All Women Are Disloyal

If there is one defining feature that separates men and women it can be summed up in one word… loyalty. Why? Because women have none. And is it a bad thing? No, because men are able to excel while women constantly implode their own lives. It’s the reason why men literally run the world, and women hold secretary positions at best. And thank god for it, because if women had any sense of loyalty, there is no doubt in my mind that the red pill would be the biggest failure since new Coke.

Angry women will constantly preach to you about how “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” What women don’t realize is how moronic they look when bro-code trumps their antics to make them look stupid, all while two men have a laugh over the fact that they both just banged the same chick. See Exhibit A which can be found below.

Personally I haven’t decided what’s more hilarious—the fact that the two guys planned the whole thing and seem to be having a bro moment over busting this chick, or the fact that she was not just publicly shamed, but virally shamed; the video currently has over 2 million views on YouTube alone, plus however many it’s achieved via Facebook.

Which leads us to point number two… everything is your fault. This can be explained with Exhibit B, also seen below.

women cheat

As you can see, it’s simply your fault for you cheating, and your own fault for her cheating. Of course in the views of feminist America, it couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the fact that she has gained 20 pounds since the beginning of your relationship, or the fact that you hate hanging out with her because all she does is nag. It’s always your fault.

And here’s Exhibit C:


Women hate women. I don’t know what causes their cattiness, but whatever it is, we need to make more of it. It’s hands-down the best thing that has happened to men. With us, there comes a sense of loyalty, most prominently displayed as bro-code. We generally don’t give two shits if you had sex with an ex-girlfriend, or even current possible prospect, so long as the proper protocol is followed.

Women on the other hand have no such system, and the lack of it causes women to constantly get in arguments with each other and be their own worst enemies. The phrase “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” was not coined by a man—it was defined by a woman, because it helped her cope with the fact that she has no real friends, only acquaintances whom she will compete with men over.

Guys, on the other hand, realize there’s no real shortage of pussy, and loyalty to other men benefits them over the long run. This completes the great circle of masculine greatness that keeps men on top, literally, and women on the bottom, until we tell them to ride us or moan into a pillow.

Swallowing the red pill makes you part of a fraternity. Manhood itself was once part of this great fraternity, but feminism has caused many men to become white knights and manginas (Darwinism at work). The men who remain never forget loyalty, because in the end it is the defining feature that helps you get laid while women foil each other’s lives. In essence, loyalty is the key factor to game, and life as a man.

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101 thoughts on “All Women Are Disloyal”

  1. I now wonder how I ever looked up at women and why in hell I used to put them on a pedestal.
    Oh, that’s right, 20+ years of cultural Marxism, educational brainwashing, and media indoctrination.
    Thank heavens I have a rational, inquisitive mind. Or I’d still be a prisoner of this ridiculous fallacy.
    “Knowledge is the wing wherewith we fly to heaven.” -William Shakespeare

    1. Marxism is a “grand theory” about the distribution of produced wealth in an economy. I don´t know what has to do with women, and I don´t know what “Cultural” Marxism is (and I bet Marx would be very surprised about it, being that he was a complete player and all).

      1. This is what it has to do with women, especially the last sentence in this paragraph.
        “Cultural Marxism refers to a school or offshoot of Marxism that conceives of culture as central to the legitimation of oppression, in addition to the economic factors that Karl Marx emphasized. An outgrowth of Western Marxism (especially Antonio Gramsci and the Frankfurt School) and finding popularity in the 1960s as cultural studies, Cultural Marxism argues that what appear as traditional cultural phenomena intrinsic to Western society, for instance the drive for individual acquisition associated with capitalism, nationalism, the nuclear family, gender roles, race and other forms of cultural identity; are historically recent developments that help to justify and maintain hierarchy.”

        1. Historically recent developments? Cool with that. But what justified and maintained hierarchy up till then?

      2. Marx thought that typical nuclear family only fits interests of the industrial society, and that it should be dissolved. As a proof, he stated that for example medieval families were not nuclear but expanded, which suited agricultural economy of the time.
        However, one has to note that reason why girls today behave the way they do, does not have anything to do with them feeling exploited by capitalism (they probably think Marxism is a fashion outlet) but rather opposite, lacking any sense of economy (since they always have providers), being uneducated, uninterested, with little skills, having knowledge only on most recent apple products, and in western societies, having variety of mental issues.

        1. And why Marx would want to dissolve the nuclear family when it is a phenomenon of the middle 20th Century and he lived in the 19th? And also, he lived in the Industrial Society, not at the end of it. Communism for Marx would be Industrial, since that was the most advanced way of production at the time. Remember, “industrial” is part of what do you do when you work, and how to do it; meanwhile Capitalism is how to distribute the wealth produced (to the guy that worked or to the guy that has a paper that says that the machine used is his).
          Never mind, lets go back to girls.

        2. Why are we dancing on the head of a pin over this? Cultural Marxism is widely recognized as being an evolution of Marx’s original hypotheses.

    2. “I now wonder how I ever looked up at women and why in hell I used to put them on a pedestal.”
      Exactly what passes through my mind these days.

    3. Women have no loyalty and white women are the worst. most women are like strippers, as long as you keep giving her cash she will be attached to you like a leach, run out of cash she goes to the next poor sucker in waiting.

    4. It’s funny to hear words like ”Cultural Marxism” from people who couldn’t differentiate socialism from communism if their lives depended on it.

