10 Reasons Why San Francisco’s Women Are Worse Than Toronto’s

For a while I have been wondering why ROK hasn’t written much about San Francisco and its women. Here are several major reasons why you can safely skip gaming in San Francisco from a nearly 17-year resident of this city:

1. It Is The Epicenter Of Careerist Feminism


You won’t find a place where women sacrifice more time and energy trying to prove that they can do whatever a man can, and that they can achieve the same corporate ranks, make the same amount of money, and have the same lifestyle as men – from sex life to the intensity of work outs. No personal cost is too high.

There is a price to be paid for eighteen-hour work days at the Silicon Valley start-ups, and that price is developing a scarier man-jaw than you would find anywhere else. The highest cost of living in the nation creates a swim-or-sink economy and mentality, where women become as aggressive about their jobs, finances and survival as guys are.

You will see both attractive and extremely unattractive women act like they are God’s gift, because they went to a top school and have good jobs, and they have been brainwashed into believing that being overconfident and acting like a man is the right way to be in order to make it here.

2. Herd Mentality is Rampant 

cows herd mentality

Every girl does the same thing for a living (recruiting or marketing) and wears exactly the same clothes—yoga pants, bright Nike shoes, sunglasses, iPhone in one hand and a bottle of water in the other. Lulu Lemon is not fashion here; it’s a clan.

The hobbies among women are also remarkable similar: most girls do yoga, spin classes, run marathons, and go to baseball games not because that’s what they really like to do, but because everyone else is doing it. Standing an hour in line to get a seat at the latest trendy, overrated restaurant, won’t deter anyone, despite how many restaurant options there might be around with no lines.

3. The Land Of Smartphone Drones


The women here are more glued to their smartphones than anywhere else. They literally never look up, even though this is the city where you have all the reasons to look around, due to its pedestrian friendly environment, natural beauty, and plenty of opportunities for people watching.

I am sure that if I sat next to a girl on a bus or metro for a 30 minute ride, she would not be able to identify me in a line-up a minute after I get off. This isn’t that different in coffee shops or restaurants. The girls here have no situational awareness whatsoever.

4. Unprecedented Female Arrogance Driven By Extremely Thirsty, Passive Men


Sometimes I hear conversations between two girls about how they sort through the guys who are interested in them, as if they were models. The moment I look at them, I cringe and wonder if the guys they are talking about are legally blind. But then again—who can blame those women, if they continue receiving attention from handsome, desperate Ivy League grads with seven figure incomes.

5. The Capital of Manly Women

inspiration women empowerment

There has to be extra testosterone in the water, or else would there be so many women in the San Francisco area with low, manly voices who are interested in weight lifting, marathon running, and long hikes. Their eagerness to “prove” themselves and to “challenge” themselves defies the very notion of femininity.

6. Game Is Dead 


No one approaches anyone anymore. Period. Everyone is on OkCupid, Tinder, etc. Guys are out of practice and no longer have what it takes to make a move, and the girls are extremely unfriendly because they are also out of practice of dealing with guys who used to approach.

7. Women Are Too Busy   


Local women have been thoroughly brainwashed into believing that being overbooked and being a “challenge” makes them more attractive and desirable. Between very long work and school days, yoga, pilates, hiking, and texting, they simply have no time or energy left for any love or romance, however casual or serious it might be. And, if there is one place, where women follow “The Rules” of playing hard to get, that would be San Francisco.

8. The Land Of Butterflies


Because of the huge selection of single men, so many women never stop going on dates with random ones they meet online. They don’t really like or dislike anyone, so they end up going on a million 20 minute coffee dates expecting to be swept off their feet.

This of course almost never happens, and this arduous process makes those women extremely jaded and unexcited about dating or meeting someone new.

9. You Don’t Know What Flaking Is Until You Come to SF


The combination of #1, #7, #8 – working too hard, meeting too many guys and overbooking leads to fatigue, confusion, and the highest rates of flaking in the Western hemisphere

10. It’s Nothing Like New York City


People like comparing San Francisco to New York. There are some similarities in the way two cities look and feel, but when it comes to women and game, they couldn’t be more different. New York is the land of far friendlier, more approachable, less flaky, and waaaay more attractive women. Between Wall Street and a notorious fast-paced lifestyle, you would expect NY women to be worse, but they aren’t, as has been confirmed by Roosh and many comments.

San Francisco is a great city for many reasons. Dating, women, and game isn’t one of them. But then again—can any city be truly great if it’s lacking in those departments?

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327 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why San Francisco’s Women Are Worse Than Toronto’s”

      1. You forgot to mention the gay factor in SF.

        Shouldn’t that work in straight guys’ favor though?

        It would if it wasn’t for the massive amount of FAGHAGS in places like SF getting dicked by bisexual men who swing from pole to pouch like a monkey in heat, spreading exotic STD’s far and wide in the process.
        Proceed with caution:

    1. Does that have anything to do with the man jawed kunts? The queens would be shitting and pissing into the local water supply. Perhaps the fag hormones are ripping through the ecosystem…… they have no need for stool softener…..

    2. I don’t even think the gay factor matters anymore. None of the new breed of people moving in are gay. Don’t get me wrong its one of the gayest cities. But now a days its just lames.

  1. I would have thought SF was the worst due to a concrete foundation in feminism (now taken over by the gay community). Either way….I had a hunch about SF – good to get confirmation from the author.
    Yes..other men are the problem (too needy).
    Blow these women off on a regular basis – works like a charm. I see it as a win- win for men regardless. Who wants to be involved with another man dressed like a woman?

    1. I thought that the high percentage of gay men would balance the sex market, but yes, they contribute to the deluge of validation and attention whoring for career women. After all, a woman may do all of the thinks stated in the article with gay friends, safely away from any sexual intent.

      1. Honestly…would you want to spend your valuable time with many of these women, today?
        You have to ask yourself what do they really add to my life…my time is valuable.

        1. Lol, other than filming an unflattering documentary on them, there indeed is no point

        2. Besides sex, almost nothing at all. But hen again, I need sex from women. Luckily for me I don’t live in the anglosphere.

    2. Very interesting, I dug up some statistics:
      San Francisco Male to Female ratio: 100:97 (too many men)
      New York Male to Female ratio: 100:111 (not enough men)
      Source: http://www.maletofemaleratio.com/
      I remember reading a research article that even the slightest differences in male to female ratios in a city have a huge impact on the expectations of women and the dating climate. I’ll have to find that article sometime.

      1. I think the attitude (as a whole) between these two cities is relatively the same. Expectations may be a little different but the “sex and the city” philosophy (that women can have it all) travels well throughout the U.S..
        The reality is no one can ‘have it all’ – it’s why women deal in drama and these delusional worlds (make believe) so well.

      2. @disqus_1dE9EHUT6p:disqus “San Francisco Male to Female ratio: 100:97 ” – – – Not really an issue at all. A large number of those men prefer to be with other men. And a large number of those women like being around other women. So that ratio is irrelevant.

  2. It’s bad in San Francisco, but why exactly is it worse than in Toronto? The article isn’t clear on this. Points 1-9 seem to be equally applicable to Toronto (so I’ve heard). These points are descriptive of trends that plague the West, although some places (like SF and Toronto) seem to take it to another level.

    1. Kinda sad commentary on society when Pauly Shore is more feminine than most Western women.
      San Franpsycho has long been the Petri dish of modern Liberalism for quite some time.

      1. I think someone should throw that petri dish out, it’s got liberalus ignoramus festering in it.

        1. I think it’s just a matter of time before San Andreas has another hot flash.

    2. Anti you are a crucial factor that makes this site so entertaining. I salute you brother.

    3. I didnt see one latina in the clip. Dont waste your time on white girls. Dont go any lower than 1st or 2nd generation latina.They still have femininity and old school beliefs. Just dont look like this shmuck. He wouldnt get women anywhere until he becomes a head writer or director in L.A.

      1. I don’t think he would do well with the Latin girls either, they like their men to be masculine. He really needs to reevaluate what he’s doing wrong, he comes off as weak and whiney. Just an observation from the video.

      2. White women will be responsible for the demise of the white race. Now excuse me while I go bang some latinas…

    4. Wait? Are saying ugly jewish guys can’t pull self-absorbed LA models unless they make a lot of money? When did this start happening?

  3. There is no definitive proof in here that ‘it is worse than Toronto’. I’m still convinced Toronto is the worst. We have an SJW government in power, a sex education written by a guy who is being sentenced on child porn charges and women taking up >50% of all public sector jobs.
    Source: I live near Toronto and thankfully not in Toronto.
    When in Toronto, drive with your window up. You might get a serious case of the pretentious SJW-itis.

    1. Its purely subjective but what isn’t objective is that they are both bullshit cities.

      1. Damn, that’s a shame, not that it’s really surprising for Toronto. Action Bronson is entertaining. Their loss.

  4. The cure for all this madness is really very simple
    -I aint lookin for nothing in anyones eyes
    Bob Dylan

  5. Hallelujah. Left that goddamn place 12 years ago, never looked back, never even been back. Now I am a happy New Yorker and, yeah, the women …

    1. Great choice for a place to live! New York is the best city in America for a lot of reasons. And the women, they come at you from every side and location!

  6. So sad, SFO is a fine city, but, it all went to shit when it became a festering hive of leftism. One bright spot is the observation that women are desperate and men are avoiding them. Its funny, I had another window opened at the same time. It was a article about robotics and automation. Just when women think they’re being “all that”, we have to zoom out a little and see the bigger picture, which is that life and these “challenges” they say they heroically face have never been easier because life, in general, has never been easier. So it just exposes all their “rah rah” stuff as antics. Hell, many companies are going to 4.5 day weeks.

