Emma Watson’s Boobs Show How Modern Feminism Is Lost

“Men, I would like to take this opportunity to extend your formal invitation. Gender equality is your issue, too.”
– Emma Watson, 20 September 2014—HeForShe Campaign, United Nations Headquarters

Well, Emma Watson recently extended a formal invitation to the entire world to view her boobs in Vanity Fair.

But she’s not too happy about the fact that people are taking it as a sexual invitation to see her boobs. She’s far more upset that people are saying that it’s a bad choice for her feminist image.

Of course, Watson has a notable history of being a hardcore feminist. For better or worse, she’s always thrown herself right into the thick of things when it comes to campaigning for women’s rights. To her credit, she also has said that feminism is not about hating men:

The more I spoke about feminism, the more I realized that fighting for women’s rights has too often become synonymous with man-hating. If there is one thing I know for certain, it is that this has to stop.

For the most part, other feminists and females as a whole have backed her. However, this latest photo shoot has put them all up in arm’s regarding Watson. People are saying she can’t be a feminist and take those kind of photos.

Watson only real counterpoint to her critics has been: “I can’t be a feminist and have boobs?”

The Photo Itself

Whether or not you think this photo of her is attractive or not is beyond the point. I’d wager that most heterosexual men would say no (or that there are far better photos of her out there), but the photo itself is well done. I think many would agree that the photography aspect of it is solid. If not for showing the underboobs, many would consider it a nice piece of art and not a sexual image.

Watson’s counterpoint to her critics has been that women should be allowed to be sexual beings. Just like men. Feminism is all about how women should have the same sex drives, should be able to be sexually slutty liberated like men, and that men and women in the dating scene should all be equal.

Great, but you simply cannot preach “women should be sexually liberated” and “don’t objectify” me in the same sentence.

It doesn’t work. If you want to be sexually liberated as a woman, this means that you are free to be as sexual as you want with whomever you wish. It also gives anyone and everyone the right to judge you as a sexual creature.

What does this photo do? It screams that women are in fact sexually liberated. But by posing in a sexual photo, Watson opens herself up to being sexually objectified. Imagine that.

The Issues

Many people have waged war since the photo was released, saying that Watson is going against any and all feminist ideas by posing the way she did. Watson’s response is the following:

It just always reveals to me how many misconceptions and what a misunderstanding there is about what feminism is.

Feminism is about giving women choice. Feminism is not a stick with which to beat other women with. It’s about freedom, it’s about liberation, it’s about equality. I really don’t know what my tits have to do with it. It’s very confusing.

I’m confused. Most people are confused. No, I’m just always just quietly stunned.

This is the attitude of a starlet who has had everything handed to her since she was given a wand in her hand to play Hermione Granger when she was eleven years old. Watson’s views of what is tough in the world and what is not is greatly skewed. She’s never been through the Soviet suburbs of Ukraine, or seen the ghettos of Colombia—instead she travels by private plane. She simply cannot relate to the every day person.

Nobody feels bad for Watson because she got paid less millions than Daniel Radcliffe in Harry Potter. Even the most vile, disgusting feminist out there can not relate to Watson, despite what comes out of her mouth. She lives on a different planet. A planet where she thinks she should never be wrong (because of feminism, star power, and more), but her general role in the spotlight makes her a prime target for everyone. Not just feminists.

It’s this inability to grasp a simple concept—that non-famous, middle class folk never feel bad for stars or successful businessmen—that makes Watson look stupid when she’s giving her response interview.

Emma Watson Cannot Grasp Basic Human Biology

For better or worse, we’re just animals at our core. You can glitz and glam all you want in the covers of Vanity Fair, but you remove the “Emma Watson” from that photo. Say that you have no idea who she is, her past history, or anything.

If you show that photo to any person, their immediate thought is going to be something along the lines of, “THAT is a sexual photo.”

There is simply no way around it. It doesn’t matter how talented the photographer is, how beautiful the photographs turn out, nothing. Any sane person’s first thought is going to jump to the fact that the picture is sexual. And Watson seems very out of touch with the fact that sex sells.

Sugar dating websites have become a popular way for players to meet new girls. Rich guys take one look at girl’s photos and offer to buy them cars, apartments, and fly them around the world. The fact that Emma Watson thinks that her photo should not be taken in a sexual light shows just how out of touch she is with the rest of the world.

Making It Worse

Watson just pours fuel on the fire with her comments. Watson stated in this video that “Feminism is about giving women choice.”

Okay, deal. Emma Watson, you, as a woman, have the choice. You, yourself, in all of your glorious womanhood, CHOSE to go on the cover of Vanity Fair and pose like you did. You chose to show nearly all of your breasts on a major  magazine, while at the same time preaching that women should not be treated as sex objects (for many years).

You have also repeatedly said that feminism is about choice. Well, newsflash—that means that people have the choice to feel a certain way about you, your photo shoot, and overall views.

If you want to be taken seriously, start by putting a shirt on.


When I started writing this article, I felt mostly annoyed about the whole situation. But now, as I’ve watched her interview a few times, I’ve started to feel a little bad for Watson. She is a prime result of feminism gone bad. She holds to herself a victim complex that no “normal” person can possibly relate to. Nor does she understand why people don’t. In her world, she can do no wrong (because feminism/starlet), but when she does, and people criticize—it hurts her. You can see it in her eyes.

Emma Watson seems to me like a lost girl, unable to figure out why she can say and do all the right things that she’s supposed to say—but still be criticized. She wants to be sexually liberated because she’s been told that’s what she’s supposed to be. And that as a feminist icon, it is who she must be. She also believes she somehow must be sexually liberated and yet not be a symbol to sex.

It’s a shame that she’ll probably never be able to grasp the why behind any of it. The reality of the situation is that modern-day feminism simply has no logical basis for many of their points. And until it gets put in check, girls like Emma Watson will continue to be the scapegoats.

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607 thoughts on “Emma Watson’s Boobs Show How Modern Feminism Is Lost”

  1. She and her staff are simply milking the feminism cow since muh feminism is seen as cool. Can’t judge them as women are one gullible market with plenty of cash to splash.

    1. M. Thatcher still better looking than this man boy mate of Harry Potter.

        1. Brother, we could use a man like Herbert Hoover again.

  2. Poor guy. Hope things get better for him.

    1. I’m just waiting for him to give his feminist speech in places like Riyadh, Karachi or Tehran.

  3. For the life of me, I can’t understand how guys could rate her a 9 or even a 10. No tits, no hips, no ass, not even a feminine haircut. I can barely keep her apart from Justin Bieber. But maybe it’s just me.

    1. Yep. I’ve had men get all snarky on me when I give a WNB rating to this dude. The thirst is real my friend.

      1. Thank Christ some people feel this way!! Consciously or not, there is a stigma that all guys who also think of her as hot, or any boy girl like her, are not too far from making an accident with a lady boy some where.

        1. I actually think that the trouble with her is that she tries to foster this andrognyous look, especially when she’s doing her feminist pictures. But in fact, inside there is definitely a hot chick trying to break out. Hence she got her tits out for the boys.
          And this is why she is falling out with the feminist crowd. She is too pretty and it is a woman’s natural need to use her attractiveness to garner attention and resources. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/295443ddeddf9d04941a3837c97fd111e834740dd866134500466fa93c172281.jpg

        2. Some of the lady boys I have seen in Thailand make Emma look even more like a boy. Of course they make the vast majority of (born) women look masculine too. I once read a comment from a woman who was talking about Trans M-F and said, “The problem is not that they are trying to look like women, it is that they are so damn good at it.”

        3. She just rates her self as intelligent and is given this fucken platform to spew forth her vitriol, Thats whats off putting about her imo. Millionaire at fucken 12, and is talking about being disadvantaged because she was told she was bossy when she was a kid.
          Fucken delusional. Represents everythign that is wrong with anyone who has something wrong with them. fuck the victim mentality, especially when it comes from actresses. Talk about women in the mid east or India getting acid thrown over them, legit problems, not because you were called bossy, which i can tell she probably is, since she thinks so fucking highly of herself.

        4. Yep typical rich kid syndrome. And probably the only kinds of guys around her are the type to agree with her. I actually delight to meet women like this. I hold all the opposite opinions to them and you know what? They love it!

        5. All the nonsense perseverance stuff online for women these days.And it’s just shit like being called “bossy”. It’s hysterical nonsense. Oh the poor girls. Someone ought to grant them their wish to be treated like boys and men.

