John Boehner’s Resignation Shows That Cuckservatives Are In Full Retreat

With obligatory tears, John Boehner announced his impending resignation as Speaker of the House of Representatives. The mainstream Republican, constantly accused of inconsistent or plain weak attacks on President Obama, took a large swipe at his party’s rightwing representatives during his dramatic revelation. Calling them “false prophet” conservatives, he promised to prevent a government shutdown, which basically means a further massive increase in America’s astronomical, self-immolating public debt.


The demise of Boehner, which can hardly be called a choice due to the pressure he was under from congressional Republican traditionalists and Tea Party advocates, demonstrates how members of an angry Republican base are increasingly challenging the tepid, careerist moves of the GOP leadership.

Of all the major issues responsible for the Republican electoral triumphs from 2010, particularly opposition to illegal immigration and the spiraling deficit, Boehner has taken a cuckservative position on all of them multiple times. He has backtracked, negotiated on non-negotiables and spent more time fighting off his party allies than Democrats.

Barack Obama and others may lambaste Boehner but they know, like many liberals, that he is on many matters closer to them than many of his House and Senate colleagues. Supposedly balanced newsman Chris Matthews is already exhorting the retiring Speaker to push through comprehensive immigration reform before any proper Republican might take his place.

Matthews is not clutching at straws here. Given the animosity Boehner has for his more conservative detractors, coupled with his naturally centrist position, he could at the very least put his weight behind reform so that a bill is passed some time after he leaves Congress.

The perfect Republican life story wasted

Boehner, pictured as a boy in the middle of the front row, had a perfect rags to riches success story to help advance the Republican agenda. Except he didn’t advance the Republican agenda.

The saddest thing about John Boehner’s demise is the personal narrative he could have otherwise used to rally middle America behind him. I touched on this narrative in a previous article about the shamelessness of female “sugar babies.” While girls today get older men to fund their education or overall lifestyle, Boehner took seven years to complete his degree at Xavier University because he needed steady jobs to pay his tuition.

He comes from a mega-family of twelve children, many of whom have struggled to find work in adulthood. As a child he suffered the ignominy of having his fourteen-strong family live with just two bedrooms for everyone and a single bathroom for all the children. If anyone embodies the Republican emphasis on hard work and high aspirations, it’s John Boehner.

So what happened? John Boehner didn’t entirely kowtow to the left, but nor did he excoriate it. When the US government faced a shutdown in 2013, he skilfully cultivated the ability to both represent the Republicans and undermine them, even on the same day. He would cut into Obama over the parlous state of the nation’s finances and then quickly denigrate the proposals of Republicans to try and cut the debt as being too radical.

Whilst not a stooge for Obama, Boehner’s war on two fronts and his tendency to vacillate had the effect of giving the Commander-in-Chief exactly the sort of reprieves that he, not in control of the House (and now the Senate), should never have received. The political football of a half- and now full lame duck President has been thoroughly frittered away thanks to John Boehner.

Republicans are more obsessed with avoiding Democratic criticism than conservative ideals

Boehner has spent more public moments courting Obama than Republican colleagues representing the Republican base.

Politics is a ruthless business. No matter how centrist Boehner remained, he could always count on Obama and Co. deep-frying him for purportedly being an oppressor of the poor, women, illegals and minorities. His overtures to Obama, promising collaboration on immigration, taxes and debt, did nothing to raise the public’s opinion of Congress and zero to advance the Republican cause.

In the meantime, everything from his perpetual orange tan to his black son-in-law have been brought up to mock him ad nauseam. For the sake of a chance to not be called a misogynist, racist, or lover of wealthy fat cats, Boehner has spent more airtime courting Democrats than his legislative or electoral base. And the Democrats still hate him.

Bipartisanship, aside from the veneer of civility, clearly has no place in modern American politics. Boehner’s successor would do well to pay lip service to it but abandon it in substance. With their rigged and patently false one-in-five rape statistics and oppose-illegal-immigration-and-you’re-a-racist premises, leftists use the pretense of groups working together to suck in scared cuckservatives before they very publicly stab them in the back or chest.

When the smiles, handshakes and shared photo-ops don’t work for Democrats, the familiar ad hominems of misogynist, racist, or corporate stooge came back into play for all to see.

America needs a Republican Speaker, not a cuckservative one

Perfect? No. But Newt Gingrich did more conservative things with less of a conservative renaissance at his disposal than John Boehner.

Say what you want about this Republican Party answer to Poppin’ Fresh, but former Speaker Newt Gingrich ran a much more conservative House. This is highly ironic, too, as Boehner was for years one of Gingrich’s top lieutenants on the floor. Boehner also had the additional advantage of arriving at his chair during the Tea Party ascendancy, a wellspring Gingrich could never tap into. The talent and ideology of so many of Boehner’s Tea Party and other traditionalist colleagues have been suppressed, rather than encouraged.

It’s time for someone with the audacity to be a Republican to return to the Speaker’s chair. Obviously, not everything can be said in the context of winning elections. But the days of apologies, half-starts and half-measures need to be well and truly over for the GOP.

When he leaves his office for the final time, John Boehner may have packed all his things, yet he’ll still be leaving behind years of disappointments and what could have beens.

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165 thoughts on “John Boehner’s Resignation Shows That Cuckservatives Are In Full Retreat”

  1. Boehner’s job was to play defense, and anyone familiar with basic math can see he did well with the support he had. I’d like to know what specific legislation he **could have** passed or stopped that he did not – especially considering any major failed move on his part would gladly be exploited by the media, giving the Left even better chances in the next election. Anyone?

    1. The point of legislation that everybody supports making it to the desk of Obama for *him* to veto is to put the pressure on the Left. By not even entertaining many things, and by compromising where no compromise was necessary, Boehner (and McConnel) have given Obama a “blame free” pass that he now gets to pass along to whomever he endorses.

      1. Which bit of legislation do you have in mind? Even symbolically, what exactly could the establishment GOP and the Conservative members have agreed on that would have “sent a message” to Obama? Do you think he’d even care? Do you think he media would not use that as another opportunity to excoriate the GOP? Most importantly, do you think the dumbass undecided voters would be able to see through the bullshit and start leaning to the right? Zero chance.

        1. With both House and Senate working together, Obamacare comes to mind. They could also have defunded most of his pet programs, including Planned Parenthood, since they control the purse strings.
          Playing defense when you should be playing offense, always loses. What’s the point of even obtaining power if they are too afraid to use it?

    2. Watch out, you know that he let The Powers That Be know well in advance that he was resigning, and they have been recruiting a new, worse replacement. They will try to force someone on the people the way they are doing now with Carly Fiorini, who went from poll numbers too low to make it into the debates to #2 in a few days.

