What Guys Are Saying About Getting Laid In Ukraine

A lot of guys have visited Ukraine and are telling their story. Here are some highlights from the forum…

Ukrainian women shit tests

When you talk to ukrainian girls you will inevitably come across of some of the common shit tests they use.I will present some of them and the answers usually given.

1.Why are you in Ukraine?

This test implies:Are you in Ukraine to hunt girls?If you answer I came to get girls you are immediately disqualified.If you answer I am a professional searching for business opportunities,interested in buying real estate,trying to open a shop or franchise etc you are in to be considered a liar.So carefully choose one reason why you are in Ukraine.How you justify your prsence.Tourist can mean sex tourist for them especially if you happen to be in a city flood by sex tourists or in a city with absolutely no tourist attraction.

2.How long will you stay in Ukraine?

If you answer I came for a week she may decide you are not material for LTR.If you answer I came to stay for long(student etc) she will suspect you are a liar.So you have to think of a clear answer before to this question.From my experience it is usually better to tell the truth but promise to come back soon to show that you are a frequent traveller.If she asks why do you come here often say that you have visited most European countries and Ukraine is your favourite you like the architecture and nature.Maybe the food as well.

3.Are girls not beautiful in your country?Why do you want ukrainian girl?

If you answer girls in my country suck you may appear as a sociopath or low value who cannot get a decent gf in his country.Or you may appear that you have high selection criteria so she is likely to be excluded as well.Or that you have a problem in character or a secret disadvantage that puts off girls.If you answer girls in my coutry are good she will ask then why do you not have a wife or girlfriend.This is another crucial question.

4.Why do you not have a girlfriend?Why are you not married?

This means what is your story?Are you not eligible to get a wife in your country or are you irresponsible?Or do you have some kind of defect? The answer is sth along the lines of unluckiness I did not happen to meet sb special so she will question whether you are social and cannot find girls through social circles.So be prepared guys.Have an answer beforehand for everything.

Pipelining the Ukraine

 I really dont know what people expect from the Ukraine either. Like most FSU countries, its only now starting to drag itself out of the dirt. The people may not look it, but the vast majority are actually quite poor by western standards and life is a daily struggle for most of them. They may look first world, but they are far from it.

The women themselves dont have time to waste either. They are over the hill at 25 and if they are unmarried as they move into their late 20’s they are really in quite a bit bit of trouble. Its over if they are in their 30’s for the most part. Now when they struggle like they do, it means nothing more than financial instability and loneliness for them as they get older. Throw into the mix a culture that believes and values traditional gender roles, and yes, the women are serious. They dont have time to waste on men who are not potential husbands. They dont have any safety nets and their safety net is their family and their husband.

This is why I keep saying to everyone that they need to get their stories straight and lie like absolute motherfuckers to them if its purely notch count they are after. Prepare properly and you will have a good time. Go there without doing your homework, acting like a tight arsed backpacker or thinking the women are all going to be DTF just because they enjoy sex is only going to lead to frustration.

Bulgaria vs Ukraine vs Hungary vs Poland

Ukraine is a different planet from anything else I’ve experienced, hardly anyone speaks english so you will need to brush up on your russian if you stay in the west, or your ukrainian if you go to the east [editor note: he has this reversed]. Kiev has a great metro system, marshrutkas are cheap and regular. Taxis suck ass, be prepared to haggle.

The girls are feminine and have great bodies. The Quality of the girls in Kiev seemed to be on some queer polar bell curve, they were either slavic with hairy faces or model good looking. Learn russian, I’m not kidding. Go see the burried monks, it’s a unesco world heritage site. The accomadation was not as cheap as I’d hoped in the Ukraine, and there isn’t really any set strip which was a pain. get a room near kreschatik and you should be alright.

There are plenty of back packers in the Ukraine so you can always pick up western tourists if you get bored of insanely pretty ukranian girls. Expect alot of dishonesty, bullshit, and outlight lies from the local guys. They are absolute scumbags, everyone is trying to rip you off. It’s a weird sensation. On the plus side they all look like crap, so you should definitely be better dressed, built, looking, and have tighter game than the locals, but fo you can’t speak Russian passably I would still give them the edge.

