5 Things Inherently Wrong With “Love Trumps Hate”

After Donald Trump was elected the 45th President of the United States, dismayed leftists, professional protesters, and useful idiots alike (many of whom did not even vote) fled to the streets to protest the supposedly unjust election results and the racist, sexist, xenophobe™ who reigned victorious. Hoisting placards, waving posters, shining spotlights, and holding neon signs etched with and radiating “LOVE TRUMPS HATE” became this crestfallen group’s form of “resistance” to an alleged authoritarian.

“Love Trumps Hate” is one of the feel-good slogans passed down from former presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton’s 1.2 billion-dollar failed campaign. The slogan is based on the notion that having the globalist darling in the Oval Office would have continued the era of peace, love and tolerance under the Obama Administration, whereas one with The Donald—as it is now—would produce fear and bigotry.

The separation was clear: Trump represents hate, Clinton love. You hear “Love Trumps Hate” repeated ad nauseam across social media to the point you would think a lie told this frequently would eventually take on some semblance of truth—Goebbels style. Fortunately, as more and more people wake up to the scourge of globalism, recognize and finally reject the propaganda of the political and media establishment, they have started to tune into disingenuous messages like “Love Trumps Hate”.

You’re invited.

Following the establishment narrative that paints all nationalism as “scary” or “bigoted”, you can understand what these protesters in their own twisted world are advocating for when they scribble “Love Trumps Hate” onto their demonstration tool of choice. But for the uninitiated—or the initiated seeking clarification—let us unpack five crucial, inherent flaws with the “Love Trumps Hate” rhetoric, and why it will always lose to “Make America Great Again”.

1. It politicizes feelings

This is “Love Trumps Hate”‘s most obvious flaw. Neither love nor hate necessarily signal good politics, and when you attempt to conflate the two the results can be catastrophic. There are studies that show how using empathy to take government action distorts our reasoning capacity and ability to implement policies or pass laws that benefit the broader public (ex. citizens) over a chosen, protected minority (ex. illegal immigrants).

By politicizing feelings, “Love Trumps Hate” appeals both to emotion and partisanship: it presupposes that Clinton was about love and Trump is about hate, which opens up a vast field for debate on specific policy that few, if any of those protesters will want or be able to have.

2. It’s hypocritical

The irony is that those who chant and tweet “Love Trumps Hate” are not standard-bearers of that first emotion. Was the Women’s March, organized by a pro-sharia law activist, about love? Was the UC Berkeley riot about love? Were the Antifa brats swinging their fists at “Nazis” done in the name of love? Did Snoop Dogg recently shoot a mock Donald Trump in a music video out of pure love? Think not.

For these leftist insurgents, hate boils down to any views that oppose their own. Their version of hate trivializes the real hatred of, say, deceptive state propaganda (“MTV New Years Resolutions For White People”, anyone?). Love, on the other hand, is their excuse to smash windows, set fires, and call for martial law while claiming you are on the right end of the moral spectrum.

For the left, “love” means burning the American flag (the country that gave them the freedom to protest in the first place) in effigy.

3. It’s a straw man

The “Love Trumps Hate” idea is based on a sham argument. This bizarre idea that Trump is a KKK-enabling racist who is conspiring to rollback civil rights is a leftist canard used by the MSM to discredit the surge in nationalism brought on by Trump’s election. Trump’s era of “hate” is manufactured out of constant misinformation about his actual views, done deliberately to mislead the impressionable.

“A Day Without Immigrants” is not the same as deporting illegal aliens who have committed crimes on American soil. Temporarily suspending the travel of foreign nationals from a list of terror-linked, Muslim-majority countries is not “racist”, but a tough first gesture toward securing the nation’s border and deterring the homegrown threat of Radical Islam.

Dropping a federal directive that pressured public schools into letting boys who think they are the opposite gender into girls bathrooms is not a violation of civil rights—it is about handing states back the right to rule in favor of (or not) common-sense biology and respecting roughly 98.5% of children‘s sense of privacy.

“Love Trumps Hate” is a calculated way of undercutting genuine political views on immigration, religious extremism, and social policy. After all, for this slogan to retain any power it has to misrepresent its opposition’s stance, which is the very definition of a classic straw man argument.

Proof Trump is one hateful, homophobic president…

4. It’s based on a gimmick

The best writers understand that when your sentences rely heavily on puns it is often an admission of your writing lacking substance. It shows you are unable to elaborate on a premise; you are only capable of being cute with it. Puns—especially bad puns—look desperate. When Hillary Clinton tried to push “Trump-ed up trickle down economics” in last year’s Presidential Debates, it showed she had no real retort to Trump’s “America First” views on the economy and trade.

Likewise, sandwiching the US President’s surname between two liberal buzzwords shows you are not in this for the truth. You want to virtue-signal. You want to appease your vengeful goddess that is HRC. Of course, when it comes to life and relationships, love does trump hate. But when you capitalize that ‘T’ and rebrand it with a partisan spin, you will always lose in the political arena.

All this photo’s missing is one more play on words.

5. It’s code for open borders

This is key. So key, in fact, it almost negates the previous four points. Ultimately, this slogan is not about love or hate—or Trump. It is a rallying cry for open borders. “Love” signifies the breaking down of boundaries that separate countries, nations, provinces, states, counties, and municipalities governed by their own set of laws. “Hate”, in actuality, signifies the upholding of that sovereignty, implying that it is somehow cruel to prioritize the livelihood of law-abiding, tax-paying citizens living in your land.

Is it any coincidence that the king of open borders—George Soros—funds many of these marches and protests through his partnerships and charitable foundations? Of course not. “Love Trumps Hate” is one more lousy attempt to discredit this wave of nationalism that is spreading across the United States and many European countries.

Pro-open borders billionaire George Soros, who collaborated with Nazis and helped break the British pound in the ’90s, must be all about love, right?

The call for ordinary Trump Supporters and conservatives (or “neo-Nazis”, in the myopic eyes of radical leftists) to open their hearts is really about opening the borders and encouraging the flow of “refugees” and “undocumented immigrants” into your country without careful vetting or rule of law.

Most importantly, when a political protest’s main argument sounds like a Hallmark card (or most of Justin Trudeau’s public speeches), do not buy into it. After all, Hallmark outsources its jobs to China.