      1. They’ve tried but it isn’t working. At least not without harsh resistance. They already voted to have a stay to prevent the GOP from fast-tracking another establishment politician into the Speaker’s chair. Trump is putting pressure from above, and the actual conservative GOP and grassroots from below. The dipshits in the GOP are feeling the squeeze, and are torn between their commitments to the lobbyists and the fact that they want to stay elected. Either way, this is a clear signal that we are fed up with business as usual in DC and that the party is over. We’ll see a lot of these clowns suddenly find their “conservative” values in the coming months, but a lot of them need to be flushed out as a message to the rest that we are fed up, and we want an actual OPPOSITION party, not Democrats Lite.
        Nevermind that with Trump’s new Tax Policy and immigration policy that actually puts Americans first, he’ll gore into the “multicultural” coalition in the Dems, which is already beginning to unravel in the wake of Ferguson and Baltimore. These people want to go to a party that will actually put the electorate first. All around, this isn’t over yet, but the political establishment is running scared. Their worst nightmare has come true. And there’s no waking up from it for them.
        Now we just gotta emulate Washington State and mandate term limits for our dipshit politicians and we’ll be able to help prevent this shit from happening again.

        1. You should realize a vote for Trump is a vote for whoever the Dem nominee is. Mathematically he cannot win enough electoral votes..

        2. Aaaaaaand you should vote for a cuckservative, amirite?
          Grow a pair and don’t worry about the win. That’s a distraction that’s given us #cuckservatives in power for the last 30 years. Realize that only those who are outside of government at this point are worth your vote. Even if Trump loses, a point I’m in disagreement with you about, that means the next D will hasten the decline and fall of the US, opening opportunities for refashioning the country.
          It won’t be nice, but it’s worth not being a #cuckservative.

        3. lol….
          We are WELL beyond Left/Right politics at this point. Also remember there’s a HUGE amount of people in the US that don’t vote, and that’s because there’s nobody worth voting for. I bet good money they WILL vote for Trump. And not just them. He polls well across the board, men, women, white, black, hispanic. People know he’s successful and he’s also putting out his policies while his competitors put out nothing.
          Jimmy Carter gave us Reagan. Obama makes him look like Marion Cobretti. I won’t be shocked if Trump wins in a landslide. After Hillary drops out, who do the Dems have left to run that’s on Trump’s level….nobody, that’s who.

        4. Would you like to bet good money on it?
          Second, you need to look at things through the eyes of the average idiot walking the streets. Even though Trumps liberal positions will appeal to them, they’ll vote for the admitted liberal before trumps version of it. Think up a bet proposition and get back to me.

        5. That assumes the country will be able to be salvaged at that point. I think people are simply too stupid. Most street lights don’t work in Detroit and you’re lucky to have emergency services show up after a shooting while the body is still warm. Have Detroit voters once thought about voting against the party that has raped their city for the better part of the last century?

        6. “Salvaged”
          What does that mean? If you mean “return to a state before chaos”, you and I have very different definitions.
          Refashioning means jettisoning a large chunk of how we live today. You might check out or read the book “Victoria” for some examples of refashioning without salvaging existing culture.
          Besides, Detroit is and will be a death trap. You’re food if you go there.

      2. Kevin Mccarthy is the next RINO that they are trying to sell to the base as an “alternative” to Boehner, when he is just more of the same.
        It’s like a type 2 diabetic being offered Pepsi after having refused a can of Coke for obvious reasons.

    3. Boehner’s JOB was to represent the people who put his party in power, and that meant standing up to the dictator and his regime, and to use the Power of the Purse to do so. He failed. We’re still dealing with the tool at the top.

      1. Please re-read the question. What *could he have* done that he didn’t do? Obviously this means he’d have to have support between the establishment GOPers and the conservatives. On which issue could he have decided not to allocate funds for which he had sufficient support?

        1. He could have shut down the entire government multiple times. Debt ceiling. Obamacare. DACA. Planned Parenthood.

        2. Which plan specifically would have pleased the establishment and the tea party? They can’t even agree on enough for a symbolic bill!

      2. Actually just Ohio, not everybody. The Speaker is just the title for an over glorified secretary.

    4. I think the idea is that the he was supposed to shut down the government every time he disagreed with the Obama about something even though that tactic utterly failed in the past.
      Hoi polloi.

      1. Except when it worked. The 104th congress led by speaker Gingrich shut down government for almost a (non contiguous) month which led to then president Bill Clinton being forced to move to the center with specific regard to welfare reform.

        1. I remember when that happened. It is enjoyable to point out to GOP apologists that the world continued to turn, people continued to go to work and enjoy life and that fire and brimstone did not fall from the sky. It is as if, strange as it may seem, we do not need some giant Federal behemoth to guide our actions in life and can manage to get by quite well without them.
          The message is usually lost on them though.

        2. And how do you imagine that would be presented to the electorate by the media. Which party do you think that would solidify a victory for next year?

        3. The media gonna do what the media gonna do. If we plan every one of our actions in fear of the type of hostile actions they have, we might as well go home and hide under the bed.
          We need a speaker who is willing to go to bat and will take a punch to the nose for representing the people’s will, regardless of how hard the media does the punching.
          We have had way too much of speakers who bend over and squeeze whenever the left or the media go on the inevitable offensive.

        4. Exactly right.
          A shutdown doesn’t do anything more substantive than give a day off to FED workers who exist to push paperwork around.
          The entitlement wheels still keep spinning so obama’s threats that “any shutdown would cause a lapse in unemployment or SS benefits” is just a scare tactic designed to put the fear of God in grandpa retired and unemployed ernie. Given that he has the media sucking his phallus, it does tend to work.

        5. Apples and Oranges. The Wall Street casino had yet to reach its asymptotic line back then and America still made stuff too.

  2. The political trend on ROK is pretty disappointing. Don’t forget that the Republican party includes creationists and others who stubbornly oppose logic.

    1. You can say what you want about these people, by and large, they leave the rest of us alone. You cannot make that claim about the collectivists who run the democrat-socialists who want and expect the rest of us to be slaves to the State. If my choice is between the absolute collectivist-marxists of the Left and a bunch of creationists on the “right,” I’ll take the creationists all day long.

      1. There are crazies on both sides of the political aisle. Anyone who can’t recognize that is probably crazy.

        1. But only the left actively tries to shut any debate down and stifle opposing opinions. So that both sides are evil stuff is not exactly true. The GOP is filled with idiots for the most part, they are not true conservatives. But that’s why people like me vote for those who are.

        2. Statists love to use force to enforce their political agendas on others who are opposed.
          Whether it’s your kids’ lunches (left) or what you grow in your garden (right).
          They are one in the same and there’s no place for statists in a country that values liberty.
          Let the culling begin.

      2. Right… except for classrooms (science, textbooks), doctors (reproductive rights, vaccines) and courtrooms (10 Commandments, antiquated drug laws). As bad as the goddamn democrats.

