Satanism And Witchcraft Are Staging A Big Comeback

The election of Donald Trump has caused many people to lose their senses. We now have news anchors crying on the air, former conservatives siding against their own president, and people acting like Harry Potter is some sort of blueprint to resist Trump. But one of the oddest side effects of the Trump victory is that it has revived interest in Satanism and witchcraft.

Chelsea Clinton and the Church of Satan

To be a politician in this politically correct age, you must never say something that might offend certain groups. For example, you will never hear a politician saying something bad about Islam. You can bet that someone like Hillary Clinton’s daughter Chelsea is extra careful about everything she says or writes on social media.

Thus, it was a little bit of a surprise when Chelsea Clinton wished the Church of Satan a Happy New Year. Now, no one is accusing Chelsea of being a devil worshiper. The Church of Satan itself seems more like a bunch of Ayn Rand devotees who are into rituals than literal worshipers of the prince of darkness. But the Church of Satan is overtly anti-Christian. The founder of the group, Anton LaVey, wrote in an introduction his Satanic Bible that he wanted to defy the Christian religion.

By interacting with the Church of Satan, Chelsea gave her 2.5 million followers that the Church of Satan is a legitimate part of the “Resistance” to President Trump. By bestowing “Resistance” status to an anti-Christian group, Chelsea is drawing the battle lines more clearly: It is the Christian Trump supporters on one side and anti-Christian atheists on the other. And if those atheists won’t be excluded if they happen to engage in strange rituals.

Astrology and Witchcraft on the rise

In the spiritual desert that is America, it is not surprising that people are turning to various alternatives. On Twitter, many accounts have sprung up of young women who are into veganism, yoga, herbs, and astrology. And it is not just women who are into it. “Kundalini Dick” is a popular black Twitter account that teaches his followers about astrology and sex magic.

Magical practices are not limited to social media. The Bravo television channel recent ran an episode of Vanderpump Rules that featured the women members of the show putting a spell on a male cast member to stop him from cheating on his girlfriend using a needle, a lemon, and candles.

This new age seems to affect millennials the most. These young people are the end result of our culture of materialism and hedonism combined with political policies that only benefit a tiny cadre of globalists.

Christianity’s unpaid bills

It is easy to blame the misguided people who dabble in witchcraft, Satanism, or any other dubious sect, and to a certain extent they deserve to be blamed. But ultimately, I think the full blame must fall on those Christian bishops, priests, and pastors who are charged with preaching the fullness of the Christian message—even the difficult parts.

For decades now, the Christian churches have been willing to water down the gospel to win the praise of the world. This has been most evident with the mainline Protestant churches, who march lockstep with the progressive culture. As soon as the US Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage, the National Cathedral, which is part of the Episcopal Church, immediately announced that it was offering to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies. There was no question of preserving traditional Christian teaching.

But it is not just the mainline Protestants who have yielded to the culture. The Catholic Church doesn’t openly flout Christian doctrine—that would be too obvious—but they have created an environment where the more difficult teachings of the gospel are never taught or enforced. If you want proof of this, ask yourself when was the last time a bishop barred a pro-abortion politician or turned down a photo-op with one?

Evangelicals, once a bastion of traditional culture in the United States, are no better. I met an evangelical pastor at my son’s preschool. I was expecting him to be a kindred spirit, but quickly learned that he suffered from an advanced case of Trump derangement syndrome. He was no outlier. Evangelical pastors now signal harder for social justice than they do for the teaching of Christ, as these tweets by Seattle pastor Eugene Cho demonstrate:

The bottom line is that people who are dabbling in witchcraft and Satanism have probably only been exposed to a truncated Christianity that has been purged not of its challenging elements, but also of any connection to the Divine. Why become a Christian if it teaches exactly what the rest of the world teaches? Why bother going to church if it has about as much spirit as an NGO? People inherently sense that this modern form of Christianity has no power. There is no sense of awe. People are voting with their feet. Several friends have even that even the great Evangelical megachurches are losing members in droves.


I highly doubt that Americans are going to convert to Wicca or Satanism in great masses. These things are only symptoms of the bigger problem: Americans are spiritually dead. We have let ourselves become debased. We have our fill of porn, meaningless sex, entertainment, drugs, alcohol, and the never-ending pursuit of wealth. What we don’t have is any higher purpose or meaning. If things continue on our present trajectory we will live and die as unthinking beasts, rutting our way to perdition.

It doesn’t have to be this way. We can choose to live as men even if our culture and our institutions have abandoned us.

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  1. It is all part of their plan to drive home the bigger goal these people have:
    Have white, Christian, conservative men seen as public enemy number one

  2. Women connect to God through Men and when that natural order is broken the former resorts to witchcraft, satanism and black energy in general

      1. Right. Because used up sluts with thousand cock stares are much hotter than 17 year old church virgins.
        Keep coping with Chad’s leftovers

      2. Hey brother mike or my fellow ROK’ers, please pray for me. I am currently in a state of spiritual war. My mind and spirit are not focused on the Lord, and hence lust, greed and other irrelevant nonsense is taking over. In Christ / Yeshua name, amen.

