You Become What You Fight

BOnce you declare an idea or person to be your enemy, you give them a room in your mind. Within that room you insert their history, strategies, tactics, strengths, and weaknesses. You dedicate more of your waking hours to understanding how to defeat them. As time passes, items from that room start to leak out into your being, until you look in the mirror and realize that you are not that different from your enemy.

At the height of my PUA days, I declared feminists as my enemy. They were degenerate, anti-family, and promiscuous. This was at the peak of when I embarked on behavior that was degenerate, anti-family, and promiscuous. My attacks against them were one way of relieving the guilt and discomfort of my own behavior, since most of the girls I slept with had to have feminist thoughts in their minds to allow me to gain easy sex. I was experiencing pleasurable orgasms with the enemy in the evening then writing about how bad they were the day after.

I went one level up. Who created feminism? Who pushes their ideas? The Jews. They were crafty, intelligent, persistent, and masters of propaganda. Their negative influence on Western civilization must be countered, I thought. I examined their tactics and mimicked some of them in my own informational outlet, Return Of Kings, which has Jew-pilled thousands of men. I started thinking how to be more effective with propaganda and create opposing narratives, until I realized that in order to counter the Jew, I had to become more like the Jew.

Recently, Trump supporters Jack Posobiec and Laura Loomer tried to shut down a New York play that attempted to normalize violence against the President.

If you mute the audio of the video, you may think Posobiec and Loomer are left-wing activists, since this is the same type of tactic that leftists have used for years. I don’t particularly mind their disruption of the play since it gives the left a taste of their own medicine, but it was inevitable that those on the right would copy the left, just like how you should now expect the left to copy the right’s use of effective memes. However righteous your movement, understand that you will think and become more like your enemy as you fight him.

Even battling against something clearly immoral like pedophilia forces you to get in the head of pedophiles. What triggers them to abuse children? What kind of abuse do they perform? How do they network with each other to carry about their abuse? You start to think like pedophiles with the intention of stopping them, until the only step remaining is to actually view child porn yourself like in the case of reporter Kurt Eichenwald, who established financial ties with a child porn producer to investigate him.

Declaring a man as your enemy is the start of an intimate relationship that stems from three possible motivations: (1) you want to be more like him by having his power or wealth, (2) you want to gain more of your own power by hurting or crushing him, or (3) you want to relieve your inner guilt from already being like him, like in my case with feminists. The enemy will be present every single day of your life as you study him, interact with him, and probe him for weaknesses that you can exploit. At the end of many years of battle with your enemy, do not be shocked when you look him deep in the eyes and see a reflection of yourself.

Defend yourself against those who wish you harm, but understand the cost in having enemies. They are merely a mirror into your own demons and inner conflicts. Find out why you hate something before you start attacking what you’ll become more like with every passing day.

This article was originally published on Roosh V.

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142 thoughts on “You Become What You Fight”

  1. Well said.
    Ignoring someone is the best way to discredit them, let them wallow in their obscurity.

    1. They won’t wallow in their obscurity. They’ll gain power if allowed to do so. As Edmund Burke said, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

  2. The takeaway I get from this is to be vigilant not to become that which you fight. It’s easy to look at the way the left operates and justify using their own tactics against them. After all, we’ve heard all our lives that turnabout is fair play.
    But the what really separates the feminists, the tree huggers, the socialists and virtually every stripe of wacky leftist zealot from good people is a lack of rigid moral values. They really believe (at least at the lower echelons) that their cause is so just and their beliefs so true that the end indeed justifies the means. It is imperative that we do not fall into that trap.
    Speaking truth to power, patiently pointing out the flaws in their arguments and maintaining a frame of moral superiority will win a lot more hearts and minds than defecating on police cars, hurling bags of urine or burning neighborhoods ever will. This is ultimately a war of numbers and to attract enough people to our side to win our message must remain consistent and sensible. That creates a strong contrast against the shrill and totally unreasonable face presented by the modern left.
    It has been said that if it weren’t for double standards the left would have no standards at all. That is a situation we must strive to never be in or we will lose our credibility just as they are doing right now.

