5 Ways To Profit Bigly From Miserable, Childless, And Career-Obsessed Feminists

The feminist-oriented economy is booming and companies to invest in abound. Why not take advantage of it? If you don’t, someone else will. And when the inevitable stock price increases and dividends come rolling in, you’ll be laughing to the bank at the feminists whose money you have legally taken.

So here are five key ways to capitalize on a couple generations of miserable, childless and career-obsessed feminists:

1. Cat and other pet food companies

The man she went on the date with isn’t good enough (or doesn’t earn enough). She doesn’t like having housemates, either, as they ruin her feng shui plans. So cats and other pets, particularly small dogs amenable to human-like hair-styling, are the go-to mammals for domestic companionship for many a feminist. And, believe it or not, these creatures need food.

When looking for the right cat and other pet food company to invest in, make sure you find a business concern that values what cats owned by feminists value: fair trade status and a commitment to saving the very endangered Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka. It goes without saying that the company should produce products capable of being endorsed by Bono, Lady Gaga, Lena Dunham, or, at worst, Rachel Maddow.

2. Pet clothing and lifestyle businesses

Yes, this needs its own category, set apart from pet food. Whereas women of the 1980s, 1990s and even 2000s focused on clothing and throwing birthday parties for their children, feminist women of the mid-2010s are treating their animals as their actual children. Few investors are yet to realize the unbridled opportunities that this shift will bring.

Things like chihuahua-friendly handbags and environmentally sustainable cat-suits are far from dead crazes. That said, the time to start your dive into this amazing world is now. Could you ever forgive yourself if you were never a part of the vegetarian, gluten-free pet cake phenomenon? Western society doesn’t need replacement level fertility rates when feminists can pamper their kitty or pooch while the apocalypse goes down.

3. Sperm banks and in-vitro fertilization clinics

Every man-hater with a womb needs a cold turkey-blaster capable of matching her cold approach to male-female relationships. And with no better husband or father than the welfare state, plenty of empowered women are opting to raise a child on their own so they can smother them with their feminist abuse. But you have to always be ahead of the competition in your investment choices in this area, budding Warren Buffetts.

Rather than looking to the bland, sterile sperm clinic, choose a place where the staff remind the clients that it’s not their fault that they didn’t get a Brad Pitt or Ryan Gosling. In fact, even those men are not worthy of their curves, feisty demeanor, and borderline personality disorder. More so than any other business in human history, at a sperm clinic the customer is always right, including about the circumstances that brought her there.

4. Wellness and “find your inner child” retreat facilities

Where does a feminist go when is unfairly reprimanded for not doing her job properly and wants to make use of the “criticism leave” she is entitled to before the sex discrimination lawsuit? We all know the answer: Mount Susan B. Anthony Retreat for the Oppressed and Undervalued Woman Looking to Find Herself Center (or its sister location, Lady Gaga’s Center for Decidedly Demure and Classy Women). The world is harsh and what better way for a girl to insulate herself from it than with a $500-a-night luxury cocoon or safe space with gluten-free meals?

A related investment opportunity are spirituality retreats. You know something is wrong when women haven’t yet found fulfillment in the latest iPhone release or the newest array of Instagram filters! What these state of the art facilities will teach women is that the world is meant to appreciate them. When that doesn’t happen, it’s time to come back to the retreat center again.

5. Online dating websites

This is the secret gold-maker. Despite their seeming ubiquity in modern society, online dating websites are grossly under-appreciated by your average investor. Because almost no man ever ticks the feminist female’s boxes for long enough, she’s always having to look for a new guy to fill her box on the internet, whether for a “normal” relationship or to cheat. And this means more monthly subscriptions for online dating. Recent studies by Return Of Kings and men everywhere suggest that feminist women grow sick of the man in their life as many times as their mood changes.

In choosing your portfolio of online dating websites to buy into, make sure that all the pages associated with them do not make use of the color pink, which is an invention of the patriarchy designed to oppress a woman’s uterus between 11pm and 9:30am the next morning (and then intermittently for all remaining hours of the day). Also, check that the terms and conditions of the website require a man to have sex with any fat girl or transgender person who contacts him. This is the sort of social awareness that puts online feminist daters at ease and will lead to long-term investment profits.

Think this is satire? Think again

Don’t confuse the tongue-in-cheek tone of this article with a presentation of fantasy. All these business areas are booming. In America and Australia, for example, animal grooming and related services are among the fastest-growing industries of all, the majority of pet-styling customers being women. Similar insights can be made about the other categories explored here.

Sadly, time and money that a woman used to spend to make herself marriageable and motherly are now devoted to hamfistedly plugging the personal hole that feminism has created for her. Whilst Return Of Kings encourages women to be healthy and enjoy things such as the companionship of animals, they are dangerously over-compensating in many of these life choices.

Feminism taught many women to consciously hate raising children full-time, needing to find a man, and keeping their bodies attractive. Yet now these same women are often raising and pampering pets full-time, looking for (too many) men online, and trying to keep themselves healthy through over-priced, ineffective wellness and lifestyle purchases.

If anything, the feminist economy sees women acting out their deep-seated desires in unfulfilling and/or personally destructive ways. You may as well profit from these choices when you can.

