3 Types Of Shows That Are Like “The View” For Men

“The View” is (rightfully so) the butt end of all jokes, references, sleights, and insults intelligent people use to shame the inferior women who watch it.  It is vain, vapid, narcissistic, unintelligent, masturbatory, full of itself, and other accurate pejoratives, but above all else it is a waste of time.  Women who watch it are quite literally pissing away their lives.  About the only thing worse that could be said about it is that it misleads women into having an inaccurate view of the world that not only ruins what dwindling time they have on the planet, but lessens the value of the lives of those around them.  It is, quite simply, poison.

But before we men get on our high horses and mock and ridicule those who watch “The View,” we might want to take inventory of our own viewing habits, for most of us are guilty of wasting our time on equally worthless, vapid, and pointless shows.

1. Sports Coverage Shows


It is no secret I enjoy playing sports, but loathe those who merely watch them.  This isn’t to say you can’t take in a game or enjoy a Sunday afternoon football party, but if you’re one of those losers who’s wearing another man’s jersey while you hork down wings and light beers at Buffalo Wild Wings, we need to talk.  If your emotional and psychological health depends on whether “your” team wins or loses, we need to schedule a beating.  And if you are one of those people who watch the draft because your “fantasy football” team depends on it, even beatings won’t help you.

But even if your entire life’s happiness is dependent upon “March Madness,” you still haven’t lowered yourself to the level of watching “The View”…that is unless you watch…

…sports coverage shows.

The game I can understand.  Lacking the mental strength to ignore the temptations of tribalism I get.  But if you have nothing better to do than watch the “pre-post-pre-pre game show,” ESPN, or “Sports Center” you are now watching one of the three male versions of “The View.”  Sports Center, ESPN, even the local sports-talk radio program are talking about events that happened in the past and literally have nothing to do with you.  You aren’t part of their team.  You aren’t part of their club.  You are merely a sucker who is paying extra cable costs to imagine you are.

But what’s worse is the pure wasting of time and resources that is spent on the analysis and forecasting of professional sports.  Drawing lines and highlighting players with circles, dissecting on the “best plays of the week,” and analyzing the trade of “Pip Johnson” for “Flabby Jones” as if there was a science, let alone a point to it.  What makes it doubly rich is the people this “analysis” comes from—has-been’s, never-were’s, and the epitome of vicariously-living hacks—sports journalists.  Their opinions, observations, and editorials are just as valuable as that of a women’s studies professor’s opinion on politics because there is no study in the first place.

Professional sports, and certainly the shows surrounding it, have never solved, and never will solve any problem in the real world.  So please, stop wasting your time, and go throw a ball with your son.

2. Political Analysis Shows

Somewhat closely related to sports is politics.

Like sports, politics is something most people wield little-to-no control over.  It is purely the domain of trust-fund baby, public service athletes called “politicians.”  However, just like sports themselves, the analysis of politics is not complicated, nuanced, or difficult.  All of politics can be summed up quite succinctly as a battle between producers and parasites.  Producers are hard working people who want freedom, excellence, low taxes, and to be left alone.  While parasites are lazy people, deathly afraid of work, who want to live off of the producers and will come up with ANY reason and rationalization as to why they’re entitled to other people’s labor.  See if that description does not explain nearly everything you’ve seen in politics since you’ve started paying attention to it.

Ergo, because politics is not complicated, like sports it attracts very mediocre minds who believe it’s some kind of “study” or discipline that requires their “unique” insight to explain it to you commoner plebs.  This is perfectly evidenced by the three main types of people who pursue politics as a career, or obsess over it as a hobby:

  1. Journalists
  2. Political Science majors
  3. Activists/SJW’s

And like your pre-pre-post-post-game analysis shows, you see the same low-brow, “View”-level intelligence from these self-anointed political experts.


“Meet the Press,” “60 Minutes,” “The Rachel Maddow Show,” “This Week,” and the veritable media shitshow that passed for “news coverage” this last presidential election.  Nearly every one of these “professionals” have been regurgitating the same shit for the past 50 years, yet NEVER managing to actually advance politics or democracy towards an improved state or a better system that would serve the people.  Furthermore, they’re incapable of it because that would require higher-than average intelligence (not to mention morality), so watching these talking heads in the expectations of hearing a revolutionary thought or break-through in civics and governance is like waiting to hear Colin Cowherd say something that would cure children’s cancer.

Of course, paying attention to politics is very important.  We all have a huge, legitimate, and vested interest in who is leading our government and what his or herpolicies are.  So at least in this regard, it’s better than sports because you are invested in the outcome (and with your vote, you actually have a say).  But you cross the line when politics becomes your god, agency, and purpose in life.  That, like ESPN, you no longer care about the game, but the analysis before and afterwards because you have nothing else to do.  It’s just instead of ESPN, you’re tuning into CNN or Foxnews because you’re a “news” or “political junkie” and you need your fix.

