You’ll Have A Hard Time Meeting Girls If Your Style Is Missing These Two Elements

One of the oldest questions in the seduction book is whether or not looks and appearance count when meeting women. To put an end to the years of debate around this issue let me answer it for you unequivocally now: yes, the way you look when you approach women matters. A lot. And the easiest way to look better is to dress well.

But because there are a myriad of different styles and tastes out there, game writers often find it difficult to provide cogent advice in this area. After all, what works for a guy into heavy metal living in the Midwest is unlikely to fly on the boulevards of Paris. In this article, though, I reveal two concepts you should keep in mind when you choose clothes, whatever your individual style or taste may be.

Looks Are Important, But…


The way you look may be important, but you don’t need to be the equivalent of Ryan Gosling or British male model David Gandy. One of the reasons that game is so effective—whether you’re looking for a girlfriend or simply a little low-key female company—is that, fortunately for us, a man’s value extends considerably further than his aesthetics. Confidence, charm, ambition, and social and sexual dominance are all attributes that girls find exciting and attractive. If you can communicate these effectively in interactions with them, then you are likely to be rewarded for doing so. This, in a nutshell, is the essence of game.

However, what some men forget, or perhaps don’t fully grasp, is that “game,” as we speak of it today, is really a holistic discipline. Yes, the refinement of one’s social and interpersonal skills are crucial, but we should all also be striving to improve every aspect of ourselves, from our fitness, to our finances to—yes—our looks.


Of course, there’s not a great deal we can do about our facial features (short of plastic surgery) or height, but beyond that almost everything is a realistic candidate for improvement. And one thing’s for sure—an ugly dude who is well-groomed and stylish will do a hell of a lot better than one who isn’t.

Some might argue that an undue consideration for one’s appearance is kowtowing to women. I disagree. Looking good is predominantly about having respect for oneself. And just as the underlying point of game is the effective communication of value, this should also underpin the way you dress.

Think about yourself as a brand. Every element of the way you present yourself externally should have meaning, and that meaning should say something good about you. In this regard, your clothes are every bit as important as whatever clever line you dropped last night in the bar.

Look The Part


But you also need to be realistic. If you want to get with the most attractive girls then you need to look the part. A friend of mine who is just getting into game has steadfastly refused to alter his appearance—perhaps best described as “sporty-slacker-chic”—believing that charm and seductive qualities alone will see him through.

Unfortunately this is just not the case.

At the moment I am seeing a hot and classy English girl who is extremely well-presented and wears elegant clothes, some of them designer. I used all the normal game tactics I espouse here to get with her, but would the deal have been sealed were I not also well-dressed? I doubt it. She’s not a snob and she’s certainly not a gold digger, but she expects a guy who’s with her to “have his shit together.” Wearing ill-fitting, unfashionable clothes or looking like you’re just stepped out of a gym in the 1990s would not have worked.

Think about what the guy you imagine your ideal girl would most realistically be with. What is he wearing? If you don’t measure up, then go back to the drawing board (or the clothes store).

By the way, don’t blame women for this. Would you date a skank in a pair of loose dungarees with tattoos? Probably not. Think about clothes first and foremost as a mode of expression for your own personality, and take them seriously. That they will raise your SMV (sexual market value) in the process is a side-benefit, but a valuable one. Just like when you go to a company to make a sale, secure a job, or raise investment you might as well give yourself the best possible chance by looking presentable.

So, what should you consider when you are out selecting clothes to wear? Forget about the old-school PUA idea of peacocking. If that ever worked then you can bet it was because the guys using it had more going for them that a feather boa and a flashing belt, and it most likely made many more look like fools. In my view it is these two things you should keep in mind: power and mystique.

1. Power


Remember, game is all about communicating value, and what better value is there to display than power?

Now, before people get the idea that this is all about wearing Armani suits and Tag watches, remember that power can mean a variety of things. Yes, there is the power that comes with wealth and influence, either political or commercial. But there is also the muscular power of the male body. Or the creative power of the rock musician, or the sporting power of the pro-athlete.

Have a look at what you’re wearing now and ask yourself honestly whether it makes you look powerful in any way. If you’re wearing a baggy old polo shirt, some chinos and a pair of old sneakers then the answer is probably no. I’m not suggesting you have to jettison these for a blazer and pocket square, as that may not be your thing, but what you must do is ensure that your clothes tell people that you are a together individual who possesses power of some kind.

This looks sharp and communicates power in terms of money, influence, and confidence

This looks sharp and communicates power in terms of money, influence, and confidence

And this does not. Based on clothes alone who do you think will get the most tail?

And this does not. Based on clothes alone who do you think will get the most tail?

A very simple was of doing this is to ensure that your clothes fit well. This is also dependent on local fashions, but I would suggest that in general tight and well-fitting trumps baggy. For one thing, a slim-cut pair of jeans will show off your physique much better than a baggy pair. This in itself will make you look more masculine and powerful. And a sharp-fitting suit jacket or a classic biker jacket will look a lot better than a hoodie (despite the billionaires of Silicon Valley).

2. Mystique

The pocket square and the sunglasses are interesting details that add a little mystique to Craig's look here

The pocket square and the sunglasses are interesting details that add a little mystique to Craig’s look here

An ill-fitting and generic hoodie like this does not

An ill-fitting and generic hoodie like this does not do the same for this guy

Which leads on to the second point – never be generic. You should instead always try to ensure that your clothes look just a little bit different, just a little bit unique, to communicate a little mystique. This is different to the old concept of peacocking in that you shouldn’t allow it to take over your whole outfit. Instead, you should just add little splashes of colour or detail—such as a designer pocket square, or cufflinks, or an unconventionally-cut coat—that mark you out as an individual rather than a neck-bearded loon.



Women love a man who is hard to pin down. If you’re an open book then you are not creating enough attraction. So try to bear this in mind when you are choosing clothes and incorporate little touches that make her wonder about you.

Above all, you must get into the habit of thinking seriously about your wardrobe and remember that everything that you wear is not only a reflection of your personality, but that this is also being communicated loud and clear to everyone around you. I’m not saying don’t do casual or dressed down, but I am saying make sure that it’s well-fitting and stylish.

Work on this area of your life to make yourself stand out—and why not give yourself the best chance of succeeding with women possible?

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229 thoughts on “You’ll Have A Hard Time Meeting Girls If Your Style Is Missing These Two Elements”

  1. Man this pisses me off, but here goes.
    Why the fuck are men dressed up so fucking horrible and disgusting today? Every single man is dressed up the same- slick back hairstyles with shaved sides, dirty stubbles and beards, skinny, tapered chinos or skinny jeans and horrendous croc shoes. Fucking hell- so damn fucking horrible looking and ugly.
    Men dress up like effiminate, emasculated, metrosexual hipsters that look like they were raised by single mothers and need girlfriends to dress them up. Horrible, absolutely horrible. How is this even considered the new fashion trend, is beyond me, but it really pisses me off, and anyone who suggests this is the style can go fuck themselves.
    You want to know what style is: ok here are examples of fictional movie characters that dress up like REAL men: Billy Costigan (played by Leonardo Dicaprio in the Departed) Now that is a manly style- real leather jacket, casual yet normal looking clothes.Or how about the way Keanu Reeves looks in that movie Speed? Normal yet manly looking.
    Sorry about this rant, but I’m getting fed up of the bullshit hipster fashion trends that are being promoted by this generation of awful trend setters. Dress up like a real man. You will stand apart from the crowd, and people will notice you and give you respect for dressing up in a real and visually good looking manner.

    1. I would say the exact opposite. Dressing that casually makes you look like a little peter pan boy who refuses to grow up and take on the massive responsibility of being a man.
      The sword swings both ways. Like I said in my comment below, what is most important is that you look comfortable.

      1. Completely disagree with you. When you have grown men in their twenties and thirties who have slick back hairstyles with shaved sides, stubbles and beards, tattoos all over their body, tight v necks and shirts, skinny chinos or tapered jeans and crocs- that is a strong indication that they have NOT grown up, but choose to still dress up like teenage boys. These are the real peter pans and is an indicator of cultural decline.
        I do not follow the sheep and hipster crowds and choose not to dress up like a fool. I prefer the clean shave, normal looking hairstyles and normal looking and relaxed fitting clothing. That is an indicator of maturity and more visually appealing.

        1. Ok, you are 100% right about the hipsters. The odd haircuts and tight v neck etc. That isn’t even a discussion, it is simply the fact.
          However, I think that relaxed fitting clothes make a person look lazy and like a little boy.
          There is a place in between which is properly fitted clothing.
          As for hairstyles, I am fairly conservative in that. Basically, try to look like an adult. But relaxed fitting jeans and t shirt with a hoodie is the furthest thing from an indicator of maturity in my book.

        2. Whether you are a man or a woman, never dress like a teenage boy.
          Lazy clothes indicate a lazy personality.

        3. I agree with avoiding the ‘hipster’ look, but I think men of all ages should pay attention to their grooming, for their own self esteem if nothing else. Be in shape and wear smart well fitted age appropriate clothes. Whether you’re 25 or 75.

