Women Skipping Work For A Day Taught Everyone How Important Men Are

On the 8th of March, 2017, a large number of Western women played hookie; indeed, in connection with the protests that were taken by women against President Donald Trump in January of 2017, the organizers of those protests called on women to skip work on the 8th of March in order to show their strength and influence in society.

And so, the 8th of March came, and passed, and do you know what happened? Nothing. Or at least nothing significant. Indeed, Donald Trump stayed President, businesses kept running, and the United States still exists. Now, it is granted that, in all likelihood, relatively few women participated in this joke-of-a-protest, because a decent number of women are—thank God!—still intelligent enough to see through such a farce. Nevertheless, this whole event is still instructive as it offers us a chance to reflect on what would really happen if such an event were taken seriously.

Women DO deserve better…better than the lies that feminists feed them.

Imagine, for a moment, that all women in the Western world really did take a day off work; all they did was stay home and watch their children (if they had any). What would happen? Oh, there would be major disruptions no doubt. Young children might lack some of their teachers. Doctors might have to take blood for the absent nurses and jerry-rig a few operations. The one lone male in human resources might get overwhelmed. And a number of men might have to get called in for some overtime.

Ironically, a lot of women might also find out that they are happier in the home rather than being a corporate drone. But nevertheless, on this imaginary ‘women-less’ day, civilization would continue moving forward; a few people would seriously suffer here and there, but society as we know it would continue chugging along. Food would still be in the fridge. Traffic and deliveries would continue. And life would go on. In fact, if we knew in advance when this “Day Without Women” would be, then men could largely mitigate the effects that this would have on society. So there would be pain, but this pain would be temporary, and soon things would be back to normal.

What happens when civilized men aren’t there to keep a lid on disorder and violence.

But now imagine, just for a second, that society experienced a “Day Without Men”. Indeed, imagine that all the men in the Western world, all at the same time, truly decided not to work for a day no matter what happened. All men stopped working for one full day. And imagine that this was known in advance.

You know what would happen? Well, think of what has happened in the past when the police—a largely male profession, especially on the front lines—went on strike. There would be riots, civil unrest, looting, and a serious increase in criminality. People would die in fires and car accidents due to the lack of firefighters; in fact, fires that might normally get contained would spread and cause much more devastation than normal. Deliveries of food and essentially services would cease to a trickle. Power outages and other major mechanical and electrical concerns would have almost no one to address them.

Terrorist attacks would likely sky-rocket given the lack of any serious armed response to the terrorist threat. And worst of all, the Western world would likely be invaded and destroyed. Seriously! If the enemies of the West knew that men—who comprise the bulk of all fighting forces for Western militaries—were taking the day off, would they not seize the opportunity to strike. After all, who would be manning the guns on the gates of a military camp or on an aircraft carrier? Who would be piloting the fighters to repel an enemy air attack? Who would be guarding our embassies and responding to any threats? Who would be manning the command posts to launch our nuclear arsenal in case of an attack?

Would not, for example, North Korea sweep through the South if it knew for sure that all the men in South Korea and Japan had taken the day off? Of course it would! Now, for sure, there are women in the military, and many of them would no doubt do a fine job trying to compensate for the lack of men, but a female soldier in a support trade is no front-line marine, and in nearly all military contests, a group of well-trained men will defeat a group of well-trained women any day of the week. So the fact remains that without men for a day, the West would be vulnerable in a potentially civilization-ending way.

Not going to be stopped by Western feminists!

So, what do these little thought-experiments show us? Well, they give us a glimpse of reality; a reality that cannot be concealed no matter how much modern feminists wish to hide it. And that reality is the following: in terms of their immediate importance, women are not indispensable to society, for everything that a woman does outside the home, a man can do as well. A man can be a nurse; he can be a teacher; he can be a day-care worker.

On the other hand, men—given their greater physical strength and aggression—fill most of the roles that are needed to maintain the stability and protection of society on a day-to-day basis, and so men are indispensable to society in an immediate sense. Indeed, society could relatively easily survive a day without women, but it might not survive a day without men, for whereas the former situation would be like getting kicked in the balls, the latter would be like getting shot—you might survive, but you might also die.

The one thing that men cannot do…and the most critical thing to the maintenance of civilization too.

Now, does all this mean that women are not indispensable to Western civilization? Of course not. Women, being supremely well-suited to the birthing and nurturing of children, are indispensable to civilization, for children—meaning future citizens—are the fuel that keeps a civilization running. And since, without women, there would be no children, and hence no future civilization, then obviously, women are critical to the maintenance and survival of a civilization.

However, unlike men, and unlike the message that the organizers of the “Day Without Women” want to convey, women are indispensable in the long-term sense, whereas men are indispensable in the short-term. And so this is the key point: men and women are both indispensable to society, but they are indispensable in complementary ways, not in the same way. So feminists need to stop trying to pretend that women are men or that women are vital to a civilization in the same way that men are. They are not, and that is just reality.

And the sooner that we accept that reality, the better it will be for all of us.

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341 thoughts on “Women Skipping Work For A Day Taught Everyone How Important Men Are”

  1. I hate that we get painted as anti-woman, honestly red pill neomasculinity is better for women than feminism is.
    Women have been tricked into believing being able to do whatever they want is the goal in life. Now they can’t figure out why they’re not happy, and they think it’s because they still aren’t allowed to do something so they attack that and then move to the next one.
    While the handful of beautiful traditional women left are happy home with kids and a husband who stuck around to raise his kids and build a home with his wife are under attack for being “part of the problem.”

    1. I think that the majority of husbands willingly and happily remain with their wives and children — therefore “a husband who stuck around to raise his kids and build a home with his wife” should be changed to ” a husband who wasn’t falsely accused and then forced out of his home and his children’s lives by his ‘unhappy’ wife” to more accurately reflect reality.

      1. I don’t know about “happily” remaining with their wives; a lot of them probably wish they could go bang an 18-year-old instead, but stay with their wives out of a sense of duty, and because other family members pressure them to remain loyal.

        1. If you get a married guy alone and talking, I guarantee you that 99 out of 100 would agree with what you just said, they’d just whisper it quietly or nod their head in agreement if you asked them about it.

        2. I don’t know…It is a question of priorities. I would love to do what he says, but I also know there could be consequences. The life you and I chose is more fulfilling, on the long term.
          Short term pleasure is not long term happiness.

        3. No, I think men, in their “final form”, do remain happy with the wives they have chosen.
          I’m starting to see glimpses of this in the type of women I’m looking for this year. One of my old flames who’s about 7.75/10 now (will be 9/10 when the gym work pays off) is part of my ‘old’ mindset, where I’d try nab the best looking girl I can get and figure out whether she’s suitable for a long term relationship – total caveman mentality, thinking with my dick type stuff. I thought to myself, if this is the best I can feel about it, I’m fucked if the marriage goes on forever.
          But this year I decided to try open myself to women who share my values above all else i.e traditional Catholic (currently not practising, but hey lol), hard right views, I take the lead, she comes for the ride and supports my decisions. Found one after a few months, and wow, it feels weird. Instead of getting a boner with my dick, I’m getting a boner with my brain. She’s nowhere near as gorgeous as my old flame, but I don’t see a limited future with this new one at all (I mean, this girl as a degree in civil engineering and won’t mind being a stay-at-home mum if she can count on her man. Yeah, I found a super rare Pokemon here!) I could be… ahem… happily married to her for a very, very long time if I correctly understand how I feel about her right now.
          But yeah, to summarise, I disagree that men can’t be happily married. I’ve seen the light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe we just need to keep it in our pants as much as women need to close their legs when looking for a potential partner.

        4. It depends on your mindset and situation. For example, some American men marry a 35-year-old Filipina and are happy with her till they notice there are a lot of American men who married Filipinas in their teens or 20s. Then they feel like they sold themselves short.

        5. Hey hey, I didn’t say we shouldn’t dismiss biological attraction. All other things of a woman equal, we generally pick the younger one out of the two options.
          I’d also be wondering how a man ended up in a position to avail himself to a 35-year old woman. Old age + filipina option + discontent = probably didn’t sort himself out beforehand.

        6. The blue pill will do that to men. Men will say, “Oh, I should go for this older woman because she’ll be more mature, plus she’ll be grateful that I gave her a new lease on life after her relationships with those other guys didn’t work out. So, although she’s not as pretty as younger women, I’m getting a benefit that makes it worth the tradeoff.”
          Then they get married and she starts saying stuff like, “You know, I should have just stayed with that other guy” and he realizes that he set himself up for a bunch of negative comparisons by getting with someone so experienced. The problem is, that first love imprinted on her and formed her expectations of what a man should be, so other men who are different seem to not measure up to that standard.
          Or she’ll say stuff like, “I’ve already dumped one man, so don’t think that I’ll be afraid to divorce you too if you don’t clean up your act. I was way too patient, gentle, and kind with a man who didn’t deserve the love that I had to offer, and I won’t make that mistake twice. I became a more guarded, bitter, mistrustful, and angry person because of how he treated me, and you need to be sensitive and understanding about that if you want this relationship to work.”