Once again, like “The View,” we are very quick to mock and ridicule these type of people—the feminists, SJW’s, protestors, OWS, BLM, etc.  These people’s lives are so worthless, they have nothing else to do but subscribe to these false political religions and derive value from them.  But before we judge too quickly, look your own political bias and behavior.  How much time do you spend reading political articles?  How many articles about women screwing over their ex’s in divorce court can you consume?  How many articles about refugees and the collapse of Western civilization do you need?

This is perfectly exemplified by the zealots, fanatics, and purists in the MGTOW community who obsess over the politics of sex rather than learn from it and move on.  In other words, you may very well be correct politically, but if it becomes your life you are once again wasting your time on the second male version of “The View.”

Research the candidates.  Research the issues.  Learn a little bit about economics.  Become an informed voter.  Vote.  And then get back to your regular life with your wife, children, friends and loved ones.  Fuck George Stephanopoulos, fuck Rachel Maddow, fuck 60 Minutes, and fuck Foxnews Politics.  You have more important things to do in life.

3. Financial Markets Shows


The third and final “View Variant” for men are financial market analysis shows.  CNBC, Mad Money, Squawk Box, and “Power Lunch,” there’s no end to the amount of propaganda shows that remind you by the minute how important it is you invest your money in Wall Street and the stock market.  Why you just won’t be able to retire unless you squirrel away 30% of your paycheck into a 401k!  But thankfully these kind, thoughtful, caring talking heads anchors are smart enough to tell you how.


Here’s the dirty little secret about Wall Street, investing, and all these “financial gurus.”

They’re all unnecessary and obsolete.

Yep, that’s right.  If all these “experts” died and went away NOTHING bad would happen because the truth is about 85% of them can’t even beat the S&P 500 index.  That means you, WITHOUT ANY TRAINING IN FINANCE OR INVESTING, can beat 85% of the “professionals” out there in New York by merely investing in indexed funds.  You combine that simple bit of advice with the following five bits of advice:

Don’t go to college until you know what you want to do.
Don’t major in stupid shit.
Spend less than you make.
Don’t stick your dick in crazy.
Don’t have kids you can’t afford.

…and it’s damn near impossible for you to fuck up your finances.

So if it really is that simple to retire successfully, why are there multiple 24-hour-a-day channels dedicated to the financial markets?  Well, in part it’s a genuinely needed service for finance professionals to keep tabs on the market.  In part it’s to drive demand up for finance firms’ largely unnecessary investment services.  But where it takes on role of “The View” is where it serves as, once again, a substitute for something tangible and meaningful in one’s life.

I don’t know how many people I knew in the late 90’s who all fashioned themselves professional stock traders simply because they belonged to one of the millions of “investment clubs” that were the fad back then.  I don’t know how many “housing experts” I knew back in the mid 00’s who thought they were on par with Donald Trump when it came to being a real estate mogul.  And today it seems the latest fad is for young men to make their millions trading currencies.  They all thought they were capable of this because they were all watching CNBC during the daytime.

This isn’t to say that learning about financial markets, investing, retirement planning, and economics is a bad thing.  Nor am I slamming on CNBC (I think it’s a great channel with some great introductory EDUCATIONAL material).  But when people started making it their new-found profession, substituting dreams of becoming a “day trader” vs. their current career as a plumber, these financial news shows became larger than they were.

Instead of an everyday-man’s way to keep tabs on the world’s financial markets and economies, it became the third male version of “The View,” wasting people’s time (and sometimes life savings) on a get-rich-quick hobby that just was not rigged for them.  And just like women wasted their youth and looks on feminism, Oprah, and The View, I’ve seen many men waste all their money on flipping houses, Dotcom’s, and currency speculation.

There is no substitute for agency

The larger point is, to us outside observers, things like “The View,” “Oprah,” day time talk shows, Harlequin romance novels, and grocery store aisle magazines are clearly wastes of time that can turn damaging should women actually start to believe that poppycock.  But without thinking about it ourselves, men can fall prey to equally, cleverly-marketed forms of media, running the same risks women do who watch “The View.”

What one needs to do is constantly be on guard to ensure that what endeavors and interests we do pursue in life provide genuine agency, purpose, and reason, and are not substitutes that lead us into self-pity, inaction, defeatism, entitlement, sloth, poor decisions, poverty, or just outright stupidity like the aforementioned three do.  Just like a woman’s life is too short to be blaming everything on the opposite sex, so too is your life too short to be wearing another man’s jersey.  Ensure you are at MINIMUM better than the average “The View” listener and demand agency from the media you consume.

