What Liberals Don’t Understand About “Angry White Men”

Self-proclaimed masculinity expert Michael Kimmel had an excerpt of his book, “Angry White Men: American Masculinity At The End Of An Era” published some months back on Salon. As with most of his work, he focuses exclusively on white men—especially rural and poor men—and endeavors to understand how white men collectively see themselves in society.

Of course, the only satisfying approach to these group of people is to treat them as class oppressors of women and racial minorities then assume their issues stem from primary narcissism and encourage to “man up!” and ditch their infantile, hateful masculinity in favor of an enlightened standard of masculinity devoid of any substance and completely based on other people’s approval. Here is what what Kimmel and his ilk generally believe:

planned parenthood

The modern era is one characterized by increasing level of diversity and equity. As such, the mindset of the white male needs to change. Instead of feeling that it’s their birthright to have good jobs and avoid poverty, they need to understand that the playing field is leveling and they might find themselves in extreme poverty and disadvantaged, just like how everybody who wasn’t a white male was before. Instead of getting angry and not voting for Democrats, they need to understand that it is those others—Republicans—who are hurting them and they need to embrace progressive policies. By doing this, they can stop opposing feminism, environmentalism and socialism and instead understand that not being a progressive is based out of a reflexive state of fear of change and hatred of anybody who doesn’t look like them.

First off, Kimmel shows off he has zero understanding of basic human psychology, much less American psychology. Kimmel advances the queer argument that white males who appeal to their fathers and grandfathers legacies are displaying white male entitlement. This isn’t entitlement in any sense of the word, but a common and healthy desire for males to follow in the footsteps of their fathers. Kimmel is thoroughly urban, as such I think he instinctively feels urban fathers are an average worse than rural ones.

In Kimmel’s world, (urban) fathers are nebbish, frightful little rodents that feel the need to constantly apologize for their existence, most especially politically. From this posture of failed fatherhood, he is immediately suspects anybody better relations with their fathers. His constant smearing of these men as full-throated hatemongers is wholly off-base. When he explored these communities, he found a foreign world with healthier relationships.

rural families

As I observed about my own upbringing in rural America, the idea that there is all this hate and fear freely expressed and flooding the community is laughable. Rural America is psychologically healthier precisely because the omnipresent eye of mass media, marketing and access to technology and public works is greatly diminished. As such, people learn to depend on one another. That is much more healthy then the urban mindset of slavish dependence on corporations and the state.

Christopher Lasch wrote an afterword to “The Culture Of Narcissism,” in which he observed the decline of the family and home life had resulted in the rise of the influence of mass media, peer groups and “helping professions.” He further observed that this decline and the rise of large bureaucracies and wider media had resulted in the creation of folk with distinct psychological issues. Some of these, he listed, are cloying displays of independence while being wholly dependent of those around you, terror of close, emotional relations and heightened anxiety of what those around you think of you. Lasch said that all of these traits are indicative of narcissism, a mindset that wasn’t truly realized socially until the radicals of the 1960’s came around.

lena dunham

This is why Kimmel doesn’t understand American society. When he speaks of white male entitlement, he is talking about white males being more narcissistic than their female and racial minority peers. That patently isn’t true, as women collectively are more narcissistic than men and men often are the codependent in the story of their wive’s life.

Further, this is new. America was not born a narcissistic society, but a highly morally puritanical one. When Freud first started out analyzing people psychologically, he encountered mostly neurotics and obsessive-compulsives. Later on in his career, he found increasing numbers of narcissists coming in. This trend has been observed in the psychiatric community for decades.  To say that the issue with white men is the long-held sense of entitled masculinity isn’t just factually unsound, it has the ring to it of people who think that if they were just born a white male, they would have the license to chase their dreams.

To people like Kimmel, they seem to think the reason white men rise to power is that they are encouraged to do so from youth, as a result of white supremacy and misogyny-based patriarchy. This would be laughable if it wasn’t so dangerous. People like him only seem to think people do the things they do only because they were allowed to do so. What this is indicative of is a person who doesn’t believe in free will.


They feel the crushing weight of media, corporatism and government bureaucracy, but  instead of actually challenging what is hurting them, they take up non-issues. Instead of challenging the power media has in how people feel about themselves, they demand that plus-size women be featured in media. Kimmel thinks society gives white men a license that it doesn’t to others—it’s changing, though!—and that’s why they rise to the heights of success.

People do what they want, period. Michael Kimmel doesn’t understand that anybody who claims they can’t at least strive for X, Y or Z in modern America is deluded. In world in which everybody is taught they can be anything, it is psychologically disturbing to realize you can’t be everything (have it all). He is propping up delusions of his readers (mostly white women) who want to think the reason they haven’t become a somebody is that they weren’t allowed by society to be somebody. While the latter clause may have a hint of truth to it, the former is a childish view of life. If you didn’t achieve your dreams it is overwhelmingly true for three reasons: you didn’t try, you weren’t talented enough or you didn’t luck into it. The first two explanations are abhorrent to the narcissist, so the latter reason—pure luck—has to be the reason.


They reason Kimmel and his fans hate on white men is that they think the success that a white man achieves isn’t his to own. That was supposed to be their life but white supremacy and patriarchy set a firm bar against anybody but white men enjoying success in society. That is completely false. The reason white men like the recently deposed Brendan Eich cause so much anger and rage is that these people want to want to be a CEO, but either do not put in the work or do not have the talent, so they claim pure blind luck (white male privilege) is the reason CEO’s are predominately white males. They think success just happens and isn’t a result of hard work and talent.

Moreover, Kimmel doesn’t seem to get just why these white men get into right-wing politics: they are purposefully avoiding people like Kimmel. Kimmel’s life is about offering men progressive palliatives to American rage: wholly repress it and instead of expressing it, port it on media-approved themes of race and gender.  These men don’t want to be the self-abnegating beta progressives that Kimmel wants them to be. They don’t want to have to walk an incredibly fine line of political correctness so that they have to avoid being labeled “one of them”—racist, misogynist, homophobe, etc. Kimmel doesn’t understand that right-wing groups can easily pluck these men up is because left-wing groups have nothing to offer white men.

Finally, Kimmel doesn’t understand the role of race and sex in these men’s lives. First, Kimmel is flat out wrong about white men and race. A queer—and false—idea progressives have is that poor white men are obsessed with blaming blacks and hispanics for the problems in America. Maybe that has a stab a truth to it in the South, but for the rest of the country these sorts of white men are only surrounded by fellow white people. These white men are not thinking of racial minorities in their ideologies. You can’t simultaneously be indifferent to a racial minority while also actively hating them. They are thinking of their own communities, where many women live off government money after getting pregnant with a couple different rough-hewn bikers. They are angry at the broken social contract between men and women in their communities, not hating on black folk.

horrible single mothers

As far as this broken contract, this is a direct result of the Sexual Revolution and the dismantling of chivalry, putting men and women in direct class conflict. Men and women are different and have very different wants and needs. Men are justifiably upset that women are crappy mothers, not just to men but also to other women.

The problem is messages on standards for girls and women have to come from other women, not men. So men get upset that women are failing each other so badly. True, they don’t think this consciously, but it is evident why men refuse to view media directed at women: it reminds them how poorly modern women behave. The utter lack of seriousness that women comport themselves is unnerving to men, who are not allowed socially to comment on this, only to watch women behave like infantile morons.

Kimmel thinks that it is men who hurt women and women’s problems come from men or patriarchy, not women. He doesn’t understand that even if that was 100% true, it wouldn’t matter because women maintain the system they call “patriarchy.” Women watch rap videos with degrading lyrics, they run the cosmetics and educational industry and consume most of the media aimed at celebrity gossip and relationship tips – all concepts men like Kimmel would denounce as tools of the partiarchy. The presumption every man is some latent rapist or abuser of women is incredibly tiresome and, once more, is why white men are not a left-leaning demographic. I can’t imagine anybody but an Uncle Ruckus who would stick around in ideological waters that constantly demean and insult you.


At the end of the day, white men are upset they are presumed to have all this social power—when, in fact, they don’t—and watch the same people and groups completely ignore all the power other groups have, most especially white women. The blind feelings of superiority coupled with the concurrent obsession with symbiosis (let’s all hold hands, celebrate diversity and repress our rage!) on the left all drive white men out. White men simply can’t identify with the narrative that their accomplishments are a result of unearned privilege or that if they don’t achieve success that they need to learn to live with it, as the star of the white man has long passed.

That isn’t a winning argument, nor is it one based out any facts or real analysis. Kimmel has his voice simply because all the white women reading need an excuse for their personal disquiet about the arc of their life. Oh, if only they were born a white man!

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446 thoughts on “What Liberals Don’t Understand About “Angry White Men””

  1. What Liberals Don’t Understand About “Angry White Men””
    No. It’s not that they don’t understand it, it’s they don’t WANT to understand it.

    1. That would mean that society would have to realize the truth, and that is something they want to shove under the rug as long as possible.

    1. The thing that struck me about this video, and the essence of the mistake here, I think, is his use of the word “fair.” Somehow, the hunt for women is supposed to be fair, whatever that means. A couple of observations about this:
      First, if the world were fair, he wouldn’t be sitting in a BMW paid for by a rich daddy. He didn’t earn that car, he was just lucky, which is not fair.
      Second, the whole idea that there is some sort of cosmic overlord watching everyone mate and insuring that it’s done according to the rules is juvenile, and ridiculous. Women are a resource, everyone wants some, and there ARE NO RULES. Society itself has rules again, say, murdering people, but he’s totally falling into the Blue Pill trap when he goes on about how he’s following the rules and can’t get a girlfriend. There aren’t any.

      1. Exactly, guys need to stop using him to make a point. He’s fucking crazy, period.

        1. He is an extreme example of what a feminised and narcissistic society does to men indirectly.

        2. I’ve met asian/white hateful manginas… I think possibly they suffer from lack of identity.
          Bad mix of being expected to be tough macho outgoing alpha… and simultaneously growing up in a more introverted conservative meritocracy.

        3. It’s hard to believe he couldn’t get laid. This guy was a total nothing-boy.

      2. quite, his reasoning assumes that the world should be fair, and if not something should be done about him. The little turd is socialism in a box

    2. Elliot Rodger didn’t realize that fairness had anything to do with this. He wanted only beautiful women, beautiful women didn’t want him. To each his or her own.

    3. Holy fuck, he’s got that super-slow faux-intelligent drawl. Probably an effect of inbreeding. What a psycho. I can’t even finish this.

  2. “By doing this, they can stop opposing feminism, environmentalism and
    socialism and instead understand that not being a progressive is based
    out of a reflexive state of fear of change and hatred of anybody who
    doesn’t look like them.”
    Ah, yes. The old race card rears it’s cowardly head once again. No shit head. I oppose socialism (all three of those movements originate from socialism) because it causes the misery and death of everyone. And yes, that includes black, white, yellow, and red people. Hasn’t it failed enough times for you idiot “progressives” to get it YET? Shit!

    1. who invented the race card and has use it since the 1600 ‘s after bacon’s rebellion it damn sure was not the black man

    2. “Hasn’t it failed enough times for you idiot “progressives” to get it YET?”
      Every time you point out to these idiots the fact that socialism has NEVER worked each and every time it has been tried, they have their stock answer: “It hasn’t worked because it hasn’t been done RIGHT” (translated, that means “It hasn’t worked because I wasn’t in charge”).
      Truly delusional — “Socialism is a mental disorder”.

  3. “…At the end of the day, white men are upset they are presumed to have all this social power—when, in fact, they don’t—”
    …and this brings us nicely into this….
    “I’ve been forced to endure an existence of loneliness, rejection and unfulfilled desires all because girls have never been attracted to me,” he said. Women, he claimed, would throw themselves at “obnoxious brutes”, while rejecting him, “the supreme gentleman”….
    Gentleman….this is how important the redpill…ROK…and game is….this is a lesson.

    1. Supreme gentleman. You mean a man who goes on a shooting rampage? Surely, he jests.
      No one forced him to be lonely. Was he attracted to everyone he met? Did he like fatties, plain girls, awkward girls? No. Everyone is allowed to have their preferences. Sometimes those preferences are ridiculous, but that’s their choice. No one has to be “into” you.
      “Girls are not gifts to be handed out to nice boys like party favors.”

      1. Yeah. I think this dude had deeper issues. I wouldn’t conflate what he did with not having swallowed the red pill. Killing innocent people because you can’t get what you want is pretty much psychotic. He had plenty of time to make a dent in the world given his background.

        1. The point was…with redpill and ROK exposure…he WOULD have what he wanted…pussy….and judging by his family wealth and connections…plenty of pussy.
          The reason why he killed people because he could not get what he wanted was because he was a bluepill girl….a bluepill American girl…entitled and deserving.

        2. The guy wasn’t right in the head.
          Using him as an example is reaching pretty far. He committed an extreme act based on a very trivial matter, considering his age and privilege. It’s one thing to be in a position where you have nothing to lose and you’ve been taken advantage of, disenfranchised, etc. In some cases I can completely understand a man cracking under the pressure of it all.
          Someone like this is going to act out in some way because he was long past “rational.”

        3. True, I agree that this wasn’t the main motivation. He was disturbed. However, the folks on this blog are using this as a a call to their “plight.” If you don’t secure hot babes for us now, who knows what we’ll do….

        4. He believed he deserved the beautiful girl, not the man who was with her. Real entitlement issues.

        5. Not all blue pillers go on rampages, of course. However, people on this blog are using this to provide proof that the world is against them.

        6. I read his manifesto, he understood the red pill, he just refused to implement it. He wanted the world to change for him, not change himself to go after what he wanted. He was full of envy and hate.

        7. I know. Considering that he was apparently a regular reader of puahate.com, it seems like he was only a couple links away from discovering some real truths that could have saved him and turned his life around. Also could have prevented the death of innocents.

        8. Good point. I have mentioned some red pill tenets to a few guys I know who are knee deep in a feminist fiasco. They agree on principle, but lack the courage to do anything about it.
          At the end of the day, it’s Everyman for himself on a sinking ship. You either have the guts to fight for your dignity or you don’t.

        9. He was an piece of shit beyond redemption. I’m glad he’s dead. It’s sad that he had to take innocent people with him. It’s his rotten, selfish father’s fault that he turned out this way. His father is a Hollywood scumbag who has nothing but excuses for his absenteeism.

    2. He is half Asian. By the same standards of calling him a white man, Obama is a white man.

    3. He by this point has already gone off the deep end and joined PUAhate. Its too late for him.

  4. First off, I want to say that this is a superb article.
    “If you didn’t achieve your dreams it is overwhelmingly true for three reasons: you didn’t try, you weren’t talented enough or you didn’t luck into it. The first two explanations are abhorrent to the narcissist, so the latter reason—pure luck—has to be the reason.”
    I wish I could tell this to every millennial generation person that I have ever met from every race, gender, creed, and religion. I wish this was plastered everywhere, all over the place. Most people never succeed because they never try. Perfect example I had this white male friend talking to this white female acquaintance and she was complaining how easy white male authors have it(they both aspiring writers). Of course he responded that she had no idea what she was talking about and there are millions of unsuccessful white male authors.
    I couldn’t just sit there and let them have a pity party so I asked if either of them had a blog they updated frequently. They said no. I asked if either of them had a YouTube channel they posted several videos on. They said no. So I responded how do you think books are sold in the modern day? You think you go to a big publishing house? You think they want your shit? Hell no. Even if they did, what good is selling a product with no fan base? Especially in this day and age. They both just looked baffled and changed the conversation.
    One group of people I despise above all others is the white male(typically liberal) who feels guilt about being white and male. Two factors he was born with and had no control over. If you want to understand the place of white males in the 21st century, just go over to tumblr. The white male is considered a clown, loser, racist, sexist, bitter, asshole, privileged, and the list goes on. Of course to these people who will spend hours and hours complaining about “how good” the white man has it, never come to realize the first point, that if they actually tried and put the hours of work into that, they might have a chance to succeed.
    But no they would much rather scapegoat to give themselves an out for being a lazy piece of shit themselves. It’s laughable when these groups scream about white entitlement, when the government gives these groups of people ungodly amounts of money and forces companies to hire them. You’re also completely correct that epidemic of narcissism, greed, and even depression come from the consumerist culture of never having enough. I think that this also translates to women who then will always think they never have enough, and keep ordering the government to steal from men until there is no incentive for men to work. Keep ordering the government to keep out equally qualified, or more qualified candidates to keep in less qualified ones.
    I hate all of the assumptions that our entire generation has made because they are brainwashed into thinking the white male patriarchy is the root of all evil. Evil is everywhere, it has always existed. I hate the assumptions that men want to keep women down constantly, even though women get more opportunities in our culture at the expense of men then ever before. Alimony, child support, child custody, divorce law, and reproductive rights are a perfect example. She holds 100% of the cards, yet she will still scream about how unfair marriage is, because their anti-male brainwashing tells them so. Simply put the modern women is simply insane.
    Now that I’ve dealt with women, I have to talk about minorities in America. The Left has pulled the greatest con in the history of humanity on these people. Feminists and their policies have utterly destroyed the Black family(and others but Blacks are the most notable) by removing the father but still stealing his resources. After five decades of increased social programs, entitlements, and everything else they are just as worse off as ever. In some case they are still worse off. As AaronClarey pointed out, if a ton of people in the Black community all got computer engineering and STEM degrees, they would get out of poverty in a generation. But no they would rather believe the leftist bullshit that “they’re oppressed” and the solution is to hire left-wing politicians to steal more people’s money. It’s laughable. Ultimately the Left wants to keep minorities poor and ignorant so that they’ll keep voting left. They want to destroy the minority family so that they’ll look at the Daddy government as their family. They want generations of welfare/entitlement slaves to increase their voting power. It is one of the sickest jokes played on any group of people in all of humanity.

