9 Signs She’s A Cheater

In the past year, I’ve had no less than five different girls cheat on their boyfriends or husbands—or attempt to cheat—with me. I’m not talking about seedy hookups on Tinder where I found out the girl was attached after I banged her, but normal girls I knew socially who decided I was the man they wanted to have an affair with. Some examples of the girls I’ve encountered:

  • An Ivy League-educated housewife in her early twenties who tried to make a move on me when I visited her and her husband some time ago. She later divorced her husband so she could shack up with a friend of mine (and fellow manosphere blogger), then dumped him to get gangbanged by a bunch of survivalists in Wyoming. You can read the full story here.
  • A young groupie of mine who flew out to hang out with me in upstate New York without disclosing the fact that she had a boyfriend back home. You can read more about what happened here.
  • A girl who sent me unsolicited nudes despite having a boyfriend.

I’m not going to argue the morality of banging other mens’ wives. While I don’t take the view that I’m a moral innocent in these affairs, I’m also not going around looking for these girls; it was they who went after me. I don’t know exactly when my life turned into a Charles Bukowski novel, but I figure I should at least teach other guys what I’ve learned so they don’t end up with a jilted boyfriend’s baseball bat to the face.

Here’s how to tell when a girl you know socially is angling to suck your dick.


1. She drinks

People hate it when I (or others) point this out, but it’s the truth. If a girl drinks anything other than wine, Twisted Teas, or girly cocktails like daiquiris, she will cheat. It’s physics. It’s inevitable.

Alcohol is the lubricant that greases the cogs of male-female relations. It’s no coincidence that cultures and religions where drinking is verboten (e.g. Islam, Mormonism) are seriously screwed up. But when a girl drinks, her id is unchained and her superego is banished to the darkest corners of Hell. Her long-suppressed fantasies and desires come bubbling to the surface, and if you’re part of those fantasies, you better watch out.


2. She hates other girls

Girls who talk about how they “hate” other women or prefer hanging out with men (for example, one of the girls who cheated with me told me that she’s “afraid” of other women) are prime candidates for infidelity. These girls have more masculine personalities (even if they work harder at appearing feminine), and the greater ease they have in being social with men makes it more likely they’ll end up in bed with one of them. Essentially, these girls have a best-of-all-worlds special: the thinking style of a man and the rationalization hamster of a woman.


3. She seeks you out to be your friend

The reason I’m being specific is because if it’s the other way around, she’ll never sleep with you. Girls who seek men out for platonic friendships always have an ulterior sexual motive, even if they don’t consciously recognize or act on it right away. A friend of mine put it best (paraphrasing): it’s impossible to have a long-term female friend, because if you’re really such good friends, you’re going to end up fucking sooner or later… which isn’t what friends do.

I’m coming around to the idea that it’s almost impossible for men and women to be “just friends,” because most non-familial male-female relationships have a sexual undercurrent that eventually explodes. Whether it’s a dorky dude getting friendzoned or a desperate housewife in dire need of a good deep dicking, men and women can’t keep their minds off their genitals. If a platonic friendship lasts, it’s only because one or both friends are afraid of the consequences of sleeping around.


4. She tells you, “I’m not going to sleep with you”

This goes for any girl, but doubly in the case of taken women. If a girl says that she’s not going to sleep with you, it means she’s thinking about sleeping with you: she blurts the line out as a last ditch attempt to stop herself. Variants on this line I’ve heard from girls include “My husband trusts me to drive you around alone, he knows we’re not going to sleep together” and “You like [HUSBAND’S NAME], he likes you… nothing’s going to happen between us.”


5. She was sexually abused as a child

Girls who were molested as children—particularly by a family member—are fundamentally disconnected with their sexuality, which makes them more apt to sleep around. For example, a great many porn stars, strippers, prostitutes and other “sex workers” were sexually abused as children, and this sexual disconnect enables them to do their jobs.


6. She has tattoos or piercings

Do I really need to elaborate on this one?


7. You’re more of a man than her significant other

As much as I hate manosphere sperg talk like “sexual market value,” it’s perfectly appropriate here. If you’re a better prospect than her boyfriend or husband (e.g. because he’s an unkempt slob, lazy, has no ambition, or is a spineless pussy), expect her thoughts to wander towards straying.


8. She’s a writer or artistically inclined

I’ll let one of the girls I’ve slept with explain this one: “Writers are shitty people, because we’re experts at rationalizing the shitty things we do to others.” Girls who are involved in other artistic endeavors (e.g. art, music) are also suspect, but writers are by far the worst when it comes to infidelity.


9. She has a personality disorder or a history of mental illness

Pretty much all the girlfriends or wives who’ve slept with me weren’t playing with a full deck. Whether they were narcissists, codependents (“inverted narcissists”), or full-blown borderlines, every unfaithful woman I’ve known is whacked in the head. Any girl on antidepressants or antipsychotics is one bad day from jumping on another man’s cock.

Again, I’m not arguing for or against screwing taken women. Moral dilemmas are easy to think about in the abstract; when you’re actually thrust into the middle of one, things tend to get messy. But if you pay attention to how women around you act, you won’t be taken by surprise when one of them plants a kiss on your lips.

