What Type Of Guy Gets Falsely Accused of Rape?

Most of you by now know about the rape culture campaign that has reached fever pitch around the nation. Even Michelle Obama and some other B-list celebrities got in on the action by posting youtube videos talking about ending “rape culture.” This hysteria rages particularly hard on college campuses, making me feel very lucky to be off the dating market at the moment. But not everyone is as lucky as me.

An acquaintance of mine was dating her boyfriend in college for two years. Over the summer before her junior year however, she decided that she had enough. Naturally she gave a myriad of reasons why she wanted needed to break up with him. Apparently he was “holding her back” from experiencing college life. At the time, I took this statement at face value and thought he was just a stick in the mud. More realistically however, she was just starting to get bored of the boring beta that trailed after her at all the parties and wouldnt let her have any “fun.”

And boy did she have fun after they broke up. I had a front row seat to the affair. And since she was like “one of the bros” she didn’t skimp on the details. Full disclosure: she is not a prime catch (otherwise I too would have been tempted to smash), in fact I’d rate her a solid 5, in other words: very average. But most college males are incredibly thirsty and will jump at the opportunity to get with anything that even resembles a girl with interest in them. Suffice to say, she did way better for herself than one would expect based on her looks. She even had a fling with a 35 year old banker that would wine and dine her every week.

This brings up something I’ll never understand: why adults looked wistfully back at their college years as if they were years of abundant poon just falling out of the heaven like unleavened bread. The truth is that chicks dig older guys, and the first half of college is rough for your average male, and only gets a bit better for most as they get older. Personally, I had a blast, but I had the added knowledge of being an acolyte of game. The others though…they’ve been struggling, and probably will continue to do so until they become rich bankers themselves. It doesn’t help that you have the histrionics of the “rape culture” people to deal with either.

Back to the story—one night several months after their breakup she and him met up at a party again. One thing led to another, and they slept together that night. Only several weeks later, the girl went to the administration and claimed that she had been raped. The administration hem-ed and haw-ed and decided that the safe thing to do would be to suspend the boy for a year, pending a further investigation. Did you catch that? He wasn’t proven guilty, he had witnesses that even came to his defense (one of my old roommates), and they were both drunk, but none of these mitigating factors prevented him from even openly debating whether he in fact committed rape or not.

Personally I know the guy, and he is one of the most vanilla-fied, beta-fied, and pussy-fied herbivores that you will find on a college campus. The idea of him forcing himself on anyone, including an ex-girlfriend that is the exact same height (and weight probably) as him is downright laughable. So perhaps the girl was suffering from a case of buyer’s remorse? It seems like the most plausible explanation, but it begs the question, who is the type of guy that gets falsely accused of rape?

It’s the lesser beta, never the bad boy alpha.

My own experiences add a splash of color to the affair. About a year and a half ago I asked out an Indian chick (HBD 8.5) on a date. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was oozing with charisma and natural game. She was working at the desk as a sort of secretary and was studying for her MCAT when I approached her. Keep in mind that this was before I understood the science behind applied charisma.

Naturally Alpha Me: You look really excited.

Her: What?

NAM: To be working this job.

Her: Yeah, its a blast. (*rolls her eyes*)

NAM: Are you studying for your MCAT?

Her: Yea, it sucks.

Me: I could tutor you!

Her: Are you also taking the MCAT?

Me: Nah

Her: Haha then why do you think you can tutor me?

Me: Just a hunch. We should get lunch before we study together though.

Her: Haha..ok?

Me: When’s your break, I’ll come pick you up then.

Her: Hahahaah, ok 12.

I was wearing a sleeve-less t shirt, ray-ban knockoffs and most importantly I had that special factor x swagger that gave me that mischievous sparkle in the eyes and sly grin on my face that showed her I didn’t take her too seriously. (In retrospect, I suppose I used a variant of Roosh’s elderly opener.) The lunch date became an alcohol date the next day and just as I was escalating for the grand finale, she drops this bombshell on me.

“I have a boyfriend.”

Ooof, game over right? Well the red-pilled male naturally understands that this is just last minute resistance, but I took it at face value. I backed off. Which is a shame because sexual tension continued to grow between us, until one night after we went on a drunk walk through the city at 4am, she insisted on sleeping over in my apartment. When I tried to make an advance on her, she refused and said that we had to sleep separately.  I had a bunk bed and was on top, she was on the bottom. I hop up, close my eyes and hear her say:

“If you were a man, you would take me now”

I jump down, blood boiling, throw myself at her, only to have her start squirming and say, “WHAT are you doing!? I have a boyfriend!”

Confused, I climb back up. One minute later.

“Why did you stop?”

I jump back down. Encounter resistance again, climb back up, confused as fuck.

“I’m in your room and you’re not doing anything to me?”

Third time’s the charm right? Wrong. Same thing happens, I fall asleep soon after.

I wonder to this day what would have happened if I had done what she was begging me to do. Would I be in front of the honor council? Was I alpha enough then to escape her morning after buyer’s remorse? Hard to say, but the deck would have certainly been stacked against me…

The only conclusion that I can draw is that college used to be a sort of training wheels on practice ground for middle-class males. Only now, the learning curve is steeper and the consequences much more dire for failing to internalize the lessons of game. I don’t even think this will stay on campuses for long, so I’ll be the first to say it here: “rape culture awareness, coming soon to a workplace near you.” The moral of the story? It’s alpha or die, dear readers.

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322 thoughts on “What Type Of Guy Gets Falsely Accused of Rape?”

    1. I had the exact same thing happen to me back in college. I was visiting a friend at another university and met a girl at the bar and we talked/danced for about an hour before I asked her to go get something to eat. She declined. At about 2am I get a call from her friend saying that this girl wanted me to come over her place. They come to McDonalds and pick me up and we go immediately to her bedroom.
      We would kiss and I would go to take her shirt off and she would stop me and say she doesnt usually do this. I didnt know game then so I would stop, and about 2 minutes later she would take her shirt off and hop back on top of me. I got her jeans off and then tried to get her panties off and she stopped me. This went on until 7am, and she gets up with nothing but a thong on and asked me to slowdance with her (mocking me for not taking her). The farthest I got was fingering her. Like the author, I dont know what would have happened if I would have ripped her panties off and fucked her. I had never had any experience with this type of thing back then so I was just confused.
      She got really clingy after that night. The constant push and pull sounds like borderline/histrionic PD behavior and I dont want my dick near any of those girls so it may have been for the best.

    2. Story has aromatic attributes of the fecal variety, yes.
      But let’s say it IS bullsh1t and use it for case study anyways. This DOES happen. I’ve been in situations where a girl is playing games with consent. It could mean she is testing to see if you will stop, if things get hotter, or she is testing to see if you will “take her”. And although it’s certainly possibly feminists heads will explode when I say this, but I think some women DO expect the man to “take her” and that way her cheating on her boyfriend is not her fault. Neat hey? Hey I didn’t cheat on my BF. I was RAPED. I’m not a cheater, he’s a rapist!
      Sadly, being a slut doesn’t ruin ones career or life, like a good RAPE ACCUSATION can.
      I think we should up the ante a bit.
      Man convicted of rape (with DNA evidence): death penalty.
      Woman convicted of lying about rape: death penalty.
      How’s that for some equality?

  1. You know who gets accused of rape? Straight men. They won’t give a fuck if you are “alpha” or not. You’ll never see homos, trannies, or women get accused of rape even though by definition they will be much more guilty of it in some cases.

    1. As a matter of fact, most of those who get accused of rape are alphas, because they have the guts to make a woman mad, and don’t give a rat’s hairy butt about it. Betas are likely to be supplicators, eager to please and not wanting to offend their pedestalized women.

      1. Agree. If you are this type of man, then this is the type that they fear (and love) the most. It’s kind of a fucked up relationship (the fear and love part) but that’s it in a nutshell.

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      2. I don’t think it matters which type of guy, straight men regardless of whether they are alpha or not are discriminated against by the University since most Universities love women, gays, and trannies and treat them as a protected class.

      3. Most victims of false accusations are betas. Women rationalize the worst behaviors from alpha males. Verbal abuse, fucking around on her, vicious beatings, but it’s impossible for women to rationalize fucking a beta male.
        So if the guy she consented to fuck the night before turns out to be a beta, “IT’S RAPE!”
        Alpha beats her into a coma. “I still love him”.
        Beta smiles at her on the street. “He raped me!”

        1. Well, those women who make false allegations are very status conscious. And they are very calculating and they worry about the potential for a social backlash. So, they pick the most marginalized isolated beta person whom nobody knows and nobody is going to stand up for to lodge a false accusation against.
          If there is one rule of thumb you need to know to follow when you go around making false rape allegations (or trivial rape allegations), that rule is: never pick on someone your own size.
          Meanwhile, an alpha man who has a lot of friends can rape them — and they won’t say a word of objection because they don’t want his friends to say anything bad about them. It has to be a serious rape before a woman will accuse an alpha male with lots of friends of rape.
          And, if she does so, because she was so badly victimized, she has no choice, all the same harpies who lodge false rape allegations against beta males will be the most vicious towards her.
          False rape accusations is just one of the weapons a certain kind of bully uses, similar to gossip, slut shaming, etc., but these are bullies who don’t use their fists but who, instead, use their minds, deviousness, and various manipulative talents.

        2. Untrue, a woman simply won’t sleep with a man she perceives as beta unless she is on her period or something and wants a nurturing male.
          The guy most likely to get accused of rape is the guy learning game, who puts on the facade of being an alpha at first, but is later discovered to be beta, and uncool, therefore he must have raped me. Put it this way. Which tranny is most likely to get killed? The tranny who tells you up front, the tranny who hides it the whole time and is never caught. Or the tranny who you thought was a woman but after butt sex realized was a man. Same concept applies.

        3. Women bang betas – in total numbers they bang more betas than Alphas by a long shot. It might not be their ideal – just as the cute girl down the block isn’t a VS model. There are two spots where these things get out of hand:
          1) Where the woman in question misjudged the relative status of a guy she banged – and her friends know that she banged him (or, rather, she disappeared with him in suspicious circumstances). There’s dissonance between her own self-perceived attractiveness and the status of the man and the tension must be resolved by either a) admitting her lower level of attractiveness which is emotionally painful; or, b) creating a narrative in which she did not give herself to him (and therefore preserves her self-perceived level of attractiveness) which requires an accusation that he “took” her sex. This is why the “I was way too drunk” arrangement is so popular nowadays.
          2) The woman misjudges the level of commitment she can extract from the man in question (Alpha or Beta). In order to validate her worth, she seeks a penance from the man for taking her precious resource by making an accusation of rape. In this way, she can reconcile her act of sex with the price she thinks it merits (in terms of commitment). She essentially takes a “mulligan” or “do over” to preserve her “price.” (Incidentally, the “price matrix” is why women are the driving force behind the criminalization of prostitutes and the public shaming of sluts).
          As you can see, pretty much all men can get ensnared in either form of false rape accusation, and all but girls saving themselves for marriage (and meaning it) which are an ever diminishing sort have an incentive to make unfounded rape accusations. Alpha or Beta, either and all can be a victim.