        1. Yes, but now in the modern era they’ve been given a license to act like fucking assholes without consequence. In prior periods of history, women were kept in check.

        2. This website is full of scary-ass freaks like you. What makes you think that you’re more entitled than women? Besides the fact that women work twice as hard as men in this world, get less recognition, and less pay because of assholes like you. You’re probably a bunch of narcissistic and vain douchebags who can’t get laid and like to whine about it on the internet. Get some class, folks. It’ll get you far in life. A lot farther than this nasty ass website will.

    1. “The Left has pulled the greatest con in the history of humanity on these people. Feminists and their policies have utterly destroyed the Black family(and others but Blacks are the most notable) by removing the father but still stealing his resources. After five decades of increased social programs, entitlements, and everything else they are just as worse off as ever. In some case they are still worse off.”
      ^^^Truth. I’m black and I get sick and tired of the excuses and blaming of white men (especially repubs) for all the stupid decisions that black people make. I’m a bit of an outcast in that I hate black american culture, at least the modern version.
      After reading about the beliefs of men like Malcolm X, who pushed “independence,” it damn near brought a tear to my eye. Killed by his own…

      1. Fucking agreed as a fellow black man. I always felt like an outcast among other blacks.

      2. what the fuck have they given us?they moved the blue collar work out of the cities then let the mexicans comes in droves to compete for the few unskilled blue collar jobs they could not send oveseas.they black balled black men out of wealth buliding for 150 years after slavery until 1965.if they had not done that there may have been no need for affirmative action.”read when affirmative action was white” and “white wealth black labor” plus the money from slavery is still in the bank today.

        1. You do realize the people who supported those policies are not liberals today. They are in what we call the former slave states. Republicans and Conservatives are what they are called now. They went to the GOP after the civil rights act was passed. So basically your siding with the same people your complaining about.
          Of course you don’t know that. Otherwise you wouldn’t be the idiot you are.

        2. Republicans were formed as the anti slavery party in 1854.They wanted to contain slavery and eliminate it and not have it spread into the newly formed states. They also were against the plantation system where the wealthy owners were able to buy the best land leaving the ordinary farmers with nothing.The civil rights act was passed in 1866 by Republicans under Johnson and they had to override his veto to do it.

        3. You do realize your ancestors were slaves in Africa prior to being brought to the New World (rhetorical question)? Slavery produced wealth for the relatively few while keeping poor whites poor be preventing industrialization in the South. This with the money spent on social programs and the loss of productivity due to affirmative action resulted in a net loss. If your hypothesis is correct, that blacks in the U.S. were prevented from creating wealth why hasn’t Haiti, a black nation independent for 200 years, remained the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere?

        4. slavery in africa was not the brutal shit crackers did in the south so can that bullshit
          The country used to be owned and run by France before it became independent.
          Now the French people who are still there make up 1% of the population, but they own half the country’s wealth.

        5. Do people realize the Irish did the jobs of the black slaves and were forced to go fight for the North in the civil war to free the blacks (or go to jail or be deported) and thousands of them died. Do you also realize they were worth 5 sterling and a black slave was worth 20?

        6. so there have always been sambos big deal but you cannot deny the fact the africans did not practice the brutal shit the white man in america did

        7. Such as? Do you really think the behavior being shown in Africa is someting new?

        8. go read how the africans treated slaves vs the white man in america then get back at me.another poorly educated white guy who went to so-called good schools

      3. ” I hate black american culture, at least the modern version.”
        I hear you, sir…

    2. White male privilege means being so used to receiving affirmative action preferences from members of the dominant race that you only notice it when it’s gone.
      White male privilege is living free from police state oppression and meting out police state oppression to black and latin men until the police state gets so large it’s impossible to ignore.
      White male privilege is voting for “Three Strikes” legislation, supporting Stop-and-Frisk civil rights violations, supporting the creation of the anti-black-man courts (aka family court) then being shocked when the courts metastasize and start attacking white men.
      White male privilege is not realizing that the aggressive progressive movement is a reaction to the past aggressive white male oppressive movement. And like all such reactions, it must overreact and overshoot its target.
      White male privilege is failure to realize that oppression is like a boomerang, the harder it’s thrown, the harder it’s returned. Oppose racial oppression… it’s in your interest.
      Learn of the oppression meted out to black and latino men to learn what’s coming back to white men. Once you familiarize yourself with said oppression, maybe you will work to stop civil rights violations, anti-constitutional racial oppression, and denial of economic opportunities to others based on their race. Learn to walk in a minority male’s shoes. Do it for selfish reasons… learn because it’s in your interest.

      1. “White male privilege means being so used to receiving affirmative action preferences from members of the dominant race that you only notice it when it’s gone.”
        Asian people in America pretty much disprove your whole argument, they are hard working, have strong work ethic, patriarchal households, pride in achievement, focus on degrees in STEM and medicine, many coming from poor backgrounds. The average Asian has more per capita income, a higher education level, and if you look at college breakdowns by % of Asian kids, it’s much higher than the national average.
        As for minorities getting jailed, you probably think that making the government bigger is going to solve this problem. Good one. You should be a comedian. Making the government smaller, ending the war on drugs, and encouraging people to look at successful groups of people and emulate them, rather than hate them and be filled with envy.
        Ultimately you don’t address my points about feminism, and how five decades of feminism and leftism hasn’t brought any minority men out of poverty. The only minority men brought out of poverty are the ones that realize the sham of leftism and work hard to do something worthwhile. What will increase the poor minorities standard of living is not big government, welfare, entitlements, and everything else. So instead of just spewing anti-White hate, why not have some actual nuance?

        1. We are on the same side with respect to excessive government (police state), evil feminism, ending the war on drugs, etc. We are in disagreement about the cause; I say that white men supported these things when minorities were the main victims. That support of oppression has born fruit: oppression of white males (and black, latin, asian males).

        2. No, “minorities” are the ones benefitting from White society far more than than White society benefits from them.
          On the short term at least, 1950s blacks where far more self-reliant than your lot, when White Society is broke you will have nothing.
          You are a net drain, we don´t even need you to pick up oranges given how many White bums and homeless there are, soon machines will do these jobs as well.
          You call yourself victim but if that was the case, you would get nothing from bitching about White Privilege.
          Except maybe an arrest and a date with the Health Inspector if you make such claims in public.
          No Affirmative Action, no Positive Discrimination, no free phones, no Obama. No one loosing his job for saying Negro.

        3. how the fuck is the black man going to catch up to the white man in 50 yrs economically after 400 yrs of bullshit.the white man created the bs with 150 yrs of jim crow,black codes,redlining, and economic black balling that is why the black folks are behind economically this stuff just did not happen the black man in america was socially engineered into a position of and poverty by law.

        4. To every blk guy who claims its the white man’s fault for the shit their in, I have one thing to ask them:
          Why does that matter to you individually today?
          There are enough government grants, contracting opportunities, SBA programs, and law firms who have to do pro bono cases that you have to try harder to fail then you do to succeed. Why are minorities failing? Fuck all the fancy education, you can start ur own business doing laundry if u so inclined (I hate doing it my fucking self and so many others do to). However its not that you are not able to, it is that you don’t want to. No one has time to motivate another muthafucker, the white/black/indian men/women/teenagers/disabled who created their wealth became masters at serving a big ass NEED.
          What need except for excusing ur inadequacies are you serving today?

      2. Faulty on all counts. Just because something happens more to a minority group doesn’t mean it’s oppression.
        This is what the leftist media tells you so you can spend your lives acting like victims instead of actually being successful.

      1. If Elliot Rodger had been black, do you think he’d have gotten a polite visit from the cops? Of course not. He’d have had SWAT breaking down his door. If he’d been Middle Eastern, it would have been DHS. He got the benefit of the doubt because he was white. That’s white privilege, and people are dead because of it.
        (Oh, but let me guess: Because his targets were women, that’s okay with you misogynist, racist, basement-dwellers, right?)

        1. Elliot Rodger was white? Really? He had one white parent, and one non-white parent. Just like the President of the United States. Let me ask you, do you consider Barack Obama to be “white”?

    3. Just want to comment on your last paragraph. It’s quite apt. Liberalism has destroyed the black family to the point where we can all objectively agree that they are not better off since the days of MLK.
      Fatherless children are victim to a whole host of social problems because they lacked a male role model who would come home from work everyday with a paycheque to keep the roof over their heads.
      Also, there’s far too many people nowadays who make money off of the proliferation of ‘victimhood’ in the face of the various ‘isms’ sexism, racism etc. Where do you think Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson would be working if there racism dissapeared tomorrow? probably at McD’s, because that’s representative of their skill set. Nobody wants racism to continue more than those who claim to be fighting it. So in the end it’s all a racket.

      1. The black family was never strong in the first place, hence why it was gone so quickly.
        A lot of the fathers are not that far away, don´t try anything with a baby mamma unless you know for sure the father(s) are dead or you may get into troubles.
        Don´t blame fatherlessness. Trayvon Martin´s father is still alive.

        1. “The black family was, in average, never strong in the first place.”
          It may seem that way, but appears to not be true. Too long to go into here, but if you are interested at all in the subject you could start with “The Black Family in Slavery and Freedom 1750-1925” by Herbert Gutman.

      2. Not completely true: I’m a black kid, and I’m better off than my father was (he was 18 when MLK was murdered). I have a strong family with both parents and a family income >200000. I go to a top 5 school in the US. If I didn’t have the opportunities MLK fought for, I’d probably be going to some shitty state school/community college. I do worry, however, that I may be the exception. Outside of my nuclear family, I have many cousins who are single moms, aunts espousing you-go-girlism and talking about how niggas ain’t shit, and kids with IQs that are under half of mine. I think that middle and higher class blacks definitely benefitted from the 60s with the ability to assimilate with successful white culture, but that the sexual liberation, black supremacist groups, and blame-the-Man game gave poor blacks the short end of the stick- hence the huge disparity in success within my own family. As a side note, affirmative action fucks with me, because I got a 34 ACT after skipping a grade and a merit scholarship from my school, but people who see me think I’m the kid who got into X with a 28 ‘because he was black’ when that’s far from the truth. I guess this is how I can share the frustration you white guys feel about having your accomplishments belittled. I do, however, have an 8 figure uncle who cunningly used affirmative action to triple his profit margins. I guess it’s good for something. Regardless, the one theme in my life has been that you have to work to succeed, and that if you don’t succeed, it’s because you didn’t try hard enough.

        1. Glad you’re red pill bro.
          Side note: been seeing lots more cultural go-grrlll stuff pushing black women onto white men, and not in a good way, but in a white woman “princess” kinda way. Not commenting as an expert on black culture, but black women seemed to have “moved on” (or are trying or trying to convince others to), to white men “hey, their idiot blue pills that are stable, faithful” etc. but something tells me, these black women (being women) will push feminism on white men the same way white women did.
          kinda respect black men for not being the fool (at least in a lot of cases, in dealing with black women)…not saying they are all making rational choices based upon red pill principles, but I think they’ve observed how the gender roles have been mangled by (white) feminists and want none of it.
          every time I see a decent black dude marrying some “career” white woman, I feel sorry for him…I think that says it all. I know what he’s in for.

        2. Feminism put a wedge between the sexes, but although women have been fed the “I don’t need a man” and have kind of a homosexual+slut mentality, the vast majority of them are not. I think seeking men from other ethnicities is the way their hamsters found to satisfy their desperate need for male company, while staying true to the programmation from their masters. They seek men of other ethnicities to spite those of their own. That would explain white women (the first feminists) going after blacks, now black women going after whites, and who knows, in the future, latinas and asians rejecting their men for other ethnicities as well, as the feminist disease spread among their ranks.

        3. Feminism put a wedge between the sexes, but although women have been fed the “I don’t need a man” and have kind of a homosexual+slut mentality, the vast majority of them are not. I think seeking men from other ethnicities is the way their hamsters found to satisfy their desperate need for male company, while staying true to the programming from their masters. They seek men of other ethnicities to spite those of their own. That would explain white women (the first feminists) going after blacks, now black women going after whites, and who knows, in the future, latinas and asians rejecting their men for other ethnicities as well, as the feminist disease spread among their ranks.

      3. shit when white folks going to put al and jesse out of business? you keep them in business doing stupid shit then think nobody is supposed check you on your out bullshit. but here is the real deal white folks make more money of racism than anybody they sell two black families a house and the whites jump up and move then they sell them a new house. they now live a longer distance from work burning up cars and gas spending more money than before which goes in other whites pockets

    4. Amazing post. You hit the nail on the head.
      They say the ‘white man’ has a sense of entitlement. I think I count as that. I’m 4 generations from being 100% Algonquin Native American and my great grandfather was an Irish immigrant. I won’t get into how my (recent) ancestors were treated by the government and their social manipulation. You all know that they were the recipients of history’s most complete and effective genocide. Maybe I should play the victim card too, but I won’t. I’m not a victim. I’m the product of ancestors that wouldn’t give up even when 99% of their race was killed. I’m a goddamn survivor. I work hard because if I don’t our lineage will be lost forever. I’m not a drunken, victimized Native complaining about life on a reservation. I suppose I’m just a “White Man” ™ now. I guess if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.
      So hmm, yes, in a sense I do feel entitled. I feel entitled to retain the fruits of my labor and not have upwards of 60% of what I produce taken by taxes, fees and inflation–just so that more social programs can redistribute my wealth to either the institutionalized poor or to megacorporations that themselves pay $0.00 in taxes. I feel entitled to do and say what the fuck I want, as long as I’m not physically harming anyone. And here’s the deal: I do exactly that. Some things still rape my wallet of course (rape culture anyone?) because I can’t avoid them, not yet anyway.
      Nonetheless, the time is upon us where men have to look right in the doughy, cow-like faces of the wealth extractors and say “NO.” I don’t owe you a fucking explanation, just NO. You cannot have my money, NO. You do not control what the fuck comes out of my mouth, NO. You don’t control where I travel, who I associate myself with or what I put in my own fucking body, NO. And if that infuriates someone to the point where they attempt violence against me, I have a solution for that too. And that is reciprocal violence, up to and including fucking killing the aggressor, because sometimes if you won’t they will.
      My ancestors were the 1% (read,survivors) because we didn’t roll over. We fought and won, over and over, until our opponents respected us. And that’s the mindset I’m carrying into the future with me. It’s my philosophy and my ancestors’ philosophy and that’s all there is to it. There is no debate, this is mine, and I claim it as such. So these idiots who want to censor me with their “white male privilege” had better be ready for a shitstorm the likes of which they’ve never even conceived of. I swear to Tankashala that my gloves are coming off in this fight. It’s like having to hear this motherfucker degrade my struggle from his comfy urban office was like the last thing I could stand. I’ve watched and waited long enough, I’m taking the manosphere to the streets and the internet alleyways, where I’ll confront liberal bullshit with extreme prejudice. Done.

      1. No, he didn’t “hit the nail on the head”. He just parroted to you what you wanted to hear. There is no merit to it whatsoever.

        1. This (probably butch dyke) is nothing but a troll, read her (?) comment history. It’s just a bunch of “basement dweller” ad hominem bullshit. Banhammer please.

    5. “As AaronClarey pointed out, if a ton of people in the Black community all got computer engineering and STEM degrees, they would get out of poverty in a generation. ”
      Good one.

      1. then they would just farm the stuff out to india or russia .ask microsoft or folks at boeing about that stuff

        1. They already are doing that. Its not a grand conspiricy, that is a macro trend. If u wanted to be rich, figure out the next big explosion instead of bitching, and put/strap urself to that rocket.

    6. An amazing article- today the French National Party took victory in what is arguably one of the most socialist and self destructive countries in the world in terms of being anti white( perhaps a throw back from WW2) but as the left destroys itself with weakness the right will grow with strong values of family, unity and a belief in meritocracy. The clash of civilization a is coming and the red pill truths will destroy the left with its blue pill agenda.

  5. “The angry white man” is (unfortunately) a myth, we’re too cowed by political correctness to advance White interests. You’re much more likely to see Black or Latino men speaking up for their people.

  6. the fact that kimmel is the leading authority in men’s studies says so much about where power lies in the western world. The fact that the leading authority on men is a feminist progressive whose every pronouncement reeks of self-hatred for his own identity speaks volumes for how power work in today’s world.
    2wycked makes a strong argument in this article, but the extract from Kimmel’s book pretty much does the job for him:
    “Instead of getting angry and not voting for Democrats, they need to understand that it is those others—Republicans—who are hurting them and they need to embrace progressive policies. By doing this, they can stop opposing feminism, environmentalism and socialism and instead understand that not being a progressive is based out of a reflexive state of fear of change and hatred of anybody who doesn’t look like them.”
    How such opinion can have any part in any kind of scholarship is beyond me.
    I cannot express how much I despise Kimmel

    1. Salon (Hair Salon) was founded by gay men, the kind of men who work in hair salons. Kimmel may be gay, which explains why he is tone deaf to normal male perspectives.