  3. Spinsters are by definition witches because they are childless and bitter old hags who believe in hocus-pocus like “empowerment” and “manifesting” to make up for their failure to formulate a family and reproduce.
    There’s gonna be a lot more anti-western civilization witches in the coming decades. Get ready yo!

    1. Wiccan women miscarry pregnancies at a higher rate too because of their positive energy deficit – as do energy (psychic) vampires as well. They are very poor transducers or conduits of life force because they consume it. They leech it and sponge it off of other people who are around them. And this is why the embrios within them dry up like raisins, starved of positive life force and then the wiccan vamp woman lets out a wickid belch from hell as she miscarries. Those bitch mothers suck the life out of their children even before they’re born. Then her crypt smelling twat spits out the poor dead baby like a peach pit. And of course the friggin witch then begins trolling, laying the honey trap for her next male victim to “casts thy seed into the fire”.
      This is all proven and is the foreboding enigma that brought about the development of patriarchy in ancient times – to cap and tame the evil bitch. It is the foundation of every patriarchal religion that ever laid a foundation to regulate the she beast and throw her vapid nature into a cage and keep it there. That’s the only way our great species can constructively procreate and civilize – with the BITCH properly clipped, contained and smelling like a rose. Otherwise, with feral herds of shebeasts running wild, we become like dumb animals without souls and our species falls from control – no longer able to master or control our environment. Under rogue bitch rule, our species becomes PART of the food chain – no longer at the top of it. We become more like prey to the other more dominant wild beasts of this orb.
      THIS IS WHY it is so important that we hammer our women back into place with the rule of supreme and divine patriarchy. We need it now more than ever – and I mean not just a shot in the arm of patriarchy – shit right now we need a durn full blast fire hose enema treatment of patriarchy. “This is an emergency Bill, e*m*e*r*g*e*n*c*y!”

      1. LMAO!!!!!
        That superstitious nonsense really made my day. Christianity must adapt in order to survive.
        But moreover, witchcraft has nothing to do with Satanism or even Wicca. Witchcraft is a type of shamanism that was practiced among the pre Christian Celts.
        America never has been religiously homogenous and it never will be.

        1. Go back to Sweden Zeno and LARP D&D while your Nerdic women get plowed by Habib because that is where pagans are destined to be. In their multicult, goddess worshiping cuckdom

      2. Sounds abstract to the unaware, but so are the hidden motives of this universe. Seems like the whole world is becoming a psy-vamp.

  4. This needs to be encouraged. Hold on boys. This is good way for these anti-male, anti-Christian and anti-Western scum to become irrelevant even faster.

  5. A famous German treatise “Malleus Maleficarum” posited the susceptibility of women to witchcraft in the early fifteenth century was due to their natural religious transgression.
    Women Have Always Been Like That (WHABLT)

  6. Who cares? It’s all hocus-pocus. It’s this, or a flying Jewish zombie. Take your pick.

    1. “Flying Jewish Zombie”
      Holy fuck dude, that was edgy.
      Up until this point I always believed in Christ the messiah but you just….you just put it in full perspective.
      Faith= smashed. Now where can I buy a good fedora?

  7. Simply speaking – satanism, witchcraft, esoteric practices are always more popular in nowadays “spiritual” life because they are based on achievement of material goods, carnal pleasures and hierarchy status rather than seeking Salvation via Christianity, for example.
    And also we are extremely curious to see the world hidden from our eyes. The above-mentioned practices offer to effortlessly take a peek at it through the back door without any consequences, as they claim.
    I don’t recommend them to anyone. The price can be too high.

  8. Actually, if you look at the Church of Satan’s eleven ‘commandments’..
    1,Do not give opinions or advice unless you are asked.
    2,Do not tell your troubles to others unless you are sure they want to hear them.
    3,When in another’s lair, show him respect or else do not go there.
    4,If a guest in your lair annoys you, treat him cruelly and without mercy.
    5,Do not make sexual advances unless you are given the mating signal.
    6,Do not take that which does not belong to you unless it is a burden to the other person and he cries out to be relieved.
    7,Acknowledge the power of magic if you have employed it successfully to obtain your desires. If you deny the power of magic after having called upon it with success, you will lose all you have obtained.
    8,Do not complain about anything to which you need not subject yourself.
    9,Do not harm little children.
    10,Do not kill non-human animals unless you are attacked or for your food.
    11,When walking in open territory, bother no one. If someone bothers you, ask him to stop. If he does not stop, destroy him.
    They are pretty mundane, except 7 which is ‘magicky’. The rest is Red Pill.
    Still, far more sensible than the OT commandments!

