Why Is The United States Still Using The Prussian Education System?

Have you ever wondered why pupils are expected to rise when the teacher enters the classroom? I have, and the strangest part to me was that I couldn’t recall anybody giving us clear orders to behave in that way, yet we all did.

I vividly remember trying to answer this conundrum as a kid by asking adults around me. The most common reply was that the purpose of standing up in front of a teacher is showing respect. But, I asked, why aren’t we then rising when our mothers, fathers, and spouses enter the room? Or do only teachers deserve our respect? To this, nobody could reply with anything other than a blank stare.


It was only later, when I grew up and started digging through massive quantities of online articles, that I found out about the true origin of the education system I had been influenced by. At that point, everything became clear, and all the little idiotic things my teachers used to demand from us and that seemed so random back then suddenly started to make sense.

And I also found out the answer to my question: the purpose of rising when the teacher enters the room is to show obedience.

Crushing the child’s soul


The Prussian education system (not a Wikipedia link), still used to this day in most countries worldwide, originated in the early 18th century as a way to instill absolute obedience and uniformity in the students under the guise of education. What the students wanted and thought was irrelevant—the Prussian education system was there to teach them minimal literacy and indoctrinate them into believing in the infallibility of the supreme authority (Prussian King Fredrick William I at the time). The end result was a useful generic worker, readily replaceable and dispensable.

Teachers acted as surrogate parents that had no mercy for the child and punished all mistakes ruthlessly for the purposes of destroying trust and instilling fear. The curriculum consisted of rote reading, writing, and memorization assignments that were meant to destroy the creativity and spontaneity.

The grades themselves also weren’t used to measure the child’s knowledge, but rather the level of its obedience—the worst grade implied the child was rebellious and refused to follow given methods rather than that it was stupid or inattentive.

Means of conditioning


The highly structured layout of the classroom meant pupils were disconnected from one another and easily monitored, which again emphasized the atmosphere of distrust. Even the school bell, used to mark the end and the beginning of each period, can be easily recognized as a conditioning method, later described as such by Pavlov in the late 19th century.

Everything is absolutely dedicated to turning a person into a robot: homework, dress codes, school uniforms and so on. Perhaps the most accurate description of the kind of retardation this education produces is in Kafka’s “The Trial.”

This same system was eventually transplanted into the US in 1843 and became the basis of its education system today. There were some minor changes—instead of the King, the students were taught to obey the State, but everything else is left the same. As an added bonus, there is a solid layer of SJW indoctrination that formed on top of that system in the last 150 years, to ensure children are not only intellectually but sexually crippled as well.

Perhaps the only exception to this is STEM due to its male dominance and reliance on hard facts, but of course, SJWs wouldn’t be SJWs if they didn’t want gender equality in computer sciences.

The tragedy of the Prussian education system is that it continues to churn out uniform, creatively stunted workers that are ideal for an 18th century Prussian labor market which no longer exists. A nation’s economy relies on having a steady supply of creative people who take risks, which means we must take chances, try silly things, and generally not be afraid of failing to thrive, both personally and as a species. Otherwise, we’re all going to be royally screwed.

Thanks, Obama Fredrick William I.

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  1. I think it’s one of those case where you should blame the player (SJ Teachers) and not the game (Educational system).
    I’m not sure if it’s true, but I believe the system is actually a democratization of the apprenticeship idea; Having one individual teaching one student is fairly inefficient, but the advantages was that you or your parents could chose which master would teach you.
    Now not having a SJ Tteacher is like wining the lottery

    1. It’s the educational system. If I wanted to be a teacher and teach kids all the interesting things in, say, history class, I would be forced to use some boring politically correct text that focuses on how America defeated evil in WW1 and 2 (laughably exaggerated) and learn all sorts of minutae about past presidents (dictators) and how the civil rights movement worked, without being able to teach them the true, fascinating history of the world. I wouldn’t be allowed to teach anything about the Roman empire, I wouldn’t be allowed to use my own texts or props, the way, say, a university professor could. So no, it is the system.

      1. Well said. My wife has some experience in the educational system(more admin side), and a lot of the teachers would bitch constantly about how they wanted to teach things at a higher level or with more truth than the textbook did, but they were unable to do that due to the ubiquity of standardized tests and the requirements to teach exactly to that test.
        The whole game now is that they spend so much time teaching to the test that there’s no time left whatsoever for the teachers to teach some truth.

  2. And part of that Prussian system is for women to rule the households while the men are raised into permanent adolescence. (Gee, does that sound familiar?)
    It’s closely linked to the Prussian military system whereby you raise boys to be mentally arrested hard-up soldiers.
    This is why in America we get murders on TV but no tits, for example.
    They call it “infantry” for a reason.

    1. They call it infantery from French Infant for child (mayby invention correlates terminolgy…..) And that murders are okay on the Tele has much more to do with the Pilgims and Victotian values and the prude morals of the american churches than Prussia. Making Prussia the root of all evils would mean that America is a Prussian Colony and not an Anglo-Saxon.

      1. You are one of those I see. OK. Here you go. Read it and fucking weep.
        Here, in case you you under 30 (Sorry, no listicle and a youtube video to walk you through it):
        “The reader will find in this book a plethora of information that will leave no doubt in the mind of the serious researcher exactly where the American education system is headed. If we wish to stop this juggernaut toward a socialist-fascist system, then we must restore educational freedom to America. Americans forget that the present government education system started as a Prussian import in the 1840’s–’50’s. It was a system built on Hegel’s belief that the state was “God” walking on earth. The only way to restore educational freedom, and put education back into the hands of parents where it belongs, is to get the federal government, with its coercive policies, out of education. The billions of dollars being spent bythe federal government to destroy educational freedom must be halted, and that can only bedone by getting American legislators to understand that the American people want to remain afree people, in charge of their own lives and the education of their children.”

        1. You can’t just get the Federal Government out of education, what else will those workers do in the face of rapid automation and heavy immigration? Dig holes in the ground only to fill them up again? Actually…

        2. That the state is an all-mighty Beast walking on earth is an idea of Hobbes, nothing particular new and Prussia was still for its most parts Absolutism. So yes I see Hegel influence and what the Copy Paste Education Programm of the USA did for it. But as I tried to point out, Prussia is not the root of all evils.
          And a better Question, is the one builds the Weapon responsible or the one how uses it (too) ??

