7 Reasons Why You Should Attend The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is the largest event of its kind in the world. It’s been held in August in the small town of Sturgis in the Black Hills of South Dakota for over 75 years. It’s big. It’s loud. It’s for bikers. It’s not advertised as family friendly. So why should you attend?

1. It’s already set up

Trying to rent a venue and get everything together for any kind of gathering or rally is time consuming and expensive, especially if you’re being hounded by toxic feminists. Roosh already tried this and it didn’t work out so well.

Sturgis successfully hosted 750,000 bikers at their 75th anniversary in 2015. There’s campgrounds, motels, cabins, RV parks, food, drinks, medical facilities, law enforcement, and every imaginable kind of vendor. Sturgis knows how to host men.

2. Sturgis is not snowflake friendly

There are triggers on every street corner. There are no safe zones. There is nothing to encourage the weak hearted. There really is midget bowling advertised for the 2018 rally.

It’s big, bold, loud, and in-your-face. Nobody’s going to get all offended . . . about anything. Except: don’t knock over a bike! That’s serious business.

3. It’s in the middle of vacation paradise

I’m not going to spend all of my vacation sitting around talking about manly stuff. I’m going to get vacated, recreated and unwound. I’m going to see the sights. I’m going to travel around. I’ll plan each day in the morning and rethink it by noon. Just like most people on vacation.

Our family visited the Black Hills during one or our Great American Road Trips way back when I was 12. Outstanding country with a different viewscape around nearly every corner. You won’t have time to see them all but you can start with Mt. Rushmore, the Badlands, Custer State Park, the Needles Highway, the Crazy Horse Monument and Devils Tower Monument. Or you can skip the crowds and try to find your own place of seclusion in the backroads of the plains, mountains and forests.

4. You don’t need a motorcycle

Once in town, folks mostly just park their bikes and walk. It’s too crowded to ride. The town of Sturgis hosts the rally but most of the action is at the campgrounds. Many of the campgrounds run shuttle buses. So drive to Sturgis, park your car, get out and blend in. Bikers and ROK are part of the same band of brothers.

5. You’ll never be bored

The party never stops and it’s to big to see it all. Here’s an excerpt from a TripAdvisor review:

World class concerts every day at several different venues for 10 days in a row. Over 20 bands playing live every single night. Several different motorcycle races daily at 3 different venues. Motorcycle shows at 10 different venues almost daily. Motorcycle stunt shows daily. Test rides daily from over 6 motorcycle manufacturers. Enough t-shirt and accessories stands to blow your mind. Celebrities everywhere, some riding, some playing, some doing meet and greets and autographs.

I did not attend Woodstock but this blows any event away anywhere. Massive bars with 5 that are a city block long and wide. And a couple more that are half a block in size and dozens of other watering holes to quench your thirst. Bikes, Babes and booze and music of every type. roll, country, rap, blues, southern rock, and many styles of rock n roll.

6. The investment is low; the rewards high

Roosh: you need to reserve a vendor booth of an appropriate size out on the periphery where prices are less. Load up your t-shirts and other gear and set up shop. Tell us where you’re going to be and we’ll find you. That’s all it takes for year one.

Keep it small at first and see how it goes. Keep thinking of what should be done the next year. What worked? What didn’t? This could grow to be whatever we want. And it could continue for year after year.

7. Antifa might show up

There have been unsubstantiated rumors that antifa wants to shut down Sturgis because of the bikers’ propensity to display Confederate and American flags.

Nevertheless, let’s not wait for them. Lets send them engraved invitations on lavender scented paper. Include maps and lists of places to stay. Suggest they get their reservations early. Tell them to bring their own play dough and coloring books but they can buy granola and yogurt on site.

Because if they do show up, there are 500,000 bikers who would really like to sit down and discuss toxic masculinity and flower arranging with them!

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55 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why You Should Attend The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally”

  1. the Crazy Horse Monument?
    Why would I want to see a monument to the man responsible for killing 268 men of the 7th Cavalry?
    He killed nearly 300 American military personnel. And brutally tortured them and mutilated the bodies as well.
    Maybe we should start raising funds for a monument to Joachim Piper while we’re at it.
    BTW Where’s the 700 ft tall monument to George Armstrong Custer?