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203 thoughts on “5 Things Inherently Wrong With “Love Trumps Hate””

  1. “After Donald Trump was elected the 65th President of the United States”

    1. He’s served in office for three generations, so there’s no point in stopping now!

  2. Yes, of course.
    The mohammedan guy loves the fat, homely mormon girl.
    He couldn’t possibly be fishing for a green card.

    1. That, plus a free access to three holes which in his home country he would not be able to get unless he marries a local girl.

  3. “who is conspiring to rollback civil rights…”
    To be honest, most of those laws need to be repealed.
    They were totally unconstitutional to begin with.
    Private property, private businesses and freedom of association are guaranteed by the constitution.
    Renting to thugs, hiring the incompetent, and being forced to sell your house to people whom you do not like/trust are not guaranteed by the constitution.

    1. I used to be a landlord and only rented to Mormons. I actually think Mormons are full of shit, but they pay the rent.
      Go Joseph Smith !

      1. Fatty up there not withstanding, most of the mormon girls I have seen were very hot.

        1. Yeah but if they ever gave you any, there had better be a ring on her finger the next day….

  4. Most on the right do not hate. Dislike, yes, but not hate.
    Wanting to deport illegal aliens is not hateful at all. They broke the law by coming/staying here, and they are a enormous drain on public resources. It is logical to want to send them back. Same with muslims. Wanting them to stay in their own countries is not hateful in any way.
    But the left, boy oh boy do they hate. The white ones certainly hate themselves and their own kind. They even seem to hate free speech. The most American of all our rights, and the lefties hate it with a passion. They are pathetic hypocrites.

    1. Indeed. The leftists and the “losers” are such a morons and traitors. Why these losers ignore that fact that President Trump didn’t banned muslims from Bharat/India (unfortunately the place where largest population of muslims are “thriving” !!).
      Although I wish this Country banes muslims from Bharat and more importantly from porkistan. I don’t even want to talk about “illegals” !

    2. I didn’t hate until the “moderate left” exposed themselves fully for the treasonous, hypocritical, violent, liars they are. Eight years there was no “hate”, just a harrumphing and the rolling of eyes as the lying liberal and the Jewish media kept hammering their anti-white agenda. But, as they had power, they were content to keep the mask on, their non-stop “white people are at fault for everything…” rhetoric was more smuggy than threatening.
      Over 12,000 assassination threats later, one (likely two) actual assassination attempts, riots, women and children assaulted for wearing the wrong color hat, Anti-2nd lefties now brandishing rifles for no reason but to attempt to intimidate the opposing political party, all while their financial backers spend tens of millions to infiltrate into conservative spaces and harass and shit upon them endlessly in an attempt to demoralize and start further conflict… I now see the Right Wing Death Squads as a necessity instead of just a propaganda piece created by the lying media.
      The cancer must be removed before it kills the host. Cancer cannot be reasoned with. It cannot be talked to sweetly and rationally. It must be removed with a sharp knife, with an aggressive follow-up to be absolutely sure that not a single cell survives. It’s brutal and causes horrific damage to the host, but you simply have to pray that it survives the damage caused to the healthy tissue while you remove the disease.
      The Saxon began to hate.

  5. Funny how these white sluts go out of their way to be nice to arabs. Bet if I were homeless, they wouldn’t spit on me if I were on fire. But for those po arab boys, they’re making tea and serving them chickpeas and shit

    1. There’s a vacuum of masculinity in the West. When all you see are effete toothpick-legged hipsters and “Carl the Cuck” clones, mr. Arab doesn’t look so bad.

      1. I disagree. How is being helpless like a refugee masculine. Moreover, there are many masculine looking Western men who are alone. Also, many Western women are dating Asian or Indian men – hardly the archetype of masculinity.
        I maintain it’s racial: animus / hatred against white men. That’s the commonality

        1. It isn’t. It is highly masculine to go into foreign terrain, survive war, and build a future in foreign territory. A man conquers. Always.

        2. it’s not daring when the country you go to rolls out the red carpet, gives you free housing, free food, etc. It’s easy.

        3. Pabst, do you not read the articles on Roosh V or ROK? because i seem to remember a few articles about the weaponizing of women as a whole. About how the most deadly weapon to a civilization is not a 5.56mm bullet or nuclear bomb, its women, and certain people know this – insert the ((( ))) where one sees fit.

  6. Guys we need immigrants. Where would we be without the ability the post photos of our yummy meals to instagram???

      1. omg: oculus rift + instagram: you will be able to experience your friends’ yummy meals in exquisite mouth watering 3D! I can almost feel the cannoli! I can rotate around the cannoli! I can see it from every angle! Thank those Asian engineers guys! So what if your collective lingual and cultural identity is drowned out in the immigration inundation!

        1. Don’t worry: that white genocide and cultural immolation comes with some delicious foreign desserts!

  7. On a side note: the normal spin in any newsroom when giving a negative epithet to a person, organisasions – and more: it usual comes first. The white supramisist alt-right or the racist and bigotet mr x – stated today…
    I do believe our brains is kind of wired to this pattern – so the subliminal message will be: Love Trump

  8. Wait I thought the prevailing wisdom in the manosphere was that women are hypergamous: so how to explain mormon girl infatuated with arab refugee who can’t speak english and doesn’t have a pot to piss in???

    1. Because many are also idiots?
      But in her case, her looks probably have something to do with it as well. She’s probably not getting much attention from the Tabernacle Choir guys.

      1. Good point. Like Aaron Clarey puts it: The curse of the high IQ. If you have an iq of 145, trying to get inside the head of someone with an iq of 95 would be like trying to imagine the inner workings of a chimpanzee’s mind.

    2. They are programmed for genetic diversity.
      Which also explains marry the rich guy, then fuck the pool boy.

  9. The ‘Love Trumps Hate’ slogan that Clinton ran with was a marketing and strategic disaster. By putting “Trump’ in the slogan they actually promoted him rather than attacked him as (the way I read it) the first two words were ‘Love Trump’ and the ‘Hate’ word didn’t really register. They were probably going for some kind of double entendre but it didn’t work.

