I Took The Red Pill After Observing The True Nature Of Women

The subject of taking the red pill and how it can positively affect our lives is one that has been discussed at length here at Return Of Kings. Its importance cannot be understated, as this mindset is essential for any man looking to succeed in today’s sexual marketplace.

However, there is one topic that hasn’t really been discussed, which serves as a foundation to any other discussions concerning the red pill. What causes someone to take the red pill, to question all of the “wisdom” given to them by their lives? While some may argue that the only way to become red-pilled is by suffering a significant setback in life, I wonder if there is a viable alternative to this.

Through my own process of becoming red-pilled, I believe that one does, and it consists of observing the tragedies of others to jump start one’s own process of self-examination. To illustrate my point, it is necessary for me to provide three examples of how this strategy helped me evolve from being purple-pill to a full blooded red pilled individual.

“The Meat-seeking missile”

Back when I was in college, I knew all about political theory and how to beat leftists at their own game, but didn’t know much about women. While I could generally distinguish between girls worth spending time with, and the ones to avoidthe finer points regarding red flags eluded me.

This all changed when, during my first week of law school, I met a girl named “Becky”. Objectively, this girl was a solid “7”, had decent boobs and ass, and appeared to be articulate. Over time, however, I began to notice a few things that didn’t seem quite right.

Despite being an SJW, she had a new boyfriend every few months, and I began to notice a pattern with three components. First, her current boyfriend was always more successful than the last. Second, she had a habit of accusing her ex-boyfriends of being gay, or unable to please her. Finally, she always cheated on her significant other with classmates, professors, and even my best friend’s buddy from out of town.

It was obvious that this girl never cared at all about whomever she was with, as she only cared about his potential to pay for her lifestyle. What had always confused me was why, despite dating seemingly successful people, she felt the need to cheat on them at every possible opportunity. It wasn’t until I took the red pill that I realized the truth: this woman was the human equivalent of a female praying mantis, in that she fucked a guy and extracted his resources, only to discard of him when she got bored. This conclusion was reinforced by the fact that she would simultaneously complain about why no guy would enter into an LTR with her, while viciously screaming at anyone who suggested that her behavior was to blame.

What did I learn from observing this woman, who was “friends” with my circle? I learned about hypergamy, the concept of “alpha fucks beta bucks”, and how women who ride the carousel engage in self-denial. I also began to realize that everything I had been taught by my parents, religion, and society was wrong when it came to women. This caused me to start searching for better answers, which ultimately red-pilled me.

“Battered Cuck Syndrome”

One of my buddies in college was a guy named “Mitch”, a quiet guy who counted staying indoors, playing video games and watching cartoons as his favorite activities. Though he was highly intelligent, and had a proper diet, he didn’t know how to stand up for himself and was never obnoxious or confrontational to everyone. In summary, he was a “nice guy”, which ultimately was his downfall.

A year after he graduated, he met a girl named “Beth”, and the red flags became ever more apparent. She was at most a 5, never even gave him so much as a hand job, and felt the need to control every aspect of his free time. My buddies and I told him, numerous times, that this relationship was a bad idea and that he would get burned in the end. Our predictions were proven true 6 months later, when he caught her cheating on him.

While he was justifiably pissed, he had a choice to make. Would he end the relationship and learn from what happened? Or would he take her back and give her a second chance? Sadly, he chose the latter, and his situation hasn’t improved much since it happened.

Why is my buddy’s tale of woe relevant to the red pill? Because it taught me the importance of frame, as well as what shit tests were. My buddy was cheated on because he was perceived to be a pushover, which was evidenced by the fact that he never pushed back on any of the “changes” she made to his life. Over time, this caused her to look at him with disdain, which led to her looking elsewhere for satisfaction. These were things I didn’t know while being purple-pilled, but these events were another factor that led me to question everything I was taught growing up.

“Too Much Work”

Another buddy of mine from college, named “Chin”, represents today’s final case study. As the title suggests, he thinks virtually anything that is good in life takes too much effort. Accordingly, despite having a marketing degree, he worked in retail for several years after graduation, and only recently got a new job designing and building smartphone apps.

While you could argue that his career path was stained by the degree he chose to take, his skills with the opposite sex have also followed a parallel track. Despite having a sense of humor, a natural affinity for electronics and tech, and a desire to work for himself; he still has yet to utilize any of this to increase his sexual market value.

For example, there was one time we went to a bar about two hours before closing time, our plan being to run game and leave with a few chicks before the lights came on. While I was able to do okay that night, mainly from blind luck, my buddy didn’t do so well. Part of it was because of his appearance, given that he didn’t lift weights and wore baggy clothes. The other, more underlying reason behind his failure was his unwillingness to put himself out there and test his limits. While it may be difficult and uncomfortable at times, this is the only way in which our species advances.

In our realm, this means that we must all embrace and adapt to a certain level of discomfort in order to be successful with women. This was especially tragic for “Chin” because he has a better sense of humor and proclivity towards technology than I do. However, because he was unwilling to take the first step, he was never able to capitalize on his strengths.

Chin’s tale of woe reinforced the most important life lesson that I’ve ever learned:  to never accept mediocrity, and always push one’s limits in every possible way.  His failures also taught me the importance of WANTING to improve one’s situation, given that the desire to become better must first exist for a man to make the necessary sacrifices.

In summary

Every individual born into this existence has a distinct purpose to play in one’s life. While some function as our mentors or friends, others are meant to serve as obstacles that we must overcome to succeed. There are even a few, sadly, whose existence only serves a limited purpose. Specifically, their obligation is to serve as a visible warning to us, so as to ensure that we do not allow ourselves to live a life without virtue, morals, or purpose.

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199 thoughts on “I Took The Red Pill After Observing The True Nature Of Women”

  1. PUA/game is on the establishment hit list because it effortlessly exposes the lie that there are no sex differences. Once a man realizes that there are things he can do to be more attractive to women, that doesn’t work when women do it, the sex equality meme falls apart.
    For now, the migrant crisis in Europe pushed sex equality down the agenda list and prioritized race equality. This is why the alt right is getting hammered while we’re sitting poolside. Once the immigrant agenda is fulfilled, I suspect they’ll sweep back around to us to finish the dissident movement off for good.

    1. Apparently Alex James formerly of RSD is living in a caravan atm as He has been blacklisted off airbnb because He used to work for RSD. So the Orwellian train is in motion.

    2. The Euros have no one to blame but themselves for the migrant situation. Euros destabilized north africa, leading directly to people fleeing the region. Once the word got out, people who aren’t from war zones joined in because why not? Whether it was all part of some grand scheme, I’m skeptical of. Either way, Euros will get a taste of their own medicine of unchecked migration into foreign lands.

      1. Except Poland. Which is safe…for now. They MIGHT exit the EU over the whole pressure to let migrants in.

        1. Of course not. ALL the White countries, and ONLY the White countries, have all gone suicidally insane in the same way at the same time! All White men simultaneously decided to suddenly give away everything they and their ancestors have worked for, including their daughters, to any old shitbags that want it, but particularly the lowest grade of shitbags.

    3. Hey Roosh….Wanted to tell you. I have given away 2 or 3 hard copies of Bang! My nephew, who was doing well with girls before reading Bang!, says the book is spot on.
      I know it’s off topic. Sue me.

      1. Why would he sue you? After your purchase of three of his books your a broke dick. It would be like trying to squeeze blood out of a turnip.