        4. When I was a young kid the guy who owned the tow truck shop who was a friend of my family gave me a job. I basically swept up the shop and cleaned the tools (back then we had a slop sink with a pedal that released a stream of gasoline…it was cheaper than industrial cleaner and worked better on the grease).
          Anyway, across the street from the shop there was a factory where Hispanic women worked sewing machines. They would all stand outside and smoke cigarettes on their lunch break and I, with my new found puberty, would stare at them while I swept.
          I was reprimanded by my boss for sweeping in a lazy way. He showed me the proper way to hold a push broom (the exact way I still hold it) and how to agitate the dirty and sweep correctly. He said to my virgin self “those women over there are watching you sweep like a lazy kid and they will assume you fuck like a lazy kid too”
          To this day, whenever I sweep something, I do a fucking fantastic job.
          The same with clothes. You should dress the way you live, the way you fuck, the way you deadlift….with fucking intention and if you look like you just tossed some shit on then you will never do well either with women or at life in general.

        5. I have also learned to buy everything at least one size too big and then go to the tailor. I but any shirt, buy it too big, go to tailor, try it on and tell him to taper it, take it in here, do this, do that and the shirt will wear like it is painted on.
          I believe every man should do this. Find a tailor you like, who understands you, does a good job and charges fairly and be friends.
          You need to be on a first name basis with a tailor, a butcher, a fish monger and your local bartender.

        6. You do if you cook and you want to make sure you always get good product. When I go into my fish guy (as well as my butcher) and order something he may look at me, shake his head no and then point to something else…fresher, many times it is cheaper as well.
          That is service you can’t pay for.
          Also, when that one moment comes when someone says they need to buy some fish for a party and you give him the name of your fishmonger and say “mention me, he will do you right” it is a small thing that goes a long way in the world.

        7. I haven’t. I usually just buy off the rack shirts one or two sizes too big for me. Then I pay 9 bucks to my local tailor and he tapers and cuts it to fit me perfectly.

        8. I hear you – but lets be clear: The guy you described in the first paragraph, especially if he is in shape, is going to get a lot more ass than the guy described in the second paragraph – all other factors being equal.

        9. I have this situation with the place I buy my clothes. I go in there, shoot the shit, discuss philosophy and red pill truths. They know me so well they give me special discounts, put stuff aside when its on sale and otherwise look out for me. As a result, people constantly compliment me on my clothes.
          Painted on… I once hung with some girls in Miami whose outfits really were painted on…

        10. It is such a cool way to buy clothes. Department stores are for women. Sitting on a leather sofa, chatting about philosophy while drinking whisky with a man who has made his passion for clothing a business…that is how men ought shop,
          I have heard of the Miami paint dresses. Closest I got was a saran wrap dress. Looked great….but removal was difficult and, well, stinky.

        11. LOL!
          The guy where I buy my shoes serves me whiskey. In the store where I get my clothes they serve G&T and beer.

      2. I think dressing casually looks great as long as you don’t look scruffy. If your casual clothes exude power chicks will dig you. Fundamentally this works well if your casual clothes fit you well and you are in great physical shape.

        1. A time and place for everything…as there are people for everything. Casual, to me, may be something different than it is to others. If I put on a pair of wool trousers and a button down shirt with the collar open or a knit tie, a light weight jacket and a pair of loafers I would call that casual as opposed to how I go to work — in a smart suit.
          Agreed about scruffy. I feel like the moment that I made shaving a daily part of my routine was a big step in no longer being a kid.
          Again: a person needs to feel comfortable in what they wear and no one style is for everyone, but as soon as you look like a slob or a lazy kid you are out.
          I will wear workout clothes to go to the grocery store etc. I have one pair of jeans that doesn’t get frequent use (quads or jeans as they say). I just don’t feel they are appropriate attire for an adult. That doesn’t mean they aren’t, just that they aren’t in my judgment.

        2. It depends on how you look. Last Summer I passed a football coach from the EPL in the street. He’s in his 50s and was wearing a blazer and jeans. He exuded power, reason being he is in great shape (as a former football player he has some serious quads).
          The trouble is, most adults (middle-aged men) wear cheap bagging jeans with sneakers under a sagging gut partially hidden under a stained polo shirt. So no, this doesn’t work.
          My friend, when I wear my Japanese denim, with a T-Shirt and leather jacket, women flood their panties with love juice. If your gear is quality and you look good naked then you’ll look great in your clothes.

        3. It’s difficult to exude power when your legs look like a couple of toothpicks, which applies to most of these bearded hipsters.

        4. Agreed for sure and this is why I made the caveat about being comfortable. I just don’t feel comfortably dressed in jeans if I am going out. THat is a personal thing. If I feel uncomfortable, it will never work no matter how good it looks because I won’t exude my normal level of confidence.

        5. What I need to do is figure out how to recreate my post heavy deadlift walk. The sheer level of cocksure testosterone that comes out when I put a heavy lift down and take a walk around the gym is so transformative. I might have to walk around with a 405 pound barbell. Every time I walk into the place I will do a set of 4 X 3 X 2, then put said barbell back in my pocket and walk in.

        6. The only reason I can think of for them being so skinny is that they really do suffer from low testosterone or have some kind of issue with hormones overall.
          Possibly, in my theory, some kind of epigenetic damage is afoot that for the most part their DNA is androgen resistant, just like how bad diet can make fat cells insulin resistant. There are, for example, women born with genetic defects that make their cells entirely resistant to androgens and they look like women but actually have XY chromosomes (it’s a rare condition).
          What I think is going on with these hipsters is they are on a “spectrum” of the defect that creates women with XY chromosomes. So they may have dicks and they may “officially” be dudes, but the end product is amounting to something more akin to “women with dicks and whiskers”.
          Considering the social and political leanings of hipsters, or all of their social and political trappings and personalities being almost on par with twink-haired lesbians and trannies, I’d say my theory is not far off.
          But don’t expect our corrupt part-of-the-problem universities to do any kind of study on this.

        7. I’ve been lifting for a little while, and just started doing squats. Damn! I love them. Deadlifting rocks as well.

        8. I laughed about the overweight middle-aged men wearing cheap baggy jeans. Sadly, I’m 42, about 30lbs overweight, and am wearing “relaxed fit Kirkland” jeans from Costco. At least I am wearing Doc Martin shoes and a button up shirt (still sad but better than sneakers and a baggy T-shirt).
          I recently realized that I’m the classic wimp beta. It is high past time that I man up. I’ve started lifting heavy, biking, and eating better. I’m already stronger than I’ve ever been in my life. Most of my life, I couldn’t even do a single pushup. Now I can easily crank out ten or so. I know it is pathetic, but at least I’m heading in the right direction. Within a few more months, I intend to be able to bench-press at least my bodyweight.
          I’m a married guy, who is tired of infrequent sex with a wife who has little real desire for me. I’m working on becoming more attractive in terms of attitude as well as appearance. The married sex life will be improving dramatically over the next year or so. (If not, then I’ll just have to pick up a second wife)
          The other day, my wife mentioned “you are being a bit of a jerk today”. Inside, I thought, “No I am just starting to man up and won’t be taking shit from anybody, and I think that really is what you want from me deep down in your heart”.
          The great thing about being in your 40’s is that 90% or more of your cohorts are overweight betas rocking “dad-bodies”. I will really stand out when I get reasonably fit.

        9. First of all, a congratulations to you! Once you improve, your SMV will skyrocket. Don’t do it just for the sex. Do it for YOU.
          Your wife’s comment was a shit test. Just brush it off and don’t apologize.
          Watch that you don’t over do it lifting heavy. Don’t get injured.
          Best of luck to you!

        10. Good job on starting to do the right thing!
          As a man who is also in his 40’s, I can tell you for a fact that being in great shape puts you head and shoulders above not just the 40 somethings, but also the young bucks. You have their “ideal build” combined with exuding confidence AND wealth.

        11. Thanks J. Hue. Unfortunately, my beta habits are deeply ingrained. I’ve been doing them for a long time. For example, I tend to say “I’m sorry” to my wife all the time. I’m working hard to change these things. (I will say “I’m sorry” if I do something I believe is wrong, but not just because she is upset with me.) I knew my wife’s comment was a shit test, and treated it as such.
          I know my SMV will go up as I get stronger and more confident, but like you said, I’m doing this more for my own self respect than I am for the sex.

        12. “Relaxed fit”- back in the day, they called that “husky”.
          Doc Martens never go outta style, and you can get away with wearing them to work at most places.
          Look up the importance of zinc and vitamin D for your T levels, you need to take supplements as do most men in the west

        13. Spot on! What we now broadly call business casual, used to be what was known as….casual. What we call casual, used not to be worn at all, unless one was at the gym or involved in manual labor employment.
          workout clothes for the gym.
          jeans for hard work.
          some form of trousers for the rest of life.

        14. You nail it very clearly here.
          I was trying to explain to someone that loafers are casual shoes the other day when they referred to them as dress shoes.

        15. I’m guessing then that it was a bridge too far to explain the proper distinction and occasion between a business suit (“informal” not dress), a dinner jacket/tuxedo (“semi-formal”), and tailcoat/evening dress (“formal”)? I’ve had the hardest time just trying to explain to others that donning a sport coat is not “dressing up.” It’s a constant uphill battle when our standard presently hovers somewhere around…..not naked, and any effort beyond that is a sign of arrogance or vanity. Sad really.
          Curiously, I’ve found loafers (when paired with a suit) to be more prevalent in the Northeast, than the Midwest or South. The soles may be rubber, but at least there are laces.

        16. Thanks man, and I am taking a few supplements (Vitamin D, multivitamin, fish oil, and Whey Protein, occasionally Zinc and Selenium too).

