The Psychological Sexual Desensitization Of The Modern Man

It’s often said that sex lies between the ears, than between the legs. The brain controls the body, and plays an important role in sexuality. A sexual mind thus also contributes significantly to a healthy sexuality.

However, men today face higher cases of psychologically induced sexual burnout and dysfunction as compared to their forefathers, in spite of living in a time where modern health care has increased human longevity than before – a classic case of how we’ve added years to life, but not life to years.

Humanity is today living in increasingly permissive times. Though this may seem like men could enjoy and experience sex much more than their predecessors, what has to be also noted that this has also ironically contributed to the psychological sexual desensitization of modern men, in subtle ways.

These are some of the major factors which lead to modern male psychological sexual desensitization:

1. Stress and low self-esteem

The problem:  Stress is one of the top-most killers of male sexual desire. Men often eat pressure or stress on a daily basis in modern commercialized societies, leading to premature burnouts of both men and male sexual desire. It’s often said that when poverty knocks on the door, love flies out of the window. In modern commercialized times, you could add sex to that statement as well. We’ve learned how to make a living, but not how to make a life.

Throw in modern day inflated sexual ideals regarding penis size, ejaculation time, sexual skills etc. and the average modern man then has enough unrealistic pressure from society (and often from his partner) to perform as a porn star in bed, thus contributing to stress from performance anxiety. Sex then becomes a gladiatorial fight to prove a man’s virility to his over-expecting, socially brainwashed partner, often disconnecting it from the pleasure principle, eventually leading to male sexual burnout. Throw in continued usage of male aphrodisiacs to boost performance, and you’re looking at long term health problems.


Similarly, male sexual desire is linked to male self esteem. The man who’s stressed out will often experience loss of sexual desire, which could cause moments of performance failure – adding to more stress and lower self esteem – leading to a downward vicious spiral of sexual agony. Couple that with a bad woman in his life, who constantly demeans and devalues him – and his brain is then put off from sex.  A healthy male ego is as necessary as a healthy body, for a healthy state of mind which leads to an interest in sex.

The solution: Stress management. Get professional help if needed. Stop entertaining unrealistic expectations of yourself, especially in the sexual arena. In sex, it’s only pleasure which counts in the end. Eat well, exercise, take care of your body, respect and know its limits – you have only one. Focus on financial independence, which can liberate the common source of all stress in the modern world. If that job or your partner is killing your mood for the romp, then it’s time you looked elsewhere for an upgrade.



The problem: The dangers of porn rewiring the male mind to alter male sexual desire are well known. Even worse are its effects on happy, fulfilling relationships–to eventually destroy them.  The average man masturbates more with access to porn, leading to sexual depletion and a whole range of other dangerous sexual and psychological problems, which further damages his sexuality.

The solution: Quit porn now, for addiction to it is a serious issue. Concentrate on seeking sexual release within a real woman, learn game.

3. Sexual excess, sexual frustration and sexual depletion

 The problem: Familiarity breeds contempt. Just like how monogamy eventually leads to sexual boredom, so can sexual excess, as sexual thirst determines the demand and value of sex.


With the general permissiveness of modern women, sexual abundance is increasingly possible for men.  However, not all men have the same sexual desires, tastes and capacity, which vary over time.  Either way, every man’s sexual threshold limit which when exceeded leads to sexual disinterest, due to both sexual familiarity and sexual depletion caused by possible excess.

On the flip-side, the sexually frustrated man experiencing a sexual famine often seeks other alternatives for sexual release, which can put him also at risk for psychological desensitization towards females, because his brain has rewired his mind to seek alternatives.

The solution:  Self regulation, both of personal sexuality as well as of exposure to external sexual stimulus (visual or manual). What has to be realized is that sexuality, while being the most powerful need of the human body—is finite and needs to be conserved, as life itself is finite. Sexual release should neither be suppressed or over-expended, but regulated.

4. Oversexualized modern societies, feminism and male baiting

The problem: Similar to porn rewiring the male mind, so does an oversexualized society. This has not only destroyed modern men and women, but even corrupted children. A popular YouTube video below, quite shockingly highlights that.

Men are constantly barraged with sexually suggestive visuals in oversexualized societies in real life. How much could they possibly handle?

One of the functions of sex is to create bonding. With the liberal sluttiness of modern women in oversexualized societies, some men living there then choose to psychologically shut off from sex as these women represent no potential for forming relationships or having children with in a traditional family role model. Thus, modern social liberal trends could even affect birth rates.

However, the greatest danger of an oversexualized modern society is not only in over-eroticizing male psyche into sexually objectifying women, but rather more is the eventual  psychological desensitization of men to the visual sex appeal of female body. Oversexualized modern societies often produce over-stimulated, sexually frustrated men by cock teasing them relentlessly with oversexualized modern female behavior, just like hungry dogs being baited with an elusive bone.

Sexy yoga pants

With modern women behaving more provocatively than before, the average man eventually trains to numb his brain— to care less for female visual sex appeal—as if being stuck in a permanent mental sexual refractory phase, much like the psychological adaptation of men living in nudist colonies among nude women. Men are thus forced to subdue their natural sexual responses to this form of male baiting. This abnormal forced suppression of the natural male sexual response can lead to voluntary celibacy, or  problems like sexual depletion due to excess,  or in some exceptional cases neurotic homosexuality.

But modern feminist women represent a more potent agent to further complicate the problem of male baiting by coupling it with man shaming (to destroy male self esteem), thus creating a frustrating form of sexual temptation with often risks of legal entrapment.

To quote from The Anatomy of Female Power, the example of the termagant feminist:

“The termagant (the shrew, scold and harridan of old) is a misandrous sadist whose greatest pleasures come from man-baiting and man-bashing. She resents the matriarchist code which would have her pretend that she is not boss to her man. Under the banner of feminism, she can truly blossom. … The termagant claims for herself absolute freedom of conduct, and would punish any reaction, however natural, she provokes from men. She is the type of woman who would wear a miniskirt without panties, a see-through blouse without bra, and swings her legs and wiggles her arse as she parades up and down the street, and yet insist that no man should get excited by her provocative sexual display. Any man who whistles at the sight is berated for male chauvinism.”

termagant feminist

Thus, in this case, it’s familiarity, disgust and often non-accessibility that breeds contempt.

The solution: Learn game and bang sluts (the logical way to adapt to the present social decline to find sexual release). Travel throughout the world; see different cultures to interact with different people (especially if you’re presently living in an over-sexualized society). Practice meditation or spirituality to declutter and control the mind. Learn a new skill or language. Study philosophy. Focus on self-improvement.

Awareness is the key to preservation

See the world for it is, and not what it seems, and recognize the dangers of sexual desensitization of your mind – to save and conserve your sexuality well into your later years. A lot of men live their entire lives without self-discovery. Discover and nourish your talents.

Every man on this planet is a creator, for he bears the seed of life in him. Honor your masculinity and sexuality, respect it and like all good things in life, value it – just don’t dissipate it.

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267 thoughts on “The Psychological Sexual Desensitization Of The Modern Man”

  1. A much needed and refreshing piece at this point in my life from ROK.
    Thank you OracleZ.

  2. There was the day when females, young and old wore dresses and were modest, now they are walking around in miniskirts and tights that leave little to the imagination.
    They shouldn’t be putting their goods on display so easily.

    1. Their egos are being fed by all the simps attention, while ours are slowly destroyed by the cuntresses apathetic attitudes.
      This cant end well.

      1. “This cant end well.”
        Keep an eye on the birthrates in the West. It’s like an entire civilization sacrificing itself for short-term hedonism. As long as women get their validation and attention from alpha males, they don’t care if they have to live in cottages made of mud or in a palace made of marble.

        1. “It’s like an entire civilization sacrificing itself for short-term hedonism.”
          Advice–Learn game and bang sluts.

        2. Hedonism is created by women, not men. Women are the gatekeepers of sex. If women choose to sleep with a minority of high profile males, the other men have no option but to learn game to gain sexual access. Women will not equally sexually distribute themselves among men. So game was an adaptation of the male species to the hypergamy of women. Besides men are not fucking men to create hedonism, but fucking hedonistic women who are opening the floodgates to sex to these men. Game is thus necessary.

        3. No, the current hedonism isn’t created by women.
          It’s created by a few very powerful, very wealthy men.
          After all, how is anyone going to get anything important or revolutionary done when all they have time to worry about is work and fucking 24/7?

  3. Never in history has man been exposed to so much female sexuality while simultaneously having access to so little or for some – none of it.

    1. This article and comment are powerfully timed when you consider the news today.

      1. True, a relatively small percentage of guys are cleaning up on the sexual market place, leaving the rest fighting for scraps. Or get nothing. Well, it’s no wonder some guys can’t handle it and go berserk.

