The 5 Socioeconomic Tiers Of Colombian Women

After a careful reading of Bang Colombia I have further recommendations for Bogota, the only city I’ve lived in. I grew up here and am familiar with everything there is to know about this city.

The first thing you will need to understand is that, unlike the United States, Colombia is not a racist country, but a classist one. Social stratification is embedded in this society thanks to years of the upper class controlling everything from politics and business to government. Therefore, upon your arrival to Bogota, it will be immediately evident to you that there are two Bogotas, one for the rich and one for the poor. You should also know that there is a direct correlation between social class and beauty, for reasons that I still don’t know.

To be more clear I will divide Bogota’s girls into 5 tiers…

Tier 1

This tier denotes girls from very low class and low education. They are low quality. These girls wont be seen unless you venture into the depths of the slums, in which case you also won’t ever be seen again.

Tier II

Tier II girls usually have some sort of education, probably of the technical kind, with low enough resources that she won’t be worried more about fucking than about surviving. Don’t waste your time with them.

Tier III

The next type of girl is a very interesting kind, and the type of girls you will see most of the time. They’re your typical middle class girl, Tier III. Most of them are university students. They party a lot, study a lot more, and are mostly DTF.

The average Colombian girl doesn’t have a whole lot to say, most likely due to limited experiences of living at home with her parents her entire life” (page 18, Roosh).

This is spot on, and it is important to understand that Tier III girls are divided into two bunches, the ones that have traveled and the ones who haven’t.

Most of Tier III girls have been to Miami. For some reason she may think that her very limited traveling experience makes her better than the untraveled Tier III, so she may try to display some sort of cockiness. Remember these girls have been brought up in comfortable households, went to private schools, were fairly well educated, and might have the wrong idea that what they have to say actually matters. You should crush them. Display all of your traveling experience, professional and linguistic abilities. If this type of girl believes for a second that you are a loser, her pussy will dry out and you will lose all access to it.

Another incentive of going for Tier III girls in Colombia is that they have more free time for themselves, since most of them don’t have to work and study. This means more time to spend at the gym. Tier III also means enough resources so that she can actually afford a gym. This can also be bad news, since better make-up and clothing combined with the bad lighting of bars can make a 6 look like and 8. Be weary of this.

Tier IV

Lets move on to my favorite type of Colombian girls, Tier IV. These girls have reached this social tier by way of economic status or sheer beauty and thanks to their family money, they have been able to afford an international education. They often know at least two or three languages, are cocky, think they know it all, and think they are hot, but worst of all they know their value is high. If you are a fairly good looking fellow and are foreign you will be immediately accepted into this Tier, but need to be in the right place at the right time.

Tier V

These are the unicorns, the girls who belong to the top of Colombian society. They have access to private drivers and country clubs. They will be part of the ruling class of the country in a few years and are absolutely out of your league unless you belong to the equivalent social class in your home country, which I highly doubt. These are girls who are here by economic status and for sheer beauty. In the latter case, the girls who’ve moved from Tiers I-IV to Tier V project amazing confidence and might even intimidate you. Do not fall for it. For some reason only known to Satan they have kept their insecurities deep within. It might take you longer to crack them, but you will nonetheless do so.

The ones that are in this tier by economic status will not be as easy to crack. There is no formula to do so and has to be done with time, money, and patience. Don’t bother anyway, because you will most likely never see these girls as they don’t usually go to places where they will be mixed among commoners such as yourself.

Game Advice

The advice of Bang Colombia on game, especially for day game, is beautifully set up and perfectly executed. I have nothing else to add to it. I do however have one commentary on night game: be careful with your sarcasm. She might not get it. Keep it basic or she will lose interest due to lack of understanding.

We will now explore a topic presented in the book:

Because Colombian girls are extremely flakey (for reasons I don’t completely understand), were going to hit her with an additional cocky line that helps commit her to the pick-up. “So what qualities do you have which make me want to get to know you better?” (page 35)

I cannot stress enough how important this step is in order to nail any Colombian girl. This doesn’t only apply to girls from Bogota but from everywhere in the country. It’s an extremely important question because it presents a challenge to her and forces her to pursue approval. Ultimately it shakes her confidence.

Colombian girls are indeed flakey. Yes, all of them, but to differing degrees which depend on social status. Tier III girls are easier to impress while Tier IV girls aren’t so easy. Moreover, the book stresses that kisses are hard to get in the first night. I have never had trouble with that. I have found it easy to get a full on make out session, but banging her is a completely different story.

When it’s time to approach, locate your target, such as a group of girls sitting at the pub. This works better if you have a wingman. Sit by the girls and start a conversation with your wingman in your native language. If it’s English they will most likely talk to you and if it isn’t then they will ask what language it is and where you are from. From there you can’t mess it up and if you do you are an idiot.

If they show no interest try to get a local to run game with you (or the one in the group who has the best Spanish). Having him hype you up should do it, but if not then go back to your hostel and hang yourself from the ceiling.

