5 Fat Burning Tips From A Professional Physique Competitor

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Hey man,

It’s Mike Chang and today I’m going over the 5 most advanced fat loss tactics for getting six pack abs. Now, even though many people know me as one of the top fat loss trainers out there for six pack abs… there are a lot of guys out there who are looking to get even more ripped… like, as ripped as a physique competitor.

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And to be honest, I could get you there. But wouldn’t it be better to hear it from someone who’s been there and is actually that ripped right now?

Well, that’s why I asked my trusted trainer and Six Pack Shortcuts fat loss expert, Jonny, to personally tell you what he does to get into that ultra ripped condition for his competitions. By the way, that’s him the the photo above!

Jonny really knows his stuff… in fact, he’s my personal go-to guy when I need advice to get ready for photo shoots or TV appearances. Because sometimes I need to look a little bit more ripped or lose some belly fat as fast as possible to look my best.

Now I know you’re probably dying to know exactly what Jonny does to get ripped for each competition, so here are his top 5 advanced fat burning tricks to get ultra shredded when time matters.

So let me hand it off to Jonny and let him break it all down for you. Take it away Jonny:


What’s up y’all,

Jonny here, and first I’d like to thank Mike for having me share some of my inside fat loss info with you today!
Let’s not waste any time and jump right into these fat shedding tricks:

1. Pack On That Muscle

maintain muscle

The truth is that muscle is a major fat burner. You see, muscles are active cells that burn calories even when you’re just relaxing or sleeping. So the more muscle you pack on, the more fat you will burn off of your body. And that’s due to the fact that the calories that would normally turn into fat will be burned off or used as fuel by your muscles. This means that every single extra pound of muscle you put on will increase the amount of fat you burn off every single day.

2. Do High Intensity Workouts At The Optimal Fat Burning Time


What is the optimal fat burning time? Right before breakfast first thing in the morning… And if you work out the right way (which I’ll explain more about in tactic #5), you will keep burn calories for hours long after you stop working out.

You see, when you work out right before breakfast, your body is burning pure fat because your body is depleted, or out of, sugar/energy from “fasting” while you were sleeping. However, if you were to eat first and then workout in the morning, you would have refueled your body and prevented the most amount of fat from being burned during your morning workout.

3. Eat Slow Releasing Protein Before Bed


I know the “popular belief” is that you should NEVER eat before bed if you want to get ripped. However, if you want to build muscle and keep that muscle to burn more fat, a slow releasing protein source or a supplement can help to feed your body’s muscle growth. On top of that, because this protein digests slowly, it will not turn into fat or stop your body from burning fat why you’re asleep. Actually, doing this can help you burn more fat as well because your body’s digestion process burns calories too.

4. Eat More Throughout The Day

Man shopping for food

Your goal should be to eat about every three hours if you want to burn the most amount of fat. Why? Well because this will keep your digestive system, and thus your metabolism, working all day to digest that food. And, as I mentioned in tactic #3, will keep burning those calories. Now, when you starting eating every three hours you will activate what I call your body’s “fat burning furnace,” which triggers your body to keep shedding fat.

Picture a fireplace burning wood… what if that fire was your fat burning metabolism and it was burning all day? Don’t you need enough logs to keep that fire going all day? Well of course you do, so picture food as your “logs.” All you have to do is feed your fat burning furnace a reasonable amount of food throughout the day and it will continue to burn fat because your digestion is constantly going.

5. Activate The Afterburn Effect (Burns Fat For Up To 48 Hours)

Here’s what is happening when you activate the Afterburn Effect with Afterburn Training:

  • Your body uses oxygen from your muscles.
  • Your body then replenishes your muscle’s oxygen.

** This process of replenishing your muscle’s oxygen can take up to 48 hours, so you are burning fat that entire time**

Now I broke this down for you to sound as simple as possible, however don’t underestimate how effective the Afterburn Effect is… You see, this is the exact technique that men from all around the world have used to get rid of their belly fat and get six pack abs fast. And it’s the same training I use before I step on stage to compete with the top fitness competitors in the world.