        7. Im with a 35 year old Filipina and she’s hotter than some of the 20 year old ones and shes great in bed…cant complain.

        8. In terms of lust, all men want young wives. But love is a choice. You choose to love somebody and stay loyal. Those men are probably not getting the services they signed up for initially. If she is a bad cook, complains about you not doing enough chores, whines about buying groceries or what have you and you still have to play breadwinner. Yes, then his eyes start to drift a lot.

        9. which happens a lot in LTR’s. She can be twenty something and thinking he never will leave her, so she relaxed the diet.
          ‘ve had gf’s who started to balloon after six months. The thing is, you notice it by the skin getting looser. There is more fattissue being created beneath the skin. But for others people who only can see her, they won’t notice probably. But she will herself, of course. And with men, I don’t think they have this problem as much as women. Testosterone keeps you slim. Some healthy eating 95% of the time and a lifting weights, cycling to work: you are in good shape as long as you do this. But I think most “slim” women really have to work hard for that. Skipping the gym and eating a bit more junk food is going to cost them. Puts on the fat directly.

        10. Most of the middle aged, still married men are cucked beta boys who are too chicken shit to stand up to their wives.

    2. It should be of no surprise, the rules of what is commonly called patriarchy were written by women for the benefit of women and enforced by men. Later some women simply decided they wanted to re-write the rules.

    3. It’s largely about messaging. Feminism says it’s good for women because now women can get jobs. Neomasculinity says that traditional gender roles are better for both, but we don’t push that message hard enough. The statistics are on our side: all you need to do is look at the massive increase in women’s unhappiness since the 1960s, and the inconvenient fact that 1/4 of American women are on antidepressants.
      Unfortunately, most American women don’t have the discipline or sense to see through feminism’s facade. Women are particularly prone to the perversion of culture because they are like pack animals who follow the herd.

      1. Unfortunately, most of the women, especially American women are “deliberately & conveniently” devoid of discipline and sense, because they:
        =Can escape from any wrong doings without consequences and (severe) punishment
        =Can ruin life of MEN with single false allegation, no evidence needed and identity not revealed !
        =Can leech out TAX Payers Money & enjoy freebies !
        =Can objectify themselves but blame MEN for that !
        =Can get “quota” Jobs in Government and Corporate sectors !
        =Can make MEN guilty & demand Government for sanitary napkins and contraceptives ! (Doesn’t even think for a second about MEN’s shaving and condoms)
        =Can cut penis of sleeping MAN and get rehabilitation on TAX Payers Money !
        Sorry guys, the list doesn’t seem to end … !!

        1. Damn it ! slip into a helpless victim mindset !? No way ! that’s the domain of “pussies” and they are the experts !! I sincerely believe MEN are not helpless or of victim mindset, it’s just that MEN are being shamed, made guilty and are bound by responsibilities and accountability; (literally) without any benefits.

    4. It is inevitable women will be made obsolete.
      Their path is a dead end. Women have been the bottleneck & dysgenic destroyers of civilisation one time too many.
      In the same way africans will be made extinct by a smarter more intelligence race. Women will be made obsolete through disuse, women have a limited ability to participate in a technologically advanced society.
      Women have no place in a masculine technocracy.

      1. Are you talking about female sex robots?
        I really hope so, because otherwise what you said can be taken as very disturbing.

        1. OK then.
          Obsolete, but still around to bang.
          No problem.
          Thanks for the clarification.
          I can be dense sometimes. Especially on Fridays when I drink like a “mo fo”…

      2. You do realize that the majority of shit use and built in american was created by African Americans. The first open heart surgery was performed by a African American. Always one insecure pale mofo on his high horse. Literally Europeans steal everything and taint it.

        1. Oh no… another delusional knuckle-dragger spouting nonsense here. How do you guys arrive at this site???
          Take a hike, chimpie.

        2. Is it being kept a secret? You would think in today’s SJW paradise, we would be hearing more about this.

        3. How on the earth that person became a surgeon in first place !? Where did that person studied ?
          By the way, did that person used;
          Electricity/Current/Bulbs ?
          Telephone ?
          Car/Bus (Transmission/Gears/Ball-bearing) ?
          Surgical Gloves ?
          Surgical Instruments ?
          Antiseptics & Antibiotics ?

        4. Yeah. He and Kisse Ellis who posts here occasionally appear to be dead serious in their Afrocentrist delusions. I know it must suck to be part of the only race who has achieved zero in terms of invention, discovery, civilization, etc., but damn guys, stop believing absolute BS about whitey stealing all your achievements. They need to read the book Race, Evolution, and Behavior by Dr. J. Phillipe Rushton. And it is hardly a white supremacist work as Dr Rushton makes a case that east Asians, in some ways, are actually more highly evolved than whites.

        5. ” I know it must suck to be part of the only race who has achieved zero in terms of invention, discovery, civilization, etc.”
          Except they did. I don’t like WE WUZ KANGS bullshit as much as anyone else; but everyone else on this site needs to chill out with that too. Don’t just ignore history and make up your own bullshit because other people are.

    5. This is true … women are happy with their traditional role when they understand the importance of that role and when that role is valued by men and their fellow women. Our children are unhealthy and neglected, our men are alone or betrayed, our homes are broken … all because women have abandoned their post. Civilization fails when families fail. But those women (like Ellen posting above) who believe being a women is shameful, who have not experienced the benefits of patriarchy, and who have abandoned their femininity are near impossible to convince. Their answer to the problems of a struggling world is to become men. If they learn better they do so too late … they’re old, they’re alone, no children, or children have grown. Maybe they can enlighten their cats.

      1. Civilisations only fail when women are given rights.
        Civilisation isnt run on families, its run by men.
        Civilisation does not need a family, it just needs men.
        Women have fucked up society & allowed jews to take over society, in the short space of 50 years … by fucking up mens rights & attacking their ability to defend society.
        Women have literally done nothing after gaining the right to vote, except fuck society over with their emotion based politics.

        1. Why, as you say, have Marxists, liberals, feminists, etc sought to destroy traditional western family structure if not to damage the greater society? What was their purpose? And I don’t know of a society that flourished long term without this. What did you have in mind?
          Society should be “run by” men, yes. It isn’t and that’s part of the problem, no?
          Communist Jews took over my grandparent’s homeland 100 years ago and without the benefit of feminism. Destroying traditional, patriarchal, “bourgeois” families was high on their to-do list.

        2. As I said civilisation only needs men. A family is a transitional substitute for a technocracy.
          A family basically makes men sitting ducks for the elite to leech & parasite off them. Tying men to women, does not allow them to become warriors able to fight back.
          All of man is a brotherhood, the family is designed to break up the tribalism of man, so men dont form a united front. Instead of men uniting together for being men, theyre divided along blood lines …
          Marxism is ancient, it has systematically broken down civilisation for centuries, to make it easier to rule man.
          Family, patriarchy, traditionalism, are all earlier forms of population control. Men have to get back to being a tribe, independent of women & children. Vr & tech will make it happen anyway.
          If you want the patriarchy back, giving men their rights back will achieve it. As well as male forms of reproduction, polygamy. & to seperate men from women, all you have to do is take away the privilege’s in law women unjustly have over men.
          Men have to be set free, if you want to end the cycle of jews & rome’s attack on men, men have to become warriors free of women.

    6. Who said we are anti-woman ? They sure are retards !
      Let them rot in hell !!
      We are anti and against of bitchy, arrogant, cunning, slutty, whorish, promiscuous, filthy, un-feminine, ungrateful (and smelly) women !! They are literally good for nothing, not even for f*****g (yes, they don’t deserve “it”) !

  2. I still think the BEST way to celebrate the victory that was ROK International Meet Up Day… and the shit that flew from it… would be to take that same day… announced in advance… as the day men stay home and not go to work. It’s in February, lots of cold and flu going round. If anyone were to ask, how can they prove you played hooky on that day for that reason. I think this is a serious idea that should be given some thought. Great to write an article speculating about what would happen of men stayed home for a day. A whole other thing to actually organize and pull it off, but can you imagine the result?

    1. Sure, we’ll get the same result as our boycott of the Super Bowl. We really walk our talk, don’t we? 😉

      1. My bad for not knowing more about the SB boycott (Canuck and not addicted to sports). I think there is promise in such an idea. Look as well to the boycott of Star Wars and Ghostbusters. ROK had a hand as well as many other voices in delivering real $$$ pain to the studios that put out that shit. A Day Without Men is a big idea, but I don’t think it is crazy anymore to imagine such an event.