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207 thoughts on “5 Ways To Profit Bigly From Miserable, Childless, And Career-Obsessed Feminists”

    1. 50 Shades of Gray Hair….all about a 65 year old woman who is picked up by an athletic, dapper billionaire to fulfil his sexual desires. There. Worth millions. Write it.

      1. No. the heroine would have to be 65, overweight, tatted, with shrapnel and be being fought over by at least two fit studs ten years younger and with full heads of hair as well as being billionaires.

  1. #3
    I never forget the day Tim Cook, the queen of Apple and Steve Jobs’ biggest mistake, decided that he was going to give old ladies 20k to freeze their eggs.
    There is nothing worse than gays and menopausal man hating feminists deciding reproductive policy for government or corporations.

  2. Its funny a girl (that I was not pursuing) told me she didn’t have to lose weight that she’s a dime piece, hates kids, and she has all these foreign men chasing after her so why bother losing weight, her friends are in their mid 30s and upper 30s also unmarried, yet attractive, but are looking for the sugar daddy provider, and are quite resentful they are still unmarried. (shock, right?)

      1. Remember, a bitch fucks everyone but you while a slut fucks everyone. There are only these two types of women.

    1. These women somehow believe they are further along the evolutionary chain sold on the sex and the city feminist fairytale.
      They will be preaching in their twilight years to their cats and rationalizing with other barren hags how successful their life is championing their meaningless career, exotic carousel diary and materialistic trinkets.
      The real bitter ones will try to poison the next generation of women as misery loves company unbeknown the whole time that they were victims and useful idiots of a calculated racial/cultural war against them.

    1. bad move. I am pretty sure only poor people are getting fatter. I think being a fat ass is quite often inversely proportionate to wealth. Plus sized women’s clothing store will have loads of customers but all of them will be poor and buying cheap clothes.

      1. Thats been historically true, but the fat chicks I see all think they’re too good to wear walmart moo-moos.
        They want fancy circus tents to wear, and they want their own stores so they don’t have to see skinny chicks being happy.
        That being said; indoor malls are dying. So avoid traditionally indoor-mall oriented brands. When Sears finally sh!ts the bed, all the small indoor malls will fall.

        1. I don’t think I’ve been to a mall in 30 years! Fatties just want the brand not the quality. Sew a label onto a sack

        2. I volunteer to google it for you and post the results here. I mean, someone has to do it, right?

        3. Fuck man, you know how much material costs and the slaves to sew that shit. Go with clutches…they used to be called purses but the bitches got so big. Really a clutch the size of what was a medical bag…the templates already exist and won’t have to build a factory larger then boeing for a tank top. Re-brand currently existing shit. Clothing is a personal problem like where a tranny takes a piss.

        4. Already a company called galatic garments…so pancho planet it is. No sizing just abstract prints from planet surfaces. Throw in moon bags to complete the look.

        5. Actually the higher the markup the more cache the label will get from women and the more they will want it. Think any designer shoe in existence (although purses are not far behind). What a woman wants is not quality, not utility, and for damn sure not economy. What they want is a way to shove their friends faces in the fact that they can afford to throw away money on a useless fashion accessory. It is all about scoring points in the infinite and eternal status game among women.

        6. totally agree! A complete waste of resources including air.
          That could shelter a whole Eithiopian familly..

        7. Holy shit. You cracked the code! It’s weird that women might associate anything of numerical value with success . . . wait the whole point of this website is how many chicks we’ve banged, right?!

        8. I about snapped the day after Easter. So I’m by the 50% off candy in Kroger. This fat fuck driving a panis cart slow as possible surveying all the candy. Fuck gets out of my way finally. Before I can move beep beep beep beep he is backing up. So I turn, this blueberry teen girl is looking at cute stuffed bunnies and hugging one with a tree trunk arm. Almost puked from the juxtaposition. Then some fat boy. Then another panis cart comes around the bend loaded with pizzas. Figured out quick, one big fat ass family. Looked like the ugly family in cracked magazine, only worse. I’m just there with thin Italian wife to get two ( cause 50% off ) of a candy she likes that only comes out Easter time. Just we had it and lost all desire for anything. No they were not going for the good stuff…real selective with boxes of marshmallow rabbits.
          Anyhow, yeah, waste of air. Thought it took time to get that bloated but the ugly family proved me wrong. If belly dragging the floor and need a motor Kart that’s straining it’s ass off to get to freaking candy…….shouldn’t that clue you in. Kids seeing parents rolling around as start packing on pounds, isn’t the future clear. FUCK.

        9. Bastard. I really could’ve done without that. I know yang m8ght be thinking, “Well, yang didn’t have to click on it”. But I think we know that there is no avoiding looking at the train wreck. So gross. Haha

        10. These chicks need to be carbon shamed! All that CO2 that is going to be released when their bodies are finally cremated. Not even taking into account the extra carbon expended in moving their porcine selves around.

      2. I’d also argue that Feminist fat chearleading is bleeding into the upper-crust. Most classy families I know has one or two plump younger girls who think they’re just ‘curvy’. They’ve bought into the sugary “big is beautiful” narrative. These lil piggies still do make-up, hair and nails, but they’re literally putting lipstick on a pig.