  7. So what’s the other option women in the west have? If they’re not working and living off of “daddy” aka government what should they do? These women are not desirable because they work? Should they just sit around at their parents house until a red pill man swoops in and marries her and they go on to live a happy traditional life? Should women take a gamble and just avoid education and work to become more desirable to men? No snarkiness please I just want a serious answer.

      1. But that’s unrealistic. Everyone’s competing against each other in the west.

        1. Men compete against other men for manly things. Women find the winners attractive.
          Women compete against other women on feminine things and men find those attractive.
          When women try to compete against men for manly things, men do not find this attractive.
          The independent career woman that has a high paying executive job, although these things make a man attractive to women, DO NOT make a woman attractive to men.
          How many times have you heard women in the pinnacle of their career are still miserable and can’t win a guy?

    1. Work and don’t act like it’s “All I’m focused on!”. It’s not, and we know it.
      Work out and don’t brag about it. Everybody now says they work out, it’s not unique that you do in any way, shape, or form.
      Travel and be honest who pays for it. And also who pays for the fake boobs and the Michael Kors bags. We know it’s either your Daddy or Sugar Daddy. Saying otherwise is like calling the sky green.
      Be honest about what you want in a man and if it’s superficial (height, certain race, certain income, particular accent, etc.), still go with it. Better than wasting other men’s time AND your own.

        1. Exactly. Sitting at a desk in an air-conditioned office at a job your aunt got you and taking a bunch of selfies and saying “OMGGGG work suxxx and I give no fucks OMG OMG!” on them isn’t “work”.

  8. I know they make for great pics for their Tinder profile and all, but how many of these “marathon runners” actually complete them in a somewhat reasonable, respectable amount of time? Only so few people on Earth can finish them without stopping at all, are these twats going the whole way with minimal (if any stops) before bragging about “running” them?

    1. I’m wondering that myself…I mean the math just doesn’t add up. I’ve been athletic all my life. Played sports in HS etc, Marine Infantry, Officer. I’ve had 5% body fat and ultra ripped. Gents – I’m not bragging, I just know what it takes. And its not just the physical side its the mental too. What I mean is that when I’ve stayed late at the gym (i.e. being yelled at because I was still working out and its 7:58 when the gym closes at 8) that’s what it takes and I’ve never seen a female take it to that level. And, not only can they not do it (most can’t) but they don’t have the attitude to do it. So, when I see all these 26.6 stickers on cars and then see a unimpressive female driving that couldn’t pass the presidents physical test (circa 80’s and 90’s (its an embarrassingly easy test)….its just doesn’t make sense.

      1. You nailed it, and I can relate to your anecdotes on so many levels. There is “running” a marathon and there is “doing” a marathon and they’re two different things. If it took you from 7am to 7pm to finish as you stopped frequently (must take the obligatory selfies and post them, the Betas they are a-waitin’!) and texted much of the way and otherwise only did a light jog every now and then when you felt so inclined, that isn’t impressive in the least and the “26.6” sticker on your car is a fraud. That would be akin to bragging you own one single share of Apple.
        Don’t even get me started on women’s lack of attitude or motivation in the gym. It’s more about fashion than function with them. If they at least show up and half-ass it then apparently that’s “good enough” for most of them. It’s particularly comical when you see them smiling as they do sets.

        1. Yep. And, it degrades anyone who legitimately runs a marathon. There must be a connection to the whole trophy for everyone dynamic. And this whole bumper sticker shit has too stop I mean its just getting pathetic. Its rarer than 26.6 but every so often I see a “tri” and I think to myself. When I’m at the beach (I live in the Northeast). I’m one of the only people in the water (because its usually very cold). I do not see these heroic chicks jumping in and doing laps. Matter of fact at the Y proportionally there are way more people in the gym than in the pool (which is heated). So, I’m like, you wouldn’t even put your toe in the water and I’m suppose to believe you swam a mile?

        2. I cringe at the thought of swimming a mile in a natural body of water. I don’t have the mental gall for it and at least I’m honest. In an Olympic pool doing laps for the total distance of a mile where I can see the other end and see the bottom of the pool, sure (although I’m not conditioned for that right now today, again being honest. It isn’t the same conditioning as running or hiking or martial arts, everything is different as you well know). Plus, how many people REALLY know how to swim, with proper form? THAT many?? Doubt it. I know how to “not drown” and stay afloat and thrash from one end of the pool to the next, sure. But to swim properly, like competitors do? Not in the least. In fact, nobody I know on a good, personal level does!
          See how easy it is to lie for attention and Beta Likes? Doesn’t take much, does it?

        3. Bingo! I’m a decent swimmer myself, but, I agree most people aren’t very good. Anyone that can compete more than likely were a swimmer in high school or something like that. Again, its not that popular of a sport, although its a darn good one. So, where does that leave us? Its unfortunate but women lie and they could care less about swimming or running they just want to fit in. So, do you think many of them just put those stickers o their car even if they didn’t do anything?

        4. The majority of America is bereft of pools in their backyard anyway and I have a hard time believing very many people enroll their kids in swimming lessons and they stick with them for years and then compete or practice for their own edification using proper form as they get older. People enroll their kids in what resembles “lean how not to drown” more than actual swimming lessons.

        5. Indeed, and I have never seen someone doing laps in a backyard pool. Cannonballs, games of Marco Polo, the swirl…sure thing.

        6. Truth. I stopped doing mud run events because I have seen them overwhelmed with fatties that walk the courses and bail on the obstacles after making single, half-assed attempts. The maudlin attention seeking and quests for validation via social media by fatbodies cheapened finishing things that I trained for months to do well. I still hit the trails and ruck a bunch, but privately with a group of friends, and we get satisfaction from competing with, and helping each other. No Instagram needed.

        7. Because its not about the instagram. Its about accomplishing things that most people can’t. And, what these fatties at the mud runs and elsewhere don’t get is that they may get the trophy but it means nothing and it takes the appeal (which is what they’re really after) of saying I did this or that and substantially waters it down. I mean to the point where its like, oh you say you’ve done a marathon? So what? Oh and you’re about 25 lbs overweight, bowlegged, dis-proportioned and flabby.

        8. Also @ivymikecafe:disqus they’ve made just about everything meaningless by tainting it with their feigned attention-whore centric interest in them to where I don’t even like discussing them with anybody anymore, lest everybody else think I’m just doing it to be trendy and fit in just like… everybody else, even though deep down I know the truth and I’ve like these things my entire life. I love comic books and video games and have since the 1980s but won’t even talk about them anymore. Some thing were just better when only the weird kids used to like them. At least I still have my heavy metal and horror films. For now!

        9. Was just thinking about all the new runners I’ve seen in May. Didn’t see you guys in January – it was just me and the ducks in the cold, cold rain…

      2. And don’t forget that women marathon runners that can actually compete look like below. You know, mannish.

        1. Yeah, but anyone that is a fit athlete has a certain build to them and you can just tell. But then you have these frumpy and dumpy looking women, many of them are thin, but, you look at them and you’re just like – you’d have trouble lifting a gallon of milk. And somehow you’ve done all these feats of fitness?

        2. To be good at something you actually need to have an interest in it first. They just signed up at a gym in January, bought a shit ton of spandex and some neon Asics and a hat that says something like “GYMAHOLIC” (what’s with always wearing the hat cockeyed, too??) and are suddenly posting on Instagram every meal they eat and gym selfies every day to validate it all with Beta Likes. There is no heart and soul in it, it’s herd mentality at its finest, textbook form. One sees a prettier and thinner girl doing it and getting Beta attention all day (either in public or social media) then another copycats her, then another, then another, from one coast to the next. Why you would place ANY value in something everybody else does anyway is behind me! Respect is something you earn, not demand!

        3. You should bang- their bodyfat is so low they would never ever ever get pregnant…

        4. The one on the right is pretty Cryptkeeper looing. The one on the left might serve as a six-month drought breaker, if I ever got to that level.

        5. Who have to dedicate lots and lots of time, plus, make many other sacrifices such as not drinking to even get close to that level above. So, when you see the average 26.6er and all her bad habits I smell a lot of bullshit. women today are sounding a lot like the hedge fund mangers in the mid 2000s…on cnbc it was always here is so and so from blank capital, he’s a hecta athlete, golden gloves boxer, on # of charity boards, works 28 hours a day and only sleeps 3 hours a night. ??? I literally got to be that bad, but, they said it. I hear the same ego-driven lunacy from women today. At least the HF managers had some grounds for their inflated ego.

        6. She worked as a prison guard and drove a TransAm — no shit. It was a blind date set-up and I willed myself to bang her just for the stories. She lived in a basement suite and slept in a bunk bed — seriously — because any dough she made was for car payments, supplements and travel expenses for fitness competitions.

        7. Look, nothing against you, but that is because we simply do not find that attractive, period. Alternatively, women find men who are like that attractive. And, so what? I mean, that women you described and the ones above, I believe they don’t even get their periods any longer.

      3. Let’s be honest though and admit that a man’s gotta work a hell of a lot harder to achieve the men’s fitness model-level physique than does a woman to achieve what we would think of as attractive.

        1. Of course. But that’s the rub isn’t it. You have to put out, period. No exceptions, if you cheat you only cheat yourself. I just don’t see that kind of hard core attitude in women. Yet, they insist (its one of their “rights) to be recognized and carry themselves as if they did put out akin to a dedicated man. And I think its toxic because for the man who is putting out to see that some people can get what you have without working or working as hard…you’re just like well, fuck this then.