  2. We think women the better sex, the “republican mother” as America’s founders believed, but infinite freedom from responsibility leads to this type of lifestyle. It’s humorous how many murders (in crime dramas) are done against cheating wives, when the men couldn’t take it anymore. All in all, cheating has consequences, consequences the “fairer” sex seems to neglect. Women still go to dances and other functions without their significant other, hang out with other men besides their significant other almost too frequently. And they wonder why we get worried. When they sleep with Lord Rottencrotch, it’s not okay for us to get a tiny bit angry.
    An interesting take on this never-ending story is Cantebury Tales. Known for its indirect characterization, the Wife of Bath is a fine example of infidelity. Over the course of her life, she had five partners and sucked them dry. She was unheard of in medieval society–a cheating whore like her would easily be burned at the stake at the time it was written.
    Furthermore, promiscuity is further doted upon in the Miller’s tale. In the Miller’s tale, Chaucher shamed the older man mating with the younger woman–in fact, the old man is portrayed like a billowing, gullible buffoon, as he believed the younger man’s (Nicholas) outlandish tale that a flood the size of Noah Arc was coming. Of course this was a ploy in order to sleep with the older man’s wife, Alisoun.
    And the Reeve’s tale features a man sleeping with a miller’s wife and daughter as retribution against the miller. What’s scarier is how realistic it is: the daughter and the wife don’t object; in fact, they love it.
    What this proves is that fidelity, even in the supposed age of white-knightery, never even existed. It has been a farce to enslave men to the fact that women are the more virtuous sex, and men are the two-faced dogs.
    Only then female infidelity was more shamed and discouraged (by everyone save Chaucer). The only hope for men is to swallow the red-pill and see that fidelity never was, and never will be. As long as lust seeps through our veins, and we continue being human, we will always have sexual desire for more than just our partner. We just have to avoid the game and the disappointment of infidelity altogether. Understanding the fact that women have the insatiable desire to be sluts, it’s important to use that to our advantage.

    1. You make an excellent point, and using the Canterbury Tales to illustrate your argument was well done. I remember reading that book in college…to some degree, it was an illuminating source of literature on female behavior.
      Women are disloyal; this is why, after ingesting the red pill (which by the way, must be taken daily) I stopped being loyal to women. As far as men are concerned: I choose who I give my loyalty to very carefully because I had some blue pill beta friends who were not appreciative or reciprical of my loyalty…I quickly dispatched with them. Betas are like women: completely disloyal.

  3. There’s a sorority on my college campus where the girls have to sign a waiting list to be allowed to move out because they’re all so miserable living together.

  4. This is probably the best article ever written on ROK…. whereas Roosh’s sanctimonious anti gay piece has it’s place… it changes nothing….
    This article paves the way forwards….
    For example…. take it a bit further…. : Wife is being a bitch….. set up her to cheat with a good friend…. and then bang her to rights… perfect…..(but takes some balls)….
    The more men tighten up their operation and open up to each other, operate with each other…. and stop competing…. the more the white nights and women are going to be bang to rights…..

    1. Really? Thats your plan to control women and stay safe from heartache?! This page is fkn sad

  5. Used to be years ago I always entertained the idea of finding the “one” to settle down with and live out my life. Those were the days when I was a matrix plugged in cherry. Now I see a married guy and think, man what a chump. You want loyalty? get yourself a dog. They will not divorce you.

    1. Right you are. I went out of country, thinking I had a better deal; what a fucking joke. As far as relations go; well the kitchen has been closed for 1/2 of my marriage

  6. im not sure if all women are disloyal. True, most women have no loyalty but to themselves, but i’ve seen some that just go against the norm, still these ones will be hard to find…

  7. It’s ironic.
    Women have no loyalty to each other, and only an induced loyalty to men who make their alpha cred clear. Which also means they are capable of loyalty only to certain men.
    Remember that when you see women gush over their so-called “besties”. If they have to keep talking about it, it ain’t genuine.

  8. This makes utterly to much sense to me. If I cheat, I’m horrible and did something wrong if she cheats, you did something wrong. The answer? Don’t get in relationships or put woman on a pedestal. If your weak they will treat you like your weak and walk over you, if your strong, you get it.

    1. Honoring and protecting your woman does not make you weak. In fact, if she strays for no matter what reason she is the weaker specie

  9. In landing airplanes and docking ships, the saying is that pilots are “only as good as your last job.” A flawless record of perfection counts for absolutely nothing once there’s a turd in the punchbowl. So it goes with women and their view on men, too. We’re only as good as the last thing we did (for her). Unfortunately, this dovetails wonderfully with serial monogamy, which is their optimal reproductive strategy.
    That being said, although it doesn’t come natural with any of us, the Red Pill gives us the tools to demand equality there- which is where women tend to fail in spectacular fashion.

