4 Reasons Why Black Lives Matter Protestors Are Domestic Terrorists

Black Lives Matter needs to be listed as a domestic terrorist group that incites and perpetuates mass violence on the streets of America, not to mention condones the sky-high homicide rates inflicted upon black communities by other blacks. The following reasons explain both the danger of Black Lives Matter attention-seekers and why they are aptly described as domestic terrorists:

1. They throw their own kind under the bus

Much rarer white-on-black attacks are “racist,” but black-on-black crime is habitually tolerated and condoned by Black Lives Matter.

The overwhelming proportion of black victims of violence, those felled by other blacks, are pawns to be sacrificed by Black Lives Matter. Proper freedom fighters and justice campaigners fight for what is good and for the people they claim to represent. Yet Black Lives Matters operatives happily throw the vast majority of blacks killed by guns and knives under the proverbial bus.

90%+ percent of all black victims of homicide are killed by other blacks. Of the remaining black victims, only the smallest fraction are killed legally in self or community-defense by police, let alone killed illegally by white police. The propensity to murder blacks is squarely concentrated in black communities themselves, but Black Lives Matter refuses to stand up for the vast majority of all those violently killed and maimed within the African-American population.

And it gets worse. Breitbart poignantly pointed out that it would take 40 years for the number of blacks killed by police to match the number of blacks killed by other blacks in 2012. And police deaths represent an overall number that does not consider whether the use of lethal force was legitimate or illegitimate (it’s usually the former). Meanwhile, while they riot and abuse innocent people over the death of adult, mostly criminally-inclined men, Black Lives Matter terrorists forget the huge numbers of children murdered within black communities, notably in black-on-black violence hotspots like Chicago. Children like Tyshawn Lee:

Instead of going after people like Tyshawn’s killer and the widespread mentality that motivated him (in this case, revenge on Tyshawn’s father), Black Lives Matter thugs go after police, who almost always “kill” on justified grounds.

2. They ignore any and all facts and opt for a fantasyland of white “racism”

Just like the Islamist terrorists betting on 72 virgins in Paradise in return for blowing themselves up, Black Lives Matters activists come in with a preconceived idea that they refuse to reconsider in light of verifiable facts. Although we at Return Of Kings disagree with his other findings, the recent work of black Harvard economist Roland G. Fryer confirms that there is no bias against African-Americans when it comes to police shooting deaths. In fact, whites are more likely to be shot by police when they have not previously attacked police than blacks.

Even before Fryer’s results were released, the facts and stories available could be deeply correlated with the notion that blacks are not fundamentally targeted in police shootings. Not that Black Lives Matters would give a damn about them. For a start, accounts of shooting deaths involving unarmed whites are routinely swept under the carpet.

Caucasian Dylan Noble, a 19-year-old, was gunned down by Fresno, California police before either Alton Sterling or Philando Castile were in Louisiana and Minnesota respectively. Yet full coverage of his death has largely been relegated to non-liberal internet publications perennially ignored by big corporate advertising dollars, such as Breitbart, or second-place metropolitan newspapers in the vein of The New York Post. CNN, The New York TimesSalon and other biased outlets are deliberately ignoring victims like Noble to maximize the attention being thrown at gangbangers like Sterling and Castile.

The situation is even more damning for Black Lives Matter terrorists when actual statistics are used. Just as blacks in a nearly 30-year period committed over half of all homicides, being just 13% of the population, blacks have more negative interactions with the police. Disproportionate numbers of black police shootings, relative to the total African-American population, only occur because blacks are more likely to commit serious crimes and pose a threat to the community in the first place. The publicizing of fake or even genuine individual examples of police shooting unarmed blacks simply cannot account for the greater criminality evident in black communities, criminality requiring significant police intervention.

3. They idolize compulsively violent, criminal and sadistic “men”

Alton Sterling showing the stock standard “victim” of police “racism.” Note the lack of good parenting skills, non-criminal persona, and non-provocative behavior.

Fact: Michael Brown was a thug and had violently robbed a convenience store prior to his “murder.” Fact: Alton Sterling was a convicted sex offender. Fact: Philando Castile was a Crip gang member. Black lives matter to the point where Black Lives Matter can only usually bring up examples of black men with serious criminal inclinations and/or convictions to make their point. Why the paucity of law-abiding, self-respecting black men being gunned down by police?

The inability of BLM terrorists to conjure up credible poster boys to further their “police racism” agenda has been a constant feature of their crooked, terroristic campaign. It shows no sign of abating, either. Enabled by an obsequious media, these race hustlers have had to selectively present the images of departed saints like Brown, Sterling and Castile, only using the nicest, rather than representative, photographs and anecdotes of them to frame their stories.

4. They use violence and intimidation to achieve their aims

Peaceful, huh?

Part of the reason why BLM terrorists have largely moved on from Michael Brown and similar poster boys is because of the memory of the Ferguson, Missouri riots. Local black man dies after committing a robbery and no charges are laid? “Let’s riot!” Liberal mediums such as the BBC were unable to avoid covering what were violent, indefensible rampages. Thousands were exposed to risk of death or injury, or had their property or livelihoods stolen, just to satiate the atavistic, impulsive urges of Black Lives Matter supporters.

The violence did not stop, however, when the attention shifted from Ferguson. And, in the end, numerous other incidents have isolated and marginalized all views that oppose Black Lives Matter precepts. A plurality of 44% of people (probably a conservative figure) believe that African-Americans receive equal treatment under the law. Where are these people? Obviously most of them feel silenced by the pathological violence of BLM and its supporters. Violence like this in Baltimore:

Furthermore, Black Lives Matter apologists have not only called for the deaths of police in their marches, they have also done so repeatedly online, where these threats and intentions are most easily observed and documented by the public. One need not wonder much why officers were recently gunned down in Dallas in light given these kinds of deplorable BLM attitudes.

Act now to help remove the social leech of Black Lives Matter

It is time for everyone to do their bit and challenge the lies and calls to violence that are at the heart of the Black Lives Matter terrorist organization. The White House has declined to proscribe BLM as a terrorist entity, but as more people are exposed directly and indirectly to its deliberate destruction, the forces opposed to it will only grow.

Presently, the best way to counter the Black Lives Matter disease is to ensure that Donald Trump is elected the 45th President of the United States of America.

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340 thoughts on “4 Reasons Why Black Lives Matter Protestors Are Domestic Terrorists”

      1. “cream?”
        “oh, no thank you, I take it black, like my men”
        What is the movie reference?

        1. I like my women like I like my coffee…ground up with boiling water poured all over them.

        2. That sounds like how I regard my family.
          I consider my family like I consider onions. Sometimes you cry when you’re chopping them into little pieces.

        3. well, you know what they say. Family, you can’t live with them and the law takes exception to you chopping them up and using them as mulch.

    1. The best I’ve seen when it comes to playing off of the BLM name. Well Done, I wish folks would stop apologizing.

    2. One of “many” protestors?
      So is that tens, dozens, hundreds, thousands?
      I always wonder when “news media” opts for vagaries like “some” and “several” and “many” rather than an approximate head count. Didn’t these news folks learn how to do grouping estimates to tally large amounts in school? http://www.mathsisfun.com/numbers/estimation.html
      No of course not, what was I thinking. Besides that would be honest and ruin the narrative.

      1. What a shame that neo-Nazis (or quite possibly, the far left) have doctored his work and made him to be this white supremacist asshole.

        1. The far left, it is one of the basic chapters in their playbook. Isolation of your opposition through lies and then ridicule.

        2. It was actually all a simple 4chan troll job just for shits and giggles, but I guess there are diehard leftists even on 4chan too.

        3. True, but then they just took it to the extreme; a more obvious version of racism that the middle-of-the-road drones could latch onto. Anyone opposing their views in any way is already a raciss and/or fascist. The intolerance of their tolerance is just one of many absurdities crammed down our throats.

        4. <<o. ✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤:::::::!bc734p:….,.

    1. Notice the striking parallels between BLM and Extremist Islamist movements. This BLM points in this article can apply equally to Extreme Islam (EI) by substituting racism with religion, civil rights with sharia rights, guns for swords, and shootings for beheadings.
      It’s not wonder why so many blacks identify with the brutality of EI, despite being “raised” in so-called traditional black Christianity. It’s the thrill of death and the addiction to blood through individual and gang violence that drives both movements to insanity against, first, their own kind, then the rest of the world.

      1. This a thousand times. Just one thing, Protestant religions are not Christian, let alone “Traditional Black Christianity” whatever that is, a religion where the loudest get the position of “pastor”…

        1. How are protestant religions not Christian…when the movement was formed it broke away from the Catholic church because it denied the basic tenets of Christianity. Had Luther and the Catholic church been agreeable to these tenets then no split would have occurred.
          Instead what we had were more fractures and the church admitting that Luther was right almost 300 years later

        2. Protestantism rejects the basic tenets of Christianity and his founder had to delete several books that didn’t conform to his vision just for starters. His legacy was one of utter destruction (30 years war, liberalism, Churchianism) even to this day. Spitting on his grave should be a national past time in Germany.

  1. Since the Ferguson riots and earlier (Los Angeles Rodney King riots) it was obvious that they have been an intentional creation by the leftist media. They pick some non-story and leave out critical details and loop the half-truth over and over until violent attitudes foment. This is not new. BLM is just the latest useful idiots who don’t care to look at the bigger picture.

  2. Maybe I’m expecting too much of Liberals, but when are they going to set some boundaries with BLM?
    The clowns stole Sanders’ mic and revealed him for the weakling he is. He was the candidate most sympathetic to blacks and they ruined him. And the hijacking of the Orlando memorial. Jesus Christ. If I’d lost a friend or family member in the Pulse massacre I’d have punched the teeth out of the smug cunt’s skull.

    1. Expect no boundaries; the whole movement will turn on itself and collapse. There is no unity, no structure, no clearly defined goals.

      1. Imagine when whites (the underclass I mean) are pushing for reparations for having lived under Socialist government oppression for decades? My guess, from Jihad attacks alone, we should demand a cool $trillion.
        It will be our turn to shake down the elites soon.

        1. Haha this conversation is so delightfully deluded. I’d hit you with some facts, but I hear you guys don’t like those.

  3. The reason blacks are running amok of late is they are jealous that the rainbow crowd has gotten far more attention than them in the past few years as an “oppressed group”, so they upped the ante and created a terrorist organization called BLM

    1. The prizes and benefits of victimhood in the Oppression Olympics are just that good that it’s all worth it for them, perhaps.

    2. Come to think of it, gays haven’t caused the problems blacks have. If I had to choose one to stay and one to go, clearly gays stay and blacks go.