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  1. Good Job Matt! Or should I say bad job? This list should enter the bible of rules to live by if you wish to have a relationship where you feel secure. All of these slut tells can be excused if you have a good nature. “She’s different.” “Not my lady.” “You shouldn’t judge people.” Etc…
    Think of it this way; your relationship is your company. You star employee comes in late, jokes around while wasting time, adds little value beyond her presence, tries to dictate how you spend your time, and if you are being mindful takes away options for the company to grow. Would you not fire this employee in a heart beat? If you fire this employee, why are you sparing your lady from the same fate? Good employees operate best with incentive and accomplishment. A little dread is needed to ensure they don’t go off the rails.

      1. Simply put, don’t let any woman dictate how your relationship goes. The article is spot on. Better?

  2. Refreshing article. It is confusing. To fuck or not to fuck ? That is the question.
    I like to think of myself as a reductionist so here is my theory.
    You take a woman (weaker sex, unthrustworthy scum by nature)= A
    You know she is in a relationship and she hits on you ( she goes to the next level piece of shit creature) = B
    All of your winnings might end up with you beeing beaten by her fellow boyfriend or you get an STD and feel sorry for yourself + bad reputation of the guy who fucks other guys bitches. = C
    A + B + C = sexual release.
    Now the BIG question.
    Are the riscs you take worth a sexual release?
    I am completely against it !
    But if you are in another country, state or are just visiting, there might be something to leave for interpretation.

  3. “Alcohol is the lubricant that greases the cogs of male-female relations.
    It’s no coincidence that cultures and religions where drinking is verboten (e.g. Islam, Mormonism) are seriously screwed up.”
    Actually I have to disagree with you here. Religion is not screwed up- people are screwed up. Humans are a flawed species and religion should be kept seperate from the actions humans take in this world.
    If anything, it is religion that will save our souls and guide us to heaven after death. I feel sorry for people who believe that alchohol is the answer to most of life’s problems when really, alchohol is what causes more depression and degeneracy.

  4. The author is deceiving himself if he relies on the above personality criteria to spot a cheater. The sweetest most psychologically balanced wholesome girl has the ability to cheat on her man. And often for good reason. Some of these girls do deserve way better than the Man she ended up with. Look around you, there are plenty of Jerks in this world. I’m not condoning cheating, but WHY she cheated is more important, and IF she is able to walk away from the relationship after the act.

    1. Why is it important?
      It’s never important to know why men cheated. They’re just cheating scum who are obsessed with sex.
      Why can’t women just be cheating scum who are obsessed with sex, too?

    2. Some of these guys do deserve way better than the Woman they ended up with. Look around you, there are plenty of Sluts in this world. I’m not condoning cheating, but WHY he cheated is more important, and IF he is able to walk away from the relationship after the act.
      Anything wrong with that picture?

  5. It comes down to a simple rule, once a woman thinks she can do better, she will dump your ass and/or cheat on you.
    Women are like monkeys. 5 feet tall, fangs, screetching and howling and Never letting go of one branch until the other is firmly in grip. They pretty much almost all cheat. They won’t break up with a boyfriend, unless there is some new guy who they either sucked off or jerked off at a minimum. Of course they rationalize this as not cheating in their hamster head.
    Even a woman married to a billionaire who will pay for her whole life like sue ann hamm will divorce her husband despite being given sepearation, endless money, a job and the right to sleep with whoever she wants on the side. Simply because she thinks she’d do better with half of 17 billion than being paid whatever hamm gives her.
    Woman are given every incentive to cheat and none to be restrained. I simply assume they all will at some point, the only way to keep the woman on lockdown is to damn well near cheat yourself. Men have higher sex drives. Its like Roosh says, either she iss thinking about you, or you are thinking about her. And whoever is, is the one getting played. Play multiple women, and you can never lose because if she cheats you have 2-3 backups all of whom want your dick as bad. Additionalyl woman are the opposite of men in this regard. When a man sees 2-3 other men on a woman its a turnoff. When a woman sees 2-3 women on a man they rationalize well he must be great, how can I get him.

    1. “When a man sees 2-3 other men on a woman its a turnoff. When a woman sees 2-3 women on a man they rationalize well he must be great, how can I get him…’ Never quite figured that one out either,but I did a ask a woman once and she pretty much confirmed what you wrote thusly:”No woman wants a man that other women don’t want “…how ’bout that…

  6. The author is deceiving himself if he relies on the above personality and physical criteria to spot a cheater. The sweetest most psychologically balanced wholesome girl has the ability to cheat on her man, and often the best and under the radar at doing it.

  7. I have had countless married women come on to me vs very few attractive single women. Or I should say the attractive single ones like to play flirt games but not follow through with anything (ok, queue the chorus of “you’re a beta with no game” accusations). Perhaps it’s that any single woman in the U.S. that looks halfway decent already has a boyfriend or can quickly acquire one.

    1. In my 30s especially I got a lot of “no-strings-attached” offers from married women. As in ‘My husband isn’t around, why don’t you come over and I’ll cook you dinner [heavy subtext: and we’ll bang].” Much easier than chasing down single women in the wild. I commented on this, off-hand, to a foreign woman I knew and she replied, “Single girls don’t have someone at home to compare you to.”
      À bientôt,

      1. This reminds me of a line I heard somewhere that went something like “gaming attached women is way easier than single women as you only have to compete with one guy.”

  8. Add “seemingly random acts of generosity” to this list.
    I had a coworker constantly cooking for me despite the fact she was married(she was gorgeous too). I once told her how hard it was to cook a certain dish, she told me it was easy to make, then she drags her hubby downtown to get primo ingredients in order to cook for ME, not him. I was tempted to tell him, but I let it slide. I was glad she left the company, bc everyone assumped we were sleeping together bc of what she did for me.
    Kinda sucks being raised the right way, no? Messing with a man’s family is a nono in my book.

