Osta-Red (Ostarine): The Holy Grail For Natural Athletes?

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There are so many “steroid alternative” products that have hit the market over the years that when something seems too good to be true, it almost always is, and it’s actually usually complete and utter crap.

However, since the conception of SARMs, there has been promise invigorated back into the supplement industry. This one WILL NOT disappoint you like all the others will, and I’m going to tell you why.

What Is Ostarine? What The Hell is A SARM?

Ostarine is a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM for short) which has been studied and proven to significantly improve lean body mass and physical function.

It also exhibits increases in tendon strength, ligament health, bone density and collagen turn-over.

Ostarine is a specific type of SARM that has proven to be very effective at building lean muscle tissue, burning fat, and increasing strength as well as endurance past the point your natural genetics would allow you otherwise.

It is important to note, that while Ostarine isn’t a steroid, it still exerts anabolic effects in muscle and bone formidable to the results one could expect from a mild dose of certain less harsh steroids.

So Ostarine Isn’t A Steroid But It Can Give You The Same Benefits Steroids Do?

Ostarine isn’t as strong as most steroids are. HOWEVER, I think it certainly does deliver muscle gains and body recomposition benefits comparable to modest doses of certain “milder” steroids.

I would assert that mild doses of Equipoise, Primobolan, or low doses of Anavar provide similar results to a recommended dose of Ostarine.

Realistic expectations must be made when you start using this supplement though.

It won’t pack on 15-20 pounds of lean muscle on you in a few months; however, you definitely can expect LEAN gains upwards of 5-10 pounds in my opinion with a decent diet and training regimen.

5-10 pounds of muscle is still a HUGE gain, and the results will certainly be even more dramatic for an individual who has never touched performance enhancing supplements in their lives before.


Ostarine Is A Great Alternative For Those Who Don’t Want To Use Steroids

Ostarine binds to the androgen receptor via the same process anabolic steroids do, but have a selective process in which they work on the receptors in your body (hence the category of supplements being named: SELECTIVE androgen receptor modulators).

This selectivity allows Ostarine to deliver some of the same anabolic activity normal steroids would, but without the nasty androgenic related side effects that natural athletes want to avoid like hair loss, testicle shrinkage, testosterone shutdown, infertility, bitch tits (gyno), etc.

Most steroids convert to DHT or Estrogen, and when the body is subjected to higher than normal levels of those two hormones you have the increased chance of a huge myriad of unwanted side effects.

Those side effects will be non-existent during the use of Ostarine.

A lot of direct parallels can be made between certain steroids and Ostarine not only because of increase in muscle mass it causes, but the increase in nitrogen retention as well as the improvement of joint mobility and ligament strength it causes.

What you can expect from Ostarine are respectable and easy to maintain gains in lean muscle mass, strength and endurance with little to no side effects.

Can I Bulk Up Or Cut Down On Ostarine? Will It Benefit Me In Either Scenario?

The anabolic attributes of Ostarine make it the perfect addition to any bulk or cut phase. Regardless of your physique goals, Ostarine has benefit in any training regimen.

For example, if you are cutting in a calorie deficit Ostarine will retain a much greater amount of muscle (if not all of it) than you would be able to hold onto naturally.

Alternatively, if you are trying to bulk up in a calorie surplus to gain muscle or strength, Ostarine will bring you far more lean muscle gains and strength gains than you would otherwise be able to achieve naturally.

Also, if you are simply trying to lose a bit of fat and gain a bit of muscle, Ostarine works great as a body recomposition supplement as well.

Real Life OSTA-RED Experience And Results

This is Derek, he set a goal for his Ostarine cycle to cut as much body fat as possible or at least get into the sub 9-10% body fat range without losing any muscle.

The results speak for themselves:

Osta-Red Before And After

“I lost no strength and I didn’t lose any lean muscle tissue, and I was able to get to around 8-9% body fat with only 3 cardio sessions per week at about 25-30 minutes a piece at my most involved portion of the cut which took 6 weeks.” – Derek

“I actually gained a few reps on a few of my compound lifts during that Ostarine cycle so it is arguable that I gained a bit of lean muscle despite being in a calorie deficit.” – Derek

What Dose of Ostarine Should I Be Using?

Diminishing returns seem to start at around the 37.5 mg per day mark.

We recommend that you use 25-37.5 mg per day for 6 weeks to achieve optimal results with the least chance of side effects.

If you choose to do another Ostarine cycle, we recommend that you complete your PCT phase and then take as many weeks off as you were on Ostarine for.

This will ensure your body has fully recovered and that your androgen receptors are fully refreshed so your body is primed to deliver great results again during your next cycle.

In other words, the gains from Ostarine will eventually plateau if you don’t take time off from it by cycling it on and off.

Ostarine has a very convenient half-life of 23.8 hours, so timing your dosing schedule and popping pills a certain amount of hours apart several times per day is totally unnecessary.

