Limitless Brain: The Powerful Nootropic That Can Help You Become More Productive And Make More Money

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Many guys that read Return of Kings are no strangers to performance enhancement.

Whether it involves using compounds that help build muscle faster, improve sexual prowess, or decrease approach anxiety… most red pill men are comfortable ‘cheating’ and using whatever legal edge they can find to get the most out of life.

Let’s face it- It’s tough out there. If you want to kick ass and make bank in today’s crazy world you need to set yourself apart by getting a huge amount of work done in the limited time you have.

For that exact reason, a class of supplements called nootropics have seen a huge surge in popularity over the past few years.

Young guys and older guys alike are using nootropics to maximize their productivity and get ahead in super-competitive industries and also build their own successful businesses.


Nootropics are the real deal and today we are going to tell you how they can help you make your biggest goals easier to achieve.

What Are Nootropics?

Nootropics are a type of supplement that work by enhancing the human brain. The name ‘Nootropics’ was coined in 1972 by Dr. Cornelius Girugea. He picked this name by combining two Latin words that essentially translate to ‘change the mind’s shape’.

Nootropics don’t actually change the shape of any part of the brain, but they do have powerful effects on the key neurotransmitters and neurons that are responsible for our focus, energy levels, concentration, motivation, memory, learning ability, social skills, & much more.

Unlike prescription drugs, as we’ll discuss later, nootropics are not addictive and are generally very safe and well tolerated.

What Are The Benefits Of Nootropics? Do They Actually Work?

With most supplements today, the actual noticeable effects are negligible. When was the last time you flexed in front of the mirror and said ‘wow, all that glutamine turned me into a beast’?

The reality is that MOST supplements provide a very trivial benefit that you will realistically never notice.

Nootropics are in the small minority of supplements that are legit and can provide a very noticeable improvement in your mental performance.

For most users, the effects include a moderate to drastic increase in: focus, motivation, energy, alertness, concentration, mood, memory recall, and learning ability.

When using a high quality nootropic formula, the effects can be felt within 15 minutes and last for several hours. The most common benefits experienced are energy, focus, and motivation.

While nootropics are generally thought of as ‘smart drugs’, several users have also reported that they experience a significant boost in social confidence and mood when taking them. The science backs this up, since nootropics act upon the same neural networks that control these aspects of human behavior.

Bioscience or Biology Science as Biological Concept

Who Uses Nootropics?

Nootropics are used by a fairly wide range of individuals. The most common are business owners, professionals, students, athletes, internet entrepreneurs, and professional gamers/gamblers.

Whatever your goals are, nootropics can likely help you. They’ve been well documented over the years to provide the benefits that are required to be successful in high pressure pursuits.

For the readers of ROK, using a high quality nootropic can help you build your own business and live life on your own terms. A lot of guys have also found them to be good for increasing energy and sociability, which makes it easier to go out and game hot girls.

Focused businessman standing and using tablet in office

Are Nootropics Safe? Is This Just Legal Adderall?

As nootropics are classified as dietary supplements, they’ve been the subject of years of rigorous studies and tests. Not only have they been found to be highly effective, but they’ve also been shown to be safe for human use.

A comparison is sometimes made between nootropics and prescription drugs like Adderall. Since high quality nootropics are powerful and actually work, we can understand why the two classes of compounds are often compared.

In reality, there are major differences between nootropics and prescription drugs. Adderall and similar compounds are much harsher on the body, tend to be highly addictive, and can have nasty side effects.

Nootropics are more relaxed and provide a consistent, highly effective stream of focus and energy. There is no crash, side effects, or feeling too wired up to get any work done.


How Do I Use Nootropics?

Nootropics can be straight forward to use or they can be a nightmare. Upon first discovering them, most users are overwhelmed by how many different types of nootropics ingredients exist out there. The reality is that some nootropic ingredients are excellent and others are just mediocre.

Making matters more complicated, there are many ‘synergies’ between various nootropics that only seasoned users know about. These advanced combinations, often known as formulas, are one of the biggest reasons why nootropics are the real deal.

Nootropics combine well together to create incredible cognitive benefits for the user, but the key is knowing which ingredients to combine.

X-ray human brain in blue with clipping path.

You’re Probably Wondering: Should I Try Random Ingredients Or Buy A Formula?

This is a common newbie question and it leads to a common newbie mistake. A lot of newcomers to nootropics end up buying a ton of random nootropic powders and mixing and matching them. This often costs hundreds of dollars and can take weeks before a good combination is found. It is also super annoying to measure out tiny amounts of ingredients and keep track of what you’re taking.

A much smarter, faster, and more cost effective way to get the most out of nootropics is to buy a high quality premade formula.

You want to get a nootropic formula that contains the most effective ingredients that synergize well together.

You will save a ton of money and experience the best benefits of nootropics right away instead of multiple days/weeks/months down the road.


LIMITLESS BRAIN: Buy The Premium Nootropic Formula & Maximize Your Productivity

We’ve been using nootropics for a long time. Long enough to know what works, what doesn’t, and how to get the best bang for you buck with this incredible class of supplements.

We’ve spent a ton of money trying out different ingredients and combining them until we finally created our own custom formulation. We used it for a while and had a ton of success with it… and then we decided to make it available to the public.

It was a great decision, and we’re happy to tell you about it today.

Our premium formula is called LIMITLESS BRAIN, and it contains the 8 most powerful & synergized nootropic compounds.

It’s made in the United States, in an FDA registered fully compliant facility.

It’s safe, it’s cheaper than your daily coffee habit, and most importantly- It actually works.

If you’re worried about being a ‘cheater’ – Who really cares. Give yourself an enormous advantage now with nootropics. The guys at the top already are.