I didn’t get my Ukraine flag in Kiev, though did sleep with a back packer. The friends I made in my hostel said the girls were very mercenary, that they would sleep with you, but they needed to be taken out alot, so that would be your dollars working for you.

Ukraine – With Love

I think everyone’s experience in Ukraine has been pretty similar:

– Hottest girls in the world
– Nightlife is so-so
– Traditional culture, social circle oriented
– Have connections or at least pipeline before you get there.
– No one speaks English. The name of the game is “find the English speaker”
– Make sure you spend more than a week there, because you’ll need it.

The guys who did well spent 3-6 weeks there, had social contacts, and found English-speakers. Guys who did not do well there were only there for a week and spent their time cold approaching girls who spoke no English.

There’s also the 27-page Industrial Shithole thread which I updated while I was in Ukraine.

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41 thoughts on “What Guys Are Saying About Getting Laid In Ukraine”

  1. Maybe men didn’t become players because of feminism, maybe
    women became feminists because of sexual harassment. Men
    have always been horny, but girls have only started dressing like slobs, becoming sluts, getting fat, and getting tattoos in the past few years.
    Seduction turns men into assholes and chicks into bitches.
    The best way men can fight back against the decline of American women is to insult them and boycott them. Having sex with a fattie is like eating out of a trash can. I wouldn’t do it even if I was starving. Don’t reward bad behavior.

  2. The decline of American women is the result of policy more than anything else. The unfair divorce laws and welfare and rendered the average guy obsolete in terms of need, so, because there is only so many rich guys and policy has allowed women to decide not to be with regular guys their attitudes, actions, style, and substance reflect this.

    1. http://www.rooshv.com/how-not-to-get-laid-while-traveling
      Pipelining is “messaging cute girls you may find on dating sites, Badoo, OkCupid, or Couchsurfing,”, etc., before going on a love tourism trip, to ensure that you know local women and have access to them and/or their social circles once you arrive. (It gets its name from the act of having things ready or in process.)
      This ensures that you will have at least a few contacts and will not have to go in cold to a new city , which is more difficult. See:

  3. Great post Roosh!
    I agree- learning the language and having a legit reason to be there works wonders. I speak several languages fluently and right now learning Portuguese and Russian so that when I hit Brazil and Ukraine that I can have a lot of fun times not just with women but in general the culture is interesting and people friendlier when they see an American interested in their country. Can I get by with Russian since Ukraine is different language and they don’t offer Ukraine classes here in the USA but only Russian?

    1. You don’t need to learn Ukrainian. They all speak Russian. However, in Western Ukraine, most also speak Ukrainian.

      1. However, Ordinary Guy, in Western Ukraine we actually hate Russian language. Might tolerate it, but without enthusiasm.

  4. I have been to Odessa a number of times because of work, I found the women beautiful and smart.
    Because I was working on a 10 week contact, I had to eat out every night and I noticed a lot o f western men, trying to pick up women very young. it was a joke to see them showing off, telling the girls how rich they are and houses and cars they have. Real would you chat up a women in American like that, NO its the same in the ukraine, the women like romantic men who are strong. I have been dating a women from Odessa for 2 years, you find the wright women and it is wonderful, they have great values, great cooks, and will love you for life. So we are getting married in April and moving to Portugal my home.
    If you really wont a relationship, it does take time to build, and choose a women of around your own age, I am 50 and Svetlana is 49, she looks great, it works because we are the same, we talk about the same.
    Good luck to all that are looking

  5. OMG… If you want to fuck Ukrainian girl, find some sluts, but do not lie to good girls… There are a lot of very kind and good girls in Ukraine,

    1. But don’t Ukrainian girls often prostitute themselves, socially? Almost the overwhelming majority of girls (including “good” girls) often prostitute themselves, or have prostituted themselves at some point in their lives, there. So, it’s often easy to fuck Ukrainian girls.