  10. Eh, I get it, women are not the angels we told to paint them as. Of course, as an alpha who has played the field many, many times, I can tell you neither are we.
    It is hard to tell women they are unloyal, cock juggling cunts, when many men here read and or write articles about how easy it is to get into the panties of married women. Men here talk about banging other men’s gf’s and wives like they stated they drank water yesterday. Simply put, we put the onus on women in similar ways. The difference is they don’t care for us unless we can play them like that, and we don’t care for them if they do.
    I am not disagreeing with you, their brand of loyalty is a significantly different product, but so to are they different than us biologically. We all know that women are hypergamous, some just exercise no control over that impulse. Other’s do. My grandmother was married 64 years before my grandfather died. For most of us, we are here because we wanted a woman like my grandmother, and got the Kardashian’s ugly duckling cousin twentieth removed.
    We need to stop blaming women for being what they are, creatures of pleasure that act on their desires like we do. And instead, shame those who feel they don’t need to put their own shit in check and take responsibility for it. If ever I got caught, I merely introduced them. Sara, meet Jenna. Jenna, Sara. Whatever happens after is not my problem. The guys in the video handled their business, and probably saved themselves a lot of financial pain. I think most men here would have laughed harder if she would have said “Well boys, who is going to do me first and get me a sandwich?”
    It is your last paragraph that talks about loyalty to other men, alpha men of course, yet how many of these men sleep with other men’s wives, and then come here and heap shame on these women for sucking the cock they shoved in her different orifices? Either you accept that like you, they play the field, only differently. Or, you must acknowledge that you hate the player, and the game. And you are butt hurt that a woman out played your super-alphaness, essentially out alphaing you. It is simple, take your lesson and move on. Strike the bitch from your list, or at least dirty dick her before you cut her loose if you are that inclined. MY ex-gf (baby’s momma) got the dirty dick for over a year for pissing me off.
    As we all know, hate the game, not the player. Never forget, women can play the game too. We call it game, they call it the rules. But a queen bee is almost always trumped by the superior alpha. If you got played, then you are not the superior alpha. It is just that a queen bee can never compare to an alpha wolf unless it is alone, and has a thousand other worthless insects like her. Though one leads by example, and has to take on challengers, so to, does the queen bee. One just throws out others into the cold, we eat those who don’t comply.
    It is just different, but similar. Crying about it seems to me, to hide a deep underlying current of beta still clinging to survive. Let the cold harsh reality of defeat and failure cleanse that bs from your mind, and go get more women; or learna new skill and forget about it.
    We know women are not the better morally superior sex. We are, but articles like this don’t show it. It merely shows how much like them we can be.

    1. “It is hard to tell women they are unloyal, cock juggling cunts, when many men here read and or write articles about how easy it is to get into the panties of married women. Men here talk about banging other men’s gf’s and wives like they stated they drank water yesterday. ”
      Then we don’t have the same definition of loyalty, mine doesn’t apply to strangers.
      “And you are butt hurt that a woman out played your super-alphaness, essentially out alphaing you.”
      The one In the video? She didn’t outalpha anyone, she cheated and cried when discovered.

      1. Whatever bro. In the time it takes you to bed a stranger, you can find out if she is married very quickly. If she has a boyfriend, that is debatable, but many men here came to this site because of a cheating girlfriend. Or one that dumped them. Essentially to get better at getting women, and revenge on those who did them raw.
        She did what many here claim to do, play the field. I don’t care, she is a whore, and she got caught. So what, but don’t sugar coat what we do here. We read articles on how to get into as many women’s pants in a week as we can.
        If anything, you should tell her how to do it better, rather then condemn her. For I did that to women several times, I just shrugged my shoulder if they found out. If they were not cool with it, I left, if they were I tagged both.
        What’s the problem here?

        1. The problem here is quite clear. Both the conclusions of this article, and the approach you have adopted, involve the problem. Namely, this notion that because men and women have particular natures, we better just get used to abandoning notions of women cherishing monogamy and loyalty to their man. The premise of this article is fundamentally true, in that women each possess base desires that exert differing degrees of influence over their intentions and actions. So too do men. You’ve concurred with these points above in other posts.
          This is very fundamental knowledge though, and it does not therefore follow that therefore the ‘red pill’ and ‘MGTOW’ cowards’ routes, is the solution. The whole problem boils down to the issue of governing human behaviour, and social interaction so as to create an orderly output. This is exactly why you have had so many different social philosophies emerge that attempted to produce orderly outcomes that would impact economics, politics, law, the family etc. So, this is not merely an issue that concerns sexual relationships and interactions between men and women. Our respective natures will impact political, economic, legal, spiritual etc. outcomes too and many overlap based on universal principles grounded in the social principles of human interaction.
          The solution is to regulate human nature so as to produce this orderly outcome and if you visit Manhood Academy and read their ebook “The Principle that Govern Social Interaction”, you’ll have a working model of how this is to be done. If you look at traditional Islamic states in the past, and the social philosophy that governed society–the issue of female promiscuity was effectively eradicated. The issue of women being disloyal to one another, to their men and families etc. was completely regulated to the point where the ‘good’ (i.e. functional aspects) of feminine behaviour emerged. The same applied to the men. Punishments were harsh to deter disobedience, and spiritual education built resilient and disciplined characters as has not been heard of by the likes of the commoner in the Western world today.
          This social philosophy was rooted in a spiritual understanding of the human being possessing both ‘fitrah’ (predisposition to the Truth and Goodness) and also a ‘nafs’ (the lower base self and carnal influences). Sex with your husband/wife becomes a form of worship to God, because it is functional and meets your actual needs. Sex with as many strangers as possible is deemed a great sin and disobedience because it is dysfunctional and results in over all disorder if adopted by all as a principle to follow; it is NOT necessary to satisfy your needs (internal order –> external order). The same can be applied to eating; you can eat to meet your needs and maintain order in your life (functional), or you can overeat and cause your health to plummet (dysfunctional).
          The problem, then my friend, is that all of these issues that are now occurring in the West and elsewhere are due to the absence of a holistic system that is capable of regulating and navigating through human nature while remaining authentically connected to reality.

