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Unlike my main blog Roosh V, I’d like to run third-party advertisements on ROK in order to maintain a high-volume output of content. Right now there’s a special where advertising on the top right banner slot is only $40 for 25,000 views. Our first sponsor is getting a nice response to his campaign, netting 494 clicks halfway through his banner run. Click here to purchase a campaign. If you are a rich man, you could also use the order button as a donation.

Here are some demographic data for the past month.:

In the past month, ROK, RV, and RVF collectively reached 371,000 people (16,000 a day).


3 thoughts on “Advertise On ROK”

  1. good to see india is learning some game.Feminism is prominent there to the point where women are exempt from payin certain taxes an gettin that a bit of that bitchy american girl attitude(how can she slap), fortunitaly society is givin a bit of a push back so they dont become like usa(hopefully)
    plus guys severly outnumber women there ,have train hard an study hard just to get a lousy woman…not a good woman, well eastern europe an brazil appenrtly have more women than men…defiantly regions fo them to hit up
    why is finland on the list,thought they had good femmine women,,unlike usa
    lativa most likly haters just be trollin…wondre why they dont stalk naughtynomad?

  2. hmm, am writing a few (non game) kindle books at the moment, may take you up on advertising seeing as the demographic crossover is quite good

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