    1. Evil hides in plain site also uses religion as a cover also. The fairy tale is real and when you find out first hand, …who or what do you pray to.

        1. I guarantee that in place of that “fairy tale” there’s plenty of other (at best) ominous and (at worst) downright dangerous stuff you believe or follow.
          Freedom from religion doesn’t make a person more clever- it just leaves them open to believe a whole lot of other nonsense in its’ place…

    2. the satanic commandments aren’t particularly diabolic, at least at first sight, and it’s good that they are in the open, although unlike the OT 10 commandments they cannot be other than somewhat arbitrary, an imitation in form seeking to encapsulate a particular understanding of alt religion i.e. the next satanist might easily consider it a commandment to kill and eat babies (I’m not suggesting satanists are wont to do this, but the transgressive is a large part of ‘the point). It is in other words a community code of practice (and for what its worth not a bad one if the purpose is harm minimization)
      I would say the most ‘satanic’ part of those commandments lie in 4 & 11 which does at least permit and indeed advocate for an eye for an eye approach that in particular repudiates christian humility, forgiveness, and arguably permits a whole lot more: someone bothers you, doesn’t stop and you therefore get to destroy him? Most people bother each like that after a while, at least if they’re not your friends.
      The takeaway from my perspective is that today compared to the world that has gone each religion, faith, creed, cult, coven or whatever has to argue its case from the ground up. Christians are currently doing a shit job, but that’s mainly because they’re not used to arguing for themselves, and expect to be able to make an appeal to God, or scripture or whatever to those who no longer have any compulsion to accede to any divine or religious authority. This is a good thing not a bad

      1. You do realize that the Church of Satan does not actually believe in a ‘Satan’ type character as described in the Bible?

        1. yes, what did I say that indicated otherwise? The only confirmed theistic satanists I know of were that Swedish death metal musician who killed his friend and then got whacked

        2. Laveyan satanism, sure. But there are also a spectrum full of varying theistic satanist sects. Also on a larger cosmic understanding – there is only duality in the known world God or Satan. Beyond space and time, there is only God (alpha/omega); hence he is omnipotent, ominiscient, omnipresent and eternal.
          In the world , if you are not of God, then you are of Satan. Whether it be atheism, gnostism, direct satanism, new age, other religions etc…

      2. ‘…religion, faith, creed, cult, coven or whatever has to argue its case from the ground up. Christians are currently doing a shit job, but that’s mainly because they’re not used to arguing for themselves,’
        Every ‘religion, faith, creed, cult, coven’ EXCEPT Christianity* is given positive coverage in the MSM and by Hollywood.
        ALL public ‘approved’ views on Christianity are negative.
        There is ZERO criticism of even the clearly evil aspects non-Christian ‘faith’ groups.
        Surprised you require me to type this…you may be too fair minded and temporarily have overlooked the clears and aggressive anti-Christian animus of American public life.
        *Indeed, much of real Christianity is being outlawed under the guise of ‘fairness’ and anti-hate.

        1. you are right, Christianity is getting battered, and the culture is anything but a level playing field in this respect. While that is a cause for concern I still maintain that it is potentially a good thing in the long term as it will require that ‘the faith’ is defended from the ground up, i.e. only those arguments can be used which do not depend on external authority, including ultimately scripture (I acknowledge that will be challenging for many particularly those who believe that the authority of scripture is all). Ultimately all faiths, religious or otherwise will need to compete naked so to speak. It is distinctly to the evolutionary disadvantage of any creed to find itself protected from examination whether from the inside or the out.
          Having said that I fully recognize that there in places in the world where violence amongst other things threatens to destroy faith communities. That’s true of places like Syria, Egypt in particular. I am not suggesting that people and their right to practice their religion freely should not be protected, but merely that a strong creed will benefit from a free for all. Is that naive? Perhaps, organizationally speaking. I have no doubt the catholic church would be rather different if there were say no congregation for the doctrine of faith, but equally what price orthodoxy?

    3. Mundane my ass:
      9 = harming big children, teens, and adults is okay
      10 = killing human animals is okay
      4 = annoying guests may be killed

    4. @Biteme
      Christianity created Christendom. The greatest civilization the world has ever seen. What have atheism ans satanism given the world except for death and decay.
      Both atheism and satanism never were able to create a single society based on atheistic/satanic morality. Far less a civilization. Explain.

    1. he was, or at least some like to make him out as such. The wise serpent. The prometheus who brought the gift of fire from Gods who wished to keep Man in the dark. You can’t defeat satan unless you know his name. But why would one want to defeat ‘progress’ anyhoo?