    1. The best thing to get from this is not to behave like Leftists. Much of the Alt Right ate the bait and now the conservative movement is stalling.

      1. Exactly! That was the point I was trying to make. You have to make sure you are not only distinctly different, but you have behave in such a way that they are clearly the assholes and aggressors. Then the casual observer can see who the problem is regardless of how the media spins it.

        1. The clowns in Charlottsville created a giant mess for the conservative movement. Steve Bannon finally left as a result. He would have put in place ideas that would help rebuild the US middle class. Either that or he grew tired of the daily drama in the White House and realized he was wasting his time.

        2. Barry Goldwater laid the foundation for Reagan. I honestly thought Trump would better to mentor someone else to bring his vision. Trump seems better off just running his business.

        3. Did you hear about Trump’s 1033 program saving lives in Texas? Those flat-bottom boats and high-axel rides from the military surplus are saving flood victims, and wouldn’t have been shared with local Police if not for Trump.

        4. The fucking losers & the media will NEVER highlight Hard work, Good deeds and Efforts of Trump. They will sure rot right in here, on this planet earth !!

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      2. Google is paying 97$ per hour! Work for few hours and have longer with friends & family!!!
        On tuesday I got a great new Land Rover Range Rover from having earned $8752 this last four weeks.. Its the most-financialy rewarding I’ve had.. It sounds unbelievable but you wont forgive yourself if you don’t check it

    2. Being self-aware is good. You gotta make sure you don’t see yourself become a hypocrite. Don’t become the left? Better stay humble, prudent, conservative, cautious, and help others because you are free to–instead of taxed to.

    3. The ENTIRE focus of feminism is to destroy the Christian Family.
      The end purpose is responsibility-free orgasm. (sexual revolution)
      This requires destroying: maidenhood, manhood, motherhood, fatherhood, and childhood.
      They are now coming for the children in the public schools, to mutilate them before puberty.
      Nothing irks them more than when Christian Families keep chugging along.
      To fight them, use tactics, but become the opposite.
      Want to fight Feminism, form a Christian Family:
      1) make babies 2) home-school 3) form male clergy only churches
      The hardest part is to first marry a good woman, good luck there, their first step was to destroy the girls.

      1. “The hardest part is to first marry a good woman, good luck there, their first step was to destroy the girls.”
        This. They went straight to the source and did everything they could to remove the Patriarchal male guidance necessary to maintain order in a civilized, predominantly Christian society. We essentially have sexual anarchy in most places. My wife and I were speaking with one young woman working her way through college as a waitress. She was lamenting the fact that she couldn’t land a decent boyfriend due to, in her words, “All the coochie mamas giving it away for free.”
        I would like to point out one minor flaw I saw in the article. It should be corrected to reflect that the husband is the head of the wife, not the house (Ephesians 5:23). The wife is in fact the head of the household and should manage the household wisely and frugally under her husband’s authority. This is the same relationship that the church is supposed to have with Christ. In fact Ephesians Chapter 5 addresses all of our modern depravity in detail. It’s no wonder the left hates the Bible.

  3. Look at the Trump presidency, he started out as a rebel, now he is fully part of the establishment, the same one he has been fighting for two years. He no longer has anyone at his side who has a coherent agenda that aligns with nationalist interests.
    I do not see more than one term for him at this point. Either he will not seek reelection, or face a primary challenger, or lose in the next election.

    1. Did he really start out as an outsider? He’s been involved in politics and rubbing shoulders with the power players for years. Bill & Hillary were at his wedding. I think he is an actor and a persuader. He did a fine job of persuading the public to support him so he could acquire what he wanted. But I don’t think he was ever really a rebel, he just made it appear that way. Now that he’s in the White House, he will do what his advisers tell him to do…or else.

      1. That’s why the country was better off with Hillary. She would do absolutely nothing and a real candidate would show up in 2020.
        A rich privileged guy from Manhattan convinced working class America he had their best interests.

        1. Well to me they are all crap. I wasn’t expecting much from Trump, so he has not been a major letdown, but I lowered the bar for him.