        3. How do you align people behind a Nation State?
          Education is how Nations are kept together. Without some indoctrination and beliefs in The Flag, The Anthem, The Country we would turn against each other far more easily than today

        4. …is to get the federal government, with its coercive policies, out of education.
          Yeah, because the answer to educational freedom is putting Alabama back in charge!
          You guys…

        5. I’d rather have 50 states experimenting, with a few probably succeeding while most fail (you can move to a new state) than 100% buy into the fed govt madness

        6. “is the one builds the Weapon responsible or the one how uses it (too) ??”
          Uh, yes. Absolutely. If I made a special gun called “Cop Killer 2000” that was fully automatic and armor piercing with a 2000 bullet clip, would I be responsible (to any degree) for the dude who buys it and goes out killing cops?
          Stupid argument.

    2. We should not also underestimate the impact of Napoleon on public education as a propaganda device, to develop “right-thinking” young men. In fact, compulsory education was long conceived as a method of controlling the population, hence why the State can behave so punitively if your children fail to go to school.
      The last thing they want is for the children to learn the wrong things.

    3. Reminds me of the Radiohead video for Paranoid Android. It was a cartoon but MTV (USA) censored the boobies while MuchMusic (Canada) censored the violence.

  3. What’s funny is that in school they never once mentioned what Prussia was at all, ever. “Don’t you mean Russia?”

  4. If present indications may be relied upon, the educational system you describe here will be extinct within twenty years. The alternatives command accelerating enthusiasm, especially homeschooling…which is why the educrats of all states are desperate to hobble or outlaw homeschooling altogether.

    1. This was actually really great, I wish more of this was widespread on communities like this. It’s absolutely tantamount that they get to kids to impact their behavioral and social traits when they are youngest in order to get that collectivist mentality quota. I wish she elaborated a bit more on it affecting men much more negatively than girls, but also touches upon the victim mentality that the women get from these “places of learning”.

      1. Charlotte Iserbyt Thomson has large interviews on youtube. She left the Reagan administration in the 1980s with a huge number of incriminating documents (all presidents were the same in that regard).
        The gender disparity in education in the 1980s/early 1990s was not so bad as it became later on, that’s why she does not address the anti-male policies in schools. In her books – that is another matter.

    2. It’s funny, that you think this something the left wants to do. Is there anything you guys won’t turn into a matter of rooting for the laundry?

      1. The political left right dichotomy is fake. Charlotte Thomson was part of the Reagan administration – did not matter one bit which party was ruling. The agenda stays the same no matter who sits in the White House.

        1. Another of my unpopular opinions around here. The dichotomy is not fake, at least not how I define fake. Both are for the most part authoritarian, that is true. However one side is far more authoritarian and that side is winning with a vengeance. In fact it appears to me to be unstoppable. There are various degrees of ideological disagreement but dystopia appears to be the final destination. A good friend of mine characterized it best, at least for me. The Democrats are the express train and the Republicans the local. Each headed off the proverbial cliff.

        2. With respect to education in particular, unless you mean to say that the GOP is one of two left-wing parties, your left-right distinction is useless. At no time in living memory has the GOP advocated shutting down the Prussian education system. Only a handful of libertarian “extremists” will go that far. Just about every country in the world uses a similar system, because it enhances the power of any government, regardless of arbitrary left/right labels.

        3. What is there to fight about? My post was hardly a ringing endorsement of the Republican Party, the Stupid Party by any other name. You’re worried or angry or something about the continuation of the Prussian style of public education? It is being replaced little by little. Try this on for size. http://www.returnofkings.com/65323/gaia-democratic-school-takes-children-on-field-trip-to-porn-shop Just one school, and a private one at that but very representative of the coming wave. Once again the left leads the way. So take heart, the Prussian system will be replaced by an even more coercive system that will be a godsend for both ideologues and pedophiles.

  5. I would not held the Prussian system as responsible as you do, the
    basic learning and teaching method are older than the Prussia itself.
    They got their methods from the church, (which was the only
    organisation with large education sytem and expierence over the
    centuries) and then the hole environment makes more sence.
    The soul crushing to make the thought to true Believers, the respect for
    the Holy Man who teaches you and the unquestioned authority of the
    church and the priests are key elements in such a learning
    Prussia was one of the first States with a public education program and the
    took the existing methods and in fine German manner perfected them.
    And then everybody copied the Prussian school system. But in the core
    the Believe system and symbols of the church (or who did you though
    came up with a bell…) is still present.

  6. Yet, despite all of this rhetoric, the German People under this system of education single handedly created much of everything that defines modernity.
    Certainly, educational systems should be truly Folkish. Blacks, famously, require brutal corporal punishment that is something only they can figure out for themselves, and seem to be doing in Africa. But, the Prussian system has a proven track record for those of Continental European origin.
    An interesting piece, and the author is to be commended for writing something different from what we see on this site. But, it sounds like someone recently read something from that John Taylor Gatto person and didn’t fully think through the implications. He was writing from the perspective of being a teacher in 1980s New York, which indeed did not have many people of Continental European origin within the school system.

  7. My friend, this article is badly researched. This is pop-/pseudo-science at best. It’s a meaningless rant at worst.
    1. How do you account for the fact that Prussia/Germany was the world’s leading country in scientific innovation and industrial production in the late 1800s/early 1900s? You allege the system turned them all into drones, so how do you reconcile that? Furthermore, the minds of Humboldt, Weber, Mommsen all went through that system and they rose to the top of their professions, too.
    2. Do you even know how that system came about? How Frederick started it all, for what reasons and what the situation had been before in rural Prussia? How universal schooling catapulted that nation to superpower status?
    3. I do agree that the system sometimes did more harm than good, especially under the militaristic of Wilhelm II., but hey, that was neo-absolutism, what do you expect?
    4. Go out there and teach. Do it. Because kids standing up at the beginning of class is nothing but simple classroom management, it tells them to be quiet now and that the lesson is starting.
    5. I’m German. You greatly confound the 18th with the 19th century when it comes to Prussia.
    I know a thing or two about teaching and that picture of the little crying boy is so stupid, it offends my intelligence and it’s same bleeding heart tactics the SJWs use.
    What do you know about theory of state in European in the early modern era? Do the names Rousseau and Montesquieu ring a ball? There’s a huge difference between the state and the monarchy in Prussia in those days, I would like to refer you to Christopher Clark’s book “Iron Kingdom”.
    Frederick considered himself to be the first servant of the state, of the people. Wilhelm II was different, though, of course, but it only goes to show that Prussian history is a lot more complex and layered than you acknowledge.

    1. Yeah, I was about to say the something the Prussia and what became the German Empire was the most powerful state in Europe at the time.

    2. If anything, the article is too short rather than inaccurate. He seems to understand the reasons the system was started (grooming an industrial base and military base to compete with Britain and other imperial powers), but doesn’t clearly explain it.
      for #1 I’ve got an old German buddy you need to talk to.