Once per day dosing is the most effective way to ensure you get the biggest peak in your blood plasma serum levels from Ostarine, so take your daily dose in its’ entirety all at once at the same time each day. Easy to remember and simple.

I just take mine right when I wake up before breakfast.

Is PCT Necessary Afterwards/Is There Testosterone Suppression On Ostarine?

Those who choose to try higher than average dosing protocols may find their testosterone levels slightly suppressed in rare instances.

Don’t fret if this happens, it is very temporary and if you follow the recommended dosing instructions you will very likely not even encounter this side effect.

To offset the slight chance that you experience a bit of testosterone suppression, it is highly recommended that you complete a PCT (post-cycle therapy) after your Ostarine cycle finishes. This means literally the day after your last Ostarine dose, you begin your PCT.

We highly recommend you use this PCT supplement linked below for your PCT phase.


Red Supplement’s “RED-PCT” product contains a potent natural testosterone booster and a potent aromatase inhibitor (lowers your estrogen levels back to a healthy range if they are elevated).

Red-PCT will expedite your recovery process to bring your testosterone levels back up to where they naturally should be and were previous to your Ostarine cycle.

Even if you don’t experience any testosterone suppression on Ostarine, it is still highly recommended to complete the PCT to solidify and retain your gains from the Ostarine cycle you just ran.

It’s better to be safe than sorry, so I recommend that everybody who does an Ostarine cycle do a full PCT to ensure their test levels have recovered to homeostasis.

Get A Pure Source For Your Ostarine And Your PCT

You want your Ostarine and PCT products to be of high purity and to be consistent batch to batch from whichever supplier you are using.

Be Smart! You are ingesting a foreign substance into your body, it should go without saying that you want to order from a reputable company who you can trust and won’t put fillers or other garbage in your product and not meet their label claims.

The Red Supplements Staff not only has high quality products that each come with a purity report for each order, but they are legitimately friendly and prompt in regards to their customer service, and have knowledgeable representatives who are always there to answer any and all questions you may have regarding their products.

Click HERE to be redirected to the Red Supplements homepage where you can view the products yourself and make an order.

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      1. Kratom’s got your back when three big dudes are confronting you in a dive bar.

    1. That’s what some janitor on vacation in Amsterdam overheard the pretty girl saying to her coworker behind the Window about the well-hung client who they just finished with as he drank his Kratom tea before leaving.

  1. All the standard ROK jokes aside, I’ve heard a lot of site I frequent promote this product (Iron & Tweed, B&D, John Doe Bodybuilding, etc). Once I have another 5-6 months of weightlifting under my belt, I’m, planning on giving this a shot.

    1. Same story with phenibut.
      While we’re being serious, I’ve actually gotten decent results out of the Animal Cuts product they sell at GNC. It’s basically a shit-ton of mild stimulants that slightly improve your workouts while keeping you from getting hungry. Of course it works, but I always wonder whether the ECA stack is more cost-efficient.

      1. I’ve never used animal cuts but j used animal pack as my multi and it really is very good for people who stress their bodies with lifting.
        I make my own ECA and add beta alanine and find it is much less money and just as effective as anything on the market

        1. There’s a special ocular injection apparatus-
          Kratom straight to the optic nerve and brain injected into the eyeball just right – it’s like French kissing God.

  2. If you’re not shut down with natural test production why use this red pct junk??? Just snort more KRATOM!!!!

  3. Whenever my KRATOM supply runs low, I start drinking my own piss to recycle whatever KRATOM my body didn’t absorb on the first pass.
    Free basing KRATOM is the best method of ingestion

    1. They’ve just banned the selling of Kratom here in the UK so no more freebasing for me. I’ve saved my last batch for Glastonbury Festival as I’m working there and it can be graft. Should come back jacked. Stupid nanny state.

      1. Don’t worry they exempted alcohol and tobacco which are entirely safe.

        1. Probably not Kratom. I was in 6’4 at the peak of my Kratom use.

        2. Yep, those pictures are before and after a workout, hence, why the veins are popped out from pumping so much blood. They would have been better off not to include a picture than include one that sells themselves out as liars.

        3. me too. Considering I’m 5’5-5’4 that’s pretty damn amazing.

        4. I agree. The pic doesn’t show that much actual muscle gain. And the first pic is fuzzy, so you don’t see the definition you do in the second.

  4. While this isn’t as powerful as steroids, it is still a drug–and far from natural. I am not saying don’t use it in any shape or form, but do your homework first, and be cautious.

    1. If they are advertising that you may need a pct, then it is something not to be taken lightly. Pct is very serious.

        1. Infidel! Heretic! How dare you even THINK such blasphemy.
          Your mortal flesh craves the clensing rush of Kratom.