    4. You mean, they’ll “try” to get around to finish the dissident movement off for good. No amount of SJW key-jockeys, propaganda-fed jackbooted thugs in uniform, or pedoticians can stop the nature of mankind. They can grip a vice down on those who oppose them only now because they have two things: the global media, and near complete control of the global economy.
      Essentially that’s all a group desiring power may need to start with, but because humans have been living without either of those two things a lot longer than either of them have been around, I don’t see it being a “doors-shut forever” scenario where there is no turning back. The spiral continues.

      1. Love that attitude. They can try, but there are soooooo many thirsty beta’s out there, we will never have trouble bagging tail;)

      2. Yes they have control of the global economy; the one accelerating in it’s spiral around the toilet bowl. The current levels of sovereign debt are unsustainable, and are growing worse every year. In the not too distant future it will crash. The 1920s and 30s crash will be small potatoes by comparison.

    5. Yeah, the migrant crisis showed the left values race equality more than feminism, in terms of the loss of freedom and outright rapes of the native women.
      Even had the Swedes, for example, imported guys from Finland, let’s say, they would have still screwed up the sexual demographics, with a male:female ratio worse than China (with it’s former one-child policy favoring males).

    6. Human beings are composed of a soul and an animal. Usually it’s the animal calling the shots. That is, the unconscious motivations to reproduction and energy aquisition as well as the imperative to improve one’s domination of the social hierarchy.
      All those motivations are necessary for survival and propagation of the human race. But unlike the actual beasts, we have powerful minds that allow us to overcome the normal checks that the environment has in place. ie, whereas a herd of deer would be checked by a wolfpack, we can eradicate our predators. Or if another beast overgrazes, we can come up with ways to provide far more food and replenish the quality of the land.
      Where it breaks down, is when we are unaware of how our animalistic motivations are influencing our thoughts and reasoning process. So that we think that what we are doing is for purpose X, when really it’s in order to spread our genes.
      In the case of the Left and the White Knight Conservatives, it’s a motivation to emotionally break down and socially ostracize higher SMV males from competing for the same females. ie, r-selected “rabbits” as anonymousconservative.com would put it. Look at Joss Whedon. This motherfucker would never stop shaming and insulting any male that dared to show anything that resembled defiance to a woman, and then he goes and bangs every actress he can get his dick into. Even assuming he wasn’t an overtly two-faced bastard from the beginning, this was because he wanted to have greater access to female humans than other males.
      PUA allows males greater access to females. This also allows them to escape the control of society, ie “do what we say and we will make sure to allow you to get a female, if you do not you will starve”. The equivalent would be a society that has convinced all the men that they must work in the fields to eat, and then Roosh comes around and starts teaching the men how to hunt.

    7. Finish us, how? I am curious what you think their play will be and who will be making it.
      Corporate sjws on the speech suppression bandwagon? Thought police like splc? Or something higher up the gov food chain?

    8. Roosh, where can I find posting guidelines for ROK? I looked but could not find it. Thanks!

    9. Do you think Poland will successfully resist the EU demands to allow immigrants in? Do you think once one of the old communistic parties get back into control (God forbid) the flood of immigrants will ensue? Will Poland exit the EU?

    10. Most of the migrants in Germany which has taken the largest number of immigrants are economic migrants, they are not refugees. I saw a hilarious article about the activities of these men, many of them are playing around with German and other European women. It must be really funny to see men from a patriarchal culture being used by feminist German women for their “physical needs”. These men are accustomed to a culture where women are modest in public and serve their men, now the role has been reversed, also these men have lost their dignity. This is a big part of why multiculturalism creates havok in Western nations.

    11. I have an alternate theory. The globalist love PUA (and MGTOW) because it achieves their objective of alienating men and women – of destroying the family.
      All we become to each other are meat sack playthings.

      1. Feminism was the ‘action’.
        PUA/MGTOW was the ‘reaction’.
        And gender dystopia, globalist corporatism is the ‘synthesis’.

    12. Hey Roosh, look up at Stadtaffe’s post. This is what any “Moderating” causes. It causes people to self sensor because of some fear. I actually have no idea if you’ve banned anyone, or whom may have been for what. It almost doesn’t matter because there is a perception that posts and commenters are being banned and thus some people are posting less or differently of their own accord.
      Maybe the only thing which should be moderated out is cuss words? Keep it clean and gentlemen like, but allow anything. As someone said, your site to do with as you wish. Just thinking you don’t want this perception to go too far.

      1. Played tennis with much younger colleagues the other night. Anywho, dyke bitch and SJW every one of em…needless to say, no chivalry on the court…slammed that ball at her every dam chance I could get! Equality bitch lol. But yeah it’s getting lonelier and lonelier being red pill but it feels so invigorating and masculine.

        1. That is it’s saving grace…..not giving a shit any longer. If you can point other men in the right direction all well and good. If they don’t take the red pill then it’s a case of I told you so.
          Find myself falling back into old blue pill ways now and again but there’s always something that jolts me back to reality…woman’s behaviour, sjw bullshit, etc.
          The moral of the story is stay frosty…..

        2. I do the same and it bothers me! But, daily ROK reminders through others wisdom and consistently being aware, taking appropriate corrective action are proving the trend toward red pill positivity

    1. For me it’s possible to fall into a nice guy moment though so I have to constantly be vigilant not to do that.

    2. The other issue is when women who thought they had a teddy bear found them selves with a grizzly.
      Yes I agree with : ” extracted his resources” unfortunately, that is exactly what most men have been conditioned to do. Worse, the other men will help the woman take it all, all misery loves company.

  2. I never learnt the red pill from scummy women- I grew up in a small town and always knew the type of woman I wanted (It wasn’t just one with wet fish.)
    I learnt it from the examples shown to me by my cowardly classmates and colleagues. Men who thirstily White-knighted, Men who got put through the wringer and allowed it to break and victimise them, Men who acted masculine, but allowed a bitch to own them.
    When I meet new people I eventually place them into categories based on their shortcomings named after the first guy I met who displayed these traits,
    “This guys a total Alan,” “What a Dean Cantley!” Those whom I cannot place?
    There is a chance I may become acquainted with them, and perhaps, perhaps add them to my exclusive circle of friends.
    And yes, for those men out there who haven’t realised this, most non-RP people are complete carbon copies of each other. Especially you snowflake.

      1. Ha, no. An “Alan” is a decent looking guy whose self confidence is so low he will stay with a fucking ugly girl with a shit personality cause he thinks that’s the best he can do. Expect him to talk shit about her with the “lads”, but turns into a subservient bitch in her company. Alan’s typically overcompensate, either with one-upmanship or taking physical fitness very seriously- which is most ironic, as being fit can only increase your social market value.
        I’ll sometimes forget samey people’s names and just call them whatever they are, cause really, what’s the difference?
        “Oh! Does anyone ever call you Alan? You look just like an Alan.”