    2. That’s why “Rules for Radicals” Alinsky and his follower, former First Lady Clinton admire Satan.

  9. Feminism = Rebellion = Witchcraft
    1 Samuel 15:23 For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. Because thou hast rejected the word of the Lord, he hath also rejected thee from being king.
    Feminists love witchcraft because it “empowers women” and I’ve seen many so called wiccans extoling the virtues of Lilith, who, in lore, is called Adams first wife, who rebelled against him. She is the feminist icon and rebellion is her specialty, no wonder so many modern women embrace the practice, especially when Christianity calls for women to be silently obedient and submissive to their husbands, even when they are unbelievers.

    1. Exactly right. Lillith gets marketed as the spirit of female rebellion against Adam, but also against God. She refused to lie under him and wished to be on top: do you not recall the feminist campaigns in the 90s encouraging men to let women be on top during the sexual act because women are lighter and men’s bodies a burden for their delicate frames to bear: Lillith. Once she’s on top, she’ll ride you until she break’s your cock off and then she’ll strap it on
      Lillith like Satan is a figure of rebellion, a lot of other witchcraft and occult religion prefers to focus not on a primordial rebellion against a patriarchal God but in a time notionally “before” a patriarchal God, choosing to identify and attempt to cohere all the mother goddess / fat arsed fertility goddesses from paleolithic times, in an age where according to the likes of Fraser kings were sacrificed each year to ensure the corn while women were considered to birth children magically without it being understood that they’d been inseminated
      There has been a lot of interest in feminism in ancient goddess cults like cybele, Isis, ishtar, diana / hecate who are touted as ‘the old religion’ (in fact I believe many of the claims made are highly contested). Some branches of Judaism have long turned towards the Shekinah, and the feminine aspect of God (God is indivisible and cannot simply be male except in aspect) and this has also leeched into christianity with the idea of say the shekinah glory (usually understand as feminine in-dwelling) and now the very dodgy sacred feminine seen as an esoteric hidden tradition within the church (thanks dan brown probable freemason)
      Of course it all goes even further south when it comes feminist witchcraft proper, which typically celebrates all things feminine ‘transgressive’ (Lillith of course remains the heroine here), and celebrates menstrual blood (the moon!) , body fluids and pretty everything sure to gather flies. Some of those feminist performance artists must surely be witches. Marina Abramowicz spirit cooking and sicko stuff like that is pretty much where we’re at here.

  10. There is a big lack of masculinity in the church. I hope any of you reading this are called by God to return to minsitry and the church and speak the truth.

  11. Most actual occultists don’t like the massive influx into their ranks either. Modern day practitioners of witchcraft do not treat it with the respect that is needed, and thus bring both a lot of harm and a lot of bad attention to occult circles, which bother actual occultists. I thought that it was kinda weird at first: after all, what group wouldn’t want more followers, but I guess when you’re dealing with spirits that are potentially dangerous you don’t want people with no knowledge or respect just jumping in to your circles.
    Wicca was always shit though.

  12. “But ultimately, I think the full blame must fall on those Christian bishops, priests, and pastors who are charged with preaching the fullness of the Christian message—even the difficult parts.” Toyally disagree. What an unmaly comment in a site that promotes neo-masculinity. If you’re a Christian it is YOUR DUTY to become a missionary and spread the GOSPEL OF TRUTH. I may sond harsh but it is up to you, Christian, to spread the message. Neither of us will stand before God and say: ” I outsourced it”.

    1. Many contemporary Christians are idolators: they’re more concerned with the actions of Christ than his teachings.

    2. Pastors and priests are shepherds to their congregation. They should be firmly rooted in the word, which many are not. Take a good look at todays post at and you see a perfect example. Here is a pastor who is intentionally delivering scripture incorrectly to deliver a feminist message. There are many who will take his false message whole cloth as the truth. He is intentionally misleading other Christians! I would agree with you in part, however, in that every Christian man should be capable of reading and discerning scripture on his own, and should be holding pastors accountable. As the apostle Paul praised the Bereans for testing every word he spoke against holy scripture we should be doing the same to our pastors! Lack of this practice has caused many men and women to go astray.
      Churches, pastors, priests should be strongholds against the anti-Christian push of societal evolution. Instead we find them co-opting the whole joint, and causing a rot in their own churches which has now become the new normal. They share much of the blame.

  13. It is quite telling that satanism is popular: Satan, despairing against the nature of the world (manifest as god) seeks to rebel against it.
    These children, incapable of reconciling the nature of reality (and perhaps being presented a false view attempt to rebel against it). You can ignore reality all you like, but you can’t ignore the consequences of avoiding reality.

  14. This is nothing new. All this started in the 90’s. In fact there were more self-proclaimed Goth chicks back then than now. Wearing black like it was Halloween and dying their hair black.