        2. Well right now Trump is a stalled engine, not doing anything. Also now that the main nationalists in the White House are gone, what is left? Globalists. All the other key Cabinet members are moderates, two of them are Democrats.

  4. in order to counter the Jew, I had to become more like the Jew.
    Way to completely misread the situation Roosh.

    1. I always appreciate his wisdom and candor. Roosh is no dummy. Clearly, he thinks very hard about all the major issues which are destroying the west… and generally comes to the right conclusions, in my opinion.

  5. “Find out why you hate something before you start attacking what you’ll become more like with every passing day.”
    But is it a question of hate? I’m pretty sure I don’t hate anyone, and I’m almost buddhist in trying to rid myself of my anger, lust and delusion. Even to position oneself within the binary, indeed of the dialectic of love / hate is surely to borrow from the SJWs & feminists and such. As for Jews, who wants to be an enemy of jews, when to define oneself as such is to define oneself as Amalek – a concept both Christians and Jews seek – hopefully – to repudiate and rise above. Better surely to be like Bruce Lee on Fighty Island, and to practice the art of fighting without fighting.
    It is of course very true that what you oppose may come to define you, and this is one of the secrets of the study of binaries; for instance that you don’t want to spend too much time demonstrating that you’re not gay, because the risk is that you define your heterosexuality in purely negative terms. Indeed a great deal of what it means to be male etc has always been defined negatively – again this is in part a leftist / feminist analysis I hate to say. By this method, being a man means I am not a gay, and not a woman etc . That’s why you have arch super queer feminists like judith butler (and wittig I think too) trying to break those binaries, those necessary connections that constitute habitual dyads. The danger is a dual one perhaps, both that the opposition (within the dyad, or binary) comes to define one, but also that in seeking to overcome it, one loses what might be a genuine anchor point of identity – there is after all a part of me that does indeed think I am a man for no other reason than that I am not a woman, and even if that is not a sufficient or adequate definition (and moreover hardly a state of affairs that would warrant winning any prizes) it is still somehow meaningful if only because the dissolution of that almost chemical (alchemical) bond may have some pretty serious consequences, a situation the practical consequences of which may be seen all around us amongst the increasingly rootless and lost souls trying to define their true selves in terms of what they want to stick their cocks into. Or anti-cocks as the case may be.
    But of course we were talking about jews weren’t we? If jews are not and should never be the enemy, or even an enemy, then it may still be the the case that some amongst their number (and by no means all) have had a major, arguably the major, impact on moulding the new world (ordered or otherwise) and if that is the case then we should still surely seek to understand that world, together with all other the peoples, groups, institutions and forces that may have helped to build and specify its detail. Understanding is not hate, and it does not imply nor require hostility, or opposition, and this could be said of any group, even the lowest bottom feeding feminists, who we can surely ridicule without any kind of compulsive animosity.
    There is only one thing I am sure of in this world, and that is that it is an edifice built almost entirely from the stone of misdirection

      1. they are ruining the world, and they would probably only be truly happy in the halls of hades, but we must rise above the temptation to send them forward on their journey brother

        1. I don’t endorse violent action against them (yet) because I know it will only be used as fuel for their cause. However, they are overly emotional people that should never be give authority in a society and there are certain thresholds they seek to legislate that demand violent resistance.

        2. well I agree with most of that. I don’t see how a situation can demand violent resistance yet be effective if as you realise it will simply be fuel for their cause. It’s enough to be ready should things get ugly, which as a former soldier I imagine you would be

        1. For many of them, that means getting off Daddy $upport… or doing their own laundry and food bills for once

        2. Not really I used to be a liberal. Wasn’t on food bills or daddy support or anything though. That sounds like a stereotype

        1. well I did find myself wondering how long you’d spent meditating deeply on the article’s core message

    1. If that is true for a man… psychologically other could be the reason… like loneliness……..

      1. well we’re all romantics or failed romantics at heart. But it’s difficult to sustain that when you look out the window and all you see is a sea of purple toxic hair.

        1. Romance is how we humanize the animal in us, in them…
          It is ultimately instincts controlling us.
          It is how we try to make the sexes compatible….. but ultimately fail.

