5 Questions To Identify Who Really Rules Over You

In a perfect world there would be no favored groups. Each man would be treated as he deserves based on his ability. Anyone demanding special treatment based on some kind of group identity would simply find that rules and standards are impartial and fair to all.

Of course, we don’t live in a perfect world. Often membership of an identity group confers systematic preferences either explicitly or in practice, as if just by accident or by chance. Of course, these things are not just accidental, they occur because of differing political power or sentiment. They occur because that group is in some sense a ruling group.

Identifying our overlords can be surprisingly hard in practice. Often such groups have media and other sources of information on their side. Frequently they present themselves as victimized, discriminated against, and downtrodden in order to forestall resistance to their power and favored status.

If in doubt run this quick test. If a particular identity group is an honest and true answer to most or all of these five questions then they probably rule over you.

1. Which group is it not safe to criticize?


If you want to keep your job… smile

The first line of defense for a ruling class is to prevent opposition from gathering. Propaganda is one side of this process, relentlessly presenting material that justifies the position of the ruling class. The other side and perhaps the more important side is the suppression of contrary views.

If criticism of a group and its power or pointing out that it occupies such a position meets surprisingly powerful social, legal, and cultural resistance then that group is probably a ruling class.

2. Which group are people keen to change identity to support or join?


Say I’m a girl or you’ll go home in an ambulance

The drive for power and dominance is hard-wired into the human mind. Even when the power of a ruling group is denied, people notice. For an individual it is often easier to change to join that group than it is to try to succeed outside the ruling group. Significant numbers of people willing to make big changes to join a group is a pointer to power.

3. Which group is militant about asserting its identity?


Look at me, I’m part of a favored class

People never stop trying to distinguish themselves from others and present themselves in a positive light. If a person finds themselves part of a ruling group then they have an easy way to do this. They need only start emphasizing their membership of that group. It is almost always ruling groups or would be ruling groups which do this.

4. Which group can get away with telling lies?


They can get away with this… you can’t

People and institutions often find that lies are a tempting tool to gain advantage. It is the damage to credibility which limits their capacity to lie. Ruling groups have more power to publicize or suppress the existence of a lie. Consequently members of ruling groups can tell more lies and get away with it.

5. Which group gets institutional or government-mandated preferences?


All we want is to be equal… and first too

This one is a rather more obvious point, though much denied. When a group gets power what does it do with it? Among other things it uses that power to demand special treatment from government and from institutions.

So who does rule over us?

Here at Return of Kings we are quite rightly focused on the fact that in western countries all five questions could honestly be answered with some combination of girls, homosexuals, and recently an ever-growing list of other groups who enjoy more exotic forms of sexual misadventure.

However, it is fair to say that these are not the only groups of which it is true. The list of privileged groups is often different in different countries, but a quick check of some prominent groups against the five points is definitely instructive.

A second important take away from this list is that western societies are increasingly characterized by identity group power and identity group conflict. This is the reason why the indicators of rule in the list are becoming more common, more obvious and more severe.

This fact worries me in the abstract because I prefer a society where people are treated on their merits, as individuals. It worries me even more in the less abstract sense that as a reasonably normal, healthy, competent Western male I am increasingly in the position of being ruled over by an ever-growing list of favored groups who hate what I stand for.

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234 thoughts on “5 Questions To Identify Who Really Rules Over You”

  1. Protected classes of empowered victims, such as women/feminists, resemble the YKW in modus operandi, ideological traits and extremism. The different classes of empower victims serve to shield the YKW from critical discourse when legal or social sanctions are not enough.

    1. Christians have been a protected class for how many centuries now ?
      How many other religions get to consider their capital as a sovereign nation?
      What is the religion of the most influential group in the world ?
      Which religion is the worst about thinking their beliefs put them above the law? in direct violation of their own scripture ?
      Which religion automatically becomes victims and martyrs when they are treated the same they treat others ?

      1. “How many other religions get to consider their capital as a sovereign nation? What is the religion of the most influential group in the world ?”
        The Latin schism won’t turn a thousand years old until 2054. Of course you could say that is only 53 years old, if you consider “Roman Catholicism” died when it embraced the pan-heresy of Ecumenism at Vatican II. Roman Catholicism can hardly be the most influential group in the world, when it has been captured internally and their “infallible” Pope is used to push Global Warming, atheism, open borders, etc.
        “Which religion automatically becomes victims and martyrs when they are treated the same they treat others ?”
        Islam. Jews. Secularists. Social Justice Warriors.
        Certainly not Christians. If you see a “Christian” getting good press in the West, you usually don’t have to dig hard to discover statements like “Of course we worship the same god as the Muslims,” or, “Jesus was a homosexual,” or some such.

  2. Come on. It’s not really women or fags you can’t criticise. We all know there’s someone behind the scenes who gave these groups power. Just ask Roosh himself. Posted it before, but it’s just so perfect. Follow the shekkelz.

    1. There is more than Jews though. They have a powerful position in something that preceedes them and is bigger than them.
      All of this started much before the jews even got a place in european society.
      These forces of subversion have been there since forever.
      They started showing their true faces during the Enlightenment.

      1. No, dont kid yourself Monsieur. Its not “forces” Its pretty much them. Martin Luther in the early 1500s was pretty much blasting the jews about the same reasons. Its difficult for most people to understand because of its vast millennial scale.
        Heres one of the few things that encompasses its scale and is easy to read. But keep in mind that even this only goes back to 1700.
        People Ive given this to are never the same.

        1. Except than some Catholic reactionaries argue that European civilization started to go to hell precisely because of the Reformation.

        2. I disagree, Colonel.
          They’re not superhumans.
          Being forbidden from entering the european political sphere until 1781 and 1791, their influence on the political world was pretty much non existent.
          And in Europe, the reason they got so much hatred until the Unlightement is because they always did the dirty jobs so well (usury, merchandizing, that’s what Luther’s quote is describing if I remember well).
          The ideas they embrace today are already spread by europeans much before them sticking their nose outside their ghettos.
          But Evola explains that better than me.

        3. So then we disagree. Except about what you said about Ideas.
          Fundamentally this all rests upon the false idea egalitarianism. Every other evil spirals from there.
          I strongly suggest you download that PDF torrent.
          France is doing so marvelously now under their administration.
          I was in Paris a few months ago. I assume the remaining white people live somewhere outside Paris?

        4. You seem to think that I defend jews or something.
          Let’s just be clear : I don’t think Jews are the problem, I think they’re part of the problem, an important one but not the only one.
          It’s on this point only that we disagree.
          “France is doing so marvelously now under their administration.”
          Yes I see the evil that they’re doing in France, in Europe, and in America, and I also see the masons that granted them emancipation in 1792, for example.
          “Fundamentally this all rests upon the false idea egalitarianism. ”

        5. Yes, I stand corrected.
          They are only part of the problem. Jews didnt fly to planes to drop atomic bombs on Japanese cities, whites did that. Jews didnt firebomb sleeping German cities, whites did that. Jews didnt push that winds of change crap and collapse the English and French Empires and destroy hundreds of years old African colonial countries, whites did that. Etc etc
          So yes youre right, they are part of the problem. But they are the head of the snake.
          There are so many sycophant whites who will rush to their defense like the kings staff of eunuchs or what i prefer to call them- their Lycan daytime guardians.

        6. You need to be corrected, Germany and Japan attacked and declared war upon the US and Europe, they got what they deserved.
          The French and English empires were destroyed from within by the lies, weakness, stupidity and cowardice of the left.
          The African countries were just like the American indians, stone age savages who had refused to make progress for thousands of years, and nature selected them out.
          To gather resources for our own survival is more important than the feelings of fools.
          As usual, whites are cursed by jealous hypocrites for doing the same things that everyone else has done since the beginning of time.

        7. Actually you need to be corrected. Britain & France declared war on Germany. And they are now getting what they deserved.

        8. Despite campaigning as an isolationist US president Jewsevelt declared war on Germany and Japan in everyway but name. So he did everything in his power to provoke a declaration of war onto to US by strangling Axis economies in every conceivable way and certainly not being “neutral” . Lendlease, oil and resouce embargoes on japan, smuggling weapons in passenger ships to England etc etc etc.

        9. … not forgetting supplying trucks & other military equipment to the Jewish led Bolsheviks when U.S were supposed to be conflict neutral and all the while fully aware of the fact that tens of millions of Russians & Ukrainians were murdered in the Holodomor of the 1920’s by jewish commissars like Genrikh Yagoda & the butcher of Ukraine Lazar Kaganovitch as well as the slaughtering of the best of the Polish officer & intelligentsia class in pits in the forests of Katyn.

        10. Yes. Sorry, I forgot how Jewsevelt send Stalin money and weapons etc. Its hard to stuff everything into one comment.

        11. Actually it was the Jewish supremacist financier Jacob Schiff [Capitalist] the most influential man in U.S history who largely funded the Jewish led Bolsheviks [Communists] Two tribesman with opposing ideologies coming together for a common ethnocentric cause.

        12. Britain and France declared war on Germany, to the extent that there were French troops inside Germany until they were repelled. Why did they declare war? supposedly because Germany invaded Poland…..except the Soviet union invaded Poland also, despite having no claim to the land or the people as the Germans did.

        13. actually, there was huge economic war against Germany and Japan. before bullets started to fly and ships got sunk..Get your facts straight. Similar to what we are doing today with russia and china before they attacked the usa and the rest of europe..

