4 Signs You’re In A Poisonous Long-Term Relationship

Several years ago, prior to my red pill education, I was in a blissfully miserable long term relationship with a girl I had met at college.  Yes, you read that correctly – blissfully miserable.  Meaning that I hated my life with a passion, yet somehow it seemed that this was how it was supposed to be.  I did everything in my power to please her, practically apologized 24 hours a day, and my entire life orbited around her schedule, needs, and desires.  I stayed in this poisonous relationship for nearly two years, as it slowly wore away at my soul.

In my defense, she was hot and on the school’s dance team, so there was some prestige involved in it.  Still, I was a fool.

Why did I take so long to get out of that relationship?  I am fairly confident it was because of a combination of things – sitcoms, seeing my family’s relationships, and the general rule of American households that a happy wife, girlfriend, or significant other results in a happy life.  This gave me the impression that I should do everything in my power to please her, which only worsened things.

Eventually, I did get out of that relationship, and after having a few weeks of mourning, I moved on relatively quickly and was instantly happier.  It felt like the burden of the world had been lifted off of my shoulders.  Then I started finding sites like ROK, and the rest is history.  Now, I feel an obligation to pass my knowledge on.

If your long term relationship begins to start exhibiting the following signs of poison, get out.

You Dread Time With Your Friends

Keeping up separate social circles is a key part of a healthy long term relationship.  Nobody likes two people who are stuck to each other like glue, and usually those two people grow to resent each other.  So, why would you dread time with your friends?

In my case, it was because my girlfriend guilt-tripped me and generally made me feel like shit whenever I wasn’t spending time with her.  A girl who is so dependent that she can’t stand the thought of you spending time with anyone else (male or female) without her being there is someone who will wear down on you very quickly.  Needless to say, you can’t bring her along every time to hang out with your group of friends, as your buddies will come to hate her even more than they already do.


The Sex Stops

This one is obviously easy to spot, and will happen gradually.  A headache here, a stomachache there, and all of a sudden you’re left with your hand every night.  A girl who no longer craves your meat pounding her silly is a woman who has one foot out the door.  As soon as she starts denying sex, or even worse – using it as a weapon – is the moment your relationship is doomed.  Continue down the path of the relationship if you wish, but realize that there is a good chance you’re going to end up like a dog begging for scraps at the dinner table – like me.

In the case of my relationship, I went the last eight months of that relationship without getting my penis touched once.  So much for not fapping.  On top of that, we lived together in the same apartment for three of those months, and the other five we regularly spent five nights a week in the same bed.  Sometimes, she would put little stars on my calendar for nights that she agreed to get intimate with me, but then, when sexy time rolled around, she would rescind that offer, usually because she had a headache.  Shocking.

You Apologize More Than She Does

Girls are irrational, live-in-the-moment creatures who will start nuclear explosions within your relationship out of nothing.  Half the time, I don’t even think they realize what they’re doing.  Therefore, she should be doing the majority of the apologizing in the relationship.  Under no circumstance should you apologize to sooth things over, which is always what I did.  A typical conversation would go like this:

Me: “What’s wrong?  You’re in a bad mood I can tell.”

Girlfriend: “Nothing, wow.”

Me: “Okay baby I’m sorry.”

Girlfriend: “Leave me alone.”

Me: “Okay sorry again.”

You should only apologize if you are truly wrong and can admit your mistake, and then apologize once.  After that, the discussion is over.


She Asks Permission To Cheat On You

Girlfriend: “So…I’m feeling kind of distant from you lately.  There is this guy at work who likes me.  Do you mind if I like…hook up with him?  To see if it will rekindle our spark?”

I’m not proud of it, but I told her to go ahead, but warned her I might not be around after.  I also told her not to talk to me until after.  She went over there, and nothing happened (supposedly).  She showed up in tears and said she was sorry.  I forgave her at the time and things resumed as normal, but the relationship only lasted another month, fortunately.

Thankfully, I figured out game, and eventually decided to give the relationship thing another go. This time around, I’ve noticed the exact opposite of many of these things – she doesn’t care about me hanging out with friends, I can hardly keep up with her sex drive, she apologizes more often than I do, and she worries far more that I’d cheat on her than vice versa.  She tells me all the time that she is truly happy, and I can see it in her eyes.

I look back at my last relationship and can laugh at it now, as it has been a couple of years.   However, I’ll be honest – writing and editing this article made me feel sick to my stomach.

Just for kicks, tonight I’m going to tell my girlfriend we can’t have sex because I have a stomachache.

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178 thoughts on “4 Signs You’re In A Poisonous Long-Term Relationship”

  1. Once sex stops, you are no longer in a LTR. You are roommates who happen to share a bed.
    This applies to all LTRs, including marriage.

    1. Fucking this! I know this couple who have been together for 8 years… I used to be better friends with the girl than the guy in this couple. Anyway I go over to her place one day and we start talking. She tells me that they haven’t had sex in TWO YEARS… two fucking years without sex or ANY sexual contact AT ALL…
      Needless to say, a little after she said this, I took a risk and just went for a kiss. At first she was a little hesitant but gave in. She loved every minute of sucking my cock, then fucking her a little after. She sucked in bed and even forgot how to kiss, but it was a good time nonetheless.
      The poor chump is still with this girl and I just cringe at the whole situation. They are both basically roommates, nothing more, nothing less. My last LTR was bad, but jesus, not that bad.

      1. She didn’t fuck HIM for two years. But possibly she was fucking other men on the side, in those two years. Like how she fucked with you.
        A married woman talking about her ‘unfulfilled’ sex life with her husband to other men, is a sureshot indicator and red flag of a cheating woman (or a woman who want to cheat). Her woes about not getting laid is an invitation for other men to make a move on her. Sex (especially marital sex) should remain in the bedroom, and not discussed outside it, except with professional counselors.
        And considering how easily she gave in to you, possibly her ‘poor chump’
        husband knows about her character, but can’t divorce her without risks.
        Men hate being cuckolded, so possibly he’s not fucking her because he
        hates her cheating ass.
        Possibly, ‘the poor chump’ is waiting for her to get knocked up, so he can get a harmless divorce from her cheating cunt, using a paternity test – on the grounds of infidelity. It’s safer than just filing for divorce in modern courts which would rape him and make him pay for that hoe.