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133 thoughts on “3 Types Of Shows That Are Like “The View” For Men”

  1. SportsCenter is cucked beyond belief these days. I remember as a teen it was cool to watch in the morning before school but now theres so much leftist bullshit I cant even begin to watch.
    Sports in general have been lost on me lately. The NFL is fucked, baseball isn’t really my thing either. The only sport I can tolerate is hockey and some soccer.

      1. I do enjoy MMA. Boxing at its core is legit, but I always think theres a fix in with the huge televised events.

    1. Check out college lacrosse sometime. And Aussie rules football is fun as well. And if you like adrenaline, airplane races are quite gripping.

      1. Australian Rules Football has had its balls cut off too for a very long time-every year they’re fucking with one rule or another to make the game resemble aerial pingpong and ballet. Up until about 2004 it was good thereafter it went to total shit; if you want to watch something really good in that vein you’d have to watch anything from the 1970s or 1980s where it was very visceral and they had lots of ‘biff’.

        1. To be honest, the 1980’s was the last time I watched Aussie rules football. It was amazing back then. Lacrosse and airplane racing on the other hand (and hockey, as you mention) are great stuff.

        2. Good times. Even though Rugby League is being cucked the State of Origin matches promise some biff too. And failing that there’s always football/soccer particularly of the South American variety where in big derby games they really want to kill each other.

  2. Report came out yesterday about Canadian Federal legalization of recreational marijuana. Forecasts are quite optimistic.
    The most well established grower Canopy Inc (CGC) has been working directly with our majority liberal federal government. If weed gets legalized on a federal level in Canada, that is a whole new market with lots of potential for growth since it’ll be starting essentially from scratch to compete with the black market.
    This is the most recent investment interest of mine for the mid-term.

    1. The USA could get out of the red by going “green”.
      Legalize it and tax the shit out of it.
      The founding fathers envisioned a grand hemp economy it’s time we embraced it and stop being stupid, classing it along with disgusting drugs like heroin.
      I love the Jefferson quote, “Some of my finest hours have been spent on my back veranda, smoking hemp and observing as far as my eye can see”.
      If the founding fathers toked up, everyone else should be able to. Stop wasting money incarcerating people for consuming the God Plant.
      I’m a big fan of Hempmilk, absolutely delicious and it has some of the best nutritional value of any plant known to man.

      1. Agreed. Neither the Fed nor the States have the rightful authority to tell you what you can or cannot put into your body, as long as you remain peaceful and in a place where property owners do not object.
        I’ve never done an illicit drug in my life, but I loathe the WOD.

    2. Couldn’t believe it when I read that Trudeau approved two pipelines..line 3 and Kinder morgan expansion..
      …but then it occured to me when you’re running huge deficites and plan on contuning to spend without consideration of the futre one needs revenue streams..
      I think weed fits in this category Liberals..

      1. The left has never, not even for one second, considered where the money for their pipe dreams of oppression and control are going to come from. They assume that once all power is concentrated in their hands they will be able to create the money out of thin air. There is some truth to that but the money they create from thin air will be worth about as much as thin air.
        The left, as was proven by the Soviet Union, is all about enslaving the proletariat for the good of the state. Any of that blather about the dictatorship of the proletariat and the state withering away is bovine feces and always has been.

  3. I’m in agreement but yall rag hard on the jersey thing so damn hard. I have 2 jerseys from my youth with men’s names on the back they i have hanging up in my room. One is steve yzerman from the detroit red wings and the other is iyla kovalchuck when he play with the now defunct atantla thrashers. I keep the yzerman one because he was someone I looked up to alot growing up for his work ethic. I understand that you are talking about the goofballs who deck out their “man caves” with a certain team or players gear and try and live vicariously through their team but I also know a lot of real men who sports jerseys.

    1. I think he’s really referencing grown 45 year old men wearing the jersey of 22 year old men and calling them heroes…there is something very wrong with that. Pathetic really!

    2. Part of the thing is the manosphere is trying to react against the general culture and occasionally gets doctrinaire about stuff in a weird way. Understandable but wrong.
      A big part of being a man is junking the bullshit about what “being a man” is like. Toughest guy I know did 3 tours in Iraq, got blown up each time. His girl is crazy hot as well. Dude loves anime like you wouldn’t believe: the moral of the story being do what YOU want to do, not what some dude says you SHOULD.
      All the being a man advice is contingent on improving you personally. When you work out you feel better. Don’t suppress your masculine impulses, own them. Even integrity is fascinating because it’s actually a lot less stressful than being a dick.