        2. “man’s gotta work a hell of a lot harder to achieve the men’s fitness model-level physique”
          Oh man, you hit this one right on the head. Drives me nuts when I hear girls complain that the women in mags/billboards are “so unrealistic”. Bitch, please. The only thing unrealistic about those women is that they have fake tits. Everything else they have (tight body, thin, nice hair) it attainable by 90% of the female population (at least when they are young).
          I used to train people and do consults for people in the bodybuilding circuits years ago. You would not fucking believe the difference in the male vs. female competitiors. The men, to be competitive were, without exception:
          1) Lots of drugs (steroids, HGH, insulin, lots of shit you’ve never heard of with unknown safety profiles)
          2) Working out 6 days a week, sometimes 12 (split sets morning/night)
          3) Eating a diet that would make your fucking head spin. Waking up 3 times a night to eat rice and fucking chicken breast.
          4) Cardio
          5) Synthol (this was less common, but it’s the only way to bring up lagging muscle groups in some cases)
          Basically, they were treating their body like a temple and, on top of that, taking tons of drugs to try to raise their potential far above what nature intended.
          Now contrast that to the women:
          1) Fake tits
          2) Eat reasonable diet
          3) Run on treadmill
          That’s fucking it. And those women had what most people would consider “the perfect body” 365 days a year. Most of the males looked like fucking death for 3/4’s of the year (fat, bloated), good for about 1/4 of the year (when they were cutting) and incredible (like you see in the magazines) for about a week a year. One fucking week. All those drugs, all that time in the gym, all that dedication… For one fucking week..
          And women say that our standards are ridiculous. I have no idea what fucking planet they are on. I know others disagree, but IMHO, it’s nearly impossible to get a “wow” male body today without some significant steroid use. Women have elevated male standards to the point that a normally trained man (even one who’s genetically gifted) just doesn’t stand out. 99% of the men you see on magazine covers are on HGH/steroids.
          All women have to do to make it into the top 10% of female looks is NOT FUCKING EAT LIKE A PIG. They can make it into the top 5% if they workout on top of that, and probably top 2% if they get fake tits to go with their size 2 bodies. We’re talking about 1% of the effort it takes a man to climb to that level.
          Which, of course, is why many men just give up. If you’re not willing to go all in, you’re not going to make yourself stand out with your body anyway. Better to spend your time making money and get a set of Lambo keys. That’ll open more legs anyway and is more attainable (without the intrinsic risks it takes to get the “perfect male body”) for the vast majority of the population.
          Women’s standards are the ridiculous ones and yet, somehow it’s become men who are chastised for being unreasonable. 10% of the US population makes over 100K/yr. That means that, for many women, only 1/10 guys are “good enough” for them financially. 100% of the female population COULD be a healthy weight. 100 fucking percent. And yet, women looking for money is “You go girrrl”, while men looking for someone who’s not pre-diabetic and doesn’t weigh more than them is “fat shaming” and being “unreasonable”?!

        3. Preach, brother. Truer words were never spoken!
          What does a woman have to do to look attractive? Not get fat. That’s it, that’s all.

        4. Yes, sir you are absolutely correct. Thank-you.
          The female image is based on a young fertile woman. That’s it. Might be hard, but cry me a river.
          The male image is based on a starving battle-hardened warrior who has just won (earned) his right to eat.
          Plus now we have to share time in the gym with women (grrrr!!) that think that male image is also for them, that looking like a man is female empowerment.
          Would I like to bring back battles to the death? Every day, e.v.e.r.y goddamnd.a.y.

        5. Me too, the “tude” that some of these women display is like eating glass. Indeed, bring back death battles. And I think that’s what Aaron Clarey was really saying. Where do women get the warped perverse idea that being like a man is empowering? Answer the fucking fake ass media and fucking social engineering movies like mad max.

        6. The program of the body is to reproduce early on, than die once it has no more survival challenges.
          This is why brief fasting periods cause a delay in the rate of disease processes, and why exercise delays the system of decrepitude, Once you have become easy on your body, Nature has decided that you are useless, and so it starts to lower your anti-inflmmatory genes, makes you miserable, fat, and sick , the heart becomes weak, Your resistance to neurosis lowers, ETC
          You dont have a choice but to lift if you want to live your full life

        7. Keeping it real. Women only need to be “fit”. Men need to take it to a whole other level be jacked, or cut, or ripped.

      4. Also @ND52:disqus and @disqus_qVJligEDqm:disqus I snipered this pic in my gym this week because it both made me chuckle and made my skin crawl. You see lots of average, clearly newbie women in the gym wearing shit like this all the time. All I can say is thank HELL she doesn’t have the time! Entitlement is a funny creature, to say the least!

        1. Good fucking grief! Leave it to women to find new ways to be obnoxious. It’s like – oh sure, you have NO time for anyone’s shit, because your’e sooooo focused. Right…gossiping, facebooking taking selfies long ass rest times between sets. You can just see the hamsters running upstairs at Dicks sporting goods. Oh, well, I need gloves, and this useless accessory and that useless accessory. No wonder they pushed women into fitness they made it an excuse to buy more worthless shit.

        2. Yeah well consider yourself blessed I cut out her face!
          These shirts with slogans and catchphrases are beyond reprehensible. Anybody who exercises religiously, KNOWS HOW, and does it through thick and thin (no sleep, strep throat, aching from head to toe) doesn’t need to advertise it on themselves or social media for external validation as if it’s crack cocaine (which it is like for women). It just is, and always will be.
          My younger brother had a girl recently pick out exercise clothes for him because (her words) “You look like a peasant in the clothes you wear!” As if the goddamn CLOTHES make or break the effectiveness of your exercise, not you yourself?? Only women would do something idiotic like put fashion over function into something where it has no relevance at all. Only women!

        3. shirts like this at the gym make me ask “What would Rocky do?”

        4. here is me choosing his wardrobe:
          sweatshirt with burgess meredith image on it, quote is “Women. Weaken. Legs.”

        5. I used to wear a torn sleeved USMC shirt (old and raggy) and lacrosse shorts. No gloves, no slogans, just good shoes, if needed my work out routine and, above all, a huge unyielding disciplined attitude to succeed. And that also includes all the things I did outside the gym when there was no need for slogan shirts such as maintaining a strict diet.

        6. She obviously hasn’t had time for the gym, either. That’s where her focus needs to be…not on the shirt she is going to wear to the gym (to ward off “perceived” advances).
          No one’s taking that pig home.

        7. So, now, all of the gay men will hit on him with his fashionable workout gear. Fuck, tell him he’s “crossed over”.

        8. Yeah, really. I have five of the exact same outfit for five days a week in the gym. Asics wrestling shoes (I’d go barefoot but the gym forbids it, rightfully so for insurance reasons) I only wear to the gym, black Champion sweatpants and a white Hanes V-neck shirt. If you want me to get technical also black Under Armour socks I only wear to the gym and Hanes boxer briefs (I only wear those anytime, anywhere). The other two days of the week are a judo gi for practice. There’s my seven day exercise wardrobe without slogans, graphics, catchphrases or neon. And hey, it’s worked like a charm for more or less my entire life!

        9. She may have heard Kim Kardashian say it, probably in the exact same scenario.

        10. nothing is more turn off to any men than seeing an arrogant female with chip on her shoulder who thinks she is all that.

        11. Well, if she said it, and it sounded like she said it whilst gargling with a bag of cocks, then she would have heard it from Kim, because Beverly Hills High School had a spelling bee and Bruce made her memorise all the “p” words for some reason.

        12. How is this a turn-off. Maybe she doesn’t have time to hang out with her bon-bon eating, donut shaped girlfriends. All you gotta do is youtube “Embrace: Documentary,” and you’ll see what a young woman is dealing with! Fat chicks telling her she’s wasting her time! Get over yourself, the shirt is not necessarily directed at you or any other guy in the gym!

      5. About the girls running marathons. You hit it on the head about being mental. I don twant to fucking run 24 miles, nor did I want to stay at home on a Friday in HS or college to get straight A’s. The mentality of a lot of the people, both man and female, in SF is that they set there mind for something (like going to Harvard or running a marathon) and stick with it. Which is why marathons and triathlons are so popular in SF. They don’t take athleticism!! They take the mental ability to stick with it. And these events take socially awkward folks in with open arms because there is no team, go ahead and have a weird conversation in your head for 4 hours of exercise while training, no one will call you out afterwards at a bar with your teammates cuz there are no teammates to pick you last in PE class.
        I live in SF, and most of this article hit it on the head… Except, because of all the beta guys it is actually somewhat easy to get laid in SF. Now, there are really no 8’s, 9’s or 10’s to speak of, like NONE. But a semi attractive 5 or 6 with a huge ego, I get those once a month or so. (It’s what I have to work with in my surroundings- pac heights,marina, and Polk) if I slum it to the mission then I make fun of myself for being a “bro” read alpha, and the self denigrating schtick works.
        You want 8’s and 9’s??? Go to in Vegas, Scottsdale, Mexico, and abroad. Love vacation pussy.

    2. It’s a white girl “bucket list” thing now. They just want that selfie at the finish line with their medal. Fortunately, you can look up anyone’s race time/pace and ask why it took them so long.

        1. And get the credit for it. Ouch, I don’t hate the concept, I just dislike the name…just call it tough mother. It sounds so juvenile.

    3. It’s all about the herd mentality. All other women are doing it so they all follow each other. It’s more attention whoring at it’s finest and they are not running the marathon to better a previous time…they are running and walking it..just to fit in.
      It’s a social thing that they are all doing…nothing else. If many were running it, then you wouldn’t see so many overweight women in this country (U.S.).

      1. As I said in a previous comment, “running” a marathon and “doing” a marathon are two completely different things.
        And of course, if one sees a prettier and thinner woman do ANYTHING and getting truckloads of attention from Betaville, she copies it. Then her friend copies her. Then another. Then another until epidemic status. It’s not complicated whatsoever. Throw in an opportunity to take selfies and get lavished with more Beta attention and Likes and you have a magic bullet formula for saying you’re “passionate” about anything, namely marathons/exercise nowadays.