        2. yes, that’s what its all about, at whatever remove. Even when we move away, we move towards
          If it’s not about success then it’s about not being suckered in the process

        3. Give these SJWs time and I imagine the next time you happen on a deer in the woods it will have purple hair too. They have no concept of nature, outside of its violation

        4. I think they’ll be needing to live down their stupidity within the decade. For the moment they still think they’re on the right side of history or something

      1. There certainly is such a biological imperative, but it often isn’t fulfilled, or the energies involved are redirected / sublimated

    2. I’m open to that possibility, and not blocking it, but not actively trying to achieve it. If such a thing doesn’t happen at least somewhat naturally, it may be better to leave it be.

      1. You’re the last person i’d expect to sell yourself short, but you’ve always spoken about the viability of settling down and having a family so it wouldn’t surprise me if it happened down the line.
        If on the other hand she has blue hair…..

        1. Well…based on this article, logic would indicate that blue haired muff diving femenist just might be the golden ticket 😨😵 lol

        2. I think this article is Roosh realising the possibility of such dangers and taking immediate evasive action

  6. One of the best pieces I’ve read thus far on this site. I recognize Nietzsche talking about staring into the abyss and fighting monsters, but from what other texts did you pull these ideas from? Thank you. Well done.

  7. “We become what we hate” is how I’ve heard this phrased. It’s wisdom thousands of years old.

      1. In Romans 7 Paul wrote, using a metaphor, regarding the human struggle between the flesh and inward man. This article is similar in concept. I agree that allowing “hate”, an unnecessary and destructive emotion, can lead one to this very state of mind Roosh encapsulates. Hence, maybe the reason or a primary effect, the lefts hateful behavior toward the conservative ideology has allowed them to become the most hypocritically intolerant peeps in the country.

  8. This is an inspired or derived from Nietzsche’s “He who fights with monsters should take that he himself doesn’t become a monster”

  9. This is derived from or at least inspired by Nietzsche’s “He who fights with monsters should see to it that he himself doesn’t become a monster….”

  10. “Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster… for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.”
    – Nietche

    1. Nietche = Say no to Che (Guevara)? Niet = Dutch for no.
      Not that Nietzsche likely would have disapproved.

  11. James Mattis just blocked Trump’s ban on Transgendered military personnel. Now what does he do? Last time I checked the banksters still run the show, no border wall, no factories from China closing and reopening in the USA.

        1. deep state goo is trying to sneak into every orifice. But then that was always going to happen

        2. Well looks like Pence might be President sooner than expected. Bannon leaving means it’s over already. It was Bannon that made the final push that got Trump the Presidency.
          The flood in TX is again sidelining the wall. And Trump did that AZ rally to get support which is starting to erode.

        3. Could be. But if they show they’re hand completely, it could be the worse for them. In fact its not only bad politics, it’s bad machiavellianism. GOT just got rid of Littlefinger, and the deep state appears to have lost all its talent for the same

        4. No, with Hillary and Paul Ryan it never would have gone back to conservative. The Federal government would have continued to be run like Chicago big-city dem enclave– every resource of the government used against it’s opponents.

        5. Well I’m an old man and life is too
          short. Rather live overseas. At least enjoy something because it’s going to be years before America is great again. I am out of patience.

    1. Well, to be fair only about .01% of the military are transgender. Trannys are not going to join the military for free sex change operations ’cause a) not all of them want operations and b) they’d have to survive boot.
      It is more of a statement than a money saver.

      1. Trans is a mental illness they want a mental ill person in shell shock in a killing spree to push the trans agenda of he did it because he was not accepted and we need more gun control.

    2. He’s trying to figure out how to implement it, with the first issue being what do you do about the folks who are already in? Particularly if they’re in critical billets or have critical skills?
      I mean, sure, in the military no one is indispensable but I think it’s reasonable for Mattis to consider all the angle and get the input of his subordinates on how to go about it.

  12. It has come to my attention that certain websites are being removed from the interwebs because of “hate speech”.
    I think at the moment they are just testing the waters to see how it works out before coming after everyone else they don’t agree with because of “hate speech”. Over the next few months hate speech is going to have a much broader definition.
    Watch your back.

