Self-Defense Is An Essential Part Of Being A Man

One of the primary messages from contributors to RoK is the need for self-improvement among men in the 21st century.  Knowledge, fitness, game, and wealth-building are all critical pieces of the puzzle that is masculinity.  Self-defense is a piece that has been touched on many times here, but I’d like to cover some aspects of it that don’t get as much play as which style to learn does.

Being able to effectively defend yourself is a fundamental part of being a man.  Sure the police and various security personnel in public places can come save the day, but they take time to respond and might not get there in time.  In addition, a wildly out-of-control civil lawsuit system combined with a society increasingly emasculated to the point that any kind of masculine aggression or violence is frowned upon, even in self-defense, can leave a man on the wrong side of the fence should he not cover his ass in a confrontation.

Let me start by saying that the primary purpose of this article is not to emphasize or promote any particular style.  Instead, I intend to focus more on how to begin your training, some tips for what to do when conflict is unavoidable, and what I call the intangibles, which are the aspects of self-defense that are supplemental to the application of techniques, but just as important.  While the techniques are obviously the foundation of self-defense, it’s the intangibles that will usually dictate whether or not they’ll need to be used in the first place.  I’ll also cover what your options are if martial arts just isn’t your thing.

1.  Choose Your Art

Now that you’ve decided to train, you’ll need to pick an art that appeals to you.  My advice is to do your research thoroughly and choose one that is practical and based on application in real-world situations, which is commonly known as street defense.  If you can afford it, I would also recommend private instruction as opposed to groups for more individualized attention.  You’ll definitely progress faster this way, but you’ll lose the value of sparring with others in a class setting.

However, if your instructor’s legit, he’ll be able to connect you with others so you can spar.  Remember, there is no substitute for sparring with a living, breathing human being.  Hitting a punching bag, a wooden dummy, or other inanimate objects will help ingrain techniques into your muscle memory, but in the immortal words of Bruce Lee,

Make sure to research your instructor’s pedigree.  Most instructors worth their salt will willingly and openly say how many years they have in the art, and who they trained under.  Trace that lineage and make sure they’re bona fide.

As I stated, I’m not going to get into this style versus that style because arguing about which style is best is a complete waste of time.  The fact is that there is no supreme style.  Everyone thinks their style is best and the only way to definitively prove it is to actually fight and not sit around talking about fighting.  Unfortunately, even that will prove nothing, since you could have someone with 20 years in one art facing someone with 10 years in another and have any number of physical advantages (or disadvantages) that could affect the outcome.

That being said, there is such a thing as the worst style in the world.  Choose wisely.

grail knight

“They chose…..poorly.”

2.  Intangibles

So you’ve chosen an art and you’re progressing, but obviously the point of learning is so you’ll be ready to use these skills in a real-world situation.  This is where the intangibles come in, and they can mean the difference between going home and going to the ICU.

Judging Books By Their Covers

An essential habit to learn is situational awareness.  This means always being aware of your surroundings, specifically the people around you, even in a seemingly non-threatening situation.  Most people who are ready to do some dirt will give you plenty of signals to watch out for, if you’re actually paying attention and not wandering around like an iPhone zombie.

rape culture

Let’s say you’re at the club/bar.  Everyone seems to be having a good time, and thanks to the teachings of RoK you’ve pulled a legitimate 9 with a body that just won’t quit.  Your game’s got her moist, and she’s eager to pull you on the dance floor so she can rhythmically grind her money-maker on your crotch, no doubt a prelude to the naked version you’ll be receiving later.  By all accounts a great night, so you have nothing to worry about, right?  Wrong.

Your inability to tear your gaze from your new friend’s phenomenal assets along with a sense of protection provided by many bouncers has caused you to stop paying attention to your surroundings.  Due to that lapse, you haven’t noticed the guy holding up the wall that’s drinking heavily and continuously glaring in your direction. (Depending on how hot your girl is there will likely be more than one.)


This is a man thinking two things: I want to fuck her and you’re in the way.  He won’t acknowledge that his game plan of standing in one spot with a sour look on his face and expecting broads to flock to him is a recipe for rejection.  In the fantasy he’s built in his mind, she should be with him and his hamster will come up with any number of ways to blame you for the fact she’s not.

Never underestimate the power that jealousy, loneliness, and a lack of game combined with copious amounts of alcohol and other drugs can have on a man’s regard for the consequences of assault.  Now I’m not saying that you need to be paranoid and constantly looking over your shoulder the entire night to the point where you can’t enjoy yourself, but scan the room periodically and if you repeatedly notice a suspicious character giving you the mean mug, keep an eye out for the duration of your stay for any advances towards you.

This goes double when the place is closing and you’re outside, as this is when these cowards like to strike.  Don’t count on security to protect you, because when the other patrons are leaving at their most inebriated there’s usually chaos and pandemonium.  If there’s another altercation that they’re attending to, your hater could use that opportunity to go for the sucker punch.

Another perfect example of situational awareness was during the Donald Sterling witch hunt, when Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban got into hot water for making some comments which, while true, didn’t jive with the PC agenda.

“If I see a black kid in a hoodie and it’s late at night, I’m walking to the other side of the street.  And if on that side of the street, there’s a guy that has tattoos all over his face — white guy, bald head, tattoos everywhere — I’m walking back to the other side of the street.  And the list goes on of stereotypes that we all live up to and are fearful of.”

Judging books by their covers is how humans stay alive.  Unfortunately, we’ve been conditioned to think it’s wrong to judge the shady character(s) advancing towards us on the street until it’s too late.  I’d rather risk “offending” someone than have them get the jump on me.  If they’re so offended they ignorantly want to start a fight about it, then your training will come in handy anyway.


Political correctness doesn’t stop a knife to the spleen.

Avoiding Conflict

I know this sounds odd when I’m talking about self-defense, but during an argument you should avoid conflict when you can.  If you live in a major coastal city, which a lot of us do, the law is not on your side when it comes to any kind of violence, including defending yourself.  The days of eye-for-an-eye are long gone as far as the law’s concerned.  Now you’re supposed to “be an adult and take the high road”, which means debasing yourself or getting your ass kicked while waiting for the cops to show up and then counting on the legal system to track down the random asshole who did it instead of just handling it yourself.

On that note, when training in self-defense, it’s a great idea to know the self-defense laws in your city or state.  As far as I know, all states use an equal force stipulation when it comes to defending yourself.  For instance, let’s say someone pushes you in the chest.  Although technically assault, this is not a serious threat of injury.  You escalate by punching them in the face, knocking them out.  They fall, crack open their skull on the pavement, and die.  You can now possibly be charged with manslaughter.

