Everyone Dies By Their Own Idea

Mark Ames, of Exile fame, recently wrote about Edward Snowden on NSFW Corp (unfortunately locked up behind a pay wall). He relays a story of getting caught up in the trial of a Russian political agitator Eduard Limonov. While debating whether he should testify in the agitator’s defense, he gets advice from a friend, who says the following:

My father always told me something that I’ve only recently started to understand, and I’m going to tell it to you now: Everyone dies by their idea. Do you understand what I mean, mate? We all die by our own idea. You know my father—he was a member of the Academy of Sciences, he’s a physicist, a great physicist, and for the Soviet times, in the 1970s, to be a physicist in the Academy of Sciences was really the top of everything. But he got into a fight with a powerful clan, on principles, politics—I won’t get into that now, but my father did not back down. And he paid for it. He was kicked out. He lost his privileges. He lost everything. And he told me, many times now, ‘Everyone dies by their own idea.’ So you have to ask yourself what is your idea you’ll die by.

“Limonov—we know his idea. For some reason, mate, you like this guy. I don’t like Limonov myself, I can’t stand that motherfucker. But at least I know this about Limonov—that he’s living and he’s probably going to die by his idea. No one thinks he’ll ever get out of jail alive. I think he’s a motherfucker for taking other people down with him, but some people are weak, and those people die by someone else’s idea. You see what I”m saying, mate? I’m not going to give you any advice or tell you what to do anymore. You like trouble, you like that kind of journalism. I don’t get the point of it. You know what I think about your shitty newspaper, mate, and all fucking journalists for that matter. But you’re my friend, and I try to help my friends. I don’t like losing my friends. Now, about this Limonov trial. What his lawyers are trying to do to you, is fuck you to save their client—is this your idea, mate? Just think about what you believe in before you do something stupid or weak.

Powerful words. I wonder what is worse—having an idea that will lead to your demise, or not having one at all.

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57 thoughts on “Everyone Dies By Their Own Idea”

  1. As this pertains to Snowden, you’d find me hard pressed to sacrifice my wealth, freedom, and lifestyle to deliver the truth to 300 million people who don’t give a shite (Americans) – the most concerned of whom will of course pay fealty with a Free Snowden facebook meme that will get a couple hundred shares. An idea not worth dying for, snowman.

    1. You already are but just don’t realize it. You pay taxes even though the money is being thrown away and even used against you? Bye bye wealth. You allow the government to mandate that you to purchase health insurance and where you can and cannot smoke? Or dictate the size of a soft drink you purchase? Bye bye freedom. You allow the government to regulate what you can build on your property, allow them to pursue PCness, pass laws that control your behavior and can incriminate you for anything? Bye bye lifestyle.

      1. I find it not worth my time or effort to seriously combat this inevitable slide, which I agree is occurring. At times like this you have to look out for number one and protect yourself from the fallout.

    2. Sadly, you may lose it all anyways. As the dollar is continuously devalued, and the banks who have recently just got a slap on the hand the the DOJ is bragging about as deterrence to the future……your wealth may not mean anything in a couple years if we don’t, or maybe we can’t do something?

  2. In the second paragraph of the quoted text, “I think he’s a motherfucker for taking other people down with him, but some people are weak, and those people die by someone else’s idea.”
    It seems harsh to say that you are weak if you get ratted out by someone else, so much so that I wonder if I’m reading that part correctly.

  3. Limonov sucked off a black dude.He proudly admitted it himself in his autobiography “It’s me,Eddie”(“Eto ya,Edichka”).LOL
    This site is just full of bizarre stuff haha

  4. A multi-racial, multicultural empire DEMANDS a police state to hold it together. Snowden and his leaks are irrelevant. You bought the police state when the ’65 immigration reform act was signed, and when the American public went along with the sentiments behind it. You’re getting felt up at the airport because there is now a large population of recent Muslim immigrants living here, the sea in which Islamic terrorists swim. You value diversity over freedom, or at least your leaders do, so now you get the consequences of that choice.
    As far as this quote goes, he may be right in this case, I neither know nor care, but it’s not exactly inspiring is it? A boot licker’s manifesto from a secret policeman’s best friend. Contrast it to Solzhenitsyn’s speculations about what would have happened if everyone would have grabbed whatever weapon they could get and resisted the knock on the door. Hell, contrast this punk to Solzhenitsyn. Just another coward posing as a “smart guy.”

