The Power Of Shame

When I was in elementary school, there was this fat girl we used to call “Hamburger.” She got that name because she had a habit of hanging out with this skinny girl (“Hot Dog”) and the contrast between their physiques was funny to our 11-year-old eyes. Hamburger would try her best to respond to our taunts, but my buddies and I had silver tongues, and would come back with an even funnier retort to whatever she could muster. Crowds would gather. She eventually recognized it was best to let things be.

It seems mean in retrospect, but everyone got it from someone at one point or another. Among the boys, we had a practice where you’d get “jumped” for saying something particularly idiotic. As soon as the silent consensus that what you’d said was retarded had set in, someone would yell, “jump ‘em,” and everyone would get in a few not-super-hard-but-also-not-light smacks in. I got my fair share of those.

Hamburger seemed to follow me from year-to-year and managed to stay looking the same until about the ninth grade, when she suddenly dropped a solid 40 or 50 clicks over the summer. It took a second to recognize her the first week of school, but it wasn’t long before I realize that there had been a reasonably cute chick under all those loaves of fat. Before long, she had also dropped Hot Dog from her lineup and was kicking it with a higher-end crowd. Things were looking up in Hamburger’s life.

Back then, they didn’t have a fancy label for what we’d done. Nowadays, they call it Fat Shame—with a capital F and S–and it can get you suspended from school, put on television, medicated to oblivion, or even arrested. Worse still, someone might make a Facebook group to reassure the subject of your observations that they aren’t really fat, or that it’s somehow okay.

There is now a well-entrenched Fat Apologist movement in the West, one that makes it wrong to even point out to people the plain truth. Unlike other forms of discrimination, fatness (especially among young people) is almost entirely under the control of the person in 95 percent of the cases—despite what many fatties and their apologists would have you believe. Celebrities like Adele fearlessly and crassly parade their fatness in your face. After all, what are you going to do about it?

Just this week, a well-publicized story made the rounds where three morbidly obese tanks complained to the management at the unhealthy diner where they were strapping on the feed bag that night. Apparently, their waiter had typed in the words “Fat Girls” in a field on their receipt intended to help him identify the clients. The giggling manager almost succeeded in buying their silence off with food (an astute move on his part), but he made the mistake of low-balling the offer.

I’m convinced our steady social pressure back in elementary school played a role in Hamburger’s improvement. In fact, our collective checks and corrections improved all of us. In an unwritten, unspoken code, our little community of school kids corrected one another’s behavior. Whether it was an unacceptable level of fitness, making idiotic jokes, or tattling, you knew you were accountable. Your reputation mattered, and the last thing you wanted to do is embarrass yourself or others. Things have sure changed in a short while.

Don’t get me wrong: shame culture is alive and well in America. Just certain types of shame have been deemed unacceptable, while others remain totally okay. Imagine if that table had been populated with fat dudes, and the receipt had said “Fat Guys.”

What would have happened then?

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69 thoughts on “The Power Of Shame”

  1. It looks like satire, but it isn’t!
    They are not just fat, they are morbidly obese. I feel disgust when I see people like that, especially in packs of three. They say they are outraged but they disgust people by walking in public.
    Kids in Africa dying of hunger and these warpigs crying because they have been called fat!
    BTW, that food was ridiculously cheap!

  2. Stigmas are the same thing. People say, oh, how terrible it is to stigmatize single mothers! Or to stigmatize this or that! Well maybe the stigma plays an important point in preventing social problems. The Left hasn’t gotten rid of stigmas, they’ve just succeeded in simply moving stigmas from one place to another; we still have the crushing stigmas in society known as political correctness.

    1. When was the last time you heard the word ‘bastard’ or even ‘illegitimate’ used in that context?
      Another fav, ‘illegal alien’ now ‘undocumented immigrant’.

      1. My laughable local media refers to them as ‘undocumented workers’. The mere idea that they just might be here illegally from a foreign country is now pretty much ignored.

  3. “I got the bill, and I was like, why does the receipt say, ‘fat girls’?”
    Because you’re fat girls, that’s why.
    I’m pretty nice to people, even ones I look down on. It sucks to have certain challenges, I know.
    But I would never ever in a million years use somebody else calling me out on my weaknesses as an excuse to get sympathy. If I got that check, I would hang my head in shame and head straight to the gym.
    This is a result of victim culture. Your status increases with every way you can claim being oppressed. Playing into it is simply kindness that kills.
    Stigmatization is far less cruel.