    1. So true. If a women is taking the time to seek you out/demonstrate her value to you (especially if in a relationship/married), you know exactly what she is trying to do.

    2. I currently have a coworker who is always baking for me. As a matter of fact, last night she sent me a text asking what type of baked goods I would like this week. She is not in any type of relationship but she is a single mother (father past away several years ago).
      However, I am in a LTR (currently crumbling), I keep this chick at work at a distance but still give her a little attention just in case.

      1. my advice- stay away from her.
        My best friend’s bro is about to marry a single mom.
        When she first met my friend’s wife, she said, matter-of-factly, that she is “marrying him so someone can provide for her daughter.” She did not say “because I am madly in love with him.”

        1. She is also going back to school to get a masters in whatever. Guess who will help her pay for this degree?
          I also know another guy who was married, he paid for her mba (she pursued it fulltime). Once she got it, she filed for divorce. Adios chump!
          And the guy recently got married again…

        2. 200k to get an mba from the best schools?
          Then you get out of school, get a job, advise the company to send more jobs to the 3rd world in order to justify your bloated salary which is necessary to pay off your college loans?

        3. Jesus. Stop the wedding if it hasn’t happened already.
          I’m dead fucking serious. I’ve been there.

      2. If she’s a coworker then no, absolutely no. Do not even think about it. You don’t want to destroy your job too.

  9. idk why these so called married women scan me up and down like my moms friend does. Matter of fact basically the only female attention i get at this point comes from married women i dont understand this shit. I just observe these “faithful married women” looking at me out of admiration and scanning me up and down.

  10. #2 is spot on. Any women who prefers the company of mainly men and claims to not like women is just an attention whoring pin cushion waiting to cheat. My best friend is about to go through a nasty divorce because he did not have the wisdom of what is said above, and his wife found comfort in the arms of a “friend”. I will make sure my son does not follow suit.

    1. In regards to that: I’m trying to figure this one chick out, she doesn’t tick off any boxes on the slut-tell score card, but one of her good friends is a super-slut (who does tick off a lot of boxes and I can personally confirm she is a trader-ho, meaning she likes to fuck anything from the trading floor) who is one of these “I don’t like other women” chicks. Does that make the original girl a slut, or no? Slut by association?

      1. What’s the old saying that you resemble the five people with whom you associate most?

      2. This is an easy tell. How often does she hang with this friend of hers? And how close are they as friends? If they are ‘besties’ you’ve got yourself a ho in disguise. Judge this by the distance. Remember, every lady is on their best behavior when getting to know a guy.

  11. At one point in history, I (almost) believe marriage was an excellent way for men to prevent these 9 signs while still enjoying the beauty and pleasure women can offer. By marrying (and making it nearly irreversible), women were less likely to divorce and null the bond because of societal shame cast on single mothers, women unmarried and aging, etc.
    Nowadays, this couldn’t be further from the case.
    – friends’ GFs who I’d catch glancing in some other man’s direction when their BF was off taking a piss at the bar
    – the overt kino from women I knew who were “unavailable”
    – the culture of putting your phone face down on the table when you’re out with your BF/husband
    – the acceptability of “building” a separate life outside your marriage/BF to “maintain your sanity” instead of building activities/social circles together to simultaneously manage sanity and share a common bond
    – hookup culture (Good: if you are opting out of marriage, ease of lay has never been so prevalent; Bad: you are looking for a women that is not overly entitled, ruined from too many partners, problems with taking a supportive role in the life of her man)
    The list could go on. Society has made it perfectly acceptable for this behavior, but more so, it has taken away the rights to refute it as well. Young people my age (I’m 26) are actually encouraged to do this! It’s sickening.
    My suggestion:
    Couple the fortitude for spotting behavior indicated on this list with abundance mentality. It is synonymous with what snagging a Nintendo Power did for you as a kid; it’s the cheat code for life as a man. In a world where increased value is nothing more than buying on margin, you best close your longs and ride the fucking wave boys.

    1. I got involved with a couple girls after my ex cheated on me and I told them about what happened (I was still fuming at the time).
      I told them about how my life just got fucked, and I also mentioned that the guy she cheated on me with went back to his wife after their affair.
      These 2 girls both responded the same way to my story…
      “Oh my god, poor girl, now she has nobody!”
      I had what could pass off as an aneurysm in that moment…
      “Wait a second, you mean to tell me that you feel bad for HER!? This was all because of her! She is the one who pulled the trigger on everyone’s lives!”
      At that moment I realized that women are just not programmed with empathy for men… Either she wants your money or your dick or she doesn’t…

      1. Fucking mind boggling! or when you’re having a conversation with a gf, friend, etc and they try to justify the cheating.

    2. the code that allows women to cheat is circle,circle,triangle,X, square,triangle.
      Who gave them this info, I dunnno 🙂

      1. Thankfully there is still the original cheat code for men to right the ship: Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Down, Up, Down, A, B, Start. If we keep sharing the knowledge it’ll close up the avenues of hypergamy as more men will know the game and not settle for BS

        1. I believe Contra was up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, B, A, select (for 2 players), start.

        2. The Konami Code is not from Contra.
          It’s from Gradius, a far, far more difficult and cheap game than Contra ever was.
          The Konami Code was created because the guy at Konami who ported Gradius to the NES couldn’t complete the game, so he wrote that code to help him test out the later levels correctly.