    1. Maybe, or maybe just his father was smart, and he had enough intelligence to know when to quit.
      There comes a point though where ti doesn’t matter. The question is, have we crossed that point where our “ideas” are irelevant, and we can not fight our way out of it to save our lives. I do agree we are at a point of no return and have to make a choice. But which one? Lay down and die, or choose to die fighting hoping that you might actually live to win.

    2. Another “Empires and Nations” theoretician. Sad ideology, that is just repackaged Nazism.
      Who the hell do you people think you are, to tell somebody whether they can or cannot have neighbor of different race, and whether they can move somewhere else or not ?
      How are you so foolish to think you can bind a man, the most mobile creature of them all, to one nation state and it’s artificial boundaries, created with some peace treaties ? Do me a favor, if USA for example won 1812 war, it would include Canada today as well, that’s how “stable” and “fair” nation states are.

      1. Hmmm, yeah, quality immigrants are what we would hope for. Yet I don’t think it is imperialism alone as you refer it. I think nations that are anything but imperialist would prefer if all their immigrants were from stable families with valuable degrees (finance, physics, engineering), and started companies and teaching our citizens here.
        However it is one thing to have saved people who are refugees, it is noble. It is another when you are not sure which are honest, and which are trying to use Sharia law to hollow you out with your own laws on the inside, and blow up buildings or marathon events. There are groups of Muslims who brag about just that. They think Democracy will fail because they think they are it’s antecedent, Achilles heel if you will. Then they will establish some glorious caliphate. Any nation has a right to determine who they let in, and who they don’t. I think you need to consider why so many want to come here?

        1. Tolerance toward’s immigrant’s doesn’t have anything to do with democracy.
          Reason why so many come to USA and other prosperous states in the world, is because rich people demand cheaper labor. It is VERY simple. Poor people who come, have much lesser expectations of what they consider a quality life.
          Shariah law is bad, yes, but so is the American version of shariah law, called “freedom”, democracy, etc, which is usually delivered via cruise missiles.
          The thing is, nations already determined whether they will let immigrants in or not – they voted yes, The reason is because societies are not ruled by people, but by classes. No wonder why most right-wing anti-immigrant propagators come from ranks of working classes – ones who are most damaged by immigration.
          The stability of these “no immigrants nation states” lasts until the first declaration of war by other nation state. That’s what we had from 18th to 20th century, bunch of nation states moving people and borders back and forth back and forth, until the last such enterprise resulted in detonation of nuclear weapons. Then people finally realized, “ok, this won’t work”
          For short term gains, i have nothing against anti-immigration laws, but long term, freedom of movement is matter of future.
          Imagine Star Trek, where all characters would have get a visa whenever they start their spacecraft engines.

        2. All that is well and good, but just saying that the freedom to move around the world will solve everyone’s problems and then we can just assume balance is nonsense.
          Immigration is a much more vast issue then just open borders, and let the progress flow. Nor is it fortify the borders, and let your own brand of genius conquer the world.
          Whatever side is brighter does not matter, because neither side is in control. What is happening is that the balance between the truth and misinformation is heavily on the side of misinformation. Those who have the care to find the truth are few, and can barely find it anyways.
          Immigration is not what is put at the tip of a cruise missile, but internationally owned central banks that control a nation’s currency, and can bet against the nation’s housing, resources (oil and metals), and wager the nation’s people in regards to labor thus dividing and conquering with petty disputes. This is why we truly attacked Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and undermined Venezuela, Syria, and Jordan. They had their own resources and their own centrally controlled currency. International bankers undermined them.
          Based on your typing, I suspect that English is not your first language, and I am unsure what your bone to pick with the US is?
          Here is a fun fact, if and when the US military is disbanded, all other nation’s healthcare and social spending will crash. The fact that we spend so much compared to the next twenty or more competitors is why those nations like Germany or Japan can forego a military and spend that budget on its infrastructure and people. Before you start launching cruise missile diplomacy at Americans, ask your own leaders if they actually don’t favor it themselves.