        4. Women will wait for the alpha cock untilt hey turn 30 and start getting wrinkled and ugly..
          The woman will keep chasing the alpha, it what every romance novel they read is about, trying to tame the man who all the other women want and who they can get to commit. If they can’t get him to commit, they get frustrated and chase harder.

    2. There is that guy at Brandeis who accused his boyfriend of kissing him while he was asleep, and is demanding that the policies be changed because he wasn’t expelled.

      1. Brandeis is Beta U. They should just change the name already 🙂

      2. The same school that wouldn’t let Aayan Hirsi Ali talk because she said mean (truthful) things about Islam. She broke the liberal rules of PC.

      1. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnd none of them got any jail time. lesson not learned…

        1. The tone of that article is disgusting. She was bipolar, so that made it ok to file a false rape charge?
          Maybe men need to slow relationships down, get her to make you dinner at her apt before you sleep together; that way, you can sneak a look in her medicine cabinet, see if shes on something like lithium. Any meds in the cabinet, you finish the meal, kiss her on the cheek, and never call her again.

        2. It’s as if she was shamed to death.. Funny part how the bipolar element of this case only surfaced after she was subpoenaed to appear in court. I say good riddens.

        3. Just read a dating site profile of a decent looking 6. In her “things I can’t do without” paragraph she wrote: “Aderol, my phone, men, TV.” +1 for honesty ?

        4. Adderal is an amphetamine, I think college kids take that to stay focused while cramming for exams. Is she still in school?

        5. Here’s one. Ambien to “help her sleep”. Yes, she may not remember all the crazy shit she did the night before… but just say no for any kind of LTR.

        6. I actually saw one of these campus rape posters (with a woman’s mouth gagged). Someone tore it down. When I came back up the elevator, it was back up on the bulletin board. If this wasn’t just another anti-Caucasian male thing, they would be targeting S. Africa and Zimbabwe. Oh, wait, that would negate the Mandela fairy tale…the last victory sell-out social liberals had before they privatized everything.

      2. I guess it is not a bad idea to have a surveillance camera recording 24/7 in your apartment. It doesn’t even have to be a difficult setup, some systems keep recording new files and deleting old ones, and when you push a button it saves the last few hours in another file.

        1. You don’t use the footage until you need it. And when you need it, I guess that anyone would gladly accept being charged for unauthorized footage if that can prove the false rape accusation wrong.

      3. These whores should have to pay and pay dearly. Not only were they threatening this man’s reputation, they are also the types of sluts who make it harder for actual rape victims. These whores make me doubt the majority of accused rapists.

      4. Well what about lying to police officer, isn’t there a charged to be laid there mr. officer.

    3. Yep, Exhibit “A,” everybody. Author is spot on. I’ve still got a few blue pill buddies I hang out with who still think I’m paranoid when I say that there’s a feminist/LGBT agenda running amok in this country. I feel like grabbing each of them and shaking the hell out of them and giving them the rant Tom Sizemore gave in “Strange Days”: “Am I paranoid…AM I PARANOID!? I mean, look around at this shit! The question is am I paranoid ENOUGH!” You’ve got a representative in Jersey who wants to charge guys with rape just for “lying” to women in order to get sex (he called it “rape by fraud” or some such shit), then you had street harassment, then you had that mannish-looking “chick” who dragged a mattress around on campus, then you had campus rape awareness, and now you have the transgender who threw himself in front of an 18-wheeler. Oh, and don’t forget how the media keeps trying to push gay sex down our throats (pun partially intended) with shows like “How to Get Away With Murder.” I can’t go past two channels without seeing two dudes looking like they’re about to cornhole each other. It’s freaking ridiculous. What we’ve got now is a perfect storm for a world like the one we saw on “Demolition Man.” All of the normal people will be driven underground in sewers, while the cross-dressing freaks will be topside, running everything. And the “straight” feminazi women living topside will each have their own personal slave/eunuch to do chores, and a small pool of “pseudo-alphas” will be kept in cages to be used whenever their sexual needs can’t be met by rabbits and pocket rockets. What else is left to happen in a world where anything and everything a straight man does can be criminalized? The way I see it, we either rage against the machine or bail out before the whole damn thing collapses.

      1. Can a woman be charged with “marriage by fraud” when she lies her face off with the ‘for better or for worse’ routine at the altar and then proceed to take a guy for all he’s worth just because she was unhaaaaaapy or just ‘no reason given’?
        The “relationship or sex under false pretenses” is a big big door to open. If it will only apply to “wimminz as victims”, I could see them going for it.
        If a woman lies and says she has no STDs then gives a man an STD… can she be charged with “sex fraud” too? LMAO.
        It had already gone too far. Now we’re looking at too far in the rear view mirror.

        1. From what I understand, the guy in Jersey came up with the bill after a woman complained of being “raped by fraud” and took her case to court. So, yup, as always, this is yet another measure aimed solely at men. Any guy who gets a girl to come home with him by saying he owns a new car and works at Merill Lynch when he’s really driving a rental and works at Burger King can be hauled into court for the crime of unforgiveable straightness. And while this witch-hunt is going on, where are our paternity fraud laws? Where are our perjury laws for women who falsely cry rape? (crickets chirping). Like you said, it’s already gone too far. We passed “this is f*cked up” about 100 miles down the highway. Truth is, I think we were really screwed when we came to the point in our country where two gay dudes can corn-hole each other in public and it be called “free speech” (and worse yet, a “marriage”) while a man can lose his liberty and entire livelihood just for asking a hooker out on a date. Think I’m joking? Gay marriage became legal in Nevada as of a few months ago, but just a few months before that, Harry Reid was crying about how all prostitution–even legal prostitution–needed to be stamped out for the good of the state. So I guess he thinks hairy mofos in ass-less chaps walking down the road is way less traumatizing to kids than seeing a painted up lady walking into the chicken ranch. Damn, talk about screwed-up priorities.

        2. The question is: what do “normal” men who are aware do about this? Feminists try to smash down any group that protests this nonsense. No matter what you say that is contrary to feminism control-freak attacks on the liberties of men, you will immediately be labelled an MRA and a misogynist. I always say “Me disagreeing with aspects of certain types of feminism and certain laws which needlessly impact my liberties does not make me a misogynist. That’s like me saying you’re part of the Islamic State because you don’t like Diet Pepsi.”

        3. I’ll tell you what normal men do. First off, they stop enabling the lost and the clueless by getting into pointless arguments with them. After five minutes, you know whether you’re dealing with someone who’s willing to open his or her mind or someone who’s set in his or her way of looking at things. Not everyone wants to be shaken out of their deep slumber. The second thing men need to do is conduct a mass exodus out of here, and let the SJWs, ultra-liberals, and other weirdos sort this mess out. When the sky starts falling and there’s blood running in the streets, they’ll get the message. It’ll then be our call as to whether we swoop back in and save the day (only after laying down some SERIOUS conditions for us coming back) or let it crumble.

  2. The lesson for college aged men is don’t fuck college women. Period. Find pussy elsewhere. Anyway and any where. The dangers are far too many too risk your future’s on a piece of what is most likely a weak piece of ass. There are many fish in the sea. Fish smarter guys. There be sharks in the waters.
    I also seriously encourage you all to watch out for your bros. If you see one of them doing something titanicly dumb like hooking up with a wasted drunk college girl cock block them for their own good. Bros before hoes my fellow travelers.

      1. Sorry, but that bridge has been burned.
        But a good lesson…giving rights and privileges without the corresponding responsibilities or duties to earn the aforementioned is a recipe for disaster.
        I hope the civilization that comes after this one crashes, learns that lesson well.

    1. The problem is well beyond just college. It’s becoming pervasive in every facet of western culture.

        1. Even that wont save you from a world of trouble if some psycho decides to make a false claim

    2. I’m not sure about that advice. College pussy is some of the best. The vast majority of college sexual experiences don’t end in false accusations.

      1. The majority of Russian roulette games don’t end in a death, either, but you’d still be a bit silly to play in one. Don’t stick your dick in crazy; college is fast becoming a branch office of your local nuthouse.

        1. Yep it is. STDs abound everywhere! Make sure those condoms work! Or better yet, stay away from the sluts!

      2. “The vast majority of college sexual experiences don’t end in false accusations.”
        It that just another variation of “Not all _______ are like that”?

    3. Added with the fact that colleges have special spaces for women ran by feminists. Get accused of rape (even falsely without evidence), then you’re busted!

  3. Straight White Non-Jewish males are the most likely to be accused of rape. They are the most ridiculed and despised demographic in the world, made that way through our cultural marxist media and educational institutions.
    Even though they are by and large peaceful, productive, charitable, and the creators and upholders of advanced civilization and high technology.

  4. As for the first story: People everywhere make accusations and punish people not because its right, but because they can.
    As for the second story about the indian girl: My bootcamp teacher RedPoleQ told me that women dont take any responsibility for having sex. I was totally confused and the beta in me was actually offended. How can this be? Over time I learned its true. All a woman does is show up and give you “hints.”
    What this indian girl did was
    1.have sex with you
    2.at the same time not feel bad about cheating on her BF, or if that BF isnt real, make it seem like she didnt want to have sex.
    3. Wanted to be sure you really wanted to hit it. No girl wants to be pumped and dumped, and even the sluttiest of sluts will turn around the next HOUR and say “im not that kind of girl.” By throwing up all that resistance she was testing to see if you really wanted it.
    Here’s something else I’ve learned. The quicker you fuck a girl the better, the more gray area the worse. Maybe I’ve been fortunate and have handled the moments after sex very well to make sure the woman feel good despite a full court press. The more I hmm and haw the more she flakes and me and isnt sure.

  5. Yesterday morning I tried locking my girls legs down and tickling her feet. I COULD NOT DO IT! NOT EVEN CLOSE! I would have had to knock her out to tickle her feet. Now how am I supposed to take a struggling woman’s clothes off, get my dick hard, and get it into a dry moving pussy?

    1. There was a Rok commenter, think he also wrote some articles, that talked about an experiment he did with his girlfriend. She was free to resist in anyway except eye gouging and groin shots. Anyway he described in detail what happened and how insanely difficult it was to just move her panties out the way and he mentioned how much bigger in size he was.

      1. I’ve had other similar experiences where I’ve dated smaller and younger women and I’ve been in Spartan quality shape and overpowering her by holding down her wrists with one arm and dealing with a moving body and kicking legs was impossible unless i beat the shit out of her. I may be able to lock down one part of her body but the other two were not possible.
        We were having a flirtatious morning tickle fight. I gave up after a minute or two and we went back to hugging and kissing. Good times 🙂

        1. Lol, hugging and kissing them is what we want to do to pretty laydees , not rape them, fuckin’ crazy feminists.

        2. It’s been explained here many times before. The only rape is in their heads, and it’s more correctly described as a rape fantasy. Ugly fat women fantasize about being taken with raw unstoppable sexual desire and energy, and they think about it so much that their fantasies become reality and they think it actually happened.
          There was a study a while back that showed that it was _men_ who liked cuddling and kissing the most, not women.