      1. looking at the funding, where its coming from (and its not all tax dollars) is important. Kimmel’s new institute is getting 300k over two years on the basis that it is an emerging field (he’s been at the helm for 20 years apparently). Discover the networks is a good starting place

    2. Kimmel is not the authority on anything, except maybe how to stick one’s own head up their ass.

  7. I’d like to know more about this white privilege I keep reading about. My father grew up dirt poor on a farm in Oklahoma, and he didn’t see a dentist and get fillings he needed until the Army drafted him in 1945. (The Army also looked at his IQ score and sent him for training as a cryptographer, which says something about his intelligence.) After the demobilization, he used his G.I. benefits to go to the University of Oklahoma and get a pharmacy degree. Otherwise college would have remained out of reach.
    And my mother came from a family of literal hillbillies in Arkansas. Grandpa dragged the family around the country in the 1940’s looking for work, like the Joads in The Grapes of Wrath. She never saw a dentist and got fillings until she married Dad, who insisted that she do so. (That shows the power of Southern patriarchy still active in the 1950’s.)
    So given my thoroughly white trash background, I’d like to know about this “privilege” I allegedly enjoy that white and Jewish urban writers on the coasts who attended Ivy League colleges keep telling me about.

    1. White privledge your father received:
      1. GI benefits = white affirmative action. Black GIs were routinely denied most of the benefits.
      2. Attendance to UoO and getting into pharamacy. Blacks were often denied entrance in favour of less qualified whites. This was also known as jim crow and segregation. The standard was much lower to get in until the deegrgation of universities. My lawyer attened harvard law with a D average. He had no special connections, was not rich or anything. Because once you remove all the women, jews, blacks, hispanics, asians, and other minorities, very few people would be left in the program and the standard to get in was very very low.
      3. Money he made off his pharmacy practice and appreciating in home value. Again segregation banned blacks from operating in more lucrative white areas and from buying homes in areas that were considered more desirable locations.
      4. Your white priveledge is your inheritance if any from that. It can also include just having the opportunity to go to middle class or private schools. All opportunities that would have been denied had your father been black or hispanic.
      I am not saying your father never worked hard but had he been of another race, he could never afford to grant you the opportunities you had. You may say “BUT I WORKED MYSELF THROUGH COLLEGE” Yes but you were only able to get in because you were child alumni and because you hired sat tutors and because you lived in an area with a low rate of unemployment. If your dad was black/hispanic he’d live in the barrio and you’d have alot harder time finding a job in detroit or baltimore or cleveland.
      There certainly maybe an axe to grind with liberals, but white privileged is certainly not one of them. Not enlight of the fact that this country had such openly racist laws that were designed to affected wealth and income along racial lines.

    2. For the sake of knowing thine enemy, that’s not what they mean by white privilege.
      They mean that being white is automatically a “boost”, regardless of your position in life. So a poor disabled white guy is still better off than a poor disabled non-white guy, because people will pity the white guy more or something.
      It’s essentially a form of broad generalization, designed, ironically, so leftists don’t have to judge each person case by case lest it upsets their victim vs oppression group dichotomy.

      1. read post below it is truth the average asian does not have a about what the whites did to the blacks in the 150 yrs after slavery

  8. Ironically, my far left leaning commie sociology instructor helped push me towards red pill truths. After missing questions on my quizzes/test that I truly found “liberally opinionated” instead of tangible FACT, I realized how frightened and terrified the institutions and feminist dominated environments are of masculinity. Towards the end of the semester, I began to challenge my oppressor (I mean instructor) on issues such as equality, “white privilege” and feminism…only to have him angrily call me “an ignorant and cocky young man, who has a lot to learn”. These people are beta/omega males who want to grab the power and authority, which ironically means criticizing and hoping to silence alpha/ masculine ideas.

    1. He sounds like a dickless, sexually frustrated faggot, with an ugly, fat overbearing wife as cover for his homosexuality . That’s the profile for most male college professors. Tell me where I’m wrong…

    2. Props to you for standing up to him. I’ve done the same in my past and based on my experience wanted to pass some advice on to you.
      People like your professor are exceedingly petty. When in a position of power, such as that of giving you a grade, they will punish you out of spite such as with an undeservedly bad grade. When you challenge a professor the way you did, you have no chance on coming out on top (he will not change his mind – his ego and his whole career are based on these false notions). YOu do have a chance of getting a grade that could harm prospects for a job or further education down the road.
      I’m not saying not to undermine a mangina such as your professor. Just in a different way. For example, after the semester is over, write a long blog post, maybe even on ROK detailing all the absurd claims your professor made and your rebuttals. Make sure to mention the professor’s name multiple times so that it ranks high in search engines.
      If the professor does anything really out of line, file a formal complaint with the University. That way there is a paper trail of his behaviors.
      After the semester is over, return to the class and challenge the professor during class. The worse he can do is ask you to leave and you can make him look like a total schmuck in front of his current class before you exit the room with some well delivered points and maybe some Cathedral shiving truths.
      Hope that helps.

  9. The sad thing in my opinion is that in some ways many of us are extremely privileged when you compare us to the brutal and hopeless lives of some of our ancestors.
    Too bad socially and culturally we got our heads up our asses… I sincerely think that we can optimize the benefits that we do have. Its gonna take a change in mindset but many people are lazy and too hard-headed or just fucking confused to change for the better.
    Its impossible to please absolutely everybody anyways…
    Elliot Rogers… he didn’t grow up in abject poverty… sucks for him he couldn’t get ANY pussy despite having money and I would guess decent future prospects. He checked out before he was willing to do anything different… to start over… to redefine himself. If I had wealthy parents I didn’t have to worry about taking care of and if I was THAT unhappy I’d sell that BMW and go teach English in Korea, travel, go help some poor sucker and make a friend, fuck a hooker silly, talk to people who appear to have what I want, eat some mushrooms?… Iunno… maybe…. try fucking something……
    Personally I have responsibilities to my family.. I don’t call that oppression, I call that responsibility. And if I manage to live independently, improve my station in life, and have some semblance of community… I’ll be jamming into the late night hours.

    1. He was a weak, shitty person, from weak genetic stock. Despite all his money and advantages, he was simply not right for this world.

      1. Genetically weak people should be exterminated. Parents who fail their duty to produce a strong, healthy child should be crucified.
        It seems that Natural Selection isn’t doing it’s job anymore. Fucking lazy bastard.

  10. The suppression and marginalization of white American males is simply to allow females and minorities the ability to perform on our level by doing less.

    1. please with racist bs you fuck up too just like everybody else it is hidden a lot of times on these jobs

  11. White ‘privilege’ is just envy and anti-white hatred looking for an excuse to justify exploiting and denigrating white peoples interests and future.
    Really immoral. Profoundly disgusting motivation using ‘equality’ as a subterfuge.

    1. I would say they’re code-words for anti-norm, anti-majority, anti-achievement, and generally anti-nationhood.

    2. no those are code words for stop the bullshit we know you guys love to run if you get a chance oh like lily white police and fire depts in majority black cities

  12. It’s official. RoK, if not before, is now officially an online bitch session for white men whose political leanings account for every damn interaction they have with the world. This site began last year about with discussion s about travel, fitness, dress, and understanding your social advantages and disadvantages in talking to girls. Now every other article is about the white man’s burden. This shit has gotten old and redundant. Roosh just let the rush Limbaugh take over the website. What started out good went bad. I’m new to this manosphere world, but it’s clear to see who holds most sway in it. Smh. This place is full of losers

    1. as someone else has said on this page ‘privileged’ white males are the only real target of progressives who seek to counter-pose every one of the other main oppressed identity groups (typically women, gays, and minority races) with a view to transferring putative power and resources form the white boys to everyone else. I’m mixed race so I have no vested interest to say the above, except to the extent I reckon brotherhood is a better bet for me than trying my hand at sisterhood. As MGTOwarrior points out below there should be no conflict of interest here for the reasons he points out. The above isn’t about supremacism – which I would have nothing to do with – its about staring reality in the face

    2. Shut your fucking mouth, loser. Probably paid troll. Oh, you like it when it’s fluffy articles about leisure and travel, PUA, etc. But NOW, it’s actually taking aim at the core root of what the fuck is wrong in this country, and you resort to name calling. So allow me to retort. Ahem. “Fuck the fuck off the face of this fucking planet you pathetic fucking noob.” Did you actually type smh? What the fuck? And you think anyone is going to take you seriously, woman?

      1. Gotta agree with you there. It’s important to have a place where you can went your frustration and anger.

  13. As a black man, I feel genuinely sorry for the white man’s plight. Not because I’m ‘white-washed’. Not because I an ‘Uncle Tom’. I just understand everything this article attempts to point out, and it is so on-point that is it scary. People don’t even try to do anything meaningful with their lives, and when it all comes crashing down on them they run to attack ‘the white man’ for their lack of drive, character, and general common sense.
    I have pointed out many times to my peers that the reasons they fail is because of their own choices. Not once did they want to take responsibility for their actions, but instead opted to call me names for pointing out what I thought was obvious.
    I often find myself between a rock and a hard place because I can not relate to the toxic culture that black people posture, and whites are quick to assume I care about or relate to said culture. If you are an intelligent black man who isn’t always catering to women or going off on some tangent about oppression and patriarchy then people want nothing to do with you. Their belief is that black men should only be the above, or nothing at all.

    1. As a white man I can also relate to the black mans plight. You have all the crap white men have to deal with plus the added headache of people in your own race pissed off at watching you trying hard to succeed; Pissed off that you dont want to hop aboard their “blame boats” and “victim ships”.

      1. You have all the crap white men have to deal with plus the added headache of people in your own race pissed off at watching you trying hard to succeed

        You hit it on the head.
        Sure, we (black men) deal with disadvantages but disadvantages aren’t oppression; Conversely, hard work isn’t privilege.
        Nevertheless, if you’re black becoming successful and discovering a better life is “Selling Out,” preaching self-reliance and accountability makes you an “Uncle Tom” and hiring a white guy, in lieu of one of your ‘brothers,’ because he brings breadth and depth to your team is “Forgetting where you came from.”
        C’est la vie

        1. I remember an old comedy sketch from Mad TV where Wayne Brady was basically being insulted as an oreo and not authentically black. The actor portraying Brady was doing a stand up routine to an audience of appreciative Klansmen in robes. Legitimate black behavior, it seems, means being a violent, criminal-minded, ebonics speaking animal with not a care except ass, dead presidents, and rock or chronic.
          Who’s the true enemy? White men and traditional white European culture or the leftists and their allies in the leadership of the black community who effectively keep black men poor, ignorant, drug and alcohol addicted and aggressively resentful against whiteness. Perhaps certain progressive groups would like to see black men be the shock troops in an intended communist revolution? Having failed with poor whites and with their vegan, limp-wristed, effeminate urban white “male” followers being woefully inadequate for the task– it just may be a possibility.

        2. the poor whites are pitiful they vote against their own self interest then the elite white boys shit on them by sending their jobs overseas they blame obama instead of the white boys who fucking them

    2. And the other interesting thing about all this is that when you get black men and white men working together in small groups — i.e., outside the influence of the media, the culture, and so on — racism is not an issue. It just kind of goes away. Men are loyal to the team, and understand the team, and they genuinely do not give a shit what color the guy on it is, if he’s pulling his weight. Think of the military, or sports teams, or startups. As a white guy, I do not understand the black guy’s taste in music or women or clothing, but he’s still a man, and he’s still on my team, and that matters more than anything else. In fact, it’s the only thing that matters.

      1. man, you’re right on that one- I’m a co-founder of a startup, and there is complete mutual respect between the three of us executives – a black, a Jew, and an Indian. We all haul ass, and there’s no infighting.

        1. Right. I do startups, too, and long ago I remember we had a Greek Guy, a Jewish guy, a Jamaican guy, a WASP (me) and a Pakistani guy. And it was the same dynamic. As an example, the black guy was our lead technician, and his nickname was “DBF” which stood for “Dancing Black Fool.” Everyone thought it was funny, just as they thought it was funny when the Jewish guy would start grilling me about whether I really believed all the Christian bullshit about Jesus. It was an extremely tight, effective group, and there were no issues.

        2. Hey, you say you do startups? Do you help others with their startups as well?

      2. My boss is a black man, smartest dude I ever worked with. We make a great team and he is a 100% gentleman. Best boss I’ve ever had and great fella to work with.

    3. ” often find myself between a rock and a hard place because I can not
      relate to the toxic culture that black people posture, and whites are
      quick to assume I care about or relate to said culture.”
      Ouch, that’s got to really suck man! You know, we’re really going to need to help each other out to end this insanity.

    4. I hear you, I’m in the same position. It’s difficult for me to find a place I can call home because I’m forced to pick sides when I want nothing to do with it all.
      The attack on white men is an attack on ALL men, masculinity. Don’t believe for one second that any man that speaks out against liberalism (as it exists in popular culture) wouldn’t be strung up and sacrificed.
      Every time I hear a black person mention someone like Clarence Thomas, its always with great animosity. Most black people I’ve talked to have never heard of Thomas Sowell, you know, true role models that have become successful because of a genuine effort to educate themselves and rise of above the status quot.

      1. Aye, the attack on White men is an attack on all men and masculinity, but the counterattack from White men often targets Black men as well. Of course, not always as some of the posts below illustrate.

      2. Nope, never heard of Thomas Sowell, but now I have a new role model. According to Wikipedia, he’s also an alum of my university- bonus! He also shares my views about the free market economy. Thanks Guest!

        1. bullshit he cannot hold a candle to dr amos wlson and dr claude anderson.the bros would be better off listening to farrakhan than sowell

        2. I disagree. Besides I don’t like Sowell because of his colour, I like him because of his clear thinking on all issues.

      3. My skin is as white as crisp winter snow and yet thomas Sowell is a hero to me for standing up to feminism, promoting merit ism and a hard work ethic. It would be a pleasure to read an an appreciation letter to him.

    5. This, the most successful black man I know says pretty much all the same thing. The black community would do alright if they looked up at people like Thomas Sowell, but instead they focus on race hustlers and scam artists, who produce even more deranged theories on how racial oppression is everything. In Britain this form of identity politics extends on to muslims, who claim to be mentally oppressed on the basis of having to learn English.

        1. Blacks should be first ones to complain about such role-models since they are the ones getting to pay the price.
          Some apparently do mind but are too few in numbers.

        2. I hope Kanye West dies a slow, painful death from terminal illness, or gets run over by a train. He is a piece of human garbage.

        3. when those two jokers tell blacks who put them into poverty and how to get out of it folks may listen but neither one of them will ever do that.i never read anything about them telling blacks to spend money with each other first like everybody else does.that means stops spending money with folks who set up shop in your neighborhood but refuse to do business with you except taking money out and sending theirkids to get STEM educations with your money

        4. shit your kids have kept the rappers around but the white man has always bitched about black music

        5. “Black Music” sounds faggy as hell and no surprise so many rappers are often down-low brothas.

    6. If you are an intelligent black man who isn’t always catering to women or going off on some tangent about oppression and patriarchy then people want nothing to do with you.

      This made me think of a tweet I saw online the other day. I’m sure this guy will feel a lot different once he realizes part of his “girl’s” “dream” involves him being the housewife and her being the breadwinner and fucking a man at least as successful as her, behind his back.

      1. Simple, since the man is not the woman´s purpose in life, the woman will be more hard pressed to demand she becomes the man´s purpose in life.

      2. Castaway Willie is apt name. After his future ex-wife leaves his beta ass for some alpha cock, he will truly have castaway status. Alone and broke on an island, wondering WTF happened.

        1. He deserves no better for his ignorance. It’s so funny when tools posture like that. They are so convinced that supplicating to women is their salvation. I laugh because the outcome of their ignorance is so predictable. I really hope that guys like this never discover the red pill and live in misery forever. They usually do.

        2. Agreed. Anything more than one piece of advice to a beta is wasted. If he cannot see the logic in your argument, and feel compelled to learn more, the any future advice you give to him amounts to wasted words.

      3. WTF? You clearly have never been half of a couple where both parties are high earners.

    7. First, this comment thread is brilliant. Right here is an example of the manosphere repairing communication bridges, allowing men to openly discuss this sensitive topic of race relations. There’s a give and take of offering opinions and giving respect, asking questions and synthesizing answers. It’s the motherfucking Lyceum.
      Next, as I commented above I’m Native enough to live on a reservation, which I actually did a couple years ago around all Natives. I grew up sometimes around all whites as a kid, and some years around all blacks. In Hawaii I lived around all native Nihonjin (Japanese), and was friendly in Samoan circles (very hospitable people). In LA I hung out in the hood with my Mexican homies, those were my peoples, my crew. I studied anthropology at University (that and architecture), so I have a decent understanding of cultures in general. And after all that, I tend to think that there’s really very little difference among how humans act and respond to things.
      The fact is, among all the different cultures I’ve immersed myself in, the common theme behind whatever failures they experienced was…anyone want to guess?…spoiler alert…it’s oppressive government policies. Once free from that burden I can personally attest that all of the aforementioned cultures are perfectly capable of rising to success. They just need leaders to emerge from within their communities–and that’s the crux of the problem right there. Our ‘leaders’ are presented to us by the so-called ‘elites’. Remember Bush vs. Kerry? Two elitist cousins who went to the same school and even joined the same ‘secret society’. Those were the ‘choices’. Does anyone ANYWHERE relate to these fucking buffoons? And yet its these cocksuckers who vote to literally rape and pillage (rape culture) everything that was once profitable or good about this country. All we need is leaders with their testicles intact to step up to the plate. I guarantee that those leaders will be the true alphas of humanity. That’s game, that worldwide game. What the so-called elites like to call the “Great Game”. With game like that, using a PUA technique to dazzle a little girl seems like a waste of talent.

