Effortless Attraction

It seems that in the midst of all the discussion concerning the value of practicing and actively working to hone one’s game, it is easy for one to lose sight of the proper end game for any red pill male. That end game is effortless attraction.

Women respond best to displays of value that are not put forward with much effort by the man himself. This is in line with their naturally heightened reliance on indirect forms of communication. They prefer to casually see a man’s value, sense it, hear about it or feel it rather than have it directly and deliberately advertised to them or shoved crudely into their faces to make a point.

This is why pre-selection is such a powerful weapon for any male. It is one thing for a male to try to DHV himself by revealing his high status directly to her (via story, routine, or whatever).

It is another when he does not do this and appears (via body language and other cues) to have absolutely no desire to do so, merely going about his business unaffected as other people (especially females) reveal his status to her with no prompting from him or as she witnesses in one way or another that he is indeed an attractive male with a lot going for him.

Men who are able to naturally convey value without consciously “DHV’ing” or trying to show higher value (showing off, running routines, etc) are, in reality, the most successful of all. They operate on a level many of us have difficulty conceiving of given the fact that so few men occupy it.

This level should be the end goal for any man attempting to learn game or wishing to embark upon a path of self-improvement. Some conscious, direct effort is necessary for men just beginning their self-improvement process. It is crucial to tearing down old limiting beliefs/behaviors and building a solid foundation for future improvements to one’s quality as a mate.

Once this foundation is built, however, the end game must be to make these improvements as subconscious and effortless as possible.

You may start out by reading about certain attractive fashions and consciously mimicking them in order to improve your style. You must end by developing and then fully embracing an attractive style that works for you, and wearing it every day as though you know nothing else.

You may start out by memorizing some interesting stories that you use to build comfort/generate interest with girls you approach. Your end game must involve making those stories and experiences a part of you, things you’ve done for your own enjoyment that you can recall and recite as easily as what you ate for dinner the night before.

You start out by using your words as your main weapon to build attraction. You end by letting your actions take on more and more of that effort. In a sense, you are able to “just be yourself”, but only after you have spent time making yourself someone truly worth being.

That is the path to “effortless attraction”, and it would benefit any young player to make its completion a primary long term goal.

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  1. Great post. This is something particularly pertinent to the whole game vs. lifestyle debate. While of course one needs to constantly be honing and improving his game, in the end creating a high-value lifestyle (and through that, jut being an awesome high-value guy in general) would seem to me the best long-term plan for snagging quality chicks.

  2. Completely agree. I made a draft post about this exact topic last night, but you’ve beaten me to the punch. I refer to it as Lifestyle Game.
    As I progress along my route towards the goal, I’m going to try and share any and all tips I pic up on maxing your finances, fashion and all round lifestyle.
    My latest escapade – joining a private members club in London.

  3. Excellent as usual Athlone. As I approach my 40th bday, I can talk about endgame and give some advice for the younger guys…
    First, you need to think about where you want to be career/life wise around the age of 40. Are you in medical school and want to be a surgeon? Are you in business school and want to work on Wall Street? Are you a developer and want to hitch your wagon to a high growth start up?
    Once that is visualized and somewhat realistic (sorry 5’ 7” Indian dude, you aint making the NBA), then pour everything you have into it. Here are a couple different paths guys take.
    The typical path – graduate from college, take some lifeless marketing or accounting job where there is limited upside, work 40 hours per week because you want a “balanced lifestyle”, top out at high 5 figures in your late 20’s, run some weak game, thinking it’s a lot of hard work getting girls to notice you, and use it as a means to an end to get married to Susie Rottencrotch when you hit 30 and think you are getting old. Did you realize your full potential? As a man and as a contributor to society? Your life quickly moves to spending 95% of your time pleasing your wife beta style, popping out 1.5 kids, and the only reason you work hard now is so your wife wont bitch at you wondering how she can afford the brand new $80k kitchen with Viking appliances. Is this the end game you really want? Was there ever a time you projected “effortless attraction” as Athlone speaks of?
    The righteous path – look around and see where the greatest upside is (see my 3 examples above) and have a laser focus on that path and never deviate. Put your head down and work 80 hours per week to be an expert in that field, rapidly increasing your income and wealth. You might not get as many girls as you would like in the interim, but since you are 26 and quite far from your peak, it’s only a slight discount to what you would get through the Typical Path of working 40 hours per week at some soul sucking cubicle job. So keep your eye on the prize. While doing this, read blogs like Heartiste, Roosh and Rational Male, so you understand game basics and how women think and act (hypergamy, solipsism, etc). Read Bang and Day Bang before you go to bed instead of the mindless drivel on feminist centric American tv. And never forget fitness, keep a 10% bodyfat ratio through weightlifting, running, and yoga. Do it for your longterm health, never a woman. So what are you at age 37 after 15 years of improving yourself, both mentally and physically? You are a fucking rock star, that’s what you are. The hot bartender and waitstaff know you by name, not because you are a patron, but because you own the bar. Effortless Attraction. You never talk about your car but 20 women see you valet your 911 out front of the latest lounge. “Can we park this out front sir?” “Yes, you may”. Effortless Attraction. You meet a girl who wishes to travel “some day” and you recommend Ravintola Kuu for some authentic Finnish food away from the tourists whenever she is in Helsinki. Effortless Attraction.
    I am 39, cashed out from my entrepreneurial venture, travel 6 months out of the year, consult when I want, and have some great stories to tell.
    Now they come to me.

    1. Work 80 hours a week while maintaining 10% bodyfat? Yeah, right. Even then, you’ll still be a 37 y.o. who won’t hold a candle for a broke but handsome 22 “actor”/loser, in North America anyway.

