Developing Your Personal Brand Is The Key To Great Game

A lot of guys feel that they have to be a certain physical type — tall, good looking, chiseled etc. — or emulate a particular conversational approach in order to be successful with women, but this is not the case. I have recently been privileged to observe the game of two friends of mine, both very different types of men. Watching them has convinced me that there is a multiplicity of approaches to succeeding with women and that the key to optimising your own chances is working out what your selling points are and developing a personal brand around them.

Let me give you a pen portrait of both of my friends. Even in outline, you will see that they are very different.


Dave is tall with the body shape of a large refrigerator. A former mechanic, he has made enough money through a series of property deals not to have to work. A regular at the clubs and bars where he lives, he knows everyone, and anyone he doesn’t know he can talk around in a matter of minutes. While good-looking, he is no film star, but without doubt he is an imposing figure with considerable personal magnetism.

His style with women is direct, but not just direct in the “I-noticed-you-and-thought-you-were-cute” way – no, this guy is off the scale. Without any exaggeration, I have heard him introduce himself to girls by speculating how their pussies taste. He is upfront about how “filthy” he is, and how he will fuck nothing less than the dirtiest girls.

Reading this you will probably imagine that he gets slapped a hell of a lot, but amazingly the opposite is true. Perhaps it is the twinkle in his eye, his sheer, unabashed audacity, or the fact that he coats his no-nonsense sexuality with a lot of charm, but I have seen girls lapping this stuff up, giving him anime eyes and melting in his presence. His “brand” is the tough guy who is unashamedly sexual, but who has a heart too.

Peter is his physical opposite. Very short – just over five foot-six – he has a slender frame and a handsome but unspectacular face topped with a floppy, Hugh Grant haircut. He is highly intelligent, a Harvard MBA who now works in finance (although he doesn’t advertise the fact when he’s out). He has studied game, unlike Dave who is a natural.

His method is indirect – the complete opposite Dave’s. He is the king of conversation. Seriously, if you put him in a sealed room with the Mona Lisa he’d have her cracking a smile and bantering within minutes. Highly intelligent, with loads of energy and persistence, his “brand” is the super-articulate, super-social guy who can vibe everyone at the party before going in for the kill with his favourite girl at the end of the night.

Enhance Your Attributes


While I have felt dry and inarticulate next to both men while they’ve hogged the limelight in whatever club or bar we’ve been in, it it is difficult to argue that either has “better” game because their styles are so radically opposed. The fact that both are able to command the attention of women and stoke their attraction merely underlines the fact that “good game” doesn’t come in one homogenous package and that in order to succeed you need to identify your own strengths and exacerbate these.

I could look at Dave and think that I need to get jacked and develop a gruff cockney accent. Or I might consider Paul and bemoan the fact that I didn’t study business at an Ivy League school. But that would be a mistake. The fact is that their game works for them is because it is entirely coherent with their individual personalities. If I tried to copy either of them I would come over as inauthentic and put off more girls off than I attracted.

Game is not about complete personal reinvention. Rather, it is about enhancing your best attributes and – most importantly – believing in them so passionately that this communicates itself to the girls you approach. So if you are an economics nerd then don’t try to dumb down – instead own your knowledge and display it. Similarly, if you are a physical, sporty guy who is less interested in witty banter then don’t worry – play to your own particular strengths.

What is important to realise that successful guys come in all shapes and sizes and have wildly different approaches. So don’t try to live up to some imagined level of “good game.” Instead, sit down and honestly list your most obvious characteristics. Then select the most positive of these and start to work out how they can be most attractively packaged.

Doing this is the first step to building your own personal brand and will ensure that you are authentically attractive to women rather than a pale imitation of someone else.

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118 thoughts on “Developing Your Personal Brand Is The Key To Great Game”

  1. Good stuff — the antidote to the “one size fits all” approach so common in Game advice. On occasion, I’ve become too influenced by writers who prescribe a single approach, only to regret listening to them. The specifics of what works for me isn’t always what works for others. Advice should stick to the universal generalities, like confidence.

  2. More advertisement for a stupid dating tipps book? What kind of kings are you? Shouldn’t that site rather be called “return of the lost sons”?

    1. He’s a frequent poster and writer, his side sales are not the primary reason for his writing. Additionally he gives great, free advice to young men or men new to the manosphere who don’t quite grasp the fundamentals of game yet.
      Stow your bitterness man, it’s all good.

      1. it’s not a riviera 1964 is it? i was talking to a gent on july 4th who has one and told me it’s a magnet for the ladies.

      2. What year? I had a 1931 Buick(all original) worth about $300k, what do you have? A 1975 Pinto? lol

      1. I was raised by my dad, don’t you people always blame feminism for what your dads screwed up. Thats a Victim Mentality.

  3. When I started being myself as you are saying rather than follow some stupid game blueprint I saw drastic improvement with women. Just do as the article says. What you are really displaying is the you are completely comfortable with who you are and if anyone doesn’t like it they can fuck off because you don’t care. Women can see right through fake game, but they are drawn to people who are real. This works with forming friendships and business relationships as well.

    1. sometimes it’s hard to know who “you really are”.
      it’s a bit stupid, if you think about it.
      start training a sport with complex movements. at the beginning, everybody will see how inept you are and laugh at you. of course. so should you just stay “who you are” or become good?
      the key is believing in the persona you try to be. if you feel guilty for “faking”, it will hinder you.