        17. Don’t quit. No matter what- Do NOT quit. You’ll wake up one day and the fuckin’ world will be yours. Good luck, brother!

        18. Funny story about a dinner jacket. I have a white one. I got a good deal on one that was big enough to fit Pavarotti and had my tailor do a number on it so it fit perfectly. I was so excited to wear it. Black pants. White shirt. Black bow tie (I tie my own). I get to a great hotel bar, walk in feeling like a million bucks with a carnation in my lapel only to realize that the waiters are wearing white jackets. I wanted to die a little inside.
          As for loafers with a suit…it kills me…not because of the fashion, but simply because how many young men were just never taught better.

        19. LOL! We call those “Dad Jeans”. Next time your wife calls you a jerk tell her “why… thank you!”
          The quickest way to lose that weight (I myself lost 20 pounds in three months) is eliminate sugar, grains and alcohol. If its tough just limit it to the weekends. But no Kelloggs, no afternoon Jaffa Cakes, no beers with workmates every evening. Cut that shit way down. If other people don’t respect that… fuck ’em!

        20. I actually hit 405 for 3 x 3 x 2 this morning. If you recall, in late august I could not walk. Go recovery!

        21. Thanks man. That’s what I’m trying to do diet wise. I’ve really cut back on the sugar, grains, and alcohol. I’m trying to eat mainly eggs, meat, dairy, vegetables, and fruit. I’d like to get stronger, and lose weight at the same time, so I’m eating a lot of protein and supplementing with whey powder.

        22. Leung (not David Leung) on Lex and 92nd right across the street from the Y. Best guy in New York

        23. Well don’t listen to anyone who says you can’t burn fat and build muscle at the same time. You absolutely can and anyone who says otherwise doesn’t understand human metabolism.
          Btw, in my view, you don’t need protein powder. Its a scam. You can get plenty of protein from real food. Just my opinion.

        24. Thanks man. The physical obstacles were all gone about 2 weeks ago, but that last mental hurdle of gentle to the bar, doing my routine and then making my pull sigmoid dawdling and thinking about it too much needed to be overcome. Kept having thoughts of the bars, and my toes, not moving.

        25. I hope one day I can get under the bar again. Serious back injury has made it impossible for years. I’m still working on the rehab so we’ll see.

        26. I have some C&J monk straps but they are always on the same notch. I put them on with a shoe horn and take them off like a slip on.
          Those look ridiculous.It reminds me of something I wore at 4-5 years old(kids wore real shoes back then) with the double buckle.

        27. I invented that navy blazer and jean look back in the 60’s at 16.Andy (Warhol) must have seen me when I was buying some woodcuts at his studio because after that he wore the same thing(like Jobs) like it was some sort of uniform for life. But I didn’t just wear that and was more varied.

        28. The married sex life will be improving
          I’m sure that your wife’s sex life is just fine :o)
          OK we’re going to have to start slow with you and first move you up to Levis.Each number is a cut. Stay away from the baggy cuts and also the skinny hipster cuts, 510 and even 511. Stay away from 514 because it’s low rise and your gut will just hang over it.Try 505 or 513

        29. Husky lol I know but only the odd fat kid would wear that in my day. It’s funny because teens back then wanted to gain weight so they’d look more manly, not like the lard arses of today.
          For D go out in the sunlight more instead of taking artificial supplements.
          And btw, the actual lab reading of free T is irrelevant because everyone’s body is different. Someone with an 800 reading may be the same as someone with a 400.
          It’s only when it’s artificially raised or drops (usually due to some medical condition) that you would notice any difference.Doctors use lab tests to confirm what they have already observed eg. signs of feminisation, or the patient told them. If a patient looks like a normal man and has no complaints and you took a T test and it was very low it would mean nothing and just be an idiosyncrasy of that person and normal. Labs tests are just guides.

    2. nothing wrong with a well maintained beard. Nothing more masculine than facial hair. Why are you shaving off your masculinity?

      1. Because I’m a Roman and like the smooth look :o) Only barbarians and Hebes who were too dumb to invent razors had beards.

    3. Dressing like a slob keeps the women away. I dress like Mad Max, except my half-destroyed leather jacket has both sleeves and I don’t wear leather pants because no homo.
      Unfortunately, I’m still attractive to crazy horse chicks and the kind of women who take in stray dogs.
      On the upside I scare the shit out of hipsters. But they can probably also sense that I think they should all be taken up in a helicopter and dropped into the sea, Pinochet style.

    4. I get what you mean. What I did is to adopt western style. This is a good contrast to the hipster style with their skinny jeans. The style offers many advantages like wearing a pair of boots which will make you appear taller. Plus, western style has always been associated with traditional masculine traits. Downside is those boots can be exhausting to wear sometimes.

  2. This article is a good one and I agree wholeheartedly. I will admit to being a bit of a style poof. It comes with the territory of working a suit and tie job and trying not to be rank and file with everyone else.
    Hell, I go to a guy for my socks that sits with me and listens to jazz and drinks bottle after bottle of whisky in his “shop” while he picks fashionable socks for me. Laugh if you will, but it is very cool and he is very serious about creating a safe space for men to be men (and buy socks).
    There is a photo that I love. It is a picture of Frank Sinatra. He is in his house for a brunch get together so he is dressed casually (by casual frank had on a long tie instead of a bow tie and while he was wearing cufflinks, he didn’t have his jacket on.) In it he is looking at a TIME magazine and there is a picture of Janis Joplin and a bunch of hippie guys in ponchos or whatever. Frank is just making a disgusted scowl. His daughter was showing the picture (in a documentary, I am not chillin’ with Frank’s daughter) and saying how he just didn’t know how to make any kind of sense of hippies and thought they were disgusting.
    In my every day life I strive for something like this. I think English Bob here pointed out once that sneakers have no place anywhere outside of a gym and I agree wholeheartedly. I wear a tie every day, including sunday though on sunday I may wear a button down collar or, if I am going to a place with a younger vibe an open collar.
    People think I am odd sometimes, but I tell them that this is how I was taught that men dress. I am not sure what the hell everyone else is doing.
    I would mention that people should learn how to polish their shoes. Wearing dirty shoes with a nice outfit is like changing your oil and leaving the old filter.
    All that said I will make one caveat. Power, as mentioned in the article, is derived from confidence and not from clothes. You can not petition the lord with prayer and you can not dress up in such a way as to fake confidence. When I am dressed like a gentleman, the way I consider a gentleman, I feel good about myself and that feeling beams through in the way I walk, the way I interact, the way I simply enter this world. I feel the same way in gym gear so long as I am going to or coming from the gym. However, if you see me in sneakers and a pair of jeans with a tshirt, I don’t FEEL my best and so I won’t act my best.
    If you are the type who doesn’t feel comfortable in a suit then putting on a suit will not make you seem strong it will make you seem awkward. You won’t look like Sinatra, you will look like you are going to a cousin’s wedding that you would rather not be at.
    You have to decide who you want to be and then become that person. I have my male idols (both of my grandfathers, one a farmer and one a city business man) wore ties every day even after their retirement. My one grandfather, whose epitaph was gentleman farmer, thought it was the height of disrespect to come to the table for dinner without putting on a tie.
    So my feelings are informed by my early molding and ideals of masculinity as well as some decisions I made for myself and my lifestyle (city life, corporate job, etc).
    So while I agree with this article 100% that is for me and being someone you are not is never going to transmit and idea of power. It will just transmit exactly what it is…trying too hard…and your dick will be like sandpaper in the sahara if that is the vibe you give off.

      1. Actually, I know how it sounds but it is great.
        The guy is obsessed with old 50’s style. He has a townhouse on the east side. When you walk in there is old jazz playing. He has a great vibe and is super passionate about what he does. My first time there he randomly asked me if I had ever had Japanese whisky. 3 bottles of Hibichi later we were having a total blast late into the night and then went out to a bar — about 8 of us.
        I can’t even describe how fun the whole thing is and how masculine an atmosphere it is to be surrounded by people who are making a living doing what they are passionate about (yes, even if they are clothing designers) just drinking whisky and having a good time.

        1. So he designs his own socks and sells em outta his home? Is that all he designs and sells? Genuinely curious, sounds like the dude found his niche

        2. He started with socks and underwear. He told me he felt “if you have a man by the feet and the balls then you are in charge” but has since branched out to all sorts of very high quality stuff. It isn’t his house. It is basically a speak easy / store. You ring the bell and get let in.
          Quality of the stuff is outrageous and the guy himself is super cool. I have spent several nights with him just drinking. He is building a new place and I offered him my construction connections to help. In the process of hanging out I have met lawyers, doctors, college students, bespoke shoe makers, expert tailors, etc. etc. etc.
          You can also buy online. Check him out. VK Nagrani

        3. I’ll give it look my next trip to the city. Just checked the website, looks like my kind of place.
          Thanks for the tip.

        4. let me know if you do. I am always down for a trip to the lodge and a bit of good whisky.

