Anti-Fascist Mob Attacks Professor At Predominately White Middlebury College

Charles Murray, author of the 1994 book The Bell Curve, which analyzes IQ distributions among different subgroups of humans, and through various cultures, was met by a violent mob when he accepted an invitation to speak on March 2, 2017, at Middlebury College, a small private liberal arts school in rural Vermont.  Inside,  a group of students drowned out the speaker, and when he was escorted from campus, a group of masked agitators outside attacked one of the Middlebury professors, sending her to the hospital.

Who Is Charles Murray?


Murray is an author, political scientist, and associate from the libertarian wing of the American Enterprise Institute, a public policy think tank founded in 1938 closely associated with neoconservatism.  Murray is most well known for his 1994 book The Bell Curve, a best seller written with Harvard behaviorist Richard Herrnstein that discusses the economic, social, and genetic factors affecting IQ.  The book concludes that intelligence is a better predictor of success than education, parental economic status, or upbringing, and that differences in genes affect differences in intelligence.  Basically a nature versus nurture analysis.

Murray’s summary of The Bell Curve – Sounds liberal to me!

Murray’s warning in the book was that those with high intelligence are separating from the general population of average and below-average intelligence, and that this was a dangerous trend.  Robert Reich examined a similar phenomenon in his 2013 film Inequality For All, which warns of the widening economic and social class gap in America, but was met with little protest as he is a former Clinton Labor Secretary, and therefore not seen as a racist, sexist misogynist.

Murray states that IQ follows a bell-shaped pattern, where a large number of people have average IQs, followed by roughly equal above and below average IQ levels which taper off in a predictable statistical manner known as a “normal distribution” where 1 standard deviation = 15 IQ points.  Much of the controversy comes from a chapter on race where the authors state “The debate about whether and how much genes and environment have to do with ethnic differences remains unresolved,” and “It seems highly likely to us that both genes and the environment have something to do with racial differences.”

Hardly controversial.  And written before most of these students were born.  In 1996, the APA assembled a taskforce to analyze the ideas presented in The Bell Curve.  It concluded that indeed heritability was responsible for around 50% of intelligence, confirming Murray’s work.  It also confirmed Murray’s assertation that black IQ was approximately 1 standard deviation below white IQ.  For this, he was labeled a white nationalist.

Humans Are Not Equal

Of course the beauty of humanity is that we are NOT all equal.  One could also do a similar study on athletic ability and find that certain demographic groups (particularly east Africans) perform better than other demographic groups at physical sport.

For example, Kenyans make up 0.06% of the world population but dominate almost all long distance running, even when they lack the professional training and diet given to runners from first world nations.  It’s all a matter of genetics, and being angry at simple facts explained by science never changes the underlying truths.

What’s Different?

We have seen a number of incidents with politically correct, snowflake children acting out against perceived verbal threats to their “safe spaces,”  particularly at universities such as Yale, UMass, Berkeley, and others.

We have seen students protest white males by preventing them from crossing bridges or attending class (blocking a bridge established by a white male who was instrumental in expanding education for women), institute programs attacking masculinity, and overall creating an unwelcome environment for men, ignoring the fact that men built, funded, and instituted higher education, and opened it to women in the first place.

I am Pansexual; hear me roar!

But while these tantrums, thought policing, and mob actions have passed without repercussions, this time there is hope for pushback.

Over 100 Middlebury professors have signed a document titled Free Inquiry On Campus, upholding the virtues of knowledge, thought, and free speech.  The American Political Science Association, representing 13,000 professors and students, issued a statement condemning “Violence at Middlebury College.”  The Huffington Post even published an article attacking the student protestors, calling them intolerant and violent.  Middlebury professor, author, and environmentalist Bill McKibben, authored a piece in the Guardian urging students to “resist, not silence” their foes.

The Event

The college prepared students for Murray’s visit, reminding them of the principles of free and open debate, exposure to a variety of ideas, and that college is a place to explore new and different ideas.  I’ve personally found that I can take something positive away from even the groups with which I most strongly disagree, and indeed college is precisely the place to expose yourself to new and interesting ideas, people, and cultures.  Students were also reminded to respect the speaker and uphold the Middlebury tradition of respect and honor.

When you’re mad as hell, but don’t have any clue why

Many students ignored this, and met Murray on campus with a loud mob, blocking interested students from attending, and drowning out Murray’s voice with unoriginal chants of “Racist, Sexist Anti-gay, Charles Murray Go Away!” as they turned their backs to him on stage.

As one of the Middlebury staff addressed students, instructing them to respect the speaker, and warning “If an event is disrupted by a group or individual, a representative of the college may request the action to stop or ask the person or group to leave the event.  Violations of college policy may result in college discipline up to and including suspension,” the crowd yelled profanities and demanded to “shut it down!”