        1. I figure a large majority of the guys who commit suicide between 15-25 do so out of sexual frustration and loneliness. They can’t deal with the constant raging impulses and many are so afraid it’ll drive them insane they kill themselves to protect others.

        2. Traditionally, sexual access to quality women equates to status of the man. The top man who is most valuable to society would get his pick of women – one of his many rewards for being valuable to a group. What this means :
          1) men who now can’t get any woman feel low value. It is this low self esteem which destoys him, not women pe se. Men have never died from a lack of sex, but they have died from lack of status.
          2) men can’t understand the new metrics used for judging men as quality. In the past, it was value a man brough to a group – fighting skills, building skills, intelligence etc. Now it is what women “feel” is quality, and which is subject to change moment to moment.
          3) The basis for which men feel they can contribute to society and thereby earn their stake in society and its future (through family and heirs) has totally been cut off at the knees.
          Result ? MGTOW

        3. This is because girls (naturally) always go after the top alpha guys. This how it is in nature for most mammals. Every girl in the tribe is part of the alphas Harlem. This is why monogamy/patriarchy was invented. To include beta males in to a social structure in which under naturally circumstances they would be excused by female sexually choice. This was possible only by suppressing and control female sexual desire us morally, law, peer pressure. This allowed every man to have a wife as long as he heded to the social norms and met the bare minimum. This made (beta) males loyal to the system. Making a productive civilization possible.
          In modern times the female sexual choice has been returned to them. Returning to the primal sexual system that occurs naturally with the females choosing to be part of the alphas Harlem again as they once were in nature. This destories civiization because now the majority of males are now exculed from the sexual marketplace. Meaning they are no longer loyal investors of the system. Causing it to destabilize and eventually crash.
          The only soultion to this problem is patriarchy/paternalism with men leading and women following. The reason men lead and women follow is because this roles fit both of their naturally psychology’s. The men get to be men, and women get to be women. Not only does Patriarchy give all men a women, but also gives men and women a family. A meaningful purpose to live for that is outside their own immediate gratification. This makes men and women happy because it give both of them a purpose that is greater than themselves. What make people actually happy is serving the needs of others, not themselves. In this case, the husband and wife’s are serving each others needs instead of just their own.
          What is fuuny though is that MGTOW reject paternalism because of the burden paternalism puts on the male. (Emasculated males don’t like responsibility). But in rejecting paternalism they end up excluding themselves from the sexual marketplace(which would have given them a female) because they are not aphla males and can’t attract females under natural environments. Causing their own sexual fenestration and emasculation. ROFL!!. They are rejecting their only chance at a meaningful existence that is greater than themsleves. Causing their lives to be a self serving, meaningless, and miserable existence by their own will.

        4. “This destories civiization because now the majority of males
          are now exculed from the sexual marketplace. Meaning they are no longer
          loyal investors of the system. Causing it to destabilize and
          eventually crash.”
          Perhaps this is what feminists mean why they say they want to destroy patriarchy. They just want to collapse civilization as we know it. The only question is what will take its place.
          I do know plenty of guys my age (early 20’s) who have basically checked out of the system and I don’t blame them at all. There is no incentive to work any harder than you have to. Most people would call these guys losers or slackers, but they still get laid without much difficulty and yes I am one of these so called losers.

        5. Easier said than done. How on earth can this be accomplished when there are legions of white knights and manginas pandering to women out there?

        6. He doesn’t seem to realize that our worth (resources) have been taken away from us.
          Women aren’t competitive contributors to the economy, they’re parasites. The REAL work still falls in the lap of men. If they don’t get you on the front end (carrying the weight of women at work) they’ll get you through taxes.
          I notice the men who really go hard at work are doing it for the women in their lives. Single guys? Most don’t have the drive or ambition, they concentrate on the bare minimum to live.

        7. This Elliot Rodger guy received psychological counseling. Had the counselors imparted Red Pill wisdom to this killer, those innocent victims might be alive today.
          Maybe the counselors were persistently blue pill despite all the evidence of Red Pill truths. If so, they should be found partially responsible for this tragedy.
          Any psychologist/psychiatrist who refuses to learn about the true nature of male/female relationships is guilty of malpractice.

        8. The kid identified himself as a red-piller.
          Men have been taught to value themselves by the quality and quantity of pussy that they get. It becomes even toxic when the top-tier financial manager gets his woman stolen by the Burger King “alpha”.
          When men start judging themselves by their qualities and accomplishments things like the shooting will never happen again.

        9. It cant.
          Thirsty male simps will always keep the market price for the Pussy cartel overpriced.

        10. As long as men are treated as dirt and disposable garbage in this society I expect these kind of events will unfortunately become fairly common.
          Nobody should have to go through life treated like an abandoned dog. Some men canb find the inner strength, mentorship and camraderie from their fellow men to help them maintain and persevere.
          Some will not.

        11. If they are sexually frustrated, there are the feminists themselves who have a lot of frustrations of their own.

        12. “This is because girls (naturally) always go after the top alpha guys.”
          That is how it should be.
          “To include beta males in to a social structure in which under naturally circumstances they would be excused by female sexually choice.”
          That does not preserve civilizations,it is what destroys civilizations with few to no chances of recovery.

        13. In the short term, they becoming less disloyal investors is good but on the long term, the society is going to turn to shit. It may take centuries or decades but it will.
          Stagnation that is either followed by total collapse or slow and painfull recovery, as europe had with religious wars.

        14. The White Knights and Manginas are the ones who needs “patriarchy”, it is their only chance to breed.
          But when they are too big % in a society, that society grows weak and perish.
          Eventually, it falls like a rotten fruit. What matters is whever there are seeds or not.

        15. They do not even need to contribute to the economy.
          As long as betas are around, they can just have the work done for them in exchange for sex (or votes).

        16. You have to be able to choose your people very carefully and realise that in life/relationships you will lose more often than you win.
          I think I am blessed to have good friends, awesome gym buddies and the fact that I care more about making money and advancing my education and career than I do about women.
          I don’t want to think what would happen if I am to lose my friends, stop going to the gym and pursuing success.

        17. “That is how it should be. Natural selection made it that way with pretty damn good reasons.”
          Under natural circumstances and small groups yes. But the fact remains that alpha males are too few in number to carry the burden of an entire civilization. This could change with the development modern technology tough. I hope it does. That way women will deselect weak, beta males from the gene pool.
          You are right about beta males though. They ARE THE FUCKING PROBLEM. No argument from me there.

        18. This is a brilliant analysis. So good that I saved it in my notebook.

        19. I hate to quibble but I believe when you say “Harlem” you meant to say “harem”. They’re two quite different things. Otherwise though, solid post.

        20. A video from a nihilist sociopath male separatist who think he is ‘red pill’? Really? My post has nothing to do with game anyways so what was the point? Stop linking MRA horseshit to me.

        21. You equate men rights with horseshit. But this guy is the sociopath? He’s the bad guy?

        22. The MRM is just the male version of feminism. It is another victim cult. They do not give a shit about the well being of men. It is just another massive pity party.
          And if you actually watch bar bar’s earlier videos you can see he has a deep resentment/hatred for women. He and his buddy Starkdusk blames women all of men problems. He even calls them in one of his videos as “evil”. How is this shit any different from Radical Feminism? He is a sociopath proven by his own words.

        23. Yes! labels are not needed.. take an issue and fight for or against it you don’t need a label to fight such an “injustice”. You hit the nail right on the head, Spider!

        24. weird every mgtow i know gets laid on the regular they just do not date. Shit i have a house that is paid off and a large savings account. I just see no reason to date. I prefer to just fuck girls when i want

        25. If that’s how you choose to live your life when you clearly know in your heart that it’s wrong….then YES, YOU ABSOLUTELY ARE A LOSER!!!

      2. i’m expatting in asia at the moment. what news (presumably in the US) are you referring to?

        1. if he had had game he wouldn’t have done what he did. His actions were a result of pedestalising.
          Game creates deflationary pressure on the sexual value of women not on their lives

        2. Exactly. Women see men with money as providers more than anything. It doesn’t mean they’ll sleep with you because you’ve got that money. It mostly means that they’ll try to take that money from you through manipulation.
          Also, it is likely that the girls in his community were as wealthy as he was…so his money really meant nothing to them since their parents were already loaded.
          He should have emulated those frat assholes you talked about in his rant…
          I think Athlone McGinnis has an article here on ROK that delved into the futility of money as an attractant for women.
          Should men make money? Yes. So that they may afford the life they want to live but not necessarily to attract women. Game is needed to attract women.

