Singapore’s Society Promotes The Decline Of The Modern Man

Singapore is a unique Asian gem, often called the Switzerland of the east. It actually may remind you of what America used to be—reasonable rates of taxation, tough punishment for criminals, favorable business climate, and slender, attractive women. Though the cost of living is high, the economy is strong and crime is almost nonexistent.

You won’t see too many cops since like it or not, wherever you go in public, cameras will be watching you. Don’t worry, if you screw up, they’ll show up. The resulting safe society makes it a perfect place to raise a family—but, alas, only a family with daughters. For sons, the ironclad cocoon of security is proving to be a detriment to the development of Singaporean men.

Two kinds of guys

Singaporean sons tend to fall into two categories—either total losers living in their mom’s basement, ripping off the family money and never really amounting to much, or moderately to highly successful gents who nevertheless are soft, not self-assured, from families where the women are dominant.

Wives and mothers with strong personalities are quite common in every social strata. A female friend in Singapore explained it to me thusly:

“In the decades since the founding of Singapore barely fifty years ago, all of the hard work has been done. The last few generations of Singaporean men, particularly the Singaporean Chinese men, have never experienced real struggle. Although they usually need to work in order to support themselves, they are to some extent mollycoddled by the government and their families alike. If there is a problem, the reaction is almost instantly “The government needs to do something about XYZ.””

I was a bit surprised that two years of national service for men doesn’t do more to imprint some degree of manhood and leadership. Apparently, however, this military experience has been watered down over time. Because of the low birth rate, they’re even considering drafting women.

Recently there was a picture of a new recruit reporting to basic training with the family maid carrying his rucksack while he walked ahead of her, in uniform, unencumbered and absorbed in his smartphone.


Not sure if she also polished his boots, but probably.

Maids from Indonesia and the Philippines are affordable even for middle class families, meaning many young men can easily grow up to be just a bit lazy. I guess we should be grateful he’s not carrying his girlfriend’s handbag, since that’s not uncommon either.

Smartphone Zombies

Speaking of smartphones, Singapore too is rapidly becoming a nation of smartphone zombies. In some respects it’s even worse there, since at least in America some people read articles online (albeit usually shitty ones from Buzzfeed or Huffpo) or maybe they’ll tackle a Kindle ebook.

Not so with Singaporeans, where nearly every person, especially the young, is either watching a video or playing some stupid game on their iPhones. Reading is for school, they reckon, not leisure or self-development.


Sliding doors prevent falling over into the subway tracks while texting.

For Singaporean men, the decades of safety and comfort have produced outwardly apprehensive, barely masculine men whose umbilical cords are never completely cut. Imagine a world where grown men don’t know how to use a corkscrew and need to call AAA to change a flat tire.

All manual labor and construction is performed by immigrant labor (albeit legal, verifiable, and temporary immigrant labor), with the end result being the incapable, neutered state of modern Singaporean manhood.


At least the trains are on time, right?

Nowhere else is the maxim that comfort is the enemy of ambition more apparent than on this island nation. Our parents want “the best” for us, just as Singapore’s government wants “the best” for its citizens. While the west produces legions of narcissistic and entitled liberal arts majors with no marketable job skills, they at least have to be careful for their personal safety from time to time.

Singapore effectively reduced nearly all security threats and physical problem solving to the point where a young man never has the training wheels taken off. He simply has less opportunity to learn by doing (and failing), and thus cannot fully mature into a self-reliant individual.

Great for your daughters, not your sons

Sure, Singapore is where I would want to be to raise a daughter—if something unthinkable did happen to her, the perp would be caught in a matter of hours and probably be caned or even hanged. But raising a son who becomes a man could prove difficult. Remove all risks and challenges from life and the bones don’t harden, character does not resolve, leadership traits are not developed.

Sooner or later, the population takes what they have for granted and demands change to make things even more comfy. The obesity levels in Singapore are already creeping up; it’s probably a matter of time before their oft-used death penalty goes away and eventually, national service is eliminated in favor of a volunteer military (though who will actually volunteer is another question).

Soon thereafter, an uptick in already loud protests from the gay community demanding “equality” just like they never cease doing in the west. One by one, the framework that brought a great nation into being will succumb to the same cancer of self-indulgence affecting America and the rest of the west.

How long can it last?

How much longer Singapore can last is anyone’s guess, but with human nature being what it is, the status quo will not be permanent. As Tesla pointed out, the growing tendency of women to overshadow the masculine is a sign of a deteriorating civilization.

Singapore is not unlike every other society in history in that the more it does to improve itself, educate the masses, grow the economy and make everyone safe, in the end each overly complex civilized society is doomed to be the next Rome, just waiting for the fall.

Meanwhile however, the young women of Singapore are still mostly feminine, slender and pretty. They may find a man with a backbone and some hand skills both refreshing and desirable. If you’re in the neighborhood for whatever reason, drop in and enjoy it while you can.

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165 thoughts on “Singapore’s Society Promotes The Decline Of The Modern Man”

  1. Interesting.
    I’ve lived in Singapore and dated a Singaporean chick. She was VERY westernized and judging by her Facebook timeline, she’s really into feminism. The funny thing is that she locked down a betabux, had a baby and is now in the process of divorce, or it seems. I’m reminded of ROK every time I visit her profile page.
    Singapore is a very comfortable country to live in materialistically, but it’s boring as hell and the overall vibe is very sterile.
    And I agree the Singaporean guys didn’t strike me as masculine at all.

    1. its exactly the same problem in New Zealand and Australia, only buffered by the fact that there is so much mining and farm work….
      when you consider that modern Singapore was literally created by burning the slums to the ground and rebuilding, you see the need for masculine pioneering attitudes…..
      but in the long run you end up with the hive mind, where the male drones are pushed out in winter and the female worker bees get all the honey.
      on the otherhand, would you really want to live in a masculine society like the wild west, where it’s necessary to carry a six shooter and use it… ?
      it’s natural that civilization coalesces around women and children, since that is what creates civilizations…. once the structure is in place – then men are ready to go pioneering elsewhere…. i guess it’s a shame we don’t have a warp drive yet….