      …Every poor white I ever met claimed to have an Indian grandmother or something.
      There might be some truth to this. Most white trailer trash rednecks for some reason trace their roots to Old Colonial stock and therefore some of them intermarried with Indians.
      For some reason the later European arrivals such as Irish, Germans, Polish were more likely to assimilate into the middle-class after a generation or two.
      The real white trash are Anglo-Saxon ostensibly but they often claim Indian blood.

    2. Joachim Peiper was fighting for the soul of Europe. America was fighting for international Jewery.

    3. Peaches, you remind me of an SJW. Triggered by a tiny detail in the article. What I got from the article; “Go to Sturgis because it’s fun.”

      1. Yeah , but when your people are the invaders you cheer them on, not some Indian chief. You’re finished the moment you start apologizing. Take pride in your conqueror ancestors, not in a fighting back redskin.

    1. RICK
      That’s the truth. Something about 50 year old women in cutoff jeans and cowboy boots is just tacky.

    Where do these fucking losers get the TIME to show up and bother somebody because they are flying a confederate flag?
    What do they DO for a living?
    I assume some of them are professional students or living off some Trust Fund but don’t they DO SOMETHING?
    Don’t these fucking losers know that the Blacks and Mexicans they defend would not show up and fuck with tough bikers?
    What sort of upbringing do these pale-skinned dorks who all look like they stepped out of a 1994 Wheezer video have? Since they appear to have time and money to waste, were their parents Yuppies or what?
    Who supports Carl the Cuck? Or AIDS Skrillex?
    And you ZOG fuckheads on here will go on and on about JOOZE but none of those folks are there. These Antifa are all pale-faced Anglo-Saxons (Which makes you wonder if Soros and Sanders want Gentile Shock Troops).
    Nevertheless these faggy homos all seem to have 1,000 days on their hands about some flag?
    When I was young in the 1990’s Irish-Americans and German-Americans and Italian-Americans did not roam around crying out “You’re a fucking white male”-they flew their homeland flag with pride. They did not weep about being Irish-Americans or Italian.
    Which one of you thinks one Jew in America is upset about being a “white male”? He’s glad to be a Jew with an IQ of 119 and not some Mestizo who can barely figure out how to steal hubcaps off of cars or a black crackhead who snatches purses when he is a 35 year old man.

  3. I’ve been riding motorcycles for 14 years and have attended numerous motorcycle rally’s all over the US. For those who have never been let me tell you these people are white trash and corporate types who play dress up on the weekend with a Affliction shirt and bandanna on there on head with their gut flopped over their jeans. The only reason I ever attended these was to ride with friends of mine. The women who attend (not the paid talent like bartenders) have been rode hard and hung up wet and are usually going to be hovering around the 50 year old range.
    If you really want get enjoyment with motorcycles skip the rally’s all together. Instead pack up your gear to camp with on your bike and hit the road to scenic destinations camping along the way. You will meet higher quality people who share the same values as you.

  4. Lets start and stop on the very first picture.
    Is this your girl or what you want in one (really)? (She is bangable but you can see she is trashy as hell especially the naval rings (infections central) and the panties and chaps is so stylish and classy too.
    Is that you holding her hand (what you see yourself as)? if so, why?
    What do you see? what do you identify with?
    … I rest my case and made my point. if you are over 50 and the “party” down mindset and debauchery is what you are and live…well more power to you.
    Thanks but I much prefer having some self discipline, taste and see my time as being more important than being whiled away inebriated, killing my health and organs through excessive drinking and destroying my hearing the rest of the way.
    Really, just what is it I would be trying to get or retain from doing this Sturgis event?
    I just sold my street bike ( a very tame and cheap import rider) a couple years ago. I LOVE riding, but I would not join any clubs or ride with a group. I don’t need identity for myself.

      ALL the people I knew in the 90’s who listened to Green Day and all the other garage music or spent every weekend high on Ecstasy at raves are completely deaf now in their early 40’s.
      All of them.
      If you are going to engage in debauchery it is better to fly to Amsterdam for a weekend or Philippines and go all out.
      There are no laws, the cops don’t care, you can snort cocaine in the road in Amsterdam (I knew one guy who ate Peyote and fell in the canal!), fuck whores in every hole for 30 Euros and basically NOBODY will know about it.
      But when you do the stuff in your backyard it gets around. “Yeah, I heard he did a line of coke at a party” “Oh, his face is on a billboard in a prostitution sting” and so on.
      Fuck American laws, morals, regulations. Hit Europe or Asia and do what you want. No laws, no morals, no limits.
      But partying it up every weekend in Middle America. Lame as shit.