    2. yeah i hear ukranian and russian girls in general love to take anal, she sounds like a real princess doesnt she?

    3. But I don’t want to fuck sluts; I want to fuck good christian virgin innocent Ukrainian girls. That’s the kind of girls I want to fuck. Hell Yeah!
      P.S. LET’S FUCK

  6. Ukraine is experiencing first wave feminism since a couple of years back. The closet feminism of Ukrainian women will soon be exposed to foreign men, eventually. A society (like Ukraine) which condones social prostitution is not the place for guys seeking mates for marriage. Ukrainian women (like Russian women) usually don’t have a problem sleeping around in exchange for money, even if she had a normal career – and the society actually condones it. It’s easy to tempt them with money, for they often find it hard to resist it. So remember that almost every Ukrainian woman is often an ex-hoe.

    Every Girl Has A Price

    Says it all.
    “You can’t make a hoe into a housewife”. Unless you want to create a society by making babies with “reformed” women (ex-sluts, ex-hoes). A wife who was an ex- cum dumpster for men, and could be easily lured and bought with direct offers of cash. I think possibly men realize this in Ukraine, and another possible reason for the high divorce rate in Ukraine, is closet male retroactive jealousy about their wives’ past, and a general inherent distrust of their own women (can’t blame them for that though).
    Foreign men have a choice, and a lot of options as compared to local men living in Ukraine.
    At least they don’t have to commit to Ukrainian women, even if the women are beautiful and good in sex (often Ukrainian women often get clingy, “romantic” and commitment-pushy after sex). Even though she appears “feminine”, an average Ukrainian woman’s sex life more or less follows a similar notch count as an average American woman’s sex life – probably more with her self rationalized social prostitution – and just know that she will often tell you she has better “reasons” to do that (“she’s poor”, “she’s got to make money for her family (translate: pay for her cosmetics)”, “she was in love”, “she needed a man”, etc. etc.). In comparison to the American woman, an Ukrainian women is more discreet, and less vocal about her closet feminism. She carries herself with more sophistication, but there is a feminist hidden within. If you fall for the trap of her allure, you’ll bite the dust sooner or later when she reveals her true natural self. Ukrainian women actually inherently think men are pawns (most of them secretly resent men; some of them probably wished they were born as one).
    They know men can be manipulated with sex and beauty easily, though they act “feminine” and victim-like (“men have often hurt women”).
    So basically, they’re the same shit as American women; but just with a different smell and look. Don’t fall for it.
    Basically, it’s a place purely for seeking sex, with beautiful women (Ukrainian women have only beauty – which is often their best and only gift – but often no personality). So stick to that point, guys. Enjoy the sex, pass her on, and move on. In truth, she couldn’t care less – because she knows she’ll find another guy.

    1. how would you know what it’s like to be a Ukrainian woman? women in countries like Ukraine and Russia often have to resort to these activities because they’re less educated and don’t have as many options as women from other countries. you don’t see women from wealthy countries prostituting themselves to men, so it obviously has more to do with culture than a woman’s inherent nature. Ukraine a much less equal society.

    2. Are you crazy?! I think yes, you are. “It’s easy to temp them with money” – yeah, for marriage. Not sleeping around.

  7. If you just want sex just pay for it. You’ll spend hours recruiting it and grooming it when you can just spend a few bucks and get exactly what you want. It’s bad form to be deceitful because you are a tightwad.