  4. We really need to stop calling leftist rioters “protesters”. That gives them credibility. The moment they break the law, they drop the protester label and become thugs, rioters, arsonists, looters and/or vandals.

  5. After black lives matters assassination of multiple police officers, black lives no longer matter to most white and nam Americans.
    Hope it was worth it black America. I, and many like me, will never willingly lift a finger for you again.

    1. Precisely. I would show everyone consideration and courtesy in my day to day life. No longer for blacks. They hate me and my kind.

    2. Ppl from this site crying about dead cops, isn’t this a site to see? Fucking ridiculous. That’s right man, go ahead and lump us all together idgaf. I never asked for your help nor needed it. Besides, my race did all the finger lifting, remember?

      1. You lump us all together and demand reparations for crimes we did not commit. Welcome to karma asshole. You’d better pray trump wins. The ultra nationalists coming after him will show you and your kind no mercy.

        1. You stupid fuck, I never asked for any reparations as that’s unrealistic anyway and nor do I blame today’s whites for their ancestors’ sins. I’m a Trump supporter you fucking moron. God, my race might be narrow minded but your race is also as you’re demonstrating right now. Not every black supports BLM you moron. It’s foolish to think in absolutes and that’s why, unlike you, while I have much more to be upset about, I can never be a racist. Grow up; you’re such a child.

        2. You and your white kind are 100% responsible for the deaths of every single Dallas police officer. You get online and say whatever bigoted thing comes to your empty heads and think there will be no repercussions. You talk a big game about showing no mercy, but you don’t even have the balls to speak under your real name. To you I have one thing to say: bring it bitch.

      2. This is because Ritichie, this site it seems only carries the Red Pill so far. With one breath they complain that they get no protection from the police at their events and with the other, they cry when cops get shot.
        Frankly I think it is bizarre. Cop worship is so far from Red Pill its not funny. The cops are the ones who enforce feminism, who will come along and drag you out of your house when your wife gets tired of you. The cops harass you (everyone, white or black) just for driving down the street and rob you at gunpoint. And they will bust into your house, by mistake, blow up your baby and leave without so much as an apology.
        For these guys to support cops, is like the the punk in a prison cell supporting his cellmate after he’s done fucking him in the ass.

        1. The reaction you are seeing isnt about law enforcement support as much as it is a tribal reaction.
          These situations could have been used a good opportunity to discuss the militarization of police and how modern policing is us vs. them. (Let’s not forget that cops kill more White people per year than they do any other ethnicity. ) And many Whites and others would have welcomed that conversation. Many of us have issues with law enforcement.
          However, BLM made it a racist attack on Whites. There have been individuals who declared they want to kill White people and then gone out and done so. And the whole you can’t say “all lives matter” just shows what a bunch of racist bs this. Which shouldn’t surprise the ROK readers as BLM gets its funding from the same, anti Western, Marxist sources as radical feminist groups like Femen do.

        2. Have BLM done that? I have yet to hear a single quote from BLM on this matter.
          That said, I don’t care about BLM. My interest here is about modern policing in general. But the strange thing is about some of the white guys on this site, is that they seem to think that since they are also being harassed by the cops that black people should complain about it.
          In my view, everyone needs to learn from the black experience. Black people are fighting back against the police (I don’t agree with shooting them, that’s crazy) in a variety of ways. Rather than taking the view that black people should bend over and take it like everyone else, it makes much more sense to join the fight against the police.
          But unfortunately, for many people here, base and primitive prejudices get in the way.

        3. Yes, BLM has done that. Many, many times. BLM is a Marxist, Soros financed org. They’re not really there to do anything further that disrupt and cause chaos. Like Femen.
          And many Whites would’ve happily discussed police militarization if BLM didn’t make this racist. Once again Blacks (as an aggregate) are being led down a bad path by Marxist outsiders.

        4. I’m not so sure… I know plenty of blacks who do not support BLM. They certainly do not represent me. Obviously the basic message (the police operate outside the law) is a sound one. And it is hard to disagree with protesting this. The issue is, as you say, alienating perhaps our biggest allies in this fight – white people.
          And one thing was key with MLK: he included white people because he knew he could not win without them. And that is why he was whacked.

        5. I don’t disagree. there are numerous Blacks who take no interest in the BLM agenda as they’re just going about their business like anyone else. Unfortunately, they are not the voices that are being heard nor are they the individuals that the media tends to promote.
          The (((media))) is duplicitous in this. They promote the Michael Brown’s of the world as some innocent kid who represents the best of Blacks knowing that this will anger Whites and then promote the worst of the police to Blacks knowing that this will anger Blacks. It is a perfect way to divide.

        6. Yes, we COULD have had a debate in this country about cops’ attitudes today, their over aggressiveness, shooting dogs that bark (that’s a real issue today- google it) trigger happy, militarized, inhuman- acting like they don’t even understand basic human behavior, bullies, abusive and on and on.
          But nope! Blacks came along and ruined any chance of that and now the vast majority of the public is siding with the police because blacks have used this issue as nothing more than an excuse to riot, loot and murder cops, resist arrest and commit more crime (their favorite past times). So once again blacks ruin everything.
          But then again, WHY are the cops so trigger happy and aggressive? BLACKS MADE THEM THAT WAY.

        7. I don’t support cops but that doesn’t mean I have to embrace every criticism made of them. The primary prejudices the cops have are against men and pedophiles not the negro.

        8. Let me guess: women are the cause of rapists raping, children are the cause of pedophiles molesting, and Jews are responsible for their own genocide? What are white men responsible for other than denying culpability for the atrocities they commit?

        9. Excuse me while I vomit on you. BLM came into being because white people were NOT speaking up, NOT holding police accountable, and blaming the victims for their own deaths. So to say many whites would have happily discussed anything but their own damn selves is bullshit.

        10. Why are you telling these Nazis what they want to hear? I proudly support #BlackLivesMatter and am prepared for the inevitable war Trump’s election will bring about. I also hope he builds that wall before the war comes because it will nullify our treaty with Mexico and give Texas and California (at minimum) back to the rightful owners. That’s called justice at its most hysterically funny 😀

    3. Why do you do you give a fuck about cops?
      Interesting that you hold every black person in America accountable for the actions of two men.

      1. Interesting that you hold every white person in America accountable for the actions of a few cops.

        1. Yeah. Acknowledge blacks killing whites way out of proportion to demographic numbers. I’m waiting.

      2. It is your silence. Too few blacks are objecting to this or standing up to BLM terrorism.
        Same thing with the Muslims. Sure you’re not all doing it, but neither group seems significantly bothered by this stuff to clean up their yard. It makes peoe view this as silent approval, covert support.
        A feminist comedienne on Not Safe with Nikki Glaser plugged BLM. Where were the angry Black’s shouting her down for ruining their race’s rep?

        1. Mate, this doesn’t make any sense. Are you responsible for the white people in France who disrupted the Euros? Do you feel like the reputation of white people is now ruined? Of course not, that’s preposterous.

        2. That is too subtle for me to get outraged about. At least I can respect hits collar crime for having a purpose and being civilized.

        3. where were you when police officers started killing unarmed black people left and right? Oh that’s right: on social media defending them.

    4. What the fuck did you ever do for black America…when PoC were being every one was happy to go on with life over 100 killed. Less than 15 cops killed and idiots like you are clamoring for a race war.the Dallas shootings were horrible like EVERY mass shooting that has happened. And in terms of ultimate goals this was not an endgame or midrange for BLM cos BLM is ultimately about accountability and this didn’t help anyone at all.
      But as for decision not to “help” black America take that nonsense to bed. You’re just looking for excused to justify your hate. ..

      1. I never owed anything to black America after you robbed my kin, assaulted my friends, raped
        My neighbors (leading to divorce), murderered my friend and teacher. Despite all that, I still tried to show empathy towards your despicable race. Now, I know one thing in my heart now – you won’t be”happy” with me until I, my kin, and my kind are dead. I will fight you until the bloody end. And, the funny thing, given your collective low IQ and high time preference, you’ll lose no mater what in the end.

        1. You’re just pathetic using any reason to wallow in your racism. White people kill they rape Rob and assault black people other white people Asians etc.. Get the fuck off your high horse. And maybe you haven’t noticed but white males seem pretty fragile nowadays how about you go nurse your weakness..you can’t even make comments about collective iq considering how weak your reasoning is

        2. Your rage would make sense if the entirety of black America did this to you..or at the very least if there was some systematic use of violence against you and those you love..then I could empathize with you. But considering all the racist shit I’ve seen and experienced from white people I could also use that as an excuse to stop thinking and hate white people and start killing them…instead I treat people as they are. Moral decency isn’t founded on skin color only idiots think like that.

        3. Good luck: you’ll need it. This isn’t 1516; NATO and the UN can and will step in. Nobody pities your white self and the world hates you. And if you think the US military will protect you, think again Bubba. A lot of us “low IQ” people ARE the military. White men are the whiners they accuse everybody else of being and you are their crying poster boy. Waaaaaaa. Go back to sucking your thumb and shut up.

        4. THANK YOU! It’s like a bunch of babies lost their pacifiers or something. People like them are 100% responsible for domestic terrorism and the radicalization of once patriotic individuals. They might as well have pulled the trigger on the Dallas officers themselves.

        5. You’re incredibly witty. I’m glad you and your sister-wife could lay off pappy’s moonshine long enough to think up that profoundly ingenuous comeback.

        6. Do you honestly think you are hurting my feelings or whatever bullshit you’re hoping to accomplish? I’m sorry Anonymous White Fucker, but I literally giggled when I read your comeback. It’s all you’ve got! People like you are so cowardly. I’d like to see you come up to my face and say that. You’d be too damn afraid to… and THAT cracks me up!

        7. I’ll remember that while I help mankind reach the stars while you pop out yet another bastard child who you and your allies force me to pay for.

        8. I doubt you leave pappy and aunt mamaw’s trailer much less have a job. Besides, it’s always low wage earning white trash that brings up their pittance of taxes about every damn thing. (Except military spending. White trash loves war.) As amusing as your colorless, pasty, small dicked hillbilly self has been, I actually have a life offline so I’m bringing this ridiculous conversation to an end.

  6. And this is the same ‘peaceful movement’ that disrupted Dartmouth students studying in a library, threatening and intimidating them? Just how, in the name of all that’s holy, is that peaceful?
    As a PS to that story, the administration of Dartmouth took BLM’s side and let them get away with riots and bullying. One would think that the non-BLM students there would see it for what it is and learn. But … ah, they’re brainwashed SJW automata. What was I thinking?

  7. The author urges us to vote for Trump but it does not explain how Trump is going to solve this problem?

    1. Well we know for a fact that Hillary will throw gasoline on the fire and make it worse, her kind thrive on divide and conquer. At least with Trump we have some chance in our favor that he won’t.