        14. Hogwash.
          1933 Judea started WWII. It’s a fact you and the kiken-vermin can’t erase.
          Also, “Germany Must Perish” is a book you ought to read. Then imagine replacing the word “Germany” with “Judea” and pretend like the result of that wouldn’t be the mother of all Shoahs!
          By all accounts, under the “leadership” of Merkel, the greatest traitor known in Europe since Churchill, Germany damn near has perished!

        15. I totally disagree. Nazis did the same thing Russia did, but Russia crimes were simply swept under the rug.
          Truman ordered an experimental weapon be used on two cities that resulted in ridiculous civilian casualties and radiation poisoning of subsequent generations. I hope there is a special place in Hell for hypocrites like those.
          Well, the same people they’ve freed are now the same people that own them. Was this not the same reason Hitler was trying to get them out of Germany? Notice I said get them out and not exterminate them.
          Not everything that is professed is the truth.

        16. I’ve seen this series. Very good. Uncovers alot of less that children are force feed in school.
          If this lie was truly uncovered, the streets would run red.

      2. “They” “Them” “these forces of subversion” Who are these shadowy non-jewish figures you refer to who conveniently NEVER are able to show their faces? Either name them or its the Jews.

        1. Nowhere does Evola state who is behind the forces of anti-tradition nor those who were behind the feminist and sexual revolutions of the 60s. It was an extremely jewish affair. I suggest you read this book – http://www.jrbooksonline.com/pdf_books/cultureofcritique.pdf by Dr. Kevin Macdonald. It goes over all the intellectual and subversive movements in America of the 20th century that have changed not only the U.S immigration law in1965 but also how the populace view themselves and reality. It’s an amazing book and well sourced.

        2. Every thing you mentionned is true and i agree.
          I’m saying, like Evola that the problem is deeper rooted than the jews.
          The Enlightement (which unleashed the jews in Europe) being a prime example of what’s corrupted in the Indo-European man.
          We need to change ourselves or the decay will continue, with or without the Jews.

        3. The most fascinating book I have read in the last 10 years. I STRONGLY recommend people read it. State of the Art DNA research. A person of obvious intellect as yourself would not be able to put it down. it starts slowly but a few chapters in and you’ll be captivated.
          Nicholas Wade- A Troublesome Inheritance- NYT bestseller.
          Here is a review as well
          Yes, agreed. Its is a pathology within White Civilization. Its obvious when you look at Christianity and the history of the church. Its like a tapeworm, this submission to authority, submission to societal norms, sumbission to universalism. But it goes deeper than Christianity. Wade makes it clear.
          Universalism, egalitarianism, etc combined with a proposition nation (pathological altruism) will invariably lead to displacement, miscegenation, and genocide of the progenitors.
          The problem lies in Universalism, which suggests that all people are the same and therefore interchangeable. That delusion invariably leads to the Elite destroying their own people and turning to foreigners to help them.
          But let us call them by their correct name- The Jews.

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      1. Ridiculous.
        The problem is social equality, not Jews, even if many Jews are leftist ideologues. Moralist behavior is a survival mechanism for many minorities around the world, Jews are just better and more experienced at it.
        Conspiracies like this is exactly why western nationalism is barely a political force.

        1. “Everyone who disagrees is a Jew”
          This is why western nationalism has such a problem penetrating into serious politics.

        2. Social equality. What a great idea. Yes that will fix everything.
          Well have that lunar colony in no time.
          Youre a genius.
          Like Karl Marx himself.

        3. You read wrong. I said social equality is the problem, not the solution. More ideological inequality would solve most of the west’s problems.

        4. Why they do, every year now, the ‘March of the Living’, fighter cover courtesy of the Israel Air Force. Israel is the one safe harbor in the Middle East from the rising tide of Islamo-fascism – courtesy of the Israeli Air Force and a nuclear stockpile of probably not less than 300 20kt weapons. Recent leaks from the current US administration – as if it were a secret – confirms what was widely known, that Israel knows how to build fusion bombs. People don’t seem to remember that Edward Teller, who designed the US’s first fusion bomb, was a major advisor to Israel for its nuclear program.
          But even that concedes too much. As with the fission bomb before WW2, so too with the fusion bomb now – everyone knows how to build one, its just a matter of possessing the industrial capacity to make deuterium and tritium hydrogen isotopes. And, of course, a supply of fission bombs to start the fusion reaction.
          So there will be a number of places going up in an incandescent glow in the coming years. One of them might be the US. But, you can get that none of them will be in Israel.
          Call it a Jewish urban re-development program.

        5. Your ideas are right on the money dude but have some patience. Everyone will hate and mock you at first but then they would be using your ideas later on without acknowledging you. That’s life.

        6. The Moussad credo is “through deception, we wage war.” By infiltrating our society with moral corruption and perversity, while posing as radical religious extremists to avert our attention from their flagrant control—yeah,they are in ABSOLUTE control. Make no mistake. This moral decay has socialist roots and who funded these groups in Russia? You guessed it.

        7. Uh, dude, the Jews exploit and promote everything they can that disminishes a country’s native culture and social structure. And they do it by setting groups against each other and promoting “Jewish” as “good.” Everywhere where the Jews have gained footing it’s the same- Selling sex, T.V. and media standards to appeal to the most base human senses, drug groups organized into syndicates, constant gumming up of the legal system to push anti-social agendas, taking over the local religion to control the masses. . . It’s not a coincidence that with the rise of the Neo-Cons in government that there’s been a “Hebrew-ization” of our culture. Children killing their parents for money, college girls working strip clubs for money, God just a token in your pocket to justify immoral behavior, people suing each other for the most stupid things. Anyone, like myself, who’s lived among Jews can tell you that they have an agenda. Yeah, and watch the Evangelical and Born Again preachers on T.V., they’ve totally been co-opted by Israel and are being used to sway political support to get Israel everything it wants.

        8. Bro, Jews run media, banking, politics..it’s a fact. I don’t know why they have to be like that, do they think that people will never find out ? (well some obviously never figures it out lol)

        1. Well, it’s basically the equivalent of “Hasbara” except from a White Nationalist point of view. No nuance at all. I suppose all jews are bad (with exceptions not worth accounting), and all non-liberal, non-cuck whites are wonderful, while the white non-jews shouldn’t be held collectively responsible for anything (but, it’s OK to hold jews collectively responsible for Freud, Marx, etc).
          If jews were so bad and powerful, how come they convinced, supposedly, the entire western civilization of following in the path of degeneracy? White nationalists should hold their own as responsible as the jews that spread those ideas (without attacking the jews that actually support white nationalism for whites, and jewish nationalism for jews). That is, if this problem is to be solved with less bloodshed, though I’m not getting my hopes up.
          Regardless, from an Eskimo, just as White nationalists are not the enemies of the jews (at least not the ones that are willing to dialogue before making war), there is a sizeable population of Eskimos that support white nationalism for whites, and a separate homeland for jews with no jewish influence in the west (or viceversa, with no dependency on american or western money). We’re just not as well funded as the liberal jews or the cuck supporting jews.

        2. Because their global Usury system allowed them to do so, as human beings are easily swayed by huge amounts of cash. Then, they appealed to man’s basest urges, using their high verbal intelligence to mislead people through sophistry that their most selfish and hedonistic urges were moral, and good for the ‘progress’ of humanity. It’s not hard to see how it’s worked, it’s an abuse of basic human nature. When they managed to get women the right to vote, their emotional manipulation was a dead-set votewinner, and it was all downhill from there.

        3. Such argument removes agency from non-jews and makes jews sound superhuman. It’s like Jews are the only responsible for all of these, and poor non-Jews are just so naive and unable to respond for their choices, or to pull the same things that the jews have allegedly pulled.

        4. I do agree with you that we have to bear responsibility too. It’s often said that the Jew can only prosper upon our own sins; where we become weak, they proliferate. But it’s also clear to see why it has worked so well, it is no great mystery to me how encouraging degeneracy, laziness, and a lack of personal responsibility appealed to the lowest aspects of human nature. What must be understood by every White is that Jewry is our enemy, and we cannot coexist with them. Whites are already browbeaten everyday by the monopolised media of their own inadequacies, programs such as Jeremy Kyle (in the UK) and equivalents in the US never seem to show our vibrant enrichers sponging off benefits/with dysfunctional homes etc, only Whites. What most brainwashed Whites don’t know is the magnitude of our enemy’s hatred for us, and this is why it is so crucial that we drive home the awakening message about the Jews.

      1. Is that the best you an do? Are you a female, an emotional male, or a member of the tribe? Gotta be one of those.

    2. Im a quarter Jewish and in a relationship with a girl who is half Jewish. She’s the antithesis of all that feminism promotes (very domestic and respectful of her man) and Ive never once believed that the State can solve any of humanities problems. I can testify that were certainly not part of any Jewish conspiracy.

      1. Its not about a “conspiracy” Its about a learned ethnic evolutionary strategy.
        You should read Roosh’s article on Kevin Mcdonald.

        1. The only “learned ethnic evolutionary strategy” that I was taught from my parents was to value education ( formally or informally -whatever worked best), rely on myself and God to meet my everyday needs, to be honest and morally upright. Precisely the traits that our culture needs to embrace to bring western civilization back from the precipice of destruction. What we are witnessing on this earth right now is a spiritual battle that is being fought between good and evil . Satan has been given dominion of the earth for a “season” but his days are numbered. He knows this and as the” father of lies ” is seeking to spread dissension and unrest all throughout the planet. In time a final battle will be fought and God will destroy him. Until that day the earth will groan for Christs return and the heart of humanity will grow ever more wicked and cold. Focusing on Jews as the problem is nothing short of tilting at windmills. It ignores the bigger issue which is that what we are witnessing is a spiritual battle being fought in the heavenly realms.