        6. It does my head in man. I met this 26 yo HR exec, she tells me she makes twice as much as me after we had sex, it annoyed me so much i told her to get out. take my attitude how you will i probably over reacted, but HR+26yo female+ how hard ive had to work to get where i am, its like a kick in the nuts. Anyway, it did not deter her from contacting me again, and again, and again and again.. that also wasn’t last time we fucked.
          Anyway, this fucken idiot told me she told one of her colleagues about me, saying how i think “women should have no rights” which is total bullshit, as soon as you discuss gender politics negatively towards females, you’re a misogynist to these people. Every time we contact each other it ends up in heated argument. The week before last she calls me at 11am, saying she has a spider in her house, shes pretending to cry asking me to come over..She told me i got her pregnant and she had an abortion, i dotn know if this is true, but i was like “wel have the baby” thinking ok whatever happens im sure it will be fine, we both work professionally. Last time we spoke, ended up in argument, like every fucking time, i just dont have the energy for her, i was never attracted to her and she is infuriating. I love to argue so i put up with it for a while, maybe i liked the attention i don’t know. Either way, women are horrible creatures, and the behaviors in ME, this girl was attracted to, is absurd. They cannot be trusted, other than consistency of how retarded they are in regard to attraction.
          i hope she doesn’t come on return of kings, ill probably get a text later today now.

        7. Motherfuckers wouldnt feel guilty about getting theirs if they actually had to earn it.

        8. All of that from a grown ass 26 year old woman but SHE is the victim.
          Anyway, you lost me at “HR”
          Thats risky.

        9. Yeah I kind of said that when I said “androgynous look”. Try not to get confused though. Those are just photos, with a lot of make-up, lights, air brushing etc. Loads of models take “andro” shots like that. Its not unique to Emma Watson. And when she’s not taking those shots she looks like a perfectly normal and healthy woman. Even so, I would be concerned if I saw a boy with breasts like that.

        10. Not saying you’re wrong, but I like to think that I’d have avoided getting into the women’s rights stuff and tried to angle it into getting her to buy me stuff. Then taken off for EE or Latin America when I couldn’t put up with her anymore.

        11. I did meet one HR lady I respected once. Later middle-aged lady who got married young, had kids, then started her career when the kids were out of the house. Shook her head at all the young girls squandering their prime years of fertility on office jobs. Perfect example of how to do it, if a woman really wants a career.

      2. A perfect example of the legitimacy of the Crocodile Dundee “Howdy” unless one wants to play the Crying Game, that is.

        1. Now there was a girl who was smoking hot in her prime, the chick who was in the first Crocodile Dundee movie. Sure, she was a cunt, but she looked like a woman ought. And that one cut up type dress she wore while dancing erotically…fantasies man, fantasies…

        2. Good lord, I never really noticed until now, but she bears a striking resemblance to my wife. Croc Dundee Movie was long in my past by the time I started dating my wife and I don’t think I ever really made the association, until just this moment. Like, this is pretty uncanny really. Guess I have a strong ‘type’ hard wired into me.

        3. “Thats not a knife, thats a knife” haha thats my favorite scene from the movie. they sure dont make movies like this anymore

        4. The years – and the plastic surgeons – have not been kind to Linda Kozlowksi.

        5. I maintain a policy of not “going back and looking at Google” with regard to former hot, but now post wall, women. Nothing good ever comes of it. Outside of Christy Brinkley, who is a mutant alien, it always disappoints.

        6. At least Dundee stayed with her? Haven’t paid attention so I don’t know if they separated.

        7. The most incredible thing is that they used a black actor as a street thug. As we know from ADT commercials, all violent criminals are white.

        8. You guys do know that Paul Hogan divorced his wife to marry that bi .. woman.

        9. I wouldn’t know… Haven’t watched normal TV since it went to shit with PC bullshit! It’s really gone to shit now… I see this fucking lesbian Ellen on the mid day show when I get my lunch from the shop near work! Oprah was bad enough in the days…

        10. Nah Paul Hogan was never a tough guy. He was a comedian. He was just sending up an Australian outback stereotype in this movie.

      3. Back in college I had a 70-lb loser almost come to blows with me over that exact thing. I mean, sure she’s hotter than any woman he’d been with up until that point (probably ever), but his standards were right at zero.

      4. No its not because of thirst.People just overrate her just like Beyonce she is feminist icon for them after all.

        1. Everybody acts like fame adds from 2 to 3 points on the 1 to 10 scale to a woman. I prefer:
          “Were it not for imagination a man would be as happy in arms of a chambermaid as of a duchess.” – Samuel Johnson

      5. GOJ – When I saw her picture above I commented to one of my coworkers that she looks like a ten year old boy. Definitely WNB.

        1. Well Bob, it wouldn’t surprise me a bit. Even after the removal of BPA from plastics in food and beverage containers, CertiChem found that over 70% of plastics still released Estrogen like chemicals into the products we consume. As I’m sure you know, Roosh did an article on this and it’s no joke. Ten year old boys with tits? Fast headed our way I fear.

        2. Scary. I actually train with a teenage boy who has a woman’s shape. Very alarming. I accidentally mushed one of his tits and it made me want to vomit.
          And its not just the plastics. Cornflakes, saltpeter in preserved meat, bread, soy, beer… all highly estrogenic.

      6. Being snarky is a sign of a mangina. You can assume everything else from that.

    2. No, you are right. Her face isn’t that bad, but the terrible haircut and lack of curves really brings her down to a 6, maybe lower if we consider her lousy way of thinking.

      1. The ten scale considers her hair and your alledged lack of whatever, but the ten scale dont care what that bitch thinks.
        Admit it, you dont give a rat’s what she believes either.

      2. With nice, long hair and without the feminist drivel, she’s very attractive. Imagine her as, say, a sweet, feminine Ukrainian girl who cleaned up your apartment while you were at work and has a nice, hot meal on the table for you when you get home. Quite lovely if you picture her that way.

    3. Exactly.
      Body of a young boy + short haircut. No femininity.

      1. I guess we are in the situation of mass ugliness that can be described by this old saying “the one eyed rules in a kingdom of blind (people)”

      2. You guys are retarded.
        You arent into her, doesnt mean no one is.
        Is she over blown?
        Hell yes.
        Is she ugly?
        GTFO of here with that shit.

    4. She looks like a boy in the face now too. She’s trying hard to not look like a female anymore

    5. I’ve seen her a few times in real life. She is just an ordinary looking girl, ok looking, but nothing you’d look twice at

        1. Sat next to her by accident in cafe Nero once years ago when she was incognito. She also used to hang around Highbury a bit. Luvvie central down there

        2. Highbury? Arsenal fan?
          So what do you think, a guy like me and a girl like her…?

        3. Not really. Just commuting.
          Yeah why not. But you might not get high fives from everyone around here

    6. Her face is extremely pretty, basically perfect.
      Everything else is pretty lame, though, she needs more meat.

    7. Man, this is funny. My first thought was “She looks like Bieber!” but someone beat me to the comment. What is wrong with this generation that Watson would be a sex symbol. Look back to the ’80s to see how it was done!

      1. Who cares? If she won’t blow me then what does it matter what she looks like.
        Wonder if she has ever given a blow job…might explain alot of her attitude.

        1. You, sir, are a philosopher. Truer words were never spoken than if she isn’t going to fuck me, who cares what she looks like.

    8. 6.1 as is. not a fan of the hair, small boobs, overall just non body. with long hair tho her face is fine could reach high 6s i believe

      1. Good lord no way man. I mean sure, you can bang not saying that, I means “as hot as a woman can get”. I’ve seen hotter women on milk cartons. As others are pegging, rather accurately I think, about a 6 when “done up right” and a 4 when made out to be a teenaged boy with breasts.

        1. 4 is way too harsh in any context. Honestly I look at pictures of her and struggle to find anything wrong with the way she looks. I think your personal feelings about her are colouring your opinion.
          Me? I don’t care about the words that come out of her mouth. Its just female noise. She just needs a proper man to give her a seeing to and she’ll be fine. The article above shows that she’s even struggling to be a “proper” feminist.

        2. Yeah man, I mean, to each his own and she’s certainly not the most beautiful woman in the world or anything like that, but there’s something off about all these guys saying she’s ugly or looks like a boy. Maybe boys are extremely feminine wherever they’re from.