  4. This is a direct reflection of our feminized culture, too.
    When men discuss problems with each other, they look for solutions. When women do the same, they’re looking for sympathy.
    Sympathy can be great when it helps illuminate the actual nature of the problem. If you really understand where somebody’s coming from, it can often help you guide them out.
    Sympathy for its own sake is destructive. It’s like a drug and quickly morphs into enabling. If you get hooked on sympathy and then actually solve your problems, you don’t get any attention. Reason 10,482 to overthrow the Matriarchy.

    1. Many women, and an increasing number of men, leverage sympathy for perceived victimhood as narcissistic supply.
      Our culture gives free rein to the ego-strokers, and it shows.

      1. Bingo! A couple of high-schools in my area recently had a soccer tournament. Every student got a trophy just for showing up. Didn’t matter about hard work, ethic. . .Nothing. Just ego stroking. The principals said they weren’t allowed to let anyone be singled out to “feel bad.”

  5. Let me play Devil’s advocate and present a differing view, without condoning obesity. Shaming and stigma play an important role in establishing societal norms and and enforcing ethical behaviors. However, shaming and stigma can also be incredibly destructive to a person’s self-esteem and thus destroy a necessary component in change. I think it’s very important that we stigmatize the Behaviors and not destructively shame the Person. For example, I believe it’s fine to shame overeating/overdrinking/gambling behaviors etc. as these are changeable behaviors. But it does no good to shame someone for being obese, for being ugly, for being mentally diseased, etc. as these are traits and too easily confused with identity. Creating low self-esteem in people leads to poor behavior, not change. The problem in our society is not that we don’t shame the obese (we already do) but that we DON’T shame overeating. In fact, we celebrate it with Christmas and Thanksgiving traditions, tailgate parties, food advertisements, etc. The problem of course is that much overeating is done in private, or among friends and family who passively condone this. Critisizing overeating is almost downright un-American. How ironic is it that we shame obesity and not the causes of it? We need a “friends don’t let friends overeat” campaign. Next time you see a fat friend wolfing down a huge meal say something.

    1. It’s a question of balance. Sometimes shaming can cause somebody to get worse, but sometimes it doesn’t. Our problem is that we reflexively resort to sympathy damn near every time.
      Sending unwed mothers to towns in the middle of nowhere to slave away in a textile mill for their entire lives probably went too far in one direction. Celebrating single mothers as the heroes of our society who deserve all the sympathy and government funding they can get until they find a beta to care for their kid is too far in the other direction.
      On the “overeating” thing, your shaming idea is one thing. Instead, we’re trying to regulate what people eat, as if their weak little hearts have no say over what they consume unless regulators stop them. Less responsibility+more restrictions-shame=Fascist disaster

      1. Regulating overeating will be effective in the same way that regulating smoking has been. You are forcing people to change their behavior (overeating) which will lessen the symptoms (obesity). Just shaming the symptom does not lead to change in behavior. See my comment to Pete.

    2. Obesity is also a changeable behaviour (it is the product of overeating and being too lazy), you aren’t being consistent in your argument here. It is all about taking personal responsibility and getting off the whole entitlement/victim mentality train that seems to have taken over society. Personally i feel that if being obese was less socially acceptable there would be far less of it; the obese arent shamed nearly enough in my books, their behaviour is enabled by our PC society.
      FWIW i have only ever known one obese person who had no control over it, she had thyroid issues and she was NEVER criticised for her weight. Even kids understand the difference between legitimate disease and bullshit.

      1. Again, I don’t think shaming obesity (the symptom) will change anything except make people feel bad for being fat and cause more overeating. Instead, we need to shame and change the overeating behaviors (the cause) that lead to obesity.
        Let’s use an example with smoking: If all we did was shame people with smoker’s cough (symptom) and nothing else, then people would just be embarrassed about their cough and try to hide it, while continuing to smoke publicly. Instead, we rightly shamed and outlawed the smoking (behavior) and this has led to reductions in smoking rates, and thus less of the symptom. Same goes for obesity/overeating.

      2. Great point Pete. You defintely can’t change mental disorders or being ugly, that’s legitimate cruelty. Barring a true issue like a thyroid problem, obesity is 100% correctable.
        Outlawing fat shaming, AKA the truth, is like purposely not cleaning a wound and then wondering why it got infected.