        2. Now, let me challenge something I asserted in my intro paragraph: that you agree with the conclusion of this article that the notion of women enjoying a monogamous relationship with their man and cherishing it without disloyalty, is contrary to reality. You mentioned your grandmother’s marriage to your grandfather–and I would like your clarification of the significance of mentioning that.
          Women do NOT have sex drives that are as high as those of us men. They will ONLY stray if the man they are with CANNOT establish his authority. Traditional men and societies trained and created the opportunities needed for men to exert and maintain authority in their relationships with their women. This is why promiscuity in the case of women was far lower in such societies. Proper authority is needed to meet the full range of needs that women have and to put them in a place where they can successfully meet our own needs.
          What you have going on today are dysfunctional social models that fail to get your holistic needs met.

        3. So basically you played the hearts of multiple women simultaneously and if caught you would shrug off any pain or emotional distress you may have caused them?! Thats fkn lame. You guys are a bunch of cunts bitching about female infidelity yet you believe acting in that same manner will somehow protect you from being burned again. Fkn lame to allow someone’s bad behavior to mold who you are and how you handle a relationship. Pussies man

        4. The highest form of nobility is monogamy. Yet monogamy is under assault. If not brain dead on life support. We had better hope it has an offspring that is exactly like what it was. Or a miracle happens resurrecting it.
          No amount of pontificating about what human nature “should do” has ever made it do anything. What you are trying to elaborate on is human beings choosing the noble route.
          Sadly, it is counter to our collective nature. “No, none are good. Not one.” As it is written in the Old Testament.
          Yet all of this amounts to nothing. Humans are desperately wicked. I am not saying accept this and move on. I am saying accept this, and prioritize how you are going to handle it in your own life.
          Essentially, it is about tools in your bag, and what you do with them. I can take my tools and make an industrial plant produce goods to sell. Or I can bring them to your house and torture you with them until I kill you. It is a matter of choice.
          A person’s choice reflects their character. I merely pointed out that the mock offense shown here is hypocritical. We read articles here about how to bed women. If she bedded two men who just happened to know each other, good for them they caught her. Hopefully, she learns her lesson and stops. If she doesn’t, well, she will pay the price.
          We all do.

        5. I sense your well thought out points suffer on two misconceptions. One, that what I said above is who I am today. Two, that my mentioning of my grandmother was based on anything for respect of something I feel is dying, or already dead.
          The fact that people today mistreat monogamy, and now favor the feminist narrative of relationships that are specious and shallow is not indicative of my point of view. Merely my observation.
          A man who observes this but still goes on to get punished is a fool. No one feels overly sorry for him beyond the fact that it could have been avoided.
          Yet here we are. Now men and women are acting contrary to their best interests. Surprise, surprise, human beings acting self-centered, and crying about why they are butt hurt. Cue the history textbook, and write another several pages of humans acting stupidly.
          It is what it is. I don’t think human beings will stop foolish behavior until they either have something better, aka something to lose; or catastrophe strikes. Their personal microcosm, or literally their whole world sinks into the sea.
          People have to appreciate what they have lost, or discover the benefit of something they have never had.
          I sense we are not there yet. Hopefully we get there soon. Many of the “players” here would probably agree with me.

        6. I see what you are saying, and your observations are surely built on your social experiences. My contention, based on universal social experiences, is that these dysfunctional patterns can are will be repaired with the requisite social training. They are, by definition, incapable of sustaining themselves. They are dysfunctional for that very reason. A whole generation of individuals are suffering from a wide range of functional needs (human needs are universal) going unmet, because of their own dysfunctional approach to life, and dysfunctional standards set by society. This cannot last–it will be the cause of its own destruction.
          My points regarding what is functional, dysfunctional, needs, authority etc. are mainly based on Manhood Academy’s BRILLIANT free ebook: The Principles that Govern Social Interaction. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, because it was the 1st work that cohesively strung all these isolated observations and conclusions I had held, and filled in the blanks with truths that have stood the test of public scrutiny. Check it out :).

