Will Hollywood And Corporate America Keep Selling Garbage Politics To Trump Voters?

There is still a lot of accepting and getting used to saying the phrase “President Donald Trump” for many people in America. Personally, I went to the gym first thing that morning of November 9th and the level of angst, frustration, and disgust from the women (and even some men) around me was palpable.  I was absolutely jubilant and I suspect the women could sense this.  It was an awesome workout, but a bizarre one none the less.  I did not have to say a word, every woman knows what Trump’s victory means.

The days of have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too are over. Any mainstream celebrity, brand, business or advertiser who ignores the cognitive dissonance cluster bomb that exploded on Nov 9th, 2016 will be out of business, fast.


While I am still keeping my eyes wide open on Trump’s actions as he becomes President, nothing will change the fact that a cultural tipping point in the war on men has been reached.  A tipping point that was possible because of the men of the manosphere and alt right communities.

For a year, the media said that Trump was a KKK sympathizer, a rapist, and a xenophobe. They literally threw everything they possibly could at him. It didn’t stick. Perhaps the country is starting to understand that ad hominem attacks are used by people who can’t deal with rational arguments. People who can’t talk about policy dismiss their opponents as racists. (Communities Digital News -Main stream media dies November 9, 2016: Rest in Peace)

Sound familiar?  Who has been at the sharp point of the spear over this past US election cycle?  Who has been using rational logic to refute liberal/leftist/feminist/SJW lies and ideology to prove who are the real deplorables? That would be you if you are reading this post, and every single writer and commenter who has contributed to not just ROK’s success, but the success of the neomasculinity movement in general, no matter what form or version it takes.

It took me awhile to truly realize just how far reaching this Trump election will be culturally.  Roosh has outlined what it could mean for men living out their daily lives in the West. Jon Anthony showed us just how clueless liberals/feminists were in their reaction to Trump’s win, which was so obvious to us. Relampago Furioso showed us that the mainstream media is so far out of touch with reality, they fell all over themselves trying to explain away Trump’s win with every theory under the sun except the only one that is true—Hillary was in the election only for herself, while Trump was a man for the people.

What I have not read on ROK yet is the cultural fallout of Trump’s victory in the one sphere of society that walks with the biggest stick—money. If the main stream media is now dead and all but buried, what is the logical fallout from this fact?

Advertising on the MSM is a complete waste of money and time

ROK and others ARE the new mainstream media. We have the stats and the demographics to prove it, but no one would believe us until Trump’s landslide victory.

And it is not just advertising that will be shaken up culturally. Comedians can’t expect much of an audience, and therefore income, if they continue to insult you and the man you voted for to be president. Hollywood’s reaction to Trump’s win is going to result in a lot of empty theatre seats and people cancelling their subscription to NetFlix if they don’t realize that continuing to insult and demonize half of the American population is not good for business.

One producer told Deadline that we should keep productions inside California or only in the states that shares the same values as Clinton’s voters.

Hollywood Reacts To Trump Victory With Shock And Disbelief

Yeah… good luck keeping a studio afloat by producing feminist tripe over the expense of the heterosexual majority of the population that just voted in the most alpha male president in America’s history.  To say there is a disconnect between the producers of “culture” in America and the American consumer of “culture” is an understatement.

Sure, Americans have a lot less money than they used to, but they still have money.  And if they choose to spend that money, what are they going to spend it on?  If you are a big brand with a huge advertising budget, where are your ad dollars best spent?  Targeting the leftist half of America only?  Or perhaps expanding your demographic “diversity” a little and consider the fact us deplorables have more disposable income than your ideological, femi-nazi “love trumps hate” losers?

Are you a celebrity?  Are you a mainstream brand or business?  Will you be the first one to reach out to us “deplorables” and make it rain $$$ for your brand or business by recognizing we exist?

Case in point.  Here is a female entertainer who bases her entire image on her sexual appeal to men (at least until she hits the wall) and women who aspire to be like her. Is it really in this woman’s best interests to continue to demonize the majority of the heterosexual male and female marketplace for her brand?

While this may be a single and highly isolated example to many, this is the only Twitter update Christina Aguilera has given out since Trump’s election win (as of Nov 22).  One tweet in two full weeks since the election of Trump.  Coincidence?  Or is Christina crunching the numbers and now realizing just how much money she might be losing by continuing to push the feminist-Hillary-Democrat-SJW -leftist line of pathological insanity.

When you live in a bubble, you only wake up when someone pops it.  Nov 8th was the biggest cognitive dissonance bubble pop heard round the world in human history. You might think my line of logic does not compute.  That there is no way, no way, the entrenched leftist thoughts that are destroying the West could be so quickly dropped and the patriarchal pendulum start to swing back with a force unthinkable to snowflakes in there safe spaces on campus.

But we are talking about America.  The land of money and dreams of money.

This election proved that fully half of America, and thus half of the money, has been completely ignored by advertisers who have no clue how to market to them. Unless you are a complete idiot, continuing to ignore half the American population (i.e. non-feminist, heterosexual men and ladies) is going to result in a lot less money for you. Are you going to see Star Wars Rogue One?  I did not think so.


A massive change not just in the White House, but in Western, or at least American, culture is coming.  Perhaps I am playing prophet once again, but feminism is well and truly dead.  The 2016 election for President was nothing less than an outright, country wide, nay world wide, referendum on the entire intellectual foundation, history and future of feminism in the west.

And feminism lost. BIG. HUUUUUUUUGE.

This will be the only conclusion advertisers and others are going to discover once they begin to research how to market to us “deplorables.” Girl power.  Rape culture.  Alphabet soup, gender and racial “diversity.”  None of these memes are going to work with us and if you market your brand / product to us in that way, or claim to speak for those values, you won’t lose only my dollar, but half of America’s.

And before you laugh at the idea of a wholesale culture change with the election of one man for a single term, possibly two, you should remember what the fate was of those who laughed at Trump when he said he was going to run for president in 2016.

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144 thoughts on “Will Hollywood And Corporate America Keep Selling Garbage Politics To Trump Voters?”

  1. I had many rational reasons for wanting Trump to win, but there were also emotional reasons. That insufferable mic drop from Obama. Basically anything Oliver and Colbert said up until Nov. 9th. The constant posts on social media about how you’d have to be stupid to vote for Trump or worse “I can’t understand how anyone could vote for Trump.”
    Like many leftists, I wept on Nov. 8th when it became clear that he was going to win, but mine were tears of joy.

    1. I was sleeping as it was night, being a pessimist it was sure to my mind he would lose. When I woke up I saw the hysteria that his victory brought and for once, rejoice and hope landed onto me and they were embraced.
      His win guaranteed a trend in Western politics: the shift from left to right and from globalism to nationalism, so that our countries might still remain ours and our people might see the light of future years and new achievements rather than be swallowed by the muddy fellas that we are told to worship as gods and provide to them like they were living saints.
      This may start to reverse many will be doomed to oblivion but many will be able to continue.
      Surely though seeing the left lose and their reaction still makes me laugh and it showed for sure the quality that these people hold as human beings: terrible, horrid, deplorable.

      1. Yeah man, it was a great feeling, wasn’t it? Just the knowledge that millions and millions of other people out there see the left’s lies and intimidation tactics for what they really are, it was the purest feeling of joy and positivity that the I have felt for a long time.

        1. And some had done so for the first time ever-many had seen them already but having so many come to that realisation was the tipping point. I’ve been anti-Hollywood, mass media and the like since at least 2002 (as a 17 year old) and will never change from that position.

        2. That or when they are totally destroyed and can never return-much as one kills a vampire.

        3. I’d parade all of them and the other useful idiots in public and have them pelted with yoghurt and tomatoes (in accordance to traditions in the old country 😉 ).

        4. This is true. I would say bricks or cinderblocks but I’d want to humiliate them as physical injuries heal quicker than mental ones.

        5. Yes… this is what sparked my post. The fact this vote was not about Trump winning, but about MILLIONS of people having their voice not just heard, but TRIUMPH over the feminists and leftists.
          I was absolutely shocked at the level of support Trump got. It was through the roof which means a lot, MILLIONS of Americans, have simply had enough. Then you extrapolate that to the WHOLE PLANET as everything at stake in this election was at stake in the EU as well, not to mention the countries that are struggling under the Zionist USA yoke.
          We are a global village now, and this was an election of a global chief by far in comparison to even Obummer elections. Social media was nascent and the first touch swipe iPhone was only released in 2007. Eight years later social media went from being something young people used communicate where to go party to disseminating Wikileaks Podesta emails with full blown citizen journalist blogs and video being tweeted and FB’ed in seconds around the world.