The book talks about of the importance of dancing. It is completely true that Colombian girls love dancing, a convenience that foreigners can use to their advantage. Whenever she says she wants to dance, do it. Otherwise another guy will sweep her away. There is nothing that turns a Colombian girl on more than a good dancer. You should dance even if you are not a good dancer. Make her smile and keep her attention on you. If you want to play it safe, stick to reggaeton clubs. It’s like dancing hip-hop—just grind yourself silly. This is true for ALL tiers.

Finally, I wanted to address this quote:

Catholic influence may cause them to put up ball-busting resistance when it comes time to taking off clothing. There’s no culture specific trick to breaking them does simply do what you normally do and understand that it may take a few extra minutes in the end, Colombian girls want to fuck just as bad as any other girl, especially when they’re in your bedroom” (Roosh, page 44).

It is important to understand that Colombia is a De Jure catholic country, however De Facto it is pretty secular. The advice is clear—just keep your game tight and wait it out. If you do everything right and follow the steps in the book you will have no problem.

As a Colombian man I recommend you read the book. Someone did the job for you, so simply follow the instructions. Colombian girls are a challenge to crack for a foreigner but once you do you will be a very happy man.

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  1. Nice photo in contrast to the 9 Feminists of the Apocalypse.
    Could you post a photo-essay, in the vein of a ForbesWoman “10 Best Cities for Women” or my own “A Man Wants a Wife, Not a Co-Worker”?

  2. I have no idea what was stated here that is of any use other than the fact that your access to pussy increases as your wealth/social class increases. From what I am understanding, there is no “game” required here because your sexual worth is predicated on the wealth you can generate or claim.

    1. This.
      Sounds like if you can get in and establish good paying work with the narcos you’ll be fine. Just as the majority of latin america is becoming feminized, the words “why bother” come to my mind.

  3. Why are Tier 1/Tier 2 girls a bad prospect in Colombia? In, say, Thailand, it seems lower class girls are quite willing to have sex with foreign men, either to take a shot at a lifestyle improvement, or simply for fun because they have nothing to lose. Are Tier I girls in Colombia more religious than the more liberal/educated Tier III girls? Or would they be DTF and the problem is simply a logistical one, because it’s too dangerous to venture into the areas where they would be found?

  4. I don’t know any gringos in Bogota who went hunting in Ciudad Bolivar, but I know A LOT who go to Comuna 13 and the slums in Medellin to troll the “Tier 1” chicks. I think the wisdom is to not go at night.

  5. Thanks for the article confirming the lessons in Roosh’s book. It’s just confirms for me how good his insight analysis is.

    1. please use your brain and stop thinking that way of my country the colombian narcos spend their time in miami not here stop thinking waht movies say to you come to colombia but ask for visa

  6. Colombian girls (pending they are not fat) are simply great.Once you go latin-there is noway back.

  7. As an American with Colombian roots in Barranquilla, I have something to throw in here that I haven’t seen in any of Roosh’s writing nor in this piece. And listen up guys, because this piece of information will prepare you for the challenges you will face when you decide to head into the interior of the country.
    There is a significant cultural divide between the northern and coastal areas of Colombia and the southern interior of the country. Costeños and cachacos.
    Costeños hail from the northern coastal areas of the country, like Barranquilla, Cartagena and Santa Marta. They are extroverted, sociable, fun loving and easygoing. They tend fall under that Caribbean island Latin stereotype Americans tend to associate with South Americans. They love to party, dance salsa and Vallenato, and get drunk on aguardiente.
    Cachacos live in the interior in Cali, Medellin, and Bogota. They are more subdued with a temperament similar to Americans, only with out the small talk. They’re more European and cosmopolitan in the sense that they occupy the bigger cities in Colombia. They hold more business and governmental jobs than the rest of the country. As a result, their lifestyle is more bourgeois: etiquette, proper spoken Spanish and economic success are very important to them. They’re pretty much like Argentineans; they even use the voz pronoun.
    Most loyal readers of this blog are pretty familiar with Roosh’s journeys to Argentina and how hard it is to get the bang. Haven’t you noticed the same with Colombia from reading what Roosh has said? The flaking, multiple dates and heavy reliance on social circle game to gain access. If the girl doesn’t know you, she will shoot you down, especially if she’s from the top two tiers.
    It really has less to do with class and more with their more introverted culture. Don’t be surprised if lower tiered girls give you the cold shoulder too. It’s a conservative culture of behavior, due to the violent history and socio-economic instability of that region. Like Roosh has said of Ukrane, women are more closely guarded upfront because if they make a wrong judgement, they are on their own. Or if you get in hot water with the wrong girl, “te mandan de la moto.”
    Your best bet is to use social circle game and befriend native born and raised men like Faust, to get your foot in the door.