    1. Punctuation marks also matter.
      “Love Trumps Hate”
      Sounds like:
      “Love Trump’s Hate.”
      To the progressive ear…

  10. I maintain the West has a death wish and collectively white people want to die.

    1. it’s like dealing with a retard who keeps trying to jam his finger into the electrical outlet. Sometimes, I think one needs to just stand back and let nature take its course.

    2. Been mulling this one over for a bit and have a question, and this isn’t directed at you as I feel you aren’t of this mindset per se, what is the obsession on race dilution from white people, overall? If race purity equals superiority, the goal should be to live in a white society. Most lands, save for some in europe, were appropriated from another side of the race. One can also say if it weren’t for the atomic bomb, most global or territory wars would be a lot grander than they are now. Most of the wars touted are also of whites on whites, but wars have happened amongst all sides of the races, maybe with the biggest being amongst the Asians before WW1 anyway. Yet for all the superiority talks of white, why is there such an obsession with black people?
      There is an obsession over the word nigger, IQ, physical prowess and endowment. It almost goes so far as to be homo erotic. No other race, asides from those looking to understand why so many white people hold these isms so close to their self worth, even addresses as much on race, except in relation to white people.
      This is a little ramble but the question remains, if white people are superior, why such a focus on superiority? Seems the real superior people simply live excellent lives and can pass that on while those faking it are obsessed with plus/minus reasonings for their successes and failures.
      And to your original death wish statement, if anything could be the source of that wish, it is the desire to focus on anything other than yourselves.

      1. It’s not a white vs black issue. As I’ve previously stated, I see far higher rates of interracial dating / relationships between white females and Asian (Eastern, Indian, Paki) males than between white females and black males. And Asian males don’t benefit from any positive depictions in media or alleged physical prowess – if anything, quite the opposite.
        In my mind it’s a white vs all others issue.
        What I deem unique in myself – those traits that define me: deep introspection, creativity, learning for the sake of learning, a desire to understand and to know, and leaving a legacy – are all uniquely white male traits. They do not exist in women and not in men of other races. They are rare in white men (most white men are a write-off) but non-existent elsewhere. Therefore, anything that is against the white man is against the traits and values important to me and against me.

        1. TL;DR version: extreme future-orientation only exists in white males. Women and men of other races basically live in the moment and focus on material / carnal / base pursuits. Nothing higher, no interest in legacy.

        2. I beg to differ on your last point but your overall statement is unique. Publicly I rarely see any white male mention the Asian interracial relationships and seemed more obsessed over black men being with white women. That point is more semantics as we both have different world experiences. On your point on curiousity, intelligence, desire to learn, this is an extremely global affair that occurs amongst men of all sides of the race. My curiousity and intelligence have typically been higher than the majority of people I surrounded myself with. It took decades to find people I could talk with about a myriad of topics. This is a rarity amongst men in general since most people are topic smart not overall worldly in any sense.
          Future orientation is a moot point as well as I have likely have more land wealth to my name than you before my birth and have consistently assessed the value of retaining it since, American culture seems to cannibalistic at times. Future orientation is also not a uniquely white male syndrome if you look at other races and their desire for war or dominance. I can see why one can develop that view when they can be surrounded with nothing but those who look and sound like them, or we’re disappointed by those few that weren’t like them.

        3. In terms of interracial relationships, the objection is that they represent a repudiation or rejection of those traits that I base my identity on, traits that are important to me. A white female with any non-white male (and to a lesser extent certain types of white males) is basically proclaiming she finds no value in the traits that make me who I am. The traits that are sacred and holy to me do not even register with a woman involved in such a mixed relationship. It’s like going to purchase an item in the store with currency that you believe is valuable only to be told they don’t accept your money: that your money is fun money, valueless.
          When I say future orientation, I don’t mean material wealth. And that is the other prime differentiator between white males and others: white males will do something (and often times a whole lot of something) for no material payoff. They will do it just to do it. Sometimes it’s enjoyable, other times not. It becomes an obsession to them, a compulsion. Women and men of other races can work hard: but they always do it for material compensation. Asians will study hard to get a lucrative job. Jewish writers will publish articles for a paycheck. But only a white man is driven by more ineffable motives.

        4. For instance, the Moon landing is probably the quintessential White Male thing to do: such immense effort expended over a decade for no material gain and really no legitimate reason to do it other than to do it.
          Women would never do it. And males of other races wouldn’t either: they would say, “What’s the point?” and “Where’s the return on investment?”

        5. Interesting comment. Have run across a few black men who have retained the exact same views. I guess it can be seen as a reflective view that allows you to be the hero of your own tale. I say that because at times I have behaved in the ways you say are reflective of only other select white men, and have changed gears at some point for or against that position. There is a fluidity to some stances after all based on age and lifestyle goals.
          On your moon landing statement, the belief of many was the moon landing was wrought under the same ideology that eventually developed planes, navigation, and submarine, to explore new terrain to see if it was a hospitable space. This is also more in leaning with the idea that of all humans, the white side of the race is the most nomadic and true immigrant of humanity, consistently looking for a place to rest. Too many stories are written based on this need and how it is borderline parasitic in nature and will lead to the destruction of the planet. Even this trait is a double edged sword as anything can be when done unchecked.

        6. Not a place to rest. I think there is a certain restlessness in what I define as the white spirit. A perpetual state of dissatisfaction. Again, in contrast to females and men of other races. I do not believe seeking happiness is a virtue.

        7. This discussion, while there may be no conclusion in terms of a right or wrong, I highly value your input as there is a deep gnaw for me internally to get more of what the human experience means to others. There are certain Fixed things that seem to come up across the sides of humanity. While I do not believe IQ is one of them, there are some things, like peak physique, curiosity, fixation to routines, that are both innate and cultural amongst us. Pretty interesting seeing your take on this topic.

        8. I can remember how TLC used to be The Learning Channel and had TV shows like Junkyard Wars and documentaries about space. This was circa 2000. Now, it’s a parade of crass entertainment and reality TV shows focused on oddities like the morbidly obese and dwarves. A general interest in learning has been supplanted by the bottom line: everything must be monetized and the almighty dollar is now the ultimate arbiter of worth. This has also happened in music: music of especially the 60s focused on mental and spiritual expansion and growth and the rejection of materialism. Most of the artists were white males. Music today? Listen to the lyrics. It’s all about artifice, money, ostentatious displays of wealth (money, bottle service, luxury cars, travel). And who are the most prominent musical artists today? Women and non-white males. Coincidence? No. Different value systems / spirits.