        6. It will be interesting to see if France falls to the nationalists and leaves the EU next year, along with maybe Austria and Sweden. I imagine Germany itself is still too racked with guilt over things that happened over 70 years ago to actually vote in the right wing, and Italy is probably too communist. Thing is, I wonder if the globalists have learned from their mistake and will rig the upcoming elections in Europe sufficiently this time. They seem to have trusted in winning more-or-less fairly in the US, a mistake I doubt they will make again.

        7. There was no “more or less fairly” in the 2016 US election. They pulled out EVERY stop to throw the election to Hillary and still lost. (And are still trying with the Stein recount to stuff a few key winning states post election and thus post scrutiny.)
          I think your assessment that Germans are not ready to turn right is like the MSM in America saying Trump will never win. America has not had its blondes RAPED for the past year and more by immigrants. Germany has. If you think the silent majority in America turned out to be a lion, just wait until the polls open in France, Germany and elsewhere.
          At least that is my hope and it is too late for the elite to try and fix ALL these elections coming up in the next 12 months. They also can’t. They would be RETARDED to outright steal in Europe what they could not do in America. Europe will explode, mark my words, if shit does not change there. The old world still has the gonads to get the job done the old fashioned way – pitch fork and guillotine style.

        8. The Germans baffle me. Their 180° is long overdue. Expect a flying kick 180° from the German men. It will be severe and remarkable. They’ll even be tossing their shitlib grandmothers into the straw heap. I respect my grandmother for the record, but if Merkel were my grandmother, I won’t say. Okay I’d be cracking open the boy’s book on spring loaded backyard launchers or something close.

        9. I wish I bookmarked the comment but I read somewhere that Germans are the most patient of people. You can push, push, push, and then shove and they still won’t fight back. But if you push ONE more time PAST the psychological line that is “enough” in German, all hell will break loose. The world would do well to remember WWII and the strength of Germans when united as a people.
          Which brings me to an interesting point in terms of playing devil’s advocate.
          Why now? Why push the immigrants and the destruction of Europe NOW?
          Why not wait just 30 more years. Think about it. In 30 years, ALL the boomers will be gone or with a foot in the grave. They won’t give a shit about voting because all they care about is actually being able to take a shit.
          The youth? God, you would have another GENERATION raised under WORSE conditions of a slow boil feminism/degeneracy with “idols” WORSE then Spears/GaGa/Ke$ha. Just think about it.
          Then… with the OLD SCHOOL truly dead (boomers), the next to old school on the way (Gen X) and the new school waking up too late to the corruption (Millenialls)…
          They could have had it all… all the world.
          But they just could not wait. These sick fucks had to have it NOW, in THEIR time, not their progeny’s.

        10. I’m not doubting the the globalists tried to fix the US election. It seems like something they would do. Indeed its obvious to me that the real endgame with mass immigration from the third world is ensuring perpetual dominance for the Democrats and their globalist allies in Europe. Nevertheless, do you have any solid evidence? I haven’t seen much, but I haven’t researched it a lot. I’d appreciate anything you could provide to use as ammo when this comes up in conversations with friends and family (I live in a pretty hopelessly blue state).
          Hope you’re right about the Germans too. I’m assuming you’re American like me. Have you based any of your opinions on experience actually living in Europe and learning the culture well enough to speak the language and really know the people? Yes, you would think that after atrocities like Cologne last New Year’s Eve, the continent would be up in arms, but I see disappointingly little evidence of it. If I bring it up with my European friends their reaction is invariably “not all Muslims are like that” which has always annoyed me because of the obviousness of the statement. I mean, imagine if 1.6 billion people were literally bent on raping and murdering us.
          I’ve lived in Italy and a few German-speaking countries and learned the language in both. Nice people overall, but I found them hopelessly pacifist and leftist, with the exception of a few Austrians who seemed to be more or less still Nazis. Then again, this was in the 1990s and I’ve only been back to visit for a few brief trips since then, so maybe I’m missing something in the current zeitgeist.

        11. As for evidence on election fraud, Obama himself asked illegals to vote so there had to be mechanisms setup to allow them to do so. Then there is Project Veritas that exposed the entire DNC election rigging system going back decades. There is no smoking gun per se to show these people rigged the election, but the Podesta emails showed that the collusion between the media and the DNC, plus the above, there is no question “they” did EVERYTHING they could to swing the election to HC. But I do agree with you, they could not (and it would have been suicide) outright steal this election. There are just too many checks and balances in one of the longest running democratic countries in history. I hope that helps.
          As for Germany, no, I have not been to Europe. You could have better insight than me in that regard but, genes run deep. Perhaps Europe is further gone than America, but I suspect there is a growing sense that something needs to change, and when that line is crossed, change will come swift.
          I am Canadian myself but German/Swedish blood… and I can tell you that personally… I have a VERY long fuse. But when it goes, look out. A lot of Germans are talking but no one is talking publicly (just my pure opinion with no evidence to back it up). I just can’t imagine conversations about the future of the German people and state are not being held. If most of your German friends are urban/city dwellers, it may be harder to find those conversations, as it is in America. But I would bet if you get outside the urban/city… it’s a whole different story.

        12. I googled “obama asks illegals to vote” and came up with this:
          The article says its unclear what Obama was saying, but to me it seems pretty clear that he’s not encouraging illegals to vote, much as it was clear to me that Trump was implying consent in the “pussy grab” video.
          Again, I’m not saying the Democrats/globalists didn’t try to rig the election. I certainly wouldn’t put it past them, but if they did they did a pretty poor job of it. Considering the hubris on their side preceding the election and the emotional devastation when they got hit very hard with reality, I think they sincerely expected to win fairly. Like I said earlier, I worry that they will learn from this and redouble their efforts in Europe next year.
          About Europeans and their attitudes toward the “refugee” invasion, there seems to be this huge disconnect between the Internet and real life. Online you can find all kinds of right-wing/traditionalist Germans, Swedes, etc. who see things more or less like you and I do. In real life Europeans I talk to seem to be almost 100% down with Merkel, Soros, and their ilk. Then again, it’s not like I’m in constant contact with more than a handful of people over there, so it’s not much of a pool to judge from, and the constant virtue signaling I see from Germans and Scandinavians online could be explained by the same “silent majority” phenomenon that happened here in the US, with Trump supporters understandably being reluctant to be very vocal about their feelings.

        13. Germans, Europeans or any peoples will die if they don’t have control over ther women. Human women with free agency will tax to death the human resource energies and destroy the human ‘hive’ (civilization). Only the bee or ant insect species is matriarchal with a queen ‘B’ larvae egg sack that has lifelong fertility. Human females lose fertility at half life. Matriarchal cultures, whether they be aboriginal islanders or Jews dwindle down to the 2%ers and appear to exist thereonafter on life support from a merciful God.
          That’s a good point you make – WHY flood Europe now? Are Europeans purposely being pushed to the brink? I often think of the words of Barbara Lerner Spectre:
          “Europe won’t survive” – but she doesn’t elaborate. Is she delivering a wake up call? Is it a purposeful wake up call or is she displaying true malevolent hubris in threatening native European ethnicity? If ethnic Europeans don’t survive then European Jews won’t survive either. At least they won’t survive in Europe. They’d leave. Would an Ashkenazi like Spectre go back to where the Ashkenazi came from, the Orient? In fact, who doesn’t know a woman who had the gall to think some poor guy would want to move with her back to whence she came, her MOTHER’S HOUSE? How can any Jews survive if they can’t control their women? Their women get them evicted repeatedly. In fact, who doesn’t know of a woman of any stripe who hasn’t gotten a man evicted at some point or another? Jews have so little control over their women that their women turn into proselytizing feminazis who cause problems and draw fire from their non jewish neighbors. In the past century, jewesses have broken records in stirring malfeasance in their communities and host countries. In fact, who doesn’t know an unkept woman that hasn’t tried to start war with her neighbors with the fire coming back on the man? Then the dumb bitch sits there like “Duuh, did I say or do something?”. Yes you did do something. Of course Jew bitches are excessive bitch provocateurs and excessive cunts. So is Lerner a fall mouthpiece for the Elites? The elites do have a stake in liquidating anything or any territory that has yet to be liquidated. Is the end game in it all with feminism when jewesses finally rule? Do feminazi jewesses really believe their own chutzpah? That must be the goal of feminism – – worldwide ‘JEWESSARCHY’ . . . heh . . . . . rhymes with malarchy. Or are the jewesses pets of the elites that will eventually be flushed once their ravaging is done? Still there’s one thing no jewess or any woman for that matter can have – A BEARD. But a beard won’t do a man any good if he ain’t got it on.
          Atten-HUTT . . . patriarchs control ye women – get your BEARDS ON!!