  3. I posted the following comment a couple of weeks ago, but this is a much better article for it.
    Every now and then, I believe we all need a red pill booster shot:
    I was red pill before there even was a red pill.
    Kindergarten, 1971. I knew from the first moment, “these kids don’t like me very much”. A bullied victim from k through 12 as that is what my evil witch of a mother groomed me to be from infancy to 5 yo. And my ultra alpha father let her do it. He just didn’t give a damn.
    As the years went by, I knew I would never have friends. I would never have girl friends. Males would never respect me. Females would never desire me. As time progressed, I concentrated on my field of study, Computer Science. Was generally accepted as the best programmer in my class in college. A career that would allow me to make money and bang hot girls for said money. And it did. First with NYC streetwalkers (the youngest, hottest, and blondest ones back in the late 80s early 90s) and then, after I hit my late 20s, the best girls from upscale asian massage parlors and elite american and euro/russian escort agencies.
    But loneliness sets in. And that is a bad thing. Because loneliness causes decreased brain function. And decreased brain function causes one to take the “Captain Save-a-Ho” cape out of the closet. And as red pill as I am, every now and then I don that ridiculous cape. Last week (3 weeks ago) was hopefully the last time. I took a red pill booster shot like you can’t believe! I needed it! Felt worse than shit when it happened and for a
    few days after, but still, I am glad it happened.
    Females are never to be trusted.
    Females do not deserve loyalty.
    Females have not one iota of honor or decency or loyalty.
    Pump em’ and dump em’,
    That’s what they are good for. the only thing they are good for.
    But never care about them.
    They don’t even care about themselves.
    If you do care, they will treat you the way Jenny treated Forrest Gump. There is no other possible outcome. Never give a damn about a female other than sticking your private parts in her and then getting the hell out of there.
    BTW, the author is 100% correct regarding self improvement.
    I wish the internet and this site was around when I was in my late teen / early 20s.

    1. You don’t have to hate women, part of what makes game work is realizing that women’s brains work differently than men’s and using that to your advantage.
      They aren’t stupid but you can’t project the way you think onto women because what’s on her mind and the way she views things is a whole different world than yours.
      Game sets you apart from beta bitch boys in that instead of trying to view things in the way of women you view things by WHAT YOU KNOW IS DIFFERENT and using it to stay three steps ahead of them.

      1. Had the info we read now been out in early internet era en masse.. circa 1998, the entire country may be a different place. So much of what eventually is now discussed mainstream starts years, often half a decade in advance, or at minimum a few years in think-tank discussions and message boards just like this one.
        Red-pill is a leap of faith with a logic driver. Many take the leap but discount the logic, or vice versa. Telling a young 20s guy;”Look, forget about women for a few years, work entirely on your finances, body, mental acuity, then start mixing in social skills” without attaching something to it like a degree or placard of success doesn’t work well with today’s young men. This is a skill best passed down, from man to man, in a mentor-ship type format. People need to see it work first hand.

        1. It’s hard to get a younger guy to concentrate on anything else though because they’ve been programmed to think they can’t go without for a little while or that people will think they are gay if every waking moment doesn’t revolve around women.
          It’s like the I’m dating/married to my best friend. That’s the silliest saying ever concocted.

        2. Gives credence to just how far things got out of control already when the “first hand” interaction organization by Roosh during world tour meet up started to come to massive opposition, labeled “rapist group.” Completely absurd like the married to best friend mantra.

        3. I would have needed in 1985 or so.
          But of course, if my father had done his job and trained me to be like him, I wouldn’t have needed anything else.

    2. “As the years went by, I knew I would never have friends”
      Once I got in to an animated discussion with my dad, I must have been 12-13… and I told him something about friends…. he pulled out his wallet smacked it on a table, pointing at it he told me “that’s the only friend you’ll ever have, with out that friend you won’t have other friends, or girlfriends… that’s the only friend you can trust and rely on”
      I wish he had been wrong.

      1. All you gotta do is get into a situation where you’re broke, then see how many friends you have. He sure wasn’t lying.

    3. You may not want to hear this, but becoming Catholic…truly Catholic and finding wife material is the next step and raise a ton of kids the RIGHT way….

      1. I am a Catholic since birth. Was an altar boy for 5 years even. Catholic school from K through college. Didn’t help me one bit. God turned his back on me at a very early age. I turned my back on him when I was 20. And I have kept it that way.

    4. I have my own CODE:
      1. Always treat your business and your clients with loyalty and respect. Never cheat your clients, NEVER.
      2. Honor is only valued among men.
      3. Not all men deserve to be treated with honor.
      4. Your friends wives and girlfriends are off limits, ALWAYS.
      5. Women have no honor, but you must always respect the mother of your children. (sometimes this is a hard one.)
      6. The ONLY institution you are allowed to cheat is the IRS, which cheats EVERYONE.
      There’s not a lot of grey in here…and I lived this code well before the movie which introduced the whole idea of the red pill…when I got my first job out of college, I dedicated myself to reading all of the classics, and I learned from them what college failed to teach.

      1. Nice list.
        As an IT consultant for the last 20 years I can say that I have always followed 1. Even when I was cheated and treated poorly I never tried to imitate the crappy behavior. It is the right way to be. I have a good reputation in the industry because of it.
        And for 6 — 100% true!!!

  4. I guess my path is different than most.
    I was raised by a singled dad (thank god) with 3 other siblings. My dad was hard, I was going to prove him wrong. In my early twenties I gave up trying to prove his way wrong. As I was proven wrong every time I was aiming to be right.
    The one part that really helped was just him planting a seed in my head, even if I was gonna ago against the grain, that seed was bound sprout.
    So atleast I had some if not plenty of influence since young.

    1. This reminds me of my dealings with my own children (now grown) . They thought for a long time that I had no idea what I was talking about, I rarely passed up a chance to gloat either once it became obvious that I was right. Lol
      I still pick at them about it(in a good-natured way) by saying,
      “One of these days when I’m long gone, y’all are going to be sitting around saying things like, that old SOB really knew what he was talking about all that time and we argued with him anyway “.

      1. Sweet moment when out of nowhere my daughter sent me a text apologizing for being a brat when she was younger. Nothing like moving out and having to deal with stuff to realize how good you had it as a kid.

    2. Society makes it so women never feel bad about themselves and their choices. She’s always going to have a gaggle of female friends that tell her it’s not her fault or she made the wrong choices. No guy is going to tell her that either and she’s going to look at all her beta orbiters on instagram to feel no regret whatsoever that shes’ still hot.

      1. The gaggle of friends is most definitely the justification matrix for her irrational behavior. As long as there’s 1 confirmation by a “friend” (read jealousy check-in robot), then you’re trumped. Mega red flag “well I asked a friend about what you did / said, and she thinks it’s wrong too so…..”

    3. Great post. The most common experience I’ve had when being coerced into a woman’s plans and activities, typically results in points of reference from HER experience in the way I acted that she can later use as fight-fuel down the road. Imagine that? You’re actually punished for it. Add in the precious time you lost from your life not doing what you wanted, or needed to do and it’s a 2x / 3x taxation on your time, $$$, or emotions.

    4. I am convinced that having no mother around is an enormous positive for a growing boy. I for one would have been better off in military school.

  5. Roosh I still respect your site and your efforts towards masculinity. But I am a bit disheartened by the banning of excellent, long time commenters that brought value to the articles.
    You have every right to police the comments as you see fit, its your site. Goodluck, I hope it doesn’t get watered down with male fashion advice and the 120th article on leaving the country for the pacific southwest.

    1. Does seem a bit more sparse around here.. I assume he is just taking self-defence measures following the draconian censorship that’s going on at the moment, not sure exactly what the rules are but I’m now a bit too nervous to post a link to any video etc.

    2. I did some digging. I sent some e-mails and recieved some. These guys can appeal to the mods. That’s what I would do. I’ve had stuff get modded. Still here though.