  8. I love Ukraine and it’s funny seeing big fat frumpy foreigners (Usually from USA) with these beautiful young girls walking around Odessa and they have no idea they are being taking advantage of. Even worse seeing carrying designer bags of women clothes while the girl is just living the life shopping. It’s pathetic, if the Devil came as a beautiful girl, most men will walk hand to hand to hell.
    Here’s my experience with Ukrainian women, as you see my photo…I’m not a Brad Pitt Model and I do have a gut which is becoming too hard to suck in for extended periods of time. However, I found to have success with women in Odessa, Kiev, Donetsk, and Gorlovka (cities I visited in Ukraine). It starts off by being honest with yourself first. What do you want? To fuck? Ok, easy as pie. Pay for it. Look, most clean, educated, and English speaking girls want to have a LTR and getting in their pants require time, money for dates, and you have to go through their test as mentioned by Roosh. Even that isn’t a guaranteed. So, what’s your options? Make an appointment with an escort, there are online ones, beautiful girls..and yes they may charge 100-200$ an hour, but you get to fuck a hot Ukrainian girl. Ok, option 2, local classify ads. Girls are not as good looking, but they charge 40-50$ a hour. Even more better, there some nasty looking girls, I mean bad teeth, hairy faces, bad bo and they usually panhandle or beg for money on the streets, some even are Gypsies, and they would have sex for 100UAH…less than 10$.
    All in all, if you want a good girl for a wife, be honest and act like you want love also and you can have a loving relationship with a beautiful girl.
    If sex what you want, you can find it at the right price. Just beware of scam artist who will lure you to a place and have their male friends rob and assault. Also HIV and Hepatitis are seriously high risk in Ukraine.
    Have fun and be safe.

    1. if sex is all I want, I do not have to spend $$$ and time to travel overseas not to mention the brutal time to learn a difficult language like Russian! Escorts are easy to get at home for less money and time.

  9. Why are you making this complicated If your ona sex tour vacation just say so There are many girls you can rent for Week and she can be your girlfriend
    See how easy that is no games

  10. Last time I was in Ukraine, I could say whatever the fuck I wanted I still couldn’t beat the girls away with the stick. I don’t know if Ukrainian women are easy or not, but I know that if I didn’t play hard to get I’d have no time to do anything other than sleep around.

  11. If you want to come to Ukraine to screw around stay home. Why do you fucking Americans think our country and Russia are brothels?

  12. I have to assert that th exact situation with women is everywhere, ‘casue you know it’s a human factor. I do respect Ukrainian women becasue I know what they have to face in an every day lofe. My GF told me lots of things. By the way, we met on a dating platfrom (heandshetoday.com ) and it worked for us.

  13. not all ukr girls are sluts – mostly village aids carriers are sluts/enter at your own risk/ they suck third world syphylis cock and then french-kiss you in few hours/ good luck/

  14. Ukraine is like any other country there are good and bad people “You Get What You Are Looking For” Ukraine is a very specific country if you have stayed less than a year in Ukraine you have just scratched the surface

  15. Ukrainian women already have losers in their country. They don’t need any more of them from the United States especially. Even if American or Western men want to sleep with these women, at least they should take the women seriously.


  17. don’t expect to find love. its just sex, period. sad but true.

  18. Easiest way to get Ukrainian girls interested is to tell them you don’t trust them and you heard they were all out to get marriage Visa’s from western guys.
    Me: “I’m not here to sleep with the girls because I don’t trust them. I’m just visiting Ukraine because it’s close to where I live (Georgia) and I’ve never been here before.”
    Girl: “OMG why? We are so nice, traditional, honest, loyal.. etc etc”
    Me: “I’m American and I heard that Ukrainian girls just date Americans to get a VISA to the United States”
    Girl: “No no!! It’s not like that at all, we are really great, you can trust us!” – her friend and her spend the rest of the night competing for my attention and trying to prove they and Ukrainian girls in general were just the best; takes me to her favorite places, tell me all about the culture, offers give me a tour of Kiev, and insist I get her number / info at the end of the night. –
    Funny thing is, I really wasn’t lying, I was interested in / seeing an Estonian girl at the time and was just visiting Ukraine for 3 days (an staying at a hostel) – but I imagine I could have taken it as far as I wanted. That being said, I’m really not the ‘hookup’ kind of guy (though I’ve had my share of experiences); I’m usually looking for something serious and I like girls that are also serious. Dating a Georgian girl now, she’s wonderful – everything you’d expect from a top-rate girl in terms of personality, loyalty, care, kindness, and she takes care of herself so well, so much better than American / Western girls (like most Eastern European girls do). I’m so happy I moved to this part of the world, never leaving.

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