        1. Good points on that stuff it’s easy to forget how much of a pain in the ass fundies were.
          Now, the left is getting pretty crazy with trannies, homo marriage enforcement and race replacement. I could mock fundies, but I seriously cant even stand to look at trannies and photos of islamic rage boys in Europe, so fundies arent even on my radar anymore.

        2. “Reproductive rights”. Haha, that’s hilarious. People sound absolutely retarded when they say that. And courtrooms? 10 commandments, that’s just fluff bullshit. As far as classrooms go, leftist dipshits own that 100% and are really fucking our society up from the ground up.

        3. oh, really? what kind of shit are you talking about? the very minute examples of religious reactionary interference pales in comparison to how INVASIVE the Left has been to Western Civilization. Look around, wake up! The Left is DESTROYING our society, and you cannot place the two into the same destructive group.

      3. You can say what you want about these people, by and large, they leave the rest of us alone.

        Seriously—-were you asleep from 2001 to 2009 @Captaindiesalot:disqus???

        1. No, I wasn’t asleep. I’ve watched as collectivism has ravaged the economics of the United States. This didn’t start in 2001, it started in 1900, and it’s been a fight between the silence of Capitalism and Free Markets v. the screaming of Collectivists of both Republicans and Democrats who view the productivity of Free Markets and Free Peoples as a “well of money” that they can tap and regulate whenever they want.
          This is NOT the same as what Cosine88 was condemning.

        2. Yeah, I think the United States government isn’t f’n LARGE ENOUGH to PROTECT small minded idiots like you…what we need is people like YOU in government, because ALL that’s needed to stop those BIG BAD corporations is MORE government interference and MORE government regulations, and MORE government employees sucking on the government tit, because they had to give up their mommy’s.

    2. Oh noooeees, religion. Oh nooooeees.
      I’d sooner trust an earnest Christian than I would ever trust a Leftist.

    3. Darwinists stubbornly oppose logic and science more than creationists do, because darwinists need a straw to support their atheism on something that seems scientific. Some of the deepest, darkest secrets of evolution stem from the fact that it’s not scientific at all, but you’ll never hear a darwinist ever admit it, and they will attack anyone within their ranks who strays from the narrative.
      At least a creationist is, at his heart, a good person. Further, he’s not trying to force indecency, corruption, and stupidity on folks in the guise of science and progress. I’d trust them more than I’d ever trust an atheist.

        1. Peer reviewed papers are published regularly that blast huge holes through macro-evolution theory as it is commonly accepted. They are reviewed, considered to have merit, then ignored because they are contrary to Darwinist gospel.

        2. So you don’t have any studies? Good to see we’ve established you’re making unsubstantiated claims.

        3. I thought only babies only had to be spoon fed. Here comes the airplane…bzzzzz 🙂

        1. Just because she didn’t see the logic of a master design in the universe doesn’t mean she was irrelevant, or that her philosophy is destructive to the society. In fact, just the opposite is true, people exposed to her 20th Century renewal of Aristotelian Reason is helping to save the civilization.

        2. You may have taken the wrong message from my post. I strongly believe in Ayn Rand’s philosophies.
          My whole point is that you don’t have to be religious to be part of the manosphere, and being atheist doesn’t mean you’re a nutcase.

    4. By creationists, I assume you’re referring to a caricature of the literalist 6-day adherents, yes? This is not every Christian, nor all who acknowledge a creator. Genuine science is an observation of what is. The Darwinist mistake was proposing a linear evolution. Scientists are being forced to rethink this.

  3. Let him stand as an example of what happens when you try to appease the Left. Once they have tagged you as racist, homophobic, misogynist, etc., there is no point in trying to prove them wrong.
    They don’t care.

    1. Agreed. Kevin Mccarthy is another RINO scumbag who would be more of the same.
      Plus, Boehner has a whole month to seek revenge on the base by basically giving obama anything he wants out of spite.
      This guy is a spiteful little pussylanimous prick. He went after the conservatives who tried to oust him the last time so he will definitely seek some payback now that they’ve succeeded.

  4. Boehner’s interview with David Feherty was striking. He recounted what happened when he became a congressman, and he was asked by his staff what he’d like to do, and he said, “I don’t know.” Then someone suggested him going for the top job of being Speaker, and he thought that was a good idea. That is the response of a man who only looks at politics as a career, and doesn’t see his job as a guardian to his constituents or to promote conservatism in any way. He probably sees such notions as obtuse, and obstructive to him having a glorious career. After all, the people strangely voted for an evil narcissistic traitor twice! Why argue with that?

  5. The worst thing about the left is that they are able to do whatever the fuck they want because RINO’s in congress are complete pussies and the leadership is a bunch of limp dicks. I’m tired of RINO’s coming up with half baked centrist plans that don’t work AND make us look bad. Grow a fucking set.

    1. What makes you think they’re pussies? They seemed quite aggressive when going after conservatives.
      The more likely explanation is that they’re getting rich from the same cronyism that liberals are and don’t want to put the brakes on the gravy train.

  6. article was spot on until it started to make excuses for bohner. People are tired of RINOS. Phakes, phonies, and posers, which is what all these John McCains, and John Bohners really are, I am sure they are really nice guys but holy fk. You NEVER see dems cave to a republican president for conservative values, never ever happened. Yet conservatives are led by RINOS and they cave and copulate every fucking time, its pathetic. Same thing with “independents”. they are all socialist democrats, left leaning etc…

  7. CLAP CLAP! Great article…well researched and eloquently explained.
    I’ve been saying this about Boehner for some time now. He didn’t just need to go, he needed to go “yesterday.”
    This part also speaks volumes:
    “Bipartisanship, aside from the veneer of civility, clearly has no place in modern American politics.”
    Whenever you ask the typical brain addled sheeple on what they believe republicans and democrats should do, you almost always hear the word “compromise” emit from the empty conch shell that passes for their brain. This is because to them, the best thing that the D’s and R’s can do is “work together” in order to get things accomplished, as if two parties who began from such diametrically opposed principles could really work together on anything of substance, more so when the D’s have practically become the unofficial socialist party of America.
    What kind of beneficial compromise can you champion with the cooperation of evil, for instance?
    With specific regard to Boehner, perhaps his biggest quisling betrayal took place back when Romney was running for president. Boehner was the scumbag who slammed down the gavel 3 times with regard to amending rule 12 (and 15) which basically allowed the GOP RNC to consolidate power away from the grassroots delegates and ergo fend off any kind of challenge from rogue conservative or libertarian delegate opposition. It colloquially became known as the “Romney rule.”
    Who can forget Boehner slamming the gavel down after asking for “nays” which were clearly louder than the yeas to pass the rule change?
    The delegates were left in a visible stupor for a few seconds, right before the Boehner-Romney treachery became apparent amidst a sea of boos, hisses and the obligatory (and well deserved) stream of profanities…more so when it was discovered that Boehner’s support of the RR was established through his speech which was reflected on the teleprompter:
    “In the opinion of the chair the eyes have it, and the resolution is adopted”
    How the hell does a remark like this get worked into a teleprompter unless someone or some people already had prior knowledge of the outcome?
    Conservatives and even the Ron Paul delegates united to decry Boehner’s actions as especially treacherous and indicative of what kind of speaker he truly was at the core. It didn’t mean a lick though, because rule 12 passed and the (modified) ghost of rule 15 also went through and still stand to this day.
    This and so much more is why Boehner needed to go, by invitation, coercion or dragged out by the neck. He is a quisling scumbag crybaby who didn’t just cave, but leaped at the chance to work with D’s in order to try and pass off the whole “compromise” pablum as some sort of victory for the conservative base.
    He and that other toad faced scumbag Mcconnell are the principal reason why there is very little difference between the letters D and R nowadays…these two parties have joined at the hip with regard to screwing over the American people out of liberty, justice and moral leadership.