    2. Being yourself may work but these blanket boys would only get 1’s and 2’s and with their inflated unrealistic egos and sense of entitlement they want 10’s.So they get nothing. They have to lower their sights to females on their own level and stop believing they can trick one out of their league to sleep with them. A man’s got to know his limits.If you’re a 2 and live in a box and steal food out of fat girl’s refrigerators don’t expect anything over a 1.The most you could hope for is a mercy fuck from a180lb heifer who felt sorry for you and was drunk.

  4. Can anyone imagine Roosh taking steroids, wearing thick gold chains, and speaking at a 6th grade level to get girls?

    1. With him being Iranian I can imagine he’s decked out in plenty of gold as is.

    2. No. 6th grade? Are you kidding?
      4th, tops.

    3. Isn’t that what he does now figuratively speaking? he still hasn’t cracked the Jante Code though lol

        1. That is the russian girl whos a nurse supposedly or her orbiter/sock puppet we destroyed here maybe about a year ago. Sometimes i smh at my memory.

  5. So as a male, if your social skills are extremely lacking, below average(negative game levels), what can you do to make up for this? I’m terrible at conversations, my mind goes blank, and prolonged conversations or being around people just makes me tired. I was hoping ADHD meds would cure this, but maybe it’s genetic?
    I know you are supposed to play to your strengths, but not having a decent minimum level of social skills will cost you opportunities as you get older. What would you recommend I do? As of right now I just avoid people, and I try to not talk as much as I can, being around people actually makes me nervous, since my poor social skills makes each encounter very awkward. It is an adaption I adopted since too many failures at something like this is very painful to my pride as a man.
    I’m slightly over weight, but am on a weight reducing diet, should be normal weight by 2016.
    I’m very handsome, but my social skills are so bad it kills my SMV.
    Honestly I don’t like being like this, but I don’t know how to make up for that flaw. My plan was to work on my business, get a good wardrobe, and to maximize my looks, cause honestly that’s all I have, but I don’t think that’s enough.
    Maybe I can learn by mimicking? In that case, what media out there shows top notch social skills, so I can get an idea by watching?
    I want to change, I don’t want to be the quiet guy my whole life.

    1. I think social skills are absolutely learn-able by anybody. The concepts of introvert and extrovert are, I think, constructs more than they are reality. An introvert can become an extrovert with practice (see Robin Williams). So get out and talk to every single human being you can until the anxiety stops. Listen to them first if you can, see if you can find a topic they are talking about that you can add to.

      1. I gotta disagree with you on this one.
        Introversion and extraversion are considered fairly stable personality traits. A good book on the topic is Quiet by Susan Cain.
        One can be an extrovert or an introvert and still be shy. Shyness is not synonymous with introversion. The introversion/extraversion spectrum is more about general arousal levels and how someone processes information
        I fully agree with you that social skills are learnable by anybody though. One can learn to become more likeable.

        1. I guess I take it more as “shy” and “not shy”, or maybe “prefers own company” and “likes being around others”. Meh, I’ll cede the point, but otherwise I’m convinced that nobody *has* to be afraid to talk to others.

        2. i like being around people who are not boring. too bad i don´t know any that are worth spending more than 15 minutes with. they seem to be at their mental limit after only 15 minutes…

        3. Shy/not shy is correct. I’m an introvert meaning that I gain energy and process things by being alone. However, I used to be very shy and sucked at talking to people. I worked my way out of that since my early 20’s with a combination of getting in shape and forcing myself out there. I can now mingle and glad-hand with the best of them. However, after a few hours I am exhausted and need solitary time.

        4. Well, all I can say is that if you want to improve your Game, you’re going to have to make some personal decisions and sacrifices. Get used to stupid people and learn how to interact with them. You’re not going to be picking up Nuclear Scientist chicks presumably, and even if you did they’d be just as droll and boring as any other chick in about 5 minutes once she runs out of gossip to tell you from “the lab”.
          It’s not hard man, really, you just gotta do it. Force that smile, ask questions that you may not care about the answer in order to keep people talking and thinking that you’re interesting. Remember, every woman’s favorite topic is herself, so if you ask her questions which allows her to describe her “wonderfulness” she’ll come off thinking you’re just dreamy PLUS you don’t have to talk much.

        5. the point was not about “game”.
          the point was people become really boring to the point i would never do anything with them because they are all lame: males and girls.
          Humanity is really boring. until now, im in my mid 20s, i can count the normal people i´ve met so far on one hand. all the others are so lame.
          i don´t care about favorite topics of girls, if she bores because she is not real she´s out.
          not talking about pickup which i think is for pathetic low lives. no matter if male or girls, if you are annoying/immature person you are out.
          so all the words i use within the 30 seconds of interaction with them are only for my own entertainment cause i know every word will go to waste. and they can´t take much longer anyway. everything seems too intense for them. they say something and it´s like: been there done that……. 10 years ago

        6. forcing the smile actually works. i made the experiment. when i felt absolutely horrible once, hiking in the mountains, i decided to make a happy face. girls shone back at me like the sun; they def didn’t see the difference.
          but i don’t really like it. i currently try to get rid of smiling too much, without coming off as asshole. seems to be an art in itself, but it feels much more real, because the smile itself was something of a pretense.
          now, if i was selling something, that would be different, but i want to be “myself” – that is, spontaneous – and that doesn’t work too well when one is forcing or attaching to certain expressions. it’s inflexible.