  6. The revisiting of red-pilled / neomasculine concepts is essential. Lest we forget what’s the very apex from which all other freedoms begin for men, understanding by scientific observation what most (90%+) women do, why they do it, and thus, what they actually are. The same tenants apply to all other red-pilled concepts because, again, it’s the centerpiece.
    No shift in political or social structure will change that core enough to erase it by majority. All we’ve witnessed, and what drove most men into research, has only been amplified, exploited, and caste by the forces worth opposing.
    It’s imperative we separate ourselves from confirmation bias. Dig in deep enough to draw your own conclusions, learn and practice damage control along the way. Much like gains from weight lifting or the stock market, most of the matter is risk aversion. Once that is internalized and you’re no longer defenseless, the fear wanes, progress is inevitable with time.

    1. “Once that is internalized and you’re no longer defenseless, the fear wanes, progress is inevitable with time.”
      I was once like you…..but old age crept up on me. So now I keep it about 360 to 400. 🙂 Whoops……that was for knuckledragger

  7. At times it’s hard for a man to admit that every thing he was ever taught about dealing with females was wrong.
    Poontang can cloud anybody’s mind sometimes. You WANT to believe her even when you know better but, if you ever find yourself in that position, do what you gotta do, put her ass in the road. It will make your life a lot better by never giving a cheater a second chance. If we could all follow that rule there would be a lot less cheating.

    1. Im dealing with this right now. met a girl and banged her recently. Really dig her personality but I see how she talks to other guys and I know for a fact im not the only one she’s sleeping with. I could be stupid and pretend like everything is fine, but I just dont trust her and probably never could long term. And there is a lot of that going around unfortunately these days.

      1. “I see how she talks to other guys and I’m fairly confident Im not the only one she’s focusing time and attention on.”
        Sad to say it but you are probably right. Truth is bitches are always shopping, not just with a credit card at the mall.

        1. Right! It was interesting cuz when we banged, she was telling me about how all she wants in life is to find “the one” and meet a guy who respects her and blah blah blah. It was all total BS, because she told me after that she isnt looking for anything right now. She’s 22 and is in a portion of her life where all she wants is the most male attention she can get. It is definitely the classic situation of watch their actions and pay no attention to what they say!

        2. Hummm…. 22 in this era?… the world is her oyster. She’s just telling you what she thinks you want to hear, maybe not to appear as “easy”. I’m sure if you start directing the path of “no strings” fun, she’ll most likely be game.
          The only world’s that would make me think that a woman’s is somewhat sure of what she wants, is if she says she’s looking to start a family. Reason being is that it takes a bit of thinking to come to that conclusion. To say that she’s lookig for “the one” falls on the selfish side of things.
          Same way I don’t trust women that tell me they want kids, if all they want is kids, you’re most likely to end up being a weekend dad.
          If she doesn’t say she wants a family, she’s trouble.

        3. Well I mentioned that immediately I said friends with benefits and she said she’d give some thought to it. Which was bizarre since we had sex so quickly, what is there to think about? Our schedules haven’t really matched up recently and she has been pretty flaky a couple of times that I’ve asked to hang out (I intend on pulling back, as I think she’s getting comfortable with me asking) but I most likely would bang her again as I also said I wasn’t looking for anything serious for now.

        4. Sounds like she’s spending time with other “ones” and when she reaches back to you, you’ll find out how far down the “ones” list you were.
          It is safe to speculate that you are learning to determine which ones are LT material, and which are No Term material.
          When ever a woman bashes her exes= red flag
          When ever a woman puts out quick= red flag
          When ever a woman feels she deserves anything= red flag
          When ever a woman victimizes herself= red flag
          If you’re not wise to her sht, you’re gonna get sucked into her game. Bang with caution.

        5. You’re dealing with a female which is like dealing with a 10 year old kid. They will say something different every day and they will say things they really don’t mean. I could never take a 22 year old female seriously on anything she says.

        6. Yeah girls looking for “the one” are pretty narcissistic. Like she believes that some mystical force has created a perfect man just for her and only her. “The one” gets everyone’s leftovers in 2017 anyway

        7. You can pretty much discount anything from a woman’s mouth if she is not on her death bed. Blah blah blah…”the one”. Thebsame “one” with a six figure bank account, 12 credit cards, a nice vehicle or two with other assorted toys, and a nice home. She says that “one” phrase, and you know without a doubt she is lying and trying to friend zone you for your resources..run away, don’t walk. That Venus flytrap will be the death of your hopes dreams and financial health. Bang her and boot her, if she wants money be generous, give a tennie and tell her not to come back.

        8. DUDE! She told you after you BANGED her that she isn’t looking for anything right now. She was gung-ho for you, looking for Mr. Right, before you screwed her…..not so much afterwords. Move along brother….she already qualified you thoroughly by your lack of boot smashing abilities.

        9. Dude you continue to highlight your beta-like qualities with every post run. She don’t want you.” Our schedules haven’t really matched up”…. that correct and also by her design.
          ” I’ve asked if I could hang out( I intend on pulling back, as she grown, as I thing she getting comfortable” ..LMAO. She talks about how she “always picks losers”……you should be so lucky and thankful. If you would have been half-way decent in the sack she would have really ruined your life. 😂

        10. If you met a man who complained that every woman he dated or got involved with turned out to be a sadistic BPD lesbian, what you think of him? Would you think life dealt him an unfair hand, or that he was an asshole?
          Your girl is a hole with two legs and a tongue that lies.

        11. Stop thinking about why she thinks or says whatever it is that she thinks or says. Next her, immediately. Ghosting would be fine.
          If she ever contacts you again, it’s because she’s looking for: a) an emotional tampon (friendzoned!), or b) a booty call– period.
          You already know this, and you’re desperately looking for the flaw in your own thinking because you have hope that there could be something there. But there’s not. She’ll be on her back getting banged out by some other guy while you are busy thinking this through. Spare yourself the indignity and save yourself the time.

        12. I absolutely believe that the ridiculing people is counter productive, and goes against the sole purpose of sites like this. If we stoop to this level we’re no different than a bunch of btchs. On top of that men are going through enough ridiculing by the mainstream media and women, no need to subject an inexperienced men to more of that sht.
          If he’s a beta, by being here he’s already in the right path, if he’s an alpha by being here he took the right path. You have to remember he has to wake up to a bunch of nonsense that has been fed to him for years, most likely since he was a toddler, and who is doing this awakening? A bunch of faceless guy online, we already have it tough.
          The battle is not going to be won if we stoop to the level of our nemesis, and attack our own with our nemesis’ weapons.

        13. Next her and bang her occasionally but she might be a disease pit riding the cock carousel. Do not waste your time trying to have a sensible discussion with a dumb woman. She does not think using logic, only her feelings.

        14. I got tested for everything and my results were negative so there’s something positive from all this lol.

        15. There is more than one way to use your resources, most do it either overtly or casually covertly through just leeching off you; borrow this and borrow that, steal this or steal that, raid the fridge at your place when she visits, maybe bring over bring friends to bother and impose on you when you expect to bang her, do her laundry at your place, coincidentally catch you at a restaurant, stay overnight a few days even though she is banging you, ask you for a ride if its “on the way”….and so many other ways. Sometimes the leech will attach itself to your balls before you even know it is there.