        3. “He should have emulated those frat assholes you talked about in his rant.”
          yeah, he had a strange life is not fair attitude. I don’t remember a red pill article saying life should be fair. Given time he would accepted what he had to work with, and made the best of it. No disrespect to the women and men he killed but shooting people is not only wrong its also to show too much attention (in a grotesque way). Chasing women for a date or because you’re a psycokiller is pretty much beta behaviour

        4. I’ve been following /pol/ for a while now. Youtuber’s are re uploading his final video, although not much to see….kid is a massive Beta faggot.
          He suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder added with oneitis and self loathing. A strange case.
          The feminazi lot are already using this as ammunition against the manosphere, they are targeting MRA’s but they will move to ”white men” and us in due time….wait for it….

        5. I think the guy had more issues than not getting laid.
          When you decide to go out and kill innocent people because you’re angry with yourself, you’ve got some serious preexisting mental issues.
          In other words, this wasn’t just some frustrated beta, plenty of those out there don’t become psychotic.

        6. And the irony is he was no MRA, he was a regular at Which if you know what puahate is means he was a blue pill loser still stuck in cathedral hell. At least MRA’s actually KNOW what’s going on.
          One couldn’t be further from the other. One wants access to his children and vents about being anally raped in femcentric divorce courts whilst the other hates men who get pussy.

        7. Incorrect. There are many 22yo virgins who don’t go on killing sprees. If lack of sex lead to mass shootings it would be endemic.
          He had Narcissistic personality disorder. Lack of game is irrelevant. If his dad slapped him across the face at an early age instead of buying him a 50k car he wouldn’t have gone on a killing spree.

        8. jealousy seems to have been the core of his character. the killing spree was him trying to level things out (his other idea was to ban sex for everyone and have reproduction occur asexually). Definitely a narcissist, however at some point he made the decision that the world should change to accommodate him (wacko justice should prevail) rather than that he should change himself to better negotiate the world. To me that’s the opposite of red pill, game etc. Of course most 22 year old virgins don’t see the world as this extreme socialist did

        9. Attracting women with money may be futile in the anglosphere, but it works everywhere else in the world. Especially in Latin America, Eastern europe, CIS, and the Orient. Money is the game there.

        10. What you say may very well be true; however, we as men must be well rounded, so that no matter where we go, we can care for ourselves, attract women for our pleasure, and not be dependent on anything outside of us for survival.

        1. Faggot beta 22 year old with 50k car is a virgin. He is frustrated that asian guys are getting blondes and that he isn’t (he is hafu). He gets gun and kills lots of people. Uploads video on youtube first.

    2. Pretty sure that is the exact reason that kid shot 6 people in Cali- surrounded by sex 24/7 and getting none would be a mental prison.

    3. So 100 or 200 years ago, men got more sex than today? Was the hippies about sexual abstinence??

      1. Most men got to have sex and reproduce (granted most children did not survive back then, hence you needed at least 5 children in some cases to ensure one or two would reach adulthood) whereas modern sexual market place is a zero zum game: I win 10 ladies, you get none.

    4. Never in history has man been exposed to so much knowledge on the machinations of the sexes (Game) and life (Red-pill) while simultaneously ignoring the teachings of Game/Red-pill sites.

  4. Men are constantly barraged with sexually suggestive visuals
    What about the imagery you used in your own article? That girl’s ass with the yoga pants… mmmm. Do what you preach, sonny! LOL Also, this blog and the manosphere as a whole also plays it’s role in oversexualisation.
    Otherwise the article is superb. Oversexualisation on both men and women is meant for mind control. The only way to fight back is by influencing your children. Especially fathers with daughters.

    1. Considering the paragraphs the pictures are between, imo they’re apt examples of over-sexualization. My good sir.

  5. Brilliant article. A great dissection of what men today face on a daily basis. The way women dress and behave today is what contributes to men losing interest in sex in the long run.

      1. Exactly. I’m only attracted to adult females but their behavior long ago proved so obnoxious and repelling I don’t like them.

      2. Good way of putting it. Some of my PUA friends had the same problem of getting extremely frustrated with the insanity of women….in another dude’s words “These aren’t women, they’re little girls in an adult’s body”.
        If you have the discipline it’s better to be very sexually selective. Don’t sleep with anyone you don’t want to be like, because that energy will stay with you for a long time(it takes about a year of celibacy to reset your system).

  6. LOL at the logic of women. They hand out sex like it is candy and then bitch about it not being satisfied and being objectified. Females have no fucking ability to connect their actions to the consequences of them. Making them basically grown children with no complicity to think beyond themselves. Explaining their selfishness and since of entitlement.

      1. Hmmm. Big surprise. People who understand and practice traditional values are happier, while new-age mindlessly liberal hipsters are perpetually unhappy. I say, GOOD! Fuck em!

    1. True. I’ve noticed that many, if not most women have virtually no concept of basic cause and effect, at least from the male perspective. It’s like they cannot see the predictable consequences of their actions. They constantly make the same dumb errors. Women are a huge liability to a man. They are like children.

      1. That, I think, is related to this:
        You will notice the denser brain neural network integration within each brain hemisphere in males vs females. This points to male thought processes operating differently vs female though processes. Obviously we know from experience that this is the case.
        Technically males have denser-wired left and right brain hemispheres – within the hemispheres themselves. This significantly different brain physiology in males vs females I think highlights several things we know from experience:
        a) key point is that men and women are not equal; not very PC
        b) when it comes to logical reasoning many times it is not the logic that prevails in females but the “feeeling”; it’s the “it feels right” that prevails and not the “it is right”; this is rooted in female brain physiology; in the light of this study curious minds might want to read about what each brain hemisphere does and how they work together, as well as in isolation, which could lead to:
        – a better understanding of the differences between male and female thought processes
        – fewer surprises
        The job of the left hemisphere, which processes facts logically, in sequence, is, among others, understanding causality. In males the left hemisphere has denser neural networks than in females and thus is different than in females. I let you judge if two different systems processing the same thought will come up with a different conclusion. On average the ability to reason differs and thus the result.
        The researchers uncovered solid evidence that women and men have their brains wired differently – to a significant extent. What they did not underline is that this comes with all the consequences that follow. Not very PC either.

  7. JAPAN!!!!!!
    Let’s all go to Japan and give those women blowjobs! And then laugh at the men PMSing and playing with their tamogotchis! Then let’s lock ourselves in our parents basements because we are too ashamed of our sorry lives and watch the most sophisticated pornography in the world.
    Then let’s try out to be manwhores who dress like bunnies and sing karaoke pretending to give a shit about the Japanese ironically conservative übermensch femcunts from daycare incorporated.
    Let’s watch as those hot Asian bitches never age and fuck their grandmas.
    Progress people!!! Get with the program everybody!!! JAPAN!!!! Where nothing is real and all the Starbucks samurais impale themselves with dildos!!!

      1. Lol..
        I’m saying… the herbivore men of Japan are a prime example of what happens when you seamlessly merge a feminist culture with advanced sex technology. ALL THE MEN GET DESENSITIZED AND GO MGTOW.
        I’m saying that modern Japan is the result of exactly what this article is talking about.
        Here check out these videos…

        1. jap men seem to fetichise women and sex, and to pedestalise them in the process.

        2. In that first clip it looks like women are essentially paying for emasculated, orbiters…
          They should come to the states, it’s free and we have an endless supply.
          Never thought I’d see that.

        3. What you’re seeing in Japan is not at all surprising.
          It’s rather simple really:
          Japan has been in an economic recession for 20+ years (since the early 1990s). The job market there was terrible and a whole generation of Japanese could not find work, so they’ve spent decades stuck emotionally, financially and personally in childhood. Many of their men have been completely unable to get a job and move on with their lives.
          If things were not already bad enough, Japan’s birthrate is dropping like a stone and its elderly hang on to their own jobs, making it much more difficult, if not impossible, for the few younger people who do exist to even get into the workforce.
          Terms such as Hikikomori and NEET came into existence as a result of these economic problems. Many Japanese men, who increasingly believe the entire system is rigged against them, have simply dropped out and have become “Soshoku Danshi,” or Grass-Eating Men. Essentially, they are modern-day eunuchs, who have no interest in traditionally masculine affairs.
          Prolonged economic recessions have an effect on a society psychologically and Japan is no different in that regard.
          If you want to find out more, read the following links:

          This phenomenon is going to hit American shores at some point, if it hasn’t already. Then again, judging by the existence of Return of Kings, I’d say this phenomenon is already here…

        4. Mobius, the Japanese got that way due to economic problems. Read my reply to Clark Kent’s youtube video on Gigolos. Also read the wikipedia links I mention.
          Japan has major social and economic problems that have led to such sexual views.