      1. A big part of being a man is junking the bullshit about what “being a man” is like.

        That attitude has gotten us men wearing makeup and glitter and saying “It doesn’t threaten my masculinity!”
        There’s another way. Recognize the traditions of the past and adhere to them, regarding masculinity. Rejecting everything masculine because “I don’t need to prove I’m a man” will get you into a cheerleader outfit pretty fast, culturally. On the other hand, don’t let *new* trends dictate how you have to prove that “it’s not a threat to my manhood” which is the seed that they’re planting to get you to act like a bitch.

        1. I dig what you’re saying but I maintain that when you pursue who you really are it will conform to nature.
          None of the glitter guys are happy, not in a deep sense.
          But half the time be a man means “do what benefits me not you”. Like man up and marry those sluts. Or don’t read poetry because it’s faggy, etc. Hell with that.

        2. Well sir, I reject “man up”. I don’t think that’s what’s being communicated here though. “Man up’ is precisely what you indicate, “Do something and sacrifice for lesser people because we say so!” and the only answer to this is “Fuck that”.
          Poetry is highly masculine, prior to the 1970’s anyway.

        3. Poetry is and will be the art of warriors. Odin was the God of poetry, the samurai composed death poems, the Greeks and Romans conquered the known world in part by analysing poetry

        4. And the Gaels (Scots, Irish, Manx), my people, had Warrior Poets.

        5. My people as well, Scots-Ukranian here, like the good Canadian boy I am. Hell, our best poet did his best work in the trenches during the great War, John McCrae

        6. Fuck yeah I’ve had fruit baskets proclaim they were more secure in themselves and masculine..cause they dress like women and don’t care what anyone thinks.

        7. Recognize the traditions of the past and adhere to them, regarding masculinity.

          Won’t that just make you a carbon copy of our pussy forefathers, who were all beaten down and conditioned by their mothers to carry dependent, leeching women Until Death Do You Part and fight / die in slave wars for the elite?

        8. That still got you here, yes. Whatever you choose to call them it’s completely undeniable that your forefathers were the winners that successfully passed on genes while a majority did not

        9. Passing on genes doesn’t make our war-mongering forefathers “winners”. They’re just cannibals who broke the rules of the game. We’re all the descendants of losers.
          All the winners are dead.

        10. Nature doesn’t give a damn about your rules, and frankly, nor do I. Being less dead then the other guy is the only objective standard of victory that there is.

        11. Nature does care. We’re being Naturally Selected off this planet, and Humanity lacks the emotional intelligence to save our cannibalistic species from oblivion. In addition, no one is actually happy or fulfilled; they’re all just (miserably) faking it, breeding children with abuse who are made to conform…like slaves.
          We may appear to be “free”, but we’re all plantation slaves in reality, killing time waiting for the next slave war. If killing some other slaves makes you feel like a winner, that’s great for you. But I can assure you, all the winners on this planet are long dead. Only the horribly broken children of losers remain.

        12. You know the saying “misery loves company?”
          Well mate, I’m misery free, and I won’t put up with your feeble attempts to infect me.
          None of what you just said is verifiable at all. You’re just trying to drag down others as a lazy man’s alternative to building up yourself.

        13. No, you’re just another broken slave too blind to see reality. 400 years ago, you’d be one of these Christian boys.
          This is the future on your plantation. The Rich are getting ready to cull you.
          Sir Walter Raleigh said it best 800 years ago, nothing has changed.
          So run along and be one of the evil little slave boys…BOY. But don’t kid yourself imagining you’re winning. All the winners are dead.

        14. Don’t be stupid, stupid. If the rich killed anyone they wouldn’t have any slaves. And anyway there’s really no way of knowing who will be the rich in the future. The fight isn’t over until the loser taps out, is unconscious, or dead.

        15. So you think that every single person that’s rich is also evil? Lol, now it at least makes sense for them to want you dead.

        16. I think all, or the greatest part of men that have aspired to riches or power, have attained thereunto either by force or fraud, correct. And he that for want of will or wit useth not those means, must rest in servitude and poverty.
          This is a world of reduced losers, fighting over the scraps stolen from their honest and noble betters. It’s not a fair or just world.

        17. If that’s how you see the world I’ll never convince you otherwise. You succeeding yourself might readjust your attitude, but then Catch 22, you’ll never succeed with that attitude. Thank you reaffirming my belief that most people are losers, and that winning against losers is a foregone conclusion. Still, I wish you luck regardless. I hope you find something in your life worth caring about.