        16. He can ridicule if he wants, its not a big deal to me. I was there and I know what happened and not everything can be reduced to one specific reason. I have a long way to go and have fixed a lot of things about who am I and I am a better man because of it. I have also made a lot of mistakes in that time as well and most likely will continue to make some in the future.
          I’m not interested in wifeing up this girl nor do I have her on a pedestal. I was simply trying to articulate that it is a bummer when you meet a girl who has a decent personality, but also has a dark side that exists for a multitude of reasons and wrecks that personality. I slept with her and somewhat regret in a few aspects, but also do not regret it in other aspects as well.

        17. Definitely. All of which I’m aware of and none of which I am actively doing. But it is good information for others to know to not get taken advantage of!

        18. Dude, you gotta take Rick Sanchez advise, try not to think about it. Just enjoy the young poon.

        19. Yeah the overthinking is mostly due to who I am as a person, not necessarily this specific situation. I know that probably sounds like BS, but I tend to overthink almost everything I do in life. It sometimes is a detriment to having real progress in life and something I’ve been working on fixing.

        20. Trust me it sucks lol. Like everything is completely overdone on my part. But it is nice when it comes to event planning as I tend to schedule everything my friends and I do. If I didnt, it would be a complete disaster as most of the people I know have no real coordination when it comes to getting people together. I’m just really meticulous and I imagine that will come in handy when I do eventually (maybe!) decide to get married and raise a family.

        21. Haha!
          Reminds of the movie “North Dallas Forty”. When the big guy told the snotty women:
          “I love your legs! Got your feet on one end, and your pussy on the other!”

        22. Some women despite being sluts will still try to convince themselves they’re not by saying things like they’re not looking for a one night stand or they’re looking for “the one”. You just have to realize it’s all lies to make themselves feel better. I actually had a one night stand with what was practically a stranger and as we were tearing our clothes off she was quickly asking me what my favorite color was, where I went to school etc. All in a attempt to get to know me in thirty seconds before we had sex just so she could later say she had never fucked a stranger. Don’t let it get to you. She’s likely a huge whore with no priorities other than getting off. There’s litteraly billions of women in the world. Worrying about losing one is like worrying about dropping a grain of sand on the beach.

      2. It ain’t always easy doing what you gotta do. Just think how she’s going to talk to other guys when you aren’t around.

      3. If your “dealing with this right now” , I’m betting your having a harder time acknowledging she just a fuck than what you lead on. Let her go dude. Your looking for love from a cum dumpster and she is sensing your beta weakness.

    2. “Poontang can cloud anybody’s mind sometimes”
      True dat. I shoulda dropped her ass on April 21, 2014. Unfortunately, I went back for a 2nd round and am still dealing with the psychological warfare 3 years later. “A dangerous game…the only winning move is not to play.”

      1. It can happen to anybody.
        Remember what you have learned and teach others.

  8. Sorry bro but these sound like realizations I made when I was a teenager… I must be hardcore blackpilled by now.

  9. I’m confident I’m in the minority on this but I’m becoming uncomfortable with the over usage of pill color terms for describing what is simply being in tune with the natural order of things. Being in truth. Speaking in truth. Being wise a serpent to the wicked ways of our fallen world. Christ speaks of no pills in the gospel. Just the sword of the mouth = the word of God, which is Truth.
    So many people I talk to have no idea where “red pill” is from and what it means and honestly, I don’t like the idea of crediting a work of the Wachowski’s who have both turned tranny since The Matrix was released twenty years ago.

    1. They took both pills…right off their bodies. I always thought that was ironic. We use red-pill and it came from then. I think the reason it survives is the association with ‘red’ politically. The right, not the commies.

    2. It’s an analogy for choice from a movie that just about everyone has or will see. With the internet anyone who is confused can look it up and immediately find out what it is. Don’t get caught up in how it was coined or who coined it, what matters is if it is useful and meme worthy.

    1. You sound like me when I joined. There is no rally here. Are they tired, afraid, apathetic?

        1. Oh, man, are you preaching meta. Things have been really weird here as of late. There are unbaried hatchets in the comments on this site. Grudges and plots. Very cloak and dagger. Wish I knew what was going on in people’s meat-heads. A real meeting could fix it. The manosphere as I’ve known it is in jeopardy.

        2. I sometimes wonder if Project Mayhem is about to start and all of us here get blamed for it because we discuss things as they really are, not as how people think or wish them to be.

  10. I don’t miss being a nice guy. I wish I didn’t still have to be one every day at work. I just want to be me. I’m sick of pretending. I’m also sick of subsistence. I want to be somebody, and I don’t want sluts. I just want one good girl. It’s like the world’s want to produce even one. I’m sick of having no status because I have to work a low-wage job because I have to be a single father because my ex walked. It must be nice to disappear and feel no moral pangs. These kids, man. Everyone says how beautiful they are and what a good job I’m doing. You know how many LTR’s I’ve had in the last 5 years? One. Three months. Pushed for third base and she bounced. Do I look like I’m joking? Thought I had a good girl. I don’t think a woman will fix this, but you can have a life without every thrill. I’m alone. I miss my father and I want to talk to God. I feel like I’ve done my time, and there’s no healing, and no one understands a word I say, and the hard times outweigh the good. It’s not enough to know how I feel or to follow my dreams, because even if I blame myself, the outcome is the same. A car, an apartment, a job where I’m an imposter, a lust that can never be slicked. We are all Robinson Caruso, and no matter how much of this shipwreck we drag to the shore, we are still all stuck here in these circumstances. Our fathers left us nothing, a world of vapid, loveless women. Do you want to know why you’re nice? It’s because you’re a coward and you think it serves you. Being a man has never been so harsh, or so necessary. Everyone is choosing to trade their lives away. I’m 32. I’ve watched every. single. one. of my friends walk away and marry (some settle for girls they’re better than). Growing up, I was never told that friendship is something a man outgrows. I think that’s something else I’m learning about here on ROK. Men with time to spare eachother as friends is Hollywood bullshit! If there’s some other reason for how people are, I don’t see it. I think movies set me up for a life that simply doesn’t exist, and I’m here at the tit of a vaccine to a desease that has already claimed this body. Where sin is forgiven, there is still entangling consequence. I think in the amazing, there is all the room for me to drive this plane into the side of a mountain. I will rise from these ashes, and when I do, I’ll be back to light the trail. Women do show hypergamy, and they will tear out your beating heart. When I figure out how to live without a heart or a woman, and not feel like I’m missing out on something, I’ll rebuke game, and I’ll leave the manosphere forever, but at the end there, I’ll write one bad article. Or maybe I’ll find a unicorn.
    Brian Gerard, good article. Roosh, good to see you’re posing these days. Weird that it’s like a full day before the article goes public.

    1. You say you “have to” live the life you have right now but that’s not true. Sure life can suck at times but having a positive outlook is the first step to change. If you don’t like your job then find another. You might not want to put in the effort but that’s not the same as being limited to the job you have. Real changes are uncomfortable but you just have to make them anyway. It’s like working out… no pain no gain. Ultimately if you’re starting out with a defeated attitude you will not progress. Make long term plans to make you’re life better. Set small goals every day that will pay off in a couples years. I’ve had one of the most tragic lives imaginable and pulled myself up by having a positive attitude, setting goals and making small contributions to better my life everyday. You gotta chip away at the bad in your life until you sculpt a masterpiece. I’m nothing special so if I can do it you can too.