    1. How many people actually say “compromise” though? The only people I hear actually advocate that are those who are either students at or employed by universities.

      1. A lot of these dopey useful idiots millennial students are the ones public pollers like to interview.

      2. ok if you think you will get your way all the time you are dreaming. who wants to deal with anything they are going to get hosed all the time? that is not human nature.

    2. Agree to much of your points here. In the end, we’ve watched both Obama and Boehner work out of the same party. All along we’ve seen something that looks like it’s supposed to be two separate parties but in the end you see it looks very much alike. Anyone being honest will see that much of the policies that Bush implemented during his time are still enforced under Obama. If that isn’t obvious enough (that only one party exists) i don’t know what other example could show the American people how truly fucked we are here.

      1. It reminds me of “Moon over Parador.”
        Go see that movie when you get the chance. Richard Dreyfuss plays an actor who gets coerced into passing off as a dictator of some 3rd world nation after the real one gets hospitalized or killed (i forget which.)
        Anyway there’s one especially funny scene where he is running for election on two different parties that are colored blue and red…with both of them bearing his picture.
        Someone asks him about how “free” the election is and he says something to the effect of “vote for who you want, it’s a free dictatorship”
        THAT reminds me of the US.

        1. Saw it my friend…when it came out (that’s how old I am). Good movie with the late Raul Julia. True and very funny (movie) at least…but you’re right.

        1. There are a few, and i stress a “few.”
          Not sure if there are any from here though.
          My advice to you is to make like the amityville horror and GET OUT….GETTTT OUTTTT while you still can.

        2. I hear ya, brother! it’s been on my mind. any recommendations? so far I have Delaware, Ohio and Washington state.

        3. Texas is pretty close, although it’s slowly being assimilated by Mexico through a progressive legal osmosis.
          It would definitely be an improvement bro. Right now you are at ground zero as far as all the prog nonsense in the US is concerned.

        4. I have a couple friends who live in Austin. They enjoy it there.
          Yeah, bro. it’s the twilight zone here. I am Latino so I fly under the radar. But if the masses knew my political ideology, they’ll come after me. heck, even the so called “republicans” aren’t really conservative.
          The women are FINE but they are the epitome of what we talk about on ROK.

        5. Indeed.
          With regard to the females, it reminds me of the adage
          “all that water, and not a drop to drink.”
          Self obsessed whores with the IQ of burnt toast tend to kill a libido faster than saltpeter in the bloodstream.

        6. Precisely! Very appropriate. The women here are dumber than a bag of rocks. They do not offer any substance or value to a conversation. Very shallow.

        7. It always comes down to this within a Man…females have learned this and have learned to exploit males to a T.

        8. Ahaha! That was gold! Indeed women know this and use it in their favor. Men must reason to prevail; there’s always another woman down the line. Thanks for the video.

    1. Well, you’re not going to get one in THIS Congress. Every self-identified conservative that’s been asked to step up to bat has declined. Congress really is a worthless pit of whores.

  8. Man, I hate progressive nonsense and I know that hard-nosed conservatism will hurt the Republicans. They will never get anything done. This is not the 1960’s or 1980’s. They will scare the moderates and hand the country to the liberal nuts.

      1. We tried that in ole Ronny Ray Gun. And we got zapped. I think moderation is, as in all things, the key.

    1. Shit isn’t too different from when Reagan ran. Conservatives were attacked back then too, and also attacked by the Rinos in their own party.
      The moderates tend to make up their mind based on a number of factors, but if they see a Man stand on principle and reason (and if he is charismatic enough) they tend to gravitate to them regardless of party. Reagan won over the blue D’s despite their issues with him on certain things, and another conservative who truly embodies that kind of exceptional conservative would do much the same, even in these times.

      1. Yeah but one thing that annoys me is how much Republicans name drop Reagan. Everybody paints this picture that them and Reagan would have been BFFs. I think they should stand on their on policy and record.
        Also, as a black person can the GOP start marketing to us without assuming all of us are welfare bums? I understand there is a Dixiecrat element and the fear mongering that is used to as a scare tactic. I get it. But man I hate Democrats and a lot of middle-class black people do but we also hate being assumed to be welfare chasers.

        1. How should they start “marketing” to you? No one assumes you’re all on welfare but that seems to be overriding reason blacks vote Democrat. Whenever the GOP tries to cut welfare spending you get clowns like Biden coming out with his “THEY’RE GONNA PUT YA’LL BACK IN CHAINS!” schpill. Also take into account that any meaningful effort to discuss any political issues quickly devolves into the libs calling the GOP racists bigots and dismissing any valid points made.
          The selling points are out there for all to see. The blacks, by and large, have picked their side and now cling to it zealously.

        2. Dude. I’m a libertarian and I think liberalism has destroyed the black community with it’s “not so free” hand outs. Gays, feminist, and every other group stakes out the black community and the use the vulnerability against us.
          Republicans have also pandered to their Dixiecrat element. Okay look at this. You and most republicans have all the balls in the world telling black people what we do wrong and how we need to get our stuff together. Where are those balls against the gay community? Look at how the GOP is tip toeing on same sex marriage. Republicans today are soft and the only fight they will wage is the one they know is not there. You are right most black people do vote democrat but I bet if they saw 40% voting GOP they would change their tune. Like I said their silence on social conservatism shows where their heart is at. Rinoville. Black people= easy target we can act tough with.

        3. To be clear, I no longer associate with the Republican party…I merely speak from where they’re coming from. I’m conservative with some libertarian leanings. Also, I’ll tell blacks what they do wrong just as quickly as I’ll tell any other race what they do wrong. I’m not a racist, after all.
          My post wasn’t meant as a tell-all about everything blacks are doing wrong, merely that whenever the GOP dips a toe in the welfare/race pool, the media and libs plaster them with racist/bigot/slave owner slander. It’s more of a condemnation against the media powers and politicians than anyone else. And I also agree we have a lot of weak RINO’s that pander to this nonsense.