        2. It most certainly is a conspiracy amongst the rabbis, Israelis, extremists, elites, politicians, media people, bankers, and lobbyists of jewish persuasion.
          Your average American Jew doesn’t have that much to do with it besides the nepotism and buying into the brainwashing. But in no way does that refute the above sentence.
          No one here is saying Neil Diamond is the anti-christ. But ask yourself, even though he’s a good guy for the most part – why is his last name “Diamond”?

        3. Im an average American Jew and there is no fuckn nepotism for guys like me. I was born into a poor family and have had to earn every dime Ive ever made – by dent of hard work and perseverance. I am also far from brainwashed. I loath Shmuck Schumer and Bernie “Colonel ” Sanders ( jews to the core) as much as Mitch “the petty bitch”McConell and John “insane” McCain ( as anglo saxon as they come) .
          Its the individuals who are always looking to blame some hidden conspiracy for their sorry existence in life that are brainwashed.

        4. Check out the movie “They Live” from back in the 90’s. Just replace the aliens with Jews and it’s all right there. Science fiction has always tried to reveal social problems while hiding behind the “Fantasy Facade.” Even the part about changing the environment to suit their way of live and enable greater exploitation of the humans. It hits the Jewish problem directly on the head.

        5. Bro you dont even know what your doing, your just fucking things up per default until people hate you so much that they fuel up some ovens, at which point you move on to the next victim.

    3. Jews are deeply conservative. Those that are not, are secular leftoids like secular white leftoids. The question is why our races are too prone to make leftists and how we can settles far from them.

    4. Of course, it’s all the Jews’ fault! Just as they were responsible for bolshevism, capitalism, socialism, the great depression, communism, anti-communism, secularism, 9/11, the war against Iraq, IS, the protests against the war in Iraq and the fact that my wife’s got a fungal infection so that I can’t fuck her tonight. I read this on a blog, so it must be true!
      Seriously, this kind of idiocy has no place in a serious discussion. Conspiracy theories without a shred of supporting evidence, it is beyond my understanding that there are still people believing in this kind of neo-nazi BS.

      1. Moshe, is that you? You’re doing great work again, keep it up. We’ll totally confuse these stoopid goyim, they won’t know who’s jewing who anymore. Greetings to Israel, shabbat shalom my brother!

        1. Nope, my name is not Moshe, I’m not in any sense Jewish, and I think that Israel rests of the same kind of racist assumptions that you are promoting.

      2. While I’m not sure about your wife fungal infection, Everything else is pretty much true and its very well documented if you spend the time to research.
        Although not the beginning of Jewish scheming you should make yourself acquainted with the all Jewish Radicals that founded “The Frankfurt School” and its doctrine of “Critical Theory” to understand the radical Leftist progressivism we see in action today among the Useful Idiot SJWs and Liberals.

    5. Wrong. This article misses it.
      Those who tax you against your will rule over you. You can seaparate yourself voluntarily from the other forces, but separating yourself from the slut whore institutions that tax you for her illicit behaviors and addictions are nearly impossible to escape. It’s those power holders who allow the panoply of social deviants to destroy our society so as use another stick to beat men into submission to their will.

        1. Muslims are victims also and are being used as a battering ram to destroy the white race by immigration to white homelands. Muslims (being the owners of critical oil) and whites should actually be natural allies. But instead, international Jewry through an infestation of international institutions of banking and governance has destabilized the entire Arab world with the paranoid logic that chaos in the region is beneficial for them because Arabs in peace would unite to destroy israel. Theyre happy to hide behind their walls while the region burns, waiting for their military messiah that will crown them rulers of the world.
          But now the natural order has been destroyed and they have destroyed themselves as well.
          For fuck sake, there were Muslims in the Waffen SS.
          They would burn down the whole world if they could be king of the ashes.

        2. And muslims have never spread religion by murder and force, right ?
          Before you say it, yes, christians have done the same thing.

        3. Russia, United States, Australia, and South America are where the oil fields are. Too add most of the worlds oil comes from the Artic, while most of the world’s oil is trapped under Antarctica

        4. what would be your (you being both you and any of the other hitler fans on here) “final solution” to what you see as the jewish problem? are you more empower-change-peacefully-through-reasoned-debate kind of guys, or do you favor the holocaust/mass murder route. are you holocaust deniers, or do you believe in the holocaust and think it was a good thing? i’m honestly interested in trying to understand your position.

        5. Thanks for asking. We are white separatists. We advocate a racial divorce. No fault. The world as you know has been in the hands of liberals since 45. They have ruled unopposed thruout the west. And we are on the brink of chaos. Actually weve gone backwards in many respects.
          Everyone is better off living with their own people. Multi culti doesnt not work anywhere, has never worked and will soon be discarded.
          Most of us have come to white nationalism via unique personal journeys. We share a common frustration for having spent our lives mislead by institutions about history, anthropology, WW2, etc. We are all very different people- Christians, Pagans, Atheists, Men, Women, Young, Old, American, European, Australian, South American, Highschool educated, Post Doctoral, etc but we all tied by a love for our people and see our people imperiled at this time. There are only around 700 million Whites at best estimate. We would like to preserve our families, our lineages, our Patrimony.
          If youre really interested.
          Also this is the best book Ive read in 10 years.

        6. How many White people of impeccable racial heritage voted for the current administration? Enough to give it the victory. Before you start allocating blame, look in the mirror.

        7. Yes, because ‘voting’ would definitely topple the Zionist-owned monopolised democratic system. Who voted for mass immigration? Which politician said they were going to flood our countries with millions of cultural and ethnic aliens? This has been imposed upon us against everyone’s will, abetted by an entirely Jewish-owned mainstream media propaganda machine.

        8. “Impeccable racial heritage” is a red herring.
          So what if they voted for the current administration? The Republicans are controlled by the same people. Heads they win tales you lose.

        9. ISIS is a Zionist ploy.
          We didn’t have countries hostile to us until AFTER WWII.
          Because a group of people were given free land, taken from another people, and these entitlees cannot get along with their neighbors.
          So they sic their golem, the US, on their enemies.
          We do their bidding so long as we allow their people in our government.

  3. Gays, liberals, commies, illegals—-these are just some of the things being thrown in your face to obscure the true rulers of this country.

    1. The quote is misattributed. It was Kevin Alfred Strom. He was accused of ‘white supremacism’ and was then charged with child pornography. The charges appear to have been politically motivated and his ex-wife was involved.

        1. There is no record that Voltaire said it. It dates back only to 1993. Strom’s actual quote:
          “To determine the true rulers of any society, all you must do is ask yourself this question: Who is it that I am not permitted to criticize?”
          it’s entirely possible that Voltaire might have said something like it, but there is no evidence he ever did.

        2. This is the case with a lot of great quotes. They often turn out to have murky parenthood and often the popular version is a pared down, streamlined version of the original. Crowd-sourced wisdom.

  4. Let’s cut to the chase. You can talk about the symptoms– feminism, faggotry, anti-WhiteChristianMale attitudes– just as long as you’re aware of the root cause.
    I urge you to look at the founders of “feminism”, who those people were. Look at who is behind the “freedom from religion foundation”, or any and all “open borders” organizations that promote the flooding of White countries worldwide with non-Whites. This isn’t some tinfoil hat conspiracy talk, just see for yourself the names– and ethnicities– of the people at the forefront of this stuff.
    To those who are still asleep on this subject: WAKE UP!! There is an ongoing, orchestrated attack against White Christian civilization being perpetrated by those who view us as the Philistine, the Pharaoh, the Fuhrer. In other words– the OTHER, the always-existing oppressive force.
    These people need to be called out by name– they are JEWS.

  5. I have no idea why there is so much outright anti-semitism on this site. How many jews are there in the world? Maybe 14 million? That really isn’t enough to pull off any grand conspiracy.
    If you want to know why a country has become degenerate, you need only ask yourself this…Has this generation, or the last, contributed anything? Have they expanded the country? Have they gone on some great crusade? Have they faced a common hardship together and overcome it? What will be this generation’s great achievement in the history books.
    The fact is that we in the west have had it mostly easy for more then sixty years. When you have it easy, every minor concern invites itself to become a cause celebre. Whether that is granting legal recognition to some tiny part of the population, worrying about a provably false rape epidemic, or going along with some confused persons fantasy about being the opposite sex, though this list is fairly endless.
    You could blame politicians. You could blame CEOs. You could blame media for all being short sighted, but the fact is that generally they have always been short sighted and there is nothing exceptional in that now. Turn the noise down. Focus on yourself and your family. Blaming jews is basically engaging in blood libel.

    1. Just because its over your head that doesn’t mean others dont get it.
      Who is it then? The Puerto Ricans?
      Go back to huffington post.

      1. You are invited to demonstrate to me where I am wrong. Blaming someone else for your circumstances is not red pill thinking. By the way, do you happen to know the religion of the first German soldier to earn the Iron Cross during World War 1 was?

        1. You just want a hairsplitting “no true scotsman” type argument.
          If you are open to demonstration you can look at links that ive posted. And since you tried to pull the old smokescreen of religion not a race above I know you are a Jew.
          Must be scary now huh? Never thought it would come to this I bet.
          Had to end some time.

        2. I’m a jew? That’s news to me.
          I’m supposed to believe some Jewish cabal secretly runs the world. Humans, regardless of race, aren’t exactly good at keeping secrets or at planning for events that are to happen even two generations hence. Yet jews having apparently been secretly running the show since the 1500s according to your posts. It just isn’t likely.
          Do you know that among the poor southern whites there was a widespread belief that the plantation owners and their slaves conspired to keep them poor and that the slaves had it better than them? It sounds ridiculous,right?
          Jews living in ghettos and always worried about the next pogrom aren’t going to be gathering power to themselves as that would serve no purpose other than make them an even bigger target.
          As I said, don’t blame someone else or some grand conspiracy for your circumstances. They are yours and yours alone.