      1. Daycare $12 per kid per hour. Job A $30 per hour before taxes. Taxes $10 per hour. Profit per hour not during public school -$4.
        Status: scrub
        I wish positivity would put a penny in my pocket.

        1. When you say you can’t do something you’ve already lost because if you believe you’re stuck then you won’t even try to improve. Like I said it’s small daily efforts that add up. It’s not positivity alone but you have to believe you can change your situation before you can start. You also have to be persistent and think long term goals. If the only thing you can afford to put in savings is $5 a payday then do it. You might think, “$5 Is nothing so what’s the point?”. Well in 2 years that’s $520. Take that $520 and reinvest it. But something dirt cheap from some crack head desperate for money and resell it. In my case I would use that $520 to buy a used soda machine then ask a local business owner if I could place it in front of their store. Guess what? Now you’re making an extra $400 a month in profit from the soda machine you bought. You don’t have to be a genius to figure this stuff out but you do have to be persistent and at least believe in yourself to get a start. I’ll spare you the finer details but my situation from what you’ve told me was financially worse than yours. I suffered massive set backs and was even homeless for nearly a year living on the streets. I could’ve improved my situation much quicker but being self defeated and depressed is hard to overcome and will hold a man back from stepping up and doing what he has to. Ultimately I got sick of throwing myself a potty party and pulled myself up by my boot straps. I did some odd jobs and used the money to buy a $50 gumball machine. I asked the local barber if I could put it in his shop. In a couple months it made enough to buy a soda machine. I took the profit from the soda machine and bought several more and since then it’s snow balled and now I’m a reasonably wealthy man who owns several business and is enjoying life to the fullest. I’m nothing special. I’m not an exception to the rule. I’m not lucky. What I am is a persistent man whom every time he’s defeated gets back up and fights again. You and I are roughly the same age. You’re not stuck but you are in a tough situation… deal with it. I did… thousands of other men have and you can too.

        2. That’s why someone without a family, a religion and a nation taking care of him is nobody. It’s always been like this. The left knows it and that’s why they want you alone, against all. That way, they are your masters, you’ll do what they say and be what they want.
          You think you need $/€ ? You’re an idiot! You need parents (or grandparents, siblings, etc.) who would help you babysitting, a temple/community to spread values so that your children will never be alone. You need government on your side, so that vile people (including women) pay for their mistakes, and your life turns easier.
          Money is not the solution (although it helps a lot). No one will find a solution on his own. We need help, we need each other. The day we stand together, this New World will fall, and we’ll get the happy lives we deserve.

    2. If you only knew how often and much men can relate to the origin of your situation….

    3. Seth Falconer, thanks for being real with us…you’re not the only one left in a long term tight spot. Some things one simply can not dwell on…you will prevail, you will transcend, trust God alone.

      1. Right? What are the odds. I’m teaching my son to read and work out, and my daughter to clean and cook. I’m teaching them both to pray and take them to Christian church. I just wish this responsibility wasn’t lady-repelent.

        1. Isn’t it funny that the same single mothers who flaunt themselves online to attract a beta male provider will not look twice at a single dad as a compatible mate?

        2. Yeah. It is hilarious. I was a single dad for quite a few years. At the start I had 4 children at home, full time (my wife died when the youngest was 3). I learned that women ran for the hills as soon as they found out you had full time custody, especially the single mothers. They are all hypocrites to the max. Of course, that is no surprise to anyone that reads these pages even occasionally.

        3. When you’re 80, you’ll be able to look in the mirror and like, respect, and be proud of the man looking back at you.
          Nothing can replace that.

    4. As some of the other replies say, you’re not alone. One of the things that helps me from time to time is to talk to people I’ve met on sites like this. Finding red-pilled people in real life is difficult. I have a few real life friends but they really can’t relate to a lot of the things we deal with, & listening to them repeatedly deal with the same stupid shit drives me nuts sometimes. For what it’s worth to you there are people here looking to help others and build friendships, and that’s not Hollywood bullshit.
      Being free enough to truly be yourself will create division with the sheeple that lack the ability. Don’t let them drag you down. Being true to yourself won’t win you many friends but it will help you find the right one’s.

      1. That’s good advice. Funny, I’ve watched my friends make insane blue-pill repetitious choices, too.

        1. It can be frustrating. Especially when they ask you for advice, you give it to them, they do the opposite, & then bitch when you were proven right. I’ve got one friend in particular who always tells me “I can’t do that like you do”, but he can never answer why. It can be hard to detach from people you care about, but in the end we all have to be left to make our own choices in life.
          What frustrates me is the times I do need to discuss things with others. It’s a sea of soy-boy betas that have no clue or independence of thought from the feminine imperative. This is why the freedom to find other like minded individuals is so important for us, & dangerous to the establishment.

    5. Stay strong. Work out when you can. My ex bounced after 21 years of marriage but stayed somewhat involved in the kids lives. She visited, I stayed out of relationships to focus on the kids and promote them continuing to have a relationship with their mother. It also made it less awkward in keeping the kids in contact with her parents, they stopped talking to her. Kids deserve to have their entire family even if the parents break-up.
      You’ve got it harder for your kid, they will be missing out on their mother and wondering what’s wrong with them that mom decided to leave. That’s a hard fight to convince them it was all about her being fucked up, not something lacking in them. My kids struggle with it, even though she visits frequently.
      Being single is far better than being in a bad relationship. My kids push occasionally for me to get with someone. Daughters don’t like the concept I may be happy because I don’t have a woman in my life, not despite it. Happiness is in large part being able to be content with what you have vice focusing on what you don’t.

      1. Sometimes a little hair is hot, not every woman has to look underage down there.

  11. Men ruled society in previous generations. Even going back to biblical times, they knew the nature of women and they kept women in-check, otherwise letting women run feral and have their say-so in how your society operates will lead to a degenerate society of enslaved men. Like the saying goes, “Show me a dangerous neighborhood full of crime, drugs, and thuggery, and I’ll show you a neighborhood full of single moms”. Since all and any shaming of slutty behavior is now gone and laws have been established to benefit women and a safety net has been put in place so a female can financially survive either via the welfare system or affirmative action jobs, they run feral. Females are feral animals today. A 100 years ago or longer, women had to maintain a clean reputation because MEN were her only means of financial survival of being able to live comfortably outside of her parent’s home she grew up in. There was no affirmative action jobs or welfare for them to take advantage of, so if men in town knew that a female was a slut, she either lived in her parent’s house as an “old maid” or had to move to a different part of the country. And if she did marry, there was no child support or no-fault divorce. If she wanted to file for divorce on her husband or if she wanted to cheat on her husband, then the husband could throw her right out into the streets. Men had standards back then, so typically no other guy would want a women back then that had already been married to someone else or had kids by someone else.
    Today, females are feral and since they are feral, you are getting to witness their evil side that they are free to express. This is all by design and was imposed on western civilization intentionally as a war against Christendom. Part of running a good clean functioning rational society was maintaining control over women and their behavior. That was control has been purposely and intentionally removed by proxy via laws and taxation to support those laws and “civil rights” policies.

    1. Agree 100%
      Giving women the right to vote caused the downfall of US society. All the crap you mention, like AA, Welfare, Food Stamps, No Fault divorce with child support, etc.. stems from women being able to vote. It was the 2nd worst mistake in US history.