        1. Obesity is 100% NOT a changeable behavior, because obesity isn’t a behavior at all! Obesity is a condition, created by a number of behaviors. What needs to change, and needs to be shamed, is the behaviors instead: overeating, lack of exercise, etc. We don’t shame these behaviors at all in our culture, in fact we promote and celebrate them with massive holiday dinners, buffets, huge portions, competitive eating events, etc. You don’t see these in many other cultures (partly culture, partly laws) and you don’t see the obesity. I guarantee if we shame the behaviors the obesity will stop.

  6. There’s also this popular myth spread around on the MSM that if you call a fat girl out for being fat, that somehow will lead to her committing suicide or becoming anorexic. I’ve yet to see data on this.
    But even if it is, I don’t see it bad thing. Being too skinny is better then being too fat and a fatty offing themselves just means there’s more free space around…

    1. Wow, you are one messed up individual for thinking that a fatty killing himself/herself is a good thing.

  7. the justification of being fat somehow reminds me of one old documentary “supersize me”, where one dude was wondering why it is okay to publicly shame smokers, but on the other hand, it’s not okay to shame fat people. why? because its somehow not their fault? most people being fat is direct result of lifestyle choices they make.
    do you see a lot of fat, poor people?
    p.s for those who haven’t seen, supersize me is an interesting movie (a lot of exaggeration, but still). I esp. like the part where they compare food given in correctional facilities and rich kid schools. funny stuff.

    1. That’s part of the greatness of these United States of America. It’s poor is the fattest on the planet.

    2. In societies where food was scarce, being large was the sign of wealth and health. But in America, high calorie junk-food is very cheap and convenient (e.g. McDonalds) but nutritious healthy food is expensive (lean meat, organic apples) and inconvenient. So what we are overwhelmingly seeing is the poor ARE obese, and being lean and fit is not only desirable but also a sign of wealth and free time.
      Yes, being obese is definitely a lifestyle choice. But for the poor it’s now just easier and cheaper to fill up on junk calories than make expensive healthy choices. I’m not excusing obesity, just countering your argument.

  8. I admit that I’m overweight, and it’s something I’m trying to battle against. But I don’t know if shaming would really help motivate me. I’m informed enough about the health consequences of obesity as well as seeing it as an obstacle for getting a gf, and those have been motivations for me trying to turn my life around.

    1. I hope what you’re doing works, and it might.
      However, there’s really no way to tell if shaming will work on somebody until it’s done. It’s kind of like negative campaign commercials. Everybody hates them and nobody admits to being influenced by them, but they work.
      Turning it around without the pain of shame can and does happen, but for most people the uncomfortable option is the most effective.
      Good luck.

  9. One of the dirty little secrets in all of this is the lack of medical space for these behemoths… It used to be that a hospital could get by with a couple of beds for people who exceeded 450 lbs, as well as heavy-duty wheelchairs and LIFTS to deal with moving them. Now it is a growth (haha) industry, so much so that more and more men are hired as “movers” and that is their job, to help “move” these whales…
    Sorry if someone resembles the above, but it really isn’t rocket science – it is calories in vs calories out and “It isn’t glandular” no matter how much you want to insist otherwise. Yes you have a disease – it’s called “hand to mouth” disease – your hand is going to your mouth too much… It is as simple as that…
    And the above doesn’t even go into the fact that you’ll die early, you’ll have knee problems – hint, if the doctor says you need to lose weight, do it. Don’t come up with an excuse – or insist it isn’t due to your weight. Yes it is… Heck, it is the “biggest” (haha) problem with women today – they all have a shape of a pool-ball… You need to drop the tonnage… Call it “shaming” or whatever – but when your tonnage offends my eyes, why do you have the right not to be offended and I don’t? Well, I don’t want to have to see your 5 chins… So lose the weight…

  10. I completely agree. After highschool I gained a bunch of weight and my friends ripped on me like they should have. I eventually lost the weight and got into peak physical condition as a result which has improved my quality of life greatly. Sugarcoating the world isn’t good for anybody, despite what the modern woman believes.

  11. Careful what you wish for. Rakes and cuntsmen used to wind up dead or beaten. It’s only now that everything consensual is OK that guys like roosh can operate. It’s the same change that removes stigma from fattitude and bastardy.