As the President attempted to introduce the speaker, she reminded the audience that listening to ideas is different than endorsing them, and that “The very premise of free speech on this campus is that the speaker has a right to be heard.”  While the crowd applauded loudly at this statement, Murray uttered less than 10 words before he was drowned out by boos and chants.

Correct. There was no white supremacy here.

After about 20 minutes of protests by at least 400 students, Murray was taken to another room, under a contingency plan, to be interviewed for a livestream Q&A by Middlebury professor Allison Stanger.  Protestors responded by pulling several fire alarms in a desperate attempt at preventing this man from sharing his thoughts with the school who invited him.  Murray was able to complete this interview, although it was not readily available at the time of publication.  A Reason TV interview of him discussing his most recent book can be found here.

Middlebury faculty member Allison Stanger, a liberal Professor of International Politics and Economics with graduate degrees from Harvard and the London School of Economics, attempted to escort Murray from this violent mob when she was physically assaulted by a masked mob waiting outdoors.  As Stanger and Murray entered a school administrator’s car, protestors began rocking, pounding, and jumping on the vehicle.

They removed and threw a large traffic sign in front of the car, blocking its path, and someone grabbed Stanger by the hair and neck, resulting in a trip to the hospital and treatment for neck and spinal injuries.  The next day Stanger was wearing a neck brace. Ironically, it appears that Stanger opposed many of Murray’s ideas, and was hoping to engage him in academic debate, but such mobs will quickly turn on their own, as we have seen before.

The college reportedly has names of at least some attendees, identified by student ID cards, and the Middlebury College President has promised an investigation and possible punitive action against students.  After the event, president Patton issued a milquetoast but important apology to attendees saying “Today our community begins the process of addressing the deep and troubling divisions that were on display last night.  [We] failed to live up to our core values.”

Outside Agitators = Antifa (Anti Fascists)

The group that was waiting for Murray outside the event was a masked, violent mob.  In almost every recent instance, this means the loosely organized underground group “Antifa,” a supposed anti-fascist group that often resorts to violent means in attempts to stifle ideas they view as dangerous.  Antifa is far more prominent in Europe, where they regularly use violence and intimidation against those they see as an enemy.  However, they are increasingly present in America.  You can see their aggressive and profane response when pleasantly confronted by an attractive female Infowars reporter in this 2016 clip.

Administrators noted that while some students did participate in the protest, there were also a number of outside agitators.  College spokesman Bill Burger described the attacks as “scary, violent mob action.”

Coming Apart: The State of White America 1960-2010

Murray, whose daughter graduated from Middlebury in 2007, was invited to campus by a student group interested in hearing his thoughts after the recent US presidential election, in light of his recent book Coming Apart, which examines the white working class, who was instrumental in electing Donald Trump president.  Coming Apart is largely a critique on the institutional changes which are negatively affecting the lower classes.

Correct. No Eugenics was being discussed.

Coming Apart blames social and economic decline on a worsening moral character.  I suspect that the title alone is what triggered most students, as anything with “white” in its title must automatically and harshly be hated and attacked.

The New York Times published an article criticizing the protestors, but also calling Murray a “white nationalist” because he dares speak scientific truths.  I suppose technically this should make one an “Asian nationalist” as Asians have the highest overall IQ as a group, but Murray is stuck with the moniker White Nationalist because reasons.

The Aftermath

The NY Times labeled Murray a white nationalist, the Washington Post makes the story about Murray, not the violent students, and Murray praised the faculty and administration while condemning the violent thugs.   Along the way, more leftists, such as Stanger, are now disillusioned and Murray has made a new friend with his liberal counterpart Stanger.

The Eyes! Look at the eyes!

The faculty stand together in unison and pen a strong set of principles supporting the pursuit of knowledge and freedom of expression.

Meanwhile, the Middlebury students write a completely inverted Orwellian story of how the injured professor Stanger and Murray attempted to attack students from inside their getaway car, and the SGA proposes limits on speech for controversial speakers.

Hopefully, the backlash will continue, and the violent thugs responsible for hospitalizing one of their professors will be punished.  And in the end, they cannot win.  Murray was able to present his views as planned, and receives national attention drawing more to his message.  Stanger, who planned to challenge his ideas, is demonized and attacked, and becomes a defender of Murray.  As student Kate Reinmuth stated:

The only way to guarantee that your voice is never heard is to remove yourself from the conversation entirely and, unfortunately, this group of protesters did that on behalf of everyone today by shutting the discussion down.