      1. New Zealand was the first western democracy to allow women the vote, females there are on the extreme end of feral, mannish and over all absolute sluts. a Testing ground for Durex.
        Take a browse on some sites even go there and find highly positive comments about NZ women, its a challenge at best. Good NZ men pack up and leave or import their own wives.

    2. Feral is the right word to describe them. Being in a relationship with a modern female is like capturing a wild lioness and hoping it doesn’t tear your face off. In my opinion, two things need to happen for some semblance of balance to be achieved in the West: thirsty, desperate men have to stop giving slutty, shallow women validation and fathers have to stop raising their daighters with the daddy’s little princess complex.

      1. to allow fathers to do that, they must have some level of ownership and authority over their children. When a man can be divorce raped at the drop of a hat, or thrown into a cage if his “wife” accuses him of looking at her mean, then that is impossible.
        What we have is those men at the top having zero concern for the well being of those men below them, and a great many of the men at the bottom having zero concern for their brothers, even to the point of maliciously sabotaging one another every chance they get. ie, the “crabs in a bucket” analogy.

        1. I’m saying that fathers have a blue pill, unrealistic view of their daughters and treat them like spoiled snowflakes. I’ve noticed it recently with my brother and his two daughters. The young girls are mean, bossy, selfish and reckless. Instead of tempering their behavior (like he would if they were boys), he never punishes them for their actions. They will expect this treatment the rest of their lives and if they’re attractive, they will get it.
          Men have to accept that their daughters are just like every other women. She is not special. She needs boundaries set for her at a young age or she will be a pain in the ass later in life. Imagine the denial American fathers are in about what their precious snowflakes are doing in college and big cities every weekend.

        2. This is why it’s so very important to prioritize a woman’s value system before marriage and procreation. Not enough is made of how exposed you become as a man in these situations.

        3. They have been utterly emasculated, and that is why they have such damaged ideals. A lot of that emasculation is because of errors in their own philosophy dating back several hundred years, but only now those early cracks are showing as gaping holes.

        4. I think it’s partially that, and partially to understand that it is the job of men to assert their own expectations. Women ultimately take their cues from the men. For example, I was thinking of an incident 20 years ago, when a woman in college was talking nonstop about how her recent hookup with some other college man who had a girlfriend. She was asking her other friends for advice and support on how to get this man to love her.
          I said to one of the other guys there “should I bother telling her?” and he said “don’t bother.” Now I realize that the proper response was to walk right up to her and tell her she was being disgusting. Because that’s the truth, she was being disgusting. Taking another womans’ man away was callous and selfish, and she was being an evil little bitch and someone somewhere needed to slap her in the face for what she was doing.
          But we have lost the ability to do that because we men have become corrupt ourselves, and so if we say that it will come across as hypocrisy, which it is.
          You cannot watch porn and insist on standards from the women.
          You cannot be a cowardly, terrified little beta and expect any woman to take even a word you say seriously, without contempt.
          You cannot be a white knight just waiting for a socially acceptable excuse to gang up on another man and destroy his life when he gets into a fight with his woman and expect other women not to be sickened by you.
          Our problems are NOT the women. Our problems is that we are not loyal to EACH OTHER.

        5. You have to tell your brother about his. I and my brothers don’t allow our daughters to be bossy. Now my mom tries to encourage this in her granddaughters quite honestly, but for me and my brothers it comes natural to find bossy kids really annoying, male or female.
          In my experience its the women more than men whom actively encourage this bossy little girl behavior and it is prevalent. It’s also female teachers in schools whom really push it. But you are right, I do see lots of men ignore it. Probably due to them being afraid of their wives as an above poster said. It is disgusting though. But you know what’s funny, call your nieces out on it quitely when no one else is around. The best way is to make fun of their bossiness. I bet your nieces will start seeking their uncle out if you give them even a slight bit of discipline.

        6. Too many parents thinking that a parenting relationship is a friendship.
          As my father told me: ”I’m not your friend, I’m your father. Don’t ever forget it.”
          Teen girls are dramatic, sure, one of my daughters screamed “I hate you.” Like the opinion of a 14 yr old matters. As I told her, “You can feel whatever you do about me. But you will do as you’re told.”

        1. Right – Rollo has a short story in “The Rational Male” about coming face to face with a big cat in a cage that was trained as part of an act.
          Paraphrasing what he said, ‘No matter how many housecat attributes the big cat displays, respect the true nature of that big cat because it will bite your face off.’

      2. “thirsty, desperate men have to stop giving slutty, shallow women validation”
        This really is the crux of it all. Not just slutty, shallow women, either. Men need to be the alpha in the household. Many, many, men (and ALL liberal men) are scared of their wives. They’re scared of having different opinions than their wives. Everything they say and do is filtered through her life view. It’s the reason 99% of male SJW are even part of that movement. To get pussy through beta bullshit.

        1. Google is paying 97$ per hour! Work for few hours and have longer with friends & family!!!
          On tuesday I got a great new Land Rover Range Rover from having earned $8752 this last four weeks.. Its the most-financialy rewarding I’ve had.. It sounds unbelievable but you wont forgive yourself if you don’t check it

        2. There is some sad truth in that comment, but there are three things I would say about it.
          1) If you marry a woman who would have you arrested, you got what you asked for, so own it and suffer.
          2) If by some OFF chance you didn’t know you married a woman like that, make her aware she gets only one chance to arrest you. After that, it is hard for her to call the police when she is a missing person. If anyone ever threatens your life in such a way, respond accordingly…
          3) Don’t marry a bitch like that in the first place to avoid situations 1 or 2.

      3. You’re right about fathers raising their daughters with a princess complex. Also, fathers cucking themselves as SJWs to raise daughters like men, because they weren’t lucky enough to have a son of their own.

        1. I’m a 26 yr woman.. as a kid, my dad told me he was disappointed he didn’t have any sons, so he treated me like a boy.

      4. All we need is a new war, so that women become dependent on man to get food & wouldn’t have much opportunities to work for themselves. That way we man could keep women in check unless they want to die in poverty.

    3. The best come back I ever heard to the ” You can’t handle a ‘strong woman’ ” accusation….”Zookeepers ‘handle’ wild animals,orderlies ‘handle’ lunatics, guards ‘handle’ convicts; I don’t want someone in my house that I have to ‘handle’.

      1. I cancel dates with any girl who proclaims she’s a feminist (Read;Misandrist) as a fundamental. Just the other day I texted an upcoming date that that was the reason, and my worst fears concerned she started harping on, completely ignoring the fact she may need to make some ideological changes, as well as to her behavior and attitude, to bag any kind of quality relationship with a decent man. I always hope they will go and discuss it with their bitchy friends, so the ‘Shut the hell up about feminism’ meme spreads among the dating pool.

        1. Vocal Feminists are clearly to be avoided…no matter if they’re good looking, so I hope those so convinced do not ‘shut up about Feminism’.

    4. Agree with everything except the war on Christendom part. This devolution would have happened anyway, has happened repeatedly throughout history. This is just the latest iteration.
      It’s the second law of thermodynamics, all systems tend to chaos. Yes, there are outside groups “helping” the chaos, but even without them, you’d see the system splinter and break apart over time.

    5. Read The UnCivil war by Taleeb Starkes…..its about how some black people view their sub culture. It is pretty eye opening.