    3. Man, I get what you’re saying. And when you’re a kid, it’s great to have heroes and to have stuff that indicates that you like them. I had a pantload of Batman stuff, as well as swords and “armor” and “shields” (trash can lids) and was all about being Batman or Thor. But when one leaves childhood, one gives up childish things, as the saying goes. I dunno. I could never, as an adult, wear a shirt of another man and cheer him on every weekend, unless he was saving the earth from annihilation by aliens. And even then…I dunno…I might just try to find a way to actually help him instead of cheering from the sidelines.
      It’s one of those things that we’re used to and have been told is masculine, but honest to Bob, I don’t ever remember grown men EVER wearing sports jerseys with other mens name on them until at least the mid to late 90’s. The only sports jersey I saw transferred from one male to another before 1993 was in the Mean Joe Green Coke commercial, and the kid didn’t even wear it.
      I get where you’re coming from, and nostalgia is great. Keeping those jerseys is fine too. But wearing them as an adult man? Just can’t see it.

      1. I haven’t worn either since i was 19, regulation hockey jerseys don’t generally fit well without pads and both players are retired. I played hockey growing up and it instilled the work ethic that i have today. I watch for appreciation of the game that I used to play and how it molded me.

  4. Good stuff. Act, create, do, participate! Do NOT observe, watch, consume, follow!
    (But I visit this site religiously…)

    1. also, speaking of religiously….now that Alan Thicke is dead and since his son is such a dead ringer for him I wonder if they will make a growing pains movie or if they will avoid it just because they are afraid that Kirk Cameron will be all insane

      1. Still reeling from the fact that Alan passed away. OT: his show from the 80s (Thicke of the Night) was very intelligent. It practically blew away Letterman and Carson in terms of content and how it didn’t insult the audience like so many other late-nite chat shows.

      1. Even worse are the burnouts who are obsessed with college teams, yet never even went to community college themselves. Okay…

        1. I know so damn many of these people. They’re religious zealots for University of Iowa. Have zero affiliation. Didn’t go there, no kids there, nothing; but they do live in a state with the same name.. so there’s that.

        2. I watch one football game a year; the Army – Navy game. And that is because I graduated from the Naval Academy, where that game is the be all and end all of existence, and I succumbed to the indoctrination.

    1. Not that hard is it with the complete sludge that passes for programming?
      I guess I’m really missing out on those Honey Boo Boo re runs. Shucks!

      1. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe it really is masculine to watch grown men in tights play a children’s game while having a female pop singer perform during halftime

        1. Yeah, the “men in tights play[ing] a children’s game” thing sounds bad if you’re confused about your sexuality or something, but heterosexual men can watch it and appreciate the strategy, athleticism, and strength without issue.

        2. The strength of playing Rugby covered in Nerf body armor running of turf scientificly designed not to hurt pussy when fall down.
          There isn’t much to appreciate, unless your a bookie or selling T-shirts.
          How many ” history making ” plays can one tolerate?

        3. If you really think football is the same as rugby but with pads, and that turf is designed not to hurt when you fall down, I don’t know what to say. You’re too stupid to reason with.

        4. 123 baby gonna cry. Baby gonna cry 123.
          Would think you invented the game. 123 cry.
          Yes the turf is. 123 cry.
          No don’t think it is, that’s the point. 123 cry.
          Mommy, sniff sniff…big bad man doesn’t wike my fav–wate game. That’s OK honey, he is just stupid.
          123 more LULZ please.

        5. LMFAO. I expected you to nerd out and jerk off a bunch of rules and stats to try to logically convince me to like some subjective shit. Sorry hurt your pussy so bad, now go be a man a watch a fucking highlight reel. Oh and try not to be a internet tough guy in your next post and go full retard…blog that shit somewhere.

        6. LOL. Dummy, your disrespect for something he enjoys is unwarranted. Whatever your reason for the attack, his supposed intelligence or lack of masculinity (by you) has nothing to do with it. Whatever your problem is, it is your problem that you are clearly projecting on him.
          In no way is watching football unmanly. It is a game of intense strategy, by college educated athletes, who work hard each day. It is better than going to a movie. Most of these young men are exceptional individuals personally, and admiring their commitment to their craft is similar to admiring a admiral/general for theirs.
          I also don’t see your hostility to it. If you think you are so much better because you don’t watch the game, then please provide your superior and, of course, way more manly, alternative for scientific consideration. Or shut the fuck up you smug, self-righteous little bitch.

        7. I joined the military. I can tell you that all branches have unmanly little sprigs who marry horse little cock munchers like your model in the pic. Your wife right? LOL Being in the military does not guarantee your masculinity. Although it certainly helps. My grandfather who was married for 64 years, and helped raise, and pay for a PhD math major, college educated electrical engineer, and a multi millionaire math genius for three sons was one of the most manly I had ever met.
          He never joined the military.