        4. My point is look at this perspective. Liberals come around and tell black people “Republicans hate you and want to take your voting rights. They want to give all the money to those evil rich white corporations (which democrats do also). Look around and look how many poor white people are republicans just because they hate you even though most of them are on welfare(which is true in most of the south)”
          On the other side of the coin the republicans say to their constituency “We are going to make sure you have your gun rights so you can protect your family from those saggy pants thugs. Black people sit around on welfare and are using up all your hard earned taxes.”
          My point is both parties use scare tactics to keep people voting for them. Most black I know actually are more concerned about real racism and care less about welfare. I just don’t want to be insulted and assumed as something I’m not and many black people like me hate democrats but just don’t want to be at a GOP rally next to KKK members.

        5. That’s because Reagan was the gold standard in that regard. Sure he wasn’t perfect but as far as conservatism is concerned, he set the standard for the rest to follow.
          Look at me dude…i’m hispanic. I’m not a democrat even if my Mother and grandmother were. It’s not the base that looks at Black people as if y’all need a helping hand, its the RINO elite.

        6. Politics isn’t my thing and I’m not trying to be an ass, but isn’t your second sentence a bit self contradictory? Also, you’ve just reiterated his point about scare tactics. As for marketing, most thinking folk don’t appreciate pandering from shills. They do, however, respect the honorable man who’s unwilling to compromise on principles and speak the truth. The problem is the messenger, iow, the media.

        7. Ugh. It’s from the MLK days. He was a Republican but when he landed in jail Nixon kept right on going with his campaign and JFK stopped his to express his regret at MLKs arrest. Since then the Democrats have had better outreach to blacks. The Republicans suck at it.

        8. I can see where ur coming from regarding the second sentence and perhaps I could’ve worded it better. Basically what I was trying to get at is that the GOP and conservatives do not try to make race an issue because they know the lib media will mercilessly beat them over the head with lies. Like u said, the media is the problem that keeps the right from being able to properly address these issues. Was a bit rushed typing that comment before leaving work.

        9. I’m sure you’ve heard of Thomas Sowell. I think he should be held in higher regard than MLK. Everything the man utters makes sense. Practical, thoughtful and genuine. Liberalism has in fact been a most destructive weapon. I can’t stand how great black people are marginalized. They started with the black communities and began gaining ground with white people. Our youth, black and white, are heavily indoctrinated, entertained, tech consumer junkies.
          To paraphrase George Carlin, the poor exist to scare the shit out of the middle class and keep them in line.

        10. I believe the same people behind the black thugs are behind the white ones. Don’t worry about the KKK. They are idiots. Most of them are neutered losers that are so infiltrated by the FBI they can’t shit without asking an agent for toilet paper in the stall next to them. I grew up in the south and I can tell you the real back water rednecks aren’t voting for anything other than who rides shotgun to the liquor store.
          The flip side is if you’re poor and white nobody gives a fuck. If a cop beats the shit out of a white person (and they do) we say “He must have done something to deserve it.” The bigger issue is class, not race. The financial elite can find more than their fair share of fools to create division. George Soros comes to mind.
          Liberal Democrats sold blacks out. To whit.
          “I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.” —Lyndon B. Johnson to two governors on Air Force One –
          “These Negroes, they’re getting pretty uppity these days and that’s a problem for us since they’ve got something now they never had before, the political pull to back up their uppityness. Now we’ve got to do something about this, we’ve got to give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference.”—LBJ
          I believe Jewish cultural marxism via the Frankfort School infiltrated and corrupted Academia, made the cult of victimization appealing to minorities which in turn weaponized them. The flip side of the coin was a meme used against white people was “white guilt.” Nobody in my family set foot on American soil until 1888, long after the Civil War. The majority of us “white folks” didn’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of. I can’t be guilty of anything except how I treat a man today.
          The height of egotism is white liberals (indoctrinated by the SJW media Queens and Beta Drone males) “shepherding” minority groups as if they can’t do anything for themselves? How about not doing anything to impend their natural progress and development as a people? It seems it would be more respectful of their identity.
          Each race should be able pursue their destiny unencumbered and not at the expense of another.

  9. One RINO Down, several dozen more to go.
    Don’t mistake this as a victory…Boehner will likely be replaced by another DAMN RINO like Kevin Mccarthy, who will just keep the RINO Status quo in check.
    You can’t just stamp out one Rino roach and expect any kind of real change…you need to tent and fumigate the R party until the Rino roaches are gone. Otherwise, they will just breed and take over your house (and Senate) every time.
    Collins, Graham, Priebus, McConnell, Flake etc THEY ALL NEED TO GO.

  10. Boehner’s poor record stems from a tendency in U.S. history towards accumulation of power on the part of the president at the expense of the other branches. The Congress is meant to be the government, the president expected to implement its legislation within reasonable bounds. Since the presidency of Bush Congress has excessively deferred to the Executive Branch and given up its traditional role, hence the unwillingness of Pelosi to impede Bush and Boehner’s caterwauling for Obama’s agenda.

    1. I’d always thought (or hoped) the press was to be the fourth branch in the hands of the people. Maybe that is idealistic given they are controlled tighter than a hamster on a leash.

  11. The problem with the American political system is the lack of parties. A Republican or a Democrat doesn’t leave much room for new ideas. The two party system needs expansion so that people can identify with their party. Unfortunately for Republicans their party representatives represent their own people less and less in favor of a small “elite” few.
    Now I suspect the majority of people here haven’t been through an actual brainwashing or reprogramming institution like I was or have years of sales training and can recognize word tracks. Here’s how it works. Even if you don’t believe something by being surrounded by it and hearing and repeating the same things from multiple sources most people bend. A perfect example is trickle down economics or raising the minimum wage will hurt business. Both are bullshit. More money being made means more money being spent. The cost of living goes up regardless. In fact it’s so dumb that some places don’t even pay people enough to do the job they were hired for. Most minimum wage workers I know are on food stamps and have second income from family or spouses. In other words franchisees are milking the system at the taxpayers expense and then bitching about taxes. Trickle down economics just saw rich people getting richer while education is under funded and roads are in disrepair.
    The problem is really the media and their objective reporting which comes from “public relations”. They are owned by a very small group of very wealthy people. Wealth and the society of wealth has a way of being disconnected from the majority of society and looking down on others less fortunate. Of course they hate food stamps because they’ve never had to use them for example. The masses get a majority of their world view from different media sources. Watch last week tonight’s episode this week and you’ll see an example of fox news taking a 2010 clip of Muslims saying God is great and labeling them terrorists saying this was recent during the migration crisis. The news itself is so full of racism, classism, and bulls hit it’s no wonder people have skewed visions. The Republican debate was like watching 12 year Olds in a pissing contest. The media effects your politicians views just as much you.
    You are what you eat and if you choose to eat bullshit constantly . . .