        3. LOL! Funny that’s what I was thinking. It reminds me of when fat chicks say they don’t like a handsome successful guy because he’s an “asshole” or they don’t like his cologne (things fat chicks have said about me). No the truth is that they know that they would never get a guy like that and they are “covering”.
          I understand if Emma Watson is not every guy’s cup of tea but no way does she look like a boy. Bizarre insults like that sound more like “hating” than truth.

        4. Well put. Come to think of it, when I hear guys put down a thin, pretty girls as having “no tits and ass and looking like a boy” I do kind of suspect they’re the type of guys who can’t get normal weight women and have to settle for fatties.

      2. I don’t think she is ugly. But because she is a feminist I would not consider banging her.
        Also she lost my respect when I found out.

        1. I don’t care if she’s a feminist or not. If she’s bangable she gets banged. I won’t lose sleep worrying about if some chick I banned is a feminist.

        2. Idk man but I just cant deal with feminists even if the female is good looking. Emma is young however so there is still time for her to redeem herself and reject that bullshit. Doubt it though.

    9. don’t know how to describe it but to me shes hot in an ugly sort of way. maybe such a feeling I reserve for celebrities only because I’m programmed to assume celeb=hot or something. most certainly not in the megan fox vicinity but I a notch-in-the-bedpost-wish all the same.

    10. I can see how shes attractive to some people, but she certainly isnt Jenna Jameson juicy t&a fucken porn star hot. Shes the girl next door. she nees DD’s and platinum blonde hair.

      1. Negative!
        Jenna is plastic enhanced and a hooker.
        Watson is hot, what the fuck is wrong with you people?
        No one is saying she is the hottest ever.
        “More meat on her” my ass, not every girl needs to look exactly the same.
        I keep hearing darth sidious’s laughter while reading all this butthurt about some dizzy broad.
        You wnb because she is an over exposed feminist, not because she is not atteactive.

      2. Jenna is not looking nearly as good as she used to. She’s had problems with drug addiction and cancer.

        1. i was using her as an example. Shes gotta be pushing 50 with flaps down to her knees these days.

    11. Dead on, dude. She’s NOT attractive and no amount of stupid bitches telling me she is will change my mind. Bitches know nothing about bitches.

    12. what you don’t see in movies and photos is she is about 5.1 tall – pint size British peasant stock. i ran into her on a vacation in a gift store one time. wouldn’t give it a second glance.

    13. It is.
      Ive said the exact same thing about scarjo, but its undeniable many men want that ass.
      I hate her face.
      Emma Watson IS hot. And stupid.
      So what?

    14. Thank you! I am a straight woman and when I said she was ugly I got ‘You’re just jealous”

    15. I like the waif look and think she’s quite attractive with long hair.
      As far as “no tits,” for me tits are much more about form and perkiness than size. In fact, for an LTR that might lead to marriage, I prefer smaller breasts since the larger ones are eventually going to lose the battle with gravity.
      As far as ass, your tastes are probably more Africanized than mine. Nothing inherently wrong with that, and almost unavoidable in a younger man what with the ghetto booty propaganda of the last few decades, but back in the 1980s the idea that a woman would have wanted a big ass would have been unimaginable.

    16. I’m my opinion, she looks like one of those 17 year old models who is a heroine addict. I just don’t find her appealing.

    17. Back in my day, a girl like Emma Watson would be a complete reject who would be ignored by 99 percent of the guys. Its the young hipster generation that lost its sense of traditional attractiveness, that is why androgenous women like Watson are considered gorgeous.
      When I heard she was going to be in Beauty and the Beast as Belle, I thought to myself that they casted a transvestite to be the main character. But also the person who played the Beast is a beta cuck. If they had basic logic, the Beast would probably be a traditional masculine actor like Henry Cavill. I noticed he gets almost no love in Hollywood, despite being the first actor to convincingly portray Superman since Christopher Reeve.
      Then again Superman represents the ideal male, and Hollywood and the media are engaged in a campaign of destroying strong male role models, so characters that embody that ideal are being picked off. Superman was killed in Batman v Superman. Han Solo was murdered by his psychotic “Hipster” son Kylo Ren. Got to to love how modern Hollywood totally perverts something positive and wholesome.

  4. Would shift her kidneys. Didn’t know she had opinions. Don’t really care. Would fuck all day long

    1. Dude…seriously? Ugh. She practically projects “I have a penis”.

        1. I really have nothing for this thing/it at all. Throwing long hair on the 19 year old Leonardo DiCaprio doesn’t mean that he becomes hot to me. She has literally a boy body with, at best, vestigial mammaries that take a lot of airbrushing, no hips, a square man jaw and an awful, nasty disposition.

        2. Ha! I like her waifish body and that cunt attitude turns me on

        3. Yeah, I know. I’d easily toss her your direction in a bar without even a whiff of regret. I mean like I’d enthusiastically do my best to get her to flip me off and walk over to you.
          As noted in the past, we’d be perfect wing men for each other.

        4. lol indeed. If we ever see her and one of those way too nice girls that has “I’ll be fat and sloppy by the time I’m 26 even though I’m kinda cute in a po dunk way now” look we can swap and be happy

        5. Actually I’m curious on bob smith’s vote here. We tend to align quite often on this.

        6. I like’em in their wild flower prime, and not a day longer. What they turn into down the road is really never my concern.

        7. It’s important she now has to present the mannish look. She must appeal to the masculinization of women. Next she will declare she is a lesbian/bi-sexual/gender fluid/adopt an African waif etc. Whatever the flavour of the moment is to keep yourself relevant.

        8. You are cheating. She WAS hot back in the days of those photos; today she’s just another girl ruined by feminisn.
          Today I would bang her anyway, not because she’s hot but because of pure despise and anger.

        9. we really do have taste differences. It is great. Wingman skills amazing. For instance, big tits do nothing for me…if anything a negative. Sweet, cloying personality makes my dick go limp rubber. I remove .5 from the score of a woman for each pair of jeans she owns and a full point for each pair of jean shorts. If a girl is not at a gym and is wearing sneakers she is totally unfuckable. I will not fuck a girl who drinks beer. I won’t look the other way on this. If she hides it from me I won’t go looking but if I see a girl take even a sip of beer she is on WNB. As for what they turn into, I can see the fat little soul in all those “cute” college girls. When I used to watch college sports I would look at the cheer leaders and see a bunch of little piglets who will have their tongue in the assholeof a nose tackle before the night is over. I can see their soul. Even when they are young and cute I can see them in Walmart in a few short years with their tits flopping gettin’ home to watch they stories.

        10. yes. she has no real opinions which is why she dates ultra fit alpha athletes who bang her inside out. She is an actor and a woman so she has no real soul. She is what her handlers want her to be. If tomorrow that is “filled with sex appeal” you will see it.

        11. What the Watsons of the world turn into isn’t any better, and at least the country girls will pop out a couple of kids so they have some utility. What’s in their soul, ZFG on my end, because as a whole, with only extreme exceptions, it never turns out well later in life for the lot.

        12. yeah, but she isn’t ruined. A hair cut and some photo shoots? It’s not like she got tatted up. She is only 20 years old. Getting a stupid haircut and believing dumb things at 20 is perfectly fine in my book. Also, I am not saying she is my physical ideal nor am I saying she is a good person (whatever the fuck that would mean) or (certainly) that she is worth listening to…only that, should I be given the opportunity, I would fuck that bitch till her nose bleeds

        13. it absolutely is. I have some strange deal breakers, but they exist. I won’t fuck a girl who drinks beer. I won’t fuck women whose first name ends in a consonant (“Y” is decided on a case by case basis, but is usually best left alone), I won’t bang a girl in jeans, I won’t bang a girl wearing sneakers unless she is working out or on her way to or from working out.

        14. Sneakers outside of running/gym really irk me too. It really shouldn’t but still.
          Jeans is absolutely a case-by case deal.

        15. I would suggest that she isn’t ruined because she is only 20 years old and has not made any changes which were permeant (tattoos, redic piercings, etc). She is a college student with a bad hair cut and stupid beliefs. If her handlers tell her the next trend is to be super sexy, she will do it. She doesn’t have any real thoughts in that dippy little head of hers. I can respect anger fucking though. I have loads of bitches on the “would fuck out of spite/anger/malice/novelty” and loads of oither things.
          Side note: still interested in a reread of faust for easter?