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218 thoughts on “Anti-Fascist Mob Attacks Professor At Predominately White Middlebury College”

  1. Solid article. Thanks for writing.
    College has been a liberal cesspool for decades, but now it seems to be nearing critical mass.
    Instead of the days of challenging opinions, students are stuck in this safe space mentality and are afraid to have their world view challenged. It is incredibly counter-productive to a strong, productive society and it will cost America dearly in the long run.
    The amazing thing is that these babies don’t see the consequences of their actions. To them, their behavior is acceptable because they are on the side of greater morality, but to anyone viewing outside with a brain, their behavior is reprehensible. At least they’re finally starting to see at least some push back in the campuses.
    An honest ideology does not need to censor or physically attack its opponents. If you want to make the case for modern day conservatism or libertarianism, tell them to look at all sides of the argument. Afterwards, mention the spiking divorce rate and unhappiness of women, give them a great book on economics (Basic Economics by Thomas Sowell), show them the incredible costs of the welfare and warfare state, etc.
    In short just give them the facts. It’s easy to do because evidence overwhelmingly supports conservatism, that’s why conservatives don’t have to attack free speech. If they come about the wrong conclusion, then fine. But at least you tried, and you aren’t attempting to censor their free speech.

      1. Yes. Educators have failed them by giving equal value to their uninformed opinions.

      2. Yes. And the parents are responsible for their stupid snowflakes. I’m glad I graduated 40 years ago. Otherwise, I’d probably be expelled for shoving these precious twerps into a locker and locking it…..

    1. Right. But remember talking to them and being rational does not help. I gave up on these subhumans already.

    2. Yes great article… I say fuck these schools though. You can choke on these little Khmer-Rouge student fucks. You created them…

    3. Protesting that stupid people are stupid… how does that make any sense? The way to help stupid people is to rebuke them, not protest on their behalf to remain stupid.

      1. I don’t know about that. I don’t think you can help stupid people at all.

        1. You can give them shiny things to play with, or put them in a round room and tell them to go sit in a corner.

        2. Anybody can be stupid. How would you like it if somebody encouraged your children to stick a paperclip in an electricity socket? Would that be good?
          What if it was for their own amusement. They want to make a youtube video and monetize it. Would it be ok to encourage your children to stick a paperclip in an electricity socket?
          What if I saw somebody encouraging your children to stick a paperclip in an electricity socket? Should I stand by and watch?

        3. Were you planning on standing next to them for the rest of their lives to prevent future, inevitable stupidity?

    4. All ideologies want to silence opposition to them if their sane, if they work it depends upon the possibility of them understanding the concepts of Justice and reality and conforming to them.
      Opposition tends to appear even against, and especially against, logical reality-grounded ideologies, the thought that one can outconverse irrational people is childish at best, as the followers of such cliques simple want to impose themselves and so politically they are viable, in the short term at least, ideologues that believe that they do not need to force their beliefs upon anybody are doomed to fail, no matter of the validity of their beliefs.
      An ideology as long as it is sane can sustain itself being in power as long as it understands the concept of reality. That ideology might be Machiavelian and totalitarian but as it bases itself on reality it is not only viable it can work even though no sane person would EVER want to live in a regime controlled by it.
      With the above true if justice is being added to the mixture the best possible outcome emerges: an ideology that is sane, applicable and just. If applicabillity, or better knowledge of reality is lacking that ideology becomes unjust as it won’t be able to correctly judge people, SJWism, communism and socialism suffer from all that because to their just ideologies but having no basis in reality the scales of justice are believed to balance in any other way but the real one.
      An insane ideology is harmless or worthless maybe both. A sane but unjust ideology can be applied. A sane just but unrealistic ideology is the worst of all possibles as it does damage that it cannot see.

    5. Its become that way because its no longer guaranteed that a college education will make you economically viable and prosperous in society.

      1. The blame for that lies with short-sighted college administration. Pick any university and browse their catalogs, and you’ll find hundreds of possible majors. These are not hundreds of trades, but multitudes of subtle distinctions in coursework under a few banners.
        Now, many of these banners have great value. The various engineering disciplines, insofar as they deviate greatly from one another in coursework, are essentially trade programs for complex work. Fields like accounting or finance are designed to make the various maths and laws related to their fields second-nature to students.
        But the majority of these banners are worthless. My university had dozens of art majors (despite being an engineering school) with maybe two courses different between them, and none of those classes actually teach you how to be an artist. Business schools are full of good-sounding majors that do not translate into jobs (e.g. “Supply Chain Management” – it’s a real job, but not one for which the major either trains you or qualifies you).
        Colleges are losing credibility because they are businesses with short-sighted managers. They are murdering their own brand by offering zero-quality merchandise at ridiculous prices, and it will not be much longer before change becomes inevitable.

      2. “its no longer guaranteed that a college education will make you economically viable and prosperous in society.”
        Having a college ‘education’ is actually going to be a barrier to getting a job soon.
        Worse than a criminal record possibly.