Possessing martial arts training can (and probably will) be used against you if you live in an emasculated area that abhors any kind of masculine aggression.  Some states even have a “duty to retreat” law, whereby you can fight back only if there is no avenue of escape left to you or if retreating poses a danger to you.  In other words, you should always run away first.

jesse ventura

What To Do When Conflict’s Unavoidable

So what is a trained man to do when he’s confronted by a person who wants to engage in fisticuffs and conflict appears to be unavoidable?  Make sure your actions can’t be perceived as anything other than self-defense.

First, try to reason with them in a mature, civilized manner using a calm tone of voice.  If that doesn’t work and they continue to get belligerent and start to invade your three feet of personal space, subtly step back with whatever foot is your rear foot in your fighting stance and be very vocal about the fact that you don’t want any trouble or tell them to leave you alone.  The more witnesses present, the better.  As you step back, put your hands up to shoulder height with the palms out in the universal symbol of surrender.  Hands out in front of you will work too.

This serves three purposes.  The first is that this movement is for the benefit of any CCTV cameras in the vicinity.  Most of these places are loud, so there won’t be any usable audio.  Should the issue go to court, the video will show your body language as clearly non-threatening.  Second, it puts your hands up in a way disguised as passive, but can quickly be converted to an on-guard position that protects your face.  No sucker punches for you.  Third, by slightly putting your rear foot back, you’re turning your hips so that your groin is angled away from them and you’re not squared up if they like to kick.  You’re also now halfway into a fighting stance, which will save you time should some shit go down.

If you’ve done everything you can to avoid conflict, short of running away like a bitch, and it’s apparent that violence is still imminent, DO NOT look your opponent in the eyes.  This will be extremely hard to do, since our natural masculine instinct is to lock eyes and to look away is considered weakness.  He will take it as such, but it is not.  In fact, it is actually a heightened sense of awareness, because by dropping your eyes on the center of his chest, it allows you to see all four limbs instead of just the upper two.

This is important, because most guys on the street are what we call “sloppy boxers”.  They’ll have a rudimentary understanding of how to throw some basic punches and will probably be amped up on some combo of drugs, alcohol, and adrenaline, which makes them dangerous, but it doesn’t mean they know how to fight.  However, when defending yourself, you must never assume your opponent is a one-dimensional fighter who can only punch.  Always bring your “A” game and assume they’re as good as you are and know how to kick, wrestle, grapple, etc.

When you lock eyes, you get trapped in the “tractor beam” and now you can’t see what his hands and feet are doing, which puts you at a disadvantage.  By focusing on their center, you’ll be ready for any of these eventualities.  Let your opponent think you’re weak.  He’ll take the first swing, and you’ll be the one going home to bang that 9 you pulled while he’s curled up in the fetal or unconscious.

Just as a side note, if you’re really a badass and IF you can pull it off, you can use the Richie Aprile “Manson Lamps” Technique to unnerve your opponent and convince him that he should seek to retire forthwith, thus avoiding conflict.

3.  Personal Firearms and Knives

So maybe martial arts isn’t your thing.  Maybe you’re too busy with business and other interests to find time to properly train.  Maybe you’re impatient and don’t want to train for years to become proficient.  In that case, I recommend the lifehack of self-defense, the personal firearm: all the “fuck off” in a fraction of the time.

Now any time I bring up the benefits of martial arts, there’s always some smartass who likes to mention how “martial arts can’t stop a bullet”, or “I’ll bring my 9mm, you bring your fists, and let’s see who wins”. 


While both of those points have some validity, if these guys took the time to pull their heads out of their asses, they’d realize that it does you absolutely no good being the best marksman in the world and not having a gun on you.  Even the armed forces, whose members carry assault rifles everywhere, emphasize hand-to-hand combat, or what they typically call combatives.  This is because they realize there are many instances where a firearm isn’t available or of use to you and you’re going to have to fight solely with what you were born with.

In civilian life, this is much more relevant.  Tighter gun restrictions are making it difficult, and in many places impossible, to legally carry a gun in public, which makes this option useless to law-abiding citizens for anything other than home defense.  Another drawback is that you’re pretty much skipping over the non-lethal aspect of the equal force stipulation and going straight to lethal force.  Depending on where you live, unless someone is trying to harm or kill you with a deadly weapon, shooting them can land you in some seriously hot water.

Despite what people have been led to believe, most people who carry guns aren’t looking to shoot someone.  It’s more of a “rather have it and not need it then need it and not have it” type of thought process.  If you go this route, make sure to thoroughly research and keep up on the gun laws in your state.

Next to a gun, a folding knife is the next best thing.  They’re legal to carry almost everywhere, as long as they conform to the legal limitations on blade length, assisted opening, etc.  As always, know the law when it comes to these issues.  Just as with guns, reasonable and equal force applies here as well.  If you get into a fist fight and escalate by pulling out a knife, even just to brandish, that could be construed as assault with a deadly weapon.  These should be used more for an armed robbery or carjacking situation.

One very important thing to note here about weapons.  You should never let your progression in self-defense lull you into a false sense of security.  Movies and television are not reality.  Unless you’re highly proficient in your art and spend hours every day training specifically in how to disarm people with guns and knives until it’s as easy as breathing, it’s better to just give an armed thief what he wants.  Material possessions are replaceable, your life is not.

Better Safe Than Sorry

In conclusion, we here know that western civilization is on the decline and that lawlessness is going to get worse before it gets better.  There are some who would have you believe that we are “progressing” towards some Great Egalitarian Socialist Utopia where everyone gets along and we’re all equal.  These people are useful idiots and delusional fools.

There will always be class divisions that separate the haves from the have-nots, creating those who resent the successful who worked hard for what they have and look to take it from them.  There will always be a drug trade that breeds extreme violence and produces desperate addicts looking to find money for their next fix.  There will always be those who believe that “might makes right” and will look to take simply because they are stronger.

These same fools would also have you believe that you should “use your words” and other pussified notions when confronted with people who would use such violence.  Words are a quaint idea, and should be the first course of action in most situations simply to avoid conflict, but are useless without action to back them up.

FDR and Winston Churchill made many grand speeches during WWII, yet they weren’t walking (or rolling) onto the beaches of Normandy using their eloquent words to convince the Germans to lay down their arms.  Instead, it was the RAF and soldiers with M1 Garands shooting Nazis in the face that produced victory.  Being able to defend yourself, your loved ones, and your property is essential to being a man.  Don’t fall into the emasculating trap of depending on others to come to your rescue.