So if you want to get rid of all your unwanted fat, or even if you’re trying to get as ripped as a fitness competitor… check this out to learn exactly how you can Burn Fat For 48 Hours after every workout.




Well man, I hope you enjoyed these killer tips from Jonny, they’re proven to get you the ripped body you want fast!

So make sure you learn How To Activate The Afterburn Effect today.

Mike Chang

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123 thoughts on “5 Fat Burning Tips From A Professional Physique Competitor”

    1. I have a bit of a biology background and he make some pretty generic statements here. Do they check out with real physiology? Anyone with with an actual kinesiology background have anything to add?

    1. When I look at the sunset, I get sad because that means the Sun will no longer shine that day. It will have to cross the whole globe to meet me again. But I fill myself with hope knowing that it will come back fast, because it will take Mike Chang’s Shortcuts to meet me. And a new day will rise next morning.

  1. What is this “HIT” fad people (especially women, copycats that they are) are jumping on? EVERY training session should be “high intensity”, or fucking stay home! Sounds like just another fancy/exotic sounding catchphrase to attention whore with!

    1. It does work. I got rid of that thin, stubborn layer of fat that covered my abdominals. Google the science behind it.

      1. No need. I don’t doubt “high intensity” training works, I’m wondering why it’s called that as a fancy-schmancy label. If you’re going to exercise, it should always be high intensity, every time without fail. You don’t need to label one workout any different than your other ones to make them sound cooler.

        1. Yeah really, don’t bother exercising if it isn’t “high intensity” all the damn time. Why is a hip catchphrase needed? Seems like something for amateur noobs to brag about on Facebook more than anything.

        2. It’s not just a buzzword. It generally means sprint/recover/sprint/recover as opposed to ‘steady state’ like jogging, ellipticals/ stationary bikes/ swimming.

        3. Dude you are displaying your ignorance. You can’t train high intensity all the damn time because it will lead to imbalances, injury and sickness.

        4. Correct. Low Intensity training also trains different muscles. A nice slow pull on very very very heavy weight lets say…I think, however, the misunderstanding in this thread and others which are getting this all wrong is what the meaning of “intensity” is.
          3 400+# deadlift is pretty f’n intense (for me). It is even Highly Intense in the sense that it really gets me in the feels. This DOES NOT make it High Intensity Training the way that 5 sets of 20 Stiff Legged Romanian Dead Lifts at less than half that weight with only 30 second rest between sets is.
          I am no less intense in the eyes bombed out of my head, veins bulging, ground stomping FUCK YEAH way. It is just a different type of work out.

        5. Hardly. So far so good, and for many, many years. Stuff my ache here and there and this is perfectly normal and I still press on and handle my business. Random exercise buzzwords will come and go and come and go along with fad diets for all time.

        6. Its a “buzzword” to you because you’re ignorant. Its been discussed for many years long before it became popular and it is actually a technical term. Do you have a better word for it or is all exercise “intense” to you?
          You don’t know the difference between HIT and HIIT so I doubt you have been doing it for years.

        7. Robert, come on. Because I don’t know what a newfangled popular buzzword is (okay, it’s been around for years, that’s very exciting. Then the rabble recently latched on to it, super. Don’t they always?) you DOUBT I’ve been exercising for years? Or haven’t been doing HIIIIIIT for years? Perhaps I’m not understanding what exactly it is you doubt here. Maybe not the “technical term” as you called they way it’s meant to be, but if I enter the gym, everything is to failure. Straight up. You seem savvy most of the time, I’m sure you’ve heard of Mike Mentzer and Dorian Yates? More like their style. Drop sets, supersets, “less is more”, “the human body has a strictly limited recovery ability”, all of their quips. And yes, stuff aches here and here sometimes, that just how it is after years of wear and tear. No need to be a pussy and whine, I suck it up and handle my business.