        14. I do. Also, metal-archives.com is a great resource so you can find bands you may enjoy also. There’s a couple of really good channels on YouTube also whereby I will stream a bit and if I like what I hear I make the purchase. I do not really like the idea of it being that it potentially could cost the artists sales but it is also a good way of advertising so I can live with it.

        15. I meant bandcamp more for feeds and updates. But yes, I can screensuck Metal Archives all damn day and find out history and facts about the randomest bands. Best site ever!

        16. I don’t but I should. Metal-Archives is awesome; the sheer volume of information at your disposal is mind boggling. I’m going on a bit of a buying binge very soon as I landed a new gig and want to treat myself. Atmospheric black metal by the truckload.

        17. Traditional black metal/viking metal in the mould of Bathory with some more atmosphere and dynamics; I can get into it. If you’re wanting something with more atmosphere and is more dense you should check out Spectral Lore; also, Acherontas are great but their lyrical material is very esoteric and you have to do a bit of research but it’s well worth it.

        18. Oh I’m VERY well-versed in the esoteric, have been drawn to it since a young age. Acherontas is great, very intricate and layered atmosphere. I have their split with Nightbringer on cassette, even. Was supposed to see Nightbringer at Martyrdoom in 2015 but they cancelled. Quite a bummer!
          Can’t get enough of Spectral Lore. Extremely evolved and hypnotizing sound. A wealth of talent there!

        19. Awesomeness. I like how you characterised the sound of Acherontas; that is how I enjoy my muysic listening experience insofar as I like it to be layered as you astutely observed.

        20. Once you’ve listened to the music for decades you know how to seperate the wheat from the chaff, what is genuine and authentic on a more spiritual level (Cult of Fire, Varathron, Tetragrammacide, Ascension…) and who the aspiring rock stars are (the Watains and Behemoths of the world). When MySpace tried so hard to make it a trend from 2006-2008 there was literally a dichotomy split in the underground, rock stars on one side and defenders of the faith (see what I did there?) on another. I was starting to get extremely bitter that it could have become trendy, lest what happened to punk rock in the mid-90s with utterly poser commercial bands like Green Day and The Offspring, but thankfully it never reached THAT level of asininity and created the much-needed dichotomy I mentioned above.

        21. Varathron are tremendous-their ‘His Majesty at the Swamp’ is a landmark and one of the best examples of Hellenic Black Metal ever released. It is a masterpiece. Their newer offerings have been quite good also. I must confess that I enjoy Watain and Behemoth but I do agree that they are more ‘rock stars’ than ‘authentic’ but I take them on face value and do not look beyond that-much as sometimes one opts for some quick junk food as opposed to a full 7 course meal.
          Love the Priest reference 😉 I’m glad metal has not reached the ridiculousness of that punk garbage-I don’t rate it anyway as music and if anything, thrash does it better.

        22. Although 99% of what I listen to is metal of some variety (the rest being film soundtracks and dark synth) I really like Reagan-era punk and late 70s punk, it stood for something explosive and had a lot of unified emotions. I felt so bad for my friends from middle school and high school when Epitaph Records took their beloved scene to the butcher block in the mid-90s. Everything the took such great pride in suddenly turned into a mall/Hot Topic and MTV fad and they couldn’t be seperated from the bandwagoners no matter how hard they tried. WE got lucky and dodged that bullet, although it came awfully close in the mid-2000s (you can say the bullet grazed us)!

        23. I can imagine. I remember distinctly when In Flames jumped the shark and had gone from solid records like Whoracle, Colony, Lunar Strain, The Jester Race to absolute crap; same goes for many of the ‘Gothenburg bands’. *Shudders*.

        24. Good example, very succint. Although now death metal (from all over the globe, especially Canada and Australia in my opinion) is as good as it’s ever been. One only need look at the Dark Descent Records roster for a collection of some of the greatest contemporary talent.

        25. After 5 yrs I resigned from my office work and I never felt this good… I started doing a job on-line, for a company I stumbled upon on-line, several hours /a day, and my income now is much bigger then it was on my last job… Pay-check i got for last month was for Nine thousand bucks… The best thing about this work is that now i have more free time with my kids…

    2. Same. I was overcome with jubilation. I made a point of not working that day and watched the election unfold as it was day-time here and as he was gaining momentum and doing what I fondly wished for yet was scared would not eventuate, I became increasingly more excited. When the victory was assured and the acceptance speech was given I nearly wept like a child-I was watching with my father (who was red pill before such a thing being from the old school) and we were pleased. It’s amusing to find that my immediate family were all Deplorables from Day 1 and our belief was vindicated.

      1. Yes, I remember checking and rechecking my math when Pennsylvania and Michigan were about to fall to Trump and realizing that it was almost mathematically impossible for Clinton to win at that point. Such a thrill.
        I envy you your family full of deplorables. No else one I know of in my immediate family voted Trump, not even my Dad who has made statements like “Islam is a problem” and “France should be allowed to stay French” in the past. It’s disappointing.

        1. It’s gratifying because we’re all sick and tired of all the Cultural Marxist idiocy and resent having our intelligence insulted by the ‘intelligentsia in the media’ etc. I call things for what they are and I have no compunction in stating that Islam is a cancer and should be eradicated and that nationalism is the only system needed and thus globalism must be crushed; if anybody disagrees I will humour them and then tear their viewpoint to pieces and then if they’re male tell them to grow a testicle and come back to me when they have for further lessons.

        2. I think a lot of the Trump voters aren’t owning up to it because their girlfriend/wife, friends, coworkers, etc are Democrats. It’s easy to imagine White male Democrats turning their coats once they were alone in that voting booth after staring at that ballot, contemplating whether they really wanted more Globalist trade deals and an occupation of Syria.

        3. You know… never thought of that. How many guys may we typically think of as being blue pill possibly walked into that voting both and, when alone, grew a pair and said “Fuck feminism and that bitch Clinton, I have had enough.” and then proceeded to smash the button for Trump as hard as they could. Passive aggressive males may have been a huge part of Trumps win now that I think of it.

        4. True. One of my coworkers at my last job was very excited about Trump when he started his campaign and his winning the nomination first seemed like a possibility. He came in one morning and mentioned that his wife had forbidden him to vote for Trump.
          “You…do realize that you can vote for him and lie to her about it, right?” I said.
          It was as if a light bulb had turned on in his head. He smiled and said “yeah.”

        5. I have a cousin who is a professor who posted on social media that she couldn’t “understand how anyone could vote for Trump.” That’s an astounding statement, if you think about it. A tenured professor who, ostensibly, is supposed to have this great intellectual capacity literally can’t understand how anyone could have an opinion that differs from hers. In contrast, I totally get why some people voted for Clinton. I would disagree with most of those reasons, but it’s not as if I’m baffled by it.
          As for Islam, I actually don’t have anything against it or Muslims per se. I just think it’s insanity to let millions of Muslims into western countries all at once with little or no control. Of course, even that is enough to get me called a “racist” by the left, which is why they lost and, God willing, will continue to lose.

        6. It is not astounding when you think about it. These are what I term ‘educated idiots’ whom have zero nous, zero real life knowledge, zero life experience and are merely ‘academically gifted’ and even that is questionable. I can and often have ripped apart such ‘learned’ people and do so gleefully when I pound them with logic they cannot hope to respond to without conceding that their position is untenable, they are full of shit, or, that they truly are morons.
          It was patently clear for everyone why and how people could vote for Trump and Blind Freddy himself (as the saying goes) could see it. The average person does not give a shit about platitudes, boutique issues, grievance-mongering, identity politics and all the other Leftist idiocy; they do not give a shit about safespaces, transtesticles having toilets and other pernicious and pervasive stupidity. They care jobs, about the economy, about being able to provide for their families and being a bulwark against the increasingly sick society they are living in where every sickness is championed and where decency, morals and values are scorned. Leftists, as I refuse to call them ‘Liberal’ (as a liberal denotes someone who is open to dialogue and exchange of ideas even where they are confrontational or contradictory to theirs) are sick; they have a mental illness and need curing.
          As regards Islam, it is a cancer that slowly spreads and kills the host. It is a repugnant military political ideology bent on global domination and must be nipped in the bud. For too long Western nations have operated under the mistaken belief that because culturally we are exponentially superior to them we should take some kind of moral high ground when they gleefully respond with threats, violence, murders, rapes, abductions, mutilations and other outrages. The choice is simple-if any are to come they are to be presented with a Koran and a Constitution, their choice will speak on whether they are desirable and deserving of living in a society where they are not subjected to daily violence unlike the shitholes they left for and yet curiously replicate when allowed into other nations.
          When people call me ‘Racist’ I shrug my shoulders and respond with ‘How so? I did not know that a race is something you can convert in or out’. and then state ‘If you weigh up Western societies with theirs and come to the conclusion we are exponentially better in every appreciable way, go ahead and call me that; knock your socks off’. Once you stop caring they do not know how to respond because they think when they throw epithets around you are supposed to shrink and be cowed into shame and silence. That shit doesn’t fly with me.