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166 thoughts on “Self-Defense Is An Essential Part Of Being A Man”

  1. Samson,
    Spot on – the bag and another human being has given me an unmeasured amount of discipline.
    Great article.
    Your man,

  2. It seems obvious and intuitive that people should be taught and learn the means to protect yourself and your family /loved ones but this now is considered “quaint”. Feminists think violence is always bad unless it’s to protect their fat asses. If you physically can’t be a badass then get a gun. The gun is the great equalizer.
    Learn the art of FIGHTING and take a combative type of discipline like Krav Maga or Muay Thai. All the martial arts have merit but many ( e.g Aikido) are more art than fighting.

    1. What if the other guy is more willing/able to use his gun than you. Is it still a great equalizer?

      1. That’s a garbage argument.
        If you expand that logic, there’s no point in having an army because the other army might be better.
        No point in doing anything because what if it fails.
        The point is that even a geezer in a wheelchair needn’t be helpless when his house gets robbed cuz he can keep a pistol under his lap blanket. The point is it’s more equal with the gun than without.
        Learn to think.

        1. Your thinking is garbage. I’m disputing whether or not a gun is an equaliser not the rights or wrongs of having one. If you don’t have what it takes to shoot someone you could well wind up being shot with your own piece.

        2. Your thinking is garbage. It’s a question not an argument. I’m questioning whether or not a gun is an equaliser not the rights or wrongs of having one. If you don’t have what it takes to shoot someone you could well wind up being shot with your own piece.

  3. Good article.
    It’s important for a man to learn how to defend himself, and his loved ones.
    I wouldn’t ever fight for the sake of a woman though. I’ve had women putting themselves in shitty situations, creating unnecessary ruckus just to shit-test me. I didn’t do anything to ‘defend’ such bitches. If she’s personally trying to instigate a fight between me and one of her ‘admirers’, well she can go and fuck herself with a plumbing machine.
    I had one occasion of a female coworker, who while having a boyfriend, was interested in me. On one occassion, when we all went to the bar, she was dressed like a slut,and purposely flirting and dancing with other men at the bar, with her mangina boyfriend looking on and cheering her! When one guy got tipsy and tried to manhandle her, she’s instead hollering out at me for help! While her mangina husband is cowardly looking on. I was tempted to ‘save’ her, but then I didn’t bother, because if her fucking man doesn’t bother to save her, why should I?
    Nevertheless, the bouncer intervened and ‘saved’ her. She kept glaring at me.
    However, I didn’t care a fuck. A couple of weeks, she texts me to hook up for sex while her boyfriend’s out of town! That’s how fucked up western cunts are.
    The only time I’d defend a woman if she’s really worthy of being defending, or when she actually belongs to me. Else, it makes no sense to unnecessarily put yourself in harm’s way for a bitch. That’s stupid white knighting.

    1. I nearly spit out my Coke reading this! Manginas sure are sad. I still can’t believe I used to be one.

    2. A couple of weeks, she texts me to hook up for sex while her boyfriend’s out of town! That’s how fucked up western cunts are.

      You fucked her, right?

    3. I concur! The only women worth getting into a physical fight are neither closed friends or family. The last time I ever got into a fight was back in elementary school when some punk wouldn’t stop picking on my sister. No other woman I’ve met in my life has been worth getting all bloodied and broken up for.

    4. Good thing you had enough awareness & smarts to read her & act accordingly.
      Unfortunately, the average male in mainstream society has been conditioned to respond to the White Knight alarm without thinking like Pavlov’s dogs..

    5. “He’s going to be my best friend for the rest of my life.”
      He has friendzoned himself for life sentence.

  4. lol at the phony martial art samples. I LOVE those videos.
    Yeah, an excellent article. I don’t go to bars or clubs (depressing vibe, way too expensive, and beer crushes testosterone), but self-defense techniques and situational awareness can be of use anywhere. Parking lots are the biggest place for robberies and assaults.
    Although it’s funny that you mostly associated self-defense with clubs, because Colin Flaherty of which is a huge registry of black-on-white crimes, has been noting “let out riots”. This is when a bar/nightclub closes at 2 AM and all the drunk morons begin mass assaults and mayhem (this is generally black, though not always, as most of us have probably seen drunken white buffoons starting shit, too.
    And while it’s probably smart that you avoided the particular style, I always advise BJJ both because it’s the most effective (assuming they’re teaching self defense, not just stupid gi holds) and also because you can submit somebody with no permanent damage, thus saving yourself from the evil USA legal system’s harassment. You don’t want to be the next George Zimmerman or Bernard Goetz!

    1. Race has little to do with the “let out riots”.. Ask any cop about what happens when the local bars in almost any town let out on a Friday or Saturday night, This has been going on about as long as there have been bars and alcohol.
      Near me (30 mins) is a nearly all white town (~100K or so population) where there is a very large country bar (all white redneck crowd) and a large rock bar around the corner (younger freak/hipster/biker crowd). Around 2 AM on any weekend it is a battle royal on all surrounding streets, and this has been going on for at least 20 years that I know of. The local police have to put every officer on duty, with a couple of paddy wagons, and about 25 drunks get arrested and a dozen or more go to hospital. It’s traditional.
      The rednecks are nasty, drunk and aggressive, and you won’t talk your way out of a violent confrontation with them. You better be ready to fight, or be ready to ride in an ambulance, your choice.

        1. Hi Elmer. No this is in Canada, in Barrie, Ontario.
          I generally avoid the area, but I have gone there to see bands, and I did once get into a brawl with some drunk rednecks from the country bar. I had to show them why fighting drunk is a bad idea, but there was no way any talk was going to diffuse that situation. They were going to attack my g/f and her friend too, probably would have been a rape if I hadn’t been there. Maybe I should just date less attractive chicks who don’t wear miniskirts.

    1. Tell me about it. You could almost hear his scrotum shrivelling up into his pelvis.

  5. Good article – I enjoyed it. One thing I’d like to add: train to be physically strong as well! Fighting skill and physical strength are both important. It’s good to have one, it’s best to have both.

    1. Good comment. Physical conditioning is as important as technique. I see this in Jiu Jitsu with guys who are always working technique but then worked on in tournaments when the governor is taken off.

    2. Seconded. Physical prowess just adds greater quality to an already high level of technique & skill. It carries over to the mental aspects as well.