        9. I still disagree on the statement on non white men, but music was always heading towards the superficial especially as wealth and status became easier to acquire with internet access.
          Can’t tell you the last time I saw TLC or any of those stations. As someone who was obsessed with the sciences just to know what was going on and how far things went in creation, it lead to reading more books and foregoing mainstream media. Shame really since media was a good outlet for learning and self expansion. Now it’s Youtube if you need the visual additions.

        10. We see in the modern world, the desire to emulate the superficial trappings of the white man without the inner spirit. Why do women pride themselves today on being whiskey drinkers or having tattoos, or having photos of themselves bungee jumping and doing other stereotypical male things? When black men try to emphasize their scholarly abilities, they usually will do so by wearing things like wearing those thick rimmed buddy holly style glasses or wearing a bow tie. They are playing a role. I can only liken it to how people in the stone age would wear a wolf or bear pelt thinking doing so would give them the powers of the animal.

        11. It also offends me when I see white males acting in what I would deem a manner counter to the white spirit. So things like conformity or obsession over image, being accepted, materialism, ostentatious displays of wealth etc. These I find offensive.
          For instance, I think women and black men are the two segments of the population that are most fixated on the wearing of jewelry. The idea of wearing one’s wealth, of having it on display to flaunt, is something very foreign and I deem primitive. It’s like the legend of Jews carrying a bag of gold around their necks.
          Material wealth was an incidental byproduct of the white male mind – never the ultimate objective.

        12. On both of those, I can agree. The thick rimmed glasses was made popular back in the 80s so that may be an homage to fashion and it’s cyclical nature. I rarely run across many black men with thick rimmed glasses and bow ties, except if you mean those Nation of Islam guys.
          Women are obsessed with being both man and woman currently so of course they all have tattoos and odd piercings. They need to show the world they can take care of themselves, even if it is self mutilation.
          For myself, I’ll just open up a conversation with you and depending on how far I can take it with you, is how much I will assume of your intelligence and limits. Seems the simple way to do things. Never understood how bow ties survived in fashion asides from being worn by entertainers.

        13. I honestly dont, but I believe you. I ‘memba when History ch and H2 had some interesting programs- some of which I couldnt believe were aired on TV. Now its all reality tv

        14. I believe intelligence does not explain the whole thing. By most measures, Asians outpace Whites in terms of educational attainment and on IQ tests. Perhaps the right tail-end on the White male IQ distribution extends further but there is probably more to it. Asians will learn to play the piano because their tiger moms pressure them, and they’ll study engineering to get a good job, but they are not intellectual by nature. I know a lot of Asians and while they are very well-educated and do great at work, outside of work, they have really basic interests. They watch sports, they play basketball. Asians are not the ones watching documentaries. They are not intellectually curious by nature. That trait I believe is unique to white males.

        15. That seems almost case by case. Many I know, stick to numbers fastidiously, and do online sales, own stores/restaurants of some kind, very keen on credit building and equity, and can tell you the numbers for sound quality, timing intervals for efficiencies, and computer detailing. Sometimes it leans to cars but for whatever reason I know many who know much on car detailing but little on enhancing cars. Other than the regiment to numbers they do seem to be open to jokes and normal behavior like sports. Oddly enough I don’t know many Asians involved in martial arts either. Funny in retrospect.

        16. I think it goes back to migration, specifically away from the equator. Cold weather acted as a filter, screening off the bottom rung of intelligence from expanding north/south.

        17. I don’t have relationships with white women because I am proclaiming I find no value in the traits that make them who they are.

        18. Thais don’t have hobbies ……. strange but true.
          Outside of work they sit, eat, drink, talk, watch.
          A very strange culture.

        19. Oh BTW, take a look at this video. Totally aligned with what you are saying: The last conversation of the video.

      2. The superiority question is irrelevant. Blacks are superior in some sports, whites are in mathematics for example. Irrelevant.
        What is important is identity politics. Even if we whites were the lowest of the low, we still have common interests and we still must stand up for ourselves.

        1. Couldn’t agree more with your last statement. Every group that values it survival must protects its own.
          EDIT: I would like to believe it is irrelevant but evidence to that seems contrary. I would never grab another man’s arms to tell him anything about his strength nor worry about what is in his pants. Other white males have done this with me. I have asked others about their IQ but have rarely been asked the same question.
          There are entire states of people who are homogenously white, who are completely looked over for IQ and beauty when the talks of white propriety to civilization as a whole. The fight for survival seemed to tether itself on a faulty standpoint of superiority that objectively doesn’t stand.

        2. I happen to live in a homogenously white country, Hungary. And thank God, our present political leaders are intent on keeping our country that way, standing up in the face of pressure from the European Union to the contrary.
          However, interestingly, racial identity or white identity means next to nothing to me: for me, my Hungarian, national identity means everything.
          Being white is just a default; it is my skin color. White identity for me is an abstract, a reaction when realising that due to the fact that I am white, there are (((enemies))) who have me and my people in the crosshairs of their genocidal designs against white people in general.

        3. I envy you, living in such a country. I would gladly give up some of my relative prosperity, freedom, opportunities, etc., to live in a homogeneous, white, safe country… where people are of the same race, culture, and pretty much on the same sheet of music.
          Diversity sucks. Believe me.

        4. Hungary is hardly safe, every western war was fought through Hungary. They’ve only just escaped Soviet rule.

        5. I envy you too. I am planning for now on how to leave the hellhole i am in currently in the future.Would you believe that south east asia too is turning into a fucking hell hole with puritian islam? As a minority non muslim?

        6. Where are you living, if I may ask?
          Well, SE Asia is in the crosshairs of Islamist conquest since historical times…

      3. Asian people also have the same obsession with Blacks.
        So it isn’t an exclusive white fantasy.
        My obsession is with passing on my DNA, don’t care what it’s mixed with, just want it to continue. Don’t care about my race, only care about me. ME, ME, ME!

        1. Thai Asians are probably exposed to similar media/cultural poisons white males in the west are.
          Your reproductive strategy is not dissimilar to a virus. What about heritage and legacy or having a sense of worth in your bloodline.