      2. I used to think going out to bars solo was a sign of a loser. Then I moved to a different state and guess what? I went out to bars solo. It felt awkward at first, but then it was nothing. Strike up with a few regulars at the bar and then just talk to new patrons that come in. This is how you condition yourself until it becomes second nature.

    2. The only thing you can do is practice – and that means throwing yourself into as many social situations as possible. It may be painful at first but it’s the only way. Try cold approaching 100 women. You’ll find that naturally when the pressures on you’ll start to develop things to say and conversational gambits. Most importantly let go of the outcome – congratulate yourself on having walked up whether she rejects you or not. Good luck and let us know how it goes

    3. The one common theme that unites the two guys in this story and all guys that are good at game is above average social skills. If your social skills are below average, or even just average, the harsh reality is you’ll never have good consistent results gaming girls.
      If your social skills are low and you try to keep ignoring the problem you’ll just be digging a bigger hole for yourself. I know, I was in this situation years ago. The only solution is to put away the porn/internet, and get out in the real world and talk to people. Exposure therapy in other words. Obviously that’s not easy, but it’s the only way to fix the problem. No magic prescription pill is going to fix you, stop lying to yourself.

    4. Worst thing you can do is avoid interacting completely, you got to get out of your own echo-chamber sometimes.
      I’m thinking you probably place high value on what other people (even strangers) think of you and calculate your self worth through that prism, and that’s bound to bring you down.
      There’s an old adage about not being able to satisfy 100% of the people 100% of the time, take it to heart and do you first.
      Start with this (you’re on the right track):
      “My plan was to work on my business, get a good wardrobe, and to maximize my looks…” because that is a darn good plan (status right there, maybe even confidence) and fulfilling it will be enough so long as you know it is. Anyone worth being around will know it is too, so get it done and be confidant in knowing you accomplished it.
      The rest will come with practice, if you are really feeling anxious, then start small, go to a place away from where you live and no one knows you.
      You fail, who cares? you can’t take that too personally, because the other person has their hang-ups too. Then go do it again, it’ll get easier and soon you won’t even remember failing. You can even make a game of it and actually try to fail in as spectacular a fashion as possible, that might teach you to laugh at yourself a bit.
      Good luck.

      1. You’re right, it’s not good to avoid human interactions, but the pain to my pride stings so much. I’ve read the best players had to get rejected many many times to get good at their craft, to me that is amazing they could mentally withstand that. I’ll put myself out there, but I think I’ll get in shape first, hopefully that’ll make things easier.
        You’re also correct that I place too much importance on what other people think of me, I can’t help it, I subconsciously do this. I got picked on a lot growing up, so I’m not used to people treating me nice. I guess subconsciously I’m still craving to be accepted, that’s bad I know, as men we shouldn’t care what people think of us, but I can’t control what my brain feels.
        One post from Roosh’s site that really stood out to me was by a poster named Aliblahba. He said he visited a dying uncle I think, and that his uncle regretted not living his life to the fullest. I don’t want to end up like that, so I will change, I’ll put the effort in.
        Anyways, thank you guys for the feedback, this is one of the few places I trust to ask these questions.

        1. I’ll share this because I think it might be valuable, my grandfather used to say:
          “This world is a hard, rough rock that a man has to carve out his place in.”
          What will blow your mind is how women will start seeking YOUR acceptance as you improve.

        2. seen platoon yesterday and there was a nice sentence in there i want to share with you:
          “excuses are like assholes. everybody has one.”

        3. “I’ll get in shape first”
          do not do this.
          this is stopping you from approaching a cute girl.
          this is the mindset that MUST change – because if you don’t I guarantee even when you are jacked with 7% body fat another excuse will crop up in it’s place (its too loud, shes talking to someone/she prob has a boyfriend etc etc).
          there is never a perfect time for anything.
          ACTION is what is required for success at anything in life.
          Troy is right – approach 100 girls, then come back to this forum and tell us which path leads to tight vaginas, some fad diet or ACTION.
          happy sarging.

      2. Try Stand Up Comedy. Most comedy clubs have open mike nites where you just show up and get on the list. Doing stand up teaches you how to speak in front crowds. It’s sink or swim. You learn how to handle hecklers. Of course being funny is crack to the ladies. Having a sense of humor is huge in gaming chicks and the workplace. Watching the pro headliner comedians also can teach you irony and other humor subtleties…..

    5. Dude, you say you are handsome…. well be thankful for that. The rest can be learned or achieved with hard work.
      I’ve been quiet my whole life and introverted into my adult years. Like the article says, accentuate a few of the good quirky things about you. Like the other guys said — practice approaching girls. Get your ass into the gym and get into shape and pour your soul into your business.
      Having a nice body, resources and a passion for your business will make meeting girls WAY easier and those are things you can control.