    3. Physical toughness is key as well. You have to be able to shrug off that surprise punch to the head.
      I still fondly remember taking Taekwondo at age 18-20. Our instructor was a 5th Dan black belt who told us “We are going to go to tournaments and fight other clubs. I am going to toughen you up so we will win.” And that he did.
      I still vividly recall watching myself in the mirrors as I flew through the air from one of his very hard kicks, or falling over backwards from one of his very hard punches. He made us lie down on the floor and ran around the room on our abs to toughen our stomachs, etc. Pain was to be internalized, never shown.
      It worked too. Later, when I was a club bouncer, guys would punch me with all the strength they had, and I would just laugh “Is that all you got?” and throw them out of the bar. I used to spar with my buddy, another martial arts freak, and we would not hold back at all, we punched and kicked each other with full force. I was always bruised back then, but that was probably the toughest and most combat ready I have ever been in my life, while also being the most non-aggressive. I was ready to fight, but only did so when I had to, and then I did not fight to lose (and rarely did). Sparring like that daily made me more mellow and less easily provoked.
      The other thing I remember from that Taekwondo school was this tall hot 20 year old brunette (HB 9), who was one of the best fighters at that school. She sparred with me full force, and was tougher to put down than most of the men there. I pity any guy who tried to attack her. She later married and had kids with the instructor – he recognized a good thing when he saw it. To talk to her, she always seemed happy and fulfilled, and she was.

  6. Good post. I hope to see more of these on ROK. Game, slut-shaming and whatnot are fine topics but have been covered ad nauseam. A huge part of male self-improvement beyond basic diet, fitness, study and gaining life experience is the ability to defend oneself physically if need be. If you walk the path of the warrior/soldier/lawman this statement is a given. Unfortunately, too many “men” today that walk a different path (the farmer/lawyer/doctor/accountant/etc.) don’t give self-defense much thought until they come face to face with the reality. By then…it’s a bit late.
    My one caveat with the post; 1.) Choose your art
    I would recommend; 1.) Choose your art(s)
    Ask any high-level judo master if he’d get in the ring and stand toe-to-toe with a professional boxer. Likewise, ask any professional boxer if he’d get on the ground with a guy who’s been practicing BJJ for a decade or more. Anyone worth a lick of sense would not only say no, but hell no! That’d be asking for an ass-kicking.
    Enter the hugely popular sport phenomenon of MMA. It incorporates several arts so the fighter can be prepared to engage an opponent(s) in several positions and scenarios effectively. Thus, I’d advise anyone looking to get into self-defense to consider multiple arts at the same time. (But limit yourself to 2 from the get go). You’d be amazed at how much each will complement the other as you go.
    From personal experience, my footwork in Krav has grown by leaps and bounds (pun intended) due in large part from my Thai boxing work. Similarly, my striking technique in Krav has benefitted immensely from my pad/bag work in Thai boxing.
    Once you get your hand to hand routine down…move it on up to edge weapons and then firearms. Once again, you’ll be amazed at how a discipline like boxing or wrestling will translate over to these other arts. If nothing else, it’ll give you the mindset you need to practice & perfect.
    Thanks again for raising the topic Samson. And the video of those nitwits slapping paper and shin-kicking heavy bags cracked me up.

    1. I know a dozen lawyers or judges who train MMA. BJJ, muay thai or boxing, Where do you get this idea that only blue collars train?

      1. Wow, a dozen? I guess that pretty much covers everyone. Thanks for the anecdotal evidence.
        If you read the comment again (or for the first time) it said:
        “..too many ‘men’ today that walk a different path (the farmer/lawyer/doctor/accountant/etc.) don’t give self-defense much thought until they come face to face with the reality.”
        Do you see the word “only” up there? or even “blue-collar”?
        It’s not there because obviously there are lawyers and judges who train. There just aren’t enough.
        By the way, next time you see a soldier…tell him you appreciate his blue-collar job. He’ll enjoy hearing that.

    2. Being south african I do live in violent johanasburg and have come to blows with some unsavory characters. I’m trained in krav maga but still prefer to give the miscreant a sucker punch with a spiked knuckle duster. Anyone that is afraid to be caught by law enforcement is not fast enough to depart the area quickly, a true fight should only last a matter of seconds. Hollywood is LYING to you, there is no such thing as a kung fu street fight, only exchanged blows, quick and most times sloppy..

    3. One should be circumspect in tangling with an actual farmer as these guys spend their waking lives in hard physical activity instead of pumping weights in a gym. For the decade I spent pretending to be a farmer I was skinny as a rail and hard as a rock. It was not unusual to find myself in a potential altercation with a belligerent Mexican or Redneck. A cool attitude and a distinct unwillingness to find myself rolling the dirt with someone who has nothing to lose prevented me from receiving any actual ass-whippings. You especially do not want to be around these characters when they are letting loose at the local pub, as seen in Patrick Swayze’s classic (and totally believable) fight movie “Roadhouse”.

  7. Cool post. Like your tips about no “eyeballing” but looking at the chest. In addition to CCTV everyone has cameraphones/video now so assume your fight will be filmed …

    1. Excellent point man. Should have included that. Any time you leave your home, assume you’re on camera somewhere. Traffic cams, ATM cams, security cams, smartphones, the Google Maps van. All the more reason to resort to violence only as a last resort and after you’ve exhausted all other options. Thanks.

      1. Yeah the Orwellian / All-seeing-eye of Sauron/ surveillance state is upon us. I took Krav for 3 yrs and they taught exactly what you said about the “hands up/ palms up” position when confronted.

  8. Three rules of street fight:
    1. Avoid such fight at all costs. It’s actually to run away and live to tell the story than to bleed out in some obscure alley because some dude happen to have a knife. Don’t play a hero, Bruce Lee or Batman if there is a way around. Don’t even think about fighting multiple guys at once.
    2. If you can’t avoid fight, attack quickly and brutally. Don’t play around, don’t think about fair play, don’t be afraid of foul moves. Do you see any refere anywhere? Grab some weapon if you can.
    3. After it’s over, get the hell out of there as quckly as you can.

    1. I have never seen a physical altercation that wasn’t totally optional. This Bruce Lee movie fantasy where some guy attacks out of nowhere and you must defend yourself — it just doesn’t happen. It’s always two idiots who spend a minute stepping to eachother before it comes to blows. Either one always had the option to leave or otherwise diffuse the situation.
      Maybe unavoidable attacks do in fact happen at certain places, but my advice would be to not fucking go to those places. Always avoid lowlifes.
      I boxed for years. The idea that learning a martial art is important or better than being good at any other sport is stupid. Play tennis or baseball if you’d rather. Having a good left hook is going to do fuck all for your in life outside the ring, because only total idiots actually wind up in fist fights.

      1. Maybe in US and Europe that’s true but in many parts of the world, part of the menu in robberies is murder, especially in house burglaries so being able to defend one’s possessions and beloved ones is not optional…

      2. While I agree fights are rare for the most part and most of the time completely avoidable I have been in a few that were not and to say only idiots end up in a fist fights makes me think you’re completely full of shit or have lived a charmed life:)

        1. If by “charmed” you mean “took deliberate measures to avoid poor people and certain minorities” then yes. It really is that simple. Stick with middle class people, ya know the kind without tattoos, and you won’t wind up in any sort of fist fight unless you want to.