        3. Majority of men are looking for consensual sex. The ‘rape culture’ theory is being propagated by grizzled looking feminists that are salty because no dude would touch them without a gun behind his head or the college drive through that is trying to salvage a shred of her dignity through a fake rape claim.

        4. Well there’s the decent or less-than-grotesque ones too. What gets me is shit like “rape culture” seems devised to be simply the worst claim you could make up about men. I’m not a religious man but I feel what we’re dealing with here is evil. Women saying we’re in a rape culture are evil.

        5. They don’t want alpha red pill type men being successful with women. Roissy said something like the goal of feminism is to have unrestrained female sexual behavior but put contraints on male sexual behavior.

        6. Women who runs to the government, instead of their father or husband, about anything at all, are evil.
          The “rape culture” nonsense, is just another offshoot of the idiocy that the world is better of, if some thugband has free rain to dominate and punish others at will.
          College, like all indoctrination institutions, exists for the specific, and by now only, purpose of training gullibles to become reliable glorifiers of government. One of the ways they accomplish their goal, is to set each individual droneling up against eachother. This guy and those guys would be sooooo meeeean to you, if it wasn’t fur us, the great glorious government. Who keep you safe from rapists, from Mexicans, from Communists, from druggies, from Scary Muslim Virgins(tm)…..
          Until men grow the heck up and realize they need exactly noone to lord over them, it’ll just continue to be more of the same. At least until nuke tech gets widely enough disseminated that some Tim McVeigh followers gets around to set off a bit more than a fertilizer bomb in some remote outpost of the terror regime.

        7. Stuki, I think many men WANT big daddy gubmint to be the de-facto husband to their women and fathers to their children. Men from generations past would have let this happen over their dead bodies.

        8. Aka, women want to retain their sexual power while removing all power (including sexual) that a male has. Everybody knows feminism after voting and equal rights is about power and money. Where there is sex, there is power. Where there is power, there is feminism.

        9. Of course rape is very difficult. Real rape, requires you either have a knife or gun and the girl is scared shitless and doesn’t resist because she perceives she will be murdered. Or is largely bullshit.
          If you hold down both her arms, what are you going to rape her with? If you try to pull of her pants, she tries to keep them on. Unless you are an octopus, it would be very difficult to pull of a rape without beating the person unconscious. If she kicking her legs, then you have to hold down the legs, now she is punching your face in. There just arne’t enough hands to keep all 4 limbs down and stop her from head butting you AND be able to pull of her clothes. I’d imagine you need to be an octopus to rape a conscious girl who was resisting.

        10. Rape culture is a lie. The amount of men who go out their doors and say I am going to rape is not even 1% of 1%.

        11. Oh my god, thank you so much! It’s so great to know that my rape didn’t really happen, nor the violent stalking, and the fact that I live in fear is all a lie. Becuase you know, No never means no…

    2. Fair enough on raping her, but I could easily pin my girl down and tickle her feet. Wrists in one hand, sit on her thighs, tickle. I often tickle her wherever till she begs me to stop. Maybe my girl is just weaker than yours.

    3. I’m not saying you’re weak, but my boyfriend often pins me down and I can’t for the life of me get him to stop tickling me. Its cute and fun, but I scream bloody murder and that usually makes him stop. Tickling sucks sometimes. As far as not believing people can get raped from being overpowered, that is a crazy allegation. First of all people do get beat up and restrained..but I’m also gonna throw something else into the mix. Drugs. Ever been drugged? I have..within 10 minutes I couldn’t raise my arms above my body. You know what happened next. Woke up in the morning with bruises in between my thighs at disturbing places. It really sucked. Do I hate false rape allegations? Absofuckinglutely because it takes away from the credibility of us who had it happen to us. Did I ever report it? Nope. Most of us don’t report it cause we are too ashamed. That’s just the honest truth. Well, its my truth. I can only speak for myself. I hate feminism with a passion but please don’t make crazy allegations like you don’t believe in rape. That just sucks.

      1. Thank you for your response, it was well written and I appreciate it. You are right. I am quite weak and light at 140lbs and 5’10” but like I said, even when Im 155lbs in “Spartan mode” I cant manage to take control over a girl who’s 110lbs.
        Yes tickling sucks. I too hated it when I was a kid. However its so much fun when you’re doing the tickling. 😀
        To clarify, based on my experience, I have an awful hard time believing a woman was raped without physical evidence of struggle. Could a guy thats 200+ pounds have his way with a girl thats 110lbs? Much more likely yes, but I still have hard time believing he managed to stay hard and get it in.
        If drugs are involved is another story and I willingly left that out. I’ve seen plenty of drunk and anebriated girls reject guys, myself included (no I dont believe Im doing any wrong doing.) but what happens behind closed doors and in isolation is something I cannot comment on.
        As you probably already know, if no rape was reported, then no rape happened. If I dont apply for job I dont get a job, if you dont file a report then no charge is made. There are plenty of support groups out there you can do talk to. And just to be clear, the shame and fear you feel is a typical emotion that humans have when they do something new, is not exclusive to rape victims.
        To add further comment to this I manages to get my mom to tell me about a time a guy pressured her into sex. She gave in and to this day her voice shakes about it. My opinion is she gave into the pressure and didnt give a clear no. The guy also did wrong because he didnt handle the woman’s emotions especially after he had sex. I’ve had an ex gf go through a very similar experience. The guy pressures, she gave in and felt awful afterwards. This is what Susan Patton calls mistake sex.
        Again, thank you for your comment, it was well written and if you want have a bone to pick with something else I said feel free to respond.

        1. Thanks for your kind comment back, that was a nice surprise. I feel for your mom, I really do. There were many times I felt pressure and felt like I couldn’t say no. I wouldn’t count those as rape at all, but it does make you live with a lot of regret sometimes. For me, I was used to “checking out” and giving in to what a man wanted because I was raped by my own father as a child. I feel I was predisposed to having that type of situation happen and I felt powerless every time.
          I’m not saying that is the case for every person who felt like they couldn’t say no but it was for me. In a perfect world people would really listen to others wants and desires and not be a selfish asshole, and situations like that would happen less. However even with the handful of times where I dealt with douchebags, douchebags are only douchebags NOT “rapists”. I only count one time as rape(besides my father) and it was painful to come to terms with it. I count it as such because what happened was just too clear cut to ignore. That is the time I was drugged. There were marks, bruises, in obvious places. I actually wanted to go to the hospital for a rape kit, and to this day I wish I did. If they found drugs in my blood they could have stopped him and prevented it from happening again. I’m pretty sure after doing research he used “GHB” but I’ll never know for sure. I recently looked up his name online out of curiosity and he has a criminal record now and was just arrested for assault and breaking and entering. Anyway when it happened to me, I called my friend and asked her to take me to the hospital but she couldn’t get her parents car. I had no car. I was a teen. I was so scared and didn’t wanna go to the hospital alone, oh well..hindsight is 20/20. Too late now. I try to move on.
          I’m not sharing this story to be like wah wah feel sorry for me. Just sharing a perspective. I know a lot of this site is against the witch hunt on men as all rapists/potential rapists and I totally am down with that. Why would I as a woman even want to live in a world where I have to feel like a perpetual victim? However there were times based on my past I did feel like that, but that’s due to my individual situation. However it’s worth pointing out that even after the amount of bad things I’ve gone through, I still am against the typical feminist rhetoric and I have traditional family/gender values. I DON’T want to fear men. I refuse to equate womanhood with victim-hood. I am proud to be a woman, a real woman, not whatever “woman” is becoming in society. We have this uncanny ability to take anything sacred and holy and mess it up.
          One “bone to pick” with what you said is the staying hard comment. I totally think a man can stay hard while raping a struggling person, some people get off on that power and that struggle. And you can penetrate a dry vagina. As crude as this sounds, once a rape is happening, often times a vagina will lubricate naturally as a defense mechanism. Otherwise, it would cause more irreparable damage. That is just a scientific fact. It doesn’t mean the woman/girl wants it.
          Ugh, this whole topic blows. I just wanted to share a little about my experience because real survivors are NOT victims, we are survivors, we’re strong, and we have experiences that should be validated. Unfortunately there are a lot of people exploiting real peoples pain for their own agendas that they are pushing….which is truly sad. There is a lot of bullshit circulating the media these days. It’s scary the direction we are heading.

        2. You have to remember rape is not about pleasure but about power. You do not have that mind set, so of course you cannot do it.

        3. Way to spew rhetoric and miss my point. It doesn’t matter what rape is about, my point is that its nearly impossible to do on a woman who’s resisting even if they’re drunk. Even if I was turned on by forcing myself on a girl and by her resistance and remained hard there’s no way I’d get it in the hole. Even when my girls have been wet and ready I still need to ease it in and that can take anywhere form 5-60 seconds to get in, only on rare occasions when she’s super ready and we’ve done adequate foreplay does it slide right in.
          Here’s a simple experiment for you. Find a nephew, niece or cousin 4-8 years old. Compare your size and weights for mental note. Now try to pants him or her. Make it easy for yourself and only do it if they’re wearing sweatpants and of course do it in a playful manner where the kid is laughing. You win when the waistline is past their knees. You might win once before they know what the game is, but if he or she is resisting you’ll be surprised how hard it is.
          As one commenter said, he tried tickling his daughters feet and he got kicked in the face and started bleeding… now if a little girl can leave evidence of struggle in a tickling match against her dad then why cant the typical “rape victim”?

      2. Ah yes, the elusive “daterape” roofie story. Just like reefer madness and any other urban myth, the doubt is big in all these stories. If you know who the rapist is, where he lives and you have evidence, any sane person would just report it on the spot because with the current law situation, that would be a slam dunk 100% no effort conviction.

        1. Really? There a lot of reasons people choose not to report male and female included. You think Roofalin and drugs like GHB aren’t actually sold and circulated for shady purposes? They are. Telling a personal account to strangers on the internet is not the same as lying or making false allegations in a court of law that garner a ton of attention, which I assume is what your peeved about. I’d say “cut me some slack” but that’s just pathetic considering the situation, I don’t have to defend myself for what I chose to do in a really shitty time.
          Some people just don’t want to deal with the court system or police period or feel like its too personal. Most people are in shock and/or confused as hell and spend most of the time pretending it didn’t really happen only to later realize it did/come to terms with reality. That is called trauma. That’s not a myth that’s a medical prognosis. Yeah I could have got him locked up and I probably should have and I regret it all the time, that doesn’t mean my story isn’t real. Why don’t you fight that battle with people who deserve it? Who are clearly fabricating stories? Not someone who mentions being drugged and you think its an urban myth so you don’t believe it. Good lord.