        3. you must be some kind of troll…..no one is blaming anyone for their circumstances, of which you personally have no knowledge, for you to even suggest that is avoiding the intellectual, factual and historical debate.
          In other words stop implying other people are losers, and approach the subject intellectually, not emotionally or dishonestly.
          That’s some feminine, faggot, or downright dishonest way of communicating you have there.

        4. The “Colonel” wants people to think he is a real threat. I bet he dresses up when he mounts his keyboard….HAHAHAHAHah

        5. Jews did not create the blood libel. Jews did not write “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”. They historically, all the way up until the 1950s have pogroms conducted against them by various other religions. Millions of them, among others were murdered in the Nazi’s holocaust.
          That isn’t a group that is somehow a powerful cabal in my book.
          I haven’t ever seen anyone rail against a group without first somehow feeling they were wronged by that group.

        6. How amusing, you reference a jew-made movie which ridicules cartoon nazis to ridicule someone in the real world. Yet you post it as if you were in some way appealing to unbiased source to make your point.

    2. Not sure 100% about the jew angle myself. However, one thing I can tell you for sure, they consistently advocate different things for themselves and Israel than they do for other countries.

      1. Yeah, notice that Israel doesn’t have the migrating Orc problem that Europe now does. Israel has built border fences and it keeps strict control over who can get into that country, especially to live.

        1. Though Israel does have a significant muslim population. The only muslim population in the middle east that enjoys living in a stable and prosperous democracy.

        2. We get a good rate of return on that particular investment. We would be better of if we stopped paying Palestinians to kill Jews.

        3. You didn’t answer the question I asked. You claimed that Israel is a prosperous democracy. If Israel is so prosperous, why does it need millions in financial & military aid from the U.S every year?
          And I would argue that we would be better of paying Palestinians to kill Jews [which we don’t] rather than funding jews [which we do] to involve our people dying in endless proxy wars on their behalf.

        4. Israel is the only democracy in the middle east and our ally. I would rather throw my lot in with them than your scum raghead arabs. Israelis dont fly airplanes into our buildings, dont behead, dont rape and murder infidels. By the way, you are an infidel.

        5. “Israel is our ally”
          Its really quite staggering. You people are so utterly indoctrinated you have become complete parody’s of yourselves. Also I don’t know whatever gave you the idea that I want want anything other than a wish to use rag-head muslims as a proxy force against the enemies of my people instead as they have been using them against us.

        6. We send foreign aid money to the Palestinians, correct? Nod your head. What is the only thing Palestinians ever do? Kill jews. Grock, man.

        7. Oh? An Internet site. It must be true. Ever done any original research or read credible research by serious people? Guess not. You arab ass lickers can have it.

        8. Silly goyim, Israel has a right to defend itself from evil terrorists and nazis who want to bomb and lampshade us for no reason. You evil europeans invaded some countries and need to genocide yourselves to make up for it! Why are you so full of hatred? @[email protected]

        9. I noticed that with Jews in The United States. I read the Torah
          and it says Jews are supposed to help people, not big government.

        10. Yes [nods head] and as I said before, I’m arguing that this is better for my people [as a group evolutionary strategy] than funding Jews [also engaged in their own group evolutionary strategy] who see us as their main evolutionary competitor.
          So I take it you don’t intend answering the question; If Israel is so prosperous, why does it need millions in financial & military aid from the U.S every year?

        11. Are you for real? the U.S government also has an internet site. on it one can find all sort of statistical data like crime stats for example. Are you really suggesting that all this data should be dismissed because it is an internet site? You obviously didn’t even bother to check the credibility of the sources I posted – two of which were directly from Jewish sources. You would do well to take your own advice and do some original research or read credible research by serious people. Dullard.

        12. What is the only thing Palestinians ever do? Kill jews.
          Even if that simple-minded statement were true why does it then entail the US giving massive support to Israel?

        13. Israel is our ally?
          A) How many times have Israeli forces have gone into action with the US military?
          B) How many times Israeli forces have gone into action against the US military?
          Well guess what – the answer to B is one and thats one more than the answer to A.

        14. JIDF detected!
          Are you going to mention mom’s basement, the Jooos, taking meds and tinfoil hats next? Not to mention living in trailers.

        15. Jews have been plotting for world domination for 1,000 years. They use the dummies in the USA and England to fight their wars for them so that they can destroy the nations around Israel (used to be Palestine). Keep supporting your masters you fool. You deserve to be ruled by the Jews.

    3. Why is it anti-semitism to mention Jewish power? And how many more than 14 million would it take to pull off a grand conspiracy?

      1. It’s simple, Jews don’t have the power or influence they are credited with. The reasons they have met with perhaps more success in general in western modern civil society relate back to the historical oppression that Jews met with after the diaspora. They were forced into ghettos. Pogroms were regularly conducted against them. They could not own land. In that situation the ones who were smart learned that the only tool that can not be taken from you is your mind. We would all be wise to take heed of that lesson.
        Even now, Jews worry about culture turning on them and thus make extraordinary efforts to blend in. The marranos still exist and are a testament to that fact.

        1. I posted some well sourced evidence in one of my previous comments along with other commenter’s on this thread which support my assertion that jews have tremendous power and influence. Where is yours to disprove it?

        2. Well sourced by who? An Internet web site? You believe what you read on an Internet web site? hahahahah
          If so, there is a lot of interesting reading out there for you. Topics such as:
          9/11 was in inside job
          Apollo Moon Landing was a hoax
          A UFO crashed in Roswell
          Roosevelt was in on Pearl Harbor

        3. Peter, Do not waste your time engaging John L. He want you to engage so that he can feel empowered.
          Typical Talmudist

        4. Are you for real? the U.S government also has an internet site. on it one can find all sort of statistical data like crime stats for example. Are you really suggesting that all this data should be dismissed because it is an internet site? You obviously didn’t even bother to check the credibility of the sources I posted – two of which were directly from Jewish sources.
          Oh and you didn’t include on your list the attack on the USS Liberty in 1967 by our greatest ally. The United States have gone to war on far flimsier excuses than that before. So why the free pass?

        5. OK, lets try and establish what power they do have.
          Who wants to start the list off and we can debate each entry.

        6. US have gone to war with their close allies after a friendly fire accidents? how come you didn’t provide any “statistical data”?

        7. The attack by Israel on the USS Liberty was not a friendly fire ‘accident’ by any stretch of the human imagination – unless you include machine gunning people getting into life boats as ‘friendly fire. Oh no shlomo, that attack was designed to sink and murder every U.S serviceman on board and blame it on Egypt. But miraculously they were able to get a mayday message out to the nearby fleet which halted the carnage and towed the stricken vessel back. your tribe fucked up big time that day… and no sooner was the Liberty was in dry dock, the cover up began.
          You should read up on it someday, in particular the survivor testimonies of what they saw unfolding that day before their very eyes.

        8. the official conclusion was that it was a mistake, for which Israel also apologized, which is what matters in this case.
          you claimed that the US have gone to war against their close allies on “flimsier excuses” than the Liberty incident – for which claim you didn’t present any proof.

        9. The official conclusion?
          To which we are all supposed to accept that a cover up is beyond the realms of possibility right Moische? What about the independent commission which presented a lot of new evidence:
          [3] New evidence of intercepted radio communications between attacking Israeli pilots and the Israeli War Room, recorded by a U.S. Navy EC-121 spy plane, in which the Israeli pilots report seeing the Liberty’s American flag flying, has been collected by investigative author James Bamford – for 9 years the Washington Investigative Producer for ABC’s World News Tonight with Peter Jennings (and author of Body of Secrets, which includes a chapter entitled Blood about the attack on theLiberty). A similar radio message was intercepted by the EC-121 from the Israeli motor torpedo boats. This corroborates statements by surviving crewmembers, by Ambassador Dwight Porter, and by senior National Security Agency officials concerning NSA intercepts of Israeli pilot communications identifying the ship as American.

          No, an apology is NOT what matters, what matters is that Americas supposed greatest ally, Israel, deliberately attacked the USS Liberty killing 34 Americans and injuring 172. This alone should constitute an act of war.
          i will gladly present proof of my claim if you can directly quote where I said “US have gone to war against their close allies on “flimsier excuses” than the Liberty incident”?

      2. it’s not antisemitism “to mention Jewish power”. however, if you blame an entire group of people in real or imaginary crime – your statements will be ridiculed. that’s exactly what feminazis do by blaming all world’s problems on men.
        among people in politics, finance, arts, science, medicine and some other areas of life there are many Jews. there are also many non-Jews among those people. you didn’t know about this sinister fact?
        overwhelming majority of Jews do not have any special power, influence or wealth. they also are not united by any kind of specific goal or purpose. hope it answers your question.

        1. “if you blame an entire group of people in real or imaginary crime – your statements will be ridiculed”
          Not all Nazis were or are bad people. Not all smokers die from lung cancer – in fact an overwhelming majority of them don’t.
          And nowhere did I claim that an overwhelming majority of Jews have special power. It doesn’t take a majority and you damn well know it so stop playing the idiot. What I have said all along is that Jews wield a tremendous power compared to their demographic and are almost exclusively over-represented in all the fields that matter the most: Hollywood, Media, banking, academia, Government’s/Politics etc . i’d be suspicious if any single minority ethnic group had that much power let alone jews with their known track record of subversive activities over the centuries.