        2. lol, that is kind of true… you don’t see rich folks fighting do you? And the only whites/asians that fight are poor.

        3. Its hard these days seeing how there is no middle class.You can live in a 1/4 million dollar house and still not get away from minorities anymore or scum.I understand you’re piont though.

        4. no kidding, this guy is delusional
          I guess I am just too aggressive, because I have been in many serious street fights with drunks/criminal gang members/mental cases who were not going to be dissuaded by anything other than a strong kick in the balls followed by a few more kicks and punches.
          I’d go with “completely full of shit”

        5. You’re probably too aggressive, but more importantly you’re an idiot who couldn’t figure out how to notice and avoid trouble spots.

        6. I suppose I was quoting Sammy when I made my comment.”certain minorities”I don’t have a problem with any race per say but the saggy pant piece of shit ebt spending thugs I do.

        7. Hey, i stand by it – when do you ever see rich folks getting into fistfights? “Middle-class” I just include with “poor”, there isn’t a tremendous difference at this point.

        8. Believe or not it happens. I’ve been to rich clubs and poor clubs and the richest clubs have been the rowdiest by far. Rich people seem to think they can act with impunity because, well, they’re rich. I had to sort one guy out who thought it was acceptable to push around the women I was with. Even Prince Harry is known for the occasional punch-up.

      3. I was stuck in a train once coming back from a Halloween party years ago with my then gf. It was extremely packed and I was standing while my ex was sitting. Anyway, this guy out of nowhere starts becoming irate and wants to fight me for absolutely 0 reason. He was obviously drunk and was making this big scene. I kept my cool and kept trying to calm him down but it didn’t work. Luckily for me there were 2 transit cops on the same train who saw the guy being aggressive and kicked him out. If it weren’t for them, who knows what could’ve happened…. The situation is rare, but it does occur in real life.

      4. That statement is completely false and I personally have been in a fight that WAS NOT OPTIONAL, when I was cornered at the front gate of my door because it was locked. Some asshole had been trying to pick a fight with me for a long time but coincidentally he saw me trying to buzz myself into the doorstep and him and his friends came to fight me. I tried to talk it out but it was a no-go. He threw the first punch. I had a wrist and shoulder injury from weight lifting and boxing so I was at a disadvantage.Luckily, I ended the fight with poking his eyes out with my finger. 🙂
        So dirty fighting is good and works forsure

    2. The funny thing about fighting multiple guys… it always seems to be multiple guys. Rarely will one person come up and challenge you. In this situation, I recommend making a quick example of the first one to approach you.

  9. While knowing some basic techniques of personal defense is worthwhile, becoming an accomplished ballroom dancer obviates the need for any tough-guy posturing. You will get way more ass cutting the rug than you will in any “karate” studio. Mind you, I’ve had a few dukes in my day, so I know what I am talking about.

    1. Actually, as both a Martial Artist and Ballroom dancer, I would say that they both are worthwhile pursuits! A really good dancer would be a good martial artist, as long as he’s not afraid of getting punched in the face. Lol. Actually, it’s all movement. If you were to literally define “martial art”, it means “moving art”. And what is a “moving art”? Dance. As a matter of fact, Bruce Lee was the Cha Cha champion of Hong Kong for two consecutive years.

      1. That is true, Bruce was an outstanding ballroom dancer.
        And Patrick Swayze exemplified the dancer/badass persona, as seen in “Roadhouse” and “Point Break”. Incidentally Patrick was also an experienced skydiver, though you wouldn’t know it from the laffable scenes in Point Break.

        1. Ohh yeah, I forgot… I get waaayyyy more ass because of ballroom dancing than martial arts. And personally, I like hugging women, more than men. Maybe its just me!

        2. “Ohh yeah, I forgot… I get waaayyyy more ass because of ballroom dancing than martial arts”
          I get the impression only geezer women waaay past their prime only like ballroom dance. I have never seen a young hottie 8 or 9 under age 30 that was refined enough to appreciate ballroom dance.

        3. During my 40s I literally danced with 10,000 hot, young women. I took Ballroom Dance 101 at the local university about 20 times, which typically had 30 girls and 15 guys. Also attended many local dance venues packed with young women. That was Swing style, not exactly Ballroom but similar. The fun times continued until I became obviously older than their fathers.
          Tango is another closely related discipline that has a fine selection of women.

    2. “While knowing some basic techniques of personal defense is worthwhile, becoming an accomplished ballroom dancer obviates the need for any tough-guy posturing”
      Right. If a guy wants to kick my ass, I’ll just ask him to dance and let him lead.
      I think you have these confused. Ball room dance is a cultural thing, whereas knowing how to fight is a pragmatic thing should one find themselves in a confrontation. Dancing aint gonna do shit in violent conflict.

      1. Here’s another offbeat self-defense tip : dress well.
        That’s right, when you are dressed like a pro 99% of the self-described badasses out there will leave you alone. Dress like Mr.Toughguy and you invite trouble.

        1. I am not trying to make a mockery of the discussion thread.
          Physical conditioning should be a part of every man’s lifestyle. In my youth I worked on a body bag and did “Tae Kwon Do” for several years. Even a little martial training is worthwhile should you actually find yourself in a threatening situation. Similar to public speaking, the moment you need it is the worst time to brush up on basic skills when they would have made all the difference.
          The biography if Heinrich Himmler has some interesting passages about his involvement with German fencing competitions, which were a refined form of a “fight club”. His buddy Reinhardt Heydrich also placed high in national fencing competitions.

  10. I’m glad to see this post here. As men, we will be confronted with someone that wants to go toe to toe with us at some point in our lives and it pays to be prepared.
    I would advise everyone to avoid street fights at all costs. Yeah, the fantasy of knocking out some asshole that was giving you shit and putting him in his place is nice to daydream about (especially when you imagine yourself in a bar/club surrounded by hot chicks) but there so many variables involved. What if your opponent wants to fuck you up so bad that the law just doesn’t deter him…and what if he has a gun or knife? Samson mentioned in the article that law enforcement and due process takes time – way to long for some official to step in and stop a trigger being pulled. What if the guy you’re up against sucks at fighting but has a lot of friends with him? They’ll step in like a bunch of betas to jump your ass and stomp your face in. What if your opponent is an undercover/off-duty police officer? Then you’re really fucked.
    Avoid street fights, discretion is the better part of valor.

    1. agree with everything u said except the “They’ll step in like a bunch of betas to jump your ass and stomp your face in” part.
      Alphas don’t give a fuck about “fighting fair” and other such nonsense; they do what works. A gang of bros that are “down” to fuck up anyone screwing with one of their own is far more valuable than any number of “honorable” friends that would watch you get your teeth knocked out.