    3. The Germans/prussians weren’t discovering anything in the 1800s. All the discoveries were in Britain in Europe. The problem was the British dumped so much money into research they had no money to actually carry out the inventions. Kind of like the US, we spent trillions researching and who are the main beneficiaries? The Chinese, they just take our technologies while investing nothing so of course they can implement our own technologies better, we spent trillions building the internet and the computers and they are now better with computers than us on average.

    4. Good to hear two sides of the argument. Though I do think (without doing research) that the education they have in America today is a mutated form of the original, and this is due to individual agendas (Like Wilhelm II, as you mentioned). So regardless of historical errors I do think this article has some merit.
      There is no denying that education is getting dumbed down each year. Also there’s no denying that a fair few cunts (and I mean that sincerely, not just slander) are fucking up what little balance and credibility there was to be found in the education system. Also no denying that it’s catered to churn out idiots who can memorise what you tell them, rather than thinkers who can think. Hence why women are doing better – because they’re too dumb to see (or comprehend) just how fucking useless learning has become.
      I was genuinely shocked when I went to university and found that there was zero room for creativity, lateral thinking and inspired thought. Those things held no merit (literally). Sure, it’s hard to be creative doing maths based courses, but they NEVER gave us a question without first giving us the solution or formula first. And that’s shit. It took less than a year of uni before I lost all respect for the education system.

  8. Off topic, but now I am REALLY looking forward to Jurassic World. Apparently it has some traditional gender roles, which is driving the SJWs crazy. I had very low expectations for this film, since Michael Crichton only wrote 2 Jurassic Park novels and the 3rd film sucked since no one in Hollywood can write well, but it will be a relief just to see a film with traditional sex roles.

    Feminists are disturbed by the traditional gender roles displayed by the male and female leads in the trailer for the upcoming release Jurassic World.

    However, I watched the trailer and didn’t see anything. I guess because the man didn’t shut up and just listen to whatever wisdom the female spews that is considered a “traditional sex role” now???

    1. my first thought was: i don’t really want to care about this stuff. just show me a straight forward action flick and leave the politics aside.
      but it’s not really possible, is it. depending on your upbringing, your writing will be influenced, and thus your movies. there’s nothing really neutral, everything is a statement.

      1. Every story has a hero or a tragic figure. Reading “politics” into it is usually the fault of the reader. As for regarding contemporary pap such as blockbuster pop film as art is our mistake. When it comes down to reading, I’m a big fan of Zimmer, Campbell,& Schoun.

        1. Reading “politics” into it is usually the fault of the reader.

          that’s what i would say if i wanted to give up responsibility for the content i produce.

    2. Take a look at the outrage in the media that Dwayne Johnson plays a strong father in the upcoming San Andreas film. Masculinity and fatherhood is now controversial.

  9. US has an education system? I thought it was just warehousing of children. Blame the teachers union.

    1. Teachers? Teachers are the only ones that bother to dirty their hands with America’s youth anymore. Parents in wealthy areas just expect “A’s”, while parents in low-income areas just want free daycare. Lastly, administrators rake in $100 to $200 G’s a year w/o even “teaching” a student. To solely blame teachers is out right ignorant or part of the far-right ideological machine that wants privatized education. Yes, the far-right ideological machine is just as fouled-up as the SJW machine and their radicals.

      1. Yes, also keep in mind, while there are certainly lazy teachers, and I had bad teachers in my public school, which is one of the “best” in my state, most people go into teaching because they like learning and get something out of teaching others. The pay is mediocre, benefits used to be good but are declining. The hours are good, but it is no longer a respected position and you get no help from parents or the community. Most teachers are there because they enjoy teaching others. It’s a noble pursuit, and if they were rewarded better, and had more freedom, I would likely be one. I strongly looked into being a college professor but you have to waste too many valuable years chasing after a PhD.

        1. Bullit,
          PhD chasing is for the birds. I turned down opportunity at UCLA. There, reading McCarthy, Hemingway, & Faulkner deemed one a “scholar in Masculinity”. I am now teaching accelerated middle school kids. We read Solzhenitsyn, McCarthy, Flannery and other greats. Middle school is going much better than I imagine college to have gone. Yes, I tolerate nothing from far-right wackos as I tolerate nothing from the SJWs.

        2. “Parents in wealthy areas just expect “A’s”, while parents in low-income areas just want free daycare.”
          Yup, its a binary world that is easy to understand. Black, white. Up, down.

        3. Singlemalt,
          It’s unfortunate, but these are the choices when selecting a teaching job in the public school system. I have a buddy at one of the top test scoring districts in CA: he gets 35-40 emails per night from parents regarding “grading”. In my “lower scoring” district, I get one email per semester.

        4. No. I am at a public school in urban CA. My administrator loves the fact I like to push my Accelerated kids with high-level text. They purchase the books that I request. It’s a great deal for me. Most teachers don’t even read these texts, so admin is truly supportive.

        5. Don’t know where you live but all of my teachers were either feminist women or blue pill betas. Nobel pursuit, what a joke.

  10. I disagree, the Prussian state resembles in my mind the perfect society. But it’s not gonna appeal to everyone, the problem in modern education is the lack of dicipline and the egalitarianism, not all are fit for higher education nor the same education.

  11. As a German, I appreciate one aspect of this system: Instilling discipline and work ethics into young people.

    1. The cultural marxist Adorno called that the Authoritarian Personality didn’t he? Not that I agree with that necessarily and it probably applies more to Austria than German. Talking of which I visited Austria a few weeks ago for the first time in my life. Within minutes of getting off the train and going into a shop a very polite security guard had asked to search my bag. First time in my life, within about twenty minutes of visiting Austria…..which of course isn’t Germany

      1. I am not sufficiently familiar with the Frankfurt school.
        I rather meant self-descipline, which I view as absolutely positive.

        1. fair enough. I’m not taking their side, but Adorno and his crew tried to blame nazism etc on the inherent national character of the germanic people. I don’t really have any opinions on that, beyond what I said. Self discipline is good, but the argument was made that disciplinarianism could lead to (sexual) repression, which would result in obedient schoolkids and concentration camps. Don’t worry Adorno was almost certainly full of shit

        2. most of what sociology calls “Right Wing Authoritarian Personalities” are positive traits that keep civilization going
          The world would be much better off if people with leftist personalities were replaced with simple, obedient, religiously moral people – even if they are kinda stupid

        3. pretty much, it was always flawed, but it was very influential in its time. I would agree re. simple, religiously moral – but you could probably say that the problem with SJWs are that they themselves are too obedient towards authority rather than too little. After all aren’t we the ones questioning what passes for orthodoxy today?