        2. Show me a 100% foolproof test for “people who deserve it”, and you just might have a valid point. But until you can do that, keep the thugband (the government) out of it.
          The test for whether a self described “rape victim” deserves to be officially heard or not, has nothing to do with “clearly fabricating stories.” Back in the civilized era of Western Jurisprudence, “Innocent until proven guilty” was one of the inventions that made the West something to bother defending. Meaning, in this context, that he/she who claims rape, should first make sure she “clearly is NOT fabricating it.” The burden of proof should be on the accuser. Always. Everywhere. At all time. Without fail. No exceptions. Ever.
          As long as there exists even the remotest possibility that you just may have consented to popping pills and having rough sex with the guy you accuse; whatever happened, and however you feel about it afterwards, is no business of anyone but the two of you. At least not in any society deserving of anything more than a million nuclear armed Tim McVeighs.
          I’m sorry to hear you’re hurt. Be more careful with the company you keep next time.

        3. Reading enough “I was raped” stories on the internet which were bogus has made me skeptical on this whole thing, especially on the whole daterape drugs angle because the media and anyone who cares likes to freak out about those drugs but it’s more of a hysteria than some common place thing.
          Are people getting raped in the world? Absolutely, no question. Are some of those rapes committed by drugging a person? I’m sure they are. But you’ll have to forgive me when my first reaction is to roll the eyes at yet another internet comment

        4. I’ll have to second this one. I havent seen too many things in life but I have not seen anyone in possession of or talk about using date rape drugs. Further, I dont even know the name of the drug, like MDMA is extacy I dont know what these date rape drugs are. Not to poo poo what our female guest is saying but it doesnt pass my Emmanuel Goldstein test.
          I can admit that there is one guy out there that is creepy enough to do such a thing. He had a way with women and could slay them the right way no problem on a night out, but the words he said and some stories he had and his morals raised too many red flags so I had to cut contact with him.

        5. See my above post. Such a story doesn’t add up. Claims she was raped, but can’t remember being raped. Claims she was drugged, but also claims she was bruised. Why would a rapist be so rough with a passed out person as to bruise them when they could not resist? Why would a rapist bruise the inside of the thigh and not the outside? Story doesn’t add up. If you are lifting a girl up, its not from the inside of the leg.

        6. It’s funny you think my “story doesn’t add up” When I have nothing to prove to anyone as an anonymous person on a website, and you were not there, and none of your points make any sense. There absolutely can be bruising from manipulating a body into the position you want. Have you never seen a passed out or even an asleep person who sleeps heavily- they are not exactly limber or flexible you have to move them-and I imagine if you’re trying to fuck them they are even harder to move in the positions you want. You are disgusting to debate this with me when my specific story isn’t even what this article is about-I was merely using myself as an example and allowing myself to share a story I never even tell people in real life cause I’m not one of those people searching for sympathy. But that doesn’t mean I deserve to be told I’m lying. I have no fucking reason to lie. Your reasons to think it doesn’t add up don’t even make sense!

        7. You were there but remember nothing after being “drugged”, its pretty silly claim. A passed out person is limp. To fuck them is easier, because you don’t have to lift them, just spread their legs….maybe. I think you honestly believe you story, its just not true or at th very least you have no way of proving.

        8. You’re really trying to tell a stranger whats true or not that happened in their life…due to the fact you can’t grasp a concept of leaving bruises on an unconscious body? Wow. That is really irrational, I could go into more detail about the reasons I know it happened, but to be frank I don’t owe shit to anyone about proving something happened (that took me a long time to come to terms with..its not something I want to have happened which is another reason your arguing is so irritating). I never said I had anyway of proving anything?? I never wanted to bother to report it in the first place, but if I had there would have likely been more than enough evidence through my BLOOD, my bruises, and witness testimonies (yeah you don’t know everything-I wasn’t going to just write a graphic memoir on here) Can you just stop? I mean really, you’re crazy rude right now.

      3. How do you know you were raped if you can’t remember anything? And if you were drugged, that would suggest that you were raped when you were unconscious. In which case you could not physically resist. Making it completely non-nonsensical that you would have bruises on your thighs and “in disturbing places” since there was no resistance on your part.

        1. You’re an idiot if you think you can just move a lifeless body in certain ways without leaving a bruise, or if you think someone who is drugged is so limber they can just be opened without having to push them in certain ways. Also I never said what happened before I went out of consciousness, which was a lot of me saying “please no. please stop. I’m not on birth control. I have a boyfriend. stop.” and a lot of him not stopping. a lot of me crying. a lot of hyperventilating. and then blackness. and waking up in a different bed without clothes. Flashbacks of times when I did wake up briefly. What the hell do you know about a drugs effect on memory? Have you ever done GHB? Have you ever did a case study on the effects of GHB? You’re opinion on a story you have absolutely no clue what happened because you were not there- you are barking up the wrong tree. This is why people wont respect people on this site-cause of attitudes like yours. Theres a lot of good people here, then there are people like you. You are acting like scum.

        2. You are an idiot if you think you can have conscious memories of being raped when you were given a drug to knock you on conscious cold. Ah yes, now you add more parts to your story, that were left out before. Sounds more like lies to me.

        3. Are you a doctor? Why don’t you look up the effects of drugs like GHB you absolutely can remember things in flashbacks, have you ever been drugged? You’re just spewing out things that you have no knowledge about. Also, I obviously have memories of the situation that occurs before, and after something happens. I’m not “adding more parts” because I want to lie-its because I didnt tell the whole fucking story the first time because why would I want to? This isn’t about me? I was telling a snippet of something shitty I went through. Keep telling me I’m lying, it’s so great to be told that by someone on the internet who has no idea who I am whatsoever….remind me why you care?

      4. I tried to report mine and walked away after being grilled about what I was wearing and why I allowed my self into that situation. This is another reason why many go unreported.

    4. I almost lost teeth tickling my daughter’s feet once. My son just sat there and laughed at me as I checked my fingers for blood. “Nice one dad! hahaha”. So I tickled his feet instead. hahaha. Little booger.

    5. That is exactly the same as my experience. I was married to a Russian woman, (anti-feminist, a red pill mans dream in so many ways). She use to always tell me that her mother told her that a woman could never be rapped if she did not want to be (except through serious violence). So I called her out and we tested it! Your right, I could barely get her legs open with all my strength and certainly could not have gotten hard and penetrated with her struggling like that! Just goes to show… if she does not have massive bruises on her face, she was most likely never rapped!

      1. “So I called her out and we tested it! Your right”
        She and her mother are right too, as well as you apparently being wrong. Glad you tried it out. Even with a MASSIVE weight difference its really incredibly hard to have your way with someone.
        “She use to always tell me that her mother told her that a woman could never be raped if she did not want to be (except through serious violence)”
        I try to pass a similar message on to women when they’re having aggressive man problems. I tell them that they didn’t give a definitive no and wanted out of the situation. Not saying they wanted trouble with the guy, Im saying they didn’t want to get out enough. They were wishy washy. Need to be decisive. I also point out that if the interaction is going south with each stage of the interaction that its not going to get better.

        1. We all must take responsibility as individuals… that is where the buck really stops. Its not your gender, race or social status that really matters in the end but your own integrity as an individual! this is a hard concept for many to accept. I am a lucky man who was married too an incredible woman! Regardless, being a victim is truly the lowest status any human can claim… yet it is perpetrated as the best ‘glamour cage’ our society has too offer! Pathetic and disgusting! Rape now has become a joke and that’s a sad fact because many are real victims of this horrible violation!

  6. You’re wrong about the Bad Boys not being accused of rape. I’ve seen it. I’ve also seen them killed. That whole Alpha/Beta Greek soup is dangerous nonsense.

      1. “… Tell that to the likes of Michael Jordan, Richard Branson, or Steve Jobs.”
        Right now; look at Bill Cosby, being accused of drugging and raping women who NEVER went to the police, and whose claims are over 20 years old.

        1. True, yet he won’t spend one day in prison. He’ll recover just fine. Life will go on. I’m not saying it’s right what happened to Cosby but his experience is not and will never be the same as the rest of us.

        2. I think theres more to these Cosby allegations. Rumor was he was leading a group of investors trying to buy a huge stake inCBS. then these allegations popped up in the media. U fill in the blanks.

        3. Hadn’t heard about the CBS thing….makes sense now. There has to be some other power driving this….
          ‘All of a sudden’ a bunch of hags decide to accuse cosby decades later…

        4. Sorry there are many guys accused of sexual assaults that weren’t but Bill Cosby isn’t one of them. Besides in our haste to defend any man, why would we be surprised at this. The “casting couch” has been a part of Hollywood since the beginning. Cosby just used a cruder version of it. I really don’t care if I get bashed for this post. Cosby is not an asset to our cause and in addition to the “casting couch” there is the California tradition of “not guilty on account of celebrity.”

        1. Look at the article’s title. Then look at what Bob wrote. The point here is “falsely accused.” I’ll throw in the name Kobe Bryant. There’s an Alpha who dealt with a bs allegation.

      2. And Mike Tyson. Whenever an athlete gets accused of rape, I never believe it. There are slutty 8’s and 9’s who would play Russian Roulette for a chance to let a famous athlete fuck them.

      3. Did those guys rape you and get away with it?
        In general, the more money you are reputed to have, the greater the chance you will be accused of stuff that can result in a big settlement.
        It’s not dumb broads driving this. They just play their little part. As long as you can get paid for getting “raped”, people will continue to get “raped.” Once the payoff changes from a million bucks and TV fame, to a public stoning, people stop getting raped. Simple, really.

    1. Exactly, look at how many college football and basketball players get falsely accused of rape.

    2. Men falsely accused need protection. The thing that will increase their chances of survival is proficiency in violence and a gang that protects them and has their back. False accusations will get you physically attacked.

  7. It sounds like the indian chick was trying some kind of push / pull tension, and wanted sex. But anything ambiguous is legal risk now. So running game requires a new response. After the third time she’s rebuffed you tell her she’s free to wake you up with oral sex if she wants, and you promise you won’t tell her boyfriend.

    1. LOL that response would be epic, but I guess any man in his situation would be so confused asking himself: “what the hell is just happening here?” that it would be impossible to come up with anything… as for his decision, it was a wise one.. if the sex wasn’t good enough for her taste or if she woke up the next day feeling guilty for having cheated on her boyfriend, the hamster would start spinning and she would cry rape.. then it would be her word against his… and we all know how that ends.

      1. a psycho bitch staying at another guy’s apartment while claiming to have a boyfriend should be treated like the worthless slut she is and should have been kicked out and mocked for her disgusting behavior instead of being offered free room and board and hungry sexual advances… The writer comes across as just another empty individual trying to validate himself through social approval by cheap loose women; this whole story is an antithesis of the “alpha” status he desperately craves…

        1. Lots of men have had the experience of making the effort to “date” a woman for several dates, only to finally get her back to his place and find her too annoying even for a no respect fuck. At that point what do you do? Throwing her out hard is a guaranteed way to get her to spew all kinds of lies about you on the net to her friends. Its easier to just say the chemistry doesn’t feel right, so you can get rid of her more smoothly. Women are incredibly vicious when they offer themselves to a man for sex who rejects them. Its the greatest form of insult to them.

        2. Damn Monte. That hard life has made you brutal. Cold. But efficient. Solid call on the psycho bitch. Cut the guy some slack. He is still feeling his ‘alpha’ phase out. Maybe in time he will get he had some curious ways to express his thirst. Maybe next time he’ll leave the lady alone and grab a refreshing Sprite.