  11. There are some who would have you believe that we are “progressing” towards some Great Egalitarian Socialist Utopia where everyone gets along and we’re all equal. These people are useful idiots and delusional fools.

    Exactly. Like the people who think mixed-race children will end racism. First of all, the black community is already a mixed race and colorism is rampant there. Blacks have a whole vernacular to describe skin color that whites simply don’t have. Therefore, at best racism will only be replaced by some sort of colorism. Second, people will always find racial differences no matter how small. Take the Rwandan Genocide, for example, where Hutus mass murdered Tutsis, yet I’d be surprised if anyone here could tell them apart. The unfortunately truth is that life is a competition for genetic superiority. Xenophobia is an evolved instinct with a biological basis. It will never go away. “Equality” is a myth used by those without power to overthrow those with power. Humans don’t want to be equal with other humans, they want to be the top dog. They want to dominate. Only people at the bottom talk about “equality,” until they get it and they decide they want even more power. Even the feminists are like this. There are ideals, and then there’s the reality of human nature.

    1. People have grown so insecure that PC egalitarianism sounds so comforting. But as we know this is just an attempt to satisfy an emotion as opposed to facing reality. We live in a ‘pretend’ culture these days.

    2. Xenophobia is a primitive, animalistic instinct, essentially encompassing fear of the unknown. This instinct, if not mastered by continually evolving humans, will result in the destruction of the human race.
      ‘Only people at the bottom talk about “equality,”‘ – are middle-class people at the bottom?

  12. Self defense is harder to act on these days because of a politically correct court system. There are Youtube videos of men being beaten by a woman, or a thug, and won’t do anything. They know they’ll get blamed for it, and they could lose a lot if they get charges.

    1. Oh yeah NEVER EVER hit a woman. If a woman starts something I’ve been told to literally let the woman beat you up while you cover up. If you fight back you WILL lose. The only way you can hit a woman is if she’s going to shoot or stab you ( imminent lethal force..)

      1. So…knock the bitch out, make sureyou have a knife to slice your arm with, and put it in her hand while she’s unconscious.

  13. Now this comment might sound racist so those with thin skins do not need to read any further.
    If blacks were not so violent and criminal, would americans really bother so much about self-defence? Especially in regards to firearms?
    Think about it.

    1. Violence only begets violence! Blacks are just a product of an already violent culture. Thou, reaps what thou sows!

      1. This rationale is wrong. You are confounding cause and effect. Classic mistake.
        Black culture is the product of blacks , and not blacks the product of black culture.
        By shifting the blame, we don’t solve problems. Cheers.

        1. I understand the need and want keep American and Black American culture as categorically separated as possible. It’s very understandable. But Black American culture is totally an American phenomenon. From its inception to what we see today, Black American culture has been influenced, guided, and pressured, by the greater American culture. If you were to look at black cultures in other western countries like Canada or Britain you will find strikingly different cultures. American culture is such a powerful influence on any individual, or people who may come in contact with it, that its ideals and values, positive or negative, will effectively change that person or peoples. Look at any immigrant group in America; Asian, Latin, East European, Arab,etc… after the first generation, all are fundamentally American, with just faint remnants of their other cultural influences.

        2. gvh = concern troll trying to make the site look racist.
          Check and ban. Cheers.

        3. Just like “white” culture in America, England, Spain, Italy, Germany and so on. All different.

    2. Nice try troll. GTFO with your race-baiting bullshit. No one was even talking about race before you popped up. This article is about self-defense, which has nothing to do with race. This country was founded on the premise of the right to bear arms against a tyrannical government, and white guys were shooting each other up in the wild west long before Bloods and Crips were.

        1. Sure didn’t. Prefacing an ignorant comment with a disclaimer that it might sound racist doesn’t make it any less racist. It’s the equivalent of “all due respect”. “Blacks” are not violent and criminal. Criminal gangbanger wannabes are violent and criminal, regardless of race. Every race has its bottom of the barrel that fuck it up for the rest of us.

    3. Yes (at least in rural areas). It mainly stems from the frontier mentality that is as much a part of American identity as the echoof Puritanism that expresses itself through modern totalitarian progressivism.

    4. Yes they would. If not for the blacks the ZOG would incite/incentivize someone else to threaten responsible gun-owning citizens. Illegals, muslims, tweaked out white street kids with no money once the gov’t handouts run dry. And a good number of gun owners would realize the gov’t is subversive.
      For fuck’s sake, it’s the ZOG, not the blacks or anyone else.
      “Red pill” men who focus on race are not red pill.

  14. If I may make a suggestion, Systema is very “red pill” of a martial art. They don’t even believe in using padded floors and Systema training will kick your ass and give you the ability to kick ass while getting your ass kicked.

    1. Absolutely. Martin Wheeler and Mikhail are straight badasses for sure. I’ve done some systema training and found some of the techniques very useful. It’s not the primary path I’m on right now, but the high-level guys are no joke.

    2. YES! I was sold on Systema the first time I saw their knife-fighting drills that use markers and white T-shirts.

    3. Indeed it is. Systema is Systema, regardless of whether you’re standing kneeling on the ground or anywhere in-between.
      I’ve had the privilege of training with Martin in a couple of seminars as well as Danil (Mikhail’s son) and Sonny Puzikas. Next year, I get to train with Mikhail and Danil. That will be an awesome experience.

  15. Now watch some leftist pussy faggot come on here and start preaching about the “virtues” of pacifism. Criminals love pussies who won’t defend themselves.

  16. spot on article. I know an associate, who just recently got into to gun collecting. I asked him once to come down to the gym and try out a week of muay thai and he declined saying “i got my gun, im not about to fight anybody” lol, I think that’s some pussy shit, because you can’t take your guns everywhere, may be a time when you get jammed up without it. I got guns too, but fist, elbows, knees, and feet go everywhere with me.

      1. nothing wrong with owning guns, but if your purpose in having a gun is because you are afraid of a possible fist fight, then yea you are a pussy

  17. Good for exercise and self confidence I suppose, but “real” street fights are rare, brutal, and determined by many more factors than just martial arts. If you ever find yourself in such a situation I’d say the best thing to do would be to find a weapon first.
    I was out taking a walk at 4AM, and some homeless-looking guy started asking me if I had weed to sell. Said no, but he kept following me and insisting I “show him the goods”. Got really fed up, and told him to eat shit and die (not a good idea, in retrospect). He got mad, starting pushing me on the shoulders, I pushed back, and then he started jabbing me with this cane/stick thing he had. I ran onto the main street, hoping there would be more people/witnesses, and came across this restaurant with outdoor chairs and tables. Grabbed one of the chairs, and swung it at the guy, hitting him a few times. He went on his knees, began making this moaning sound, and I ran away as fast as I could.
    Not as glamorous as pounding some asshole into the ground with your sweet moves, but it’s the kind of scenario that happens in reality. I’m just lucky he didn’t have a knife or gun.