    1. Something I find funny is the youtube videos put in the “youtube jail”. I mean, why not just remove the video instead of just stripping it of the bells and whistles… unless it is meant to be a compromise, which is a scary thought.

      1. The youtube sandbox is a gradual plot. It’s actually not so much pre plotted as it is their first reaction to censor legitimate content when they can’t even precisely define ‘hate’. No one can agree on a precise definition of ‘hate’ or ‘hurt feelings’ or ‘muh feelings’. Their vague branding of what is definitively ‘objectionable’ is like a restaurant’s discressionary policy to deny patrons who don’t wear a shirt. A wife beater may or may not be a shirt depending on the zipcode. If traditionalist rightists are asked to sit at the back of the bus, then whoever is soundhorning such a demand is likewise being purely discriminatory without cause, warrant or authority. They portray nothing more than an illusion of authority, a confidence backed authority con game where they back down when called out. Only around yes men and sheep who believe in them do they have complete authority. They step right down when countered.

    2. In an effort to bring down ROK they will cherry pick particularly offensive comments that were not deleted. I find the comments as interesting as the articles and like to read all of them. Learned a lot here!

    1. They’re also going to accidentally meme an actual Nazi movement back to the forefront of American politics. Their understanding of meme magic is not only so abysmal they still can’t grasp how Trump won, but they don’t even understand the mechanics enough not to accidentally create the exact thing they fear most.

  13. Funny because my two favorite anti feminist conservatives are Jews. Michael Savage and Ben Shapiro. I suppose the Jews are responsible for everything, kinda like God.

    1. Just because there are some conservative ones does not change the grossly disproportionate influence that j3ws have had on communist and leftists movements over the centuries

      1. My point was that Jews have had a grossly disproportionate influence on both sides of the aisle, which makes it harder to stereotype them one way.

        1. Dialectics. Oh, and polarity.
          “Everything is Dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet; all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled.”–The Kybalion.
          The kybalion is not a jewish text (it’s a bit cheesy actually) but it’s the same neck of the woods….perhaps

  14. As always, self-doubt can help prevent one from falling into the trap of becoming like your enemy.
    Of course, the simplest route would be not to have enemies.

  15. The difference is that one side is driven by a false sense of moral superiority and irrational relativism, while we are driven by truth, justice, and honor. Simply put, no matter how much the left screams, we are the ones grounded in objective reality. So while we may look similar, our side can at least justify itself by axiomatic truth, not just simply an “ends justifies the means” attitude

    1. If Daily Stormer is any indication, that seems inevitable.
      But I’m not attached to my name. I’d come back under a new name, and you’d sense the return.

      1. I just can’t believe internet censorship is starting, There are websites on how to kill people/rape/turture etc ; ISIS and other terrorist organisation; Black Supremacists; let me not even get started on what kind of Porn is out there…and yet they target the Daily Stormer? Ridiculous…the fight for the internet will probably be the most important one in the 21st Century…He who controls the internet will literally be able to shape and manipulate the minds of billions of people

      2. You’ve inspired my writing as well. I feel I can relate to you in almost all your posts. Crazy.

      3. They could zap you right now for merely mentioning Jews in the original article. “Anti-semitic hate” ZAP! Outta here, non-personed. Your reaction is the right one, outcome independence, ZFG, etc.

    2. I suspect everything right of The Young Turks will eventually get de-platformed…but it has the reverse effect of drawing even more attention to the thing being censored, as young people have an insatiable curiosity for the taboo and the forbidden. All the cards are on the table now.