      1. on the otherhand, would you really want to live in a masculine society like the wild west, where it’s necessary to carry a six shooter and use it… ?
        Yes. Any day of the week. And the “wild west” was so non-violent that the few incidences we know of are actually known by name in the history books. And we have a *much* higher crime rate today and by all needs MUST carry a firearm if we even hope to protect ourselves in public.
        The wild west you’re referring to was created by Hollywood and is utter fiction.

        1. The trouble is why didn’t keep the wild west wild? Taming it results in the loss of masculine space.

        2. It is still wild, mostly. I visit Wyoming and the Dakotas rather regularly and am moving there once my kids are both out of high school. Open carry of firearms is still normal, and if you’re not open carrying you conceal carry (all without a government “permit”, which they laugh at there), women still respect men (generally) and are not feminists (and are skinny and pretty), and men (generally) do masculine work (outside of the handful of major cities, and even there, well, beats the hell out of blue cities). You want more testosterone per square inch than anywhere else in the world right now, head to the shale/oil fields of North Dakota, or the ranches out in Wyoming.
          You can drive for 30-45 minutes at a stretch out in the scrub or even mountains and not see another car nor airplane. Stop the motorcycle and turn it off and the silence from lack of any human activity is deafening. Plenty of bison and antelope, but people, eh, not so much.

        3. You can drive for 30-45 minutes at a stretch out in in the scrub or even mountains and not see another car nor airplane.
          That actually sounds perfect. My retirement plan (which I got a late start on) is to buy up 20 or so acres in someplace like TN. Not quite as remote as Wyoming, etc, but still not bad. The winters are a little easier, too. I think I had enough of the north winters when I was living in CT. But who knows, by the time I retire, Wyoming, Idaho, and the Dakotas may be the only place that makes sense at that point.

        4. when it comes down to it the main reason to carry a gun is because of bears, coyotes and wolves, not humans….
          the biggest problem in today’s civilization is the loss of drive to excel and achieve…
          men don’t have to be prowling the wilderness with sidearms, they could be building the next generation of technology, up all night driven by ambition to succeed in their field…. it doesn’t have to be ranching cattle…

        5. You know urbanization makes people easy to control and akin to the roman empire the road system is the way they make it easier to move armies and police fotces. The expansion or multiplication of cities especially is also an extension of government control as they are able to project power from those urban places with security cameras and other blessings of modern technology or whatnot .And for government to control the countryside they need more resources for arms and people.

        6. In Wyoming? Sure. The people there are polite to a fault. Traditional values or Heinlein’s Maxim, or both? Heh.
          men don’t have to be prowling the wilderness with sidearm
          No, but we have to have one with us when we go out to the mall shopping or to the movie theatre or when walking down a city street. The police won’t be there to save you, so the onus is on the individual to protect himself and those he loves.
          Besides, I like prowling the wilderness with a firearm, stalking little Bambi and making him a nice tasty addition to my diet for a couple of months.

        7. It is ideal, at least to me.
          TN is quite nice, especially around the Smokies. They have *conservative* rock stations there. As in hard core conservative hosts 24/7 that mock leftists AND play really good music. Threw me for a loop when I listened to a couple of them last summer.

        8. “when it comes down to it the main reason to carry a gun is because of bears, coyotes and wolves, not humans….”
          99.99% of the reason for firearms is other humans. You don’t understand human nature and society until you grasp that.

          Russia, which according to official figures has the fifth highest murder rate in the world, has relaxed its gun ownership laws.
          Previously, Russians were only allowed to own firearms for hunting or target practice, but under the new laws they will be allowed to carry them for self-defence as well.
          As if to underscore his belief in the virtues of being armed, Vladimir Putin, echoing Al Capone, this week told a meeting of the Russia United People’s Front: “You can get a lot more done with politeness and a weapon than with politeness alone.”

        9. “men don’t have to be prowling the wilderness with sidearms, they could be building the next generation of technology, up all night driven by ambition to succeed in their field….”
          Wouldn’t both be best? Gives a huge advantage on most pussified tech dudes.

        10. This is fantastic news, and certainly has me evaluating Russia again should things get too far out of hand here AND we don’t have secession or an armed revolt at some point. My biggest reason for remaining in these united States is our rather nice regard for self defense and firearms (in almost all states). If I can carry in a Patriarchal country like Russia, well then, perhaps Russia needs me to import some pure strain old school masculine Scot-English DNA (but not culture).

      2. The problem is our habit of taming wildernesses and not keeping wild places wild hence maintaining masculine space.

      3. on the otherhand, would you really want to live in a masculine society like the wild west, where it’s necessary to carry a six shooter and use it… ?


      4. If I didn’t live in NY, a .357 revolver and carbine would be part of my casual dress.

        1. Ruger Blackhawk in .45 Colt here, open carry most of the time actually. Ohio has its faults, but the acceptance of unlicensed open carry here ain’t one of them.

        2. Take a trip a bit west sometime. If you can get to Columbus sometime I’d be happy to show you around the town for a weekend. Get you open carrying for a bit, you can even take selfies if you want, heh.

        3. haha NY ranked dead last in most hrs worked too! bottom five in time wasted getting to the office as well

        4. Actually most white collar lines of business. Insurance, medicine, fast food (the hq, not the grease joints). We’re a white collar haven and have major offices or headquarters that most everybody has no clue about.
          But, white collar kind of sucks if you’re a hands on man.

    2. Yes – they are very westernized.
      I live in Asia, and have reached the point where I refuse to date any girl that has spent more than about 3 years in a western country, simply because their brains get pickled by virulent western feminism…. and they bring that shit with them back to asia.

  2. Singapore is prosperous because it is an island that respects contract law in the middle of a region that doesn’t. Nice place to visit, wouldn’t want to live there.

