Top 5 Best Bars In Washington DC To Meet Women In 2014

DC can be a tricky place to go out in. You can read plenty of statistics and see that there is about a three to one girl to guy ratio. It should be a single man’s paradise on paper, but what those study don’t tell you or doesn’t take into account is the DC female population’s average look, so bring that number down to 2 to 1 true girl to guy ratio. Now take into account the average weight of a typical DC girl now the ratio is about 1 to 1 of eligible guys and the real number of datable/bangable DC women. Now take into account the remaining attractive women will be constantly bombarded by the most powerful alphas with political connections and money then you can see in reality DC is one of the hardest cities for single guys to date in.

From going out in DC for over ten years and since I’ve started teaching my wingman workshop I have found that the great equalizer is knowing where to go out to meet the top one on one female to guy ratio and also encounter the least competition. How many pictures has Roosh put up of an average DC night spot showing three to five pink dots for females and twenty blue dots for males? At the same time I’ve been in some establishments where my friends and I were outnumbered by attractive females 3 to 1. This heavenly scenario happened for maybe two to three hours but I found if I return during the same night and time period I had a similar ratio.

The top five best places to go out in DC all depend on the night of the, maybe specific hours during that time period and what that establishment is known for. The scene can get a little bit more complicated depending on the type of girls you like and where they like to hang out at. Without further ado the top five best places in DC to go out with wingmen.

1. Barcelona on U street (the get-the-night-started spot)

  • Best time to go HH to about 10:30pm Tuesday through Saturday
  • Type of women mid-twenties to cougar all different nationalities, career women, preppy
  • Male competition is nonexistent mostly gay men during these time period.

Barcelona is a swanky upscale Spanish wine and tapas restaurant on the lower part of U street right above Logan Circle. This is where the upper echelon of the DC working girls and socialites all meet to get wine and share different small plates of food. If you ever enter this location on a busy night then you’ll quickly notice that there’s approachable groups of girls and a large number of gay men. A lot of straight men in DC are busy pregaming at home or drinking at a sports bar and quickly over look this location because of the price, but if you designate Barcelona as your primary meet up spot to start the night then you’ll discover that you will be showered by plenty of female attention.

The girls meet around 5:30 or 6 in the bar area and will have been sipping white wine and gossiping for a few hours. Once you and your wingman show up they’re more than ready to be approached and talk with attractive straight men who have game. If you’re looking for an easy way to get the juices flowing and your confidence up with approaching women Barcelona is the location to start your night.

2. Lost Society on U street (Best Thursday night rooftop international spot)

  • Best time to go Thursday nights: 11pm to 2am  summertime rooftop
  • Type of women: International. You’ll fine Europeans, Eastern European, South American, Asian
  • Male competition: few single guys usually foreign guys that come with groups of their girls already. Easy to jump between groups.

There are plenty of rooftops all over U Street and on any given night they’re all good. But on Thursday nights for some reason Lost Society located on 14th and U street is probably the best. It gets crowded but expect to find plenty of Russian women or turn around and talk to a German au pair. The international vibe of the place is open and friendly and not one that’s stuck up or hostile like some other international lounges in DC. Girls go there to talk to guys so if you and your wingman are trying to talk to foreign friendly girls maybe here for the summer this is the place to go out on a school night. The DJ’s they usually have play incredible house music as well.

3. Mari Vanna on Dupont Circle (best Russian lounge… period)

  • Best time to go: Wednesday night Karaoke, Friday and Saturday nights starting at 11pm
  • Type of women: Russians
  • Male Competition: Russian men who come with their girls or in groups but besides that not much non-Russian men to go against

Mari Vanna is three level Russian restaurant that turns the top level into a lounge/ club after 10 pm. If you love fresh off the boat Russian women then this is the place you need to be at without a doubt. Not only Russian but Ukrainians, Romanians, Uzbekistan—all over the former Soviet Union. The place is easy to miss and usually the door is closed so from the outside it just looks like a busy restaurant but once you get to the top floor you’ll be transported to another dimension you didn’t know existed.