        7. “I have a cousin who is a professor who posted on social media that she couldn’t “understand how anyone could vote for Trump.”
          You should have posted back, “It’s ok (name) you’ve also never had a real job in life so we wouldn’t expect you to understand.”

        8. The Trump vote was a massive number of people (mostly men but a large portion women and minorities) giving the middle finger to the MSM/Corporate/academic elites that have been looking down their noses at us for decades. When did anyone get elected by calling about half the electorate deplorable?

        9. That’s what a huge number of university students did, from the polls! They voted for Trump..
          So much for that lie about educated people voting for Hillary. It didn’t happen..
          Also guess those “safe spaces” for fags and “threatened” minorites didn’t turn into actual votes for the Democrats either!
          Maybe they just sat aorund and ate their own shit rather than vote..

        10. I think that was the driving force behind it %100..
          Being told what to think and “Dats Racyst!” when you mention things like rule of law, controlled borders and other commn sense measures tends not to be a good way to gain votes..

  2. I, for one, hope that movies about evil white men will fail at the box office from now on, so that we’ll see less of this nonsense as the money for making them dries up.

    1. Amen to that, son of Albion! Amen to that!
      If and When this occurs the future of our peoples will be secured, hopefully a trend does show that overtly SJW films have started to fail at the box office. Let’s hope that it will continue spreading and intensifying.

    2. Money talks, I suppose. After the failure of Straight Outta Compton, Ghostbusters, and Birth of a Nation I should hope that there’s some serious soul-searching going on in Hollywood studios.
      That trailer seems almost desperate. I predict a last frenetic burst of Holocaust movies since The Tribe is enraged that they’re losing their favorite manipulation tool as it falls out of living memory(Hence the recent show trial of a nonagenarian former guard in Germany).

      1. “I should hope that there’s some serious soul-searching going on in Hollywood studios”
        are you sure you found the right phrase there?

      2. Steve Sailer points out that white working class Americans show better taste in movies than the Hispanics and other diversity trash brought in to replace them – and Hispanics love going to the movies. Hollywood has to make even louder, more violent and just plain stupid and vulgar movies to pull in the new audiences, and this pushes aside the aesthetic types in Hollywood who still hold on to the illusion of cinema as a serious art form.
        Well, (((guys))), the new America you’ve created doesn’t want to watch your foo-foo boutique films about evil white men who oppress colored people or righteous goyim who rescue Jews from evil goyim. You have backed yourselves into a corner here.

    3. Kind of ironic when the Allies firebombed the Zoo and circus animals in the German city of Dresden.
      A city that held no military targets home to thousands of war refugees cooked in the firestorm whilst they were celebrating festivities.

  3. Funny that we don’t see movies about some nonwhite guy becoming “literally Hitler” and terrorizing the world, though Star Trek hinted at that with its Khan story arcs. Apparently no one finds that plausible because we just implicitly assume the inferiority of nonwhite men.

    1. It is the new version of the white man’s burden: we exist to make all others powerful on our demise as way to pay for our sins to them. For this reason we are the one’s full of capacity while the others are empty and we have to give them only our good side, keeping our evil on and then perishing but taking the evil with us…
      needless to say you can think all the reasons why this happens.

    2. Pigs will fly before we see some of the terror the (((chosen))) have inflicted upon the world put into film.
      No sir, no award winning stories of Palestinian families removed from their homes and land like mistreated animals because the atheist Jew declared their god given right to do so.
      A production line of Nazi, black slavery and cultural Marxism propaganda works for you goyim.

  4. Actually, they will not, they proved it a few moments after the election: they doubled down on their rhetoric. Also they have stopped even faking impartiality and the Spencer affair affirmed this fact once more, they ‘ll do anything to crash their enemies and impartiality may go hang itself. In the end only maniacal SJWs will be able to stand the msm’s garbage. Once I had a conversation through the net with the owner of the Greek blog I used to write: it was centered around the new action heroes: LGBTQ+, blacks, muslims and SIDW (strong independent women) fighting partiarchic nazi russians. Await for something twice as absurd but with stand offs for Trump and his supporters also.
    They might start losing great amounts of readership but still they will artificially keep them running…. ’till they start understanding the loss of money that they will have.

    1. Sounds like your namesake’s stories but then they have reached a level of absurdity extending beyond pulling oneself out of a swamp by their hair.

    2. Huffpo is a good example. It’s kept going by a massive endowment.
      Apparently they’re paying most of the contributors in “exposure” instead of money. Progressive values for thee but not me.

      1. It is basically the exposure they make, don’t get me wrong here, they lose a lot of audience but still they manage to reach over big numbers of people who haven’t got access to the alternative media and having their ideas exposed, to a point, is beneficial to them. They are panicking and so they overexpose themselves and this is what is happening today, they are bringing themselves down.

    3. I think you are correct in terms of MSM news and information. These are the ones that are completely out to lunch and so invested in the “message” that they may get physically ill even trying to fake the talking points of the conservative right. They will die, and even movies and film might keep it up for awhile, but eventually the alternative media will replace movies and music too I think. I mean really. We still need a Hollywood studio to produce a movie? Have you seen what some filmakers are doing with an iPad and FilmicPRO? Add in crowdsourcing and gofundme type capital sources and no unions to deal with in production… we could see a renaissance in film and music in the next decade. It’s coming.

      1. Actually we need a “Holywood” and tv stations still when we will be in control the form the new MSM will have will surprise you… and me. What happens today is that the establishment shoots itself on the foot and jeopardises itself as it stopped enacting quality control over its products and let them slip for platforming politics.

    4. Im also pessimist. However, I cant help but think our country’s messed up culture might somehow be connected to the fact that we haven’t had republican majority rule since the 1920’s. Like most conservative people, I trust no politician or party 100%, but I cant ignore the possibility that 30 years or so of conservative politics could be YUGE…

      1. Actually if the conservatives continuously won progress would be halted, there wouldn’t be though any healing of the problems. Conservatives winning means much more for the quality of the people rather than politics: it means they love their culture, themselves and their children and prefer stability and order over chaos.

  5. I also consider it a good sign that Trump condemned Fidel Castro.
    After Cuba becomes something like a normal country again, with the rule of law, a market economy, full shelves in the stores, no ration books, no secret police, freedom of travel, expression and religion, and perhaps with a new resort hotel built by Trump or his sons, people will look back on Castro’s life and wonder what all that communist utopianism really accomplished in the long run.
    Good ideas give you good fruits; bad ideas give you ashes.
    Though it wouldn’t surprise me if Hollywood films a preposterous biopic about Castro and the greatness of his accomplishments.

  6. Will Hollywood And Corporate America Keep Selling Garbage Politics To Trump Voters?
    One can only hope they continue to do so until they are thoroughly bankrupt.
    I’m waiting for someone to ask the stars on the Hollywood walk be moved to Vancouver BC or wherever.
    Twitter is in a power-dive, Gab is ascendent.

    1. China is slowly taking large swaths of American Cinema Inc. over for their own means. Dalian Wanda et al…Hollywood power grab is shifting well east and pan-Pacific next.

      1. It’ll be interesting to see how that plays out. I’ve heard that Chinese audiences are pretty hostile to American tokenism and SJW bullshit(IE, the Chinese poster for The Force Awakens edited out the leading man).
        Zbigniew Brzezinski predicted an economic shift to the East and I wonder if the sudden media exposure of Asian/Ashkenazi hybrids like murder victim Haruka Weiser and feminist activist Emma Sulkowicz indicates that The Tribe is planning to let America and Europe rot and set up in East Asia.

