Man Who Sucker Punched Alt-Right Leader Richard Spencer May Literally Be A Shit-Eating Cuckold

When putative alt-right leader Richard Spencer was assaulted on the day of Donald Trump’s Presidential inauguration, it made world news. Liberals and SJWs also celebrated the unprovoked, cowardly attack, which was but one of many instances of leftist thuggery in Washington over Friday and the weekend. A picture of Spencer’s alleged attacker is now circulating the internet and 4chan users have suggested he features in scatological “porn” videos. There is a stunning resemblance between the half-masked man in Washington and the depraved individual being pooped on by some kind of dominatrix (WARNING: NSFW!).

Spencer was attacked twice on Friday. The following video is of the main assault:

A Twitter account for “Mandy’s slave ray” (and Spencer’s attacker?) claims that he has given his “mistress” over $53,000, in addition to him being used as a human toilet. This figure is now probably much higher, as the so-called slave has not tweeted in nearly two years. Violence, let alone cowardly violence, is inexcusable, yet I’m not surprised that someone who serves as a dumping zone for someone else’s crap and urine might lash out like this, particularly against someone as uncucked as Richard Spencer. Whether you like his views or not, Spencer has more courage than the vast majority of people on this planet.

Here is the image of Spencer’s attacker doing the rounds on Twitter, message boards like 4chan and Reddit, and other social media platforms:

And here are images of the scat-eating cuckhold that 4chan claims is the same man:


If Spencer’s probable attacker is indeed the male porta potty, it helps to confirm some of the worst suspicions we have had about our violence-inclined enemies. Male SJWs, really just the most compulsive white knights, not only worship women, but will seriously degrade themselves to appease them. At the same time, this humiliation they engage in has a limit. When confronted with men like Richard Spencer, who are largely unafraid to speak their minds, the rage of these cucks boils over. Though they attack in a cowardly fashion, like the sucker punch caught on video, they attack nonetheless, desperately trying to salvage their manhood.

To his credit, a critic of Spencer decided to confront the fortitude-less masked SJW after the attack. It is thanks to him that we have the photo above:

Even if Spencer’s attacker isn’t the fetish video man, the assault was disgusting

Australians like myself were amongst the first to hear about Richard Spencer being attacked. He was in the middle of an interview with the repugnant Australian Broadcasting Corporation, a sadly government-funded broadcaster that has been embedded in leftist causes for years. Some Return Of Kings readers will take issue with Spencer and his views, but he is articulate and does not act violently. That he was assaulted without a face-to-face confrontation speaks volumes about the cowardice of his attacker. So, too, does the widespread fanfare and support for the masked man by leftists on social media afterwards.

Despite us living in an age of poop swastika and rape hoaxes, leftist media outlets and their viewers have been unable to find nearly enough instances of either contrived or real violence against liberals and SJWs. Instead, they constantly ignore actual violence against conservatives and traditionalists, or minimize this violence to simple cases of “they deserved it.” Spencer was far from the only person attacked on Friday and over the weekend. We could go on all day, but here is a particularly nauseating video of a Trump supporter who put out a fire started by leftists being attacked:

We are dealing with some (or many) sick, sick people

The mental illness afflicting Jessica Valenti is shared by run-of-the-mill SJWs, too.

The violent, cowardly thug who blindsided Richard Spencer may not be the man in the scatological material. Regardless, he is a very sick individual. Those leftists who are still rampaging around various American cities, sulking over the victory of Donald Trump over two months ago, have both political and pathological implications. Mental illness should be treated, not inflamed and rewarded by powerful interests such as the media. Popular vote lost or not, Trump won the election fair and square. Most children will never behave in the manner as these cry-babies, not to mention for so long.

One female commentator, Katie Hopkins from The Daily Mail, has already lambasted the females at the “Women’s March” in Washington and elsewhere. She says that female Trump haters are confusing having a vagina, a matter of biology, with making a political argument. And then there’s the vexed question of why so many women, nearly 50% of all female voters, opted for Trump and not Hillary.

The hypocrisy of the organizers of these tantrums is also startling. For example, one of the architects of this Walk of SJW Shame, extremist Muslim Linda Sarsour, has previously tried to bury a film that exposed the impact of Islamic Sharia law on women, including through honor killings, rape, and real domestic violence:

Whilst admittedly not paying to get themselves popped on, these anti-Trump sistas remain a part of the same narcissistic, self-entitled community that includes Spencer’s attacker. Many of the SJWs on display recently, male and female, will condone and even engage in violence and other crimes all because they don’t like the new President. Scarily enough, it seems that many of the men accompanying the women on these pathetic marches literally worship females in a similar vein to the masked coward who moonlights as a toilet.

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  1. That video is the most cowardly bullshit I’ve seen in a very long time. Just once I’d like to see one of these protesters take a swing and then stand their ground.

  2. this is the real problem… demented, intolerant, racist and violent commie-liberal-feminist-sjws
    No matter how much of a pissant, can still hurt you…
    then there is the brigading…
    My parents are the same — too far gone…brainwashed and now will not talk to me..
    They rattled of the usual litany of anti-everything against Trump – and I said they say that to all straight white men…has no meaning.
    Their minds shut down. My own mother told my daughter not to listen to me…

    1. The Alt Right combined with Trump and the election, and now the Trump Presidency = surreal and endlessly hilarious. So many lols to be had.

  3. I would be more pro-abortion if doctors could predict future behavior like this from the embryo

    1. If a woman is willing to kill her child, then I believe the world is better off if shr fails to reproduce. The actual observable results of all the welfare single moms is about the strongest argument for abortion there could ever be.

      1. The problem with that thinking is that women are herd animals. Groupthink is mandatory.
        So, back when most loved being wives and mothers, the flighty ones flew with the pack.

        In tje 21st cent, that pack is purple haired abortion and cock addicts.

  4. Thug Attacks Female Rebel Media Reporter At Women’s March, Crowd Defends Him

    Hispter fags ad nausem.

    1. Not to mention the other incident where a female Trump supporter’s hair was set on fire after the gormless protesters were shouting, “LOVE trumps hate”

      1. Man, you know you’re in a messed up movement when they are actively invoking a 1984 comparison (Ministry of Love, aka the ministry of terrorizing the populace into submission).

        1. “War is Peace”


          “Ignorance is Strength”

          does come to mind now that you mention it. They must be using it as a manual.