      1. Boo hoo. Why don’t you try arguing their points like a man instead of crying like a goddamn beta-cuck faggot?

    4. I think you don’t quite understand a private property based capitalist society…..
      the CEOs do what people with their names written on a piece of paper that says they own the company tell them. Same with the media. what you see on TV, or the actions of a company and it’s employees are not some organic coming together of people and ideas. It is top down control from the few to the many. This is how the democratic system and literally peoples minds can be controlled. It wasn’t enough for the xzar, clergy and ruling class of Russia, to focus on themself and their family…..it won’t be enough for you, when you are surrounded by dumbed down angry foreigners, and your countries laws and government are controlled by a sinister elite operating outside the confines of your societal customs + Laws, culture and national borders.
      What you preach there my friend is weakness, pure and simple. And the weak don’t survive in a world like this.

      1. My country? After being shown what “my country” will do to men like me, a combat veteran and business owner, on the merest words of his wife, I am not sure I have a country, or at least a government, that I believe in any more. I tend to view them both as thoroughly corrupt.
        On the other hand, I have many brothers, we number in the millions. I also have many cousins, many of whom, while lacking the shared experience of my brothers would not hesitate to defend what is theirs. I fear no elite. I fear no man for his language, though I will address poor behavior when I see it.
        I made a conscious decision to turn the organized news off for good over a year ago. I take news in very small doses.

  6. This shows a very Eurocentric bias. Jews never got a foothold in China, Japan and the Korean peninsula. So I don’t see how you can blame the Jews for the problems in that part of the world – and a whole lot more people live there than in Western Europe and its offshoot societies.

    1. Their cloak of invisibility does not work in Asian societies. They cannot hide. And Asians are fiercely racial and have zero tolerance for them. But their influence is still felt in Asia because of their control of International Institutions.

        1. Uh…just spend and time in an asian country and youll see that there is a strong national pride, competition etc and distaste for other asians.

        2. oh yeah? that’s why Japanese men pay white girls just to hang out with them in public? in any case, you claim that Asians have “have zero tolerance” for Jews. any examples of that?

    2. You’d be surprised. There are Holocaust and Jewish museums in China and Japan for sure. they also eat up Western media and are players in the global economy. If both of these are under Jewish control, then the East falls under their sphere of influence too.

    3. Jews have been in China and India for centuries.
      Here is a piece from the Jewish Daily Forward describing how… “I mistakenly thought that China during the revolutionary period was one
      country that had not felt the Jewish embrace. In fact, 85 to 90% of the
      foreigners helping the Chinese at the time of the Communist takeover
      were Jewish. This included the daughter of the founder of the brokerage
      firm Goldman Sachs, who left the comfort of her Park Avenue home to
      assist the Chinese.”
      Read more: http://forward.com/the-assimilator/159051/a-jew-in-maos-china/#ixzz3l4QvvATA
      So Jewish Bankers were “helping” during the Communist revolution in China where estimates of 50,000,000 Chinese died. Thanks for the help Jews LOL.
      Have you heard of the Chinese Opium Trade? ((( “David” Sassoon ))) was a “British” citizen that never even spoke English, yet people believe that the ENGLISH were responsible for the destruction that opium caused in Asia, when in fact it was a JEW that was pushing that poison. This is textbook JEW operations. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Sassoon

      1. interesting… the link from forward.com only proves that there virtually was no Jewish influence on Chinese revolution.

      2. interesting… the wikipedia article on David Sassoon doesn’t imply that he was single-handedly responsible for the supposed destruction caused by opium. somehow you also ignore the Parsis (not to mention that labeling opium as “poison” is your personal view).
        also, if you can freely find all this info just by using Jewish Google, it doesn’t sound much like an evil conspiracy to me. if Jews are so powerful, wouldn’t they suppress this info, disseminate blatant lies, and organize a few false flag ops?

    4. except they brought communism to Asia in all it’s glory……as well as American imperialism in the middle east, south east asia. It’s All the same thing.
      and they ran India back from the imperial days.
      Now they will bring you modern western culture in all it’s glory, to destroy your culture.
      You have much to learn my friend

  7. glad the discussion is getting err. more nuanced. This is a perfectly legitimate article, which runs the risk of getting bogged down in the comments by monomaniacal explanations that most won’t find very helpful. Every group without exception should be subject to proper scrutiny, but scapegoating one or other group however influential to the exclusion of everything else isn’t going to achieve that.

      1. It probably is. Girard has written about scapegoating as a universal mechanism that occurs in all societies potentially quite separately to any estimation of innocence / guilt. The point is that when you go down that route, something is going on beyond any evaluation of the culpability of an individual or group. Everybody and every group should be held accountable for their actions but when only one individual / group is held accountable for pretty much everything that might be an indicator that something is slightly askew. I’m all for powerful groups of every persuasion being held to acccount for their actions, and that should include jews, gays, women, muslims, etc. Re. scapegoating though, its worth remembering that what is happening now – the demonization of hetero white males – is a perfect example of scapegoating in its own right

        1. “scapegoating” = Newspeak fallacy used to dismiss an opponents insurmountably correct assertion.

        2. From one their sources: http://www.jta.org/2009/10/05/fundermentalist/at-least-139-of-the-forbes-400-are-jewish
          http://thezog.info/list-summaries/ (not their source, but it’s all easily confirmed by going to the source’s respective Web pages.)
          So here we have from these lists that Jews are roughly 40% of America’s richest men, and control virtually every aspect of the dissemination of information, media, and hollywood, and are in the highest positions of power in the U.S. government. In short, jews are America’s financial, intellectual, and cultural elites, and yet only around 2% of our population. I hear it’s the same in Europe and the Commonwealth countries, but as I do not live there, I’ve not sought out the specific lists.
          The point is that wouldn’t it be wise to study your elites? I think it is, and especially when you find out your elites are such a small minority in your country.
          And virtually every media conglomerate and information house is run by Jews. It is simply public record. http://thezog.info/who-controls-big-media/
          That’s tremendous power. It means you get to decide what the public gets to know. You’re very naive to not be suspicious of people with such power, or don’t seem to comprehend that people can be conquered by ideas and beliefs rather than outright warfare. If two trends currently continue, Europeans will die out in a few hundred years. Those two ideas are multiculturalism and career-driven feminism. Our women don’t have a sustainable birth rate and we open our gates to millions of brown coloured people. We will be the first people in human history to be conquered by ideas. Where did those ideas originate from? They’re relatively new and are counter to biological survival. The feminist movement is easy to track, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Jewish_feminists and as are the new laws that allowed the third world into the first. It doesn’t demand much of a mind to see the biggest picture of what’s happening.

        3. “The point is that wouldn’t it be wise to study your elites?”
          My point above is precisely that we should scrutinize power in all its forms. If the above stats etc are true then that needs to be carefully and objectively scrutinized and addressed. I don’t think cartoons of the sort below can be a part of that though. They are not any kind of real scrutiny; they speak only of pre-judgement and can easily be dismissed as ‘hate’ , which in terms of how that is defined is probably accurate. Its only when we can take a step back and persuade all parties of the necessity and justice of looking hard at what is the case that there might be some chance of addressing things. There are no laws against 30% or whatever of billionaires being jewish, but if you think of the kind of the scrutiny that has been applied to white hetero males then applying the same fairly to any preponderating group might require some form of action – but first it has enter the public discourse in a fair or reasonable fashion.

        4. The cartoons you mention above although crude actually convey a lot of factual information in a very short space of time – often through humour. nothing wrong with that. Our evolutionary competitors use propaganda imagery all the time usually sold to us through dis-information. not every person is an intellectual after all.
          “There are no laws against 30% or whatever of billionaires being jewish”
          Actually there are plenty of discrimination laws which Jews are often found circumventing by using extreme ethnic networking tactics as part of their group evolutionary strategy. Take for example the diversity agenda which is relentlessly pushed onto whites by every major jewish group.
          “The Diversity deception manifests itself in many different ways, ‘positive discrimination,’ ‘affirmative action,’ mass racial displacement of one race as a result of the importation of other races, mass immigration of the Third World into European nations and only into European nations, and our impending minority status as a result being some of the most obvious. However the excerpt above shows how Jews don’t apply the same ideas to themselves.Whilst being at the forefront of pushing the diversity deception onto white Europeans, Jews don’t believe in so called diversity for their own tribe. The ‘diversity’ they espouse is for whites only and is aimed at dis-empowering whites. When it comes to allocating university places, or positions in the media, the entertainment industry, film industry, politics and banking, Jews use the most racist and ethnocentric tactics to ensure their own dominance over everybody else.
          This isn’t a result of ‘superior intelligence’ or a better ‘work ethic,’ far from it, it is a result of extreme ethnic networking and Jewish Group Evolutionary Strategy. The Jews operate as a cohesive group and in their own interests as Jews. They perpetuate the myth that this overrepresentation is because of their ‘academic achievement’ and therefore is merited, when in actual fact it is a complete falsehood as European American students consistently outperform their Jewish counterparts. The mythical narrative that Jews present, in which they are somehow academically and intellectually superior to Gentiles and therefore dominate the institutions of nations they reside in, is to cover up their ethnic networking. They operate as a team to ensure that they win, and sabotage the opposition team to ensure that they lose.”
          Excerpt from the book ‘The Zionist Conspiracy’ by Dr David Duke