        3. I’m not talking about migration freedom as a part of bigger plan or something like that. I’m talking about migration as a simple phenomenon. You can’t stop it. That is the most basic human motivation. And most important, there will always be demands for human migration for whatever reason needed: war, trade, jobs, tourism, etc… It doesn’t have anything to do with borders either. What if there were only 2 states in the world, what do you think, would migration cease ?
          Even in completely controlled state-socialist economies such as USSR, there was frequent need to move people for whatever reasons, from industrialization, to building a space program.
          I prefer to have a choice to move somewhere, then being moved by over-protective nanny-nation state which has to control every single aspect of my life.

        4. “You can’t stop it.”
          Yes you can. Shut the fuck up.
          Why do you think nobody tries to migrate to China or Japan?

        5. You can stop it. Epecially if no one want sto move there. The “migration” in tthe USSR you are talking about was political prisoners and workers who had no choice. Not a good example.
          Immigration can be stopped, or severely halted. Yet there are those who are for it for nefarious reasons, and then their voting lackeys who they must laugh at behind their backs.
          I am no republican, but I could never be a liberal in today’s version of it. They are the biggest, disingenuous, lying sacks of pussy shit that I have ever seen. They stab each other with smiles on their faces, are the most intolerant hypocrites demanding others are tolerant towards their arguments if they don’t agree. They will commandeer a place, like a university campus, and anyone who disagrees with them will mysteriously be replaced, or let go. And the culture will go dogmatically liberal overnight.
          Students who challenge any of their sacred cows like homosexuality, abortion, healthcare (yes these last two are separate), and immigration reform are usually given lesser grades for non-compliance but given useless grammar excuses that make no sense. Or they challenge the ideas saying you have no evidence, thus arguing you on your paper. What they won’t tell you is why you got a bad grade for disagreeing and not putting what they essentially told you to put on the paper you turned in. Which should have been everything they agree with.
          So it is in politics, as liberals have bought, sold, and lied their way into almost everything. You can’t get a straight answer from them because they can’t come out and tell you they bought votes with their immigration policies, setting us who live here back a long way. I don’t care about naturalization. Or if your parents came here illegally, but you were born here. Either they go, or all of you go. They are living off the tax payers here. I could care less if they take jobs no one else wants to do. Those jobs need to be available for Americans here, and now, those who were illegal will try to get quotas. It is going to happen.
          If you choose to move somewhere, you fill out paper work, not just up and move. For if you do, and you are caught, you need to be sent back.

        6. Migration can be stopped with simple laws, works with Asian countries. The only reason it happens to the West is because westerners care too much about feelings and just can’t bring themselves to say “No.”
          What you say is idealistic, but not realistic. Ethnic and racial identities do have a part in nationhood, why else would “countries” be built around dominant ethnic groups? Like it or not tribalism is a real and very widespread phenomenon, and it’s not gonna go away just because people talk about love or something. Just because the concept of a nation today seems different from its previous conceptions doesn’t mean this trend towards in-groupism has gone away. You put different folks together, there’s gonna be tension if not conflict over those differences. Whether or not this is logical isn’t the point. It happens regardless. Why encourage it?

        7. Migration can be stopped with simple laws, works with Asian countries. The only reason it happens to the West is because westerners care too much about feelings and just can’t bring themselves to say “No.”
          What you say is idealistic, but not realistic. Ethnic and racial identities do have a part in nationhood, why else would “countries” be built around dominant ethnic groups? Like it or not tribalism is a real and very widespread phenomenon, and it’s not gonna go away just because people talk about love or something. Just because the concept of a nation today seems different from its previous conceptions doesn’t mean this trend towards in-groupism has gone away. You put different folks together, there’s gonna be tension if not conflict over those differences. Whether or not this is logical isn’t the point. It happens regardless. Why encourage it?

        8. I never negated significance of national feelings, tribalism etc. They are present, and they are strong.
          Thing is, mass migrations today are not caused by ethnic issues. They are cased by economic reasons, or because of war.
          In order to provide for what you request, no-immigration societies, world would have to:
          1. Switch back to feudal society, where a serf would not be able to leave his dominions property.
          2. You would have to somehow establish a new world order where there would be absolutely no wars.
          3. You would need to establish a ministry of propaganda in ever state which would fabricate “scientific” facts to people of why are migrations bad and harmful.
          Otherwise, good luck with sweating and bleeding through your life, trying to stop migrations.