        2. No, the Asshole-in-Chief is doing a great job of creating a Ministry of Truth all by himself. In the last two days, for instance, he…
          1. Named his Inauguration Day to be a “National Day of Patriotic Devotion”
          2. Told lawmakers that 3-5 million ballots cost him the popular vote (he’s now the sitting president)
          3. Lied about the rain on his inauguration day.
          4. Stood in front of a memorial dedicated to CIA agents who died in service to the country … and boasted about the number of magazine covers that he’s been on

        3. The sound of silence Jammy can you hear it? Now fuck off and go find me some eggs peck.
          I’ll be forging my Trumpobtainium sword and will be with you again shortly for the last time.

    2. Grown man wearing mittens. takes off said mittens to flip chick the bird. No hollabacks on tinder that night

  5. It took somebody who watches scat videos to be able to recognise him in one. JS.

      1. I am not even sure what these things are. I went to 4chan some time back and after 20 minutes still had zero clue what it was

        1. I know about those sites because of a cousin; he is your average geek: anime, comic cons, internet obsessed, etc, etc. Apparently they are some kind of anonymous forums or something like that, and the people in there are the weirdest of the weirdest.

        2. Think of 4chan and 8chan as the shores of deep web: the last bastion of (some) common sense. After them, the shit goes deeper…

        3. That’s what I thought but when I went there I couldn’t figure anything out

        4. 4chan started out as a message board for anime fans, then it opened up forums to other discussions such as politics as it grew more popular in the late 2000s and early 2010s.
          Then the owner of 4chan cucked out and sold the site to SJWs during Gamergate, which lead to the creation of 8chan which is the same thing, but no risk of getting banned for discussing controversial matters.

        5. pol can be worthwhile..sometimes. It is 80% bullshit, but if you are sharp you can hear about breaking news almost before it happens. They had details on the Chicago kidnapping about 24 hours before it hit the news.

        6. Damn skippy. All those pierced, tattooed, one-side shaved, neon-colored, pan sexual/omni-sexual/try-sexual deviants looking for a man. It’s a shame we can’t sent those types to Waziristan or Crapistan for a true dose of Life’s Reality.

        7. Just for shits, I looked at okcupid’s empire recently. They have 31 dating sites worldwide. THIRTY ONE. Full confession: One of them got me the hottest women of my life, a couple years back. No joke.

        8. Imagine a horny 15 yo male, who has pimples, and no real direction from a father, or a weak ass father dominated by a sexually frustrated mother. Goes to school where he is told everything male is shit, and is too intimidated to join one of the few boys sports programs around (something that could save him a lifetime of pain). Yet at the same time notices that all the hot girls go for the same boys he is told are doing everything evil and bad.
          The only thing that keeps him remotely sane is his occasional interaction with the chubby yet still cute girls who cant get the attention of the jocks. He’d be perfectly happy with one of those, but of course, girls hypergamous nature being what it is, as well as the relentless social pressure on them to fuck as much as possible while being the biggest bitches they can, means that they would mostly rather have sex with each other than deal with the social pressure and disaproval of going out with an incredibly awkward and confused male teen.
          So anyway, what keeps this poor bastard from doing a Roger Elliot is his fellow male teens who he can bitch to about his shitty life, his computer games which is one of the few places not infested by bitter harpies of either gender,
          and of course, 4chan. Which is a rules free forum where he can say literally anything anonymously.
          So you can now imagine what you are going to see on there.
          The irony is of course, that a proper male role model could get any of these boys on the right track within a month, two at the most.
          You know, a proper male role model, like say, you.
          Just sayin.

        9. Wow man. That is scary but as clear a description of this phenomenon as possible. There should be a support group or some shit

        10. lolknee, it’s about male mentors and fathers. That’s it. There is no other solution.
          Support groups? Yeah, there are support groups. It’s called boxing clubs for boys.

        11. this was me. the father/mother the shame and depression/self loathing… no longer however. it was actually the elliot Roger thing that introduced me to rtk and their ilk and since I have made darastic life changes

        12. Dont go there. I promise you these people here explaining 4chan to you arent very aware of what it is and the BBS servers before such sites OR are lying. Its not where you want the feds to be able to say a grown man has been attending. Back in the early 90s i was under 18 so i didnt mind places that were known to host pedophilia as the cops couldnt touch me. If that gives you a bigger picture.

        13. “anime” got big based upon porno cartoons and today its a vessel for LEGAL pedophilai where in japan they fought for the rights to make cartoons and novels of having gay sex with babies in diapers. litteraly. “anime” seemed like a cover up for the other things 4chan hosted. Kids didnt even know what anime was back then. I know cause i was the only one who did

    1. Probably was more like connect the dots. That whore is probably everywhere and some fan of hers saw a photo with that freaky dude in tow and then went down the rabbit hole.

    2. can’t you get image recognition software to the dirty …. scatty …work for you?

    3. LOL- potential investigative citizen journalists are everywhere! Do not judge!

    4. Conservative atheist? That’s like gay womaniser or black KKK member. an oxymoron, in other words.

      1. I don’t think so. My dad is one. My thinking is you can be an atheist without being a communist, but you cant be a communist without being an atheist.

        1. Sounds reasonable but I seriously doubt it. Without divinity how there can be a sense of sacredness or transcendental (not man – made) moral order?

        2. I think many just don’t think about it and do their own thing. Really, as long as they are not pushing their view on others, I couldn’t care less what they think.

        3. If the highest leader of a religion cannot be assumed to be at least significantly devout, then that’s the sign that said religion should be abandoned anyway as it has become corrupt beyond its usefulness.

        4. Except that religion and it’s value isn’t measured by popularity.
          The pope is a hypocrite like most western Christians now. He either doesn’t read the bible or he ignores what it says.

      2. Nope it’s a thing. I don’t believe in a god but that doesn’t mean I want high taxes or feminazism.

      3. I don’t think so. I have no religious beliefs, but I can still understand the insanity of blm and feminists. Authoritarians can be either religious or non religious: The catholic church can imprison people for not believing in God, while Soviet Russia can do the exact same thing to dissenters.

      4. The usual type I see are atheist redpillers. Redpillers are not always conservative but tend to lean in that direction.

    5. “It took somebody who watches scat videos to be able to recognise him in one. JS”
      What does “JS” stand for?

    6. image search is a wonderful thing. google has one, click on images in the search bar, upload a frame of an image and your toast…

  6. I’m thinking of making a punch out video of roosh for YouTube $$$. He lives right across the street from my building in Poznan Poland. He looks very frail and weak. I thought he was a queer from the way he walks (he takes tiny little steps). So it would be pretty funny with him flying in the air like a Ragdoll. I’m 6’2 and 220lb and hit the gym regularly. I really hate nazis sympathizers and could use the money from YouTube. Plus it might launch my bodybuilding channel

        1. Germany invading Poland? Frankly, I did Nazi that one coming Anne Frankly I am offended.

        2. You’ll do nothing. If you come to pland you’ll be wearing a bra and washing my car in a thong

        1. gotta love the internet – where else can you have both at once?
          Except maybe a high-priced Berlin dungeon…

        1. Poland has high unemployment what i noticed the last time I was there and I meet more Poles working everywhere in the EU, hence I assume you are unemployed and/or work abroad.
          Autistic? I’m not polish.