  9. I lived in the Bay Area for a few years and have many friends who live in SF. I can confirm much of what is said in the article; SF is a truly rotten dating city. #4 is a huge point; while salaries in the city are the highest in the US, and there probably isn’t a place where there are more young men making $100k+ per year, most of these guys have absolutely zero game whatsoever. Even though they have no chance with girls at bars, they still flock there every day to where the ratios at the bars are hilarious – I’m talking 5 dudes per girl. Because of that, girls are eager to blow you out even if you make one wrong move. SF doesn’t have a big “high end” scene like Miami, LA, or Vegas, and the yuppie bar scene (Polk St, the Marina) is full of mediocre but ridiculously stuck up chicks. What struck me most about those girls is just how absolutely BORING they are. They don’t even have bad personalities… they just don’t have personalities.
    When I visit SF, I prefer to go to more unusual venues, such as raves, dance parties, even gay bars. Most of the tech guys are terrified to go to those places, so there are way more cute girls that are far more approachable and fun. Its possible to have a great time with girls in SF, you just need to look outside of the box.

    1. SF doesn’t have a big “high end” scene like Miami, LA, or Vegas, and the yuppie bar scene (Polk St, the Marina) is full of mediocre but ridiculously stuck up chicks. What struck me most about those girls is just how absolutely BORING they are. They don’t even have bad personalities… they just don’t have personalities.

      5’s who they’re 10’s is a rapidly exploding phenomenon in this country.

      1. I heard that in SF the real meaning of 49rs means women who are 4s who act like they are 9s.

      2. Im from the SF area too. The biggest problem is that being skinny and semi successful makes them think they ARE 10s, because they do make more than 90% of women, and they are skinny unlike half of women. Put that together and they think they should be picking from the best of the best, instead of being glad any successful guy is talking to them. +1 for being boring is hell to talk to, and for having identical worthless hobbies (yoga, hiking, running 5ks or more).
        My plate was telling me excitingly how shes taken painting classes, glass blowing, scuba courses, and was thinking about Kite boarding. I said straight faced “Have you considered taking a class your future husband might appreciate like cooking, or massage or cleaning classes?”

    2. What struck me most about those girls is just how absolutely BORING they are. They don’t even have bad personalities… they just don’t have personalities.
      Dude I’ve lived in San Diego , Los Angeles, and the Bay. It’s the same all the way down the coast. I’ve noticed that affluence and boring personalities go hand in hand. They have nothing to offer which is why they take so much emphasis on appearances.

      1. I’ve lived in San Diego for a short while. Soooo many beautiful women who seem starving for attention. Yeah, not overly bright, but so what?
        You really don’t need to come up with a better opening line than “hello” to get a response from a solid 8-9 out there.

        1. In this instance your right. They are more approachable then LA women. But that’s not saying a whole lot. They’re still boring as fuck, with no personality with ego’s through the roof. I’ll take Chi town or New York over So cal anyday.
          Dont get me wrong there is alot of things to do in so cal. Weather is good. Weed is practically legal. I could go on. ..

  10. 4. Unprecedented Female Arrogance Driven By Extremely Thirsty, Passive Men

    This is everywhere. Maybe not to the extremes as in SF but men across the country are slowly but surely devolving into sissified, insecure little boys.

    1. That’s some truth. And the sad thing is, if these guys started acting more aggressive and outcome independent, they’d get laid a lot more than acting like a bitch. I’ve taken this approach in the past few years and it really does work. We live in a world of abundance-no need for that scarcity “oneitis” mentality anymore.

      1. I’m a former mangina and I’ve seen it from both sides of the aisle so to speak. Once you take the red pill there’s no going back.

        1. The vast majority of men were once “beta” but experience is a wise teacher. Nothing to be ashamed of as long as you’ve now seen the light and follow the right path going forward

        2. If I was ashamed I never would’ve admitted to it to begin with @disqus_HP9YXnkYIN:disqus.
          But nevertheless, I don’t blame anyone for my single-mother upbringing—-it was what it was and how could I have known better.after having “women just love nice guys” advice rained on me 24/7/365?

  11. I travel a lot for work and spend quite a bit of time in SF. Almost all of what was said above is dead on. However, there’s another latent threat in SF that I’ve never seen anywhere else in the US to the same level.
    Go to any mid/high end bar in SF and start hitting on a girl. There’s an 80% chance she’s a pro. Go to a really high end bar and that likelyhood starts to approach 100%. Never in my entire life have I spoken to more hookers than in SF. It seems that anyone at a bar who’s even moderately attractive is a very likely a hooker.
    Which got me thinking. Are these girls really “all pro” or are they just using this as a “backup strategy” when they go out? For example, go to the bar looking for someone who makes them hot, if they can’t find him, see if they can sell their pussy to someone who’s “good enough”. None of these girls seem to be very obvious about it (most of them just look like any other girl dressed up for a night out; that is, dressed like a hooker), so I really do wonder if there’s some “blending” going on here.
    I mean, it’s not really that much of a stretch. Go out, have a guy buy you drinks all night and then sleep with him. Go out, have a guy buy you drinks all night, then ask for 200 bucks to “get your car fixed” before sleeping with him.
    Now, before anyone accuses me of being a moral crusader, I’m all for hookers. Lowers the price of pussy for all women and, if you’re in a sexual rut, can be a great way to get your groove back. But, man alive, the pervasiveness of it in San Fran is something I’ve never seen anywhere else in the world (granted, I’ve never been to the Orient).

        1. Actually, prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas. It is legal elsewhere in Nevada, however.

        2. Its illegal for hotels to operate as brothels in las vegas. But freelancers are openly tolerated, they hand out marketing materials on the sidewalk, with pics and prices.

      1. If you start talking to a hot girl at a bar in Vegas she will feign actual interest in you for about fifteen minutes before saying “So are we going to do this or not?”, meaning the transaction.

    1. Gold diggers chasing the tech boom. Relocating from las vegas. AirBnB rental. Online dating profile.

    2. Prostitution in Toronto is dying out because of the new laws (legal to sell sex, illegal to purchase sex). Saw an article in the paper about how strip-clubs in the city are starting to close down.
      Men with money and a reputation to protect are going MGTOW, even from the local hookers.

      1. “(legal to sell sex, illegal to purchase sex).” Gee that’s very strange… Um, doesn’t A cause B??

        1. Blame the Conservative government for fucking that one up until the laws get struck down by the Supreme Court. Again.

        2. It’s the Swedish model. A Feminazi’s wet dream. Backed by such luminaries as Jimmy Carter.
          Basically it works like this: Man gets caught with prostitute. Police raid and confiscate the money the guy was going to pay prostitute. Prostitute gets nothing. Guy gets a rap. Lose-lose all round. Except for the pigs and the Feminazis.

        1. I may or may not soon.
          I’m saving money his summer but afterwards I have a choice btw two opportunities. The rarer one is in Toronto and I found it through hustling my ass off so I’m reluctant to make a hasty decision.

        2. Prostitution is dying in Toronto because of the collapse of the local economy.
          Everyone in Toronto needs a million dollar house and this is destroying discretionary spending.
          Talking to a whore about her business is a leading indicator of state of the economy,

        3. So the banks will fuck Toronto due to its denizens’ vanity. Schadenfreude 🙂

        4. I couldn’t think of a reason to stay in Toronto except for the money, actually …
          It used to be profitable to flip new condos in Toronto before they reached completion, so that was enough reason about ten years ago to hang around Toronto. Hopefully your situation is at least as lucrative as that bubble was for those who were smart enough to get out of it early.
          That’s really the point — know when it’s time to go.
          Good luck with getting your funds on …

        1. Because the laws continue to inch closer and closer to an anti-male society.

        2. Yup its a fucking ridiculous law because it pretty much sets up the male clients for blackmail.

        3. Ross, understand that the princesses of Toronto have to compete with hookers on how much they can milk men for money. Princesses naturally hate competition and want to starve men of their options.
          These same princesses hate foreign women for their natural attractiveness to men, seeing how men ditch them for the new immigrant. They sabotage their “friends” by encouraging them to cut their hair short. They also hate it when men go out of country to meet women.

        4. anonymouse They, they, they! Who gives a f*ck what they think! >:I “They sabotage their “friends” by encouraging them to cut their hair short.” – – – Some women look GREAT with short hair! Get over it!
          “They also hate it when men go out of country to meet women.” – – – and what “they” think matters how? You ain’t dating them, so why are you concerned about what ‘they’ think! >:I

        5. It matters when they’ve poisoned the social environment. It matters because quality women in those parts are very rare. It takes a lot of effort to find them and then you have to work that much harder because their SM value is through the roof. Even then it’s like picking corn out of a pile of turd, it’s still got some turd on it.
          If you’ve never traveled before (outside of the west) you wouldn’t know what a difference the environment makes.

      2. That selling sex is legal but buying it isn’t is fucking stupid an another form of a pussy pass. Make no mistake that law is made to give female hookers a free pass an nail the male johns. I don’t actually have a problem with prostitution as long as people aren’t being trafficked into it but if it’s illegal to buy it’s absolutely ridiculous for it to be legal to sell.

      3. Damn.
        Well, you have to admit how effective the shit is. But it is insanely unfair.

        1. It’s shockingly effective.
          Social engineering really does seem to be a real thing.

    3. The Bay Area has the most prostitutes I’ve encounted. NYC might have more. But the Bay Area is the worst. You got guys paying for some smelly on a nasty bitch. And we wonder why these broads have there attitude.