      1. Yes I’m handsome, but there are cons to having good looks as a male as well. Since I’ve been avoiding people until recently I haven’t been putting this useful item to use.
        Eye contact is very very powerful, it’s like some women just break frame, they can’t handle it. It makes me uncomfortable so I’ve been avoiding looking people in the eyes for a few years now, stupid of me I know. I need to be putting this effect to better use. I figured since my social skills are so poor that I wouldn’t be able to close. That’s why I wanted to work on that first.
        Most guys I’ve tried to make friends with growing up just right off the bat get jealous. A lot of men just see a handsome guy as a threat, and will try to AMOG you in front of women first chance they get. I’m not trying to complain just stating what personally happened to me growing up. I was too quiet of a person growing up and didn’t look intimidating enough to be left alone, so I’m taking boxing lesson soon to fix that.
        I’ve read on the forums that there is a place in the world that every man will be the most optimized for.
        I think Japan would work a lot better for me than America, since I’m not extroverted in the slightest bit.
        Yes you’re right about working on the things that are in my control. I’m working on my body and my business right now so I can leave America in a few years. I can’t stand working for other people, I must be my own boss.

    6. Hey Sonny,
      First thing, you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself. How you perceive and speak to yourself is three fourths of your battle. If you can win the battlefield of your mind, you can win any battle. Second, you need to be proactive in creating positive interactions with people. Try doing Improv, or Toastmasters where you learn to think on your feet in a positive environment. Third, learn to embrace discomfort. Start to see discomfort as growth. Remember self development is more like a marathon,and not a sprint!

      1. You’re right, it’s just that my inner game is a wreck. I have too many negative memories of getting bullied growing up. I’m not trying to be a victim or anything, I want to move on. Your inner game effects everything else in your life. I try to be positive but my brain just feels too negative at times. It amazes me at just how powerful our brains are. I’m still trying to improve my life though, I’ve never given up.
        Also, may I ask a few more questions? Maybe you’ll be able to help me on this.
        I have to fight my brain to get anything done, it’s like it doesn’t want to work anymore, it feels tired. It’s been like this for seven years now. Is this severe burn out? Or what can this be? I was hoping ADHD meds would fix this as well by forcing it to work, it’s hard to get anything done when your own brain fights you. It’s just that I still have a lot to learn, and this problem right here makes learning anything new incredibly difficult. I feel like I’m having to concentrate 2X what a normal person would have to, to get any work done, this can’t be right.
        I’ll try what you recommended in the future, thank you for your thoughts on the matter.

        1. The ‘fighting with your own brain to get it to work right’ sounds like a mental ‘fog’ that won’t go away. It is dietary. Do some system cleanse and flush products from the vitamin store for detoxifying. I know I once had a terrible ‘fog’ that set in after eating fish diet and junk food sweets for dessert for about a year. The fish must have had mercury, which fish often does nowadays. It must have been toxins in the food because as soon as I changed my diet, the shit cleared up quickly.

        2. Hey Sonny, I have to give u props for having the courage to ask for help. For most men that’s not easy. But to answer your question. It sounds like you could be suffering from adrenal burnout, or low testosterone, though I can’t be sure from the limited info you’ve provided. But if that’s the cast u have a couple different options. You can try to boost your hormones naturally or through pharmaceutical measures. Both have their pros and cons. Do your own research. Never take someone else’s advice without researching it for yourself, even your doctor. A good intro site is I’ve never met the guy, but he seems genuine in wanting to help men overcome low testosterone. And I’m not just someone talking out of his ass, I’ve lived through this. After suffering a spinal injury a few years ago, i started having endocrine and hormonal issues, including brain fog, slow cognition, but I “started from the bottom” and built myself back up. I did it naturally, but like I said the pharmaceutical option does have its perks. Furthermore, like some other commenters have said, don’t wait until everything comes together perfectly before you get out there. Because you will waste a lot of time, and things never become “perfect”. Also, if you can find a friend or mentor who knows “game” it can fast forward your development. But notice I said “a friend or mentor” it’s very hard to find one, let alone two guys who knows “game” and will be a true friend and not stab you in the back. There aren’t that many guys out there who are on that level. So if you find one cherish it.

        3. I don’t mind giving a bit of my background if it will help.
          I turn 25 in a few months, am a big framed Spanish male, 250 lbs., almost 6 ft., I don’t smoke, drink, or do drugs either.
          I used to work out/run a lot, and I mean a lot, but I stopped after High School.
          I don’t think low testosterone is the problem. My libido is high, I don’t slouch, my voice is low not high, and in fight or flight moments I’m not afraid to stand my ground.
          I also got depersonalization/derealization at some point during 2006 I think. This is supposed to go away, but it has not left me. So I’ve had it for almost 10 years now, it’s like you aren’t yourself anymore. You learn to live with it, but it’s not fun to have.
          Adrenal burnout sounds like a more plausible answer, or maybe I just don’t have enough Dopamine. Most things bore me, it’s hard for me to remain concentrated on anything. I can’t take ADHD meds until my health improves, my blood pressure was too high, I think the low sodium, 1500 calorie diet will fix that.
          Also, when I tried to see the ADHD doctors they kept giving me that crappy Vyvanse, that shit does NOT work. If you try to ask for the stuff that I know will work like Adderall of Ritalin, then they treat you like a god damn junkie. Telling them that attending college in my field (Electrical Engineering) is impossible in my current state did not help, they don’t believe me for whatever reason. I think my big, quiet guy personality is setting off red flags in their mind for whatever reason. My brain is just so god damned tired, it never has energy, never.
          I lost six years of my life in a depressed negative feedback loop state, and I’m tired of it. I want to fix whatever is wrong with me, I want to change for the better.
          And thank you for responding, I don’t mean to annoy any of you. I don’t normally open up my mind like this, but I needed unbiased responses from other logical males. Men won’t sugar coat things here which is a good thing if you are trying to improve yourself. I know I must sound like a nut, but I’m not.
          Congratulations on recovering from your back injury, I also had back surgery a few years ago as well, so I know your pain. I could barely stand or walk a whole year before I had surgery, so I know how it feels man. The nerve pain was unreal, it was like having a knife in your back, very painful.
          Also, you’re right about not wasting opportunities. I should be doing more approaches, I’ve seen many IOI’s from women over the years that I’ve ignored for whatever dumb reason. I’ve been getting a lot as I get older when I leave my house, but I’m too afraid to go any further with any of them. I wanted to maximize my physique and wardrobe first to lower my rejection rate. Failure and rejection is too painful for me, so I’m trying to avoid that horrible feeling as much as possible. I know the best players had to get rejected many, many times to be the best, but my mental “core” is too weak right now, I have to be careful about how much damage I let it receive.
          I apologize for the length of my post, I tried to keep it as short as possible.