        3. or they stay up so fucking late drinking and yapping, that you’re too tied for sex. I hate when that happens. They will spend hours looking for the liquor even when you try to hide it from them!

        4. Lol…
          So true. Sometimes a man’s got shit to do in the morning and it’s easier to rub one out and get some ZZzzs

      1. This article’s headline is what kind of guy gets ACCUSED of false rape. They got ACCUSED. Can’t you read, you feminist troll? Again: They got ACCUSED. Read the fucking headline. Doesn’t matter if they went scot-free — they spent millions collectively on legal fees.

      2. They did not spend a day in jail because their parents had a shit load of money to spend on their defense. It also helped that the actual physical evidence, what there was of it, proved their innocence. The accuser was a total flake, and not believable by anyone with more than two brain cells. Yet despite all of that, those guys that I am aware of, did not graduate from college. Also, the lacrosse program was dropped on the mere accusation. So yes, these guys and others guys got screwed by a wacked out psycho bitch with a wild and ever changing story of rape.
        It should be noted that the woman involved (IIRC Crystal Maugham) eventually was put in prison for second degree murder when she stabbed her boyfriend to death. This was after several other brushes with the law, mostly for egregious DV against the men in her life. And yet even after coming out and publicly stating that she was a stripper, and possibly a whore, to pay for school, she graduated on time with the rest of her class.

  8. No one is immune to rape. But know this, some small posits still keep you safe. If you are an attractive man, you are less likely to get hit with rape. Check the facebook idiots who hit like on this thug. Most weren’t even sure if he went to jail for rape but their vaginas said, “YES!!” That said while rape is for the ugly and sometimes vicious, don’t take chances. The new woman has had so much semen by the age of 24 her codename should be Aquaman. You will not be recognized from the last deposit so guard yourself well. In fact if you are a younger guy, everything you go after should be on a road trip. You’ll be new, get added points for being there, easier access to sex, and if you good, you will never be known by your real name. Good Luck

    1. LOL I actually wrote about this guy and the massive female response he received in a public forum. Why don’t feminist address the stupidity of elements in their gender, when it comes to stupidity like this. If I saw a young female relative doing idiotic things like that there would be serious problems! Many Western Women are very screwed up in the head nowadays! Some responded by saying that “we also like bad women…” but I told them we might want sex but not marriage! There was even a fund started to set this man free! It’s ridiculous, any woman who I saw “liking” or praising this dude was automatically on my “not girlfriend material,” or “quicky” list!
      I do have to note that there were many women who called out the other idiotic women at least on their hypocrisy, which was refreshing.

      1. how about teen girls shrieking at concerts? This goes back to the Beatles, now you have Bieber. They scream, they cry for no reason, they drown out the music, which I kinda thought was the reason you went to see them in first place.
        Remember that Alicia Keys concert last year, where it is all straight guys, cryinh and screaming, drowning out performance that night?
        Oh, right, you dont because it didnt happen.

      2. I think the after affect of women who called out this mania might have been reversed hysteria for NAWALT. I’d even go so far as to say under scrutiny and amongst non internet judgement, their drawers were coated all the same by the guy, UNLESS, if they were more satisfied than most women at home. On average women will drop trout for a good looking dangerous man quick. Thank God for paternity tests!

      3. He became a viral sensation here on Australia too. I read the comments on an article about him an by far the most common comment from women was “I don’t care he’s hot”. Imagine a female con imprisoned for a sex crime an a bunch of men started a fund to get her out coz she’s ‘hot’, feminists would be up in arms about how men only care about women’s looks. Yet they don’t apply the same standards to their own gender

        1. Yeah its ridiculous! There are good women out there just rare…I find more traditional women don’t fall for that stupidity.

        2. > Imagine a female con imprisoned for a sex crime
          Let’s stay out of the realm of fiction, please.

      1. That is delicious! But some of the takeaways are, alpha thirst is very real for women. So thirsty they will take on a potential rapists. Whether married or not, not issue, so double check on No Morals. Have you seen what he looks like when he smiles? Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde or more apt, he’s a light skin ringer for Kermit the Frog. With a grille. And the final thing to note, as thirsty as these women are, they aren’t looking to pay for an attractive man. They came up with a fictional price and never even reached 10% of what they asked. Thirsty, amoral, no fear of violence, and lazy with effort. Be mindful gents, some of you could be on your way to dating one of these women or worse.

      1. Nope! He’s the last hope for a good man because he can change for the right woman…

  9. Have had few incidents were chicks told me the only way i could hook up with them was by forcing myself on them. Most i just kicked out and told them “You’re not attractive enough to catch a rape charge for”. The random few i just got to give me head then kicked them out. I feel like that is the best of both worlds, it requires little effort on my part but has a high return value

    1. “You’re not attractive enough to catch a rape charge for.”
      THAT applies to EVERY western woman…EVERY. DAMNED. ONE.

  10. When women play the rape card, it becomes a very dangerous game. There is a winner and a loser.
    The rules of the game will favour the woman. For example, all the legislation is in favour of the woman (“Yes Means Yes” and “Rape By Fraud” are examples.) The mainstream media will be in her favour (all the morning talkshows, mainstream news and sadly, the brainwashed public consisting of feminists and castrated manginas.)
    The only way to survive this sick game, is to turn the tables around on the crazy bitch that accuses you of rape. Record all evidence of any intercourse that takes place, such as keeping your smartphone on record and hidden, using spypens and spy watches which can be bought cheaply online. Archive all the footage and never delete because the rape accusation can take place months or even years from now. Therefore, you must be prepared to take the necessary actions when the time comes.
    When you take the bitch to court and have cleared your name and reputation, you will emerge as the winner of this game. And to claim the bonus prize, counter sue the bitch for damages and being caused emotional distress.
    Remember, as a man living in today’s feminised society where a large percent of women are hysterical and mentally dysfuntional trash, you will automatically by default, be characterised as a villain because you are male. And as the system is set up against men and in favour of women, the best way to win is to play the game and ensure the outcome results in your favour.
    Always protect yourself.

    1. I’m not an attorney, but I don’t know if that’s good advice. If you record someone without disclosing that you’re recording them, when there was a reasonable expectation of privacy, is that different kind of crime? There was some gay male in a college dorm who got recorded without consent, and the person who recorded it got kicked out of school and charged with some crime.

      1. This is a complexed area, but from stories that I have heard, it also helped to clear the names of many innocent men.

      2. Yeah I wouldn’t think it’s great advice to tell guys to record all their sexual encounters. If you personally think it’s worth the risk so as not to be accused of rape, then that’s up to you. But if there’s a tiny chance any one finds out that you’re doing this, it’s illegal and you’d be fucked. In fact, ironically, you’d be charged with a type of sexual assault for recording them, which is exactly what you’re trying to avoid.
        Dude at Uni did exactly this with her girlfriend, they broke up, he stupidly threatened to post a vid of them having sex online.
        “He was sentenced to one to three years for taping himself having sex with Jane Doe #1 and an additional year for recording himself with Jane Doe #2. The court ordered the defendant to pay restitution to the women and certified him as a sex offender.
        Piznarski appealed the verdict. Stephanie’s Law, he argued, did not apply to surreptitious recordings of consensual sexual encounters. The appeals court rejected the argument.”
        He got 4 years, had to pay the girls money, and was registered as a sex offender.

        1. Another reason why, even if logic says go one way, check a qualified response before you take an action. Especially if the price is years from your life and loss of well-being.

      3. Not in most states actually. Ohio, my state, has one party consent laws. Meaning if one party being recorded consents, then no other consent is required. Most states have this standard as well. And given as you would be one of the parties recorded, then consent laws are satisfied, ergo, no legal danger.

  11. You say you were naturally alpha. And you being a natural got you time w/ a hot chick. You said you DON’T KNOW what would have happened had you fucked the Indian. You conclude with this gem: “The moral of the story? It’s alpha or die, dear readers “. Actually you just made a case for not having shit to do with college women and correctly warn us older, workforce age women are next.

    1. keep all texts, phone records and emails from women who come onto you on the job. I do and I have peace of mind. I have fucked at least one girl at every place of employment since I finished college. I have kept every single text, email, and cell phone bill that shows the woman wanted penis from me.

      1. I started doing that to keep track of my errors and successes with my last girlfriend. Truth be told, no reason to re-read them but if the off chance occurs where some beta wave backlash were to occur, I know where my files are and what was said. Most trustworthy person you’ll ever know is yourself. Maybe a close number two would be your dog but that isn’t a person.

        1. if the others in your soft harem like the sex you’re giving them, then you potentially have them as a reference.

        2. Exactly!! This is why I swore by being an attractive male. You never isolate yourself. Keep two girlfriend potentials in close orbit and have 7 girls in at least 3 circles. The 3 circle rules makes it so the women ‘know’ you but more people get a feel of your character. This is the one instance where having a oneitis/female friend you want to fuck can be beneficial. She will do nothing but tell the truth and if you played it right she will swear by your character. The other orbiters will also swear by your character. It does help if you are actually ‘alpha’ and run shit. Boss and teachers in the pocket. Have a job on campus where people like your work and you meet many students. A hobby or two that shows you care about community. This is the time to network. Have women and male friends alike. And at least one chick who sings your name. Literally. In fact in college, you should be training to have one chick sing your name before you leave. Call it a rite of passage as post college the singing stops. Except in the bedroom.

        3. Jesus H Christ. Instead of of all that shit, I’d just hire a hooker. No strings and no drama.

        4. Can’t argue there. If you can get over society shaming you then have at it.

      2. Record keeping can save a “beta” (or say normal “cis” male), the nouveau nigga, from 21st century puritan lynch mobs of feminist cunts, but DAMN.
        Come to this, has it gentlemen? Ya feel me? Dignity it’s a word, justa word in the dictionary.

      3. While I don’t endorse hooking up with anyone at your place of employment, your method of keeping evidence to defend yourself against rape accusations is useful in all situations.

      4. With smart phones its very easy to cloud backup all of your communications.
        They’re great for reflection and study as well.

    1. Good read.
      We need to see more stories like this one (especially in the MSM) because it’s becoming pretty common. The woman was engaged to be married so of course she’s not going to claim responsibility for having “consensual sex” with another man.
      Penalties (jail time) needs to be increased for these type of women who submit a false rape claim. This type of shit can really destroy a man all around (i.e. reputation, financially, etc…).

      1. the problem with increasing jail time for false accusers is that they will clam up and innocent men will remain in jail – perhaps there needs to be a higher standard for rape charges – did she resist and is there proof of it or something along that line.

        1. I don’t think so. This action would be similar to an all time forgotten (and forbidden) discipline that many adults, today, need to apply to their children: spanking.
          The problem, today, is that many women are allowed to get away with false rape claims because of his “rape culture” nonsense (versus holding individuals responsible).
          It’s similar to giving anyone who does illegal drugs a free pass because the drug simply exists (versus holding that individual responsible) – see how fucking stupid that sounds?
          Women (especially white women) are allowed to say and do anything, today…all in the name of “empowerment” or ” equality”…which is bullshit. Anyone who tries to hold women accountable are discredited or they are seen as trying to “hold women down”…more bullshit.
          There are two other words that women need to learn: responsibility and accountability.