    1. Lesson here: use anything within your vacinity as a weapon. But use appropriate force as well to defend yourself.

    2. Not as glamorous, but far more effective. When a fight may be happening, always look around for potential weapons (plank, glass bottle, etc.) that you could grab if needed.

    3. My specialty move in many a bar fight was to grab the nearest bar stool or chair and use it like a club. Why hurt your knuckles on some guy’s head when the stool can do the job so much better. Even if they block your swing, you’ll hurt their arm, in a way that a punch or kick won’t.
      Sure I probably had too much T back then, but I’d still rather split the other guy’s head than have him split mine. Survival of the fittest and all that. Winners tell the story, losers go to hospital or the morgue. So don’t lose.

  18. krav maga (weapons defense), muay thai (stand up defense), bjj (ground defense), wrestling (take down defense)…that’s all you need…

    1. oh and fight dirty, hit balls, eye pokes, bite, bottles etc, and run, in streetfighting there’s no rules.

        1. I believe that ob uses the secret “No Nuts” style, taught by an ancient Italian sect known as the Castrati.

    2. LOL at muaythai. Anyone who’s been in a street fight knows that the way to get your ass beat is to try muaythai.
      Why? Because it exposes your nuts, that’s why.
      Any real street fight with a muaythai dork would last one second, and he’d be left rolling on the ground holding his crotch.
      Now if you’re going to say something high-minded like “Real men don’t kick each other in the nuts”, my answer is this: You’ve obviously never been in a real fight. Or if you have, you lost.

      1. But J.J. said that you should know all of those martial arts he mentioned, not just Muay Thai.

  19. “I’m not going to get into this style versus that style because arguing about which style is best is a complete waste of time. The fact is that there is no supreme style.”
    What is a “complete waste of time” is training for a decade in something that doesn’t work well.
    If there is no supreme style then why do all MMA fighters have, with small variations, virtually the same fighting style?
    If Bruce Lee were alive today he would eschew JKD for MMA (just like he had eschewed wing chun).

    1. Good point.
      But actually, MMA is kind of the ultimate petri dish for fighting styles. If you remember back in the early days of MMA, there were lots of different styles being tried. The good fighters began to take elements from each of the styles, and drop certain moves that exposed them to punishment.
      So you’re right: Today most MMA fighters do fight with extremely similar styles — but that’s the result of “evolution” within the sport. MMA is awesome because it’s basically a giant scientific experiment to discover the world’s most badass fighting style.

    2. MMA fighters have virtually all the same style, because they all fight under the same rules. It’s a sport with rules, which means the rules will dictate what fighting style will emerge. Think about it.
      News flash: on the street the rules change. So you better not do a ground and pound out there, cos you could be looking at 15 years for man slaughter after jack hammering someone’s head against asphalt. Likewise, you better think twice about taking someone to the ground if there are his buddies around just waiting to decorate their boots with your teeth, or if the guy happens to have a knife. Oh, and while in the octagon he’s not allowed to pull weapons, crush your balls, gouge your eyes, throw you down the stairs or hit you with his car, all of that can happen on the street.
      I have all the respect in the world for MMA fighters. Certainly a very tough sport. But it’s still sport fighting, not designed to maim or kill participants on a regular basis. Do not confuse that with actual fighting / combat which can be way more dangerous and volatile. That’s why avoidance as much as possible is the first and most sensible strategy.

  20. Yes, early stance is key. Also look at bouncers, who often use the “looking thoughtful” pose: one hand up at the opposite shoulder and the other hand at your chin. Like this, both hands are raised and can subtly be made into half-fists, while your body language resembles someone who is simply listening intently.
    I disagree with the “try to reason with them” point. Empathy is an overused buzzword these days, but for good reason. Study this shit:
    Verbal Judo (Skip to 3:50)

    Non Violent Communication
    Dealing with an aggressive male is much the same as an angry girl: logic won’t do much good with these emotionally charged creatures. Holding frame and leading the interaction from an unfazed, positive emotional state is key.
    Anecdotally, these techniques have saved my arse in situations as extreme as a coked up guy (a local “hard man” and boxer) kicking in my front door looking for a fight with my European hipster housemate. I met him in the hallway and talked until he was apologising and spilling his guts about how shitty his life was.
    When someone mugs you and you have the chance to run, quickly consider throwing your wallet away from the direction that you would flee in, rather than simply handing it to the guy. It really can’t make things worse, but it could buy you the chance to escape with your other valuables. Extra points for carrying a decoy wallet with monopoly money inside.
    As any honest martial arts / self defence instructor will tell you, getting into an altercation is opening a Pandora’s box of potential injury. It simply doesn’t matter how tough & skilled you are, you don’t know what will happen. I’ve seen a guy get attacked by two bigger guys, stand his ground, knock them both on their arses and then get flying kicked in the head (he was in a crouched position, getting up off one of his attackers) by a fourth, unrelated guy who walked round the corner right at the end and apparently viewed the victim as the aggressor. The victim went down hard and got stomped by the first two attackers, who then sucker punched the dude who did the flying kick before fleeing the scene.
    Carrying a gun is not feasible for most people, certainly not in the UK, but a slightly open sachet of chilli powder is (pepper spray is also illegal here). With practice, you can get good at flinging it out, or just holding it between your fingers in your fist so that your first punch to the face comes with an eye watering surprise.

    1. You shared some very insightful stuff.
      Two other ex bouncer/street defense proponents i have gotten some valuable insight from ..would be Geoff Thompson & Nick Drossos. They have YouTube channels.
      Though i’d known about Geoff from his Black Belt magazine interview years ago.

  21. If you have the time, money, and inclination….Shivworks is one of the best for CQC stuff which integrates empty hands, knives and pistols. I’ve taken their courses. Lots of Force On Force scenario and balls out sparring with empty hands, training knives, and summunition pistols.

  22. “Being able to effectively defend yourself is a fundamental part of being a man.  Sure the police and various security personnel in public places can come save the day, but …”
    And usually the cops take forever to arrive if they ever come at all, unless the person making the phone call is female and crying rape.
    But for men I almost inclined to say to not even bother calling the police ever. And I’m speaking about America.