        2. My bloodline is Celtic. I share no common purpose with the rest of the white world.

        3. Your children’s bloodline won’t be Celtic. Thousands of years of lineage end with you. They will share your lack of connection/ belonging though.

      4. Why does Israel have such an obsession with its hyper ethnocentric state that militantly pursues purity reflected in its policy.
        Why do the Jews and the left champion the Israelis cause yet despise,twist and ridicule white people for having their own self interest at stake. Hypocrisy.

    3. No.
      It is Jews who has a wish for all white people to die.
      And since Jews have white skin, the average white people take (((their))) cultural marxist indoctrination as well-intentioned advice from fellow white people.
      It is that easy.

    4. No, they’re just myopic. As long as they have their McMansion and the wife has her shoe collection, everything’s fine as far as they’re concerned.

  11. Any group that uses the Nazi Death Rune as their ‘Peace’ symbol shows what self destructive fools these ‘people’ are. The US Constitution and the standard of so called ‘Human Rights’ do not protect or legitimize deviant self destructive behaviors let alone insanity. The liberal mind has mutated from the naïve idealist who believed in the inner goodness of all to a mind that is reprobate and given only to self gratification, delusion and destruction of both the self and all around the deranged individual.

      1. The Occult Life Rune turned upside down that is the nazi death rune rather ironic that the flower power crowd would pick the symbol of death in a circle as their Peace Sign. Feel free to look up Nazi symbols starting with the Y shaped life rune.

        1. Which only proves ONCE AGAIN that the Nazis were part of the global communist conspiracy as mostly were Jewish, including Hitler (Hiller).

        2. You should be turned upside down so your brain gets some blood. Feel free to actually do some research outside of Nazi.com By the way that’s a site not a “sight.” Ha, ha.

    1. That video posted in the article of the Mormon “white” girl falling in love with a Moroccan “refugee” just makes me cringe. First off, there is no war in Morocco. That man just fled to get into Europe because he is economically and financially challenged. This is the inherent problem going on in Europe. Syrians may have some special privileges to migrate because they are leaving a dangerous war torn country that is obliterating them. People from Africa see this as an advantage as they start to also jump on the same ship as war torn Syrians. Most of the migrants coming from Africa are young, single men. Not women and children. And that’s why you have the rape crisis in Europe going on, and White women being killing in Italy by black African migrants after they are raped. In America, we now have White women who want to travel the world (an excuse to fuck foreign men), and show the same behaviors as white women who will only fuck and date black men. This Mormon girl is suffering from the same mental illness. And little does she realize, this Moroccan man is attempting to just use her to get into America so he can get a green card. Once he gets the green card, he will quickly divorce and dump this chick. I’ve seen this played out too many times with the amount of Arabs and Moroccans I have encountered in America. And then, you have Media sites like CNN showing this as a tale of “Love” separated by “Hate” thanks to our President. Such bullshit!

      1. Sad but true, your basic liberal has no sense at all. Look how they try to equate Christians with Muslim radicals to attack them while proclaiming the ‘injustices’ suffered by the ‘Religeon of Peace’ at the hands of ‘extremists’ in the next sentence. You will notice that a lot of liberal and ‘mainstream’ sights are infested with trolls who just fill the place like rabid wolves and people who complain are often worse treated.

      2. Ha, ha, your white women love us and love me. Ask them. They’ll tell you there’s nothing like a black stud (all the stories are true). Every time I go to a night club the white women fight over me – single or married, I get my pick.
        It true that my black brothers from Africa will marry a white woman to get into America. But they don’t divorce her as long as she has money and doesn’t mind be married to a player.

        1. And growing numbers of black women are more likely to go for a members of the KKK and other such men for the Race-Play. Real funny found out about while reading in places like Lipstick Alley, thought it too weird to be true so I spent a few days going through the web and found all sorts of articles written by black women. They didn’t give any reasons though I suspect since black women have something of a high rate of abuse and domestic violence maybe they think of it as at least an honest and relatively stable relationship.

        2. What Klan dudes do you know? Klan guys around here would be shot by their fellow Klansmen for even knocking boots with a black hooker. They believe they would become unclean.
          I can see it now – a cross burning at a black church by Klansmen arm in arm with their black dates. What’s next, Jews and Nazis?

        3. Actually went to school with them. Nice people but I didn’t want anything to do with them and as for Jews and Nazis history shows there were a few cases of that too.

        4. Yeah…Klansmen are real nice guys especially when they give a ride to a black man…out to the killing field. And that type of activity makes black women fall in love with said Klansmen.
          Furthermore, you are correct that many Jewish women fell in love with the Nazi gas chamber guys right before they were killed. Oh wait, your definition of “love” is getting raped. OK then.
          I look forward to your next history lesson.

        5. Really wish you would bother reading a few history books because clearly you are ignorant. One of Rohm’s SA deputies August Shneidhuber was married to a jewish woman. He wasn’t unique. There were others. As for Black Women going for Klansmen well with the second highest rate of domestic violence and what government figures are set as an eighty percent rate of illegitimacy I really don’t blame black women for going for them.

        6. You are such a silly boy. There are no legitimate history books, none, that agree with you. There were rumors circulated by Augie’s enemies that his wife had Jewish blood. Even if she were Jewish, and got married prior to the pogrom, what does that prove? That Jewish women flocked to Nazis after the holocaust started, as you claim? Why don’t you list all the Jewish women that married Nazi guards at Sobibor – and list the Nazis who risked death by having anything to do with a Jew.
          Now here’s where you cross the line into insanity. You are saying since a black woman was abused she would then be drawn to a man who is sworn to despise her and possibly even kill her. Yeah buddy, that makes total sense. Not to mention that other Klansmen would kill a “Klanner” that married a black woman. Show me ONE Klansmen married to a black woman. Just ONE.
          Sooo…..Jewish women by the thousands married Nazis and countless black women prefer white Klansmen. Wow, we have to start calling you Ben.

        7. You clearly have never read any books on the subject or seen many documentaries Frau Schneidhuber was interned in Theresienstadt and she wasn’t one of a kind as allied troops liberating the place found others like her there as well. As for black women and Klansmen over many years I have come across articles of black women being outed for having trysts with quite a few including one black woman prison guard dismissed for extreme fraternization with a skinhead couple years black. You Lose.