    8. As a man, I don’t feel sorry for any men, white, black or otherwise. The trouble with this article is that it groups together heterogeneous individuals and assumes that they all think the same way. Not only that, it doesn’t establish any issues causing tangible problems for “the white man”. Who cares what Kimmel thinks? He is just pissing in the wind….
      Don’t worry, white men will be just fine.

    9. Glad there are folks like you.
      Don’t worry, in a couple of years everyone’s got google glass on their nose telling character from skin color based on facebook data.

    10. Alright , who wants to bet that Monolith is a successful man , and probably a great husband and father , as well ? Great post , sir.

    11. Sir I would love to see a coalition of black and white men who would work to understand each other and towards solutions for men of all stripes. I am weary of the stereo typing and disrespect of both black and white. Some of it is feminist shennanigans and political agendas to degrade our men and divide them so that the powers that be can control all of us. God bless.

    12. Well, guys like you are going to have to speak up more if you want your opinion to matter, because White people are apparently not allowed to have an opinion on this stuff. More Black people should point out the fallacies associated with present-day racial Progressivism because they won’t be able to tell you “Shut up, you’re White”, single you out to be kicked out of events based on your skin color to create a “safe space”, or call you racist for disagreeing with them.

      1. I am trying to fight against this. I am trying to publish a story that shows a reaction to all these political attacks on white men and white people in general.

    13. Thank you for your well written post. I am a white guy and I have seen how badly black men get treated. I also see how badly white guys are treated (not the same way; they don’t get shot they just get tormented). Our post sixties culture villifies anything that is productive or responsible. If you work or try to be decent you are called names. We are all expected to sit back and feel sorry for ourselves. This is a culture of self defeat; it is color blind and hurts us all.

    14. I’d agree with you, except that you’re wrong. The whole reason so many white men are angry right now is because they have failed to achieve what they wanted to achieve in their lives. But instead of taking personal responsibility for their failures (as they claim to believe is the right thing to do) they are pointing the finger of blame at Mexicans, blacks, women, environmentalists, basically anyone they can find who isn’t them and will make a good scapegoat. This allows them to avoid having to admit to themselves and the rest of the world that they are failures, and that they alone bear the responsibility for being failures. White America is finally starting to experience the same economic problems that other groups have been dealing with for centuries… and they can’t handle it, because this is THEIR COUNTRY damn it! And they are ENTITLED to success! Failure and poverty is for n*ggers and wetb*cks, not us white folk! That’s what they believe, and that’s why they’re so angry. They simply can’t accept the reality that things have changed. That they are no longer going to be on top by default. That they’re going to have to start earning a privileged place in society, instead of being given that privileged place as their birthright. I am a white man, and I see this going on with many of my family members and friends. It’s sad. And it’s also scary, because the anger and scapegoating behavior in which they’re engaging is exactly the sort of thing that has lead to so many atrocities throughout history. Nazi Germany is of course the best known example, but it’s happened all over the world throughout history. It’s even happened here in the US (think the internment of Japanese-Americans during WWII). The situation is currently ripe for that sort of atrocity to be repeated, especially if Donald Trump is elected. I can only pray that we can somehow avoid it.

      1. I agree..and I noticed they are not honorable either.. they are angry yes but they ALWAYS go the “potty mouth” route and speak in such degrading abusive PORN Like sexual terms that I hope they fail fast. .. sorry to have to get religious or moral on people who hate that these days but..al that potty mouth means God hates you and wrath will come.. no one with potty mouth should have a job. period.
        (abusive type sexual manner crude language) so yes such men will go “third world” like the rest.

  14. I only want one thing.
    A list of zipcodes for the rich and famous anti-racists.

  15. I don’t believe at all, Kimmel doesn’t know what he’s writing about. He is writing to his Target Audience, laying the groundwork for the continued demonization of something that doesn’t exist (sadly) because that is what “democracy” is going to be attacking in full force, and not just the pot shots it’s taking now.
    Liberals are not misguided people with bad ideas, they are infinitely bad people, with evil ideas.

    1. Southern white males who actually live among and interact with blacks every day are the prime scapegoat for Salon journalists who write from their diverse neighborhoods.

      1. bs they make sure those black folks do not challenge the economic domination of whites in those states and they are still the worst motherfuckers in this country let some shit go down and they fall back on imma white man bs

  16. “broke the social contract between men and women”
    Which would that be exactly? I don’t believe we had a “contract”. I certainly didn’t agree to any contract. I don’t believe women ever felt they were given a choice to “sign” a contract. Women weren’t even considered full human beings for much of christian history. Let’s not make up history, shall we?
    What happened in the 1960’s is women decided collectively that they wanted the right to self-determination. This is something white men have always had. You’re just so used to it that you can’t imagine what it’s like to not have it, and you somehow assume that all women if given a choice would choose to be at home birthing children or that we’d be happier that way. You couldn’t be more wrong. Some women choose this lifestyle, and more power to them. The rest of us have other plans, and we’re not going back. Deal with it. You can’t legislate us back into the genii bottle. It’s not happening.
    If you want a housewife, then find a woman that wants that. No one is stopping you. They do exist.
    “white male privilege”
    White male privilege has nothing to do with your socioeconomic status. Privilege has to do with the automatic assumptions that come with your gender and your color. If you walk into a store, the security officer isn’t following you around assuming you’re going to steal something. White thieves often walk out of a store with an alarm system as the same time as a black person because they KNOW that the black person will be stopped and white thief can get away. Did you know that a white man caught for the same crime with the same criminal history as a black man is 6 times less likely to go to jail than the black man?
    Men don’t realize that they are automatically assumed to be smarter and better leadership material than woman just by their dangly bits. A woman that leads is bossy and a bitch, while a man that does the exact same things is perceived as a strong, okay dude people would want a beer with. Women are still fighting pay inequality, and the NYTimes situation is good example. Don’t even try to say this isn’t a problem.
    This is privilege. This is what it means. It’s not someone handing you crap. It’s not about the perceived wealthy lifestyle. It’s about how society automatically assumes thing about you that tend to be in your favor.

    1. How’s that “self determination” working out for you? Let me guess…you’re single, not to mention sexually confused?

        1. No responding to women – to avoid giving them the attention and validation they crave. Having said that i may have unwittingly broken the same rule with monkone

        2. I just remembered that you should never reply to a woman.
          Thanks for reminder. Gotta remember that.

      1. Divorced. Happily. For the record, it was a “no fault” divorce, and no, I didn’t take anything… no money, no items, nothing. He actually ended up with half of my things I brought with me to the marriage. No hard feelings.

        1. You should be happy about your failed marriage. Hang your hat on it. Hold onto that false sense of pride. Act like it’s not a major failure in your life.

        2. Marriage isn’t a success or failure. It’s a relationship. It’s not an achievement. If that’s all you have to show for yourself, you didn’t amount to much.

    2. Didn’t I just hear Obama tell the soldiers in Afghanistan how nice it was of them to die there to help all those afghani girls go to school. Next time some liberal or conservative politician wants men to go to war to help women (Nigerian girls anyone?) the men should be saying “piss off, get the women to do it!”

      1. Women do the work of protecting women and men every day in the form of development work. It’s military that gets in the way or makes a mess of real progress. No one’s asking you to “help”. It’s the oil companies that what military presence in Nigeria, not aid workers who really know how to stop human trafficking.

      2. Don’t forget, replying to females is a bannable offense. They just crave attention, starve them of it. By the way, check out the bowlcut on this bitch. She completes the transformation to actual, real-life troll.

        1. Didn’t know that replying to females was bannable. Thanks for the heads up. She is hideous.

    3. ” ‘broke the social contract between men and women’
      Which would that be exactly? I don’t believe we had a ‘contract’.”
      You’ve just refuted John Locke’s social theories simply by saying, “I don’t believe….” Priceless.
      “Privilege has to do with the automatic assumptions that come with your gender and your color.”
      And generalizations are always unhelpful because…?
      “Did you know that a white man caught for the same crime with the same criminal history as a black man is 6 times less likely to go to jail than the black man?”
      FBI link? Not that I doubt you or anything.
      “It’s about how society automatically assumes thing about you that tend to be in your favor.”
      Somehow I think that the courts don’t work “automatically.” Nor do HR depts. or people interviewing potential job candidates.
      Did you know that the intelligence of men tends to vary widely while the intelligence of women tends to cluster about the mean? Hence, there are a lot more very intelligent men than very intelligent women.

      1. “Which would that be exactly? I don’t believe we had a ‘contract’.”You’ve just refuted John Locke’s social theories simply by saying, “I don’t believe….” Priceless.”
        First of all, Locke isn’t the only one to talk about “social contracts” so there was no reason to assume we were referring to one specific definition of the “social contract” or one specific philosopher. At least without the reference to Locke specifically, I wouldn’t have assumed that was a reference to him. Mind you, this is your idiom, not mine. I have no idea what philosophers you have or have not latched onto as models for your worldview.
        Second, I fully expected this a very liberal usage of the term. This isn’t a scholarly article… clearly.
        Third, there’s debate about Locke’s opinion of women.
        “FBI link? Not that I doubt you or anything.”
        UN Study
        Study shows same to be true in Britain
        “Did you know that the intelligence of men tends to vary widely while the intelligence of women tends to cluster about the mean? Hence, there are a lot more very intelligent men than very intelligent women.”
        References? Not that I don’t trust you… (Two can play the snide and condescending game)
        Do you know what your IQ is? I know what mine is. I also know that while I am in the top 2%, IQ tests are pretty inadequate judges of intellect. It doesn’t matter whether you can pick a shape in order or tell a number in a series. It matters whether one can actually apply knowledge they acquire, make connections where others cannot, and so on.

    4. The problem with your post is that men ARE far superior leaders than womyn. Our “dangly bits” have nothing to do with it, instead it has everything to do with men’s superior logic, intellect and greater control over the generally worthless emotions, unlike you womyn.
      Men deserve much higher paygrades than women, not simply because they are men (although that alone would be a good enough reason), but because they are much less likely to fuck things up, unlike, again, womyn.
      Did you knew that Amschel Mayer Bauer, the founder of Rothschilds family, declared that only men can hold the highest position in their family? You better believe that he knew exactly want kind of parasitic, verminous cretins you women are. I don’t admire his family’s iron grip over our lives, but i sure admire their determination and intelligence. They are the true Alphas.
      One other thing i wanted talk about, is that you women ARE less than human. Only men have the spark of godliness in them. which you know as “soul”, whereas women are basically soulless animals, beasts of burden.
      And your “strong”, “independent” claim that you women are not going back is laughable. You will if men so wish. It’s adorable how womyn act tough, but in real life you are going to get your asses kicked if you stir up shit.
      But anyway, thanks for the laughs 🙂

  17. Regarding Elliot Rodger, I’ve noticed from the comments about this story online the blatant hostility women express towards male virgins who have the audacity to suggest that the formerly functional and healthy relationship between men and women has become disordered somehow, even if these women consider call themselves “progressives.”
    And that shows more contradictions in progressives’ Opposite World beliefs. When it suits their purposes, they attack the idea of individual agency and attribute individual outcomes to social phenomena beyond the individual’s control – You didn’t build that. Rugged individualism is a myth. Power comes from collective action taken to the streets. Etc. (Funny how progressives’ real pronouncements sound like dialogue from the villains in Ayn Rand’s novels.)
    Yet when it comes to male virgins, progressives suddenly turn individualist and call them losers, creeps, entitled brats and so forth, which they wouldn’t ever say of their preferred client groups of welfare moms, gays, illegal immigrants and stupid-poor blacks. (For once I’d like to see a politician call our country’s growing parasite load a bunch of losers. Mitt Romney came close to that in a speech he gave in private, the recording of which leaked out. )
    Apparently progressives can’t get their story straight about how people wind up where they do in life.
    Progressives’ comfort with advocating prostitution for male virgins also puzzles me because I thought they held the Marxist belief that the cash nexus causes alienation in capitalist society. In their utopian alternative, organic human relationships freed from the intervention of money would become the norm. But when it comes to their advice to male virgins, well, you only deserve alienated capitalist sex with prostitutes, buddy! No healthy, voluntary sexual relationships with women for you!

    1. Elliott was a seriously sick individual and what he did was evil and reflected a selfish, entitled attitude, i.e. he shouldn’t be held up as any kind of example, but your point about how progressives etc sneer at male virgins / losers etc is spot on, not because they necessarily deserve sympathy, love and attention (which is the opposite of the reality-oriented red pill principles) but because they represent a non-privileged marginalised group, the kind of group the left should love, yet strangely they don’t. Why are there are no cultural marxist appeals for ‘raising up’ loser male virgins to counter their marginality. I’m not saying there should be – I don’t think we should buy into the whole marginality bullshit now that we know where it leads – but its telling that the left is so selective about the marginalised groups it chooses to champion.
      Elliot Rodgers probably hasn’t done 22 male virgins with or without a tendency towards insane jealousy any favours, but he does expose the hollowness of the ‘white male privilege’ argument. Ever since being bullied and humiliated at school Rodgers seems to have been obsessed with hypergamy, and women’s investment in hypergamy (at least in terms of bully types). For him white male privilege belonged to those men (the men feminists attack as representative of all men while simultaneously trying to pair off with them). Rodgers belongs the lumpen prole men, the virgin outcast, the tramps, and probably the main body of ordinary betas etc in the middle who don’t get laid whenever they want if at all, and who are actually completely beholden to pussy and the institutional power of pussy.

    2. So, you want communism in the area of male-female relations? Every guy should just have a beautiful female handed to him like a party favor? I guess the ugly women do the party clean up?
      Your thoughts?

      1. I am against all forms of socialism as a basic principle. With capitalism, men compete for the best females. This competition in capitalism helps build society. But if we wanted some form of socialism, then we would need incentives for men. We could give credits to men for their contributions to society. Females would be put up for auction once a year (say when they turn 18) and men would bid on them using their credits. The longer a man waited, the more credits he would have to bid and he could acquire a higher quality female. After he acquires a wife he would not be given any more credits. Credits could not be traded for other things, since this would basically turn them into money and we can’t have that.
        As for the females, becoming a man’s property would be the cost of designing a smooth running socialist system. Should be a reasonable sacrifice for their perfect society. Any complaints?

        1. Capitalism…. The term capitalism, in its modern sense, is often attributed to who exactly?
          Natural Selection already takes womens decisions for them, they naturally go for the “alpha” male, for higher value.
          Only that some societies believes that they know better than the natural order.
          Let the betas and zetas breed as much as they want in exchange for support, never mind the long-term consequences, which is the destruction or purge of the offending society.

        2. But if a woman were a man’s property, it wouldn’t be a socialist system. Try again.

  18. White men only built the modern world and developed nearly everything you see around you. Can’t see why they would somehow have “privilege.”

    1. it’s a simple bit of genetics…. white men tended to have to deal with winter, crops, farming, construction, mining etc. to build a better life….. the ones that did that better – reproduced more….
      the only other race that lived in the cold are the chinese, so god help us when they climb a little further out of the shambles of communism…
      tropical countries make you lazy, because food falls off the trees and swims about in the lagoon behind the reef, where it’s easy to catch.
      build a grass hut and you’re good to go….
      no one makes movies about being stranded on a sub arctic ‘desert’ island, because you’d be dead in a couple of weeks.

        1. Cosign. An excellent movie attesting to the inner fortitude of men that is evoked in the darkest moments in life.
          We men need to work together and help each other so that no other men – no matter what their state of mind – lose their lives over something as low-value as “pussy”

        2. Ernest Shackleton was unbelievably badass. If you get a chance, check out the IMAX movie “Shackleton’s Antarctic Adventure” which has some amazing shots of the region where he and his men were stranded. It’s a good companion to the Branagh movie and the books about his expedition.

        3. Shackleton is pretty much the biggest badass of all time. Most people have never heard of him. Of course, they learn ALL ABOUT MLK and other “heroes”, never about the real MEN.

      1. I don’t think it’s just cold. Those with Mediterranean genetics were very smart, think the Egyptians and Greeks. The Egyptians had to find a way to survive in a desert, also very hard to make a living. I think the crux of the problem is that people who live in civilization are naturally more cooperative than people who have lived in tribal hunter-gatherer societies. Why? Because people who lived in civilization had crime-and-punishment. The judicial system is just a giant artificial selection system, which is meant to damage the reproductivity of the people who are a threat to the stability of society. (At least that’s the way it was for the last 10 thousand years.) Generation after generation, the most violent and nasty people were removed from the gene pool, or at least those who were caught. However, in a tribal environment the most violent and nasty person may indeed find himself reproducing with many women. I think there’s already some evidence of this, see the monoamine oxidase A gene, and more evidence will eventually be found as we continue to unlock the secrets of the genome.