  3. There are more women than men in society. Without a shadow of a doubt, masculinity is dying not only in the West, but it appears to be prevalent in many parts of Asia too, and this article can verify that.
    It is worrying to see the state of today’s man- wearing the most bizarre clothes such as skinny jeans, skinny chinos, comical sunglasses, ridiculous looking shoes, playing with smartphones all the time and not even having any muscles or strong physique.
    The decimation of masculinity is almost complete, and it is clear that this is the agenda of the radical feminist movement- to destroy any form of male confidence and make men feel “guilty” and “evil” for being born male. Destroying the nuclear family, destroying religious and moral values, brainwashing and programming kids with liberal propoganda, supporting big government, creating the concept that everyone is a winner etc.
    The list goes on and on, and it proves that there is something really wrong in our society. Well, I am going to say this: there is no way I will support anything that goes against my principles as a man. Nor should you. The only way to truly defeat feminists and the system which has been designed to destroy men is to play it and twist it.
    – Always have compelling arguments backed up with statistics and data to prove your points.
    – Learn to dress up like a real man.
    – Learn to live your life by your own value system.
    – Learn to never give into the feminist propogada that is now widespread across the world
    – Learn to do the tasks which are traditionally expected to be known by a real man such as knowing the components of your car and all the tools in your toolbox.
    Remember, always maintain your self respect.

    1. – Always have compelling arguments backed up with statistics and data to prove your points.- Learn to dress up like a real man.
      – Learn to live your life by your own value system.
      – Learn to never give into the feminist propogada that is now widespread across the world
      – Learn to do the tasks which are traditionally expected to be known by a real man such as knowing the components of your car and all the tools in your toolbox

      +100 upvotes if I could.
      I would modify the first point a bit though. Have compelling stats and arguments, absolutely, but do not waste them on your SJW/feminist target as if you will change her mind. Ensure that you’re *always* talking to bystanders *through* her and make it clear that she is just a foil you use to demonstrate your points. She needs to be the standup man for your righteously delivered factual “punchlines” for the benefit of your audience. Your goal should always be to convince the fence sitters, as trying to convince a SJW is nigh impossible since they are dogmatic to levels that religious people can only hold in awe.

      1. History=God
        Patriarchy= The Devil
        The fundamental axiom is that man is inherently and uniquely debased.
        The fundamental mindset is that after a time of turmoil and destruction they will be part of the small group that enters Paradise.
        These people are the New Calvanists.

      2. It is impossible to change their minds for a very logical reason.
        “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.” -Upton Sinclair
        Most of the SJW positions are really about manipulating society to their own benefit. Women make up the voting majority in the USA, so it’s no surprise that policies tend to benefit them more than men. Indeed, nearly everyone tries to manipulate public opinion to give themselves an Evolutionary advantage.
        We here at ROK should be careful not to fall into this trap, as it’s easy to do. Learn what the logical fallacies are and focus ONLY on the evidence and you’ll win every single debate.
        For example, it’s well known that partisans flip flop on public surveys. When the economy is in the shitter and the President in Republican, then Democrats will claim the president has power over the economy while Republicans will say he doesn’t have power over it. Conversely, when the Democrat is President the opposite is also true. The average human is not rational, but manipulative and self-serving.

        1. “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.” -Upton Sinclair
          one of the best quotes ever

        2. Most people don’t care about facts, they don’t think, they just react and feel. I don’t think that’s a great way to set policy, but it appears to be how the minds of most people (don’t) work.
          Thus if you want to win a debate among normal people, you have to go after their feelings. Ben Shapiro has a talk about this and can be sumarized at the following link:

          You can see him utilize this against Peirs Morgan rather effectively in the below video:

        3. Fuck…. that guy tore Morgan a new asshole within the first 60 seconds… well done.

        4. Shapiro has a brilliant speech on debating liberals, SJWs, etc…long but brilliant nonetheless:

        5. Morgan regularly gets his asshole torn and in a way a faggot wouldn’t appreciate.

      3. “but do not waste them on your SJW/feminist target as if you will change her mind”
        I’m getting to the point where I don’t even want to speak with anyone (male or female) from Generation Buttplug anymore.

      4. “but do not waste them on your SJW/feminist target as if you will change her mind”
        I’m getting to the point where I don’t even want to speak with anyone (male or female) from Generation Buttplug anymore.

        1. I will if they at least seem reasonable and open. Which is to say, I will in theory talk to one. heh
          But I would actually. It’s when you see the beady eyed, smarmy sneer jackass look solidify that you know that “it” is nothing more than a tool to make your point to others.

        2. Come to think of it, my grandpa was around 27 in 43. He was in the resistance. I believe that part of the reason I didn’t turn into… that thing to the right, is that there is a big gap between generations in my family (30+ years). I had a chance to glimpse into the past, see how people used to be through them.

        3. Sometimes it is important to give a metaphorical raised eyebrow when you hear bullshit. Not for any other reason than to let them know that the entire world doesn’t believe the bullshit they sprout.
          It won’t change much except maybe, just maybe, make them think twice before sprouting crap to anyone and everyone.
          Fact is if everyone around these types of people called them out every single time they sprout bullshit they will pretty quickly cower into the corner and shut the fuck up. Just a shame that right now that’s a statistical improbability. One day maybe.

      5. Interesting point this:

        Maids from Indonesia and the Philippines are affordable even for middle
        class families, meaning many young men can easily grow up to be just a
        bit lazy

        Men should be doing women’s work?

        1. Men should carry their own rucksacks.
          Inevitably, the maids wind up doing way more than maids work, waiting on little Jr hand and foot, and the housewives do even less of what they would already be doing.

        2. Men should carry their own rucksacks.

          Nobody disagreed with this. You make statements in search of contention.

        3. Not so sure. My maid never carries my rucksack. I don’t think it’s inevitable that hiring a maid means she will be carrying your bag. This is more a cultural issue rather slippery slope certainty.

      6. Here here. I learned that technique quite recently. Never address them, address the audience.

    2. It was not just feminism. Luxury also killed it, it would seem.
      Lesson from Singapore, don’t remove all obstacles.

    3. And not care what feminists think of you, or society for that matter
      That bit of anti-socialness is crucial to defeating equality

    4. I would not concern yourself with trivia such as men wearing skinny jeans. It merely a fashion. Henry VIII wore tights and nobody would claim that he was anything less than a real man.
      As for “playing with smartphones”…. you have no idea what people are doing with their smartphones. I use my smartphone to read and comment on this site. Is that a problem?
      Truth, you are an insightful man but do not allow yourself to be caught up in things that do not matter.