        5. Thank you for the links and great reply… and yeah this is exactly my worry.
          Enjoy the Decline.

        6. No problem, Clark. Also, I have an even worse link for you that I forgot to post in my previous reply, Clark:

          This video is about Americans who go to Japan solely because of anime and manga. They are the foreign equivalent of what the Japanese call “Otaku,” who obsess over anime (their cartoons) and manga (their comic books). Now, that guy is a real blue-piller in action. If you don’t know what otaku means, read below:

        7. You are right. Its already here. Our economy is going to be stuck in a decades long decline just like Japans. However their debt to GDP ratio is massive due to their citizens owning most of it internally. Most of ours is held by other countries and that ending quick. Russia has been dumping US treasuries for months now and recently made and unprecedented agreement with China to settle oil and gas without use of the US dollar. They also engaged in an unprecedented massive joint naval drill together this weekend.
          We can only print so much money and tax people so much here before the “party” comes to and end.
          For those sitting back and “watching the decline” —
          Stock up on your popcorn.

  8. Porn is just stupid. I am by no means frigid and masturbation is healthy. But what is porn exactly? It’s an industry where people fuck each other for money and then sell it you so you can watch.. much of it is free now but still the point remains… watching people fuck on a computer screen.
    I stopped watching porn a few years ago. I turn 21 this month and I remember thinking
    “Why are they talking so much?”
    “Why do they scream so loud”
    “Why is the camera so close to this man’s asshole? I don’t want to see that shit”
    Nevermind all of the gross and screwed up stuff that happens behind the scenes (undereported STD’s, rampant drug abuse, and fake shit)
    It’s all a fucking waste of time to even bother. And girls that intentionally try to tease can try. I do my best to ignore it. Women hate that shit. Being ignored with callous indifference. Or better yet you can intentionally pay attention to bait the girl into reacting a certain way. (Smart way to build a psychological profile and catch early red flags)

    1. Testing is always necessary, as the craziest women out there are remarkably good at camouflaging themselves(they seem to get better as they get older).
      It’s also entirely possible that she’s crazy and everyone else can see it, but you can’t because the sex is fucking with your brain.

  9. Regulate it. That is awesome advice.
    “problems like sexual depletion due to excess”
    This has happened to me.
    Bang so many sluts you eventually discover every pussy feels like the exact same wet hole as the last. (“Beauty is only a light switch away.” “Theyre all Britney Spears in the dark.”) Bang enough sluts to discover that “One Minute Man” spoken among girlfriends is sabotage. Bang enough sluts to discover that if you fuck any Woman sideways for a long enough period of time, eventually even Her sister who used to give you the stink eye will be staring just under your belt line. Bang enough sluts and give them the task of producing your orgasm for you. Time them. Compare their times versus your own. Finally, apply a cost/ risk/ benefit analysis to your own orgasm.
    I did all of those things. Now, sex has become something I see as being FOR women. Men being the service providers.

    1. Not much you can do about that. It may be more productive to judge women in terms what OTS(Other than sexual) benefits they can provide you.

  10. The matrix of modern society neuters men by oversexualizing their psyches. Fap too much, fuck too much, and in the end premature aging of men. Oversexualizing men is to betasize them. Women just play the roles of agents in this chess game of mind control of men.

    1. What if its the mark of maturity? Suppose a Man who has had enough experience with sex has come to finally know HImself capable?
      Every teenager wants to drive a car, until they get their license and have to pay for their own fuel, insurance, oil changes etc. Theyve grown up. The mystique and intrigue have dissipated from experience.
      Every teenaged boy wants to be Ron Jeremy, but has no clue the role of the fluffer girl. Theyve yet to learn of themselves as a sexually competent being.

    2. ^ This.
      What’s the solution though?
      The best one can do is to rule their conditioning.

      1. There isn’t a solution you or I can directly affect.
        However…remember that there is a counter-trend to every trend, and eventually the pressure on the counter-trend becomes so great that it overpowers the existing trend.
        Hence, society is cyclic, and surprisingly orderly (Read Martin Armstrong’s research into societal cycles, it’s very enlightening).
        So just ride things out, and when the tree falls be read to push it in the direction you want it to go.

    3. Nobody gets this . . . everyone is distracted by the wrong problems. Pornography is a great examples. Some people think it’s great, some people are worried that it will cause people to go out and start raping or something. But like you say none of them get the real problem: it’s degrading men, even more than women (because way more men than women partake in it). It’s eroding their masculinity, which we need.

      1. If that were ever the case, then a clampdown on all sexist sites (including feminists) would be fair. Feminism poisons the society with feminism against men. It would be fair to close them down too.

        1. Feminist do not care about what is fair. Unless of course being fair benefits them in someway.
          It is a two way street, but as we all know women can’t fucking drive.

      2. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of
        speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”
        – First Amendment of the United States Federal Constitution.

      3. Daily Kos? Lol. Read the comments there. After about the 5th comment in they all revert back to boring politics debates lol

  11. We have a hero and martyr. Check out the news from Santa Barbara last night and the video he posted on YouTube called Elliot Rodgers Retribution. True alpha managed to kill six cunts before the blue gun thugs (all controlled by the feminazis) took him down.

    1. The shooting in SB is not a triumph, it’s a tragedy.
      Modern men truly are desensitized. My God, our society is fucked beyond belief.

      1. Once you take the red pill what lays at the bottom of the rabbit hole is the ultimate choice between life or death.
        Matthew 24
        21 For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.
        22 And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.

    2. Ruler, you are a troll. Anyone with half a brain can see you are promoting violence here. You really should get out of here and go over to the rape and murder boards. Woman, man, or beast that you are, you really should look to your own childhood to see why you have such a taste for violence and death. You need serious psychological help. People like you are the lowest form of humanity, and you will for certain abuse your own children without lots of therapy and self reflection.

    3. Even if this comment is genuine, it isn’t very smart to express this kind of sentiment online, drawing unwanted attention to a site that in no way agrees with this.
      None of the people killed/injured were deserving of it.

      1. I just watched his retribution video…double loser…never could think outside the box. 22 year old virgin, he had money, he could have gone to SE Asia if he wanted to get laid.

        1. he posted on youtube, and apparently on, which I’ve never visited – tried to visit it but its down.

        2. don’t see why it should, the guy was a lonely and angry kid who felt rejected, and expressed himself in an unfortunately time-honoured fashion

      2. Look at him. Feminine looking dude. He should have just become a tranny like every other girly-looking guy does. They he could have gotten all the sex he wanted.
        What a sick motherfucking society we live in today.

    4. sounds like your trying to link a tragedy involving a seriously disturbed individual who killed women to this website. Why else would you say such a thing except to try to create an association where there isn’t one. You will no doubt also be aware that the guy was virgin, had high functioning aspergers syndrome, no friends, suffered endless rejection, and had a seriously wierd laugh. And this is the individual you want to associate this website with. If you aren’t a sockpuppet I would be amazed

  12. As sad as it may be, I surely suffer from related issues because I haven’t been able to really enjoy sex for quite some time. When I’m getting it on with a girl, my mind is always overwhelmed by a set of unpleasant thoughts, and try as I might, the stress of it all greatly reduces any physical enjoyment I might get from the act itself.
    The first thing that hits me is the serious resentment that I feel for all of the time, expense, and effort that I had to put forth just to get an overly entitled, bitchy, and past-her-prime 7 into bed. I think back to the thousand clever emails I sent out on OKC without receiving so much as a profile view, or the endless sequence of $100 dates that went nowhere… then, when victory finally presents itself, I’m a little disappointed (due to comparisons with porn no doubt) because the ass in front of me is pimply and too fat and I can see in her eyes that she doesn’t really like me (I’m just one of 365 lays she’ll have this year).
    Next, I worry hard about where she’s been and my odds of contracting herpes or other diseases, and worse, if she harbors secret motives of getting at my money by arranging an accidental pregnancy. These thought (if I dare be honest) nearly make me go limp, yet I soldier on.
    Then, I almost never get to have sex when I want to have sex. Universally, the acts happen on her retarded schedule, which usually means sometime in the early AM hours when I’m dead beat and just want go to sleep. I’m 41 and my peak hours diminish linearly after 7 AM.
    Then, I’ve coined a term for what hits me next: “post-orgasm depression.” Immediately after I orgasm, in those moments of pure clarity that follow, I’m almost overcome with grief and depression as I think, “My God, what have I just done? I do NOT want to be tied to her in any way, and I might have just risked that very thing. I don’t really like her and I need to leave (or she needs to leave).” In these moments, I feel only disgust for myself and for her. I may very well have issues, but it is what it is.
    Next comes the sleepless hours of cuddling while wrapped in warm, sweaty sheets. All of this, I do not like. And don’t even get me started on seeing her makeup-free and haggard body in the morning sunlight.
    So, in totality, I find all that goes into, and results from, sex to be barely worth it, at best. When I was younger and dumber I enjoyed sex more, but now it mostly feels stressful. And in full logical analysis, a clean, quick, safe, and inexpensive masturbation session seems more and more like the optimal rational decision. These thoughts displease me, and I recognize them as being unhealthy, yet in the interest of honesty on ROK, I figured I’d share them.