  12. Our kids are recieving neither discipline nor social conditioning at home. It’s sad and dangerous to say, but at this point, if not for the public school classroom setting our kids would not know how to behave in society or with others. Trust me, schools and teachers are now powerless over the kids, but, hey, our current system is better than anything else going today.

  13. Looks like the article was written by someone who got caned at home/school recently .I respect my teachers more than anyone else.Young people need to be disciplined if they have to achieve something in life.

  14. The real change that needs to take place in the education system is the scrapping of coursework. Men outperform girls in testing, but the coursework pushes the boy’s result down and the girls mark up. Then they add classroom behaviour to the overall grade and feminize the curriculum and expand the curriculum to include joke courses that appeal mainly to females. That’s why women outnumber men in universities today, in and outside the west. The PISA results, which is test only proved this. Universities should be centres of excellence, not a learning centre where nearly half the population goes to delay adulthood. That’s how bad it is in the UK. I can’t believe the elite are stupid and they didn’t know what would happen with all these modern changes. Did they think boys, the impatient, hyper sex at the best of times, during the years when hormones are raging, would sit down for a couple of hours each night and work on some modules. They knew exactly what they were doing and the advantage it would give to girls. They are probably amazed the mob hasn’t assembled and they are still in power considering the near irreversible damage done by these cultural termites.

    1. Couldn’t agree more with this. I returned to tertiary education after a first degree and experienced this not as a young adult but as someone with experience of the college system (although I believe its a factor at every level). You hit upon an important point which is that coursework grades will reflect not only an objective standard of learning but disciplinary factors, such as how well behaved / compliant you are; how completely you have swallowed the ideology being spewed at you and of course whether the teacher likes / can relate to you, something which given most of the teachers / lecturers these days are women is automatically going to disadvantage males (although male teachers may also favour women of course).
      All of the above for me means that we are no longer educated but merely trained. Coursework isn’t going to go away but I have long believed in the need for at the very least anonymous marking. However until exams are the only route to success, males will suffer

      1. It could be worse: it could be like law school. Most courses are 100% final exam, none of which are standardized and thus have wide subjective interpretations for the prof regarding whether they simply like your answer or not. Others tend to be 100% final essay: 50 pages of whatever pseudo-intellectual drivel will give the prof tingles.

        1. I don’t know anything about law school, but it sounds bad. There is too much trust placed in academic staff to be fair and impartial. When they aren’t overtly ideologically motivated they are often petty little tyrants. The only way to improve things is through standardisation and anonymisation. Generally exams are the best way to do this. I don’t like them any more than anyone else but they seem fairer to me

        2. Every semester at (a left coast) law school, I wanted to quit. Out of 180 students I had 2 right wing friends, a sympathetic pseudo-leftie and maybe 2 other acquaintances whose presence I could actually tolerate on any long term basis. They kept telling me it would get better but it never did. By then end of second year, it would have been a waste to not go one year more through that cesspool.
          The faculty was worse but not universally so. There was a clutch of old-school professors who were slowly being driven out by the SJWs. The adjuncts were shifting from being practical professionals into being more progressive and “sexy”.
          The worst example was a gay rights activist who was slotted to teach (mandatory) first year contracts law. No one will ever know how many legal careers he fucked up before they were started. Every year there is a “moot” or fake legal case that you are supposed to debate. And every year he would turn it into a gay melodrama. In my year I embarrassed him because I pointed out that his scenario made no legal or logical sense, so he had to invent a fictional statute (which itself made no sense) to plug the logical hole. This confused the moot judges and my moot partner and I (he was 3rd in his class – plus both of us were award-winning debaters) suffered a humiliating defeat to the argument that “you have to let the gay guy win”.
          This clown pulled the same shit the next year when the contract moot was about “quimlets”, a made-up novelty that apparently distracted young boys. I don’t know the substance of the what they were supposed to argue but it was only when the feminists figured out that “quim” was an old reference to pussy and they got outraged that he was confronted on his nonsense.
          Another prof whose ideology got in the way of common sense is Joel Bakan. He is best known for his book – and the film – “The Corporation”. The premise was to take the indicators of psychopathy and apply them to corporations who are – legally – considered “persons”.
          When I caught wind of this I wanted to work on the project. I was a business graduate but – setting practical considerations aside – my first choice would have been to study psychology. In my last two years of study I got excellent marks in (elective courses in) business ethics and ethical leadership. At law school I was studying entertainment law (and got an A) and took out-of-faculty-credits in film and video production (also an A).
          I went to him to offer my assistance and his only comment was “we are approaching this from a leftist perspective”. I told him that I understood that, but that I had the qualifications to contribute to the project. I never heard back from him but the rumour was that he took an Australian exchange student under his wing whose only qualifications seemed to be her ideology and vagina.
          The movie turned out to be pretty good and my only regret is that I actually paid to see it. It still irks me that he specifically did not want someone who actually had a business, ethics, psychology and media education to work with him for ideological reasons.

        3. Its activist academics I can’t abide, because invariably they try to poison the minds of their students, and try to turn the pursuit of knowledge (or the pursuit of a foundation for one’s future career) into a mechanism for reproducing their own psycho-pathology and pushing their own pathological ideas. I’d not heard of Joel Bakan but its sounds like he’s a case in point, with the irony that he’s advancing the idea that a collective – a corporation – can itself manifest the symptoms of psycho-pathology. An interesting idea perhaps – maybe the approach could be adapted for universities themselves given their commitment to irrational strongly held social justice beliefs not to mention the accompanying sense of messianism. A further irony is that these men hawking social justice and feminism are almost invariably crypto-patriarchs even when they rail against patriarchy typically surrounding themselves with and seducing young women who are flattered by being taken seriously.
          My own experience wasn’t quite the same as your. I returned to education as a mature student studying psychology part-time while working at the same time. I enjoyed it but was concerned at how ideological some of the courses were compared to my first degree at a traditional university. I’d always had a mixed of right and left wing tutors (some hard-core Marxists) but they didn’t preach. What I found the second time round was that much of the material seemed deliberately designed to lead rather than let students make their own minds up. When I continued at a post-graduate level it got worse rather than better. All my tutors were feminist, which wasn’t actually a problem for me at the time until I spoke inadvisedly on a forum one day and suddenly my marks dropped massively. I pointed
          this out and went through the rest of the course getting mediocre course work results and distinction level exam results.
          The system today is fixed unless you play ball. I tried to address the issue but nobody was prepared to listen.
          As for Joel Bakan it might be irritating to be turned down for your politics / gender but at least he gave you a reason for why you didn’t fit the profile. You should have asked him to explain himself in writing. I’m sure he would have obliged