      1. Aye, but when Henry VIII wore tights, he also wore a huge effin’ codpiece. I did a tour of the British Museum in London when they had the Henry VIII exhibit up back in 2009. The man wanted everybody in the kingdom to know that he was hung like a horse, or at least, have them believe that he was. Heh.
        He was also obsessed with firearms and how to incorporate them into what was at the time contemporary technology. Which was actually pretty cool, he had some interesting thoughts on that subject, and seems quite like he’d have made a decent engineer in a later age.

    5. Good choice. I’d add one more.
      Keep your word when dealing with men.
      That doesn’t mean you can’t be sparing about giving it, but once given, KEEP it.

    6. Woman live longer than man and that is in all ALL countries. There life is simply better but they always want MORE and MORE.

    1. have you read his most recent novel? It essentially is saying humanity is screwed lol

  4. I know little to nothing about the current conditions in Singapore, but I felt compelled to comment about the photo of the “ultimate friendzone” guy.
    Can somebody forward me his location so that I can grab a flight to Singapore and then beat the living shit out of him? What a fucking tool.

      1. Are you sure about that? Shit – well it looked exactly like the Singapore MRT system, where I’m certain similar things happen. Nice catch though.

        1. Yeah difference in the floor markings. The photo above that one is the Singaporean MRT.
          To be fair tho it may as well be Singapore. In my 2.5 years there I’ve seen the most beta bitch behaviour from a lot of the guys (not all mind you) that it wouldn’t surprise me. The guy carrying the handbag phenomenon is a real eye opener…

        2. I know, I took the photo of the people with the smartphones in the Singapore MRT.
          I didn’t have the heart to post the pic of the guy toting the handbag. Just too pathetic for words.

        3. We are thoroughly infused with feminist beliefs as a “modern” society. The Women’s Charter has our married men constantly living under the threat of being divorced and forced to pay alimony to their wives; even if he earns less than her, he has to pay a token sum. We get sassy female journos and mangina columnists bitching about men in the papers, media, and TV programmed regularly. The topic of chivalry (or the lack thereof) rears its ugly head ever so often. Worse than carrying women’s handbags, you can search for YouTube videos of men being physically abused by their girlfriends or wives. And I have not mentioned about the ten years of mandatory education in our public schools, two years of conscription and years thereafter of being called up for reservist duty.
          And a word of warning to men looking to marry our local women, you will be subjected to the same rule of law under the Women’s Charter.

        4. My girl once asked me to carry her handbag. I picked her up and put her over my shoulder. Handbag carried.

  5. Sensible, safe, civilized, clean, orderly. Singapore has nationalized the predominant feminized mindframe that suffuses pockets of SWPL-dom in the West, as well.
    Materialist and consumerist modern Asian women tend to condescend and subordinate men more than just about any other ethnic/racial group I can think of.
    The 21st Century female psyche craves Utopia, but Utopia is inhuman.

    1. Camille Paglia has famously said, “If civilization had been left in female hands, we would still be living in grass huts.”
      To which I have replied, ” If civilization had been left in men’s hands, we would all be living in deer camps.”
      Cities are the result of men in deer camps trying to entice women out of their grass huts and make them happy. The essential problem is that the unhappiness of women knows no bounds.

      1. Civilization is men taking care of women and children so they don’t have to constantly worry about it every single day…..
        Then it all mushrooms into a bunch of bullshit because everyone has too much too soon and thinks the world owes them a free lunch.

      2. “If civilization had been left in men’s hands, we would all be living in deer camps.”
        Do you consider that a good life?

        1. I am more solitary than deer camp implies. I would prefer a fly fishing hut from which I could visit friends at a deer camp when I felt like a bit of society.
          Throw in some books, a squirrel gun, guitar and fiddle hanging on the wall and I would consider that a good life.
          But I am atypical. By nature a scout, rather than a soldier of the line. Most men prefer the camaraderie of a group and breaking up the men’s societies has been one of the greatest victories of feminism.

  6. Singapore was a malaria infested slum, they didn’t have any history they wanted to preserve, so they tore down everything and started over. If you don’t like it, take a flight to Jakarta and see the open sewer that Singapore used to look like.

    1. Because those are the only two choices. Femi-center land with emasculated men, or putrid swamps.
      Nice logical fallacy you have going there skippy.

    2. Malaria infested(?) not so sure about, but Jakarta is a concrete shithole. However the nightlife and chicks there are still pretty phenomenal…

    1. Just another crazy white chick with borderline personality disorder in america, or sex positive feminist?

    2. Dare to dream.
      Maybe her next goal is to win the Triple Crown in hepatitis.

  7. Don’t worry. When all those pretty buildings, and all those pretty lights turn to shit, men will once again reclaim their position as heads of society because the women and their pack mule friendzone clowns will have no idea how to get the lights back on or how to get the water running again.
    I just wish I could live long enough to see that day.

    1. With 17+ trillion in confessed debt and 100+ trillion in unfunded liabilities and derivatives in these united States, you may well see that day quite soon.

      1. No one knows exactly how bad it is. I stopped reading economics sites when I read the derivatives timebomb was over 1 quadrillion.

      2. I welcome it. At least women won’t have time to post Fakebook pics of their bird food at high dollar restaurants. Instead the best they will be able to do is post pics of the rosemary they are planting in their backyards to make ends meet.

        1. Given the nature of today’s young women, if the shit hit the fan they’d all quickly turn to prostitution. They have zero survival skills, zero domestic skills, zero self respect, and thus have nothing else to offer.

        2. Well then, sounds like I’ll have my choice of throw away concubines.
          After the standard STD tests of course.

        3. A lot of them could survive for about 6 months with water and the calories stored in their own bodies already. It’s not obesity, it’s prepping!

  8. The case of Singapore just shows what guys with yellow fever will be up against once their little asian protégés acquire western mentality.