        1. In some states the husband is on the hook for child support even if the little bastard is not his. The state doesn’t want to pay for the thug spawn so if they can get some man to pay that is fine by the state.

        2. Good points. I forgot to mention however that they’re not married, but engaged which in my opinion just makes it even worse because this simp can walk away at anytime, yet he doesnt because he’s pathetic.
          You are right however that he knows of this behavior. He doesnt know that I fucked her, but he does know she has fucked another dude in the past and he just gave her a free slide for that. That was about 2 years ago….This guy is so beta, it hurts to watch and to hear about. A part of me wants to just tell him everything so that he leave her and grow into a stronger and better man, but then I realize that he probably wont leave her because this guy doesnt know jack shit about women and is a fucking beta. He needs her more than she needs him… sad situation which most modern men find themselves in these days.

        3. “He needs her more than she needs him…”
          – Inspite of no sex for 2 years???!!!
          WTF this guy is not beta, he is zeta

        4. The way I see it, if you’re doing a good job plowing her walls and if the girl is happy in the relationship, she wont have sex with another guy. End of story.

          I agree but that has absolutely nothing to do with you or how you decided to fuck some guy’s girlfriend.
          The chick’s fiancé sounds Beta to the core but you’re barely a few degrees better. You fucked his girlfriend, didn’t have balls big enough to tell him you fucked his girlfriend but do have balls enough to brag online about you fucked his girlfriend?
          I’d ‘lol’ if it could adequately convey the level of genuine pleasure I just enjoyed laughing at the situation.
          I’ll up-vote this comment because I admire your hubris and you legitimately made me laugh out loud but I award you no points for kicking a man (friend or otherwise) while he’s down because there’s nothing Alpha or even Machiavellian about that.

        5. how can they make you pay after a paternity test if it’s not yours? y’all are just full of inconsistencies. i’m wading in bullshit here.

      2. First of all, your friend probably knows you banged his wife. Hell, she probably bragged about it to him in order to get him interested.
        Secondly, you’re an asshole for banging another man’s wife or girlfriend, especially if he was your friend. There are plenty of single women out there to bang, so stop sticking you dick in your buddy’s cookie jar.
        Why add on to his misery? Yes, he’s in a shitty relationship. Don’t make it worse for him.

        1. If I wanted my morals judged, I would’ve gone to church, or tumblr. Second, this guy isn’t really my friend. I never talk or hang out with the guy, I just know him.

        2. I’d agree with you if she was his wife, she isn’t. Wives are without a doubt off limits. Mr.Correcto’s case is of a uber beta “boyfriend” and his slut “girlfriend” (fucking anything but him) in a bullshit “relationship”. A relationship everyone is seeing isn’t working but the two are afraid (for whatever reason) to pull the plug. The proper definition in this case, as someone already mentioned, is: roommates. These folks are nothing but roommates.

        3. Not judging your morals, just your actions. Be the better man next time and tell a woman whose in a LTR break it off if she wants your cock.
          Otherwise, you’re just another notch on her belt and you’re just contributing to the matriarchy.

        4. Why would I want a woman to break off her relationship with her bf If she wants to fuck? What good will that serve me? I couldn’t care less what she does with her partner, that’s not of my concern. I took advantage of the situation. I didn’t beg to have sex with her…
          Nice try trying to blame me for her actions and her bf’s beta behavior. It’s totally my fault that her bf is a beta who knows she’s cheating, yet is still with her. Yea bro,it’s my fault. I’m “contributing to matriarchy”,makes sense.

        5. You fucking got it right here. I guarantee that if it’s not you, it’s the next guy who will be doing the banging. There is no moral high ground to be found. This guy is at best an acquaintance, and he’s such a pussy that he hasn’t fucked his wife in 2 years (so she says, probably a lie). If you feel the urge to capitalize on the situation, do it. If you don’t care, don’t do it. But opting out of something you want to do on some retarded notion of honor is ignorant, at best.

        6. My only point of contention was that he referred to this guy as friend.
          I don’t think I could respect a friend and simultaneously get his wife to gag on my cock.
          I’d either have to lose a bit of respect for one of them or for myself. Maybe all 3.

        7. I want to side with @swiftfoxmark2:disqus but I can see your point.
          In @mr_correcto:disqus’s case, i.e. girl dating boyfriend for 8 years and without sex for 2, I say it’s fair game. All I will say is, in the future, he should pick his spots wisely and be careful.
          Granted, I highly doubt the loser he helped cuckold is going to do anything about it but who’s to say the next guy, whose girlfriend he fucks, wont?
          Certain men, don’t deal with humiliation as well as others. Further, I know what I would do to a man who violated a trust or rapport, I’d developed with a woman I genuinely cared about and I don’t need those type of problems. Which is why I don’t pursue sluts who are ‘spoken for’ because there are plenty of sluts who aren’t.
          I know that’s not @Mr.Correcto’s bag and to each it’s own but everyone should ask themselves “Do I need this broad’s pussy bad enough to incur stress and/or bodily harm?” because I think that’s a legitimate question.
          In either case, there’s always a moral high ground. We choose whether we take it or not. Personally, don’t consider pussy a good enough reason to compromise character.

        8. Yeah pretty much I’d say that if there’s no sex for a while, it’s basically a kind of breakup where both parties are either too lazy or too scared to go through the formality of actually leaving. So I think the problem here is a kind of “breakup in place” where they are basically broken up, but still sticking together – maybe even for the same reason that someone smokes and drinks too much but can’t bring themselves to the decision to quite.
          “I know that’s not @Mr.Correcto’s bag and to each it’s own but everyone should ask themselves “Do I need this broad’s pussy bad enough to incur stress and/or bodily harm?” because I think that’s a legitimate question.”
          If there is ever a day there are “Men’s study courses” in college (if there was equality there would be) there should be an entire lesson based on that one statement alone.

        9. If there is ever a day there are “Men’s study courses” in college (if there was equality there would be) there should be an entire lesson based on that one statement alone.