  23. Yeah. Uh huh. Real life self-defence means you only can use enough force to end an attack and that’s it. The author wants to venture into the “yeah well he started the fight and I finished it” direction which is blatantly illegal. If you have a dangerous guy who has a gun or knife in your face you’re pretty much done for unless he wants something else such as your money. If you sees you trying to reach for your own gun or knife then you’ll be left bleeding out on the street.
    In reality what is called “martial arts” falls into two categories: the useless stuff for children who saw a ninja movie and want to copy that crap in a “McDojo” and sports fighting as in symmetrical opportunity and a referee to make sure no one gets seriously hurt. Real life fights are blatantly one-sided and should be avoided at all costs.
    In real life you’re supposed to identify and avoid shady situations, avoid known dangerous parts of town, don’t escalate an argument, get away from a situation when it dares to turn into violence instead of staying out to see if you’re really badass warrior.
    The harsh reality there are four issues you have to come to terms with if you’re willing to engage violence even if the other guy started it and if you don’t then your troubles are beginning when the fight has stopped:
    1. You risk serious permanent injury or death. Most here may romanticise not wanting to grow old and senile but what about losing an eye or ending in a wheelchair?
    2. You risk serious criminal charges. Most people want to stay on the civilised side of town. Good luck trying to get a decent job with criminal convictions.
    3. You risk a lawsuit. Do you want to stay poor all your life so a lawsuit won’t affect you.
    4. Retaliation. What if he’s a dangerous criminal who finds out where you live? What if he’s part of a dangerous gang? What if you come home to find your house burnt down, your car vandalised or you family attacked as he keeps trying to make your life a living hell?

    1. Louis C.K. is that you? In all seriousness, do you have a learning disability? Everything you just wrote is in the article. I specifically have an entire section called Avoiding Conflict. I said if it comes down to armed robbery, it’s better to give them your valuables and go home with your life unless you’re an extremely highly trained individual. Seek help man, along with your balls.

      1. Don’t be daft. Most people playing the “what if” game are saying they want to bash someone without facing any personal, legal or violent repercussions. It’s so rare as to be non-existent. It’s a case of you’ll be bashing someone illegally or you’re getting bashed illegally. The article briefly looks at some of the issues before delving in how can I be Steven Seagal beating up the bad guys.
        Likewise what make you think you’ll magically bash or kill an armed robber and think the cops are going to give you a medal for it? George Zimmerman was found not guilty but was still faced with $100,000 in legal fees. That’s what going to happen after you play hero when you win.

        1. Yeah right. What’s the chances you’re going to be in a perfect storm situation where fighting will win the situation without any repercussions? If you have a fighting mentality you’ll escalate an argument into a fight or get yourself killed by a mugger or gang.

    2. Absolutely correct. In most cases the one who is more aggressive and less concerned with the consequences will win a street fight. Don’t overestimate your strength, speed and skill, especially after three beers. If you are out of town or outside of your milieu, random strangers will join in and pummel you.
      When you scored a women to go home with you, always take a taxi. Her heels and inability to sprint will turn you into a sitting duck.

  24. Is that cartoon of the black guy whats his name…. that physicist named Neil de grass something?

  25. Great article. I have a few points.
    You can never rely on the police or security personnel to save you. They are only concerned with themselves. The only person who cares about your safety, is you.
    I never recommend using the words “I don’t want any trouble”. These words seem to be a lightening rod for someone to start punching you in the face. I’ve seen it happen.
    I do not recommend adopting a submissive stance unless you are in a no-win situation. Otherwise, while maintaining eye-contact with the aggressor, speak to him rationally but firmly. If you make it clear to the aggressor that you are not afraid of him and you also give him a rational reason for him not to escalate the situation, chances are he will walk away.
    I do not recommend running away. This involves turning your back on your opponent, there is the risk that you will trip and fall and if he catches you up, you are now out of breath. Also, there is something about running away that seems to trigger a “prey instinct” in the aggressor and he will chase you. I’ve seen it happen. Better to walk away maintaining awareness of the aggressor or even to advance towards him.
    Frankly, the best defense against an aggressor is to look like the kind of guy that nobody wants to fuck with. This does not need to be conveyed by size but rather posture. People will tend to leave you alone.
    And if all else fails, strike first!

  26. Just carry a small pocket knife everywhere. Real street encounters can easily involve weapons and/or multiple attackers, and a pocket knife is more effective than 20 years of MMA training. The only thing it won’t protect you from is guns, but hopefully you have the situational awareness to avoid violence in the first place.

  27. I love how you used menacing pictures of black men to showcase dangerous people to look out for. Classy….

  28. I remenber back in the day, the father or a male family figure usea to take the boys out with bxing goves and teach them some things.
    Now kids are finding gangs.

  29. I’ve decided to take a self-defense class because of this article! I’m looking at jiu-jitsu or krav maga.

    1. What part of beating the crap out of someone “self-defence?” You’re looking at taking fighting classes. Real self-defence classes are more about identifying and avoiding potential dangerous situations.

  30. Might I suggest an excellent book for people to read up on with respect to violence and conflict is one called “Meditations on Violence” by SGT Rory Miller.
    This book brings out the essence of violence, the differences between martial arts training and the real world plus more. Invaluable.

  31. The most important thing to have in your toolbox is awareness, if you are trying to avoid a fight and it escalates, you failed on the avoidance/ deescalation equation.
    A good read on the subject of violence is a book called “Meditations of violence” by Rory Miller. He talks about events before, during and after a violent altercation. Also a lot about the legal/ criminal pitfalls in using such actions.

  32. Why the fuck did you have him beating an Asian? Asian men are not scrawny wimps you pathetic racists!

  33. If you break arm or leg use Ostarine to heal it look up Ostarine on amazon or strongsupplementshop it’s a SARM not a steroid don’t buy it with armistane anti-estrogen really prevent you from healing properly. Deca though is the best way to heal cortisol doctor’s give for injuries but that worsens it. Lol

  34. You don’t even need to start pulling girls to start having these kind of confrontations. As soon as you start improving your body other men will try to put you down. There is no logic; in their mind they have to put you down to lower your value in the eyes of women. I have been attacked at bars (6 vs 2) for no reason and those who don’t dare to attack you physically will try to amog you however they can. Getting women is to compete against other men. Period. Those pua instructors saying not to pay attention because you are just competing versus yourself are wrong. You are always competing against other men and confrontation is unavoidable. What you can do is to prepare yourself better. Not only learn physical self defense but also psychological. Learn how to create group of men in order to better deal with a violent environment.

  35. In my experience, if you meet a real tough guy he will be friendly towards you but look for the “Eyes of Death” as it will be total giveaway. A favourite trick of gangsters in LA and Miami is the Shit Test – they will ask you a silly question or for something small like a cigarette or to loan them a dollar. If you say fuck you or become hostile then you’re in for an epic beating at the very least. This is why I always carry cigarettes or a few singles when I’m in these places. Giving them what they ask for quickly defuses the situation. I actually encountered a convicted murderer in LA once who asked me for a smoke. I gave it to him and we became friends afterwards.

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