  8. BLM is nothing more than a consequence of the divider in chief Obama and its promotion of a policy by making clear that the American Republic is a racist Republic and therefore if you are black you will never ever are going to be someone.
    The marxist party, aka the democratic party, is responsible for this plantation mentality to get votes, to make sure a entire community is depressed and subjugated and to divide the nation.
    In my view, the race war they so eagerly wanted, is already on its way and it will take someone with big balls like Trump, to declare them a terrorist organization, to arrest their leaders and, above all, to show to African americans that only by confronting the truth, can they evolve.

    1. A thousand times right. They have to be left on their own and be left with only two options: swim or sink.

      1. By creating a sense of desperation and persecution by the institutions, the Marxist have numbed down and created a colossal sense of dependency on the African American community. This why they are a failed group right now. Using your words, i would say that they do not want to swim or sink, they want to use somebody to teach them to swim and take care of them in the water their entire life.

        1. I understand but leaving them to their own devices so they can either swim or sink is their only hope to become a functional group again. Otherwise they will stay hooked to the welfare state.

  9. You know what’s ironic? Most of the BLM “protesters” will vote for Hillary Clinton–a woman who views Margaret Sanger as a hero. Margaret Sanger, the eugenicist who wanted to wipe out blacks in America, who strategically placed abortion clinics in black neighborhoods. Now black women are aborting their babies at higher rates than they’re giving birth to them, but #BlackLivesMatter, right?

  10. BlackLivesMatter Toronto have been bullying current cuck mayor John Tory. City government offered BLM Toronto 5 million dollars in funding and they refused it as “peanuts”. That they were offered a single penny by Canadian government already makes me want to throw up. I’ve been sympathetic to their message up until now but I’m starting to get really tired of their arrogance.

    1. That shit seeped into Canada? Blacks have, more or less, assimilated quite well in that country; what on earth do they have to protest about in Canada?

      1. I have no idea.
        When I first heard of them they were protesting the police station with regards to police violence in the US.
        They then made a big statement by protesting at the Toronto Gay Pride Parade.
        They are savvy with media attention, but they haven’t proved yet that their cause deserves not only so much attention, but government funding.

    2. I have little, if any sympathy for BLM. I’d support them if they were actually protesting the black-on-black crime that plagues the black community, but BLM in reality is just a group defending thugs and gangbangers.

      1. Add in “if they were also only protesting police abuse of ALL people” and I’d be there too. But then it wouldn’t be “black lives matter” it would be more like “Stop Police Abuse” or something.

        1. It’s all about more Gibsmedats, a furthering of the lack of responsibility regarding their communities, and making a few folks at the top rich.

  11. The elite want to get rid of white people. Why? Because every single one of the elite IS a white person, and this will eliminate the competition.
    Mixed-race people are much easier to control; they are much more malleable. This is something that the elite have known for a long time, but any fool could figure it out simply by looking at the litany of accomplishments of white men across the ages…
    Coincidentally (gee, yeah, sure it is, uh-huh), a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is, right now, openly calling for the complete eradication of the white race –
    Here is the SJW’s personal blog (and the guy is white, no less, which makes him an intelligence asset or one of the biggest cucks on the face of the earth) – http://studywhiteness.blogspot.com/

    1. First of all, how are mixed-race people more susceptible to globalist control? And don’t use Obama as an example, I’ll need more than that to believe this.
      Second, the “achievements of white men” have come almost exclusively from western Europe or nations descended from western European people, such as the United States. The “racist Slavic shitlords” that the alt-right never seems to tire of praising cannot create western civilization anymore than Arabs or Africans.

      1. Good point about the Slavs. Until the early 20th century they were basically all still living like it was the Dark Ages. They are not what you’d call Innovative Change Agents.

        1. What white nationalists don’t seem to understand is that just as racial populations are not interchangeable, populations within racial groups are not interchangeable either. Yes, it’s ludicrous to bring a bunch of Syrians into Germany and expect them to create German civilization. But it’s equally ludicrous to think you can import a bunch of Russians or Serbians or Poles, etc. and expect them to create German society.

        2. This is something I often wonder about the WN peeps. When they say white people who are they talking about? Both sides of my family are 4th generation. My father’s from Austria and my mothers from Trieste. How in fucks name, according to them, do I fit in with the Irish any better than Syrians?

        3. Eh, you kinda do as the Celts and Germanics are pretty well mixed together in history and share a LOT of common culture. The Slavs, eh, they have a lot of the Orient culture and attitude about them that is utterly alien to Germanics or Celts.

        4. Well, some Celts more than others. The Irish haven’t exactly done much compared to other western European countries. Not that I dislike the Irish. (Who doesn’t like the Irish?)

        5. The Irish are so intermixed with the Germanics via the Vikings that it’s not even funny. And if we consider the Irish then we have to consider the Scots, who are Irish that went north and considered themselves as regular Irish until at least the 1500’s or so. The Scots, well, invented a lot of the framework of what we consider Western Civilization, so, there’s the achievements of the Irish for you.
          My Honky Lore is deep and well researched, I don’t even need Google to recall it, heh.

        6. Well the Scots may be similar genetically to the Irish, but they are still probably not exactly the same as the Irish in Ireland. When did the Scots actually settle in Scotland?

        7. Yes, they are in fact the Irish. They called themselves Irish until around the 1500’s, give or take, and still consider themselves part of the rightful heirs of the Kingdom of Dal Riata. Further, Scotland comes from the Latin word Scocci, pronounced “scoh-chee”, which means “Irish”, so Scotland is “Land of the Irish”. They are “similar” to the Irish because they are their descendants.
          Scotland used to be Pictland around the time of the Romans, and was the domain of the Picts, at least in part. It’s probable that the Gaels were already there from Ireland but hadn’t made it “theirs” yet, although by the middle ages the Picts were toast basically.
          My semi-educated guess here is that the Picts didn’t disappear but were being assimilated by the incoming Irish Gaels (seems reasonable), around the time that Ireland was being invaded by the Vikings. Then the Vikings intermingled with the Scots as well.
          Basically you’re not going to find much difference between the two genetically except maybe a bit of Pict influence in Scots, and linguistically they still speak nearly the same language (Gaelic). Although not immediately mutually intelligible, two Gaels (Irish and Scottish) can sit down and figure out each others language in a very, very short time. Kind of like talking to an Appalachian would be for you or I.

        8. I’ll have to do some research on this myself. But the question remains that, even if the Scots are essentially the Irish with a different name, why has Scotland been more successful than Ireland proper?

        9. The Catholic Church I think. The Irish converted hard, whilst the Scots said “No thanks” to the amount of fanatical devotion that the Irish showed. Just a guess.
          Consider that “free thinking” came from Scotland and lots of prominent Age of Reason atheists come from there.

        10. Possibly, but according to some things I’ve read, all behavioral traits are genetically predisposed, including religiosity. It’s possible that the Scots gradually evolved to become less religious and more free thinking, which would render them at least slightly genetically removed from the Irish.

        11. Too short a time frame for real evolution to alter that much genetically I think. It’s not like the Scots didn’t have religion, they simply didn’t go ape over it like the Irish and by the time of the Reformation decided that they’d modify Christianity to their own liking via Presbyterianism.
          Or, maybe you’re right, but that would mean, I conjecture, that the presence of the ol’ Pict DNA code is accountable as that’s the only way to short circuit evolution, that is, interbreed with other ethnic groups. I know that’s evolution too, I mean evolution within your own ethnic group.
          But really, that’s not something I’m sure I buy into, the “genetic pre-disoposition to religion”. Spain has went full frontal insane in rejecting religion, where only 2 generations ago they were all crazy level deep Catholic. If genetics were responsible for a disposition towards religion, they’d have rejected the social influences I’d think.

        12. Of course two world wars, the Bolshevik Revolution, the Russian Civil War and Lenin’s and Stalin’s mismanagement of the economy didn’t help.

        13. On the contrary, it might not have taken as long as one might think for evolution to take place. Simply practicing outbreeding will raise the average IQ of a population in a few generations, which is precisely what happened in Northern Europe. Prior to this, as you well know, the northern European people were barbarians.
          Interbreeding might also have had something to do with it. This could explain why the average IQ of Irish Americans are higher on average than the Irish in Ireland (interbreeding with other western European peoples from higher IQ stock). When the Irish first arrived in America, the average IQ of an Irishman was 85, whereas today (in America) it is closer to the white American mean of 100.
          As for genetic predisposition to religion, I’m not sure I buy the whole thing either, but it certainly raises a few interesting scientific (and theological) questions.

        14. That’s true. But when the rest of Europe was moving forward, Russia seemed to basically stay put on most fronts. I’m not dissing them for this, it’s just commonly known history. Chekhov details in his stories from the 19th century how even by that period, most Russians lived like medieval serfs in Russia.
          The subject of Russia is pretty complex in my opinion. They just never seemed like trail blazers in history until after the 20th century began. Interesting discussion never the less.

        15. Or…diet.
          The IQ of Irish coming to America and gettting off the boats directly was somewhere in the IQ 85 range. A proper diet for one generation saw their children (who surely stayed within the ethnic group for a while) sprint upward into the average “white” IQ range of 100-105. This is usually attributed to diet, as I’ve read anyway.
          So maybe the Scots just had more abundant food (I really have no idea on that, just speculating)?

        16. My family name exists in an area of Scotland that is just a short, and I mean very short, swim from Ireland. And the same family name exists on the shores of Ireland on the point closest to the sea as well. That’s no mistake.

        17. Man, you really know your honky.
          Ok, so here is a hypothetical question. For the WN who believe in only breeding within the group (which I am wondering if this is contrary to a nature in both human and animal who breed outside the pack for strength) but the WN who believe that breeding within the group — would they suggest that southern Italians are more suited top breeding with northern aftricans than northern Italians?

        18. Diet may have helped, but again, referring to what I’ve read IQ is largely genetic. If diet did help, it only helped by a couple of points. The average IQ of the Irish in Ireland today is only 92, which is relatively low compared to other western European countries. Scotland, by comparison, has an average IQ of 97.

        19. I really have no frame of reference for the WN discussion.
          What I do know is that until maybe the 1960’s, and even a bit longer really, whites sub-divided into “groups” that considered themselves superior in many ways to other European groups. There was no “white” identity as a whole, per se, until very recently.
          Hence why “Proper” WASP whites would sneer at the inferiority of the Wops, Degos, Spics, Polaks and dirty Greeks, for the longest while.