          I agree but we’ll see the return of Christ before that day ever comes. Lust is the defining vice of our modern generation and why so many men could easily be classified as ‘Beta’
          Majority of men would literally do, compromise or endure any and everything, including put themselves in harms way, to feel the inside of some chick’s pussy. As if they’ll never see pussy again.

        10. Be careful plowing a chick you know is in an LTR. There are guys you’d consider “chumps” who would crack at something like this happening and could end up killing you out of principle/bruised ego.
          It’s happened plenty of times. Why take the risk for a fleeting nut?

        11. Based on the upvotes of Mark Fox’s comments vs. Mr.Correcto’s, it’s clear the magina-to-player ratio in these comments is about 8:1. Guess that explains all the bitching about women on most ROK articles.

        12. I’m cool with players. Forget the bitch, I’m against backstabbing your friends for pussy.. In my books that is the definition of mangina.

        13. If he’s a close friend, yes, you shouldn’t bang his girl.
          But if he’s just another chump then go ahead.

        14. Guys that fuck other guys girls = Manginas. NOT players.
          Guys that respect other mens feelings over cuntholes = Alphas.
          You had it switched around bro.

        15. “If I wanted my morals judged, I would’ve gone to church, or tumblr.”
          This is what men do. We judge. If you don’t like it there a website called jezzebel dot com, which seems to be a safe space for people who hate the morals that made western society a better place to live than Africa.

        16. -1
          I know plenty of guys who have no shame in who they fuck because they’re desperate. Seems pretty mangina-ish to me.

        17. Or fuck him up in some other way. I got the dude who fucked my ex fired twice. Now he whines on Twitter about falling behind on his child support.
          Granted my life is so much better since it all happened. But because I spent a few days crying about it 3 years ago, it gives me so very much joy to watch this man’s life get shitty.
          When I grew up, if someone hits you, you didn’t hit them back, you kicked their face in.

        18. Sampling pussy that is in relationship with someone else is a good way to end up with legs ‘accidentally’ broken or pissing your pants while you suck on the business end of a pistol. These guys aren’t so alpha when they are crying and begging not to be hurt… just sayin…

        19. Jilted cuckolds seeking revenge is pretty fucking beta too.
          Should be the cheating cunt sucking on the business end of the pistol. She is the one that spread her fucking legs right?

        20. I’m not too surprised at the type of responses I’ve received. I’ve also gotten the same high-moral ground, “be the better man” type of responses from guys in another forum. “oh you’re such an asshole for fucking a girl who’s already taken man” etc. The way I see it, if you’re doing a good job plowing her walls and if the girl is happy in the relationship, she wont have sex with another guy. End of story.
          I guess from the start I failed to state clearly that this guy is not really my friend, I just know him and I don’t really give a shit about him. People here are thinking I will backstab a TRUE friend, and that is not the case.
          I’m glad that my post generated much discussion. Many good points were made and for the most part, it stayed civil.

        21. I think it’s a matter of distinction. In some cases it’s two completely separate issues.
          I once beat the piss out of a guy for sleeping w/a girl I was dating, literally days before I had planned on dumping her. I worked him until he couldn’t fight back, then had my friends hold him so I could use him as a heavy bag. He apologized after the incident and never forgot to respect me again.
          Had I been a complete stranger, he didn’t know existed, I wouldn’t have done a thing because it would have been the female’s fault but this guy knew me on a first name basis.
          In my mind, it didn’t matter whether we were close or not, he forgot the pecking order; Lions feast first, Hyenas dine on the scraps.
          What sucks the most (for him) is had he asked my permission, I would have told him to go for it and it wouldn’t have become a personal issue. Once he disrespected me, it became a personal issue.
          There are weak men who don’t deal well with humiliation but there are also men (like me) who don’t tolerate disrespect and will put a coward to sleep on good principle alone.

        22. Guys whinning about other guys having fun with their girls = beta loosers.
          Guys those feelings revolves around what gets into a piehole = Beta loosers.
          Giving these betas the respect they deserve I.E. none = Alpha.

        23. I don’t know any Alphas who would salute anyone for nailing some poor schlub’s girlfriend behind his back. Especially, given the army of single sluts available and willing to render their services.

        24. I guess he was more acquaintance-friend than actual friend, right?
          Then, you did the right thing, you shouldn’t miss opportunities because others are weak and/or stupid, that would be immoral.
          Weakling betas like he, people who allows themselves to be shamed and moralized are the ones who really makes feminism possible.

        25. Agreed. That’s my view as well, but at the same time I can think of instances where I declined overt sexual offers by my “friend’s” girlfriend, which I declined at personal cost because of honor, only to have that “friend” later turn on me like the enemy he always was. But you make a strong point, that some men may come with some serious revenge in mind. And so, I suppose the decision has to be made on a case-by-case basis.

        26. Violence doesn’t solve everything–just a lot of things. I agree that disrespect cannot be tolerated, because once you’re seen as someone who can be disrespected without consequence, the world will try to take everything you have. Just my observation. Also, a few more old-fashioned assbeatings would make this world a better place.

        27. Also, a few more old-fashioned assbeatings would make this world a better place.

          I agree, I think your last sentence applies here.
          If there was a way to correct the situation without beating him silly, I would’ve done it. I remember not even being mad, since the girl and I were already on the outs. I just felt like ‘Why did you make me do this.’ When he apologized, I remember telling him he should have come to me like a man.
          If more men were afraid of disregarding ‘the code’ we’d be a lot closer to something that at least resembles order.

        28. Jilted cuckolds don’t care what you label them, their 9mm is still every bit as deadly whether they’re alpha, beta, omega or any other Greek alphabet letter. That’s the point.

        29. “Well you see judge, if I hadn’t shot him, someone else would have… “

        30. I have been in that situation before. Married woman who used to be my piece before she got married. Good pussy. Husband was in the Navy and away for several months. She was lonely. I turned it down because as you say, not worth the problems it could bring.

        31. they’re all men’s study courses you retards. you don’t have a clue what’s involved in women’s studies courses, do you. you just hate women so much you have to whine about it. WHINERS.