        1. Interesting thing is that the Egyptians had to plan too. The Nile river would flood once a year. Society & life was built around that event.So in a way, their life was cyclical just like people living in colder climates. Cyclical adversity turns out to be a boon for people in the long run as it seems to evolve long term planning and a work ethic.

        2. Excellent scientific analysis. Very thought provoking. There are quite a few Alpha males rotting in the American prison system, while “men” like Obama rise to ridiculous heights within society.

        3. if they were real men they would not be in jail for being stupid you hate the fact that black MAN has outdid you it sounds like to me

      2. The Asians, particularly the Chinese, are a formidable race indeed. Definitely on par with whites. The Chinese are a huge race of people who have developed independently of the West. They are smart, strong, and united. The 21st century will be theirs, until they inevitably fuck it up like the whites did. That is, if they can overcome their caste system, disguised as Communism of course.

    2. I dont know about that. A lot of European advancements came from the Middle East and India through trade and warfare.

      1. I didn’t say everything did. Please, no straw man fallacies. We got our number system from India, even though we used a different system before that (numerals). We have algebra from the Middle East, although it’s built on the work of guys like Euclid (Greek), Pythagorus (Greek), and Archimedes (Sicilian). Hell, having discovered one of Archimedes lost works in an old monastery we now know he almost discovered Calculus 1500 years before Newton. I’m not saying white men created EVERYTHING, but let’s not pretend here. Certainly, the last 1000 years of human achievement has been dominated by white men. There is no question.

        1. The Pythogorean theorem was invented in northern India long before Pythagoras himself was even born. I would agree that the last 500 or so years have been dominated by the European white man, but the 4000 plus years before that were dominated by the brown Middle Eastern or Indian man, and to a certain extent the Chinese.

        2. Strangely enough, the Indian Brahmin ruling caste came from the Aryans, just like ALL other advanced cultures. Miscegenation produced the other castes in India.
          So once again, still WHITE MEN inventing EVERYTHING.

        3. By Middle Eastern I mean Iraqi (Sumerian, Babylon) or Iranian (Persian).
          I wasn’t making any comment about skin color in India. All I remember reading is that the “sage” that discovered “Pythagorean” theorem was from the northern areas of India.

        4. Many people disagree with “Aryan Invasion.” I do too. There is not sufficient evidence to prove it against other theories. The theory always had the momentum of popularity, because it was a good and plausible “explanation.” But remember, it was founded WAY before the days of genetic mapping, AND Max Muller was a liar and BASELESSLY SPECULATED (especially dates). Just look at the white assholes of the Raj and what they claimed of Indian culture.
          Why don’t you actually evaluate ideas you cling to? It’s just like readers of ROK. Looking to be right, and that’s what matters, not the truth. And it’s a warm feeling when it works out for you, isn’t it?

  19. I hear it all the time from liberals – “Poor white men vote against their interests when they vote Republican.” How can someone know what someone else’s interests are? That never made sense to me.

    1. shit look and see if those poor white men marrying rich white girls that tells you everything they not on the fucking team! all skin folk not kin solks

  20. White boys growing up and being told from a young age that they are oppressors because of their skin colour and for having a penis. On top of this, their role models to aspire to are Ray Barone, or the idiot white Dad on the broadband commercial who can’t get the internet working (White men invented the internet, you think they would be able to use their broadband).
    We have a lot of this white privilege complex in European countries, but its truly staggering in the United States. Maybe I hang around too many “progressives” but they truly hated themselves, and tried to make themselves effeminate on purpose. It was no surprise, that the most attractive chicks I saw were with the black dudes.
    Perhaps when China enters higher stages of prosperity, they will develop theories such as “Han privilege”. Or perhaps the oil tycoons of the middle east, will develop a “Arab male privilege complex” and begin to beg for forgiveness for the slavery they put black Africans under in the past.

    1. “Perhaps when China enters higher stages of prosperity, they will develop
      theories such as “Han privilege”. Or perhaps the oil tycoons of the
      middle east, will develop a “Arab male privilege complex” and begin to
      beg for forgiveness for the slavery they put black Africans under in the
      I think this is sarcastic right? the Han Chinese and the Arabs as, ethnic groups, will never develop such “privilege”. They simply believe that it’s naturally right for them to be on top of the world, and above all other races. They will never apologise for what they did.

    2. lol look at your history any brown or black person would be a fucking fool not to note that milloins of tales of racist action sir i am sorry.i was told never to trust whites becuse when the shit start very few will stand up for you against other whites

      1. This is a false dichtomey of “White versus everyone else” that came up in the cultural revolution of the 1960s. Check out the writings from poets and sheiks from the middle ages in Arabia. That shit makes Uncle Ruckus sound like a hipster.

  21. Spit out my coffee when I read the “Trust Women” PP ad and I wasn’t even drinking any.

  22. Heh. I love some of these comments. They’re so driven by emotion rather than cold logic.
    It’s fun to read.
    Regardless, the article has some points that I agree with: the feminazi misandrists that labeled themselves ‘feminists’ are really pathetic, vitriolic bigots who ironically just want to oppress a group of people (white men) that are the villains in a narrative created in echo chambers of sweeping generalisations where we’re all rapists and monsters.
    However those people are not feminists. If feminism is about wanting equality then how is a bigot against any group of people a feminist?
    Sweeping generalisations are bullshit. Socialism as well. It’s devilry to some people here. XD
    Can Socialism go to far? Sure. When it fails it can be pretty damned bad, but only an idiot or a clueless twit denies that a well integrated medical welfare system is one of the greatest boons a nation can give to itself, for example.
    It’s about balance and getting very tough on corruption. Neither Libertarian style miniscule government or big socialist behemoth state organisations need to be philosophies applied to everything

    1. “If feminism is about wanting equality”
      It isn’t and never has been. That’s a cover adopted to justify a re-direction of power and resources.

        1. its not conscious.. Feminism is just the extension of the feminine instinct to cry and whine onto the political stage. That’s how women have always done power,and feminism just institutionalises it. So-called equity feminists are as rare as unicorns

        2. If a woman made a sweeping generalisation of men as being cruel sadists whose only desire is to dominate and applied it to me unprovoked as a reason why my opinion is less valid than hers, or emisused the check your privilege argument on me I would give her shit.
          Now. I’m not a hypocrite so what am I to do with your sweeping generalisation in the form of effectively calling women in general weak and whiny?
          This is taking too long to type on a phone…

        3. Hahaha!
          Fallacy man doesn’t really know when to call people out on fallacies

        4. Just trying to educate you on how to debate so you stop embarrassing yourself.

        5. That’s where the mistake is: thinking this is a debate. I’m not debating. I’m mocking.

        6. Yes. Women in general are weak and whiny.
          Where was your rebuttal to that, again?

        1. Women generally can only launder small amounts whereas feminism can organise the large money transfers? interesting?

        2. “Patriarchy”
          A single woman married to a single man. Man owes woman a living.
          Women as a group married to (white and straight) men as a group. White men owes women a living.

    2. “It’s about balance. Neither Libertarian style miniscule government or
      big socialist behemoth state organisations need to be philosophies
      applied to everything”
      Sprinkling in a little cyanide in my water is not “balance”.

        1. Government is inherently socialist. We pool our resources together – money, people, time, in order to do things (not all of them good) for the public.
          True libertarianism involves having no government at all.

        2. Even extreme libertarians recognise the benefits of social security in the form of the police and non private security firms as well as local governance

        3. No, that’s anarchy. Libertarianism is MINIMUM government, not no government at all. I’m a Libertarian, and it’s amazing all the myths about Libertarianism. People are terrified of things they don’t understand.

        4. I’m actually mostly libertarian, so no, I’m not afraid of libertarianism. However, the you cannot have one form of socialism (society paid for cops, roads, schools, infrastructure) and not call it socialism. As in all things, moderation is key.

        5. In that case, Libertarianism is “moderation” between Anarchy and Socialism. 😉
          And please, don’t fall for the Appeal to Middle Ground fallacy. The middle ground is irrelevant. You need to actually have arguments to back up your position. “Moderation” is meant to make your position more appealing, but it’s an empty argument.

        1. Did I say middle ground?
          I said balance.
          Maybe I should elaborate: I mean that I believe neither totalitarian communism or full libertarianism are good things to achieve.
          The “middle ground” between those is pretty fucking big 😉

        2. Right, but just because something is at one extreme of two options doesn’t make it inherit bad. It’s neither good nor bad. It’s irrelevant. Arguing that we need “balance” is a fallacy that just sounds good, but it’s an empty argument. If you think we should have balance, then you need to prove why your version of balance is better.

        3. Prove?
          I need to prove the benefits and pitfalls of social medical care or free markets to have asserting a belief that balance between two political ideals be anything but a fallacy?
          I would need to only present one example of a system where socialism works. One where it fails. One system where libertarianism is better and one where it’s worse and I would be free to turn around and say ‘not a fallacy. An opinion? Yes. Fallacy? No.’
          We’re already on the specific topic of politics. Libertarianism and totalitarian communism have been brought up as examples of extremes.
          I don’t think my assertion is as vulnerable to being dismissed as fallacious as you think.
          I’m being lazy? Perhaps.
          But conversely I expect that it wouldn’t be hard for you to imagine scenarios where each political ideal is not in fact ideal.

        4. Libertarianism is not an extreme. Anarchy is an extreme.
          Yes, you are being lazy. I don’t blame you, this isn’t really the venue for a detailed political discussion, and honestly I have no desire to have that discussion with you. I’m sure I’ve heard your arguments before, because I used to believe the same things you do.
          Again, just because something is “middle ground” doesn’t make it inherently better. I’m not sure why this is hard to understand. I think it’s because that “middle ground” fallacy is used so much, people believe that the middle must be better. It’s not necessarily. Opinions have to be backed up by evidence, not just stating that it’s good because it’s the middle.

        5. Better example is lots of turds-in-soup vs. no turds-in-soup. Plenty of room in the middle for “balance.”

        6. Anarchy is no government. It’s not really an opposite of big government is it? It’s kind of the other option on the side: fuck all this shit.
          It’s not about not understanding the fallacy. Your point is childsplay to understand.
          Mines fricking easy too. Hence why I find the fallacy point laughable.
          A fairly recent (about a year or so ago) issue that spread through a group of libertarians who I occasionally like to play poke the bear with (seriously. Libertarians can be so fricking easy to turn into a frothing mess who say all kinds of nasty shit) was that of a shop keeper being forced to sell to a homosexual customer.
          Oh the outrage! How could those hard working store owners have their god given right to refuse service to whoever they want taken away from them!? It’s slavery! It’s Satanic! It’s the metaphorical big brother of the state endorsed panopticon for our minds! NEVER should the state do this!
          Pfft. Quit being such puffed up windbags.
          Anyone with a bit of intelligence, experience and honesty can recognise the ease in which we humans can end up forming communities where specific people are ostracized or punished simply for being different.
          A community where all white people are driven out? All black people? All gay people? No food for you. Not selling you petrol. Gert errt errr diss beerrrrr!
          Don’t like it? Move! Go on! Get! You people aren’t having our hardearned jobs!
          But you’ve just put down money on the mortgage and got a new born kid (cue violin. Oh the humanity).
          Surely someone can help? Not the government. Not unless someone actually attacks you directly or smashes your car (and the police decide to actually obey the law rather than ignore it). People are free to refuse service to whoever they wish with no consequence, afterall they’re not hurting anyone by doing so right?
          Such a utopia!
          Except to those darkies. We won’t be having nothing to do with their kind.
          Really I like libertarianism. Too much government is soul destroying but I find it hard to believe anyone possibly thinks the idea of small government can’t be taken too far.
          Really your contention with me should be this: wtf is full libertarianism? It’s not anarchy.

    3. “a well integrated medical welfare system is one of the greatest boons a nation can give to itself”
      the UK had this for the longest time and it’s a shambles of missing money, white elephant projects and huge wait times for basic surgeries.
      anything not governed by the basic principals of performance incentive and profit motive is ultimately doomed to fail….

      1. Because flying into space is all that nasa does…
        And the nhs is hardly an example of a well integrated welfare system.
        Cuts cuts cuts.
        ‘Look how messed up it is!’

        1. You are missing the elephant in the trees. Why do you think they are having to make cuts? Once you realize that you will realize why single payer will never work in the long run. (hint: same reason Medicare/medicaid has gone from 0% of our economy to ~double digits)

        2. Because of economic downturns forcing austerity measures.
          Such downturns will also result in mass redundancies as companies shed departments and non essentials in order to survive.
          When you’re out of a job is a bad time to get hit by an accident even if you don’t have to pay anything for medical bills, and not everyone has had a chance to save for a rainy day or can keep an insurance plan sustained while things are bumpy.
          Heck if the costs are high most people can’t save enough cash to take a hard hit. Why should one have to sell their house to pay for cancer treatment or be indebted for years to come by a broken leg in a difficult to reach location?
          They shouldn’t. It’s a shit system if anyone has to.
          This is a scenario of looking for the solution that’s the least messed up. There’s no such thing as free but you can at least get a system in place that reduces the magnitude of bad situations for people.
          National healthcare decisions should always be strongly guided by how to help the people who are suffering from illness or injury. Not the interests of the healthy right now.
          The issue with some healthcare systems is pure and simple: corruption.
          When an economy is in boom, it is time to push the healthcare back to full bloom, but you need to slap the MPs and policy makers who say we should privatize it all.
          It’s not a reason medical welfare can’t work in the long run. It’s just a part of the struggle to keep a good system going. You have to fight against the people who can’t see a good thing for what it is.

        3. “Because of economic downturns forcing austerity measures.”
          Because costs are going up faster than income. You do realize until the government got heavily involved into healthcare that it was very cheap in the USA?
          Also, they really need to enforce the Sherman laws on the healthcare industry in the US. That alone would drive costs down considerably.
          Ticker Guy has written extensively on the subject.
          These are just 3 out of probably 100 he’s written

        4. Huh? I just looked at the first one there and already I’m wondering why you’re arguing against me.
          That scenario doesn’t happen in social medical care. It can’t since the hospitals cannot sue for settlement payment or demand payment from anyone who gets treated.
          What kind of messed up system leads to that kind of crap!?
          Paying by cash is not an ideal solution. It produces the problems that a social medical care system is supposed to fix.

        5. There are some advantages to a single payer system (less administrative overhead–in theory, everyone is covered). There are also a huge amount of disadvantages (nearly no progress with medicine, moral hazard, no incentive to be efficient, long wait times, risk of bankrupting the entire government, lack of doctors, etc)

        6. There are risks. It’s a big endeavour.
          I never said it’s a perfect system. Just better, if your nation is wealthy. One of the best things a nation can give itself but not perfect.
          The progress with medicine argument is wrong. Technology and medicines are still privately produced. Efficacy is necessary to be adopted by the hospitals and paid for (depending on the competence of the men and women involved of course).
          Incentive to be efficient? The hospitals are beholden to the tax payer. The people working need to do their job or they lose their job if they fail their employers, which is all of us.
          Moral hazard? That’s no different here than in private healthcare.
          Long wait times can be a problem, depending on when and where you go.
          Friday or Saturday night at A&E in a city centre hospital? Not pretty and you are going to be there a while.
          Wednesday midday? Different story. Walk in and seen to straight away.
          Waiting list for surgery or dental care or something of that ilk? There’s some horror stories but that’s horror stories. Situations where people messed up and someone or a group of people got screwed, we’re all appalled and some politicians whip up a frenzy of angry tutters.
          Horror stories are the odd situation out. All the times when things sail smoothly are not mentioned.
          My partner is one of these people who thinks things are better the more you pay for it. So she likes to pay for private dental care which has cost her over a thousand for some not too extensive work.
          I’ve always told her she’s bloody nuts but it’s her money to be daft with if she wants.
          My work colleague had the same treatment for £65 on the NHS. The wait time was two days and he got a good job from a skilled dentist who was pleasant.
          It’s pros vs cons, but the pros really are good.

        7. It is not better. You have to keep in mind that nearly all medical advance in the last 40 years has come out of the US because we are the last profit center for healthcare in the entire world. This has also kept costs down significantly for other countries as they are paying a small markup over production costs only (rather than development + production cost + small markup). Also, nearly 80% of the cost of healthcare could be reduced by getting government out and enforcing Sherman anti-trust laws in the industry, making costs very affordable for the vast majority of Americans.
          Moral hazard IS different than in private healthcare as you can be dropped And/Or your policy becomes so expensive that healthy people drop it forcing costs ever higher until people opt out and pay cash. In a single payer there is no adjustment like there is in the private sector. It’s also a moral hazard because you don’t even have to work to have coverage–right now you really need to work to get coverage.
          You are greatly underestimating the risk of it bankrupting the entire financial system of the United States (or any country that has it), at which point the entire system explodes and not just in healthcare.

        8. Wish I’d thought a bit more before responding there…
          Of course more spending on research is going to result in more innovation…
          My bad. My point was Universities and private companies still do the research legwork and produce the tech and drugs. The buyers are the hospitals who have a government assigned budget.
          Hence there’s still a measure of competitive purchase, but you can easily counter that by pointing out that there’s a hardcap on that spending which is effectively reducing the amount of money going into research that isn’t directly assigned and thereby reducing innovative produce so the social medical system does indeed slow things down.
          Again, my bad.
          Does beg the question though: is it worth it?
          Even having reached a ground there where I’ll concede that you’re right, this still leaves people unable to pay. How successful has the higher rate of innovation been in helping reduce the nations health problems?