        8. Just the facts puny little troll, starting with SPECIAL TREATMENT the untold story of the survival of thousands of Jews in Hitler’s Third Reich by Alan Abrams, that, many books and various other articles among hundred of various books and articles on the Holocaust which I have been reading since sixteen. You really are quite ignorant.

        9. Hmmm…the allies found others like her. Wow, they found other Jewish women – imagine that.
          You still need to list the thousands of Jewish women who married Nazis AFTER the holocaust started. And explain how a Nazi was permitted to marry a Jew and explain how they weren’t shot. You can’t because this is all made up inside your head.
          So you’ve come across some unknown articles, and you heard some stuff. List all the black women you know that married Klansmen – you can’t because you are nuts.
          I’m sorry, I’m trying to control myself but I’m laughing too hard. If I didn’t know better I’d think you were joking…but it’s clear you are nuts.
          Yep, Jewish women loved Nazis and black women prefer Klansmen.
          Hey Junior, why don’t you go to a Klan rally and find some black wives. LOL

        10. Shall we compae levels of education? You shared a lot of gibberish but only a single source. The sources for your claims about black people? Your IQ?

        11. No I just need to state my fact, provide evidence as in the case of her Schneidhuber who married the jewess originally Bertha Wasserman back in the 20s and all the related facts. By the way I doubt you know who SA Obergruppenfuher August Schneidhuber was. As for black women with KKK boyfriends those facts speak for themselves especially since your crowd has a name for women like them BedWench. Why don’t you bother going back to school but then again liberals have made public schools the bastion of Ignorance these days.

        12. You are hilarious. Your accomplishments? Your education? Are you a member of Mensa? Mensa has an online IQ test, shall we take it and post results here? Any thoughts on the Riemann hypothesis?

        13. You have won the trifecta – you are stupid, sick and silly. ONE Jewish (perhaps) woman marries a guy, who subsequently becomes a Nazi, somehow proves that millions of Jewish women married Nazis. Woohoo, somebody named Ryan is a loon. Besides, you don’t even know that Augie was gay – that’s why Ernst Rohm kept Augie by his side in and out of bed. Is that why you are obsessed with Augie – that’s funny.
          And now you decide to get all weird and sick. You make a disparaging remark about black women, who were raped repeatedly by YOU whites (and developed Stockholm Syndrome), as somehow proving a point. It takes the sickest of minds to equate rape with love. You say that black women who are raped by your friends in the Klan then fall in love with the rapist. Good god man, is that how you lead your life? You need to crawl back into your hole and find another way to “get off.” Sick, sick, sick.

        14. You are a pathetic ignorant troll. How much do you know abut August Schneidhuber???

        15. I know much more than you, that is painfully obvious. My grandfather was hired by Rohm to teach the brass section of his band. Since Augie was always by Rohm’s side a friendship developed with my grandpa. My grandfather even gave Augie some Alto Sax lessons. Grandpa told us that Augie’s wife consistently denied she was Jewish, despite her refusal to eat bacon sandwiches.
          Furthermore, granddad told us that Augie hated Jews with a passion and wanted to see them all exterminated, but he was OK with blacks as long as they knew their place.
          You are pathetically ignorant when it comes to the history of Nazi Germany. So happy I am able to edify you.

        16. Hahaha you really are good at lies, very funny funny funny. You’re still a liar as well as a troll.

        17. Thanks, but how thick headed are you? I’m making fun of you and your obsession with Augie – like he is a single exemplar of something historical. Totally hilarious.
          Hey, how much do you know about August Busch? He had way more to do with the history of the world than your Augie.

        18. I could talk of Franz Wunsch of whom you are just as ignorant. I suspect you do not know a thing about Schneidhuber or anybody else of that period. You are an Ignorant Troll Period.

        19. You know nothing of Patty Hurst and SLA. Patty Hurst explains why every single white woman in the entire world would like a black man.
          Hey, I heard about an Aborigine woman in Australia who fell in love with a white sheepherder, therefore all….
          Hey, and what about Poca freakin’ hontas – she liked a white dude. And Halle Berry, don’t forget about her. One of the guys she married was white. But, contrary to your thinking, he wasn’t a Klansmen. In fact, Halle has come out and stated for the world to hear that she doesn’t date Klansmen. Damn, I guess she’s the only black woman who feels that way.
          Don’t worry, I’ll get around to your Nazi heroes soon. Meanwhile you can help me out. Cherry picking one or two of your Nazi friends doesn’t offer much proof of anything. If you would be so kind could you go through the marriage records and find all the members of the Nazi party who married Jewish women. Shouldn’t be difficult. The Nazis kept good records and since millions of Jewish women were married to Nazis they should be easy to find.
          Your Googling for hours to find one person who suffered from Stockholm Syndrome is getting boring. Throw a couple of hundred at me all at once.
          I’d like to ask you a question, but your head might explode.
          Don’t forget – Hitler was a Jew and homosexual so there’s that.
          I can’t wait until your next reply when you yet again (ad nauseam) bring up one more Nazi as if that is proving a point.
          Check this out – Denver had a normal winter therefore climate change is a hoax. But wait, Wilmington, NC had a warm winter therefore climate change is real. Nice – both those statements should make you happy since they are consistent with your “logic.”
          You are such a goof.

        20. Thanks for proving my point. YOU don’t know about Patty Hurst. YOU don’t know about the SLA. YOU can’t find any marriage records.
          All YOU can do is obsess about your darling Nazis and all their gay lovers.

      3. Yes this guy is an economic migrant rather than a political refugee. And she is clearly naive, gullible and heavily brainwashed by cultural Marxism. Her parents are understandably at their wits end and can see through the whole charade.
        Clever boy, especially getting the story on western liberal television.I would probably take the same opportunity if it was presented to me in his position. The worst part is that this is our own bloody fault in the western culture. As a Somalian friend once said to me; you are just too soft in the west.
        He started off migrating to Germany before jumping ship to England, and often reminded me how much he hated western liberals that pretended they liked him out of misplaced guilt. He always said he even preferred Nazi skinheads over white liberals, because at least they were honest, stood up for their own country, and he knew where he stood with them!
        Although I didn’t share all of his views, when someone of his background is speaking about immigration issues and the western culture in that way, you’ve got to stand up and take notice.
        I’ve always got a lot of time for guys from very traditional cultures; they make for great friendships based on honesty, integrity and mutual respect when developed properly. And the pool of great men to hang out with within my own culture is of course rapidly diminishing.