  16. Fighting your enemies is ok, but as with any endeavor, stay balanced and keep all your varied pursuits checked in moderation. A migraine with stiff neck or psychotic thoughts are nature’s way of telling you to take a break or switch pursuits for a bit. Drink, write, fight, feast, fuck and propogate but don’t throw your entire soul into one basket by focing all your best energies and time on your enemy otherwise your nemesis comes home to bite. Your enemy becomes you. Even with fucking, you fuck in moderation lest you become a compulsive fucker stuck in a nonstop animalistic fuck loop. You entomb yourself in whatever compulsive matrix you create. If you focus your entire soul on just fucking, you become a speechless grunting babboon that does nothing but fuck and then sleep.
    Know how to moderate and keep a lid on obscessive compulsion. Obscessive focus is a tool and belongs in your toolbag alongside your other tools. Use your obscessive focus only when you need a nitro boost, but control your compulsions or they will leave you with a raw dick, a fat computer ass with carpal tunnel and thick eyeglasses or in the worst case it’ll leave you with bounty hunter fags up your ass.
    Your enemy always wants to trade shoes with you. It really happens! – – THIS DUMB highschool bitch in Maryland became obscessed with criminology. She wanted to be top bitchcop. She ate, dreamed and slept her criminal justice career dreams.
    She gagged her youthful fertility and studied sooo hard to become a female MCGRUFF crimefighting dog. Then she finally became her highschool’s star honors student in the criminal justice trade program and she completely forgot her natural programme to pursue motherhood and become locked and sealed in servitude to a patriarch. All the delving into the fucked up criminal mind caused something to click in her head and she suddenly fantasized becoming the world’s first female school shooter. Another western female mind left to it’s own devices:
    She infatuated herself with the stupidest end of humanity, the ‘cri-muh-nulz’ . . . duuuh. Who the fuck cares about the low end of culture? Why obscess over reprobate behaviour? For one, bitch cops are the worst and bitch detectives are unbearable. And for her it became all but another diversion for breeding age western females. It completely sucked this poor girl in. A sterile cubicle surely awaited muh career. She was 17 and many wasted eggs past the starting line in the race to BREED progeny for our great green republic.
    Her smooth white ass cheeks will now bless a women’s prison, not Elm street with bright eyed white kids riding scooters.

    Her simp father never packaged and peddled her away at fertility with dowry to a suitable property owning red pill man. She was long overdue for the matrimonial red pill dickwhipping. Throngs of stiff dicked and iron balled red pill western men would have gladly domesticated her in the years before she flaked on the program of educational system slop that she ended up drowning in. But she drowned in the bullshit. What a waste of another intelligent young white American female. At least now she won’t carousel and screw a hundred police chiefs and traffic cops.

  17. This is nonsense.
    Tactics are just that…tactics.
    Losing with your principles intact is still losing.
    Maybe you can have “We Were Better Than Them” engraved on your tombstone.

    1. I don’t deny that there are situations that called upon ‘non-monster’ folks to conduct same… and become monster-like in reality …but not monster-like tactically for the millions of Americans otherwise resolved to see their sons return in body bags – i.e. Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
      Please expand – at what line should we consider monster behavior. I believe we are near this line with North Korea. And I fear there will be gunshots on Anti-Fa soon at a future rally. And snipering and Leninist purging of conservatives who are being creeped by AntiFas.

    2. I’m -mostly- in your court on this one. Many peoples have been washed away through history for attempting some moral high ground.
      I don’t really think though, that was the thrust of the article. It was more along the lines of, you can fight (and have to) fight very dirty, but see to it that you understand that at all times. When it becomes so natural to do abhorrent things that you forget they are abhorrent, you have crossed the line and become the monster you fight against.
      This is not a simple task, hence the wisdom of Roosh and by proxy Nietzsche on this matter.

    1. When I cried as a kid, my Grandfather used to say he’d give me something to cry about (a good whippin’). What these antifas need is some ‘fa’ to antifa. New recruitment poster for Uncle Sam “We want Anyifas!” …then ship ’em off to North Korea. If their hearts are really in it, let them save the world (they won’t of course. They aren’t anti-fascists. They’re anti-American-free-speech).

        1. I cried when I saw that. I have a 7 year old son. That actor was really effective as Capone. A murdering madman one minute, a loving father at home. Go figure.

  18. “Whoever fights monsters should see to it that he does not also become a monster.” – Nietzche

    1. ‘You can’t fight the Dragon without getting spittle on your face.’
      Ancient Chinese.