        9. Liberalism is an ideology, and as is common with all of them – they are all wrong. Whoever tells you that he has a solution for world’s sufferings, is nuts. Whoever tells you, he has a solution for one single problem at a time – he might be worth listening to.
          Liberals will only solve problems of those who fund them.
          Anyway, it’s really a historical cynicism, how a state formed on the back of immigrants, is full of people who preach anti-immigration. I was always amazed at how people who claim America should be a nation-state, who would be a member of American nation.
          First guess is always, white protestants. Then when i ask how can they exclude all Catholics, they immediately start bringing up some voodoo ideas that date back to 16th century. Then comes the question of blacks, Indians, other relligions, and other people who came there togheter with white protestants.
          In the end, it always comes to “ok, we are white protestant, and racist, and we hate everyone else who isn’t”
          “thanks for being honest, bye”

        10. There’s nothing feudal about modern Asian countries, they just reject too many immigrants. No sweat or blood involved. Just a simple “No” when they apply. No one is trying to invade Japan or Korea for liebensraum. Wars still exists, often committed by high-immigrant nations, and immigration itself is often the cause of civil strife in other countries. Immigration causes pluralism, which causes conflict. We both agree on this self-evident truth, no propaganda or fabrication is required.
          Granted you can’t stop every single human from leaving their country, but you have to take tribalistic behavior into consideration. Meaning that immigration or “diversity” should not be taken as virtues, nor should they be encouraged without careful thought. Whether or not this is hateful or racist or xenophobic doesn’t really matter. Realism is more important than feelings or ideals.

        11. You need to separate some thing
          Pluralism =/= Democracy
          No immigration =/= Ethnically clean state
          Conflict =/= Political differences
          I can take tribalistic behavior into consideration, but in what measure ? I mean today, every girl and every boy chooses himself who is he going to marry, vote, what is he going to be, what kind of porn he likes, even where is he going to live.
          There are many people who haven’t seen their countrymen in more then 10 years. Talking about tribalism to them is a little hilarious isn’t it ?

      2. This comment if it were public in Sweden (and in a large part of Europe) i would have been fined or imprisoned because of it, but it works so well with the topic.
        What nations is ultimately a natural development from the Tribe-living and as the conditions became better the borders which the Tribe were living in became larger and then later created nations. It is not really a suprise that in a European-country you can find people with genetic-heritage very close to each other, because they are from the same people.
        What you do with immigration from not-european nations (basically it’s only Western nation that has been having any massimmigration, which is not a coincidence). But what you do with massimmigration is creating a split among the people because they have other evolutionary interests than the people who lives there. Which is obvious because first you think of your own well being then your family and so on which creates a conflict of interest between the minorities and the majority who has been living in the country together for over centuries. It’s called Divide and Conquer, learn that phrase if you’re truly interested in learning anything about todays society.
        BTW: Labelling something with Nazism clearly labels you how dishonest you’re going to be in a discussion. Seriously, Germany during the NDSAP-rule was one of the most thriving and well looked-up countries in the world before the war started as Sovjet went in to Poland and Germany did the same and then the Allied started to bitch and moan about Germany, even though Hitler tried to make peace with Churchill.
        Food for thought, why hasn’t anyone been persecuted for the Dresden-bombings? Why wasn’t American and Sovjet soldiers imprisoned for raping German women after the war?

        1. Most thriving and well looked-up countries was the one where Jews were confiscated all personal property, taken all citizenship and rights, and then sent to gas chambers ? I’m amazed.
          Why no one persecuted them ? Frankly, because no one cared, that’s not the topic.
          Thing is, your racialite bullshit has facts to cope with.
          Nations were created in 19th century. That is long long long time after first states were formed from tribes. First states formed, and first civilizations formed WERE NOT, nation states. Their base of identity was language and ruler.
          Then after that, you got feudalism and religion as foundation of a state. It didn’t matter what is your name and where u came from, and what is your DNA, what mattered is do you speak your lord’s language, are you of same religion, and are you his serf. Upper classes and nobles, engaged in multi-cultural and multi-national marriages so much, that there is no way any people survived genetically pure to this day.
          If for nothing else, reason why nation-state future is impossible, is because of resources. Not every state was given same wealth. Some have nothing but sand and rocks, others have inexhaustible resources of precious fuels, minerals, metals etc. Such situation always did, and always will produce wars and migration. People wasting time today in order to stop it, are plainly put, idiots.