        1. Alright, I have been stewing with this thought for a while, and I have to let it out: “fat acceptance” is *not* about protecting the feelings and self-esteem of overweight women. It *is* about attacking normal male sexuality and our healthy desire for slim and lovely women.
          Not about protecting women. About attacking normative masculinity.

        2. Right?! Please post your picture to demonstrate the appropriate body weight/shape and show what a body should look like. I mean we can’t ask them for your six-pack, but it should provide perspective . . . am i right?!
          (Really looking forward to seeing the pig they literally put lipstick on too.)

        3. I’m not a whore so I don’t flash pics of myself online. As far as “what is fat?”, a BMI chart is a good place to start.

        4. I know, that’s why it’s awesome you’re leading the brigade against fatties with your own stats. (5’8″ 180? = oh crap, that’s a BMI of 27.4. 5’8″ 140?!, nice. normal.)

      3. Yup. Quality, unrefined food and the time to prepare it is becoming a luxury commodity. And as a man, expect that you will be the one doing the cooking, unless you want to eat frozen carbs out of boxes or fatty goos extruded from machines.
        Hopefully that is something that begins to turn around.

        1. I do all my own food prep. I’ve got pretty good at it. About to eat a nice dinner now. It is something that takes extra time but is totally worth it

        1. I see super hot chicks wearing lulu and I always love the girls in the stores. Yum

        2. Yeah but fat chicks (even poor ones) are still gonna spend up big to be ‘in with’ the hot chicks.

      4. Just as with the election, you are living in your manhattan bubble. Women are getting fatter at a younger age.

        1. Oh no doubt. I am mostly tongue in cheek in this comment. That said. Socioeconomic level and obeisity are def inversely proportionate

        2. A very unfortunate trend I seem to be observing more often is to see a fit trim 35 to 40 year old mom and her fat 16 year old daughter. The daughter is not yet a land whale, but it is clearly in her near future. This is despite good genes, good example, and MC to UMC economic advantages.

      5. U r wrong. Catering to the poor is great business. Walmart, McDonalds, etc.
        Americans will be getting poorer …..hence fatter.

      6. Absolutely! Having lived in SoCal for most of my life, and now living in TX for the last 10 years, I can attest to the fact that fit/healthy people are typically found in the more affluent areas. It’s a funny thing, you would think that poor people would be famished and gaunt, while people with means would be gluttonous and piggish… not these days!

        1. It’s the high carb stuff that is subsidized by the government so it is really cheap to make. Take the subsidies out, and it’ll be more expensive.

      7. The rich women in Marx Brothers films always seemed to be pretty portly though.

        1. Margret Dumont. She was great. Groucho once said that the reason she was perfect for the role was that she didn’t get any of the jokes. Her reaction wasn’t something a person could fake. She really, genuinely, didn’t understand.

      8. absolutely. As my once once-crummy city is becoming more affluent, the quality of ‘scenery’ has increased steadily as well.

      9. And McDonalds sold cheap food to the masses. It doesn’t seem to have resulted in a poorly performing bottom line.

        1. Yes. It’s unfortunate but true. It is simply more feasible to feed a family on McDonald’s than on healthy home cooking

        2. Serving McCrap takes less time than serving nutritious meals, but it’s not cheaper. Anyway, if money was the driving consideration: less of anything costs less money – including junk food. People aren’t fat because healthy food is expensive – they’re fat because they consume more calories than they expend.
          Calories In versus Calories out. It’s just second-grade arithmetic.

        3. Calories in and calories out is true until you start having actual physique goals.
          And fast food doesn’t just take less time. Look at what 1 pound of organic small farm chicken breasts cost. Then look at what it costs to feed a family of 4 the poison served at fast food joints

        4. Side note: I do not disagree with your diagnosis of sedintary lifestyle and over consumption leading to fat assery just that eating healthy is, in fact, a lot more expensive than doing otherwise

        5. People aren’t fat because they’re not eating “healthy” foods – they’re fat because they eat too much food. They would lose weight if they kept eating the exact same stuff they eat now, but just ate less of it (which would also save them money).

        6. I got to say I believe it to be a combination. All calories are not created equal. I eat nearly 5000 calories a day of very clean food while closely monitoring my macros. Someone who ate the same, even with the same amount of activity, of Macdonald would be no where near the shape I am in. Fast food is not really food.

        7. 5000 calories? Unless you’re seven feet tall and do hard manual labor twelve hours a day, you’re either miscalculating your caloric intake or you’re not in the shape you think you’re in. What are your measurements for height, weight, waist, and neck? (With those measurements you can calculate your body fat percentage… mine is 13%) Don’t get me wrong, because I’ve never seen you in person, but most guys who think of themselves as “big and strong” are really just fat.
          Anyway, if you switched to the same number of calories from MacDonald’s your weight would not change one bit (except for a few pounds from water retention caused by all the salt). You’d probably feel like crap, but the human body will not and cannot create fat from nothing.
          Edit: this website will give you your approximate BF%.