  8. I got a ton of Colombia experience. As much as any Gringo on this site. I have had “boots on the ground” in more places in Colombia than 95% of Colombians.
    I used social media, the Cupid sites. In Colombia, the question that is relevant in the US “If she’s hot then why is she on a site?” is far less so in Colombia. I had good luck with them but flakey shit is high on the sites. And I think 20% are thieves and are playing you. If any Colombian girl ever asks for money on a site or hints at it, like “woe is me. I got problems.” delete her. Just kill the session and delete her. Statistically you come out ahead.
    I agree with the claim that Colombians are notoriously flakey. And I created a hard set of rules to preserve dignity and not waste time.
    So go with this idea, “La Pareja Ideal”. Pareja means “couple” in Spanish and to men, it has that definition. But to a woman, her pareja is “the man” with a long “e”, the one. Rollo Tomassi calls it genuine desire. If she doesn’t see you as “the man” then she will be the worst flake you ever met.
    Your signs that you are not the man are
    1) Your calls go to message.
    2) She comes late for dates, as much as an hour.
    3) She has an excuse not to see you.
    If they like you, they answer your calls, they are not horribly late, and she wants to see you. If you go 2 consecutive nights and don’t see a girl, you are not the man. Ghost her.
    If you see any of this, ghost her. That Colombian girl has that phone in her hand. If even one of your calls go to message, you better re-evaluate your situation and prepare to ghost, and certainly start approaching others.
    If you make a date with her and when she shows up for the date, she brought a friend, then walk away. Bail right then. I recommend you have her come to your hotel or apartment in a cab. If there is second girl in that car. Go back inside. Other men would think this is harsh and premature. But I never had a girl that showed up with another girl that turned into anything more than her just wanting to use me as a way to pay for the night out for the two of them and leave me standing there with dick in my hand. They want to go to most expensive places and your gringo ass is the ticket. I would tell her up front not to come with a friend because women that come with friends “no son seria y no quiere relacion bien” , they aren’t serious about a relationship, they just want a night out. I think the whole bringing the girlfriend thing is a shit test. Don’t stand for it. And don’t waste your time. You are better off heading to some disco alone and approaching. Don’t waste your time or your money. Bail.
    Also, get a cell phone. You can take some kind of unlocked phone with you. But can also buy one there. There are whole districts or streets in the bigger cities that sell second hand phones with sim cards. It’s like stolen hubcaps in America. You get your phone stolen and the thief sells to a dealer and the dealer sells it to the public. But they are cheaper and it is better to have even an old non-smart phone than nothing. Your hotel will know where these places are. You can actually buy a Comcel sim card online for a prepaid phone. First, the cellular system and the land system are not integrated. You call cell phones from cell phones and land lines from land lines. And like here, land lines are dying and cell is the thing. There are lots of vendors on the street that have a sign that says “Minutos” minutes and they have cell phones and you make a call and then pay them. Often there are several in a single block. But having a phone makes all the difference and not having one will lead to getting flaked more. If your Spanish is shit then use texts. It is hard to underspand Spanish on a cell phone in Colombia. Also, most of the malls have free wi-fi. You can use Google translate and compose a message then one of the minutos guys to send the text. But get your own phone. I took a vonage box with me and paid for international calling plan. I could call land lines for free and paid about the same as you would per minute with a prepaid phone. You can bridge the Cat-5 network cable jack to the wireless card and plug that vonage box into the side of your laptop and call cell phones in Colombia. It’s not great quality but it as good as crappy cell phone. The international connections are less dependable. But it works. But having a cell phone is still better.
    Also the Questions that Roosh wrote about that Ukranian girls use to shit test you are the same in Colombia. Why are you here? How long will you be here? Why don’t have a woman where you live? And one Roosh didn’t list, Why are you divorced? I don’t think the situation for Colombian girls is as dire as maybe Ukrainians. Colombian women are starting to run that country and the standard of living is improving. But no woman wants to “waste the pretty” on a dead end thing with no payoff. There is quite an aversion to “aventuras” adventures, where the men come to Colombia to play and fuck then bail on the woman. They assume that is what you are doing and shit test the fuck out of you to verify it. But by using the web sites, you sort of get pre-qualified. It depends on you on your morality level. What to say. I went to school for Spanish in EAFIT university and no one seemed to have issues when I said I was studying. EAFIT is big name private school so that helped and also having some real details and I guess actually doing it and not lying about it helped. I don’t know. I usually had good luck in Colombia. I am tall, blond, big, blue eyed and speak Spanish. If I had actually learned to dance it would have heaven for me. More on that below.
    The best advice I can also give was said in this post. Dance. I didn’t and it fucked me. In Colombia, everyone dances. Grandmothers dance. You will be left alone in the table area while the rest of place dances. And motherfuckers will steal your woman right out from under you. Colombian men are not mealy mouthed like Americans. Those motherfuckers statistically have some of the biggest dicks in the world and they are loaded with testosterone in a way you are not. You can smell it on them. And they have no qualms about swooping in and taking that woman. They talk to woman better than you do. Especially in Cali. Those guys are famous Casanovas. So before you go, take some latin dancing class. At least learn enough to have the steps in your head. And fucking dance. Get over it. Have the girl teach you. But get your ass on the floor. It’s body to body dancing and that girl will grind that pussy on your knee. Latinas are happy women by nature. Some drinks, dancing, and it means more than all the game strategy you have. If you could go 4 or 5 songs and dance OK, then slam alcohol with her then go back and dance, you are well on the way and you don’t need to say shit more than “you’re pretty” and “te quiero mucho”” “me haces loco” you make me crazy.