    7. Hmm . . I just had a new idea. You man would be a GREAT SUBJECT for a test run of ‘live pua coaching’. I think this would work for you. Have Roosh, Troy, Forney, Sharpe and a few other greats contact you on conference call all together ON BLUETOOTH. Then you go into clubs or day game and they simply tell you what to say. You have to be in the right mindset to be receptive to what they say, but you’ll guaranteed never draw a blank. Simply lay out the lines they whisper to you. I think whatever block you have between processing and feedback of information would be instantly bridged with the sheer excitement of the ride. Like forced learning.
      Then while keeping the bluetooth in, have your gurus with you as you undress her, accelarate, and go for the groundhog. Just don’t let the bluetooth fall out. Oh man that would be shit if you lost the connection. Well . . actually if you had control and got a handle of the dialogue, then you could just let the bluetooth go and mentally switch on the ‘Roosh think’ or the ‘Francis think’ once you’ve gotten used to following their lead in your mental processing.

      1. This sounds like a plot to an 80’s movie.
        Nerdy awkward guy is talking to a friend on his Bluetooth when he is hit by lightning. He wakes up in the street and realizes that his earpiece can’t make calls but is possessed by a smooth talking pickup coach, voiced by Antonio banderas. He starts to apply the advice with great success, and finally gets the courage to ask the hottest girl in school to the dance, she accepts. After arriving at the dance with his girl by his side, he is confronted by the jealous captain of the football team who punches him in the ear, breaking the ear piece. He fights the jock, and somehow wins with a lucky right hook to the temple, but is now in a panic since he doesn’t have his Bluetooth coach to tell him how to seal the deal. He says fuck it and with his confidence up just does what feels natural. He fucks the girl and while laying in bed smoking a cigarette after the fact, hears the voice again, but without the earpiece. Antonio tells him that the Bluetooth never worked to begin with, and the voices were just schizophrenia . He spends the summer slaying pussy and lives happily ever after.

      2. I won’t feel like a man unless I earn something with my own merit. I must improve myself on my own. Reading the honest accounts of other men improving themselves really helps.

        1. I knew a guy that was 350lbs+ and he began walking like crazy. He started intermittently and it felt good and now he’s up to 10 miles a day. I gave him some tips on power diet and energy foods and suppliments and he slowly tried some and now he’s got his own regimin where he chugs a handful of vitamins and carbs/protein and then goes walking. He’s burned it down to below 200lbs and it’s all muscle now.
          Avoid HF corn sweetner and trans fats/vegetable oils. Instead raw honey, and olive oil/meat or dairy fats as needed. As you’re walking and spot a chick, say to yourself ”day game” ”day game”. If she passes by and nothing clicks and/or you draw blank, it’s ok. You’re still burning fat and building muscle. Often when passing by bus stops, some chick might say ”you got a light?”. Being a non smoker, just say something like ”sorry I don’t smoke so I don’t carry a lighter BUT I’ve got two rocks you can scratch together.” Then with a wink, you leave her cigarette smoking ass behind. You got WALKIN’ to do. Her ‘p’ probably smells like an ashtray anyway.

        2. I have a good amount of muscle, once I lose 50 pounds I will look pretty damn good. It’ll be the first time I’ll have been low fat % in two decades. What I’ve been eating is baked chicken with Ms. Dash no salt seasoning sprinkled on, boiled plain white rice, and a lot of vegetables. Mostly water, no juice, maybe a little bit of milk every few days.

    8. I’m slightly over weight, but am on a weight reducing diet, should be normal weight by 2016.
      Slightly overweight means 10 lbs not 210. lol

      1. I have a big guy build for a Spanish guy, I don’t look THAT fat. I’m 250 lbs, I want to bring that to 200 lbs. I’ve seen pictures of men that have lost a lot of weight on the body building forums, it increased their SMV by a few points, weight loss really made a difference, especially in the facial area. I don’t smoke or drink, and have only been eating 1500 calories a day, I’m on the right track.

  6. No matter how many different styles of game are employed to seduce women.
    The core part of getting panties wet remains the same…
    The last one being the most important.