    1. Even if I were comfortable in suit/tie I couldn’t do it. It would be impossible not to seem too try hard, since no one here wears that kind of stuff outside of business meetings and shit. Don’t you think?
      Sincerely curious, I have no style really. I usually defer to my brother , who for some reason does. But I rarely go with his advice, one because I’m super poor and can’t spend a lot on clothes, and two because I feel like dressing like he does would be trying too hard. Mainly because I don’t understand it.
      Style.. confuses me

      1. I am the wrong question. I live in Manhattan. I am not sure if I would feel the same way in Santa Barbara or Miami, much less Toledo or Biloxi. Of course, I can only speak from my point of view and not from anyone else’s.
        As for money, I think you can do it in literally any price range.
        Tips I have for budget stuff. Buy cheap and too big and have a tailor fix. Don’t buy a 20 dollar shirt. By a 6 dollar shirt and have a 7 dollar tailor job. Trust me, it will look better…same with jeans or anything.
        Style, mostly, ought to be two things as far as I am concerned. 1) Adult — that is, don’t dress like a sloppy kid and 2) individual. Find out what your style is, whatever that is, what speaks to you….then fuck everyone around you and find a way to do what you want on your budget.

      2. All I can tell you is to start trying it out. It may feel awkward at first, but slowly grow into it. Feel it. See yourself in it and how good you look. Make it a habit so in the future it’s second nature.
        Stop worrying about what others might think or judge you being not real by people that know you. They’ll get used to it like you will eventually. Now for the people you don’t know, dressing well commands respect.

  3. Great article, Troy. I would add that with a slim-cut pair of jeans, the proportions of the legs need to be thick or muscular. Or you end up with this

        1. Best Ive seen:
          red, white n blue bicycle pants
          red, white n blue wrist and headbands
          wore one of those tanktops that barely covered anything
          We called him Captain America

    1. This guy minus well be a paraplegic in a wheelchair. Those dudes who lost use of their legs are built in the arms and shoulders from pushing themselves in the wheelchair, but their legs are limp.

  4. I have been upgrading my style continuously over the past five years and I can honestly say it has done wonders for my game. Classy European women that I would have been scared to approach now fall my way with a minimum of fuss. They are actually now trying to impress me instead of the other way round.
    Dressing well really doesn’t take that much effort so hamstringing yourself by not doing it really doesn’t make any sense.

  5. Excellent article. I think it’s worth re-iterating though, that the most important thing for your average guy out there is simply to get clothes that fit. So many people don’t even do this.
    Take an average looking or ugly guy, and get him to make the following changes:
    1. Get your body fat to under 15%, preferably around 10%.
    2. Sort out your posture via a mixture of exercise and habit; stand tall.
    3. Get a smart haircut.
    4. Get masculine (not skinny jeans) clothes that fit. Some straight or boot cut well fitted jeans, grey/black t-shirts, a fitted jacket (go to a suit shop and get measured up if you don’t know what size you are). Buy a few ‘classics’ that you can wear well for years.
    Take your average slob on the street and get him to do those 4 things, and he’ll look better than most guys out there, regardless of his genetics.

    1. 4. Get masculine (not skinny jeans) clothes that fit.
      Can’t stand skinny jeans where they taper at the ankle. For me I wear straight leg or boot cut usually Levis with the normal (not narrowed) waist. It’s a simple yet classic style that I find fits me well. Add basic leather lace up ankle boots, a good belt and in summer a good fitting t-shirt.
      With exercise do those that strengthen you core and butt as I find that they really help to fill out my jeans and will improve your overall physique.

      1. Its not just the taper, now they are wearing these pants with elastic at the bottom, think your pajamas as a kid. It looks awful

    1. If I make it to old age, like 65 or above, I’ll be donning a suit every day. Uber-smart. I’m going to be the sharpest looking old fucker out there.

      1. If I go north of 65 I am going trousers, proper suspenders, checked button up and knit tie just to sit out on the lawn

        1. I have thought about vests but natural tendencies and years of lifting weights has given me an obscenely broad chest. I haven’t actually tried a vest on, but always feel it will look odd on me.
          As for suspenders, I love them. Make sure they are the real deal button ones and then go to a tailor and tell him you want suspender buttons sewn in.

        2. Will do. Problem with my area is it is all built up with name brand businesses. Getting harder and harder to find the little mom and pop stores that actually specialize in this sort of stuff. I got a Men’s Warehouse down by my place, but I don’t patronize them anymore since they purposefully tried to screw up my tux measurements for my wedding.

        3. I would suggest shopping online. Loads of small businesses now sell online since it is so easy to get into the market place. And don’t worry about size. Just buy whatever you get too big and then go to your nearest tailor and have him fit it for you. It will look like it was made for you every time.

        4. If you travel and find a tailor, you can eventually have a working relationship and a loose schedule can work for both parties. While a local tailor is nice, a good tailor that is a few hours away or even used via shipping (after initial fittings and measurements) is better than nothing.

        5. what makes you say the purposefully screwed up your tux?
          did they try to make you wear one of those ultra slim skin tight ones?

        6. I went to them because they said they will take your measurements for free regardless if you will eventually buy/rent a tux from them. I let them know ahead of time that I was renting a tux elsewhere. The girls took my and one of my groomen’s measurements and sent us on my way.
          Later, when we went to the actual tux store, I handed the measurements to the owner. He looked at the paper, looked at me, and said he wanted to take the measurements again. Sure enough, all the measurements were off by a few inches; 4 inches in the chest alone. If I were to go by their measurements, I would have looked like a complete moron. It was so obviously wrong that the guy could tell just by looking at me.
          You don’t make mistakes on that scale by accident. A couple of butthurt bitches who were pissed that they might have to do some work for free, regardless of store policy.

        7. while that does suck and was wrong of them, you might have seen that coming. why not just get measured at the place you were renting the tux? was it just the free measurements?
          my friend, you were reminded by those dishonest broads that nothing in life is free.

        8. Quite true. To be honest, I don’t even remember why I went there to get my measurements. Perhaps just the convenience as they are close by and I don’t think I had nailed down a specific place where I’d be renting my tux. In any event, they lost a customer as I don’t plan on patronizing any place that would willfully screw over someone (especially on their wedding tux) simply for taking advantage of a free service they offer. Apparently the concept of integrity is lost on them.

        9. A vest is something you wear under a shirt (an undershirt) what you’re referring to is a waistcoat. And suspenders are those things that were used to hold up your socks in the days before elastic was invented.You mean braces.Garters are on the thigh and females wore them to hold up their silk stockings.

        10. Don’t say tuxedo or god forbid ‘tux’ it’s distinctly lower class. It’s called a dinner jacket.And you should be able to buy one off the peg that fits with perhaps only minor alterations and then you can use it for the next 20 years for the opera etc Get one with a shawl lapel.

        11. There are so many different makers and each one has a number of cuts that you should be able to find something that fits well.
          If you have money to burn then you can have clothes custom made but you don’t do that by mail.If you lives in the sticks hours from civilisation then I doubt you’ll be wearing a suit.

        12. But you didn’t buy anything so stop behaving like a pussy boy. You don’t even know what those measurements were for or how the clothes were going to be cut. A more traditional style would allow more room than some of this skimpy hipster stuff boys your age would wear. I’ve seen untutored youths have shirts with darts in them that made them look like busboys because they wanted a very slim shirt.It looks ridiculous.

        13. Never fails me. I am not saying to buy a tent and hope for the best but I can buy a shirt one size to big and my tailor makes it look like it was bespoke.

        14. There are so many shirtmakers and each has a number of cuts that you should be able to find one that will fit perfectly. You must fit a shirt and sportcoat and everything else to your shoulders.
          Why would you want to have to recut a shirt and then sew it back together to get it to fit?
          You can just as well have shirts custom made.
          They make a pattern and keep it so if you want some shirts they have your perfect fit right there.

        15. But why get them custom made when I can have the cut for me. Off the rack fits someone’s conception of average. My body, especially my shoulders and chest, don’t fit that. If I buy a medium it will fit my waist and I’ll look like the hulk on top. A large and it will blouse out. So I get large, or a size bigger than my jacket size and have a good tailor make it look perfect for me for a small price. If that doesn’t work for you ok. Seems tondo well for me

        16. You shouldn’t be buying woven shirts s-m-l but by the exact neck and sleeve size.Same with sportshirts.M is a 15.5 and L is a 16.5 and an inch difference in neck is too big a gradation. You need a 16 exact. And if you’re talking about just tapering the body that may be nothing but high quality shirts are all single needle stitching and it’s a tiny stitch that takes skill to match.Ask you guy he’ll explain it to you.
          With knit shirts an M is a 40 and L is a 44 so there is also a big gap between sizes. Lacoste knits are perhaps a 2″ difference so there’s not as much difference between a 5 or 6 etc. They also make a few cuts. !Live is the slimmest. L1212 the roomiest.
          And btw, a shirt can only be 1 size so those mediums that are 15-15.5 are actually 15.5.
          Fit? woven shirts allow 6″ for movement which is what bespoke shirts use–4″ for knit shirts.

        17. Neither of those sizes would work for me as my chest is a 46 in the summer and easily goes to 48 and often 50 in the colder months when I bulk. This is a problem for me because my waist is 30 or 32.
          I appreciate your advice and it does sound as if you are quite knowledgeable. However, I am currently happy with my process of buying and fitting clothing to me.

      2. Same. Three piece. Pocket watch. Silk tie. Buffalo Horn jackknife. Stogie, bourbon. Nice easy chair, leather bound classics.
        Why wait til 65 though?

        1. What is really funny is when you meet a hipster chick who is used to hanging around with guys like this. She will shit test hard, but if you past she will be an incredible lay if for no other reason than she has been getting fucked by scrawny hipsters for so long that the first person to fuck her like a woman is like a god to them.
          They may hate your very soul but they will be your fucking pet.