        2. Poland doesn’t have high unemployment. Poles work everywhere in EU because they can make 2x more. Why make 2euros an hour when you can go to UK and make 13? You work in EU and live like king in Poland

        3. In Poland announcing a crime before you do it doesn’t negatively effect your chances of getting away with it?
          I think you’re confusing “Polac Jokes” with real life Poland.

        4. Just checked– 8% isn’t too bad. I don’t blame them as I know the cost of living in Poland is lower and the exchnage rate makes it beneficial (Mexicans do something similiar within the US). There were so many Poles working in Irleand when I left the started holding mass in Polish in some churches.

        5. Dont neglect your articles when conversing in English, champ. It goes a long way towards credibility.

        6. And that is counting villages. In city much lower. So much so that Ukrainians are like our Mexicans.

        7. “So much so that Ukrainians are like our Mexicans.”
          I have an old acquintance in Warsaw who said something similiar, but he said that arrangment existed even before the war.

        8. It’s open season on Nazis. I just saw a website offering $1000 reward for video showing punching of popular internet nazis and their sympathizers. Even there is youtube channel

        9. I got an email from a Nigerian prince offering a huge payout if I help move his money out of the country.

        10. Why? Look mate, if you believe you are actually justified punching people in the face because you disaegree with their polticial views (desipte any reward— what they going to hand you a check?), then the nazi you are looking for is waiting in your mirrior.
          I have no time for leftists, but if you are one and want to escalate violence than have at it. It will not end well for you in the long run.

        11. My grandfather was killed by Nazis in Intelligenzaktion Pommern. Political views HAVE real world consequences and always have.

        12. And? This isn’t 1939 no matter how much you want to compare current times to the past. BTW- Didn’t an American armor regiment just arrive in your country?
          All I am trying to clarify is that if continue with advocating violence, then you’ll get it. Just don’t wimper and beg when you are eventually on your knees with a pistol to the back of your head.
          You remind of russians. Always trying to resurrect the “Great Patriot War” even though it ended over 70 years ago. Always looking behind you instead of forward.

    1. “I’m 6’2 and 220lb and hit the gym regularly.”
      Then why the need to sucker punch? What are you, some kind of cowardly faggot? If you have a problem with another man, confront him and don’t be a puss about it.
      Also, not sure what good $$ are going to do you in jail. I guess they could help with your attorney’s fees.
      And another thing, I’m 6’1, 230, and have been hitting the gym hard for over 20 years. Though I am in very good shape, I’m nowhere close to bodybuilder physique. If you’re an inch taller, and 10lbs lighter, I don’t think you have a successful career ahead on a bodybuilding channel. Might want to make different career plans. Maybe Tae Bo videos or something.

      1. Ahah, this is Poland. You can report you car stolen and have address/photo of perpetrator and they’ll tell you to buy another one.
        A true sucker punch is quite a bit more complex than a simple unannounced attack.
        It primarily involves a closed fist contacting the soft underbelly of a person (beneath the rib cage) at a high velocity, causing the ensuing force to press upward on the victim’s diaphragm, leading to a sudden expulsion of air from the victim’s mouth and lungs. This opening blow leaves the victim open to various other attacks, often leading to what would be called “bitch moves” because of the defenseless nature of the victim.
        Arnold Schwarzenegger was about my size. These days they have different classes for bodybuilders.

  7. What is this guy’s name, anybody know (the alleged attacker). If he shows up once, okay, maybe it’s legit. If he shows up in a second venue (as a cucked shit-eater), there’s a high probability he’s a crisis actor or an intelligence asset. That guy in those photos – attacker and shit-eater – is the same guy, it looks like to me. Something isn’t right here. Probably just another staged incident, to inflame one side of the divided-and-conquered masses. That’s where I’d put my money.

  8. The men who were in these riots/protests have something seriously mentally ill with them. This is not a race issue (as much as I like Richard spencer) this is a male vs female issue. Men need to stand united with one another.

    1. Hahahahahahahhaahhaha
      I’m going to laugh about this straight through to Wednesday

      1. It’s crazy. Over the last 2 years the number of women who have, without any request, just jammed their tongue in my balloon knot is astonishing. And all this talk about shit and piss. I mean I’m not a prude and always knew there were extreme circles (plus I believe that homosexuals have something wrong with their brain that interferes with the normal sensation of revulsion at feces) but this has become more than fringe fetish groups…rim jobs are basically main stream and I can think of at least a dozen girls in the last few years that wanted to be pissed on. Haven’t run into the crapping stuff yet but only a matter of time

        1. HAR!
          I suppose it is possible. Gotta say though, my general track record has made me immune to criticism.

        2. The best was that one summer where every girl in new York was reading 50 shades. Being an in shape guy in a suit taking the train to work every day was positively fucking dangerous. Even by my standards I was getting quite a lot of tail. It was, frankly, exhausting.

        3. haha. A girl I used to date told me that somewhere there must be a sorority which does funraisers for all the shit I complain about…..oh man I have to take this shirt to the tailor because I need the bigger side for my chest and biceps by my waist is too thin so I need it tapered. Oh I am exhausted I have 5 dates this weekend. blah blah blah

        4. I am an inshale, sharply dressed corporate guy. When I say I met at least one girl a day I am not kidding. It was spectacular

        5. Don’t you live in New York? A girl doing some submissive salad tossing has been mainstream for like 5 years…. or maybe that was just a west coast thing. Hmm.
          Scat is never going mainstream.

        6. Submissive salad tossing has been a thing for 5 years, but the level of main stream is like absurd over the last 2 years. I am at a point where I actually am expecting it now. Maybe it got started earlier on the west coast/
          I would tend to agree that scat is never going mainstream but if you would have told me, in my senior year in college, that most of the time when a woman blows me for the first time she is going to stick her tongue in my asshole I would have said no way.

        1. nope. just entered my 30s myself & did not know this was real. I read once that the Hitler had a thing for it but thought that was just far fetched anti Nazi propaganda

      1. I always knew this as german fringe kink but the mainstreaming of it is baffling

        1. Thou shalt not mistake german and dutch kiddos. Listen to “No hard feelings” by the Bloodhound gang.

        2. I am sorry JDR but I am going to need more explanation before I google something I never heard of because it was suggested to me by someone on the internet during a discussion of German poop fetish. Nothing personal, just general guidelines I find it good to live by.