  7. Why do people photoshop Asian girls heads onto other women’s bodies? It’s such a weird way to spend your time!

    1. Because if you try to do it in real life with needle and thread, police tend to get all “arresty”.

    2. I dunno the answer to that, but I do know the answer to this one: ‘What kind of bees give milk?’
      ans: ‘BOO-BEES’ lol

  8. In my case, I disagree. I’m naturally a witty guy, jokes come easy to me. If I enhanced that, I’d become a clown who had to turn everything into a joke ad nauseum. I’m naturally energetic and expressive, again, that becomes unsettlingly cartoonish (and exhausting) when turned up. 80% of my game improvement came from PLAYING TO MY WEAKNESSES. I found it hard to shut up more, be stiller, say less and make her do more work, but with practice it required less conscious effort.
    I don’t know your mates, are they truly playing to their natural strengths? Was your filthy talking friend shy and respectful around women in the past? Did your life and soul of the party friend used to get bogged down constantly in intellectual conversation?

    1. Here is a game for you.
      5 men, 5 cards each, best hand of 5 cards wins (he gets the girl).
      2 draws of 3 cards
      On a discard you have the option of keeping the discard or the new card.
      A turn and a river before the draws that are communal (that is the girl)
      What is your best strategy?
      edit: My point is: do you draw to your low cards or draw to your high cards?

      1. It’s not a matter of playing a few hands, even I can beat the pros sometimes. It’s a matter of skill And consistency that separates the good amateur from the pro.Members of my club can beat Tiger Woods on occasion and look better but as a pro he’ll consistently win 98 out of 100 times.

  9. According to every test I have taken, I am an introvert. However, unless you meet me on a bad day (sickness, lack of sleep, bitch would not blow me) you probably would not figure that out. The military, the university debating team, entrepreneurship, singing in a rock band, acting as a barrister, and some other things are me breaking out of that.
    Realistically, I achieved the best I could hope for: I can extrovert at will. This does not mean that I fake it. I am still me. It’s just that it takes a lot of personal energy to deal with so many people, in an intense way, in a short time.
    Then I withdraw, relax, recharge, and then re-emerge.
    Once you get over your fucked-upped-ness, THEN you play to your strengths. So, if you are fat, get the OK body, if you are stupid get the OK grasp of things, if you are ugly, then get the OK style and associated things. Now you play to your strengths.

    1. Also an introvert! I don’t flap my gums all day trying to emulate extroverts . Really it just doesn’t work for me and leaves me anti social for a couple of days. What does work is SUB COMMUNICATION which is more than 90% of all communication. Strong eye contact is a panty dropper for sure.

      1. Right— body language… chicks notice how you move. How you look. Smiling vs smirks…

        1. Then take up dancing. It doesn’t have to be some sort of fancy pro type dancing but just basic stuff and moving with the female instructor and you’ll find that you will just move better and more relaxed in general.

      2. Panty dropper only for the tall, dark and handsome types with $$$.
        And btw, I don’t think you boys know what introvert or extrovert means. You’re using introvert in the sense of a shy guy who is either afraid or too shy to talk to girls or who isn’t very gregarious . That’s just a scared pussy pyjama boy.
        Introvert really means someone whose thoughts are directed inward and are concerned more with the working of their mind. They may still be very sociable but many probably do get worn out being around people all the time.

        1. Yeah they can talk about things on a deeper level but small talk is what matters. Really you can skip small talk and just go direct or you can communicate non verbally to conserve energy. I don’t try to b who I’m not, but I am TDH w/o the ¥€$

    2. I think I came up as INTJ on the test.
      ive made myself very extroverted in situations and I like to draw attention. I got a great physique and high level unarmed combat skill set. That and I scored really high on a narcissism test.
      Naturally super direct is what I lean towards. However indirect and perhaps slower, calmer I haven’t experimented with yet because I always just like to be very direct and sometimes offensive. I’m a skirt the line kinda guy.
      I’m very introverted so all this has been through training myself. A pure force of the will to go out of my comfort zone and do something that doesn’t come natural.
      Also competing in a dangerous combat sport will make you feel invincible.
      I’d like to get better at indirect but it just seems so off point for me.

      1. My work as a lawyer helped me be more indirect: you can’t do your job if you are a straight talker.

      2. Welcome to the club. It’s almost an inside joke in the game community about how many of us are intj.

    3. If you’re ugly get plastic surgery. Short? Bad luck fellah. Short and ugly? Take the gaspipe now.

      1. Or else get your black belt, put on a pin stripe suite and trench coat, and then find a mask that makes fucked up images. Then never compromise, even in the face of Armageddon, never compromise.

    4. Yeah I am also an introvert according to Myers-Briggs. I don’t consider an introvert as a synonym for shy though. Rather I think it just describes a man who is happy with his own company and doesn’t need other people around him all the time. Some people do.

  10. In other words; be your best self? (Subtly different from ‘be yourself’)

    1. You are not who you are singularly. You are who you are in the cosmic pool of soup that is your community. Your mass, energy and inertia are relative to other bodies within your region of timespace. Your vector of velocity and internal core spin also define you. Planetary objects have spinning cores that create fields. While appearing to be stationary, the hamsteris erectus has a wildly spinning core that wreaks havoc. Masculine men also have spinning cores that eminate powerful fields.
      My best definition of ‘Who am I?’