        2. amen, and as much as I hate to say it, those poofters probably get more tail than a dude in jeans/t shirt/sneakers because they at least make themselves appear odd/unique. Hoes see them as an adventure and likely a free source of drugs, bam they’re spread.

        3. yes, but their whole thing relies on them being aloof which makes for sex that doesn’t incited vadge tingles.
          On the other hand, if I pass their shit tests and get them to bed, when I take off my tie and look at them the way Sonny looked at the hell’s angels in Bronx Tale (and now you can’t leave) they know it is on…and while they may lie about it to their friends, they will come back for another brutal fucking… has not only happened, but with such frequency that it gets annoying nexting them because they get all clingy and emo.

        4. Total lizard brain. Make it a point to talk to a group of hipsters: guys and girls. Keep frame and treat their aloof artsy bs the way you would treat any child–not disdain just as if it is cute for a kid. Before you know it you will be ripping up some skinny bitch who hates your soul.
          Be careful, they cling.
          I have a couple that call me periodically every one they end a relationship or take some boring emo boy dick

        5. Your blog is weird.
          I haven’t watched LoTR in years but you got me thinking about that scene where the dude is miserly eating that chicken dinner to himself while listening to some world-weary hobbit sing to him about the trials and tribulations of life.
          If I ever see that movie again… I’m just gonna be thinking about how well chicken breast goes with cherry tomatoes.

        1. True. At least in stone age. Today the ladies will chase the skinny doctor and ignore the bulky construction worker.
          The weight lifter-doctor of course is a different story.

        2. “True. At least in stone age. Today the ladies will chase the skinny doctor and ignore the bulky construction worker.”
          No sure if that is correct. Doctors today make considerably less money today.

        1. Nothing farther from reality. Men had close relations one century ago, and men were men back then. There was no sexual stuff though, but loyalty and brotherhood. Check writers who lived the Great War, or watch old movies if you don’t believe me.
          Now everything is so sexualized that this feeling of fraternity is lost.

    2. @Marcus
      My grandmother was from this era and was a seamstress, so, there are a number of things to keep in mind. First, all these people stank by our standards, not a nerd BO smell, but a constantly lingering sweat smell (common in Europe, but unheard of in the USA) and grooming costs besides clothing, tooth paste, a bar of soap and the occasional hair/mustache grease can, was ZERO. Second, stay at home wives, starched and ironed these clothes for their husbands regularly. Third, shoe shine and steaming/pressing service was cheap, fast and readily available (you could walk into many places on street corners and have them quickly iron-out/press your coat for cheap). Fourth, the clothing styles lasted a LOT longer, than they do today, so a man could have a average wool suit hemmed and repaired for YEARS, without having to get rid of it, due to it being horribly outdated and NOBODY would say anything if he had to wear the same suit a couple of times, in the same week.
      That old cultural system was designed for maintaining those kinds of clothes, at low cost, for the average man to afford. That is not the case, AT ALL, today.

        1. You clearly didn’t understand the TOTALITY of what I said. Remember, my post is based on information that I learned from someone whom actually lived during that time.
          “That old cultural system was designed for maintaining those kinds of clothes, at low cost, for the average man to afford, that is not the case, AT ALL, today.”
          Just because you can BUY more cheap clothes today, than in previous decades, doesn’t mean that our overall current system for “maintaining appearance”, is cheaper than it was in the past.

    3. Getting a mug shot actually used to be a big deal. People would dress up for them in their Sunday best. It wasn’t like today when everyone can spend the entire day taking selfies; getting your picture taken, regardless of circumstances, actually meant something.

    1. I was at the mall one night with the family. The usual troops of girls dressed as sluty as usual where walking past us in their groups.
      My gaze was quickly drawn to a group of young women walking past us dressed in very classy clothing. I had a very quick reaction as the clothing even seemed to make their walk more noticeably sexy.

  6. I don’t know what your opinions are, but guys today seem malnourished to me. All the photos in the article show guys skinny wearing slim cut. Ties today are narrower, but not as narrow as back in the 80’s narrow. Not much color to them either.
    I don’t wear earrings. I don’t think guys should wear earrings period. Decades past, you were a faggot if you did and would’ve been mocked…unless you were a pirate with an eye patch and pegged leg.

    1. The skinny ties of the ’80’s were a tribute to the *really* thin ties of the 1950’s.
      Most men in history have been pretty skinny, give or take. Difference now is that they are “flabby skinny”, not “taut skinny” like they used to be.

  7. This is what i need to work on… i work very hard in the gym and have a good physique (if i say so myself) but when it comes to clothes… i just cant be bothered?
    Perhaps im not appreciating the importance of dressing myself well….. might go home, charity shop some old stuff and get some new threads!

    1. Keeping yourself in shape is the hard part. Picking out your wardrobe is the easy part. You’re not complete yet.
      Pick a role model you admire and try to be like him. You don’t need to be exact. You can add a little different touch to distinguish you from him.

    2. Go to a decent men’s clothing store. They’ll talk you through it all and explain clothes choices related to events/projecting an image.
      Clothes communicate information about you. As much as folks say appearances don’t matter– they do. We’re the descendants of the critters who ran or prepared to fight when something didn’t look right. We’re hard wired to see and make assessments.
      As the article says- thinking about your wardrobe is simply thinking about what you want to communicate about yourself? ‘Slutty’ clothes emphasize a woman’s sexuality because that’s what she’s trying to communicate– her sexuality, possible availability, and her sexual superiority/desirability compared to other women. Which is what folks really mean when they say women dress for and are judged more by other women than men. They’re sizing each other up as competition on the market.
      Think about con men– they always dress the part. First part of the con is looking like the successful lawyer, banker, finance manager, businessman…. Because those folks also dress that way to gain confidence, to project trustworthiness.

    3. even Target isn’t a bad start, they have crap on clearance and fitted shirts. Leave sneakers and logos for in the gym, wear leather boots/shoes and this is my .02 but shave. If you don’t shave, at least have a well tended, full beard. no in between weak attempts. Shaving doesn’t cost shit if you use a DE razor, + ladies love the aftershaves. Also, don’t be afraid to drop the jeans a bit and wear chinos more, I dig the Eddie Bauer mountain pants. Like jeans made from sail canvas. Last shameless shoutout, Broken Homme boots have some good designs that are right between dress/work boots.

      1. If you’re into Ralph Lauren polo on a blue light budget, TJ Maxx and Marshalls are your friend. You can score some good stuff, for a lot less than the ripoff outlets would charge you. Even better deals on Izod.

  8. Yes, I do agree that being presentable helps, but keep in mind not everyone is an instant expert; I should know: I wore my first suit at 20 years old.
    By the way Troy, the flispide of your article is the notion how you play into a gynocentric power play.

  9. “Confidence, charm, ambition, and social and sexual dominance are all attributes that girls find exciting and attractive. If you can communicate these effectively in interactions with them, then you are likely to be rewarded for doing so. This, in a nutshell, is the essence of game.”

  10. I feel the Hitler Youth haircut is one of the worst aspects of modern style. While it works for younger and slimmer guys, whenever I see a stud muffin, Pillsbury doughboy or early thirties guy sporting it I think instant homosexual. It’s especially horrible when they have a full beard and dress in plaid and jeans as well.

    1. There are some pretty ones.
      I hear.
      It’s funny, every time I see a pretty girl in London, she ends up having a French accent. My son noticed this immediately and mentioned it to me actually, heh.

  11. I agree with the article and have always done this for client meetings, with the side effect being that certain women will notice a particular style.
    However, that’s, IF, a person is willing to invest the money on things like dry cleaning, lost time spent building a FASHIONABLE wardrobe, etc. AND the clothes have a use BESIDES picking up women (like wearing them to work). With all that in mind it may be worth it. BUT, is this kind of investment worth it for the average guy that will pick up, AT MOST, an extra 1-3 women per year, as a result of applying this clothing strategy? Also another big sink that is overlooked, but essential, is getting clothes tailored (and yes, to do the above tips in the article CORRECTLY, most clothes bought off the rack, will need to be taken to a tailor). Tailoring is a much bigger investment than most people here on ROK can imagine.
    I personally don’t think this kind of investment will be worth it to many men, just so they can pick up an extra 1-3 women, per year. I’d argue that couple grand spent on time searching for outfits (potentially lost wages), updating and paying for the clothes outright, MAY be better spent elsewhere for 75% of ROK readers.
    For example, lets say, a slim, average looking, guy with a steady UPS career, whom works 60 hours a week, decides to spend upwards of 2 grand to “update” his wardrobe, just so he can pick up local women in the 5-7 range for looks. Remember he DOES NOT need these clothes for his day-to-day job, nor for career advancement into management. Normally this hypothetical guy picks up about 1-3 women a year, doing nothing, but now he has to spend his “free time” updating his look, just so he can net an additional 1-3 women, in the 5-7 range for looks.
    Is that time and money spent worth the benefit? He already works pretty hard and I know personally that my UPS guy is EXHAUSTED when his shifts are over. I’d assume cleaning up his look, to pick up an 1-3 extra, AVERAGE looking women a year, simply isn’t worth the trouble. Would this kind of person even have the spare time needed to meet more women, without giving up other hobbies and or essential activities?
    I think the “sporty-slacker-chic” friend that was referred to in the article may have the right idea, he just needs to do more “approaches”, than he would if he had better clothes. In the grand scheme of things, he gets to keep his money (likely an extra $1000+ per year NOT spent on clothing) and will still net SOME women at the end of the day using “game without wardrobe”.
    Are women, in general, even worth this extra cost and lost time? To some the answer is yes, IF, chasing women fits into their existing lives, to many others, the answer is no. This article is akin telling someone the benefits of owning a goat and having fresh milk every morning, IF, they are willing to spend the time taking care of the goat, so it can produce tasty milk. The financial cost to keep the goat is high and time is lost caring for the goat that would have been used instead to earn more money. For a single guy in an apartment, owning a goat is impractical, but a for a guy that owns a property zoned for agricultural and has a part-time paid hand that cares for the property, owning a goat might make sense.