        2. I know where you are coming from – but some women would rather let a man rot than be “spanked”

  12. I go back to the concept of a soft harem. If you have a soft harem in operation, you got references to back you up !!

  13. So some more free advice: Don’t want a false rape charge? Then don’t stick your dick in “Crazy”.
    Now, in fairness, it may not always be obvious, but the nutty broad in the article should have been frog-marched to the front door about a third of the way through all of the bullshit.
    À bientôt,

    1. Seems like the Indian broad was, on the one hand, getting off toying with his head “if you were a real man” and on the other further enjoying her position of power, by cock teasing him. Psychological and physical power. And maybe if like a good dog brought the Alpha out she could then enjoy submitting to him and a nice wet fuck. And if she regrets it she can be regret raped. Even 20 yrs latter. Like the historian Mary Beard and so many other sophisticated college educated empowered women.

      1. That’s about the size of it. “Confused, I climb back up. One minute later,” should have been replaced with “I ordered her to remove her clothes while telling her I couldn’t control myself and I must have her!”* The “If you were a man, you would take me now” telegraphs her intent in LARGE print: she longed for the Hot, Beef Injection but w/o the breakfast of regret and disloyalty to her chump b/f. The solution? Directly challenge Vincent’s manhood; he’d have to bang her then!
        Alas, mais, non.
        That said, in the current environment, Vincent can hardly be blamed for taking the path of self-preservation, given the relative risks involved.
        This poses a problem. Often, girls want (not what they say, but what they want) to have their “choice” taken away, b/c then whatever happens isn’t their fault/they’re not sluts/etc. That’s why so many of them enjoy light bondage as the bottom (more D&S, really). Whatever happens, whatever they said or did was b/c the Big, Nasty Man made them.
        I really sympathize with younger guys these days. First, the “couldn’t get laid in a prison with a fist full of pardons” femcunts are running shit at universities, and young women are totally FITH. Back when I was a younger man, if a girl didn’t want to bang, she probably wasn’t going back to your flat (bunk beds or no), and, even if she did do that, she wouldn’t let you get her panties off. It was like some kind of code back then. *shrugs*
        À bientôt,
        *Typically, girls how have rape fantasies want to believe that not only can they not control themselves, but neither can the guy–he must have her. That can make it a bit tricky b/c you have to be able to tell the difference b/w omigodihaveaboyfriendandidon’twanttobeaslut! ASD and actual resistance.

        1. Well said. It’s tough out there today and men need to be aware. Women don’t want to be held accountable for a fucking thing. They want whatever happens to just “happen” and they’ll decide (after the fact) if you two are “all good” or if she has buyer’s remorse.
          College is one area of this culture but watch out for this in the workplace as well. It can have quite an impact on your life in college but it can destroy a career (your income).

        2. Instead of trying to read into this type of bullshit behavior, I just treat all resistance equally: I leave. Not worth it man, not with these crazy chicks.

        3. Nothing wrong with that; in fact my first response included “frog marching”. But I decided to play it from both sides.
          À bientôt,

        4. >>>Women don’t want to be held accountable for a fucking thing.<<<
          This is so absolutely unacceptable it is fucking comical as it is tragic and this is why I don’t care about women’s happiness or helping women in general, at all. We should turn our backs on them.

        5. How many black men have been hung in the USA because they made the mistake of giving a white woman what she wanted? Literally. WANTED and ASKED FOR.
          No, this is not consensual. He’s raping me.
          “Oh, shit” are his last words as the rope goes over the tree.
          You ask how these women live with themselves. Well, they seem to live with themselves just fine.

        6. Go MGTOW. If a woman wants you to give her sexual satisfaction, hand her a pack of batteries and tell her to go f*ck herself.

        7. Ultimate Frame: Walking away from spread legs because of wishy washy circumstances or bullsh1t games.
          Wanna bet she won’t let you get away twice? 😉

        8. I find that women very often have flexible morality, much in the same way that they can conveniently rewrite history in a manner that suits the present better.
          That said, while not excusing past crimes, it seems like it’s been a few decades since there was a lynching in America.

        9. My thoughts exactly, I wouldn’t trust a bitch that’s willing to fuck around like that, especially with the kind of laws we got on the books these days.
          Play it safe gentlemen, nothing wrong with a lil’ roleplay(cuffs, ballgags and all) but always know what kind of girl you’re dealing with beforehand, make sure she’s not legit bi-polar/pyscho crazy,
          Trust… but verify.

      2. She was taunting his masculinity so she could (a) get laid and (b) later label said masculinity as “toxic” and call him a rapist.
        Sadly, people would call such a woman “whore”, when most whores are honest about their prices, and only ask for payment for services rendered.

        1. Real whores give you their time, you pay for it. For them, it is you give them the money and they give you their time.

    2. Agree. Men have to deal with women a certain way (their way) or show them the door. The problem is all of this in between shit (gray area) or the flakiness that’s allowed to go on and on. I don’t let someone waste my time so I’ll promptly show them the door when this type of behavior (or crazy) pops up.
      Recognizing a shit test versus crazy should be pretty easy to spot…if not, then you’ll get better at it with experience.

    3. I had a friend in college who’s girlfriend pulled something similar to what OP is describing with the bunk beds. He had sex with her, but it really fucked him up in the head. Sank into depression and guilt and self-harm.

    4. I would have smelled fucking trouble when I would have heard :,, what do you think you’re doing ?” Me: ,,that’s it, get the fuck out! ” No matter how desperate for pussy you are, always maintain frame and always be aware of false acusations ! Shit !

      1. You might be pulling the trigger too early. Sometimes that’s just ASD. I was taking a girl’s shirt off once and she said, “What are you doing?” to which I replied, matter-of-factly, “Taking your shirt off….is that a trick question?” It let her put up a bit of token resistance, before yielding.
        À bientôt,

        1. True enough but the situations are different. If she would’ve been relaxed enough to get undressed that’s a different story. I was pointing towards the initial move. If she gets in the house with you, goes on the bed with you, kisses you but histerically asks you the ice cutting question i.e. ,,what do you think you’re doing” well then obviously some-things off probably her brain (crazy bitch). Plus I always trust my gut, and it tells me when to push and when to stop, when to act and when to send them packing. Some girls just want the attention (brainstorm) to validate themselves that she can have you sexually if she wants. Not all of them want to be rammed some just push your buttons to see how far they can get away with it. Well, they go full speed out the fucking dor.

        2. Hey, I’m not saying “fuck or walk” is necessarily the wrong way to go, but rather, as you point out, individual situations may vary.

    5. Don’t want a false rape charge? Then don’t stick your dick in “Crazy”.
      If I can’t stick my dick in crazy then how can I have sex with women?!

      1. I am reminded of and apocryphal quote attributed to Henry Kissinger: “The essence of geo-politics is being able to distinguish among varying degrees of evil.”

  14. Wouldn’t an alpha tell that crazy bitch that he’s not in the mood for games and tell her to either sleep on the sofa or get out?

      1. So i should throw out my sweet formula 1 car bed? It gets great mileage, if you know what Im saying.

        1. If they are Formula 1 bunk beds, they need to go–that just screams “pile up”, among other things.
          À bientôt,

    1. Yep. ‘If you were a man…’ if a chick ever said that to me, it would mean they could kindly GTFO

    2. Yeah… or if its her place just get up and go… IMO that is your best bet at keeping your dignity and keeping her thinking of you. If you hold frame and not put up with that BS, she will still be wet for you.
      If you stick around for a night of platonic spooning, you’re probably screwed (haven’t done it so I don’t actually know).

      1. Exactly you’ve maintained your frame as a man who k ows what want an won’t put up with less. That will probably make her more wet for you than being her cuddle buddy.

  15. Article is wrong. It’s usually the alpha who gets a false rape accusation because he refused to commit. Women never fuck omegas or lesser betas even when drunk. The female revulsion and disgust toward weak, lesser seed is extremely strong and well honed through hundreds of millions of years of sexual evolution.

    1. think its both. If burned by the alpha shell ruin him and if she feeels buyers remorse on the beta shell ruin him too.
      Both beta and alpha get burned but for different reasons

      1. All men are possible FRA targets…
        IMO the better take away from the OP is to understand behavior patterns of then types of women that will cry rape…
        This behavior is.

    2. “Women never fuck omegas or lesser betas even when drunk.”
      Definitely WRONG!
      There are a lot of beta whimps out there who can´t get it done with sober chicks and therefore perform sex with wasted bitches only. I know a couple of them and so does everybody else.
      Personally I´ve never touched a drunk girls vagina because it would hurt my pride too much. No thanks, I´ll leave that to the thirsty boys without dignity.

  16. good thing you didnt go through with it.
    Shit test is one thing but this mixed message bullshit is just crazy….not a shock that she was indian(middle eastern girls have similar mindset).Think that tradtional honor influence growing up plays a role…least black women dont play this mind game with your life and future….welll in a different way.
    either way you made a good call and run like hell if you meet anyone like that.
    Selfish women with no remorse, to have her thrill and not care who shell ruin

    1. Having been in this situation many times (experiencing stranger than usual polarizng LMR signals) I give them the boot or leave their place immediately, hold frame and eject gracefully.
      Get out while your hands are clean and cut communication.
      Its natural for women to put up token LMR but in the OPs context, a woman who overtly makes it known she has a BF yet still wants to sleep over…
      Prime recipe for a disaster…
      And if she was east Indian I’m sure she kind of stunk…

      1. totally. Plus with her being from a conservative community like muslims or middle easterns,you dont need a swarm of her cousins on you…worse too if the bf brings his crew. Careful who you fuck with literally.

  17. This article is anecdotal.
    If we want to see what kinds of guys falsely get accused of raping girls we should collect some actual data. It is an empirical question.

  18. You have a bunk bed? I think that says it all about how red pill ypu really are there, omega male.

      1. I did think. Its always funny hearing college boys proclaiming how alpha they are then telling a story,about how they didnt get laid by a chic in their own bed. So let us dissect… He took a girl out several times, spent money on her, got her back to his place, in his bed, then shot down several times. Alpha? Lol, ok…

  19. “The truth is that chicks dig older guys, and the first half of college is rough for your average male, and only gets a bit better for most as they get older. ”
    I think that’s the reason the college guys are thirsty especially for the beta males that don’t do any sports. Even though I went to the gym and worked out when I was straight out of high school, I considered myself a beta since I looked one anyway and had a similar geeky hobby. It is true girls around that time are cold and very hard to approach if you’re beta. Anyway lucky me, since I really never liked the concept of one night flinging and also wild women but everybody around me were into it at that time. Imagine now they would have been accused of rape numerous times by now.

  20. I would hope the next day, after the danger of kicking an alone drunk girl out into the night was no longer an issue, you told her to take her belongings and hit the road. Oh and please delete my number from your phone.