        20. It would help if both groups would stop their prodigious consumption of alcohol, which I believe is at the top of all groups on the planet, and if not, they’re so fucking close as to render the difference meaningless. Might be related to that IQ, because generally Scots in history have been fucking brilliant. Maybe they just have a wider disparity in IQ and produce a lot of geniuses? Who knows?
          The notion that IQ is genetic is probably true, but also highly dangerous to utter in polite society. I always broach the topic by talking about dog breeds. Everybody knows that dogs can interbreed, period, with any other healthy dog of the opposite sex. Yet nobody denies that some dog breeds are very intelligent and some are just plumb, well, stupid compared to other dog breeds.
          Throws a big ol’ “Oh shit” into Leftists when I take this tactic to them, because most of them adore dogs and are all about the many traits of dogs, etc.

        21. yes. This much I understand. Like Mr. Burns giving away a Joe DiMaggio card regretting MLB “allowing ethnics into the league”
          I really am curious about the whole white identity thing. More often than not it seems to me like a bunch of low functioning people with not much to live for coming together to call each other special snowflakes and blame their problems on some outside force which puts them on the same level as SJW’s BLM Fags and modern women in my book.

        22. It’s funny you say that, my wife and I had this discussion this last Saturday. Encountered some white nationalist type during a ride, and he was NOT the most radiant example of humanity you’d ever want to meet. I mentioned “You know, I’ve never met a WN/KKK/Neo-Nazi that wasn’t a total and utter embarrassment as a white person. It would make sense if WN’s all looked like Thor and Freya, that is, the Ideal White Person, because they then can make a case of “Yes, because Superior”, but usually they come across as utterly wretched”.

        23. But again, predisposition to alcohol consumption is also a genetic trait. Asking an Irishman not to drink is like asking a Kenyan not to sprint.

        24. I don’t buy into that. That seems to me to be the canard of the 12 Step Types, but I’ve not met a person who could not stop drinking if they did not want to. My father, as Scottish as you’ll ever meet, went from heavy drinker to nearly “casual and then only once or twice a year” because he decided he was living poorly.
          That may not be directly related, but I suspect it is to an extent. I tend to look down on the notion that bad habits can be blamed directly on genetics. It absolves responsibility. Genetics for intelligence, sure, but saying I’m predisposed to, I dunno, curse or drink just gives me a pass for bad behavior in society.
          That said, I drink way more than I should, but it doesn’t seem to affect my day to day life. Maybe that’s how they do it, they can all be functional heavy drinkers? Dunno.

        25. Years ago I suggested that only astronauts should be allowed to breed. I said it as a joke at a party. But then I started thinking…yes, astronaut is pretty much our ideal. Physically, mentally and psychologically vetted for total superiority. Can you imagine these fucknuts walking in on, I don’t know, Neil Armstrong telling him about racial superiority?
          My experience is the same as the one of yours and your wife. I really do believe the root is the same root as the issues with BLM, Millennials, SJWs and the rest of the shit heads. It is basically a recognition that they aren’t special that is really fucking scary to them. So they go online to find some kind of confirmation that they are special and then they feel better. But life hasn’t magically got better so now they need a boogie man to blame.

        26. Italians apparently were big supporters of the 1965 Immigration Act, as they felt that they were being discriminated against by American Immigration policies at the time, which was probably true.
          Of course, you’ll probably never hear a white nationalist say that.

        27. I get what you are saying but how do you explain Scots modern penchant for socialism and welfare state when they used to be rebellious and belligerent? And Scotland hasn’t suffered massive invasions in the last 400 years at least.

        28. All of the good Scots left for North America.
          I’m almost half serious about that.

        29. The price of being too successful, perhaps. Things have been too good for too long in the west, and the chickens are coming home to roost.

        30. Indeed. What he says is true for almost all Europeans these days.

        31. Chekhov details in his stories from the 19th century how even by that period, most Russians lived like medieval serfs in Russia.

          Just a little clarification…in the West medieval serfs had in many countries more rights than Russian peasants in the 19th century, let alone the 20th in “Workers paradise”.
          My take is that Russia after the Mongolian invasion and its subjugation by the Golden Horde was not same, it became more Eastern, if not in blood in outlook and the very Weltanschauung of that society. That’s why their frame of reference was not Western (Kings with limitations either by custom like in the Middle Ages or by a constitution in the modern era ie. Windsor house or der Kaiser Wilhelm) but Eastern (oriental despotism).
          I could be wrong but that’s how I think about it after all I’ve read. And I know that I need to learn Russian if I want to read something worthwhile from that country.

        32. That’s an interesting take, I’ll roll that around in my mind a bit, thank you.
          I used serfs as a common reference, you’re correct that Russian peasants took it in the shorts much harder than, say, an Englishman in the year 1300.

        33. Correct point, I was just assuming we were talking about them through context.

        34. Might be. However I think something else is afoot here. Scandinavians didn’t die en masse in WWII however they are one of the most pussified men in the world. Germans, once a proud and distinguished people have been reduced to mere children that believe in Nicolaus (the government) and want their handouts instead of their freedom and are willing to believe everything the Govt tells them (many if not most of them). I could go on but you know the drift.
          There are factors outside of genetics that can alter the fate of a people, hence I am not for genetic determinism.

        35. Not clarifying for you. Clarifying for WN/alt-right trolls who may be reading.
          Yes, I am getting that anal about it.

        36. I think there might be some kind of genetic thing at play, but as jz95 mentions, a predisposition instead of some kind of “programming”.

        37. I get what you are saying. I am not a WN but I understand the reasons behind their rise…backlash. Pure and simple. Backlash against perceived and real hostility to everything they hold dear, coming from all places. It was just a matter of time before something like this arose..

        38. On the contrary, genetics explains everything.
          Take the Swedes for example, who are arguably beset with the worst aspects of the European migrant crisis. Scandinavians evolved in harsh climates which forced them to create elaborate societal systems in order to survive, in particular a high-trust society, something which is uncommon to most of the world. This is why socialist policies only work in Scandinavian countries, as these are people who are genetically predisposed to trust their neighbors.
          Unfortunately, this has worked against them, as they are also inclined to trust ANYONE thanks to their genetics, not just their co-ethnics. This is why Sweden is so open to allowing migrants to enter en masse.

        39. I mean, I get that that is why these things happen…however, I would be much happier to see something sensible come out as a backlash instead of backwards thinking stupidity which mimics the feminist, sjw and BLM cry babies MO only with white skin.

        40. Up to the 18th century Scandinavians were known as fierce warriors (see the 30 year war and their attempts to create one big Scandinavian kingdom from Denmark). If your theory were right the Mongolians shouldn’t be one of the most xenophobic peoples on Earth (they despise the Chinese despite the latter being their genetic cousins if not brothers) since they dwell in one of the harshest climates on earth.
          The same could be said of the Japanese, Koreans and other Asians who are much more racist than most Europeans in the heyday of racism in the 19th century. Even today they regard foreigners as barbarians until proven otherwise and distrust anyone who doesn’t look like them. Even Japan, the land of the rising herbivore where many men have lost their masculinity they still distrust foreigners, even those that are their genetic cousins.
          As for Germany, see “Entnazifizierung” for some answers. I think more than genetics, the abandonment of Christianity did Europe in. Once the content was removed all the tenets of European Christian morality were turned against the once Christian nation.

        41. you have the right of it there.
          I wish we would see a backlash against groups, against geographical pride, against racial pride and more towards individual accomplishments and achievements…pride in oneself. After that, it is perfectly fine to have feelings for those other things, but to prioritize any of them over the individual is just a recipe for disaster.

        42. Dark ages? They had steel mills, trains, and a fairly high literacy rate (I’m pretty sure the highest outside of western Europe). A Russian during the Russian Empire invented the Periodic table, would you call that backwards? You are also making another mistake: Assuming the medieval era was dark or backwards.

        43. How inbred were the Scandinavians prior to the 18th century? The more inbred a population, the more clannish and “xenophobic” they are inclined to be.

        44. Well, up to the last decades, Scandinavians could be classified as a very “inbred” population (immigration from other white countries to Scandinavia has never been massive, it’s virtually a non-issue for starters).

        45. “it’s just commonly known history.” Every time I hear someone ever say something is common knowledge, it’s bullshit.
          “The subject of Russia is pretty complex in my opinion. They just never seemed like trail blazers in history until after the 20th century began.” Really? I can think of a tonne of pre soviet technologies, ever heard of the Periodic table? Mosin Nagant Rifle? The Trans Siberian Railway? Gas Masks? Strategic Bombers? Half Track? Snowmobile? Electric Seismometre? Auscultatory Blood pressure tester? Foam Extinguisher? Motor ship? Hyperboloid Structures? Gridshells? Tensile Structures? The discovery of Viruses. Solar Cells? Arc Welding? Pretty much anything using three phase electric power. Railway electrification. Radiator? 3D Camera? Monorails? Powdered Milk? Rebar? Decimal Currency? All of those were invented or discovered by Russians, all pre Soviet era. Just because you don’t know of many Russian inventions, does not mean that they didn’t make stuff. In fact, they made a lot of stuff, just not things you would think about in every day life.

        46. It was a minority. Most Russians lived worse than any peasant in Western Europe in 1100. Until Peter the Great Russia was behind for centuries in comparison to Western Europe.

        47. Another thought I’ve been kicking around in my head lately.
          Blacks in America occupy a strange place in terms of classification. On the one hand, they are clearly a racial group, but at the same time they are also an ethnic group. Genetically and culturally speaking, the American Negro is distinct from the African Negro. When black Americans chanted “black pride,” it could have possibly been something similar to Irish pride.
          Also, the way the WASPs sneered at other European Americans, the same thing happens with blacks. West Indian blacks tend to look down on American blacks (and I can tell you this from experience, I’ve heard my mother say this many times throughout my life) and tend not to associate or intermarry with them. They either marry other West Indians or marry outside the race. The same probably holds true for African immigrants as well.

        48. “Most Russians lived worse than any peasant in Western Europe in 1100.” Citation?
          “Until Peter the Great Russia was behind for centuries in comparison to Western Europe.” Do you have any sense of time? GhostOfJefferson mentioned the 20th century, and you are bringing up a man 300 years before the 20th century…

        49. Depends on if you consider North Africans white. But for the most part, Italians don’t really look that different from North To South.

        50. North Africans are Caucasian. Caucasian is not a synonym for white. Europeans, Semites and South Asians are all Caucasians.

        51. I presume you are using South Asian as a synonym for Indian, and no, they are not Caucasian. They speak a Indo-European Language, but they are not racial Caucasian in any sense. Back to North Africa though, what is really the problem with Semites? What makes them not “white”? Steve Jobs was Syrian, and I don’t think most people would consider him a non white. Look at this picture of the Assad Family: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/1f/Al_Assad_family.jpg
          While they have disincentive Syrian/Leventine features, I don’t see what features they have that are non white.