    1. Tailoring can easily double the cost of cheaper clothing. Some slightly more expensive brands have reduced tailoring needs, but one thing to remember – clothing sold in the US is made for fat guys with bad posture.

    2. IF, a person is willing to invest the money on things like dry cleaning, lost time spent building a FASHIONABLE wardrobe, etc
      These were things that you should have been doing as a kid and would come as natural to you as breathing and it would never occur to you that you were making any effort at all. You would have just been accustomed to buying clothes whether it was in the Autumn at the beginning of the school year or going for a job or whatever. I’m not certain that you can always train a person who is not to the manor born to feel natural about things they have never done and it may seem like work to them and not just an ordinary expense in life.You’re not doing this to get women but because it’s just a normal part of life in your milieu.The top females are all in the same milieu; and if she’s a good looking girl from some farm in SD she will almost always want to get out and go where she can do better and be in with the top men.

      1. Again, you don’t understand the totality of what I said, your view considers only the most obvious contemporary details of life.
        Top tier women, today, are CONDITIONED to look at a mans clothes, however, these guises are not actually what they BIOLOGICALLY seek. Remove the guise of society and/or economic stability and NONE of what you said will matter to women.

        1. You don’t understand what totality means. I’m way ahead of you son.
          Females don’t change and are attracted to the same things the cave girls found attractive.The guy with the fancy feather headdress or clothes was more interesting, all things being equal, to the plain looking geek.
          Nothing is new. When Queen Victoria, then a princess in 1830, met Albert who she married a few years later, she noted what he was wearing and even how he wore his hair.
          And people were not dirty in the past. People have always tried to be clean and even if they took a bath once a week would still take a sea sponge and rub themselves down with cologne.Cologne was very weak and more like rubbing alcohol with a little scent in it.Just like an alcohol rubdown on a patient in a hospital who’s bedridden.
          Even if a person did not have a bathtub there were public baths around. And if you were some hick from flyover country you’d take a bath at the barbers like you’ve seen in these western films or in the stream when it was warmer.It wasn’t as convenient as today but people didn’t go around stinking and always made some effort to wash.And in Europe they had a bidet and before that likely just washed their butt with a sponge or something, not use insanitary dry paper.

        2. Simple Definition of TOTALITY: the whole or entire amount of something
          You’re talking about the western upper classes, basically an Ecological niche. I’m talking about those not in that class (middle, lower, etc). Despite the length of your counter argument, you still don’t understand what I was saying.
          I definitely get what you are are saying, but I’m not addressing the scenarios that you keep emphasizing. At best, your point applies to the top 25% of people in the WESTERN world only (in terms of looks and income).
          Also, you’ve obviously never been around many “hicks”, for any extended period of time. Some are quite dirty and poor, but at the same time, are drowning in women from their same class or lower (many being solid 7’s, but on the flip side, dumb as rocks and slightly skanky).
          Last, get your history references correct. NONE of what you said about the status ranking performances of AVERAGE Native Americans or hygiene practices of AVERAGE Europeans, in the 18th century, is accurate.

  12. I am overdue a wardrobe overhaul… delaying it as currently in a damp lodging. Once I move again I’m going to update things. My current vibe is gunslinger/bounter hunter – So bootcut jeans, boots, belt, long sleeve t-shirt and a variety of jackets depending on the weather…. my current favourite is my faux leather jacket.

    1. gunslinger/bounter
      like on TV? lol
      If someone was really a bounty hunter they’d try to look as ordinary as possible so they could sneak up and catch the guy. Not, I saw that Dawg guy you better take off.

      1. Currently influenced by neo-victorian/western stuff, so that’s my style. Dawg the bounty hunter is something I wouldn’t be able to pull off, lol.

  13. Button up black dress shirt (all black) with rolled up long sleeves, classic clean well cut jeans, western boots (ahem…”cowboy boots” as some call them) or biker boots, black (or medium brown) classic hand tooled belt (real leather, thick [not wide], silver buckle (not “cowboy buckle nonsense”), biker chain bracelet, basic silver watch, silver ring (from the Isle of Skye, Scotland as it happens) and a Stetson. In summer time, add sun glasses. In autumn/spring/winter, add brown leather waist length coat.
    Effect on Ohio/Indiana/Pennsylvania/South Dakota girls: Insta-wet. Country girl, city girl, college girl, office girl, high level corporate exec girl, doesn’t matter.
    Like this, except without the big buckle but WITH the ornamentation I mentioned.×300/20871_20906_Black.jpg
    It does help to be 6’3″ and have a good build of course.
    Not a fan of dress up styles as shown in this article, although I recognize that it works without question on a lot of women, especially city types. The closest I have to dress up is a formal kilt ensemble that I wear to weddings and funerals (wait…there’s a difference?).

    1. That looks a bit too tamed for a Barbarian Jock. Apply scruffy ginger beard and bottle of Buckfast in hand.

      1. Y’all are funny. I come from both tribes, English and Scottish. Apparently a mutual cultural admiration shared exclusively by only my family, heh.
        It’s funny when I hit Scotland and hear the English referred to as Southerners, with exactly the same kind of “they’re not too bright” assumptions attached to the term like Americans do with people here from the South.
        And of course, nobody likes the Welsh. Damned taffies.

    2. South Dakota girls….pa pa pa pass! Your approach would slay ’em in Deadwood though. Spoil yourself and get a half belt leather jacket from Simmons Bilt in Scotland…kinda like a Luftwaffe flight jacket

      1. There are pretty girls in the Old West territories. I met a stunning pair of blondes, sisters, in South Dakota, native stock. They were 2nd gen Norwegian and still had some Scandi language about them. While granted there are uglies in every state, South Dakota is nowhere near the bottom of the barrel. New Jersey on the other hand…eh, uurgh. Some of the prettiest girls I’ve seen outside the midwest were in Wyoming/Nebraska actually.
        My jacket is real leather and doubles as a biker jacket as well (sans patches).

        1. I agree, the Midwest has some great old euro stock running around. WY/ID/Nebraska of course. SD has some poverty ridden areas that will make you wanna run

  14. Forget about suits, try the well fitted classics, leather jacket, dark denim and boots. Bad boy looks works all over the world.

    1. Amen- Levi’s 505 or similar, horsehide leather jacket (cafe racer fit but with a normal collar) good belt & boots, done. Know the tailor in your town, take your collared shirts there and have the sides pulled in. One of the biggest factors of looking approachable is simply being in shape and having well fitted clothes. Bond films are great, they illustrate a lot of classic looks and Bond always wears it well (from Connery to Craig). Not having a gut and tucking your shirt in makes you already part of the 5% in America. Long ago I quit wearing t-shirts or sweatshirts, except in the garage. Even jeans and a vintage style military sweater makes you look better than most schmucks out there, who are usually wearing gym attire.

      1. Althoug yo said you don´t like tees I would like to recommend you in casual situations to use a well fitted basic white tee maybe with v-neck, this will alow you to show some guns 😉

        1. V neck white tees that are not deep cut rock, as an undershirt they work well with a collared shirt that has the top couple of buttons undone. Compared to just a tee shirt under a flannel.

    2. But there are times when you will be wearing various types of clothes and you’re not going to be living in denim and boots.

  15. In addition, wear a classic looking, nice analog wristwatch. Not that digital smartphone electronic with your outfit.
    I understand that with the ubiquity of smartphones, a watch is more of an accessory for fashion and not function, but it does complete your look.
    Just think before smartphones, people used to be more social in public simply by asking a stranger for the time. It’s the classic ice breaker in approaching a girl or for a girl to approach you.
    “As I was walking down the street one day,
    A pretty lady looked at me and said her diamond watch had stopped cold dead.
    And I said, “Does anybody know what time it is? Does anybody really care?”

    1. Great advice. I wear a Citizen Eco-Drive, WR 100. Never needs batteries, solar powered (somehow) and mine has been running forever. Stainless steel band. Not the most luxurious watch ever, but functional and goes well with my normal “less than dapper” look.
      I prefer wind up mechanical watches, but it’s difficult to find one that lasts longer than a year without breaking unless you want to spend quite a bit of money. I really don’t want to shell out 5+ bills on a watch that could get smashed if I accidentally smack it against a steel rail (or whatever).

      1. I’m with you on the wind up spring driven watches. I also have a couple of Citizen EcoDrive where the clock face is a solar panel that charges the battery.
        15 years ago I bought a Seiko automatic for about $100. It’s spring powered, but you wind it by tapping it against the palm of your hand. It has a pendulum that spins inside that winds the spring. As you wear it throughout the day, your arm movements winds it. It’s 21 jewels so it’s pretty accurate.