    2. I can see a flaw in that plan. Given the mindset of most of ROK’s readers – we aim to be as self-sufficient as possible – I’d wager that we’re disproportionately self-employed. An owner of a small business taking the day off is going to cause himself a lot more pain than he causes anyone else. This will also add to the difficulty in organising such an event; self-employed entrepreneurs are unlikely to respond to social pressure to go on strike in the same way as a Trade Unionist; no business owner cares if he’s called a scab

      1. I agree. Those self-employed would not be the targets. It would have to be a very well thought out campaign and strategy that would focus on:
        – reaching blue pills
        – hammering home one message, you are not valued
        – present key evidence (3 key facts for power and brevity)
        – and then ask them if they think a men’s day off would be a great idea IN LIGHT of those facts
        Work it from there. The target of this campaign for a Day Without Men would be to reach new men still plugged into the matrix. It might take a couple years, but I really think it is something worth brainstorming about.

  3. Keep a keen eye on how marxists fight for the middle class woman voting base. They’ll be persistent and varied in trying to steer many into the life of bitterness and resentment, and bloated bureaucracies.

  4. Guys, the Blacked channel disappeared from pornhub.
    Did we achieve a win?
    Or is Kike (((Lansky))) furious now that he has been exposed and thinks about new porn movies that are even more degenerate?
    Will he let white women fuck with dogs and horses in public while white kids have to watch?

    1. That wouldn’t be a shock. It’s apparently hip and cool for White women to fuck every race and religion, other women, have threesomes or multi-somes and even fuck lesser beasts. So wait for it!

      1. Hey, a metal guy on here! Finally. I’m thinking about writing an article on how certain forms of metal can function as an ally to the manosphere and some of the more universal values on here. What do you think?

        1. -They use metal music to torture muslim terrorists
          – Islam considers music to be evil
          Time to melt some faces!

  5. ” And since, without women, there would be no children, and hence no future civilization, then obviously, women are critical to the maintenance and survival of a civilization.”
    Yeah well, women can’t even do this one thing right. Birth rates are below replacement.

    1. Yup. I thought this article kissed women’s ass a bit too much.

      Birth rates are below replacement.

      The more rights they have the less births you will get. That’s just reality.

      1. Women arent designed to function in a civilisation. The more rights they have, the more opportunities women will have to destroy civilisation.
        Women will always side against logic & reason, precisely because they have no ability integrate logic into their biology.
        A Technologically advanced Society will eventually become too advanced for women to participate in.
        It has already begun.

        1. Well… artificial intelligence does have the ability to mimic the female thought process. Basically, it is a random function designed to make practically anything ten times more difficult than it needs to be. Oh, the Feelz!!!

        2. Yes. Giving them the vote in 1920 was the 2nd worst mistake in US history.
          #1, of course, was importing the dindus.

    2. Only among whites, Japanese, and perhaps Koreans too.
      In other words, only among productive, first world people.

    1. I respect everybody. But if you mean “respect women” is by putting them on pedestal, then fuck no.

  6. Men are certainly more dependable than women, especially when shit hits the fan. My female colleague had to leave midday because she had an issue with her dog (lol). Of course me and the foreigner I work with stayed late to get everything done. No problem. My boss realizes we are not only more dependable but we work harder and do a more thorough job. Thankfully, I have a good boss who will reward us fairly, based on merit and ability.

    1. Women do that type of shit all the time. They call out sick more and they claim all sorts of reasons for going home early. It’s pathetic, but if you are a dependable man who works around women it makes you stand out much easier.

      1. Anxiety and other fabricated “emotional problems”. To which you simply say:
        “You know what’s more important than your ’emotional problems’? My time.”

        1. I have to agree with this strongly. You can indeed get away with non-PC stuff if, generally speaking, the woman in question has a good opinion of you/if you make them feel good emotionally. I have definitely pushed the envelope when it comes to derogatory comments against blacks and have been fine.

    2. Huh, that’s funny. I saw more men drop PRP when I was missileer for being hungover and “sick” while I saw women who were sick with child or have a goddamn flu continue to do their duty.

      1. Then you are in the incredibly small minority.
        I have worked in IT for 30 years. I have almost never seen a female work overtime. And I can count on one hand the number of useful females I have come across in that time. All they have to do is mention “their kids” and the managers tell them “it’s all right, you can go home”.

        1. One of my ex girlfriends had an appointment based job. And I’m not exaggerating here. She would work from about 8am to 12pm every day and she would cancel the rest of her appointments. When she went to work she was always ten to fifteen minutes late. She did this every.single.day. She would also brag about how “hard” she worked. I should also mention; she whined a few times about not getting the same respect as a man. I called her out on her bullshit. I said, “you have no right to complain about money when you cancel appointments daily.” I also lectured her a few times about standing people up on the day of an appointment and how inconsiderate it is. She accepted my criticism gracefully and made positive changes immediately. I’m joking, no she didn’t.

        2. Interesting.
          An appointment based job?
          Not being a wise ass here, but the only “appointment based” workers I know are the escorts I bang.
          What was your GFs job?

        3. The ONLY time I’ve ever seen a female work overtime, are some old ladies that are in the labor union that might work some hours on a weekend to pick up easy money.
          As far as salaried professionals are concerned, I’ve even mentioned this to my male coworkers: I’ve never seen a female engineer put any over time in. Never seen one at work on the weekends. Never seen a female at work past 4 or 5 o’clock. Yet they get their promotions, guaranteed.
          Even though the male counterparts work harder and get more accomplished and also take on the more difficult tasks, it gets turned into a gender thing. HR makes sure the females still get their promotions and raises just the same or better. No female left behind. They simply are not held to the same standards as men in the field of engineering.

        4. Yep, the old using their kids as weapons, whether it be the workplace or a relationship. Their go-to tactic!

        5. bloody hell, they let women teach people to fly planes & choppers… we are all doomed alright
          if i were to learn to fly i would like to be taught by a combat pilot or vet combat pilot, Brig Gen Robin Olds would be great, he may have passed away now though.

        6. Beards???
          You seem very hostile towards (1) feminine females & (2) males who prefer feminine females – which of course is 100% normal. Most males have absolutely no interest in spending time with bossy, masculine Maj. Margaret Houlihan. Perhaps the “beard” is the faggy, effeminate male (ie. Frank Burns — such as your maybe ex Husband?) who spends his time with Maj. Hotlips, hmm…Hotlips?
          Just so you know, a females “quality” is her youth and beauty. A males quality is his accomplishments (almost always financial) in a first world society. Those are God’s (or Darwin’s) laws, not mine. Try not to hate the messenger.

        7. Cliches are cliches for a reason; and men like the younger ladies-duh!
          As couples get older together, it often occurs that men will leave their first family to form a second, or third (often with younger versions of their original wife!); this contributes to the destabilization of many families.
          In cultures with a higher degree of sexual honesty and integrity than American men and women have; the family unit remains intact while the husband (and wife) have discreet affairs.
          Maintaining the Family Unit, as the primary responsibility of men and women, while honoring the rhythms of many men’s sexual lives (whether they are good financial providers or not) seems like an idea worth discussing.

        8. You are being intellectually dishonest.
          Sexual relief is a basic physical need for males.
          The same as urination.
          We need to relieve ourselves inside of females.
          It is not so for females.
          Females do not need to relieve themselves on/with males.
          They are supposed to choose a male based upon which one can best take care of her. Any deviation to the above leads to the collapse of first world society.
          And as far as males leaving their famliles:
          1) 80% of US divorces are initiated by the female — mostly due to issues NOT RELATED to physical abuse (which is the ONLY valid reason for a female to divorce a male).
          2) NO fault deviroce is destroying this country. The only valid reasons for divorce are:
          – the female cheated (she brought disgrace upon herself, her husband and her family)
          – the male physically beat the female. This is always wrong, no matter what.
          There is NO OTHER REASON for divorce other than two given above. Females should absolutely look the other way if a male cheats, ESPECIALLY if she is a wrinkled old bag over 40. No male should be expected to pass up on tight young poon. Life is too short.

        1. As will many anecdotal accounts. Captain Obvious here: that literally means nothing other than some women work harder than some men and some men work harder than some women.

      2. Ditto, at my place. And it is a very rare week that I don’t work OT, d/t the needs of my workplace and patients.

    3. The only admin worker at a small car dealership I worked at, took a week off without warning because her cat died, causing chaos with others having to do her job as well as theirs..