    1. Every one of these problems would be solved with rape. Much more enjoyable, gets rid of all the problems you mention, leads to more submissive cunts. There are one or two commentors on here who have some illogical paranoia about it, but it’s a very alpha thing to do and all true red pill men agree.

      1. Yep, forcefull sex is what women really want. They are basically like cats. The female cat provokes the male with aggression to see how strong and motivated he is.

      2. It is never ok to use force against another person against their will. You are neither a philosopher, nor a human being. You are more akin to dog or pig. Although ‘some’ women like to be dominated, others don’t.
        But to promote violence against others is immoral. And it is immoral in any circumstance. I can attest that the majority of men on this site disagree with violence against others. This site is full of men that enjoy philosophy and enjoy being men. It is not a site for your type of hatred. Go over to a rape board you nasty troll.

        1. Agree with you, but I feel obligated to point out one exception:
          If someone is acting out un-warranted violence against another (ie, there is a victim) then you are justified in using whatever means necessary to prevent that violence from being realized….up to and including violence.

      3. Anyone that is not drooling at the mouth can understand why this hate speech disgusting animal needs to be kicked the hell off by the mods. If you are a woman, or a man, it doesn’t matter one bit. We’re not fools over here.
        Not one person here thinks rape is a good idea, stop upvoting your own post and please do some self examination into why you think the answer to a horrible violent act is to talk about more horrible and violent acts.

    2. Western women like to emasculate their men verbally, professionally, emotionally and sexually.

      1. You have post-orgasm depression because semen should be preserved especially when growing old. Paid sex is, if done right, much more satisfactory and honest.

    3. Why can’t you just pay for sex and direct your energy towards something useful?

      1. I never would have considered this option in the past, as it just seemed wrong and icky. But everything seems backward to me these days, so let’s just say I’m open to the idea. It could make the whole experience more exciting and enjoyable. Besides, everybody pays for it in some form or another.

        1. Naw, he should go to the Philippines. There is a much more casual attitude about it there. Lots of friendly and beautiful girls, a few drinks, go back to the hotel, have some “boom-boom” and then provide her with a friendly “gift” to help her pay her and her families bills. Win-Win for everyone.
          Sometimes they will even you you freebies if they like you.
          Its really amazing being in a country where men are treated nicely as opposed to being ignored and treated like disposable pieces of crap slaves like men are treated by women in the USA.
          Dont be a cheapskate. The Japanese men are quite generous. If you are an American, remember to give the USA a good image.

        2. I am married to a Filipina so my extracurricular activities are severely curtailed, but before getting tied down I would visit the Philippines and there were more than one occasion where I ended up with a very nice looking girl at a known freelancer club. No mention was made of money prior to, during, or after the fact. However I slipped whatever amount I thought was appropriate into her purse or back pocket as we were leaving the hotel room. Many were loving and sweet, not knowing if or what I had paid. They do not think of themselves as hookers, but rather as women who like a man, and enjoy sex, while the expectation is that a man that cares for a woman will help her and her family out financially.

      2. Agreed. Learn and apply Game, but always have P4P as back-up. Nothing about it is wrong or icky. It’s efficient, economical, enjoyable and virtually no downside, but you have to purge your mind of the programming / propaganda first. I bang first rate whores in Tijuana for virtual peanuts and love it.

        1. “…virtually no downside…”
          Ever heard of Herpes or AIDS? I’d consider that a pretty fucking serious downside man… lol

        2. How is P4P any more risky than banging the typical Ameriskank bar whores available to most men? And by bar whores I do not mean P4P professionals. The STD rate among the average sexually (way too) active American woman is too high to risk without the wrapper. So, in either case wrap that rascal or stay home.
          I look at P4P as the more moral way. If you choose to fornicate, and that is what it is in either case, then at least you and the woman involved are being honest and above board with each other when a cash agreement is the basis. In non-professional interactions each side is trying to get something that is never quite stated and give as little as possible to the other. Not an honest transaction.

    4. > “post-orgasm depression.”
      There is a big surge of prolactin after orgasm. It causes a hormal cascade that is essentially negative for your health and state of mind. It boosts estrogen and lowers testosterone. There is a very strong argument for limiting orgasm frequency. You really don’t want to be nutting many times a week.
      And in a pre-porn world, who over 25 could manage to nut multiple times a week on a sustained basis? It’s just not realistic with only imagination or one or two women. If you watch porn the male performers are disproportionately balding and have bad skin. I really think cumming too often plays into this.
      It is interesting how this was common wisdom in the past. All the major religions knew you shouldn’t be spanking the monkey or fucking too often.

      1. I think you are right about this. I’ll periodically take a week or 10 days off without a single orgasm, just to recharge. And it does work. Libido, energy, and aggression all ramp up and it feels good.

      2. Thats dumb advice. Semen is a carcinogen. Get that shit out of your body any way you can – as often as you can. You want to get prostate cancer?

        1. Fapping too much in your 20’s can actually increase risk for prostate problems later on. Search it on the web.

      3. “There is a big surge of prolactin after orgasm. It causes a hormal cascade that is essentially negative for your health and state of mind. It boosts estrogen and lowers testosterone. There is a very strong argument for limiting orgasm frequency. You really don’t want to be nutting many times a week.”
        ^This, right here. When it started to dawn on me that I had a porn addiction (sparked due to me not getting enough real-life poon on the reg), when I finally stopped beating off; thirty days later it was like a night and day difference. I went from being generally depressed during my waking hours and having mood swings post nuttage, to feeling much more laid back and calm, and more neutral about life despite all the bullshit going on in the world around me.

    5. “My God, what have I just done? I do NOT want to be tied to her in any way, and I might have just risked that very thing. I don’t really like her and I need to leave (or she needs to leave).”
      LOL, this has happened to me.
      Its the price we pay for wanting a release. I’ve had to harden myself to the aftermath when the woman I fucked is no longer doing it for me and I tell her I’m done. Of course, the easiest lays are women that are a bit below my smv.
      We’re the men they call jerks, not realizing that we’ve been forced into this role because of how fucked up the sexual marketplace is for men these days. Holding the attention of women who are at or above my level has grown tiring.

    6. You are not the only one. Since my late 30’s I have often experienced what you described as the women got older and less desirable to me in physical terms. My solution was to edge into the pay for play with scene with the finest young escorts, then later sugar babies, that I could find. Doing so cured the physical desire part as well as the respect part. There is something soberingly honest about pay for play and the women who do so, in my experience, tend to be shockingly frank in conversation. Don’t let them babble too much on your dime though!

    7. Leave ‘Murica bro. I leave every couple of months. You’ll be fucking sexier, younger, and more feminine, less entitled pussy in no time.
      Honestly, my time here is strictly for making money. My life is abroad.
      I get laid here in ‘Murica regularly, but the worn out, manly sluts here don’t compare to the tail I get elsewhere.
      Ameriwhores are like bologna sandwiches. You won’t starve to death, but they’re nowhere near as satisfying as the filet mignon I get abroad.

  13. I must say there is a strange convergence between this blog and hardcore feminists regarding anti-porn viewpoints.
    If it wasn’t for porn, I would still think that fucking with the lights off under the sheets in the missionary position and only after a lovely evening was actually ok.

    1. The problem with porn is that it rewires human sexuality. And porn is definitely an instructional video to learn how to fuck properly. Contemporary porn features nasty acts which a man would not be able to perform with his wife, but possibly only with a slut or whore.

      1. And porn is definitely NOT an instructional outlet to learn how to fuck properly, as men won’t be able to perform all those acts with their wives, but only with sluts or whores.

      2. “The problem with porn is that it rewires human sexuality”
        Oh bullshit with the hipsterspeak term of the week shit.
        Watching two people fucking on the Net doesnt do anything.
        If porn is ucking up your head, your head was fucked up to start with.

        1. Patently false, and….it looks like I pegged the troll correctly weeks ago.
          You’re an angry, porn-addicted, butthurt loser who would rather lash out than take a hard look in the mirror.
          And you wonder why women don’t want to sleep with you. It’s obvious to us.

        2. It was time someone said it. This nofap reddit nonsense as to stop. Cutting off playing with your willy won’t get you laid, if you’re a loser, you’ll remain a loser, porn or not.