    6. And when this argument is made – femicunts and stupid sluts would retort “you’re just mad females are “strong, independent and capable”.
      Actually no, men are still better at you at most things. You were just given an opportunity to be mediocre at best. Irony is the best thing you could do is marry young and have children while still in youthful prime. Whilst never being a slut

    7. “”Show me a dangerous neighborhood full of crime, drugs, and thuggery, and I’ll show you a neighborhood full of blacks”

  12. On the Men vs. Women U.S. though the women manipulate the men. Also surprise feminists wanted these kinds of competition saying that women are just as capable as men surviving.

    Don’t sell out other men for some bitch. I do wonder from what I learned treachery is the worst sin you can commit in western civilization, in the olden days traitors were pulled apart by horses. why do men not punish women for treachery which they are constantly practicing on men in the west? Treachery puts you at the lowest level of hell with Judas and Satan. Women are not loyal in workplaces or in marriages (they initiate divorces and are first to run away)

  13. Nice article. As usual, ROK pushes men to be better. No, I do not need game, I am 53 and married. But I do wish I had this site when I was 17. Would have avoided a 5 year relationship with emasculating bitch from hell. (I will say I did wake up, left town without telling her and sent her a post card from Japan where I had secretly moved to and performed a disappearing act.) But that was only after abject humiliation did the last vestige of pride I had remaining manifest itself. All that was over 25 years ago. Now, ROK inspires me to run, lift weights, work out, not be an old man. I am busting my ass to stay in shape, got rid of my belly, and am at 170 pounds 6’2. More muscle, less fat.

    1. Any interesting follow up after you left for Japan?
      She must have had a meltdown, especially since it was a complete surprised.

  14. I blame these clothing and cosmetic industries. They’ve advanced so far that women use them to make themselves look like goddess sexy level and that fools a lot of men into thinking they’re really that beautiful. When much of those materials are gathered by men and designed by gay men.

        1. Well, yeah if your SMV is higher than that. The problem is that there are alot of guys who are 5’s and 4’s themselves.
          I refer to them as my “sedentary brethren”

      1. Anything under 7 is invisible — to me anyway. The 7-29 rule. 7 or high in looks and 29 or lower in age. Otherwise invisible.

  15. A decent woman doesn’t mind joining her body to her husband’s as long as he is an honorable man. For a woman, sex is an unspoken agreement with whatever her man is. If he is considerate, virtuous, thoughtful, a good money manager, and a strong, responsible father, then there is value in the relationship. But if her man is thoughtless, selfish, reckless, and lustful, a woman is bound to bring out any hidden despicable qualities through her sexual ego support.
    A man’s deteriorating condition is what makes his wife’s future seem so bleak. It threatens her and makes her afraid of sex. Sex is his problem; what to do with his problem is hers. (While I acknowledge that there are certain types of women who enjoy the leverage they have with weak and criminal types, I am not dealing with them in this text.)

  16. “I also began to realize that everything I had been taught by my parents, religion, and society was wrong when it came to women”
    Yeah religion is an absolute joke when it comes to advising men on relationships. Getting advice from your mother would be an absolute joke as well. And, unless your dad is James Dean, a tattooed ex-con, or the former jock that banged the entire cheerleading squad, your dad would be a joke of a source as well. Don’t even get me started on how pathetic society would be as a reference.

    1. Whether you believe in it or not, a literal reading of the Bible is about as red pill as one can get regarding women.

      1. Yes you are absolutely right. The “Bible” is red pill regarding women. But, organized “religion” is not. The two are mutually exclusive in that aspect.

  17. “…everything I had been taught by my parents, religion, and society was wrong when it came to women.”
    Actually, the Bible is red-pilled as hell regarding women. You wouldn’t know it from going to any “modern” church though. They have completely kow-towed under to the feminist agenda. Total, utter cucks.

    1. “…everything I had been taught by my parents, religion, and society was wrong when it came to women.”
      Because of bit of it was a lie.

      1. Yep, my parents raised me and my three brothers to be white knights. My father was a university psychologist and he took after Dr. Spock, who ended up running for President on the socialist ticket in the 1970s. So it’s no wonder that all four of us got divorced early on after trying to white-knight our way with women. We didn’t just get divorced, we were punished by those women.
        Unfortunately, my three brothers still seem to suffer as white knights and even defend their failed views of women.
        It seems criminal in hindsight, how badly we were set up.
        Luckily, I was the first to get divorced a number of years ago and luckily, it was incredibly harsh. Harsh enough to forever erase my blue pill illusions.

      2. ‘There is nothing proud about that, but I retained my dignity and self respect for I am not the flawed one, society is just that disgustingly vile.’
        From what little information there is in your post, you are correct.

    2. Very true statement. If you’re going to a church make sure do do a quick bit of research: churches like Independent Baptist, Mennonite and Southern Baptist are known for being more conservative/fundamentalist and literal regarding Scriptures. As you can probably guess, they’re more common in more rural areas, away from the big cities.

    3. King Solomon knew their nature all too well , unfortunately he learned it the hard way , like most of us often do .

    4. You can probably count on one hand the number of modern churches that say a single word about the concept of male headship, of both the church and the home, which is very clearly and unambiguously defined and commanded by the Bible. I’ve brought this up at church before, only to be told–by the same people who claim they believe the Bible is the “inerrant Word of God”–that “it was written a long time ago” so those parts are no longer relevant.

      1. If you read the Old Testament books, Proverbs, Wisdom, Sirach…. they’re dotted with red-pilled truths.

  18. I believe you have hit upon the true point of a life lived vs one endured. Like lifting weights or eating well; career, romance, education must be a dedicated, focused, effort. The regular difficulty, or pain, in ascending must be met as the cost of doing business. After a day of heavy legs, what sense would it make to never deadlift again because it made me sore? The best stuff comes later, as the difficulty recedes and your previous efforts produce a new ease in obtaining results. Once, a 490lb leg press seemed impossible. Today it’s my light weight/high reps routine.

  19. Never be nice. Lots of men act like Rambo and that gets them the girls then when the girls spend time with him he turns into a meek kitten and then the girls leave because they’re wondering where Rambo went. Be Rambo 24/7, women are attracted to you because you’re Rambo not because you turn into a pet that give into all her demands.

  20. As long as you believe only whites can be racist and capable of discrimination you are blue pill.

  21. Kings? More like fragile, butthurt, special snowflake men pretending to be all strong and macho. Never seen so many spineless wimpy guys crying in the same place before. Return of the Kings? What a joke. You poor, sad, lonely men. Your crappy attitudes and ridiculous world view must drive women away like a cattle prod. I can only imagine you all sitting in dark rooms in your mother’s basements, living vicariously through your internet connections, with your Return of the King-sized box of tissues close at hand for those times you daydream about what it would be like if only your shitty personality didn’t make women reject you as the pathetic wimps that you are. Keep holding tight to your silly beliefs, and your extra large jug of hand lotion. If you keep the first, you’re going to need the second.

    1. I’m surprised you could formulate anything beyond, “yes, dear”, cuck. Did your better half help you write that?

    2. At least two logical fallacies in your argument, buddy.
      That, and I’m engaged to an “8”. So suck on that, male feminist.

    3. Do you honestly believe that anyone is actually upset being insulted by some random person posting on the internet?

  22. Never hit a woman in the face. It leaves marks. Hit them in the stomach. It leaves no marks and you can teach them a serious lesson this way.

  23. Females are designed to find high status males, make offspring and ensure their offspring are safe and provided for until adulthood. It’s biology.

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