Nootropics are the future of human performance enhancement, and LIMITLESS BRAIN is the gold standard.

Click here to learn more about LIMITLESS BRAIN and try it for yourself today

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80 thoughts on “Limitless Brain: The Powerful Nootropic That Can Help You Become More Productive And Make More Money”

  1. The formulation looks pretty solid. I’ve been messing around with things like this since 08 when I worked for a vitamin shop you’ve all heard of.

        1. The Jews got their legendary IQ from Khazarian Kratom – selling diluted (ie, watered-down) Kratom Extracts to the smaller-gendered Gentile Heathens is where they got the money to start banking empires.
          Hitler hated Jews because Kratom worked for all his friends, but just made him fart really badly.
          Heil Kratom! Kratom Macht Frei!

    1. Dam too slow! We all crave the “First Kratom comment” and the status it brings!
      Well done sir..

  2. Yeah, used piracetam to study better in college. It makes you fresh and energetic. Better than tons of coffee and comes without sugar, fake cream, flavouring and all that harmful stuff in your random Starbucks.
    And on Friday nights, had some great highs combining piracetam with vodka, but kids, we know you’re here, don’t try this at home. 🙂
    I agree, nootropics are THE shit.

    1. I used Modaphinil and it definitelly enhanced my focus but gave me a stomachache when I upped the dosage. Uni students use there a lot and not really addictive.

      1. Not at all addictive I might add. I stopped using it in vacations and had no withdrawal symptoms. Just hangovers from camping and boozing.

    2. When I’ve tried piracetam, it gave me vivid dreams for a few days, then the effect wore off.

  3. Will it be like in the film ‘Lucy’? Or Forbidden Planet where the guys brains get frazzled?

    1. I was thinking it would be more like Limitless, in which Bradley Cooper turns into a vampire to fight Russian mobsters.

      1. yeah, I could remember the name of the film, so I said Lucy instead. Don’t remember the vampire bit though

        1. He drank a dead mobsters blood because he was jonesing and the only source of the drug was in his blood.

  4. Us the fellows of the Kratom institute declare war on our nootropics adversaries! There can only be three……………

    1. Those of us that adhere to the Tiger Shark Blood Legion would voice our concerns in the matter.

      1. Tiger Shark Blood is only good when the tiger sharks have had a month of Kratom enemas before donating blood.

  5. The Jewish-Kratom Conapircy to being about the Kratom World Order will be destroyed and exposed by Nootropics.

    1. Nootropics will never stop KRATOM ZION from being formed! The God-Nation is coming, and it smells like fresh KRATOM!

  6. KRATOM also makes your brain limitless, which is why encephalitis is listed as a side effect (or benefit, depending on whether your brain was small to begin with).

  7. I get why ROK does stuff like this, but I thought this site was a safe space for Kratom users.
    Should this come with a “trigger warning”?

  8. “Man’s mind is his basic tool of survival,” and I can understand the desire to get more out of life by making your mind work better. But these brain-boosting gimmicks generally don’t work. We heard a lot about brain fitness games a few years ago, for example promoted by a company called Lumosity; but then Lumosity had to pay a hefty fine to the Federal Trade Commission as a penalty for making deceptive claims. Now we don’t hear so much about those games lately. Hmm. I wonder why.

        1. Wheels within wheels in a spiral array, a pattern so grand and complex.
          It’s turtles all the way down…

    1. Yes, I remember reading about all of these in “Mondo 2000” back in the 90’s. Same cast of characters: piracetam, acetylcholine, etc. (I didn’t check the spelling) If there was anything to it, I’m sure it would have snowballed by now.

    2. But some’ll never see, you’re stupid ignorant and blind
      The Lethal Weapon’s the mind!

      – Ice T
      Actually they do work. The Soviets were using them for decades before we had even heard of them. They are used by many sportsmen and supported by studies and anecdotes.
      Let me ask you this, if they don’t work why does the IOC ban them?

      1. Dunno. If semi-automatic rifles are not even close to being responsible for most murders in the U.S., why did the Federal government try to ban them?
        Sometimes, I know this will surprise you, governments don’t make sense. Heh.

        1. Well the IOC isn’t the government but I take your point. In my opinion IOC prohibitions don’t make sense whether the stuff works or not. Anyone can take the stuff so its not like you’d have a special advantage unavailable to everyone else.
          I’m sure that you know that caffeine (a nootropic) works and of course the IOC has a restriction on that.

        2. I actually have no issues with nootropics whatsoever. Was just commenting on how people ban stuff for no good reason most of the time.
          And correct, if everybody has access to something then clearly it’s not an “unfair advantage”. That kind of thing, I don’t know where they got it from.

  9. I scored Raw score of 104 on the mensa admission test just recently, which puts me well into the 99th percentile of humanity. Should I take nootropics?

  10. With 120mg caffeine, that’s all you’re going to feel taking this. At the $40 price point, you can do better with a cup of coffee and $10 L-Theanine Bottle

  11. I take brain food but not this. 5-HTP, Ashwagandha, ginko …thats all you need. There are dozens. and of course 10,000 grams of kratom.

  12. Please more oddly named semi narcotics…how about CLATMORE hair regrower and stool replacement?

  13. These formulas work but fade fast with daily use. Something that doesn’t and has mental as well as strong physical effects is Meriva, the proprietary extract of turmeric. Trust me, try it.

  14. If I use code “I am a stupid fucking cunt who will believe anything so please sell me your snake oil because I deserve to be fleeced” do I get 5% off?

      1. Looks like the kind of movie that got bundled in free with 500 others when you bought a DVD player.

  15. I am not a fan of formulas like Limitless Brain because you not certian which ingredients work. Sunifiram works pretty well…

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