    1. it may not be completely new, but the transgressive issue is more in evidence than ever before. Alternative sexualities, abortions (which are everybody’s personal choices as far as I’m concerned) are at a far higher volume of intensity than they ever were back then. It’s Walpurgis Night every night these days

      1. Disagree, I think the peak of slutdom was in the decadent pre-social media 1990’s when drugs and alcohol were more popular among teens who at that time were the kids of divorced boomers.
        Yuppies in the 1960’s who came of age in the 1980’s and had kids in the 1990’s were better parents. Divorce was lower. They made more money.
        Gen X born in the 70’s who came of the age in the decadence of the “fuck it” grunge era (I was born in 74) took it to an extreme that will not be seen again because, well, kids now are preoccupied with porn and social media. In the old days, you were trying to stick your dick in a living and breathing chick’s mouth.

        1. but ‘slutdom’ is just behaviour for the most part. The ideological elements that arguably lay and continue to lie behind it, were far more in the background back then, if they were even in play at all. Back in the 90s the only place you might hear about gender theory, queer theory, heteronomativity and transgressive sexualities etc was in the academy and although all those ideas were gestating in the belly of the beast (wimmins studies departments mainly) they were regarded as fringe ideas to be laughed at. Nobody thought that after 911 – a symbolic attack on a mighty phallic object – there would be massive and world-wide attempt to invert sexual energy by insane gnostic life-hating sexual revolutionaries with penis envy:)

      1. Nah, witchcraft came into vogue during the 90’s (Watch The Craft, Blair Witch Project or 6,000 other imitations) with “Wicca”.
        I was young in the 1990’s when “Wicca” took off.
        Alexander Crowley and Anton whatever had introduced Satanism in the 70’s during the counter-culture era and Heavy Metal popularized it in the 1980’s which reached a peak in the Judas Priest Trial era from mid-80’s as well in the Richard Ramirez spree.
        More incidents of Satanic-influenced teen homicide took place in the 1980’s then at anytime else.

        1. Okay, but Goth started in the 80s with rather mild mainstream bands like The Cure and Siouxsie and the Banshees.

        2. There’s a footage of trial on YouTube, you should have taken a look before confusing people with such a non-sense.

          “Better by you better than me” is a cover song that contains no subliminal messages.
          those teenagers were junkies, and grieving parents decided to get some benefits out of the situation

        3. BENNY
          They did not need a gay British singer to tell them their lives were going nowhere.

  15. Here’s something recent from Vigilant Citizen, there’s a Toronto based ice cream chain called ‘Sweet Jesus’ that uses Satanic symbols, creepy pictures of kids, and explicitly blasphemous copy in their ads (“Thou shalt not take the Lord’s name in vain, but god damn that’s delicious”).
    So in this day and age it’s not okay for a Christian person to conduct his business according to his religion but it is okay to have a business that puts down Christianity. (I was going to put religion, but who are we kidding, the target is only Christianity.)

  16. A recent article on the VigilantCitizen site discusses a Toronto-based ice cream chain “Sweet Jesus” with Satanic symbology, blasphemous copy, and disturbing pictures of children.

      1. Sorry about multiple posts. I guess comments with links get screened and don’t show up immediately.

    1. Indeed! Ice-cream is also a common symbol in the lgbtq movement, as its multitude of flavours can be used to knock down the institutions of patriarchy. Straight sex is ‘vanilla’. The basic ‘binary’ is chocolate or vanilla. Alternative sexualities can be compared to trying different flavours: I mean, Vanilla all the time is boring isn’t it?
      The comparison between food and sex is a longstanding in the complete perverts camp as ‘comet pizza’ (psy-op) and the podesta connection (not psy-op) attest. Podesta staple diet of course was cheese pasta, pizza and ice-cream, but never vanilla

  17. There’s a sort of gay snarkiness about the Satanist crowd.
    No wonder, the top level initiation (AFAIK) for “Crowleyanity” is raw, receptive butt-sex.

    1. butt sex is valuable to Crowley for its sex magick potential which by virtue of its deviation from the natural is supposedly greater than straight vaginal sex. If Crowley thought this a century ago what’s the likelihood that at least some of the people pushing alternative sexualities upon the world aren’t doing it for much the same purpose

  18. Mr. Sebastian makes some excellent points, especially about mainline Protestantism being liberal, about the increased obsession with the occult, but especially how bad evangelical Protestantism is becoming. He’s also spot on 100 % correct about the megachurches losing attendees in droves. 20 years ago , as a then 40 year old man, I walked away from a happy clappy megachurch, and converted to the EOC. I’m amazed at how feminized evangelicalism has become, and how popular culture has influenced and affected evangelicalism in just 20 short years. I recently went to one of the few remaining video stores in my area (a chain owned by Mormons). I don’t have cable or Netflix (don’t need yet another bill), and I’m not a fan of Red Box either. About 1/3 of the movies had themes about the occult, witchcraft, ouija boards, demon possession, homosexuality (often interlaced with the occult themed movies), and sadistic murder. I finally rented Zulu (1964) and Zulu Dawn (1979). Old Brit made movies about the battle of Rourke’s Drift and the battle of Isandlwana during the Zulu Wars in 1879.