    Also there is word in Colombian Spanish picar, picardia. It means “pick” like to pick at a sore, poke, tease. Colombian women like hombres pacardios. So cocky funny works. All the same rules apply there. Do not hesitate to kiss her. Touch her. They don’t have the same bullshit hangups, by a long shot, a American girls. And use push pull except literally push and pull her with abrupt manner changes, protest when she says no and push her away, be indignant, then pull her right back. The seductive voice with them is you are almost a little boy on the other side of door trying to convice her to open it. It almost has a whine to it, Ammoooor, Peeeero Te quierrrro Mucho, Mucho.. Then abrupt on the push “BIEN” Kino is king. Colombian girls like to dominated. If you get to fuck them, spank them, pull their hair. push her face into the mattress. I have even stepped on their face and held it down. Kiss them hard, Shove as much of your hand as you can into her vagina. Anal is conventional in Colombia. So if you can work back from that, that she wants to be dominated by you, so do it from the beginning. Like one manosphere guy said “She will forgive you for being a man, but not for being a pussy.” You can say shit to them you cannot say to an American girl. You can say “Come here. I need to tell you something.” Pull her close and say “Dame un beso” give me a kiss. If she says no, argue, Si. Dame un beso. If she says no say “Por que no” Why no? “Quiero” I want it. And she will say “Ok just one little one” and you argue “NO” Dame un BESO. It works. She thinks it’s funny. She is not insulted. Boys kiss girls.
    Also, drink aguardiente sin azucar (sugarless). There are few reasons. All discos and bars in Colombia do bottle service. Aguardiente is Colombian and it is cheaper. But it will not give you hangover in the morning. You will feel strange, slow, tired but no hangover with pounding head. The difference is amazing. They say it is because it has no sugar. And use that as your excuse to drink it. All the Colombians do. Second, it is a shot drink. It tastes a little like licorice. It has special nozzle thing on it and the liquor comes out slower. They give you these little cups like pill cups, smaller than even that cup on the top of a Nyquil bottle. You pour a shot and you drink it, slam it. Do not take any alcohol from anybody that you did not watch get poured in front of you. If it might appear rude to reject it, take it and then throw it the ground when you can. I got drugged and taken to an ATM. It is not common but it happens. So the aguardiente and the excuse “only aguardiente because no hangover” insures you pour the drink yourself or watch it poured. And it is good buzz. But watch your ass. Do not get wasted unless you know the people you are with. Aguardiente is strong and can fuck you up like any shot drink. It is milder than Schnapps but treat it just like Scnapps. So drink aguardiente. Use the “no hangover” excuse.
    Also, do not take women on public transportation. You disrespect them. Poor people ride mass transit. The women do when they are alone. But you better take their asses in Taxis. If you really want to throw money away but make a big deal, Milano Car rents cars, better cars than avis or hertz. And they are in every city, but you will pay. The insurance is mandatory and included in the price. But I don’t think you can get off a plane and just drive in Colombia. After a week you could. Most of signs are the same. But those drivers are far more aggressive than US drivers. Colombia is kind of weird. There are fewer laws but more social prohibition about some things, more self regulation. But traffic laws are not in that category. They are not insane like in other places, but they drive faster, those lines on the street are “serving suggestions” and they will honk the fuck out of that horn. So use taxis. And prepare to get fucked in the Taxi but just get over it. Assume that driver will generally turn a 10 block trip into 20. Not in Bogota. Bogota has zones and it is fixed price within and between the zones. But in the other cities, the longer the distance then the less flakey they will be. I don’t know if Bogota still has insecurity about Taxis but there was thing for a while where robbers would stop a cab, shoot the driver, then ride around being a Taxi for the night, keeping the money for the fares and looking for you. When they got a fare, like your white ass, that they thought had money, they made a coded call, went to some location and a guy pops out with a gun and they haul your ass to an ATM. So the whole town of Bogota was freaked for a while. I told a driver in Medellin I was going to Bogota and he said watch your ass in those taxis. I never had an incident and I got sick of people coddling me and I started venturing out alone. But remember, Colombia is safe, but it isn’t the US. I walked the streets alone a lot at night like 2 or 3 am but my ass is big and I knew Colombia better than you will. I hear Bogota is much safer now and I never had any reason to feel afraid in every other city. But you should pretty much take Taxis. Most fares will be less than 10,000 pesos at 1,800 pesos to the dollar, so maybe 6 bucks.
    Also, go to the fucking dentist while you are there. At least get your teeth cleaned and whitened. It is dirt cheap. If you have any filling older than a few years, drill it out and replace it. The dentists are as good or better than US dentists. If you have an old crown, replace it if you have time, 3 or 4 days, maybe less. A crown in Colombia is $100 bucks. US dentists are fucking thieves. And you will have a nice white smile and better breath for approaching. There are some chain places called Smile Center and they are everywhere in Colombia. Look them up online. But I would just walk in to any dentist office. Even if you don’t speak Spanish, the dentist might and they will work it out if they don’t. They won’t fuck you over. Trust them. Let them do their thing and hand them your debit card after it is over.
    I would also open a second bank account in the US and get a second debit card to take with you. Close the account when you get back, but having a second card will come in handy. Your debit card will work as a credit card in Colombia, but Colombia is about 90% a cash place. There are ATMs everywhere. A lot of time it will be the first thing you do when you get in a cab, go get money. If your card has a $500 limit, you might have days where you need more. And if you lose it then at least you have a backup to get your through. The rates are actually cheaper than an ATM that isn’t in your system in the US. I think 1% of whatever you withdrawal. Leave your passport secure in your room. Carry a copy and use your Driver’s License but normally you won’t have show ID for nothing. I used my debit card at supermarkets and had to show ID there. But do not go out at night with a passport. If you lose it or it gets stolen you are fucked. You have to go to Bogota to get another or you will not be able to board the plane to return.
    Vacation apartments are the thing in Colombia more than hotels. Search the web using Colombia Vacation Apartments. You won’t remember this, but search for Colombian annuncios, they are like craigs list. In fact, use craigs list. Also and have them but they are more expensive. El tiempo, the main bogota paper, has a dedicated real estate page and under the top heading it has “turismo” and apartments for rent.
    Getting together for dates is quite a pain. The women are notoriously late. It is a shit test and a show of power by the women. 30 minutes is actually early. 45 minutes is common. Colombians do not respect the clock like Americans. It is the biggest difference between them and us. Me, I would tell the girls to come to where I staying in a cab and then you will get in the cab with them. If you make arrangements to meet them at a public place then your ass will be waiting. At least you are at your place waiting. It got to the point where if I had a date for 9pm then I would start getting dressed at 9pm and fuck around while I doing it. If they are late and do not answer your cell call, then you are getting flaked. Bail.