        3. Read FredtheBelgians comment below Hell Dyker.
          I pegged you as either a blue-piller pretender or a female weeks ago.
          Im not porn-addicted by any stretch. I personally find it a waste of time and it doesnt do much for me. But watching people engaging in sex on the Net does not “rewire” anybodies brain. If people have issues they have issues. Porn, video games, would you say horror movies rewire peoples brains too? This is ridiculous thinking. You are ridiculous.
          You are just a simpleton, you buy into any phony research, articles and media garbage and take it as gospel.
          You are a self-admitted Christian. So you believe in fucking fairy tales. As I have said many times before, you and GhostofJefferson are on the wrong site. Your old-fashioned ideas, thoughts and “advice” add absolutely of nothing of value here. Nothing.
          Call me a troll if you like but I…
          “just calls ’em and I sees ’em”

        4. It’s easy to spot idiots with zero intelligence, who deny the reality staring them in the mirror, no matter how obvious is. I don’t know for certain if por rewires the human brain, but you seem to think like a woman, negating reality and basic common sense.

    2. RE: the convergence, kind of. Blogs like this are encouraging men to ABSTAIN from watching porn, in favor of going out and meeting women in the flesh. But for anti-porn feminists like Gail Dines, abstinence is not enough; they’ve been on their BAN tip for a while now, but of course, to no avail. Their intention is also much different than ours: it’s the same women-the-automatic-victim script.

  14. Provocative topic; something we don’t often consider. Modern men are constantly bombarded with pointless sexual messages, usually for marketing purposes. It really does desensitize us and make us jaded. Too much of a good thing (female sexuality), really is too much.

  15. The video of sexual perversity among children was so damningly shocking. I felt like whacking all those mothers of those little young girls who were made to wear those sexually charged outfits. Sluts and whores will produce and train sluts and whores for the next generation.

    1. Youre outta your mind? I think Hes a pussy. What 22 year old with a BMW is a virgin? Shit, a couple crack rocks for them and some vodka for you is all anyone needs nowadays. Fuck Elliot Roger. What a fuckin pussy!

    2. This is a ritual killing, make no mistake about it, it’s got nothing to do with Elliot Roger, only with what he represents.
      Here’s your clue: Hunger games!

    3. elliot roger pedestalised women. He had an unrealistic view of sex, and unrealistic expectations. No-one who takes game seriously will ever over-invest in women, individually or collectively. Game works towards greater indifference not homicidal mania. I am truly sorry for the people he killed, but if you are trying to make an association between what he did and sites like this then I suggest you watch his video again: the guy killed people because the girls he wanted were choosing other men. Better game and this website would have given him perspective and save his and more importantly his victims lives

        1. PUA does seem incredibly dated now. It reminds me of one guy who used to try to sell techniques for men to hypnotise women into sex. Not a good idea

    4. Get the fuck outta here with that kind of BS. If anything sites like this discourage people like him because they tell – young – men not to put to much value on women/pussy. Sites like these routinely tell guys that life gets better as they age (especially after 30). Focus on education, career, self improvement in your teens en twenties en capitalize in your thirties. A site like this would, if anything, have given hope and perpective to that 22 year old fool.

    5. Anyone that is not completely retarded can see you are a troll. If you really were part of this community you would understand that the initiation of force is always wrong. Always.
      Another troller flagged. And furthermore, look inside yourself about why you are really angry. Your parents hit you. Your dad yelled at you. Now please get some help and leave people that are more evolved to the discussion of philosophy.

  16. I’m actually in the process of dumping porn, even as a back up. You never really grasp how addicting it is until you try to stop looking at it.

  17. “Self regulation, both of personal sexuality as well as of exposure to external sexual stimulus.”
    followed by…
    “Learn game and bang sluts.”
    Hypocrisy at its finest.

    1. I don’t think there’s any hypocrisy in that. What can a man do in today’s environment? Suppressing sexual desire will only result in what Elliot Rogers did. Masturbation will result in getting married to your hand. Either ways, the idea of sex is to cum inside a woman. How can you do that when women don’t want to marry and want to slut it around till their 30’s? So learning game is logical to find sexual release within a woman. Or to pay for hookers.

        1. Strange, I replied to someone with a different name (Ari or something) and now after refreshing the page later, it’s the stupid troll. No idea how that happened.

        2. I too experienced something simiar earlier today. For about. ten minutes every post was from same person.A glitch or something more?

    2. I think you missed his point. It’s not mentioned to deny yourself sex, and neither to over-expend it, but to regulate it. Sex and masturbation are two separate things. Women today are all slutty and whorish. So learning game is the right progression to gain sex.

      1. My theory is that this regulation is why NFP couples have a higher satisfaction. If you rely on that over contraception, it forces the man to have a week-long period of abstinence, and the man gets to re-build his energy after periods of sexual activity.
        The end result is a more aggressive, confident male.

        1. More dumb advice.
          I fap every day – sometimes multiple times, and I have plenty of aggression and confidence. Once I get that shitty carcinogenic prostate-causing semen out of me I can forget women, worthless fuckbags they are.
          At least until I get horny again an hour later.

        2. Depends at what age you are. When you’re younger it’s fine. When you get in your 30’s and 40’s, fapping too much will make your prematurely old.

  18. I’m not optimistic about this happening, but I’d like to change the way we view sex and sexuality. We are sexual beings; aside from our relation to God and our ability to commune with him, sex is our ultimate purpose. Everything in us is designed for sex, and in it’s absence, destruction. Destruction either out of frustration – we destroy what’s in our way, or internalised destruction of our selves for the sake of our kin (should we be of a more feminine psychology) and deem ourselves a burden or unable to realize our own sexual success. There are two forms of sex and sexuality. There is the ultimate form which when realized, sees sex becoming like breathing air, eating food, and drinking water. Despite our great need for sex, and it being our ultimate purpose, in this form it loses all power over our mind as it seamlessly integrates with our reality. We become in some ways more like animals – amoral and living the lives fully intended for our bodies. Even our orgasms change with not much in the way of a refractory period. The interim time between sex also is more energetic and vigorous as our whole bodies experience full release. The second form of sex is the neurotic kind. This kind can be further broken down into two categories: Sexuality which is today considered “normal” is one kind, and a second kind that encompasses just about all of your points in this article. What they have in common are various degrees of frustration and repression, with the normal experiencing an “optimal” amount of repression so that we can love women, and the more extreme pathological types experiencing so much frustration and repression that severe neurotic symptoms and psychopathologies emerge which incapacitate either the individual or society through “acting out” behaviours.

  19. “It’s often said that when poverty knocks on the door, love flies out of the window. In modern commercialized times, you could add sex to that statement as well. ”
    As true as the above statement is, all the money and power in the world is also not the answer, otherwise there would not be such a strong and long standing mutually parasitic relationship between powerful men and dominatrix’s.

  20. good article which says a lot about the sexual economics which underlie all interactions. We need to look more carefully at how our culture ramps up the sexual tension, and the ‘pornographic’ availability of women particularly through film and imagery, while denying that it is doing this. It condemns ‘over-sexualisation’ (of women) in imagery etc, typically blaming patriarchy for exploiting women, while doing everything it can to encourage women to assert their sexuality without accountability. At macro-sex/economic level it is in feminism’s interest to ensure men are as sexually frustrated as possible while limiting or channelling the outlets for male sexuality. This may not be what happens at the individual level (although sometimes it will be), but it is what is happening at the wider cultural level. It is all economics.

    1. I find it absolutely disgusting that even morbidly obese women have a higher value in the sexual marketplace than at least 50% of men simply because they happen to have been born with a vagina. If you have a penis the odds are not in your favor.

      1. if cocks n vaginas were traded on forex no-one would have made money on the former for about twenty to thirty years. Things need to level out a bit

    2. Bottom line:
      Pornography breeds submissiveness and passiveness in males. Who does that benefit?

      1. Its like doling out heroine for free. Changes mind, behaviour and our idea of what sexuality is. Porn is the heart of a culture of masturbation that substitutes for sex. Top shelf mags were different but online porn is rewiring us on the fly. This pandoras box degrades women and me and has benefitted feminism enormously even as it complains about it.

  21. Right on. Western women are definitely becoming more provocative and whorish and less easily attainable. Men are becoming more effeminate, uncertain and frustrated about their sexuallity. I know this very well since I live in Sweden. This is probably the most homo-friendly, feministic and anti-male society in Europe. As soon as my kids grow up, I am out of here. This place will wreak havoc on your testosterone levels. Don’t come here if you are an alfa-male; avoid Swedish women. I made this mistake and now I am regretting it.

    1. That country is in the process of being taken over by a more aggressive but backward patriachal culture of islam through sheer demographic growth and through converting the weakerminded.