        8. Dude, HIT has been around for 50 years or more. Its ironic you mention Yates and Mentzer since they used HIT and called it HIT.
          Believe it or not, that “aching stuff” is not a good thing. And this is where LISS comes in…

        9. They called it “Heavy Duty”, bro. Surely you have seen the book or even the shirts with Mentzer’s likeness on them ever in your life? Never once did I see either them or Arthur Jones call it “HIT”. Maybe they did sometimes, but I never saw it, and Heavy Duty was their preferred way of talking about it to the muscle media.
          And let’s face facts, even if it has been around 50+ years, none of these twats calling their crap “High Intensity” are alluding to those guys and their methods. You know this. My tired point from the beginning was idiot newbies using catchphrases to sound “sophisticated”, not questioning science or the annals of history at all. Why it even got to this level is rather odd…
          Shit will ache after over 20 years of exercising religiously. It is unavoidable. I already said it wasn’t debilitating or crippling in any way (only minor) and either way I’m stronger, leaner and have the best cardio of my life at the tender age of 36. I don’t feel at all compromised.

        10. Listen. I’ll tell you why high intensity may not benefit you. Interpret it as you wish.
          High intensity requires fast energy (glycogen). After you deplete it and no carbs to replenish it with you still pushing the high intensity workout, your body starts to break down muscle tissue to feed your workout. Lighter intensity helps preserve muscle and burn fat.
          You can read up on it. Again, it’s up to you if you don’t want to believe it. Just be careful you don’t succumb to injury. An injury would end your high intensity workouts for a long time. Ask me how I know.

        11. Listen. I’ll tell you why it’s irrelevant. Interpret it as you wish.
          There’s in no single way to recommend something for everybody under The Sun for exercising. Goals are different. Reactions are different. Recovery is different. Fuck, every the level of caring is different. I go hard and at least moderately-heavy for medium (10-12 reps) or heavy (6-8 reps) every time with weights three days a week and I do cardio in some form or another (running, stationary bike, judo, wrestling or boxing) seven days a week until I decide I am content and “this is where I need to be for today”, be in thirty minutes, sixty minutes, or somewhere in between or more (depending on the activity, obviously). To conclude, I listen to my body and if something is sore or aches I work around it as best as I can while staying safe and diligent. It’s both by choice and by design. I’m in stellar shape for my age and am only going to get better because I want and because I choose to. So can anybody else with a pulse.
          I don’t need you to elaborate on how you know about the injury angle, I’ll take your word for it. I’m sure it sucks. I have yet to experience it myself so I can’t relate. Guess some high power has been looking out for me all these years.

    2. I do 3 – 20 min HIT Cardio sessions per week come diet time for a show. Works like a damn, harder than jogging, but works waaay faster in waaay less time.

      1. 10 reps to failure is HIT. 20 mins to having to stop to catch your breath is HIIT.
        Get your jargon right if you want to sit with the cool kids.

        1. Sprint all out 30 seconds, jog for 60-90 seconds. That is my HIIT.
          For weight training, I have tried Yates style lifting, Russian 5×5, standard pyramid.
          I am also a competitive bodybuilder. Have you gotten down to 4% bodyfat?
          I missed an “I”. Screw you.

        2. “Have you gotten down to 4% bodyfat?”
          Yes, but I am a cyclist, not a body builder and lose a lot of power below 5% and, except for hill climbs, seem to be optimum at around 7.

    3. HIT or HIIT?
      The point is to distinguish it from low intensity training my friend, which believe it or not, has its place.

      1. I don’t even fucking know which, I just hear it tossed around like “creepy” and “awkward” these days to the point of getting played-out.
        I wouldn’t bother with “low intensity” – I showed up, it better be productive. Time is not a renewable resource.