This is where you’ll find the best concentration of 8s to 10s in DC hands down. Of course if you don’t speak a little Russian then you’re starting from a very steep hill. Knowing just a little bet can get your foot in the door and is enough to win the bartenders over and remember you for service. The music is international and Russian disco. The Russian men aren’t a threat because they usually came with their women or don’t see you as a threat to take their women from them. Put it this way they’re there to drink and catch up not pick up more Russian women.

4. Town Hall Georgetown Glover Park via North of Georgetown (best spot for preppy girls)

  • Best time to go: Saturday nights when it gets dark
  • Type of women: slightly older (but under 30) preppy girl
  • Male competition: tons but the thing is this place is still a 1 to 1 ratio of attractive girls to guys

The thing about Town Hall is that it’s a fun place to hang out with your wingman. Plenty of attractive high class older preppy girls who’s mom and dad still help them out with their rent three years after graduating Georgetown. At first the small down side is that it’s an extremely preppy Georgetown type. You know what I’m talking about—J. Crew, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger madra shorts wearing crowd. Your natural instinct maybe to try and conform to this environment but if you know game then you’ll already know that the more you stand out the better your chances of getting noticed and attention.

Usually having more of a bad boy style, showing off tattoos, and being a little rough around the edges helps you to carry on conversations longer.  The girls are still in their sorority drunk stage so wait a few hours and you’ll be surprised how hard it is to get them to shut up. If you know how to carry a conversation and have a good wingman you’ll have a great opportunity to open up tons of preppy sets at this location. All you have to do is remember the typical preppy guys these girls are used to talking to and be the exact opposite.

5. El Centro DF U street (best Latin club/lounge)

  • Best time to go: Thursday (11:30) Friday and Saturday HH and all night
  • Type of women: Latin and all types of women who love Latin music
  • Male competition: men who know how to dance to Latin music.

I’ve been in DC and have seen plenty of Latin and Salsa clubs come and go but by far hands down the best is El Centro on 14 and U street area. It’s one of the few Latin spots where actual Latin people actually enjoy going to. In the dark, grimy basement you will find tons of girls lined up by the bar and dance floor looking to be twirled around by men who know how to salsa or bachata or whatever is the new cool Latin dance craze. Here’s the thing… I hate El Centro because I can’t dance any of those dances. But I still go because I’ve been able to offset the lack of having Latin moves with a few power game moves.

For instance, I find a cute girl who’s friend or friends are busy dancing and she’s chilling on the side solo and then I chat her up. At this point if a girl isn’t getting any male interaction but her friends are having fun you’ll be surprised to how open they are for conversation. Another scenario is to admit you don’t know what you’re doing but to give it a try anyways. Luckily I do have enough rhythm to fake it and as long as you’re willing to give it a shot you don’t have to be the best dancer in the world.

Find a girl who doesn’t know how to dance to the Latin music and dance or with her regularly. Along with a nice dark basement there’s a rooftop patio that are filled with girls there for the fresh air and strong margaritas. On some nights this is a better alternative than going downstairs into a sweaty basement. On weekends between 10 and 12 the rooftop is alive with large groups of girls also there to meet men. If you start here with your wingman and get a girl or two to come with you to dance then the battle is halfway done.

There you have it. Going out in DC in a favorable environment comes down to strategy and timing. A favorable location can become unfavorable within hours of arriving as if the attractive women all migrate to another location knowing the next location is just as vital as well. Remember these top five best places in DC if you ever find yourself in a bar or lounge and you wonder where all the attractive girls in DC are. While running my wingman workshops I’ve been able to find smaller less crowded bars that triangulate off of some of these locations where you can find smaller groups of girls not looking for a crowded scene to go out in.

Also as a side note I purposefully left off all the big name K street clubs in DC. Sure this would be the place to find the top 1% of attractive females in any race or nationality but by now everyone knows the amount of energy, finance, and level of bullshit you’d have to put up with is not worth even recommending for a proper night out with your wingman.

If you’re interested in learning  about more of DC’s hidden gems and going out with a with a wingman that can back you up with the skills needed to pick up, contact me directly at [email protected] or read more about how I can help you.