      1. Dude it’s insane. The women I work with are relatively speaking pretty good people (Trump supporters/married/moms/etc.) but even they go on about their fucking dogs and how racing horses is cruel. It is insane.

    4. When something is broken, like a computer, a man will say:
      “Hey, my computer is broken, can you help me repair it?” It’s a question. A woman will just complain like this: “Why is it not working? Damn” and look angry at you because you are not stumbling to get to her fast enough and fix it for her. That is how women expect you to help. By complaining in general. And if you don’t get the hint, you are neglecting and unhelpful in their eyes.

        1. And still, you should neglect her and only when she asks you help. Never encourage by playing “the good listener”

  7. “And so this is the key point: men and women are both indispensable to
    society, but they are indispensable in complementary ways, not in the
    same way.”
    Women are really only indispensable in a biological sense because only they can reproduce. Women do not contribute directly to the creation or maintenance of civilization. They only contribute indirectly by giving birth to men.
    Civilization is entirely the product of male strength, intelligence, wisdom and virtue. Consider an isolated monastery full of monks. This all-male environment is a self-sufficient civilization with no women directly involved. On the other hand, anything all-women degenerates into a primitive shithole if it is not controlled from above by men.
    Women are at best neutral and at worst dangerous to civilization in a direct sense. Unrestricted female sexuality brings down civilizations, which is why marriage and other methods were invented to control female sexuality.

    1. At least you don’t couch your misogyny in the “I just want want women to be happy, you know, as long as they’re only happy cleaning the house and shitting out consumers” bullshit. So you have that going for you.

        1. Hahaha. I’m sorry you interpret my desire to serve my country and have control over my own body as “fanatical misandry.” My husband will beg to differ. But hey, that’s what’s great about this country- you can play the victim and I can go back to work and I don’t have to give a damn what you think! 😀

        2. “have control over my own body”
          You will have that when you get your hands out of mens’ pockets. Until then, we tell you what to do with your body.

        3. So just how is one to surmise that you have a desire to serve your country and have control over your own body from your post:

          Women Skipping Work For A Day Taught Everyone How Important Men Are

          All that can be seen is that you immediately interpret the presentation of roles within a traditional society to surreptitiously mean “misogyny”. That’s the standard neo-feminist answer to anything they sense is not aligned with quasi-egalitarianism. Do you not have anything better than that?

        4. Jesus christ woman, you havent even got a husband … Proving women are emotional idiots & have no sense of logic.
          You’ve got about as much control over your body, as a rat getting kicked out of trump tower …

        5. Weird. I got married Dec. 9, 2016. I think I would know better than you whether or not I have a husband. And I’m sorry, since you clearly swallow all of the bullshit on this site, care to explain how your false assumption about me not having a husband is “proving women are emotional idiots?” Seeing as how you were ACTUALLY wrong and decided to blanket describe every member of my gender, I’m inclined to think that YOU are the “emotional idiot.”

        6. lol you’ve only been married for 4 months, & already bragging about it to random men on the internet, like a regular attention whore?
          Wait till you hit the wall in your 30’s, & you’re husband needs viagra just to live in the same house as you … lets see how much bragging you do then … lmao

        7. brah, dont feed the trolls, jeezbots love posting here so a man finally acknowledges their existence.

        8. Hahaha everyone who disagrees with you is a “lesbian.” And yet the men on this site spend X hour so complaining that “boo-hoo all Western women aren’t tiny rails and don’t shut their mouths and don’t stay at home at anymore.” You’re kind of contradicting news yourself. Newsflash, women are never going to go back to being under anyone’s thumb. And we don’t really care how men feel about it. Now if stooping so fucking low makes you feel better, I can do it too. Of the men I dated and the one I had been previously engaged to, my husband knew what to do with his dick better than anyone else. Which is one reason I married him. Have a great day! 😉

        9. Her “husband” isn’t black, “he’s” the purple 2-cell heavy-duty military grade vibrator since the black ones were sold-out.

    2. Marriage is a tradcon lie. Marriage & tradition has never been able to control the destructive effects of female sexuality on society, or its effects on men.
      Traditional societies merely paper over, & on the surface level, hide the primitive uselessness of women from society.
      In a traditional society women contribute literally nothing to society, as they stay at home all day, doing literally nothing apart from being over paid, house cleaners & cooks.
      A traditional society is nothing more then an earlier form of feminism.

      1. Marriage can work as long as men are truly large and in charge of their families. However, that has not been the case in the West for over 1000 years.

        1. Problem is that the whole marriage arrangement in America has always been a lie. America has nurtured a latent strand of woman-worship ever since it was created. This latent woman-worship became active and overt in the 1960s when 2nd wave feminism reared its ugly head.
          The feminist movement in America really started with the temperance movement. Women portrayed men who went out drinking with their buddies as abusers and wife-beaters. This female hatred of male-only spaces has carried over into present-day America.

        2. That only works in agarian pre-technology society.
          Marriage only works in society’s with no technology.
          Men have zero use for women in a technologically advanced society. Except for use as biological fuck dolls.

    1. Unnecessary. A man could do it just as well or better. They’re doing this for PC reasons. No surprise at all.

      1. Unless you have piloted a B-52 or have manned a launch control center sometime in this last 5 years, you literally have no idea what you’re talking about. If you have, you’re straight up lying. In 4 years I aced all seven of my evals, was selected as the sole ops group rep for a massive inter-squadron project, selected as an instructor to author training products, teach the class, and teach the simulator. I was selected to train crews for the simulated electronic launch-minuteman. And I beat out my male counterparts to represent my squadron in the toughest annual competition in Global Strike. Oh, and most of my female peers have as many if not more accolades than I do. Many of us were infinitely more competent than our male peers. Hate to break it to you but that’s not biology- plenty of men in the military either choose not to take their jobs seriously or they’re not as good. The military doesn’t care about gender. It cares about competence. Women get promoted over men every day. It’s literally nothing to get upset about. If you don’t succeed in one career field you’ll be forced to find success in another-men AND women experience this every day and the same holds true in the military.
        I don’t care that they did this “just for PC” reasons although I fail to see how hiring competent female missileers is politically correct lol. 100+ women manning the nuclear command posts (with female manning to spare) for 4 straight days punches a hole in the argument that without men our nuclear arsenal would be at risk. Don’t let your anger at “women taking men’s jobs” blind you to that fact, buddy.

        1. Hahahaha… I already do. It’s called time management. And guess what?! My husband also works and cooks and cleans! Imagine that, you can have MORE than one working person in a marriage! 😱

        2. Whether you give a crap or not, I take my friend’s word regarding females in the military over your “gurrrrl power” fairy tale any day of the week. Have a great night.

        3. Hmm, I have this thing called actual experience in the military, 5 OPRs with #1 strats on them, and a commendation medal which lists my aaccomplishments on it. But I get it, you have no evidence to go on either way so you choose to believe a man’s word over a woman’s. And yet you men are the victims of… what exactly? 🤔

        4. “The military doesn’t care about gender.” If that’s not the biggest fucking lie I’ve seen all day. If a commander can fantasize about having sex with you, you’re gonna have a skate military career.

        5. I never dispute the fact that men suffer as many injustices as women. It kills me that circumcision is still routine practice, that selective service only applies to men, that fathers aren’t taken as seriously as mothers in court because women are assumed to be the “nurturing” ones, etc. And we can argue about workplace economics all day. Do I believe that Western women everywhere are “oppressed?” No. That doesn’t mean I’m too fatigued or too scared to push back against men who argue that women have no place on this Earth, or no place other than the kitchen and the bedroom. I don’t care how small that minority is. I respect men who are coming from a place of “stop your whining about oppression, we suffer and face unfair standards too;” I don’t respect men whose attitudes towards women verge on the violent. And I’m sorry, I’m an American who loves her freedom so much she signed up to serve and has committed to seven years thus far to rigorous training and assignments- you so much as HINT at putting women “back in their place,” that crosses an unacceptable line. And many of the men on here are more explicit than that. I don’t expect to change anyone’s mind here. I would just rather challenge people than take the easy road of silence and I don’t care much who it bothers.

        6. Lady, if women were so smart and so well organized and so powerful, then why don’t you women oppress men without the need for laws to do so? You do oppress us men, but only because laws give you the power to do so. Take away those laws, and us men will dominate because we can. It’s called “natural law”. I have no problem with females wanting to work or wanting to go into any profession they want. I DO have a problem with affirmative action and EEO and quotas and “free this” and “free that” for females. Those are laws and benefits that give women special privileges.
          If women as a whole are more intelligent than men are and can do anything a man can do and better, then how was it ever possible that us men are able to “oppress” you? If us men are just a bunch of dumb idiots, then why do you need affirmative action and EEO to secure employment?
          Hey, if you want to go become an engineer or whatever, then have at it. Take away the EEO laws and go start your own company and go hire other women. Its’ because any company that is 100% women will fail. IF a woman starts a company, she has to hire men to make it successful. If she started an engineering & manufacturing company and hired 100% females, the company would fail quickly.