  5. Ostarine still causes testicular atrophy and reduces testosterone. If you’re on ostarine, you’re not natural.

    1. Fiddlesticks and poppycock, Kratom will atone for the outrage one may have performed to one’s testicles by spending one’s cash on anything other than –

  6. Although this is disguised as a “red pill”, I realise it’s kratom.

  7. We should probably just turn off comments on “sponsored posts”
    I remember that there used to be actual discussion about the product sometimes.
    But that was before Kratom.
    Kratom changed everything

    1. Kratom is everything.
      All else is either merely a shadow of Kratom or an illusion.

    2. What is there to discuss? Another scam supplement produced by the scam fitness industry?
      Only real supplement you need is whey protein, everything else is bullshit.

        1. Lysine actually works great to reduce post workout soreness. Russians started using it back in the 1980’s for their pro athletes, and as we know, the USSR didn’t give a shit about product promotion or pushing fad supplements.

        2. Creatine is great and there are others that are even better. It will just cost you though…

        3. Yeah, but if you eat red meat you get your creatine. If you avoid red meat then creatine is definitely helpful.

      1. Actually Whey is fake too. It was the stuff they threw out when making cheese, but when they figured out it could be sold as a bodybuilding supplement, they turned what was a waste product into instant $$$$. All this bullshit about 2g/protein per pound of lean mass is horseshit. You need more protein if you’re working out hard, but not those insane amounts. And it will take years to achieve a natural physique.

    3. Ya we’re going to end up pissing off the sponsors and dry up revenue for the site.

      1. All other “supplements” bow before Master Kratom.
        All other “sponsored posts” are merely to re-arouse the discussion of the wonders and elicit the endless praises due mighty Kratom.
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        We may not complete the spreading the Gospel of Kratom, but we must not cease doing so, Amen.

        1. Hahaha. You take Kratom for everything and If kratom isnt working you take more Kratom.

        2. It is you who are not working, Kratom never slumbers nor idles.
          Perhaps some shady purveyor has sold you counterfeit Kratom (Kratom forbid!), or tried to bulk it out with some inert filler such as oregano.

      2. Got a point. Maybe we should start being a little nice to the sponsors.

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  8. They could have sold a ton of this if they just said it enhanced the effectiveness of our God, Kratom.

  9. Idk…if i have to get on a post cycle therapy im not going to want to take the pct product recommended here, im going to want clomid which i know works for sure. If i have to go through the trouble to get illegal pct drugs, i might as well be taking illegal steroids anyways. I can get a whole cycle of test for $80. Shit works, and is cheaper in the long run than this stuff here.
    Im going to just stick to kratom for now.

    1. With Ostra OTC PCT will do just fine. It is not in the same category as M-Stane or Epi. I have used Animal M-Stak as a precaution and it was fine. What you need to watch out for is SARM stacks peddling Ostra as a PCT. I had Marine get bitch tits because some company pulled this and the dumb fuck didn’t conduct any research.

    1. It’s weird how he shrank a foot in height after taking this product. Is that side effect listed on the label, I hope?

  10. This is from good looking loser, the same man that brought you Kratom. Check out his site.

    1. Him and Victor Pride are working to scam people together. Chris fakes infields and Victor sells shit t-shirts.

    2. Ostarine is legit. It was in most OTC prohoromone supplements in the US until the FDA threatened law suits. SARM4 is a better substance, close to Anavar in results.

  11. Seriously, all Kratom jokes aside, has anyone tried this supplement? What’s his name from Bold and Determined recommends it and I’ve wondered about it since reading his article.

    1. I have to cut with. It is hard to find a pure form of it these days without going to a Pharma source. This is all legal though you need to know exactly what you are looking for. I am 6’5″. I bulked up to 245 on a non anabolic stack, eating 5k calories a day and very little cardio. I cut down to 220 over 8 weeks on an Ostra stack. Started at 11% and finished below 7% for the physique show I did. I would highly recommend it. I in no way represent this company but look up Primevial Labs. I use a lot of their pro horomones. Heres the deal though they may be legal but the substances can in some cases be more dangerous than some AAS cycles. I always say I am legal (US) not natural. No one in the strength game is natural we are all looking for an edge. Hope this helped you out.