        3. well they aren’t all fun and games!
          (my guess is that if anyone gets this it will be @bem)

        4. Beastality is legal in Germany IIRC, but Google the name “Armin Meiwes” and remember he met his gay lover on a site that had about 6000 visitors. Diclaimer: I only know of it because it made headlines when it happened.

        5. good guess, but no. It is the simpsons where Lisa is president and Bart is helping her out by telling countries that they “used to be cool” when they want their loans repaid. The german ambassador says “Ve Germans are not all fun and games”

  9. Why not just take these fools down. All it takes is for one of us to physically start taking these dregs down and the rest will wake up. They will retreat. If they want a war, let the leftist media bring it, they will never win it.

    1. Also tells you that real heroes get destroyed by those jealous of them- Hoover ruined Ness’ career

  10. Cuck is such a wonderful insult. All attemps for cucks to appropriate Cuck are doomed to the most humiliating failure

  11. The images are so disgusting that we can only link to them
    Thank you! I think I’ll choose … not clicking.

  12. Now, if we were radical leftists with the media to protect us, we’d destroy this person’s livelihood the second we heard his name, regardless of evidence or connection.
    They should be more grateful that they live in a country primarily populated by a people who are slow to hate and slower still to act upon it. God forbid we be pushed so far we act as violent and swift as they, else they will learn the meaning of true fear.

    1. Maybe there could be a compromise. Conservatives keep the right to bear arms. The left gets the right to eat shit

    1. Probably Peter Venkman. After all, he did bring 300cc of Thorozine to Dana Barret’s apartment when he met her there for their first date.

      1. In his defense, he was a bit of a slacker while she was a LOT of woman…dude’s gotta take precautions, demonic possession aside.

        1. He is a scientist with multiple PhD’s and she is a musician who lives in what would have been, even at that time, a multi million dollar central park west apartment (probably work over 10 mil now) so my guess is that while Peter does take a lot of short cuts, Dana is working with family money and has never really had to put in any effort. I am not saying she isn’t interesting though. And not just because she was a client, but also because she sleeps above her covers. Four feet above her covers! She barks, she drools, she claws…

        2. Absolutely burning through a trust-fund….Funny that even struck me at the time (and I was 12!).
          Still I don’t see Peter hittin’ the gym, so him dropping in on a 6-footer puts him at risk of a pegging with the foot of her cello.

        3. fair enough, but he did have that amazing game at the water fountain at the met opera.
          Yeah, 1700 square feet on central park west in the low 70’s has never been a place where non trust fund musicians live.

  13. “If Spencer’s probable attacker is indeed the male porta potty, it helps to confirm some of the worst suspicions we have had about our violence-inclined enemies.”
    …that they eat violently-decanted enemas

    1. yes. Unless they are best friends and then it is just horsing around.
      Further, if you blind side sucker punch someone in the side of the head and don’t succeed in knocking them down then you are a total freaking wuss

  14. watching c-span press conference.
    My thoughts – -the art of the deal author is making a lot of actual business deals.
    not politics as usual.
    Perhaps police will be re-authorized to police these schmucks…

  15. More of a forearm shiver than a punch. Dude clearly thought 1980s wrestling was real.

      1. Yeah, I woulda climbed a ladder my manager put behind him, then jumped off, knocking him into a breakaway folding table. But then, thats just me. Also: pyrotechnics

        1. I remember that one. Brutal. I always loved Sabu’s crazy moves and flubs. The team up with Sabu and RVD against Hayabusa and Shinzaki was great too

  16. That is the face of a 40 year old virgin.
    Maybe he thought he might get lucky after attacking Mr. Spencer.
    We all know he thought wrong. 🙂

    1. He unloaded a double barrel of truth on those folks. To bad it probably falls on the deaf ears of lemmings though.

    2. He stated the truth and stuck to his guns, but I stop watching after half way through due to the lib-hysterics– the don’t even have talking points now, but simply shout people down in ubran enclaves.

    3. I stopped watching after just over two minutes as all I could hear was the black girl with her inaudible screeching.

        1. The second video was my fav too. Watching how they shut that stupid shit down so fast had me rolling. Damn, they wasted no time did they?

    4. All the screeching uneducated bleating sheep trying to knock him off — didn’t work. Loved it.
      Did you notice how the protesters were stuck in their mindless SJW loop of stunted talking points? About 15 seconds of a repeating “script” of bullshit in their heads, designed strictly to irritate and shout people down with pointless anger. But if you run them through the logic for even 1 minute (Joe here goes an amazing 6-minutes deep and takes on all comers), these protesters are stymied and befuddled. The vast majority of today’s SJW protesters are just like these fools — they simply DO NOT understand the real situation or consequences. Relegate them and leave them starving in the wilderness of their own stupidity. I wish they couldn’t breed.

      1. I am surprised no cunts came up behind him and stabbed him for no good reason. Only a matter of time.

        1. He was a black man so it went against their pc narrative to do such. If he was white he probably would have gotten mauled. Even still he did get lucky!

    5. That’s it next time I end up in one of these even if passing through I am gonna find the loudest most obnoxious fuckers and bear spray them.

  17. “The wicked strut about on every side when vileness is exalted among the sons of men.” – Psalm 12:8
    Expect the unexpected and always be prepared to defend yourself.

    1. It’s a shitty job but evidently somebody likes to watch it.
      I mean, who was the guy that tripped the alarm and said, HEY! I KNOW THAT GUY, HES ON THE SHIT EATING VIDEOS!……if I had known who he was I just would have kept my mouth shut.

      1. lol! yeah, if I recognized that guy from a shit eating video I would probably keep it to myself.

  18. Violence isn’t always inexcusable. Sometimes it’s the right thing to do. Never heard of Richard Spencer however had he run that guy down and beat him senseless that would have been ok.

    1. I am of the opinion that if you are hit first all bets are off. I don’t care the cause, I don’t care the situation, if someone punches you in the face you are free to fight back until that person is incapacitated.