        32. LOL. y’all have some wild imaginations. and some tiny dicks, i’m sure.

        33. you spend so much time on here, i can’t imagine any female making you overt sexual offers. i have a feeling they’re figments of your imagination.

        34. Why feel bad for him when you’re the dork bragging about fkn her and her loving “sucking on your cock” lol you probably had your tongue in her mouth or snatch after she just had another guys load blown in either – you really think a train wreck like that bitch only gave in to you with your irresistible charm. Guy they act hesitant so dumbasses like you won’t think they’re a slut lol “she sucked in bed even forgot how to kiss” ok sleeping beauty ova here how many times did she call you to meetup again? 😝

        35. It’s funny that you think you’re an alpha male and hes a beta because you slept with the girl hes rooming with and actually after sleeping with your lame ass she probably got back with him realizing how awful hes not. And whys he a beta? Because he’s stoll sharing space with her and Obv doesn’t give a shit what she does? I was praying someone would plow my kids mother and get her to focus her psychotic shit onto a new target while I worked out the whole moving the fuck out nonsense. When you know how to really leave a mark on a woman, they become batsht crazy. They don’t want anyone else, especially some lame fuck who prowls for an opportunity to get laid with some vulnerable and insecure clam. Yourd quite adventurous Huh? No macking it or flirting getting wm excited feeling each other out. Annoying fucks like you scare these bitches away from the dating scene becsuse bad sex actually does suck
          For a woman Unlike a dude with the emotional depth of a frog

        36. Fighting over a girl esp after she’s been getting her hole pounded sll over town has got to be one of the silliest mistakes a man can make. Imaging walking away wishing her the best wheh she’s learned as being a whore to the pees around her. A lot of these twats downgrade as they feel safer with some controlled beta clown, and Yeh to humiliate you but they won’t throw you out of school right away .

        37. Fkn aye man! There is a fine line there and by your post it seems like you probably kept a cool head throughput the whole chain of events from discovery to beat down. Nice!

        38. Word. He’s right. Its ez to get laid today. If uojre main or actually any accomplishment is to add notches to your belt, you’re a loser who measures themselves by how many whores they bring to bed. Fkn stupid

      3. I can’t remember exactly where i read it (somewhere in the manosphere) but it goes like this: “women have boyfriends and girlfriends, if you ain’t fucking her you’re her girlfriend”. Sums it up pretty neatly. If you aren’t having sex on the regular (at least 2 a 3 times a week) you shouldn’t be a couple. Pretty obvious there is no sexual compatibility. Naturally as a relationship progresses sex becomes less frequent i.e. it will never get any better. Think like a boss and start firing people.

      4. That’s nothing. I have an ex-friend who hasn’t had sex with his wife in EIGHT years. Top that madafakas…
        Apparently he has an affair with another woman since 7 years, but still living with his wife. The last thing I heard from him is that he is thinking to get an appartment only for himself…

      5. In our PC world you can pull this off and its a funny story…
        When the mommy-state goes away though don’t be surprised when people start killing each other over stunts like this.

      6. You should have done him a favour and filmed it. Even if you were better friends with the girl. Bros before hoes.
        Either that, or taken him out and got him laid.

        1. Even if you were better friends with the girl. Bros before hoes.

          Fact. Men have an intrinsic moral code. There is absolutely nothing ‘red pill’ about keeping secrets with women and not keeping it real with other men.
          There isn’t a man walking this Earth who I would ever have to look in the eye and think ‘I’ve done something to you I never want you to find out.’
          Just typing that made me feel feminine.

      7. If any woman complains to you in private about sex with her partner, she is asking you to fuck her.
        It really is that simple. If she does it somewhere where there is a bed nearby (ie: in a house), you are good to go right then and there.

    2. The funny thing is most of the time women make a LTR become a roommate arrangement by refusing sex to their partners.
      And yet complain of a sexless LTR, to cheat with other men.
      And society blames the men. Both the one who fucks her and the one who’s refused sex by her. Women, especially modern women, have never had it so much easier in history.

    3. If the dick isn’t going in, then the bitch is coming out….
      There is however a major flaw in this theory……it assume YOU always want sex…… sometimes the sex stops because YOU want it to stop. You can be ill, tired, busy with work, not that attracted to her anymore, away traveling, subconsciously trying to break it… and many reasons beyond, not all of which mean that its her fault…. or that you want to end it.
      but as above….if you are not fucking her regularly, then things are not going to go smooth…. it’s no surprise they used to call a dildo a marital aid.
      you get in an LTR you have to have sex more regularly than an olympic athelte goes to the gym…. and this can be a chore and a burden.

    4. The question is: Why does western society encourage this dysfunctional relationship model with the woman as boss?

    5. In marriage, this is a form of adultery, and leads to other forms. They are still husband and wife, one flesh. And LTR only ends when sex ends if the central focus was sex to begin with. Which is why relationships should never form exclusively around sex.

  2. This was hard to read – your past beta-ness was harsh. I’ve been there. We’ve all been there. Trouble, I’m glad you’ve wised up and cared to share your follies. There can be more added to this (albeit it’s been said in other relatively resent articles):
    Disrespect. Once a girl shows signs of disrespect (being unnecessarily critical of you, bad mouthing you in public or around other people — or even to your face in private) or acts out of spite and you let it go and let her get away with it then it’s done. She knows she can walk no you and you’ll put up with it.
    Laziness/comfortability. Once a girl starts expecting you to do more things for her and is less and less willing o go out of her way to please you, then the scales are tipping. She is steadily losing interest and is just going with the low because it’s comfortable and she’s got you “on lock”

  3. That’s a gutsy article- I could never go that long with out sex. Now that she wants you- you should make sure you want her. It’s your turn to ask for another girl in the bedroom- even if it’s just a test to see what she says. If she says no- apply more game.

  4. Geez man… I wasn’t even nowhere this bad as a teenager…. holy shit

  5. Loved the post, all those points I’m experiencing on steroids.
    The only good that comes out of this is er both acnowledge it’s over and are taking steps to end this toxic relationship.