        5. “Actually there are plenty of discrimination laws which Jews are often
          found circumventing by using extreme ethnic networking tactics as part
          of their group evolutionary strategy.”
          Then the focus should be on identifying the degree to which this happens and why that is a problem so that measures can be taken to address the problem. That’s not going to happen though if it is seen as hammering one particular ethnic group – jew, muslim, or whoever.
          If you have a case to make it needs to be argued in a way that demonstrates not only the legitimacy of the concern, but also a legitimacy of manner. Certainly when I look at the stuff below – the gifs etc – I find it unpleasant and unpersuasive – it seems to say more about the poster rather than the claim being made. If you can demonstrate what is in fact the case and what would make things fairer there might well be a reasonable case to be made Ironically you’d probably have to persuade a lot of jews in the process – including that it was in their best interests to address the situation as something that was perceived as unfair

        6. “Then the focus should be on identifying the degree to which this happens and why that is a problem so that measures can be taken to address the problem. That’s not going to happen though if it is seen as hammering one particular ethnic group”
          What if after identifying the degree to which this happens it can be determined that one ‘ethnic group’ in particular [jews] are overwhelmingly and disproportionately responsible for the aforementioned ‘degree of happenings’ and that this presents a serious existential and cultural ‘problem’ for another particular ‘ethnic group’ [whites/western culture]
          I would suggest you read the book Roosh reviewed not long ago:

          The Damaging Effects Of Jewish Intellectualism And Activism On Western Culture

          I can assure you there are no gifs or unpleasant cartoons to be found therein, only a well sourced academic approach. If you cant be bothered with that at least read Rooshs article then make up your own mind.
          And furthermore, I am under no obligation whatsoever to persuade ANY jews in the process. My primary concern is to persuade and try to wake up as many of MY own people as possible to the reality they face before its too late.

        7. if that was demonstrated then the issue would still be how to make the situation better. If there’s a case for addressing this, in whatever way, then it has to be made in a responsible and disgestible way. I would imagine McDonald would agree with that. For myself I think the focus should be on ensuring that power can be scrutinized and where necessary challenged regardless of the form it takes, including by working to ensure we can speak about any matters of importance that may have been suppressed. But the issue here is how that can be done

        8. Michael
          The importance of the gif and posts you refer to are that we are living in a meme war. The majority of people do not have the mental faculties that you have nor the time and will not go thru copious footnotes. Those “unpleasant and unpersuasive” posts are in fact quite persuasive and more importantly, amusing, to many people, especially since they are true. And humor in the face of horror unites people. it often will bypass a life time of social conditioning.
          Id like you to keep in mind for a moment that there are many countries in Europe that will track down people who post things like that and put them in jail. This is not a joke. Most of the things people are talking about here that you find are so distasteful are actually illegal to utter. Think about this. How fucken dare they?
          There is something very wrong here.
          If youre really interested.

          This is the most interesting book Ive read in 10 years.

        9. Well you are welcome to refute what he wrote in an intelligent and adult like manner. Can you do that? Im all ears.

        10. I don’t hold with censorship. No-one should be jailed for holocaust denial etc though personally I disagree with it. Those ‘comedy’ gifs may or may not be ‘persuasive’ but ultimately all they do is stoke people up. There is a powerful case for scrutinizing the actions of those in power much more carefully than at present is being done, and that would include patterns of behaviour that might be nepotistic or collusive etc, but whipping up anger against an entire people, who happen to have spent much of recent history preparing for exactly that is likely to be counter-productive. Ultimately if you are waking people up, you have to ask yourself what you are waking them up to, and indeed what else may wake up in the process? What anti-semitism does is activate that part of jewish identity that is perennially insecure and fearful of attack and destruction. You will never defeat that. All you can do is get jews and ‘goys’ fighting against each other. In the interests of transparency I should say that I am mixed race. I don’t care to see multi-culturalism used to batter ‘white’ civilization but neither have I any interest in racial purity or anything like that for obvious reasons. I have met many good people amongst the jews, but when push comes to shove if they are forced into a position of existential insecurity they will align accordingly. Ultimately that is to play into ‘zionist’ hands surely?

        11. omg there’s a lot of Jews in Harvard! i’ll never be the same again.
          even if it’s true – why the hell would i care? are you really losing your sleep because of whatever happens in Harvard? maybe it means that Jews are so dumb – they have to get into Harvard because other places don’t accept them.
          but it’s not like Duke provides any sources for his claims. he also doesn’t explain whom he considers “Jews” among Harvard students. both parents are Jews? or one is enough? or just grandfather is enough?
          plus there are many places with Asian “overrepresentation”. there are “historically black” universities. did David Duke write extensive researches on those too?
          the article is exclusively about Harvard and nothing else. there are also some endless diatribes where Duke tries to draw some global conclusions because of supposed Jewish percentage in Harvard – but they’re absolutely irrelevant. Harvard isn’t some kind of working model of the universe – whether Duke’s claims are true or not.

        12. That was an excerpt numbskull. You are going to have the shell out some of your usury shekels to buy his book if you want access to the full list of sources & citations he uses.
          As a generous goy I’m happy to provide a few to whet your kippah seeing as how you are obviously way too lazy to seek them out for yourself:
          (1) Harvard enrollment for the class entering 2010: Asian 16% Black non-Hispanic 7% Hispanic 8% International 10% Mixed 3% Unknown 12% Jewish 24% White non-Hispanic Non-Jewish 19% Sources: Harvard Provost Office: “Degree Student Enrollment, 2010,” Hillel: “The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life” ).
          Unz, Ron: “The Myth of American Meritocracy: How corrupt are Ivy League admissions?” The American Conservative, November 28, 2012.
          Unz, Ron: “The Myth of American Meritocracy: Quantitative Sources and Methods,” The American Conservative website, Appendix G, November 21, 2012).
          Slattery, Patrick: “Elena Kagan’s ‘diversity problem’ and Jewish privilege” The Occidental Observer, September 2, 2012).
          Harvard Ivy league is very relevant as it is what produces our elites. Jews, who are less qualified in comparison with European Americans, are over-represented by a factor of more than 13 times higher than their merit would deserve, and almost 6 times over-represented than their ability would deserve against Asians. This is just one of many examples of jews working together to further their collective interests as part of their group evolutionary strategy. In short; Jewish Privilege.

        13. here’s the answer that dispels your myth:
          “Harvard Ivy league is… what produces our elites”
          what does that mean? every Harvard graduate automatically becomes a part of “elites”? if you replace those Jews with Indians and Mexicans, will they enter the “elites” right away?
          “Jews, who are less qualified in comparison with European Americans…”
          Jews are mostly part of “European Americans”. plus how exactly can you calculate their “merit” against other groups? or is it some kind of number crunching from Duke’s book? then you know now that it’s based ion false assumptions.
          Cal Tech has 42.5% of Asian students. hope it gives you a new toy to play with.

        14. The point IS to stoke people up. Specifically white people. My people. To anger white people for being kept in the dark, for being lied to, for being enslaved, for being taxed and swindled, for being sent around the world to kill enemies of the jews, for pretty much all of the things that everyone here has accurately accused them of. Nothing in this world works like we are told it is supposed to work. The world is increasingly drowning in a rising tide of violence and degeneracy. It is not coming from us. But it is surely being directed at us.
          The internet is their doom. If they were as unassailably omnipotent as you claim them to be then they wouldnt be as paranoid and beating all hands on deck battlestations everywhere now would they? White people walked on the moon. White people just pushed a satellite past Pluto and sent back photos. White people have the only countries in the world that are capable of producing excess food. Do you really believe that we cant handle a few million jews once the spell is broken?
          At some point a critical mass of whites will awaken. The sleeping rest will just go along with whoever is in power, as they always do.
          There is evidence enough. I not interested in a talmudic style cerebral debate with people.
          Look at what is happening in europe today with all of these invaders. Im certain youre not fool enough to think they are fleeing for their lives. They are fleeing failed states that they themselves created to freeload on the backs of my people. To steal.
          My people have been enslaved by a 75 year relentless cradle to grave spell. The people who cast that spell have a name- the jews.
          There are people in JAIL at this moment for posting cartoons like mine. I already know that you understand that it is evil. It cannot go on forever.
          We want what all other people want in the world. Separate ethnic homelands. We who have given the world so much are hated and resented and laughed at behind our back. Have you ever been to Africa? The middle east? I have. Since whites left it has devolved into the stone age. Yes, I know, colonialism, we burst into their nothingness and took some natural resources and left behind the detritus of roads and hospitals and railroads and universities and libraries and agriculture and technology in our wake. Pure evil. I know. Never mind that actual human slavery and cannibalism and evils that do not even have names exist en mass there. Thats our fault as well.
          Gaddafi warned that within the next 50 years Africa will invaded by China for its resources. A year later he was murdered. Ive spent some time in China. They see africans and arabs as savages and barely allow them to set foot in their country. Do you think they will show them any pity?
          White Europeans and North Americans were never asked if we wanted to open our borders to all the worlds races. No, We were told. By the jews.
          You dont really think that this will go on forever?
          Anyhow, we stand for Civilization, Culture, Order, Wisdom, Justice, Good.
          What do you stand for?
          We have a common enemy that has to be held to account.
          We mean you no harm, brother.
          We just want to be left alone.