        8. My BF is around the same as yours. I do a 2 hour weight lifting session as well as 1.5 hours of cardio 6 days a week. I am currently trying to gain weight, not lose which is why the high calorie intake.
          I am currently 195 at 6 foot as of this morning. Hard to say BF because tests are so inaccurate but my last caliper test with a professional was 2 months ago and had me at 15.3 but my body comp has changed these last 6 weeks as I have gone back to lifting heavy after a long time injured and muscle memory has kicked in. I would guess 12-14.
          The problem with the macdonalds is not just the calories. It will make you unhealthy and an unhealthy body will not metabolize the same as a healthy one, especially as we get older.

        9. Love heavy days. The pace I am currently on (and diet) is not sustainable. It is a 3 month program. My trainer monitors everything closet he is a professional ifbb trainer.
          Right now I am doing two three day splits for a total of 6 days. So today was shoulders arms. Tomorrow legs. Every day is cardio. 1 hour stairs and 30 min of HIIT sprints. And as Arnold says abs every day.
          I am a hard gainer so I need to eat a fuck ton of food. In college I did boxing and my weight was 155. Getting myself to 200 was tricky and then my injury so I wound up getting a little chubby where once I was very lean.
          It feels great to be pain free and back at it and seeing muscle memory kick in. There were some times I felt like a stranger in my own body. It was very depressing which lead to unhealthy choices which lead to more depression and so on. But snapped out of it and am now getting close to the best stats I’ve ever had.

        10. That’s awesome. I do cardio in some form nearly every day, and I started regular lifting about two years ago (I’m in my 50’s). I went from lifting three days a week, to four, then to six, but at that pace I was always sore and ragged-out, so I cut back and decided to simplify my routine for now… so I’m currently on the Stronglifts 5×5 routine, and I mix it up by doing something completely different on an off-day every couple of weeks. I had a really bad case of plantar fasciitis earlier this year (training injury caused by over-prepping for a 100-mile hike), but it’s quite a bit better now. I could barely even walk for about three months (the hike was hellish with all that pain, but I did it anyway). Now that I’m finally well enough to get back into martial arts again, I was able to re-start a couple of weeks ago. I lost a lot of ground on lifts that require driving through the heels, like dead-lifts and squats, but I’m nearly back to where I was before my injury there, too.
          Nothing tastes as good as being fit feels.

        11. good stuff! I started lifting later in life as well (late 30’s for me) and went through a similar progression. I am a big believer in the stronglifts program and recommend it to people at all levels for increasing strength and power lifting goals. I had 5 herniations in my spine, the one on L3 being particularly bad, and in my recovery I realized I will never put up the sheer numbers I was doing before. I was repping out 400+ pound deadlifts. I just can’t load that weight up any more. That is when I started talking to this new trainer I have and decided to move from powerlifting to body building. I can still do the motions and I can even push but the really heavy weights were just too much stress on the lumbar.
          My current program is a very classic bodybuilding program with much higher rep rangers and lighter weights. So every day I do one major compound lift 5×20 and then I do supersets or giant sets also 5×20 (this will blow you out). I get my muscles to failure without the huge risk to my back. So, for instance, today was shoulders and arms. My workout was
          OH Press 5×20 @ 95 lbs
          Then my supersets
          Front Raise
          Lat Raise
          Barbell 21’s
          Skull Crushers
          Arnold Press
          Upright Row
          Seated DB Press
          DB Alt Curls
          Seated Triceps extension
          Cable Curls
          Cable Pushdowns
          200 Cable Crunches
          30 min HIIT cardio
          Then tonight I will pop back in for 1 hour on stairs. This is my schedule 6 days a week hence the huge calorie intake. Congrats on your come back. From one guy who has been injured, lost abilities and come back to another….I think that in the end it is good….like tempering steel…needs to be beat up a bit. And yes, being fit and strong is an incredible feeling. I really wish more men would give it a try. The human body is such an amazing machine and most people don’t use it to nearly its full potential. They are all driving porches in the slow lane.

        12. Doesn’t help tha these so called “poor” often don’t even know how to boil water…I think that’s the main proble.
          If they were resourcefull would they be poor??
          You give my wife the cash spent on four Big Mac meals and she’ll feed four people a healthy fulfilling meal..
          In university I’d buy a big bag of potastoes and stretch that shit out with cheap veg and protein into some good meals..

        13. Also correct! Very much so. With knowledge and some dedication one could eat healthy on any budget. I have always eaten healthy regardless of a wide range of economic conditions

      1. As funny and disgusting as that is, it represents the average American beach goer. I swear you see one in shape, feminine looking woman for every 12 beluga whales. The guys aren’t much better, but I’d say that ratio is more like 5 to 1.

        1. What beaches are you going to? Geez. I was in Panama City, FL last June and there were scores of extremely nice looking women everywhere.

    1. Kuz it was made by a feminist chick for MRAs and is only being played in select random theatres. If it gets published on Youtube or becomes available for anyone to watch it, or people actually notice it, I’ll check it out.
      Men’s Rights have been doing their activist work for a long time and I really don’t think that women are going to care about men’s issues until there are tangible reasons to. I think voting in Trump will have a bigger impact than anything those guys will accomplish tbh.
      Before watching it I’ll even make a bet that the film is less about men’s rights and more about the chick who produced it.