    4. I live in SF and I can agree to the fact that there has been an ever increasing number of prostitution in the area. This in thanks to the latest gold rush due to tech as well as the high number of nerds who can’t get laid easily due to the reasons mentioned in the article above. Prostitution is the easiest venue for these nerds to go to. Not surprisingly, it’s mostly East Indian fobs (on work visas from India) who are hiring these girls. There has been a sudden surge of pornstars now coming in and performing shows at the local strip clubs. Women like Bonnie Rotten, Nicole Aniston, and Lisa Ann come in multiple times a year to the Crazy Horse strip club in the city and make $$ thanks to tech nerds who have masturbated countless times to their pornhub videos and hold these women on a pedestal. If you are looking for hookers, they are all located in Union Square (SF’s version of Time Square) where all the tourists are. They are easily noticeable as they are all wearing hooker heels, and dresses that are really short. 98% of these hookers are ugly (missing teeth, way too much makeup to conceal acne and blemishes, fat guts, and ghetto trash). As much as I don’t blame nerds seeking the services of hookers, I just haven’t found one that I would trust my dick touching her with and not knowing what kind of diseases I may catch.

      1. Not to mention the gender imbalance (due to said nerds) and the general unattractiveness of the (white) females to begin with.

    5. Listen to Andre Nickatina’s (he’s from SF) music from the last 15 years. Guess what it’s all about?

  12. Why would men in those cities even want to game up women who already have 10 other dates lined up in addition to them? It’s no surprise a lot of men aren’t bothering to approach women with arrogant attitudes who have a ton of other dudes on their dating schedule and who are going to flake at any moment. What’s the incentive to approach these kind of women?

  13. why not go to the Richmond District or Daily City and find yourself a nice Chinese or Filippina girl? Why this obsession with white women?

    1. I’ve heard white guys commute out of SF to date asian nerd girl, but they are getting americanized and turning into Ellen Pao types.

    2. Americanized asian women act worse than white women sometimes; these type of women go extra length of acting dickish to try to prove something.

      1. @zyami:disqus “..these type of women go extra length of acting dickish to try to prove something.”- – -Yes, to prove they aren’t Asian! 😛

        1. what do you prefer? A yellow woman with mosquito tits of a great wall of china and flat ass and body of a 12 year old boy? or a real woman like black women with natural curves and ass? I pick black women for sure.

        2. black women look like men, they have tatoos, huge testesterone, scream like a men, punch like men, fight like an ape.

  14. SF will be very popular in the future. It has lots of metal and copper wiring that scavengers will want.

  15. Lotta well paid unmarried 30 something women out there…oh well

      1. The kind who needs her to help pay the mortgage on their criminally overpriced ranch style house 🙂

        1. Ha ha….. better keep up with the payments, then when things go bad you’re out on your ear and she has Julio the gardener banging the tits off her in your bed….. remember that once you’re more than two years living together and paying a mortgage together its a defacto marriage…..

      2. The kind thats grown up enough not to use phrases like “pump n dump” and think he’s a “man”.
        Grow up kid.

        1. You’re really obsessed with men aren’t you?
          Just come out of the closet dude.

        2. You’re obsessed with mens asses…yes you are… you say you have a wife…. she has a hairy man ass…. she doesn’t get it waxed as you love it… yes you do…

        3. Jeez man. You’re really obsessed aren’t you. Just go fap to some gay porn. You’ll be less stressed.

        4. Lol for a “straight” guy you’re sure obsessed with homosexual acts.
          Repression clearly.

        5. The fact is your wife has a hairy man ass…. admit it…. yes she does….. and balls and a cock too…. you actually married a man… yes you did….

        6. Nope. While I support her transition, I have zero fucks to give about that family.

  16. This is a fantastic rundown of the modern difficulties with running Game.
    I agree with the author (coming from TDot not SanFran) that approaching is becoming a lost art. If you approach a reasonably attractive woman she just pulls up her iPhone and pretends you do not exist. Or she’ll say some ill-mannered shit to you like “I’m not biting” with a scowl on her face, and you have to just roll with the punches.
    From the style and attitudes the author described I recognize all these tropes in Toronto women. But tbh I think the decent looking man-women leave Toronto to go to places like San Fran to make more money, leaving Toronto with the SJW slop.
    Everyone here knows I hate Toronto but perhaps this is just what happens to any city when some criteria are met. But what exactly are those factors?

    1. happened a few days ago to me at the laundromat. We happened to glance at one another(I caught her look over actually, a pretty woman for sure) she immediately stares down into her iSecurityblanket.
      Small talk is becoming a lost art- for both men and women. Its a empty laundromat, nothing going on, would you rather watch your laundry spin round and round or shoot the shit with another human?

      1. Go over and talk to her. Maybe she would be open and put that phone down. If not, then NEXT.

      2. Many of these women don’t know how to be social. They’ve been around as long as their security blanket (iPhone) and it’s all they know how to do (look down at phone).
        In a couple of years, there will be classes (big money market) that many will be able to take to learn how to socialize (without a phone present).
        That’s a free one for anyone who is interested in starting a business.
        I promise you …it will be huge in the next decade (many women will be approaching the wall and will need a “cure”).

        1. That’s actually a great idea.
          Ironically no one would need those classes… just go and fucking talk to somebody for free…
          But if you package it like Mike Chang’s 6 Easy Steps to Becoming More Social and Getting Six-Pack Abs, you’d make a killing.

        2. I remember the good ol days, pre 2009, when you might actually strike up a conversation, with a girl or guy, as there werent many smart phones…seems like forever ago…
          now, it goes like this:
          she texts her friend “OMG, this guy is trying to make eye contact! creepy”
          “What does he look like? snap a picture when he isnt looking (I HATE that shit btw)
          “Hes not that bad, why not smile back at him?”
          “I have 3 dates lined up from XYZ site, they are better looking than he is.”
          “Oh just talk to him YOLO!”
          “Okay, but Im rusty lol”
          Meanwhile, I left the laundromat 5 minutes ago lololol

        3. I can tell you, Clark..from what I’ve seen over the past few decades, there are plenty of women who need this class.
          “Back when” there were a few girls or a group that might have been a little stuck up, had the bitch faces, etc…today, it’s all of them. No social skills whatsoever…not even a response to a friendly “Good Morning” or “hello” by a stranger.
          Not everyone is trying to fuck these women (especially the fat or ugly ones) all of the time. It’s just a common courtesy. Today, when you say something it’s as if you’re speaking a foreign language or you’re from a different planet. It’s sad…but I’ve watched the changes from generation to generation. Young women, today, are very socially awkward and their phone is their security blanket.

        4. the other side of it…..low self esteem. Many women have it. I’ll usually look at a situation and I’ll remind myself that most women have very low self esteem and they think (or know) that some part of them is “just not right”. Too fat, bad hair day, not dressed right, etc… (especially the weight issue).
          I keep this in mind whenever I’m out in the “wild” observing them. I use it to my advantage, often.

        5. It is hard to differentiate sometimes if a girl is a total bitch or is just socially retarded.

        6. I think it’s a little bit of both. Back when…girls could at least be social (even if not interested). They, at least, would say “hi” back (without the attitude). Today, it’s all about the fear tactic (every man is a rapist or out to get you) that keeps many of them at bay.
          Someone needs to sit them down and explain “no,…you’re honestly not that attractive enough for every man to want you. Yes, maybe a few of them but the rest do not care.”

        7. It’s true man.
          On my Facebook I see girls that were once childhood friends joining te Sjw parade. They say things like “we need more support to end the rape culture” and I’m left scratching my head.
          Not a one of you has been raped… I’ve known you since we were kids, what exactly are you talking about?
          It’s depressing man.
          Perfectly normal girls that are scared of everything, when they’re living some of te most comfortable lives in the history of the world. It’s ridiculous.

        8. I think it’s all about the attention thing. Many women need to be that center of attention…any way that they can get it (through a parade or a rock star).
          It’s sad but all true. You see so many examples of it today.

        9. Socializing these turds is a less attractive job than working in a sewage plant.

        10. “Can I give you a pound for some 20p coins?”
          [tap tap tap] “this guy has three wallets full of coins and won’t give me five for the dryer …”
          “OMG so rude!”
          [tap tap tap] “i know but he looks nice …”
          “maybe you should talk to him!”
          [tap tap tap] “he’s busy putting his clothes in all of the dryers …”
          “OMG SO RUDE!!!!!”
          Bitch, I won’t give you coins because I don’t want you in the way of my getting my laundry done — I have more important shit to do later. 🙂

        11. I propose a Gedankenexperiment: What techniques work best to deal with low self-esteem women who are acceptably decent in the looks department?
          Call me Machiavellian, but I’ve long been a fan of the “agree and amplify” method — yes, you’re a bit shit, m’love, but I’m in a bit of a mood tonight, so as long as you dial your bullshit down to zero for a while …

        12. Mike Chang’s 6 Easy Steps to Getting Takeaway With Extra Beta Males Attached 🙂

        13. “Caveman game” works on the socially retarded, but doesn’t necessarily work on the total bitch. It can work with “oblivion game” if you carry the attitude of not giving a shit about the results very well.
          I offer this semi-condensed field report as an illustration …
          I’m at a louche purveyor of health-conscious items somewhere in America when I notice a younger Lisa Loeb-like chick with glasses giving me more than the once-over and looking like she’s going to gnaw her lower lip off. She’s with a shrubly guy who isn’t bad in the looks department, but he’s clueless, and she looks even more clueless with those “NOM NOM NOM ME MUST HAVE THIS OTHER GUY NOM NOM NOM” gestures.
          I walk over to her and say, “Hi, I’ll be here in the shop for a while, pop over when you’re done”, and then I walk off.
          She catches up to me, and I proceed to lead her around parts of the shop, in full accordance with a mini-venue change. She’s friendly enough and clearly will follow me nearly anywhere, so I walk down the aisle with condoms and pick up a box of King Richard’s Health-Conscious Condoms or something like that.
          I say, “What I want to know is this … [holds the box in front of her] … Yes or No.”
          “Ummmm … YES.”
          “See, that wasn’t so difficult, was it …”
          My back and prostate gave me shit about that fucking for the better part of a week, which didn’t help because I had to be on a plane for about nine hours during that recovery time.
          [points out that “half your age plus seven” is crap compared to “half your age minus one”, provided that number comes out as being legal]
          Also, Daddy Issues Girls will keep your life enjoyable well past the date that “women your own age” would prefer you push off this mortal coil … 🙂

        14. I say, “What I want to know is this … [holds the box in front of her] … Yes or No.”
          I can’t believe that worked. Well played.