        7. Now that you are being specific, I don’t have a problem with most of this. If a woman can do the same job as a man, then more power to her. Just understand many people in the Women’s movement don’t understand we aren’t arguing this because we hate women. When any power is given ultimate deference, it’s only a matter of time until that deference is abused.

        8. Great post GR!!!
          And applicable to many other demographics.
          Replace “women” with “blacks” or “mestizos” in the above and it would still be 100% true.

        9. False. A) Most of my bosses have been straight women. So it would seem that my strats and accomplishments were not even remotely sexually driven. B) I’m sorry you don’t realize this yet but the military is quick to fire leaders who harass or commit UCMJ violations. C) Any time a commander wants to put a troop in for an award or a competitive job, they have to justify it to the wing commander, who doesn’t know that troop and has to go on records alone. D) I’ve seen plenty of “attractive” women be punished, demoted, denied jobs, or booted out of the military. It’s called meeting standards no matter who you are. But please, pretend you’re more of the expert on something I’ve spent the last 7 years of my life doing.

        10. I was in the military too, and will honestly say there are some women who do excel and are very bright. However on average they tended to be more incompetent and generally useless. I came across maybe 5 women in my entire career that I could respect because they were very proficient and good at their jobs. Other than those few they were mostly just dead weight and a liability that ended up being nothing more than the sexual release outlet when we were out at sea. Even the women I mentioned that were proficient still had emotional problems trying to deal with the rigors of military life and would drag everybody down with their moods.
          One thing I will tell you all for a certainty is that every chick in the military, every single one I have ever come across, had some sort of mental or emotional whackness that would manifest itself eventually. A chick has to have some kind of screw loose to want to join the military in the first place, so if you hang around any chick that’s been in the military, start looking for the flaw because it’s there, guaranteed. She’s either had daddy issues, abused by boyfriend or family, closet lesbianism, or deep deep inferiority to men complex. Case in point look how Ellen has to hang around a mans site to boast about her accomplishments in the military and how equal to men she is.
          Trust me gentlemen, as sure as the sun will rise, if you meet a chick that’s been in the military, she’s a nutcase. Run in the opposite direction.

        11. “A chick has to have some kind of screw loose to want to join the military in the first place”
          +100 if it were possible.
          “closet lesbianism”
          Thus the validity of my good friend’s frankfurter story.

        12. Well, once you’ve bombed us back to the stone age, It’ll be good to see how your equality works for you back outside the bunker.

        13. How many men did you kill with your hands on the frontlines?
          Soft office jobs for soft women (pressing buttons in a nice air-con room) don’t really count as fighting IMHO.

        14. I’m arguing this because I hate women.
          Entitled useless cunts, and most (like Ellen) don’t even realize they are entitled useless cunts, given a cushy job almost any man could do better, because of their entitlement.

        15. Nah, air force live easy, she’ll be a drone pilot (or silo operative), they work normal 8 hour shift near their homes.

        16. Since you know so little about the military, let me let you in on a little secret- 90% of the force isn’t special operations. It takes a massive logistical effort to train, equip, and transport personnel and equipment. Avionics, egress, APG, fuels, education, finance, services, logistics, intelligence, weather, life support, security forces, and ops all have their roles and all involve BOTH men And since the majority of fellow missileers are male and ALL missile crews started as male, I wonder what makes you think alert duty (for 24+ hours in a capsule with no shower, no water, 32 degrees when the forced air works and 100+ degrees when it doesn’t in an area less wide than an airplane aisle) was designed for women. The number and degree of errors in your comment is both astounding and amusing.

        17. Don’t give give fuck, you are all mass murderers and potential mass murderers. Your only purpose in the military is to kill and oppress. As a woman you should be giving life, not taking it.
          As for us being equal. I’m absolutely confident in my ability to kill you in a Knife, gun or hand to hand fight. No matter what ‘special’ training you have received.

        18. Lololol I already work “outside the bunker.” I competed for aircraft maintenance and got it, so… awkward. Since I’m the highest ranking member in my unit I’d say it works well. Sorry to burst your bubble again.

        19. Without the protection of men and their civilization …… you would be nothing more than a hole (or 3) for a man to cum in.

        20. Agree 100%.
          99% of the time, a 70 yo male will destroy a 25Yo female in a physical confrontation.

        21. No, actually he was right. I was in the military too cupcake, you’re just suffering delusions or spouting intentional lies. The pretty girls in uniform get more opportunities than men and ugly girls once a CO gets a hard on for her. It’s true in the military just like it’s true in real life.

        22. It’s so true that it should be some kind of scientific law. I’ve never come across one woman to this day who was in the military that was normal. Feminine, well-adjusted, normal girls do not think “hey I wanna join the military.” Doesn’t happen. Roosh should add this to his red flag lists because it’s set in stone. Call it Seaman’s Law.

        23. As a woman I can do whatever the fuck I want to when it comes to giving or “taking” life, just like a man can. You’re not stating facts, you’re just stating opinions. As in archaic, disgusting opinions about women that no woman and most men do not respect, despite the little enclave on this site.

        24. I would say most people in the world support my views.
          It’s only fat white cunts and their followers that think your way.
          White women are worthless.

        25. My ex was in the army, well she was an MP. Cried every month multiple times, emotionally unstable. Wanted to join some male elite team. Didn’t make it. I laughed hard when I heard it later. A chick in the military, that’s something that should be avoided, just like you avoid horse-girls.

        26. Ha, how about a chick who is ex military and is obsessed with horses? I know one of those. It’s so predictable with these military chicks that it’s scary. Just walking stereotypes, one after the next.

        27. She had high T. Broad shoulders, firm legs, excellent stamina, no medical conditions, always ready for a lay. That was great, but yeah, women are not meant for the military, or police.

    2. Women in the military is a sick joke!
      A good friend of mine, an older guy, was in the army.
      When he was stationed in a US base, he told me that the cook had to cut up all the frankfurters. Why? Because the WACs were “using” them in a certain way.

  8. Marriage is a tradcon lie. Marriage has never worked.
    Marriage & tradition has never been able to control the destructive effects of female sexuality on society, or its effects on men.
    Traditional societies merely paper over, & on the surface level, hide the primitive uselessness of women from society.
    In a traditional society women contribute literally nothing to society, as they stay at home all day, doing literally nothing apart from being over paid, house cleaners & cooks.
    A traditional society is nothing more then an earlier form of feminism.
    In a traditional society Men have to pay 90% of their wages to pay for women.
    In a welfare state men only pay a fraction of their resources to support women, allowing men to allocate more resources to build society.
    If women dont contribute to society, they should be refused to participate in it

    1. “In a welfare state men only pay a fraction of their resources to support
      women, allowing men to allocate more resources to build society.”
      The welfare state is absolutely detrimental to men. I pay over 40% to taxes to support that damn welfare state. If I had lived prior to 1913, I would have retired before 40.

        1. New York State.
          That’s a good question…
          BTW…not married.
          But, a good portion of my net earnings does go to the escorts I bang. That should really be tax deductible by the way.

        2. My great grand father back in 1913 supported a wife and 8 kids. Yes, 8 kids. All on a job as a meter reader. A gas meter reader. That was his career. LOL. Wife did not work of course, and they raised 8 kids.
          The biggest problem with paying into a welfare state via taxes is that it is technically thievery. Money is taken from my check before I even get it, and then that money is directed to low lives of society to product more rats. I didn’t agree to that. It’s thievery.
          But if you are paying to support your OWN wife and kids, that is YOUR choice. YOU get to direct the money the way YOU see fit. Not with taxes and welfare. You have no say-so. If shinekwa wants to have 5 black babies from 5 different thugs, you pay for it whether you like it or not. It’s called thievery.

        3. Jesus fucking christ, the more I learn about america, the more americans look like complete & utter retards …
          They pay 40% tax, & over £500 a month for life insurance … here in britain we pay 20% tax & we get free healthcare, if you want life insurance its only £10-20 for £50,000 cover …
          You guys are fucking idiots … lmao

        4. Your great grand father had to pay over 90% of his paycheck to his wife. Plus he had to spend 100% of his time raising his family.
          In a welfare state you just pay 10-20% taxes. All of your resources & time spent on relaxing or building an empire while you have hundreds of side pussy & children with multiple women paid for by the state, your choice …

        5. I have no life insurance.
          I do, however, pay $512/mo for health insurance. Was $278/mo for 20 years, until Hussein went and fouled with it.
          I pay 40% because I am single, no kids, and I rent. The US is highly prejudiced towards productive single men. I take NOTHING from the public realm yet pay the most into it. I worked with a guy who made MORE money then me, but he had a wife, 3 kids and a house, and he paid 15% for taxes. And his little rug rats went to public school. GROSSLY UNFAIR. I take the least, so I should PAY THE LEAST!