      1. Plus the girl sounds legit, her other movie’s summary (Daddy I do):
        The Purity Ball symbolizes a father’s protection over his daughter’s virginity, but how does this reflect in the choices she makes, understanding her sexuality, and knowing her worth as a woman? This documentary examines the effects of Abstinence-Only Programs versus Comprehensive Sex Education in schools and what society can do to help lower teen pregnancies, abortions, and STDS, as well as poverty and sexual abuse.

        1. Parents can do the comprehensive sex ed far better than the obvious deviants whose sole purpose in life is to position themselves in life to lecture children on sex.
          They arent to be trusted anymore than the cannibals roaming the streets rioting about the no trophy election.
          They are all evil.

      2. ” I’ll even make a bet that the film is less about men’s rights and more about the chick who produced it”
        Roosh did an article (or video) about women who stand up for mens rights – and he didn’t have anything nice to say about female MRA’s. Essentially chicks who claim to want help men are simply doing it to get some public attention – and I would wager this is what the female indie film maker on question is doing.

        1. There are a good number who are working for men’s rights because they have sons and know the raw deal they are getting. But yes, no woman does anything unless it serves her. Solipsism is a feature not a bug.

      3. MRA’s are playing the same impotent games their adversaries are.
        Not manly enough.
        Blazing a trail is admirable. Locking arms and ‘protesting’ is gay.

        1. Nailed it.
          Men seize opportunities and take what they want. Always has been the way. None of this begging for permission and attention crap. Taking what we want guided by a moral compass tends to lead to an outcome for the greater good of everyone else.

        2. That’s the thing.
          I’m not really against the MRAs or anything, but I just really can’t imagine them making a difference.
          Can you really imagine someone watching the movie and being like “Wow, men really have it rough, I think we need to give up some of our privileges and even the playing field a bit”.
          In my 30 years of experience on this Earth one thing I’ve learned is that if you’re a man without resources, you’re on your own.

        3. I have to agree in total. I wish the MRAs well and god’s speed, but I don’t expect much. Those in power never give it away, and feminism is now the power elite.

  3. lol I have looked pet related companies and dating sites as investments. Match group and blue buffalo are the companies I’ve been following.

    1. Tattoo removal? Screw investing– I will donate to that shit as a service to the public.

  4. One thing not mentioned is a feeling of satisfaction with my wife today. Seventy years ago, she would be remarkably average.

  5. Ugh, cats are the worst. They are for people who are too lazy to train a dog, but want the warm fuzzies so they project affection and loyalty on one.

    1. I laugh because unlike our loyal dogs, the only time a cat even pretends to give a shit about anyone is its bowl is empty.

    2. I dont need validation from animals with tiny pea brains.
      I like my cats because they 1: dont fucking stink (ie: like a dog)
      2: dont follow me around all the damn time 3: NEVER randomly smears me with snot/saliva to show it affection 4: can let itself the fuck out to shit.
      Never a giant bomb on the floor.

  6. Good suggestions, I should add in – see we can now at this point we can see the coming collapse / war that these businesses will be good up until the major reboot happens.

    1. classic, although it happen’s to be satire (or is it?)
      I think Janet Yellen was talking about kittens yesterday

  7. Ive seen pics of dogs dressed up for Halloween parties- The couples never bothered or couldnt have kids.
    Instead of bobbing for apples, you could have bobbing for Milkbones. Marketing campaign to get owners to get their “kids” trick or treating- candycorn Milkbones. Dogs know something is wrong, become depressed- market anti-depressants to the pooches.

    1. The plummeting birth rate of whites is the biggest long term problem for the west.
      We will either get outbred or be forced to kill them all.
      The third option isnt going to happen.
      We will always be the last ones standing.

    2. That’s already a thing. Lots of women have their dogs on antidepressants. Look it up.

  8. I’m welcome here as legal citizen latino right? Im not white but…
    Fucking hate sjws and feminists. theyre ruining my favorite niche entertainment mediums

      1. I suspect Hispanic guys are next on the chopping block. The 3 generation households, religiosity, etc aren’t in line with the Elites’ plans to make everyone slavish consumers wholly dependant on the government.
        I could totally see the *ahem* usual characters making a play for control of Spanish-language media in a decade or two. All they’d need to do is copy-paste the current script with a few tweaks: Latin America and the Southwestern US couldn’t have been built without slaves, single mothers are heroic, thugs and bad boys become good partners in the end, hardworking everyday guys are suckers/out-of-touch/awkward, siblings hating each other is normal, etc.