  6. My 4 signs:
    1. She has sex on her terms – with you or someone else, and that too how she wants it
    2. She micromanages your life – your friends, your family, whom you interact with, your daily routine and most importantly your finances
    3. She pushes for joint shareholdership in all things – your home, your stocks and all your belongings – this is a venom you should avoid from a leech like her
    4. She is an emotionally unstable psychopath predator who threatens violence or danger to you

    1. Re #1, the sex on her terms almost always involves a bunch of rules and is usually preceded by a complaint of some sort (headache, tired, etc.).

  7. Good article. I honestly hope it wakes up any beta’s who are in toxic relationships. Had a good laugh at the following:
    “Girlfriend: “So…I’m feeling kind of distant from you lately. There is this guy at work who likes me. Do you mind if I like…hook up with him? To see if it will rekindle our spark?”
    If you’re looking for a monogamous relationship and you think letting your girl fucking another dude once will make her appreciate you more, it wont. I know because as I stated in an earlier comment, I fucked a chick who asked her bf that same question and the dummy actually said yes, while he stayed at home playing WoW(serious). I was her third cheat already and to this day, she still craves for alpha cock. So yea, don’t let this happen to you.

    1. It’s sort of obvious that if a girl asks permission to cheat on you, you should never ever believe any of that “rekindle our spark” chickspeak bullshit. Just answer “yes” and kick her ass really hard to the gravel.

      1. It’s obvious, but there are plenty of idiots out there who dont know this stuff.

  8. What’s hysterical is that there were plenty of men jealous of your relationship with this vampire. So many free men wanting to be slaves
    I internally laugh my ass off when I pass a couple together. Can you imagine being conditioned to the point where you think, as a man, this is the best way to spend your time? As a servant to a hollow, uncultured princess?
    When I meet a genuine NAWALT, I’ll stop laughing. Until then, however………

  9. Why a man would lower himself to give any type of interest in “her” goals, life, dreams, projects, growth, life, etc, befuddles the shit out of me and makes me laugh, bc women have NONE! Zero! Zero creativity, zero mental maturity/growth ambitions, Zero personal development. Never, ever do this guys, ALWAYS tell them to either merge into your life, and support your goals and dreams, as your helper, if needed, or don’t be with them at all. There are not only 4 reasons such as this article, there are a whole slew, but the biggest single factor is….respect for her man. Make her either fear you or respect you, and the first sign of her mouth spewing in a derogatory or disrespectful manner to you,, dump the bitch as fast as you can. Remember, we are MEN…and all we have in life, is our dignity.

    1. That’s all we have? That doesn’t sound like much. What happened to all that other stuff we had?

      1. He implies that as men, if we don’t have our dignity, we lose our identity as real men. That our dignity is something we as men must protect as society tries to use us for all we have to offer.
        I, from personal experience and observation, agree.

  10. I am in a poisonous marriage which fits some of the criteria above. Two young children keep me chained though. Sex is frequent and good (hence the unplanned children).
    So what shall I do? (serious advices only, please. Thank you)

      1. Do kids know if daddy’s been banging mommy?
        (Of course, if they’re doing it in front of them, or if they’re too loud)
        But seriously, apart from that can kids tell by just looking?

        1. What a load of balls. Kids know daddy’s been fapping. More of than nofap nonsense. Refraining from masturbation won’t get you laid you know, if you were expecting it to be a miracle solution to your sexless life.

      2. Thanks, man. I kind of follow all three to a degree, especially No. 2 & 3

      3. What a load of balls. Kids know daddy’s been fapping. More of than nofap nonsense. Refraining from masturbation won’t get you laid you know, if you were expecting it to be a miracle solution to your sexless life.

    1. Go on a sex tour to Asia. When you come back, your whole attitude will change. Your wife will sense it. Just ignore her. Things will get better.

    2. How bout you sack up and accept responsibility for the situation you put yourself into, douchebag. Instead of coming here.

  11. j-dub, your marriage is salvageable, keep banging your wife, and focus more on alpha principles, and it sounds like the rest may come around. Your wife is insecure, and worries you are going to either leave her, or cheat on her, so she bangs you regularly to keep your balls drained so another bitch cant. Actually a good sign and good position you are in. My advise, get her busy doing other shit,…I know, I know….women don’t have much to do on those regards, but at least try

    1. Thanks, man. Maybe you’re right, cause she once admitted she’s never thought she can get a man of such high calibre.
      But she goes nuclear way too often. When the hamster gets going she is uncontrollable. I ended up in a police cell once when I tried to bring her back to her senses.

      1. I would never try to “bring a woman back to her senses” unless it was a life-threatening situation. If my b starts priming the crazy-pump I indicate she needs to vacate my space. If she starts to go nuclear I progress to “I’m out, not sure when I’ll be back.” Then she either straightens up (cuz she’s knows I never bluff) or procedes to melt down (but I’m not there to see it).

        1. Thanks, man. It was pretty bad, she held a knife at me and I was holding the little baby.

  12. correction, married chump, my last comment directed properly, not at j-dub

    1. big fucking deal. you probably have been, or still are a beta. this article is something that needs to be written. men need to learn about this, and learn from the mistakes of their fellow men. good article.

      1. I know but its just funny with the calendar stuff..just Red Pill Opposite in every way.. I love how we more or less all where there and now nothing like that can ever touch us.

  13. Good for you troublemaker for being honest about being in this shit LTR. Many men have been there before discovering good game and realizing their own value. Luckily, you experienced this young. Some men don’t figure this out until they’re mid-life and divorced. We’ve been conditioned to think a lot of this bullshit is the norm by often our own parents, friends and other beta bitches. Thanks for sharing.

  14. All these things you listed were YOUR fault.
    1. Your friends should be your priority. Screw what she says.
    2. Sex or GTFO.
    3. Her feelings don’t matter. You are/were an apologetic whiny beta.
    4. Un-freaking-believable! Idiot move. Tell her, “Go ahead, cheat on me.” Then put your boot to her backside.

      1. So what was the purpose of this article? You phrased it as if she was doing wrong to you. It should have been titled, “How I was an idiot boyfriend.”