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108 thoughts on “Top 5 Best Bars In Washington DC To Meet Women In 2014”

  1. DC is awesome. Not only is it filled with post-college young girls, but they are a good package. Not just attractive, but college educated, ambitious, etc. I think DC is a cool city.

    1. I don’t know how you could possibly think DC is “awesome.” I don’t hate it, but I can think of at least a half dozen cities on the east coast I much prefer to DC.

        1. How can you possibly believe Philly and Baltimore are better than DC? Are you black?

        2. You’ve never been to Baltimore, have you? Go to Federal Hill on a Saturday night…sexy but down to earth, just out of college white girls. How is DC better in any way than Baltimore? I live in DC btw

        3. Girls in Bmore and Philly are out of shape and usually have provincial minds. Give me a smart chick with ambition and a killer body any day. As far as Boston girls re concerned, the accent makes me sick.

    2. DC would be a paradise if all the women parasites there JUST DIED.

    3. As a lifelong Washingtonian,I can attest that that “ambition” is usually interchangeable with being a “status mongering cunt with the attention span of 140 characters, or less”.

      1. The worst dates in my life have been in DC. The epitome of foul women. Hate it, hate it, hate it.

      2. So true. Ambitious cunts who are ugly/fat actually treat men nice (they know their value) or at worst ignore them; while they are brutal towards women, specially hot ones.
        Ambitiuous cunts who are hot treat most of mankind like excrement (they know their value), except for the few apex alphas they desire. That means they go long periods without sex or any kind of emotional nutrition.

      3. I find ambition hot…lazy women with no idea what they want to do with their life bore the piss out of me.

  2. But what if one is into pouchy lawyer-types who like to wear sweatpants and flip flops around town?
    Do they have any women like that in DC?

    1. There are, but you can’t fuck them because they all think they deserve a Senator.

      1. While the cash-loaded senators hire amenable and high-quality escorts who leave them alone once the job is finished…

    2. I love that you posted that.
      I also love the look in their eye when they realize that you’re not the least bit interested in them – not even for a buzzer beater. Then I tell them where I’m from and they really deflate.

    AS doktorjeep said, get the hell out of dodge.
    I imagine jerking off into sandpaper would be better than going to a DC bar looking to pick up “chicks”.

        1. Disgusting movies. The guy clearly has issues going beyond the whole shock factor. Was referring to him because he made jerking off with sandpaper a (very graphic) reality in the second installment.

    1. There are the occasional hot girl there. Powerful alpha guys, even of the degenerate politico/lawyer kind, occasionally end up marrying and impregnating good looking women. Having beautiful kids. Some of them girls. And besides, there are internationals there. Some even, as mentioned, Russian.
      Probably not the highest reward/effort ratio out there, but not devoid of bangable girls.
      And the various political conventions there are so heavily female stacked (few/none 8+, but plenty of 5-7s) that a guy with access and any sort of game ought to clean up like a Kamasutra guru at a hippie happening.

  4. It’s ironic having an article about where to meet women right after one about self removal of genital warts. This site has all the bases covered.

    1. No coincidence that the city is Washington DC. That whole place is a wart full of dicks.

        1. Did you ever find a good place to eat for reasonable money while you were there?
          I’m sick of two meals a day at Union Station when I am in town.

        2. hey, close to there (<1 mile I think) is a pretty good tapas place called Jaleo. Good food, reasonable price, hip and decent looking women for D.C. at least when I was there.

    2. “It’s ironic having an article about where to meet women right after one about self removal of genital warts. This site has all the bases covered”
      That, plus Roosh has recently written about what a complete wasteland the whole DC scene is. I pass.

  5. There’s an ROK contingent that has everyone brainwashed that DC is a terrible place for getting girls. The continual supply of new college grads means there’s plenty of talent out there. Also, the Arlington scene is pretty good/if not better.

    1. You say “college grads” like that’s the most awesome thing ever.
      These girls come from 2nd and 3rd tier schools and think they’re the shit. Also they’re likely at BEST rank and file libtards and at worse rabid activists.

      1. like georgetown? george washington? yep terrible 3rd rate schools. come on bro

        1. Georgetown? Potentially impressive. But they’re gonna think they’re Ivy Leaguers.
          GW? Please.

        2. Anyone who uses a term like libtard probably has a general hatred of education to go along with his hard-earned high school diploma.