  12. Add “she has a lot of male friends” to the list.
    she will not actually sleep with the male friends, because the are beta orbiters, but any woman who seeks out the company of men will eventually cheat.

  13. In the modern world, being a cheater is often nothing but pure win for a woman.
    1. She scores a new boyfriend before ditching her previous boyfriend’s provisioning, 2. She damages the previous guy’s trust (thereby hurting his chances for positive new relationships in the future).
    3. She can say “abuse!” and then score tonnes of new attention from everybody (meanwhile her ex is so emotionally wretched that he appears like he might actually be abusive).
    4. She wins cash and prizes in the form of divorce.
    5. She doesn’t have to deal with an actual breakup because her ex is so viscerally disgusted with her. She can still get off on his suffering over his wasted years though.
    There are a few possible cons for a woman to be a cheater though.
    1. As her SMV starts to dip, her reputation is that of a cheating hoe. When her looks become a little more transparent, knowledgable alpha-men wont take her seriously as a wife prospect.
    2. Perpetual cheaters always seem emotionally unbalanced to me…
    3. She might slip up and cheat on an otherwise great boyfriend with an alpha-poser. A self-respecting boyfriend will dump her and she’ll be left with some douche who isn’t quite who she thought he was… or just doesn’t give a fuck about her. Cue rationalization hamster choir.
    4. If her boyfriend is an alpha she’ll have to forfeit the benefits of his close-knit group of friends and family.
    Pump’n’Dump my friends… I think Forney’s list is spot-on.

  14. 10. She is no longer critical of you, has stopped moaning and bitching and barely notices you.
    11. She avoids sex with you but acts slutty in public.
    12. She cheated on her last guy to be with you

    1. That used to be an obvious one but no smoking laws in bars have cut that back. I think that’s why tats became popular with women since the 90s. It conveys the same meaning. She’s willing to disrespect her body.

  15. and when they do cheat, society always has to justify said cheating.e.g., her husband/bf was/is abusive, no wonder she cheated. Or her husband/bf ignores her and doesn’t listen to what she has to say, so she found comfort in someone else. Complete BS! If the woman is so miserable, she can always leave!

    1. This has definitely gotten out of control.
      When men cheat they’re jerks with no morals who think with their dicks.
      When women cheat their men are jerks who don’t treat them the way they deserve to be treated.
      It’s funny, because if you talk to any escorts, they get a lot of men who are attached (married, relationship, etc). These men have zero reason to lie to an escort. One of the more common reasons these men tell the escort they are using that service?
      They just want someone to be nice to them for an hour or two. Essentially, their gf/wives are obnoxious, spoiled wenches and while the men do have sex with the escorts, sex is not what actually drove the men to the escorts. They just wanted to spend time with a pretty girl who is actually nice to them and treats them well for a little while.
      Now, that doesn’t go for 100% of the men using escorts, but it is a much larger percentage than society would have you believe.

      1. Women don’t seem to understand that men, if their balls aren’t regularly drained, are going to use escorts and/or get a woman on the side. It’s just a fact of nature, particularly when you’re dealing with powerful/wealthy men. They are going to get what they want from the wife, if she’s willing and not a frigid bitch, or from a 20 year old hottie with a pussy that she can husk corn with in her spare time.

        1. or from a 20 year old hottie with a pussy that she can husk corn with in her spare time.
          That was pure poetry man. Poetry.

      2. That we have everything from abortion to gay marriage yet prostitution remains illegal (except Nevada of course) can be defined in one word:

      3. Agree with the just wanting a woman to treat them well thing, a female friend of mine is playing mistress for a married man whose wife is much hotter than her – he says he just likes my friend because she doesn’t act like a bitch all the time.

      4. “They just wanted to spend time with a pretty girl who is actually nice to them and treats them well for a little while.”
        i’m getting this from my little church-going central american fiancee, at least so far (two years + and she’s still sweet and cute as a button).

        1. More and more men are starting to go that route. Did you travel to central america to meet her or is she from the US (or wherever your home country is)?

        2. Thai women are the same, if they come from a good background and are a little serious about Buddhism.

        3. My uncle has been married to a Thai woman for 35+ years.
          I used to think it was an interesting oddity, but over the last few years I have realized just how smart he was.
          I’ve started doing some very preliminary research into how to go about finding someone like that, but I really have no idea where to even start.

        4. Start with the intention. Go from there.
          But realize that to a great extent Thailand – and the Thai people – have been ruined for Westerners. Too many tourists behaving badly for too long. Nobody respects the US anymore. They found out we’re just a bunch of liars and thieves after the financial crisis.
          The elites in Thailand all have Chinese blood, China is their biggest trading partner now, and it’s their future.
          You’re better off going somewhere that hasn’t been discovered and screwed up by a too many Westerners behaving badly.
          Central America can still work – if you get away from the tourist areas.

        5. i was working down there. IT support for the US military. chose honduras over other countries because i already spoke spanish.
          speaking of that, if you’re interested in thailand, i would start with trying to learn as much of the language as possible. if it’s anything like honduras, knowing the language will set you apart from other westerners and make meeting a good girl more likely.

      5. I wonder what women are going to do when these men seek anger as an outlet rather than self-hatred.

        1. That won’t happen, because self-hating men are cowards, who refuse to deal with reality. For this type of man, it’s easier to wallow in self-pity than try to fix the problem.