      1. That’s me, if somebody punches me first I’m going to punch back until I get tired.

        1. When my knee incident happened and I had my surgery my recovery was pretty long. I was on crutches for months. After my crutches I was on a cane. One day I was walking with my cane and texting and some high school kid ran up behind me and tried to grab my phone mid stride and keep running. I do admit it was a fair plan. It was clear that once he had my phone I wasn’t going to be able to catch him. But between my grip strength, the fact that he was sweaty and the bad angle he was unable to get it out of my hand. As he stopped running I whipped my can and caught him right in the eye with a swing that was moving so fast it sounded like a golf club.
          6 months of surgery, crutches, pain, weight gain, depression, worry that I would never be the same it all came out and I beat this fucking kid senseless with the cane until the people from a restaurant on the street came running out to restrain me. The kid got up and ran off. I always wonder what he told his homies about why his face was so fucked up.
          When the cops came they asked me what happened. I told them exactly what happened leaving out no details and the cop asked me if I was ok and if I needed a ride home. I told him I was fine, thanked him for the ride and made my way on home.
          This was a shining example, I think, of how the law should work.

        2. Excellent.
          Reminds me- many moons ago a local farmer had a large bulk tank of gasoline on his place. A guy kept cutting the lock off the pump and stealing gas so the farmer started camping out in the barn at night waiting on him. One night he comes up, cuts the lock and proceeds to fill a 5 gallon can. Farmer walks up behind and lays him out with a stick and put a serious whupping on the guy then locks him in the pump house and calls the law.
          The first LEO to show up is a Georgia State Trooper. Trooper says where’s the guy at? Farmer gives him key to the pump house. Trooper gets the guy out and I suppose the guy assumes he’s safe because the Trooper is there he starts saying nasty things about the farmer and his mother and such. Trooper turns to the farmer and says, hey! I think somebody is calling me on the radio, how about watching this guy for me a few minutes while I get in my car. Trooper gets on car, farmer beats perpetrator until he’s almost unconcious then drags him over and puts him in the back seat of the patrol car. Trooper rolls down the window and says,appreciate it, just call me if you need anything else.
          That’s correct law enforcement and justice.

        3. Some of the officers I know say this kind of thing will go away with the body cameras. Only thing they see as a downside– less latitude in ‘looking the other way’ or giving warnings. All the tape is reviewed so, letting folks off is going to be harder.

        4. During the surgeries I was totally out. The sheer amount of oxy i ate over the next 9 months was outrageous. Kicking it was an itch. Like the worst flu you could ever imagine. As bar as I can remember, however, no injectsble morphine

        5. I used to snort those thing lol cause this guy would come party up and he would just start smashing pills left and right and scarfacing big old lines so I tried it…I dunno how people get hooked on it really it’s not even close to a good stone from some weed.
          It’s an inferior product in my mind like most of the fools who get hooked on it real bad.

        6. Everyone reacts differently to different types of compounds. My high on pain killers was totally awesome. I was hyper alert, hyper clear, totally free of any kind of anxiety or stress and genuinely felt fucking terrific. I can see liking that for a long time. However “hooked” is different. Unlike pot (which I deem to be the worst drug) narcotics are physically addictive. When I came off of them I was throwing up and shitting my brains out, shivering and swearing, couldn’t eat and then I took one pill and in like 20 minutes felt great. It took 4 times to stop taking them before I fought through the sickness and didn’t just resort to taking more pills

        7. I bet that little fuckhead thought long and hard about stealing …..
          Or just robbed geezers from then on

        8. I always wonder if maybe I totally changed his life. Like maybe he stopped fucking around and turned his life around after that, who knows.

      2. I have the opinion that if someone steps, reaches, pokes, douses, spits, swats, shoves, feints, corners, or sufficiently verbally/non verbally threatens, you are free to preemptively strike, although with limited force if only 1 offender is rationally likely. If more than 1 attacker is likely, then beat everyone’s ass, including the fat bimbo crying at you “OMG STOP JUST NO”
        They either flee my wrath or get stomped, women and children no exceptions.

        1. I agree with you for reaches, pokes, swats, feints or sufficiently threatens. I am not sure what dousing is. If someone corners you I think that limited force is off the table and a serious beating is in order. If someone spits on me I will beat them to death or until someone pulls me off whichever comes first.

        2. As my father once told me– you never know how far the other person is willing to take it. Once they start something and indicate they are threat, it is your responsibility to finish it as quickly as possible, with as little injury to yourself as possible. There are no winners or losers in street fights, there are simply survivors.

        3. Saw a homeless derelict mouthing off on the corner at passing cars a few years back downtown.
          Drove by 15 min later and saw him sitting on the ground blood all over his face and someone calling an ambulance.
          All I could think was:
          “Dam I wish I’d seen the redneck that pulled over and let him have it and what a waste of taxpayer dollars calling an amublance for this piece of shit!”

        4. Dousing is when someone throws fluid on you. Typically a drink. Could also be paint, urine, or worse. To be safe, commence with the beatings, ask what the fluid was later

        5. Someone throwing a drink on you, I think, is an open invitation for you to crack them right in the mouth. Someone throws paint on you. That is an escalation which I think would require a more severe response. If someone threw urine on me it would be the last thing they ever did on this planet

        6. Spitting is surely at least attempted murder in NYC, with all the AIDS, incurable: syph, tuberculosis, MRSI, clap, vaginitis, jock itch, athlete’s foot, etc. ferphuqsakez.

        7. If the derelict was called an “ambulance”, how did he take that? Seemed to be the least of his problems 😉
          Bah-dum, tsssshhhhh!

        8. Actually, I’ve seen credible research that posits AIDS as a type of tuberculosis (ebola, too).

        9. What if its a woman who throws the drink on you? I think its perfectly warranted to beat her ass for it but you will go to jail… just saying!

        10. lol I don’t know what that is and I am fairly certain I don’t want to

        11. Hahahahahahah… I’m gonna be an ass and tell you anyways, just so you can increase your sexual vocabulary and tell a chick ‘no means no’. A dirty nugget is where a woman holds a man’s cum in her mouth after blowing him and proceeds to spit it into his mouth for his consumption.

        12. I thought that was called a “snowball”, but my knowledge of degenerates’ terminology is limited. Maybe that was only in the Clerks movie.

        13. I’m sure that there could be a dozen terms for it. Considering our acclimation for crude language these days.

      3. Does that opinion apply to women who hit first too?
        I’m curious as my defense applies to all God’s creatures…

        1. I say intention matters. For instance, if she walks in on you balls deep in her sister I’d say she get a free pass at 1, maybe 2 swings. If she is playful and rough, well as long as you can poke her. If she is actively trying to hurt you, regardless of her ability to do so or lack their of, knock that bitch out

        2. If its a 250 lb she-boon trying to push you onto the subway tracks, you better hit back.

        3. Hint from experience (not in front of a train, it was different):
          When the beast is bearing down on you, move fast out of its way and push it real hard in the direction it would have pushed you, and prepare for some gore splatter…

    2. Anyone who says “violence solves nothing” isn’t even vaguely acquainted with history. Lots of stuff was accomplished with violence.
      Don’t start fights, but you should be able to finish them

      1. Precisely. That’s the credo I operate by-bother no one but if you want to mess with me I have no compunction in ramming something into your jugular so to speak.