        16. She’s reaching the zenith of her marketability. Next stop shaved head, girl-on-girl scene, then finally something appalling and poop/animal related in an “independent film”
          refer to Mila Kunis, Natalie Portman, Kate Winslet….

        17. Loud laugh is fine, awkward laff like the revenge of the nerds guys are not

        18. glad you are there too. It is funny, when I had the girl from Brazil staying with me she put on heels to run to the super market. She was absolutely aghast at how women dressed and that is in new York. If I took her out of manhattan it would have killed her.

        19. “thinks” dude, the last time I cared what a woman thought I was 11 and trying to get permission from my mom to stay out late. 6 is a fair grade for her. I would bump that 6 to a 7 based on the fact that she is very fit and only 20 years old…yum….and give her another 1 point for being a famous twat because I am shallow like that.

        20. love it. When I was in Russia I’d see girls walking the dog, taking out the garbage, dolled up in heels, leather pants, the works….the Way it Should Be
          In retrospect not the best place for my honeymoon….

        21. I think you guys should make it happen….
          And then write up for articles here, oh yes!!

        22. In our discussion of abundance, I think discrimination and discipline would be the logical next steps.

        23. o my god….
          No I mean the 2 am fat beer and cigarette-addled guffaw you hear before Last Call.

        24. cigs are another one. I will not fuck a girl who smokes (overweight goes without saying )

        25. I do wonder how well it would work at times. The places I go and the places that @ghostofjefferson go are so incredibly different that where I would feel comfortable he would seem odd and out of place and vice versa. On the other hand, we might be novelties in the new setting and no matter what we would have a good time which is always interesting. I think it is going to happen as GOJ has agreed to temporarily disarming and coming for a tour of the big apple this year. We shall see. One thing it won’t be is dull.

        26. I have heard this about Russia. I wish it wasn’t so far away. I have to settle for the meatpacking district and 108th street in queens.

        27. Good point about permanent body changes; but her polluted mind is a minus in my book. I have known extremely hot girls with that kind of mindset, and that really, really turns me down in every sense of the term.
          Still interested, however I’m going to be off the grid all week (since April 8 until April 16) but I’m taking the book with me and we can compare notes after. Deal?

        28. I can see your point about the corrupted mind, but I find that a girl will leave her opinions at home if you take her out for a good time and when they poke their head out, like a turd trying to escape as you run home, you smash them down and make it clear that you have no time or patience for her musings on anything other than fashion and blowjobs. Women respond to it very well if you treat them right in other ways. SHe can go home and call up her ignorant cunt hotline and talk all about whatever as long as she is wearing heels and giving me sloppy blowjobs when I see her.
          Total deal comparing notes. Look forward to it.

        29. I know — I do hope to make my way through them but the new crop comes in fresh every year. from 18-25 they are looking to party as they attempt to become models and then at 25 the 90% of them that don’t become models are looking to lock down a man with money. God they are all so fun.

        30. “I think it is going to happen as GOJ has agreed to temporarily disarming”

        31. On the other hand, girls that smoke are the easiest approaches– standing outside the venue to get their nic-fix, just waiting for something exciting to happen…

        32. I can see why that would be an easy approach but it grosses me out.

        33. I could see certain conditions where I would agree with you, in the second pic she looks very similar to a girl I dated back in middle school.
          And I always enjoy breaking in a new sub, so there would be that.
          Only damned if I can’t find girls who put her to shame here locally and still have much more traditional beliefs in their femininity. The real magic would be her managing to top them.

        34. hell, I can find girls in the elevator of my building that put her to shame and have even sexier resting bitch faces. That doesn’t change my desire to fuck this one until her legs wobble.

        35. YES AND YES. Uggs are evil and that loud duck laugh is fucking atrocious.

        36. Really loud chicks annoy the living fuck out of me, except and only during intercourse, where they can scream the name of Jesus, God and Jehosephat and I’m cool with it. But out and about in public, man, that is one truly unattractive trait.

        37. So would any one of us. (that are not committed to someone else) Got to understand that it is easy to say you wouldn’t when you don’t have the ability.

        38. Ah. My first time there was in 08′ on a business trip. Traffic sucked (and still does).

        39. before corona, in forest hills. 108th is very much a Russian ukranian neighborhood before the various brands of Mexicans take over in corona (think like 64th avenue)

        40. Thinking back to my brief dalliance with the No. 7 train, I though that everything east of Woodside was a long smear of Mexi-rican-ombians.

        41. nah, there is a lot going on. Aside from the huge irish contingency in sonny side and the strange mix of everyone in Astoria, there are huge Russian areas, various Mexican flavors as well as Italian Italian and lolitalian. The 7 train eventually terminates in FRUSHING which is all Chinese and not a place I advise openly drinking a coke

        42. Yeah Frushing was always dinked out. It is in fact the place of my Boyth.
          The Irish seemed to be dying out in the early 90s when I worked at 34th ave bowl in Woodside.

        43. irish did kind of die out in woodside but still have a strong presence in both sunnyside and Astoria (movin’ on up) while the Asians have taken over most of woodside….including the small Istrian community that my great grandfather was a part of. Queens is super diverse. Every now and then I venture out of civilization for good Egyptian food on Steinway street.

        44. Diverse indeed. Consider:
          A queer, a jew, a midget, a Chinese guy and an Irish guy walk into a bar….
          Not a joke. This was the staff where i worked.

        45. I shouldn’t give you this one — it’s like hitting a t-ball home run

        46. There was an amazing Istrian restaurant on Steinway. closed for years

        47. Pretty sure that alley is still there. pretty sure they have armed security guards at the door on the weekend nights. how times have changed

        48. My Grandmother’s Father who lived to a little north of 100 and who used to give me grappa as a kid owned the Istrian Sports Club and my grandmother still comes into town once a year to go eat there.

        1. Lolknee isn’t thirsty in the least, in his defense. But his quest for the exotic, I just can’t relate much.

  5. Imagine for a moment that she didn’t happen to have a pussy but a penis – you would think the guy is a cancer patient.
    Most young girls today are very frail and sick, regardless of whether they are fat or perceived as good looking. These women are supposed to bring the next generation. With low birth rates and overall a whole generation of unhealthy young women the future does not look good.

      1. Wait….Asians aren’t frail and thin?

        1. Indian are Indo-Europeans, not Asians (no matter what the British try to tell us).

      2. To judge the quality of the female species you must look at the quality of males they produce. Latino and especially Asian men are very feminine in comparison to white or black men.

    1. U’re right that most girls aren’t fit for childbearing, but who gives a fuck about having kids, unless u want cucks for sons.

  6. Both the cover photo and the underboob shot are bad, because she looks very uncomfortable– arms crossed over her belly in both, holding herself like she is distressed, face with a distant and mildly overwrought look. I feel her discomfort looking at them, and it sympathetically makes me feel my own. That is neither glamorous nor sexy.
    Like these badly executed photos, her marketing team made a serious error when they attached her to ideological bullshit. Is that really what the public wants from young stars and their “personal brands?” To be lectured by them?

    1. It’s what her handlers want. The impose on the public an image of the sexy young girl – androgynous, frail and generally unhealthy looking.
      Ugly is the new beautiful.

  7. She seems like someone that thinks she’s smart because she has an upper-middle class British accent.

    1. Yeah… it’s rather sad we opened up our excellent private school system to political pressure to admit girls…
      they adopted the accent and the superior attitude, but alas not the skillsets or talent our best schools inculcate…

  8. Just remember, the entire photo shoot, styling, decision about what to present, make-up and hair was done by gay men and women. I doubt that even one straight man was involved in the process other than the guy who drove the Escalade. That’s what we should be questioning.
    Oh, and by the way, that shawl is ugly!!

    1. Meh. Once you hit WNB territory, all questions, choices, opinions you may have, become irrelevant.

      1. But they were all irrelevant before the wall too. We just pretended they weren’t because we wanted to bang them.

    2. Quite correct. And not even picking on her specifically, but everything “high fashion” or “high culture” with regard to women is dominated by and shaped through the lens of faggots. You’ll still see some pretty girls whose femininity is putting up a valiant effort to shine through the boyification that the gays perform but it’s rare.

      1. Actually, I think there has been a major shift from a queer male aesthetic to a butch lesbian one. The queer dudes just had a fucked up idea what a woman’s appeal was supposed to be. But the lesbians are destroying feminity wherever they find it as a direct cultural assault against heterosexuality– especially normal masculine desires. They are on a political mission to fucking purge the world of anything men may think is arousing.