    2. Exactly right. But where do you think this phenomenon originated from first?
      The scum, women worshipping low-lives of the media have portrayed for decades that if a man cheats, it’s his fault, and if the man’s woman cheats – it’s ALSO HIS fault.
      Whatever is normalized in the media, is normalized in the society
      with time. When you make it acceptable for women to cheat and men be
      blamed for it, it will certainly start happening in real life too. Men
      will be blamed if women cheat. It will be men’s fault, not women’s.
      Because women can do no wrong! Ever.
      This is partly because of the rabid feminist hawks monitoring every TV show, every movie for “Female portrayal” and their noose being very tight as it is, and partly because women form the majority of the audience and will simply create a riot if they are portrayed in a bad light. Women can’t have that. So as a result what we see is producers, directors, creators all portraying women as angels who even when do wrong, are not at fault and someone else is.
      If a day comes in the future where wife cheating on husband is legal, we shouldn’t be surprised.

      1. “Whoever controls the media controls the mind.” Jim Morrison.
        I suspect the Lizard King wasnt the drug-addled loser the media portrayed him to be.

        1. Jim was brilliant in his own way. Payed attention to the spiritual decline of the west. Just listen to The End by The Doors and read the lyrics…
          “The west is the… best…” Its obvious he’s saying this line as a parody of the Babylon’s arrogance.
          What makes him different is he felt the decline in his guts rather than in his head.

        2. The media is the most powerful entity in which they can make the guilty, innocent or the innocent, guilty

        3. song reminds me of the opening of Apocalypse Now. This, along with Godfather 1 and 2 (hell, watch his underrated gem The Conversation, about surveillance and paranoia ) make Coppola the greatest american director in my humble opinion.

        4. i think he didnt care and he spoke his mind ,and they flamed him like the little weasel backstabbers the media folk are

      2. is a wife cheating on her husband illegal now? Pretty sure it is perfectly legal and wouldn’t even stop her from getting half in a divorce.

    3. Yeah if they don’t cheat they’re such pious good-girl “keepers”; if they do cheat the men are assholes who beat them, didnt appreciate them, bastards, losers, weren’t good enough… Women are never responsible for shit

  16. Anytime I ever here the token bullshit line of “I don’t get along with other girls, most of my friends are guys!” I fire back with either “So what’s wrong with YOU that you don’t get along with other girls?”, or if I really want to go into Asshole Overdrive I say “Why, because they’re prettier and thinner than you?”.

  17. 10. She flirts with other guys in front of you
    11. She eye fucks other guys in front you
    12. She has cheated before “A leopard can never change its spots”
    13. Psychological Projection- She is frequently accusing you of cheating without any concrete evidence.
    14. Sudden emotional disconnection/lower sex drive-if she’s doesn’t enjoy fucking you than she’s looking to fuck someone else
    15. You identify ‘war wounds/cum stains’ under a UV light
    16. you have a gut feeling she’s cheating.

    1. No.16 should have been at the top. If you suspect she’s cheating, she’s probably been cheating for months.

      1. I have to say, if you date a girl who displays these characteristics for more than a few weeks you would need to take a serious look at yourself. For example, if you suspect your girl is cheating you should never have been with her in the first place.

      1. This goes along with his observation that all the women that cheated WITH him were playing with less than a full deck. I believe that this was because they were women, and not because they were cheaters. I have tried to teach my sons that all women are crazy, just some are more crazy than others.

      2. There’s a fundamental difference between hating a bad behavior, and hating someone for what sex they are, jerk.

    2. 17. She has a secret password on her cell phone and leaves it upside down so you can’t see it light up with a call or message.

    3. 17. She’s an attention whore on social media sites like Facebook &
      Instagram & wants white knights to validate her perfectly rounded bum or perky

      1. Okay, and she writes her name and phone number on the inside of mens toilet walls. You’re brilliant.

  18. Great article Matt knocked it out of the park. I only wish he had elaborated on the tattoos and piercings again, disturbing the hive was so much fun.

  19. I get married women flirting hard with me at holiday parties in front of their husbands and I don’t think I’m obviously a better trade. Remember average marriage in america now lasts 7 years. Women cheat out of boredom, and blame it on the man for convoluted emotional reasons because it sounds less bad. And yes they all get together for coffee and talk about each others affairs. American culture incentives female promiscuity a thousand different ways. There really is no downside to a woman cheating on her husband. The man either forgives her, or she gets the house and the kids, and support payments, and the man gets nothing.
    However the exclusive dating relationship is different. Is there anything about dating that really is exclusive? You’re free to walk away any time you see a hotter piece of ass. I’m not sure how long you date before you start to get emotionally invested.

    1. I got to talking to a pretty petite blonde at my gym last year. Very cute and bubbily. We’d give each other high fives and spot one another. One Saturday when it was just the two of us in the gym, she came over and started flirting with me. Kept telling me how good I looked and touching me. She added me on Facebook soon after and I saw she was married. After I asked her a few questions about her husband (who turned out to be a marine) I noticed a shift in her attitude towards me. She got very cold and distant. Soon after she even complained about me to the owner. He didn’t believe her but told me to keep my distance. Now whenever I see her, I ignore her completely.

  20. Yeah the first girl I ever kissed, I was merely a young lad at the time, not even 18, calls me up next day and tells me to lay low because her boyfriend was just getting out of boot camp and taking some leave before going to his assigned base for training.
    I remember saying “Okey dokey”.
    Then I threw her phone number away. I could tell by her tone that she was all “elevated” by the whole thing and I was not going to play that game.
    I was young, but I was not born the day before that.

