for that? White people or its inhabitants?

          Why do white Americans today think this is their country when its not?

          USA was built by white people. rule of law, civilization is based on European, Western civilization foundation.

          Anyone has the right to migrate to any country they want to

          No. That’s why there are borders, people protect their way of life, their territory, family, people and country.
          You could try for example to immigrate to Japan, but Japanese would kick you out. Their country, their rules.

          Jobs go to those who are most qualified and who are most willing to take them.

          Not allways, look up affirmative action.

          The root of the problem is American society and not immigrants, but it’s always easier to blame someone else.

          True, American society is responsible for what is going on, they allowed massive Third world immigration into USA and USA is becoming slowly Third world shithole idiocracy.

        6. First off, I enjoy debating with you; and i like your username. That said…
          Moonman: “It’s not job of white people or Americans to correct wrong from Third world countries.”
          Me: Exactly, so why does America try to be the world police & interfere in the affairs of other countries. You can’t do that & then turn around & make that statement. Also, how is an immigrant migrating here LEGALLY asking America to their issues back home? They are simply coming to find a better/different type of life, it’s up to them on how hard they want to work or how their quality of life will be once they are here.
          Moonman: “Less crime. Spending more money on inovation, advanced technology, than on Affirmative action.”
          Me: What a ridicules & unfounded statement. Where is the evidence to prove this. You’re telling me that white’s magically commit less crime. Looking at history, everywhere the white man goes they bring slavery & oppression. Don’t think so… Ask the African Americans, the native Americans, the Indians (British enslaving India), the Mexicans (the Alamo). In fact where I live, it is whites who have the criminal rate. Look what the crimes CEO’s of big banks are committing – & they’re white!
          Furthermore, how do you figure more innovation & advanced tech when america has some of the worst statistics for education when compared to many other countries? Look throughout history, white’s have not invented much when compared to other nationalities. Chinese invented gun powder, Indians invented algebra/the zero system/irrigation/the first calendar system/herbal medicine & surgery/Russians put the first satellite in space/ our own expedition to the moon was based on research by a German scientist Wernher Von Braun. What about all the things we got from the Greek/Roman society including how our gov works. I could go on & on about innovation that came from other races. Whites very conveniently like to think that since America is pretty advanced, they must be responsible for it, but they overlook that quite often that what makes us so advanced came from all over the world.
          Silicon valley is where America’s innovation comes from & it RUNS on Indians & Chinese. I live & work in Silicon Valley & the Indians & Chinese are in higher positions than whites & I see first hand that foreigners are what has advanced America. How come Silicon Valley didn’t exist & get it’s prestige before immigration became so rampant?
          Googel Joseph Pulitzer, Madeline Albright, Sergey Brin, Henry Kissinger, Jerry Yang. Better yet check out this link:
          Most of the tech companies are largely run by immigrants who have been hired over whites due to them being smarter/harder working/ better qualified. India & China demolish white America when it comes to math & science, everyone knows that. Most white Americans don’t know basic geography or even how their own gov works. In this day & age,I think it’s commonly accepted that asian’s tend be pretty smart & Silicon Valley wouldn’t exist w/o these so “foreigners.” – And again, that’s why jobs go to them, thus whites choose to blame them, rather than learn from them & work harder.
          I laugh when whites think they invented everything. This why whites can’t understand why they’re losing their jobs. It’s real simple: Its because they are arrogant/egotistical/lazy and refuse to open there eyes & see that the world has become a more even playing field & now you’re getting passed up becasue you don’t want to adapt & work harder.
          Moonman: Who is responsible for that? White people or its inhabitants?
          Me: It can be their own gov or white america. The US interferes in the rest of the worlds politics. We impose sanctions, limit civil liberties, overthrow foreign gov, place dictators in power, impose trade embargoes. Do you know the non white version of the middle east & why everything has gone to shit there? Do know how much Regan & the US played a part in everything that’s happening there? See dumb American’s believe whatever the TV says & what they’re ill informed ‘buddy’ says, but those who have a deeper desire for knowledge & truth look for actual facts & not hearsay. US foreign policy is responsible for a myriad of the worlds trouble & that’s why over a third of the world hates us.
          Moonman: USA was built by white people. rule of law, civilization is based on European, Western civilization foundation.
          Me: Nope, Americans stole this land from the natives & our democratic society was based from the Greeks, who’s gov was based on India which is the worlds oldest & largest democracy, as well as one of the worlds oldest civilization. Look it up it’s true. Check out the Harappan civilization which was rooted in the Indus valley and before the Mesopotamians/Sumerians. Alexander the great traveled to India & ripped of their way of their gov/trade/medicine/inventions/metallurgy/etc. it’s even in the encyclopedia, but American’s don’t know how to read anymore or look up real facts. We only know how to facebook, drink beer, and complain about immigrants.
          Furthermore, America was actually founded becasue we wanted to get away from Europe’s aristocracy… I’m not trying to be insulting in anyway, but why does this ‘foreigner’ (not really since I’ve been in the US since i was a month old) seem to have a better understanding of America, than an actual American? No offense intended, but this exactly my point about how ignorant Americans have become & it’s not your fault; you’ve been conditioned to be this way from Oligarchical white society.
          Moonman: No. “That’s why there are borders, people protect their way of life, their territory, family, people and country.
          You could try for example to immigrate to Japan, but Japanese would kick you out. Their country, their rules.”
          Me: I agree w you here, but I was speaking of those immigrants who come here legally & work hard; not those who come here illegally. My point was that anyone has the right to find a better way of life in any place they desire to go as long they follow the rules & regulations. Think of immigrants coming to Ellis island. If America suddenly got demolished & you couldn’t survive here anymore; wouldn’t you want to be able to migrate w you family to somewhere you had a chance to survive? How would you feel then if somebody had your view & told you & your family to go back home and struggle/die?
          In the end we are all humans & have the same needs. We shouldn’t discriminate & be so close minded & individualistic.
          Moonman: “Not allways, look up affirmative action.”
          Me: Yes, affirmative action does cause issues, but even then people who benefit from it still have to meet the qualifications. Affirmative action doesn’t mean they just simply hire anyone w/ no qualifications – that’s just not how it works.
          The best part is that affirmative action was invented by white people for their guilt of their oppression of other people. THE TRUTH IS THAT AFFIRMATIVE ACTION WOULDN’T EXIST IF WHITE’S NEVER HAD OPPRESSED ANOTHER GROUP OF PEOPLE IN THE FIRST PLACE. White’s just use affirmative action as an excuse. There is a cause & effect for everything in nature, you can’t just look at the effect & ignore what caused it.
          Moonman: “True, American society is responsible for what is going on, they allowed massive Third world immigration into USA and USA is becoming slowly Third world shithole idiocracy.”
          Me: Yes and no. Immigrants come here becasue America welcomes them so why hate on them. Don’t call yourselves the land of hopes dreams open to all, when you don’t want others to come here. The whole foundation of this country was for our founding fathers to get away from the British & make a better life elsewhere, so then how can white Americans hate other foreigners who are doing the exact same thing their ancestors did? What you’re saying is a double standard & hypocritical.
          America is becoming a shithole & it’s not becasue of immigrants, it’s becasue both Americans & immigrants failed to adapt to each other.
          I was adopted from India at a month old & was brought to the US, so I spent all my life in the US & consider myself American. I’m ashamed though to be lumped in with such an ignorant self absorbed group of people & it’s a shame becasue American’s influence so much of the world.
          I have also seen firsthand how other countries work, and I worked a lot of multi ethic companies & i can tell you, if the US was just white’s it would suck hard and it wouldn’t be anything like the America we know now.
          I personally lost my last job to outsourcing to my own motherland (ironic isn’t it), but i didn’t turn around like a spoiled brat and blame the foreigners who could do my job better & for cheaper. I knew that the white CEO of the corporation I worked for was more interested in making himself that much richer, that he didn’t care about all the people/families he was screwing over by shutting down our department down to save a few dollars per day.
          This was a white American who cared more about his pockets than supporting a company in America and putting back into the struggling US economy.
          That’s my point… It’s your own rich white American douchebag’s that are ruing this country & making it hard for people like you and me. It’s not the immigrants who are just trying to get by. The rich white american’s that control the gov/corporations/media are pulling the strings & hiding the real facts & they want you to & condition you to blame the immigrants. It’s easy to find someone to blame when things go to shit, but it’s a lot harder to look deeply at ourselves & the truth about what’s really going on.
          Immigrant or American, we are all in the same boat 🙂