        6. No, deport them, deport all immigrants, problem solved.
          A welfare state run by white ppl has functioned perfectly in britain & europe for hundreds of years, before immigration.
          Orphans had orphannages, whores were banned from having kids, & the poor got charity & education, big mistake btw, the poor should be deported or eugenicised.
          If you’re still poor in a 1st world country, you’re too retarded to live in a 1st world country & should be kicked out of the country.
          It was only when africans were imported, did whores get glamorised & the idea of being a cad infect white society.
          Because white countries were too stupid to practise polygamy, because of faggot christianity, whores infested white society like a plague.
          White men wasted their fertility fucking infertile whores, in whore houses, instead of fucking 4 or 5 fertile wives as in saudi arabia, & having hundreds of kids, ensuring they raise empires, instead of serfs.
          A white polygamous society, with basic white welfare & zero immigrants, & women banned from fucking up society by giving women zero rights. Is the ideal state.

        7. It is determined by your allowed “deductions”.
          Wife = deduction.
          Kids = 1 deduction for each kid.
          Property/Mortgage = more deductions.
          Caring for elder parent = more deductions.
          I have none of those. I pay full taxes. Even though I take NOTHING! Complete & utter BS!
          You are right. I must be retarded to keep doing this.
          Also, yes, there is a threshold based upon income. So the most productive people pay the highest percentages. This is what is called the “progressive” income tax. It is extremely detrimental.

        8. lol that has to be the most cucked tax rate i have ever seen …
          Cant you move to another jurisdiction lower tax rates?
          We have around 20% tax, with minimal deductibles for marriage. Women do get insane government assistance for having kids. Which is fucked over, by divorce rape laws.
          Out of curiousity, whats the income tax threshold?

        9. FED Income tax, for singles, from the IRS:
          10% $0 – $9,325
          15% $9,326 – $37,950
          25% $37,951 – $91,900
          28% $91,901 – $191,650
          33% $191,651 – $416,700
          35% $416,701 – $418,400
          39.6% $418,401+
          Take notice of the wide range for the 33%.
          This is applicable to ALL Americans.
          Then add State & Local on top of that.
          For NY State:
          $79,600 – $212,500 6.65%
          $212,500 – $1,062,650 6.85%
          $1,062,650+ 8.82%
          Then, as I am an independent contractor, I have to pay Corporate taxes as well. Plus having to match Social Security and Medicare payments — meaning that I have to pay BOTH SIDES of these taxes, as an employee AND as an employer, even though I am the ONLY employee of my own corporation.
          Cucked…yes, that is the right term to use.
          Nothing I can do about the FED or Corporate taxes, but…
          Yes, I can move to Texas or Florida or Delaware or some other state with no income tax. But…then I will forfeit my NY salary and all the NYC Escorts I have available to me. Texas and Florida pay is MUCH LOWER than NY. And there are not as many escorts. All the hot Texas and Florida girls come here to make $$$.

        10. Thats not bad if you earn less then 35k or under 200k …
          Dont corporations have an entirely different tax threshold?
          Im guessing you have the worst accountant & financial advisor? If you’re making over $400k, open up a cash based shop ie., a small chicken shop or takeaway, & divert the tax deductibles from there …
          With a good accountant & a couple of cash based businesses, you can legally literally pay well below your tax threshold.

        11. No, I am in the 33% bracket for fed.
          But with state & corp added in, I am well over 40%.
          My accountant is actually very good. He is a CPA and used to work for the IRS. I simply have no deductions. I HAVE to take a salary as an individual. I cannot leave everything in the corporation. The FED really watches that type of thing. He has often urged me to buy property, but I have no use for that. Money tied to property does me no good. I need $$$ to bang hot young girls. They will not bang me because I have a nice house in the Poconos or something. Liquid cash is all that matters in my situation. Yes, if I were married or had a live-in GF things would be quite different. But that is not the case. And for me, it most likely never will be.

        12. Property is the best for leveraging liquidity. Why arent you building a passive income with that sort of money?
          With your income, you could easily turn that $400k into around $4 million a year in passive income, if you worked out a liquidity plan.

        13. Yes, I know property is great for leveraging liquidity. As is the type of businesses you referred to. But what you have to realize is that I need $$$ to get laid. Any money I sink into property (for rentals or businesses) will mean less tight young poon. Sure, if I had done this early on I would be sitting pretty now. But I am 51, and the US real estate market is nothing like what is was 25 years ago. Prices are sky high, and any investment has to be seen as very long term. I figure I have 20 good years left. And I have no interest in settling down with Grandma Moses. There is no long term plan for me, short of winning the lottery.

        14. Well…if telecommuting is an option (it is rare), I suppose that could be done. I would have to re-incorporate in the live-in state, though.

        15. Nope, property is fast liquidity, who’s advising you with this shit?
          As I said you can easily turn your $400k into 4 million in under to 2 to 3 years, regardless of the house prices, no buying or selling is involved, all you’re doing is leveraging debt.
          I can walk you through it via pm & you can discuss it with your accountant & financial adviser, if you still dont understand what i’m talking about.

        16. I absolutely appreciate your willingness to help, but…”leveraging debt”…scares the HELL out of me.
          My father was an ultra-alpha.
          He was also ultra-negligent as far as training me to become like him. But one thing he did teach me was, never go into debt. And I never have. I am the type of guy who pays his credit cards off every month. I have NEVER been in debt. I have a barely 7 figure net worth and taking any chance of losing it would be a suicide level event. I accumulate what I earn from my job as an IT contractor. Yes, I do know that risk takers can make much, much more. But my evil witch of a mother groomed me to be a loser, and I always believe that any risk I take will end up in a loss. I just can’t do it. But really, thanks, for offering.

        17. My question(s) to all that, and this is no bullshit: At what point, with the current situation of migrants/refugees supposedly flooding the UK (if true), does the system collapse? I realise that the UK can uphold a welfare state, as you mentioned, but how many actual productive people are left to fund it? The UK, IMO, has its own native-born welfare leeches (chavs, yobbos, etc.– I’m being somewhat facetious) to deal with. How do the wogs factor in?

        18. Leveraging debt, pays off the entire debt in under 4 years, it just needs to be structured correctly, which is why I said you need to discuss it with a good financial adviser & an accountant.
          Theres little to no risk, as you can choose how much liquidity you want to leverage, & how fast you want a return.

        19. Hahaha!
          Wogs…unfortunately, we have plenty of them here in the US. As curry eating stinkers on H1B visas. As an IT Contractor, I see this every day. 80% of Wall St. IBs IT depts are staffed with them. It is disgusting. We are giving away good 6 figure jobs to foreigners so the Corps can pay less.

        20. Sure… A former coworker (a married Chinese-Canadian guy – who makes less income than me) owns 10 houses (6 in the US, 4 in Canada) and he rents them out to pay the mortgages. And his plan is to sell them when the prices jack up and to retire rich. Maybe he will do that, and maybe he will go under water. Bottom line, he is taking a risk that I am unwilling to take. He has his wife, and his family and her family to back him up. I have ME. No more, no less. I cannot take that risk.

        21. You have to realise britain is a special case, any other country & it would collapse like greece
          Britain is the money laundering capital of the world, & home to one of the most corrupt criminals on the planet, the city of vatican …
          So no, it wont collapse anytime soon …

        22. Based on the convo betwixt you and Rmax, methinks you may be primed for taking things to a new level in your financial realm. For instance, I always believed in the benefits of home ownership vs renting, and myself taking steps to regain that status–trying to close on something by next month. Here’s a bit of motivation:

          Makes me wanna dance and kick the air like Andrew W.K. on kratom!

        23. Maybe you are right. But I would have to go against 51 years of conditioning. And if I do that for finances, then perhaps other things as well. Not sure if that is doable. But appreciate the encouragement.
          I’ve got a lot to think about…
          For example, today.
          After I banged my regular Friday escort (cute young 20yo, only works on Fridays), I noticed all the cute, young girls rambling around drunk in Manhattan on St. Patrick’s Day. Most of them with utter losers. I have always considered myself to be a loser, but these guys, Jeez, they are way lower than me in just about every way. And they are banging these girls. For free.
          I’ve got a lot to think about…

        24. Np, if youre looking to rent to tenants find a busy urban area in the city, make sure you personally vet all tenants, no blacks or college students.
          Dont use plumbers or diy men, get good insurance which pays for everything decorating & all repairs.
          Also you need a special broker or a special bank who specialises in multiple properties, regular banks will rip you off in rates.