        1. Classic Seiko divers all the way. Affordable, automatic, built like tanks, and they look top notch. 7S26 models, pepsi diver bezel…you can do anything with them.

      2. As a man who breaks and “wears” everything nice, I go pocket watch. Broken two well built oyster Rolex watches. Wonder when cell phones will fit the bill for wear and general man activities

      3. My dilemma too. I love the idea of a mechanical watch just for purity sake but I hate the economics of it. Get a Hamilton Khaki mechanical for 300 and then you must get it serviced at best, repaired at worst. It would be easy to drop 130 on repairs within the year if there is a routine malfunction. The watch is totaled at that point. So it’s economically silly. The mechanical thing is cool, but not if it’s disposable. Likewise, I will not (and cannot) go around with a 3k mechanic/automatic. I’ve heard watch nuts say things like ‘it’s not a real watch if it’s under 3k’ for various reasons. It’s a more valid line of thought than it might seem at first glance. I would not want to add stress to my life with a prized possession on my wrist like that no matter how rich I was. I like your Eco-Drive angle. My problem with Citizen is that they are often a bit too tinselly with their details. Too much sheen or glint for my taste, though not all. It’s nice to prize things in your life that are also easily replaceable. That’s the right, most satisfying balance.

  16. AH, biggest mistake I think dudes make is their use of black. Don’t dress like you just left a funeral. I interpret it usually as they can’t dress for shit, feel out of their zone dressed up, so they just went all black to feel hard again…like that weird kid in high school everyone thought was out of his mind. Brown shoes/jackets and cordovan can be used with much more of your closet and belts. Damn we’re sounding like the style forum now.

  17. this why whoring works. if you’re in a hurry just get one, not a street walker but one of those college student types or personal service providers.

  18. Simple as spoken; wear well fit clothing, no stupid snapbacks or fedoras. Decent pair of Levis and a clean presentable pair of leather boots that don’t clash too much with your Jean color. Have confidence, you won’t want to go enter the stage as nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs.
    Tuck your shirt in and don’t look like an ass. Chin up without puffing your chest and eye contact. A little goes a long way. You’d be surprised how little it takes to get a woman’s attention. Just seem remotely interested that’s all 99℅ are looking for.

  19. When meeting women yes dress well, but of if you are comfortable and have a relationship with her then fuck it. If she don’t like it that you look like what you want fuck her.. A real man dresses how he wants and doesn’t give two fucks about what a women thinks..

    1. Absolutely you can. The better built your physique the more options you have for looking good in whatever you wear. You could wear clothes you bought at Target (cheap dept store) and still get away with looking good. You certainly don’t need a suit and pocket square. If you lack a good athletic physique then yes, your style in attire will help your image more (imo)
      Aligning with this is the basic principle that quite a number have mentioned here is – have clothes that are well fitted. If you are young (some of the advice here is from older men) and have a masculine look/demeanor and wear well fitting clothes, you can still do well with just boots, t-shirt and boot cut jeans. Some of my friends used to be surfers and had good sun-tanned physiques, and dressed with the slacker surfer look and had no problems getting girls.

      1. I’ll make this easy for you. You have a twin brother. You dress like a model on the Polo site and this may in fact be very simple with just trousers, a shirt and shoes. Your twin brother looks like he plays video games in the cellar and eats nutello sandwiches and wears baggy thigh length cargo shorts, a stupid shirt with some writing on it and some cheap flip flops.
        Who will a girl choose?

    2. And where would you wear a wife beater outside of your house?
      Females are looking for a man of sub$tance regardless of whether you’re wearing a suit or sportswear (Casual clothes in newspeak) Target clothes are just going to make you look like some ordinary schmuck and that doesn’t interest females.
      And don’t ever believe that females don’t notice every little thing about you and how you’re dressed because that would be a mistake.
      Oh and plenty of guys are ‘buff’ so what would make a female more interested in the buff guys she sees? Hmm?
      If you saw two girls who are about the same in looks but one was dressed nicer which would you choose? Females know instinctively that they have to dress up the pussy since they all have one to get your attention.

  20. Great article. I can attest to everything the author stated. I go to college and I’m just a little older than the average student there. I’m at the age where I actually give a shit about how I look, unlike the plethora of guys there who don the hoodie/sweatpants look on the daily. When It was warmer, I would wear chinos(or well fitted jeans), v-neck, a decent watch(which not many people wear these days) and a good pair of shoes. My body type is very similar to the guy in the article wearing the v-neck, so this all complemented me well. Occasionally I would wear a nice, fitted polo shirt/dress shirt either tucked and untucked.
    Anyway, I fucked this girl in one of my classes. After, we started talking and she said the first thing she noticed and liked about me was the way I dressed, which took me by surprise because I’ve been dressing the way I do for a couple of years now. Then I remembered that every college fuckhead dresses like a slob and I actually look like a goddamn elegant man compared to them. When I wore a suit to an event that she was my date for, when she first saw me she pretty much creamed herself on the spot.
    So dress well, gentlemen. No need to overdo it like an autist (fedoras, etc) I think the most important thing as Troy mentioned is fit. Well fitting casual clothes (t-shirt, jeans) is MUCH better than ill, loose fitting clothes. And to err just a little on the slimmer side is better imo than loose. For those who need help on how to dress, I recommend the youtube Channel RealMenRealStyle. The guy is great. He was in the Marines, is not some hipster pansy and his focus is more on clothing and looks that are timeless and not just something that’s “in” at the moment. Hope this helps.

  21. “Looking good is predominantly about having respect for oneself.”
    If only the bitches would get on board with this.

      1. In Vancouver you get Birkenstocks and unshaven legs. It seems like fashion sense increases the further east you go, culminating in NYC, London and then Paris.

        1. That’s the Downtown East Side. Vancouver has both the richest and poorest postal codes in the country. People threw a conniption fit when they gentrified Commercial Avenue. However, people have been running interference on any efforts to clean up the East Side. Meanwhile, our idiot Supreme Court decided that it is a muthafucking constitutional right to have a “safe injection site”.
          Vancouver is a shithole unless you are either very rich or very poor. The AVERAGE price of a house is a million dollars, but the weather is mild and you have the East Side where you can find a cheap room or just crash in an alley. On the one hand, I was not going to go dumpster diving, but on the other I could not afford to spend 8 months a year golfing and 8 months skiing.
          It is, however, a paradise for two types of people: fags and gangsters. I am not model gorgeous or anything but holy shit: I got hit on by so many gay guys. Meanwhile, Surrey has lots of Punjabi gangsters, the Hell’s Angels rule the suburbs like Maple Ridge, and you have the Red Scorpions and UN Gang in the downtown regions.

  22. “a slim-cut pair of jeans will show off your physique (…) This in itself will make you look more masculine and
    slim jeans ? I’m not sure about that.

      1. Try jeans that are tight around the crotch. Give you that Dirk Diggler look. Of course, that might attract the wrong people!

  23. “…like you’re just stepped out of a gym in the 1990s” – Yes, although gyms in the ’90s were better and more masculine places than they are now…

    1. What’s the difference between dressing for a workout in the 1990s and now. It’s still sweatpants and a hoodie, ammirite?

      1. For me its always shorts and a t-shirt. I think there were more singlets on the men in the 90s. It wasn’t the clothing, just was more permitted to make a noise lifting the weights, clunking and putting them back down again back then, less feminised, more free weights, fewer cardio machines.