        1. Denial? Black on white crime in the USA. Black on white rapes, vs white on black rapes?
          Please discuss or you start to resemble and SJW.
          SJWs can fuck off.

        2. Social engineering, Role models, gang activity, and so on. Those statistics may or may not be legitimate and you can’t compare 1st and third world societies. I can tell you the hells angels and gypsy joker factions running meth and mostly white are far crazier then black gangs. There’s also the russian gangs, there’s also yakuza and triads, but you only hear what you’re listening too consciously. Just like equating all Muslims to terrorism is like equating all catholics to Hitler and Charles Manson. Denial is a coping mechanism your brain goes through when in its overloaded with stress. You’re like a dear in head lights.

        3. Seriously, /pol/ if you’re just going to keep screaming “muh shills” like an autist and mumble buzzwords, just don’t speak. You make conservatives look bad.

      1. Because its important to hold actual individuals responsible for crimes. Putting a whole race in a box is what Hitler did to the jews. Racism is ignorance. Individuals and organizations do bad things. An entire race does good and bad.

        1. How many black neighborhoods do you frequent? Ever heard of the knock out game?
          Ever looked at US crime statistics?
          Have you ever experienced black racism first hand?
          It doesn’t sound like you have any experience with urban negroes IMO as a white, asian, or hispanic.
          Ergo, although much of what you said is true (with regard to propaganda techniques), you went off the rails regarding racism. IT sounds like you’re blaming whites for racism by only pointing out Faux news and not MSNBS for their daily racist tirades.
          Like pot of smoke, I smell a progressive masquerading as a rational person.

        2. Well I only mentioned fox because I watched last week tonight the other day. Second you’re making a lot of assumptions about my experiences with people and my career is people and I live downtown. I have to deal with thousands of people all colors and all types. I speak for myself.
          Third there is a balance between left and right. It’s called the middle. You should check it out sometime. Adhom attacks and compartmentalization are great tools for the ignorant and the propagandists who don’t know how to form a rational argument.
          As for your statistics I’d like docs please or else we are just talking here say and you have no evidence.

        3. Is it racist to say that some races have certain genetic advantages and disadvantages over others?

        4. Not if it’s based on fact. I.e. most Asian races are shorter. If it’s based on two unheard of YouTube videos then yes. If you can apply the scientific method to it then that is science. If it’s based on ignorance or hate and has no evidence then yes that is racist.
          Addressing black on black violence isn’t racist it’s a problem . . . I think it’s stemming from shit role models and greedy franchisees not paying anyone keeping people white, black, brown and yellow poor. Crazy stuff goes on in super low income areas as people try to improve their lives and come to terms with the American “fuck everybody im going to get mine, its all about the bottom line” mentality that we’ve glamorized. Fyi Saying all black people are violent IS racist.

        5. Yet another another meaningless, empty comment..
          you sir are just proving how effective the mass mind control in America is working..

        6. Racism is just a made up word to make white people feel guilty for loving their race.. the term racism is toxic and utterly antiquated

        7. Dude asked a question and you can’t handle the response? There is a difference between brain washing and mind control my tin foiled hat friend.

        8. Racism is a word and like all words it was made up only define or describe something. If you don’t think it’s real you must live a very sheltered life.
          Media inciting race and sex wars to illicit emotional response and increase ratings is something else. IMO it’s a smokescreen or shell game to keep you from realizing that the majority of people in America are underpaid. That you are underpaid. That big companies hardly pay taxes and have sociopathic tendencies like when that airline laid off 200000 workers to increase profits for shareholders. The ceo got a huge bonus. For what? So he could buy a new house while 200000 people had to struggle to try and keep theirs increasing our national debt. That’s what we’ve let America become.

        9. Yes I work in Newark NJ (one of the worst ghettos in the US) and just from driving around its very hard for me to imagine anyone ever rising above their station in a significant level, partly because of their shitty environment.
          If you were presented with scientific evidence that intelligence and impulse control are genetically related to race, and different races have these traits in different levels (but of course not all X are like that), would that still be racism?

        10. I’d be skeptical , but since I have a family of shrinks, lawyers, and scientists I’d verify the findings first. Then I would accept it if it was true, but there’s a fine line between saying all, most, or many.
          Pretty much if it’s not true and it’s meant to incite hate it’s racist. If it is true and people don’t like it they can change.
          Impulse control is a developed skill nurtured by environment. While add is inherited except in the most extreme cases it can be controlled by changing environments and routines. The mind functions just like muscles. It’s all about making and improving upon neuropathways.
          I would still be skeptical right now though because until we have the technology to read each others minds it’s hard to study. After hooking those monkeys’ brains together to control robots and China’s advent of thought controlled robots a few months ago we are getting close.
          Just pray that jobs in the future don’t mean using the public as hardware for data processing. Our minds are far superior computers then what we have . . . Right now.

        11. I never considered that our bodies could be used as hardware. Do you have an article I could read more about this topic? I always thought that robots/computers would completely replace us, and we would be totally irrelevant.
          About the race issue, I would only point you in the direction of IQ averages. While your mind can be improved like you said, the differences in average scores between races have been remarkably consistent, even accounting for socioeconomic differences. There are scientists who spoke about this, but they lost their careers in our oppressive society. Like James Watson, his Nobel Prize didnt save him.
          Race realism isn’t about hate. It’s about the truth. Seeing the world as it is. Of course everyone no matter where they come from should be treated with dignity and respect unless they prove themselves unworthy of it.

        12. The article was on about 2 or 3 months ago. I don’t have the link anymore. Ya I agree. It is best to be polite; however, respect IMO is best left reserved for those who earn it. My sister is a board certified psychologist who are the only ones qualified to give a real iq test. The problem is there’s a margin of error of about 30 – 40 points depending on what you eat and where you went to school. I scored 142, 148, 158 with spacial iq being my highest. She did me the favor of shutting me down when I told her that. Probably because it bugs her that I scored higher then she did.

        13. mike get the fuck out of here with that racist bullshit. no black man making legit money is committing stupid violent street crime!!!!!.what the fuck another asshole shot up a room full of students today. white male again! why the bitches will not fuck him?

        14. hell rich white folks created the concept of race to keep the poor whites from looking at them works like a fuckin charm still

        15. jack shut up what you just said is fucking proof you are not worldly. motherfuckers come out of the hood every fucking day and make it with dumb thugs on one side and racist whites on the other trying to fuck them .

        16. ….yes and I’m sure that somewhere a sweet lemon is picked every day.
          Your moral signalling doesn’t impress anyone here. Go ragefap somewhere else.

        17. Facts, like black on white crime, and the overwhelming propensity of black males to commit crimes are not racist. Pointing it out is not racist.
          Avoiding thugs to survive is common sense. Most nice black people I’ve known don’t like niggers either and avoid them like the plague.