        4. The counterpoint to The Corporation was made years ago by Milton Freidman: corporations don’t have responsibilities, people do. The corporation as psychopath was kitschy and made people pay attention.
          The comeback would be to look at leftist organizations: universities, unions, non-profits, eco-charities, feminist organizations and such. Psychopathy might be one thing but a Dark Triad or Big Five analysis might prove more interesting.
          I don’t know about crypto-patriarchy but maybe crypto-PUA. Liberal girls are just that and will put out more than conservatives and get all “freaky”. (My personal preference has always been for apolitical women who don’t know, don’t care and don’t vote unless I asked them to nicely.)
          I was 29 when I hit law school. Your typical law student gets there at 22. They might be 21 if their birthday falls later in the year and, in theory, you don’t actually need an undergraduate degree but rather a certain number of credits so you could apply to law school in your freshman year and start as a 20 year old. A lot took a year or so off to travel, so 24 year olds were not uncommon. There was one guy who was retired (CSI or something similar) and decided to go to law school. Overall, you could count on one hand the number of students that were older than me. Of course, being ex-military and a former entrepreneur only worked against me as – in their minds – it reinforced the capitalist, fascist, oppressive, straight, male WASP stereotype: the bane of all SJWs.
          Bakan never gave me a “reason” he just made a statement about what his intentions were and I indicated that I was perfectly fine with it. It only becomes a reason in hindsight given his later actions.

        5. Your background won’t have helped. Its a lie that they want ‘diversity’. Universities these days seem to be in the business of producing a product, and they need pliant malleable material to shape towards that end. For me politics was pretty much the bottom line. There were academics I had been thinking about approaching as possible supervisors down the line because their ideas seemed interesting to me. What I didn’t realise until much later was that they were marxist activists whose “interesting ideas” were part of wider hard left networks – it was a case of buy the whole package or get lost.
          I think the idea of the corporation as a supra-human legal / psychological identity is actually a peculiarly jewish one, possibly deriving from jewish beliefs in the individual as moving towards greater social / spiritual? union. At least it seems part of a wider jewish conversation on the matter, although you could say the tradition goes back to Hobbes maybe, but the kabbalist idea of Adam Kadmon goes back further still, and unlike hobbes is less obviously metaphorical.

        6. Corporate personhood is a legal fiction that makes initial analysis simpler. A lot of employment and family law starts its analysis using principle of contract law, but a typical job or marriage is not, in the end, a contract because there are so many exceptions.

        7. Its an interesting topic though, and it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if down the line certain rights of personhood became duplicated in, or even alienated to corporations or other groups understood as functioning as the same. AI could complicate things further. What if Microsoft was conscious? I’m afraid my non-legal imagination is running away with me, but I do wonder about the implications of say identity groups being ‘protected classes’. What if the positive side to that was ‘group mind / intelligence’. Hope it remains a legal fiction

        8. The law has retained the idea of a “natural person” (ie. a human being) and does differentiate regarding some aspects. I recall reading somewhere that chimpanzees were given personhood in some country, or at least it was being contemplated by the legislature.
          I love sci-fi and I am a bit of a sci-fi author. I have my own take on things but movies like The Machine and Ex Machina make something obvious: if you are going to create an artificial intelligence, DON’T MAKE IT FEMALE!
          I mean really, think about it: artificial intelligence? feminist thought? You know it is going to turn out bad.

        9. Yes I heard about the chimps being given human rights. Should be useful next time those cheekky monkeys decide to rip off and wear somebody else’s face.
          Re. sci-fi – its a great genre, although increasingly difficult to outrun reality which is clearly moving very fast. Fortunately we can by and large outrun females and while the idea of feminist cyborgs is pretty scary, just imagine how silly they would look when they do run, what with those big bags of silicone knocking around up front. Actually I did like ex machina, even if its conclusion was red pill dystopian

    2. The prof I’m currently working for has gone on rants about this.
      He went to school at Carnegie Melon in the 90s and it was totally project oriented.
      After he graduated he started his own media/design company that he ran for 8 years before deciding to study to get a PhD.
      Now that he is a prof he complains constantly about how stupid the education system is. Would a student in the modern university learn enough to start a successful company straight out of college? Nope…
      I’m sure things were bad in the 90s but there were still project oriented programs to find (like robotics and design which he was affiliated with). Nowadays everything is getting systematized and dumbed down for the average student.

    3. Isn’t it you same white people who claim others who perform worse in school are just dumber, now that you do bad in school its because of bias. Ha

      1. It’s the opposite. Whites and males perform better on standardized tests or exams where the answers are “convergent” (ie. there is one or a limited number of objectively correct answers). Women and minorities tend to push for tests of knowledge or competence that are “divergent” (ie. have no set answers or perhaps even no objectively correct answer at all).
        Once you have mandated subjectivity then you have bias, virtually in all cases to benefit women and minorities whether it be to pull them up on par with whites and males or to exceed their assessment.

        1. I had a long reply written out for our peasant friend, but then thought to myself he’s probably abused a cousin and has been arrested and is unlikely to see my reply for another few years.

        2. You are saying that graades are based on test not actual knowledge. Whites claim all knowledge are objective and now are playing the race card.

        3. I am saying what I am saying; your summary seems a bit confused. I personally don’t claim that all “knowledge” is objective, but when it is institutionalized and publically funded the only way to be fair to everyone is assess it that way. If a privately funded Voodoo U wants to give you a scholarship because you “get it” that is their business.
          I never “play the race card”. It is the SJW types who try to call trump and call bull on that.

        4. You are playing the race card, you want special white test just for white men so they can score higher because they are poor performers.

        5. Playing the logic card (unless you are saying that logic is just an oppressive white social construct).
          I don’t claim that all knowledge is objective, nor do many whites. I am saying that when trying to test someone’s knowledge it should be done objectively with valid criteria and reliable testing mechanisms, at least as part of a mass education system. Graduate students are off in their own world.

  15. I disagree with this
    Education in the US is nowhere as conformist as it is in most parts of the world, if anything it’s probably too lax. A more “Prussian” system, despite its negatives, would probably clamp down on all the idealistic do-what-feels-right bullshit that leads to liberalism in later life
    Conformism can be excessive, but the problem in Western education isn’t too much obedience, it’s the leftism that’s taught within the system

    1. It has to do, I think, with the more “progressive” teachings of today.Some years ago I was studying to be a history teacher. One of the things they said was to make the difference between the old, conservative way of teaching(pretty much what the article says) and the new, progressive one, where you pay special atention to the individuals, and don’t assume they have empty minds.
      Of course, at that time it made sense, but now I can see that this kind of things, the “progressive” ones are really what are spoiling education.
      It doesn’t help that parents(or single moms, increasingly) don’t teach their kids proper manners and the school becomes a place to keep them out of the streets, rather than just teaching and learning.
      I think teachers, who of course are mostly females, do this work because they love to do it, and have good intentions, but the way the school system is today is one of the problems. Like you say “it’s the leftism that’s taught within the system”.