        1. Violence solves everything. You will be finding this out sooner than you think.

        2. I have already found it out. When you show a fearlessness to use it if need be then it changes things.

      2. I take my self defense advice from Star Trek …….
        “I come in peace, shoot to kill, shoot to kill!”

      3. ‘Starship Troopers’ was a great novel written on this very subject. I highly advise giving it a read!

        1. Been listening to a lot of classic sci-fi at work. Similar to “Old Man’s War” and “The Forever War” in the marginalization of human life to promote warfare in the same sort of shock as with WWI.

      4. The monopoly and threat of state sanctioned violence is the only reason we have nice things in life. Violence is good….SJW using violence is bad.

    1. Aren’t these same kind of “peaceful protests” Democrats made illegal outside of Planned Parenthood?

    2. “In North Dakota, for instance, Republicans introduced a bill last week that would allow motorists to run over and kill any protester obstructing a highway as long as a driver does so accidentally.”
      Uh oh, looks like some fine, outstanding young BLM activists are blocking my way to work.
      Guess I’d better tell my boss I’ll be late.
      Shit, I dropped my phone on the floorboard!
      Hmmmmm, now where could it have landed?
      Oh, here it is.
      Oh, dear, I just ran over a fine, outstanding young BLM activist.
      I’d better back up and dial 911.
      Damn it! God damn touch screen keeps fucking up my dial!
      Of dear I just backed over another fine, outstanding young BLM activist!
      Now the fine, outstanding young BLM activists are swarming my car.
      I guess they must all be wanting a ride to the police station so they can protest there instead.
      Hang on, folks!
      Where’d they all go?
      Guess they’re not done protesting on the freeway yet.
      Perhaps ANOTHER kind, law abiding motorist will be of service to them instead.
      . /.

    1. Oh Petri (or whatever your middle upper class name is), only one comment on your account again, did you not learn from your last little tanti?
      Don’t we deserve a little more effort?

    2. “ …whatever nonsense spoiled and useless Western White Women are throwing their hysterical jags about this week.. everyone is their potential target, for no other reason than that undiagnosed hysterics need someone to SHRIEK at everyday or the snakes inside their heads will eat all their brains.” – Ace of Spades
      It is apparent that your intellectual capacity has already been degraded to the point you are incapable of engaging in rational discourse. Please complete the following template and consider it a response to your post.
      yes and we are all 40 yr old
      {replace with number aligning with your stereotype. Examples: 18 yr old would convey immature and uneducated kids on moms’ computers. 40 alludes to the movie and an inability to appeal to or deal with women socially}
      {choose an adjective best conveying either a graphic depiction, or your smug self-righteousness. Examples: lazy, hopelessly, obscenely, pitifully, grotesquely}
      fat losers, with tiny
      {or replace with an adjective in compliance with your stereotype. Examples: pathetic, malformed, miniscule, microscopic}
      {or replace with a crude vernacular term if you believe it better communicates your sense of contempt. Examples: dick, junk, wiener, love wand, joystick, love muscle}
      who live in our mothers’ basements,
      {choose an alternate location if preferable. Examples: decrepit trailer park, prison, a couch in our sister’s home, a bondo riddled 72 Chevrolet van adorned with a mural of naked women cavorting on a beach}
      and have not showered/bathed or brushed our teeth for
      {May replace 3 days with a period of time of your choosing best conveying your notion of our inability to deal with things as basic as our own hygiene as well as a fundamental lack of awareness and self-respect. Examples: week,
      3 days.
      {Feel free to insert an adverb if it assists in better conforming the image to the stereotype you’ve created. Examples: bitterly, excessively, compulsively, dejectedly, mournfully, ineptly, dispiritedly..}
      masturbating all day while playing video games and watching
      {here you may want to insert an adjective capturing your desired portrayal of
      the community by choosing a material or genre type either indicating degeneracy or hopelessly unattainable fantasy. Examples: tentacle, monster, anime, heroic, cartoon}
      porn. Eating cheetos,
      {can be replaced with an alternate food, but should connect/support the previous fat reference and the sartorial despoilment reference below. Examples: Hostess powdered mini-doughnuts, jelly and/or glazed donuts, Doritos.}
      while wearing oversized sweat pants and thread bare Star Wars ‘The Force Awakens’ shirts
      {may adjust wardrobe in keeping with scorn, contempt, or condescension implicit in your post, including a t-shirt themed with the Society Of the Perpetually Offended’s (SOPO) buggaboo of the moment. Examples: a violent video game, a game portraying idealized men and women, a
      Victoria’s Secret Model, a conservative or libertarian figure, a firearm
      company, a libertarian or conservative or accomplished woman with an opinion contrary to the SOPO hive mind. Examples: Ann Coulter, Camille Paglia, Christina Hoff Sommers, Ayn Rand etc.}
      littered and stained with the crumbs and smears from our constant
      {feel free to choose an adverb better conveying your vitriol}
      An example to assist you:
      yes and we are all 50 yr old virgin, pitifully fat losers with tiny wieners, who live in our mothers’ basements, and have not showered/bathed or brushed our teeth for a week. Bitterly masturbating all day while playing video games and watching Overwatch based porn. Eating cheetos in our skid-marked underwear and thread bare Star Wars ‘The Force Awakens’ shirts littered and stained with the crumbs and smears from our incessant snacking.
      Hopefullly, this will assist in calming the snakes and allowing you a moment’s respite from their depredations.

    3. What does that even mean, you carpet-munching, evolutionary dead-end?
      And you’re not a “homosexual woman.” Just a dirty lesbo.

  19. So, has anyone seen the Ashley Judd video from this weekend? Is she on crack?
    I used to think she was kind of hot until she came out of the closet as a raving lunatic feminazi.

    1. After watching that skit, I lost all respect for her. She’s up there talking about her bloody period and all. She”s as disgusting as Madonna.

      1. You will not find a class of women more obsessed with that time of the month.
        Only the feminist mind rivals the feminist body in grotesquery.

  20. Why don`t we start referring to liberals, as simply (Il)liberals, or something of that sort from now on.
    They are fascist after all, and don`t deserve the positive connotation that is associated with the term liberal. These things matter more than you think, and is used to great effect by the left.
    It`s not very original, but a simple redefinition or meme can be very effective when consistently used. (Like the Cuckservative thing)
    Also, it`s the truth!