    1. Minimum wage jobs were not meant to raise families and support adult households. Fast food workers do not have the skills to merit $15 an hour.. raising the minimum wage might not lower employment, but it raises the prices of that burger you’re buying to pay for increased wages. Either that or the restaurant adjusts by buying cheaper product to sell.
      Basically, raising the minimum wage will not make that big of a difference considering any place that employs minimum wage workers (fast food, grocery stores, etc.) is just going to have to hike up the prices on its items in order to pay it’s workers and still make a profit.
      This increases your average living expense for anyone who buys products from places that employ minimum wage workers (which is pretty much everyone). So by raising minimum wage, you’re raising base living expenses as well. That bigger paycheck might make people happy for a little while, but in all reality this is just another case of putting band aids on a larger problem..

      1. Sorry dude, but that is literally THE word track and it only applies to finite currency. We have fiat currency and since we don’t make the interest just the principle on loans it has to exchange hands. When it all goes to a small percentile it is being hoarded. The average single income is around 26k. The cost of comfortable living is about 60k. What that word track is used for is so your boss doesn’t have to pay you more money and can make bigger profits for shareholders. We are the market. We decide fair pricing and a lot of companies know that you can’t price certain things too high or they simply won’t sell. Wages have been stagnant for years, but corporation so have seen massive profit and you’re helping them rip you off.
        If you really think that 66% of America doesnt do work that merits more pay then you’re in a sad state of denial and you are saying the majority of people in America can go fuck themselves. There is a limited number of people that have the time and foundations to get a higher education when the majority lives paycheck to paycheck. If you were right then the other countries that are ahead of this would be so over inflated and there standard of living would be terrible despite higher wages.
        This a classic example of you hearing a bunch of things over and over again and eventually believing them. I bet you forgot how tax cuts on businesses and tax hikes on the working class were also supposed to help the average worker make more money. HAHAHAHAA we didn’t see a dime of it.
        With the low income people can’t start businesses or build good credit easily. This means to be clear that big money is your God, government, President, role model, or whatever you want to call it.
        I keep falling asleep talking about this. I’m out.

    1. Oh come now. OWS was clearly financed by Soros. The Tea party seem to all be local people with no real leadership.

      1. What? Remember Hannity’s “Tea Party Express” or the still self declared TP Emporer Glenn Beck and his gorillian rallies. Has ol’ Rupert’s prints all over it.
        Then there is the Koch Brothers. They took up funding them too. Plenty of documentation about that.
        Both organizations are controlled opposition. The whole thing is Orwellian in that there is no actual opposition (they die or go to prison) just a phony resistance to the buggery.
        Perpetual, pretend revolution is cathartic. People go to the corner, wave their signs, shout something, and go home. Nothing changes.

        1. Anybody could call themselves anything, since there is no hierarchy to the TP, it’s meaningless. The Koch brothers may or may not contribute, but they’re contributing to individuals or small groups, not the whole body, not even close. Besides, nothing wrong with the Koch bros, they beat the hell out of bending knee to Soros, Gates and company. There is no “controlled” to the TP because there is no hierarchy or official leadership.
          I half agree with your last paragraph. Most of the time you’re right, but with local issues you can affect real change (state level and below) through determined organization, petitioning and pressuring local reps.

        2. You don’t have to fund groups, just individuals. It goes back to the early days of the Soviets when they asked themselves how they could insert communism in new nations and control counter revolutionary activity. Armies of psychologists were put to this task. What they found was there were personality types that motivated groups to do things. They simply replaced those people with their own.
          In the US we caught wind of this in the 50s. Police riot training now primarily focuses on directing the flow of people and spotting the key operators, isolating them, and replacing them with police operatives. That is the reason for cops grabbing particular individuals at rallys.
          The point is the hierarchy does not need to exist to be controlled.
          As far as local issues: Arizona gets sued for wanting to hold illegals, California gets blessed for releasing them despite a Federal hold order.
          My only advice is enjoy cool beer and the simple pleasures. Not much else can be done.

  12. A very good article. Across the whole western world we have seen the entire political spectrum dragged left over the last 40 years, mirroring the “march through the institutions” the left began in the 1960s to try to undermine western society. They do this through the law, media, politics, education, arts and religion.
    One trick has been that no matter what compromises a conservative makes, no matter how he seeks to accommodate them, he will always be derided as being “extreme” and “right wing”. Thus the ratchet clicks further every decade. What was once extreme left wing becomes normal, what was once common sense becomes considered extreme right wing.
    Look at illegal immigration. Millions of law breakers invade the US, massively damaging the life chances of the poorest and undermining the very thing, the rule of law, that gave America her liberty. And the left have now made it “moderate” to accommodate the invaders and “extreme” to uphold the rule of law. Witness how the federal government, year in, year out allows sanctuary cities to openly break federal laws. Yet the moment a county sheriff trues to enforce immigration law, the federal government goes after him. Having been infiltrated by the far-left, the American government is now working against the rights and interests of the American people.
    Not long ago it was understood to be completely normal to want to cut government spending. Now that is an “extreme” position and it is “moderate” to allow Obama to push through ever more debt. Who benefits? The left who want to destroy the stability of the economy and make people dependent on the state as well as destroying the middle class who are the conservative bedrock of any society.
    Across every issue if you just stand still you will sooner or later be called “extreme right” etc because you don’t support the ever more extreme left-wing groups that have taken over the institutions. Multi-culturalism, once a far-left communist idea to undermine society is now the moderate position. Gay marriage, once a joke, something less than a decade ago even Obama opposed, but today something one can lose ones job or even be sent to jail for opposing. Feminism was not long ago regarded correctly as an extremist movement motivated by hatred, using quotas to force change and trying to deny basic realities about the differences between men and women. Today it is pushed relentlessly by the US government and UN, even when the statistics are shown to be fraudulent like with the pay gap myth the government push on; it is all part of the agenda. Ranting about “white privilege” – not long ago something confined to the lunatic fringe and communists; today embraced by much of the media and establishment. Next it will be on your children’s school syllabus. A decade later it will be the official history. Sooner or later reparations to non-white people will become the “moderate” position and Jon Stewart will be insisting that anyone opposed is a radical right wing extremist.
    Western society is rotting from within. Such a tragic waste.

    1. The extremists get the most public attention in the same way trump is. You can’t build a house out of lobbyists. As long as big money has its hands in politics you’ll cease to have a government with common interests involved. If any system can not adapt to its surroundings it will die. The house controls most policies so as long as you’re electing lobbyists to office and only paying attention to the president you are failing your country. Own it and it can change. Deny it and it will fester like cancer as it already has and has cost us trillions as a country.
      Anyone can make a claim. It is up to that person to sell the claim; however, the burden of truth falls on the ones listening or else they are just sheep that will listen to the most charismatic speaker. Hitler for example thought of himself as a hero/ savior. You can not truly be alpha if you don’t do any of the work. The biggest lies ever told are the ones we aren’t even aware we tell ourselves.