  21. Different point, there is nothing about an ivy league diploma that makes a woman less slutty. Its true some schools are more competitive to get into. So its sometimes assumed that if a woman is doing all that studying, she is less likely to be partying. But getting in is the hardest part. Once in the school, there is a whole array of less difficult courses to seek out if you want to party for 4 years. Psychology, womens studies, sociology… etc. With the internet, and the female compulsion to blog everything about themselves, that curtain has been pulled back and ivy league women are just as slutty as females at big state universities.

      1. Just watched a couple videos… I dig his honesty… Even admits that time off game hurts his game…

  22. This should be obvious, but somehow I missed it.
    Never, never date a woman with the last name of Moody.
    Moody, (by social definition) might indicate “ups or downs”, maybe even “roller coaster”.
    More like unstable, insecure, pathelogical lyer.
    Good riddance.

  23. I briefly dated a girl who had five of these and another couple not specified by the author. She got dumped after three weeks.

  24. On 2. A lot of girls have small penises nowadays.
    On 4. The moment a girl tells me, “I am not going to sleep with you,” Is the moment I know I will.
    On 7. Occurs always near the ovulatory phase of a woman’s ‘cycle’.
    On 8. Writers want weird shit to write about.

    1. On 4. The moment a girl tells me, “I am not going to sleep with you,” Is the moment I know I will.
      As The Bard said, “the lady doth protest too much, methinks.”

  25. Good to know. This only validated my suspicion that the traditional marriage is dead. And I wasn’t paranoid every time whenever girls from western parts of the world show some interests in me. Another worry sign is that she is confrontational.

  26. Quote:
    “Because today we live in a society in which spurious realities are manufactured by the media, by governments, by big corporations, by religious groups, political groups… So I ask, in my writing, What is real? Because unceasingly we are bombarded with pseudo-realities manufactured by very sophisticated people using very sophisticated electronic mechanisms. I do not distrust their motives; I distrust their power. They have a lot of it. And it is an astonishing power: that of creating whole universes, universes of the mind. I ought to know. I do the same thing.”
    Philip K. Dick

  27. Women are consummate actors. They can pretend to be interested in a man, yet when he dumps her, her true opinions about him oftentimes come out.
    One little thing I’ve noticed: if her eyes don’t ever sparkle when she casually looks at you, she’s faking her interest in you (she’s settling for beta bux), and is either cheating or thinking about it. It doesn’t matter how else she is servicing you.

  28. 10.She clams to be bisexual but prefers relationships with men.
    11.She clams that men are all dogs who will cheat on you.
    12.She lost her virginity outside of an serious relationship
    13.She calls herself a feminist.
    14.She out with her friends and vacation without you.
    15. She stop having sex with you without an explanation
    16. She goes hours and a time, if not days without telling you were she is or what she is doing.

  29. I’m pretty much at the point where once it has a vagina it’s going to cheat. All women are cheaters

  30. I think another good sign is if she’s had an abortion, or numerous abortions. A girl that has been dating/married to a guy that has made her have one will have a deep resentment towards him.

    1. That is a great tell for me. Told that to a friend the other day, that he should go after her, she lays easy. He had never heard that before, I couldn’t believe it. Pretty sheltered guy though, so figures.

    1. I guess we should avoid chicks named Jennifer, since that’s the English version of the name.

  31. Thanks man.
    I should have knows the rules as this clear a few times back then. Not that it matters today but if my father would have told me such things no girl would have fucked me over in the way they did long ago ;).
    Sometimes you have these things in your mind, you know it via your instinct but having these rules (i call them rules) so written down as some kind of “part of the mans bible of reality” is a good thing. They are essential to any young male out there too!
    Great work 🙂

  32. Yeah good list, but stop banging other guy’s tattooed, alcoholic, sexually abused, mentally unbalanced wives and girlfriends. Find your own, ffs

    1. You bang it, some other guy bangs it, what does it matter? If you stop fucking sluts it doesn’t mean they will stop getting fucked.

  33. Also: Women who are ‘dumb as a bag of rocks’ are notorious for simply FORGETTING who their spouse is.

  34. 1: Voka and rum drinker. 2: Definitely. 3: That’s how we got into each other’s bed.4: N/a. 5: She was a sexual prdatory as a child. 6: Nope. 7:N/A : Pro writer. 9: Sociopath.
    Managed to tie her down by putting the fear o God into her. Now she only drinks around me, refuses on her own t see her old drining pals, hates men as much as women, isn’t allowed a tat and generally wont go out and hangs off my evey word. Nothing you can’t tame thrugh fear of abandonment.

  35. 1. She is westernised!
    Any “empowered woman” is a slut in my books! I reckon at least half the girls I fucked were in serious relationships! Women with hardcore family values is the way to go where these women u can respect!! The rest are just a piece of meat to fuck!

  36. #3 is dead on, I’ve seen it so many times with other guys i know
    When a girl tries to diminish their relationship to “friends”, it always comes out that she’s fucking around behind his back

  37. If your girlfriend loves having “girls night out” at the club, well I’ve got bad news for you.
    Can’t tell you how many times I’ve quickly made out with a girl, who soon afterward says “I shouldn’t do this, I have a boyfriend”

  38. Physical tells; face eyes eyelids
    Whore;eyes stare,
    eyelids upper heavy folding lower dark thin lines

  39. “I don’t know exactly when my life turned into a Charles Bukowski novel”
    Great reference! I suggest reading “Women” to all ROK readers.