  16. In what school do students rise when the teacher enters the room? I’ve never had to do this

  17. Prussian system ? Are you nuts ? The prussian system was THE driver of modern science, without it you wouldnt drive cars, have x rays, use quantum theories you would´t even have nuclear bombs,radar.The prussian system produced related to its size the best most modern industral nation state ever.It produced soldiers that could fight a world coalition to a standstill and extracted always more kills than it received.What you have is a cultural marxist wrecked education system.

    1. “What you have is a cultural marxist wrecked education system.”
      Yes. But it is based in the former, succesful education system. So when we see the problems today with education, usually people don’t see the marxist system, but keep thinking in the old one, and that’s where the blame goes.
      Maybe the article means that the educational system should be changed, but of course, A LOT of changes should come first.

    2. I’m not sure “you wouldn’t even have nuclear bombs” is the selling point you were looking for.
      Yes, God forbid that nobody discovers the nuclear bomb.

  18. I thoroughly enjoy when ROK hints a stint of articles like this. Even if all the information is quite accurate it still gets the ball rolling. This site has made me explore so much about the history and politics of the world. Thank you gentlemen

  19. I still vividly remember my first two weeks of primary school; I was four years old, and my (female) teacher caught me drawing pictures of reptiles in my scrapbook, which I was doing outside of class time. She not only reprimanded me for not focusing on what the class covered in her inane lessons, she took my drawing and humiliated me in front of the whole class with it. When I continued to keep drawing the next day, she got my parents involved. Let’s just say the escalation on her part taught me a valuable lesson; everything you are passionate about is worthless and deserves mockery, and as a result, you are incapable of making your own decision without the guidance of the state.
    Well, I took the lesson to heart; I am not exaggerating when I say my early experiences with school completely lobotomized my creative and decision making ability. All I could do, was do as I was told, I had absolutely no free thought. I took whatever classes my dad recommended, which was exclusively Math, Science and language classes I had zero interest in. Despite this, I worked hard and got good grades, despite hating my life. Funnily, at the time, I had no idea I truly hated my life, I just thought my background emotions were normal and close to the average.
    Fast forward to college graduation. I got a STEM degree (geology), despite having basically no interest in geology. In fact, I fucking HATED 90% of it. Yet, I took it because my dad said it would be a good field to have a career in, my advisors told me it would be a good field to have a career in, and my friends shared this belief also. However, what I never took into consideration was MY OWN honest to God opinion. I had no career plan, no goals; my entire fucking life was just me following orders.
    Sure, you can blame me for fucking up my life, for not having balls to do what I wanted. I know that now, and taking the red-pill has literally revolutionized by perspective on life; I’m finally doing what I want, not what over people want. But I will defend myself with this simple fact; if I hadn’t had my creativity quashed, again and again, by the system, by the Prussian schooling method, if someone had encouraged me, instead of stifling me, I know I would have avoided almost two decades of sadness and regret. The blame lies with a system that makes robots out of children. It’s fucking disgusting.
    Thanks for reading.

    1. glad to hear you’re doing what you want now. finding out you hate your life is indeed a curious experience. know how girls always say ‘i want a man who knows what he wants’? never understood that. yet it’s so simple.

    2. I read your entire post and I don’t blame you for making mistakes. Everyone fucks up, especially when you’re young and impressionable. “Taking the red pill” is really just a blanket phrase for seeing how the world really works, past the bullshit that modern western society feeds everyone. Frankly it’s just the beginning of a newer, better lifestyle and a ton of lessons you will learn along the way. From the way your post is written, it sounds like you’re in the earlier stages of understanding it all because you’re still blaming others. Part of manhood is having the power to accept what was given or not given to you, and to move on with your life and achieve your goals regardless of your earlier upbringing.

    3. I feel you. I was promised the world for focusing on a college education and being a “good little boy” in society. Something didn’t seem right, and I had many of the same feelings that you did during my indoctrination. Now that I’m on the other side of that broken promise and I see what a slave it’s made me my entire life up until now, I’m mad as hell.
      I actually see people who check out of this system and say fuck it early in life as smarter in many ways than I was. I might have made the grade but it was worthless in retrospect and those grades only show what an obedient putz I was making out of myself to get them.
      To paraphrase George Carlin in one of his final interviews, the only solution now is mass bloodshed. I don’t advocate it, but it’s really the only solution. It’s the only way this system will be cleansed from the face of the Earth.

      1. While we share some sentiments, I do not share your proposition that mass bloodshed is the “only solution” this “system” will be cleansed from the Earth, a pretty thoughtless statement in my opinion. I would instead advocate every disenfranchised person to save money in order to build a business based on their talents and passions in order to contribute to society. This is for more constructive than mass bloodshed…

  20. The critiques made in this article are critiques of a system which no longer exists in modern American education. There is a total de-emphasis on facts to the detriment of students who do not even have basic information. These are all very cliched points which could have been written by the most conventional of progressive education advocates who currently run American education. I suggest the author (who is a fine writer otherwise) educate himself by reading ED Hirsch or Willingham on this subject.

    1. I think a lot of confusion people have is that they divorce the educational system from the economy. They miss the fact that as long as GDP is going up, regardless of domestic issues or politics, the educational system is doing what it’s supposed to do.

  21. Derek,
    as somebody of German descent who has gone through the Prussian-inspired education system, I’d agree with what you say, but let me ask some questions about that the Prussian education system which stunted children sexually and creatively.for context:
    * Who do you think built your country, the USA, and most countries in Europe? Well, it was in large measure sexually and creatively stunted Germans.
    * Who gave the USA the space program? Sexually and creatively stunted Germans and German technology pilfered by the US rulers from Germany after WW2.
    * Who gave the USA the technology which has enabled it to become a fearsome world power? In great measure sexually and creatively stunted Germans.
    Now contrast
    * Who gave the USA (and the wold fwiw), the liberal values which allows women to become skanks, ride the cock carousel and have serial abortions yet still feel good about themselves? The jews, who have always been “sexually liberated” and, at least when it comes to getting something for nothing, are very creative.
    * Who gave the USA the values which permitted religion (christianity) to become “churchianity”)? jews
    * Who gave the USA ideas like “equality” and that everybody has the right to immigrate to the USA, no matter how worthless and problematic they are? jews
    * Who gave the USA ideas like “affirmative action”? jews
    * Who gave the USA and the world the bad rash of SJW? jews
    * Who gave the USA an education system which renegues from it’s mission of making socially worthy individuals out of the children entrusted to it? jews
    * Who established groups of privileged victims in the USA, in addition to the idea that everybody affords rights but duties are unimportant? jews
    By Germans I mean people of German descent.
    In my comments about the jews, my premise is that Marxism is a jewish ideological weapon against goys which has been devouring every society has touched for the last 150+ years. You may read jews as “jews and their useful idiots”.
    Since we are at history, did you know that, until 1939, German was the second official language in Washington? It, and much German influence in the USA, was eradicated by a hissy fit of the jews in power back then.
    If you allow, I think that, apart from the immensely grave problem which feminism and the bad behavior of women supposes for society, more people should understand what a raw deal they are personally getting due to jewish influence in their society/country.