    2. What’s the point of “talent” when most of it is inaccessible as a result of hypergamy/ridiculously inflated expectations? That “talent” may as well not exist.

  6. Nice, small but pert butt on the chick in the pink mini in the cover pic.
    Would bang.

  7. Anyone taking bets on the number of IRTs who flood those bars and invalidate this article within the week?

    1. Why are there so many posts like this? If you don’t have anything to add to the topic, why vent your rage?

    1. Brings back memories. I had some great scores at the Mayflower back in the 80’s.

  8. I had a 40 minute conversation with ‘Cuisine’ an aficionado of sangria, food and a relaxed style of indirect game. mostly daygame in Washington, DC. Here’s the podcast

    Pick up spots mentioned in Washington, DC
    Adams Morgan
    Eastern Market
    Jazz in the Garden
    First Fridays
    930 Club
    Metro Center Station
    U Street
    H Street Northeast
    Rock & Roll Hotel

  9. Awesome post. Very kind of you to share your secrets. I’d buy you drinks at any of these places any time.

  10. Why would you want to fuck a woman? Women are pure scum and should all die, pure and simple.

  11. Got to admit that I don’t understand the appeal of night game. You are basically gathering all the top males together to compete for a limited number of females that are both attractive and willing to put out that night. It just seems like really shitty odds. That and I can’t imagine paying that much for drinks. Day game is so much more simple and if you go on a date the chick is less likely to be blackout drunk when you are fucking and less likely to have an std.

  12. So what’s a good place to meet 40ish y/o divorcees?
    I’m old enough to be grandfather (just barely) to some of you and once a dirty young man, you count your blessings if you survive to be a dirty old man.

        1. Wait… You’ve actually picked up chicks at divorce court? I was only being facetious.

      1. We’re dropping them off, and Whitehall is picking them up!
        Next time it happens to me, just stop by the house. I’ll make sure you get curb service.

        1. For an older guy like me, fresh 40ish divorcees are the gold mine of poontang. They have spent some time and effort whipping themselves into shape as they plot to dump the chump – yoga, diets, spas – and are anxious to field-check their SMV. They often have a nice income from alimony and assets too, or else have a decent career.
          They don’t WANT a longer-term relationship – maybe a year – since rationally they know better than to marry on the rebound. But they still can “fall in love.” So it’s catch and release for both of us.
          And for many women in their 40s, their hormones jack up the libido to levels similar to young men in their 20s. It is their body telling them “Last chance to get knocked-up so get busy.”
          They still have a preference for men older than themselves so if one dresses nicely and carries oneself with manly stature and confidence, they get that button pushed.
          Downsides, are teenage kids one has to schedule around, and girlfriends.
          I haven’t had a 20-something since I was in my late-40s. Nice and firm, yes, but still a child, with all the attendant hassles and stupidities.
          So young men, gather yea rosebuds while yea may, but don’t think that satisfying lust need disappear at any certain age. I hear that the retirement communities have a hopping sex life. Plan for it!

        2. The force is strong with you, Obi-Wan Poonobi!
          Not one man in a hundred ever figures out what he wants and how to obtain it.
          I tip my hat to you sir!

  13. Wish you guys wrote this late last year when I went to d.c for a weekend. Bookmarked nonetheless.

  14. Born in D.C. and live in the suburbs.
    D.C. is full of cliquish, stuck up, liberal women. I’m not saying you can’t make things happen but I just don’t like the atmosphere. In D.C., women (especially 7s and up) think holding a door open for a man is too forward. See a lot of aloofness and staring at smart phones.
    The farther I get away from D.C. the more pleasant women are. I get smiles, doors held open and just all around more pleasant attitudes.
    Too many thirsty men in D.C. Its one huge sausage fest.

    1. This is why I enjoy going to DC.
      The men who stick around in it aren’t competition enough to get in your way.
      The men who could possibly learn how to get women in it vote themselves off the island opting for dive bars in Herndon and Alexandria instead.
      Easy pickings in DC if you know what you’re doing. Especially if you go to Dupont where half the men are fags who pussy tease women and fly away. If you can’t get laid in Dupont I don’t know what to tell you.