        15. That wasn’t planned — I didn’t have anything invested in the situation, so at the worst I’d have left and made my way to a pub …
          Sometimes the best things happen when you don’t think you have anything invested in the situation.

    2. Toronto isn’t a friendly city, that’s true. My husband and I have lived here most of our adult lives, but we both still have our small town roots which means we are friendly. More often than not, this can result in some really awkward situations. People just don’t know what to make of genuine friendliness, they are automatically suspicious. This is particularly true for me. If a man makes eye contact with me, I tend to smile. This results in one of two reactions: genuine alarm, or the assumption I’m trying to pick them up. Same goes for starting conversation. My husband just laughs “there goes my wife, accidentally picking up men again”. Anyhoo, I specifically went looking for you today, knowing we live in the same place. Why aren’t you all over the “tampon tax” ridiculousness? WTF? This shit is going to cost the government 33 million dollars, which I realise is a drop in the bucket, but really, in these cash strapped times, this is what we should be doing? I’d also like to point out, that as a woman, this is going to result in a whopping $12 PER YEAR savings. And that’s a generous estimate. And how in the hell did a petition of 74,000 pple manage to evoke such a radical change? What % of the population is that?! “I’m being taxed for being a woman!”. I just shake my head, and go back to designing my bunker for the inevitable apocalypse.

      1. When a man in Toronto encounters a nice and feminine woman he instantly falls in love. Just picture a dog that hasn’t eaten for days and just found a steak.
        I haven’t heard of the tampon tax actually. What’s the gist? Women seriously want the government to pay for their tampons? Is this a recent debate?
        Have you heard that manspreading is now illegal in New York and some men have already been reported to the police for sitting comfortably on the subway?
        Enjoy the decline…

        1. What hygiene issues aren’t taxed? Soap is taxed, laundry detergent is taxed, household cleaners are taxed, baby wipes are taxed, band aids (not a hygiene issue but very necessary at times) are taxed…where is this going to end?

  17. SF is feminist activism, and gay politics. Its negative for straight male culture. Males are the enemy holding back women with conspiracy of patriarchy. Ellen Pao etc. Also the fag hag phenomena, they all have gay male friends they hang out with. Huge beta male population working in tech that pedestalizes any females who weigh less than 175 pounds. Divorce rate pushing 66%, single moms. Education system teaching political correctness to make more male feminists and fag friendly for the future. Is that like Toronto?

  18. People like comparing San Francisco to New York. There are some similarities in the way two cities look and feel…

    I have never heard that, and I’ve been to both cities. San Fran is relatively small, hilly, filled with Asians, and mom-and-pop shops. It’s more hipster than hip. That’s not the feeling I have in NYC, at all, which was huge, flat, and far more favorable of big things like global corporations. I’ve spent a bit of time in both and the tone and look of the cities could not have felt more different. The tempo of everyday life in San Fran feels a bit more relaxed compared to the fast-paced capitalism of NYC.

  19. When I lived in SoCal I visited San Francisco a few times. I was shocked the first time going up there. I was expecting to see some classy attractive women, but nope. There are no good looking women in San Francisco. Just a bunch of gross hipsters.

    1. Getting off the plane in San Diego airport is different world. Women stay in shape because they’re on the beach 6 months a year.

  20. Your article is spot on. I have lived in the San Francisco area my whole life, and it’s getting worse.
    -The area attracts SJW’s and creepy left wing losers by the millions.
    -The women are hideous.
    -The men are all cowardly manginas.
    -Everyone is fat.
    -Everyone thinks they’re better than you because they either write software or do faggot work at some nonprofit company.
    -Passive aggressive behavior is the primary form of human interaction.
    I will be leaving California soon, and I implore any red blooded man to avoid this dystopian wasteland like the plague. It’s a Philip K Dick novel made reality.

    1. It must be the sun.
      I have made many international friends throughout the years all around the world, these are high quality, intelligent people..
      The conclusion i make from my own analysis is that, Everywhere is “not good enough” and has similar problems you describe, i;m usually surprised to hear that people in amsterdam think it sucks, or people in beautiful parts of the U.S think it sucks, or people in nice parts of europe think it sucks
      the oddest part about the whole thing we call the “geographical contradiction” is that, men which have the choice of living in the nicest places on this planet, seem to be obsessed with technology and going to space, like in our deepest instinct we are meant to bring life into the cosmos, and perhaps this underlying theory is the reason for our geographical dissatisfaction, In my opinion we are part of a natural mechanism, in which the population grow, and grows and increases in complexity than searches out new life in the cosmos and planets are basically unfertilized flowers of life, which we are in existence to flee to
      There must be a reason we were made intelligent enough for space travel, perhaps the very reason is because that is our intended purpose, Does nature create a being in which it’s intelligence has no use to it?
      I think human nature itself is rigged against us , the goal of having one large place that is peaceful is like a unicorn,
      When populations increase, social complexity increases, that is why it is easy to maintain a small quality group of friends, but increasingly more difficult when the numbers grow,
      Most people’s opinions are weak and they haven’t given them much thought meaning they are weak opinions that can be debated and changed, it seems alarming at first glance that someone is a left werido, but sometimes, when you interview them, it turns out they themselves aren’t very invested in their own ideas and are just trying to sound trendy
      How many zombies look like zombies, and how many are just wearing their zombie suit but are possibly decent people underneath ? Who knows
      and take into consideration how many people have to behave trendy just to get along and remain invisible within the herd?? even though they themselves, intuitively or consciously know the same truth you do

    2. The passive aggressive shit is beyond ridiculous. The dudes act worse than broads as far as slick comments.

    3. -Everyone thinks they’re better than you because they either write software or do faggot work at some nonprofit company. ”
      I just LOL’d soda all over my shirt. Too funny man

    4. People in SF are NOT fat. They may be many things; I agree with most of the list above. But fat they are not. Feminism is in full swing in SF; which means women shun social guidance of their relationships and default to their mating strategy from 20,000 years ago –> that translates in English to passing on most men and sleeping with men they can’t keep.

      1. “mating strategy of 20,000 years ago”?
        20,000 years ago they didn’t have latex condoms or birth control pills. When a women had vaginal sex (with a man) chances were extremely high she would be pregnant. Even without vaginal sex she still could get pregnant. She had to choose her partner very carefully to ensure her survival and that of her offspring. And she had to make herself useful.
        Try finding an ancient society that wasn’t obsessed with family and fertility. Try finding an ancient society where woman did not desperately want children.
        Nowadays they can be as useless as possible, opening their crotch to the first alpha male that makes them tingle more than their iPhone or their Hitachi magic wand, then flake out and move on to the next tingle. If they get pregnant they abort (ie. murder) their fetus so it doesn’t get in the way of their glorious career and their trendy lifestyle.

        1. Then, she had sex with the alpha male, now she does the same. The mating strategy I refer to is mate selection based on dominance qualities that aided survival in the Paleolithic Era- height, muscularity, social dominance; and not qualities that women have selected for (or have been selected for them) in modern civilization (last 12K years)- actual ability of the man, compatibility, etc. Your foray into condoms, abortion, etc. is beside the point.

    5. haha “faggot work at some nonprofit”
      Get your asses up to Santa Rosa for a weekend to free dive and hit a few brews at Russian River, clear your head. Also not mentioned in this article is the rampant homeless & violent crime in SF. CA is still the greatest state, (higher GDP than Russia you dumb pricks), but yeah pillage some latina & get around to the areas not washed out with liberal BS. Santa Cruz has some legit hotties to plug ya dick into, just don’t marry them.

      1. Only good areas for chicks in California are Sacramento or the IE. Otherwise you’re dealing with bad ratios or golddiggers, or have to employ hacks like putting up a huge front or learning spanish. Time to go work on my spanish 🙂
        California is the greatest state – best weather, best scenery, diversity and cheap areas to live if you know where to look. Let’s see how long it stays that way.

        1. “Let’s see how long it stays that way.”
          Not long gringo. Mexifornia is the future.

        2. I locked down a Latina and she was in tow with me out there, all good times from San Diego up to Fort Bragg

        3. Lol, Sacramento has the best chicks?? You surely must be joking. Maybe in the outskirt rural towns like Placerville or El Dorado Hills. But every girl I have met in Sacramento has been on the cock carousel. They all works as Dental Assistants (meaning they suck the dentist’s cock), or they work as baristas at Starbucks. And don’t get me started on UC Davis girls. If she’s a vet major, she’s is on the prowl looking for a lot of dick. All my med school friends in Sac had to leave and found decent girls in the mid-west. Sacramento, and California as a whole is by far the worst place to find a chick for long-term.

    6. apm – wherever you move, please don’t vote democrat when you move there. it only accelerates the decline. they all move to texas and bring their faggot policies with them

      1. Democrat and Republican are working against men as we speak. Your vote doesn’t matter at all. We need limited government. If you notice politicians want a one world government.