        7. Also, nice talking to you.

          Silicon valley is where America’s innovation comes from & it RUNS on Indians & Chinese

          Newsflash Sillicon Valley was founded by white men and their companies.

          I live & work in Silicon Valley & the Indians & Chinese are in higher positions than whites & I see first hand that foreigners are what has advanced America.

          White men are what has advanced America, nonwhites came after 1965. Immigration and nationality act.
          But I agree, Chinese and Indians are smart people, but without white people which founded Silicon Valley there would be no jobs for Chinese and Indians.
          And there is magic card, H1B Visa.
          Disney almost took jobs of more skilled and qualified white man workers, to give it to less skilled and qualified Indian workers, and to add insult to injury, white workers must have train this charlatans.

          How come Silicon Valley didn’t exist & get it’s prestige before immigration became so rampant?

          Are you kidding? Microsoft, Apple, Intel, AMD, HP and so on, all are in Silicon Valley.
          White men created foundations of Silicon Valley.

          You’re telling me that white’s magically commit less crime?

          No, but biggest hellholes generally speaking are nonwhite countries. Nonwhites are risking their life to immigrate into white countries “to be opressed” by “white privilege” and “institutional racism”.

          What about all the things we got from the Greek/Roman society including how our gov works. I could go on & on about innovation that came from other races

          Newsflash, Greeks and Romans were white people. Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand were founded on foundation of Western civilization and Ancient Greece was craddle of Western civilization.
          I don’t diminish innovation from other races, but truth to be told, modern marvels were made in majority by white men. Computers, cars, aeroplanes, robots etc.

          Looking at history, everywhere the white man goes they bring slavery & oppression. Don’t think so… Ask the African Americans, the native Americans, the Indians (British enslaving India), the Mexicans (the Alamo). In fact where I live, it is whites who have the criminal rate. Look what the crimes CEO’s of big banks are committing – & they’re white!

          Not in Hong Kong.
          White man abolished slavery when some nonwhite people still practice it, even to this day and age.
          Negroes were enslaved and sold by their own kind as POW in tribal wars, sold to Jewish and Arab slave traders.
          Indians have strict caste system, lowest of them called “untouchables” which speaks for itself, have live worse than slaves had anywhere in the world.
          And don’t confuse Whites with Jews. Jews are usualy connected with big bangs. Bernanke, Greenspan etc.

          Looking at history, everywhere the white man goes they bring slavery & oppression

          You forgot Turks, Moors, Arabs.

          it’s becasue both Americans & immigrants failed to adapt to each other.

          What is this telling you? On same territory you can’t have multiple races together and expecting them to sing Kumbaya, there will be clashes, that’s why people have right for self-determination and there are borders, so Mexican have their country and white people and other races and ethnicities their so they don’t interfere with each other business.

        8. You both have your points. Look at FBI statistics. Even counting Hispanics as “white,” which they do, White Crime is exponentially lower. Atull is right, though, the Average American Honky (AAH) is being screwed over by his own elites, even if those same elites use immigrants as the vehicle to do the screwing.

    3. Jesus Christ on a bike! Are you serious, man? You would bang THAT chick with THAT face, THAT nose and THAT body?
      And then you guys wonder how Indian women get to be so entitled….eew!

      1. Did you think a bunch a guys that need to read articles and books to get laid would have high standards? Doesn’t shock me losers want to bang indian women…when even most indian men wont

        1. Let’s also defer to the time-honoured aphorism of ‘don’t stick your dick in crazy’.

      2. She’s mildly attractive on looks alone, like a 6 without makeup. But that’s good enough for her to be treated like a 10 by EVERY man she encounters, hence the insane entitlement. Guys are at fault for women like this.

        1. She is a a 6? Wow. I thought she was a 3. Based on the horrible face that you can’t look at, bad body proportions (big head, feet and hands, scrawny breastless, assless body) and the overall look of a spider. She is short, disproportionate and looks like a comic character. A 6…
          She looks stick thin in the selfies but with bulging thighs in the picture in which she’s down on the street…..i guess she has that Indian woman massive, floppy ass and thighs but knows how to conceal it.

        2. I suppose everyone has different tastes. Skinny on most women does help them look decent, and I think the problem is that there’s so many chubbs, that it makes the few that are not fatties look a lot hotter than they are. On the same vein, that makes them get enormous attention from loser men. So to me she looks like a 6. I’ve been with better and with worse. So yeah I’d do her. And if she were actually a nice person, would even consider as a gf. But I have no doubt she thinks she’s a solid 10 to due to all the attention. Most women: skinny = massive validation from EVERYWHERE.

        3. Andros my man, you would consider her as gf if she was nice? Where do you come from, dude? Come on…I wouldn’t be able to look at this woman without constantly hurting my eyes.

        4. I had to go look at the pics again. Her face is a 3. Her body is a solid 7 though. For me, face isn’t that important. If her body is bangable, I’m ahead of the game.

    4. She’ll make more money now doing porn or a photo spread with Hustler than she would her first few years being a doctor. This whole incident is like hitting the lottery for her.

      1. It doesn’t have to be porn. she is already hitting the talk show circuit. she has a future as a feminsit victim. MSM will make her a martyr.