    1. Why do you think asians will acquire western mentality? They condescend to western mentality. Do you understand what western mentality is? At its core, western mentality is putting individual rights before the group. Asian values are the opposite. It really has nothing to do with speaking english as 2nd language, or material prosperity.

      1. look at the woman who owns the South Korean Airline who made the hissy fit about the packaged pecans she got on a flight on her own airline. There you go..nobody is immune. Asian values are migrating toward Dolce&Gabbanna, Tiffanys, and owning high dollar stupid purses and if you think I am over exaggerating, my brother lives in South Korea. Over the past 10 years the average female employee at his company has had over 5 plastic surgeries.

        1. but didnt her daddy lay a smackdown on her? didnt he fire her?

        2. give it another 5 years, then she will sue her Daddy for gender discrimination and ask to be “divorced” from her parents.

        3. it’s not an attitude that comes from anywhere…. I’ve seen the same thing in AU and NZ, that were humble mining and farming communities with salt of the earth people, even in the 90s, really not that wealthy…..
          then the money starts pouring in and a bunch of poorly educated peasants turn into entitled nouveau riche wankers over night…. you’d see it in Auckland in the late 90s… some idiot opens a crappy restaurant that becomes flavor of the year and now he drives an Audi, and waltzes about town like he’s king dick….
          as soon as there’s a problem he’s running to any and every branch of government to back him up…. the more money there is, the more idiots are empowered and the more Govt. grows and the more people rely on ‘the man’… in the end, they can’t even water a fucking tomato plant without a government permit….

        4. Don’t get my started on Australia. Its become a virtual socialist feminist police state.
          And to all those australian blue-pillers… growing a beard, and getting yourself a couple of tatts, doesn’t make you a hard-as-nails alpha.

      2. Asian are humans like the rest of us i.e. selfish in their core. Nobody puts the group values before their own if there aren’t personal incentives.

    2. Most of the high end chicks already have acquired that western mentality. It ain’t pretty…

  9. Singapore is already recycling their wastewater into drinking water. I dont think this is a sustainable country.
    Anyway, the global pussification of men has alot to do with the poisonous environment-seems like everything is toxic. BPA has gender- bending properties, how long have we been drinking stuff outta plastic bottles? Last time I saw gatorade or coke in a glass bottle was the late 90s.
    I also read an article on avg dong size- only 5.2 in. I read something years ago that it was a little over 6 back in the early 70s. So what is going on here? Does the BPA have something to do with this?

    1. at least we will get the same rights as the LGBT community with enough BPA running through our veins.

    2. BPA, soya, grains (Fattening for livestock but miraculously healthy and slimming for humans according to Daddy Gov)
      More red meat and eggs for me though, so I’m not complaining

      1. I dont understand how anyone other than a madman would think its a great idea to insert Roundup pesticide into corn,soy, etc.

        1. Depending on what end of the transaction you’re on, it’s a great (If not moral) idea!

    3. yeah with all the estrogen mimicking crap in the water supply…. pretty soon we’ll all be scissor fucking lesbians rubbing our clits together, but one of the fems will produce sperm when she cums….

      1. I really do worry about the effects of all that stinking estrogen that is just rampant thanks to women Wanting It All! and men being happy to oblige them via the Pill.
        Pajama Boy didn’t appear out of a vacuum.

        1. you ever read any articles on how the pill can distort who a woman is attracted to? since it tricks the body into believing it is pregnant, some women are attracted to more feminine men because they are perceived as less threatening(less masculine).

  10. Russian unicorns…Asian unicorns…blah blah blah…welcome to Money 101. It corrupts. has the Bible ever been wrong on this ?

  11. This exists because the US foots Singapore’s defense bill. If US carrier groups suddenly stop showing up in China’s vicinity, shit will get a lot more real in Singapore very quickly.

      1. Traditional Anglo culture is in fact the best thing to happen to the planet, ever. Give me Jolly Old England in the year 1870, or America at the same time, and I’m happy as a bug in a rug.
        What it morphed into once infected by the German invented notion of socialist collectivism, pushed by the Soviet Union (Russia) into our universities and schools and Hollywood from the 1950’s forward, is indeed noxious.

        1. You can’t blame the puritans (later turned feminists) on the Germans, let alone the Russians.

        2. There was nothing wrong with the Puritans. Unless you buy the Progressive bullshit about them.
          And they had little effect in England, which is why they fled to the States. So, moot point.

        3. See? You bought the Progressive bullshit.
          They had a fine attitude towards sex. A woman was expected to provide sex to the man in the marriage and could be divorced for not providing, that reason alone. Women could also make the same claim against men. Further, they were encouraged to have fun during sex.
          The Progressive view, which it appears you’ve accepted, is that they were tight and frigid. Not at all. You probably believe the same thing, wrongly, about the Amish, which would also be incorrect.

        4. I don’t mean that. Modern promiscuity is also unhealthy and believe it or not can lead to frigidity.
          You are intelligent man, seek out this old book: Sex Perfection and Marital Happiness, published in 1949 by psychiatrist Rudolf von Urban MD.

        5. They did not encourage promiscuity. Sex within marriage only.
          I learned this way back in the pre-WWW days of 1991 (I know it was invented in 1988, but it hadn’t leaked out yet).
          Or is your claim that having sex with your husband with joy and for his pleasure is unhealthy? If so, I think we’re in an entirely different universe.
          And ultimately it does not detract from my point. Anglo culture failed only after it was overrun with German collectivism. Once that hit, it was only a matter of time before we became what we are now (the Anglosphere). All cultures have their problems but I’ll take the pre-1900’s Anglo culture any day of the week over any and all alternatives for a host of reasons so vast they could fill pages in a book.