        1. Wouldn’t that be a function of the the major? True, let us say, for Women’s, Gay, Afro studies, or Sociology, and not for STEM..

  2. Walls and Buildings in German cities are covered in “Antifa” and “Fuck Nazis” , “Refugees Welcome” , “Karl Marx” Graffitis. The authourities don’t seem bothered at all even though Graffiti is a crime I think.

      1. Still the double standarts make make me sick. Imagine if somebody painted Pro Nazi-Hitler stuff. People would end up in jail. And fucking leftists have killed way more people than fascists.

        1. They don’t have common sense but who needs it ? They are out there fighting for their cause , ruling the streets and being a pain in the ass even for legally elected right-wing President , while Righties are sleepy hiding in their basements.

        2. When retards can’t even tell what is wrong and right and base their opinions on their feelings. How can you expect them to even think like proper intellectuals

    1. Absolutely right. I spotted a huge Graffiti last time when I was in Frankfurt saying “Nie wieder Deutsch” – “Never again German”.
      And in my hometown there is a huge Graffiti saying “No Borders For Germans”

      1. From what I’ve heard Frankfurt have a huge commie following. Talking about the football team

        1. Yeah, that’s right. It’s a shitty city in general but most german cities are shitty. Everything about (((modern))) germany is shitty except for Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in the north east.

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      2. I make sure to draw a cock on shit like that whenever I can , especially on Antifa posters in the universitary areas. And I’m not even german.

        1. “And I’m not even german.”
          Whenever I see an AF sticker, I rip it off and throw it in the street. Did it in front of a crowd of people waiting to cross the street the last time and got mixed reactions.

      3. What is wrong with the Europeans ? I can’t fathom or understand why they stand for this mass immigration and the death of their societies.

        1. Yeah, I don’t know how they went from these conquerors to what they are today. Be ran over by some goat herders. Unbelievable.

        2. Cucked by kikes. You guys are seriously fucked up in the head. Some right wing psycho should find a way to exterminate and takeover the throne

    2. Professors openly criticize Donald Trump and supporters in front of students.
      Criticizing diversity or feminism however would be considered “disturbing the classroom environment”.

  3. Eh, after seeing the Dutch commit suicide in the recent election, I expect this to become more common everywhere in the civilized world.
    Next will be France, and once the muslims get control of that country and its vast nuclear arsenal then that’s when the “fun” will begin.

    1. Excuse me, germans recent elections?
      Elections are in half a year.
      Of course it will be a suicide again but I just wanted to point out that the suicide of the week was committed by dutch people not Deutsche.

      1. The Dutch may be circling the drain, but the Germans are well underway to the sewers.
        Just look at who is poised to replace Merkel for chancellor: Martin Schulz, one of the biggest globalist cockroaches out there, former unelected EU bureaucrat, and anti-white to the core.

    2. Still Geert Wilder’s party is the second most popular party in the Dutch Parliment apparently

  4. Universities have become an echo chamber for pseudo liberal gangsters who don’t dare acknowledge there are differing opinions from their own. University of Arizona is proposing students say “Ouch” when someone says something they deem offensive, and for the offending person to respond with “Oops” to show they acknowledge the offending statement. I am not making this up.
    This begs the question of how these snowflakes are going to function in the real world where their precious safe spaces no longer exist and they realize the only thing college ever built them up for was failure.

    1. American College is a joke the reason I dropped out and began working two jobs.It is of my opinion that becoming financially independent is more important then sitting in some damned class room for hours learning something I already know or can learn with the Investment < or equal too 100 dollars in a book

  5. Universities have been stacking each incoming class with more foreigners, international students, more queers, more POC, and more women. It’s done by design: get all positions of power into the hands of non-white men.

    1. most medical students today are either international or gay: this is done in a deliberate attempt to make future Americans dependent on them for healthcare and give non straight white men the power of life and death.

      1. until they fail to do the job. In the end surgeons and important doctors like cardiologist will be more yellow than brown. Faggots and women tend to go for easy job like pediatricians or gynecologist, but hardcore medical specialties are men dominated. In the future will be few neuro cerebral surgeon and a lot of pediatrician and geriatricians. When women dominate the job they devalue that job because they are not reliable, the quality of the job become low. 70% of women with a degree leave the task force when they have their second child, so who will fill her position when all women want to quit the job. Then you wonder why there is a wage gap. Take for example veterinary all women are kitty, doggy and birdie doctors but only men are cattle doctors a farm veterinary and they pay more because men are willing to work with horse shit and travel long distance to the farm. Then women cry wage gap. Women devalue job and kill prestige of job because they are shitty workers.

        1. I can witness to that. Sisters are vets and brother in law. They get better marks in University but can’t do the work and continually need a go to man to ask what to do.