    1. Satanists are the real babies here. So deeply invested in the carnal state they have no ability to transcend this low material level.
      Which is why Satanists get BTFO at rallies by nice-guy, conviction-less Evangelical Christians of all people! Yes, that’s right, Evangeli-cucks have MORE balls than a Satanist.

  19. Wicca (and Paganism) were actually very conservative originally with a strict emphasis on heterosexuality, but became hijacked by Leftist-Regressives. Fortunately the earlier Wiccan texts are largely still available for those interested.

    1. “Earlier Wiccan texts” – what a crock of shit!
      While there are extant authentic early pagan traditons, ‘Wicca’ is synthetic, created in the mid 20th century by one Gerald Gardner, linked to Crowley and the OTO.

      1. Not at all, also Wicca is reconstructed Paganism. Also Earlier Wiccan Texts refers to those written by Gerald Gardner and other Wiccan Officials at the time Wicca was founded. Gardner was considerably more conservative then any Modern individual claiming to be Wiccan today

  20. Satanism is really a branch of Christianity, along with Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy and Protestantism. Satanists just differ from Christians over which god in the Christian world view really has the upper hand in the universe.
    No one had ever heard of Satan until Christians invented this character, then they spent generations propagandizing people with their myth about Satan’s rebellion against God and all of his terrifying supernatural powers. Satan even makes a good showing in Western secular literature, notably John Milton’s “Paradise Lost,” where the fallen angel speaks the best lines.
    So why should it surprise Christians that in modern times some people have decided to worship Satan as an alternative deity?

    1. Satan the accuser is been around for a long time. The identification of Satan with the serpent in the garden of Eden appears to be mainly Christian although it seems he may also be identified with the Leviathan sea-serpent of Isaiah.
      Although Satan as Devil seems largely Christian wikipedia says that “In Hasidic Judaism, the Kabbalah presents Satan as an agent of God whose function is to tempt humans into sinning so that he may accuse them in the heavenly court.”
      Likewise you have jewish authors who have written books like Satan in Goray, where the satanic is identified with sabbateanism as pointed violation of halakhic law
      What’s probably true is that the popular conception of Satan is predominantly christian / Miltonian

    2. Buddhism predates Christianity by more than 500 yrs, yet every temple in Thailand is surrounded by repulsive demon statues. The British colonel Laurence Waddell wrote in 1895 that “the bulk of the Lamaist cults comprise much deep-rooted devil worship and sorcery, which I describe with some fullness. For Lamaism is only thinly and imperfectly varnished over with Buddhist symbolism, beneath which the sinister growth of poly demonist superstitions darkly appears”. Paul Carus wrote a book called The History of the Devil where he describes how the idea of a personified evil has resurfaced throughout history since time immemorial.

  21. ” People inherently sense that this modern form of Christianity has no power. There is no sense of awe”
    Plus christianity lacks the self-preservational tribalism – it’s become a liberal bedwetting, pathalogical ulturistic ideokogy that hates itself, and wants to die

  22. This whole “Satanists don’t actually worship the Devil!” is just another meme much like the “muh religion of peace!” lie.
    Satanists are much like Freemasons; at the lower levels it’s just self-righteous shills and lackeys doing petty boyscout bullshit. But at the higher levels it’s much more sinister and obscure.
    If you doubt this then just note the Clinton connection above, the same family which is into spirit cooking, child trafficking, and all that other horrific pizza gate depravity.
    > b-b-but those are not real Satanists!!!
    Where have I heard that one before? Maybe try Liveleak where you can find videos of cops raiding houses full of pentagrams, cups of human blood, severed heads and snuff films of ritual murder? It starts to add up after a while.
    These people are fucking sick and disgusting and really do deserve to be dragged out to the city gates and stoned like the subhuman animals they really are.

    1. there is a public relations issue with satanism no doubt. Sacrifice of animals and possibly humans have been recorded but whether this represents any kind of widespread organised ‘religious’ activity is less clear. Maury Terry wrote a whole book on the Ultimate Evil connecting Son of Sam to Charles Manson and the Process church. I didn’t really feel he made his case, but certainly some of what he documents probably was satanic in the nasty and violent sense we are brought up to understand. The issue of whether satanism or occult practice involves actual criminality etc is potentially separate though from whether such people genuinely believe and worship Satan as an actual supernatural deity. Such details might not matter to someone who finds themselves sacrificed on an altar, but even if instances of the latter do exist (and certainly there appear to have been some actual cases in history) even ritual activity can be interpreted as performed for psychological / “spiritual” purposes rather than to appease some putative super-demon. Indeed one could argue that Satanism primarily functions as negative principle, particularly where it represents the denial of the Abrhamic God and the attempt to subvert the old system of morality anchored in the worship of God
      So yes, I’m sure Satanism does disguise itself in its public relations but equally Satanic panic exists too. The point for me is that so long as you focus upon the garishness and crimes that for the most part may be imaginary you cannot evaluate any of the substantive claims made (e.g. the value of the commandments listed above, including to reject them.