        8. I wasn’t serious, dammit.
          Yes, it is my wife, the triggly puff.
          She’s easy to get triggered. It’s fun to see her getting triggered.
          Her lard jiggles when she got triggered.

        9. I figured, but wanted to mess with you anyways. So does your wife’s lard sacks actually have any refrigerant ability? I bet her being her own fridge, not just actually being the size of a commercial one, or several, must be expensive on the food AND energy bill? LOLOLOL

        10. Man, she ate the whole fridge! lol
          But then I decided I’ve had enough, so I just feed her cheap McDicks menu and a bucket of Big Gulp everyday instead. I wish it would be enough to kill her without getting accused as a murderer. Wish me luck!

        11. Deal with it. People dislike things I enjoy all the time…I don’t get defensive I let it go. It’s hilarious how ruffled the feathers of football fans get. It’s lifestyles marketing, it’s a product; majority of people on earth don’t give a damn about it.
          I’m not here for a pissing contest of my personal life.
          That said. How about pride in something personally accomplished…as opposed to jerking off other men that don’t know you exist let alone give a fuck if you live or die.
          It’s entertainment, you get all butch when someone doesn’t like the same movies / books / music you like? Why so personally invested? Why is your ego so linked to a game? Why demands that others see the greatness in something you derive passive enjoyment from?
          Honestly, the above is what I’ve never gotten about some football fans. Why do so many attempt to get converts by any means necessary?

        12. Who said we can’t do both? Oh yeah, you did. You’re the one that made the “bold” statement. Don’t make like a cold feminist fish, and backpedal the utilicycle back into your clown car just yet.
          Own your shit. I’m not hurt. Just calling out your bs.

        13. Sadly, you will probably get a fat black boyfriend who failed his heroic single ghetto crack mother who bore him when convicted by a hangman’s jury of lesbianic butch dykes who graced the court room from their cat-halla perch in menstrual utopiaville.
          good luck with that. Surely, they will be jealous that you could jiz in her skin folds when they clearly could not. Why they praise a goddess who could not “outfit” them with the appropriate genetic attire is somehow also your fault.

        14. What want me to apologize cause I don’t like a game? Or want me to say sorry for how expressed my dislike? Want me to do a kickstarter fund and build a everyone likes the NFL safespace?
          Can you imagine if you did not like a movie I liked…then I tried to tell you about the collage education of the writers, the actors honing and dedicated to their craft, the technique of the production and so on. That would be rather childish, I wouldn’t be responsible for the movie personally…so wouldn’t give a shit. I don’t identify with nor have ego invested with things outside myself.
          Asking why so serious about a game isn’t back peddling. Honest questions given the reactions got. That’s what expect from fanatics, not adults that just happen to waste some freetime on a distraction of little impact.
          Beyond that, with the crap the NFL has been pulling, even if I loved the game I would cut their water off…anything that carries water for George Soros can fuck right off. Given the site we are on, defenders of that sold out politically correct shit pile was honestly the last thing thought would encounter.

        15. LOL. You must be a feminist! Because honestly, dealing in an absolute about a game that I watch only one team per week, when they are playing, is ridiculous. I don’t care about your opinion on it. If you wish to continue to make a big deal out of it, go ahead, just stop acting like your opinion on this is the only one. When you make a claim like you did above, then try to pretend I should just act like you’re merely making your case for your opinion, that is not logically correct. You’re being illogical about a sport many enjoy, and making the “No Tre Scotsman” claim about what a real man watches or doesn’t. That’s crap. Own it, move on, or keep trying to pretend you’re still right, when you’re clearly in the wrong. Basically, just like a feminist.

        16. I’m being illogical about something subjective. Yeah just like a feminist…
          “just stop acting like your opinion on this is the only one. ”
          Sounds like a woman.
          “dealing in an absolute about a game that I watch only one team per week, when they are playing, is ridiculous. I don’t care about your opinion on it. ”
          Write me more rationalisations and justifications about the non absolute that you don’t care about my opinion on.
          “When you make a claim like you did above, then try to pretend I should just act like you’re merely making your case for your opinion, that is not logically correct. ”
          Frankly my dear i don’t give a damn

        17. LOL. Yet you keep replying. If it is so subjective, why do you care?
          I’m done with you. Write no reply, or several. And I don’t care about your opinion. I’m not actually talking to you. Just those who will read this. Like many of the women I’ve slept with, thanks for the fun. Now leave.

        18. Cause you care…that’s how these things work.
          ” now leave ”
          Says the one that white knighted for another man and a game…that for some reason feels the need to tell me about his love life. Oh forgot you’re not talking to me, you care what other strangers reading this will think. I don’t think you want to know.