        2. Is very common for men to help women especially in the office, after the harassment draconian laws men start avoiding every interaction with women, Bosses always have witnesses when talking to female employees, and they abolish the closed doors, because of the rampant sexual harassment accusations. So men stop interacting with women so they stop helping them and women start failing to do their jobs and fall behind and of course blame sexism. One friend of mine told me that she help this women because she want to fuck her, he fix her errors and number in the reports, but she was a bitch so they stop being friends so no more help for her, she was fired 3 months later. I worked as a programmer half of the female programmer date or marry a guy that also worked there, the husbands and boyfriend do half or more of the job of their women.

  6. Tuition at Middlebury is $50k a year: do you think those Latinx and black students protesting are paying full freight? No: they were given scholarships.

        1. Sorry, no idea…
          i just remembered it for some reason and did an image search. Google is far more organized than my brain.

    1. AA Scholarships, plus all the mentally ill “white guilt” kids lining up to kiss their ghetto @$$es.

  7. The campus police chose to let harm befall the university faculty member. This was done deliberately. They chose to stand down and let harm befall her.

      1. why didnt someone call the National Guard? the Marines, Delta hell anyone that took an oath to protect against terrorists both foreign and domestic.

  8. ‘Anti-Fascists’ more like Anti-Social reprobates. Sterilizing idiots and working to improve people to make their lives better would deprive the left of supporters so everybody my sympathies for the Professor and those who came to hear him but welcome to the new liberal ‘normal’ and it is more than just the snowflakes are upset, I got banned from The Hill for complaining about Trolls other day, I upset the reprobates running the place for daring complain about the hordes of overflowing trolls infesting their sight and suggested they provide people with a means to report trolls to them besides flagging the swine and hope the lazy mediocre Hill Moderators will do something positive which more often than not they do not. Unlike most discus sights the Hill doesn’t have a means for people there posting comments to contact them on matters, always thought it was a flaw, typical liberal stupidity but I believe the modern liberal basically welcomes these vermin as part of ‘diversity’, their new normal, and this is deliberate of them just like this hooliganism here.
    In the past the liberal elite were well meaning goody goodies who honestly believed everybody by nature to be good and could be reasoned with, victims of their environment who could be helped and uplifted, that eliminating temptations towards evil, things like guns, narcotics and ‘demon rum’ will result in a better individual who can be then helped through education. Today the modern liberal is a reprobate, your mommy’s boy metrosexual like Obama, Bill Clinton and Martin O’Malley, married to a woman more manly than he is with hordes of nasty ugly grungy lazy foul mouthed promiscuous followers and assorted other reprobates living off others including the government dole who are no different from Orcs of Tolkien’s fiction as you can see in lots of pictures here and other places, none of them interested in improving themselves but their own pleasure and gratification through anti-social behaviors. Indeed for all the talk of banning guns to reduce crime, I am more inclined that in their own dark hearts Liberals want to ban crimes not just as a scapegoat for the mess they made but to make crime safer for their people to commit.

        1. Kratom rules the world around me,
          Get the Kratom,
          Kratom Kratom bills yalll

        1. thanks! ill leave my misspelling so the chain makes sense. I’m a stickler for order

      1. Having read Tolkien’s books and watched the movies I would say Orcs/Goblins are a selfish mob ruled by a robber/despot who is just a big crime lord on steroids there to lead them to plunder which pretty much fits modern liberals.

      2. Orcs, goblins, ogres, trolls… these are all well-known and well-loved fantasy creatures that deserve dignity — that deserve our respect! They are all equal, worthy parts of any fantasy setting. We should treat each of them as a loving, caring individual with its own thoughts, feelings, ideas, needs, wants and worries. They love their children, just like we humans do!

  9. Thanks to liberal parenting, none of these kids ever got a good belt on the ass for acting out. Now they have zero respect for authority and continually shit test.

    1. They never got a belt on the bare cheeks but they sure look like they’re Podesta’ s basement victims.

      1. The Clinton legacy in action. Just the name alone “Clinton” brings images of filth.

    2. I blame teachers more than parents. High school enculturates the attitude of these children. College institutionalizes it. The grown ups could lead at any time. They don’t.

    3. “none of these kids ever got a good belt on the ass for acting out”
      Pretty much sums it up.
      Forget about solar and wind.
      If you dug up everyone buried since 1990, wrapped the bodies in copper wire and replaced their headstones with big magnets then all the energy needs of the country could be met just from the electricity made from them all spinning in their graves.

  10. This isn’t going to stop until a band of men like us starts dedicating itself to going to events like these and helping out.
    For instance, what was Sean Spicer doing in an Apple store without any security??? I would love to work in the Trump admin … I’m sure guys on here would do security for Spicer etc for free.