    Roosh had a great idea about testing for a flake. If the girl is a “good girl”, not a party girl, not a facebook princess, then it might have blow back. But you make a date for example on Thursday night but don’t give an actual time or destination. Tell her you will send her a text with final instructions on Thursday afternoon. Then don’t send the text. If she isn’t a flake then she will text you with something “What are we doing?” If she doesn’t text then she was a flake and either blew you off, forgot about you, or intentionally was fucking with you.
    I would be very hard, very brutal using game stuff. I would make 4 dates for the same night if I could, and go with whoever shows first or whoever made the best effort to coordinate with you and who seemed the most serious. I think the Bogota women and Cali women are less flakey than Medellin women. The whole gringo thing has been stomped over in Medellin. Right now in Colombian Cupid there are 80 Americans that list Medellin as their city and have logged into the page in the past 24 hours. And that doesn’t count Europeans. Bogota has maybe 10 and those guys are generally geekier than the Medellin guys. Cali and Barranquilla have next to none. So being American is not special at all in Medellin. Every girl has had experience or a friend that has experience. And they think you have a little dick. I literally had to challenge one. I said I’m 6’3″ 200 pounds, my hand is bigger than your face. Do you really think I have a little dick? Most of the guys that come down here a geeks that are not successful in America, small guys, older guys, bald guys and not prime time alphas so you can understand why they believe what they believe.
    One thing this post didn’t really talk about was the big difference between the cities. Bogota is the capital and women are the most feminist in Colombia. And some of them are pretty feminist. Not screamers but they have that Independent Woman thing. The government is there. The other Colombians call them Rolos or Rolas. And rolo means “official” (oficio) and the Rolo thing was a slur among the other cities but Colombians are pretty independent and these motherfuckers throw when they don’t get along. I once read a old State Department Communique trail that would describe how shit would break out in one little city and spread to others. Motherfuckers killing each other back in the 1920s. And the wealthy in one place didn’t like Bogota telling them shit to do. The girls in Bogota are more sophisticated, less country-ass like, even Medellin, better hair and nails. Many have degrees. The north part of Bogota is kind of what Colombia hopes to be. The kids all get braces, they grew up on Cable TV. They are taller. They finish school. They go to college. They are hip. They are connected and wired. A bitch princess in Bogota is the same as in the US. The drug wars and the Civil war pretty much stopped in 2005 and these kids have grown up without the stress of that on them. Bogota has changed dramatically in that time. In 2005, it didn’t have near the quality of nightlife sort of restaurants it has today. It has Hard Rock, Hooters, and spiffy dig me kind of restaurants. Back then you didn’t go out at night. Also motherfuckers got killed in those wars. 500,000 alone in the civil war. I have no numbers for the drug wars. Those deaths get folded into crime statistics. Women hauled ass from little towns and piled into Medellin and Bogota. And the service economy that grew up, more corporations, more exports, bigger government made jobs for women. And the doctors and dentists are probably majority women, and Lawyers also. So those cities are good for women and suck for Colombian men. So in the age groups 25 and over, there are more women than men. Medellin is ridiculous. The city alone has 1.3 million women and 1.1 million men. And there are 5 million in the whole Aburre Valley where Medellin is located, so extrapolate that shit out, 20% more women, probably 500,000 more women then men in the Medellin metro area. In 2006, I was in a food court in Bogota and every table had one guy and two girls, maybe a couple and some girl friend or relative. I remember being in apartment in north Bogota with a 43 year old, a 31 year old, and a 20 year old woman, I was with the 31 year old but would soon be returning to the US. The 43 year old had no hope of a commited relationship. She had a fuck buddy who every now and then dropped by to nail her. The 20 year had a boyfriend who was working in the US at WaterWorld or something on a summer work visa. So 3 generations of women with no immediate local options for a man drinking hot chocolate and eating cookies on a Saturday night. I personally know of 3 men in Medellin that were murdered. I don’t even know anyone in the US that died in a car crash. So that is the big reason you go to Colombia and not Panama or Venezuela. There is a demographic imbalance in women. If you got balls, go southeast of the Andes to Huila. That was the edge of Guerilla country and there were more “disappearances” per capita then other places. Bogota and Medellin account for about 80% of the GDP of Colombia with 13 million out of 44 million people. So the rest of the country 31 million people split the other 20% of the GDP. So the rest of the country is far less well off. And you look a little more like RockStar. Those places have been poor so long, they just work it out. They have a better party with some plastic chairs and a band an accordion and some bongos then some places have with a giant US style disco with lights and boomer sound system. They get a box of rum, yes, a box, and pass that shit around and smoke joints, start dancing and bump and grind with those girls. But your ass better speak Spanish to do that and go there. I would go there. The women would think you were an oil man. Bogota has a big EDM scene, electronica music. Name DJs come to town. I would think that might be a spot to try. Search google for Bogota Electronica. There is a web page that lists events, clubs. I would go there if I were you. Some dude name Marco Bailey from Belgium has a show on Feb 1. He then has a date in Cali and then Chicago. So it’s not small time shit. There’s 8 million people in Bogota and even if only .5% want to see electronica bands thats a bunch of people. So it would be a scene where dancing was the thing, probably a lot ecstacy around and fucked up people and I guarantee your ass, you will be about the only Gringo up in there. And you know how to do that, how to dance. The girls are going to be more American girl wannabees.
    I am rambling. I have practically written my own Bang Colombia. If you got any questions just post them here and I will monitor this thread. I generally will have a fucking answer. I don’t know a lot about Barranquilla. I just drove through it a couple of times and have had some interaction with women from their. But the rest of the major places, I know pretty damn well. I know Medellin and Cali very well and Bogota pretty well. My first years in Colombia were in Bogota, then Medellin, then Cali. I like Cali. There women are cute, the climate is hot, the pot is cheaper, and I trust the people more than Medellin. But I have spent so much time there, and on the internet, that I could usually point you in the right direction.
    Any way. Happy hunting. Ping me if I can help.