      1. Funny you say that about Europe: back in the 90s many not-so young European thought the USA had more freedom and was a better value for the occasional partying.

    2. Fuck these heavy overpriced early 20th century looking old-guy bikes. I am older guy myself, but I only ride street rice rockets and will never give up riding them. And I always ride alone. Unless you are in a gang of outlaws doing shit, why join a club of middle aged guys with alimony, child support and mortgage pretending to be outlaws? Sheesh.

    3. “…I rest my case and made my point.”
      ** You NAILED it **
      ‘…but I much prefer having some self discipline, taste and see my time as being more important…”
      ** APPLAUSE **
      “I don’t need identity for myself.”
      ** KUDOS & BLESS YOU **

    1. Some reasons:
      – No job.
      – Live with parents.
      – Possibly on some type of government assistance.
      – On some type of student financial aid.
      – Being funded by some type of George Soros organization.

      1. AUTOMATIC
        I do wonder if Soros does not use stupid Gentiles as some kind of shock troops.
        After all, his own young people are busy getting degrees.

        See, it has been 20 years since I was in the US and at that time I was a college student but back then
        A) College students had to work and there was no time to attend some biker convention to object to a flag.
        B) People took pride in their ethnic roots and nobody screamed “I’m a fucking Polish-American male”.
        C) Nobody, and I mean nobody, lived at home at 23. They were in some bachelor pig apartment they had to pay for. Maybe a few girls lived at home. That is all.
        D) They were making money and doing something.
        E) Social assistance in the 1990’s was awfully hard to get for middle-class whites. Only blacks and Hispanic pregnant women and white trash were on welfare.

      3. AUTOMATIC
        I am 44 years old now but it is sad that 25 year old men and women of Gen Y have no job, live at home, have nothing better to do than act as shock troops for leathery old Marxists who cannot get over the fact that Bill Clinton is no longer in office and Bush stole the election from Gore…and that you are 23, 25 years old and still hanging around the Student Loan office as a professional student.

  5. I notice some comments about “trash”, to them I say: are you out of your fucking minds?
    Your government apparatus is filled with people that think you are vermin that need to be sterilized, your schools preach killing you on sight, your women are insane and if you “marry” one of them there are teams of black robed maniacs who can send blue suited cowards to grab you and throw you in a cage if she so much as sighs.
    Wake. Up.
    To the Op: great article. RoK is coming out woth one kick ass article after another lately. This one has a great idea.

  6. There are also a few reason why not to attend the Sturgis rally:
    1. it is really noisy and crowded; loud motorcycles and concerts that can damage your health. Plus the crowd. Horrible
    2. The quality of women is not that good : most women attending the rally are White trash types , often over 40s. (and very often they are a “property” of another biker. )
    3. Violence – the rally is attended in large number of bikers from motorcycle gangs. They are known for random, unprovoked violent attacks.
    On one thing I can agree with the OP: South Dakota can be a very scenic destination if you are a biker and the weather is nice.

    1. FRANK
      Sons of Anarchy presents bikers in sort of a romantic light but in real life they are unpleasant.
      Once you start hanging around them or call yourself an affiliate you are basically hanging around a gang.

    2. I have never been to Sturgis or similar festivals, and have no interest in attending, but from the photos I have seen the biker females look like the bottom of the barrel.
      Agree on South Dakota.
      Drove though there in the Summer of 1990 (in a car) on my way to Ca. and the I liked it. Stayed for a couple of days. The Badlands had some great scenery.

  7. Terrible article.
    I visited the Sturgis rally about five years ago. It was full of deadbeat boomers who dropped their disposable income on overpriced Harley cruisers. I can’t speak to the original spirit of this rally, but I can assure you it no longer exists (if it ever did).
    Only girls at this rally were wrinkled and leathery ‘old ladies’ and the occasional HB-7 who go there strictly to make bank serving Jack and Cokes to horny bikers.
    The Black Hills were surprisingly charming, but going there at the same time as a quarter million biker dads is a terrible decision. I’ve had more fun at Mormon weddings.