  13. Screw it. We need to restore monarchy in this country. There can still be a bicameral body and a PM (maybe), but a tsar or king will be better prepared to lead than any president.

  14. This article is heavy on style and light on substance. What are the substantive criticisms of John Boehner here? That he couldn’t get the President to give in to him during the government shutdown? That he didn’t stop illegal immigration? Well, hate to break it to you, but Presidents have lots of power in our Constitutional system. It was designed that way (along with a bicameral legislature) to make radical change less likely and to encourage sound decision making via a consensus. There just isn’t much a Congress can do against a stubborn President who is willing to push things to the limit on things like executive orders as Obama has been willing to do.
    Boehner wasn’t perfect, but if there’s one thing that is not in question it is this:
    Since 1948, there have been exactly 18 quarters (out of 270) where federal spending was lower than it was in the previous year. Ten of those instances occurred between 1948 and 1955. The other eight occurred between 2011 and today.
    Spending has slowed down thanks to John Boehner. The recent Congresses have made a difference. It may not be happening fast enough for some people, but it’s happening.

  15. This is why we need Trump 2016!
    He is not ideal, but he is the best candidate who actually has a chance of winning. He is a bit of a loose cannon, but he will secure the border and will likely be better than whatever leftists and RINOs we have now.

  16. the only thing I don’t like about this article is how ROK thinks there was ANYTHING good about Boehner at all, the man was worse than Pelosi because at least we knew we could count on her opposition.

  17. I never liked this guy. Good to see him go. Bet the SOB does some scorched earth liberal law passing on the way out.

    1. I think (like the rest of them) he has set himself up with a nice “path” on the way out (nice lobby job on K street or other). Most of them will, usually, go the route that Boehner has chosen (against the good of their own party and people) to sellout for a good gig on the outside (or a pay off). Our system – a democracy that’s corrupt to the core.

  18. Who cares?!
    If you still are in ANY way invested in this sham political system, then they got you right where they want you. Left, right, republicrat, democan, so really, who gives a sh#t? They’re all whores.
    The people that really run this country do not run for office.
    They don’t have to.

    1. This. A thousand times this. Republican or Democrat, they all have the same core agenda and all report to the same boss. That there is two sides of the isle is merely one carefully crafted aspect of a larger illusion designed to divide and conquer.

  19. You wrote:
    “Republicans are more obsessed with avoiding Democratic criticism than conservative ideals”
    Not quite. The GOP politicians are afraid of being demonized by the media. If the media demonized them as racist, the reputations of the GOP politicians will be damaged, at least among the Establishment (the media, academia, government, all the “right kind” of people, the upper class etc.
    You see, the upper class and the corporations want growth of the economy. White people don’t provide much growth. Nonwhites do, however, and especially nonwhite immigrants.
    So if you are a racist, you hurt growth. So that is why the media demonizes racism–to enforce cultural rules and norms that are conducive to economic growth.

  20. Kevin McCarthy isn’t even a Cuck
    He doesnt even bother to pay lip service to White America
    He’s a full blown california democrat

    1. Yeah, I’ve always loved those Republicans who lived in those blue states. They never really had to ‘practice what they preached’ – when they did give a little lip service – because they could always blame it on the state. You think they live a conservative lifestyle but they live in states like California (best of both worlds and not having to answer for it).
      If things are going to change, the new speaker is going to have to be a member from the south (or mid west) state – traditional red state – to get any results. Darrell Issa is another one (career politician who loves the spotlight)…and loves that blue state he lives in.

  21. The black and white picture in the middle of the page is a perfect window into what ordinary America was, not so long ago. Nobody was fat (ok, the old lady is a little chunky but nobody is morbidly obese); nobody has sleeve tattoos or gym equipment in the face, no goatees; short hair on the men and dresses on the women. They weren’t rich and they didn’t need Whole Foods and gym memberships to eat right and stay healthy – where is this place now?

    1. You can tell that’s exactly what’s wrong with America, today. Too many people place importance (of their time) on things like Facebook, going to Whole Foods, etc….it’s the way of life that’s changed (and not for the better). You can tell something is “off” and they are trying to find happiness.

    2. For all the aforementioned reasons, this place is dead. Enjoy the decline. Don’t marry, don’t bring children into this world, don’t even watch the news. Call it a day, forget the dream. It’s now a nightmare. An American Nightmare, starring Baraq Husseini Obama.

  22. Boehner is a weak alcoholic RINO who was closer to the DEMONRATS than his own party. Always felt the establishment had something on him – Maybe photos of him at one of Obama/Barney Frank’s little boy sex parties.

  23. Nice try coining a term, but “cuckservative” is a stupid word and it’s not catching on. Retire it.

    1. I see it popping up across right wing sites, actually. It seems rather a staple term at Breitbart these days.
      If you don’t like it, make your own word.

  24. There are Republicans and there are Conservatives. Hand me a Bush or Fiorina, I’m voting local issues and going home. Romney, McCain, liberals I couldn’t waste a vote on. I’m obviously not the only one. Give me a Trump, Rubio or Cruz, I’ll consider it. Don’t think for one MINUTE Bush is the guy. My name is Jim Christian and I approved this post.

  25. When you publish the name ” Cuckservatives ” Why in to my mind I read this as
    ” Cocksucker”???
    I must be funny ??

  26. Liberals need to be treated like the disease that they are. You don’t compromise with them, you don’t capitulate to them, you exorcise them and be prepared for them to scream vile and disgusting obscenities as they, the demons, are sent packing.

    1. And even after those demons have been sent packing (assuming for the sake of the argument that they existed in the first place), the fact still remains that the political positions of Tea Party & co are, for the time being, not electorally viable. When you’re in a parliamentary minority, choosing not to compromise means rendering yourself irrelevant while the majority goes on without you.

  27. A shining example of why you shouldn’t sit on the fence. Never sit in the middle and pander to the left. They will still hate you. Be who you are and OWN it. If you don’t run they can’t chase.

  28. This is just a media stunt by the Establishment. They will replace him with someone equally bad or worse.

  29. This article is bogus. It was Boehner who prevented Obama’s immigration reform bill from coming up in the House. It passed in the Senate. If Boehner was so anti conservative he could have just let it come up in the House and it would have easily passed with Dem and business oriented Rep votes. He didn’t.
    The fact is the 40 members of the Freedom Caucas in the House are beyond conservative. They are calling someone like Boehner a non-conservative when he is deeply right wing. The fact is they just hate Obama, and want to tear the govt apart. That is not how a democracfy works. If right wing lunatics want to control the US govt then win the POTUS election and control the Senate and the House. Then you can pass your lunatic legislation to turn America into a Christian white theocracy.
    Until then, bashing your own leaders as not conservative and trying to shut down the govt over whatever fake controversy you can drum up is not going to get the GOP anywhere other than in the delusion minds of angry white racist voters.

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