        1. Social media has bridged that gap in communication. If you visit a Q&A site like Quora, the number one common question asked on that site is on immigration and how to get into the United States. It seems to be asked majority from Indians as the website receives 45% of its traffic from India. You have immigration lawyers, other foreign migrants, and brainwashed liberals on that site that offer advice on how to beat the system and gain entry into the United States. These tools were not present before and as a result, immigration was hard. Now, it seems like a third world migrant can be sitting in the comfort of his shack of a home in the middle of Africa, and can hash a plan for immigrating into the United States. He can now create an Okcupid account and find some fat brainwashed girl in the West who will happily fly and marry this migrant. Or, he can gain admission to some community college, gain a student visa, and enter into the country and overstay his visa. It’s become a rampant initiative to screw our loose immigration laws. To add insult, they know they can ask the left for help if they feel abused by the authorities. Third world migrants are the new African slaves, at least that’s what they think they are. As a result, you find White girls forming a sympathy for them and mentally brainwashed into thinking that they need sexually offer them their vagina as a token of apology.
          While I was on my travels to Kenya, an African there told me that if he wanted, he could easily get into and live in the United States. He said he could have easily married the various American girls that he fucked who were visiting, or he said he could easily just apply for an asylum status based on fake paperwork that he could generate saying how his life is under threat from evil forces. He said several Ethiopians he knows went that route and got in.
          Our system is fucked, and the leftist with their whole culture marxism approach isn’t helping either.

        2. In fairness to an old friend of mine from Eritrea who was a soldier in the war with Ethiopia, he had both his legs blown off by his own side in a car bomb. Through relatives already in the UK he managed to gain asylum and build a worthwhile and meaningful life for himself. He now has two artificial legs and graduated from a decent British University, using the gifts he was given to help others and contribute to wider society.
          There are genuine cases and I’m proud to come from a country that help[s men of great character and strength like that. Its difficult because how do you distinguish between the wheat from the chaff? Especially with an open door immigration policy heavily influenced by misguided western liberals.

    2. Christ, are you ever a zippy. The peace symbol is the semaphore letters N and D superimposed. ND stands for nuclear disarmament.
      You seem to be obsessed with Nazis.

        1. I flag all ignorant trolls especially pathetic ignorant ones like you,. ND More like No D***s would be the meaning for that pathetic group dumb enough to adopt the Nazi Death rune as their symbol, self destructive reprobates. You are the one in need of correction for I am clearly more knowledgeable than pathetic Igno-Rant You.

        2. Geez, take it easy. I didn’t mean to get you all wound up. The artist who designed the symbol in 1958 for the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) said the semaphore flags were his inspiration. If you choose to disbelieve the artist that’s your right.
          So anyone who corrects you is a troll? That’s pretty narrow minded for someone on a board.

        3. When somebody comes across hostile Yes. Now the artist clearly made one hell of a mistake, not uncommon, throughout history groups that have never seen each other by some twist or bizarr coincidence adopt similar or same symbols with totally different meanings for them. Red Cross for example, for western civilization it means what it means but in Africa that same symbol meant a brothel. Color White means purity to the western world but India and China as well as much of the Asian world it is the color of death. The swastika has all kinds of meanings to it from good to bad and unfortunately we all know one particular group which abused it. Now your artist really goofed, should have looked around a bit more, it is to the Nazis and their crowd The Life Rune Upside Down which in their interpretation means Death just as the Fehu rune meaning Freedom when upside down means Slavery. You will find loads of these things.

    3. Exactly, they invert everything into falsity. They love lies and hate truth.

      1. So very true and they are not the first nor to be the last as one need only look at liberals both here and abroad who are doing the same.

  12. Leftists are fundamentally incapable of anything beyond idiotic chanting. It stems from preschool days when students are supposed to recite words or songs in concert with each other. Most of us grow up and begin expressing our own opinions irrespective of what other people say. Progressives who lack any self-confidence or ability to think independently keep repeating their slogans and catch phrases like communist androids.

      1. He’s smarter, more powerful and wealthier than you – so I guess that would make you his beetch. Ha, ha.

        1. I guarantee I am smarter than both of you knuckle draggers combined.
          His power and wealth is simply due to his being in politics for centuries… only cuz he got elected by all his fellow pavement apes in his district.
          His power and wealth are pure luck. God bless America. Wonder what he’d be doing if he was in his homeland of Apefrica???

        2. You certainly hide your intelligence quite well. You couldn’t hack it in the military as a low rank grunt so you decided to try your luck in the private sector. Now you are a blue collar grunt working for the man – for chump change, while I own my own company. Yeah, you are a genius.
          Hey, can you clean toilets? Maybe I’ll hire you as a janitor.

        3. Dealing drugs or being a pimp does not qualify as owning your own company.
          So what’s the name and location of this supposed company? If you can’t provide it, then just go away and take your delusions with you.
          My comments about Lewis seem to have triggered you. You seem tense and irritable, chimpie. I suggest you kick back and relax with a nice banana.

        4. I certainly got your dander up – that wasn’t very difficult was it?
          Right, I’m going to tell a coward like you where my company is or where I live. You guys are all the same – you sneak around at night and throw fire bombs because you’re too cowardly to do your deeds in the light of day. Beat up any kids lately…or were there only 3 of you? I know you like a 10 to 1 advantage.
          By the way, I run my ladies in my spare time – I have a good stable – all white women. I rejected your sister as she is too ugly.
          How do you get your sheets so white? Use bleach? Ha, ha.

        5. Why would you post a link that proves you are dumber than a chimp? But I already knew that. I’ve been to your rallies and marveled at all the toothless banjo players dancing around the stage like bunch of apes. Funny stuff.

        6. Don’t be so hard on yourself, chimpie. You’re probably not an idiot at playing basketball, or rapping.

        7. Don’t be so hard on yourself, chimpie. I’m sure you’re not an idiot at playing basketball or rapping.
          Over 1,000 comments and only 145 upvotes??? LMFAO.

        8. You are beyond being an idiot. Read my posts sheet for brains – I’m a white guy. I think you are a black guy trolling the board looking for racists. Nobody would intentionally post the moronic stuff you do.