  40. There’s no loyalty among these bitches. Ever since my wife went off the deep end & trashed the marriage, I lost count of how many attached flight attendants have thrown themselves at me with their “fuck me” eyes. They know damn well that I’m separated at the moment. These girls will talk to me about their husbands/fiancé/boyfriend & drop hints at me in the next sentence.
    I ain’t trying the do the HR carpet dance, so as tempting as it is (& my wife is lucky that I believe in biblical principals regarding marriage & reconciliation, unless she’s committed adultery. The bitch is gone at that point) they’re off limits.

    1. Wi Tu Lo, I have vagina – i didn’t cheat on you. U have penis – u lied and cheated on me.
      So, who is cheater? Or if woman cheats she is a whore, if man cheats – he is a hero?

  41. If she says she’s not going to sleep with you just quote the “no means no” feminist mantra when she tries.

  42. There is a lot of truth in this article. The list could have kept going, but the nine listed were probably the most prevalent.
    Back in my college days, I was surprised with how many taken women were chasing me. However, it all makes sense now that I am older and wiser. I was the most aloof guy anyone knew, and we know what lack of attention will do to a woman in a boring relationship.

  43. It’s because women settle for a guy they don’t actually want. They do so because of their incredible competition with other women, especially female friends, relatives, or co-workers. Nothing is more terrible to women than being perceived as “unable to attract males”. It’s not about the guy. It’s about being better than other women. Young women prove their worth to other women by being able to attract desirable men.
    If she gets the hottest boy in school, her friends will try to equalize things by stealing him. Thus she is no longer “better” than them.
    If they are single, she is single. If she gets a boyfriend she’ll remain unless it gets serious. Then she’d better find different friendship circles because one or more of her friends will try to cheat with him. She’ll take pride in proving her friend is her “equal”.
    If all her friends are seeing someone, she’ll latch on in desperation to someone to prove to her friends that she is still their equal. Even if the guy is worthless.
    If her friends have rich, good-looking boyfriends, she’ll get anxious about having only some “middle-class guy who loves her”. She’ll dump him to get something better.
    Women look with jealous longing at what their friends or relatives have. If they feel those have something better, they’ll try to get it for themselves. If they can’t, they’ll try to destroy what the others have.
    It’s all about keeping things equal. The only state a woman accepts in other is “lower than me” or “equal”.
    I’ve had more than a few female friends confide in me that they relish when they see miserable posts from other females. And they defriend female friends with too many happy posts.
    In male society you prove your worth by the assets you accumulate, your skills, your talents, your career ect.
    In female society you prove your worth by mates and kids. Feminists are trying to erase the kids part.
    And when all is over, a woman who married a man she doesn’t love because all her friends were getting married and had kids she didn’t want because all her friends were, finally decides she hates it all. Oh and her friends are cheating. So guess what she’ll do…

    1. Don’t worry. Feminists have made it so men don’t want western women anymore, and they definitely don’t want to get married to them.
      Problem solved. Women will all be equal because none of them will have anything.

      1. There will still be women who get men. Thus feminist will work to undermine that. If they can’t have it, they’ll destroy it. I guess the saying, “cut off your own nose to spite your face” is a spot on description of a lot of women.

    2. Thanks for the solid assessment from woman-verse. I agree wholeheartedly with what you said and only can assume the Pygmalian project some women seem to relish is only in keeping with competition with women. That is a very cold and calculated practice.
      Would it be safe to say on average, 80 percent of women, have little to no love for the men in their lives, aside from sexual utility and social approval they can gain from showcasing to other women?

      1. I don’t think it’s so simple. There is the cold, pragmatic side. However, women do get attached. They do care for the guy they’re using. It’s just they care more for themselves at the end of the day. Yes, they feel bad. Sometimes. But they get distracted with everything else. They might even love him. However, they love social approval and themselves more. And thus they lie as a way to have everything without facing the consequences.
        Think of it this way. The classic trope of the beautiful girl who dates the non-jock. All her friends are dating jocks. She does love her nerdy guy, but she is embarrassed what her friends will think. She seeks success and approval from her friends. In the end she is weak and so tries to hide him from them. He notices, but keeps quiet as the sex is good. However, he starts to resent how she treats him.
        She might try to get him out of the shadows by getting him the right clothes or getting him to act a certain way. She might even come clean about dating him. Either way if her friends don’t like him they’ll tease her and look down on her for dating such a man. They’ll foist “better” men on her.
        And eventually he’ll either cling like a beta or get wise and dump her. She’ll regret losing him and cycle through other guys. And keep listening to what her friends say. Her head will swim with indecision.
        She liked that guy, but her friends said he wasn’t right. Her friends said she should date other men. Her friends said… Her mom said… All the women said…
        And she finally end up with a guy whose the perfect trophy and who she can’t stand. But all she’ll have is the illusion that he’s a great guy and her friends approving of him.
        Just one example, but it’s part of the crazy that is the female mind. Everything is about the group. Men are just more individual.

        1. Interesting and very in depth. It took me a while to respond as I had to re-read it several times over. So whether she loves the guy or not is of no consequence as that love can’t compete with her own narcissism endorsed by what she looks like while with him and what she can hold over other women in the process.
          This also works in tandem with a fairly new concept to me. As a man, I’ll have several ways to love a woman but unless I recognize which love is my dominant experience while with a woman, I’ll likely be manipulated by it into accepting an ill-suited mate.
          It isn’t crazy per se, but it does seem like a cruel farce. Men manipulated by women into being sexually suitable. Women manipulating women for entertainment and added comfort. Men manipulating men to avoid responsibility and gain rewards while being fake alphas. All manipulated by the desire of sex ultimately controlled by women. Cyclical behavior which would cease if only that pesky word, responsibility, we’re adhered to.