        1. I don’t agree. I don’t see any loss at all. There is no universal brushstroke to how every person should train, goals and agendas are different let alone body types and simple physical ability to handle exercise. You ever heard somebody say “I don’t wan’t to get TOO big!”? Sure you have. You know what the simple retort for that is? “Then you won’t.”

        2. Just because you don’t see any loss doesn’t mean there isn’t any. There is a lot of science backing it up however, which you seem to be immune to.

        3. And so what?? Clearly it hasn’t affected me in the least and I am more than content with my current state. When it does affect me someway somehow, I’ll report back to. Or not if you happen to not care, then neither will I. No loss to either of us.

        1. Uh, if I were offering it wouldn’t be masturbation, it’d be a handjob. And, no, I’m not offering.

        2. Go to south east asia, sooooo many fags there. Heard tofu and soy products in general increase estrogen levels… hence the guys here are, as Arnie would say, girly-men.

  2. wow. Pretty amazing list of mind blowing secrets. Add muscle, do fasted HIIT cardio, Casein before bed, eating every three hours…serious revolutionary stuff here. I am surprised that the illuminati haven’t dissapeared them for releasing these secrets. Next article: Surprising Fact About Blow Jobs….they feel good.
    smh assclowns


        2. 20 comments, all in caps all in support of sponsored posts.
          Go clean your cunt.



      1. calm your tits girl.
        Also, if everyone is laughing at me then they ought to step away form the computer and relax before they wind up as big a shit stain as you.

  3. I just remembered something funny from Thailand. Was at a thai boxing event, and one of the matchups was this guy who looked like he just stepped out of a kung fu movie. Totally ripped, badass tude etc. His opponent was a black guy, potbellied and with a grin on his face.
    It was obvious who would win. The potbellied dude knocked Ripped Kung Fu Jesus out with a punch to the face. Blood everywhere.
    Why do you work out? Is it to be strong? Then you are doing it wrong. Is it to impress the ladies? Then you are basically a feminist, because you support it.

    1. Kung Fu Jesus probably decided to turn the other cheek that day…& turn His blood into wine or something..

  4. It’s quite simple. Cut out carbohydrates. Eat high fats and moderate proteins. Get into a state of ketosis. Moderate exercise. Plenty of water.
    Dietary fats won’t store as triglycerides in the absence of glucose and insulin. In other words, carbohydrates and insulin will make you fat.

    1. Who are you? Taubes? There is not a single study showing superiority of ketosis over any other diet when kcals and protein are matched. Go with your broscience anywhere else.

        1. So? Correlation does not implicate causation. Carbs are not bad. Hell, I eat well over 500gr per day. And yes, Americans are obese, but I will blame a chronic caloric surplus and lack of exercise for that.

        2. Correlation DOES implicate causation! That’s the whole point of doing tests and studies. It doesn’t prove, but implies.
          Eat all the carbs you want and send your pancreas into overload. Type II diabetes could be in store for you along with all the problems associated with metabolic syndrome. I don’t really care. In the end it’s your health, not mine. Just don’t take anybody else down with you.

        3. (1) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Correlation_does_not_imply_causation
          Basic logic
          (2) I’m not taking anybody else with me. I’m simply stating the facts based on scientific evidence. You said that carbs are bad for your health and that ketosis is a better way to go for fat loss. That’s just not true.
          And no, I’m not going to develop any metabolic syndrome, please take time to read data from experts and not from whatever fearmongering you read first. I suggest you to subscribe to AARR, it’s only $10 per month

  5. Get ripped using steroids
    Become instagram famous
    Charge people and teach them how to get ripped without steroids

      1. I teach girls how to get ripped. It’s easy. Grab a teenager, preferably a virgin, and tell her to bend over…

  6. Just eat at a calorie deficit. Why do people have to talk about everything other than just simply eating less.
    Source: Me. Lost 2 1/2 stone since February.

  7. I can do sit ups all day but that only seems to work my lower abs, which means my waist is good. But that’s not working my *upper* abs which is where the 6 pack comes from. Stupid youtube training vids are useless.