      2. this could be a reason why hot women in lingerie is dying out. gay men don’t want to make sexy women they want to make “art” with their clothes, where the women are not the focal point. if you go on tumblr (trigger warning haha) and search lingerie, thighhighs or skirts you will get many pictures of trannys and cross dressers, the only women you get are Victoria Secret models and a subset of women in the ddlg/submissive fetish who post pics with lingerie but they also do weird shit like wear diapers. I used to use tumblr to find pics because I started drawing hot women in lingerie for fun now I use instagram which is a lot more feminine. tumblr is full of sissy omega fags I can’t believe a major company bought it..

  9. Would not bang.
    Too bratty, too boy-ish, looks like in a permanent pre-menstrual bad mood.
    No, no, no….

    1. I thought she looked like shit in that photo. It failed to be a sexual photo. I would rate her a 5 if that.

        1. I can kinda get my head around your desire to bang them *because* they have a cuntish attitude… but for the most part I’m in the GoJ camp on this…

        2. Hey to be fair Stewart is a bad actress but she is legitimately hot, for a bratty cunt.

        3. Perhaps if she didn’t have such RBF…
          and why the fuck would you want to listen to the whiny drivel coming out of that mouth? you would *have to* keep it occupied while anywhere near the cunt

        4. see I like bratty cuntish women and I love resting bitch face.

        5. Yeah, see this is what I am picking up….
          I can kinda get it.. definitely see the utility in pumping and dumping them to inject, so to speak, a dose of reality to their inflated-beyond-all-bounds egos…
          Just personally couldn’t see myself rising to the occasion

        6. not just pumping and dumping…I keep them around for a while. I genuinely enjoy them.

        7. No… still not working for me….
          I just know she’s about to open her mouth and start whining like a fucking teenager about some meaningless drivel in a moment…

        8. hey, that’s why there are lots of different women. I in no way claim any objective validity for my own taste.

        9. The second is gold. The first one she looks like a possible tranny if you didn’t know it was her.

        10. that is just another shit test. I say this without hyperbole or joking….when she opens her mouth and whines like a fucking teenager about meaningless drivel give her a stern slap in the cheeks, turn her around, bend her over and stick you cock in her. If she fights back, enjoy the wiggling. She will love you for it.

        11. And there it is!
          I knew that *this* had to be the appeal….
          That’s the bit you want, right?
          I get it!

        12. This is just what I find women respond best to. AWALT

        13. Try *not* to be in a coffee shop when you attempt this.

        14. why. you give them a little wrap on the cheek with a smile just hard enough and sudden enough to understand what is behind it and then pat them on the ass. The goal isn’t to hurt them, just to reboot them if you will.

        15. no such thing as a lesbian…only women who aren’t getting properly dicked. You give her to me for a weekend and I will have her on her knees begging for cock no matter how many slits she licks

        16. she moved from vampires to women, at least she isnt banging the undead anymore…babysteps

        17. I meant the whole “shoving the dick in” thing. That tends to draw attention in polite society.

        18. yea i was trying to emphasize the fact that there are no true lesbians with the quotation marks.

        19. I don’t know, many coffee shops here hand out free NYC branded condoms.

        20. actually, if she has been licking snizz for a while she will probably be amenable to a three way.

        21. but what kind of three way. The one where the two women are dyking out and you watching or the one where they both focus on you

        22. if you have even casually read some of my comments you know that “focus on me” is something that is implied in everything I say.

        23. Truth. Shit tests are her telling you she’s upset that you left her too much control.

        24. that is one thing she is telling you with them. The other thing is “i want to play rough daddy”

        25. hahahah i was messing with ya. I know from some of the conversations you and ghost have that you are talking about the latter. I was wondering how you would pull that off with feminist powered K-stew.

        26. same way it always gets pulled off. Fuck one good and often enough to make her love you and then withdraw. She will do what she is told after. She will beg to do things you want and she finds repulsive just to have you back

        27. In the past 10 years or so, I have banged a handful of feminist/SJW types.
          Protip: They love to have a collar and leash put on them, and be told what to do. Imagine that?

        28. I believe you entirely!
          I expect most masturbate furiously over Trump every night too…

        29. Your first mistake is listening to any woman. I have a beer cosy with this on it:
          My wife says I never listen , at least I think that is what she says.
          When my wife accuses me of not listening to her I reply, ” I am trying not to, but you are so loud and annoying you are making it very difficult.” And I pay not one single iota of cost for saying that. Women are all crazy.

        30. Yup, I can see that… Actually it’s the imagined prospect of all that teenage drivel that puts me off. You’re right… Should simply ignore and wade in!

      1. They may have a similar shape, but KK has a totally different body language and bearing. She owns herself, and it shows no matter what she is wearing or doing. That is sexy as fuck. Watson has none of that going on here. She just looks sad and lost.

        1. KK def hotter (even though the wall is well behind her). Just saying, there are some similarities. Olivia Wilde, imo, is still the queen of this look.

        2. It’s a good point….
          would be interesting to see a genealogy of the evolution of this ‘look’, and at what point it definitely devolved into ‘Perma-PMT pouty-bitch, WNB’

        3. I want them to look like all the joy, along with their souls, have been raped out of them by uncles stinking of beats and vodka back in a Siberian barn and then to fuck them in such a way that they feel alive for the first time in their lives and then to leave them and watch the realize that the temporary breath of life I gave them, a feeling they never thought was even possible, was walking away.

        4. Fully. But I get the feeling Olivia is about to transition into her frump phase. Her politics won’t let her keep herself hot for long. Then we’ll be begging for the gay fashion designers and photographers to do their thing on her…

        5. She is about to hit that phase based solely on age…but that happens to all women. I can’t say it enough: any guy who even knows the political or social opinions of the woman he is fucking or wants to fuck has already lost.

        6. Crystal clear:
          You just want their past, present, future, and soul.
          But her opinion is hers to keep.

        7. Actually I think it’s simpler than that…
          Just wants to remind them who they actually are and what they are for…

        8. You don’t seem to get an option here as of late. Maybe it was the whole Trump excitement or whatever, but chicks seemed insistent to let you know that they liked Trump, or that they would vote for The Witch even if you threatened them with death. Like almost the lead conversation after hello went straight to politics.
          Dude: “Hey, how yooouuu doin’? I’m Ron Fucking Swanson, what’s your name sweet cheeks?”
          Her: [giggle] “I’m Samantha. I hate Trump!”
          Dude: “Um….”

        9. Not sure how many countries outside of America that hit, but it definitely happened here in the UK too!

        10. Any time anyone mentioned anything during the election I made a face and told them to stfu. I wasn’t dealing with it. A woman’s opinions on things other than fashion and my dick are meaningless to me.

        11. is it a Homer line or a Peter from family guy line when Marge (or lois) says something like “my opinion on this really matters to me” and he pats her on the head and says “well that’s what’s important”

        12. Sure, but by the time you get to “stfu” the opinion was already ringing in your ears. I’m really of the same mind as you, it got really tiresome hearing Muh Politks(tm) as the first words after “my name is”.

        13. Nah, it is more than age– it is an inclination towards vandalism. No woman that fine need don mom jeans, Chuck Taylors, a knit beanie, and a shapeless sweater, just because she has touched the wall. That kind of uglification is done out of hate, and I bet you a nickel she has it on deck and ready to go.
          As for the caring about a woman’s politics part, are right. Enabling these hateful opinions is a major cultural failure, and your attitude is the correct one: no patience.

        14. Family Guy. Just watched that episode on Netflix about a week ago.

        15. At this point, and not just with women, whenever anyone mentions government, politics, the election, etc, the life visibly drains out of me and I nearly collapse in a heap…

        16. That hispanic broad who plays on the Gay Show and is married to Al Bundy (now, not back in the 1980’s), I always forget her name, aged like a woman should age, with grace, class and dignity.

        17. “an inclination towards vandalism”
          Perfect. When you Ugly-Up a God-given beauty like that you might as well be carving dik pictures into a tree.

        18. I am so glad you say this, because I feel the exact same way. I have taken to looking at political and social interests as college football. Some people find it entertaining and some people live and die by the results but really it is totally fucking meaningless and while I don’t begrudge anyone their hobbies I would just as soon not be forced to listen to them rattle off stats.