      1. Oh lawdy! He dropped the H-bomb and the A-bomb.
        It’s a fun place to visit; it makes you feel like a T-Rex surrounded by plant eaters. That said, I do feel for the folks that have to live there.

  15. As a native, DC is a weird place. It’s not like Toronto, which is a complete nightmare, but it is frustrating if you are looking to improve your game beyond cute LTRs. My suspicion about the fight over DC is that most people who live here did not grow up here, plus it’s very nerdy. So you have guys coming from places like Cornell and MIT where they were incredibly thirsty, and DC provides them with their first sip of water, so they praise it w/o having the perspective of going elsewhere. At least that’s what I did. For guys who wish to become true Alphas, though, it quickly frustrates due to bad logistics, sky high prices (real estate is now more expensive than NYC – remember there is more to NYC than just Manhattan), and astoundingly cold people. No mattter where you are, there are rules for opening women. But even guys in DC don’t want to talk w/you, which makes even warming up a headache. I’m always taken aback by the friendliness of people even when I travel just an hour away.

    1. Yeah, this struck me as well. Even the fucking men act like bitches. If there’s no immediate advantage in knowing you, they could give a fuck.
      I’ve had the exact same experience when I travel away from D.C. Had a job in southern Maryland and the guys I worked with were so cool it felt odd.
      Men I had no particular business with greeted me like we were neighbors.

    2. My time in Toronto was depressing sex-wise. The women seemed a bit too cold.
      In DC, power is the ultimate aphrodisiac. I remember chatting up a couple of cuties in a Georgetown bar back in the 90s when out popped “We’re just waiting for the ambassador from X-country to arrive.”
      On the other hand, I’ve had free room-and-board from a woman (a 6) I met on-line for a week-long business trip to DC. I did have to work for it at night though!

    3. Exactly. Grew up in rural southern maryland and now live in DC, and the contrast in general friendliness is like night and day, whether it’s men or women.

    4. Thank you for emphasizing that even the guys are cliquey, douchey, and aloof. We all know the average American female is an entitled bitch, especially in DC. But at least in most of the country, you can at least befriend guys so you can have something to do when not hitting on chicks (watching sports, dudes night out, video games, etc) along with assisting you to get chicks. But as for DC, the average guy is a dipshit antisocial dork who sticks in their clique and will not socialize if you don’t fit their image or have anything useful for them to gain from you…just like women.

  16. Ive reached a new level of game to where I dont even care go out and hit on girls anymore. Liberal american girls are monsters…you are wasting your time.
    Im starting to see the wisdom of Sharia Law…..given women any sort of power is a colossal mistake, and suppressing our lusty urges is essential to having a soul.
    Game, chasing pussy, drinking, giving women rights….its all equally corrosive to your soul.

    1. Correct. You really have to be a sucker for punishment to do the whole cold approach game thing in pretty much any North American city.

    2. I agree, all of those things are related. If you lose the latter, the former three certainly recede.

    1. That is how hookers are referred to. Sometimes kids in English exams write something like “They were hard working girls” which essentially means Hard prostitutes.

  17. Salsa.
    I once learned a bit of salsa. The girl teaching me was the girlfriend of my mother’s friend. She was trying to marry him to get citizenship. Lucky for him he wasn’t that stupid. Between lessons she would try to kiss me.
    Still on my list of things to learn. Doesn’t hurt.

    1. Unless you’re a seriously advanced dancer, salsa is fucking useless for getting laid, trust me.

  18. I often hear of the favorable girl to guy ratio in DC but you rarely see it. This is mainly because the vast majority of women in DC are fat, ugly or both. This makes the remaining girls very snooty.

    1. don’t forget the SUPREMELY UGLY girls around Benning Road. God I have never seen a bunch of apes like them outside of the Zoo.

        1. I was, but It’s irrelevant, I grew up in southeast. Terrible place for a white boy, and even worse today.
          the girls put the ugh in ugly. It’s like looking at a sea of whoopi goldbergs.