        1. I pulled jury duty in the Los Angeles courthouse and was called for an interesting case: It was a family dispute between a working class Latino guy and his baby momma Latina and her mother over a fight involving the daughter.
          He had gone to pick up the little girl as arranged for a planned trip to Disneyland (and this is a BIG deal for these guys) and the women pulled out at the last minute. He grabbed the daughter and took her to the car and the women started to hit him, he hit them back (probably just as a reflex).
          So the D.A was going after him for: Kidnapping, endangering the life of a child and assault. I could see the years of time adding up over something that should have at worst gotten blown over.
          During jury questioning, one of the African American woman jurors said that she thought a woman should have the right to hit a man but he can’t hit back and… the (female) judge did NOT dismiss her.
          I was selected as an alternate which meant me most likely wasting my time so when my turn came up, I shocked the judge when I said I felt this was a total BS case and why. The judge let me go on and had me come in the next day (presumably to just waste me time) and dismissed me but I could tell she was pissed.
          I hope I got one of the few guys on the jury with some vestigial balls to hang the jury. I didn’t get the case number so I regrettably didn’t find out what happened.

        2. That’s insane. A kidnapping charge is a huge deal. And they certainly don’t levy it against moms who lose their shit and abscond with a child without the dad’s permission.
          It’s also a shame that they don’t pound the concept of jury nullification into kids’ heads in every Civics class.
          It’s one of our most unique and powerful rights as Americans.

        3. IMO, the father and mother had prearranged a visit and gotten permission and she probably rescinded it to be a ****.
          The previous judge gave out a lecture that “he determines law and juries determine facts” so I thought to myself, fine, I determined the guy’s not guilty. That’s a fact, yes? 🙂

    1. bro, there is no race divide in the manoshphere. tell all your latino braz about this place.

      1. Thank you Jolly joker and pantless thunder, for the positivity in your responses. I guess i had a feeling id be welcomed with brotherly arms, just wanted to confirm for myself as this was my first post on ROK.
        Looking forward to being a part of the community.

        1. We mostly have realized that they are coming to get us all, so in that respect we are all allies in the coming fempocolypse. They may try to play men of different races and ethnicities off against each other, but in the end we will all be rounded up into the work camps and eventually exterminated to make the feminist utopia possible.

    2. There is alot of division in the comment section, that doesn’t reflect the majority of readers. In my opinion atleast. I dont think that many people here care that nuch about race. Just values.

        1. The divides that exist are because of the propaganda that many unfortunate men of color have accepted from feminists that all their troubles are caused by WHITE men. They seek the power of minority men to crush the white man. Once that is accomplished they will then crush the men of color. There are more and more men of color all over the west that have figured that out. I for one of many welcome these refugees to the fight.

        2. Actually, this has already largely happened. African American men were railroaded into prison as entry level jobs went to career women feminists, welfare went to single mothers, and working class African American men were pushed into jails. The same largely goes for the Latino community from what I saw in Los Angeles.
          I watched a video (I think posted here on RoK) of some feminist shaming catcallers in NYC and every single man engaging in catcalls (most of them harmless) were from minority working class men of poor manners (and guess which single mother households gave them those!)
          I remember catcalls when I grew up from the white, working class construction workers directed at women. My mother and sister walked by a site and one said “You ladies are hot!” and my mother had this smile on her face for a month. The construction workers meant well and never jeered a woman nor threatened them and the sentiment was returned in kind (back when such men were respected.)

    3. Half of my co workers are naturalised citizens from Mexico.
      Several told me they voted for Trump.
      This alt right nazi smear is nonsense. Any and all common sense and those willing to shoot straight are encouraged.
      If you hold down a job while taking care of others all while being robbed blind by possible devil worshipping pedophiles hell bent on policing your every statement, then I guess we all have some common ground.

    4. Welcome to the clambake! Dont believe the propaganda – there’s no more racism here than among any group of men. Likely less.

    1. Lol there is quite a bit of truth to that. Cats are self centered assholes. Dogs (man’s best friend),on the other hand are loyal And follow wherever you go.

        I strongly dislike dogs up my ass. Who wouldnt?
        Cats are assholes. So am I. Perfect.

        1. Nope. You train them to stay and they don’t follow. Train them to go to their kennel/bed and that’s where they’ll go.

        2. Well, makes sense that men like their women trainable like a dog, meanwhile women like their men to be an asshole, like a cat.

  9. Sperm bank, are you crazy? Not only you are ruining an innocent’s life for good, but also risking 18 to 21 years enslavement.

  10. Being a pimp would work too. I will just get a bunch of black people with massive cocks and pimp them out to the old sluts.

      1. In Europe, they post wall hags usually fly to Turkey and use rent boys. One holiday I had with the family a few years ago in Spain, we were leaving the beach and heading back to the hotel and we walked by a strange couple– good looking guy in his late 20s (I assume Turkish) and an old German woman. I was a few meters back carrying the gear and wife was carrying our daughter and I followed his eyes to my wife. Unforunately for him, the old hag did as well and gave him a harsh evil look. He looked defeated and looked at the ground.
        We laughed about it later, but both felt sorry for him as it was clear what type of arrangment it was.

      1. It may seem oppressive or some such shit to the rare intelligent women, but its a fact of life women need to be led.
        Replacing the patriachal guidance with ASSHOLES who wish to lead (program) our women into self destruction is just one of the tactics that the globalist commies use.
        People who could have stopped these commies were too busy arguing about FAGGOTS getting married and other stupid shit.
        Thanks for everything baby boomer slobs. We will fix it since you couldnt be bothered.