      1. I did it, my path has served me well, and I dont really give a shit if you don’t think its possible. And I do just fine, thank you. If you dont think that is the right path, please offer an alternative for Roosh’s readers and add some value to the blog instead of sitting on your lazy ass saying “yeah, right”. I would love to hear it.

    2. ” Put your head down and work 80 hours per week to be an expert in that field,…”
      For what? So that when you’re 40, you could get good quality women effortlessly? You can do it right now, if you follow Roosh’s path: learn Spanish/Russian/Portuguese/Japanese/whatever, and start traveling. Just being a foreigner gives you an edge in some places, with some women. In the end, you want to have both money and women, but the risk of becoming a cubicle peon with lost dreams is too big if you take the corporate way.
      I worked my butt off for 10 years, and I did not even get that lousy t-shirt. But okay, it is your life and your mileage may vary etc.

      1. Plenty of ways to skin the cat, but lets get something straight – Roosh didnt learn everything overnight. He worked his ass off, took risks, and now is enjoying the fruits of his labor. From his blog, it looks like it took him about 10 years or so (like most “overnight success stories”). Took me about 15, negligible difference. Trick is to figure out what is best for you.

    3. So what would you say to late bloomers? Those that fumbled around for a few years before they found a stable path, and then had to weather the storms before they got where they are now?

  4. Everything that has been said thus far is good, but there is a missing nuance here. Just because people notice you and your passive value is high, does not mean you do not have to make approaches or not be an active participant in the social environment around you.
    ” Put your head down and work 80 hours per week to be an expert in that field, rapidly increasing your income and wealth. You might not get as many girls as you would like in the interim, but since you are 26 and quite far from your peak, it’s only a slight discount to what you would get through the Typical Path of working 40 hours per week at some soul sucking cubicle job.”
    Although I agree with working hard on something worthwhile, it’s not worth it if it means it’s going to destroy your all-mighty social skill set. In the end you’ll piss away your youth and be forced to relearn game as an older man, which may or may not be worth it since as a 40 year old dude you won’t be able to pull the same 18-year old honeys. Not in America, anyways. If you want girls that young you’ll need to go to other countries where it’s socially acceptable to have such a large dating gap.
    I also agree with you that it’s not worth working the shitty 40 hour work week. My personal stance is,
    – Either have something you can work hard at and be rewarded for,
    – Or don’t work hard at all.

    1. Correct, the next sentence says “While doing this, read blogs like Heartiste, Roosh and Rational Male, so you understand game basics and how women think and act (hypergamy, solipsism, etc). Read Bang and Day Bang before you go to bed instead of the mindless drivel on feminist centric American tv.” And with that, I imply using those skills every once in awhile though I didn’t explicitly say it.
      Agree with your personal stance 100%

      1. I found your comment useful john. I’m often turning down work ($) to make time for my real ventures that aren’t making me any money right now but I feel alive when I work on them. But there’s also no way I’m going to limit or discard the time I currently spend in the field gaming girls, 19 yr old pussy is too much fun and i don’t wanna drop the ball.

    2. Note that “work” doesn’t necessarily mean you are working at your day job. It simply means that you are putting in the hours needed to know your shit inside and out.
      I am sure I have put more time and effort into learning not only the technical side of my work but also the “people” side (communication, influencing, leadership skills) than any of my peers. You are putting in the time to develop yourself to such an extent that things comes to you naturally and intuitively; you can implement your knowledge and skills with a speed and precision that makes you stand out because you have effectively bought yourself years of experience through your efforts. The vast majority of people will do little more than trudge into work each day, giving little regard to their future career path, and you will outshine all of these people. You’re playing with the big boys and they can see it (while your peers often have no idea).
      Now, do you think that learning all those communication skills, being a leader of men and general swag might just translate into other areas of life? Yeah, there are a lot of benefits to this that complement your game.

    3. Also, to clarify . . .
      We older guys might find it too much effort to try and bag the 18 year olds, when there are equally attractive late 20-somethings and early 30-somethings out there. There’s a wide range for everyone.
      There comes a time when all of your work and life experiences don’t translate into something within the same sphere of reference for someone that young, regardless of how “mature” said girls might seem on the surface. There simply isn’t the kind of life experience there with the younger ones, which contributes to not only an age gap, but a gap in understanding. I look back on myself at 21 and I sometimes have to cringe. I thought I had my shit together and did, for sure, in terms of being hungry and wanting to learn about myself and life in general. It set me on a solid path. But, my social skills sucked because I never developed them and found no incentives to do so when I didn’t feel challenged by my peers. And, don’t even get me started on understanding girls. I was light years behind in that department, hobbled by lack of mentors for a brainy kid like myself, and a father that got married at 20 and has never divorced.

  5. I’m going to use Adam Lyons’ Principles of Attraction here as it’s relevant:
    Social intelligence.
    Get all of these qualities as high as possible and you’ll be well on your way to banging 10’s consistently with little verbal game needed.

  6. Effortless game is the point at which you are not “faking it” or “manipulating women” – it is the real you.

  7. I’m finding the ultra suarve mens magazine pictures to be a bit overt? wearing suites is fine but why do we need the glossy pictures? and how many of us own sports cars? I suppose they’re harmless but I feel they’re almost satirising game and perhaps the post. The bond one fits right in though, great post.

  8. Good advice. The trick is getting to let a girl know I’m an artist (since i look like triple H they usually think i am a bouncer) and have a master’s degree, and I’m under 30 still (barely), but I’m a college professor. The most ironic thing is how beta’s think the size of their dick matters. By the time she finds out, what’s she gonna do anyway? similar to this is dudes who care about perfect 6 pack abs. What are you going to do, walk around holding your shirt up in a bar? I’m not saying having a small dick or being fat is cool, but some of the things guys place a lot of emphasis before understanding what works is just stupid.

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