        6. The first email was sent in 1969. I wonder what else they arent telling us 🙂

        7. Right, I was actually aware of DARPANET. Was referring to the WWW protocol which was developed in or around 1988. It really didn’t hit the mainstream until 1994-5 or so. In 1991 we still assumed that life was normal and that we all had to talk to each other “manually”. heh

        8. German Collectivism

          For all their defects and maladies, German culture was by far the most masculine of Continental Europe, only outdone by Spain. The Protestant British were always sick in the head, if you don’t believe me just check the Victorian morals and the hypocrisy of their ruling class who is most likely made up of pederasts by now. If the sickness is not so severe in the States is only due to the large amount of non-English settlers that, to an extent, diluted the uptightness of the original English stock.
          By the way Marx was not German, was a Jew and he never considered himself a German, being at odds with the society he grew up in. There is a reason why his ideas were never accepted in Germany until the Americans and the rest of the Allies gangraped, castrated and shoved marxist ideology down Europeans collective throats…

        9. Hessian officers died at the hands of redneck Gaels and English in America (waa hoo!), as did most peoples in England if they dared to venture too close to Scotland. Romans? Fuck you Romans.
          English knights and warriors threw Scandis off the island eventually, although I have great respect for Vikings. But I agree that Germans were badass. All germanics were badass At least until they met celts. heh
          Marx was German. If he had semitic blood it was insignificant contribution despite what jews might claim. I find it funny when blond haired blue eyed Norse looking types here claim to have Jewish lineage. Ok semite Norseman, ok.

        10. Hahaha, in reference to Marx, I have yet to meet a German named Chaim Hirschel Mordechai who is really a German (or a Prussian in the time of Marx since Germany didn´t unify until the 1870s). By the way Marx was not blonde and blue eyed…So unassimilated was Marx and his ilk that they considered themselves Jews before being Prussian, let alone German (in a nationalistic sense)

          The Jew has emancipated himself in a Jewish manner not only by gaining financial power, but because through him and without him money has become a world power and the practical Jewish spirit has become the practical spirit of the Christian nations. The self-emancipation of the Jews has gone so far that the Christians have become Jews. Yes, the practical dominion of Judaism over the Christian world has reached its normal, unambiguous expression in North America

          Karl Marx 1856

        11. “German culture was by far the most masculine of Continental Europe”
          that must explain why the British conquered the world, and still have the most excepted language, where the germans had to invent a sick nazi (national socialist) cult to get not even half way there, and today everyone still hates their tongue

        12. What use is conquering the World if a man loses his balls to his haridan wife and his children are literally sons of a bitch? Thanks for spreading your psychosis far and beyond…

        13. In his time the hot topic was the Jewish Question and emancipation of the Jews who were treated as foreigners in most nations (since most of them rejected assimilation in to the European milieu) was in debate in most of Central Europe.

        14. Given as the English ARE Germanic in culture and language and customs (brythonics in Wales and the Cornish excepted of course), descended from folks (Angles, Saxons, Jutes, Frisians) who sailed directly off from what is now Germany, it rather reinforces his point.

  12. I was last in Singapore about 10 years ago. It is my understanding that the young people today are developing an entitlement mentality. If true, this does not bode well for the future of Singapore.

    1. In the end it will only be the cultures which adopt a rigid legal and cultural rejection of feminism and pro-gay legalism that will survive this poison. I have the highest of hopes for Russia and some EE nations.

      1. Even if Russia or EE laws changed for the better, the women will still flock to Dubai to get shit on by an Arab Sheik for a chance at a Christian Louboutin handbag or Diamond Studded Rolex Watches.

        1. I see nothing wrong with the Russian or EE laws at all, currently, regarding gays. And they sure seem to know how to keep women feminine.
          What women do here I honestly could give a fuck any longer. Let them go get shit on, they deserve it.

  13. Belgium is another sort of progressive paradise, if you will pardon the non sequitur there.
    If you make over $45K there, be prepared to surrender half…HALF of everything you make.
    Not coincidentally, it has some of the worst nanny state laws out there. The government can basically fine you if you look at them the wrong way.

    1. So my habit of flipping off authoritarian government department buildings as I walk down the block will be frowned upon then? Dang.

      1. $100 fine for violating the sanctity of government installations, no doubt.

  14. Good day all, I’m from that region,
    Singapore’s neighbours like Malaysia are also beginning to show signs of giving into feminism and the decline of modern men. Goodness, you won’t not surprised with how things are here. Feminism isn’t a popular word here for now. However, I can easily tell what’s up just by opening the local newspapers. Young female writers are ranting about patriarchy and the usual feminism talk. We even a ministry for women although we still have a problem abusive jackasses so I’ll be fine with it for now. Feminism isn’t a strong issue yet here but the environment is ripe and ready to turn into how the west is now.
    The young men (most of my friends) have the qualities that you despise. High-pitched voices, poor fashion sense, oneitis, lack of emotional control, video game addiction and so on. I’m just waiting for their inner white knight and mangina to come out. The women here are tamer than the western women but the younger women are becoming an exact copy of western women. Self-entitled attitude and seem to be obsessed with white men. The older generation, for some reason, is cheering for the fact that more girls are getting better grades in educational institutions than boys.
    The only reason why things seem to be tame now is because the environment is still slightly conservative and the problems faced here are not as serious as the west (yet). There is a strong patriarchal environment here where the men are still keeping an eye on the women. Besides that, family ties are strong. I see my extended family members ever so often. False rape accusations and slutwalks are virtually non-existent here.
    The word ‘feminism’ is not as popular as in the west but mark my words, the foundations have begun to crack yet no one has taken note yet. I’m thankful for finding ROK as soon as I entered my twenties. Now if you don’t mind me, I’ve got a country to feed the red pill with.

    1. Wow, your comment was amazing. I honestly thought the article was horseshit, but your confirmation has changed my mind.
      I can’t believe that the men have no emotional control! I was sure that the emotionality is tied to race, and that Asians were naturally more phlegmatic! I still expect that Singapore will never get as bad as America, though.
      About the girls wanting white guys, I’m sorry about that. That is just wrong. Really. Pathetic. I do tend to understand, though, since Asian girls in America are the same way (hence my sig), but for the girls to be like that in Singapore…that is just uncalled for.
      Singapore is now the 2nd most interesting society in the world to study, right behind America. I never would have thought this stuff would happen to an Asian country.

      1. If feminism is to have any credibility in this country, why do they not make caning sentences applicable to women who have committed the same crime as men?