        52. South Indians might not be. I’m not entirely sure on that myself. Some say they are, some say they might be Capoid (mixed Caucasoid/Negroid, the same racial subgroup as East Africans like Ethiopians). North Indians definitely are, however.

        53. I tend to put Indian’s in their own Group, Dravidian, or Indiod, or some variant of that. From what genetics have shown, Asians are actually branch off from them rather than visa versa…

        54. How was this really testing? IQ tests are adjusted relative to different cultures/countries, and they are always made to get an average of 100, how would that have been tested?

        55. There are several points you make here I disagree with. Too start, the Scandinavian countries really aren’t Socialist. If you were to make a scale of 1 to 10, with the 1930’s USSR or North Korea or China under Mao at 10 (fully Socialist) and then a la la land of unhindered Capitalism at the other end, the Scandinavian countries would be at a 4-5. For the most part, there is still private ownership of the majority of Industry, only core industries like Healthcare, Infrastructure, Telecommunications, etc. are Socialist. Second thing, Sweden doesn’t have as many non swedes as you would think, 80% of the country is Swedish, and many other people are just other Europeans. It’s just that those non European people are generally some of the shittiest, worst people on the planet.

        56. I hear the claim that East Africans are fast all the time, but a simple look at FIFA and Olympic Stats prove it to be not true…

        57. They only got more westernized after the golden Horde. Before that time they weren’t Christian, also the fact that the Tsar wasn’t constitutional had more to do with the population (and aristicracy) never having a big fallout with the Tsars (which were pretty populist). Constitutionalism happened because of too many bad monarchs in Western and Central Europe.

        58. I don’t know where you’ve read this, but what I’ve read says this is not true. Even adjusted for cultural biases, average IQs are not 100 across the board.

        59. I think you need to check your history. The peoples that make up Russia were christianized centuries before the arrival of the Golden Horde. The westernization of Russia re-started only in the 17th century under Peter the Great.

        60. Most Semites are Arabs and Jews, their cultures are incompatible with European cultures, their inbreeding levels are extremely high for the former (centuries of marrying your cousins due to extreme sexual competition do that to your bloodline) thus extremely clannish, well beyond what is advisable if you wish a peaceful and functional society. There is an interesting article in the subject, albeit not race-related is about a curious fact of life: why arabs are lousy soldiers in general. A great view of their hierarchical relationships which in my civilian experience with them rings true: http://www.meforum.org/441/why-arabs-lose-wars
          Take into consideration that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If I had a say in the affairs of Germany I would have only accepted refugees that could prove their Christian religion practice since they are far more assimilable…and less prone to inbred-related sickness. The rest…rejected and their boats returned or sunk.
          P.S. Syrians and Lebanese people as well as Turks are not good examples of what “Levantines” should look since they have considerable white admixture (Turks from all the forced conversions and rapes, Syrians and Lebanese from their period being part of Byzantium and later with the crusades).

        61. Change, adaptation, not evolution would be the right word, unless they turned into something else and became a new species.

        62. Haven’t you seen what happens when you subsidize undesirable behaviours and turn charity into an obligation…?

        63. Yeah but in Western Europe, depending on the region and customs, you as a serf weren’t a slave in the Middle Ages unlike what you can find in the East with their “god-emperors” and all that. A quick combing of the record shows that something like the Magna Carta, or the rights granted to the serfs in what is now Germany, France and Italy wouldn’t have been possible in Russia, let alone the Middle East or the Far East.

        64. Do you have any sense of time? GhostOfJefferson mentioned the 20th
          century, and you are bringing up a man 300 years before the 20th

          Did you read what I wrote? My points were: Peasant life in Russia was worse than anything you could imagine in Western Europe in the Middle ages, except perhaps during the Black plague; it sucked. Second until Peter the Great, the Mongolian influence had turned the country away from Europe and this influence could only be counterbalanced from the 1600s onwards.

        65. Dark ages? They had steel mills, trains, and a fairly high literacy rate (I’m pretty sure the highest outside of western Europe).

          You need to check your facts. To that I just have to say this:

          Kholops were the lowest of the low. They were treated as true slaves. Their masters had complete control over them. They were able to kill them, sell them, or use them to pay off debts.
          In the 13-15th centuries the amount of dependent peasants significantly increased, but the degree of slavery was not yet that severe. From mid-15th century, the serfs still were entitled to two weeks each fall when they could freely leave their masters after paying a certain fee, the fact of which was
          legalized in the Code of Law of 1497.
          The 1649 the Code of Law made most of the serfs the property of estates, and made flight from those estates a criminal offence. From this point on, all serfs, no matter
          what their nominal category, were essentially slaves. Their owners could do what they wanted with them; sell them and even beat them for disobedience. In censuses soon after almost four fifths of the Russian peasantry were counted as
          serfs. The door had shut on Russian peasant freedom.

          Source: http://russiapedia.rt.com/of-russian-origin/serfs/
          Feudalism in the West had nothing to do with what they used to have in Russia, before and after the fall of the Tzarist regime.

        66. So basically the Kholops were slaves. This writing talks about form the the late medieval era up to the early modern period. But I want to point out some things 1) Kholops were abolished in 1724. and were thereafter treated as serfs. 2) Serfdom was abolished slowly during the 19th century, and then was completely abolished in in 1861. This means that on emancipation, Russia could be said to be as progressive as the United States. But being that, serfdom was abolished in 1861, but actually slavery was abolished in 1724, I would say they are actually more progressive. So under your definition, the US war still in the “Dark Ages” until the end of the Civil War….

        67. “Most Semites are Arabs and Jews, their cultures are incompatible with European cultures” But genetically speaking, Jews are pretty much indistinguishable from Europeans. And while they have their own cultures, that does not mean they couldn’t function in Western Culture. Egypt, North Africa, and the Levant all functioned perfectly well as part of Hellenic Society and Roman Society.
          “their inbreeding levels are extremely high for the former” Genetics don’t agree with that…
          “Take into consideration that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If I had a say in the affairs of Germany I would have only accepted refugees that could prove their Christian religion practice since they are far more assimilable…and less prone to inbred-related sickness. The rest…rejected and their boats returned or sunk.” I go further though, I think it needs to be suppressed and crushed, Islam is a cult.
          “P.S. Syrians and Lebanese people as well as Turks are not good examples of what “Levantines” should look since they have considerable white admixture (Turks from all the forced conversions and rapes, Syrians and Lebanese from their period being part of Byzantium and later with the crusades).” So basically that leaves you with actual Arabs with from the Arab peninsula. Well yeah, I don’t give a shit about them either, my definition of “white” is basically Europe, the Iranian Plateau, The Levant/Fertile crescent, Anatolia, and North Africa. Those areas have shown they are capable of building civilization and I think if Islam was destroyed, they could be grafted back into western civilization.

        68. Didn’t some Astronaut strap a diaper onto herself, and drive across the country to try to murder her rival to her lover?

        69. They’re 3rd worlders. I don’t care if they’re Christian, Buddhist or Muslim, they’re incompatible with cultured society. Most don’t speak English, regardless of Religion.

        70. Again, Semites are Caucasian. “White” is not a race. There’s a damn good reason that there are Arabs who look like Europeans, and it’s because they are the same sub-racial group.
          That said, the rest of your comment is spot on. Many Arabs are heavily inbred, which leads to a sharp drop in IQ. Combine that with a violent religious ideology (Islam) and suddenly the reason why the Middle East is a shithole is very clear.

        71. Wow, so are you implying-or saying outright-that Poles are not “as white” as Germans?

        72. ” I don’t care if they’re Christian, Buddhist or Muslim, they’re incompatible with cultured society.” Are you retarded? These are the people who build western culture, I these people functioned just well as part of cultured society in the Roman empire, what magically makes them not in this era?
          “Most don’t speak English, regardless of Religion.” Yeah no shit. I never said bring them to America Sherlock.

      2. I’d be interested in knowing how you feel about the UMW professor’s call for the complete eradication of the white race, which was the central point of my comment…I have a feeling some major cricket noises are about to erupt.

      3. Despite being do not have any Slavic heritage or ancestry, I will give you a list of achievements made by them:
        First Object in Orbit
        First animal in orbit/space
        First human in orbit/space
        First female in orbit/space
        First human to do an EVA
        First space station
        First modular space station
        First object to exit the influence area of earth
        First object to orbit the moon
        First object to crash on the moon
        First object to land on the moon
        First crewed space docking
        First flyby of Venus
        First Mars Flyby
        First object to impact Venus
        The periodic table of elements
        The Research of Pierre and Marie Curie (she was Polish)
        The Research and Inventions of Nikola Tesla
        The writings of Nicholas Copernicus
        Those are just a few…

        1. Most of these are Russian accomplishments. And did Curie, Tesla, and Copernicus make these discoveries in their native countries, or in western countries?
          Full disclosure: I am a quarter Polish myself. I am not saying that Eastern Europe has never accomplished anything, but certainly not to the degree of western Europe.

        2. Copernicus was in Poland most of his life and that is where he did his work, I believe the Curies were in Poland at the time when they isolated Radium, and Tesla was in America. Slavs have contributed many things to civilization, they just aren’t the glamorous high profile things like cars, or engines, or lights, etc.

        3. Kopernikus was German not Pole. The city in which he was born was part of the German nation and was called Thorn.

        4. As Untergang said, Copernicus was German, not Polish. The Curies were in France when they made their discoveries, and Tesla in America. As WN’s on Heartiste’s site would say about blacks, these Slavs (Curie and Tesla) were only able to make these accomplishments in western countries, not their native lands.

        5. There was no German nation at the time, it was a city state, and it’s called Toruń in polish, as it was called back then (though the population was both polish and German). While is father may have been German or Polish, his mother was certainly Polish. I take it that he was both of mixed German and Polish descent, and lingual he was fluent in German, Latin, Polish, Italian, and Greek.

        6. Go look at my response on Copernicus to Untergang07. As for the rest of your comment, I don’t understand what you are saying. Do you believe that western Europe is covered in magical pixie dust that makes it more innovative? Why would it matter if slavs are in Western or Eastern Europe? A slav is a slav, wherever he is. On the other hand, you fail to address anything else I talked about, or any of the inventions I mentioned to Ghost of Jefferson down below.

        7. You confuse nation with country or state. A nation is a group of people that share a common lineage, ethos, religion, language and customs. Das Heilige Römisches Reich-Deutsche Nation was there a long time before Kopernikus and the city was called Thorn at the time. The German nation (not the Reich) is at least 1500 years old.

        8. Okay I understand. The context you used the word in isn’t very common in (contemporary) English so I was a bit confused.