  24. For some reason, ROK won’t publish my articles on fashion tips, so I guess I’ll post Part 1 here in the comments section of Troy’s article. This article is better with photos, but oh well, ROK editors keep snubbing me.
    Revive the Classics, Trash the Trendy – Part 1
    The following is straightforward style advice for less than peanuts. I believe it’s desperately needed as America has transitioned from a stylistically rakish Republic, to a thoroughly trashy Idiocracy within shockingly few generations. Innovators to imbeciles; leaders to lackeys; builders to bums; alphas to asinine; powerful to pussies; manly to manginas. I could go on, but let us not lament about America’s fall from grace. Instead, let’s focus on understanding it, combating it and using it to our advantage to help slay the weaker gender. After all, game is a complex recipe for success, comprised of 3-parts confidence, 2-parts psychology, 1-part good looks, a handful of Federal Reserve notes, and a generous pinch of style.
    Modern Americans have been convinced that desecration, defilement, defacement and general doucheyness comprise the height of style and fashion. Americans arguably created cool once upon a time, but now there’s little doubt they’re being killed by it. Take a look around. Cool now embodies everything bloody awful and insidiously destructive. Cases in point:
    1) Ridiculous baggy pants and shorts that originated from the practice of submissive prison inmates displaying their asses to the masses in hopes of just getting savagely sodomized and not shanked to death in the communal showers.
    2) Neck and sleeve tattoos previously only seen on circus freaks and the criminally insane.
    3) A general level of slovenliness (aided and enhanced by sickening degrees of obesity) that would have embarrassed the homeless during the Great Depression.
    4) Cheap, garish and tacky bling-bling jewelry and accessories previously reserved for the most sexually ambiguous pimps, drug
    dealers and street urchins from the 1970s.
    5) Male beautification practices (plucking and shaping eyebrows, colored contact lenses, eye liner, skin resurfacing, laser hair
    removal, pectoral implants, earrings, rings on index fingers) that would have made David Bowie, Freddy Mercury and Boy George all blush during their prime faggy years.
    With so much marginal-looking trash strutting about the landscape, it doesn’t take much to stand out and way above it in a good way. Many articles have mentioned how “suiting up” when you go out absolutely kills it, especially in markets where such attire is going extinct. I agree with that sentiment, but you don’t need suits, ties and jackets to be classy. Instead, you need an appreciation for timeless classics that are well made and fit your body type. This holds true for essentially all categories of styles, be it Preppy, Biker, Military, Mountain Man, Western, Surfer Dude, Hipster, etc. Which style reverberates the best with you and your upbringing? Which is most aligned and sensical with your job, hobbies, lifestyle and age? The key is to be consistent in the image you project and have it be a reflection of real aspects of your personality.
    My style is best described as traditional (aka Ivy League or preppy) mixed with a bit of ruggedness and influenced by a hint of military. This is my style because I grew up a middle class WASP in the ‘70s and ‘80s, was influenced by Bond films (Connery, of course) and Ralph Lauren clothes (his superlative ads were only vaguely homoerotic in those years…), spent many years in university and eventually became a professional. For better or worse, this is who I am – I’m not a try-hard poser. However, I’m not advocating you copy my style, although I do think it embodies class and success the best, and it certainly fulfills that clean-cut American image many quality women seem to be starving for (not just tingling for). Regardless, it’s much more important that you feel comfortable in your own skin. Furthermore, keep in mind that no style or look has to be more expensive or time consuming than any other. For example, although we both share a love of vintage Porsches, I think Magnus Walker (L.A.’s Urban Outlaw ) not only looks like a complete f*cking tramp, but he likely spends far too much time on that “Rastafarian meets slime ball mechanic“ image that he’s so infamous for. Enough said, now let’s get to the list.
    1) Quit preparing for hibernation and shed the weight. If you’re obese, let’s face it, you won’t look good in any style. Some styles and colors may be better than others for you, but you’ll never cut a dashing image with a big gut, bloated sweaty face and psoriasis popping up all over your body. Thus, lose weight and get healthy first before revamping your style and buying new clothes. Case in point, Chris Farley was funny as f*ck and maybe even ploughed some dimes (or at least one of Lorne Michaels’ nieces) back in the day, but he looked like a musty bag of shit in everything he wore – and don’t get me started on his choice of haircut… RIP.
    2) Ditch those cheap white runners. Middle-age American men are notorious around the world for their shit footwear, most notably white runners. Unless you’re actually playing tennis or rocking a
    pair of Stan Smiths or Chuck Taylors as part of your hip-hop style as a younger man, then you should not be wearing anything white on your feet – unless it’s a pair of white cotton panties from your bedroom floor that get stuck in your toes while lurching towards the bathroom in the morning. Wearing comfortable “athletic inspired” shoes can certainly be stylish, but leave the actual basketball shoes for the courts. Oh, you say you’re a jogger, a wannabe marathoner? Fantastic, but do your developing osteoarthritis a favor by not adding insult to injury: leave the cheap over-sized white runners for the demented geriatrics with diabetic neuropathy. My top choices: high-top Jack Purcells in terracotta-brown leather, and low-top K-Swiss classics in dark-brown suede.
    3) Invest in quality shoes and boots. Both men and women notice your shoes and they are still considered a fairly accurate assessment of your upbringing and level of success, which explains the old term “well-heeled.” Quality shoes (not just ones with obscene price tags) really do last longer, fit better, look nicer and are typically healthier for your feet and rest of your skeleton, as your feet form your stability base. Yes, they can be really expensive (duh), but I frequently buy $200 pairs on sale for less than $50 from clearance sections, “last chance” merchants and shameless use of coupons. And unless you’re over 6 feet tall, always wear generously thick soles – we all know that women like height in a man. Plus, getting stomped on by heavy shoes really f*cking hurts, so it’s a good deterrent if you get caught up in a bar scuffle. Always remember that good quality leather shoes and boots transcend all styles. My top choices: black leather Chelsea boots with a chunky sole by Cole Haan and brownish-red brogues (wingtips) by Dr. Martens.
    4) Wear a belt for god’s sake. Why do so many American men wear such voluminous khakis or jeans (from Costco, of course) without a f*cking belt? Their pants (or shorts) could easily be made into a 4-person tent, and although most have a gut that looks like they swallowed 4 human beings, they just can’t seem to cinch the ample material around their waists with a leather belt. Now, I’ve never been fat so maybe it hurts to wear a belt (?), but man up, ditch those f*cking cheap clip-on suspenders and invest in 2 decent leather belts – one black and the other dark or medium brown. Furthermore, it’s a cardinal rule to always match your belt to your shoes because it looks distractingly bad otherwise. Yes, you want the ladies to be looking at your mid-section, but it should be at your turgid sausage coming to life and not your inexplicable choice (or lack) of belt. Remember that even young boys from the 1950s rarely went without belts in public. Not wearing one makes you look juvenile and sloppy – unless that’s the look you’re going for.
    5) Wear clothes that fit. This is crucial for any style of clothes, even if you’re a pudgy, nondescript office drone stuck on replay each day wearing your casual Friday work-week uniform of…… you guessed it: baggy khakis or chinos from Costco, schleppy golf shirts and cheap “walking shoes” made from synthetic Chinese rubber. These guys are about as noticeable and sexy to women as the mold-infested beige carpet growing in their office cubicles. Although, realize the same can be said for the Wall Street banking plug who drops a grand on an ill-fitting designer suit and shirt from the sales rack at Macys. His panache is lost in the bagginess of his button down and cocooning of his coat. Whatever style you choose and whatever clothes you buy, make sure they fit and suit your body type. That’s a little easier nowadays to accomplish because menswear designers tend to make slimmer cuts for shirts, pants and jeans, but always try things on in the store before you buy. Everything looks better, even a Motley Crue concert t-shirt, when it fits properly.
    Next time I’ll wrap up this dissertation on classic style with 5 more helpful insights. Until then America, stay classic. Watch Allister’s shocking red pill videos at
    Allister is an illuminated scoundrel who is proud of his Anglo-Saxon heritage. He figures he’ll teach the uninitiated plebs a thing or two even if it kills him. And it is, albeit slowly. In the mean time, keep calm and plunder on.

    1. No white “runners”. What about reebok walking shoes? Love ’em. And they look best in white, worn with Levis or khaki chinos and crewneck sweater. A belt? Why of course, unless it’s a pair of jeans that are tight around the waist and I’m just running an errand. No shleppy golf shirts for me. Polo or Izod or RL chaps only. As for look, maybe I should try red indian, cop or construction worker.

  25. Lessons learned:
    1. Dressing like the fat guy in Shaun of the Dead won’t get you laid.
    2. Dressing like a tasteful gay dude (a few of the pix ping the ol’ gaydar) will get you laid–maybe because some girls like to think they can turn a homosexual straight!
    3. I’m keeping my polo shirts, chinos and deck shoes, thank you very much (and my Seiko watches, too).

  26. Wear a suit of armor. All that bling is sure to attract girls attention and lust for shiny objects. Gold plated nut bolster might do the trick.

  27. I almost always go out in a fitted suit shirt with a seasonal pattern and no tie. Can’t go wrong with that combo no matter if you are going to the local dive bar, a nightclub, or even a show. If I want to up my game or am coming from work I will coordinate in an appropriate tie and maybe a pocket square.

  28. Are women really attracted to the guys in the suits portrayed in the above photos? Most of them look like metro sexuals to me. Just not my idea of a man, but then, what do I know? I’m not a chick. I’ll settle for a little Tower of Power philosophy: “Sometimes hipness is what it ain’t.”

    1. You don’t have to wear a full suit; just putting a sport coat on will make a world of difference. I use the sport coat/sunglasses look quite a bit, and it gets noticed.
      However, I was wearing a full suit with overcoat, scarf, watch cap and an attractive woman, probably early 30s, complimented me for wearing it. ‘Not too many men wear wool coats these days.’

  29. Simple rule: Don’t dress like a slob. Other than that, figure it out for yourself. Find a look that works for you, and work that look. Don’t be a slave to trends, and remember, if you don’t feel comfortable in something, people will notice.

  30. bullshit………i’ve pulled a shit ton of quality pussy after a day’s work ……..tired, unkempt, etc. it’s the game, not the clothes

  31. It isn’t hard to dress nicely. This article is making it harder than it has to be. Don’t wear cargo shorts or sandals and you will be fine. Own a suit.

  32. That dude wearing the hoodie is telling. Many guys think that motif is “cutesy” and even “edgy” (in a moronic kind of way) and will attract girls.. but it simply comes across as childish. This might be effective if you’re trying to attract a surrogate mommy or a jailbait tween, but most women will be turned off by it.
    As an example, take a look in your local department store at the women’s clothing. Many of the women’s clothes feature prints of things like Minions and Disney characters, motifs based on movies made for children. (And remember we’re talking clothing for grown women now). My point is, the appearance of youth or childishness in women can be cute and alluring, but for men it’s pathetic.

  33. Does anyone else think that eine overdressed and out of context is just as bad or even worse than looking sloppy? It seems to me that if you dress like James Bond and hang out in the suburbs you’re going to look like the biggest douchebag who is trying way way too hard. Many of these sharp styles look great on TV but the difference in real life…

  34. There’s a look for everyone. Trim and bulky alike. Beware fashion changes as the industry in dominated by gays, hence they try to get everyone looking like 9-year-old boys. Yuk.

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