        1. Liberal faggot detected. Go get fucked by your feminist girlfriend’s strap-on, you fucking imbecile.
          And get the fuck out of here.

        2. Angry idiot detected 🙂
          Also, no. If you want to actually behave like a human and not a laughable fool then maybe I’ll not call you an idiot but I’m not going to “get the fuck out of here” cos some twit who can’t conceive of an original or even appropriate insult asked me to.

        3. So how is that strap-on treating you, bitch boy?
          You are still a raging faggot, and you know it.
          This is my last reply to you, by the way, because your liberal faggotry could be infectious.

    4. ““If
      each man of us, fellow citizens, had established that the right and authority of
      the husband should be held over the mother of his own family, we should have
      less difficulty with women in general; now, at home our freedom is conquered by
      female fury, here in the Forum it is bruised and trampled upon, and because we
      have not contained the individuals, we fear the lot . . . Our ancestors did not
      permit women to conduct any—not even private—business without a guardian; they
      wanted them to be under the authority of parents, brothers, or husbands. Even
      now let them snatch at the government and meddle in the Forum and our
      assemblies. . . . If they are victorious now, what will they not attempt? As
      soon as they begin to be your equals, they will have become your superiors.”
      Cato the Elder

      1. “blah blah blah. I don’t really know what the fuck I’m talking about.”
        Cato the guy scared of girls

    5. As someone who had major medical issues a while back, I’m very glad that I had the private American system to go through rather than a socialized system. Anything that’s private will always work better than something that’s nationalized.
      Health care does not need to be government run to be accessible to everyone. Socializing it was just a way to put people under state control, and in Europe it’s worked very effectively as a means to enslave the people in those formerly free countries.

        1. No, I haven’t gone through socialized health systems and I don’t want to. From what I’ve researched, though, the long waits for treatment and the subpar treatment aren’t something I want.
          I don’t know where you’re getting this information that it’s on par with third world countries. That’s complete bullshit. Why do the rich from all over the world come here when they need treatment? You’re getting your information from biased sources who are willing to lie to get their way.
          And, oh no, people make profit! Anyone who makes profit is surely evil! It’s not like making a profit creates an incentive to advance a system and therefore advance civilization.
          I’m sick of liberals using snark to make their points. You’re not Jon Stewart, you’re just an asshole.

        2. So you have no experience.
          Says it all.
          Also, ya sure. I’m being an arsehole. But at least I’m not being an ignorant arsehole 😉

    6. Nobody of talent, virtue and competence wants your one payer socialist medicine, troll.

  23. “People like him only seem to think people do the things they do only because they were allowed to do so. What this is indicative of is a person who doesn’t believe in free will.”
    Do individuals in North Korea have free will? Do the poor and destitute class of India have free will? Do the poor and middle class of America have free will? Those in America have more free will, politically and socially, than North Koreans and Indians. Metaphysically, every individual has free will, but politically and socially we can only do what we’re allowed to do.
    “Moreover, Kimmel doesn’t seem to get just why these white men get into right-wing politics,”
    What most white males don’t understand is that conservatives really don’t give a fuck about them to the extent that they can be used…this is especially true for middle-class white men.
    When Romney was running against Obama a while back, he had a campaign stop in the deep south. Romney ran up on stage and the crowd was chanting his name, “Romney, Romney, Romney!!”
    As soon as Romney opened his mouth, the first words he spoke was, “How y’all doin’?” And at some point he proclaims, “I love y’all grits!”
    When did you ever hear a northeastern region, Harvard educated, millionaire white man say “y’all,” “doin’,” and “grits”? When has a Harvard educated white man start speaking improper English? Romney had the nerve to patronize those people and insult their intelligence…worst of all: they cheered louder for him after he expressed his thoughts in their southern tongue.
    What those middle class whites don’t understand is that whites like Romney don’t give a fuck about them. He will exploit them till the day they die. Romney made millions and millions and millions of dollars by way of buying companies with his investment firms resulting in a fatter wallet for himself and massive debt for companies involved and unemployment for those who were laid off because the companies involved owed money.
    White middle class males’ largest threat is white upper class males. The baby-boomer generation has fucked over the later generations big time…older white males running corporations don’t give a flying fuck about middle class males.
    The wealthy are destroying the middle class…

    1. All you’re saying is that a bunch of lying shitbag elitists use governments to oppress everybody on the whole fucking planet. Every single one of your examples is an example of that. Gee, I think I just came up with a solution.

    2. Most of them did not vote for Romney because he was White and the other black, that he was the least worst option is what most of them thought.
      Blacks where the ones who voted overwhelmingly after race, never mind that they too were dissatisfied with Obama.

    3. No, the Republicans don’t care about us, but certainly the liberal Democrats do. Why, Barack Obama has nothing but unconditional love for me and everyone else. Harry Reid isn’t corrupt, he just wants what’s best for me personally. But those evil Republicans just hate all non-rich people. That’s the only reason they don’t let Obama rule by decree.
      In reality, all politicians are unconcerned about the people. They’re there for their own power. Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats, the liberals nor the conservatives, who are in government care about you or me.
      As far as Romney speaking like a Southern, all politicians do that. Hillary Clinton did that in the South back when she was running for the Democratic candidacy for the 2008 presidential elections.

  24. When white privilege is discussed, I like to think of it as “Gee, I thought I’d have the beautiful girl, with the beautiful house and fantastic job” and I didn’t. Most white guys don’t benefit from the best of white privilege. Still, I think they think that everything was SUPPOSED to go hunky-dory for them and it didn’t. It’s rough.
    Since this particular blog has devolved into the analyzing of Elliot Rodgers, I thought I’d focus on this. I get the sadness and despair about not having a lover. When I was a fat teenager (a girl), guys didn’t ask me out because I wasn’t attractive. I thought it was completely unfair!!! However I didn’t go on a rampage like Elliot Rodgers, unless devouring all the ice cream in my house is a rampage. No, not all women including ugles get men (hello, cat ladies???), The problem is that less than attractive men don’t want less than attractive women, and vice versa.
    What strikes me is that a number of people on this blog adhere to the whole “pull yourselves up by your bootstraps mentality” (which is definitely a good thing) but at the same time feel like life, or more specifically, women are not fair to them because they’re not being chosen by them. The later sounds a bit communistic. In all areas of the world where you have to compete for jobs, food, shelter, housing, a lot of men appear to demand that women should be handed out to them. Beautiful women, not uglies, of course.
    Either you learn how to compete, which is either A. learning game & PUA tactics or B. just getting in shape, acquiring better grooming habits learning good social skills (B being the best, longest term strategy). Being competitive on the sexual marketplace is the best way for landing a lover. Also, being aware of what your “niche” is. If you’re not a movie star, you’re not likely able to land in a movie star’s bed unless you pass the “face” test at a club. If you’re hugely overweight and live in your mom’s basement, you’ll have to pay for a woman to have sex with you. That’s your niche.
    If you’re a guy like Elliot Rodgers vlogging in your car while staring at young lovers and do that frequently, well, you’re not spending your time productively, to say the least. Rather than stare at the young couple like a stalker, he should learn more about how people like the young man with the girl got the girl. Heck, if he were bold enough he should’ve said, “Sorry to bother you, you’re an amazing couple. How can I learn to find a woman as lovely as your lady.” He may have been told to “fuck off,” but he might’ve learned something. That’s the risk, but the reward may have been that he would’ve learned something.
    The whole point of competition is improving yourself and learning to take risks. It’s also learning about what types of people you’re likely to attract. If you want to be lonely, be unreasonable, expect the world to change for you, expect beautiful women to be handed out equally to all men.
    Take stock in what you have to offer (Product niche)
    Know who your competition is
    Improve yourself (Make a better product)
    Take risks – go out, socialize
    Most people here claim to be non-socialist, non-communist. Stop acting like you are.

  25. For every white guy who thinks he doesn’t have privilege, would you be willing to trade places with a black, Asian, hispanic, etc, male of your exact same physical height and stats?
    I doubt many of you will.
    Unfortunately it’s something that white guys can never really understand. Not hating, but eventually the world is going to be mixed and unfortunately white genes are recessive – which I think started the entire white supremacist / manifest destiny course of history. It’s dog eat dog and or us white guys we’d better start learning how to play in this new game or not play at all.

    1. “For every white guy who thinks he doesn’t have privilege”
      For every idiot I have to listen to….

    2. The problem with leftoids is that they dismiss leadership capabilities, competence, and brains as “privilege”.

    3. White men do have privilege over minorities. We built the modern world, why wouldn’t we? While some contribute, most ride on the white man’s coat tails while cursing him. If they don’t like white men, leave the world white men created.
      That’s the thing about “diversity.” It’s really just a code word for “fewer white people.” The fact is, if you mix the races into one then you actually lose diversity, not create it.

        1. You are fucking idiot. Whites are superior to other races. Without whites we would be still living in caves.
          You are probably a nigger or a Zionist/Jew cunt. Either way, you are talking out of your ass. Get the fuck out.

        2. I never wrote I was against White people and that they aren´t superior, dumbass.

        3. You are correct. Whites are the minority on the planet. And have low birth rates. And have reccessive genes. It the reason racism exists. If they whole planet got together and fucked, the world would be light brown in a few generations. Hence all of the paranoia, fear. The obsessive need to supress other cultures. The need to dominate and control at all costs. The obsession with black male genitals, so much so that they had to castrate them when lynching them. As the planet gets browner (Africans were the origninal humas, whiteness is a mutation…..google it) all of the barbabic global crimes against humanity, in the name of greed and fear of geneitc annilation…this will surely come home to roost. Karma is a bitch and when the deal goes down, life will be a bitch too. The irony is, that beause of the selective amnesia about history and a paranoid, inflated view of oneself, one avoids reality at all costs. And you can’t delude yourself about any part of reality an expect to understand it. So continue with the delusion…..white superiority, blah blah….I would hate to be a white male when his chickens come home to roost.

        4. And btw. It was Europeans living in caves. They got exposed to great Egyptian and African civiliations, and as soon as they learned what they needed, they began to rape and pillage…burn libraries down, rewrite history to create an inflated view of white culture. European culture has been barbaric and sociopathic, stealing, lying and murdering everything and everyone it does’nt understand. Civilized indeed.

        5. Who is going to defend all the niggers in africa from the arabs, south-east asians and Hindus without da White man?
          Funny, blacks are the first humans but tropical africa sure as heck isn´t the birthplace of civilization.
          While Yellows and Whites had to prepare and live in harsh conditions, you niggers did not.
          Well, you probably ain´t a pure-blood black, you are going to cut-off your White half or quarter?

    4. Of course not. Don’t be ridiculous.
      Turn this around: If America’s black population got raptured tomorrow, would that result in a “going Galt” like crisis? Or would instead the lives of the remaining people get noticeably better without the black parasite load of criminality, welfare dependency and the generally stupid and degenerate popular culture the black community inflicts upon us?
      Okay, I admit that professional sports would suffer. I guess we’ll all have to tough it out.

      1. I can’t help but roll my eyes when a black guy complains about living in America. He must be blissfully ignorant of the famine, disease, overpopulation, and political corruption back in Africa. I know a guy who grew up in Africa, and he LOVES it here. He has nothing but good things to say about America.

      2. Blacks have never contributed anything of value to society, nor do they ever will. And before anyone babbles about Martin Luther King, you should keep in mind he worked with global elites, the same shiteaters who are fucking this world up.
        Damn fucking straight we should have white privileges; whites are superior race, not some baby fucking, Satan worshipping barbarians from ancient Khazar or some other shithole.

    5. No, but only because I don’t like collard greens or spicy food. Would any of those brown people want to be white? Oops, guess it’s not that great after all. Yes, the future of the West is to degrade into into 3rd world cesspool, but you don’t have to “play along” with a sinking ship to go down.

    6. I am 6’3″. I would have had a career in the NBA. As it is blacks scream with laughter when they seem me trying to be athletic.

    7. How many non-Whites will ever want to leave White countries for non-White ones?
      I doubt many of them will. None of those whinning about White Privilege will move to Zambia or Pakistan, they just demand more from Whitney.
      If they were victims, how comes they get, by law, preferential treatment?

      1. Liberal fuckwit spotted.
        Go spread your wretched cultural marxism to some other place. Try Huffington Post.

        1. Angry down-low brotha spotted.
          Don´t pretend you are White, that is just sad.

    8. Yes, because I’d already be a VP instead of a Director and I would have gotten a full scholarship instead of a partial scholarship.

  26. The only part of White, male Christian cis-gender privilege still intact today is that if WWIII broke out tomorrow, and these leftards were looking for us to fight for them, we’d be able to turn away and let this earth vomit out its murderous(abortion) and sodomite inhabitants.

  27. Kimmel doesn’t understand that right-wing groups can easily pluck these men up is because left-wing groups have nothing to offer white men.

    Left-wing groups have nothing to offer black men either. The sooner this is realized, the sooner our culture can recover and place ourselves on a path to success if it isn’t already too late.
    This was a good read.

    1. Blacks in the U.S. need to wake up (not that I expect these dumbasses to do that) that the left has imported Mexicans to outnumber blacks and replace them as the left’s preferred client group.

      1. Along with an aggressive campaign throughout all media to encourage white female/black male pairing and mulatto offspring. Their preferred slave for the plantation is an indistinguishable shade of brown, has no sense of roots, no history, no unified culture, no religion, no allegiance to anything but the state and pop-culture materialism. The usual suspects are far along in their plan, it won’t be long now before the final act.

        1. >”Their preferred slave for the plantation is an indistinguishable shade
          of brown, has no sense of roots, no history, no unified culture, no
          religion, no allegiance to anything but the state and pop-culture
          sounds awfully similar to:
          “The Replica Soldier is the ultimate warrior: Incredibly fast, incomparably
          strong, impeccably trained, and utterly devoid of conscience. No history, no
          hang-ups, and no purpose but to serve. Unquestioning loyalty and unshakable
          discipline at standard PMC prices.”
          (from the video game FEAR 2)
          ultimately, the more identic, mixed, undefined and dependent people become, the better they are to control.

      2. Yeah man but what the fuck, everyone needs to wake up, not just blacks. We’re headed directly for disaster of biblical proportions, and I can tell you that when millions of motherfuckers hit the wall and die in agony I’ll be smirking from the sidelines, but as for now I’m still trying to wake up whoever can listen.
        Who even gives a shit about races anymore? Can’t you see that you’re being poisoned and prepped for incarceration, sterilized and marginalized, and just a few draconian decrees from execution in a labor camp? What, it can’t happen here? Oh shit, I’m pulling out MY race card again, I’m fucking Native American. Most thorough genocide in recorded history, happened on the fucking dirt beneath my feet a couple hundred years ago. We ALL better wake up now, I’m telling you straightforwardly that your life or at the VERY LEAST your livelihood is in serious jeopardy. The enemy is at the walls, they’ve breached the gates. Fight or die, it’s the only option you have.

        1. “I can tell you that when millions of motherfuckers hit the wall and die in agony I’ll be smirking from the sidelines”
          What makes you think you’re special enough to survive this shit when everyone else is getting slaughtered? Ever been to war? Death is pretty random during war. I’ve seen some pretty strong men getting killed, while some weaklings survived by chance.

        2. What reasonable man would still be in the States when the shit hits the fan? Those with cunning and intellect have moved far away beforehand.

    2. Left-wing groups have nothing to offer ANYBODY. What they have is good feelings, which suckers a lot of underprivileged people into siding with them. At the end of the day, good intentions are not going to feed you, bring you into the middle class, or do anything relevant in life.
      It’s the same reason every leftist regime quickly crumbles into dystopian, poverty-ridden shitholes. They just don’t understand that the ruthless, greedy ambition exemplified by their enemies are the very wheels of civilization itself.

      1. What does the left have to offer? Free lunches to people that think they deserve them.
        Except these free lunches consist of you bringing everybody else down and destroying civilization.
        I really wish these left-wing faggots would start getting beaten the fuck up when they start staging their “rallies.”

    3. Damn straight. Well fucking said. The left wants to put you in some little box and give you either guilty or victim cards. Neither narrative is going to help you get anywhere. How much self-improvement and ambition does the left-wing require? Zero. It’s always your or somebody else’s fault.
      I’d love to see more black men wake up to this fact, but I just don’t see it happening anytime soon. The victim mentality is terribly seductive and by now deeply ingrained.

      1. The victim mentality is terribly seductive and by now deeply ingrained.

        Understatement of the year. Several generations of malignant, matriarchal upbringing is enough to embed the fabrication of victimhood in any culture. With majority our patriarchs either dead, incarcerated or spiritually neutered there isn’t male soul left to instill values or encourage “rugged individualism”
        Feminists and progressives have been running a proverbial train on black culture for decades and as you said, I don’t see a turnabout happening in the foreseeable future. At this point, all any man can be concerned with is his family’s bloodline and what legacy he chooses to leave behind.