  12. I saw a Facebook page earlier of an obese girl comparing herself to a kind whale over a brainless mermaid and then read all the rubbish comments underneath it about how beauty is found within.
    I couldn’t help bug give my comments of red pill wisdom about the whole issue. Upon which an interesting thing happened. Most of the people initially supporting the girl had ended up liking my comments and more and more guys started to back what was saying.
    In short, I gave them the courage and permission to speak their mind by acting as the spokesperson of their true thoughts. The page quickly got trolled.
    So I guess the moral of the story is. Never underestimate the power of a single voice who isn’t afraid to speak the truth. Chances are, others will follow suit.

    1. Yes. Because people hate their own flaws and it feels so good to anonymously cut down a group of obvious sufferers who offend your sense of aesthetics. All those perfect people without any sin or vices or shortcomings. Let’s all start shaming people for their grades publicly! Let’s shame them when they’ve cursed! Let’s shame non virgins! Alcoholics! People with messy rooms! People with cavities! STDS! Oh, the fun! How about some empathy?

  13. I know fat girls who stay fat out of resentment of being called fat all their lives by their family and strangers, even when they weren’t that fat. Old Asian women are the best at fat shaming, she got the ‘are you pregnant’ line a few times from them. They get this huge fucking insecurity complex about it. Fat shaming does backfire sometimes, but I guess statistically it does more good than bad.
    What I’m wondering about, is it just the food culture in america that caused an obesity epidemic compared to the early 80s? What else is it?

    1. Don’t you think it could be the pervasive marketing and capitalism? Sell more food and charge more at the restaurant? Would you like fries with that? Supermarkets wanting to make an extra buck with the candy by the cash register. Billboards, magazines, TV, computer- showing sexy people eating candy and ice cream. Even in dumb TV shows the skinny women are turning to Haagen Daaz after a break up. As if.

  14. So 11 year old you, and the cowards you consorted with, ganged up on the weakest kids in school and harassed them into silence. Brave boys! And now you want to be thanked for it!
    Living by the law of the jungle makes you an animal. You grew up without a personal sense of honor or dignity, and there is NOTHING REMOTELY manly about that.

    1. Right? Maybe “Hamburger” then started purging to lose the weight. It’s amazing how he’s patting himself on the back, as if HE had control for HER to lose her weight! Really? I know plenty of people who were fat as children who were bullied and stayed fat. I can NEVER see justification for bullying!

  15. Now hey, wait a minute,,, Ain’t you guys about banging bitches man? Come on man, you want to increase you count, you gotta slap some big bottoms man. I don’t know about you, but I love big asses!!! I’m an ass man, and the bigger the better! Ain’t no shame in a big frame. Bring me the fat acceptance pussy.

  16. That’s exactly what I’m talking about, Nigel! I’m glad that at least one of you stands for human dign… wait a minute…

  17. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t have a problem with going after chubby women. Depends on how big they are and if they are willing to work on their weight.

  18. Since when is it anyone elses business on what people eat, how much, etc? Last time I checked, none of us are perfect. I am a fat woman. I don’t flaunt it nor do I condone it. But none of you know what goes on in the minds of others. Obesity and overeating isn’t just a physiological thing, it’s also a psychological thing, too. We, fat people, know we’re fat. We do. And trust me, no matter how hard you are on us, we’re 1000x harder on ourselves. I was picked on and humiliated my entire life and doctors blamed my weight on my eating. It wasn’t until I was 20yrs that I was finally diagnoised with Hypothyroidism. Of course you wouldn’t know that by just looking at me. We, fat people, don’t want your pity, mean/rude remarks, etc. We want and DESERVE respect as we are humans, too. Until haters become 100% perfect, you have no leg to stand on.

    1. “We want and DESERVE respect”
      Saying that you deserve respect is similar to a short, stuttering, socially/mentally challenged man with horrendous body odor saying that he DESERVES the hot women that would normally fall for a Brad Pitt or Channing Tatum.
      All of the traits I mentioned are considered medical conditions, yet women trash men like that all the time. Fair is fair.

      1. Elemental, you seemed to have missed elementary school logic here. Comparing respect to getting a hot woman is really…well…wrong. Respect and “reward” are two different things, and objectifying women as a reward is disgusting and sexist.

        1. Respect is a reward in and of itself.
          Respect must be earned.
          I do not grant those who choose to be indolent, respect.

        2. You mean the same way women objectify men as rewards? I’ve got news for you. Sex is sexist. But I agree that human nature can be disgusting. It’s called human nature for a reason and your railing against it is why we are no longer listening to you.

