41 thoughts on “How I Make Aeropress Coffee At Home”

  1. Fan of the site, but who cares how you make your shitty coffee? What does this have to do with Game? If ‘gotta make money’ is your answer, just tell us to buy some shit without dressing it up in all of this ‘Well here’s how *I* do it, Rick,’ bullshit.

      1. (Yoda Voice) “Mmmm, I sense conflict of the Schwartz in you. Schwartz leads to butthurt, butthurt to anger, anger to suffering”

    1. I’m a fan of your comments, but who cares about your shitty opinions? Just make your own blog.

  2. That’s pretty cool, Roosh. I like your bread-making angle, too. Anything that makes a guy more self-sufficient, I am all about that.
    But I can’t help but ask – what is your next book about. Can you let the topic slip out here. I’m sure that I’m not the only guy who is curious, around these parts…

      1. Cool. Do you plan your books out one at a time – and finish it, before thinking about the next book idea. Or do you stash ideas for future books as they hit your brain…and if so, how many do you have in the pipeline at any one time.

  3. That looks like s time-consuming way to risk burning your cock and balls when the cup breaks and sprays 90deg coffee on them.
    Tough to beat a stove top perk.

  4. I’ve stuck with French Press for as long as I can remember. I love it, but hey maybe time to try something new

    1. I simply use a coffee making machine with an espresso press and filter cofee unit and just grind my coffee by hand. After you drink fresh ground coffee once you ‘ll never want it different (makes better crema and has a more vibrant aroma).

      1. Agreed. I fresh grind for every cup. I have just been using a French Press forever so it’s just routine now. Coffee always great

    2. I have an aeropress and absolutely love it.
      Use it every day? No. Various reasons being other coffee drinkers and the scalability of a large pot of drip coffee. That and I’ve got a pitcher with an integral filter that I use for cold brew.
      That said, when it’s just one serving, it’s a minimal additional time investment for a much smoother and richer coffee than the usual drip maker produces. The filter keeps the grinds out. And it’s effectively self cleaning – pop the puck into the trash, pull it apart, rinse, and done.
      It also makes an absolutely killer ice coffee done directly over ice in a large sturdy glass/cup. By the time the ice melt dilutes it you have regular strength instead of watered down coffee.

      1. cool. I will give it a try. With all the preworkout shit I take I only have coffee on sundays so I don’t mind taking a long time in the process to ensure an excellent cup.

        1. I gifted my french press away because even two servings (boil larger quantity of water, swap filters, repour) takes less time, there’s no silt, and the cleanup is much faster with a very smooth coffee.
          You’re not sacrificing any quality using an aeropress compared to french presses, or any of the other hipster-popular methods – the grade of coffee beans at that point making much more of a difference.
          And once you figure out what works best for you in terms of grind, water temperature, pour level, steep time, stirring time, etc., it’s far more consistently repeatable than many of the methods.
          Some people do some whacked out stuff though – like turning it upside-down with the piston in, then having to carefully flip it to keep from spilling, etc.

  5. I used one for a while. Works great. Kinda like a cheap man’s expresso machine. Real smooth flavor.

    1. I had four shots of espresso yesterday before going to the doctor. The aide took my blood pressure, told the doc the news, and soon I found myself on the receiving end of a ten-minute lecture about high blood pressure. It wasn’t me, it was the joe. Plus white-coat syndrome.

        1. I wouldn’t be proud of that. I’m healthy as a horse too, but doctor found a small problem on my blood panel that could’ve gotten much worse. Get yearly checkups.

        2. I need to go in. Get a doctor here in my new town. Small issue with my head feeling like it’s sliding sometimes.

  6. Nice video, Roosh!
    But you might want to get your olive oil into a cupboard. Light oxidizes most vegetable oils, making it less tasty and slightly less healthy.

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