  15. Daily reminder that the Holocaust is a hoax, 6 million jews did NOT die, and that Israel did 9-11. Spread these simple truths and it will set humanity FREE!

    1. The Holocaust happened, as attested to by thousands of American GIs who liberated the camps. 9-11 wad carried out solely by agents of Al Qaeda who were Islamist fanatics and not affiliated with Israel or any other government. Next.

  16. Be thankful that you took the Red Pill before it was too late. My late brother was in a similar situation to the one you described in your story. He really had it all the looks, the intelligence, the charisma and all the potential in the world. The one thing he had not discovered was the Red Pill. A two year “relationship” with, what I suspected and later discovered, a cunt with borderline/narcissistic personality disorder broke his confidence, his health and eventually ended up with him dead. The coroner said it was a self-inflicted death by hanging. A young man dying does not matter to the world. Conversely, a young woman stars in an amateur porn video and after being exposed kills herself resulting in outrage. This is the world we live in and that we must continue to live in. Remain strong and discover the reality of the world that we live in. Spread this reality among those that are willing to listen. Beware the dangers of a “Poisonous LTR”, if not careful then the end result can be fatal.

    1. Sorry about your brother.
      Reminds of the tragic story of Tom Ball, which nobody cared about. I mean, how can a man immolate himself outside of a courthouse and that doesn’t make national news?

      1. Thank you Sir. I just looked up the story of Tom Ball, a very tragic and horrific tale. Self-immolation is a terrible way to leave this Earth and it is shocking that this was not covered by any of the mainstream media. It gives me great displeasure that these people did not discover the Red Pill. It is not just about “game”, “pick up” or being “alpha”. Some Red Pill truths can and would have saved lives.

      1. No she was a British girl with a South Asian ethnicity. After researching Borderline personality disorder I noted that she matched almost all the traits. Specifically, she claimed to have been abused by her parents, beaten by an ex-boyfriend and was physically and emotionally abusive. Truly a manipulative cunt and a pathological liar. I think that this problem affects women of all ethnicities. Always be on guard, if there is any sign that she is Borderline/Narcissistic, avoid that woman like the plague.

        1. Actually, many of the symptoms of PMS mimic borderline personality disorder so closely, that it is almost fair to say that PMS brings on BPD – I believe Angry Harry, who has a Ph D in psychology, put forth that if something like 20% or 30% of women experience severe PMS, it also lines up with the larger amounts of women who experience BPD over men.
          Also, if you study any *real* research done on domestic violence victims, BPD traits are fairly common amongst them… which is why so many residents of abuse shelters are repeat visitors – even though they’ve dated multiple men, they exhibit the behaviours that destroy the relationship and drive them into a DV Shetler time after time. The consistent factor is the woman, not the man. (And we all know it’s the betas getting charged with DV, not the alphas that actually do the smacking around). This is one of the big secrets of the DV industry – that many of the women who receive “help” from such places, are actually counted as different people, when really, it is the same fucked-up woman seeking DV help three or four times in her life, each time from a different man.

    2. Of all the red-pill truths I think male-disposability is the hardest one for me to swallow.
      Don’t ever quit… the tides change. Fuck public opinion and status that bullshit is situational and superficial… Gain self-respect… self-respect is hardy and stays with you even in hard times.
      Public slander crushes the weak but feeds the self-determined. I’d rather have the respect of one true friend than the love of sycophants.
      My condolences.

      1. Male-disposability, a bitter pill to swallow but a truth nonetheless. Wise words my friend, the tides do change and every man that realises he is disposable and discovers the true nature of women, must undergo a drastic change after his realisation. Thank you for your condolences Sir.

    3. “Conversely, a young woman stars in an amateur porn video and after being exposed kills herself resulting in outrage.”
      IRL ragequite!

  17. the apologizing and asking for permission to cheat made me cringe and almost feel disbelief that guys allow themselves to go so far down the beta-hole.
    i’m not judging though, before the red pill i was disrespected and let it go. i had to deal with “i’m not in the mood right now” too many times.
    more power to you for being able to pull yourself up and out of that hole. i’m surprised and impressed, i always assume there is a point of no return, that some guys will never be able to “get it” because they are too far gone. thanks for proving me wrong.

  18. All of these are good points. Also if she’s asking permission to cheat on you, there’s probably an 80% chance she already has, and she wants to gauge your reaction. I would also say obsessive calling, texting, and use of social media constantly to try and talk to you 24/7 to drain your life is a big danger sign you have a psycho on your hands. If ever in a relationship you have to question whether something is normal or not, it’s not.

  19. The first and only sign you are in a toxic LTR: anytime you are in an LTR, period. ‘Nuff said.

  20. Once you start apologizing and approval-seeking from a woman, you no longer have “hand” in the relationship, and pretty soon, as this article shows, you are going to start using your “hand” to get any sexual satisfaction. And if a bitch tries to cuckold you, you need to use your “hand” to bitch slap her.
    Honestly, the worse I treat women, the better they treat me. If there is a god, he must be a sadistic character. I’ve earned a Master’s Degree in life experience, and this is not shit you get from a textbook. The broad overview: Women will chase after you and try to hold on to you once they realize you are a man that has backbone and one who will stand up to their constant drama-seeking shit-testing behavior.
    It’s all about bemused indifference. Treat her like toilet paper and you’ll have her for life. Treat her like a goddess and watch her slide under another man near you – and soon.

    1. For all those men who ‘love’ women, I simply ask them to watch porn. Watch any amateur webcam porn for that matter too.
      See the depravity that women can fall to.
      Sucking shit laden, fart smelling dicks right out of their asses. Getting men urinating and spitting on their mouths. Yes, that is what modern women are capable of, and are doing, out of their own fantasies to act like a porn star.
      And these girls look perfectly ‘normal’ when you see them in public, That is WOMANKIND. Don’t ever trust them. Treat them like shit and then they act like ladies. WOMEN ARE DIRT, they’re worse than SHIT. I don’t care what people may say about this, but that is the fucking damned truth.

      1. I can’t say I disagree. They pretty much are blank slates. And if you don’t have a strong enough frame to dominate them, they’ll find someone or some people who do.