        1. That’s one of the things I get so disgusted by Hollywood about. Contemporary action is so shit, and completely void of western tradition or originality.
          Most modern stuff, especially perhaps the superhero stuff, just looks like Kung-Fu b-roll, except replace all of the talented, professional martial artists with California Democrats.
          A visual shit show. 0/10.

        2. Yeah, but the Chinese and sjws that run Hollywood have opposed views on most things so the movie plots won’t appeal to both groups.

  7. Nothing would please me more than to see them double down on their narrative and fall even harder.

    1. Of course they’re going to double down. That’s what they do. They don’t know how to do anything else.
      I’m reminded of the years and years of declining ratings at MSNBC. And when new ratings reports came out, they realized they were losing viewers and revenue, and decided it was because they weren’t far enough to the left. So they adjusted their schedule and put more outlandish voices on the air. And the whole cycle repeated many many times. Prepare to be pleased.

      1. I hope you guys are right. The thing that worries me is the potential backlash if Trump fails to be a successful president, or if the MSM manages to paint him as a failure and people believe them. Then we could be looking at a commie like Bernie, or someone like him, cleaning up in 2018 and 2020.

        1. You make a great point. The real proof is not yet. I am hopeful, but I don’t trust most Americans to stick with what’s right for long. There’s an endless sea of dumb fuckers out there, never believe they just woke up one day and red pilled out of nowhere.
          The media is counting on thst. Just because they failed with Hillary doesn’t mean they’re about to fuck with the formula. It’s a formula because the failure rate compared to the success rate is minimal. It is up to recent advent in this new media to try to pile up their failure rate. That is, if it’s not bought up like Murdock outlets, which is the LGBT for pussy whipped geriatrics.

    2. I think you will get your wish in the entertainment and music world. Movies and musicians are not going to improve. Some movie studios may realize the $$ out there in a more masculine themed film, but they will just use that $$ to create more Star Wars Rouge One’s and Girlbitches, I mean Ghostbusters. This is not about money, but narrative and most importantly, psychology in symbols and myth. They have to destroy the masculine archetype in western culture in order to dominate and let the goddess rule. Being so close, they are not going to stop but it will be hilarious to watch it all blow up in their faces. They are going to dump more and more money into movie and musicians that will turn not a cent in profit and watch as the alternative media will begin to spring up movies and music that are completely out of their control.

      1. That makes no actual sense. If they realize the $$ for more masuline themed films, they will make more masculine themed films and not more Mad Margaret (ney Max) films.

        1. It doesn’t, until you wrap your head around the fact Hollywood is not in the money business. It is in the propaganda and indoctrination business – control – and always has been.
          Mad Margret and others… is about symbols and psychological/spiritual warfare on the masculine archetype (see Jung). To the control elites (separate from the money elites like Trump), they don’t care how much “money” they loses because they can just print more of it. They view money as a tool of control, not something of value, a key perspective lost on most people since the average person sees money as wealth and of intrinsic value.
          So… you will keep seeing more of this feminist tripe in the theater, and they will lose boatloads of money, but they won’t care. They will put out enough passable masculine tripe to keep studios in the black but they will keep pushing the girl power meme because that is the next step in getting humanity to move back to worshiping the goddess (whore of babylon and all that jazz).
          While that may sound totally insane… I assure you… that is the reasoning behind it.

  8. Hey my stomach was churning so bad I couldn’t sleep so I stayed up until two in the morning watching the election returns and I must admit though I was confident Trump would win I worried a lot about dirty tricks from the left but hey we won, Mankind Won, the Virtuous Path won. Now we need to go to the next phase to secure the win. Frankly I would love seeing an end to the current Hollywood regime of Macho Maids and Epsilon Mommy’s Boys in addition to the Liberal Power Establishment, Trump’s election is a good sign but a lot more is going to have to come both from the Arts which means more manly positive and traditional work needs to come out so we can take back the Box Office with our dollars but at the same time on the Big Picture of society well there is also a great need for more from the grass roots to remind politicians who need to push for an end to this vast liberal mess.

  9. “What I have not read on ROK yet is the cultural fallout of Trump’s victory in the one sphere of society that walks with the biggest stick—money. If the main stream media is now dead and all but buried, what is the logical fallout from this fact?”
    The MSM and Hollywood are big business or at least used to be but obviously (along with academia) they are the fountains of ideology. Ideological hegemony precedes everything else so its reasonable to suppose the studios etc will seek to keep churning out the propaganda even if they become a financial albatross, although it’s more likely they will try to find new more subtle ways of beating us around the head with gender communism etc.
    What really interests me though is Trump and the wider market. This is where it could get very interesting. The last few weeks have seen the markets go wild for Trump as someone who’s going to lower taxes, build walls and stuff, and make it a kinder world for drug companies and banks. I’m still of the opinion that consciously they didn’t want him but that secretly they did. Financially you could think of that as a massive hedge. i.e. hollywood, the MSM being massive cuck factories didn’t hedge but went all in with Clinton and status quo corruption, but the market as a whole – quite aside of whether it is healthy or a corrupt ponzi scheme propped up the by the fed, played much smarter and probably still will. I really have no idea where that’s going to lead, or whether it’s a stable position, but its worth considering this quite carefully: the real money, is much more ideologically fickle since its only real ideology IS money. What that means I think is that in a sense we as the new dominant market need to seduce the money, the advertisers, the corporate whores who up until yesterday were making life hell. Its not point deceiving ourselves – they still want some kind of feminism to the extent that women represent cheap labour and powerful markets – but that’s only to the extnet that it works for them. The very moment it doesn’t they will change course and follow the money. So far we’ve had the corporate powers seeking to shape us through evil identity politics – they need to recognise that that is failing, even if it hasn’t yet failed – all the cuck corporates holding out in the belief that their PC values are going to win them customer loyalty are going to become disillusions pretty damn quick if the trends continue (they still have a long way to go of course) – but what they need to discover – and only we are capable of helping them to discover it – is that we are the ones now shaping our own identity politics – as it should be in theory: the corporations are failing. Their golem is out of control. We now need to learn how to shape them, that they do our bidding. In return they get their money, but failing that they go under

    1. “What really interests me though is Trump and the wider market. This is where it could get very interesting. The last few weeks have seen the markets go wild for Trump as someone who’s going to lower taxes, build walls and stuff, and make it a kinder world for drug companies and banks. I’m still of the opinion that consciously they didn’t want him but that secretly they did.”
      Oh, I believe they wanted him – from Day One. They just made it look like they didn’t. It was all intense media-driven chicanery. And all the hub-bub in the media lately, about Jill Stein and the Clinton camp calling for recounts in Wisconsin (and maybe in other states), is just more choreography.
      The mob already paid out on all the Trump-for-president bets (there weren’t many of them, and the mob made a killing in that regard), so logic tells us they aren’t going to flip the election back to Hillary (heh). I am pointing this out for anyone who is experiencing angst over the recount threat – it’s just smoke and mirrors.
      I enjoy reading your comments, by the way. You are one articulate man, Mr. Mobius, IMHO…

      1. If every time you win, it’s because they were for your win, where does that leave you? Isn’t this some form of confirmation bias?
        I loath Trump as the con man that he is, generally, but voted for him. But if we can never win unless “they” are in it from the beginning, what kind of supernatural powers are you supposing that “they” have, or what kind of mind numbing stupidity do you assume “we” have?

        1. I think this is merely a matter or perspective. If you don’t have the vantage point of someone else who has already held the same views as you, but no longer does, based on a complete shake-up in terms of the way they view reality, well, their views are going to seem odd, or just downright nutty.
          As far as the “only two options here” comment that you made (either “they” have supernatural powers, or “we” are mind-numbingly stupid). There are always more than two options, I mean, infinity is a huge place. If there were only two options in terms of how one might assess a situation, that would indeed give supernatural powers to the option-shapers, would it not. (Heh.) Not to mention the fact it would prove beyond a shred of doubt that the public-at-large was indeed galactically myopic…a nice way of saying mind-numbingly stupid.
          I admire your passion. But I believe it’s all about perspective, based on indoctrination. Let me supply a case in point here. In the early 1930s in the United States, there was talk of a large, hairy man, who was roaming the mountains of West Africa. Travelers abroad returned to the U.S., and spoke of this bizarre, bipedal creature. The press picked up on it and ridiculed the travelers’ tales. And then, somebody captured a West African Mountain Gorilla, brought it back to the States, and put it in a zoo…
          I believe this can best be summed up by Schopenhauer’s quote – “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”
          But what is truth? It’s what a person believes it to be at the moment. And if a person thinks their vote truly matters, and the election process is entirely on the level, then that’s how it is in their minds. And if a person clings to that belief, passionately, then anybody who disagrees with them is very likely to be ridiculed and/or violently (or strenuously) opposed, eventually.
          Allow me to give you some real truth here, just for the hell of it (heh). There are two kinds of people in this world: Those who insist that you believe that what they say is true, and those who do not. Personally, I’m in the latter camp.
          Et tu, GOJ?