  44. Women who say they don’t like other women and who feel more comfortable with guys are actually just telling you they’re insecure and desperate for your approval and validation. They’re not more masculine… They have self-esteem issues. They can’t along with other women because they have problems and want so bad to be the “the cool girl” who is “one of the guys.” It’s gross and a giant red flag of she’ll be around for a while. A secure person does not have a problem being close with members of their own sex.

  45. ##. She has a pulse. In this fucked up society a woman doesn’t even need a vague justification to get piped by some dude she bumped into at a puppy shelter. She was just “finding herself” and felt “stifled” by her “oppressive” relationship.

  46. Women wearing make up, tight and/or short clothing, high heels, jewelry and so on are shopping. Are your wives or girlfriends sexually loyal? Absolutely not.

  47. Happened to me, she only had trait #9, plus low self esteem. Attention whore too. Now I know the signs and dump asap.

  48. Women are loyal by nature
    But the westernized world has messed them up
    other countries look up for western culture, so the media in our eastern countries export all their crap thoughts and programs, and spread the disease which is undermining the societies

  49. OK, so this just describes the vast majority of females in america. Always assume that any western woman is a slut, until she proves the opposite. You will have a much higher success ratio in judging character this way.

    1. You have any Overinflated Ego of Self-Importance and Your Intellect is a Disaster. The ONLY REASON YOU ARE NOT TRIPPING ON YOUR IQ IS YOUR SITTING ON IT.

  50. I don’t think that it’s really safe for women to be around you, if you get told “I’m not going to sleep with you”, and you hear “I’m just about ready to fuck you”. That you don’t think women can mean what they say is really sexist and ignorant. And I have plenty of female friends with tattoos and piercings that aren’t promiscuous at all. You can’t judge a person by stereotypes like that. It’s not fair to them as a person, and it’s not smart.

    1. Resorting to personal, subjective experience is a pretty piss-poor debating tactic. Not to mention it requires that your friends have been honest with you about their promiscuity, which is highly unlikely.
      Of course you can judge by stereotypes. You’ve been doing it with your trolling on this site more or less consistently since you got here, AC/DC.

      1. And you’re bringing… what to the table? Besides of course, your irrepressible urge to point out your snide and deeply immature assumptions about other people’s sexuality. Which is what I assume you mean with the dated slang for bi-sexual, ‘AC/DC’.
        And on what is the author’s assumption based? Personal subjective experience. But you don’t call him on that, because he agrees with your anti-woman world-view. And I know my friends well, whereas you don’t know them at all. Given their candour, I have no reason to believe that they were lying. Just as you have no real reason to believe they’re lying. And I know numerous people from various walks of life who don’t fit the dumb stereo-typing of this article. I think it’s a safe assumption that there are a lot of them in the population. Certainly safer than assuming that because a woman has tattoos, her ‘no’ is a soon-to-be ‘yes’. That’s a potential rapist’s mentality.
        The author assumes all or most people in a group act a certain way based on his limited experience and his confirmation bias. That’s quite foolish. I’ve known people who do and don’t fit stereo-types, which is why I know that you can’t assume things about people based on their belonging to a group. And this is the last reply you’ll get on this particular thread. I’m not getting drawn into another lengthy shit-fight with an anti-feminist ideologue.

  51. My current girlfriend is 31 I’m 24, she has every one of these signs and more, daddy issues mommy issues, she’s a trust fund baby she hit a lot on the 24 signs she’s a slut article, my gut says she has fucked someone else.
    But she is super smart/creative with an awesome career and she helps me better myself all the time.
    She says she wants to get married and have kids soon as her biological clock is ticking,
    Her father is worth upwards of 180 million .
    I don’t know what to do, she moved to another city and I moved with her for a time but my pare ts offered me a job I. Their growing company so I moved back.
    So we are in a committed long distance relationship.
    I don’t know how I feel, like I could start fucking other women while she fucks other men I suppose get married and reap some rewards or go live my life still successful but no drama.
    Please help

    1. She says I can trust her and I’ve talked to many people who know her and they say I can trust her, a lot of people admire me for dating her , few say she is crazy, she is well known artist photographer industry chick, noone has told me to stay away from here other than my mom and y friends mom who got to know her and said she was not playing with a full deck. This girl is a heavy drinker.
      She only has guy friends doesn’t trust women, her best friend whom she no longer is friends with was apparently her roommate and big fat whore who loved BBC’s but supposedly my girl isn’t like that at all.
      She is super good at her image and is in the spotlight all the time, been in therapy most of her life, pretty damaged but super hot and making huge career moves.
      She goes out and smokes and drinks alone on the town,
      But she makes the effort with me and my family and spends money on me all the time. Im really confused I enjoy committed stable relationships
      But I am 6’2 alpha male good looking and in shape .
      Her other boyfriends were all betas,
      She has been through a great deal of trauma and I feel for her on that.
      But I don’t know if she is heartless or not.
      She calls herself a light worker and is friends with a blind paraplegic and a guy with a degenerative disease.
      But also good friends with Atlanta rappers a drug dealers.
      I think she may be two people at once , its hard to tell I’m too young and inexperienced to know what to do.

      1. She also offered to take a polygraph test, and says she knows what she wants in life and to be with me, we text and talk all the time .

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