        1. It starts with men like you Triple. You’re the hope of the future.

      2. I don’t see black men as a whole riding on the victim mentality. I see black women, particularly single black mothers doing this. Black men have been doing their part to not enable bad behavior. When the govt first started robbing white men of their tax dollars and throwing it at black mothers to diminish the black man’s authority over his family, these black men walked away to not enable bad behavior and let females deal with the consequences of their actions.
        The govt simply ramped up the amount of tax dollars thrown at black women to shield them from black men not wanting to participate in the nonsense. Black men as a whole have always been aware of women’s true nature and today when you hear about black men that refuse to pay child support, its not that these men are doing back flips to avoid responsibility. They are merely trying to not enable bad behavior. You think if every man refused to pay child support this matriarchal nonsense could go on? Once there is no more tax dollars to throw at single black mothers, the black community will correct itself.

      3. get the fuck out of here with tht shit nobody asking you for shit but get the fuck out of the way instead i know too many working bros and all of them got fucked stories about about folks at work.

    4. Exactly. The Left has nothing to offer any sane, rational man. They give us cups full of steaming shit and tell us its oatmeal and expect us to eat it while thanking them for their generosity.

  28. When I was in the military, most of my enlisted superiors were minorities. I’m not sure what the statistics for race and rank are, maybe I just happened to always be reporting to a black or Hispanic man, or a white woman. I always thought the women sucked at military leadership and more often than not they ended up getting put in some kind of office position (I was an MP, we had many different ‘jobs’ available in the career field.) but I’m getting off topic.
    More often than not, it seemed like my minority leaders gave special treatment to the minority guys under them. Once, my unit’s black first sergeant was caught telling a white subordinate that he only went out of his way to help other black troops, because white people have had enough help in America.
    I’m not saying I was ever treated unfairly because I was white, but racial favoritism seemed to run rampant in the units I served in. It can be very dangerous when you have a person who grew up believing a certain race is his enemy rise to authority, especially authority in an inherently dangerous profession like military/law enforcement. This white privilege line of thinking is toxic on our society.

    1. When I was in the military I was in an all-black unit, as that was not unusual for the Army of the 1970s.
      Nigga the pahties we had!

    2. you know goddamn well you test to make rank in the services except the army where you make rank by being a prick or suck ass.nobody give you nothing in the other branches of the service you earn it

  29. We are all part of a social species, unlike pandas or bears for example. Mice and monkeys are also part of a collective social species.
    As highlighted in this video, a social species places in a world of infinite resources with no predators will lead to extinction as the population peaks and becomes a behavioural sink.

    1. Very cool. Also pretty disturbing, since the mouse behaviors are strikingly similar to human behaviors.

  30. “Michael Scott Kimmel (born February 26, 1951 in New York City)[1] is an American sociologist, specializing in gender studies.”
    So he’s a bullshitter specializing in extra bullshitty bullshit. He probably knows it, too, but it’s a cushy job so he’ll keep it as long as he can.

      1. I was wondering if he was. I thought maybe he wasn’t since Jimmy Kimmel is not, but it’s not surprising at all.

  31. More often than not, what the media calls “white privilege” is really jewish privilege in disguise. It’s not white guys getting their way paved through Harvard, Yale, and Princeton, then shuttled along to cushy jobs on Wall Street, Hollywood, or Washington.

    1. You are absolutely right. Jews are the only ones who have the true privileges. It’s not really a wonder they have been slaughtered and driven out of every country they have ever infested throughout the history. It has nothing to do with envy, but everything to do with their vile, parasitic ways.

  32. I love how the book shows an angry black person with either fire on it’s head or really long spiky hair- moar like angry black punk feminist. Ok, time to read the article.

  33. A classic example of white privilege, found on this website.
    White women are too ____, ____ and _____!!! We deserve white women!
    Let’s go to foreign countries where the women worship white guys!!!!!
    However you rarely hear a man of color saying this or even pretending that he has the privilege to just visit other countries and be guaranteed a wife.

    1. “or even pretending that he has the privilege to just visit other countries and be guaranteed a wife.”
      Shows only your ignorance, if you read you know there is no guarantee, plenty of betas bitter that they lost so much money and still did not get married.
      Would you get a wife from Zimbabwe? I doubt it! You don´t like dem sistas too much.

      1. White men don’t think they *deserve* Asian women. They just like Asian women them because they tend to be classy and still have that gentle feminine grace. Compare that to the bitchy, sloppy, whorish, and narcissistic white women you can find at any bar in America.

        1. What is happening is that “beta” pussies are seeking wifes but doesn´t get any, even the richer ones.

    2. White men don’t think they *deserve* Asian women. They just like Asian women them because they tend to be classy and still have some gentle feminine grace. Compare that to the bitchy, sloppy, whorish, and narcissistic white women you can find at any bar in America.

  34. Well I have thought about this privilege thing. My conclusion is that we need more privilege shaming, especially in the form of mandatory classes for freshman at elite colleges so they can be harangued by imbeciles as to how their hard work and perseverance in the face of impressive competition had nothing to do with getting into a good school, and everything to do with their being white. Those kids are not stupid and resent being condescended. The more they are exposed to re-education boot camps the sooner they will become disabused of the whole raci$m industry and help push the pendulum in the opposite direction. We are not at white privilege shaming high tide yet.

  35. Kimmel is a name of a particular persuasion that cannot be mentioned in polite company. Who wrote the article is more important than what’s in it.

  36. Great Article and right on point with this concerning subject. The writer of the book in question is a “Collectivist,” puts people in groups to separate and divide the people. This is an old tactic developed by the Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin for conquering a society. They want the people to be pitted against each other, rather than be united to fight their common end emu – Collectivism. We must oppose any form of Collectivism coming from the left, be in under the banner of Socialism, Communism, Marxism or National Socialism (Nazism). We must look at everyone as an individual and not as which group they may belong too.

  37. Excellent article. Took the words right out of my mouth. This quote sums it up best:
    I can’t imagine anybody but an Uncle Ruckus who would stick around in ideological waters that constantly demean and insult you.
    At the bare minimum, the approach of leftist social justice warriors like Kimmel betrays a significant lack of people skills. Generally speaking, most people don’t take kindly to being harangued, interrogated, and constantly told to “check their privilege” (which is really just another way of saying “shut up, spoiled rich boy!”) by others. Especially by those whom they hardly know and who haven’t earned their trust.
    What’s also funny is that they claim to want to create genuine social change, but at the same time their work is replete with social justice buzzwords that most everyday people don’t understand.
    I live in the S.F. Bay Area, and I have hardly ever heard an everyday person (white or non-white, man or woman) use terms such as “privilege,” “aggrieved entitlement,” or anything of the sort. The only person that I’ve ever heard use “privilege” had just taken a sociology class.
    Without the consistent support of academia and the media, gender feminism would collapse. Their current strength and power is a house of sand.

    1. “Without the consistent support of academia and the media, gender feminism would collapse. Their current strength and power is a house of sand.”
      Agree absolutely. Feminism is by and large a top-down movement not a grass roots movement. Having spent years having the misfortune of having to engage with it (like many in social science) I find it hard to understand how it can be accepted as a legitimate academic pursuit, as (like marxism in particular) it is inconsistent with integrity.
      Academic feminism survives by seeking to argue that all scholarship is political and that therefore that it is legitimate for scholarship to be politically engaged (designed to create social change for the better).
      I think that position should be easy to attack: if only some academics with balls would give it a go

  38. For all its grandstanding against the wealthy, the central focus of current left wing politics is too legitimize the identity political groups of its own constituent groups in a common alliance against white men while de-legitimizing any identity politics that arise out of white men as a group. To put it another way, we live in a time in which (a) group rights are increasingly more important, (b) white men lack any group rights while (c) groups allied against white men have groups rights. White men are permitted to embrace a group identity only in so far as to feel regretful and apologize for being a white man and submit to other groups. For white men to take their own side in a political or cultural struggle is considered morally offensive, while for other groups to take their own side is considered normal and acceptable. This type of thinks manifests itself in many forms and as good example as any is the “progressive stack” of Occupy Wall Street, a protocol in which the order in which someone speaks is determined by their placement within the privilege hierarchy, i.e. white males speak last.

    1. you are absolutely right about the rise of protected groups identified as disempowered in relation to white heterosexual males (or all heterosexual males). Mark Steyn, writing about the prosecution of a comic who made anti-gay remarks, makes the danger of promoting group rights over individual rights very clear (in terms of common law):
      “The great strength of Common Law is its antipathy to “collective rights” – because the ultimate minority is the individual. If you elevate group rights over individual liberty, you’re mainly empowering not “minorities” but the state, which becomes the sole legitimate arbiter of relations between various groups.
      That is a very important point I think: to “elevate group rights over individual liberty” ….. is to empower the state. This is a potential first step towards a more totalitarian world and it has to be stopped before the left erases all the checks and safeguards of centuries of common law / constitutional law designed to protect all of us (including the people within those special groups)

  39. Progressives aren’t worth the attention you’re giving them.
    Let’s stuff them all into ovens, then forget they even existed.

  40. Michael kimmel.
    Yet another Jew pretending to be white and telling everyone how evil “the white man” is.

  41. Angry? I’ve never met a SINGLE Western man, of any color, that I would call a nationalist by East Asian standards. If anything, you’re not angry enough, that’s why the leftists walk all over you. You don’t intimidate them. This needs to change.

    1. Interesting, are they really nationalists? How’s this outside China, Korea and Japan, the rest don’t really live in nation states, do they?

  42. I’m your typical Southern bred Scots-Irish, which were the lowest caste of Whites in the US until the (Catholic) Irish arrived in the Northeast hundreds of years later. My ancestors left shitty N. Ireland and Scotland to farm what is now Isle of Wight/Chesapeake, VA, and then onto South Carolina and Alabama.
    They never owned slaves, yet were forced into the Confederacy by geography. We fought in every war (yes, even 1812 and Mexican-American). My father worked three jobs at times and was the first to go to college. My mom is Spanish/Cherokee and White. Her mom was basically a New Orleans Crillollo (Spanish Creole). Our family had NOTHING growing up.
    One day, when I joined the service, in the late 80s, I was told how much I had been given my whole life…and for the next 20-something years, it’s all I have heard, about how everything was handed to me (I put myself thru college, worked fast food etc, to move up)…some of the people saying this, have been black women who lived in upper class areas of DC, gone to the finest schools, Howard, Hampton U, etc…
    I’m not “checking” my privilege or giving a shit the last few years, since I took the red pill.

    1. if you white your folks benfitted from jim crow nobody passed any laws against them working where they wanted too or fucking who they wanted too.or pased housing laws against them

      1. Answer me this: why were the Japanese Americans able to go from one of the poorest and most hated groups in America to the richest (far higher income than white Americans) and well liked throughout American in basically 2 generations following WW2 (remember we had our own concentration camps during WW2 with Japanese people) while Blacks are now -3-4 generations past Jim Crow and ~8 past Slavery and barely better off? Hint: It has nothing to do with the white man at this point.

  43. I’m one of the “angry white men” he mentions, though I don’t think he identifies me by name but as an MRA he met on a TV talk show. (He described the show as being well known or popular, but it was the Bertice Berry Show, which lasted only one or two seasons and never enjoyed widespread popularity.) Just one problem: I’m an enrolled member of the Cowlitz Indian Tribe, and I served for 10 years on tribal council.
    When I posted that on the CNN page where I think the excerpt from his book first appeared, and accused him of selling out to the feminists, he contacted me by email and entered into a dialogue. I replied and we corresponded, but then he terminated our dialogue, dismissing me with an insult because I was polite and respectful. Go figure.
    I can only speculate as to Kimmel’s state of mind, but his behavior strikes me as typical of progressives, who are intolerant of contrary views and seek to silence dissent. When I did not fit a stereotype that would have served his needs, but was cordial, rather than respond in kind he resorted to insults, accusing me of being disingenuous, and I have to wonder if he was projecting.

  44. Instead of getting angry and not voting for Democrats, they need to understand that it is those others—Republicans—who are hurting them and they need to embrace progressive policies. By doing this, they can stop opposing feminism, environmentalism and socialism and instead understand that not being a progressive is based out of a reflexive state of fear of change and hatred of anybody who doesn’t look like them.
    Typical bullshit from Kimmel. The progressives and their useful idiots ARE the ones who are ensuring that white men are not able to obtain the same success as their fathers. White men supporting progressive policies will only fuck things up for them all the more.
    Dont piss on my head and tell me its raining Kimmel.

  45. First of all, I’d like to start by pointing out your article is littered with grammar and spelling issues. As such, it makes you sound completely incredible. Not to mention that while this article is devoid of any citations, facts, or anything of substance, you expect your readers to simply digest your rant? I really pity anyone who is so ignorant to just believe what this author has to say because there isn’t a single fact in any of this, it’s all just his opinion! I’m just going to point out some of the ridiculous beginning paragraphs here:
    First off, Kimmel shows off he has zero understanding of basic human psychology, much less American psychology. Kimmel advances the queer argument that white males who appeal to their fathers and grandfathers legacies are displaying white male entitlement. This isn’t entitlement in any sense of the word, but a common and healthy desire for males to follow in the footsteps of their fathers. Kimmel is thoroughly urban, as such I think he instinctively feels urban fathers are an average worse than rural ones.
    So you claim that this man has no understanding of human psychology. Do you? Maybe you have a PHD in American psychology, whatever that is. Oh “American psychology” isn’t a thing? Well I’m sure glad that such an educated and qualified author can tell me what is normal and healthy for my development.
    As I observed about my own upbringing in rural America, the idea that there is all this hate and fear freely expressed and flooding the community is laughable. Rural America is psychologically healthier precisely because the omnipresent eye of mass media, marketing and access to technology and public works is greatly diminished. As such, people learn to depend on one another. That is much more healthy then the urban mindset of slavish dependence on corporations and the state.
    As someone who grew up in a major urban environment, this claim is laughable. YOUR only exposure to the “real world” is through mass media and marketing. Do you have any idea what life is like in New York or Los Angeles? I bet anything you believe about places like these, let alone major urban centers around the world, are formed by nothing but media and maybe a vacation if you’re lucky. Access to technology and public works is huge advantage of living where I do. Oh your small little town has one public library with a few computers in it? That’s cute. I have zero idea why you think urban environments are somehow starved for technology and public works. Probably because you have no idea what you’re talking about.
    This is barely even scratching the surface of your political views and your entire misunderstanding of what white privilege is. I’m going to be completely honest because as a white guy, I see a lot of nonsense perpetrated by feminists and hyper liberals, but to champion conversatives is useless and simple-minded. The world is not black and white, it’s a lot of gray. All you bros need to start reading some actually intelligent stuff if you want people to take you seriously.

      1. Hey genius, a third of what I wrote is actually just direct quotes from this article. But really great defense of the article and it’s points, keep up the good work of being simple.

        1. Ah don’t get bothered by them.
          There’s tons of communities on the internet that are nothing more than echo chambers for like minded individuals. Due to the fact that morality is subjective these echo chambers can be very different.
          You might think they’re a bunch of crackpots or evil bastards but in turn they might think you’re a loony or morally bankrupt.
          These guys are basically the mirror of the feminazi misandrists. The shit both groups come out with is hilarious from my perspective.
          Just laugh at it. Another fun bit of colour from the great circus of humanity.

    1. You rant and rave into the wind and achieve nothing. I grew up in rural America and then spent a significant amount of time in urban America and I can tell you for a fact that urban America is the lesser of the two. There are good things about urban life, but they pale in comparison to the good things about rural upbringing. Great, you can get fine food and don’t necessarily need to own a car, fantastic, but I’ll take solid values, independent thinking and a working knowledge of how to get things done in life over that any day of the week.
      Now if you’ll excuse me I have to get back to reading Voltaire’s Lettres Philosophiques.

      1. Lesser of the two? We’re moving away from rural life as we’re progressing. And if you’re so fucking enlightened, then you probably realize that it is YOU that is in control of your own fucking mind, not your environment. Unless you’re a mindless shit. Independent thinking? Are you confined to certain thoughts and ways in urban America moreso than in rural America? If you are, then you’re a gutless bitch. And then there are the generalizations… I’ve seen rural Alabama.
        We’re HUMAN. THESE THINGS SHOULDN’T FUCKING BE AN ISSUE! Just look at our potential, and then look at how fucking stupid we are. SAD.
        Fergus was evaluating the author’s assertions. You’re not going to blindly accept what someone else says, are you? What more is one supposed to achieve in a post?

  46. Haha that’s rich, you moderated my comment. Afraid to share dissenting opinions? This website is the very definition of a circle jerk.

  47. I would consider learning proper grammar and learning how to spell before writing articles. It’s difficult to take you seriously when you don’t even know how to write.

    1. Even some of the best writers make grammatical errors. Nobody is a super human who never make mistakes.

  48. Mass Media has a divide and rule campaign going on now. Every article pits race and against race. Who own’s mass media? Why do they promote this evil? Once you see the propaganda you see how weak and pathetic these people are.

    1. Last time I checked, the proper narrative was to whine about under-reporting black on white crimes ; )

  49. By the same token, however, the conservatives write their own demise as well. I had a conversation with a TEA party group and they were stunned people expect money (good money) for teaching. I tried to explain that for over 50 years we’ve been telling people wealth = success = status. Are you surprised that either we get the dregs or good teachers quit and take higher pay / status jobs?
    The most glaring response was ‘well, we don’t want people who consider money more important teaching’ to whit they must want the dregs.
    The illogic of the right, their inability to see that they are writing the death of American superiority just as effectively as the left, is amazing.