        15. “The point IS to stoke people up. Specifically white people. My people.”
          Every group like every person has a right to look after, and defend their vital interests, but personally I think stoking people up can’t be right. Nothing good will come from that.
          I think you are correct that ” nothing in this world works like we are told it is supposed to work” – at least a great deal isn’t what it seems. But equally one should perhaps be wary of concluding too easily that one set of factors – one group acting in the world – is responsible for everything that is going on.
          “If they were as unassailably omnipotent as you claim them to be then they wouldnt be as paranoid and beating all hands on deck battlestations everywhere now would they?
          I don’t think you’ve quite understood me there, but in fairness I probably wasn’t very clear. The point is about how power works. There’s no doubt that jewish leaders are very important players in the world but what is in play is not just one group, however influential, but a system, indeed an international system, one which we all both benefit from and suffer from: we notice it now to the extent that it seems to be harming rather than helping us. White men not just jews helped to build that system, not just run it as quislings. For that reason alone one needs to question whether focusing exclusively on one group – jews – isn’t to potentially misunderstand a system which could probably run without any jews in it all, even if the emphasis might be different. Cecil Rhodes for instance – one of the greatest imperialists of “Rhodesia” fame – had help from the Rothshchilds to set up some of his businesses, but in many ways it was he personally and many of those who followed him who were responsible for setting up the system as it now stands – I’m just about to start reading Carol Quigley’s Tragedy & Hope which I understand explains a lot of that. Whatever part jews may have played in setting up that system they are certainly not the only ones, and my worry is that by scape-goating one particular group – however much that group might be represented at the leadership level – one may actually be working to prop it up rather than constrain it democratically (which is what needs to happen). I know you don’t like the word scapegoat, but it is one that needs to be confronted because to the extent that jewish identity does play an integral part in the above system it is precisely because of the fact that historically the jewish people have been very easy to scapegoat – that is true regardless of how innocent or guilty they in a given sense. They have always been on the front-line of getting blamed and for that reason they have developed a technology to defend against that.
          When anti-semitism increases, when it becomes salient in Jewish lives, it invokes a particularly negatively based jewish identity, an identity that comes to see its primary need in existential terms of survival. So much of what you describe above can be seen in terms of a group whose basis for getting together on any particular issue is not some positive idea of jewish identity, but the need to defend against threat. Jewish leadership – including for example Netanyahu in the last year – has too often played on that perennial fear of persecution. to shore up the kind of ‘gentile’ phobic action that we may sometimes see evidence of. The question then arises – if the likes of Netenyahu find themselves celebrating whenever some anti-jewish event amplifies jewish fear-based identity how can stirring things up achieving anything to threaten a system which to the extent it is ‘zionist’ (and one can exaggerate how much that is the case just as one can underestimate it) depends precisely upon uniting people and institutions against fear, hatred, racism etc? That is what I mean when I say you can’t defeat it by stoking up fear. It will draw whatever energy it needs to counter that.
          If on the other hand a cool head is kept, one which understands the self-defeating nature of waking the anti-semitism juggernaut, then all of the unfairnesses and injustices you are concerned about, including with respect to the threat to your country and people, can perhaps be addressed. Focus on what is being done, bring the alert level back down to defcon 2, and you’ll find that people will start to listen to you. I know you don’t believe me, but I think some of those people would be jews. They are only an undifferentiated bloc if they are united in fear. Look at Greenwald for instance – do you think he’s propping up the military industrial complex? On the contrary he could be a great ally for any who want to hold it to account for the evil that it is doing in the world
          I was brought up in England – and at its best it does indeed represent Civilization, Culture, Order, Wisdom, Justice, Good – but a part of that is making absolutely sure that the justice is fair, dispassionate, and always (carefully) reasoned. In honesty I don’t know what to think about ethnic homelands – I quite like living in UK / europe for a start, but equally I oppose mass immigration and open borders just as you do. There should be no need to interfere or dilute either domestic populations or their cultures.

        16. ” if you replace those Jews with Indians and Mexicans, will they enter the “elites” right away?”
          Yes. But they aren’t Indians & Mexicans are they? They are Jews.
          “is it some kind of number crunching from Duke’s book?
          No its from one of your fellow tribe members Ron Unz using analysis of National Merit Scholarships finalists data. I even gave you the source. Now I know you are:
          1. a JIDF jew out to wear me down by asking endless dumb ass questions. or
          2. a lazy jew who can’t be bothered to read any of the sources I’ve posted.
          Either way i’m not going to wast any more of my time on you. Shalom Moische.

        1. Irrelevant. The actions of a few mutants doesn’t erase thousands of years of murder, theft and evil. And it is very disingenuous of you to try to link the two.

        2. actually, it’s relevant that it were exclusively Jews (and gays) who supported Roosh in the media (although i understand that Jewish support of Roosh makes people like you and those who liked your post really sad).
          still, it’s strange you didn’t mention that Jews support Roosh.

        3. Because you insist post after post that jews helped Roosh and ignore the photo i posted above and its points I know that you are a jew.
          I will not go into talmudic back and forth.
          מזל טוב

        4. i post simple facts that people like you prefer to ignore – as they expose your hypocrisy and lack of knowledge (or intentional lies). your last reply is a typical answer of someone who has nothing to say.

        5. Yet more proof that its an innate biological drive. Jews literally can’t help doing what’s good for their tribe no matter how small the contribution – even helping to shield eachother in online comment sections. Its commendable really; I only wish more of our people can start thinking the same way. Take this comment above from a poster called Benji0804
          “The beauty of being a loner is I don’t fit in with any group. Never have and never will.”
          I feel great sadness for our people, I really do.

  8. Excellent article !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great elaboration on the popular quote of Volataire in alternative media. YOu can tell who is in power by those you cannot criticize.

  9. I appreciate a lot of the articles on how to deal with women in a bar and get laid. But that was all 25 years ago for me. This is far more useful to present concerns. Because humanity is in a pickle right now.

    1. Same here. I am far more interested in ROK’s articles on the West’s political and cultural degradation than in the articles on game. There’s nothing wrong with those pieces, of course. Different readers will have different areas of interest.

    2. Saving Western Civilisation and the White race from destruction is exactly 6,000,000x more important than worrying about trying to get a blowjob from a club skank.

  10. Is it OK that your government is Billions in debt?…..or is that a criminal, fraudulent practice?….the questions begin there and get bigger and bigger the further you go down the rabbit hole.
    Maybe your government should control the issuance of currency and credit for the benefit of the people….No Debt, No taxes, No austerity……..?
    …that was a trick question….. they definitely should

  11. when the balloon goes up sjw’s will end up eating each other during the zombie apocalypse. Unable to survive outside this limited experiment they will die of starvation, & common sense. they are actually being herded for the next holocaust. Watch and see. There wont be any mad max in the movies to come and save them, no superman or batman to save the day.

  12. It’s an adjustment period for society as rules adapt and change. These groups have tolerated lots of hate until now. They are bitter and sjws jump on whatever band wagon gets the most attention. It is not the most intelligent and true party leader’s opinions that get heard, but the loudest click bate’s. Meaning as you see in the elections the guys making the most noise are the only ones getting coverage and therefor swaying the vote/mob mentality.
    In other words blah blah blah. If you want to find your true overlords? Perhaps you should take a look at wall street which can fuck over millions of people, threaten our government into paying them a bailout and somehow manage to stay out of the limelight.
    Want to find out your overlords? Try looking up who really owns the media and who gets to pick and choose what the public gets to hear. Who controls perception? Who controls your basic needs i.e. food, water, and shelter?
    Your critical analysis needs some work. You have to actually do some research to find answers . . . . Also I’m pretty sure the ruling aristocrats aren’t all jews and to single out all of them because of a few of them is just retarded and nonsense.

    1. If you want to find your true overlords? Perhaps you should take a look at wall street
      Who dominates the financial sector?
      Try looking up who really owns the media and who gets to pick and choose what the public gets to hear. Who controls perception?
      And again who controls that?
      Who controls your basic needs i.e. food, water, and shelter?
      A lot of that depends on money and government. Who dominates that?

    1. Sadly you are mistaken, when Islamists take over, it is ALWAYS Jews at the top. They have always opened the gates in the middle of the night for them. From Byzantium, to Spain, to Armenia. From the United States to all of modern Europe. They invented them.
      It has long been their best weapon against their eternal foe Jesus Christ and his Church.

  13. The King victims rule over us. Who has monopolized victim status and used it for power politic? Think about it and you will see them. I’ll just say it: JEWS

  14. Sooo…the first comments are more anti-Semitic cartoons. Wow…when did ROK become a host for Stormfront propaganda?

      1. Lol, good comeback. But lacking intellectually. I take it you are implying that Neo-nazis and Stormfront are correct about the Jewish Banking Conspiracy, and that if something ‘hurts’ its automatically the truth?
        Its funny when simpletons try to use their brains for smart-making.

        1. Dishonesty… like yours when you try to insist that the only people that have noticed the Jewish involvement in banking and media are “muh naziz from that Stormfront place?” :^)
          You could of course attempt to attack the message itself… but you can’t. So instead you insult people. Typical of liberals– when confronted with facts that hurt your feels, you must instead try to attack the messenger. Slander, accusatons of racism, free-association with “these other people who are totally bad…” etc. It’s basically textbook.

        2. If Stormfront and Neo-Nazis are correct, then you should say, “Yes, I agree with Stormfront and the Neo-Nazis that there is, in fact, a Jewish banking conspiracy.”
          Just be proud to say it. Calling someone who criticizes you “from the librul playbuk lulz” is childish (and ironically, almost the same thing you tried to accuse me of). When asked for proof, call them liberal. When confronted, accuse them of what you’re doing.
          If you believe in the Jewish Banking Conspiracy and/or support Neo-Nazism and Stormfront, just be proud to say that you do. At least the people posting anti-Semitic political cartoons are proud to announce themselves as such.
          People that hide behind “from the librul playbuk luluz” are insecure betas who aren’t comfortable with themselves. If Stormfront is saying things you agree with, be proud to agree with them.