    2. Sorry, you’re a fat women with no place in society right now. Maybe you could join a convent or some organization where you don’t have contact with others.

  19. I don’t think fat shaming is a good solution. The solution would be for everyone to stop pretending that fat is ok, then we wouldn’t have to shame them.

  20. If you think degrading people in an attempt to make them live a healthier lifestyle is a good idea, it’s hard to justify specifically shaming fat, while being ambivalent to as if you should sham drinking and smoking, which causes more problems. That’s because you don’t really attempt to follow a moral logic with the shaming: Shaming fat people is fun and you try to justify it with morality.
    As for helping people improve their health the question should be how we could do that without leaving the correction to such a sensitive thing as degradation in social relations. It really is bullying you’re talking about here, with empirically well-established negative effects in regards to mental health, self-confidence, suicide risks, adjustment etc.
    Government sanctioned psychological scare tactics should work here, like the the comparative images between smokers and non-smokers lungs. Something in those lines could be done regarding excess fat. A lot of fat people would probably still be offended by this but it should be least harmful option for the people you’re (allegedly) trying to help.

  21. I am a fat woman. I wasn’t always this way. It allstarted after my marriage ended and I was left to bring up two daughters, put myself through uni and work full time to support us and pay the mortgage.
    Now I am 58 and am big because I eat the wrong food and aren’t alive enough although I do go rafting, kayaking, bush walking and camping and get out and about as much as possible. I feel that depression has a lot to do with it although I can hold down a job etc. I did loose some weight a while ago but found that men were attracted to me and then used me and dumped me so I think my weight may also be a protection against being messed around by men.
    What I am trying to say is that please don’t make judgements about others. Am a good person and was also very attractive. Being shattered by rejection in m relationships when I know that I was a good partner has left me with o self esteem and major mental health problems around my worth. Shaming me just adds to the shame I already feel and makes me kind of angry with those people who don’t know the reality of my life. Fat is visible. People see you and judge you. But that is my only crime. Others can hide their bad behaviour like domestic violence, child abuse, porn addiction lies, fraud,etc etc etc. These kinds of people walk among us and attract no particular attention whilst my pain and misery is there for all to see

    1. Sorry about your situation and what’s happened in your life. Don’t try to lose weight because of what other people think or say, do it because it’s part of a normal lifestyle. Exercise, yoga. . .Things that make you lose weight, are normal behaviors. Adopt them into your everyday routine. Read about Stoicism. Try “Meditations” by Marcus Aurelious, and the “Epistles” by Seneca. They have great advice and guidance for everyone’s lives.

  22. there are people who are suicidal because of people like you. there are people i know who self harm because of people like you. if someone i was dating took any of the advice you give, he would be slapped, dumped, and possibly reported to the police for some other things on here.

  23. “She eventually recognized it was best to let things be.”
    Oh, what a shame man. This action, of a young girl taking away your masculinity at such a tender age must have set you up for who you are today. The power of shame indeed.
    “We had a practice where you’d get “jumped” for saying something particularly idiotic. …I got my fair share of those.”
    It should be obvious that violence is not the answer. What a comfort that you can continue to continue to be idiotic from the safety of your home. It really is a shame that your friends ‘jumped’ you for probably sharing the same views that you fight so hard against on this quaint blog.
    “I’m convinced our steady social pressure back in elementary school played a role in [the young girl]’s improvement.”
    I am convinced that that steady social pressure had nothing to do with it. I’m very sure that she chose to work on her appearance for herself and not you. As people have for many decades without you.
    You justify your actions and opinions with the skill of the guilty claiming to be innocent. Well done.

  24. Didn’t have a fancy label for what you did back then? Actually it’s called harassment. This entire article is just you whining about how it’s not fair that you can’t bully and emotionally abuse people publicly anymore. Really? You’re that upset you can’t lash out at innocent people in public? Disgusting

    1. Have you heard about that thing, freedom of speech? I think it’s the first item on the bill of rights or whatever, but that’s not important. I mean who wants to be able to speak their mind freely without worry of being persecuted by the government?
      Freedom of speech works, because, truth only brings facts to light, and false statements typically weed themselves out of the “speech gene pool”, as they do not have evidence to support their claims, and are effortless to refute.

      “Fat people have tails, and they house spiders in all of the crevices of their rolls.”