        9. Again, you don’t seem to be understanding my comment. I am not saying that Slavs have contributed nothing to the world, but not on the same scale as western Europeans. The overwhelming majority of advances in science, music, and literature (among other things) in the last few centuries have been from western Europe, and in particular from a smaller handful of western European nations (England, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, etc.).

        10. Okay. Well I can agree to disagree. I can name a plenty of inventions from eastern Europe, and unless you can produce something that actually proves they have produces less inventions or innovations, there is no basis in reality for your statement.

        11. This map has a major major problem. It doesn’t even have Moscow on the map, which is where most Russian innovation would be centered anyways. It also lacks engineering.

        12. I understand, the confusion was to be expected. In other languages the concept is clearer (German: das Volk or loosely translated the “people”, Spanish: patria or the land of the fathers). In Oxford’s Dictionary the concept does appear as well, however in Merriam it doesn’t

          A large body of people united by common descent, history, culture, or language, inhabiting a particular state or territory

          vs http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/nation

          a (1) : nationality 5a (2) : a politically organized nationality (3) : a non-Jewish nationality b : a community of people composed of one or more nationalities and possessing a more or less defined territory and government c :
          a territorial division containing a body of people of one or more
          nationalities and usually characterized by relatively large size and
          independent status

          What a curious thing I suppose…

    2. “A professor at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is calling for the complete “abolition of whiteness,” saying only then will America see an end to racism.”
      The mental gymnastics are amazing. Do they think they’ll have it better under a Latino majority? Every Mexican I know hates blacks.
      Edit: the professor is himself a White guy. Seriously, WTF is wrong with these people?

      1. They are just doing what they are told to do, or what they have been programmed to do – like the UMW professor I quoted. He’s definitely on the team; he’s a puppet. He is merely a spearhead for the elite, a mouthpiece for the cause. And like I mentioned in my initial comment, the elite want to wipe out whites. The UMW professor’s diatribe is proof of this.
        People can quibble all they want about the use of the word “white”, and equate it with WN philosophies, but in doing so, they are just proving that they are as mindfucked as the professor.
        I am just the messenger here. Ultimately, the goal is to wipe out 90% of the world’s population: blacks, whites, latinos, asians – everybody. But they want to completely breed out white people, because the resultant offspring will be easier to control.
        How do I know? My family has worked for this very goal (the globalist, NWO goal) for centuries. All the patriarchs in my family were Freemasons and/or Knights Templar back to the Crusades. (“Wait a minute, the Templars are all gone…I read about that somewhere in a history book,” a college-educated person might say. To which I say, “You’re wrong, my grandfather was a Knight Templar, and you just think that because people like my grandfather wanted you to think it.”)
        People become easily controlled because they believe that the limits of their own field of vision are the limits of the world. So the elite simply shape the fields of vision of the general populace. They do this most especially via “institutions of higher learning” (cough-cough). Those institutions are exclusively shaped and controlled by the elite.
        Think of it as a parent telling a child that Santa Claus is real. It’s exactly the same thing, when it comes to our educational systems. Real knowledge is never what a person expects it to be. Real knowledge, meaning, anything that contains hard-core important truths, is kept away from the masses. Because knowledge is power. And the guys at the top of the flagpole have all the power. And they do not disseminate real truth to the masses, because if they did, they’d have serious competition on their hands.
        People would do well to think of it this way – getting a college degree is exactly like the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz, receiving his diploma from the Wizard. After the Wizard hands him his diploma, he tells him, “Now you’re smart…”
        The fundamental tenets of physics can be disproven by a reasonably aware 7th-grader on crack. But that’s a whole different kettle of fish; basically, people get mindfucked from cradle to grave and the place where they get the lion’s share of the mindfucking is in our institutions of higher learning (or is that hired learning?).
        Somebody’s gotta lead the sled dog team, and so long as you can make a person think they are leading it, while you are actually hand-feeding them all of their beliefs and ideas, while telling them they’re smart, well hey, that makes everybody happy now, doesn’t it?
        Off my soapbox now…you kids play nice or no dessert, and I mean it.
        “Truth is the mother of all hatred.” – Ausonius

        1. For clarification, I have absolutely no problem with the overall NWO concept (globalist concept). I don’t get paid to be this way, and I’m not a secret society member, but I totally see the method behind the madness…

        2. The fundamental tenets of physics can be disproven by a reasonably aware 7th-grader on crack.

          It would be interesting to know which concepts. Things like gravity and thermodynamics are the basics of the methods applied succesfully in a myriad of fields. If those principles are false how come the methods work (I’m talking about engineering, not modern physics which is stuck in mathematical models that seem to lead to nowhere…).
          Just curious.

  12. It’s noteworthy that Gavin Long ‘Cosmo’ (Baton Rouge alleged shooter on Sunday) had a masculinity blog site called ‘Convos With Cosmo’
    while listening to the police scanner on Sunday a.m., a search was underway for one or two suspects for two hours or so. MSM was saying suspect was shot on the spot and I still heard deputies and troopers scouring the area. Some MSM reports put out that Gavin’s home in KC Mo was visited shortly thereafter and a suspect with an AK at the door was the one. Then the guy it turns out was a lone gunman and was shot on the spot in BR. I thought ”how the hell did the suspect fly all the way to KC so fast?” Luckily for smartphones and the amazing police scanner apps, the elitist shitsters that pulled 9/11 can’t do that kind of ‘in your face’ horse shit. The Gavin Long ‘official’ story is full of holes and hasty patchwork from the beginning.
    Keep primed and recorder ready always for the next shit that the elitists try to spin. Michael Xavier Johnson, the other vet (alleged lone Dallas gunman) was hauled into divorce bitchcourt previous.
    Black shooters John Allen Mohammed and Johnathan Malvo (DC snipers 2002) were completely beneath radar detection. They were the only non-monitored case. John Mohammed was divorce raped by a fat Black family court robo bitchjudge. She told him ”get your ass out of my courtroom with your tail between your legs”. He lost custody of his kids. Now if anything would make someone blind with hatred, there you go, the BITCHCOURT system. John Mohammed became a cold killing machine. Black, White, man, woman, dog, it didn’t matter. He converted his car trunk enclosure into a padded ‘silencer’ with a porthole in the rear licence plate for sniping at ANYONE. That was one crazy nigger. He’d lay on his belly in the trunk while Malvo steered. They’d wait for a white van to pass by, find a target, anyone (the anyone part was totally insane), aim, squeeze, BAM!! And they’d shoot anyone. It could be someone’s grandmother for all they knew. The dumbest niggers on the planet, you’d say, until you see how Mohammed was divorce raped and forced away from his kids. He was a staunch disciplinarian with his kids, proud but not afraid to correct them. A bitchjudge and the bitchsystem did their usual on him, dismembering his family.
    But Gavin Long is the one that stands out as the only one who initiated his own divorce. The other two were divorce raped. There must be more screenplay and psy op involved with Gavin Long.

  13. The sad thing is that blacks as a whole are extremely gullible and easy to manipulate. Just look at them choosing the plantation voting for Democrats every 4 years.

    1. You know, even outside of any race connotations, I do wonder about that. An impartial objective look at what the Democrats have done to their communities and very families seem to me to be almost every bit as horrible as actual slavery, perhaps even worse because they’ve embedded them with a mindset that craves being in submission to the Democrats. What a mind fuck.

      1. If slaves had been killed at the rate modern blacks are killed, slavery would not have been economically viable. Slavery was terrible, true. But it was not nearly as dangerous as living in one of today’s ghettos is. The problem is that there is no master to overthrow. The only way to get off the modern plantation is to stop blaming others and pull yourself up by the bootstraps.

        1. That would be the first correct thing they said, even if they said it for wrong reasons.
          No government = no welfare and no gibmedats. Which is great, in my opinion. If they’re willing to forgo those then there is truly hope, and their community will mend in a few generations I think. I doubt they’re putting that much thought into it though.

        2. They are just nearsighted. They target random police officers, yet it IS the police that come to their aid when they are in a serious and deadly situation.
          I seriously think that is what is wrong with the Leftist.

        3. I would take the danger of a ghetto over slavery any day.
          Btw, slavery was not economically viable. That’s fundamentally why it ended.

        4. Come on don’t be daft. “They” are not targeting police. Two guys were.
          And honestly, do you think those two guys ever called the police for anything?

        5. I agree on your last point. The cotton gin and other mechanized harvesting methods made slavery obsolete.
          In truth, I would probably also take the danger of the ghetto because at least there you have the option to get out if you are wise enough to do so. My point is only that more blacks are killed or hurt terribly in the ghettos than ever were on the plantations. But that said, yeah, I wouldn’t want to be a slave.

      2. Definitely worse. Only 1.4% of whites owned slaves in the US. Also there were blacks that owned slaves. When they were slaves they were owned by one wealthy land owner now they are owned by the entire federal and state gov’ts. Once they get used to the chump change they get that is it they may as well be dead or in prison which is very likely.

        1. I can’t disagree with that at all.
          The whole slavery thing is bogus in my view. Scots were imported to North America as slaves by the English, in numbers estimated up to 100,000. I mean, fucking William Wallace, barrel chested, giant warrior poet Scottish people. I’m half Scottish, so where the fuck are my reparations?
          Point being, they need to get the fuck over it and stop making excuses for failure. Removing the lips from the teat of the government would be a good first step in doing that. Fuck victimhood, I say.

        2. The good old Scots banned slavery in 1778. Are you sure that “Scottish Slavery in America” is not a myth though?

        3. I guess that makes you a slave too right? How many people own the Federal Gov’t? 1.4% of people?
          Keep in mind that besides the owners, there was the whole institution of slave making, slave management, slave enforcement and white people who would dob in an escaped slave.

        4. My family history in America goes back to the 1600s; and yes they were Irishmen dragged here in chains as slaves. The only reason blacks were imported to replace the white slaves was due to so many of the white slaves from temperate climates (Ireland and Scotland) were dying like flies in the southern tier states like Georgia. Racism came latter.

    2. Supposedly after the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment Lyndon Johnson claimed he secured the black vote for several generations for Democrats. Up until then, they were staunch Republicans.

      1. I’m paraphrasing, but this is pretty close (I’m too lazy to be arsed to Bing it)
        “I’ll have those goddamned niggers voting Democrat for the next 200 years!”
        I don’t know if he said “goddamned” or not, is my only point of contention. I think he did though, but I may be wrong.