    5. Are we allowed to empty her purse on the street, yell at her and then slam the door on her ass? The cops show up and tell them you had a revenge lay after dumping your girlfriend Roosh? I mean fair is fair..
      *I do not condone violence towards women in any way this was meant as a joke*

    6. Look up “pump and dump” in a dictionary and it’s her face.
      Shit, that’s the kind of women you get out of there while she’s still sleeping.

  1. Curious: why does this show up in the Disqus feed, but have an invalid link / not show up on the website ?

  2. You want the police to show up quickly….shots fired will do it.
    It’s a shame but I agree that many men need to take these women to court, press charges, etc…to the full extent of the law to make them pay for their actions. In this case, this woman could really have her shit fucked up with her profession (now) because there is video evidence of her behaving in such a way. These things do have a way of coming back to haunt people (not necessarily right away…but maybe over time).
    Again, never put up with shit from a woman. Get evidence and nail her ass in court (fees, jail time and all). It’s the only way this shit will end (the pussy pass).

  3. A minute after she has been tossing all the guys personal items from his car out onto the street a bystander exclaims “Oh my gosh! That’s destruction of property!” As if reading straight from the Penal Code, suddenly she realizes this woman is out of order.
    The US has become such a legalistic, cowardly country. In any traditional society the moment this girl started acting up, anyone around would step in and stop her.
    I can understand the guy being afraid to physically kick her out of the car and drive away in feminist USA, but being too chickenshit to press charges makes him an accomplice in my book. He better have gotten a 5 figure payout from her.

    1. I read he only got enough money to pay for a new smartphone and a couple other things. The guy was a total chickenshit and he is a traitor to men. Sounds like a typical mangina, “I won’t press charges against her because if I do everyone will hate me and say I am a woman hater and a sexist”.

        1. Imagine being a taxi driver working at night… you don’t want trouble to come into your life. He stood his frame, he was a good kind of masculine.

      1. ROK should make articles shaming these pussy dudes as well as the temper-tantruming women. Weak men like him are a huge part of why women act like this, because they know they can get away with it.
        Let his shame be immortalized online for all to see and maybe others will think twice before allowing themselves to be similarly emasculated.

        1. It’s not about making a point, it’s about not being a weakling. This will happen to him again, and to others, because of his weakness.

        2. You’re not wrong, but I get a poor working man’s plight. His ship has sailed for this life.

        3. Sadly you may be right, though he doesn’t appear to be that old. And it’s never too late to improve yourself anyway.

        4. Good point but so far I have not seen his name mentioned anywhere. If you can find his real name, I’ll glad write an article shaming him

        5. I dont know if its worth shaming, I dont know about any payout, but what I read that he did was not press charges because she is/was a Doctor and if she can help people than he would not feel right getting in the way of that. He has a very altruistic world view if he could take a step back and see that… at the same time considering the end result was her losing her job, he might as well gone all out. If for anything Uber drivers and drivers in general should not let anyone feel comfortable with this behavior.

        6. If he really said that, its amazing.
          “The Nobel Peace Prize for 2017 goes to…Uber driver #398.”

        7. the other side of that viewpoint is that if she has a temper tantrum like that while practicing as a doctor it could cost somebody dearly. Forget helping people by letting her be a doctor, He could save lives by PREVENTING her from being a doctor.

        8. He could wait a while and then sue her ass in civil court…he said he was not going to press criminal charges…nothing about civil.

        9. I couldn’t disagree more. Fixing every stranger he comes across isn’t his job. What he did was right – pacify her, don’t let her shit in your soul, and don’t giver her anything she wants.

        10. Who said anything about fixing her? I’m talking about punishing her, to the extent the law allows. He should have pressed charges against her.
          If the roles were reversed the guy would almost certainly be facing serious charges and/or jail time.

      2. OK, ummm…was this not the same guy who planted this twat on her bony ass when she tried to knee him in the balls? That shove was quasi-epic and he furthermore showed enough restraint, which is not necessarily the attributed of a “mangina”. As bad as feminism has become in recent years and the prevalence of the “pussy pass”, men caught in the shit STILL have to choose their battles and de-escalate when there is no other choice.

    2. Assault, assault with intention of infliction of serious injury…disturbing the peace, destruction of property, attempted robbery.. lock her ass up.

    3. He’s not thinking payout or justice, he’s thinking of months or years of attacks from the press and the SJW crowd making his life miserable and destroying his ability to make a living. His decision leaves him largely anonymous and trouble free.

  4. What is it about Indian women in particular that causes them to develop such a massive entitlement complex?
    Gender ratios. Women of lower stature become entitled when ratio favors them. 4.5’s begin to act like 9.5’s due to lack of competition. This phenomenon can be seen on military bases, high-end science classes on college campuses, states such as California, countries such as India; anywhere that men grossly outnumber females.
    Rule of Thumb: the worse the ratio, the worse they behave.

    1. The real reason so many indian men rape and feel sexually frustrated is because indian women SUCK at sex. Indian women are incapable of satisfying indian men and so indian men are constantly looking for other races of women to bang.
      I am a white man but I understand indian men pretty well.

      1. I noticed that same desperation doesn’t exist in countries where women outnumber men. Every Mexican, Filipino, and Russian dude I ever met is constantly surrounded by girls. {The opposite of Indian dudes I’ve met.] I’m really thinking ratios have an effect on culture.

        1. It’s true, there have been studies on that.
          Social calamities occur especially hard when the ratio of women to men is 3:4 which is what big cities in Germany will be now that migrants are pouring in

        2. Saw it on youtube. They are sending people to jail in Germany for anti migrant stuff posted on facebook .
          They hired an ex-stasi jewess to check over the whole thing.

        3. So true of all those groups above. The average joe can find a replacement for his girlfriend or wife. I just noticed that there is less petty BS violence among men when there is a surplus of attractive young women and a firm patriarchy. It’s better for any society when the majority of men have a happy family life and are sexually satisfied…than when women call all the shots in the sexual market.

      2. That’s why I’m glad my parents left the rest of my family behind in India and made sure I grew up here…

      3. My sister is 5’9″ and blonde and she was pretty disgusted with the men when she visited India several years back. Aside from cat calls and a bit of stalking their other favourite tactic was to ride by on the moped and smack her in the ass, out of the blue.

    2. Witnessed that firsthand when I was in the army and the places I was stationed. It was actually quite hilarious when you paid them little mind or openly laughed at them.

    3. Its the caste culture. Indians bring it with them. I saw an airport shuttle driver slam on the brakes and put an Indian passenger on the side of the road because he was talking down to him. The cunt in the video was no doubt from an upper caste and thinks taxi driver is her wage slave.

      1. Indians are extremely insecure and have a massive inferiority complex. That is why they act condescending, because they are insecure as fuck. If only you guys knew how truly insecure indians are. That’s why they don’t mix with non indians. They are too insecure to.

        1. Indians like these are exceptions actually. I’m an Indian and most of us don’t do this shit. This is as wrong as saying all White Americans are hardcore racists and KKK members. Trust me, I know better.

        2. I disagree. They may start that way, but they integrate into the societies that they immigrate to. This woman’s problem is that she’s mirroring American womanhood a little too well.