        7. “No amount of pontificating about what human nature ‘should do’ has ever made it do anything. What you are trying to elaborate on is human beings choosing the noble route.”
          I understand where you are coming from, but you should re-read what I wrote carefully, as I addressed this underlying thought beforehand, because it was something I used to entertain:
          “…all of these issues that are now occurring in the West and elsewhere aredue to the absence of a holistic system that is capable of regulating and navigating through human nature while remaining authentically connected to reality.”
          My points above were made after I explained the concepts of functional needs, dysfunctional wants, functional behaviour, dysfunctional behaviour, order (being the most attractive form) etc. For elaboration on what these mean in depth, go to Manhood Academy and see the relevant sections in their free ebook: The Principles that Govern Social Interaction.
          Now, by ‘noble’ you really mean regulated, balanced, and orderly. In other words, the path to successfully meeting your needs and those of others and thereby achieving a state of order (internally and externally). There are obviously barriers along the way, and a lack of discipline is a great one. What we all recognize, however, is that even IF we fail to achieve order in our own lives, the state that we thereby fall into (disorder) is painful (i.e. there are painful consequences). It is not one that we are ‘content’ with by definition (ex. never once having an emotional connection to a woman in your entire life, but getting lots of sex — a fundamental human need goes unmet; never having sex in your entire life, but being friend-zoned over and over again — another fundamental human need goes unmet). In both examples, there is disorder in some form.
          To deal with this disorder and to achieve a state of order requires the applications of key principles (religions have spoken of these, social theories have, PUA/Seduction community chums have, New Age Gurus have — everyone has — few get em’ cohesively right). A woman who is inclined to cheat, for instance, does so because her NEED for male authority and the FUNCTION that it plays towards her WELL-BEING, goes unmet. Being incompetent, she will simply grab hold of whatever semblance of authority she can find–even if it is dysfunctional, and her choices will reflect her PARENTING/CONDITIONING. A woman who grew up with brothers, a functional father with proper authority which he used to maintain his wife and kids, and a mother who plays the role of a functional woman, will NOT be inclined towards just ANY chum. This is because, her social training has conditioned her to more clearly recognize functional authority vs. dysfunctional authority or NO authority at all.
          But, any woman any where can instinctively, just like any man any where can recognize competence in another man’s leadership: we know when he’s taking us in the right direction, because there are cues all around us (ex. business is successful – a result – order).
          So, the key is not to think that ‘nobility’ is an ideal that cannot be reached. Nay, these principles are NECESSARY to meet our very (functional) needs. When we DON’T apply them or aren’t ALLOWED to because of the feminist state, we SUFFER. That is an indication that we SHOULD apply them, just like burning pain when you put your hand in fire is an indication that you should exercise your judgement before putting your hand in fire.
          “Sadly, it is counter to our collective nature. ‘No, none are good. Not one.’ As it is written in the Old Testament.”
          And the one who is functional, and enables others to become functional via training them–becomes the most necessary man alive. The most necessary man alive, is the most attractive man.

    2. Great comment! If you’re not a writer, you should be.
      “Crying about it seems to me, to hide a deep underlying current of beta still clinging to survive.”
      They are alpha wannabees. They think tricks can cover-up their beta status, but it can’t, It always comes out in various ways. Being a crybaby is one of those ways.
      They don’t even know what alpha means. They think it means getting laid at will, when being alpha means taking care and being responsible for the survival of ones pack. And the LAST thing they want is to be responsible for their pack.

      1. I appreciate the comment. However, though I agree with your statement that they are afraid to take care of their pack (in most cases not all, some do maintain their pack), the reason is “why are they afraid of it?” Yes, a question as statement. For that is what most of this here is. Asking why, but not at the helm of power.
        For example, the most prominent figure of power in men’s minds is that of father, provider, lover, producer, owner, friend. All things that require great and exceptional attention to detail, loyalty to one’s own and the care-taking of others based on good faith and reason. For without that, one will only halfheartedly take care of his own because he will always fear not watching his own back.
        In life there are followers, and there are few leaders. The reason is plain for all to see. Leadership is hard. It is a tremendous responsibility and those who exercise it well rarely have time to themselves. For they are always maintaining the life of others.
        It is the life of responsibility gone, coupled with the ability to live as one pleases without regard to his fellow man that the cold-hearted weasel follows. For it is easy, and temporarily gives off the impression of leadership qualities. However, many men here are merely learning that to get inside vagina. Then they leave. They do well enough on their own, and are able to satiate their base desires, but ultimately, like the feminists, they too will reach the end of their proverbial rope (read: SMV) and be left with nothing.
        The enemy of the true male, the leader and pillar of society is exactly what the current paradigm is all about. You see, feminism needed to get rid of the leadership of males precisely so they could lead. Predominately, men led, and women followed. However, the promised land of feminine leadership in order to buy Gucci and expensive high heels on their own paycheck await. So better to have a plethora of fake, uninteresting men who are easily ruled and led then have a women’s paradise at behest of a high powered, moral, and masculine male adrift from feminist control, and oblivious to women’s bull shit and issues.
        So, they killed daddy, elevating mommy to leadership status; and the free for all on booze, debauchery, and whoring at will commenced since the 20’s. Now, after decades of forcing their illegitimate hell spawn into the lime light, and thus into all higher positions of power (senator, business owner, whatever), they could socially engineer society as they saw fit.
        Unfortunately, they don’t have the fortitude, will, or brainpower to overcome millennium of social, traditional, and biological conditioning. I have feeling that the social engineering of feminism is merely the NFL “wildcat” offense of biological adaptation and will go the way of the dodo.
        Hopefully, we can ensure it takes as many of the feminists with it back to the lowest level of hell from whence it came.

        1. Your writing is awesome – and it makes illuminates somethings I’ve been examining recently

        2. I would encourage you to read Manhood Academy’s Principles of Social Interaction (for free) and let me know what you think. Judging by your remarks here, I imagine you will enjoy it quite a bit and find that their social philosophy resonates within you.

    3. You call yourself an alpha. I can tell you right now you are not an alpha. Alphas for one do not feel the need to refer to themselves as alphas. Oh and lets set the record straight alpha males dont feel the need to conquer as much pussy as they possibly can. Thats a poor attempt to boost your self esteem. You sir again are no aplha not even fkn close

      1. I read this and your other two diatribes after checking an old email.
        Seriously. This is the best you got? What has you more butt hurt sweetheart? The fact that I insulted the “innocent pwincess” of your matrimonial dreams, or that in my dating days I acknowledged that I use to be just like her?
        Poor thing. Go back to your masturbatorium, I don’t care about what you think if I am alpha or not. Nor do I need to qualify myself to one such as you.
        You obviously know very little of what you are talking about. It is not about conquering as much pussy. But this as a road to conquer oneself by overcoming the fear of it.
        And therefore applying it to oneself in all aspects of life. It is the conquering of oneself, not the poonanny.
        probably why your “friend” calls a guy like me after you buy her dinner. To you, and the suckers like you, thanks for helping me, help her last through pleasuring me till morning.
        Cue you lubriderm-fixation. I won’t stop you.