  14. I’ve never had a problem with black people as such.
    Growing up, a lot of my heroes were black. MLK was an inspiration because he studied to improve himself, and sincerely worked to show people they could get along if they judged peers on merit. Michael Jordan was an inspiration because he was a dogged competitor who pushed himself to the limit and focused on winning without worrying about playing nice. As a musician who’s never had much money, I was inspired by tons of black musicians who used talent, effort, and style to make themselves heard. The first friend I ever made at school was black.
    Along the way though, black kids who don’t even know me have felt the need to threaten me, start fights, steal my shit, and generally be super racist to me for being white. That’s just at street level- the aggressive racial politics they promote leave no choice but to make race an issue. As my life goes on, tribalism has to be right at the top of the list for me because I know there are heaps of people just wishing and hoping for me to go extinct.
    It’s some sad Shit- I thought MLK’s dream sounded pretty Damn good.

    1. Reminds me of the time we were going up to Kentucky for a month long vacation back when I was in middle school. Bear in mind, this was the first time I’ve even outside either Texas or New Mexico, so the only way I thought how other Americans thought or acted was through TV.
      So we stop in Memphis to have some food. As luck would have it, we ended up in a KFC in a black neighborhood. We got in, and the stares from the black patrons was unsettling to say the least. Bear in mind we are not even Anglo white, yet we felt like we stepped in a war zone and by default were were the enemy. And then my sister in law comes in in small denim shorts. Then the looks changed to that of lust. I didn’t figure out that’s how interracial porno starts. Also in retrospective, I’m glad I didn’t think out loud that apparently black people DO like eating fried chicken. So we ate and got the hell out of there.
      What I got from this experience was this. Turns out blacks are as bigoted as anyone else. Mind you, I don’t blame them for their reaction. I would have gotten the same reaction if I had stumbled upon, say, a Long Island neighborhood full of rich white WASPS or into a gay nightclub. That’s just human tribalism in action. Even I would have done the same if either one had stepped in my neighborhood. I wished that they saw their own prejudices towards others.

  15. If you had a magic button once pressed would make all blacks disappear, including a few good once you personally know and like – would you press it?

    1. No. I’m not for genocide of any people. Just want to stop the whole victim “Down with whitey” shit.

  16. You have to wonder if the blacks who lack the talent for sports or entertainment do this bullshit as another way of making white people pay attention to them; they just have nothing else going for them.

  17. What most of these BLM people do not know is that in Hawaii there was asian slavery resulting in the same racial tensions.

  18. Blacks are responsible for a huge overwhelming number of violent crimes in proportion to their population. They are the worst students, the worst employees, they are lazy and unmotivated unless we are talking about whining and complaining, they have been handed every advantage. They will always be the underclass and only they are stupid enough to keep voting demorat when dems are flooding the country with illegals taking any chance of them improving their situation. The IQ in this country from immigration and blacks has gone down 15 points easily in the last 40 years. Odumbo being elected twice is proof positive.

    1. Well, elected once in any event. I strongly question the validity of the second election, for pretty sound reasons.

      1. Odumbo got re-elected because so many conservative bible thumpers stayed home. Now of course whenever a democrat is involved in an election there is plenty of monkey business but Romney lost by 3 million votes. If Romney fought half as hard against Odumbo as he does with Trump he would have won easily

        1. Now see, I don’t know if I buy that. I live in Ohio, and have friends in and around Cleveland (I’m north of Columbus). They live in places reported as “100% Obama vote” and they voted Romney and so did some of their local friends.
          So forgive me if I’m not smelling a bit of the ol’ Chicago Voting Standards thing going on here.

  19. Education, training, and good policies cannot make up for inadequate ability. This fact, though it explains observed reality, is not welcome.

  20. I would like to state several ideas in regards to this notion of black propensity for violence. Now given their history, blacks were institutionally targetted when they tried to better their communities by intelligence agencies under operations such as cointel pro. Blacks were forced onto welfare and their families were decimated by black feminism. Now when you have taken away their opportunities of gain employment, incarcerated/marginalized their strong male leaders, promoted a culture of criminality through media and established laws to ‘female empowerment’ and pumped their communities full of illicit substances this is the result. Now dont make the mistake that i overly sympathize with black americans my point is if you subject any population be it white, black, brown, yellow or otherwise you will have a similar result. Think about it.

    1. And by logical inference, a shark can be taught to wash your car and read bedtime stories to your children…

      1. To suggest that another ethnicity will not fall into a similar barbarism under similar circumstances is pure arrogance.

        1. Neutering females who give birth to a child that needs to be taken away for negligence (and never giving her welfare or child support) would fix all ghetto problems.

        2. And would you be willing to enforce these same laws onto others such as asian or caucasian peoples?
          Do you think that you or your kin will never be inhabitants of such ghettos?

    2. I’ll concede that point. Except nowadays it’s every American screwing other Americans over.

    3. This may be the most simple minded post I have read on this thread. I hope that you educate yourself on this matter.

      1. Its a work in progress as with many other subjects. Maybe you could suggest some material for me to study.

  21. Liberals love to put the blame on whites and slavery for why black people are the way they are…this is basically racist because they are looking down at black people as if they are helpless creatures that need defending for. When you take away moral agency and personal responsibility away from a people, you are not showing them empathy, but rather showing contempt.
    Also, let’s all realize that black people born in America are already more privileged than a majority of people in the world. So when immigrants from war torn 3rd world countries come to America, barely speak English, and eventually become successful, what’s really stopping black people from pulling themselves up? The constant blame game needs to stop.

      1. Good! I am glad to hear that. What do you think about MLK and his message of non-violent civil disobedience? Do you think it works? Are BLM non-violent?

        1. I thought that MLK was right about that. Shooting the police just creates sympathy for them. I think the approach taken by MLK created sympathy for black people and changed views. The videos of the police beating on non-resisting protesters lives long in the memory. And today, we have way more videos that show what the police are really about. This needs to be pushed to the fore.
          The organizers of BLM are non-violent but they seem confused. Its a silly name for an organization because it alienates white people who suffer the same abuse. To change policing in America you need to involve everyone.

        2. The whole name Black Lives Matter is divisive to be sure! “Many Like King” would have been better….and the rowdy element that shows up seems to hijack them unfortunately. I would like to read King’s biography.

        3. 90% of blacks who are murdered are by other blacks and blacks assault 320,000 whites in the U.S. every year. THAT is the conversation we need to be having and Trump is going to be starting that conversation and creating solutions to those problems; the REAL problems.
          F*CK the idiots who get shot by cops resisting arrest, that’s just natural selection; if you’re that stupid then you weren’t destined to be here long or contribute anything anyway. Nobody cares.
          Street protests are pathetically outdated, 1960s tactics that lost their effectiveness decades ago. Blacks can’t think of anything original and are living in the past. You know what would REALLY shock whites? If all blacks got JOBS.

        4. That conversation was had 30 years ago:

          84% of whites are killed by whites. Do we need another conversation about that? What about the 10% of blacks killed by whites and others? Conversation needed?
          Lets just say that you have a one to one ratio on those whites assaulted by blacks. So you are saying that less than 1% of blacks attack whites? What kind of conversation would you like to have? Do you think there are bigger problems?

        5. LOL Whites don’t murder each other in drive bys for one thing and blacks kill far more of each other for their puny 13% of the population. And live in a complete criminal culture of murder, rape and robbery called GANG CULTURE, YOU MIGHT HAVE HEARD ABOUT THAT. HAHahaa
          Were you born yesterday? And blacks assault 320,000 whites every year, rape 30,000 white women each year in the U.S. alone (the number of blacks raped by whites is ZERO). You’re either completely full of sh*t or a raging moron. Blacks are public menace with mobs and looting every single day the news doesn’t even report either.

        6. They are effective though. Most of us are too scared to openly voice disagreement with BLM. Kind of what terrorists achieved for Islam.
          Instead they can enjoy lack of sympathy from the silent majority as we turn away from their people.

        7. The homicide offender rate of blacks is 7 times that of whites and because of that the homicide victimization rate of blacks is 6 times higher than the rate for whites.

        8. There’s no comparison between blacks and whites when it comes to homicide. At only 13% of the population blacks consistently commit over 50% of murders and have a homicide offender rate 7 times higher than that of whites. Blacks are also over represented in every single violent offender category in the FBI UCR bar none, while whites are underrepresented.
          Pages 11-13
          13% of the population and commit an outright majority of robberies in addition to their outright majority of homicides.
          Blacks are extremely criminal and violent compared to whites and that’s just the way it is.

        9. I’ve already answered this for the nonsense it is. 13% of the US population does not commit 50% of murders. You are quite deliberately confusing statistics.

        10. you cant even read and understand simple statistics then bub…read a book on crime in America..those facts are concrete, if you want to change those numbers do it by standing up in your community against these murdering terrorst blacks that are committing these hate filled violent crimes…and get others in your communities to stand up as well…if all the law abiding blacks in America stand up to the street trash thug blacks…they will have no where to hide in America and do their crimes…they will be exterminated…but to just lie and say the numbers are wrong…it makes you look like a stupid idiot

        11. oh wow that’s new…a black man yelling “DAT RACIST’ any time white people start talking about the huge wave of black crime in America…oops I guess I’m racist now too since I complained LOL

        12. oh wow that’s new…a black man yelling “DAT RACIST’ any time white people start talking about the huge wave of black crime in America…oops I guess I’m racist now too since I complained LOL
          so since everyone on this site is debating what to do about all this black violence in America and you say we are wrong…why not put up a convincing thoughtful argument instead of just playing your race card and calling us all racist LOL white people have been hearing blacks use that catch all phrase for too many years pal….get a new catch phrase for your race nobody believes that one anymore

        13. I STATED UP TOP THAT IM NOT WITH THE BLACKLIVESMATTER CAMPAIGN, and that these are ignorant N#GGAS that are causing trouble. Its just a bunch of ghetto blacks exercising their, racist/violent tendencies against whites, and using slavery as and white supremacy as a crutch. Not sure if you saw the video where they were looting and jumping white people, it was disgusting as fuck.
          I’m not here to argue behind a computer or pull the race card. I was pointing out the fact that the gentleman, up top, lumped ALL blacks into ONE category.
          Besides 83% of ALL statistics are made up. Most statistics consist of a control group, that scientist use to base their hypothesis on; a WIDE group of people. This would include some of your more controversial stats like, who cheats/lies more, divorce rates, who files for divorce more, crime…etc.
          Edit: 73.6% of ALL statistics are made up…
          Still high ,not gonna comment back, just clearing some stuff up.

        14. 80% of all mass murders are committed by whites; the other 20% account for all other races COMBINED. Whites target anyone, including innocent toddlers. There is depravity in your very DNA. But then whites are nothing but mutations of the black race. Apparently mutants are not healthy for the planet as a whole.

        15. Right here. A prime example of why white people are responsible for the deaths of every Dallas police officer.

        16. Niggers… a total of 14% of the population accounting for 50% of the murders. You’re about to get a rude awakening from us white people, baby girl.