        1. Of all the women I’ve ever been with, I’ve only been with one who didn’t get mad when I would openly admit that I wasn’t listening to a single word she said. Because I knew she wasn’t really talking. She was just thinking get out loud so I didn’t really care.
          I would get, “Are you listening to me”? I would say, “No. Should I have been”? She would actually laugh at my straight up honesty. “That’s OK, ya didn’t miss anything”. Hahaha
          Damn I miss that woman.

        2. She would have been. But she became chronically Ill and will probably die in the next few years. (MRSA)
          She broke up with me when her illness became more advanced and her medical bills went through the roof. Since most women would have drained me of everything I had, the fact she didn’t, makes her more of a “keeper”. The cruel ironies of love.

        3. That’s a shame, my friend. But life goes on. And if you are so inclined, you might look at it this way – at least you got a good one for a while. That puts you way ahead of most men. The problem, as always, is nothing last forever. Life is about frustration and loss, to a large degree. And we are all in the same boat on that one…so it’s much easier to commiserate. I feel your pain.

        4. Thank you. Yeah, I don’t let it be a point of frustration or despair in my life. In fact, I am rather grateful for having spent some great quality time with a great woman who was actually an asset to my life. Literally, the ONLY one that was an asset and not a liability. But what is perhaps the funniest twist of reality is, that as great as she is, she is still AWALT. hahahaha. Like they say, some women are better than others, (and she was the best that I knew) but they are ALL “like that” to a certain degree.
          She loved the pedestal, yet loved the fact I wouldn’t put her on one.

        5. I’ve met only one in my lifetime, too. Thought about marrying her. Never trusted her, even though I never caught her in a lie, she never acted like a cunt, and she never gave me a shit-test. She was 31 when I got together with her, I was 29. I knew she wanted a child and to get married. She came from a nice family, good Catholic upbringing. Just a sweet girl. But…AWALT. No doubt. Found a Cosmo article, clipped from the magazine by her mother, sitting on her kitchen table one day (we never lived together). It was titled something like, “How to Speak His Love Language and Get Him to Marry You”. She had underlined certain parts of the article – heh. She didn’t know I’d see it, it was an oversight, she accidentally left it out. Like all red-pill guys know, AWALT. And like you said, some are better than others. It’s like choosing between a hand grenade or slow poisoning, in terms of the way a guy might commit suicide. Ain’t it the truth.

        6. Oh yes. They all have a way to drain you in some way or form. She used to shit test me in the beginning until she figured out my tolerance for shit was zero. Amazing how her behavior changed. Ha-ha
          But the Machiavellian manipulatuon to get ya to do things, can be draining. Even when ya know it’s happening, the resistance can be energy consuming. I don’t mind a good game of chess occasionally, but not as an everyday occurrence, in order to get laid. But the one thing she was better at than me, was picking up young hotties. God bless bisexual women who can cook. Haha

        7. Well Holy Christ man, no WONDER you took it so hard that she is in declining health. Heh. I have never had an LTR who did that for me. That’s really cool and worthy of admiration. Do you get your online name from “The Rockford Files” by chance…

        8. Hahahaha hahaha YES! I was a private investigator for about 10 years, and that is exactly where I got it from. You are one of maybe 3 people who called it. Damn we’re old! Haha

        9. Yep. We are old geezers for sure. One of my favorite shows. I loved Angel, “Jimmy…Jimmy…I didn’t know about that,” etc.

  11. Curvy Cunt Candy Company
    Just sale top shelf Corinthian Chocolate. Stamp a they live message on the bar, put a colored ribbon around it. Have a Chocolate Express line in rice paper so don’t have to even remove the wrapper.
    You don’t look good, we don’t care. Fuck them off like Warren Buffet. Hell, even make Cat safe Chocolate…same thing feed the cows just smaller portions with higher price…..put a Collectable toy in the fucking can. Collect all twelve and get a FREE!!! subscription to Cosmo. There are only 11 toys.
    I don’t care if this idea is stolen, just want to see it happen. Got millions more.

  12. Oh the cognitive dissonance of the female psyche knows no bounds. This article had me in stitches and highlights the back to front world we all live in. Sometimes it frightens me how self-deluded human beings can be.