        19. I exist in something of a feminist encampment, and they all are obsessed with Trump. They will not stop talking about him, with zero provocation. I told one the other day, “You talk about Trump all time– I think you must be really attracted to him.” I expected her to start howling at me and giving me the leftist boilerplate. She gurgled something unintelligible and shuffled away, shoulders slumped.

        20. But see that’s just it, she can change her clothes and glam up. I barely care about men’s opinions (a care that drops exponentially on a daily basis) and I certainly don’t care about women’s. She can be queen feminist all she likes so long as she shows up on time, acts the way I want during dinner, dressed sexy and fucks in a memorable way I don’t care if she is the flag bearere at the March for Menstruation or whatever.

        21. It hits me with the same effect as being addressed: “hey, stupid….”
          Sure you can ignore and disengage, but it REMAINS in your head.

        22. easily forgot. You see, you actually care about politics and social issues so I can see how it would be something that is hard for you to let go. For me, she might as well have told me who her favorite ice hockey team is, once I shut her down I totally forget. Politics, social issues, the state of whatever….none of it means dick to me — and least of all coming from a mouth I intend to put food, booze and cock into.

        23. unfortunately, you are right. I have as much influence on national politics as I do on a Yanks/Sox game. We are all just spectators

        24. I *love* finding enclaves of Trump-obsessed-females! it’s just too easy!

        25. It’s not that I don’t let it go, I’m just mentioning that you don’t get a choice as of late, so I can’t take a guy who knows a girls politics by accident to be “doing it wrong” right out of the gate.
          Now if he asks her about this, well then you bet.

        26. these smug $50,000 dollar per plate types are just paying for box seats behind home plate while we sit in the nosebleed section- they will never have an ownership stake in the league

        27. I have, currently, 5 girls on current rotation and I do not know a single thing about their political opinions, if they care, if so which team they like better. Literally not one thing. I have zero clue. They know better than to tell me this shit.
          If a girl mentions it, as some have, I usually forget just based on the fact of not caring and not having oneitis.
          If the guy asks then he might as well cut his dick off

        28. My mind and soul are pure. I am right with the lord my friend.

        29. Your nihilism frees you. I on the other hand still care, and it makes me attuned to bad vibes to the point of inducing nausea. The fight matters to me.

        30. Not only do I have no influence on the outcome of the game, I simply don’t care who the winner is.

        31. let go brother….you are holding onto someone elses paradigm of meaning and missing out on being the creator of your own universe. Giving as shit about this nonsense is like opting into cancer.

        32. So confused… if a girl is naked, she’s a slut, but if she’s wearing clothes she’s hiding some secret hate?!?

        33. not to mention they all pretty much threw the constitution out the window when it comes to law making

        34. that’s fine with me. If I work hard and don’t get myself into too much trouble I make good money and have a lot of fun. It hasn’t meant one lick of difference who was the politician. They can wipe their ass with the constitution for all I care. All these “rights” and shit mean literally less than a hobos shit to me. I am of material value to the system and the system, in turn, rewards me. end of story.

        35. Yeah, she was a fucking smoke show in her pre-wall days. And for an older broad she’s still pretty decent.

        36. Lopsided eyes and the fact that she is frothing at the mouth while Emma just pays lip service tilts it in Emma’s favor in my opinion.
          Younger too.

  10. Emma watson is the perfect example of what happens to starlets they start out pretty but then hollywood breaks their soul and they protest by going the way of miley cyrus or in simple terms the prolonged decadent media exposure sends their hamsters into ultron hyperdrive

    1. Miley Cyrus (and Lindsey Lohan) started out legitimately pretty and feminine. I’ve never seen the “thing” with this Watson dude.

      1. I rate her a 6.5 and this photo i rate her an androgynous 4 never said she was pretty,thanks to such starlets bruce jenner won woman of the year

        1. She’s thin, she supposedly owns a vagina….
          Really that’s about it. I guess “thin”…ok. She fires on none of my cylinders, and never has.

        2. She was somewhat cute before the haircut (with little help from photoshop of course)and my friend todays men are so thirsty or lack so much control that some have fantasies of anita sarkeesian

  11. What she did is troll for views, ticket and magazine sales. We give them waaaay too much credibility. Everyone knows feminism in its modern form is about maintaining unearned perks.
    So why are we letter her dictate the terms? Just continue to boycott them until they bring forward a message we agree with.

  12. she wanted us to sexualize her boobs.
    but we are mentalizing her head.
    he hair?– fucking idiot. reminds me of feminist teacher…
    would bang – if someone held the head.

  13. Vanity Fair uglied her up on purpose for this. There are actually puffy, dark bags under her eyes in both pictures. Getting rid of that is practically a preset in Photoshop– to say nothing of the fact that she is in her 20s. And that repellant hairstyle took major time and effort to come out that fugly. To say nothing of the high-creep-factor wardrobe…
    They stripped her of her natural appeal intentionally, and by design.

    1. I think they want to turn men insane with first bruce jenner and now this poor girl/boy

  14. I never got the appeal. She was never really that attractive to begin with.

    1. The Hermione character was formulaic and consequently Emma Waton herself was caste as a neutral nobody. Heck, while there are elements to the films/books that are fun to watch, there’s a whole formulaic leftist plot afoot:
      Harry Potter is a natural born elite apologetic for his privilege (this is the classic leftist elite narrative). He’s a born wizard being mistreated by muggle relatives raising him but part of his moral superiority is he doesn’t take it out on them. Yeah, he sometimes accidentally changes one of them into a pig or something like that, but nothing permanent. In the meantime, the “muggles” (an allegory for the working class), are portrayed as fat and stupid and bigoted. Sound familiar? Harry is naturally superior but doesn’t need to work at it. He either has his powers gifted by his mother dying to save him or he’s just super naturally talented.
      Harry goes to an elite institution to hobnob with the elite some whom are evil right wingers (Voldemort is pale and the schoolmarm who tortures Harry is dressed in classic 1950’s Peggy Sue gear) and the fascists are white (are there any non-white Slitherens?) while the anti-fascists are made up of the British minorities and women. Which leads us to Hermione:
      Hermione is the heroine whose a muggle who earns her status by working hard to learn spells, is super smart, and is smarter than everyone, even Harry. In other words, she’s a smarty pants emasculating career woman. It’s ironic that Emma Watson’s feminist role in Harry Potter perpetuates a stereotype feminism has been fighting from the beginning:
      Feminists are masculine or at least androgynous and unfeminine. Offend Herminone and she might cast a spell on you and harm you. Don’t expect you can seduce her and she’s too busy playing with spells to be interested in looking pretty or have sex.
      So now Emma Watson is as messed up has her Potter character.

    1. I’ve stopped trying to understand feminism long ago. Just chalk it up as inspired by Satan and leave it at that. Every thing that feminism has espoused has taken away a woman’s happiness and usefulness.

      1. Jim, I provided an explanation above. Feminism is just narcissistic rage by entitled western women (mostly white) from chivalrous white knights who provided them with so much, they thought that they could add “equality” to the mix while trying to retain all the privileges of inequality.
        It’s like a little girl getting angry that daddy subsidizes her lemonaid stand and doesn’t treat her as a full ‘equal’. That sums it up pretty neatly.

        1. Feminists are in shock when I compare them to Veruca Salt, but this is largely what they nearly all are except for the exceptionally dumb and naive ones.

        2. A pirate walks into a bar. He has this huge steering wheel shoved down the front of his pants. Bartender asks him, “why on Earth do you have that??”
          “Arrgghhh!!…….it drives me nuts!”

  15. Sugar sites? You’re supposed call that a ‘Bride Price,’ and pay it to her father. That way he’ll back you up like a son should she try to “drape” you. If you pay the bride price to the bride, you’re dishonoring the dowry.
    Also, I’m afraid the only ‘freedom’ femenism offers looks much like choosing it or not. We should rename the traditional women’s role something that sounds womanly, so that is doesn’t sound to girls like they’re choosing between being feminine and ‘just a tradtional [boring] woman.’ We call our movement Neomasculinity, afterall. Sounds damn cool even on the surface, because it’s got ‘masculine’ in it. I say we lean towards “Beautyism” because it appeals to the beauty of a traditional woman, and the beauty of a life where you have one.
    Anybody like the concept who can top the name?

  16. She looks like a little boy in drag. Also why does she smile out of only one side of her mouth.

  17. I read in The Archdruid Report blog that there are two ways that movements for change can break apart. One is by having the movement being so broad as to have massive internal contradictions. The other is to endlessly infight about the real core of the issue. The attacks by some feminists on Emma Watson exemplify the second. The strange alliance between some feminists and Islam exemplify the first.
    3rd wave feminism is eating itself. An excellent bit of news.