        1. Don’t we already know that true equality is not what feminists are pursuing? The feminist movement in Singapore has enough power that the organisation is now a useful vehicle for all sorts of SJWs to push their agenda.

      2. Its hilarious going to a gym in Asia.
        Watching the locals groaning over 3 reps that I could have done when I was 12yo. Then taking 5 mins rest on their smartphones, before squeezing out another 3 reps.
        95% of the guys in the gyms here are like this.
        The other 5% are the massive geared up triads, with dragon/fish tatts all over their calves.

  15. Your story is flawed. In Malaysia the men are pussies too. In fact it’s true for most of Asia. Japanese men are pussies. Chinese men are pussies. Haven’t seen the rest of Asia so I can’t comment on other countries.
    P.S. Singapore’s nightlife sucks.

    1. Reminds me of Rome, at sunset, the way the light reflects off the buildings…

      1. Reminds me of Toronto, all day, the way the smartphones reflect off of LGBT faces…

        1. LOL! like I always say: the angriest are usually the funniest

  16. Asians in general are just not a masculine people. I don’t know much about Singapore but I’m pretty sure it’s always been like this.

  17. I’m a Singaporean male. Here are some of my thoughts:
    (a) We have the Women’s Charter, which was passed in 1961 with the objective of guaranteeing “greater legal equality” for women. You can read about how this law affects a divorced man at It makes marriage less appealing and more harrowing for males. There are urban myths circulating about how this law was passed on the behest of our “founding father” Mr Lee Kwan Yew’s wife.
    (b) We have conscription here. Many people believe it is a good way of “toughing” the guys up and training them to be more masculine. What they do not see is how it, in some ways, emasculates the males by forcing them to conform to ideals that the powers-that-be want. Independent thought and critique are frowned upon. Instead, it stymies local males into “going with the flow” and following accepted societal norms. Having said that, almost every fit male on this island knows how to handle a gun but draconian laws make it such that you get severely punished for possessing firearms outside of the military camps. Also, a “side effect” of conscription is that all fit males have to undergo and pass a fitness test every year. If they fail, they are forced to attend “remedial training”.
    (c) Like the West, the local press are extremely feminist. Every other weekend, we’ll have articles that take subtle digs at men in relationships while elevating the martyrs who are the women. Every other report about a breakdown in marriage or divorce apportions the blame on the husband and very little is written about the fault of the wife. Husbands are usually portrayed and sometimes celebrated as docile mules.
    Being masculine in Singapore means having to go against the grain in society. The red pill can help but, based on my observations, most Singaporean men have not stumbled upon it and are constantly being brainwashed (by the media, movies and the imported “Western” cultures”) and distracted (by smart devices).

    1. “Also, a “side effect” of conscription is that all fit males have to undergo and pass a fitness test every year. If they fail, they are forced to attend “remedial training”.”
      Yes, I’ve also heard about those fitness tests – and how they really aren’t all that stringent. Lots of wiggle room for the paunchy reservist who can’t quite make the grade.

  18. A lot of people here think Singapore is a model society. Their leaders are both traditional and progressive, accepting of progress and immune to social Justice Bullshit.
    Singapore may well have been the best lead country in the 20th century, going from a few fishing villages with a Sri Lankan economy to a Global trade and finance leader.
    But the birth rates tell a different story: women in Singapore basically don’t reproduce anymore.
    I think that Singapore is the proof that wealth causes feminism. Rich women (rich enough not to ever worry about needs) ride the cock carosel and ignore everyone else, never settling down. Even in a traditional society. Plus the wealth makes young men soft too.
    Singapore is where talented bloodlines go to die, even as Nigeria has increased from 20 to 250 million in the same time.
    The future is not going to look like Singapore, because the Singapore model is not stable. How Long until Singapore is asked to defend its riches?

    1. “But the birth rates tell a different story: women in Singapore basically don’t reproduce anymore.”
      According to the statistics (Source:,
      As for singles, there was a 70 per cent increase of single men aged between 25 and 29 in 203, and a 46 per cent increase of single women in the same age group.
      The report also stated that there is was significant proportion of males and females in their 30s who remained single last year.
      The total fertility rate also showed a decline, with only 1.19 births per female in 2013 as compared to 1.29 in 2012. The decrease was seen across all ethnic groups, with Chinese experiencing the largest decline.

        1. Most Confucianist societies (particularly in East Asia) are experiencing low birth rates.

  19. The skyline pic of Singapore is loaded with pro female symbolism in its architecture. A glowing PINK RING towering above smaller buildings and a stubby workhorse member to the far left. The work is done by and within the PISTONS and the circle holds a nuse over the hive. The place is dripping with female comfort zone when you look at the pic. I bet feminists turn to putty seeing the pink lasso looping above and want to go in there like the next cowgirl up and corral some beta workers. Fine job Bob the builder.
    I’ve seen the way feminist types ‘sniff out’ a prospective house or location to live. They get beedy eyed and scrunch their nose looking around for anything they might find out of line with their concept of the perfect ‘cat box’. Odd smells and they scamper around trying to find the source. People driving by, they peer at the windows to see if it’s threatening males. A loud mouthed feminist professional strolls by blabbering entitled drivel and they suddenly love the place and want to buy it. It’s ‘meeowey’ enough for them.
    Any obelisks towering above the pink ring? NOPE.

  20. Actually reading books for fun and not school, is just not common in some Asian cultures in general. My family from Mainland China doesn’t read either. It’s just the anti intellectual attitude there unfortunately…. not so different from the US inner city etc.
    there is a Chinese saying that once an emperor said that the perfect life would be to watch plays every day, (therefore the modern interpretation is, since TV exists, reading is obsolete)

  21. whats this idea of modern guys having higher voices than men of previous generations? im a 23 year old australian white male, about 5ft 7 (171cm) and my voice isnt high pitched, and i cant really change the deepness of my voice.
    As with the fashion thing, other men told me themselves they wear skinny jeans to attract females (women seem to like them).