    2. I’m not sure what you mean by “less easily attainable”.
      They’re VERY easily attainable if you’re capable of seeming “cool” in the club…..or perhaps instead of attain I should have said that it’s easy to rent time in them.

      1. “clubs” are a waste of time and money. All going to “clubs” does is give you a headache from listening to too-loud nigger music and staring at groups of stuck up cunts “out having fun with their friends”.
        Then you have a drink too many and you could be looking at a 16K DUI , legal fees, loss of work, jailtime.
        “Clubs” = for simp niggers.

        1. i bet you are a lot of fun on a Saturday night. Bouncer wouldn’t let you in again?
          Walk, taxi, bus, subway, or (best) get your girl or one of her BFFs to drive), who said you have to drive?

      2. Women are easily attainable only by money, status and game depending on where you are.

  22. What a well timed article! Just today, a nice guy beta male posted a 7 minute video ranting about how white women are a bunch of whores who only want the alpha male types and reject nice guys like him. He says he is 22 years old and a virgin.
    Then he went on a shooting spree and shot dead at least 7 women. Here is his last rant, before he went on his rampage.

    1. This site is about philosophy and having fun. I will now describe to you why you are the most wretched of human beings. You filthy pig.
      Anyone with two brain cells to rub together can see you are promoting violence. You are a horrible person Antifeminist. This is a sad event and you are a despicable human being, whether you are a man or a woman. You are promoting violence, and violence is immoral. Therefore, you are immoral.
      You know nothing of philosophy, and as well, you do not understand the very basic principle that the initiation of violence against others is always wrong in all cases. There is a very high likely hood you were abused as a child, and you should seek professional help. Get off our boards and stop promoting violence, you half human nit-wit.

      1. Promoting violence? WTF? I was making fun of him by calling him a “nice guy beta male”. This guy is a massive faggot. Even with a BMW, the faggot couldn’t get laid.
        No where am I promoting violence, that projection came from your own subconsciousness, “You are wretched filth”. If anything, I’m making fun of him for being such a massive faggot. Around the 3 minute mark, he says “i am a true alpha male”, I couldn’t stop laughing. Why didn’t this faggot just drive to Nevada and go buy a prostitute or something?

        1. ‘True alphadom’ means killing innocent people?
          Looks like he was on drugs or something.

    2. Mods, could we delete Antifeminist’s troll comment? Seems like a feminazi troll is trying to link the unfortunate tragedy with the manosphere and this site….

      1. Nope, I was just making fun of him for being a total fucking faggot. What a spoiled little brat, drives a BMW, his father is a rich hollywood movie director, and the whiny little faggot is whining “why can’t i get laid?” Typical entitled rich kid.

  23. noticed this too after seeing porn ruins your brain. if you get a guy from a cinservative country like say india or saudi and are not used to seeing slutty women,theyll stare.
    when i layed off porn, occasionally the body acts up(lil drool heart beats faster breathin more) when id stare. with the case of nn hed grit his teeth like a dog when he saw a hot girl…dont be surprised hiw low yur standards get.
    when id hang with the librarl guys like say germany they dont even notice slutty women cuz they are densensitizes
    d to nudity(swedes be the best example).cant help but wonder if nudty doesnt turn yhem on what will? very adrogeous in that sense. at least the dude from saudi will get excited and create some kids. but the beta swede will have hard time gettin erect.
    seeing nudity all the time will just ruin libido.

  24. The article is excellent, but the girl with the sexy inviting expression, in the yoga pants is awesome. Her ass and camel toe is boner inducing. No psychological sexual desensitization here.

    1. The image of the girl probably signifies what men are exposed to in every day life in modern societies.But the effect is that men get overstimulated without release, leading to psychological desensitization towards women with time, leading to sexual problems.

      1. It is basically like waving a fillet mignon in front of a starving person. College aged women dress like that all the time and most of the guys can’t bone these women. It has to be hell on Earth for a college aged guy who can’t get laid.

        1. Termagant feminist, misandrous sadist. That’s the right terms for modern women, as in the Anatomy of female power.

  25. The recent Elliot Rogers shooting is a dreadful blow to the manosphere. Now the feminazis and their white knight supporters have the ammo they want to target anything to do with Game or red pill blogs. Dark day indeed.

    1. I just hope that idiot Rogers doesn’t post here. All the trolls and idiots will be out in full force if that’s proven to be true.

    2. Only if people don’t do their research and stick to sites like thedailykos. in case yo haven’t watched the video, he also hated all sexually active males, and posted on PUAhate, which basically hates us.
      But i bet people won’t do their research

    3. A non-White murders White girls in an act of Anti-White terror and it’s somehow the fault of manosphere ?
      I bet if I (being White) shot a bunch of Black woman there’s no way MSM would say it’s the fault of manosphere, it would all be put down to racial hatred etc.

  26. Holy fuck talk about a depressing topic before a Saturday night out. I’m surprised there’s nothing about the abundance of prostitutes and massage parlors. Those mess with your psyche like crazy, especially if you’d normally hook up with a girl that attractive.

      1. True. I’m just surprised it wasn’t discussed as a means to get false validation

    1. What’s more depressing is that men will eventually become frustrated betas due to oversexualization.

  27. im caught between a rock and a hard place. on the one hand i have this site and the red pill which shows the world as is and the hard facts and truth of women. on the other hand i have my education and my parents traditional lifestyle (which worked well for them but i don’t see how it will work for myself in the future) as well as my personal beliefs and moral code which is making me question weather the route suggested on this site is the correct and right way to live life (maybe thats where cognitive dissidence comes into play?)

    1. Have both- this site espouses that traditional values are the best but within a modern context become hazardous at times.

  28. watching the video and im like “WTF” at the way kids are being sexualized. Like fuck this doesnt happen in 3rd world countries(granted child marriage is rampant). But they do it because their life expectancy is very low, while us the more developed and more educated society are essentially behaving in the same manner and in fact encouraging it when, these products are marketed to kids or have pedo judges, judging little girls in “beauty pagents” and such…its hypocritcal
    it is just sickening and I hope this ugliest part of western culture doesnt catch on to the rest of the world. Over in the 3rd world its necessity and a way of life unfortunately. But here theres no excuse for this here and it is just deplorable and sad.

    1. The disgusting part are the parents encouraging their kids to wear hooker like dresses (Pretty Woman) and more. What role models are these parents showing their kids?

    2. “Like fuck this doesnt happen in 3rd world countries(granted child marriage is rampant)”
      Actually even in 3rd world countries they do not sexualize prepubsecent children. Puberty is the transition from childhood to adulthood. The 3rd world promotes marriage and family values even when they marry people at younger ages. But our degenerate society promotes promiscuity and riding the carousel.

  29. Well as a male you are going to go through experiences which only men really go through. For example, having to be rejected numerous times by women until you eventually find a partner. Women and henceforth our education system, media, all of which is centred around female consumerism, can’t understand this process. As for a woman to attract a man, she just has to look presentable.
    Just a basic understanding of this dynamic, would help a man understand and process something like rejection and for him to grow past this stage. This is one example, but there are many aspects to being a man, which have to be learnt. If you grow up without understanding “the way things are” then its no surprise, that you are going to have some mentally damaged cases out there.
    Then we have the sexual market place. I needn’t say too much, as there has been posts before on this. But its all true, the majority of men don’t have access to sex, despite it being constantly shoved down their throats. As the mainstream explanations for this, are that you have to be “nice” to get a girl. They become very confused, as they look on and see the sociopathic bad boys getting all the prissy.
    Eventually they learn after numerous hard experiences, what women are attracted to. After realising they have been lied to, they begin to feel hatred and resentment.
    Personally speaking as a twenty two year old, who has been studying game and red pill philosophy in one way or another, for the last three years. I have had enough of this sexual market place, chasing after loose women like a dog chasing after its tail. I won’t go as far as saying I am an MGTOW, but I prefer how relationships are formed in the East. Far more organic to say the least.
    The reaction to this shooting will, be a further cuckold place on beta males. Worst of all we are seeing potentially the most productive kids going bat shit insane and choosing to opt out. To put it frankly, they are the ones which are needed to pay off the large debt we have accumulated over the years. But hell, why would they want to, what is their reward; becoming a “Ray Barone”.

    1. The future looks bleak for the western society. There was an article which showcased the purity of non-western thinking a few days back. We’re not only depraved, we’ve become impure as well.