  18. LOL I am not going to feel bad for some silly little bitch with millions of dollars. I’ll feel bad for her if she pays be $1000/hr.

  19. She’s not very pretty, and I think her boobs are just awful!
    She looks like a fourteen year old boy.
    Please Emma, keep it covered!

  20. I may be amongst the few here, but that picture doesn’t look sexual to me. She looks sick, as in physically ill with the flu or similar.

      1. I wasn’t referring to “here” as in this site, I meant as in this opinion. I wouldn’t think RoK represents the majority of men, if it did the world would be a very different place.

        1. Yup, would look like it has for most of history, but got lost in the last 50 years…

  21. Her fifteen minutes of fame has lasted too long. Harry Potter is over. It feels like her “celebrity” is being forced on us rather than by any choice of the public.

  22. Her unattractiveness can be attributed to the gays and butches. That shawl, her haircut, her pasty complexion is all some artsy, fartsy get up, inspired by the feminists.
    She has real potential, she is young, healthy, and fit. However, she is loosing it with her attitude.

    1. Her loss of beauty is being actively managed by her handlers. Its part of the celebrity system of wringing every last cent out of a person before they hit the wall.

      1. After watching the catastrophic destruction of Miley Cyrus and Brittney Spears it’s a wonder any parents would ever…EVER….let their little girl anywhere near Hollywood.

        1. I tell you, even if I had the ability to form a relationship with some hollywood type, I would stay clear. Looking at the tabloids is enough to see that they are all poison.

        2. Ever notice how the kids of A-listers are themselves “into” alternative lifestyles and whatnot? It seems like that’s the sacrifice one has to make to remain an A-lister.

        3. We’re getting more and more information on the twisted cult that these idiots, and politicians, seem to all be in. The terms “wall” and “Thrown up against” need to be used more in polite conversation about the lot of these fuckers.

        4. …along with the terms “tar”, “feathers” and “ran out of town on a rail”..

    2. i never liked women who got their hair cut super short. I hate when girls get the whole pixie cut or the shaved head like a man.

      1. It’s not even a pixie cut in that photo. It’s some weird shellacked in place thing… almost like a bad hat or something photo-shopped in

        1. “For this photo shoot, we want to capture several new sides of you. I’m thinking bird’s nest, followed by Ionic column, and cap it off with not-as-feminine-as-Beiber.”

        2. Is meat dress supposed to be an American sexual innuendo I don’t understand?

        3. Dr. Evil: My childhood was typical: summers in Rangoon, luge lessons. In the spring, we’d make meat helmets. When I was insolent, I was placed in a burlap bag and beaten with reeds. Pretty standard, really.

        4. This comment made me laugh yesterday, and it made me laugh again today thinking about it. Thanks… I can actually kind of picture some gay hairstylist saying this and for some reason it just busts me up… would make a great comedy sketch.

  23. She looks pale and sickly in the photo and in the cover photo. And in the boob shot, if you look at her stomach it seems shes hiding a little bit of a belly and maybe some stretch marks with her arms.
    2/10: would not bang

  24. When Emma Watson fretted about feminism being viewed as synonymous with man hating and needing to stop, she wasn’t criticizing feminism as being man hating. She was criticizing those who dare to criticize feminism and telling them to shut up. The “he for she” campaign is nothing new. Feminism has always been an extension of chivalry (the term white knight is familiar to all on this forum) whereby men are supposed to apologize for oppressing women and rescue them from inequality. Equality itself is about women rescuing themselves.
    In Emma’s own original speech, it then went on with traditional feminine victimhood and claims of men’s “privilege” to dehumanize men. There’s nothing new under the sun about Emma. What frustrates Emma is that feminism has rendered itself obsolete by being a dupe of leftism that regards privileged white women such as herself as oppressors and unable to handle being hoisted on her own petard, she knee jerks and tries to cry for a white knight to rescue her.
    Agreed that feminism is about “choice for women” which demonstrates that mainstream feminism is an entitlement movement: Men can’t do whatever we choose to do. Feminism shames men continuously for spreading our legs on a train, saying “hello” to a woman without a notarized consent form, and even working and earning a living because we either earn too much (wage gap) OR we’re “deadbeats” not paying the bills. Feminism demands men pay for everything while not being allowed to earn it.
    Feminism is a good example of sociopathic thinking. Most socipaths don’t start out cruel. They simply see the world in terms of objects existing to please and satisfy their desires and needs. When those objects get “uppity” and unreasonable and think that they have needs that go beyond pleasing the sociopath, that’s when “narcissistic rage” kicks in.

  25. “Men and women in the dating scene should be all equal”. I would be curious to know exactly how many times Emma has asked a man out on a date, bought dinner, drinks, etc., paid for it with her money, and actually did the work of actively seducing the man. Like all feminists, she is a hypocrite.

  26. Anyone know how ‘International can’t-be-fucking-bothered-to-hide-my-contempt-for-my-employer’ day is going for the you-go-grrrrrrrrls around the world?
    My guess is that productivity everywhere has skyrocketed as groundless sexual harassment complaints drop to zero, HR departments around the world grind to a halt and cease spewing endless, meaningless diatribes, Men can get on with actually running shit, and whining, gossiping and troublemaking in the office space is suddenly, inexplicably, eliminated at a stroke…

    1. International Women’s Day is a great idea. I fully support a day that encourages men to fuck a woman from another country in order to expand his horizons and experiences.

    2. When I heard that among other things, women weren’t going to spend money as a form of protest, I fought back the lulz. Yeah right, like they’re going to resist the temptation to splurge on Louis Vutton and Coach.

      1. right! you can imagine the cognitive dissonance in the bitches heads “no… no…. I said I wasn’t going to spend money….. BUT I WANT TOO WAAAAAAAH!”

  27. All the top female stars are feminists who push the globalist agenda. (Go figure.)

    1. And the ones that weren’t at the beginning are made doubly so, just to drive the point home. JLaw used to be conservative at one point in her life, believe it or not (or pretty damned close anyway).

      1. Weird, isn’t it. Ever see a Hollywood star speak out against the globalists? Mathematically speaking, if the playing field is level, there should be many stars who speak out against public water usurpation, corrupt business practices, banker shenanigans, etc. But not a fucking one of them ever does. What does this tell us? It tells us that people don’t become stars by accident; it tells us they work for the globalists…

        1. Kurt Russell I believe isn’t silent about his opinions. Penn and Teller are blatant libertarians and almost shove it in your face (I’ve actually spoken face to face with Teller, it was weird to hear his voice). But by and large, yeah, they’re a twisted group, the lot of them.

        2. Penn has always seemed like an interesting guy to have a conversation with, a bit arrogant but he usually at least has some facts behind his opinions. It was embarrassing seeing him talking to a Catholic, and actually knowing more about Catholic beliefs than the guy he was talking to (Penns an agnostic).

        3. And he’s tall as fuck too. Dude towered over me and that’s something I am not in the least used to.

        4. My apologies- I’d heard he claims to be agnostic, not religious himself but not particularly anti-religion either.

        5. Which makes the following even weirder: People idolize these marginally talented idiots. Put ’em on the big screen, and they become gods in most people’s eyes. Pretty easy to manipulate the idolizers at that point, which probably explains the warped viewpoints of leftists and libs.

        6. That may be his genetic heritage, but his religious beliefs are different.
          He is an atheist, and big supporter of atheism, as I recall.

        7. He isn’t arrogant at all. He is very accomplished and has done a lot of stuff, but he has a sense of humor about himself too. I have talked with him.

        8. I’ve never met the man, just an impression from a couple of interviews and I certainly could be dead wrong.
          As I said, he’s one of the few celebrities I’d be interested in meeting and having a conversation. He doesn’t seem to spout off about things he hasn’t personally researched. In the interviews I saw he declined to discuss things he didn’t know much about, and could articulate the reasons and data supporting the positions he held.

      2. I liked that version of her– made her seem fun. Now, just a big judgmental downer.

    1. Expect her frontal nude at age above 30, just like Scarlet johanson. Well I wanted to see her boobs, yeah but 10 years ago. That´s why the leak of Jenifer Lawrence boobs was so damaging, they can´t capitalize from it when she decide to show her boobs in her 30s when nobody is paying attention to her anymore. It´s what I call The Aniston Syndrome.