        1. Porn depedestalizes as well as pedestalizes women at the same time. For betas, they imagine their girlfriends to be prospective pornstars. For me, it depedestalizes women. I see these women outside and I imagine what depravity they can fall to, similar to these women in porn, especially amateur porn. And trust me normal women can do the same as these pornstars. And these pornstars are normal girl next-door types in real life. That is woman. I can’t even imagine kissing a girl now, even though I’ve gamed some women into bed. I just bend them over and pound away. Women look best that way, from behind with their holes winking at you, inviting penetration.There is nothing charming in their slut faces anymore.

        2. I fucked a cougar this way, it was demeaning, arousing and I quite enjoyed it. I think it was the first time I realized that objectifying women was very satisfying for me and them.

        3. Every man must objectify women today. Because women want to be objectified, even though they say they don’t. Never listen to what a woman says, rather observe what she does. And all women behave and act like sex objects.

      2. You do know there’s gay porn that shows the exact same depravity, right?

      3. yeah, all women are like that. right? jesus.
        and who’s watching this disgusting porn? lol.

    2. TL;DR if you become beta your grip on the relationship becomes the grip on your dick

  21. What I gather of this is that women are like children in a manner that “garbage in garbage out” matters. Spoil a kid, get a spoiled brat kid. Spoil a woman, get a spoiled brat woman.
    Of course the society now champions, supports, backs, and cheers spoiled brat women and made it a feature of being a woman, not an atrocity.
    So there you go.
    We have the power (collectively – and I don’t like collectivism) to put an end to that. We just have to wake every fellow up and get them to stop being beta manginas begging for “the pussy”. Heck once you start viewing women as these polluted dysfunctional creatures who are just as much a result of their influence as any child could be, life gets a lot easier and less complicated. Some things I used to take as reality where women was concerned I now see as proof that Sigmund Freud was right when he said that all women are naturally hysterical.
    If I let another one into my life again, I’ll be going about it in ways that would have had the version of me in the past wondering who I was. I’d probably think I became a douchebag or something, and I wish I could go back in time with a red pill and avoided a ruined life.

    1. “We just have to wake every fellow up and get them to stop being beta manginas ”
      Taking on “society” is extremely futile. The world is mad, because it want’s to be mad, and stay mad. It strives for madness, it does what it enjoys. Than lies to itself and tries to tame it’s guilt by pretending it’s peaceful and innovative
      It does what it enjoys. We have been lied to about ourselves and humanity and it’s so called… “peaceful” nature. Let’s all ignore for a second, the “ideals” we have been told that people and society strive for, Lets just pretend for a second in a mental exercise and entertain the idea that human nature does not strive for “order” and “civility”. Lets look at how history is full of wars, deceit, betrayal, manginas, and let’s imagine for a second that human nature hasn’t changed, you really think because decades pass the underlying primitive animal is more enlightened?
      Let us judge the civilizatonal tree by it’s fruits. What does society ACTUALLY produce? what are people REALLY like? Take an HONEST look at the world, at people, and at reality in general. This is hard to do. Taking an honest look at the world, and at yourself, because you’ve created necessary psychological defense mechanisms that shield you from being emotionally hurt about living in a toxic world and also to shield you from things you don’t like about yourself and your life, your ego used “denial” and other grandeur ism tactics to naturally shield you so you could be functional and not fall apart as some people do by becoming psychotic. The mind created you a social identity , to maintain, and a personality to shield you. I’m not condemning human nature here as something foul, I’m saying , there is an “art” about existing. Free yourselves from the guilt of your logic. There is something more to the “beta male” story, Logically we understand women to be a severe violation to the self, but the underlying archetype we have no control over. All logic goes out the window when a raging hot woman wants to give your man hammer a good tugging.
      -Imagination is more important than knowledge
      Albert Einstein^
      Anyways point is folks:
      Without ego-denialism a relationship could NEVER exist, and civilization could not work. To get a long, we MUST project false ideas onto eachother, i mean, technically the next girl you will bang has had 1000 dicks bruise her throat before yours so how can you expect to feel any kind of masculine pride from having banged her if you see it as a low-value pursuit? The prideful glow of a sexual conquest could not exist if you didn’t on some level value the conquest and the other individual part of it. Which has value to you because you project value onto her. Despite her past. What allows you to do this is ego-denialism. Now, We must accept this, We are all fake ego-denialists and the world, it’s people, and our ideas of ourselves in it, are largely a fraud. But survival and being civilized is more important than reason itself. I’am by NO means an apologist for male self-sadism and gender sadism by toxic women. You should be informed psychologically and educated so you do not become a victim when all odds are against you
      We defy logic. On an instinctual level, life would be too painful if we reacted emotionally to how it actually IS. We must deem ego-denialism a moral and necessary function of society and relationships. When something awful happens to you, your mind creates a temporary mild- psychotic reaction in order to avoid the pain of the situation. After a relationshit we look back and hate ourselves, but we must actually forgive ourselves because we knew we signed up for a lying fraud and dance of human nature when we got into it. It was nothing more than a fleeting act where common sense could not exist for it to take place.
      There are over 7 billion people in the world, yet… progress is extremely slow. Population is not power. The great idea behind a large population was that, the more people existed, the more genius’s per capita would exist and therefore, the more empowered civilization would be with technical solutions, however as a society grows it creates more problems than it’s productive thinkers can keep up with as they are too rare, for each genius, 10000 morons exist to create tons of NEW problems and this “genius” is excepted to free himself from financial and institutional chains to get some sort of freedom and quality of life for himself against all odds, while at the same time being charitable and helping his fellow man. It’s too much to ask, and given the evidence, the HONEST evidence, we can only conclude society is a cycle, it is currently in a destructive phase, and it’s part of nature. We should not react to it with a somber judgement and instead just see it as a necessary clean up phase.