      2. Lol “all the black people you know are successful business people.” I’ve been working for a company for 11 years and all of our clients are other companies in every industry there is because we sell a product every business uses and I have spoken to and investigated over 30,000 companies large and small and in between in 4 major cities and I have YET to encounter even one black business owner of a mainline, legitimate business or even one black CEO, CFO, COO, CIO, IT Director, Administrator, President, VP, etc., out of all of those companies.
        It’s been quite an eye opener- before I started I was like everyone else, thinking that at the very least about 10% of the black population had finally assimilated into our 1st world, white society (same thing).
        In other words, you’re full of sh*t or these people are full of sh*t and lying to you OR their ‘business’ is selling drugs. Most blacks don’t even want to work at all and run screaming from responsibility, hard work and accountability and to run a successful, legitimate business it takes mountains of dedication, hard work, responsibility and accountability.
        Most black men are nothing but little boys who never grow up, reject education and worship gang culture, raised by single mothers and go nowhere or to prison or end up dead. Time to stop lying to yourself and living in a dream world of delusion. Blacks have got a lot of work to do.

  22. Whether oppressed intentionally or even helped and supported by actions to encourage wellbeing the fact remains that whites are still the dominant force in this country. No one cares whether this is due to nature rather than formal suppression. Until white women sleep with black men as often and as enthusiastically as they do with white men, there is no reason to put up with the system. This is just an example but there are numerous others of psychological domination that no one is willing to put up with in this age of egalitarianism whether official rules are nondiscriminatory. People go by what they feel and what they experience in their daily lives. Just as whites are more given to empathy and robotic use of their intellect in a soul draining profession that is specialized to the point of monotony that evenflipping burgers is more intellectually stimulating, blacks are naturally inclined to aggression, violence, promiscuity, and physical prowess.
    Whatever the rationale, no one wants to be in an economic and social environment that leads to being dominated. Blacks already know they are stereotyped and nothing they do is going to change that much anyway. Formal means of action have proven to ineffective in the politically correct climate. It has reached a point where the only effective strategy as well known by all civilizations is violence. It is time to create chaos in this country. No matter what is done it cannot get worse anyway, they will not persecute blacks due to political correctness and white guilt, blacks are free to do whatever feels justified.

    1. Segregation is the key
      Governments have been pushing for the infantilization of the public for years, more so with men
      So if this is the case, then children that can’t play well together get separated
      It would be nice to see who would be to blame; when a blacks only state or states started to regress towards tribalism

  23. You know, this site has really fallen off. It used to be about improving yourself and improving your game… and now, you might as well call ROK a Stormfront that focuses somewhat on pussy with its racist, right-wing rhetoric lately (and I for damn sure am no fucking lefty but for fucks sake… really?). Even Roosh who seemed for the most part to be keeping out of that type of BS is joining in on the nonsense in the article
    Four Police Officers Killed By Snipers During Black Lives Matter Protest In Dallas.
    I thought he was a little better than that, but I guess not. I can’t say I’m too surprised though. ROK always had a race baiting article or two back in the day and I could deal with it because I typically avoided those type of articles and focused on the ones that had more to do with self-improvement. But when it’s all the time and you have guys like Matt Forney (AND Roosh), one of the authors attending white supremacist rallies and posting stupid articles like ” why you shouldn’t date girls who hate Trump” (as if we should give a fuck about a woman’s political views) it’s a bit much.
    I’m black and I don’t care for BLM because the way they behave is a embarrassment to my race and also because they have a tendency to ignore the facts of the cases that they protest about. Instead just screaming with emotion and acting impulsively like little bitches. That said, while I still understand them to an extent, I understand but also detest the other side (such as many of those on this site) that uses this as a excuse to hate on my race. Eight cops got killed and now you wanna cry and act like a little bitch? People die every fucking day and if you’re crying and getting emotional about your little white knights in blue armor, you’re not that much different than BLM at the end of the day. Guys from this site crying about the death of cops, what a joke…
    I wish the good writers of ROK like Troy Francis and BlkAv8r would start their own site that would focus more on game and self improvement because all these race baiting, the world is over, lets move to another country to get some Asian pussy, hey check out my grayscale avatar of some old guy from the 1800’s authors and political articles are getting dry. Fuck ROK, I’m out.

    1. I truly hope you reconsider. I too dislike the direction this site is headed, and Roosh does seem to be a bit hypocritical on some issues, but it’s still far better than a majority of sites like it out there. Have you ever read Heartiste or Vox Day? The racism on those sites make the Stormfags who come out here seem tame by comparison.

      1. I understand what you’re saying; just like how even though I’m not christian I acknowledge that there is a lot of wisdom in the good book, there’s a lot of wisdom in this site as well. But the ignorance I see daily on this site is unbearable. People on this site could at least try to understand both sides like I have but no; they’re just like those they criticize(women). Fucking ignorant and acting on emotion without seeing the forest for the trees. If only these fools were black they might as well join BLM because they’d fit right in considering how they’re acting like little bitches.
        Yes I’ve checked both sites out and you’re correct. It could be worse but I’m disappointed in Roosh. Maybe it’s because I have high hopes. i truly believe the men on this site can usher in a new age but we have to rise above the rhetoric and the manipulation the MSM spews, go out there bravely like Roosh has done in the past and we can lead by example. We won’t have to argue either; actions talk BS walks. Once the others see that the way they were doing things weren’t working (as failure is the ultimate teacher) they will fall in line. Some ppl cannot be saved however. They will simply die out. It’s natural selection/darwinism. It won’t be easy but it will be done.

        1. Dude, cut the whining. Youre a man. You don’t like it here, you’re free to leave. However, this is not an echo chamber and there are rational reasons why Roosh, this site and other sites are going this way.
          If you truly want to have a frank conversation on the “why”, then engage someone and ask them. I think you’ll be surprised.

        2. The thing is, it’s strange that Roosh would embrace some of this stuff, considering he’s a man of middle eastern descent, which is not considered “white” by most alt-righters.

        3. Embrace what? Not being stereotypicay white means Roosh cannot criticize black terrorists? He looks rather Caucasian for a raghead.

        4. Caucasian is not a synonym for white. White is not a race, ethnicity or culture. It is a shade of skin. Roosh is a middle Eastern Caucasian.

    2. You delicate snowflake should seek a safe space in HuffPo or Salon or whatever where your precious liberal worldview won’t be confronted and crushed by reality but rather enforced by other delicate snowflakes

      1. You dumb fuck I’m not liberal. I see thru the lies of the left but I refuse to hang around a site where my entire race gets blamed for a bunch of irrational assholes. I like ROK’s original concept which is helping men save themselves from getting fucked over by the female narrative but fuck Roosh for letting a bunch of Stormfront assholes with avatars of men from the 1800’s take over. This site was better than this. I’d like to talk to him directly; I’ve been with this site since the very beginning and it got me through hard times. It’s sad what it is now…

    3. Making men aware of threats is what MGTOW is about, and whether ROK knows it or not that is in large part what they are about. No need to get your edible panties in a bunch there bud.
      BLM is a threat in many ways to men since they disrupt the society that men largely built and maintain.

    4. I don’t frequent the site as much, used to be daily and now it’s more on a bi-weekly basis. I’ve been following Roosh for years, and it’s sad to see where things are at on this site these days.

  24. The BLM garbage has finally washed up on Australian shores.
    About 3,500 people gathered in Melbourne on Sunday to show “solidarity”
    to the Black Lives Matter movement, following a recent outbreak of
    racial-fuelled violence in the United States.

    And right after the Paris terrorist attacks they released a ‘FuckParis’ Twitter hashtag because they didn’t want any attention taken away from them.

  25. Blacks are the victims of other Blacks? No kidding. Crime tends to occur where people know another as opposed to the romance of the unknown criminal. And White person is most likely to be victim to a White criminal. An Asian person is most likely to be a victim to an Asian criminal. And so forth.

  26. <<o. ✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤:::::::!bc734p:….,

  27. Come on guys lets stop with the hyperbole. BLM are just your garden variety protest group. They have their time in the sun now but it will soon pass.
    That’s said, lets not attribute crimes to them without facts. With any protest there are always agents provoceurs and other types who show up to cause trouble. Also, many (most?) of their protests are non-violent.
    And lets try to be more certain of our facts. It is not a fact that Castile was a Crip. And even if he was, that doesn’t justify shooting him except in self-defense. And to all accounts, Sterling was a well-liked and well-behaved individual.
    And lets stops with the collectivist thinking. “Blacks” don’t do anything. Individuals do. This kind of fallacious thinking is what leads you to erroneously conclude that the same people who set up BLM also idolise thugs and partake in riots, and that Blacks commit half of all homicides. Of course they don’t. You have to attribute these ideas and actions all to the same individuals to actually make this case.

    “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.”

    Benjamin Disraeli

      1. Can you quote BLM on where they advocated killing the police? Protesters are always disrupting stuff. That’s why we call them protesters.

  28. A guy here in my area was filming them at a protest recently and they came at him with signs and threatening so he drew his weapon and backed up to leave safely and now the stupid ass courts are throwing the book at him.
    Funny thing is that he was attacked before at one of their protests and had his arm broke in three places and his camera taken hence why he armed up so he could protect his life.
    The courts are making an example out of him for him exercising his right to defend himself when he senses a threat to himself from what amounts to a violent mob.

    1. I am 100% more likely to come to the aid of a black man brave enough to wear an “all lives matter” shirt.

      1. I spoke out against it on my FB page but some of my people agreed to it and some didn’t. Thats just life i guess…

  29. I’m torn on this. On one hand the black lives matter movement is blatantly racist and I was already comparing them to Isis. On the other hand cops are the ones that drag you away after false rape accusations or domestic violence accusations regardless of lack of evidence or even contrary evidence. Fuck both cops and blm.

  30. Funny how if a white guy poses with a gun he’s not criminalized..nope not funny typical racist double standards. Oh and for your information whites kill each other at similar rates to blacks we don’t ever hear anything about white on white violence even though in 2015 cops were more likely to be killed by whites than blacks.
    Poland’s castile was not a crip stop lying Jesus. You are about as honest as Donald trump….
    How you can even compare BLM to the KKK(which you support) is ridiculous. BLM hasn’t killed anyone shot anyone kidnapped or detained illegally
    And it wasn’t BLM that rioted it was the city over continued injustices which had not been addressed.

  31. I’ve never understood why black people will express their dissatisfaction with being poor and generally marginalized by rioting and burning their own neighborhoods and businesses — keeping them poor.

  32. lesson 9999 : not leftists, not liberals, not democrats – MARXISTS ;mind-conditioned by MARXISM.
    calling them anything else is doing exactly what they have tricked you to do, or what they want you to do. That way you are completely ineffective, wrong, and will never defeat them in any way. How long will repeating this lesson be necessary?????

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