      2. I’m an Indian American. The caste issue is not really as big of a deal nowadays as people think it is. Rather the real defining factor is simply wealth. Rich people in India, due to the extreme overpopulation naturally live in a very comfortable lifestyle where they have plenty of servants to clean their home, chefs to make their food, gardeners, personal drivers, etc. Why? Simply because there’s a massive supply of people willing to do work like that because they need the money. So the Indian passenger you’re referring to might have just brought that attitude with him and then come to realize that shit doesn’t really go over well here in the West.
        I’m sure the same can be said about a person of “new money” from any background in the world, but I agree with you that it can definitely be seen among some newly rich Indians.

        1. The system may be over, but let’s be real. Most of these servants are of low caste coming from states like Orissa. The caste system is going away, but to say people have completely forgotten it isn’t true (not a straw man, just pointing out that it is still quite there). Financially speaking though, you’re right. People like the ones fact_comment mentions are coming from a place where having a lousy attitude towards servants has nearly zero consequences. If the servants were to respond back in India they would simply lose their job or have to return to their village if they left to look for work. They put up with it for the sake of money. When there are such few consequences for being a dick, you will undoubtedly find at least some who take advantage of it.

    4. Army women, STEM girls, gamer chicks: ya, I have seen that. In a lot of cases it’s the guys that are to blame because they themselves will compete with each other over some girl who is basically hamburger rather than getting away from their usual social circles and finding some steak.

    5. This is exactly the way successful clubs, bars and house parties operated in previous decades. Keep the “sausage count” low and the chances of good things happening increase, for those in attendance, both male and female.

  5. To be fair, Indian parents do seem to have a crazy amount of control over their kids. That could be a reason. A trend I’ve noticed which is related is, women who come from more patriarchal societies, where perhaps women there may actually be oppressed, like Arab or some more old school Latino cultures, tend to turn that oppresion to their advantage once they come to the States or are born here. They become fucking tyrants to anyone. And you guys complain immigrants don’t adapt to our culture. That’s silly!
    Anyways, wonder what the What Not To Hit people think about this woman.

    1. Arab women are not oppressed. Arab men have simply not forgotten how to see to it their women behave. You do it by seeing to it actions have consequences.
      Women who face the real prospect of public execution by stoning if they cuckold their men tend to not only be very well behaved but to see to it their daughters do likewise.
      Daughters should live in mortal fear of their fathers, wives in mortal fear of their husbands. Not only is heart-freezing, bowel-emptying terror the most effective way of keeping women in their place, it’s the only thing that ever has.

      1. Not only live in mortal fear of their husbands but also be willing to throw themselves on his funeral pyre.

      2. If you think the only way to keep your woman from cheating is making her deathly afraid of you you’re a loser who deserves to be cheated on lol

    2. Why can’t they just say unwarranted violence is wrong?! if someone is causing harm to you or your property; you have every right to use reasonable (not over zealous or deadly) force to protect yourself after you have repeatedly told that person to stop.

    1. That’s why I think some of the people are crazy when they said they would not bang.
      Bang? Yes!
      Return text messages day after bang? Hell no!
      She is that random crazy chick you would have psycho rough sex with on a vacation and never see again.

  6. On the wrong side of 30, unmarried, no children, in pursuit of a “fulfilling” and “prestigious” career in a male dominated industry. According to the feminist propaganda, this women should be a poster child for happiness..
    Yet logic tells us that she’s defied every biological marker that she has, is there any wonder women like this are raging sociopaths?

    1. Just looking at her you can tell she’s not all there. If she was assigned to be my surgeon I’d change hospitals to another country.

      1. And that tattoo going down her forearm… Jesus Christ. I wouldn’t even let that bitch hand me a band-aid, forget about allowing her to do anything medical related.

        1. I’d allow her the privilege of giving me a knob shine culminating in a tug job. As a surgeon, she’s bound to have very dexterous hands.

        2. There is, of course, the saying that “this isn’t brain surgery”, but to think that she might be a brain surgeon? Yikes!

    2. Just wait till her last egg makes like a hobo, and takes the second to last genetic box train to wherever irrelevance. The next train will be for her sub-conscious’s failure to turn her ship around.
      Sadly, her ship will come in after she snags the future of a hapless beta in divorce theft, with one future prison hellion in tow.

    3. Medicine isn’t male dominated. Not anymore. It’s no surprise standards of care have been dropping.

    4. I’m an Indian American who’s lived in America almost my whole life (20+ years). When I do marry, I would prefer to marry an Indian due to having a common language and culture but my biggest nightmare is being married to some cunt like this. Maybe I’ll have to go to India and try to scope out some traditional conservative Indian girl haha

      1. Most likely her dad is an executive at some body shop IT shop like Tata or WiPRO, that is why she’s attractive.
        Out of all the subhuman races on this earrth, Indians are at the top of the heap when it comes to the muds.

        1. But then Indians aren’t a race, they’re a nationality. If you’re gonna be a hater like them cool kids, might as well do it right. And “subhuman” is well… rather interesting, considering various races have shaped history at some point, people of India included.

        2. I believe he was referring to the current state of affairs with brown people worldwide, not with some sparks of literary ‘genius’ that flickered thousands of years ago.

        3. Brown people and “Indian” are neither synonymous nor mutually interchangeable, genius or otherwise. And the current state of affairs doesn’t have anything more to do with Indians than those of any other nationality.

      2. My advice to you is get a girl from India, that was raised there. Broads that are raised here, even if they come from a different background (whether it’s indian or middle eastern or russian or whatever) ALL transform into entitled, bitchy, slutty cunts. Avoid at all costs.

        1. All men should never live in an English-speaking country like Canada, US, Britain, etc. These countries always favor women and never men. Also, most of the Anglo women are fucked up to the point where a man can’t interact with them.

      3. Then you’ll get a wife with hair popping out everywhere, who only showers on Diwali, eats with her hands and doesn’t own a toothbrush. And who would never get on a treadmill but will pack on those samosas. Most likely fat before 40.

      4. Please don’t be fooled by Indian girls from India.I have lived long enough in India to notice it.Especially the ones from urban cities, thanks to globalization they’re also slowly picking up the pace for being entitled cunts.Just google “false dowry case India” you’d understand how they trap prospective well-educated grooms and their families from India and abroad.You might have a luck if you pick ones from rural and educated families.

  7. That guy was way tpo nice. He should’ve clocked her once she tried to kick him. And get the bitch out of your car and make a citizen’s arrest!

    1. Thanks for that post.
      Something I picked up from my female relations is that they prefer male doctors as the females do not listen to what symptoms they have, provide no feedback and prescribe the wrong treatment. But ego… yeah, those MD chicks have that in spades.