    1. see this is a case where i didnt want to be too inflammatory about these people who are the actual seen on the streets biker culture. i think your verbalization of the scene is correct and would the following to your comments. it is awfully biased and judgemental solely of the visuals in passing of the local biker groups without granting to them that they may very well be decent people, but when the weather is nice and they are out doing their rides and rallies, the trashy white overweight and all stretched out tattoo dude look, the thug terrorist masked black biker look, and the jabba the hut looking white queens sitting on their captive males ass lording over their domains and the modular home wide load ass black queens in spandex that can be seen locally on the roads is the basis of why i would not spend the money time or effort to go to Sturgis. i dont need to see or hear the gaggle flock that forms from what is already resident here at home. again, it is a highly prejudicial and sterotyped image of the impressions of local steel horse brigades and likely not accurate portrayals of who they genuinely are…but why would they go out and so publicly express the part if is not intended?

  8. This rally is over rated. Trust me. Although the routes up and around the Black Hills are awe inspiring. But not with all the traffic and wannabes who have no business being on a bike. Save your $ and energy for Bike Week in Daytona. Or hit some of the other smaller venues that caters to other than the once a quarter “bikers” who only get as far as Starbucks for coffee. Even the club organizations sneer at the commercialization of all that crap. And the Buffalo Chip be damned.

  9. So lots of people here are saying they’re a bunch of rednecks. Well, that may be so, but I won’t fault the bikers for that. I like their style! Besides, they’d be great people to have your back in a fight, if it ever came to that.
    Anyway, LOL @ item 7!

    1. Not only would I not go to this thing, if I lived up in Sturgis I’d do my best to be out of town that week.

  10. Bikers are alpha wannabe’s 101 – these are the same guys who think getting wasted is ‘alpha’ – I agree its not ‘snowflake friendly’ but its also pseduo-male to the max – these are the same beta’s who listen to metal, get drunk, are lazy fucks who don’t know how to put themselves or their lives together – its wannabe alpha to the extreme – their sentiments and intents are ‘fine’ but they o about it in such a pseduo-male way I can’t take the clowns serious – its not that most are ‘redneck’, its that they have such a distorted one spectrum view of ‘masculinity’ – the same guys who join the marines thinking just being a marine makes them a ‘man’ – or the same guy who thinks owning guns makes him a ‘man’ – all of these pseduo-alphas are fuckin half-breeds as far as I’m concenered -theres a fine line – a VERY FINE line – between gun spouting, harley riding, beer drinking, men who are legitmatly men and the 99% wanna be pseduo alphas who are drones

    1. +1
      “…are lazy fucks who don’t know how to put themselves or their lives together…”
      Yeah, agree.
      But disagree on metal though. One of the few good things to come out of the 80s.

  11. By the way I think the author of this articles intentions are ‘right’ in a round about sort of way – the intent is obvious, but the problem is that the nature of this article is not with the spirit of the ROK site in my opinion. ROK readers don’t want drone rallies or to be plugged into just another orgy. Sturgis is the most pseduo-male orgy imaginable. I think the intent of the author is worthy, but the execution and content falls flat – sturgis and bikers probably ‘can be alpha’ but they aren’t alpha – there’s a BIG fuckin differance between someone who rides bikes (like dirt bikes) and can repair them and actually loves to ride just for the fuck of it and he knows the in’s and out’s of his bike, and then there’s the glorfied clown show which is sturgis, with dudes who don’t know shit about their bike and dress like clowns. I was raised in the south and I know alot of guys who ride just for fun and if the love bikes they might own a harley just cuse they like bikes, but they ride just for the fuck of it and cuse they like it, but Sturgis and harley bikers and the whole biker ‘culuture’ is a relic of the past, back when boomer fucks tohught a bike made them a ‘man’ or a ‘rebel’ – point is that this shit is pseduo-male – I thought this article was going to be making fun of Sturgis, NOT glorifying it.