        1. “Pwincess”? Who the fuck talk likes that. So you conquered the fear of pussy?! Lol wtf now im confused I cant tell if you are a man or a woman. What friend of mine calls you? Not one of my girlfriends would take someone who talks like you seriously. A cheap attempt to display sexual confidence as if i or anyone else gives a shit how well you can pleasure your imaginary conquests. More insecurity. Innocent princess? I wouldnt go that far. But nobody is perfect and neither am I but the last thing Id want to worry about in life is whether honoring loving and protecting my woman is going to somehow show a weakness that will lead her to run into the arms of a true sex hound as yourself whos so sure of himself he has to make known his mighty sexual conquests to a forum full of angry emasculated men. Yeh im not very worried at all duece bigalow

        2. Yeh im not very worried at all duece bigalow-MN
          Hahaha, that’s funny. And yes, men fear approaching women, at first. Those of us who mastered it, know exactly how clueless you are.
          Honoring,a dn protecting your woman? Hahahahah
          Fella, your douchestain opinion dates back to early medieval France, and a bunch of woman who got numerous cockstains (like yourself) who wanted access to a loser woman’s inner sanctum by acting like her indentured servant. It’s called chivalry. It’s dead. Has been for a long, long time.
          I have no desire to be the beast of burden for my woman. Simply put, I want a mate, not a master. So go back to your overlord, have her pet you on the head for being such a good boy. Then go fetch her ladies hanky and dry your pussy. Your attitude is loathsome, and predictable from a blue pill shit stain.
          Please write an article for us when she dashes your chivalric masturbatory dream, and helps you realize what most of us are talking about. I love those sorts of red pill awakenings.
          Here is to your transformation butterfly. Have fun in your blue pill cocoon. Not sorry I won’t be joining you.

        3. It works both ways. Who is asking for a woman to control them? Not me no thanks a jealous control freak bitch is the last headache I need. Respect goes both ways. If she doesnt respect her male partner she gets tossed away. Why am i clueless? Because some of you caught up and now know how to approach a woman? Why would you insist I am clueless because you finally made it past the first step in having a conversation with a member of the opposite sex? Congrats I guess? You say you want a partner and mock my statement in regards to protecting your partner. If someone assaulted or ie. entered your home uninvited and were planning to harm your woman/family would you leave her/them to fend for themselves and crawl your red pill ass out the window? Forgive me But I am just trying to figure out where you are coming from I never knew protecting your partner made any man a pussy or a butterfly. I gotta hear this

        4. It works both ways. Who is asking for a woman to control them? Not me no
          thanks a jealous control freak bitch is the last headache I need.
          Respect goes both ways. If she doesnt respect her male partner she gets
          tossed away.-Your words.
          So how is this different than what I said?
          And your comment up top about false alphaness. Now you are bragging about how alpha you are, and never needed help in approaching. Is this even an argument?
          If someone broke into my house, I have to figure I was a left leaning liberal douche stain who didn’t know any better to A, not live in said environment, and B, not be smart enough to own a weapon. Or two. Or twenty. I favor hard right repubs, and blue democrats fella. I pack heat. Why waste my time fighting a dude when I can just have the detectives collect evidence, then remove the corpse?
          Lastly, your debate is comical. I have no desire to qualify myself to you. I am a very large man. I usually have no problems. I am also a veteran, and a fighter. Yet not every man is like me. Some cannot do that. So should any man who cannot take down every dude he sees, (I’m sure you can right, your so bad ass key jockey.) unworthy of companionship with a woman?
          Dude, your comments betray you. This is begging the question. And merely you switching arguments to deflect where I was attacking. A very buttterfly thing to do, I guess.
          I suppose next you are going to tell me you are going to kick my ass right? LOL Easy to do behind a computer. And no, I am not going to tell you where I live. I don’t need your death on my conscience.
          Your a fake, and a phony. Like I said last time. Go back to your bitch, and have her tell you how much of a man you are dickwad. I couldn’t care any less. The fact of the matter is if you don’t like it here, leave. No one is stopping you.
          And if you really want to get it out in the open tough guy, why didn’t your keyboard jockey ass take this fight in a more recent thread?
          Face it. This is a fruitless exercise that I will no longer humor. Your weak if you think this is proving anything. I talk to real people about this. I have used this material to help several men overcome their fears. I have confronted numerous women (feminists, and otherwise) and have gotten feminists calling me an misogynist, and others reading what I said, and joining the fight.
          You got nothing on me. I’m the real deal son. I could give a fuck less about what you think about me. I don’t hide behind key boards. I talk about this to real people. And I am changing minds.
          I am also not the only one.
          And about abandoning my family in the face of danger. That is the most pathetic insult I have ever seen. Not even worth a response. I am fighting an unarmed man. Kicking your ass in a literary beat down is beneath my station.
          Feel free to jump in a current thread, and try your hand. I am sure everyone will be intimidated by your sheer intimidation skills.
          Your weak fella. Go ahead and get the last word, because this is the last time I waste my time.