        9. Why would I want upvotes from people like you? I don’t want the upvotes that are there – I remove as many as I can.
          Do you know you stole another guys username? Too stupid to come up with your own? Ask your mom to explain it to you.
          You need to read more of David Duke’s stuff – at least he’s articulate – you could learn from him…how to be a better racist.
          Hey, when are you getting indoor plumbing in your trailer…or are you still living in the woods?

        10. Sure chimpie.. you’re a white guy and I’m a nig. LMFAO, again.
          You bore me.

        11. Thanks for admitting that. But I won’t block you because I can take the weak stuff you dish out. Obviously you are afraid of me.

        12. Is your head full of concrete? I’m white. I’m just trying to help you be a better racist. You need to sound more educated so people don’t think that all racists are buffoons.

      2. Don’t you know any doctors, lawyers, engineers or teachers? Why is it that only trailer dwelling, toothless, uneducated rednecks claim to be white “supremacists?” Most of you “superior” people are barely above cattle in intellectual sophistication. Got your GED diploma hanging on your wall, or are you still working on that? Are you and your son in the same grade?

        1. That doesn’t explain why you are so poor and stupid. Maybe your mom lied to you and you have some Bonobo blood too.

  13. Getting a *tad* sick of the POTUS being overruled by activist leftist judges.
    Seriously what is the point of having a POTUS if some no-name nobody the American people have never heard of can strike down executive action? I mean, sure if a congressional majority or the supreme court struck him down then fine, thats checks and balances but this rando-judge takedown of the terrorist ban is really starting to boil my blood.

    1. The Left is actively shopping judges specifically in the 9th District area, in order to do this. This is intentional and they have no reason to stop.

      1. Who needs enemies when we’ve got so many traitors within?
        Theyre rolling out the red carpet for the trojan horse.

        1. They don’t have the sense to stop. They have two modes: Absolute pathological obsession with getting their way whenever they get even a little bit of power OR abject fear hiding in closets when they’re denied power. It’s about time we started giving them the later and denying them the former.
          This is why Pinochet appeared. The Left there wouldn’t stop, they just kept pounding and taking and screeching and destroying, against all reason, even as it destroyed themselves. They had to be put down. This is how modern Leftism works now that it’s been fully injected with Marxism. Give them even a dogcatcher position and by the end of the century they’re blowing up shit and setting shit on fire if you even dare to question them.

        2. Absotute power is one hell of a trip. Ever notice how impatient judges become? I wonder if the thought ever crosses their mind that they’ll have to answer for all their decisions one day. S’pose they have a deep dream or bad dose where they feel the flames lick a little too close? Probably to Dickensian a notion to not be cliched.

    2. In Oregon, they had a Criminal Alien show up for court (by warrant; drunk driving), and when ICE agents appeared, Judge Monica Heeranz let the criminal leave through a back door to get away. People are trying to get Heeranz stripped of the licence, and after that, they ought to learn her ass about the Cucking Stool.

        1. The midwest still has good scenery, but fewer wackos. If you look at those Oregon voters by geography, the state’s mosly conservative. Those cities, though, like Portland Salem, and Eugene are all college thought-factory shit. I’ve been to eastern Oregon, and seen some ranches. They vote right, and stay right on the map.

        2. They aren’t. Wyoming and Montana are by and far God’s Country compared to basically the rest of the U.S. and are filled with far right wing types.

        3. The damn Lefties have created “pockets” in those states (Jackson Hole, Missoula) and are working hard to infest the rest of MT & WY with their Libdork idiocy. Indian Rez’s, too, which are no small Socialist enclaves. Bastids perfected their invasion strategies in Boulder, CO back in the 70’s. Damn John Denver and his stupid song, “Rocky Mtn High.”

        4. I visited the northwest states last summer and if I was a high-roller and I could afford to buy a house there that’s where I would go.

        5. You would be in good company, starting with Ted Turner. Lots of the ultra rich have ranches in Montana.

      1. ha funny, not really though. Mexican female judge let a fellow mexican shoot the gap when feds came a knockin’. Hmmmmmm, i fell sad for you Americans that your constitution is shat on by people who have no intentions of living by it and every intention of shitting on it.
        btw, what is a ICE agent?

        1. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Sits under the umbrella of Homeland Security.

    3. That they are following the law and not seeing the President as dictator? Shock and horror!

      1. I guess I missed the part in the constitution that guarantees entry to foreign hostile agitants and the USA being compelled to absorb the dregs of the human race.

    4. Give it time. It’s a way of weeding out all the fifth columnist scum pending Gorsuch being sworn into the Supreme Court; the matter gets deferred up there and the Left takes another shattering hammerblow. After all-what good is winning a battle when you don’t win the war?

  14. I watched the NCAA anchors spew the leftist vitriol as well. I had to turn it off after a few minutes. Coach K doing his “North carolina needs to get into the 20 century” diatribe. Then barkley spewing about some transgender being allowed to go into a bathroom.:…. I hope it gets better today but not keeping my hopes up. I wanna watch basketball and not this leftist shit.

      1. Remember back when Rush Limbaugh used to fawn over Barkley (“Sir Charles”), and have him on his show, as some kind of cool, conservative black man??

    1. Coach k is a Zionist/Jesuit catholic polish shill. No surprises there. Genius coach though.

  15. The fear and bigotry took hold during the Obama years. Trump didn’t create that, he’s merely a symptom of it.

    1. One time my boss tried to correct me because I designed an ad that said “Order Yours Today!”, and he said, you forgot the apostrophe in “yours”

  16. I find this retarded slogan to be a great feminist cunt barometer. When I see this posted on any chicks FB or social media it tells me everything I need to know.

  17. The biggest thing wrong with “Love Trumps Hate” is it’s a terrible slogan for what a slogan is actually supposed to do. As Scott Adams pointed out, it’s literally telling you to love Trump, or love something about him. You don’t ever put your opponent’s name in your slogan anyway, but in this case the opponent’s name followed what could be seen as a call to action “love.” The “hate” part people just get confused at.
    Par for the course for sick Hillary. She wound up experimenting with 85 slogans then when her shit campaign lost she blames the Russians: http://masculineepic.com/index.php/2017/01/08/muh-putin-muh-russia-hacked-the-election-and-everything-else/

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