  8. India as a whole is NOT a matriarchy; that’s largely a Western stereotype based on observation of American Indian girls, who are extremely spoiled. Outside of the large metropolitan cities (New Delhi, Mumbai, etc.), in rural villages, it’s still a very, very strong patriarchy.
    A spoiled bimbo like her would have a high chance of getting honor killed by her own parents in a place like Punjab or Maharashtra before her 18th birthday.
    A girl was honor killed in my wife’s village by her parents about 6 years ago for trying to “date” a guy, the guy was beaten to a pulp, a false case was registered against him and he spent 3 years in jail.

      1. In the UK, official government letters were stamped O.H.M.S (On Her Majesty’s Service). The joke was that it actually stood for “Only Hindus, Muslims, and Sikhs”. India is pluralistic in the extreme and nigh impossible to generalise upon.

    1. Yeah this is true in the villages it is still a huge patriarchy. In the big cities tho the girls are all just as slutty as Western women, actually more so. They just try to hide it and act innocent.

      1. The girl was killed. The man got beaten and went to jail. The real question with patriarchy, though, is who makes the reproductive decisions. Patriarchy historically largely meant rule by male heads of household, not rule by men. Men who were trying to have sex with their daughters outside of approved channels (such as marriage) weren’t part of the patriarchy, they were outsiders and “bad boys”, viewed as threats towards the patriarchal authority.
        Patriarchy, in the end, is a degree of sexual socialism managed by male authorities in order to ensure higher reproductive equality. Anyone who threatens this sexual socialism is punished.
        As such, this sounds like patriarchy to me.

        1. Fair enough. I guess I don’t see why a fake case and fake evidence would need to be used to punish the man- it smacks of feminist witchhunting. If what he did was illegal, why wouldn’t he be punished through regular means?

        2. You’re projecting your rule-abiding Westernized mindset onto these people. Recognize that humans are animals first, citizens second. The law (apparently) does not officially enforce patriarchy in this specific instance. It’s cultural. People use whatever means they can to enforce their particular social norms. It’s actually somewhat rare for the laws of the land and the actual rules people play by to coincide. That’s one of the things that (used to be) great about the West — rule of law was held in unusually very high regard. This has spread to many other countries now, and the West has definitely declined on rule of law (mostly by changing its laws to be impossible to follow for most people), so it’s less of a big deal nowadays, but it’s still a historical and cultural anomaly.
          These people are basically the cultural equivalent of SJWs lying about rape to get a man thrown into prison, with similar psychological (although diametrically opposed ideological) motivations.

  9. She’s obviously an entitled spoiled brat and an attention whore. And there’s no way this would have been an isolated incident. It never is with these types of people.
    If a woman physically attacks you, press charges. Do not give her a pussy pass.
    When Max from RSD was attacked (when Julien Blanc had his visa cancelled) he didn’t have this lunatic feminist charged.

    1. Maybe the one upside to having a Big Brother-style surveillance state is having so many cameras on people in public all the time, that misbehaving women might actually have charges stick at least 1% of the time. Even so, pussy pass uber alles.

    1. medical schools are mandated to take 1/2 women in their classes. along with other minority quotas. most quit or go part time soon after starting their careers that’s why theres a shortage of doctors

      1. this is one of the most serious problems society has to figure out. it is only going to get worse if things stay the same.

        1. The thing is, as with lawyers, the women have a high burnout rate and many will work what amounts to part-time. They can still make over $100k but despite med students being more than 50% female, it is guys who provide about 3/4ths of all medical services.

      2. This cunt went to med school in Grenada, I.e. best she could do, only got the residency at Jackson because her mother is an admin there. Furthermore, only lost said residency because the vid went viral on YouTube.
        Miami is completely destroyed, trust me.

        1. Wonder if she know Dr. Nick?
          “Hi, everybody!”
          “Hi, Dr. Nick!!”
          “‘Inflammmable’ means ‘flammable’? What a Country!”

  10. As someone who lives in a city with a huge brown population I can confirm the disgusting attitude of brown women. Indian men are some of the thirstiest, pussy begging cucks this side of the pacific ocean. I hope these brown women enjoy theur youth because indian women age like curdled milk.

    1. Indian men are pathetic in their desperation. But their brown girls all love white men, so lets all bang them while they are still relatively hot and young. Cause after they hit age 25, they are fat and ugly and the only way you can fuck them is if you have an Indian fetish

      1. My first serious girlfriend was a mongrel, but mostly Indian. She would be in her mid-40s now and I saw a couple of pictures on Facebook: she still looks really good for her age.

      2. I hear this quite a bit but where I’ve lived..all the brown girls never fuck with white dudes or anyone except Indians.

  11. Can you believe this chick is studying to be a neurosurgeon, of all things? Ironically, she is in need of her own doctor!
    Edit: She’s actually a neurologist, which, as one might guess, is way lower on the totem pole than a neurosurgeon.

    1. Most women doctors simply can’t handle the responsibility of being a surgeon, never mind the dexterity. Virtually all of the females I have known socially were GPs or pediatricians while the guys were orthopods and ER types.

    1. “then why do you keep telling me you dont have money?”
      this guy better get the money stuff sorted quick.
      women are children. if a man doesnt truly understand this, he still has much to learn.

        1. Well I lost all hope for western women now…..
          I wouldntve lasted a minute before I forced her outta the car.

      1. It’s real. The couple got divorced.
        Notice that she mentions that she can’t drive because she’s too drunk to get through the breathalyzer device on her car.

    1. Everyone has to be the best they can be. Stereotypes are useful only for the masses. Clearly he is an outlier. I’m thankful for it.

  12. Are we really surprised by her behavior? That’s par for the course now…
    “Feminine virtue is nothing but a convenient masculine invention.”
    Ninon de L’Enclos (a woman)

  13. Indian or Klingon? She looks like a Klingon and has what appears to be a sentence in Klingon tattooed on her forearm…

  14. I’ve got to tell you, personally had a couple of borderline personality-disordered exes who pulled similar shenanigans to that Indian broad in the video. They would usually only become physically violent when there were no witnesses; I finally started calling the police and ended up doing it numerous times, but to no avail. The cops tended to believe their bullshit lies and granted the pussy pass to their crazy violent asses, so I had to cut my losses and run. Good learning experience in terms of being able to spot (severely) crazy a mile away now, but in my experience it is very difficult to get law enforcement to take the man’s side when an entitled nutcase woman decides to start punching him/destroying his posessions, etc., because so many women are utterly skilled liars and are able to pile on the crocodile tears to get out of any serious consequences for their actions.

        1. Awwwww butthurt much?
          Some lessons are learned the hard way my friend. How about you stop being an asshole and work on your game.

      1. That’s effed up, sorry to hear you had that happen, but for what it’s worth, been in your shoes here, although no on quite the level you just described. That’s fucking terribl bro, but can totally believe it.

        1. DC cops for you, but the military fixed it no problem. Point being, avoid BPD girls like the plague.

    1. because so many women are utterly skilled liars
      It’s like this in the workplace as well. And too many white knight managers fall over themselves to believe everything they say.