        25. Why are you living anywhere you have to pay 40% tax? Are you insane?

          That’s pretty much most of the USA if you add to federal income tax:
          Federal Medicare tax (double if you are self employed)
          Federal social security tax (double if you are self employed)
          State income tax
          Local income tax
          State sales tax
          Local sales tax
          State property tax
          Local property tax
          Excise taxes (on things like gas)
          Utility taxes (on things like water, sewer, power, electric, etc)
          And until Trump got rid of enforcement of the health insurance requirement, that would have counted too.

        26. 40% of taxes is nothing. In Europe most people pay more like 70% in taxes in one way or another. Incometax is obviously the biggest, in the Netherlands we have at least 50 others. From energytax to packingtax (grocery plastic), insurance policy tax, huge excise duties. Huge VAT of 21% on “luxury items”. The list is endless. If you are a single man you pay the most and receive the least back in tax surcharges. Then, the Netherlands, or western Europe in general is possibly a really financial unattractive place to live.

        27. In the Netherlands, also a welfare state you pay 52% tax over everything you earn above €67.000. And 37% over everything you earn up to 20k. (and we have some more taxlevels) You call that “just”? That’s money being spend on single mothers, thieves in jail, lazy people, turd-world immigration, endless socialist bureaucracy.

        28. The Netherlands even has tax on insurance policies, energy transportation, (sufferance tax), all kinds of tourist taxes. I think we are the taxation-county number 1.

        29. Don’t know how old you are, but if you are young and reasonably attractive, why don’t get a GF and bang for free. Without a condom. Just get a vasectomy. You would say so much money and it would be way more pleasurable.

        30. Hello Kraa..great name & avatar! Reminds me of the Chicken from Family guy.
          I am 51, but people do mistake me for early to mid 30s for some reason. I have money and nothing else. I have posted my abbreviated life story here many times, so I won’t get into all that again. But I probably will in a future post, like a broken record.
          In a nutshell, I am an omega loser, reject, outcast, misfit and defect of a human life.
          1) “why don’t get a GF and bang for free” – because than I would have to bang 2s, 3s and 4s. And most likely over 35. I am only attracted to 8s, 9s, and 10s (mostly the 9s and 10s) and definitely only under 30.
          2) “Without a condom.” – believe it or not, when you party with these hot, crazy, young girls, they get a little crazy with you. Especially if you are somewhat fun, like I am when I drink like a “mo fo”. “The bag” is not always part of the experience. But I only do that if the girl is exceptionally hot, and then I tend to stick with them if I know they are “low volume” regulars. Yes, I know there is a slight risk…

        31. I get the point. Having a gf is also a form of prostitution. I wouldn’t deny that. You the sex on tap, she all the attention and cuddling. quid pro quo.

    2. Exactly. Women’s nature is a parasitical one. It must be controlled. Now, I detest Muslims for their stupid god and fairytales but oh boy do they have the right idea about limiting female sexual nature. You’ll worry a lot less about your wife cheating if you can make her unattractive for other men and put her to work as a mother of 6 kids.

    1. He’d finally be able to hire someone based on skills and experience rather than whether or not he or she did a semester abroad for their Social Science major.

    1. Somali’s and Ethiopians are so ugly. They are in the same list as the Aboriginals. Nature is so cruel.

  9. “A man can be a nurse”
    And they are the bests nurses. I have seen this as both of my parents (father dead 12 years) , when elderly, spent plenty of time in hospitals. The female nurses are old, jaded, and crabby, just like female America stewardesses. The male nurses, most of whom are in the 2nd career, are enthusiastic and very knowledgeable. There is no comparison.
    The male “stewards” are better too. Not so crabby. But, nothing compares to the stewardesses (and they are all female) on Asiana airlines, which I have used many, many times. All young, thin, pretty, and extremely gracious.

  10. “situation would be like getting kicked in the balls”
    No, not that bad.
    A day without women would be like wanting to get laid today, but having to wait until tomorrow.

  11. A day without women at work? That means no sexual harassment, no distracting the men from getting shit done, no coddling the girl who can’t ever do anything without help, no gender war office politics, and no useless bitching. Sounds like a great day to me.

    1. It would be lovely. Things would get done with minimal distraction or complaint, you would be able to crack a joke and there’d be no overbearing tyrannical drama and histrionics.

    2. Yeah. HR will definitely be closed. The paper clips will not be counted and no twat will be bugging you.

  12. Some of the most impressive women in action I’ve seen were the nurses of an NICU. It’s like it combined their trained skills with their womanly instinct to preserve and nurture infants. It was cool to watch them after seeing so many lazy hr types who eat candy and complain all day. They managed to save my daughter too.

    1. Like it takes skill to empty bedpans and change bloody bandages.
      It’s the male doctor that saved your daughter.

      1. Your take on nurses is so absurd that it borders on open trolling.

  13. I’m sure if the electrical power goes out, the sisterhood of women lineman will get us up and running in no time. I’m so thankful for all the women plumbers, machinist, refinery operators, mechanics, electricians. Or the women garbage truck drivers who finally broke the trash ceiling.

  14. Since women are hefty spenders and go on impulsive shopping spree, corporations and companies want to employ women to make sure that they get good income so they can keep spending more and more on useless shit. That too, they can also use their husband’s credit card.

    1. boom! gold comment that, every add on the goggle box is aimed at women because they know a woman is easily separated from her money if they dangle enough temptation in front of them.
      there may be a use for the ((( ))) “you know who’s” in that, i dont know…

      1. Indeed. I worked in marketing and it’s easy to sell stuff to women. Just make sure to use a couple of the following marketing tricks:
        – on sale (cheap trick)
        – environmentally friendly
        – radiates youthfulness
        – makes you part of a group/community
        – combo deals
        – contributes to your health
        – provide the ability of membership and foreground positions as trainers. (in essence this is providing attention to the member, nothing more)
        I sold fitness clothing for a fitness-system called Zumba for yeaaaars which promised the things above. It was a golden combination of all the points above and as a result made millions for my employers. Men are not so susceptible to “green” choices. Being part of a community is also not so important as it is for women. Since women measure themselves on the opinions of other people way more than males do. You will be astounded how much of this fcking skanky fitness apparel these women bought (often with mad-money). Who needs more than two gym-pants, really…

  15. In the west this would be very true.
    In Asia it wouldn’t, as women actually work in the same jobs as men.
    A strange society where women are both ‘oppressed’ and yet ‘equal’ to men.
    My road worker, builder, farm labourer, garbage collector is as likely to be a woman as a man.

    1. im also starting to see this also, have noticed alot of butch man-ette looking “women” in the road working/construction field, not just the clipboard ticker but also the hands on side as well… i will say this though, these bloke looking moles are not something you would wife up, more tats than a gang member, could maybe knock “iron” Mike Tyson on his behind & could drink an Irishman under.

  16. >The one thing that men cannot do…and the most critical thing to the maintenance of civilization too.
    Too bad you shitted on women that they wised up and realized this is a shitty role.

    1. I’m thinking you’re more a loser than a winner.
      Go out and buy some more cats, it’ll make you feel better.

      1. bruv, its just a 6 year old having a break from jewbook, came here flame some peeps then back to telling 25 year old green haired women who are 150lbs that they wold look great in the wet suit they had as a 7 year old.

      2. I’d feel sorry for the poor cats. Don’t wish her on them. I have two myself, and quite frankly, I like their independence and lesser level of care than dogs.

        1. Awww… wee widdle loser “Whine-a” only knows widdle schoolyard insults.
          Face it, in real competition, you know the kind where the government doesn’t protect you, there’s few jobs womyn would out-compete men for……………….and you know it.

        2. Awww… but –you– don’t speak for all women. Heck, you don’t even speak for most women. You just speak for –cunts– who think “grrrlll strong” because they are protected by men. All people have to do is to recognize that you’re just a butt-hurt troll…. and you are done. Lol. Too bad, widdle baby. You don’t count.

        3. Neither do you 😉 which is why you were so butt hurt that you voted in a Russian spy. Just b/c you can’t rape women. 🙁 🙁 🙁

        4. ++++++++Neither do you 😉++++++++
          That is where you are wrong. Parroting doesn’t always work, Losah! The world generally agrees with what I agree with as far as this article is concerned. You’re the one with very few who align with your idiocy.
          ++++++++++which is why you were so butt hurt that you voted in a Russian spy.+++++++++
          Proof of that? No? I didn’t think so. (lol. “Fake News”). You idiot lib-tards are so stupid.
          ++++++++++Just b/c you can’t rape women. 🙁 🙁 🙁+++++++++
          That’s just a “false dichotomy” fallacy. 🙂 Lol. Try harder, Troll.