        2. And why do you think a well-renowned historian like David Irving became a persone non grata for not believing in the gas chambers and such? Why do you think several people gets imprisoned for years because of that?
          Like Voltaire said; The ones that are in charge are the ones you are not allowed to critize.
          And to the other pieces of your text;
          No, nations excisted a long time before the 19th century, just in a different form because of the feodalism. I can take my own people as an example, a people who has lived in this place called Sweden since the the ice melted away from the ground and it was liveable. A nation is more than what it calls itself, a nation is one people and where they live, nothing less and nothing more it’s clear that you’re from the states because you simply has no grasp of how important and different each country is to one another in Europe.
          And no, multi-culturalism is not French banging Danish people or Russians holding hands with Brits. Multiculturalism is nothing less than a attempt to break havoc in the western world by injecting as many minorities and help them push their evolutionary interests to create a heterogene country which is easier to dupe and more importantly more violance (like every multicultural country in the world, recent example Jugoslavia) and therefore easier to conquer. We already see that today as everyone is focused on Muslims while the government is selling our peoples resources to Jewish and Chinese organisations.

        3. Barbaric people from the north were the one’s who lived in tribal societies, and who brought racism in Europe. And guess what, barbarians from north of Europe were world’s heavyweight champions in migrations, which is the reason why they never formed a solid state in more then a millennium.
          And no, i’m no from the states. I’m from Europe as well, and i very well know that when it comes to history and politics, Europeans are the biggest blue-pillers in the world. They live in some fantasy-land in which there exist such things as “European heritage” and similar BS constructed during colonial eras.
          But what else would Europeans do in spare time, but glorify nazism. Europe should be rewarded with another WWII, and folks like you should be given fate of POW’s. That would teach them, LOL.

        4. Now that’s just full of ridiculous emotional bias and resentment. I wish I had read this before responding to you seriously.

        5. Yes, it’s called an evolutionary strategy to migrate your genes to other people and therefore expanding your territory and people’s genepool. If you were truly a red pill you would understand that were are still mammals and therefore live under the same rules as every other creature in the nature.
          That is why i’m against immigration to my country, because they are using our genepool to their advantage but that doesn’t mean i was against people of the north settleing in Russia, Kiev, Normandie or the British Islands and why should i? It only was favorable for us, and objectively created large civilasations that ruled the world at some points in history, contributeing to a lot of development for the human kind.
          The European heritage-thing only seem exists in your mind, we call ourselfs swedes or danish and not white or European. You would have known that if you truly was part of any majority-living people in any of the European countries, but you’re not as obvious as it seems, because you would go on such rants as wanting to wipe out a vast majority of the people living at the continent.
          As having a large experience of discussing such things with different people one thing that i’ve learn is that no-one, unless the person is very mentally ill or brainwashed speaks of extinguish his family, his friends and relatives i.e. going against your own natural evolutionary instincts.
          So get back in your armchair, bluepill.

        6. Apart from being white, the whole idea of not liking someone based on race is way too childish for me. “Mommy, but i don’t like spinach!”

        7. Once again, i don’t have anything against people who oppose immigration. “Why are you against immigration sir ?”
          “Because dead end jobs are less available and less paid”. “Ok, fair enough”.
          But when i hear about heritage, gene pool, i know i’m speaking to someone soaked in ideological thought.
          As when it comes to relatives and families and my countrymen, i’m really ready to let them decide about their fates, no need for me to protect them. As for evolutionary instincts, you are probably talking about fact we might loose our pinky toe in some distant future, or lose our hair ? I don’t know, quite possible, but why so worried.

        8. That is one reason, the other is that it shatters my nation and force my people to become a minority in its own country, a thing that has never happened before in our entire history and as i can clearly see the development because i’m living near to one of these newly-minted multicultural places the city has become more violent, more rapes, burglaries, muggings and assaults has been occuring. Nowadays we have gang-wars in my city, the postmen, firefighters and policemen isn’t even allowed into some of the heavily multicultural areas because they throw rocks at them.
          I see where this multicultural society is heading and i don’t care if i’m rascist, i don’t like the development and i know i’m not alone on this subject. (Funny thing is, everything i have been posting here would get me fined for “Hate”-speech.
          I’m talking about my family, my family is swedish and so were my forefathers and all of my friends and relatives is swedish. Why should i not care about them? You don’t survive on your own unless you’re in a videogame or in a movie when the system completely will fuck up, especially because the house-market-bubble which will burst anytime soon and creating a depression Sweden hasn’t seen for over a century.
          Sure, i have some ideological thoughts and that’s because of what i’ve experienced and read and finally came to a good conclusion after i let loose of the brainwashing of the school, media and society as a whole, i literally stopped behvaing like a Pavlovian Dog everytime i heard a subject, information or even a simple word.
          I recommend you to read Culture of Critique by Kevin Macdonald if you want to learn atleast something about group evolutionary strategy.