        1. See there are actually two ‘you’s’. The tame and domesticated ‘you’ and the wild unrestrained ‘you’. When a classroom instructor looks at his classroom of pupils sitting there like potted plants, he’s looking at the tame version of everyone confined to the grid of his classroom. Sometimes the wild free mind takes hold of a pupil in class and they cut up but only partially. To access the full open and free mind you must exit the grid completely. You are compartmentalizing and segregating your thoughts within any grid. The trick is to NOT COMPARTMENTALIZE anything. Be ‘Californian’ and let it all hang out. When you see a chick, don’t compartmentalize and beat around the bush but say exactly what’s on your mind. It is an exercise for left/right brain interaction.

    2. That’s why older men take all of the best girls your age. They know who they are and don’t have to try to pretend they’re blasé, they really are blasé and although they can see who the best looking and sweet girls are they’ve become immune to a female’s looks to a great extent.At your age you’re thinking 99% with your dick while they’re more like 30%.

  11. i don’t buy into it. just because their styles are different doesn’t mean that the way you are can be interesting, too.
    there are thousands of different successful musicians. that doesn’t mean that absolutely each kind of different is equally good, however refined.
    it depends on your audience, too. what kind of girl do you want? i like the idea of the dirty slutty girl.
    what is myself than my conditioning and my beliefs? both can be changed. for motivational purposes, i consider it more important to know who you WANT to be. i myself like to work on a stoic, indifferent and dominant “asshole” persona, just to unlearn all those nasty emotions that put such a momentum on you. also, i want to be straightly sexual because that is a challenge to me, having always been more shy about it. that’s not necessarily what i want to do for girls, it is what i want for myself.
    it’s my project and that makes it fun to pursue. if i just let my emotions and existent skills dictate who i am, i will have no motivation and feel like a slave.

    1. This article isnt about dating maymay “Just be yourself”, it’s “Be the best version of yourself”. If i’d be eating doritos, playing video games and jacking to anime i should be drowning in pussy by just being myself to the fullest. You will much more successful in field by knowing your strengths and weaknesses and not by merely copying others. Honestly, not everyone can pull “indifferent asshole” card, some men are gifted with looks, others will smooth-talkers or stoics. In the end it’s not about style, it’s about your confidence in yourself.

      1. it’s not exactly the same, no, but it is still similar.
        judging my own abilities is impossible if i don’t try to truly find their limits for a reasonable amount of time. if i don’t, i am just a coward for not trying and an imbecile for listening to people who tell me not to try to be how i want to be.
        if, after say 2-3 years of effort, i see that being an indifferent asshole is not something i can pull off convincingly, i can put it to rest. before that, all i can judge is my current skillset. but my current skillset is not a basis. i need to explore my potential and then try to increase it to see how much is possible. if i didn’t carry that belief, i could just as well quit directly.

  12. Styles can vary like the mating calls of different species of animal differ. Grandpa ‘Phil’ from Duck Dynasty has mastered the sounds of many mating calls and no doubt he could bag any duck. He knows what call to use depending on the situation. PUA’s/gamers differ from the duck hunter in that we’re not intending on butchering and eating women. We’re just trying to get the ‘mating’ juices flowing so as to elicit a welcoming ‘moon’s up’ and commensurate the mating ritual on the willing target.
    It seems as you mentioned that naturals develop a method that works for them. Still they’re kind of limited to punching at their weight level. But a genuine studied game scholar is like a world class jewel thief. Even a royal heir would be in jeapordy in the presence of an ascended master when he begins pulling her invisible strings.

    1. The problem is that there is no method or some tricks picked up from some pop psychology. If you don’t look right the female will dismiss you in a millisecond. You won’t even get a chance to try your ‘game’ nonsense on her. You won’t even get your foot in the door. Positive visual response to your looks means you’re in unless you do something completely objectionable. Neutral visual response then perhaps. But an initial negative visual response even if you’re wealthy then forget it unless she’s a gold digger and she wants to use you.The reason that you here hate when older more experienced men tell you this is because you just don’t have the right stuff and want to believe that you can overcome your defects with some pop psychology game trick. Keep hoping lol

      1. But . . but I look like a rock star and my underarm funk, it makes chicks admittedly dizzy when they get a whiff of it.

  13. “Peter is his physical opposite. Very short – just over five foot-six – he has a slender frame and a handsome but unspectacular face topped with a floppy, Hugh Grant haircut”
    Elliot Rodger detected.

      1. According to your bullshit story he does.Anyone can get laid if they have low enough requirements.No female of any quality and looks is going to fall for some short dirty mouthed stranger who approached her like that and I don’t care how ‘charming’ you believe he is.

  14. Since we’re all analyzing each other’s personalities, take a crack at mine. I have absolutely no problem making friends, even when I don’t want them. I can walk into a new job, and within a few days everybody on the crew wants to be my buddy, have beers etc. I can go to the bar shit faced drunk, hit on some roid monkeys girlfriend, and instead of him beating me up he is shaking my hand and buying me drinks. I’m the guy who can get along with the guy at work that everybody else can’t stand. All of my friends girlfriends love me, a few have even tried to fuck me behind the scenes (I shut them down and told my friend the next day). I consider myself interesting, have my shit together and live a good life (I work half the year and travel the rest). But when it comes to talking to women I’m at a loss, basically because they are so damn uninteresting. The initial approach and introduction is no problem, it’s not a confidence issue, but trying to carry a conversation for any length of time can be painful. It doesn’t help that I’m turned off by women who share my manly interests like dirt bikes, old cars, science/engineering. I like a woman who is into cooking, cleaning and looking pretty. Thank god I’m a pretty good dancer and I travel a lot, or I might still be a virgin. I don’t think I’m cut out for LTR’s