      1. A lot of the white knight managers are just concerned about being yes men and keeping their jobs to pay their mortgage, car payments, wives credit cards or alimony/child support. They don’t want to catch hell from HR. I feel sorry for them because the women in their lives (wives, ex-wives, HR, etc.) have them by the balls but at the same time they are one of the main reasons most office environments are hell for other men.

    1. She’s clearly read the feminazi’s guide to getting undeserved attention but she appears not to have read the chapter on the colour pink

  15. Indian women are horrible? You must suck…
    I’m seeing an Indian girl who is working for the whitehouse, “dedicated career woman”, used to argue with her female friends who was more feminist, and yet, she cooks, she pays, she treats me like a king and is planning kids..
    If you’re king material, women melt for your strong frame.
    Boycott American woman?
    No, dominate them.

      1. If you think you’ll be married to this chick “till death do you part” I don’t feel sorry for you. I laugh at you.

        1. She’s planning kids.
          Are YOU planning kids?
          Sounds like she’s got the plan all lined up and you’re just there for the ride!
          AWALT mofo.

        2. Not with her 😉
          If she can get my babies from her face into her ovaries then she probably deserves it

    1. Obviously dude, if you’re a white guy, indian women will worship you. And obviously indian women are better than white women. Just don’t marry them, dominate them like that

      1. Can confirm…. fucked 4 of them on my trip to India.2 from tinder, 2 from cold approach.
        Some of the most horniest bitches l’ve met.
        White guys are like catnip to them. It was very easy.
        Most Indian guys who live in India have no game.

    2. Nothing too bad about indian girls. The only problem is if you are dating an indian girl, you are dating a 7.5 max…..Cute….Would definitely bang, but if you settle with one….well you did settle. If you are a White guy.
      Competition for prime white women is steep. Despite being a smart guy who takes more pride in his education, occupation and intellect than looks or physical capabilities, I kind of want my sons to be 6ft and muscle bound, like me. Call me a Nazi, but Indians(guys esp) reek of unter-menschen, and the fact they might grow up to be a nerdy doctor or something doesn’t make it up for it.

    3. They’ll treat you like a king when you’re dating.Trust me when you get permanently hitched or when have the ‘seven year itch’ she’ll turn you into some beta-schmuck.I don’t know if you have noticed but they also age horribly after kids.So,I’d say just date and get all the fun you can until she traps you.

  16. In Florida the driver has to press charges. I had proof that a guy was writing fake checks, committing fraud, etc..they weren’t interested until a victim comes forward. Brickell is the money area near Miami Beach. I’ve seen the craziest shit in MB, so much drugs tourists, and latin corruption. So many lies you start by assuming someone is lying to you until you catch someone saying the truth. This would be a normal weekend.

  17. Spoiled Princess Complex, never told NO, a NEUROLOGY resident, so she has money and some smarts, but what a horrible human being. If she is not abusing drugs to function like so many medical residents do, she should probably start…. either way, what a horrible human being..and so many spoiled little bitches ARE LIKE THAT… Media is key, she was assaulting the guy, I really felt for the dude.. just run and back away.. from the get go, cops will always get suckered without media backing up the situation. Men suffer 40 % of domestic violence, how many women have you seen get arrested for assaulting a guy ? They suspended her at the hospital where she worked. I would not let her clean my bathroom. Men, set limits and boundaries on behavior you are willing to deal with. A princess like this p.o.s, the first time she acts out, you leave her, and never contact her again. No piece of ass is worth that behavior. More men did this, we would not be dealing with this shit.

  18. He didn’t “hold her accountable” legally this is correct. But I bet he made this psycho pay a pretty penny to not press charges. So, win/win because he gets the cash and her reputation is still ruined because it was taped

  19. This must’ve been one hell of a payoff. For me if it hadn’t been a minimum of 6 figures cash I’d be pressing charges.

    1. News report said it was a small amount of cash. Even worse. I wouldn’t have taken a million. Charges would have been pressed.

  20. Nice article. I’m just glad you have created ‘awareness’ of this type of sh*t that goes on every single f*cking day and there is video evidence. Be very clear full who you spend your time with. When going out for an evening don’t blindly trust strange women because some of them are dangerous psychopaths.

  21. Reminds me of a situation I had once. I once took a hot Nigerian woman with model good looks. Body? 10. Face? 10. Attitude…?
    Anywhere I went on a double date with her and her friends. Halfway through her friends got up and left. I barely noticed.
    At this point she decides to chide me about not buying her friends drinks. I told her that her friends are capable of getting their own drinks. She then told me a real man would have bought her friends drinks. I told her that she doesn’t get to tell me what a real man is.
    She then told me to take her home. I told her forget it, she’s not getting in my car again.
    She got up and left after spewing a tirade of X-rated abuse at me. I simply sat there cooly drinking my beer.
    Then it occurred to me: she’s out there with my car.
    I got up and went outside. She was out there with a bunch of teenagers trying to bum a cigarette. She saw me and continued the abuse. I gave her the middle finger and then disengaged.
    I got in my car and drove off laughing…
    Never let Crazy near your car.

  22. Mainstream news media: she had a bad day, therefore she’s the victim:
    If this guy had showed some balls by declining the payoff & pressing charges, because she is a 100 pound girl, a minority, etc, in this society she’d be the victim and the driver would be vilified for doing so because he’s a man. The media would then tear him apart.
    Yeh, shes a bangable butter face, but these crazy bitches are not worth the risk & unfortunately they are everywhere. LA in particular is full of them…

  23. I dated an Indian doctor for a few months and she was a peach. Actually, she was Canadian and her father was from India and her mother was blonde and pale, but those recessive gene traits were lost in the mix. My first serious girlfriend was Guyanese and she was a sweet heart too. When I was in high school I hung around with Indian girls, had a few dates and never had a problem, but then that was 30 years ago and the girls were not over-educated and self-entitled.
    The chick in question here was just an angry drunk. She got wasted and acted like a complete bitch. At least half the people on the planet have done that at least once in their life.
    The really evil ones are those who grew up in India, got some POS sociology degree, and then end up as academics. They go around all but advocating genocide against white males and SJWs applaud them. If a white guy said the same shit about “women of colour” he would be up on hate speech charges.

    1. I saw it the same way. Classic angry drunk. “Instant asshole, just add alcohol” What she is normally like? that would just be a guess

      1. If she is smart enough to be a neurologist she is smart enough to keep a lid on her psychotic tendencies while sober, at least most of the time. However, if you were in some sort of emotional relationship with her, it would probably be a simple matter to push her buttons and set her off again, even if that was not your intention.

  24. At least he didn’t wink at her.
    Indian woman jumped on top of an Indian politician’s car and smashed the windshield, after she was winked at by his security staff.

  25. I’m from India and I can vouch for the fact that Indian women born in the 80s and 90s are unapologetic and complete bitches. The aggression, entitlement and immaturity are mind numbing. I can’t recall how many times I’ve seen these bitches acting like dumb angry sluts that they are, in public, spewing their vile immature abuse and then getting away with the pussy pass commissioned by the Great Indian Mangina.