        1. Just stop. Yes there are leftist mangina Republicans. Stop denying that the DNC is the party of feminazis, welfare moms, and gaylesbotransbiqueer freaks.

        2. Anarchy is a left wing pussy ideology. Occupy anarchist manginas are at home in the DNC.

        3. More passive aggressive sarcasm. I thought I smelled vaginitis. Let me guess. You were “bullied” in public school weren’t you?

        4. I’d prefer such a fate over frustrated societal outcast trawling the internet for souls to try and intimidate. The pain of being a douche bag in America…

        5. Anything you say Der Mac. My advice to you, beta, is to plug that bleeding heart liberal pussy mouth of yours with a tampon next time you want to talk back to an alpha in the office, classroom, or wherever your fragile sensibilities are so easily offended these days.

        6. Do us all a favor and try not to shoot anybody on your way down. Thanks for playing!

        7. @jambi19:disqus
          Only…………he didn’t deny anything.
          @MGTOWsurvives:disqus merely posited that neither political party is beneficial to men anymore.

        8. So wait wait wait. Go on record now. Repeat on record what every moderate mangina says at college parties, “Republicans and Democrats are all the same.” What party promotes gun, wealth and private property confiscation? Come on now. Tell me. One party needs this confiscation to buy votes from welfare mothers ? What party attempts to prevent this (rather ineffectively and mangina-lite I might add)? Let me guess, your daddy a union member?

        9. What party promotes gun, wealth and private property confiscation?
          What party attempts to prevent this (rather ineffectively and mangina-lite I might add)? NEITHER
          Look at actions…not words.

    7. I agree. I made the mistake of marrying two SF Bay Area women (sequentially).
      I left 8 months ago for Seoul and the women are SO MUCH BETTER here! They want to serve their man and make a family.
      The downside is they are a bit conventional in the rack. Not too boring but need training in the sexual arts (based on a sample of 6 – so far.)

      1. They want to serve their man, as long as he’s white.
        Just lol at being a Eurasian son born from a white worshipping Asian whore.

    8. Don’t move to Seattle unless you’d like to add chronic vitamin D deficiency to that list …

    9. Yeah, San Fagcisco is quite possibly the most odious region in the entire U.S. Only femcunts, fatties, liberals, hipsters and other subhuman detritus could possibly like that liberal gloryhole of a shit pit.

  21. Sounds like a great place to be a mugger. Clueless unarmed people with no situational awareness staring at their phones.

      1. Most people are just genetic averages
        our population is regulated around an average intelligence, and look
        But online, we only see the top 5%, further than that, that 5% is heavily edited photoshopped and doctored to look even better, So we go
        Where the hell are all the beautiful people??? it makes us think people are ugly
        This time lapse makes me think that we are ants in some digital information matrix. Look at the mystery of how matter organizes itself

  22. Why don’t you dudes just start sleeping with men? Seems like that would solve most of your problems.

      1. awwww, I hurt your feelings? Try fooling around with some other MRA guys, a guaranteed way for a quick ego boost.

        1. You’re obviously a single disgruntled woman with no chance of ever living happily ever after. Good luck on your life with 5 cats

        2. I love that you think being a single woman is an insult. FYI, you’re being trolled by a dude. 🙂

        3. If you take the time to look through ROK you’ll find plenty of great articles to help men be the best man they can be.
          Guess you must have missed those, eh?
          Instead of doing that and actually reading some of the articles on fitness, game, finance and a wealth of other subjects, it’s much easier to decry men like us with a pathetic insult of “needing to sleep with other men”
          Of course we do petal, of course we do.

        4. You seem to be genuinely capable of dialogue, so I’ll assume that you’ve actually read other articles on this site, such as this: http://www.returnofkings.com/62179/why-i-am-proud-to-be-called-a-misogynist
          Nearly every one finds a way to pin society’s problems on women, rather than on how men can improve themselves. When your entire life is seen as a fight between two “opposite” genders, this website makes sense. Each article/author assumes that all people are heterosexual in order for this logic to work, which is also patently false. In reality, everyone should be aiming to be the best, kindest, most-fulfilled person they can be—with or without anyone else. And that is definitely not what ROK is about.
          By the way, I sleep with other men all the time, so it’s not an insult – it really could change your perspective for the better.

        5. You’ll be pumped and dumped by over 100 men in your life. If you get married you’ll be divorced within 7 years. Shouldn’t you be at xojane blogging about lip injections and bulimia?

        6. 1. You have all proven my point by assuming everyone on earth (and on this website) is exclusively straight. I am a dude.
          2. Your link was about flies. Not humans. Use that little brain of yours a little harder.
          3. Why are you afraid of people who have sex and enjoy it? Have you heard about contraception?

        7. Nothing too unreasonable in that article as far as I can see. Given the fact that women are the gatekeepers of sex, and Western women are more obnoxious and less feminine than they ever have been (https://twitter.com/hashtag/giveyourmoneytowomen), I think articles like that one are pretty much on the money. IT IS reasonable to blame women for a large number of ills in the Western world.
          But nice one for cherry picking one article with obvious shock value and resonace and ignoring the multitude of other great stuff one can read about weight-lifting and fitness, finance, game and personal development. Good job.
          And lastly, as a heterosexual man I’m afraid it is an insult, and no – it won’t change my “perspective for the better”, thanks.

        8. That was the first new headline that appeared – no cherry picking bub. If you go through life believing everyone else is causing your problems, then you must be pretty worthless. Good luck and godspeed!

        9. Nope, I don’t believe other people are “causing me problems”. As a sentient, free-thinking man who has total control over his mind and body, I and I alone is responsible for how well I do in life.
          And again, if you take even a cursory glance through most ROK articles the over-riding theme is one of personal reponsibility through relenteless self-improvement.
          Something which you haven’t bothered your arse to do.
          It doesn’t change the fact that Western women are more obnoxious than they ever have been, mainly due to feminism.
          If you believe that by stating this opinion I am somehow relinquishing any kind of personal responsiblity then quite frankly you need help.

        10. “IT IS reasonable to blame women for a large number of ills in the Western world.” I agree, you and only you are responsible for yourself and your happiness, yet you claim that women as a group have created these problems for you. Perhaps you are the problem? Again, good luck with that.

        11. Umm. no. Quite how you came to that weird conclusion I’ve no idea.
          If you take the current dating market for example where women are more demanding, obnoxious and unreasonable than ever before then yes it is women who are responsible, not men.
          As a man I have two choices when faced with this reality – up my game and be a better man in terms of my fitness, my business and my life in general or give in and accept the fact that women have declined and do nothing but bitch and moan about it on the internet.
          I chose the former option. I accept reality as it is and deal with it accordingly. Pretty simple I would have thought.
          Guess you’re completely beyond comprehending some basic English, aren’t you?

        12. Faggots and cunts trolling where they’re not wanted. Maybe Sharia and fag bashing should be the norm here in the West.

  23. I totally disagree.
    1) SF women are pretty, with a lot of international types from Russia, Brazil, etc.
    2) Good weather + high density = daygame paradise.
    3) Competition is very week. Most men are either tech nerds or gays.
    SF is one of the best places for Game…

  24. This shit is spot on. Spot on. Bay Area native. Its gotten progressively worse too. Moved to NYC dreaded having to move back the Bay Area. However, I still approach on the street and holla. Fuck what these chicks “rules” are. Beautiful city, shitty people.

  25. Long time Northern California resident here. This article is accurate. The further inland and closer to the Nevada and Oregon borders you go, the more relatively normal the women become.

  26. “New York is the land of far friendlier, more approachable, less flaky, and waaaay more attractive women. ”
    This is true. I used to live in NY and i can say that if you have decent looks and decent game, you will do relatively well with NY females.
    I’ve never been to Cali and i doubt i ever will.
    Similar to superman, being exposed to that kind of libtarded california kryptonite would be too much for even my conservative super powers to handle 😀

  27. Ill give you the career one and the one about the lack of quality girls, but game is still very well alive and many of us are approaching.

  28. I have heard that San Diego is way better than San Francisco (generally, not specifically about the women).

  29. Most of your points reminds me of my hometown Melbourne, Australia. I have been to San Fran and Melbourne is actually worse believe it or not!

    1. Yea it’s pretty bad down here. I heard Sydney and Brissy are better though.

  30. This is unrelated to the topic but ive read this site for about a year now and i have a question, ive been with thin women and i just dont find them attractive, im attracted to big women (180) is that a problem with me or is it normal?

    1. Most men don’t like “thin women” per say.. they want a woman who looks like a woman.. with a good waist-to-hip ratio. So slim.. fit.. with some curves. It’s really not asking for much, I don’t think. All women have to do is not be fucking fat and they are what 90 percent of what men find desirable… unlike what women are now demanding from men.. i.e, be super fit.. have 6 packs, etc. Men have to actually work hard to have a body like that… women don’t have to do even close the amount of work to have the kind of normal, slim body most men find desirable.

    2. You may have slight vertigo or need glasses. No offense but me personally, I got ‘swimmy headed’ feeling when being around thin people who dart around fast. I’d have to keep focusing on them IOI when talking or interacting and I got a slight migraine keeping my eyes focused. Caffeine or red bulls didn’t help the situation much either. Fat chicks move slower and don’t shift their center of gravity much. A fat blurry blob that doesn’t leave your center of focus much is less strain to continue plugging away at. As it turned out, well I DID need glasses. Now I can keep up with anyone again. But you might want to check your vision still.

    3. everyone’s taste is different. There’s no such thing as normal when it comes to sexual preferences.