        2. MM1 makes some good points and there is always the possibility the rabbit hole goes a lot deeper than we could possibly imagine, but here is my take on Trump’s win.
          While “they” may like him for cutting taxes etc (and thus the argument to suppose he was always the one), in the end, you have to remember that for them it is NOT about money. Never has been.
          The goal is always control, more control, and finally absolute God control, over everyone and everything. Money is just a tool for them to get control.
          Which is why they both fear and like Trump. He is one of them (moneyed) but they have NO control over him. Does that make sense? He knows who they are and they know he knows how to play the game, but he is not TRULY one of them. He is a patriot in the White House, the first one in who knows how many generations, and at the WORST possible time for them as they were about to drop the hammer completely on the economy and America under Clinton.
          So of course they, believing “nothing has changed”, will just start pushing their chess pieces around trying to corner and checkmate him the best they can. If they feel he is truly uncontrollable, they may pull a JFK but they won’t for at least a year. They realize that to kill Trump now would be to explode the powder keg of nationalism at them and they are not yet set to contain or control that explosion.
          In time, we will know, but I have hope Trump is the right guy right now and may very well be the last chance America has.

        3. It’s not a “they” thing. Life at all levels, not even talking humans, works in ways that organize chaos, or make chaos out of organic organization. There are “they” events, no question about that (Hello Pearl Harbor and Reichstag fire), but if everything becomes “They’re in on it if you win or lose” then that’s certainly not correct. The way life organizes out of chaos is magnificent, astounding, you’d think there was intelligence behind it. The way entropy tears down unassailable things in nature is equally astounding.
          We should always be on the lookout for actual meddling, but that doesn’t mean that everything is the result of meddling, one way or the other. Nature is much more complex, and subtle, than that. It’s…elegant.

        4. Most control for tyrants resides in the mind of the controlled. Deny them your fear, and you rob them of power. This assigning them some kind of superhuman magical ability to control just doesn’t comport with reality.

        5. If somebody meddles, it’s definitely a “they” thing. The question is – what things do “they” meddle with, and how deep does it go? And that’s only evident if you have inside, indisputable knowledge. Otherwise, a person is reduced to speculation. Which is probably why the rulers rule (because they have access to inside knowledge) and the ruled speculate. That’s just my opinion.
          It’s fucking raining like a bitch here in the desert, and I freakin’ love it! This happens about once every year, maybe (more like every two). Lifts my spirits right up, I’ll tell ya…

        6. I’ve first hand observational data on the “rulers”. They’re incompetent fucks of the first order, most of them couldn’t rule their own bladder functions. That they hold power is a testament to the absolute laziness and stupidity of the common man. If the common man realized how utterly incompetent his “rulers” were he’d laugh and shake them off like a bad cold.
          They’re the opposite of powerful once you get a low down on them. I marvel that so many think it’s so complex. These people are just that, people, they do stupid things all the time like the rest of us, they’re not magic and they don’t have superhuman coordination abilities. They’re fallible, likely more so than you and I. They’re driven by the same passions and sins as the rest of us. No exceptions.
          Now this flies in the face of the tightly run mafia stuff, I know. And I do think that mafia have power, clearly. But not overarching. Nothing that can’t be sent packing with a shrug after you’re outside of 200 miles of them. The greatest key to their control lay in our heads. Nowhere else. In our fears and boogeymen and assumptions.
          Case in point: There is an intelligence operative (unnamed here) who I’ve heard listened to high power U.S. government types commenting on the cocaine crops growing in central America in a “we’re going to make a great profit this year” manner. This individual was tasked with degaussing those tapes for “national security”. Now think about that, how utterly insane that is. They fly open channel comms, are intercepted across standard known frequencies, and their security is dependent on individuals with a pay grade of E-3. How fucking retarded is that? All in the hypothetical of course.
          Some magnificent control cult right there brother. We’re dealing with fools who have a lot of money and a few with a bit of moxy. Nothing more than you or I can do.

        7. I actually think a lot of us are sane and competent. We’re just prone to assuming that the rest of humanity is as well. They aren’t, and that includes people with money and power. The 1% are so delusional in their ivory towers that they cover up little and assume the rest of us are too stupid to watch them.
          There’s a lot I hear about control, that I just don’t see in real life. We all have to pay taxes, sure (and not always in every situation, sneakiness accounted for), and some people are hurt by being stupid and openly against XYZ power, but by and large we’re all more or less free to do as we wish. If somebody “takes away” my right to guns, I still own them and there you go, just like in England, Japan, China and Cuba. If somebody tries to silence me, I speak anyway, barring imprisonment, and even then I’ll speak unless they throw me in solitary.
          The control of a set of apes over other apes is nothing more than a game and ruse, and the rulers can become the ruled in a matter of hours, and vice versa. All the informants, hit squads, sanctions, etc, we can easily do as well, and do on occasion.
          Fear is the mind killer.
          There are some agencies out there with real power. The EPA. The BATF. etc. But they’re controlled by politicians, and politicians are open to the same pressures from one side as the next.

        8. Yes indeed, I totally agree with you, fear is the mind-killer. Not to mention the prison. Well said, amigo…er…written.

      2. Thanks Bob. There has definitely been behind the scenes stuff, but I’m not quite convinced this is a fix – I think there the power elite is genuinely divided on the basis of differing but not necessarily wholly differing interests. The progressive elites, who include obviously Clinton & the DNC are not happy right now, and neither are their backers – not just Soros, but a great many of not to so great and not so good. I don’t there’s any sense in which they would have thrown the game for some kind of theatre of deception, even if there might well be some of that going on. I do think the Brietbart connexion gives us some clues. The Clinton’s (& by association Obama & the democrats) have pissed off the zionists for a start – Bill pissed them off back in the 90s big time – and Obama perhaps too with respect to the Iran deal, so Trump knew for every progressive big wig he pissed off there were others with different priorities who he could appeal to. The neo-con issue confuses this – there entire strategy has been deemed to have failed – and now there’s new personnel who will hopefully be making a play for a potentially quite different type of relationship with Russia and the middle east – although that of course remains to be seen: anything could still happen.
        Actually I like the idea that the market was hedging – that’s what markets do. Even if there were power elites pulling strings of some sort the vast majority wouldn’t have known how this would end even if some might have had a clue (or even conspiratorially) been given a clue.
        Re. Jill Stein & Clinton – I agree, but as I’ve just been hearing about on youtube etc this is probably less about overturning the election, and more about trying to wrangle a little more insurance against Trump and his new administration / attorney general coming down hard on Hillary and / or the Clinton Foundation – which I am delighted to say he has confirmed has not been ruled out in any shape or form

    2. Money will always shift. Much of what you have written is a bit superficial; kind of like a sports highlight. In this window of opportunity, it will be critical to maximize each day politically. The focus should be on the local levels of government and setting clear goals with overwhelming legislative support. Term limits is a biggie… Maybe a repeal of the direct election of senators?!?… and most importantly a couple appointments to the SCOTUS.

      1. Money / finance isn’t my area of expertise even if it interests me, so it may well be superficial, but I’ve raised these issues a few times, and nobody seems to have much to say about it. The money in this case shifted within a matter of a few hours – from apocalyptic catastrophism to the gung-ho patriotism. Even if that has nothing to do with Trump personally that does suggest to me that some of the experts were playing games, and if so some of the polling, some of the media presentation may also have been about producing a nice big surprise or two: markets need volatility to create profit, and there were quite a few people who were confident enough in their predictions to make some hard profits despite the exaggeratedly wrong predictions. Re. the focus of Trump’s new administration I’m optimistic he’ll do well, although as a non-american I’m mainly an observer

    3. I wanted to highlight this point.
      “the real money, is much more ideologically fickle since its only real ideology IS money”
      THIS… is something I have not thought of with respect to markets and the larger economic picture.
      We do have an “elite” who view money as a tool for control. This is why the argument that “they” wanted Trump falls flat for me. It is not about money to the elite, it is about control.
      When you think about HOW MUCH MONEY is in play, and how many players their are, I hypothesize that there are FAR MORE MONEY elites than control elites. The money elites don’t give a shit about any ideology so long as the “market” is working and the economy is functioning. China would be just one example of plenty of money elites MUCH much older than Europe or Americas.
      This… may be why Trump ran as well. He may be 70, but he does have an empire to preserve and pass on and so do many others ALL OVER THE WORLD.
      They don’t need to control the whole planet. They just want the bloody money to keep coming in and the best, the most superior, wealth generator is free and independent capitalism.
      Is it possible we are seeing a “coup” of the global money class over the Zionist NWO, one-world-government control freaks?
      Thoughts anyone?