    2. Extract from an article about Elliot Roger –
      “Rodger described being bullied in high school: “Some boys randomly pushed me against the lockers as they walked past me in the hall. One boy who was tall and had blonde hair called me a “loser”, right in front of his girlfriends. Yes, he had girls with him. Pretty girls. And they didn’t seem to mind that he was such an evil bastard. In fact, I bet they liked him for it. This is how girls are, and I was starting to realize it”
      This presumably relates to one particular formative experience, and may well help to account for his hatred of both alpha males (who had bullied him) and the types of girls who fell for them. In his universe this wasn’t fair. The guy evidently had very unrealistic ideas about how sex / dating worked before having those ideas ‘corrected’. The thing is such a correction – the discovery that hot chicks are never going to be turned on by niceness – should happen early on, ideally because the culture is honest and up front about how sex works. Maybe the guy was always going to go psycho, but the fact that young men get lied to about what women want will etc doesn’t help things any

  30. Quote: “But modern feminist women represent a more potent agent to further complicate the problem of male baiting by coupling it with man shaming (to destroy male self esteem), thus creating a frustrating form of sexual temptation with often risks of legal entrapment.”
    Beautifully and concisely sums up the current conditions that American men have to contend with in Wasteland, USA today.

      1. Exert of above link.
        Members of Pick-Up Artist RooshV’s forums piled on. “Game saves lives,” one member said. “I’m trying to think of ways our enemies will come after us because of this, but if anything, we’re the solution to this sort of murder rampage,” Roosh himself weighed in. “He is self-delusional and massively entitled, but exposing him to game may have saved lives.” The site’s reminder about its comment moderation in the wake of the shooting is all about how to avoid infiltration by members of PUA Hate, not rooting out hatred in its own ranks. (At least one contributor was making some sense when he wrote: “No amount of game could have helped.”)

        1. Reminder to all. Do not talk to the Main Stream Media. They will edit you out of context.

        2. Hence don’t talk to them, they will misconstrue. A femjournalist has allready used roosh v forum quotes to link roosh to the manosphere and the manosphere to the killings

        3. Post the link to her article.
          There isnt anything they cant throw at us we havent dealt with before.

        4. ”His mother was on the pill but because of medication, the medication counteracted the pill” – The Mother got pregnant on purpose.

        5. Do not open your mouth in public for comparing Elliot to a feminist will cause ridicule so deep you will forever feel shame whenever you step foot outside of your home.

    1. Roger’s case is what happens when men demand entitled sex, just like feminists.

  31. Beta alert! Beta alert!
    Getting desensitized to sex is a good thing. More life per years? That is exactly what it helps doing because there are better things to do than making sex one’s first and foremost objective in life.

    7 Things I Learned From Working With An Office Whore

    You yourself exposed how bad that sensitivity is in the workplace.

    1. LOL this article does not say anything that desensitization to sex is a good thing. And neither that one. Neither does this article say that sex should be the first and foremost objective in life. I think what he’s (the author) trying to say is that male sexuality needs to be conserved. The last thing western society is desensitized males who are having sexual and psychological problems. Working among whores and living among sluts are just two ways in which males today get sexually charged and desensitized. Probably you need to understand both the articles properly.

      1. Of course the author doesn´t state that, most doesn´t know or want to aknowledge the mecanics at work and why.
        Being overly sensitive is exactly what leads to these sexual and psychological problems in the first place.
        The office whores can be office whores precisely because men are not desensitized to sex and the ones who bond with them, giving them the upper hand.

    1. Well doesnt that little bit of reading brighten up my fucking Sunday morning.
      Oh well, im circumsized. Nothing much I can do about it so I dont really give a fuck.

  32. Brilliant, brutally honest piece of writing this article is. Having lived for 20 years in the US and now 5 years in China, I can say this article is spot on, and logically and concisely written. RoK speaks the truth through this article’s message. Western society produces more cock teasing women than anywhere in the world. In China, women will never cocktease you. If she expresses interest, it means she wants you. In the West, if she expresses interest, it’s to sadistically demean you for showing sexual interest. Excellent article, RoK.

  33. True. I knew of a couple who were friends with me before. The guy, a close friend of mine, was resorting to aphrodisiac pills to satisfy his girlfriend’s slutty demands in bed. They’ve now broken up, and he has a heart condition and erectile problems with decreased penile sensitivity now. The bitch he was with is now banging his friend. Prolonged use of aphrodisiacs can fuck up a man’s health.

  34. Simply brilliant article. Sums up what’s happening in America and the West today. 1000x thumbs up to RoK for this!!!

  35. You seem to have not named what does all of these things all at once – pornography.

  36. CIRCUMCISION… the physiological and psychological CENSORING of the American male sexual experience. A circumcised man is a frustrated man.

  37. This article is borderline illiterate. Impossible to get through three paragraphs.

    1. Possibly you don’t know how to read, write or understand because you’re autistic or dyslexic?

  38. So these are the reasons on why my attraction to girls disappeared. Also, in my city, most girls are afraid of going on a date with guys due to learning these feminist ideas

  39. “Awareness is the key to preservation.”
    Right on. The points you bring up are things that are all around us, but which we might not always be aware of. Thanks for pointing them out. An excellent and timely article.

  40. It’s no secret that displays of hyper sexuality from women overwhelm Men to the point of hopelessness and dispair, they know it, yet they dont care! If you ask a chick if she cares about the mental well bieng of another Man, if she is truthful, she will say no, the only thing women care about is thier social currency and their power over Men and over other women. This phenomrnon is especially exacerbated in Men who can’t get laid for any number of reasons, ( Men who get laid from time to time tend to fend much better psychologically) this has been going on for the past 30-40 years with really tragic consequences. Men turning to Alcohol, drugs and social withdrawal etc etc.

  41. This is a great article and very well written. It explains quite a bit about what is happening in our society. I have read some articles in the areas of neuroscience and psychology, which indicate many of the same things that you have described. I don’t really understand why so many women identify as gender feminists, because in the long run, these patterns hurt women too. When sex becomes reduced to either being rape or a transaction, eventually women will get placed into that dreaded Madonna/whore dichotomy, which I thought that second wave feminists supposedly worked hard to overthrow. Anyway, I really enjoyed this article. I hope that you keep writing.

  42. This is fantastic. I’ve been waiting for so long for someone to write about this. I’ve been trying, awkwardly, to express it to my friends, and they’re just too far from it. They’re too fucking brainwashed to get it. I know all the dudes around me are experiencing the same thing as I am. I don’t understand why I’m the only one that’s angry. I think they are just befuddled and depressed; they have no language to express what’s wrong with them, and they would be too afraid to do so anyway, because it all goes against what they’ve been ideologically conditioned to believe.
    All this sexual display around me is distracting, depleting, and a waste of time. I don’t want to go to bed with these sluts, and in any case they’re only doing it to gratify their own vanity. They like the eyes on them, that’s it. That’s why “yoga pants” (they’re not fucking pants) spread like a viral disease.
    Thanks to the debased idea of what “masculinity” consists of, men think they are supposed to be unqualifiedly grateful for degenerate immodesty in all the women around them. Instinctively, since I was way younger, I tried to avoid looking at girls dressed like sluts because I knew they were doing it for the attention, and I didn’t want to give in. I felt manipulated and used. And I was. We are.
    There is great work on willpower by Tierney and Baumeister. I recommend everyone look it up. The point is that willpower is like a muscle, that can be exhausted. And when you spend all day trying to ignore all the attention-seeking sluts around you, you have less focus and energy to apply to your work. This is the thing that depresses me. I know it’s affecting my work and there’s nothing I can do about it, nowhere to escape. I’ll just be walking around New York on a hot summer day, just walking to the library or something, and when I sit down it’s like I have to rest up or something. I’m depleted just from trying to focus on what I’m trying to do.
    I’ve experienced this my entire life, but you’re the first person to honestly and fully express it. Thank you.

    1. Meanwhile, work out, buy a motorcycle, rewrite your personality a little and bang chicks. Old advice is still the best advice. Man up. Never marry, never trust American women, get a vasectomy and never have children in the U. S., it’s a sucker’s game, a fool’s game. Pile up your dough and live well with the knowledge no woman will be your master.

      1. Meh. Work out? I do, probably too much. Buy a motorcycle, bang chicks . . . no thanks. Any time I’ve tried it, it’s never worked. I’m not bad-looking, but I’m not good looking enough. I’m not white. I’m not 6 ft tall (just under). If I tried hard, could I pull some? Probably. But it’s not worth the effort it would take me. Last date I went on, girl peaced after an hour and 15 minutes.
        I tried controlling it and for a while I was successful: probably the most productive in my life. But it’s like playing with fire, it’s impossible to keep the clamp down forever. I’ve just given in. I’ve accepted that I could be truly great, but I won’t quite get there. The best I can do is that it’s been a couple of years, I can try putting the clamp down again. It’s going to be brutal, but the results will be worth it. I haven’t summoned the herculean will yet.

  43. It’s like these whores are basically saying…. “you can watch but you can’t touch”…

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