  22. HOW-in-the-hell could they possibly be “expected to rise when the teacher enters the classroom?”
    I don’t know if YOU have ever taught a middle school class in The United States.
    I have.
    School Districts have required me to stand at the door greeting my students like a damned butler. Pupils are NOT expected to rise when I enter the classroom because I am NEVER PERMITTED TO LEAVE THE STUDENTS UNATTENDED.
    I am in that class when the first student enters and when the last student leaves.
    Even High School students are never permitted unattended. I’ve had a number of students who require escorts to and from bathroom breaks. They cannot be trusted. They coordinate “restroom” breaks with with “significant others” and school districts get sued when students become pregnant.
    UNIFORMS? I’ve been flashed by 7th graders with no underwear. I’ve had 8th grade girls tie their shirts into halters in class, simultaneously displaying their thongs AND tramp tattoos.
    YOU think they are too disciplined and “stunted”?
    Come back and write about it.

    1. In the US over 75% of teachers (before college level) are now female, and that number is increasing. Overwhelming feminist culture. Unionized and damn near impossible to fire them.

      1. Agreed.
        A male teacher in Middle School (or heaven forbid, GRADE School!) is taking a “woman’s” job. The hostility is visible.
        The man ALWAYS gets the outside “duty” assignments, cold weather and rain. He conveniently gets left off of emails. Office parties are scheduled at hair salons! Detention assignment is automatically given to male teachers.
        It’s a hostile fire zone for men.
        It’s worse for male students.

        1. “Detention assignment is automatically given to male teachers.”
          Aren’t they better suited for those students than female ones?

        2. Sorry, pal. If ya wanna be a teacher and you want “equal opportunity”, ya havta share the shit jobs.
          All the “attitude” kids seem to get assigned to the male teachers. Perhaps they ARE better suited, B-U-T … teachers are evaluated by their student’s performance.
          Teachers are also evaluated by the number of discipline referrals. IF a (male) teacher is assigned all the problem students, he is starting from a handicapped position. It’s like golf. If ya wanna compete, do it from the same starting point.
          In my own experience, MANY of the “discipline” problems are children of drug or alcohol abuse mothers. I’ve had mothers arrive to parent/teacher conferences hung over, still intoxicated or stoned from SMOKING IN THE PARKING LOT.
          These kids haven’t used the word “Daddy” in the home in three generations.
          As a teacher, you are battling a system that approves and promotes this behavior. You spend most of your time on damage control like a dentist or papering over flaws in the system to keep your job.
          I taught GED for two years. My students came from all fifty states and I heard the same story from almost all of my students. The system is a disaster. Prussian is the least of our worries.
          Sorry for the rant. I still care.

    2. You hit the nail squarely on the head. If this is indeed a Prussian education system, then it is clearly failing to produce even automatons or bureaucrats. What it does produce is castrated, feminized boys with Bieber hairdos and a market for Ritalin while turning out girls that are obsessed with sex, sexual identity issues, gossip, and vapid irrelevance.
      Here’s a fun fact. In glorious, liberal California the powers that be have decided that middle school is considered “social promotion”. As a kid, all you have to do is just show up and, regardless of your grades, you will advance to the next grade. There is no consequences for failure. How that is even remotely Prussian is beyond me.

  23. Derek Baroni, have you ever checked out the work of John Taylor Gatto, or Charlotte Iserbyt on this subject?

  24. While I certainly have numerous problems with the current American education system, I have no recollection of standing at attention when a teacher walked into a classroom. Never experienced this at the many schools I had the misfortune of attending.

  25. I don’t remember having to do this when I was in school here. I remember we were told to stand up for the pledge of allegiance. Standing up when teacher shows up? I thought students had to move around from class to class whenever the bell rung (middle school and high school). Is this a new fad that I’m not aware of? or does it happen in particular area in the United States?

    1. The only time I remember having to stand up when someone walked in was in the 3rd grade (1996-1997). We had a (then) 53 (now 72)-year old teacher who was quite old school in that regard. About halfway through the school year the Gym teacher retired and he (being a high school track coach) replaced him.

  26. “The tragedy of the Prussian education system is that it continues to churn out uniform, creatively stunted workers ”
    So What’s the alternative? Should we let each of these precious little snow flakes do what ever the fuck they want, when ever the fuck the want, Montisori style?
    “Travor, would you like to learn how to read or are you just going to smear shit on the wall?”
    Most monkeys will become office drones or bureaucrats. T here’s no
    way around it. Even with the US’ shitty education system, we are still world leaders in the tech industries.

    1. Montessori is a pretty effective education system from what I’ve read. Plenty of successful people, such as the founders of Amazon and Google, were Montessori students.

  27. An article in spirit of Rousseau-bla, bla kids are indoctrinated, bla, bla we need natural education based on “feeeelings!” bla bla. Let’s just forget the fact that this Prussian education system produced the best scientists, engineers, scholars, historians, economists, catapulted us from Late Medieval ages to SPACE in a span of couple of centuries. Almost all the technological progress you see, speaks FOR this type of education, not against it.
    That said, is Prussian education perfect? Hell no! It is more than possible to “hijack” it and use it for indoctrination. SJWs have unfortunately managed to achieve just that. It is definitely a flaw of such method, but the advantages are too great to simply discard it.

    1. There’s some truth to what you’re saying…well indoctrinated people can achieve great feats of science in totalitarian societies, as the 20th century is evidence of. During the Cold War, some of the best mathematicians in the world came out of the Soviet Union. Furthermore, before WW2, Germany was the most educated in the Western Canon or Classics than any society to ever exist…so yeah great feats can be produced, but do the short term gains, legitimize the long term results?

  28. As I’ve pointed out before on Truth Revolt, School nowadays is about indoctrination rather than education.

  29. It is no longer Prussian at all. It hsd been replaced by a sort of Dewey empiricism. But it is still equally soul crushing.
    Behavioural techniques are more sophisticated. Kids are integrated into learning groups and molded by other members of groups.
    There is both support and oppression by other group members. But the result is they are trying to create a human that serves the state interests.
    It is amazing the sense of liberation people feel when they leave high school and set foot on a college campus.
    I hope feminists don’t ruin college any more than they have. They are unwittingly introducing a control grid in universities with fake victimnhood.