        19. Ender: “I got the last word! Neener neener neener.”
          Get the last word big guy. Come on, get it! You know you want to?!

        20. Thought you were done talking to me a few posts ago?
          We should be friends by now. No sarcasm. So, we’re cool now?

  5. We cannot show any mercy to the sinking ship that is ESPN. They went full SJW long ago, and they have mocked Joe American for too long. We have them on the ropes with sinking NFL ratings; this is no time to get soft. Step on their necks until they are selling hot dogs on the side of the road.

    1. ESPN is facing an existential crisis because so many people are either cutting the cord or downgrading to “slimmer” cable TV packages which don’t include it.

  6. Everything is a “waste of time” outside of the gratification you get from it. eat, shit, fuck and then you die.

  7. If there is one thing that makes sports so transcendent it is that it offers a final answer regarding a specific relationship between men. Sure, this final answer might be trivial, like: I can shoot more baskets than you can. But it is final–I won, you lost. I am the champion, you are not. No amount of talk and speculation and bullshitting and politicking and excuse making, and general effeminate behavior can change the outcome. Or at least this is how it should be–then comes along sports talk, and pisses all over this fine tradition among men.

  8. When it’s super bastardly cold out I will still wear my highschool letterman jacket adorned with all my varsity letters and pins for various 1st-place awards I won for academics and art. Warmest jacket I’ve ever owned, and I’m proud of my accomplishments. Call me a dork or whatever, but I was actually on that team, unlike dudes who are disciples of professional sports teams donning jerseys and sports team jackets they have no association with.
    “WE WON!”…well who the fuck is “we”, because “we” sure as hell doesnt include “you”. Lotsa sports fans are fatass beer-guzzling couch dwellers. I admire athletes but people whose lives revolve around worshiping sports teams while they themselves are fat and out of shape kinda strike me as poseurs.

    1. The idea of idolizing athletes and bringing your wife/girlfiend/daughters to sporting events to worship them is basically a form of cuckoldry to me.

    2. You don’t have to be a fat couch potato to be have a life that revolves around worshipping sports figures (but there is a great deal of correlation). An idiot is not less of an idiot because he eats right, hits the gym occasionally, and stays in shape. I believe you, and this article, are on point when you address the obsessive time waste of the endeavor, regardless of your physical condition.

  9. This article is ridiculous. I don’t care if I’m “better than the average “The View” listener”, if I’m in the mood to watch it I’ll do it.
    Where did the idea for that article came from, you think we need to be adviced on every single, little, meaningless shit in our lives? You claim this site is for real masculine men, or whatever your slogan is, yet you treat your readers like retarded child. Every megabite that article consumes in the server is wasted.
    Dear Mr. Clarey and other intelctual diarrhea producing fellows – please, stop wasting our time.

    1. And when you grow tits from estrogen injections, that makes you more of a man, because that’s what you want to do! Masculinity has no standards, just shit on the floor and call yourself a man!

  10. “All of politics can be summed up quite succinctly as a battle between producers and parasites.”
    Not the point of the article, but this is perhaps the most succinct distinction of left wing/right wing economics I’ve never thought of.

  11. Joy Behar should be shot….what an unhinged lunatic, yet she’s on a show getting paid…wtf???

  12. Never been over the hill about sports. I can only sit through a few plays, innings, quarters, halves, whatever before I get bored and do something else. But if there is one thing that drives me absolutely bat-shit-baby-punching crazy, it’s sports coverage shows. It’s one thing to sit and watch athletes play the game, but to sit around and watch someone talk about it is just nuts.

  13. The Canadian sports shows are full on cucked too….it’s hilarious watching these same guys sing the praises of homosexuals in sport, then call each other fucking faggots at Thursday night men’s league hockey! Such hypocrites, such weak men, just corporate errand boys.

  14. Good article, especially on the Financial news. It only makes you think you can predict things that are inherently random.
    Invest prudently and diversified, then check it a few times a year to rebalance. Don’t play the stock market ‘game’. For you are the prey.

  15. I remember as a kid tuning into “Spike TV” to watch the 3 Stooges and such. Haven’t tuned in, but from the website it looks like they’ve gone to hipster programming. Can anyone confirm?

    1. I remember as a kid tuning into “Spike TV”
      I remember when The Nashville Network was a new thing. I don’t feel old, though, I feel experienced and wise.

      1. Oh, TNN! Fekkin’ robot wars and Sir Killalot!
        Family used to watch CMT, too. I listened to “country”music after a 5 year sabbatical and it sounds more like pop crap.

      2. I remember three networks and PBS.
        And nothing more…

        1. WBGN (Bowling Green– PBS), Toledo 13 and a Chicago station. I liked visiting relatives further south who could pick up the Columbus sation WBNS10 (the Nite Owl was a hoot).