    1. You need to see talking to women not as a chance for you to have meaningful conversation but a chance for you to be entertained at someone else’s expense.
      This will alleviate any hesitation because you are doing it for you. Women are fucking vapid. Use that to your advantage.
      Fucking make fun of them bro aren’t they stupid?
      Make it a huge point to be vocal about your likes and dislikes while completely disregarding any of her opinions on the matter. Personally I am crass and cuss a lot when I do things like this. If I was you I’d be like
      “You know what the fuk I hate babe? When these retard chicks say they are into bikes. Seriously what the FUCK? You don’t know shit.”
      “And Lemme tell you somethin else. The only chicks I fuck with are cooking, cleaning and doing the kinda fuckin shit that needs to get done ”
      If they act all mad and butt hurt you could flip it and be like Whoa didn’t know you were so touchy. Relax its ok.
      The point is your doing it for you not for them and you should always try to one up yourself.
      Tonite I had this mind blown meme I kept on my phone. Randomly chicks would be talking to me and I’d be like “WHOA! Mind blown!”
      Then I would put the meme in her face.
      Lol so fucking funny.

      1. Women are fucking vapid
        You mean the sort of women you know and who associate with people like you. The little boys who think cooking and cleaning are important. Well, that’s the sort of females you’ll get. Cleaning women and cooks.What do you have to clean anyway? Some 3 room flat? lol And as far as cooking just stop by some gourmet place unless you live in Podunk and get something to take out that would require a Julia Child to cook. Even females who do cook can never do anything that makes having them around worthwhile.

        1. Ok… Well I wouldn’t consider myself boring, I’m pretty much semi retired at 30, have lots of real life hobbies and I’m very well read for a blue collar guy with no post secondary education. I don’t have Facebook, Twitter or Instagram so I suppose I could come off as a square to the kind of people who think that’s important, but I’ll stick to real life friends, thanks. As far as being a non entity that can be walked all over, that’s definitely not the case either, in fact those are the kind of people who seem to be drawn to me and kiss my ass. I CAN cook, clean and do my own laundry, just like I can make myself cum by jerking off. To me the point of having a woman is that she is better suited to doing these things for me, giving me time to concentrate on more important things. If I’m going to have a girlfriend who doesn’t take care of the house and only puts out when she needs something, then I might as well have a male roommate to split costs and spend the extra cash on a hooker. I never said I don’t get laid, all I’m saying is that for me the strategies that work are ones that don’t involve too much conversation, so I might be missing out on good opportunities like day game etc. captainobvious gave some helpful advice, you just seem to be calling people out as losers or bullshitters.

        2. yup, you got me. Nothing gets past you. I’d fire back, but I’m afraid you will call me an asshat or make fun of my penis size, so I guess you win.

        3. Haha, yeah bro, I understand where u are coming from. I was telling one of my friends not to long ago, I haven’t had an intelligent conversation with a woman in a couple years. And, not because I think women are unintelligent, in some ways women are smarter than some men. But it’s because I’ve realized a conversation about Socrates or Astrophysics doesn’t make the vagina tingle. So what’s the point? However, to answer your first question, u have to compartmentalize the type of conversations you have with women. It’s really all about controlling your expectations. You have to learn to love them for who they are, and not expect them to be more than that.

    2. You sound boring. Every one is your buddy because you’re a nonentity and no threat to anyone.

    1. Leykis is just a radio con man. He was always doing a leftist political show until he got his first good job in California for awhile (currently unemployed) I guess he figured doing that show with the Leykis 101 nonsense was good for business and he’d cater to inept little pyjama boys who had no fathers around and were pretty much losers (they even call him ‘dad’ lol) and saw a niche market there to make some money off them. It’s all an act.Don’t believe anything about him whether it’s about the girls he shags or the amount of money her earns, it’s all bullshit. And after being married and divorced 4 times you can be sure he had to split whatever money he had with at least one or all of them. If he denies this then it was at a time when he didn’t have a pot to piss in.

        1. I really don’t think he’s making any money on the Net and that Cal. show he did for awhile was his best as far as money making. I also wouldn’t believe any celebrity worth nonsense because someone like Leykis is a big liar about everything.He also wouldn’t be dumb enough to say he’s broke.

  15. to succeed you need to identify your own strengths and exacerbate these
    I don’t want to sound like a grammar nazi but exacerbate is wrong here. Just use improve or something like that.

  16. Game is not about complete personal reinvention. Rather, it is about enhancing your best attributes and – most importantly – believing in them so passionately that this communicates itself to the girls you approach.
    I appreciate this because at first, I felt like I had reinvent myself.

  17. Just hire some good looking girl to pretend she’s your gf to get some street cred. Like in that 80’s film. Poor girl died recently but she was sweet. 15 mmmmmmmmmmmm

  18. I find it hard to describe my style. I generally just get in the zone and shit starts happening. I smile, they smile and before I know it I’m taking them back to the pad like a menstrual cycle….
    Sometimes I think back and wonder how it happened. Its like I stepped outside of myself and someone else was running game with my body. Whoever it is, I really appreciate it!

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