  13. “Ways To Profit Bigly From … Career-Obsessed Feminists”Lawyers, go into age and gender discrimination law.
    In this world of ours, women can work til they’re 92, be fat-ugly harpies, take regular sick leave that bosses cant even ask about, etc. , because eventually, during her 92 years, some male is going to do something less than stellar and … ka-ching! The case below just came down this week. $20m clams! And that’s in Trump Country, Missouri. (Though it is in a blue county, Jackson County).
    Independence insurance agent wins $20.4M jury verdict
    By: Jessica Shumaker December 12, 2016
    An Independence insurance agent received a $20,450,000 jury verdict Friday in her age and sex discrimination suit against American Family Insurance.
    A Jackson County jury returned the verdict following nearly four and a half hours of deliberations and two weeks at trial, finding the insurer liable of age/sex discrimination against plaintiff Debbie Miller. The jury found the insurer not liable for a claim of retaliation.
    The verdict breaks down to $450,000 in actual damages and $20 million in punitive damages.
    Miller, 60, sued her manager, John Bosman, and the insurance company, over claims they had a pattern of discriminating against older women in favor of younger men. Bosman was later dismissed from the case.
    When Miller became ill in 2012 and needed to take medical leave, she alleged that Bosman threatened to fire her, according to her petition. She filed a complaint with HR over what she believed was age discrimination, and Bosman put her on a performance improvement plan.
    When she returned after surgery in 2013, Bosman presented her with the option of leaving corporate for an agency position or being terminated. She chose to return to an agency.
    Miller’s attorney, Kevin Baldwin of Baldwin & Vernon in Liberty, said he was amazed by the jury’s decision.
    “I asked the jury to send a message to Madison, Wisconsin, because the home office was aware of all of this,” he said. “The jury spoke even louder than I thought they would.”
    Dennis Egan of The Popham Law Firm in Kansas City assisted Baldwin at trial. He said the verdict is the largest to date under the Missouri Human Rights Act.
    “This is the most upset and articulate jury we’ve had,” he said.
    Miller worked as an agent for 11 years before moving to American Family Insurance’s corporate office in Kansas City to work as an agency sales manager, or ASM, Egan said.
    In that role, she oversaw agents, trained and evaluated them and kept them up to date with new policy information. He said she had a track record of good performance.
    Egan said a change in leadership after she moved to that role led to a corporate culture change, where Bosman pressured Miller to get retirement letters from her agents.
    Testimony at trial included a fellow employee saying women ASMs don’t have equal opportunities to men, that there was an undertone of discrimination against women and that there is a pressure on women to look young and slim.
    Egan said the company’s defense was that Miller’s age and sex were facts of the case, but not factors for her treatment.
    In a statement, American Family Insurance said it strongly disagrees with the verdict and believes it is “contrary to the facts and testimony that were presented at trial.”
    “We do not illegally discriminate in any way, and there was no discrimination in this situation,” the statement said. “We are considering our options for appeal.”
    Baldwin said the jurors he spoke with were struck by the testimony and documentation coming from the insurer’s Human Resources department.
    “They were amazed at the information that came out of the internal HR investigation that found there to be no discrimination, when they considered it to be very discriminatory,” he said. “They questioned how HR investigators had never found discrimination in any case [uh, isnt the profit motive enough? –Ed.] In their minds, it lacked credibility.”
    Egan said a future hearing will be held to determine attorney’s fees and future damages.
    The case is Miller v. American Family Insurance, 1416-cv02573.
    (Technically men can sue for age-discrimination too, but most men dont look god-awful when they’re 60 plus most men will gladly retire as soon as they can to get out on that speedboat).

  14. 6. Alcoholic beverages marketed towards women.
    7. “Self-discovery” trips to Jamaica…
    8. innovative sex toys for women.

    1. Question -when sluts go to Jamaica for that “self-discovery trip” – are they banging local Jamaicans or other tourists?

  15. This is one of those cases where ROK is in contradiction with itself.
    On one hand consumerism is heavily criticised and minimalism is preached while on the other hand to become a real man you need to be an entrepreneur, which actually means consumerism is good or you’d have less customers. I myself lean towards the consumerism side as I want a growing economy and lots of potential customers for my future business. I don’t buy the eco-religion and believe technology can solve all energy problems in the future, making unlimited growth possible.
    Minimalism is making yourself weaker than even the average beta chump with a good job and depriving yourself of so many things the modern world has to offer.

    1. There’s nothing wrong with milking suckers for cash, while not being a consumerist yourself. I like women who wear bras, but I don’t own one myself.

  16. How about investing in chastity belt production, I bet they’d be flying off the shelves in Sweden & Germany ..

  17. Sperm donation? Absolutely not! We should not be endangering children by having them raised by these harridans!
    Not to mention, it is only a matter of time before sperm donors become liable for child support. This is a bad move on all sides.

  18. Number 3, NO! You’ll just end up spunking a lot of money on child support, and yes, the pun was intended.

  19. #6 Fat people scooters.
    #7 Pharmaceuticals companies specializing in medicines for erectile dysfunction, since now cougars want to bang endlessly.

  20. The article can’t be serious. It’s really about introducing the newborn word ‘BIGLY’ which you will notice is in bold face and is the fourth word in the title. It’s a cool and funny word in the sense that it sideswipes the grammar police. It’s a ‘happening’ kind of word and fits right in with the unique neomasculine lingo. The word is ours now. The rest of the article itself went somewhere out my other ear but the word ‘BIGLY’ stuck. I must use it sometime. But the articicle was just the required 1500 word fluff to introduce the new word ‘BIGLY’ which belongs in the peacocking parables and descriptives section of the manosphere thesaurus. Thank you Mr Brown.

  21. OMG!!! Single-serving lasagna! Chocolate haagen-daz!! CATS!!! Yoga. Wine ; ) Infertility. Dating. (Did I mention CATS?!)
    Most. Inspired. Comedy about single women. Ever.

  22. As much as I try, I cannot bring myself to profit by contributing to the collapse of traditionalism and masculinity just to make a quick buck off childless feminist schlubs

  23. This place reminds me of band camp. Everyone’s talking about chicks, but nobody’s getting laid.

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