    1. Situps are outdated. The compound lifts will strengthen and increase your ab muscles more than situps and then it’s a matter of lowering your bodyfat. Doing situps to get ‘abs’ is about as 1985 as Dan Marino partying with George Brett.

    2. If you work with weights, go with compound lifts. Hanging leg raises, flags & planks are also better than the ineffective situp.

        1. Hanging leg raises are a compound ab workout. They work the entire core. Your lower body is off the ground so your core (front abs, lower back & obliques) has to struggle to maintain balance. You don’t get that same effort from a situp.
          I’ve gained significantly better results over time from doing hanging leg raises & ditching situps altogether.

  8. Mike Chang is a scam artist and knows shit about working out. But good for him for making some $$ through blue pill idiots.

    1. Yeah, but, he posted a picture of a guy he knows. He’s legit. And his name’s Mike CHANG. Like, Jackie Chan but with a G on the end because he’s a Gansta.

    2. He knows something. Look at his physique. Say whatever you want, you don’t look like that being a slob.

  9. Well it’s a sponsored post but I don’t see anything new here that I didn’t know before.

  10. 4. Eat more meals – That old chestnut has been debunked already. Constantly eating throughout the day means you have higher insulin levels during the day. Insulin suppresses lipolysis (Fat breakdown to be used as fuel). I smell B.S.

    1. If more people would remove industrial junk food and cut out sugar from their diet they would see a major improvement without even doing any physical activity. Lifting weights and physical exercice are important don’t get me wrong, but the diet is crucial as well, we are what we eat, food is our fuel. If you put the wrong type of gas in a car it won’t function properly, same shit with food and human body.

  11. How did Mike Chang really develop that abs though. What he is telling us is good advice (something anyone can google on their own) but I feel like what he is telling us is not complete.
    I tried some of his routines and diet for couple weeks and I didn’t get any visible abs no matter how much I sprinted and squatted, and did tons of ab workouts and high intensity exercise. Then I realized the reason why I wasn’t getting abs was because I was eating too much carbs at the same time. On the other hand, I was getting big since I was getting a lot of compliments and comments about how big shoulder was getting, how thick my legs were and how muscular my back and chest got but I still looked like I was two month pregnant with sprawls inside my stomach. A fat gut. Then when I cut carbs and only ate protein and fat (from whole food sources not boxed nor canned foods) in addition to still doing High intensity workout, I started getting cut. Of course my abs wasn’t like a washboard cut but it was starting to become little visible but there was a trade off. I lost a lot of mass and people commented how I look “small”. I asked a buddy of mine who has more experience with weightlifting and diet and he told me there is only one way to get the BIG + CUT look (big shoulders, big arms, big back, big chest, big legs PLUS shredded cut abs)… he told me do the following… Good diet, high intensity workout, lift heavy weights… and then I told him I did all that. He told me I forgot to do one thing. I asked him what is it. He said… “STEROIDS!” a MUST if you want BOTH the BIG + CUT look.

        1. yeah but how tall is he? He looks quiet big for his height but for someone who takes steroids, I was expecting little more from his physical frame.
          I wonder if he reads all our comments because by now he should know that ROK readers aren’t going to be his customers. If he can’t make money off of us, wouldn’t be be elsewhere to promote his products?

  12. Well I don’t want to criticize Mike Chang. He makes it clear what he’s offering and hasn’t deviated from it. There is a market for ‘abs’ guys, that’s all.
    I say;
    -Compound lifts three times a week
    -30 minutes of sprints/shuttle twice a week
    -Hike or golf once or twice a week
    Eat normal diets; meats, cheese, beans, nuts, fruits and veggies, moderate whole grain carbs.
    Avoid sugar as much as possible if not outright
    Leave moderate drinking for Saturday night. No daily nightcap
    Stop making your abdominal wall into some kind of chemical expermiment/playpen. The abs that look like the thorax of some kind of beetle are unsustainable and I’d bet almost certainly unhealthy for your organs, your colon etc due to the diet required that is way too high in protein (percentage wise.) Have fun for a few summers I guess and then stop being a cosmetic diva.