      3. >> if USA for example won 1812 war, it would include Canada today as well, that’s how “stable” and “fair” nation states are.
        And what is Canada’s moral justification for owning Quebec…. that they won the war?

      4. “Who the hell do you people think you are, to tell somebody whether they
        can or cannot have neighbor of different race, and whether they can move
        somewhere else or not ? ”
        If you actually lived a day in your life, you piece of shit, you’d realize that not stopping immigration is the number one way how you fuck over your country.
        You ought to be castrated.

    3. Isn’t the police state due to the upper class wanting a larger share of society’s wealth, which could only be achieved by globalisation. Since this would lead to most middle and lower class people in Western societies earning less and less, a police state needs to be erected to keep people in line. Myths such as peak oil, malthusian catastrophe and global warming were developed. And to top it off, mass immigration was introduced to ‘divide and conquer’, maintaining the power hierarchy, whilst helping to lower wages.
      Finally, feminism helped tax the women too and get the children under state control through schooling (aka indoctrination). This also created horizontal class warfare to distract the masses from the real vertical class warfare that was taking place.

    4. “A multi-racial, multicultural empire DEMANDS a police state to hold it together. Snowden and his leaks are irrelevant.”
      You deserve to be slaughtered in a cell in Guantanamo.

  5. At what point do you stand up and be counted? Where does one draw the line and pick a side? Every two weeks, it seems like leaps are made to deprive us of liberties. Last week the British Prime Minister talked about censoring lads magazines (which was duly acted upon). This week they have said that they will replace British birth certificates with European Union ones (which very few people in the UK want).
    Most people don’t care as long as the lights stay on and they can watch the game on TV. But even those ‘freedoms’ will evaporate, as things cost more and we get paid less and less. If a minority of Americans fought for freedom in 1776, then those people are far too few on UK shores to make a difference here. The children of the future will see debt slavery as normal, for this has been foisted upon them, as well as a degenerating society.
    I have come to the conclusion, unfortunately, that most people choose to be ignorant and are amoral, for selfishness is the order of the day. Social engineering through feminism is in part to blame. Things like honor, social contracting and economically productive work are mostly done by men. Older generations have also failed the younger ones. And bankers have their eye on taking everything.
    The future we inherit will be a dark one if we don’t learn from the lessons of the past. And as humans we perpetually make the same mistakes over and over. To understand Western demise, you only have to look at how the Roman empire went defunct over debauched currency and failing morality. Mabye it is just the life-cycle of a society. In any case, what most people stand for is transient and is based on sand. That is what makes living life by real values that stand the test of time so important – because only these families/communities survive, whilst the society at large (which is a joke -caring for random strangers who cause you problems) falls apart.
    Stand for an ideal and people will test you and even try to tear you down, but if you truly believe in it, you will outlast them and in pride. Many people are having their time in the sun now, but the circumstances will change and they will lose their footing. The key is to see where things are going (police state, less money, no healthcare) and to adapt before things happen. And eventually, one way or another, you will be forced to live or die by the values you have internalised. The only real power we have in this life is some withering semblance of free informed choice – so use it.

  6. Talk about rationalization hamsters. Cowardly men are equipped with an equivalent that allows them to excuse themselves for their spinelessness and the fact that they stand for nothing. Sure, we have to pick our battles, and Edward Snowden’s actions, plucky as they may be, will likely come to nought, because the battle for America is lost. But all men worth their salt should do their best to stand up for what is right; even if we lose some battles, we must win this war.

    1. Sure as hell, if we do not we will not exist anymore. The European people will be extinct and we will never come back.
      But, Snowden released stuff we already knew, it don’t get the medias opinion of him as some kind of a hero. I don’t trust media in things like this considering they are well known to be sleeping with the Fat Cats.