      1. Yeah that`s great, but we need something simple you can use whenever you refer to “them.”

    1. “Why don`t we start referring to liberals, as simply (Il)liberals”
      Or we could just start calling them shit eaters.

    2. I call them Leftists, Regressives, Retards or Libtards. Sometimes I call them faggots or poofters.

  21. What is it with this theme of feces? Like the dude who said “if you shit in my hand I would clap.” Is there, like, some type of Freudian perspective on this?

  22. He should be easy to find, he’s the guy with shitty breath.
    I have used the term”tastes like shit” before even though I have no experience to draw from I always assumed it tastes bad. Man, there are some fucked up people in this world.

        1. he was in the man with the golden gun too – where he’s on vacation in thailand with his wife. He referred to locals as “little brown water hogs”

        2. Yeah that’s where he goes to buy an American made car in Thailand lol

    1. “are you in the Klan, daddy?”
      “NO! but your momma was – and when she put on her sheet, she looked like an iceberg with feet!”

  23. I thought the first person to eat an egg must have been like this guy.
    “You see that bird right there? The very next thing that comes out of it’s butt….I’m gonna eat it”
    “You go right ahead, Zog”

    1. I don’t know the frequency of a chickens bowel-movements, but Zog probably had a 50/50 shot….

    2. I always thought that about oysters. Who was the first guy that said, that looks delicious?

  24. It’s no coincidence that those most convinced of America’s inherent evil are most interested in foisting American solutions onto everything. Those who identify as ‘anti-white’ — mostly white people — insist on erasing the phenomenon of white nationalism through a brand of suicidal, distinctly European altruism unprecedented in modern world. Progressives look more like neo-cons every day, imploring their compatriots to put more boots of kindness on the ground in ailing shitholes like Sudan, and to let in the excrement from these shitholes so that our culture can be glorified through the tsunamic miasma of diversity turds.
    White nationalism is not the idea that white people are inherently better than other races. This is a lie pushed by our enemies; rather, it is the philosophy that, for the purpose of establishing a more perfect union, our nation should consist of an ethnic core that harkens back to its ethnic and cultural roots. Some diversity is desirable, but too much leads to divisions that only exacerbate extant, cross-cultural enmity. To disenfranchise a nation’s ethnic base is to violate the biological basis of implicit tribalism present in nearly all human beings, which helps us survive and collectively thrive.
    This doesn’t mean that a nation’s ethnic core is entitled to special privileges, or that those external to it should face persecution. Almost nobody I know who supports white nationalism advocates the oppression of minority groups. It merely means that a nation should manage its immigration system to produce the best possible citizens. There is no reason why, for example, low IQ, wayward young men from homophobic cultures should be invited en masse into America or Europe. This is a classic conflict of interest.
    A common response is deflection: “Well, America has its share of homophobes, bigots, religious fanatics, etc.” Yes, we do; do you want more? You claim to be against homophobia and racism, yet policies enacted by starry-eyed rainbow fritters like Merkel only repeatedly bitchslap common sense by pouring wounds into the salt. Leave this people alone — they’ll solve their own problems. There’s a civil war? Yeah, America had one too; loads of people died. That’s what happens when there’s war. It’s not meant to be pretty.
    America specialises in problem transportation. We think that suffering is a matter of locality. If only group X could experience our enlightened culture first hand; if only we help people, we could save the world. We need more schools, more madaris, more cross-cultural education. The problem is that this ideology engenders respect only for cultures external to our own. It flatters the progressive psyche by placing them in a position of enlightened authority. “ *I* support refugees!” By supporting another person, you are tacitly expressing your superiority over that person whilst simultaneously broadcasting your virtue to society-at-large. This virtue is rewarded digitally, via likes or friend requests, thus reinforcing these behaviors with a shot of fiber optic dopamine. Others wish to be rewarded and admired too, so they follow. This in the New White Culture. Like a Mujahid, the follower self-effacingly blows herself up — but she doesn’t stay dead. She dies over and over again, each explosion more vast and fantastical than the last, sparking a chain of late-fueled humblebrag oneupmanship. It is the religion that designates itself as Kafir. It will always be concurrently metastasising as it grows weaker.
    Let’s start with ourselves. No more blame, or shame, or self-hatred. Let’s start by acknowledging it’s okay to be white. We have many different cultures, none of them inherently more evil than the other. Let’s stop seeking forgiveness.

    1. Exactly. People are more concerned about illegal children in this country – DREAMers – being able to stay and get a good education than they are about children born in this country to American parents. Outrageous.

    2. Overall this is a very good comment, and in many ways I agree. However, on one thing you are wrong.
      “White nationalism is not the idea that white people are inherently better than other races.”
      This is absolutely false. White nationalists are not driven by love of their own people, but by hatred of others. 100% of white nationalists are united by a hatred of blacks, followed closely by a hatred of Jews. Read any comment section on American Renaissance or Chateau Heartiste to see how thoroughly this claim of yours is put to rest.

      1. I think there’s a strong correlation between hatred for blacks and jews and white nationalism; however, I don’t think that animus defines it. I’d say it’s due to the massive overlap between white nationalists and white supremacists — that is, nearly all of the latter are also the former. Now, I think it’s possible to be the former without being the latter. If I’m wrong, call it whatever you want to call it — immigration restrictionist, maybe. Perhaps it’s best to dispense with whiteness and supplement a more specified banner.

        1. Why can’t it be love of ones own kind first and foremost, and then a far second being hatred to those who have casued us harm and would do so in the future? Would most whites have a strong dislike/hatred towards blacks if they were quiet, well behaved and kept to themselves? And would “anti-semites” hate Jews if they weren’t such busybodies, sticking their noses into all kinds of affairs, especially through the use of mass media and financial companies?
          Funny thing is, blacks hate Jews more than they hate most other whites, and as much as Jews in media and advertising promote race mixing, they would disown their own children if they practiced it.

  25. I went to a concert on sunday night, and the singer was talking about this. I loved that band, but he was saying all this garbage about womens rights and the patriarchy, fuck it was cringy.

    1. Time to dump the faggots. The moment anything I enjoy goes SJW it gets tossed right out the fucking window, forever.

  26. Spencer should have had a couple bodyguards with him. WTF: he can’t find two big dudes supportive of white nationalism to accompany him? Fuck, if i lived in DC, I’d have done it for free.

    1. Cuz he’s NOT a neo-Nazi, and doesn’t want to look anything like a German Nazi from WWII. Does that make sense? Of course not.
      It’s like the chick with big tits hanging out who says, “Hello? My eyes are up here!”