  31. San Fran is horrible for women. Most base their existence off Liz Lemon from the show 30 Rock. They think she is a role model instead of a female bane. Which must mean they have no idea that it is almost impossible to get knocked up when you are in your 40’s.

    1. The reality is tina fey got married and pregnant and settled down, and that’s why 30 Rock went off the air.

      1. Not only that, Tina Fey isn’t really the wild, slutty type. From reading about descriptions of her from other people, she seemed to be the conservative type as far as lifestyle.. even if she was feminist and liberal. Her show “30 Rock” was really about how the modern woman really can’t have it all.. somehow that part of the show seems to have eluded all those deluded, career minded feminists women who see Tina Fey as their role model.

  32. You ”red pillers” can dislike the way these women act all you like, but none of you are willing to admit the true root cause, capitalism. Seriously, what do you expect from a competitive system? Its all based upon selfishness. Every one is out for them selves, look at how we treat the homeless, why would you expect women to be different. Capitalism and narcissism Are evil sisters, and as income inequality rises, expect this shit to just get worse.

    1. What we have now in the US is hardly capitalism as Adam Smith envisioned it.

    2. Socialism is the idea that everything in life should be subsidized by government. Free birth control and abortions, and if women get knocked up the government will subsidize the cost for their bastard kids. Women can ride the cock carousel without personal responsibility, getting fucked by alpha cock, because they know beta male drone taxpayers will be writing that check to government every year.

  33. I agree with everything stated here above. I went to grad school there in the mid 1990’s. I couldn’t get out of there fast enough upon graduation. From there I moved to LA. LA and Orange County at that time were not so bad. Lived there for three years until I moved to where I am now.

  34. Yeah, but there are some seriously ugly women in Toronto. While SF girls are nothing to write home about in the looks department, I never saw the monstrosities there like I see in Toronto. Plus, SF girls will at least talk to you.

  35. Women never made all these laws to put them in control, men made the rules to make men slaves, men arrest men, men convict them, male police mostly beats men. Without male help no woman will be able to rule over men. Just look at your retirement or 401 k, beneficiary, you can’t change a beneficiary or pull money from your account without your bitch’s permission, who made that law, men made them. Stupid men who can’t see few steps ahead of the game is the worse thing happened to other men.

    1. Women are merely tools to push forward a ‘new society’. All of these things being done in the name of feminism are merely there to help push forward policies that take away more of our rights. When you completely neuter the men, the women will follow. Women are just an incredibly powerful tool to push forward this agenda because thirsty men will throw away anything that resembles principles or values the first moment she hints at sex.

    2. Preferberbly all members of our communist politicians. The family units destruction helped solidify this nations dystopian culture. Strong families build great nations but without it..well you see the results.

  36. I wonder how an alpha must act in such a city. Perhaps differentiate itself completely from the corporate beta-drones, inventing a hipsterish, yet manly, career like “professional carpenter craftsman”.
    Main earnings coming from a corporate job or freelancing, yet creating a new online identity, including a burner phone and faked social media accounts. It may work. As for approaching, I don’t know how it would work when most women are glued to their phones, have the attention span of a fish, and are permanently stressed about their yoga classes or office gossip.

    1. Online game still seems to favor women. That’s been established with fake dating profiles. Female model pics will generate 10 times more activity than male model pics. The playing field is tilted in favor of women for some reason. I’d like to see articles about how to cold approach sets, when a woman is with another guy in public, or with her mother for example. That’s more advanced game than approaching when she’s with her girlfriends.

  37. Reason 1-10: The 49ers.
    Girls who are 4’s and think they are 9’s, and expect to have the superbowl (i.e, the world) handed to them.

  38. I dont live in a highly congested city with a lot of foot traffic. What are real guys doing when it comes to walking and girls have their narcissistic faces buried in their phones expecting people to move out of their way when walking? Im guessing there should be a new move where you dont move.It’s their fault if they’re so self centered they have to walk into a rock solid body check NHL style. Oops! Sorry that sucks you got decked expecting a path to be cleared because you’re too cool to actually look when your walking.

    1. Nonchalantly cause the phone to be dropped on the ground so the broken screen will serve as a warning to other men …

  39. Ah. That Rosie The Riveter’ poster in #1. The woman who was the model for that propaganda actually didn’t last 2 weeks on the job. Funny that.

    1. Feminazis are just like her, too lazy to complete a real job. Her poor little hands couldn’t take real labor and she quit.

    2. Fascinating story. I looked her up in wikiedia. She was actually a cellist and when she found out that one of the other workers injured her hand, she left the factory job for a ‘safer’ job at a drugstore. Hilarious!

  40. I could not agree more with this article. This city is the epitome of a heterosexual man’s geographic disappointment with regards to women/dating. My time in SF was a painful reminder of how toxic technology, pro-LGBT propaganda, aggressive liberalism and feminism can be. Any self-respecting straight man beware-you have been warned.

  41. First of all avoid that detestable ‘herd’. The central business district with the pharmaco rep ho bags and their wheelie bags, the office worker ho bags, the area college ho bags forget them all. Their price is jacked and brokered by the herd community. You might as well effictively call it a cunt bitchiness scrap metal sex marketplace. And the herd is the establishment. Overpriced low quality shit for your amount of investment. A herd woman is akin to finding a residence there by looking in the real estate magazine. It only advertizes the over priced flashy cat box lifestyle junk. For women, find the outliers. For a house, know some real estate game. Do some title searches downtown, sniff out the cash buys by chatting up around the blocks. But walk in there like a Japanese tourist and you’re gonna pay pay pay. Above all avoid the career bitches there. Look every place where the herd is NOT present.

    1. Chicks with laptop wheelie bags are sublimating their desires to be pushing prams …

  42. To be honest, I don’t give a rats ass or a flying fuck about San Francisco, or that city where a drug using, alcoholic slob used to be a mayor. If you don’t like the place you live in, just leave. It’s simple as that.

  43. I’m an Aussie who visited the USA in 2013. San Francisco is a beautiful city, but my God, what is with the women? I honestly can’t remember seeing a single attractive lady the whole time I was there! I was shocked not only at the low talent, but how little the local women seemed to care about their appearance. I’m from Australia, a place not known for having the most feminine of women, so that is saying something. No wonder there are so many gay men in the city!
    Having said that, in other parts of America, especially San Diego and Newport Beach, I saw no shortage of attractive women. I can’t say I found any woman that could be called ‘wife material’, but there were certainly ample opportunities for a virile young buck! From a gaming perspective, these places beat anywhere in Australia, hands down… and no, I’m not rich, and I’m not famous!

    1. Unfortunately the whole west coast is fucked for non-elite guys unless you’re a good 30-40 away from the ocean. Newport Beach is full of entitled golddigging narcissists and San Diego is Man Diego due to the military (and the thousands of tubby Irish girls from Boston do not help).
      Like almost anyplace in the west these days, you have to stay away from the “desirable” cities and find a boring suburb filled with single moms and their teenage daughters.

      1. I know what you mean about the golddigging narcissists, which is why I said I didn’t see anything ‘wife material’. However, I was fucking virtually every day I was there for a month, so I’m not complaining… if you think things are bad in the USA, you obviously haven’t been to Australia!

  44. When I look at #5, I can’t help but think of an all-chick version of The Village People singing “Y W C A” …

  45. Yet another take on how awful San Fran is for guys. I didn’t want to believe it, but after spending some time here, I have to admit he’s right. Though I’m not sure the smartphone zombie thing is any worse here than the rest of the developed world. I always figured with the seriously high population of homosexuals that the average straight guy with game would be shooting fish in a barrel, but apparently this isn’t so. The influx of clueless Indian tech dudes with great jobs and desperate provider game hasn’t helped the situation much – they are empowering the fatties.
    One glimmer of hope – I’ve noticed the Asian women are a bit friendlier and more open than the average SWPL white broad with an attitude. The gap is probably closing though, unfortunately.
    And yeah, what’s with waiting in line at every damn restaurant, even for breakfast?? Find the one that was hot last year and you’ll probably get your food a lot faster.

  46. This is slightly off-topic, but here’s a bad sign of the times …
    “WIN one of up to 1 MILLION Coke selfie sticks …”
    Apparently Coca-Cola UK wants to contribute to the narcissism.
    Has this happened yet in the US?

  47. Doesn’t surprise me at all. San Fran has been a bastion for cultural Marxism and the degeneracy that comes with it since the late-50s and early-60s.

  48. 7. This is for all westernised women, it’s to hard to get into a relationship cause they are so busy. Imagine your neglected children if you were STUPID enough to have kids with a westernised woman!
    Westernised countries have turned into casual relationships, that’s one thing I notice since getting back out there. Be a good investment to invest in CATS!
    They are all so manly, at least in the East you get real women. I found it weird at first cause a woman will make time for you and really care about you.

  49. Is Toronto really that bad? Does anybody know how it compares with, oh, say, Sydney, Australia?

    1. Sydney has an oversupply of young attractive men and an undersupply of young attractive women. But of the men, many aren’t hetero so they are not competing for the pool of chicks

  50. And to think the fags from Train titled an entire album “Save Me San Francisco”

  51. My cousin moved from Phoenix to San Francisco to work as a DJ in the gay nighclubs in Castro. He’s straight, jacked, confident, tall, a natural Alpha. He smashes more ass there than in Phoenix/Scottsdale. He doesn’t make much at all but bangs more girls than any of the Silicon Valley guys. And yes, he STILL approaches during the day and gets approached after a DJ set by hot fruit flies at the gay clubs come 2AM.
    If you have balls and are willing to work to become a functional Alpha, then San Francisco can be candyland for you.

  52. There’s a worse place than San Francisco for women. The suburbs around San Francisco.

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