      1. I think there is a lot in that. That’s a very good distinction in fact. Capitalism and communism actually works very well together in some respects – I am thinking of the analysis of Anthony Sutton for instance who points out how except in free market circumstances (in the former instance) they both share a predilection for collectivism and statism. The international / globalist money order – the fed, the IMF, BIS, etc is in all about control and collectivism, a system whereby the elites control the money supply and can increase it (e.g. QE) or decrease it as required. In such a situation there is a lot of money to be made by speculators, corporate capitalist and even the man on the street if he’s canny enough, but the elites at the top are controlling the money as you suggest for the purpose of control rather than making money – that’s to say if you can print as much of the stuff as you need making money doesn’t have quite the same meaning as it does for you and me perhaps (not that they aren’t all millionaires or billionaires). The central bank system is often described as a ponzi scheme, or as systematic theft etc, but that kind of reminds one of the fact that Marx didn’t think there could be anything like theft if property was abolished, and under the central bank system, there is something highly communistic about how things are run: look at what is happening at the moment; there is this drive to abolish cash (India, Sweden) , bail-ins instead of bail-outs, there is manipulation of the stock market, and the precious metal markets (I was just looking at the GATA website today with regard to that) , they are inflating the prices of assets, and property etc all while creating massive and burdensome debt for both individuals and nations, and effectively taxing savers with NIRP / ZIRP (neg interest rates etc) – all of this could be compatible with a future kind of NWO communism, and all of it is arguably about control. As you say while pretty much everybody is embedded in this system, not everybody is in bed with the system. Not at all, and that I think includes a great deal who are rich and influential enough to be considered – potentially rival – elites. The people who just want to make money and to do so within more or less laissez faire free market conditions are against the cartel system we have in place at the moment – at least to the extent that they aren’t joined to the hip. The more we understand the system, the more transparent it becomes the less capable it is of ruling our lives, however totalising the system may seem to be. The entire thing depends on deception: manipulating money and prices at the highest level while pretending there is a free market, and that prices are ‘discovered’ etc. We live increasingly in a command economy, and an international one at that, but there is going to be a push against that. The NWO is going to be stillborn

        1. “The NWO is going to be stillborn”
          Yes… as cautious as I am to agree with you, that is where my thinking is going now as well.
          The fix for ALL of what you wrote above… is the elimination of interest on debt. That is the root of everything. Take that away, and the bankers have ZERO leverage over anyone because there will ALWAYS be enough money in the “system” to pay back the debt. That is how they get control, interest. It does not exist to pay back so you are fucked the second you sign the dotted line, or some other sucker is who you have to steal “money” from to pay off your interest to the bankers.
          This is where I have not read much on how to fix the system at its root. ROK does a good job culturally. Zerohedge and others economically. But there MUST be a removal, disavowal, and replacement of the fiat/usury system. If that remains in place, nothing will change.
          The only real theory I have read about is FREEGOLD. A system that won’t be a system because Gold, for the first time, will be FREE. The worlds fiat will float against it in an open market because of the digital age, unlike in the past when gold was very much in the hands of the state. Gold won’t (and no longer can according to FREEGOLD) be state controlled. We can see the proof of this in India right now in the absolute chaos that has erupted in banning 1000 and 500 ruppee notes. They can’t stop the people running to gold and as much as gold in the west brings blank stares in 2016, people will wake up real quick if they are told they can’t take out cash anymore from the bank on a Monday morning bank holiday.
          Things are flying apart so fast now, I just hope there is either fate or providence to wake up enough people to fix the system when we get the chance. Because if we don’t, that stillborn NWO may turn into a zombie and never die.

        2. At the moment we do seem to have a debt system, that either already is a debt slavery system or which could rapidly come one if interest rates rise. I think a world beholden to debt and perpetually unable to pay it off is a bad thing, but equally the world economy wouldn’t work well without credit, and you probably do need some level of interest to keep that moving. The current system of tending towards zero or negative interest rates does seem to be damaging the world economy and hasn’t worked, indeed one might argue that there is a ‘redistributive’ side to this, whereby wealth (or paper wealth?) is being transferred to from those who “have” – for instance savers – to those who don’t (those dependent on cheap credit) i.e. the zero / negative interest environment could be seen as socialistic / or even communistic. Obviously if interest rates go up massively that’s going to be bad for anyone heavily indebted on variable rates, so in a sense zero/negative rates are the flip side of usury and could even be seen in a volatility based system as part of the same system – i.e. you have effective (if not theoretical) communism or effective usury – in either situation you end up being controlled. For me then the solution would trying to find a system which avoids such massive spikes and troughs (whether with respect to interest rates or any other economic variable) so that you can benefit from credit based on the social capital of trust (including for example credit-worthiness) which credit depends on, with a view to producing longer term stability. What we have at the moment is a fear based system that depends on undermining then bolstering economic confidence – with the result that you get bubbles that allow speculators to get rich quickly provided they get out before they burst.
          The gold situation right now is very interesting indeed. Once again we have a battle, that is overwhelmingly an ideological battle between central bankers and command economy elites (like Modi) on the one hand and the people / free markets on the other hand. This is a pretty interesting video on how gold is being manipulated and depressed by what is an effective cartel essentially seeking to prop up the idea that the fiat money economy is doing just fine. The current system is predicated on there being no necessary connexion between money and anything of real value (i.e. a gold backed standard). Has all the gold flown to china? Is Fort Knox or wherever empty? Is Modi going to restrict gold? All that’s clear at the moment is that the world economy seems to depend entirely on the actions of the command centres, both national and international, rather than anything like the free market.
          The only thing one can say in favour of the central banking system at the moment is that they seem to have averted another 1929 type crash. The problem with that statement is that there is every reason to believe that it was the creation of the fed that caused the problem in the first place – it caused the very thing it was set up to avoid. Interesting times we live in

        3. You might find this site interesting. It is a live update of gold/silver prices that shows the divergence between the PAPER market in the west, and the PHYSICAL market in the East in China.
          I want to correct an assumption on your part about the future of gold. Freegold is NOT a gold backed system. It is FREE. No fiat FIXES the “price” of gold, but floats around it. This is the fundamental theory of free gold. In the past, governments had a tight grip on gold supply and issuance because it was money (and still is) and was used in circulation as money. But with the wide spread adoption of fiat, and the accessibility of the common man to buy gold (many places online) with the internet, gold is about to serve the role it was always meant to be – a SAVINGS vehicle for one’s labour.
          Right now, fiat/debt paper is used to “save” and this will be proven to be the greatest hoax ever played on the common man and is the reason the economy is stagnant. All those boomers have their savings in fiat/debt… which is supposed to be paying off “interest” that does not exist. It is not flowing as they say, so the economy (and credit) has come to a complete halt. (Many other factors as well, but this is a key point many miss.)
          When fiat burns, they are going to try to go cashless, or issue a new paper/ecurrency and try to get “faith” in it from the masses. But as we are seeing in India, once you break TRUST in the paper in the common man’s wallet, good luck getting him to trust new paper. This is something our grandparents lived through in the lead up to WWII that many current generations have completely forgotten.
          The bank… has nothing but paper in it. It’s worthless if the bank decides not to issue any more or decides the old paper is no good anymore.