    1. Interesting Mark, and thanks for the extensive thoughts on your experiences there.
      I think as well that times can and do change and i am speaking as quickly as 1 year can make a difference. Even in Poland if i recall in one post Roosh noticed a difference of behaviors when smart phones hit the scene there. Seems like smart phones are as destructive to women’s attitudes like crack-cocaine is.
      So lets bear in mind that any singles scene anywhere in the world is very much like the stock market; it changes like the ocean tide and does so very rapidly, and the more we ahem….”evolve” with newer toys eg: smart phones, social media, god-knows-what, the rate will continue to get faster and faster.
      And unfortunately when I say “change” I mean to say change for the worse. In other words the continuing evolving technology will continue to make women more closed off to men, and physically uglier.

    2. I frequent this site because of the occasional references to Colombia and this article was good. I’ve been a huge fan of the woman for years and I’m finally putting “boots on the ground myself. Mark, I was hoping to correspond through private email, are you around?

      1. Check this site out for more info about Colombia, also:
        He contributes here occassionally. Good stuff.

    3. I know this was written a long time ago but want to respond. Easy Taxi is a new way to control the late chicas. Tell her to text you when she is ready to leave her house. Send an Easy Taxi or an Uber. This way, you get real time info on when she will arrive and you arent sitting there holding your dick forever.

  9. You have quite the experience, thanks for sharing but don’t forget about the native language. Colombian spanish is the most beautiful spanish that is spoken, if you can dance you are getting closer but if you can dance and can communicate with her in her own language with her knowing you are a foreigner you are getting some. Do not go with a Colombian wingman, there is no such thing they are the biggest perros you will ever find…they will end up using you for the benefit of themselves. Go to Medellin, but stay away from the cocky flaky hoes that think they should be respected because they happen to have their own carro and some nice shoes. These are the worst types, very easy but annoying. Find one that is humble, that wants to learn and actually enjoys being feminine.
    And if you happen to be dating a Colombian girl and considered sending her flowers I own we deliver flowers to any city throughout Colombia. Colombian women love passionate men, and flowers never get old for them. And when its time to get married, don’t be cheap send her parents and relatives flowers too little gestures go a long way for Colombian women. Oiga…buena suerte.