      1. Excellent post!
        We are not honest, decorous and decent enough to admit that all relationships are built on the foundation of “What do I get out of this relationship?”. It is nothing but mutual gratification. If that is absent, no relationship is possible. You keep the relationship going for social reasons, or for reasons of children, property, and security. All this is part and parcel of the relationship business. But when it fails and does not give us what we really want, we superimpose on it what we call “love”. So, it is just not possible to have any relationship on any basis except on the level of mutual gratification.
        The whole culture has created, for its own reasons, this situation for us through its value system. The value system demands that relationships be based on love. But the most important element is security and then possessiveness. You want to possess the other individual. When your hold on the other becomes weaker for various reasons, your relationship wears out. You cannot maintain this “lovey-dovey” relationship all the time.

      1. Beta males are usually good providers of both resources and attention, so women latch onto them after their looks fade and fertility dwindles(a.k.a hit the wall) while forever lusting for that young, firm, alpha male cock that their simps just can’t give em’.
        Omega males are both repulsive to and aren’t desired by women at any point through their phases(young and fertile or old and dried up) in life, period! Omegas are invisible at best in the eyes of women. (they’re also the ones most likely to be labelled as creeps and ridiculed by the vagina carrier)

    1. Hey man, I get what you’re saying, completely, but there’s no need to take it out like this on the guy. He already had to go through the horror story above with the woman he was “dating (if you can call not having sex dating, I wouldn’t, but anyhow),” enough is enough. We don’t need anyone snapping, man. Tone it down. The guy took the the time to write an article for us, and I’m sure it was therapeutic for him, too. Let him have his moment, man. As horrifying as the relationship he’s describing is, some other poor fellow may be in a similar boat, and if it maybe helps them jump ship…then the writer’s accomplished something good in the world. Just take it easy on the guy is all I’m saying.

  22. God…..there are relationships like this? Glad you got your game but……

  23. It’s excellent that you’re honest about this and are willing to come forward and admit your mistakes. I suspect that FAR more men nowadays fall into these traps than they would like to admit, even to the point of willingly being cuckolded. The difference is that most of them carry that attitude to the grave instead of growing a pair and changing their ways.

  24. Relationship means war. It’s an attempt to resolve personal ego-conflict through control of another.

  25. Marriage is just such a terrible risk. Wouldn’t you think that in an age where women are so present in the workforce that alimony payments would be cut? I just can’t see it being a good idea for anyone

    1. Or at least make alimony and child supports like Social Security is in many countries: government issued and based on her personal contributions in taxes.
      I’d predict a lot of unmarried angry office bitches and a few married submissive moms. And a number of ex-angry office bitches settling down to have testube babies on their own with their cats

  26. “So…I’m feeling kind of distant from you lately. There is this guy at work who likes me. Do you mind if I like…hook up with him? To see if it will rekindle our spark?”
    “Well, how about a trade? You do have plenty of hot friends, friends who seems to enjoy my presence, so I was thinking….”

  27. “Sometimes, she would put little stars on my calendar for nights that she agreed to get intimate with me, but then, when sexy time rolled around, she would rescind that offer”
    This made me laugh and cry at the same time.
    When she rescinded the offer, did she let you move the star over to the next day?

  28. Brutal history you have there but it’s great you were able to get out of it and learn the ways of the red pill yet your only 22. Took me two different selfish, ignorant girlfriends to learn the harsh truth of our world. I was 29 before the manosphere opened my eyes to the reality of the world we live in. It is a shame that women have gone down this route because realistically they have never been more miserable in all of human existence. They may think being a CEO will lead to a fulfilling life but it goes against the grain of every biological urge a woman has. It turns them into bitter, morose, highly competitive pigs that get used and abused by men that know what’s going on all the while ending up eeking out an existence as a corporate slave and never reaching any level of satisfaction that makes for even a mediocre existence.

  29. Oh, the guilt trips…..yep. Mine was even jealous of the time I spend with my own daughter.

  30. I’ll admit, I stumbled on to this site out of pure morbid curiosity. To the author of this piece, yes it really sounds like this was a toxic relationship, and good on you for moving on. It wouldn’t have taken me two years, but I digress. No one should put up with that kind of abuse, male or female. To the rest of you, are you f*cking kidding me? Women belong in the kitchen? Short hair is never attractive? Women are less intelligent than men? Get a time machine or grab a clue. Yes, women are entitled to choose their own life path and they are just as intelligent as you are. Historically, men have always been able to have the satisfaction of both career and family, and nobody blinks an eyelash but when a woman tries to use her particular gifts (other than you know, making babies or sandwiches) she’s unworthy of your vaunted “resources.” Women can have both, that just means men have to take up some of the domestic slack. Big deal. I’ll bet if some of you ‘manly studs’ tried real hard, you would find that you actually could make a sandwich. Some of you might even do a better job of it than your female SO (if you even have one). Most of the best cooks in the world are men, but like anything else in life it requires patience, passion, and a healthy dose of creativity. Your lives will improve when you open your horizons. You will gain nothing by pushing women back into the role of domestic drudge. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone interesting to talk to at home?

  31. This article was a bit shocking to me…I have nothing to even compare this to. But I do want to thank the writer for having the courage to bare themselves like this. I’m glad you were able to escape that. No one, male or female, should ever be in a relationship like that. I wish you the best in your future relationships, man. Next time, put yourself first, girls will respect where you’re coming from when you put yourself first. Good luck.

  32. Reading this article made me cringe. It reminded me of my late 20s. I had everything that I thought i wanted. I was stable and successful in my career, blah, blah. I even had whom I thought was the “perfect woman”. What an idiot I was! When the relationship ended I was devastated. I thought I had lost everything that mattered in my life…her. Fortunately, I soon became aware of how much happier I was without her. It is embarrassing to write this, but I am happy to say that I learned from being such a schmuck. She married the guy she ran off with, and promptly divorced him. He took his own life. I told him she would fuck with his head. That might have been me. Twenty years later, I am perfectly content with or without a woman. If i feel lonely, I do something about it. But I will never sell myself out again for a woman.

  33. Your pathetic you cant regain your spunk from this; your a masochist too….. this article makes me mad; i’d never go out like this

  34. Just stumbled across this article. Wonder how many of these points fit into the recent article on RoK about a woman who shit tests her boyfriend by jumping overboard on a cruise ship.

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