    1. That could be about the people whose moral values are based on how much money you have. Unscrupulous people will always make money faster than those who have principles.

    2. Republican and Democrat are two flavors of the same Progressive shit-sandwich.

    3. Teacher & administrator pay has skyrocketed in the last 50 years, especially adjusted for Benefits, Pension, and the fact most only work 10 months a year (granted, varies by state/county). Has education gotten any better? I’d argue in fact it has gotten worse. The real reason teacher pay is “low “is because the benefits are good, job security is great, retirement costs, and they are only working 10 months a year.
      Get rid of the teacher’s union and go to a private system and good teachers would actually make good money. Basing pay primarily off tenure and secondarily off what bullshit BA degree/master degree in some worthless program of study is a good way to ensure teacher pay isn’t great.
      The professors (aka teachers) at the B-school I went to were all making 200k+ on their base job and another 200k-1MM+ a year from consulting. You know why? They actually have a useful skill and knowledge base and are GOOD at what they do.

  50. What a condescending, arrogant little sniveling beta. Telling white men that “they need” to do this or that. Not to mention the not-so-hidden message that somehow every white man owes somebody from some other demographic something. No wonder white men avoid you like the plague.
    Want to get your message across? The typical left wing narrative of snark superiority isn’t helping matters.

  51. Progressives are not about an equal opportunity to rise. they are about destroying the means of production to prevent anyone ascend, or destroying the achievements of those who are on top.
    They have nothing to offer to white men (or anyone else, for the matter), and are using other people as attack dogs to keep society in disarray and themselves in power.

  52. I’m glad we have an RoK writer tackling liberalism. The fact is that the liberal religion is a kind of blue pill itself, teaching a silly view of humanity and an incomplete version of history (Marxist theory). The ultimate goal of liberalism, of course, being kumbaya equality and pluralism, which is impossible, given human instinct, and biological inequality.
    Liberalism is a wimp’s ideology, and has no place in a masculine life. Conservatism has problems too, in my opinion, but at least it is not the infuriating, anti-intellectual guilt-mongering that liberalism is.

  53. I have a meme/joke I like to run through my head when dealing with “liberals” or as they call themselves now “progressives”:
    Q) What does a progressive say to you after throwing you under a bus?
    A) You’re so selfish!
    That’s the mindset of the ideological leftist: If they want to break into someone’s house and steal their stuff, and the door is locked, it’s because the owner is “greedy” and out to steal from others. It’s a bit simple projection but takes it up to a new level of one of direct paradox and doublethink. The ideology of the left is to view themselves as smart and godlike due to Science and Reason. Their superior reasoning allows them the ability to define what words mean as it suits them and to declare their opinion right by definition. Simultaneously, they need opponents as scapegoats for when they see, at least at a subconscious level, for why this reasoning doesn’t work in the long run.
    Of course, these comprise a minority of Democratic voters today. Most are simply welfare mothers, race entitlement seekers (not really caring whether white males oppressed anyone or not, they just like the idea of them benefitting), and various cronies such as government workers.
    Despite the portrayal by the left that the average “bitter” white male is a trailer park resident and simultaneously angry that they lost their “entitlements” to billion dollar fortunes (again, logic 101 fails there), the average white guy that hates leftism is middle and working class. Some in the middle class are still useful idiots but they are dying out. I have childhood friends who literally live in their mothers’ basements who spout off how the 60’s will come alive any moment now. They’re insane. Or they’re just mindless cheerleaders who don’t think about what the ideology they spout really means. They’re dying out. I think there are few actual white males who buy this stuff outside of college campuses where the ideology is as real as witches flying on brooms were 500 years ago. It’s a false reality where “hide the decline” proves global warming, for example. But beyond that, the ideology is dead because it seeks to make the whole world into Sweden and like Western Europe even as it declares that it must first become like India, Mexico, and Africa. It’s morally and intellectually bankrupt but like the former USSR, they have a lot of nukes.

  54. “What this is indicative of is a person who doesn’t believe in free will.”
    This pretty much sums up everything that’s wrong with feminists and other leftist racists .

  55. Gooogle Michael Kimmel and what do you find? Surprise, surprise, another Tribe member, doing their part to dismantle another piece of the white western patriarchy. NOT A COINCIDENCE.

    1. Whats that saying about once being an accident, twice is a coincidence, but there times is a behavior pattern? …nah, nah, pure coincidence with these people.

  56. White men are successful because of a healthy mix of competition and cooperation with each other not some special unquestioned solidarity.
    This is true for any group of similar individuals.

  57. Want to see what “White male privilege” looks like? Google Image “college grad” to see who the new tokens are.

  58. Ugh. I just had to endure a drunken white privilege rant in a bar from some woman who interviewed me for a job a week earlier.
    Not getting a job because you are white is most likely not covered under EEOC /federal laws.

  59. a lot of bullshit posted in here mother fuckers please i am 55 yrs old and i have seen plenty of white male racism on the job.i was in aviation maintenance for 30 yrs.i saw whites try to promote whites with hs diploma over blacks with master degrees at two different airlines.we know there is no fucking way any white person would promote a black hs grad over a white with a master degree no matter how liberal a white person is..when i worked in iraq as a civilian helicopter mech white boys with less qualifications from the deep south was bitching because black males got hired.the white site manager called everybody together and told everybody “are you out of your fucking minds the iraqi guy over the fence is trying to kill all of us with the rockets and mortars and you bringing that bullshit over here?” but these fucking morons was mad because the bros was getting those 160,000 grand jobs.and like i said these bitches had less qualifications than the average bros there.here is the real deal the black guy on the corner in a poor area is not on the case competing for high paying jobs against whites it is the other bros who do not mind going to school and competing.he has zero contacts with whites so stop with the fucking bullshit bros in mass numbers telling other black guys not to go to school and make money not fucking true .and fuck no we are not listening to clarence no balls thomas that bitch does everything scalia tells him to do .and sorry fuck walter willams and thomas sowell.i will listen to tariq nasheed,dr amos wilson and dr claude anderson not sellouts.

    1. Oh go fuck yourself. I’ve seen “privilege” from all groups and I’m in my mid 40’s. Take your white guilt and go jump off a bridge, homo.

    2. …well if it happened where YOU work, I’m sure i must go on everywhere…oh sorry, “err-wear”…muh-dik, muh-dik, muh-fucka….

    3. Maybe that’s because whites people of lower educational background are still more qualified and smarter than blacks of higher education background. This is one of the consistent findings made by researchers of SAT scores.
      Then there’s affirmative action. How does anyone know that a black man with a masters degree is qualified?

  60. Another spot-on article with one exception: this Kimmel jagoff understands perfectly what America is and what its about. If you”re a Straight White Man, America has fuck-all to do with keeping what you earn or being proud of your accomplishments or where you come from. For Straight White Men, America is about working as hard as you can, taking the blame for the failure of others, and handing over the fruits of your labor because as a Straight White Man, being a “good American” means making yourself and your children a secondary priority behind service to the Diversity/Feminist/LGBT machine.
    It might be high time for White Men to stop thinking of themselves a Americans and start thinking of themselves as White Men.

  61. So much enlightening information– illuminating– now I know why all this equality fits the way it does, like 10lbs of shit in a 5 pound bag– doubling the work force since the early 70s for the same number of jobs (or less since the robots) has made things way way way better, especially when the girlies lean in, wait to 42 to start families and make every firing of any heffer like that hag at the nytimes who stinks at a job an issue of equal pay to match the last 4 old fart guys making executive pay who still have jobs.
    What this bat shit site needs is more name calling, bigotry, paranoia and insult so we can all go down the toilet in the same flush. E pluribus unum, in the clown car.

  62. It’s one thing to strive for something – that’s admirable and productive. But blaming women, Liberals, Obamacare and the Gay Agenda when you don’t get it is just plain whining. Michael Kimmel is right, the playing field is changing. The advantages that white males had even 20 years ago (and make no mistake, white males DO have advantages in American society) are starting to erode. You’re not really being persecuted – it’s just that loss of a privileged position FEELS like persecution.
    The world changes. You can change with it or you can be left behind. But the changes will happen – trying to prevent that is like standing in front of an avalanche yelling, “STOP!”

    1. Wasn’t even remotely the point of the article.
      Next time you decide to make a comment on an article, actually fucking read it, you worthless sack of shit.

      1. 2ShltForBrains, the only point to the article is atop the author’s head, you pathetic little microdlcked crybaby.

    2. Go suck a fuck.
      When women get 5 years in the slammer for speaking in public, I`ll tell you
      ” it’s just that loss of a privileged position FEELS like persecution.”

      1. That’s just not going to win you the tiny p3nis contest, you and your buddies here are some of the most patheticly dlckless punks ever mistakenly allowed to grow to adulthood.

        1. Black Swine, you still have the privilege to trash american white men.
          Just come to South europe and we will fix you niglet

      2. Terribly sorry, but I honestly have no clue what case you’re referring to. Could you maybe tell me its name, or link me to a pertinent article or two? Thanks.

  63. ROTFLMFAO! What a gathering of pathetic, whiny little shlts we have here.
    You are all weak and worthless and wasting the oxygen of deserving people with every breath. You may now return to your clrcle jerk.

    1. You sound upset. How come?
      Let me remind you that “whiny circle jerks” are the very foundation liberalism. Once the white liberals are gone and can no longer protect you, people of color like me will be there to end it.

      1. It’s evident that you are far too weak. Who knew stupid was a color until you came along?
        Come and get some bltch. After I do your punk @ss I’ll mail your ears to your mother and feed the rest to the pigs.
        You may return to your pathetic little clrcle jerk, too bad you were born without a dlck.

  64. First off: Kimmel isn’t white, he is jewish. So his opinions about white men can be totally disregarded. It would be the same if the book was written by a black or asian.
    There might be some white men out there that care about the opinions of other races, there might be some even willing to listen to non-whites tell them how they should be feeling about things, but I haven’t met any.

    1. Oh look, an inbred white trash moron of discriminating opinions, what a surprise.

  65. As the demographics continue to change in the United States, individual
    liberty will proportionally decline. As minority population levels increase,
    there will be a corresponding rise in bureaucratic oppression. Whenever the
    authorities open the borders, the officials will invariably press down upon the
    traditional Americans with a heavy hand. The greater the multiculturalism, the
    greater the state surveillance. The greater the diversity, the greater the
    restrictions on free speech. The greater the “inclusiveness,” the greater the
    demands for political correctness. The more minorities on the city streets, the
    more the restraints on private gun ownership. The more the bureaucrats talk
    about tolerance, the more certain that the government will end up totalitarian.
    Diversity always ends up as tyranny.
    No matter how many terrorist acts are committed by the naturalized arrivals,
    the establishment will invariably direct its repression toward the victimized
    natives. No matter how fanatical the migrants, it will always be the host
    population that is required to be more tolerant. No matter how many crimes the
    aliens commit, the indigenous population will consistently suffer the blame.
    The governing liberals will use immigration as an argument for heightening
    their scrutiny over the indigenous citizens. Curiously enough, the ruling class
    will use the exact, same feel-good excuse for inflating immigration
    (“protecting families and saving children”) as the explanation for increasing
    police spying (“saving families and protecting children”).
    The greater the multiculturalism, the greater the extent of
    government surveillance of the victimized majority. The greater the social
    differences, the greater the state spying. The greater the level of foreign
    immigration, the fewer civil liberties that will ultimately remain. Only a
    massive and mighty secret police network can prevent ethnic rivalry from
    turning into ethnic warfare. Migration always ends up consuming every bit of a
    country’s freedom.
    Ethnic hostility is the mark of a vigorous culture.
    Ethnic rivalries are the antibodies of culture. Hatred is a social immune
    system of society. Xenophobia functions the same in the social organism as
    white blood cells in the body. Repressing racial hostilities only makes the
    nation sick. Multiculturalism is a sort of infection of the nation state.
    Diversity is not strength, but a social cancer. Around the time you see
    minorities on every street corner, you know the country is terminal.
    Ethnic amalgamation can best be prevented by provoking ethnic animosity.
    The only way to repel multiculturalism is not to petition your legislative
    overloads (we all know what a waste of time it would be to ask the government
    bureaucrats to actually follow the Constitution), but the way to reject
    diversity is to treat immigrants with a continual hatred. The only way to
    renounce the liberal agenda is to respond with constant malevolence. Remaining
    mean-spirited is the only way to resist the altruists. Kindness is always
    acquiescence. The spiteful citizen always refuses humanitarian conformity.

    1. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah – Translation: Firewing is a scaredy little white boy who knows how to cut and paste.

    2. Surveillance isn’t really the problem, it’s the endless cycle of “tolerance and equality” bullshit you get in multiculti states in place of nationalism.
      See it as such: diverse countries are not really countries, they’re living space communes. So treat it that way by serving yourself first, then your ethnic/racial group, and screw the rest unless you feel generous. If something happens, just leave. No patriotism needed.

  66. “The modern era is one characterized by increasing level of diversity and equity. As such, the mindset of the white male needs to change. Instead of feeling that it’s their birthright to have good jobs and avoid poverty, they need to understand that the playing field is leveling and they might find themselves in extreme poverty and disadvantaged, just like how everybody who wasn’t a white male was before. Instead of getting angry and not voting for Democrats, they need to understand that it is those others—Republicans—who are hurting them and they need to embrace progressive policies. By doing this, they can stop opposing feminism, environmentalism and socialism and instead understand that not being a progressive is based out of a reflexive state of fear of change and hatred of anybody who doesn’t look like them.”
    Why doesn`t he just write “resistance is futile.” ?

  67. Kimmel doesn’t believe any of those things. He posits them because he knows getting others to believe those things will be destructive and detrimental to white males and whites in general. Kimmel is Jewish, and as such is consumed with bottomless hatred of all things white and western. He knowingly sabotages white western culture at every opportunity, just like most of his kinsmen.

  68. I just noticed how well “Aggrieved Entitlement” describes the leftist mentality.
    Does Kimmel really think the end of angry white guys is the end of his right-wing boogeyman? It would just descend into a less centralized tribalism with more evenly distributed groups competing with each other, like it does in Brazil or India with other minorities who don’t care as much about being called “racist”. If anything the left survives by rallying minority groups against the “dominant” identity group, in America’s case, white guys.
    Where are they gonna get their oppression once they run out of rich white people? Maybe Jews and Asians and Hindus and paler looking Latinos, but it’s not kosher to attack those groups.

  69. As a female – Kimmel is unbelieveably unattractive – he seems like he would have the passion of a turtle and probably his greatest physical feat would be stinking up his shoe. He is painfully unsexual.

  70. “Instead of challenging the power media has in how people feel about themselves, they demand that plus-size women be featured in media.”
    Okay, what would you recommend happening to make the media less powerful? Like it or not, it’s here to stay, and getting some healthy body image messages into media seems like a decent place to start.
    Also, that picture of the woman not wanting a boyfriend seems to discredit the fact that, you know, she might be lesbian.

  71. Well, im’a frum tex-uz, and that thar stor-ee righter sure iz right. All’uns us here, we know it’s them neegras and Mexicans what’s to blame. Yep. You sure are right. All you Yankees up there, well, y’all are just color blind, and us’ns is just raycist idgits.

  72. Michael Kimmel is just as big a quack as the rest of so called socialogists. It’s not a science, and most of it has no basis in fact at all. Quite the contrary.
    My own opinion of man or woman , black or white; is that we all have had some sort of cross to bear or hurdle to manage at one time or another. Sometimes big,sometimes small. However, How a person handles the negative and can see it as opportunity that makes us what we are.

  73. I always cringe when I read most anything a liberal “so called sociologist has said. In truth sociology is not a science. It’s subjective and the vast majority is sheer speculaton with no basis in fact. Kimmel is one of the worse example of those allowed to lecture at our Universities and corrupt the minds of naive college students.
    He’s twisted and immoral for what he is doing.

  74. Just tell me where to get my government check. Because fighting against this shit is depressing.

  75. Kimmel is a nose-picking idiot, a typical pantywaist liberal moron. White men built America with damn little help from anybody else, all myths to the contrary aside. I do not hate blacks – who also helped build this country and who have had the shit end of the stick from the beginning – but neither do I look at black men as helpless, pathetic creatures who need white liberals to protect them. The United States is in a nosedive that will end in catastrophes, the least of which will likely be civil war when the economy finally implodes. Either white men will reclaim the country and sort out the nonsense of the last 50 years or America will simply disappear. There is no America as we know it without white men. I think most intelligence blacks and other minorities understand this. The ones who really love this country will accept it and will be on the right side. The hate-filled resentful fools will not, and neither will the swarm of aliens who are here as parasites to suck up what they can while the sucking is good. I say this from the perspective of a person who has spent much of his career outside the country – the best place to observe the U.S. is from the outside – and who has been fortunate enough to have access to information on what is really going on.

  76. You can’t blame deterioration of the family completely on women. There are many dads out their who are absent, lazy, addicts, abusers or all four. I think if you want a solution you have to look at both sides.

  77. This is a good article.
    As a white male, I’m waiting for my white privilege to come in the mail.
    What the liberal doesn’t understand about the white male is that the white male has what he has because he earned it. White men have built great societies – USA, UK, Australia, Canada.. Etc.
    The Black man built Haiti, the Congo…

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