    1. Very happily I would. Nothing more fun than cracking some Leftoid skulls if they want to provoke a situation.

    2. Amen. I’m itching to see how far I can fling a few faggy antifa boys. I’ve gotten significantly stronger in the gym the last few months and seems a shame to waste my potential.
      Terrible events like this happen because of the lack of aggressive, masculine MEN to put an end to this shit immediately.

  11. These antifa cunts dont come to my region because theyd be shot.
    Any of you behind enemy lines ahould endevour to SET THEM UP!!!

  12. why do we have to give east africans the bone of ‘being the best long distance runners’ in an article accurately describing all african descended peoples as being inferior to europeans and asians? Nobody will remember blacks or ‘they culcha’ when the FTL drive is developed.
    The stars are ours to take, gentlemen, and we shall have 10 trillion sons under all the wonders of creation.
    Kill a nigga today.

    1. Nah FTLT wil be created by asian/white hybrids or worst case scenario, the sandn***ers will all send us to ‘allah-fuckbar’ before
      FTLT prototype is functional

  13. The new popularity of leftists violence can be summed up fairly easily: they are trying to reclaim their masculinity. Deep down, they understand that women like men of action (and, occasionally, violence), and they are trying to make themselves attractive to women along these biological lines while simultaneously staying within the accepted parameters of social justice and “White man = bad”

  14. The new popularity of leftists violence can be summed up fairly easily: they are trying to reclaim their masculinity. Deep down, they understand that women like men of action (and, occasionally, violence), and they are trying to make themselves attractive to women along these biological lines while simultaneously staying within the accepted parameters of social justice and “White man = bad.”

    1. Good point. I heard that everything a man does conscious or unconsciously is for more pussy.

    1. and they say those on the Right are dumb or uninspired!
      This is good: also see

  15. I’ve said it before and will say it again.
    “White Guilt” is a severe mental illness.

        1. well I don’t want to be thought of as a phony sociopath! I am NOT an animal.

        2. The fuck you got against animals, you fucking speciesest? My gender is animal!

  16. Charles Murray is a Quaker. He is a libertarian and was for gay marriage. wtf. HIs ideas are dangerous but obvious though. the Bell Curve basically said ” smart people are more successful than dumb people ” i.e. higher IQ people do better than lower IQ people. People are different and unequal in every way. All the major eruptions of slaughter in history e.g Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot were based on equalist ideologies….

      1. “HeyHey! Ho!Ho! (insert white guy’s name here) has gotta go! Heyhey!HoHo!”

        1. They had all the time in the world to think up some witty slogan and all they could come up with to rhyme with “got to go” was “hey, hey, ho, ho”?

        1. If we could only figure out a way to make them protest on train tracks

        2. Hire fossil fuel burning diesel locomotives to cart around circus animals that are being fed nuclear waste?

  17. Why do you call them “Anti-Fascist Mob”? They act exactly like fascists suppressing free speech.
    The manosphere borrows directly lots of terms from the mainstream media which do not represent the true nature of persons or events. For example:
    Anti-Fascist Mob – Fascist Mob
    Abortion – Infants Murder
    Feminism – Gynocentrism
    Social Justice Warriors – Useful idiots
    Democracy – Mob rule

  18. Black people are the ones to riot and go nanners not whites they are doing this to make blacks going ape shit look normal then bring in Muslims suddenly rioting and go ho nanners cutting off someone’s head is okay!

    1. I have a theory that white people tend to increase in riot involvement during any period in which there is no good heavy metal music. When the music culture is producing solid heavy metal, white people just go to concerts and mosh and shit. When all the music industry gives us is pop boy bands and bro country, we riot like all fuck out.

        1. Few heavy metal bands remain truly metal after they reach a high level of mainstream success. It can happen, but its rare. I think its probably hard to generate the emotion and hardcore creativity necessary to be really metal when you’re a multi-millionaire riding in the back of a limo from your multi-million dollar estate in Bellaire to your private jet.

        2. She’s a typical Italian modern feminist. Still bangable but impossible to listen to.

      1. Very True!
        80s = Prosperous Reagan years.
        AC/DC, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Quiet Riot, Cinderella (that name though), RATT, Zodiac Mindwarp, etc…
        I miss the 80s…

  19. He shoulda hired the guy at 4:20 mark to clear out the crowd of dundaheads

    1. They needed it when they were actual kids. But their parents didn’t believe in physical punishment.
      Mine did, and so did my teachers (Catholic school).
      I got hit by teachers even more than parents.
      I have never participated in a riot.
      Got caught up in one back in the 70s as a 10 year old, but still, did not participate.

      1. I’m sure I received enough beatings as a kid to cover a few of these delicate snowflakes as well.
        Still though, it would feel really good to cave in a few of their faces when they feel the need to attack innocent people.