  21. A poorly-conceived article because it’s misleading. The Duke team and Kobe Bryant are Alphas and yet had to deal with false accusations. As commenter John wrote, ANY straight man is a target — and this article gives a false sense of security to some.
    Also, please fix this sentence: “Over the summer before her junior year however, she decided that she needed enough.” The end should read “had enough” or “needed to get out” but it makes no sense the way it is now.

  22. I disagree,i think its any type of guy who has outlived his usefulness usually a casual acquaintance but even a guy who is refusing to commit to anything after tasting the goods..
    it has little to do with alpha/beta ideology although the “beta” types described will get caught more because they spend way too much time in the “friend zone” minefield hoping for that one slip up which she will end up regretting.

  23. You should have thrown that bitch out by her hair immediately, and then filed your own complaint with the sexual assault gestappo first thing the next morning.

  24. A friend of mine who has been traveling between Asia and the West said that its a crazy fact that the West has become more sexually prudish, intolerant and hysterical than Asia. He added that Asia, especially Southeast Asia, is the last bastion for Game.
    Fuck all these hysterical western women going on and on about rape culture…They should all move to the middle east and experience living with ISIS to really know what real rape culture is.

  25. I’ll be the first to say it here: “rape culture awareness, coming soon to a workplace near you.”

    Unfortunately, though, part of that awareness needs to be knowing that only preemption works. Once a man is entangled in the social justice machinery at his particular institution there is no justice. For men at college — be they red pill or blue pill, this means they MUST stop dating women who attend their own school.

  26. Scary. Same kind of shit – only much worse – is going on in the us military right now.

    1. Much worse, because the kangaroo court there can throw you in a very harsh prison for 20 or more years.

      1. The vast majority of the military rape cases now involve two service members where one or the other (often both) is married. When caught, the female instantly alleges rape so as to remove the charge of adultery. The male faces both rape and adultery charges while she walks. Yes, this is a common occurrence. The lawyers even nicknamed it coitus regrettus.

  27. My college roommate took home this 3/10 troll after a party one night… she told my other roommate that he had “raped” her, but it was really just him begging and persuading to have sex for like 30 minutes until she finally gave it up
    The next night after her traumatic rape, she had sex with the other roommate
    Sloots gonna sloot

    1. The problem is how many women are casually throwing around or using the word “rape”….when in reality they just had fucking plain old “sex”. They use the word rape so can feel better about themselves (the next day) while their telling everyone the story.
      It’s another example of women not wanting to be held responsible. They want to play “adult” without all of the strings attached (i.e. accountability or responsibility).

      1. It’s a sheep thing, too. One claims they were raped, then another, and pretty soon if you’re not also claiming to have been raped, you’re not fitting in and part of the womyn group.

    2. Which brings up another good point. Any slut under a 5 in looks, who clearly doesn’t get much attention from good looking guys, can be dangerous. If you’re a 6+ in looks, don’t fuck with any 5- bitches out of desperation. they are some of the first to cry rape, and it’s obvious why.

  28. Good article although I would request that you review your grammar and sentence structure. Its a shame that such a good story was somewhat ruined by poor writing.

    1. “Its a shame that…”
      Should be “It’s a shame that…”
      It’s a shame that such an otherwise good post was somewhat ruined by poor writing.
      Happy New year Bob!

    1. “In the last few years, there has been an unfortunate trend towards
      blaming “rape culture” for the extensive problem of sexual violence on
      campus” – RAINN
      That’s pretty bad when a group who normally sides with them is pretty much telling women to take a little personal responsibility.
      “No one would deny that we should teach boys to respect women. But by and
      large, this is already happening. By the time men reach college, RAINN
      explains, “most students have been exposed to 18 years of prevention
      messages, in one form or another.”
      Yeah, no shit. We’re hit with it every time we turn around….how the fuck could we avoid it.

  29. I’ve heard of lots of cases where alphas get falsely accused. It’s almost always when the girl gets caught by her boyfriend or husband. There was one where a guy was in an LTR for years and then suddenly got chlamydia. He confronted his gf and she pulled the, “oh yeah, I got it from a guy at a party a month ago, but it wasn’t cheating, because he raped me.”

    1. Yeah it doesn’t matter how much swagger you think you have. It’s all based on what she imagined in her head.

  30. Yeah when a gal sends mixed signals…end it right there. Easier said than done I know…but most of us have an idea the type of crazy your modern young woman has in her head.
    The whole idea of last minute resistance I wouldn’t take as a challenge to go through because of rape hysteria. If she mentions boyfriend whether true or not…don’t bother anymore with her. Find a woman who is single.

    1. Agree. I believe the “rape card” has been invented and is used by women who want to “get out of jail free”. They use it in the event that they have a boyfriend or husband (who might find out) or when telling stories to their girlfriends and others (and they don’t want to feel or be seen as a slut).
      The short of it: they want their cake and eat it, too.

    2. On college campuses, sure, but off campus, or at least dissociated with the Uni or college you attend, then plow through as usual. The way I see it, if ANY girl is at point they’re kissing you, plus anything else like groping, etc, then she clearly doesn’t give 2 shits about her boyfriend if she even has one.
      Which is also why you should 1 and done her, or put her in a random fuck buddy category, cause she’d do the same to you if she was your bitch. Re. your mixed signals comment, I’m with you on that. Any girl who acts too “quirky” I don’t bother fucking with. I don’t have time to “get her,” and sometimes I;ll tell them that to their face, and end the interaction.

      1. I get what you are saying when it is in the moment…I’m talking about the after effects. This can happen whether you are in college or not.
        I.e. regret, sexual remorse, boyfriend or husband finding out, or just plain spite if you don’t call back. Granted you might be able to have a better shot overturning a false rape charge in real court as opposed to universties…but you’ll still pay a lot and your reputation will be ruined.

        1. Markedly so.. which is why reverting back to this ” when a gal sends mixed signals…end it right there,” is never a bad policy. Sucks because you might waste more what-if nights that would have been bangs or a new gf or whatever, but hey, you live to fight another day.
          I just got mixed signals from a girl on a 1st meet up this past Saturday. Made out and groped her, in fact right in front of her closest group of friends, but she put on breaks for a logical reason;”Got kid at home, don’t sleep with anyone, blah blah blah..” which is of course logical fem-hamstering.
          However, it was the manner in which she conducted herself which led to the resistance which didn’t settle right with me. Something was a bit off, and I took it as a red flag.

  31. This was college. Girls love to play the dangerous (for you) game of rape brinksmanship. The freshmen all heard the 1 in 5, 1 in 3 BS stats way back in high school- and still they’ve shown up in droves. It’s a rape fantasy playground and anyone with a penis is merely a gamepiece.
    Film it all, boys.

    1. For all women everywhere, life is just a film in their heads where they are the star and everyone else is a bit player following their script. When any male (alpha or beta) fails to follow the script a new script is written called rape accusation. The drama goes on and the guy has no choice in his role. He is the villain and she is the heroic victim who survives all his worst.

  32. Rape culture is interesting. Liberals and feminists used to swear by the 1 in 5 stat. They were sure colleges were hotbeds of rape culture where young women were raped all the time. They wanted everyone to know how bad it was for the women who could barely walk around without being raped.
    Yet…they all still sent their daughters to college. What sort of idiot truly believes a college campus is a rape factory and sends their daughter off to school there?
    Easy. The type who knows it’s a load of crap and his daughter is actually just as safe as anywhere else.

    1. I think they understand what’s really going on. They know they’re sending their daughter off to play a game for which she always has a trump card. Since self-esteem is the ultimate goal of all girls, having your baby play a rigged game against hapless fools for four years is a no-brainer. All the college kids are playing Goldeneye but the girls have the golden gun and the boys are slappers only.

    2. If my daughter goes to college (for a real major of course), she’ll carry a firearm and know how to properly use it should the need arise.
      Of course, she’ll be smart enough to know that getting drunk to the point of incapacitation is a stupid behavior that should be avoided at all costs too, and that she must always be situationally aware should any problems arise.

    3. Liberals and feminists used to swear by the 1 in 5 stat (some still do actually, despite it being debunked).
      They probably mean that 1 in 5 of them has had sex with lesser betas.

  33. Article had a good premise, but then this “I was wearing a sleeve-less t shirt, ray-ban knockoffs and most importantly I had that special factor x swagger”.

    1. Yeah… I think our man here is the one who was getting played.
      He still raises some important talking points.

  34. Of course logic plays into it as well… who hangs out with women like these, it isn’t anyone other than manginas or white knights, so…
    I laugh at them, I really do. They think their aligning themselves to SJWs will buy them some sort of brownie points. It doesn’t and never will.

  35. Interesting story….. obviously exercising caution can never go wrong…. other than a minor ding to yourself esteem and an evening wasted, it’s better than a 6 month drama of court dates and lawyers….. From my experience these situations are a question of technique…..
    1.) Maintaining frame… in that will she / won’t she moment, you so easily lose frame and go into her orbit. Don’t let her play you. Be cheeky, back off, push a second time etc. Sounds like you nearly had it right… This is the moment to hit audio record on your smart phone, just in case.
    2.) Cocaine, is a girl’s best friend. (She don’t lie, She don’t lie… She don’t lie… cocaine….) I don’t like the stuff myself, I feel like I drank too many coffees… .if you don’t have an addictive personality, keeping a gram handy will shoot your way through resistance in these situations…(if you use it all on your own – don’t buy any more) – pot can also work wonders and of course there’s always Ecstasy but that’s a whole evening’s work – it’s not exactly fast acting. A quick line or a quick toke, some good music…. boom….
    3.) Try lying next to her and just letting the sexual tension and electricity build up…. there’s nothing more lame than cuddling and not getting laid, but that is a risk worth taking when you are alone in the same room together. – a back massage, a foot rub – things loosen up pretty quickly…. tell her you have stiff shoulders… touching in these moments is essential… it sounds like your bunk bed was the big cock block here…. buy a queen…
    4.) If she has big tits, get those out as quickly as possible. Get under her shirt and undo her bra… Her lust / maternal instincts, show off nature, dare devil, living dangerously etc….will have her enjoy second base.
    5.) Fingering – If she has small tits she’ll be insecure about those, just get into her pants and get a finger in. Once you’ve got that far she’ll start getting horny beyond the point of no return.

    1. I once overheard a 9+ , 23 year old college co-ed complain that her -severe-beta boyfriend would not eat her out and he was very mechanical with sex. He was an over educated attorney of all things, no surprise there. so I told her that if I ate her out it would not be cheating because she has needs and they need to be fulfilled. It would be no different than if she had a vibrator. For 3 weeks straight I convinced her that all I wanted to do was eat her out, 9 times total. I did it for an hour, each session. Eventually her hamster wheel blew a fuse and she gave it all up.

      1. you should have found a chick to eat her out and done both of them at once…. pussy licking is best performed by women…..

    1. I love their little excuses and games. We, players, just do NOT give a shit. Why is it so hard for sluts to understand this concept??? We just want to taste the kitty and blow a load. Real simple needs. It’s like you want to tell them this shit so they STFU and give it up.