        5. writing 8 paragraphs of gibberish ignoring anything I tried to ask and instead talking more about how awesome you are not only are you a playa with mad game but now youre a fighter. Youre the real deal? Shit, as long as you think so thats all that matters. Why would i say im going to kick your ass?! Dude wtf you guys are out there come back to earth

        6. The whole point of chivalry is meaningless in a contemporary context where feminism is dominant. It’s underlying point was rooted in the submissiveness of women; look to the Arab world and into Muslim conceptions of chivalry (ex. see Salahuddin Al-Ayyubi as a prime example). It exists to enable there to be just treatment of women, who are recognized as upholding a submissive position (ex. a wife is obliged to obey her husband in all religiously lawful matters, and to satisfy him at his [reasonable] request or be cursed all night long by the Angels; the husband is required to treat her justly and to meet her needs [and thereby his own; needs are universal] since he is the one who has authority). So, the way you describe the origins of ‘chivalry’ as a concept are fundamentally wrong.
          It may be that in particular contexts, men in medieval times simply sucked up to women while offering no leadership (to lead requires that those who follow–submit). But, this is not chivalry in my mind. This is called being a: MANGINA.

        7. You sound like a pussy whipped loser if you dont kno who women are already n ur gonna find out the hard way

        8. Lol ^ now this fkn Guy!
          Im 35 years old i hsve a 2 1/2 year old daugter with one of the hottest girls in my hometown. Who was also always the biggest tease, heartbreaker, fight starter, game playa I’ve ever known. We’ve broken up a few times in the last 4 years + of dating. But once she got the good cock everything changed. She can’t handle me because I cannot be played a fool. I have been earlier in life like most men have. Days are done bro. I know who women are. And they’re all sisters. But that doesn’t mean im going to behave any differently because theyre fkn crazy jealous insecure psychotic vindictive twats.

        9. Ill b reading your post wen u find out ur lil whore is just using you n fucking ur next door neighbor . Ill b there to support u . Its ok man i kno how u feel were all in denial first until we find out about the true nature of the beast

        10. She’s more than welcome. I guess it’s only fair since I already threw the neighbors wife the ol sauseeeege. Hey Id tell you to have a pass at it but I don’t think she’d be interested in sleeping with a scorned cunt such as yourself but Ya never know. Confidence is key bro remember that

        11. Oh and as far as “using” me. Hate to admit it but I’ve been outa work for a while and will be going back this week. Since she has picked up more hours at work and took care of the slack from where I could no longer provide. I appreciate that on her part especially as far as taking care of our beautiful daughter but then again maybe my cock just tastes that fkn good

        12. Your a fckin loser bro from what ive seen n read from you you sound like u got a lot of growing up to do . N ye that lil angel baby of yours will grow a whore granteed

  11. Didn’t read the whole article. Two reasons: 1) ALL women are disloyal? Fuck off, what about them nuns. Sure, we’re talking about 0.0001% but that automatically makes you full of shit. 2) MOST men cheat as well. Hell, I cheat all the time, no big deal. If I have the chance to get laid with a chick who’s hotter than my girlfriend (and who isn’t girlfriend material) of course I’m going to slip my dick in.

  12. “whom she will compete with men over.” should be “whom she will compete with over men.”

  13. Two words: war brides. Google it or see what Rollo Tomassi wrote on the subject. It’s the psychological/biological subtext to what’s written here.

    1. Yes…Rollo Tomassi’s War Brides piece is going to become ‘manosphere’ legend…red pill brilliance at its finest…
      Btw, Rollo just released his first book yesterday…titled ‘The Rational Male’

  14. It is only natural. Women lack the neuronal structures to develop impersonal bonds, and therefore trust. It is a survival mechanism, which I will explain.
    For around 200,000 years, men had to trust each other during hunting expeditions and/or war. Betrayal meant death by hunger, battle or predators, either for one or all. Distrust among males meant the exile or death of the traitor, in order to benefit the group.
    Women had to think into personal short-term survival, lacking the physical strenght to fight. That is why they developed gossip, lies and deceit in order for their offspring (and them) to had a chance for survival; never hesitating to betray the group, other women and even his offspring’s father (war brides).
    The rest, is history. To this day, women, as a group, can only consume resources and make short-term goals; while men, as a group, can produce and make long-term goals. A prime example is that men formed
    armies, corporations, religions, guilds and gangs, got to the moon, built bridges, walls an piramids, painted and sculpted while women have so far been unable to do so. Modern feminism has only furthermore shown that only individual women can outcompete a man.

    1. I know I’m 10 months late, but you, sir, deserve a fu*&ing award for this post. You hit it right on the head.

  15. Just another weak article… Roosh you are great, unfortunately the kids that write around here have to Live a lot until they realize something about women, red pill and blahblahblah

  16. You need to stop this rampant stereotyping. I’ve been with my incredible dude for 5 years and we’re practically married. He comes with me to my girls nights because he’s really fun and can hang. I go with him to his poker nights because we’re all friends and take our cards seriously. If he wants a boys night or I want a sleepover with my friends, there is never a question of disloyalty. We want to have babies. We’ve never met anyone else like each other!! If a person cheats, its their fault, end of freaking story. Stop perpetuating these falsehoods of what girls say and what guys say and how guys are the real victims when in reality, we’re all victims if we’re cheated on. We’re in love (not in love with love making). Keep it simple, keep it real, tell each other everything and you’ll have a life made deal. (: High fives!