  20. So about 16% will ever “get it”? Seems like a fool’s errand to attempt to change the system

  21. If there was a genetic test for psychopathy, and it turned out your kid would be one, and you were pro-life, what would you guys do?

    1. More “psychopaths” are CEOs and highly successful people than they are killers and cannibals. So I’d just try to keep him away from the family pets.

        1. Im talking keeping the pickled heads of Filipino boys in a fridge psycho, not a capt of industry pyscho

        2. I see very little difference. Maybe a larger propensity to enter politics if you are an out an out psychopath.

  22. Lefties love violence. In 1938, Germany : the leftie , Socialists called it : Kristallnacht.

  23. Very informative article. Thank you!
    But how did these these hateful globalist progressive communists get this way in the first place?
    They have been programmed to respond they way they do and do not know it.
    They have been infected by a social psychological virus through years of a demoralization process that destroys moral standards.
    It is a pathogen in the Ideological Subversion toolbox and most of it is done by Americans to Americans.
    Exposure to true information does not matter anymore. A person who is demoralized is unable to assess true information. The facts tell nothing to them.
    If you showed them the Truth with absolute proof they still would not believe it and will become berserk as their ideology was attacked. They then stamp their feet and protest. Not even knowing why they are protesting.
    They no longer have the ability to function as American citizens. They think of themselves as children of the world. Our laws, culture and values do not apply to them.
    They have been turned into something like a zombie with upside down anti-American values that were placed in their heads via other pathogens like political correctness, indoctrination in schools, media and social pressures.
    They are fearful of being seen as an outsider, someone who rocks the boat. They need to fit in with other sheeple and move with the herd. They have become conformists. Similar to insects in a colony. Like the Borg, they have been assimilated.
    Their reasoning abilities and logic centers have been damaged.
    To feeeel good is their primary concern. It’s like an addictive drug to them and they can no longer see.
    See; Destroyed From Within: The Four Stages of Ideological Subversion for more information
    Have a nice day…

    1. I think this is true.
      And women are about feels, move with the heard etc…
      Do some of the man-childs just conform? Or do you think they are lacking logic(like lacking T), and are also slave to the directed feels too?

    1. You are confusing Vermonters with what are colloquially called “flat landers”. Outta state city folk who follow the progressive jihad dirty Bernie started in the 80s.

  24. Without reading the whole article, this sounds similar to the Indian caste system, where basically you are born in whatever caste your parents belong to. We can assume that at least outside the caste system a person can evolve out of whatever position they are and their offspring will inherit a higher IQ, but the principles are similar.
    Which got me thinking: conveniently, for all their talk of embracing different cultures, I’m surprised college liberals don’t complain about things like the caste system, which admittedly sound oppressive in itself.

  25. A very welcome development is the rise of accredited, worthwhile on-line degrees for those who want to attend college to learn to think – without the absurd costs, safe spaces, and other toxic sewage that has become the hallmark of most liberal-arts programs. And as demonstrations like this happen, more and more adults (at least those who can think) are having second and third thoughts about exposing their children to this nonsense; I believe we are at the cusp of a major revolution in higher-education, and places like this are going to become irrelevant. And all i can say to that is good riddance.
    And young people are finding that they have better options in a trade school or junior-college than a hideously-expensive 4-year indoctrination center. My son is going that way, and I couldn’t be happier for him.

    1. While for profit trade schools can be risky since one can assume they’re in it for the money, I’ve had high school buddies who have taken risks attending them. Some have come out as HVAC specialists, auto mechanics, etc, and they have gone on to good jobs. Besides, let’s cut the bullshit. Clearly, the “nonprofit” folks at Harvard and Arizona State are as bent on making money as the folks over at the University of Phoenix and Devry.

      1. My son is going to a community college that teaches trades as well as 2-year associate degrees. I would never send him or my money to a school, trade, community college, or uni, unless I could see their detailed placement data.
        And yes, even public universities are big business – look at how much administrators are making. They’re as bad as private and non-profit unis.