  13. isn’t mike chang that annoying dude who is always talking with a mouthful of food on youtube ads? Would rather shit in own hands and clap than actually read what he has to say.

  14. Why does this site endorse this nimrod? There is no scientific basis for really any of these claims. All “bro-science” if I may. Eating more frequently does not have anything to do with how many calories you burn and cardiovascular exercise before breakfast with no food prior, be it carbs/fats/proteins is actually incredibly harmful to your metabolism and muscle gain overall. More muscle = more fat burning? No stupid, People with higher testosterone burn more calories because they have more muscle. While normal ranges of T in the physiological spectrum have a minimum correlation with actual muscle mass, it’s apparant that anyone who eats an absolute fuck ton, yet stays very lean (be it legitimately 8-10%) is far over that normal physiological range.
    The only reason that any of these would even “work” is if you were on exogenous testosterone read “steroids”. This is very misleading and part of the reason why people go around spouting this nonsense is further proof of our scientific dark age. The worst part is, there is tons of science out there that DOES actually work as far as muscle gain and fat loss goes – yet that goes unnoticed and rarely shared. Why? Because it often isn’t simple or quick or easy, they aren’t “tips from a pro”.

      1. Well considering he’s the one writing the articles (which is doubtful) i figure he would at least take a couple seconds to scan through the comments to hear about what a fraud he is.

  15. I’m pretty disgusted by Rok publishing this tripe.
    What ROK is saying is basically “we will peddle garbage to our brothers to fill out our wallets”

    1. Don’t be – a site this reviled by the mainstream sheeple needs revenue and very few are ready and willing to advertise on here. Just because the article may not suit yours or my needs doesn’t mean it’s tripe. We can simply skip over it. Notice how the Sponsored Posts are always at the end of the day, too? There’s always a few worthwhile articles before them throughout the course of the day.

  16. When Mike Cheng sees this he will be like to his Girlfriend: “Look Honey, i made it onto Return of Kings”
    ROK is definitely not as Redpill as it should be…
    http://illimitablemen.com gets the my vote for most manly site.

  17. Be careful ofvoverdoing it on the hiit. I did 3 months of it 3 times a week going to 100% heart rate for 2 minutes then 1 minute rest for 5 sets 3 times a week. I lost alot of weight but when my sister saw me for the first time in 3 months she said I looked sick. I didnt realise you release huge amounts of cortisol when you train like this.
    I was pretty burnt out too as I was doing weights and jiu jitsu too.

    1. I have been playing with different versions of HIIT cardio and really like the one I am on currently.
      I do 10 seconds on 50 seconds off on a treadmill at Speed 12 and incline 12. I do this for 40 minutes 5 days a week. M, T, Th, Fri, Sun. Wed and Sat are leg days so I give the running a break. I find it is the right balance, for me, of getting my heart rate up and body into a fat burning mode.

  18. This ab guy is hilarious. His stuff reminds me of those spam pop up windows, “how I won 1000$ within an hour sitting at home eating cheetos doing forex trading”.

  19. Every time I see an article from that chinese non-six-pack having manlet I always have to laugh
    i didn’t even read this one, did he try to pimp his ANCIENT CHINESE SECRET and his own FAT BURNING PRODUCT again?

  20. Knew I was gonna enjoy reading the comments on this sponsored post more than the article itself before scrolling down.

  21. #2 is spot-on. I lost 100 pounds between the winter of 2005 and fall of 2006, and that was a key reason why.

  22. Just take the cash from Vince the “Slap-chop!” guy…I NEED to see that sponsored post…he is the best pitchman of alltime

  23. I still don’t understand what physique is. I’m pretty sure an unofficial definition would be ” bodybuilding, without the legs” but I’m not really sure how that’s worded in actual definitions.

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