      1. What’s the value of the commandments? ‘Don’t harm little kids’ (of course pedos don’t think they are harming) means everyone else is fair game.

        1. I’m not defending the commandments. My point is that if you want to take them to task or argue that there are better commandments etc transparency of creeds is a start, and critically that such a comparison / evaluation should be the basis of any rejection of those values i.e. it isn’t enough to just say something is satanic therefore it must be bad, one has to demonstrate why. With reference to the point about not harming kids I suspect they are making a point of stating that they sacrifice or abuse as satanists are typically accused of both child sacrifice and child abuse. assuming they are being honest that leaves us open as you do to criticise the substance of what they actually are claiming as they own. I think the criticism that don’t harm little kids may implicitly permit the harm as such of any adult is good point. I can see no value whatsoever in a personal ethics which permits one to ‘destroy’ someone because they have annoyed someone. For a start it could potentially excuse wrongly accusing someone of rape, abuse, harassment etc should that person have annoyed you. In on the same basis it would probably justify rape abuse or harassment itself

        1. its interesting stuff – the same as in the maury terry book I mentioned. The Untermeyer stuff certainly sounds Satanic (Untermeyer himself was actually a kind of curious guy but he can’t really be blamed for so many dead German Shepherds). The book references some pretty bad stuff and links it as I remember to the Process church or at least one or other figure within the church. Despite the claims I don’t remember it being that conclusive – they made a credible case for there being a satanic or occult conspiracy of centred round the process church which linked the son of sam murders, a grizzly killing at a university, and various other misdeeds, but tried to suggest there was a much wider network, in which human sacrifice and other infamy was the norm. It was that bit that seemed to stretch credibility at least in terms of evidence.
          Of interest is the fact that the Process church seems to have had links (from memory through jack parson) to the church of scientology. Scientology is certainly a rum business, but I hesitate to call it satanic

        2. Mobius:
          FWIW: The couple who founded Process were Scientology auditors in the UK who split off and formed their own group.

      2. You wrote a lot without communicating much.
        You want to be partial to both sides with the truth presumable being some palatable medium between. But the truth isn’t an average of two extremes.
        Why don’t you investigate yourself the videos I alluded to on liveleak and youtube before accusing me of imagining things?

    2. I’m not remotely interested in being impartial. My point is that ‘satanic panic’ doesn’t necessarily help. If those videos exist – do you have any links (I ask reluctantly to be honest because I don’t particularly fancy a trip to the underworld at breakfast time) they still have to be evaluated for their significance. Nobody suggests that absolute sickos, devil worshippers etc may have sacrificed people the question is does that link to wider networkers, as well as is it grounded on satanic principles and philosophy (the satanist world-view may well permit it but IS IT permitting it in practice). There were satanists who fairly recently succeeded in erected a statue of the baphomet before some courthouse in detroit as I remember. Are such people in any way the same as, or linked to, the people who your liveleak cops discovered sacrificing to the devil etc? My suspicion is that they aren’t, all though I would be interested in if there are correspondences in ideology etc. I read the Maury Terry book quite keen to be persuaded, but he never produced the evidence to suggest this massive criminal satanic network. Doesn’t mean there isn’t one of course, and there are all sorts of occult networks and secret societies throughout the world, but it isn’t clear they have anything to do with activity like this

      1. Who cares about splitting hairs over such trivialities? You remind me of someone who gets run over by a Jihad truck with the driver screaming “Allah Akbar” and you say “well technically that wasn’t really Islam”.
        It’s all on youtube and liveleak if you care to look. Just type in “police raid satanic ritual house” and similar things to find the snuff videos.
        After a while you connect the dots and make the correct conclusions about what a Satanist exactly is, and how it differs from what shills claim it is.

        1. why do you assume a concern with evidence is a concern to minimize? The Maury Terry book made a good case for the existence of some seriously deranged people engaged in satanic murder. They then tried to suggest this was a massive international movement. All I’m saying is that the latter case didn’t seem that strong. Re. liveleak I will check it out when I can but the existence of such thing doesn’t indicate that it is widespread. The main point I have been trying to make on this board is not though that Satanism is ‘nice’ or rare but that focusing on its extremes as relating to its essence does not necessarily help us understand what it is about, and indeed if it is a harmful or pernicious creed to counter it. The esoteric by its very nature needs to be misunderstood. That may be the case if there is sacrifice involved (it would wish to present as as wholesome and misunderstood) but also if it is about something other than pain and death etc. The fact is that whatever may be found on Liveleak, in the history occultism Satanism has been portrayed either as a principle of negation (often associated with revolution as a nihilistic activity) but also as related to the spirit of “progress” i.e. creation as beginning with destruction / chaos. Focusing only on the garish stuff gives them a free hand and allows them to be and if necessary claim to be misunderstood

    3. In a way, Satan *is* an agent of God, as God exists outside of time and space while Satan exists within dimensional boundaries. God created him. Therefore God allowed him to exist and test us. He allowed Satan dominion of the (physical) world and allowed a third of the host of fallen angels to go with him. But make no mistake, God will blink Satan out of existence when the masiach returns.