    1. Yeah I’ve seen a few around. It seems to be 2nd generation ones I’ve seen around, as the ones I’ve known (we have a high Indian population here) are generally pretty traditional and meek. Just my $.02.

    2. This is alot of western women too. I’m kind of looking forward to the Islamification of the west, so we can finally beat women for getting out of line.

      1. “kind of looking forward to the Islamification of the west, so we can finally beat women for getting out of line”
        There are far, far better ways to address what has happened to women of the western world than to turn a culture into the planet of the sharia apes.

        1. “Maybe 30 years ago, but at this point, violence is the only way to get the message across”
          Fine, but let us men of the western world put our females back on the leash, and keep the apes away from our culture as possible.

  26. Shes gonna be a neurologist???
    I bet she would put the “Abby Normal” brain into Peter Boyle’s head and not even think twice about it

  27. It’s concerning that this hormonal driven beast has a license to practice medicine. She probably fucked and sucked her way through med school and is a total flunky as a doctor.
    I agree with the author: immediately record shit female behavior on smartphones because at the very least inappropriate behaving women can be shamed on social media even though a feminist court won’t do anything.

    1. She received her medical degree from a third world banana republic because she could not get into an American university.

    1. I remember this video from a while ago. She definitely got what she deserved. Wished more would do this sometimes but I heard the bus driver (near retirement I think???) got royally screwed, which really pisses me off!

      1. Damn what a video. I’m so glad to see he got up to deal with that bitch but he went a bit too far with the upper cut. He should have just have squeezed real hard on some pressure points and brought her to her knees or grabbed and twisted her arm or wrist to subdue her. It will come off as a defensive action in front of witnesses but you can really apply some pain that way to let the bitch know she went too far. Then I would have either called the cops or booted her out the door.

        1. I agree but I’m still kind of pissed this evil loud mouthed bitch screwed up his retirement benefits. You can definitely see the guy is around retirement age. F#cking worthless cunt! As usual the men that work hard have everything to lose but many worthless women have nothing to lose and much to gain.

    1. He was the wiser man, not the better man. He knows, as should we all, that in any conflict between a man and a woman in this benighted country the woman will get the gold and the man will get the shaft. The more he pressed the issue, the more trouble he would bring upon his head. Unless you are a seriously wealthy man, able to get the best possible legal representation, you are fucked in court.

      1. He had every right to slap the shit out of her but he would have lost in the long run. All the white knights and feminists would see is a man hitting a 5ft -100 pound spinner. She even alluded to that in the video, which truly shows how evil feminist are, they know they deserve an ass whipping every week for the crap they pull but no one hardly calls them on their BS. That man works hard for his money and has to deal with a crazy drunk bitch trashing his car and his dignity. An apology would not be enough.

  28. Glad this came up on ROK. If the genders were reversed, the guy would be in jail and vilified. But she was having a rough week you guys…saw her on some talk show and said she just got dumped before this. Luckily the man interviewing her did say “you know that’s no excuse right?”.

  29. The crying on her part annoys me. She pulls the “Do you know who I am??” B.S., but when ACTUAL consequences (i.e. The PoPo) are imminent does she feel “remorse”. Didn’t she also blame her behavior on a recent break-up?

  30. For those of you who weren’t aware:
    1. There was an “apology” video she somehow suspiciously made on CBS news, in which she said:
    – Excuses: blah blah bad day, blah blah blah
    – “That’s not me”, implying she not really that kind
    Another opportunity for avoiding said responsibility. She’s sorry she got caught, not really sorry she did it.
    2. For the most part, from what I saw fortunately most comments from both men and women seriously chastised her and people gave her hell on social media. Woo-hoo!
    3. As usual, a few simps commented “she’s hot” and how they might have let her get one over on them for that. Sometimes I’m embarassed to be male.
    Overall, really happy to see another woman facing the consequences of behaving out control, but as we see, AGAIN: A) No man was firm in putting a bitch in her place / getting her under control, B) no legal consequences.
    So at least she got suspended where’s she a resident physician, so there’s that.
    Video on the page here:

  31. Indian chicks do have the petit thing going for them, I think just by virtue of being small boned and slim they appeal to a wide range of men and have a high base level of attractiveness. Lots of slim indian 7.5s, but very rare to see a stunner…due to sheer lack of distinctive features and variety. When you’ve seen a hot indian girl, you’ve seen them all. This chick isn’t one of them.
    The lack of muscle-mass, a trait common amongst desis, means that even when they look great physicially their asses tend to be squishy and their bodies never feel as good as they look. They also tend to always have a soft pot belly, no matter how skinny they appear to be.
    Yes lots of Indian chicks(like this one) have a princess-complex, and many are slutty and affected by feminism these days, but no matter how career orientated or slutty, and perhaps only due to pressure from traditional parents and a happily wed social circle, they seem to end up married with Children and a seemingly functional family, at a far greater rate than Whites at least.

  32. I blame Mindy Kaling to a certain extent. That beast is neither funny nor attractive. She puts crazy ideas into the heads of other moojie b!tches.

  33. As we can read in the article, the main problem are not women, are manginas, white knights and so on. The uber driver allowed here to go slightly…he is a fucking sissy. Women must be punish for such behaviour,period.

  34. Indian culture in general is not a matriarchy or feministic. Women are supposed to obey their brothers and father or follow their husband. Indian girls in Western countries are spoiled as fuck and suffer from a princess syndrome. Combine that with a society where nobody corrects their behavior, and you get girls like this one.
    The main problem with Indian men is that they aren’t tough by nature and the culture rejects violence. So, most Indian men don’t know how to handle feminist women.

  35. I’ve noticed this about Indian women, I’m not Indian I’m Canadian however I have a few Sikh buddies and their girlfriends are atrocious in behavior and sometimes looks. Really, always felt like it must be hell to be involved with one.

    1. Interesting pics. Isn’t that racist misappropriation for her to dress like an american indian? She can suck on my hookah.

  36. Anjali Ramkissoon stated the following: “At the same time I should also speak out to send a message out to people and the public to be careful and use my story as a message; as a lesson to be careful what you do in public, because the things that we do can be taped, and we can have to suffer severe ramification for these things.”
    So, rather than telling people to behave, to act civil, and to not get drunk in public, her message to people is to be careful in public when doing those things because someone can record it and show it to the world. So, she’s a victim of technology I guess. God, it’s hard to believe this woman is 30 years old. I have to be honest, when I first saw the video, I thought she was in her late teens or early twenties. Not because of her looks, but because of the way she was behaving and the way she was dressed. True, everybody makes mistakes, but that is no excuse. In case you didn’t know, mistakes have consequences. Deal with it! Think about it for a second. Was this really a mistake, or was it a deliberate choice? Intoxication is never a mistake, it’s always a choice.
    As far as her private life is concerned, I feel that there was so much more to her actions than her boyfriend troubles, her daddy issues, and the alcohol. People who are well-mannered don’t behave like this, even when they are really drunk. The alcohol just brings out what’s already there. I’m sure her boyfriend had to deal with this shit on a regular basis. Any red piller could take one look at this girl from head to toe, view her online profile, and see she that she was covered in red flags.
    When it comes to her employment and her being fired, I think that might be appropriate. I don’t know many people who don’t bring their baggage to work in one form or another. Think about all the pilots who have been caught being intoxicated. Hell, there have been cases of doctors coming in to work drunk or drugged operating on their patients. Me personally, I wouldn’t take the risk. You might be good at your job, but your personal life can certainly affect the company you represent. Take a look at the Subway and Jared Fogle scandal. Subway did the right thing in cutting him lose. If this girl’s employer is smart, they will do the same thing. Let’s fact it, this girl blew it.