  12. What a comment section. I’m from Sturgis, it’s a really cool area. I hike when and where I want, all over the hills. I don’t worry about my children in school. We do everything everyone else does, if we want more we travel. We visit what other people call normal and return home. The Sturgis Rally is fun for a week. We locals, just our asses and go see shows, meet new folks, and go back to normal. The self righteous attitudes about people who are talking about other people who want to experience something different and go home, is astounding. Get over yourselves. Your opinions don’t really matter. Youll live your lives and die like the rest of us. But not with the memory of the rally. Your choice. Shut up, you knew this was as a fact when you tried to sound like you had an answer. Who cares? Download your personal issues on another comment section. Sturgis or it’s rally don’t need you. We’re good

  13. I would recommend visiting when the rally is NOT going on. Much rather take a relaxing long distance ride vs hillbilly scum and saggy tits.

  14. I live in Sturgis and personally feel the rally has ruined our town. The black hills is a great destination place for people looking to vacation, but the rally is not a vacation. It’s a sweaty trash filled traffic jam that brings in drugs,violence and sex trafficking to an otherwise peaceful place. Everything gets hiked up to astronomical prices (300.00/night for a 2 star hotel room) every idiot with a license is clogging up the canyon and scenic routes. If you don’t ride good luck finding parking. Plan on staying at a campground if you do like to party because local PD has turned main st into a no fun zone. In my 24 years in this town (I’m 37) I’ve only seen one gang fight and it just so happend to be a POLICE MC ( Iron Pigs look it up)that shot someone. 30.00 tshirts and 8.00 Budweiser. Yes we try and leave every year. I’ve seen it take as long as 2 hours to get to the Chip from town 2 miles! That’s one mile an hour sounds like the opposite of why you ride to me. Yes there are gravel roads for shortcuts and no it’s not a good idea to ride your 40k bike on them at 20 mph because we will pass you and you will eat rocks. The only people that wasn’t the rally here are the ones who rent their house out for 5k a week and the swingers who need out of town sex.

  15. 5 years ago Aaron Clarey wrote a piece on ROK on how Sturgis sucks. The main drawback is that most attendees are very old – including post-wall baby boomer females. The only young hotties there are female students brought in to work there. Apparently Sturgis aint what it used to be:

    The Truth About The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

      They must be getting on now.
      Fucking 65 and 75 year olds outside the Social Security Office?

  16. Gather in a large group and get drunk to celebrate being victims of lifestyle marketing…I mean, freedom or something.

  17. What do Sturgis and Burning Man have in common aside from everything? Why do these two groups of people feel the need to be so diametrically opposed and threatening to one another, aside from the music and motorcycles, they are virtually the same thing, as most commenters have alluded to with their observations. it may seem insulting, but the essential core of thought is the same thing….mostly. the execution is the same the political mindset of the attendees is different maybe, but the debauchery is the same.

  18. I forget Sturgis, it’s too far away from home. Anyway, I’m not interested to mingle with the kind of crowd attending, where the vast majority of women are way past their “Would Bang” expiration date.
    If you are looking for a way to push your limits further, learning to ride a bike, get the proper license then go riding (I prefer to go solo) is a good move forward.
    I never thought I would do it before a certain Sunday morning of April 2014. I then said “Why not?” and my only regret is I did not do it before. I was 45 when I got my permit.
    The choice is yours!

  19. Go to the 24 hours of Daytona or Sebring 12 hours instead if you like racing. There you will find three types of people: Young fratty kids coming to party, the racing enthusiasts and related, families. I stay away from the fratty party kids and I usually go to one of the corners where overtaking happens. There I always meet up with people all over the world coming to see racing, usually Europeans, Asians and Australians. There are also sponsorship girls and girls at a lot of stands and you can go game them as well. my full 2 day ticket only cost me $90 in Sebring, from 6 am to midnight and you can stay at the track. There is usually a party where I met BOB before his party then hooked up with one chick dancing. You will see people from all ages and interest. Almost forget, You can rent your RV and get inside the track with it so, it can be your hub.

  20. Mostly obese old guys who ride a bike and thus think tthey are super hard-asses
    Sure, 20 of them can boot-stomp someone, mostly cowards who only like to “fight” when it’s 10 on 1, or worse

  21. Stupid hillbillies and burnt out and worn-out old whores with huge wrinkles and saggy titties..sounds HOT.?LOL

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