        5. If the world believed your shit. It’d be a lot different 😉 And you wouldn’t be bellyaching here on a chatboard.

        6. If the world believed in ROK, then we’d see places like the US vote Trump into office….. Oh wait, they did. It is really IS a lot different from your fantasy, dumbazzzz.
          Besides, it is you bellyaching on a site because you know you’re a loser.

    2. Stay at home mother is a precarious, not a shitty role. Good on women who make bank on the land a man plan – they’re the lucky ones who scored the Disney deal so long as their luck doesn’t run out.

    1. We would only need one day without men. The nuclear reactors would all melt down. Cities would burn. Power plants would not run, water would not run, phones would not work, electricity would not work, goods would not be delivered. This is such an irresponsible exercise that for men to skip work in the West for one day would cause irreversible damage.

  17. “women are indispensable in the long-term sense, whereas men are indispensable in the short-term”
    There is no such thing as “long term” in human lives, only a succession of short terms. It’s the extraordinary life we live in in the modern West that has divorced us from this truth.

  18. A woman staying home can be a good thing. Time to pick up on more feminine pursuits. Ignore the stupid things women do like when they grunt and chant “ooh-ooh-ooh” while grabbing their own crotch trying to ape the male babboon they see in a zoo. When they act like wannabe men, ignore it. It’s unfeminine.
    What they need is attention when they do the slightest thing feminine. When a women happens to do a feminine activity, they need feedback. When the woman bakes a cake, you get excited and make like it’s cause for celebration. Anything feminine like shutting her yapper and picking up yarn with knitting needle – that’s when you cheer her on “go girl go”. When you’re finished eating cake and your belly is full, let her know it’s Mardi Gras for her now. Crakck out the kazoo horns and confetti “woo hoo”. Exemplify anything she does that’s feminine and in line with her natural proclivities. Only reward her with attention when she stumbles on a feminine action. She won’t process and internalize simple instructions to be feminine so you have to accentuate an emotive feedback to her when she does good.
    Then when your belly is full with cake, you become Mr loving and compassionate teddy bear. You reward her by plugging her snatch good. Then you flip her and plug her again. Then flip – plug – flip – plug and repeat. Round and round that dick like an old glory flagpole. Like a bey blade toy winding up “whew-whew-whizzz!”. Good cake, hence you get fucked goood. It’s the positive reward system that women have become alienated from. You have to know how to spot the slightest feminine behaviour and jump on it. Treat her every hole graciously and generously when she does good and eventually she’ll conform to the pattern. She’ll get to where she LIVES to bake, sew, clean, tittfeed/nurture and so on.
    That’s ‘good game’ to run on your woman. The current bitch regime needs dismantled so we can go full blast running more good game on our women.

  19. To be fair, feminists could argue that thugs, terrorists, looters etc are all men too but I still doubt a fully-female society would be able to run nuclear powerplants, commodities extraction, oil rigs etc that power their hedonistic consumerist lifestyles.

  20. Chaos and the complete collapse of infrastructure, the Internet backbone, etc. — THAT’s what happens on a day without men.
    In my city, a large % of the marchers on the civic center were lesbians. They interviewed one dumb-as-a-stump dyke who goes “We all work at the Lesbian Outreach Center, nobody’s there to answer the phones, and we don’t care!” So they shuttered their business of exclusively serving lesbian women on the Day W/o Women, and were proud of it — brilliant.
    This is how we see prime examples that Eric Hoffer called “the talent of the weak-minded.” Their “talent” is simply to irritate the shit out of everyone else.

  21. The “Day without Women” is like a snow day in Washington, DC in which “non-essential” government employees are instructed to stay home. Miraculously, life somehow goes on.

  22. Don’t think a single day would bring down civilization, but a week or two might. As soon as food, fuel, and medicine started running low, coupled with a lack of emergency services and power outages, society would start to unravel.
    Agreed though, a couple of weeks without women wouldn’t do shit.

  23. March 8th was great. The most pain in the ass women I work with stayed out. The rest of us did our jobs more efficiently & with less stress.
    Win-win in my book.

  24. That whole childish stunt was laughable and just proves that some feminists are trying to create issues where issues don’t exist. As a female I’m embarrassed by some of this shit. We live in a free world where women aren’t arrested for showing their face. We can choose who to marry or whether to even get married and we don’t have to put up with assholes if we don’t want to. Sane women are able to put this into perspective.
    I agree that both men and women are indespensible in their own ways. I believe that each gender compliments the other based on gender.
    I know a lot of you see women wanting to work outside the home was women wanting to be like men and some of you feel that women should not work outside the home. But let’s be realistic, in many ecomonies two incomes are needed. Any men here who either lost a job or whose spouse lost a job? Imagine if all of a sudden one of you can’t contribute to your mortgage payment?
    This is 2017. Many poeple who post here live aren’t living in a third world country or living off the grid where a lot of income isn’t needed to survive. In many places in this world, women actually need to work, whether they want to or not. Yes some of them are career focused and have that ‘I can do anything’ attitude but the average woman is just trying to provide for herself and/or her family.
    You guys focus on the most extreme of feminist women and apply that to all women. Don’t. This is exactly what extreme feminist do and the reason why the average woman thinks they’re fucking crazy is because they paint all men with the same brush and look for problems where problems don’t exist. I see articles here with topics that are spun to blame women for everything from movies to health to religion to the environment to how green someone else’s lawn is. Not that different from what many feminists post. I personally learned things here that I used to improve how I am in my marriage and that’s why I still come here, but some of the stuff posted here is just out to lunch.

    1. Bull!
      The average woman is not just trying to provide for herself. She’s trying to maintain that size 16 and all the other free stuff and feminist privileges she feels entitled to.
      Families require 2 incomes because of feminism!

    2. Hi Genie – thanks for speaking up. I am also a female who follows ROK for some insight into the male psyche…and also to decode what things my husband wants from me but is too courteous to ask for 😉 It’s too bad that some of the extremism and bizarre commenting on here can make this community seem like a bunch of crazies…when overall I’d say ROK makes a lot of valuable and valid arguments.

  25. A day without pay. Pay needed to keep the lights on and food on the table. Another stupid idea by entitled women who have no idea how hard other women work.

  26. Me and my mom had this exact same discussion last week. A day without women proves nothing. A day without men, though? Hmmm, let’s see…no trash pick up, no plumbing emergencies being addressed, no bridge inspections, no trucks being driven, the list is endless. And like you said, all those convenient civil protections like law enforcement that allow women to throw these annoying temper tantrums in the first place. What I hate the most is how these infantile feminists claim to speak for all women. They don’t speak for me, that’s for sure. A world without men sounds like a dystopian hell scape. But most men aren’t emotional toddlers and wouldn’t walk off the job to make some irrational point…they have WORK to do keeping our comfortable civilizations running smoothly. God, I hate feminists.

  27. “But now imagine, just for a second, that society experienced a “Day Without Men”. Indeed, imagine that all the men in the Western world, all at the same time, truly decided not to work for a day no matter what happened. All men stopped working for one full day. And imagine that this was known in advance.”
    Yep this article was spot on about things going belly up. I’ll just leave Janet Bloomfields take on the subject here.

  28. “A Day Without Men” would be about the only day in world history where women would actually see the value of men that they currently only see as utilities/resources. The closest approximation I can think of would be during wars where the majority of the men are away (of course this usually only results in the women committing adultery with the men left behind and a resulting “Dear John” letter). Additionally, on a historical basis when the invading force takes over the women inevitably wind up pairing off with the conquerors (for example, at the end of WWII, a large number of German women married Allied soldiers after Germany was defeated).

  29. What a great idea…a day off for men. That really would hammer the point of this article home. In regards to my working environment, I only wish women took more days off., so I could do my job far more effectively.

  30. Excellent article. This absurd notion that feminism is about equality is so fundamentally flawed I can’t see how any reasonably intelligent person can even entertain it for a second, let alone take it seriously. Feminism is unsustainable, and therefore, a de-evolution in human society. Feminism hasn’t been about women’s rights in decades. It, along with all other tentacles of the Marxist horde, is about exploiting ridiculous, hot button non-issues in order to rile people up for the purposes of gaining political power.
    The Western World needs a massive shift in cultural values in order to maintain it’s population, and thus, it’s power. The first step is deconstructing the far left agenda and imprisoning any politician or high level activist perpetuating it for treason. All the facts are against them. How can these people be so incredibly stupid?

  31. If all women took the same day off, we’d either have a lot fewer accidents, or a lot more due to all of them using the day to shop for more makeup.

  32. The writing style is a bit unpolished and juvenile, but the message is spot-on and accurately communicated.

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