  36. Why would her having a boyfriend ever make you stop? She wants you, is coming on to you, is in your apartment, what’s the problem? She wants to get banged out, I bet that is one of her fantasies and why she kept saying it.

    1. Can’t shame a gal for cheating. Only men get shamed for cheating. When women cheat they call it “EMPOWERMENT”.

  37. As far as the last part, I’ve been in this scenario early in college, she was shit testing you. I got the bang by saying “just get over here and fuck me” and she did, after a minute or so of rationalizing.

  38. It seems like the most plausible explanation, but it begs the
    question, who is the type of guy that gets falsely accused of rape?

    It’s the lesser beta, never the bad boy alpha.
    Same deal with being considered creepy, getting banned from bars, and so forth. Women hate hate hate beta males.
    And ironically, they’re far more polite to betas than to alphas, whom they’re relentlessly shit-testing when they’re not serving them in one way or another. But there’s a fakeness mixed in with their politeness to betas. Possibly because, while they find it fun sparring with alphas, they figure the betas are far too weak to handle them.

  39. Don’t agree with this article at all, although your anecdote was entertaining.
    Anybody can be accused of rape, just depends on what emotion the spinner lands on inside the girl’s head at that time. I don’t think Kobe Bryant/Jameis Winston were pussified Beta males

    1. Tall, tough, aggressive black men can still be beta. For example, by being needy, clingy, and insecure.

  40. Indian woman “take me, stay away, take me, stay away” proof not much is going on in a woman’s brain.

    1. they must (Indian women) love to fuck, once you get those panties off. that’s why their population is in the billions..

  41. If you don’t want to ever get accused of rape even if you are actually a rapist all you have to do is convert to Islam, get a tan, change your name to an Arab one, move to Europe, and start raping.
    The thing the feminist fears most is being called a racist.

  42. IF you’re a man on campus, just focus on studies, and if you have to date think about dating off campus.

  43. By definition, a man is what is guilty nowadays. Having a penis, two balls, and a desire for sex with the opposite sex, makes you a rapist, guilty, a thief and a liar and all those bad things combined.
    Obviously one is not guilty by constitution but by action, but this seems to be lost on a society that is intent on punishing one’s constitution.
    Jesus (the Christ) said that a man is guilty upon looking with lust, Emerson remarked that a man was guilty just by virtue of his constitution, as the latency of lust was present within him, ready to be sparked by the site of the appropriate woman.
    It is so funny how this society condemns men, on the fault of possessing natural drives.
    Were these drives allowed to be fully expressed, they would take care of both men and women, but ultimate they are stifled.
    It is because of these sick distortions or views of these drives that we have religions, doctrines of Original Sin etc. Used to remove guilt that should not be there in the first place. In fact, it is all natural, there is no good or bad to it, but these Sages (as Zhuangzi once remarked) introduced good and bad into a picture of what is purely natural.
    The creation of this state of disorder, is a mystery to me, because it primarily should not exist at all. But who knows.

  44. Sounds like this woman wanted to enjoy the privilege of being “taken” (meaning she has no accountability for cheating on her boyfriend) while retaining the ability, at any given moment, to change her mind and call it rape.
    Definitely, you need a security camera (with audio) in your bedroom.
    Seriously. It’s probably the same type of women who insist on such demented “consent requirements” who would play a man like this and tempt him then reject him – over and over yet.
    Being alone with a man in HIS BEDROOM may not be CONSENT, but it sure as hell implies INTENT. Whenever a woman sleeps over, maybe take the couch – or give HER the couch. If she wants the bedroom, say:
    “Sorry, despite the bed and pillows, that room is not for sleeping.”
    The ability to tease c*ck and call it rape later: another fine example of female privilege in this great new “rape culture” of ours.

  45. A MAN never gets such problems. It is the beta boys, the nice guys, who get it.
    And this is not without a reason.
    The alpha stands in broad daylight and makes no secret he is there to fuck
    the living shit out of all her holes. She will scream and moan and be
    happy about it. No secret there.
    But the lesser beta is a different type. He poses as a “harmless”, “nice”, human who may also have a tiny and harmless dick but is first and most a “friend”.
    He will be there for her like an emotional tampoo. He can be trusted.
    She *NEVER* !EVER! would consider having sex with such a creature in a sober and stable emotional state.
    All readers who have any experience with women know, women are very often in an emotional state that is NOT stable. Frequently and often.
    Now this is what the lesser beta sucker is going for. Such a moment of
    weakness. Maybe drunk. Maybe she wants revenge on her alpha boy-friend.
    Maybe she had a bad argument with her parents.
    The beta-game has its big moment there and then; he will lure her into his arms pretending to have no intention other than her female friend would have. NOT.
    Then it happens he has his 3 seconds of glory.
    The beta KNOWS he is (relativly speaking) worthless crap compared to the alpha,
    so he does not compete in broad daylight. He is the sneaky guy, the one who weasels his way into her vagina.
    THIS is the root of buyers remorse and such rape accusations.
    Once her mind is clear she can come up with no other explanation why she
    fucked such a looser than drugs, alkohol or whatever.
    This is not nice from the girls, but nature made them so – they protect
    their eggs from sorry loosers. Nature is telling her deep inside she
    got tricked into such a lousy fuck.
    But not all is lost – here is the solution.
    If YOU are a beta, or suspect you may be one, do not try this “nice guy”
    shit or the “I am your friend” shit. You are a man. You have a dick. You
    want to fuck her, or else you wouldnt spend time with her. Show your
    true intention.
    If you get rejected – and you will; a lot –
    improve yourself. Work on yourself and get some passive value. Within a
    year you will be rejected less and respected more.
    It is the best way. It is the ONLY way.

  46. The idea of a man who is the same height as a woman raping her is not laughable at all, especially if she is drunk. Your suggestion that it was was despicable. If somebody has had too much to drink, then they aren’t capable of consent. The reason that it’s usually men who get accused of rape in these circumstances is that men overwhelmingly tend to be the instigators or aggressors. You MRA’s pretty much automatically dismiss any rape accusation because you hate women, and want to twist everything to make yourselves the subjects and victims. You hear a story of a terrible tragedy like a rape, almost never empathise or take seriously the alleged victim, and then turn the affair into a sob-story about how hard life is for men. It’s pathetic. According to the FBI, only about 2 percent of rape accusations are false, roughly the same rate as for other felonies. You sorry lot would do well to consider that next time you feel like attacking and ridiculing a woman who says she has been raped.

    1. A) If the guy was drunk he didn’t consent either and that cock hungry whore was just as guilty as he was.
      B) This incident, as is the case with the majority of campus “rapes,” was put in front of education administrators, not authorities (where girls would undoubtedly go first if their case wasn’t BS), so the FBI would not include a (very common) false rape claim like this in those statistics.

      1. A) As I said, males are primarily the aggressors in these cases. The women concerned are hardly ever “cock-hungry whores”, as you so crassly and obnoxiously put it. Obviously you don’t have enough respect for women, based on spiteful fantasies in your head about what you like to think women are like.
        B) Getting campus authorities as well as, or instead of police to investigate doesn’t mean it’s BS at all. You’re just looking for any reason to dismiss accusations against men by women because you don’t view women as your equals. MRA’s only think that false rape accusations are common because you scumbags routinely, automatically accuse a woman of lying based on the most trivial, circumstantial bullshit.

        1. Notice how you cite no facts in your attempted rebuttal? Campus administrators? If someone tries to rape you and you get away you dial 911. You only mull over it for a few weeks when there’s a scheme you need to think through.

        2. You just made that up. You aren’t empathising with the victims at all. It’s often so traumatic that they can’t bring themselves to talk about it with the authorities for days, weeks, months, or even years. That you think they’re ‘scheming’ in this time is just mindless cynicism.

        3. That was a fact. I wasn’t foaming at the mouth. Women frequently do fall silent when they get raped, out of fear and shame. Maybe educate yourself, by looking up studies of how many rapes go unreported, instead of spouting your usual smug ignorance.

        4. Proof on he who asserts, not he who denies, AC/DC. You still have not produced any facts as you were asked to do by Phillip. That which is asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.
          Meantime, though, would you like to explain how you overleap the logical fallacy that arises from trying to estimate how many rapes go unreported from those that are? I’ll give you a hint, it’s called “Proof By Example”, or “Inappropriate Generalisation”.

        5. Just re-reading through his dreadful and baseless arguments again to appreciate the context of your comment. Wow. Ok, here’s one for you. Phillip says that the majority of these cases (where the rape is reported to the campus, not the police) are fake. He provides no evidence, so you and I can both dismiss it (not that you’d say as much to your MRA buddy, right?). Phillip says, “If someone tries to rape you and you get away you dial 911. You only mull over it for a few weeks when there’s a scheme you need to think through.” He has no evidence to back that up, so you and I will dismiss that. Agreed?

        6. I think that assertion’s common sense. You seem to resort to that a lot as your primary statistical fallback.

  47. If a guy had a camera recording his bedroom escapades (as I usually do, without their knowledge), wouldn’t that video be inadmissible evidence against a false rape claim? I’m sure this would be the case for a college kangaroo court, but what could a guy do to insure the slut cannot go on with another false rape claim?

    1. You film people having sex without their knowledge or consent? What a fucking creep!!

      1. They know and are turned on by it. I’m asking if the videos could be admitted as evidence if some girl faked a rape.

  48. This article might as well have been called “What Type of Guy DESERVES to Get Falsely Accused of Rape”. You Alphas really think you’re fucking invincible, don’t you? Un-freaking-believable!

  49. You wanna know what the “alpha” would have done? Kick her the fuck out after she turned you down the second time. You don’t let bitches play with your head. Boot dat bitch.

    1. I…was gonna post this very thing. I would have kicked the bitch out without a thought. Or a word.

  50. Rule of Thumb, sub-continent chicks are off limits. I’ve never met a more money-oriented intolerant gropu of people. This is something learned painfully in very miserable medical campuses across the nation.
    Hindus/Pakis take, they dont give. We are just background things to their money game/looting of the country.

  51. had a similar experience with an Indian girl. They all think they are in the movies. Stay clear unless you enjoy drama.

  52. ‘Date rape’ is when a women wakes up with a hangover in the morning and regrets sleeping with any dude. That won’t face up to the reality that they are all sluts.

  53. While it’s easier said than done… but allowing a women to qualify you, ie make you react to her?
    “… And if you were a women you’d be up here sucking my… before I fall a sleep.”
    Men still have to innate things but nowadays you kinda have to make it seem like it’s the other-way around. Fluent control over appearances is everything today.

  54. Better to fuck young hookers and be very clear in emails and do in hotel.
    Less risk and no headaches.

  55. cant with for the world to end women will have a bad day when every man with a grudge makes their life a living hell, im sorry for the innocent women who will suffer but no one cares about the innocent man who is falsely accused so no one should care about the innocent woman who is hated and exiled for a wrong she never did. Karma has no sides and when she comes she comes in full force no one can escape her NO ONE.

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