    2. The girls are probably fat from eating away their depression at the single men they have to choose from in this city of dorks. I put on 10 pounds when I moved here. Never been overweight in my life. I’m getting out and shedding the weight too.

  19. The El Centro in Georgetown is much, much better. The layout with the one on U St. Is too crowded in the basement. The top floor is cool though. The one in Georgetown is great though. Latinas still are abundant but you also have white girls from GWU and Georgetown. Cuba libre is also a good place to go if you’re looking for Latinas, but learn salsa and meringue if you go there.

  20. Some tragic news – Lorena Bobbitt was killed this morning in a terrible accident on the D.C. beltway. Traffic was tied up for miles from Braddock rd. to rt.66. Appearantly she got cut off by some dick . . .

  21. I lived in DC for a while.
    It was a fuckfest of 4, 5, and occasional 6’s. I mean, nonstop pussy every time I turned around. If wanted to get laid, all I had to do was mozy on down to a nearby bar. Plus, the place is full of beta men who actually believe in politics. So, the competition is pitiful.
    The women there will deep throat, take it up the ass, all sorts of nasty shit. I don’t know what it is. Maybe because they are just average and not hot. Maybe because they are all bound up in whatever work crap – true believers – they are in and when they get out of that stifling environment and into bed, they need a release. Fuck if I know.
    But that was all it was. The women would fuck like horny hound dogs. Though, none of them were worth more than fucking. I can only remember banging one 8 or 9, and she was a totally crazy fucking bitch. Also likely an alcoholic (I am sure that she is now a wrinkled up old alcoholic witch). Too many of them caught up in one political or ideological passion or another. Conversation was one dimensional and fucking boring as hell.
    If you are totally desperate and just have to have an American women, go ahead and try DC. Otherwise, it’s a waste of valuable time, energy, and money.

  22. Entirely disagree on the choice of Town Hall. I’m a scenester myself. It’s a lot easier to run game at George or SP. Buy girls a couple of shots. Bro out with the bartenders and you can pull every night.

  23. Have any of y’all actually been to DC? Ugly, fat women? Slouchy, fat men? You do realize that DC has (A) One of the highest concentrations of twenty-somethings in the US with (B) one of highest concentrations of people with graduate degrees and (C) one of the strongest job markets in the country for folks with degrees as well as (D) being routinely voted one the fittest cities in America. That means women who are young, smart, employed in high-paying competitive jobs, and rocking seriously toned bodies. Speaking as someone who has lived in Logan Circle for three years I can tell you the women here are overwhelmingly hot, in shape, young, smart, educated, ambitious and career-driven with high paying jobs. The truth of the matter is that they see through “game” like it was a plate of glass. They respond to guys who are alpha males with solid careers, fat wallets, good bodies, and brains…which no doubt results in mindless bashing from guys who can’t step up in those categories and have to just resort to insults to compensate. If you can’t handle women like that, go back to the suburbs.

  24. The jig is up – Mari Vanna is invaded by sausages. But it’s still better than average by DC standards.

  25. Bars have been trusted places to find a date for quite a long time, but perhaps there is a section of people that are not able to reap the benefits of direct interaction due to being a little shy, for them I would recommend using the online sites to meet people for dating and chat such as, being free these sites have a nice cross section of people to choose from for a date.

  26. DC could build a million bars, lounges, and nightclubs from Georgetown to the Easternmost reaches of DC, but that won’t solve the problem of DC, which is the people (and this is women and men). The only men who do well in DC are douchey white guys and ghetto black dopeboys. Otherwise, you’re better off in the suburbs or relocate if possible.
    And as a non-ghetto black man, I have a double strike for me for being black and refusing to be a dreadhead ass goon. Fuck DC from the bottom of my heart.

  27. Author got it all out at the end of the first paragraph. Good job! It’s all about money and being a good J.A.P. today. What man in his right mind would even get married under these circumstances and marital/civil laws favoring the “flowing” ones? They hop from one to the next, glistening their stud with their crud, always looking for a longer, thicker shlong and deeper pockets.

  28. Wow if men complain about the lack of dating options in DC, you must be a big fat loser/dork/dick. Never had such a hard time getting a date with a good guy in my life as this year in DC, longest year of my life.

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