  16. Strangle, starve, and destroy the MSM until there’s none left standing. I really don’t give a fuck if they have shows for men. A small price to pay for this scourge taken out of our lives. Fuck them and their motherfucking mama.

      1. I will admit to watching old movies, the history channel, the Military channel (now American Hero’s Channel as they ran out of stuff on Hitler (literally)), and antenna TV (old TV shows from the 60s and 70s).

  17. Good call on the 3 types of shows. About the sports pre and post game shows, when my girlfriend talked of how it used to drive her bonkers if the tv was on in the room and the men were listening to other men on tv ramble on about “the game”, I got to thinking that, yeah, that’s what men must feel like when they accidentally are exposed to tripe like The View.
    I cringe to think of the hours of my youth wasted watching guys talk about the upcoming game, then watching the game (half of which consists of commercials), then watching guys talk about what happened in the game.
    One thing I would add about wanna-be politicians – they draw largely from the legal profession also. Power tripping glad-handers and baby-kissing smooth talkers.Be everything to everyone.

  18. I used to be a huge fan of First Take and Stephen A Smith. He’s still good but either he’s not as good as he was or I just dont think he’s as great as he used to be. The way he shreds people sometimes has helped me professionally with subordinates and students.
    His most epic rant was when the Heat were down to the Celtics 3-2 in the 2012 EC Finals. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UqEoRYTOX0g

    Nearly a half hour of systematically destroying Lebron, Wade and Bosh. After that day Lebron became a man, and not another overgrown boy raised by a single mom.

    1. Stephen also demanded accountability from blacks when it comes to voting; to not be brainwashed by the DNC. he’s as close to a free thinker as they come when it comes to being on TV

      1. Country music is poser garbage. Theyre really drowning now too, since it’s hard to be politically correct and sing about driving your truck shitfaced down a dirt road & finger banging Bonnie Sue at the same time.

  19. Humphh… Boy !! Oh boy what I miss since I have put my idiot box on hard rubbish collection over 10 years ago ??? I miss so much education ?? Oh boy…..

  20. I cut the cable last month. I watch the occasional Netflix or Hulu or Amazon Prime. Other than that I am done with TV. Now, if I can only ween myself of ROK……(very addictive).

  21. Sports a pathetic substitute for hunting, building, gathering, and conquering things in the real world.
    The political talking head shows, like need a weather man to know how the wind blows.
    The financial shows, teh TV gonna tell me how to make it. They are just there for scrubs with no skin in game to jerk off in their own face.
    All this crap no better then Gilmore Girls. Useless shit for useless people to have something to talk about. Like fuckers in restaurants that’s conservation is about food ate at some other restaurant.

  22. There’s a difference between sports commentary and political commentary? Not from what I’ve heard.
    Now granted I haven’t had cable TV for nearly 4 years now so I wouldn’t know for sure, but I do hear a lot of grousing about the same.

  23. You mean these programs won’t help me get rich playing the stock market? Or educate me in tactics that make me a great sports coach? That I’m not the great political analyst these shows convince me I am? Bastards…and thx for the information.

  24. Politics is actually complicated. It’s just that political commentary you find on TV is pure garbage. I think there is actually some value to reading good political commentary. I’ve learned a lot about how the world actually works from reading stuff from people like Steve Sailer. After a while, it is a waste of time. Once you are red-pilled you don’t need to constantly re-red-pill yourself. Once your worldview is more-or-less formed you don’t need to spend time making sure your informed about all the current events. Reading about what’s going on in Syria and about the various nationalistic movements in Europe may be interesting to me, but that’s all it is. No girl is ever going to be impressed by how much you know about current events and political issues and no one will ever care if you don’t know about them. They just don’t matter that much. Better to just spend your time lifting, meeting new people, etc. (I say as I sit on my computer on Friday night…)

    1. Meh.Even if it’s not in person you’re still forming your own opinions and sharing them with others so that’s still a superior option to living life vicariously through worshiping false idols.

  25. I did take to watching a few minutes here and there of the Sunday morning shows just to see George Fagnopolis and Chuck the Dick lose their shit over this election. Trump is the only thing that made them entertaining enough to watch. Amazing to check up on which BS narratives are thrown up for the week: it’s the Russians!, we’ll recount those votes and show you, the Trump transition team is in chaos. What a laugh! Though it’s sad the sacks of crap get paid as much as they do.

  26. Shows that men think will improve their sporting ability.
    Shows that men think will improve their political influence.
    Shows that men think will improve their financial stability.
    You made a very strong case as to why they’re being naive, but credit given is due, at least their heart is in the right place

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