  17. Men and women are not nearly as different as you and all of your ‘returnofkings’ fuckheads suggest. Women are not dogs to be called ‘disloyal’. Women do not owe you their loyalty, just as men don’t either. I am more than experienced enough in the way of heterosexual relations to say that to look at women as mysterious creatures to be tamed is not only sexist, but also fucking stupid.
    Get a grip.

  18. “Get ’em young. Treat ’em rough. Never teach ’em nothing.” Lyrics from an old Harlem ‘race’ record.

  19. ‘Keep your friends close and your enemies closer’ was actually first documented by a Chinese General called Sun-Tzu. It was then first spoken by Michael Corleone in The Godfather Part 2. i.e. MEN, you idiot.

  20. That’s why my ex-bf who I treated like a king cheated on me, because, you know, men are loyal.

    1. One example! Egads let’s disregard the whole structured argument because she has one example.
      Not all men cheat, we just do on the women who have the reasoning power of a 5 y/o like you.

  21. I love cheating whores. If they wouldnt be around I’d be forced to jerk off. I hate women but love to fuck them all the time… fucking weird. Dont get fucked like Samson from the bible.

  22. This is a load of tripe and to use a video in the street where some homie keeps shouting ‘fucked’ in the middle of the street probably speaks a lot for your own standards

    1. This is hard for women, I know. But you aren’t really relevant to the world. Part of the problem you creatures have, which prevents you from ever succeeding without men, is that you cannot look at the world outside of your own wants, needs, and experiences.
      If you’d like to make a positive contribution to this particular aspect of civilizational collapse, the first step is practicing what we men call “empathy”. Don’t think about yourself, think about other people. As a woman, it will take you a long time to develop this skill. But in the end, it will be worth it.
      You see,believe it or not, we work on wisdom that has been around since men decided to build the first cities giving you ultimately the world you take for granted today.
      “The lady doth protest too much, methnks.” – Shakespeare, Hamlet
      It is just as true today as it was 500 years ago. Perhaps you don’t have any “enemies” but you likely do not have a friends. It is very unlikely that you have any friends who will be die for you, or be at your side through the very worst of things. In your heart you know this, so you come to a site like this in the hopes you can bury the pain of this reality.

      1. Or we can simply refuse to breed for women-hating assholes like you, and let men die off.
        That works, too.

        1. Wtf could have ever happened to these guys that they would spew such generalizations and judgements against the female species. Do these clowns take women out on dates. Must be an awesome table conversation going on at dinner lol. I wonder if they flex their alpha muscles right when they are seated by explaining why their date( s) has to pay her share of dinner. These guys must score like rock stars with the ladies good christ and I thought a scorned woman was scary sheesh

        2. It wouldn’t happen, because we wouldn’t let it happen. You only get away with your shit because we let you. But things are changing that aren’t in your favor. Men control society and we always will.

        1. AMOG tactics detected.
          It doesn’t matter if I’m the most hopeless omega with a wizard sleeve on earth. My point still stands.

  23. Yes, you’re right. When the German Army invaded France in 1940, french women deliberately went to fuck with the invaders, while their men stayed there, humiliated. Women have no sense of loyalty whatsoever and are dangerous to a state. Men are frequently loyal the organizations where they belong, women are hardly so. That’s just a fact observed even in nature.

  24. Great article. We need to keep this loyalty strong all these thirsty ass dudes who will stab you in the eye for the scent of pussy need to be taken out and flogged.

  25. Just another inadequate man. All of you men here complaining all sound gay. You must be if you hate women so much. That’s the only alternative. You can’t get a woman so you blame it on women being disloyal. How truly pathetic. I also highly doubt any of you even make money. But hey, nice try.

  26. Every red pill guy should know about Briffault’s law. It’s a smack in the face, but the strange thing is: we all know this, even when men are blue pill as fuck. We’ve all heard about some guy we know who’s wife left after he lost his job. Sometimes it takes a couple months, or the reason was because they had a fight. Just ask questions and you understand the reason she left: She had something to bargain with and he didn’t anymore.
    There are however exemptions to Briffault’s law, but those are extremely rare. The 1% cases. A wife might care for her sick husband, something like that happens when he is a father and proved himself over and over again. But young women without children are not like that. The female imperative is selfish.
    The female, not the male, determines all the conditions of the animal family. Where the female can derive no benefit from association with the male, no such association takes place.
    There are a few corollaries I would add:
    Past benefit provided by the male does not provide for continued or future association.
    Any agreement where the male provides a current benefit in return for a promise of future association is null and void as soon as the male has provided the benefit (see corollary 1)
    A promise of future benefit has limited influence on current/future association, with the influence inversely proportionate to the length of time until the benefit will be given and directly proportionate to the degree to which the female trusts the male (which is not bloody likely).

  27. Yeah it’s sad but true. Seems like they can Never Admit they’re culpable. Fuck that shit bro. She’s flotsam & jets am only to be sunk at sea & then cut loose.

  28. Thank god for feminism because without it, men would be impregnating millions of women, thus producing more idiots in this cursed, overpopulated and growing, in population, capitalist world! Whenever a woman blames me, I accept it humbly and move on. She is usually right about that and I don’t let it get to me too much. What I don’t see, however, is how people like Trump can get away with rape and incest and just leave everyone saying “That shit is OK”. No it ain’t! People blame each other because people don’t take enough personal responsibility for their words and actions, and we need to hold several individuals accountable for things in their control, for instance, that they didn’t do.

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