        3. I don’t know anything about stormfront or nazi’s, so I can’r agree or disagree with anything they say, but I do know that I agree with what the likes of George Washington, Ulysses S. Grant, Jesus Christ, Thomas Aquinas, Justinian, Queen Isabella, Henry Ford, and Voltaire have said about the Synagogue of Satan. And countless others have said for a thousand years.
          Was it Stormfront and the Nazi’s that expelled them from over 80 different countries in just a few hundred years?
          When a tribe of people enslaves, steals, and destroys from every other people on the planet earth, because they teach themselves that they are superior to all, and everybody else is to be used and cast aside like garbage, then who is the racist here? He who resists that? Or he who does it?

        4. “Its funny when simpletons try to use their brains for smart-making.”
          Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

  15. Meanwhile…
    Which apparently means %99.98 of mankind meets the criteria of being “non-jews.” I suppose the message of “hatred” is quite okay if you’re on the “right” side.
    They alone stand above the world and can’t be criticized for oh, anything and seem to have conned everyone into the “humanitarian” causes of diversity, immigration, homosexuality, promiscuity and pornography yet reject everything they advocate. Complete and utter hypocrisy.
    Let’s say you have a history of failed relationships, at one point you can blame everyone else, you have to start looking at what you’ve done. Funny how everyone else is the problem and they are completely blameless. The trend seems to be they get to the point of saturation, become brazen to the point of absurdity and blowback occurs. Jewish people that are firmly aware of this pattern are rejected, reviled and hated for bringing it up. I suppose the next phase is the world is getting smaller and once everyone jointly gets pissed at the meddling it will effectively be over. No more safe places. They’ll really overreach and do something completely fucking stupid.
    Look at the old testament. They have a history of killing their prophets for warning them of their behavior.
    “O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, which killest the prophets, and stonest them that are sent unto thee; how often would I have gathered thy children together, as a hen doth gather her brood under her wings, and ye would not!” Matthew 23:37
    Separate countries, different cultures, different players over hundreds of years all came to the same conclusion. For what reason?
    For what reason? Could it be they teach hatred of non-jews that allows them justification to do whatever they wish?

  16. 6. Which blogs, forums and political ideologies ruthlessly censor comments that question their positions.

  17. Bob’s Mantra: “Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.”
    For a useful exercise, apply the same formula to the movements against Americans, Anglos, Christians, heterosexuals and males. All six of these movements heavily overlap with each other on both ends, that is to say both in the victims and in the people targeting them.

  18. Well I really was loving this site until the Jew hating nonsense started. I’m a Sephardic Jew, not a liberal and not a fan of the majority of American Jewish Ashkenazi culture.
    But enough of this conspiracy shit already. I thought this site was about combating the emasculation of men and preservation of the western world, yet somehow the racists have come a calling.
    The fight against the emasculation of men in this country and the liberal agenda against the family is a real problem that ALL men need to face. Spewing outdated racial garbage helps nothing.
    Anti semitism and anti Israel propaganda is everywhere, and Jews are subject to more harassment and violence since WWII. While American Jews have foolishly assisted the liberal agenda they are certainly not the problem.
    Fucking idiots.

    1. Racists? How can one be racist against a Jew? It’s a religion… just like Islam. That would imply Jews consider themselves a separate race?
      No wonder there is so much anti-white rhetoric and propaganda puked out by the Jews; they consider themselves completely immune to all the “kill all white men…” hate that they are writing and pushing onto their puppet groups. They’re not white after all. :^)
      Best hope the dindunuffin-americans they’re riling up to attack feel the same way. #YouAintBlackYouAintMatter

  19. Another ROK comments thread ruined by the jew haters.
    Its too bad, you had a good thing for awhile Roosh but time to stick a fork in it.

  20. really? we’re down to paying attention to this shit? count me out…..things to do, people to meet……..ignore them and quit whining……holy shit

        1. But in all seriousness Michrl Shekelstein, Jews are the problem.
          Zionism, Communism, Marxism, Liberalism, Progressivism, Feminism, Multiculturalism, Anarchism, Socialism, Mass Immigration, Political Correctness, The Frankfurt School and its doctrine of Critical Theory, Civil Rights Groups, Sexual Perversions and Fag Parades, Degeneracy promoted in the Arts, Entertainment and Hollywood, are all JEWISH.
          These ideologies were conceptualized to overthrow the White European Civilization. JUDEO-Christianity is your Christian faith inverted to serve Jewish socio-political interests. Cuckservatives and Conspiracytards are Jew-cucked controlled opposition that do not really attack the heart of the Radical Jewish-Left. Conspiracytards like Infowars cloak the Jews behind shadowy labels that are unable to be opposed by political reformation and to spread disinfo among the half-awakened people who do not know where to turn.. e.g. “Illuminati” “Globalists” “Banksters” “Big Media” “Elites” “Bilderbergs” “New (Jew) World Order” etc etc
          The problem with the world is International Jewry. Its Banks, Its Media, Its Education, Its Culture and Ideologies.

        2. יומן היקר, נובל וולף לא אוהב את היהודים הרבה. מה עלי לעשות כדי לשנות את דעתו שלו?

  21. Who really rules over us is actually WHAT rules over us. I propose that it is the tendency to be giving more credit to unverifiable fantasies than to verifiable reality. In other words, the fact that in general we too easily suspend our faculty of critical thinking in favor of blind acceptance of faith-based beliefs instead of accepting only to believe what is clearly evidence-based. If we accept things as they are instead as what we think they are because it is essential for us to act in this world in a smart and healthy way. If we do not, we are lost. We will finish our life at the asylum, being tortured, imprisoned, or killed. We have no need to be in conflict with society and the desire to be different from what we are will end when we choose the courage to stand up only on our two legs. There is no “savior.” Neither outside nor inside.

  22. I can tell you that our rulers don’t feel threatened by libertarians. Ron Paul has spent his life criticizing government regulations, taxation, fiat money, central banking and especially the Federal Reserve System. Yet no one with authority has retaliated against Paul by, for example, pressuring him to humiliate himself in public by recanting the things he’s said against the Fed over the years. Instead our elites have ignored him, and he’s had an easy life despite his self-promotion as a great critic of the state.
    By contrast, public figures who challenge our elites’ childish utopianism about human fungibility, and who question why our governments have enacted policies to dispossess whites in our own countries and even try to erase our people from history, like something the Inner Party would do in Nineteen Eighty-Four, can get into all kinds of trouble from these elites and their proxies.
    The difference shows what our elites really believe, and where they feel vulnerable. They probably consider Ron Paul’s grievances discussable or negotiable at best, whereas they refuse to compromise at all when it comes to addressing the grievances of whites who feel increasingly besieged in their own homelands. Hillary Clinton would probably call libertarians a tiny basket of ignorables, if she bothered to talk about them at all.

    1. Libertarianism involves personal responsibility. And in ROK we know for sure that at least 50% of the population does not accept responsibility for their actions.

    1. Yes, someone is trying to show off their shit programming skills. Halfway through reading the article, popup, close popup, article jumps back to the top losing my place. Nice work there.

  23. Just to illustrate my point about where our elites’ priorities lie, would anyone care if Palmer Luckey paid for a group to generate anti-Federal Reserve memes?
    Would the Seattle Mariners have suspended Steve Clevenger if he posted tweets critical of the Federal Reserve?
    The people like Ron Paul who obsess over the Federal Reserve as a nexus of evil in our society might have some legitimate grievances, but our elites just ignore these libertarian hard-money obsessives because they don’t feel vulnerable through the Fed. Instead they have focused on racial “equality” and white dispossession through mass immigration, and not on central banking and fiat money, as the strategic weapons for controlling and enslaving us; and that shows why our elites attack immediately and in an organized way any public figure who dares to question the reigning orthodoxy in these areas.

  24. That’s only one layer in the modern system.
    The social engineers, the so-called elite are the ones who fund everything through their foundations and other mechanisms. They exploit the old system of protecting women, providing for women, and much much more to increase their domination of society.

  25. Merit based society – not as good as you might think. Ever read a balance sheet or a spread sheet and it looks really good but the truth on the ground is that such and such company is a real cock womble of an outfit full of shitheads and destined to crash and burn within the next financial year? Merit is based upon impressions, such as, “You have such and such university degree, therefore, you must be competent and worthy.” No, plain old tooth and nail competition is what builds great societies, and in order to create this dynamic, you must have inequality and merit count for less than potentiality. Essential to this, however, is freedom, liberty, equality under the law (not affirmative action), and the right to social and economic mobility – and the unmitigated right of every person to that social contract.
    On another note, for the Jew haters that seem to liter the comments, if Jews are somehow less worthy than yourselves, why the distinct paranoia about them? You spend a lot of time and energy on that subject in the context of your on-line lives which is a bit paradoxical given that supposedly you think they are unfit individuals. I sense profound inferiority complexes, you’re playing beta to the Jewish male, like a pack of alpha wannabees cum losers that can’t figure out why they have been dealt such a loser genetic hand but haven’t left mom’s couch (except to get another bag of fatty tum crisps) to address their sorry lot in life. A parallel take of this could be a scenario where one were to think dogs worthless creatures that have no place in most people’s homes, would it really be prudent to waste mounds of mental energy and spare time drawing cartoons and lampooning them? Perhaps, if I really felt threatened by the domesticated canine, but if really under threat I would do something more than just sit on my arse and wail like a helpless baby. At least a good number of your jihadi compatriots are making their words and thoughts into actions. For you lazies with a bit of an inferiority complex, let me say, “Wake up!” The Jews are living in your heads – the worst of it is that it’s entirely of your own doing – AND IT’S RENT FREE!!! Hats off to God’s chosen people for screwing you out of your money yet again, you losers.

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