      1. I vaguely remember that Julie Andrews of ‘Mary Poppins’ and ‘The Sound of Music’ fame eventually did a nude shot in a film, in contrast to her image at the time. I think that may have been the first..

      1. after which she went home and masturbated furiously over the thought of Trump taking her up the arse…

        1. I remember her trying to make a post Miss Universe soap opera and singing career in Mexico and failing miserably. And it’s telling because Mexican media behemoth Televisa is an expert in pimping out beauty queens to the public, yet they couldn’t polish this turd of a woman. Mostly, I heard she was an uppity conceited bitch that was hard to work with. Fortunately, the misogynists at Televisa have an endless stable of hot Latinas at their disposal. Or as they say, like women like with flowers, there is a new harvest every spring.

        2. “a new harvest every spring”
          And there it is!
          Worth remembering… this is a great mantra for Men, and an icy, creeping, deathly fear to the heart for women!

  28. One can only assume that Emma Watson loves to be objectified by alpha jocks and humiliated and completely dominated in the bedroom. The louder she rails against “sexist” behavior, the more likely it is she finds it irresistible in her own men.

    1. Given as she dated this giant, chiseled extremely masculine rugby guy, I’m going to have to agree. Her entire stance is idiotic on its face when you compare it to her actual actions.

      1. Exactly. It reminds me of when she complained that men should be nicer when approaching women then complained on a separate occasion that she favored American men because they were bolder than most “nice” British men. What a damaged retard.

    2. Feminism is just one long shit test. All it is women weeding out the wimps from the men. It’s easy: the wimps agree; the (desirable) men to not.
      Tip: if you want to get with a feminist because she is hot, just do the reverse of what she TELLS you she wants. (Disclaimer: as long as not illegal of course. And use common sense: if she says she wants an ambulance and is bleeding on the floor-get her one. Lol.) There is no way on earth any woman wants a feminist, sensitive, male unless it is as an emotional tampon. It’s all a lie. Bending to her will NEVER attracts but standing your ground does.

      1. the sad part is most men are failing this test. if men would realize what it was and stopped putting up with it then male-female relationships would be a whole lot better

  29. She looks like a small boy. Guess it makes sense that she calls herself a feminist.

  30. “Of course, Watson has a notable history of being a hardcore feminist.”
    Just a matter of time before she has a notable history of hardcore I imagine

      1. I don’t know about Dutch Techno, but I heard she likes the Dirty Sanchez.

        1. And then will probably move up to the Filthy Rodriguez or the dreaded yet delightful Squalid Gimenez which is next level.

  31. Emma Watson is a tool. She is being used by forces she doesn’t recognize and can’t even understand. She will be discarded when her usefulness is done.
    She has been raised in the social equivalent of an aquarium and protected from anything that could give her anything approaching real life experiences.
    The underboob photo was specifically planned and inserted in the article to generate controversy, and thereby, more publicity. Emma Watson spouting feminist talking points is old. Now they are just sexing it up a bit to get more attention.

    1. She will be discarded when her usefulness is done.

      Once her looks fade and the amount of makeup, CGI and photoshopping needed to make her look marketable is more expensive than it is to hire the next “Lisa Simpson” type of actress.

      1. The next step will be to set her up in some sort of fake controversy with another celebrity. Probably have some D list has-been attack her for some feminist BS to try to create sympathy for her or something.

      2. Today: “Why has the word feminism become an unpopular one?”
        Five years from now: “Why is the guy who googled this video literally the only one who’s seen it? I was Hermione Goddamn Granger, people should hang off my every word.”

  32. On an unrelated note, my new gf, a never married, no kids, 26 yr old personal trainer, has an ex that still kinda wants her. The more nice things I say about him (how nice he sounds, etc.) the more she seems to despise him.
    Kinda funny

  33. Women don’t want to be recognized by men for their intimate parts…………which lasts until men stop recognizing them for their intimate parts and then women wonder why men stopped recognizing them for their intimate parts and immediately set out to be recognized for their intimate parts once again. Dig?

    1. That reminds me of a meme I’ve seen about some feminist “journalist” chick who wrote an article about how evil catcalling is, and then sometime later wrote an article basically complaining that men didn’t catcall her anymore.
      That fucking hamster, man, I tell you what.

      1. Jessica Valenti is her name, making an ass of herself on the Internet is her game. Search the Guardian for her articles – the titles alone are a hoot.

        1. I’ll take your word for it. I ain’t giving that bitch the googles.

        2. Ah yes. I recall reading the article where apparently some dude jacked off on her back, apparently. Not to say there are completely degenerate men out there, but it seems ludicrous that all that bad stuff has happened to her and only her. And of course, I did read her article on missing being catcalled, which she later blamed on the patriarchy
          And this is her, bragging how much she loves bathing in cum, ahem, male tears, in a bikini no less.

  34. Gavin mcginns
    Did a show on feminists i like to fuck

    Funny she didnt make the list

      1. lolknee probably already bagged half those chicks, but never even knew they were feminists because he put his cock in their mouth every time they opened it up to say something.

        1. Yeah, I think we have a new coinage worth entering circulation…
          So Bratty Watson, Bratty Knightly, and Bratty Stewart are all FILFs…

        2. Too an extent I agree! but some of our fellow RoKers enjoy the art, and bring despair to the lives of these fair maidens in so doing…
          Plus if you don’t fuck shitty women – what’s left? AWALT!

        3. I still couldn’t do a Lolknee and bang one of those whiny brats with permanent RBF and ‘total cunt(™)’ attitude though…

        4. oh, Leon. Could never quite work out Jean Reno’s character’s interest there

    1. I would ravage Anita sarkeesian’s big fat yapper. Nothing beyond that though.
      Seriously she paints those lips bright red…And they’re so tight from being pursed in her eternal scowl…I bet she can suck a mean dick. Oh man and once you get to rockin deep in there, and the tears start running down her cheeks? A how how how how

        1. Totally agree. But I’d rubber it up for sure, God only knows how many others have been inside them walls.

  35. I have always loved that Hooters pic.
    The look on the face of that ugly frumpo in art teacher pants speaks volumes!
    Love it.

  36. Not long ago, actress Rose McGowan also started whining about being objectified. That is, after enjoying a career based mostly on her looks.Most remember her as the bombing that died crushed by a garage doggie door. Coming to think about, an excellent metaphor for her career.

  37. *Leave poor Emma along for God Sake*
    She is currently attempting a courageous recover from PTSD concerning her chronic case of fingernailbreakus offus!

  38. Celebs like Emma Watson in no way, shape, or form represent an actual oppressed female. They know this, but that’s not the point for them. Celebs look for ways to get noticed so whatever is receiving the most attention and public support is what they will latch onto, and like it or not, feminism receives a hell of a lot of support. If the world turned on its head tomorrow and made discrimination against sheep fuckers an international outcry, you can bet that the Emma Watsons of Hollywood would pose naked between a farmer and his sheep for the cover of Vanity Fair.

  39. Men have been objectified far longer than any woman has…look at men in popular media…shirts off, chests bare. Wonder what would happen to a male actor who refused to show his chest? Or male nudity in popular media at all…seems much more likely to see it than female nudity,especially the top half.

  40. It seems fair enough to me that if you are a self confessed feminist
    you should at least feel accountable to the sisterhood and therefore
    what she is doing is plain suicide.

  41. Physically, to me, she’s not bad. A 7 at most. I’d fuck her, but I wouldn’t date her. Simply because of her attitude alone.

    1. You’re generous-I would say 6 given her facial features are reminiscent of an adolescent boy and the insufferable, snobbish attitude is definitely a turn-off although I sense a dominant Alpha brute could have her submit in moments.

  42. This is a bit of a tangent but I have just finished with LinkedIn. They’re pushing ‘diversity’ hard. A lot of articles written by high-status women complaining about high-status men.
    Feminism is definitely a high-class thing. My working-class female family and friends don’t whine on about it all the time.

  43. What some miss here, though, is that a skinnier ass look great when she is standing on her knees. It will look like an apple, while a larger ass tends to become more pasteish. In a perfect world the boobs are larger on most thinner girls but one cannot always have everything.

  44. Man, she didn’t mature much past her teen years. She looks kind of boyish and like she’d enjoy a gender studies class.

  45. Look at my naked boobs but don’t look at me as a sex object? Yep. this is liberalism and feminism combined. A severe mental disorder.

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