  19. There is a paradox.. But if you let them have their way, they run over you and remold your society. I have seen some things I do not like about myself fighting over politics. But if I had not fought, I would live in a sea of liberal propaganda, for example at holiday time with my family. Making an “evil Trump, evil republican” comment is just part of everyday conversation for leftists these days.. At least when I am around now, that stops, but the cost is the liberals in my family do not like me as much as before. Finally, I do not care if someone has different political beliefs for personal friendship. But my liberal family members seem to. I remember when I was a kid,, people did not hate each other as much over politics… It is as if their identity has been subsumed by that of their pharoh.

    1. Liberalism has become a relgion, and their sole identify, that is why people are so much more defensive about it

      1. It allllll becomes a religion.
        They always worship these idols.
        Bolsheviks, Nazis they worshiped the most transparently ordinary men as though they were Gods.
        Greens worship the Earth.
        Those Bankers we don’t hear so much about worship mammon.
        The atheist young may worship The Other, or their own bodies, or some image on a screen, or a football player……..
        No, I mean actual football….and actual fan worship….

        …the fans would raise and lower their arms as though in a Pagan Temple.
        With all this debased worship hard wired into human beings, it’s almost as though we were some how ‘designed’ or ‘created’ to….
        Forget it.

  20. The article is incomplete.
    To nurture this phenomena of ‘mirroring’ your enemy, you have to hate your enemy.
    Without the hatred, you are not spiritually exposed to infection. Even if you affect to mimic your enemy; you will easily be able to cease the mimicry without it staining you.
    Christians know hating other humans is a burden and a curse.
    This is only one reason why.

    1. I agree. The majority of zombified Leftist golems are not only intoxicated all of the time, but have the restricted pupils so indicative of the brainwashed and the possessed. Those on the Right, on average, tend to be more sober and serious because we are not driven by blind hatred and hysterical emotionalism.

  21. Sweet. If I keep it up one day I might become a billionaire jewish globalist. Then I won’t give a shit about fighting billionaire jewish globalists.

  22. Just a moment,
    i know my motivation for declaring my enemy.
    It has little to do with the enemy’s wealth/power per se.
    nor wanting to gain more of my own power and wealth
    much less subconsciously feeling inner guilt of already being like the enemy.
    For me; i declared my enemy because the enemy is wrong.
    The enemy is DEMONSTRABLY wrong.
    The enemy refuses to see it.
    The enemy is free from responsibility for it.
    The enemy’s poison newly infects Thousands daily.
    The enemy excruciatingly ended Hundreds of Millions of human lives already.
    The enemy at this point cannot be halted from excruciatingly ending Billions of human lives.
    The enemy persists and grows and accelerates with Black Hole strength, singularity, and impunity.
    The enemy magnificently succeeds more and more completely in crushing the human race’s ascent “from the swamp to the stars”.
    The enemy must be resisted and defeated,
    The enemy never weakens even when totally defeated
    Ergo, the enemy must be expunged, eradicated, and expurgated.

  23. late, but what a valuable point roosh. Mankind greets you for such a hidden piece of knowledge. thanks.

  24. Not to start a conversation about the middle east, but this is the same tactic the Syrian army and Hezbollah (although considered a terror group) use in the war. They tend to wounded enemies and feed the prisoners. When asked why they do this while ISIS execute any man they catch, they simply said “we will not be like our enemies”.

  25. As it has been said before, whatever you worship (in a positive or negative way) is going to eat you alive. Not harboring aversion nor giving in to clinging is the Way of the King: heaven and earth are united and yet they are separated.

  26. I’m undecided on this. One one hand we have foundational differences and views compared to these people. And of course we don’t want to become them.
    On the other hand… their tactics have worked to destroy us, we could destroy them equally.

  27. I think it is too convenient to say that your so-called enemies and what you hate are also your personal demons.
    I hate social justice warriors but I would never in a million years go to a rally and shut up their left-wing speakers with violence or censor their views because their politics triggered me.
    Just because I don’t want to take it in the backside by a man or tolerate all the tranny trends going on in this sick society doesn’t mean I am a secret homo or putting on dresses, wigs and make-up and watching Bravo and singing show tunes in my spare time.

  28. “Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster…
    ………for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.”

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