  10. Hi Faust,
    could you explain the 5 tiers in numbers of net wealth/income levels please?
    Why do I ask? Because 1,000,000 U$ net worth for an american (L.A.) is not the same social tier as a person with 1,000,000 U$ living in Paraguay (Asuncion) for example.
    So it would really help me understand your article if you could provide estimate numbers of what kind of wealth/income we are talking about in colombia.

    1. There is a point where your life style is the same everywhere, that’s when you reach tier V income, tier V usually makes over 1.5 Million, IV make between 200 K to 1 Million I would say, and III is a little under the normal middle class in the states. I hope that helps.

    2. There is no such thing as tiers and there are not just 5. There are 7 estratos (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and for the random few with huge places in the country side, the rare 7). It is not based on net worth so much as it is how much you will pay for utilities based on the neighborhood you live, where 0 or 1 is very little but 5 or 6 (or the rare 7) it is a lot more. Granted if you live in estrato 5 or 6 you likely have a high net worth any way.

  11. Sinceramente colombianas son muy aburridas. No tienen mucho para decir. Ademas la mayoria no son unas barbies de color caramelo como gringos pendejos como tu hacen a la gente creer. Guardate tus fantasias porque alla no vas a encontrar algo superior a una americana de el mismo nivel

    1. respeto aca ahi mujeres inteligentes y muy lindas de donde eres las personas noson superiores unas a otras por su nacionalidad eso es un pensamiento racista y estupido

  12. esto es un insulto para mi pais y las chicas colombianas de todas las clases ahi inteligente sy brutas prostitutas caras y baratas un poco de respeto voya denunciar esto

    1. Juan Pablo jajaja it’s obvious from your hated for gringos and pissed off attitude that you are keeping a dark secret from all of us jajaj did you lose a past girlfriend to a gringo jajaja maybe that is why you are writing like the colombian version of the Tasmanian devil

      1. I think the opposite is true fucking douche bag lol Your gringo wife or girlfriend cheated or dumped you…took half your money. OR you have no game at home you have to try these stupid tactics overseas. Stupid gringo…if only you knew what people do to your food overseas in many countries…

  13. Its very ofensive whit my country and a total lie i know woman of all clases and is not just like that

  14. thats the reason why we should ask for visa for you too, do us a favor dont come to colombia

  15. go and fuck all you ugly fat extreme white girls you are not welcome here you talk of the girls like they are prodcuts fucking nazi this is not your playground go to disneyland and have sex whit minnie muose

    1. LOL bullshit, judging by how the women treated me when I went to Colombia, I’m very welcome there.
      If you are so insecure that you have to get defensive about foreign men visiting and meeting “your” women, you need to figure out what makes you do that.

  16. all the narco thing is a fking lie you just know colombia for ms and mrs smith or what
    this is a stupid article

  17. thi is a very racist article i wanna denunciate this im gonna show it in the colombian news i want you to eraswe this fking shit

    1. Jajaja when I have fucked colombian women all they complained about was that colombian men were no well endowed jajaj and did not like eating pussy. I am half Mexican so maybe that half got me my prized cock jajaj

      1. no gringo has taken away any girl never jajaja what a good joke jajajajajaajajajajajajaaj, just respet woman like a real man thats all robocop, you dont deserve that nick

  18. This article is nothing more than a waste of time and complete proof that even though there might be gullible women that fall for the accent or the promise of a better life in another country, there are men stupid enough to think that this pathetic lines and attitudes would actually work, at least, with someone worth knowing. I am Colombian, and nothing like the stereotypes you might want to cast me in, neither physical or otherwise. If you come at me doing what the article says, I would reject you completely, and I´m pretty sure every woman I know would see the same neon sign that says “Loser” in your forehead. If you want a woman, ANY woman, from ANY country, just make her feel like she´s the world to you, make her feel really loved and appreciated. That´s all. No accents, facades, or stupid attitudes required. Even if you just want to have sex with her… you can be honest, find a way to say it without being a jerk. Not everyone will take you up on your offer but many won´t see the problem with it and if you have what they are looking for, they might accept. We are far from stupid, and while you are busy playing those basic, pathetic, little mind games that we know by heart because some other jerks have already tried them since we can remember, we´ve got you checkmated long ago… but since our forte is precisely strategy, you won´t see it until we want you to or until it´s to late. If you want to take this loser´s advice, go ahead, but don´t expect to get much out of it, except maybe some experiences with girls that will be willing to go out with you despite your pathetic behaviour, in hopes of getting something out of it. I think it´s wiser to take a Colombian woman´s advice, that actually lives in Colombia (and lived in Medellin, Bogota and Cali, so I can tell you about the different types of people, which are differenciated by more than the socioeconomical aspects).

    1. LOl exactly..just another blog for useless gringos to go “score” overseas /c ether they’re wife/girlfriend dumped them OR they are complete fucking dorks at home and think women i other countries are “easier”.
      But can you blame us? Most of our entitled gringo bitches divorce us and leave with half the money…HAHA

      1. Well I see the angry, bitter females have arrived.
        The truth hurts, eh?
        La verdad es incomodo a veces.