      This statement is non-threatening because it can easily be refuted with common logic.
      a) Fat people have tails – In the age of the internet, unfortunately, we have all seen many naked fat people, on the beach for example. I have never seen a fat person with a tail so, this is likely false.
      b)They house spiders in their fat rolls – I am not quite sure about this statement, as I have investigated approximately 0 fat rolls in my short life.
      This could very well be true, and is therefore threatening to fat people, because no fat person wants others to know something that reveals a negative part of who they are.
      It’s like revealing the baldness of a dude who has never taken his hat off in public. Except being fat can be dealt with, while it is not quite so simple to “cure” baldness. Although in today’s age of technology, I may be wrong about the baldness cure.

  25. This article was absolutely disgusting. And, Not to mention, extremely idiotic. Whoever wrote this does not deserve to ever have access to writing public articles again. Shame on you.

  26. Like so many of these articles, I don’t even know where to start.
    Well, let’s just start off saying that I am fat. Chubby, overweight, curvy, curvaceous, voluptuous, Rubenesque, whatever you wanna call it, that’s what I am. So, as you can imagine, I found this article extremely insulting. The story of “Hamburger” was ghastly and terrible. How COULD you? How COULD YOU!? I have been in similar situations of shaming where, yes, “crowds would gather” and such. Maybe you’ve never been on the receiving end of such a thing. Lemme tell you, it ain’t fun. Do stuff like this to certain people, and they’ll seriously hurt or even KILL themselves. You were LITERALLY playing with death – which, i mean, sure, people were argue that I’m taking poetic liberties here. I have to, poetry is a passion of mine.
    Hey, did you ever think about “Hamburger”‘s passions? Maybe she was an aspiring young actress or astrophysicist or punk rocker or brain surgeon. BUT now she’s sad. MAYBE she actually STARVED herself to drop those “clicks”, maybe because of people that said the same things YOU did. I dunno, just speculating here.
    Anyway, this article is reflective of what’s wrong with this world. The human body comes in an absolute MYRIAD of shapes and sizes, and each shape and size is beautiful. Yes, I’m a fat-positive body-positive feminist. DEAL with it. And dressing the way you want to – despite what society says you “should do” or how you “should look” – is not “crass”. I love my body, and, maybe your victim “Hamburger” did too, at some point in her life. I can only hope she’s regained that self-love, or, if she never had it, found some and overcome her horrible past, and learned that self-love and self-respect is not proportionate or even RELATED to weight.

    1. “Hey, did you ever think about “Hamburger”‘s passions? Maybe she was an aspiring young actress or astrophysicist or punk rocker or brain surgeon. BUT now she’s sad. ”
      Why the fuck would you think she’s sad? If I’d been in her shoes and lost that amount of weight I’d be fucking giddy with excitement and joy that my clothes fucking fit better and that said clothes didn’t have the rough dimensions of horseblankets.
      Maybe you’ve forgotten the feeling of being at a normal BMI, lardass, but ‘Hamburger’ did more than you ever have: she decided to make a fucking change, not let her ego push her around and fool her into thinking her health and body were acceptable when they weren’t. ‘Hamburger’ had more self-respect and more strength of will than you will ever have, as demonstrated by the fact she lost the weight and you didn’t.

  27. Why do we have to shame anyone…..doesn’t everybody have the right to live their own lives and learn their own lessons…….The problem is SOME people think they have NOTHING to learn………..that they are perfect. That is my definition of narcissism.

    1. Because these people are trying to propagate an unhealthy lifestyle choice to our children.
      There is absolutely nothing healthy or practically good about being obese. Nothing. Zero.
      Anyone who says otherwise is a bald-faced denier of medical science. To teach acceptance of an unhealthy lifestyle choice is not just scientifically wrong, it is morally wrong. No one should be taught into thinking that a lifestyle choice that leads to nasty problems like diabetes, joint failure, heart problems and the like.

  28. If there is nothing wrong with being fat why do these girls get upset that they are labelled as fat?

  29. Since this is an educational site about masculinity and that kind of stuff, let’s remember a big part of regaining masculinity is recognizing female shaming tactics and not letting them affect you.
    Women use shaming to manipulate. If you want to understand the politics going on in an office full of women, look at the inherent shaming tactics they all use to keep them all uniform and under control of the “herd.” And women then do the same thing with men to get what they want. Or in many times just to exact cruelty, which is also a way to feel that they have power.
    But you can’t be shamed about something that’s not your fault, or if the person means nothing to you. That’s what you have to keep in your head, because women are masters at picking up the underlying stigma or consequences of given situations. Then they try to use your self-perception against you.
    While the author did torment “Hamburger,” keep in mind that she turned it around and became attractive, and changed her social status. By the way, abandoning her former unpopular freinds as she climed the social ladder. Ruthless female behavior on display.