  12. Ostarine works but: 1. it’s nothing like AAS, so you won’t get lots of mass. 2. it’s probably better for cutting. 3. it will mess with your liver. 4. while it won’t shut you down, on high dosage it will still lover your testosterone by quite a margin. 5. it will raise your estrogen because it binds to some androgen receptors, so you will have more free testo that aromatizes. overall, i don’t think it’s worth it

  13. I’ve been experimenting with ostarine since 2011 and liked it better than any other SARM. It helped me get abs and strength wise I pulled off 600lb deadlifts, 450lb bench presses, 225lb skullcrushers and 120lb dumbbell curls. My advice: 1) take it with clomid or tribulus for maximum gym intensity 2) split your doses throughout the day (if you take too much at once, you’ll get a painful stomach ache) 3) drink it down with something alcoholic – because its not water soluble.
    I quit ostarine earlier this year. It’s a halocarbon that contains fluorine, similar to the steroid fluoxymesterone/ halotestin. (For those who don’t remember, halotesting was the oral steroid responsible for giving athletes and bodybuilders liver cancer and liver failure in the 80’s and early 90’s.) In the last 5 years, I’ve probably ingested 25 grams worth of ostarine in my life. From doing some grade 11 chemistry calculations, about 3500 mg of fluorine passed through my liver – roughly the equivalent of taking 4-6 dental fluoride pills a day over the same course of time. Except sodium fluoride is water soluble and it goes right out of you – but ostarine and its metabolites, not necessarily so, it may build up somewhere.
    I’m very fearful of a heightened cancer risk in 20 years.
    The ideal doses for bodybuilding are about 10-20 times higher than the doses used in the clinical studies, and the test subjects in the ostarine studies tended to be old menopausal women suffering from osteoperosis (hence the given name ‘ostarine’). If the odds of a mutation/cancer tumor is proportional to the number of cell-replications, than we can infer that the lions share of the test subjects will die of natural causes before a trend of liver cancer would be noticed.
    1) If you chose to do Osta-Red or any other halocarbon SARM, limit the length of your cycles and take a long break in between.
    2) Copy and paste their advert, and save your receipt, for when you file a lawsuit or join a class action against Red Supplements, for negligent misrepresentation. (I recommend suing them soon while they still have money in the kitty, because they won’t have any by the time Merck and GTx take them to the cleaners for infringing on their intellectual property.)
    3) and observe…..what ROK’s principals are towards free speech and censorship when it comes to protecting their corporate sponsor.

    1. Great post, and will sadly just go by. I’m not sure the Osta-Red is true Ostarine though. I read somewhere that true Ostarine can only be sourced as a research chemical. Who knows if there’s any truth to this. Would you happen to know?

  14. I read somewhere that SARMS like Ostarine can only be gotten as research chemicals. So how is this available in capsule form?

    1. When a research entity purchases: ((2S)-3-(4-cyanophenoxy)-N-[4-cyano-3-(trifluoromethyl)phenyl]-2-hydroxy-2-methylpropanamide), or CAS# 841205-47-8 from a laboratory, they must state their legitimate intentions, pass their vetting process (some Chinese labs will purposely send a fake sample to test if the purchaser knows how to do a round of analytics) and sign a declaration for customs that it will only be used for research. (Responsible online research chemical retailers have waivers for their customers to click off on.) If said entity market’s it to non-researchers, makes claims, encourages the ingestion of it (like putting it in a capsule), or sells it to someone who declares intent to ingest it (like answering a customers email about how much strength they’ll gain); they are violating numerous laws and standards of care – and are a sitting duck for lawsuits from all directions.
      The wholesale price of ostarine/enobosarm/mk2866 has dropped considerably in the last 4 years. The 1 and a 1/4 grams of active material in a bottle of Osta-red doesn’t cost very much; so I believe that they are indeed using genuine substance.
      Ostarine isn’t very stable, and should be kept in a sealed container in a dark freezer. Quite often a grey-market shipment will be held by customs for inspection at room temperature up to 4 months, where the quality will drop. If its mixed into a liquid (without the right preservatives and anti-oxidants) it can deteriorate in 3 weeks. Often when research chemicals have volume sales its because they’re overstocked and need to get rid of their junk. (The quality of internet grade ostarine varies greatly depending on how fresh it is, or how it was prepared. Perhaps why some guys get good results and others complain why it doesn’t work.)
      Ostarine in a capsule would be more stable than a liquid, at the risk of incurring legal liability (for insinuating suitability of ingestion to a reasonably prudent researcher.)

      1. Cool info, thanks man. So in general, liquid research chems have what kind of lifespan? Stuff like LiquiClomi and variations?

        1. Generally: liquids are more easily absorbed but tend to have shorter shelf lives, whereas powders/capsules are less easily absorbed but can have longer shelf lives.
          But there are dozens of factors that can come into play (chemical structure, temperature, light exposure, pH, oxidizers). So generally low temperature, sealed from oxygen, stable pH, low light; is ideal.
          From my experiences clomiphene citrate is much more resilient in liquid. It’s an awesome supplement. Porn stars use it to shoot more voluminous loads. Professional gigolo’s use it to oblige more clients.
          As you know women put men through tons of cunt-tests. If they notice a pattern of small loads they’ll instinctively suspect you of cheating. So If you’re going to keep a mistress, or womanize, its advisable to use Clomid.

  15. LGD-4033 is best for bulking and is the strongest of the SARMS, MK-2866 is good for cutting.

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