      2. If you actually read any of what Roosh has written he clearly states if you can’t meet women at home then going abroad will be no help.

  19. Realmente creo que quien siga esos consejos es un completo idiota, mucho más que el analfabeta cultural que escribió este articulo y si es un libro y algún pendejo gringo lo compra que asco de gente, seguro la experiencia del escritor se basada en lo que vio en su casa, no quiero imaginar el tipo de madre que tuvo, si es que tiene madre y hermanas o amigas mujeres, para mi que en su vida sólo se relaciono con prostitutas de todos los niveles sociales, puerco de mierda!!!

  20. The the F**k is this thing? Stupid, nonsense, and obviously the argument of someone who thinks with his head, but not the one with a brain.

  21. Hey, since you’re so eager to fuck anything that moves (Which is clearly the case, because judging from your post you haven’t had non-paid sex in years), why don’t you shove this mysoginistic piece of crap up your ass? The only thing you’re describing, are the pathetic little fantasies you have of women you will never be able to get on your own, because a real man don’t talk shit like this about women. I am Colombian, and this is fucking ridiculous. Thanks for the trash talk about OUR country, because the world apparently doesn’t have enough of it. Hope one day you realize how deeply you’re hurting your homeland when writing shit like this. Your grandma must be proud!

  22. duno about Colombia not being a racist country… ive been in Medellin a week and a half and can count on 2 hands the amount of times ive seen blackface comedians on the TV.. also its quite clear that the wealthy white Colombians of spanish decent have a firm grip on the upper echelons of society in this country, not saying the relationships of blacks meztizos and whites is as strained as in the US.. but to say there is no racism is a bit of a stretch..and like i said.. im a black man from the states and have picked up on this in just a week and a half of living here..

  23. When will this “person” ever learn? Honestly, people, the only thing he seems to know about is showing off this certain superiority that he seems to think he has over others. What’s worse is that along with this superiority complex he has, he also seems to think that he actually has the right to malign and put down underprivileged people, having even the audacity to brand them as lowly and whatnot. Just goes to show how those people we expect to be this and that are exactly the opposite. Look at what the world has come to.

  24. You Faust make me puke. You pretend to be a ladies man, and a man of the world, and you even need wingmen to get your game on. You and all other foreign suckers simply lack manliness. I say this because your big ego lets you perceive yourself as more of a foreigner than a native Colombian. At any rate, Colombian girls play with you all douches because they know what you are, complete assholes. Like american men, they can’t even have control over their own women, and can only take them to be if they are either high or shitface. I fuck my colombian women on the same night with no wingmen, wanna know why, because they see in me a man, and I don’t make an effort to to talk to them, or get their attention, I don’t worship pussy as you losers do. In Colombia if you show hunger you don’t get to eat. And I also feel pity for you and your ESTRATO SOCIAL RESENTMENT. By the way I’m Colombian, with no shame.

  25. This is a sexist and offensive article. The author refers to Colombian women in simple definitions, viewing them as objects to score rather than seeing them as whole and complex individual human beings. This is a dangerous thought process and way of perceiving the world.

    1. This is how it is in Latin America. He’s Colombian, I’m American, but of Mexican descent who actually grew up there. We’re just telling guys how it is.

  26. Is that what Colombian women look like? She’s beautiful, I like Spanish pale women. So how overblown is the danger in that country? I assume it’s actually not as bad as the media makes it out to be.

  27. I am English married to a Brazilian wife and they get the same stereotyping.
    I cannot believe some of the crap I have just read on here. My attitude is if you go to another country behaving like a sexual predator you deserve everything that is coming your way.

  28. Typical western male bullshit. If your life is all about “banging chicks” you’re already in a very sad place. Keep the bullshit to yourselves, guys. I will say one thing in your favor: you are making life easier for those of us who aren’t douchebags when it comes to attracting good women.

  29. It seems that you are comparing Colombian women to American women.
    If what you are saying is the truth, then less American men would be going to Colombia for meeting/bonding with the women there.
    I love Colombian women. Even if some are bad, the majority of them are good.

  30. This is wrong and too simplistic. The class system is not divided into tiers but estratos. And there is not just 5, there are 7. 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. For example, the girl pictured above is for sure trashy and likely a 1 or maybe 2. Also, stop making it seem like the richer girls do not mix with ¨commoners¨ they go out all the time, just like anyone else. Next: Colombians still say words like ¨negrito¨ so, um, it is a racist society still and people with paler, whiter, more European features tend to be valued more in regards to first impressions. Your explanations are way too simplistic and to be part of the estrato 6 does not automatically mean you are part of the ¨ruling class¨, per say, just that the family has a lot of money. If you really boil it down, all estrato (¨tier¨) really says is how much you pay for utilities according to the neighborhood you live in. Also, the tired cliche of flakiness is just that, boring and dated. If she is flakey she does not like you, I know plenty of Colombians who are on time, especially if they like you. They don´t fall for a lot of the BS that an American or Brit or whatever might fall for. They like a man, who is true to himself and others.

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