  30. Ah, so you’re a hero for bullying someone into severe weight loss? This is the kind of thing we should all be striving for? Good to know.
    Listen. Being any kind of body type is OKAY. Some people are naturally thin, some people are more of an average build, some are heavier. Sometimes that that has to do with how we eat and exercise, and sometimes that has to do with genetics. Much like our height, our hair, our eyes, and other facets of how we look, our body type and weight can be attributed to our genes. Our metabolisms are all different too. Some people suffer from diseases that make them gain weight, or do not allow them to lose weight. A thyroid disease can keep your weight incredibly low, but it can also keep it high.
    As long as a person is as healthy as they can be and they are comfortable in their skin, what should their weight matter? And what should someone else’s weight matter to us?

    1. “Ah, so you’re a hero for bullying someone into severe weight loss? This is the kind of thing we should all be striving for? Good to know.”
      He’s a fucking hero for indriectly encouraging someone end their obesity in adolescence, which is about the best time to do it since it only gets harder to get the weight off from that point on. Your body’s most malleable when you’re in your teens, and how you grow up is the pattern you set for the rest of your life. That ‘severe weight loss’ as you call it probably added 10-15 years of productive life to that girl, you sick fuck.
      “Listen. Being any kind of body type is OKAY.”
      No it isn’t. Even medical science now tells us there is no such thing as fit and fat.
      “Some people suffer from diseases that make them gain weight, or do not allow them to lose weight. A thyroid disease can keep your weight incredibly low, but it can also keep it high.”
      How many, exactly, is ‘some’? How many people are suffering specifically from obesity specifically and solely caused by The Magic Thyroid Problem? One in a million people? One in two million? How many lie about The Magic Thyroid Problem as self-deception? And in any event why should we make allowances for a pissy, tiny minority that knows their weight is medically not their fault and therefore shouldn’t be affected by “shaming” in the slightest?
      “As long as a person is as healthy as they can be and they are comfortable in their skin, what should their weight matter?”
      Because weight is tied to health. All medicine understands this.
      “And what should someone else’s weight matter to us?”
      Aside from the fact their weight is going to cause medical problems later on which, invariably, I will pay for indirectly via taxes? Get on the fucking treadmill already and lose some pounds, maybe your brain will start functioning when more blood’s getting to it through the fat rolls.

  31. What is steel compared to the hand that wields it? Look at the strength in your body and the desire in your heart. I gave you these. i was a fat kid who was mercilessly bullied and picked on. It drove me to become a power lifter and boxer. They’re not so vocal about their disdain now, guys.

  32. Hell look at me. I’m a skinny nerdy guy as you can see from my pictures. My main hobbies are watching tv, video gaming and writing so I’m not that active. Contrast that with my brother who is super athletic, not buff, but fit. He used to say I was fat, even though I never was fat, I was just inactive. I started just recently hitting the gym and I hit it hard, doing every exercise I can think of within reasonable limits. My mom and cousin finished earlier than me, I was doing a bunch of leg exercises so my kicks could actually hurt. I don’t do MMA, but I plan on it, especially Jiu Jitsu, simply because my brother called me fat. I’m in good shape, but still not that strong, which I will become a lot stronger when I hit the gym. I know it.

  33. My mother was fat and she fed me and my sisters too much and we all got fat. When I was a sophomore in high school my mother started dieting, she barely eat anything and she lost about 40 pounds. Then she started fat shaming fat people. She also quickly notice when I gained a bit of weight. I have lost and gained weight and I know for some people it’s just a phase and I’m the one in control. Sometimes you’re fat, sometimes you’re healthy, sometimes you’re skinny, and you can always change it. Shaming fat people may help some of them to start considering to lose weight, but I can tell it’s the most unwise thing to do if you want to fight obesity in society. Like when my mother shamed me for gaining weight, I fought back by eating more. I did gain weight (it was a kind of revenge I guess), but then I lose it again when I feel I need to.

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