    2. Every damn day brother. All the old ways of honor are all but forgotten. Men are now expected to go along with rest of the fishes. Anyone who makes a scene is quickly swept under the rug and forgotten. Those in power have forgotten humility and their service to others. I once thought the Manosphere would bring this madness to an end, but instead the cycle of bitching about it on the Internet continues as usual. Its a shame because the time is now ripe for us to reclaim the world our founding fathers left for us.
      Snowdens revelations were nothing new to those of us who understand how the technology works. The herd ought to have awakened, but alas they have been too placated by years of distractions. Get ready for dark times ahead my brothers.

  7. No… I choose to LIVE. Ever wonder what the power elites in this world consider people? Dead. Consumers. Zombies are a personification of that, quite a joke. That’s the occult focal point. Our world has been ruled by the occult for centuries.
    I choose to live by my own wayward instincts and urgings of the soul and in commune with that higher aspect. That is most rewarding. If it is fair to die for an ideal, fine, but not a prerequisite. Who was that anti-diversity gun toting scandinavian? A hero, some would say… Let it be known that diversity is the crumbling point of societies built on kinship.
    I don’t even know who Snowden is. Simply, I don’t stay plugged into the mass media loop. Strangely, if most people know about it, it’s largely meaningless. Take that to heart. Now I did see the part about science in the text above, that’s interesting, because science is a dead subject dissecting dead things.
    Now, if your ready for this, focusing on other peoples lives and thoughts is a slow way of killing yourself. First, it depreciates your value and gives away all personal power. Second, most people’s thoughts are scum. See power elite occult reference above.
    Now then, bringing it back around. Human beings are distinguished from all sentient life on this planet by largely one thing alone, their speed of thought. Those with the greatest speed of thought and ingenuity trump all. Mankind’s thought has been purposely slowed down to meaningless levels (educational system) and therefore lacks any real power, for thought is manifestation. Better yet, our manifestations have been purposely guided into obscene debacles.
    What do you live for?

    1. I think you are focusing on individualism too much. More individualism isn’t the answer to our problems; in fact that’s why the West is where it is now. Feminism, for all its tyranny, is in the end a manifestation of individualism. Have you ever noticed that women are unable to think of how any issue impacts society as a whole? I think that universal truth is the sole providence of men, making us the only ones fit for governing a complex civilization.
      As for the mainstream media: every word that proceeds out of its moth is a lie, but it is important to know what the enemy expects you to think, thus why I follow NYT, HuffPo, and NPR.

  8. So what will our hero, Mr. V’s demise be?
    at the hands of some jealous Polish gentlemen of the thick-necked variety?
    under the heels of rabid screeching Feminists?
    or as a casualty of some yet undiscovered venereal disease for which a thin layer of latex is no salvation?
    Any death in battle is an honor greater than dropping dead of coronary disease while living a safe but sedentary existence.
    A vital life calls for a vital death!

  9. Maybe, we need to acknowledge that we have crossed the precipice and it’s time to relax and enjoy the fall. Here’s someone really enjoying the decline:

    SNAP card/food stamps (lobster’s on sale)
    Surfs daily in La Jolla, CA
    California weather
    barbeque days or sushi days
    zero commute
    zero responsibilities
    makes music (plays guitar)
    When asked about “holding down a real job”, he responds, “That’s not the direction I’m going right now.”
    Can you blame him; he gets more chicks than a hatchery?”
    Reason for wanting to be a rock star: “I wanna be heard, I don’t want to listen.”
    Watch the video and let us know if you agree that Jason Greenslate is the future.

  10. You don’t fight and die for an idea. You live it and make the best out of it.
    For example, I am not going to die for Anarchism since that would be very stupid. Anarchism needs everyone to cooperate and if no one cooperates, I am not going to expose myself and die or pave the way for corporations and governments to fuck me over.
    Other stuff, such as protecting one’s family’s dignity is the top priority.
    So I say fuck you to all the corporations and governments of the world.

  11. I have to disagree with this concept. Most people die by their idea. The ones who dont go on to rule the world or fulfill their dream depending on the orientation of the idea (helping others or helping self)

  12. “Let me warn you, if you start chasing after views, you’ll be left without bread and without views” Nikolai Gogol, a Russian writer one of my favourites. Call it cowardly but I avoid strong views because they don’t help me get where I’m going. Big fan of your philosophy and work Roosh (although I’m very with happy sleeping with under 30 girls in my life). Good article as ever man.

  13. “I sold my so-oul
    [It’s original, but sing it like Slade or Quiet Riot]

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