  27. The left’s argument is that “nazi” bigots are hateful, and intolerant so it’s ok to engage in violence to shut them up because their ideas are bad. Some ideas should not be tolerated because they are intolerant since they might be interesting and useful. Even though they’re stupid, of course. That’s what makes them evil!
    Also in the news: What do you burn besides witches? MORE witches!

  28. If feminist men are so desperate for female attention of ANY kind that they’re willing to be used as human toilets then it should be abundantly clear that NOTHING we tell them about women could possibly turn them around.

  29. Fat, cowardly little turd.
    Sucker punching and running. Real tough guy with his pot belly & man-tits.

    1. True the attacker has a pot belly and man boobs. Then why didn’t Spencer take him out? Easy take-down.

        1. Total shell-shocked confusion. But not too much shock that he couldn’t remember to straighten his pretty hair.

  30. Well this reminds me of the saying:”Ya gotta do, what ya gotta do.”
    Ok, if catcalling and extended staring is degrading to women, then what this actor does is NOT degrading to men? I know that I am “speaking” into the wind but I would like an explanation of all of this and how it is enpowering to women. Can I get a response, please?

  31. Until this incident, I didn’t know much about Richard Spencer aside from the political left considering him to be “literally Hitler” and the establishment right using him to discredit the “alt-right”.
    Given his reputation as being a Bannon-esque boogieman, I did not expect him to be some preppy-dressed dude gushing over his Pepe lapel pin.

  32. As we start winning the culture war, this sort of attack will become more and more common. Leftists can only express their values as outrage, violence, and bullying. There is no retreat because they want to destroy us. We must fight them tooth and nail, leaving their ideology a bloodied, wrecked shell of what it was.

  33. I agree with your stance on Men Rights , which is the reason why I started to follow ROK in the first place.
    I’m Black and a moderate Muslim, meaning that I shamefully enjoy the occasional cold pint rather than say…….engage in the genital mutilation of 13 year old.
    I deeply understand the issues facing Western men, I agree that the authors of possibly the greatest civilization in history are constantly being attacked. Some of my friends and brothers are white working class Men.
    However make no mistake – a man like Spencer is my enemy, as are those who agree with his outlook on the world.

  34. You do realize the left is violent by nature, right?
    Leftist liberals are literally unable to build anything, thus they prefer to destroy that which they cannot create.

    1. Yup. Che Guevara for one was a murderous, psychotic criminal. And he’s their “icon”.

  35. Doxx them, they do it to us we should do it to them they must never have a day of sleep ever again do it ’till as the cowards that they are put a end to their worthless miserable lives. Such excuses of men should NEVER be tolerated again and be helped to survive!

  36. One small point about the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, it is a ‘Public Broadcaster’ NOT a ‘State Broadcaster’ and it is important in society for a media outlet such as these to hold the Government of the day to account, hence why the likes of the mentally retarded Abbott and Turdball’s constant heckling of it, as it shows the sheer incompetence of the Australian ‘Right’.

  37. Where were Spencer’s lookouts? Doesn’t he have even a small crew of 2-3 guys to watch his back? Dude is clueless, didn’t even try to take down the man-boobed, pot-bellied attacker – just accepted the blow and actually RAN AWAY, cuz his hair got mussed up. (WTF?). I don’t have any sympathy for him. He’s no warrior and not prepared for 4th Gen warfare. He’s no fearless badass, just a pretty-boy personality, who appears to be an attention whore. Besides he has stupid ideas of a epic fail ideology that got its ass destroyed in WWII. If there’s any ideology that will unite the planet against it, neo-Nazism is a sure bet.
    Playing the victim card is not a winning strategy for the right. Much better to hit back and hit twice as hard. Especially outspoken dudes like Spencer who are bound to attract hatred – they need to lift some iron, and learn how to throw some punches and kicks with murderous fury.

  38. Shame on Spencer for not being on guard at all times and not having security/ backup in that environment. Red Pillers/ alt right guys need to either be incognito and fly below the radar of go out in force and on the offensive with a few guys with the real posibility for shit to go down and come out on the winning end. I refused to do the ROK meetup group to be a human punching bag and everyone was saying no dont do anything violent. Well if you want to be punked by some fat blue haired bitches and their weakling white knights, keep taking their shit. I won’t.

  39. This may help you guys. When I watched the video above I decided to open it in a bigger box which opened Youtube and I started reading the comments. While looking down on the comments I came across this profile:
    It looked in my comments box since that is a pretty easy to identify logo and noticed that individual had responded to several posts I made on a few Boynton-Brown videos. All he stated was I was a “Nazi” and “racist” and, ironically, nothing I stated was even in the same realm of such a thing. So I decided to dig more and found a lot of connections from that profile to a lot of BLM members and one of which (their profiles) led to Linda Sansour.
    Now if I cared enough I would make a detailed web out but I figure someone else who already had a head start on this issue would likely only need that profile there to plug in to open up this situation in terms of leading it back to this group/that group.
    On its face it would appear that Sansour, BLM, and these rioters are all connected via either profiles or actions together. If true that would mean that their funding has to be coming from somewhere. Soros is the likely an obvious choice but Sansour changes that tremendously given her Hamas links and connections to known terrorists.
    I am not sure if anyone will read this comment but if you do I hope it helps since this seems like an active lead and one that could open this up.

    1. Soros is definitely behind supporting these groups. He hates America and everything we stand for! There needs to be an investigation of him and all of these groups.

  40. You are REALLY downplaying the staggering depths of the depravity and degeneracy of these people. This shit is truly Satanic.
    They will get their comeuppance soon.

  41. From the pictures above, I can come to a conclusion that this old man has a scat fetish, golden shower fantasies and possibly a whipping BDSM scene.

  42. Well, now I’ve got a new name for these “men” that slavishly follow feminazis around. “Pooper Scoopers”!

  43. Man. Now I don’t feel so bad for masturbating to tranny porn. The dude shouldn’t be that hard to find. His breath must literally reek of shit. Wow.

  44. Sick thing is….if you would of beat his ass for hitting Spencer……he probably would of liked it.

  45. So did they catch the guy or not, almost two weeks past. So difficult to catch that shit eater ?

  46. Enjoy getting punched AND being used as a pawn for pro-authority social engineering, sucker ✌️

  47. That video was funny, scum hitting scum
    Just because we hate the freaks on the left doesn’t we should support freaks on the far-right. Unless you guys like neo-nazis. Fascism is shit too

    1. European ideology (fascism vs. communism) has the opposite ends looking remarkably similar. Were Hitler and Stalin really that different? American ideology (liberty vs. tyranny) is far closer to how it should be looked at. For most, it can be confusing if all you are looking at is left vs right.

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