  26. This is a war on ALL RACIAL & ETHNIC BIOLOGY, to create an androgynous drone race, with no values or ethics, or sense of right & wrong, or a functioning hatred of injustice.
    This is why ALL racial nationalists have to stand against the globalist hegemony.They will come for YOU ALL. Black, white, they dont care.
    They dont want whites or blacks to have the psychology or the ability to fight back.
    It is important to realise what the war really is about & who the target really is.
    Leftism, marxism, communism, socialism, are all a war on orthodox tradition & orthodox culture.
    Islamophobia, feminism, homosexuality, are all attacks on strict orthodox STRONG MASCULINE traditional cultures.
    Which is WHY they attack the family structure, & masculinity & masculine forms of reproduction.
    As masculine forms of reproduction, & masculine values, naturally create, HIGHLY biologically correct orthodox societies, able to raise huge armies of masculine men.
    With the ability to create a seperate society free of government & free of enslavement to inferior women, & free of having to maintain hordes of dysgenically damaged low i.q people.
    Government & civilisation, just like religion are highly flawed, as they exist to maintain hordes of inferior low i.q, & not encourage the growth of a high i.q people.
    As hordes of a low i.q inferior populace, are easier to govern then a high i.q population.
    Enslavement & slavery irrespective of its form, are a highly deletrous form of civilisation, as the slaves always overrun the plantation … hence refugee’s & immigration today … & the hordes of low i.q inferior populace over run society today…

  27. Well the reaction was actually a lot more tame than what Milo got on the West Coast.

  28. Sucks that even remote places in America are not immune to this shit. Rutland is an open borders city as proclaimed by their mayor.
    Places like Lancaster PA is crawling with lower primates as well.

  29. While it’s a good illustration of “antifas” moral bankruptcy, fuck both the “victims” here. Murray spends most his time desperately virtue signalling about hating Trump and mewling, “But but but I’m not a racist!” groveling towards these very proglodyte toddlers, who hate him regardless.
    And Stanger was clapping along with a BLM chant. She’s exactly what’s wrong with the vast majority of college “professors” today. Frankly, they didn’t hit her hard enough.

  30. The professors, which now condemn the actions of students, were supportive of their revolutionary approaches……until it comes against them. You reap what you sow.

  31. Either schools will wise up to these tactics and brutally beat and arrest these troublemakers, or the right will wise up and beat the leftist speakers. Fair is fair.

    1. The latter sounds more plausible and admittedly much more entertaining.

  32. Woe be to those who seek to bring violence to me.
    For in the face of confrontation, there will be no mercy.

  33. I predict an uptick in private security agencies in the coming years.
    There will be good money to be made kicking stinky hipsters in their skinny jeans.

  34. Just where are these morons expecting to get a job when their radical university days are over and there are no safe spaces in real life.

    1. Google, Facebook, Microsoft ……. plenty of soft office jobs where minority affirmative action bums on seats is all the employer seems to need.

      1. Yes. Call customer service and you can just hear it in their voices. They really want you to say something nasty so they can hang up the phone on you. Drives them crazy when you don’t say something nasty and they have to actually do their job. When you send an email they default to the “tone” of your email. I always counter with, “where in my email is the tone/wording threatening, rude, harassing…..”. Just challenge these special snowflakes and see what happens. Getting out of doing their jobs or any work for that matter is priority number one. Some have to take off a couple of days/weeks of criticism leave to recover from the shock of being challenged.

  35. It would seem that the powers that be took the good professors ideas to heart (about blacks and brown people being intellectually inferior).
    Eliminate the average white man and you eliminate the average IQ.
    You end up with high IQ elites and immediately below them 80ish IQ blacks.
    With such an intelligence disparity there would indeed be no possibility of losing their thrones ever.

  36. I have one question. How many of these protestors were students at Middlebury College? Did any one check their ID’s?

  37. These Red Guard knockoffs need to have their asses kicked. Conservatives have been trying to play nice for far too long and think themselves above resorting to the Alinskyite tactics being deployed by this scum-to that I say, when hit you hit back 1000 times harder. When will the welcome obliteration of the Leftist mongrels come?

    1. I agree. When dealing with these types they simply will understand nothing but the sting of physical pain. Embarrassing to see people roll over and not fight back.
      You cannot be reasonable with an unreasonable enemy. There must be swift and strong repercussions they will not soon forget.

      1. Hear, hear. You cannot reason with such so the only thing they understand is something on a more visceral level. I had some SJW clowns try that shit with me and I hit one with a savage punch that otherwise would have shorn their face off and went to lock in a rear-naked choke and I said ‘Any of you others want a taste? Free samples if you want to fuck with me’ and they backed off like the chickenshits they were. By the by-how I came up with what witticism I don’t know but I felt like I was channelling Rowdy Roddy Piper in They Live.

  38. I’m a white man but I must be an Asian Suppremacist because I totally acknowledge The Bell Curve and I’m very pessimistic about white man’s future.

  39. ” when you’r mad as he’ll ,but don’t have any clue why ” laughing my ass off at that pic . Hey I thought MR. T dead

  40. No Eugenics? Yea like Margaret Sanger? Fking dipshits that need to be purged mentally

  41. What’s with the picture of the Traditional Jew with “Shut It Down” – as if they support the Antifas. And, per Murray’s book, they have the highest IQ of any ethnic/racial group in the US. Is this Socialism of Fools again? Seems like?

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