  22. The reason women get their way on things is because there are more men desperate to get a female than there are men that are not.
    They have an endless and growing army of betas. These weak men proliferate in societies bereft of any serious risk to life and resources. The woman will sleep with the “bad boy”, but the consequences are lessened in wealthier societies.
    If he gets her pregnant, she might abort it, give it away for adoption, or just get child support from him or someone else she claims is the father. Then she’ll find a hapless beta to pay her bills and watch her children.
    The children will suffer, but she won’t. Not like how she would have in a more primitive society.
    Thus there is no consequence to “following her heart” and just going where her emotions blow her. Well, there is, but they don’t result in exile or death or whipping. She won’t be forced into a shotgun wedding by the townsfolk or given a scarlet letter.
    Men who might have been better at surviving and getting others through a harsh time, are no longer appreciated for their skills. Instead, they get to watch a society of beta and women who don’t know what they want get more twisted.

  23. Singaporean girls are the biggest princesses in Asia. With Koreans a very close second.
    They are very stuck up, and seem to relish in the “work hard, play hard” lifestyle.
    In a place like Singapore,…
    “work hard” means you are a 12 hours per day slave for some bank/accounting firm.
    “play hard” means you try to make up for being a wage-slave by sinking piss at clarke-quay until 3am, before going home with some random western guy you have known for 2 hours, to ride the cock carousel.
    I avoid them like the plague, and so should you.
    Go for japanese, taiwanese, or honkies instead.

    1. The “Singapore Girl” hype that is promulgated by Singapore Airlines, among other places, goes straight to the head of many young women there.

  24. The days of Lee Kuan Yew’s hardnosed pragmatism are over, unfortunately.
    It happens to all wealthy Asian countries. I’ve seen it in naturalized Asian communities abroad as well. That’s the price of being financially successful… people get soft and out of touch with reality. Mandatory military service in Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea have all but become formalities. All three countries suffer from socially awkward young men. Japan’s even worse, and mainland Chinese cities aren’t far behind. Asia is just more fortunate it does not have (that many) equalist ideologues capitalizing on society’s problems to further their childlike dreams of utopia.

  25. I don’t know if you’re being intentionally offensive just to get more views on your article as this seems to be MO nowadays but at least get your facts right. Let me, as a redpill Singaporean dude, give my two cents.
    Claim 1: “Singapore men are split into two categories. The first are abject losers. The 2nd are moderately successful men who are still soft.” How did you come by this opinion? Apparently it’s based off a single Singaporean’s female’s opinion of the guys here.
    Claim 2: “Wives and mothers with strong personalities are quite common in every social strata.” You didn’t provide a shred of evidence. From my experience as a 26 year old Singaporean dude, in most cases, the men are the heads of the household and in general society. The government is made mostly of men (you can google PAP). The CEOs of companies are also mostly men.
    Claim 3: “The military has been watered down over time…accepting women” You are right. The military has been accepting women more often then before. However, they mostly end up in HR positions and the ones that make it to the places where they need to be at the frontline are mostly butch. That’s besides the point. The best part is, the website you linked to, to provide evidence for your claim, is a troll website (no one takes therealsingapore seriously) and is not even a legitimate source. Do you even check what you’re actually linking to?! That article is just basically some random guy ranting about conscription in general…
    Claim 4: “Recently there was a picture of a new recruit reporting to basic training with the family maid carrying his rucksack while he walked ahead of her, in uniform, unencumbered and absorbed in his smartphone.” True he is a Singaporean soldier. But once again, either you’re being deceptive for the purpose of the article or just being plain lazy. This happened 4 fucking years ago ( How does that qualify as recent. You couldn’t do a simple search…And soldiers were banned from bringing smartphones into camps at all…
    Claim 5: “Not so with Singaporeans, where nearly every person, especially the young, is either watching a video or playing some stupid game on their iPhones. Reading is for school, they reckon, not leisure or self-development.” When I take the public transport, this is what I see. Everyone is absorbed in either their smartphones or tablets. The women are mostly on facebook/instagram while the guys are playing some lame game. Due to the relative affluence of Singapore, buying such electronic gadgets are pretty commonplace. However, I am sure that we can see this in other developed countries too. The developing countries will follow suit. It’s not just a Singapore phenomenon.
    Claim 6: “All manual labor and construction is performed by immigrant labor (albeit legal, verifiable, and temporary immigrant labor), with the end result being the incapable, neutered state of modern Singaporean manhood.” So what if manual labor and construction is performed by foreign workers? So bloody what??!! How does that make Singaporean men neutered??? If this is a issue of physical labour, we have gyms everywhere and I avoid going in the evenings because it’s packed as fuck. We have marathons/triathalons and so on and so forth….
    Claim 7: You posted a picture of the girl sitting on the guy as one proof of Singaporean male spinelessness. If you had even bothered to do the bare minimum and checked… you would have realised that the train station in that picture looks different from the one you posted above. This is what I found after searching on google for 5mins to discover the exact location. ( Suprise suprise.
    I am not going to bother breaking down the rest of your ‘arguments’ since you clearly are speaking from your ass. Just like a feminist.
    If anyone wants to see the actual thoughts of a redpill Singaporean guy, do visit my blog at

  26. What does the writer mean by “the same cancer of self indulgence affecting America and the rest of the west?” Please do define what you mean by “the west!” It’s a bit like me stating that there is a cancer of self induldenge and MATERIALISM affecting “the east.” Such sweeping statements come to me as a surprise from a supposedly very educated nation. There are too many unfounded and generalised assumptions to make a lot of the points about “the west” (a far too broad a term) in this article valid.
    While we’re on the subject of a large swathe of men (“real” man as the writer implies) who know how to change a flat tire or construct a few pieces of furniture with their hands and some tools – maybe the writer should look to “the west” for inspiration. Another point that I agree with is that modern Singapore, certainly, is not physically built by Singaporeans. A visitor to the island state only has to walk past one of the many construction sites to see that it is in fact constructed by Indians and Bangladeshis; as well as this, these construction workers cannot simply consist of ALL unskilled labourers. Engineers, Surveyors, joiners, plumbers, electricians. But of course, being a leaderor a CEO is much more productive to society and humanity.

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