  23. Anton LaVey (Howard Stanton Levey) is of course….*drum roll*… A JEW! Another Christian hating, anti Western Civilization ugly Jew doing his best to destroy his host country. How surprising.

  24. I’m glad nobody here understands all this. We wouldn’t want little children ruining yet another meaningful thing

      1. Here’s the Oklahoma satanist statue, looks explicitly pedo to me. Also check out Michael Aquino and his involvement in multiple pedophile scandals.

        1. notice that they removed the baphomet’s breasts when making the statue. They did this they said so as not to confuse the public. Personally I think they sought to deliberately conceal a key element of the baphomet which is that he is a hermaphrodite representing the unity of opposites etc

  25. Want to know a great way to be a loser? Be an evangelical atheist/Satanist/agnostic/pagan.
    It’s great because they all come with the sassy and feisty anti church faggitudes of always blaming Christianity (because you know those other desert religions wield 0 influence whatsoever). They also come with the LARPing culture of being an ironic hipster who worships his own IQ and considers everyone else beneath his intellect for “believing in fairy tales”.
    The best part about being in this club is you get yo cry about being persecuted and misunderstood AND still be able to do cool things like piss on crosses or make blasphemous images public without any repercussion.
    You also get to claim being “with the times” despite the fact there have been people like you since literally all of human existence. But hey Justin Trudeau logic is your friend in the current year.
    You also get access to the smoking hot niche market of babez into the same weird shit you are. And because you’re so enlightened and with the times, you won’t find it reprehensible when she makes you watch her take an African cock in front of you because you couldn’t dare ignore the goddess who brings life into the world. Also if you’re an atheist/agnostic, you’re cool with this too because monogamy is circa 1500 CE (not AD since you don’t kowtow to oppressive Christian norms). Of course your girl can bang guys in front of you and you can do the same in front of her. Then you remember you’re a lanky Nerdic cuck and your own women are repulsed by you despite the fact you’re such a “secure in his masculinity numale”. She is getting from Chad too and Chad goes to church (but she overlooks this since he is handsome and she really doesn’t judge others anyway). Meanwhile you reject church because the sweet virgins you thought you could plow all wanted someone who wasn’t a lanky pussy who worships goddesses and plays D&D. You went to church and found out that only the jocks with the looks were getting attention and those “bitchy judgmental Christian girls” really couldn’t care less that you didn’t read your Bible nor even believed in God. But really you thought Church was “full of judgmental people “.
    Take a look around at your fellow kin. The LARPing losers who didn’t marry or even fuck the virgin cheerleader/daughter of the pastor. For all you know she doesn’t even know the books of the Bible. But you needed a community full of losers just like yourself to fit into.
    Notice the robust good looking jocks rarely if ever leave church. They may not even *believe* a damn word out of pastor Robinson’s mouth but they have a community of people who respect them and a bunch of women who give them validation day by day. You? You were ignored by all those evil southern Christians so you concluded that they weren’t living according to Jesus so therefore Jesus isn’t real.
    At the end of the day, the most militant atheists/agnostics/pagans/satanists are just the most losery bunch of Christian rejects who didn’t understand that the reason they never were accepted by mainstream White Christendom (and thus the people they hate) is because just like ANYWHERE, being an ugly loser will make people reject you. It isn’t because of Christianity but because you’re a loser and you don’t realize the problem is you. You blame church for not fitting in so you find likeminded losers who also don’t fit in.
    How many people who reject Christianity grew up in it but also grew up as outcasts in a majority Christian culture? I bet many. They’re the people who life has beat them down and they have decided the church is to blame. Loser mentality exemplified.

    1. All said Fitz. Check out that omega male that “prayed” in the Pensacola city council. Google “satanist leads prayer in city council.”

  26. Lots of skinny, scrawny and straight up fat guys are into satan stuff. Anyone ever notice that? They remind me often of Chris Katan’s “prince of darkness” character on old SNL.

  27. Our elites have always dabbled with the dark side of religion and the Occult. I’ve personally known more minor politicians in this country, who would call themselves Christian, at least get invitations to odd spiritual, closed, events. I asked one (a state rep) directly about it after the local news reported on something. His excuse was: “it is just a little fun….”
    But check out some of the rituals that get carried on at those international conferences. Over the years some has been secretly taped. I don’t think most of them are fake. They are some weird stuff.
    But throughout history, the political class has always, to some degree, relied on some type of niche spirality practitioners for advisors. Maybe there is something of substance that comes out of the practice, but I doubt it.

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