  30. One has to mention that Otto von Bismarck was an EXTREMELY clever and guileful man. He did many which were absolutely made to buy the people’s admiration and loyalty to the state, but were also in and of itself positive things for the people like the welfare state and standardized, universal education. Nowadays politicians are content with buying the people’s loyalty with either simply handing out money for free or soothing the people with words and not actions, he actually wasn’t afraid and didn’t give a fuck and was free to institute really radical changes for that time which changed the fabric of Germany but also society forever

  31. This is one of the best articles I’ve read on ROK. Concise and replete with background supporting information (the linked white paper).
    I knew school was screwed up. And that’s why I home schooled my kids, freeing them of the stupidity of the whole institutional education system — including the modern college/university system.
    For better or worse, my kids are finding their own way in the world successfully. Best of all, they are not mindless puppets.

  32. The US education system is quiet bad, its not clear why to me as a non-american why you allow your system to be number 40 in the world and last in the developed world but be aware your lack of education will ruin your economy. And but for immigration you’d lose more companies who’d just go to china to find engineers who can tie their shoelaces.

  33. There’s a lot of context that is missing from your argument here. The Prussian Educational System was developed mostly as a reaction against Napoleon. Before Napoleon, wars in Europe didn’t involve near millions of people, participating at all levels of society. The state of Prussia was disgraced by Napoleon and the intellectuals and philosophers in society were in essence dedicated to ensuring that they reorganized the system so that they would never be at the mercy of France again.
    The Prussian System which developed overtime during the 19th Century was total in scope and was designed to reinforce nationalism and the eventual creation of the German Empire (2nd Reich) after the defeat of France, in the Franco-Prussian War, and they did this despite many efforts by both the French and British to restrict the ambitions of Prussia, after the Napoleonic Wars.
    The essence of the Prussian Education system is how it integrates every aspect of life of the citizens, in the pursuit of what is in the best interest of the nation state, and they did that by creating the Research University or the PhD system and by creating licensing and certifications, which pretty much ensured that if there was any rebellious or contrarian perspective or political views, they could lock or limit such a person from having an impact in government or the economy.
    The reason why other nation states copied the educational system, especially America, was because most nations were shocked and impressed at the rapid rise of Germany at the end parts of the 19th century. They were an efficiently run society, and yet they were mostly a people who were educated to be memorizers. At the time, when America and other nations started copying the Education model, they did so because they were pretty much still nations where a good amount of the population didn’t even speak the same language. If you’re pursuing imperial ambitions and require a well run and efficient nation state to rally around nationalized fervor, how are you going to do that if you have large elements of your nation that don’t even speak the same language?
    The main reason why we have and continue to have the Prussian Educational System is because it’s pervasive, I mean look at GDP numbers they consistently go up in most cases despite all the economic chaos that goes on in this country. Not only that but the idea that national efficiency is more important than individual freedom is a premise that we have mostly bought into. The fact that none of us say “Who cares”, when educational reformers say we are behind the Chinese, Japanese and others is the product of the Prussian Educational System.
    As the great teacher John Taylor Gatto has correctly explained several years, for more than 2 decades, that an efficiently run and stable society, is a society where the vast majority of people function as robots and are treated as such by the class of intellectuals and government officials who constantly track their behavior through data from childhood to the grave, and our entire economic system is dependent on us functioning in such regards.

  34. Large number of teachers in schools are women, over 90%. Women love this job to make children into non creative robots and hate all boys. Most boys act like little girls and by high school they are expelled for little things. Most boys and men can’t focus when women speak for too long with few valuable and productive ideas. We need to get rid of class room learning and move learning into job training fields. India is going to be worse, at present the female teachers percentage is over 100%, most boys are growing tits already.

  35. I know why women don’t do STEM. It’s not the material. I am a STEM major. I know why feminists can’t seem to take that field. It baffles them why. They haven’t figured it out yet.
    But it was obvious to anyone going through STEMS. If you are going for a degree you must present a thesis. This thesis must be presented in front of your peers and professors.
    If you results are crap, the professors will rip you to pieces before ALL your peers. If you do well, you will be commended.
    I never saw any gender bias in this. They would praise the female presenters as much as the males and annihilate the bad female projects as ruthlessly as the male ones. It was pretty equal.
    Most of my fellow undergrads were women. For extra credit we had to witness some of these thesis presentations. After seeing this critiquing process, most of my fellow female STEM students changed out of STEMs.
    Their egos could not handle it. Women take it very personal when you critique their projects, their writing, or anything they do. It’s an attack on them.
    They cannot separate themselves from anything they view as their creation.
    So even my college that had far more women then men, still had STEMS almost entirely dominated by men. It doesn’t start in the first semester. The women outnumbers the men in the beginning.
    But each semester the women vanished until by the final semseter I was the only of a handful of women.
    Few women seem able to deal with a field that produces concrete results that can be proven or disproven. That you could show their data one hundred percent inaccurate. And that they are unquestionablly wrong.
    Once this realization sunk into most female undergrads, they couldn’t run fast enough for the nearest major with results that cannot be conclusively verified.

  36. Because the majority of white Americans who are still the majority of the country and have created and run America’s institutions have some German ancestry. While founded by the Brits, we’re naturally drawn to German culture and ideas.
    People always wonder how to define the (mostly) white American culture. It’s pretty simple:
    American culture is a bunch of Germans who like to follow rules, but the rules in this case are English Common Law and the Scottish Enlightenment.
    Of course, this leads to occasional contradictions.

  37. I recommend Pedagogies of Globalization: The Rise of the Educational Security State, by Joel Spring. Gist: just about every nation chooses to implement the Prussian Model, because it promotes the security of the State. Any state, left- or right-wing, no matter.

  38. Staying apart, we remove all responsibility to children, telling them that we are interested only in results and that’s all. However, grades don’t always reflect real knowledge and talents, as there are so many factors that influence academic success and motivation to study in general. Let’s be honest, today you can get help even with such complicated paper as thesis from Dissertation Writing Laboratory and other online services, though nobody but you, parents can help kids feel confident and successful in life.

  39. I cannot understand it, too. We live in the modern world with up-to-date devices and equipment but still our children study by the old-fashioned educational system that really should be updated. I know why they find CustomEssaysWritingService and refer to different assistants with college papers. They are bored with studying and the way it goes and they don’t want to attend odd and boring classes but they are forced to. Something should be done to make studying colorful and interesting to them. Then all the things will go better.

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