    Be careful, technology, it’s everywhere!

    1. Spot on. No remorse for her shitty behavior or trashing the guy’s car or kneeing him in the balls (sexual assault?), just regret that she was captured on camera. Her advice – look around first and make sure you are not getting recorded. Great ethics by the future doctor.
      Its a stretch to use this bitch as typical example of modern woman. For sure there will be plenty like her in downtown club district of your city on Fri/Sat night, but also just as many drunk guys acting as dickheads. A couple of generations ago it would have just been the males doing this, but in the age of equality women are the same. Since the guy was with Uber then she could still get away with giving him a poor rating and he would be at risk of losing his job.
      I also don’t agree with the author on it just being ugly/fat/feminist women who have attitude. While gorgeous girls will be less interested in feminism they can very much be entitled still from growing up as daddy’s little princess and having many guys sucking up to them or cutting slack for their behavior over the years,

  37. Went to med school in Grenada- the notorious community college for those who couldn’t get into real med school

  38. You have a society where for years being book smart and getting good grades was the golden chalice and everything else was secondary, coupled with putting on a pedestal a sex of human that was preyed on by evil forces dating back to the book of Genesis.
    So now you have women, many with over 4.00 GPAs, that have no moral compass to go with all that intelligence. We reap what we sow.

  39. “She gave money to the driver … so he wouldn’t press charges.” Not saying her pussy pass didn’t help smooth things over for her, but I reckon it was more likely good old-fashioned bribery that kept her out of trouble. Indian police are notoriously corrupt and would also have dropped charges against a man who did what she did – though they might have demanded a few thousand extra rupees ‘compensation’.

  40. It’s the Hinduism, any religion that encourages the worship of Goddesses will put pussy on a pedestal and the end result is women such as Anjali.

  41. I wish there were a better term for people from India than “Indian” despite the derivation. As far as I’m concerned Indians are the people who were living in the Americas when Europeans showed up and I hate to debase their dignity by associating it with creatures like this. Besides, the upper castes are Aryan just like Europeans, mixed with Dravidian people. Maybe Indoaryans would work.

    1. The native Indians from the America are called Indians because Columbus was on a journey in search of India and landed in wrong spot and he thought America was India. We call them Red Indians.. 😉 Besides the Aryan theory has been debunked long ago. The migration was outward, from India, not to India. And the lady featured here is not from India. She is from Granada, South America. Her ancestors were from India.

      1. Well, I’m not British, either except genetically. My relatives have all been here 300+ years except for the guy whose family was here for 20,000 years.
        Actually Columbus thought he was in what were then called the Indies and were known to the West since at least Roman times. He encountered a bunch of islands and thought he was among the Indies’ outliers; like Classical and Medieval people he underestimated the Earth’s size — but what did he have to go on except their documents?
        I don’t have the latest about India, though much of their languages are Indo-european, people who seem to have originated around Ukraine. I realize how frightening the word “Aryan” is but it’s short.

  42. As if all the guys got an instant boner after watching the video. While I’m thinking I wouldn’t wanna be no where near this pyscho mess, most comments about “would bang” just shows how she will continue to get attention.
    I’d put my money on a single mother raised spoiled princess whose reckless behavior simply remained unchecked till that incident.
    PS: she is most likely of guyanese/trinidadian origin than indian actually

    1. Wouldn’t hit. I’ve seen better. All the guys that w pi uld bang her better be prepared to face those rape claims. Stay away from crazy boys, it’ll only lead to your downfall.

  43. I also drive Uber on the side, and the ONLY difficult passengers I have ever had were young women who think everyone on earth is “the help”. What they have in common is finding fault in anything, usually the Navigation being “wrong! I never go this way!”, and over-engaging you in conversation while you’re trying to concentrate on driving.
    Some of them ask personal questions with the idea that you’ll be embarrassed which they find entertaining. I normally get fatherly, and ask them if they want some stranger (who knows where they live because we’re driving there) posing questions like that to her. Sometimes that works if you immediately change the subject and keep it as lighthearted and positive as they are willing to tolerate.
    They are the kind of people who will give you “1 star” simply out of spite, or for “not being who they wished you were”. In the past, when requests came with names, I would ignore requests with female names in the evening in Hipster-infested neighborhoods.
    The driver who received this woman’s outburst did the right thing: he let HER commit all of the infractions, and did his best to pacify her. After all, she’s a complete stranger whom he has no neighborly, familiar, or romantic interest in, and it’s not his job to fix people.
    His only goal is to get her out of the way, and back out on the road to continue earning, despite a parasite like this “Doctor” who is just yelling and screaming because “she wants what she wants”.
    What she did was get into someone else’s Uber. What she doesn’t get is that you can’t just pick anyone up from whom you didn’t get a request through the system – it’s illegal, and is reserved for cars with Taxi licenses. Not only is he blowing off his actual customer, the Uber driver could get his driving license taken away for that.
    That said, he should have pressed charges for kicking him in the nuts and damaging his property..

  44. Judging by the articles I have read and the comments on here, it is of no surprise that ‘western culture’ is in decline – as Gandhi said, he ‘thought it was a good idea’ which still holds today. I note that the ‘owners; of this site have not disclosed their real names – Winston Smith is the hero of that famous book 1984 and yet you claim to be working against the UN Agenda 21. I would say that you are part of this agenda and wouldn’t be surprised if you were being sponsored by them. Who else would be able to finance ‘meetings’ all over the world to further your ’cause’. It will be interesting to see if you are allowed to publish this post.

  45. We used to believe in behaving in accordance with one’s station in life. She is a doctor, the station she has achieved should have been at the front of her brain. Anyways, she wont get her hunky white boy she craves, it will be back to India for the groom on a horse, then she will have endure her mother in law moving in, and if she doesn’t like that, I see an honour killing in her future. You get to decide if she will be the murderer or not.

  46. The fact that White Americans are denied entrance to schools while Third World turds are welcome is reason enough for a revolution.

  47. six hits to a bucket of piss that she derives great personal satisfaction from saying the following phrase as frequently as humanly possible.
    “Ima doktah” !

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