        4. Interesting comment. I’ve actually come across that web page showing the east / west divergence. It’s certainly an instructive illustration of whats going on and does suggest that china really has been buying up gold – real money – while the west is desperately trying to invalidate its significance as the antithesis of fiat money – the creative writing school of economics if you like. People are noticing how metals seems to go up in the asian trading twilight hours and then down again, when the london and new york markets open. It would be really interesting to know who exactly does all the massive selling off here – you get to hear about big investors like Soros and Druckenmiller dumping gold, but the (central?) banks aren’t going to advertise what they do. That GATA guy mentioned how the BoE sold some 400 billion of gold at one point (quite a while back I think) – advertising that they wanted to get rid of it, the obvious effect being that they got a much worse price for it than had they sold it carefully and anonymously, the implication being that the only reason to do that would be to drive gold down: that kind of sabotaging of ‘real money’ to shore up trust in paper money, stocks or whatever seems to be a quite dangerous game, if the east gets to own most of the real money.
          I don’t know quite what to think about your FreeGold system – the implications would obviously be considerable. There is actually a fairly limited supply of gold in the world, most of which could easily be kept out of the reach of ordinary people. If Gold is controlled in order to be artificially depressed it could also presumably be controlled by cartels who would work to increase its value exponentially: you would still need other forms of currency / exchange and if they weren’t backed by gold or something else reflecting real value then what would they be back by if they were not to reproduce the same evils as fiat money. Effectively bitcoin is the closest thing you have to artificial precious metals owing to the production and therefore circulation limitations. As I’m fairly unschooled in economics / finance I tend to avoid becoming too ideological about things: to me fiat is bad – it can be good for runaway growth, but it creates booms and bust cycles etc, usury is bad to the extent it creates indebtedness, control and dependency etc, but beyond that I would prefer pragmatism to reign rather just another system, that to the extent that it is defined against the old could produce an ‘out of the frying pan’ situation rather than a real solution.
          As I think we agree the issue of trust here is crucial. If trust and therefore confidence are crucial then a loss of confidence and trust could compromise and / or collapse it. I’m wary of collapsing something to the extent that the result may be economic chaos – in a country like India Modi as you point out Modi has potentially done that – damaged economic trust and precipitated economic chaos – just by trying to de-monitize in the direction of e-cash. It’s clear there will be a world-wide roll-out of these types of actions. The indians still seem to believe in him and the correctness of this action, and the swedes – ever happily cucked I’m afraid to say – will probably hold celebrations in the street once the e-krona becomes the norm, but the NWO bankers should not underestimate the degree of mistrust and paranoia actions like these will introduce into the system. None of these developments have a democratic mandate and there is an obvious justification for civil non-cooperation here, even if it is ‘passive-aggressive’ rather than fully active. Banks have a habit of getting their way. That has to stop, and perhaps this is a very good time for that to happen. We need rival currencies and rival economies to spring up – not criminal ones but democratically justified – and governments and international banks need to discover that their actions will cost them in terms, respectively, of revenue / custom.
          For instance, what if there were mass demonstrations of free citizens cutting up burning contactless cards – the only consequence there would be that people would have to key in their pin numbers but the declarative effect would be powerful. But I see it more as a question of breaking-in the banks than necessarily breaking them. The banks have already won the technological war, but they can still lose the ideological war. They will lose the ideological war

  10. Cultural change is one of my hopes for the Trump win. I think Rush said it best when he said that teachers, journalists, professors, etc. are really just activists for the left. I forget if he included entertainers, but I will if he did not, and musicians as well. I could put quotes around all of those and I think mainstream music died in 1989.
    When it comes to “entertainment”, I’m not looking or hoping for the current batch of leftist loons to change in order to cater to a new demographic. I don’t want (or expect) them to. I want to see a genuine, cultural resurgence full of actual talent to replace these talent-less hacks who motivated me to completely turn my back on mainstream everything in the mid 2000s.
    The real talent in this country has been held down because of politics for a long time. For example, though far from a perfect model of what I’m talking about, in the 1980s there was actual music on MTV. Talent from all kinds of genres packed full of ground breaking expression and sound. I like some rap but being honest it is, at best, rhyming to a beat and not music. The best rap was late 80’s through 90’s anyway.
    Also, movies for the sake of movies and telling stories. We didn’t have to endure leftist, multicultural, globalist, etc. political indoctrination disguised as “entertainment” every time we watched a movie.
    I hope the current batch of leftist hacks careers become a thing of the past and are replaced with freedom loving, talented men and women who will revive this part of our culture.

  11. George Soros is a genius, he uses his same theory of reflexivity( the one he made billions with in the markets) to manipulate people through propaganda. The beauty of it is he’s so honest in his books and speeches too, he lays it all out for people to see, as if he knows they’re are not smart enough to comprehend him, thankfully the Trump movement was so strong it proved immune to propaganda against it. I wouldn’t worry, the Trump movement has proven its strengh, he will most likely have a successful term.

  12. George Soros is a genius, he uses his same theory of reflexivity( the one he made billions with in the markets) to manipulate people through propaganda. The beauty of it is he’s so honest in his books and speeches too, he lays it all out for people to see as if he knows they’re are not smart enough to comprehend him, thankfully the Trump movement was so strong it proved immune to propaganda against it. I wouldn’t worry, the Trump movement has proven its strengh, he will most likely have a successful term possibly even two.

  13. Our grandparents fought Nazis so we could be called Nazis for believing what our grandparents believed? Completely unacceptable. Enough.
    This talk about “oppressed minorities” dissimulates the very real disenfranchisement of the White majority, and serves to deny us from our rights to public empathy, to dignity, or to even basically survive in a world of our own.
    What “nonracial” really means is that it is whites who are supposed to be indifferent to race, in order to help nonwhites advance their racial interests.

  14. The Trump victory has generated waves all over the world. Men, and women too, no longer support political correctness and globalist feminism.

  15. This mentality is similar to the one evidenced by many Bond girls, who play a sexy role in a James Bond film, and later on, they denigrate the experience, and claim that they only want to be take part in more “serious” roles in the future.
    However, they always wind up playing sexy sluts anyway, for the most part – that is, until they hit the wall. I think this happens because all hot women think they are going to be hot forever; which is as nutty a rationale as SJWs thinking that their desires regarding how they want the world to be, will actually change it.
    And this just proves what we all know around here, that women never have what they want, and they never want what they have, and they don’t know what in the hell they are talking about, and they’re all insane.

  16. I read somewhere (maybe Breitbart) that ESPN and a couple of other outlets have instructed their reporters to stop tweeting about politics and social issues. That’s a pretty big deal, given how bold these cocksuckers have gotten with their propaganda over the years.

    1. Demonize the Internet. Part of the plan to control its content, and who can access it (and under what conditions).

        1. Via Breitbart: “Yoder continues, “The [presidential] election is so divisive that perhaps it’s understandable they would ask their sportswriters and editors to stay out of it so as to not be drawn in the political quagmire and inevitably turn off parts of their readership who may not have the same viewpoints.”
          BOOM! Man… what was that… Nov 15th is only 7 days post Trump. My post may be more prescient than I would ever have thought.
          The big test will be Hollywood, and then music. Music will be the last holdout as its power is far greater than film (music has more power psychologically than film, in my view).
          What do you think of the idea of an alternative movie/music industry evolving out of this? If MSM news is dead, is it not the same for Hollywood and the music industry?
          Gofundme crowdsourcing, creative tech to make studio quality film and music in the palm of your hand? How long (or how short) will it take for an alternate entertainment industry to explode on the scene with completely decentralized capital/talent and global distribution through the internet?

        2. I would dearly love to see alternatives to Hollywood and the music industry, but personally I don’t think the talent is there. Aside from a tiny handful of pariahs, most really gifted artists are leftists.
          Conservatives would be better positioned to take over the tech industry than the entertainment industry, imo, maybe by creating alternatives to Twitter/FB/etc.

        3. It really depends upon what you prefer to listen to. None of the music I listen to is ‘Leftist’ and metal by and large has a very strong Conservative/Libertarian streak where they despise authority, tokenism, identity politics and other boutique issues. Metal remains one of the last bastions of unashamed masculinity and rebellion.

        4. I think this is a good point Burning. We “see” the MSM entertainment everywhere, but how many are ACTUALLY watching / listening to it? I worked with 20 something kid on a job once and he had NOTHING after 1995 for music on his phone. Nothing. One could say “That is just one smart kid.” but after the Trump win? I am beginning to wonder if the “mainstream” is now also a fantasy when it comes to real numbers in theater seats or concert halls.

        5. Yeah I’ve heard that, though the music itself simply isn’t my bag. The heaviest thing I listen to is Rush, haha.

    1. WOW!!! Thank you for this. I have a #PizzaGate piece submitted right now but this… this… is truly explosive. Don’t know if ROK will run it and I think it needs a tweak (I suspect) but I hope they do.

      1. welcome. Oddly I only accidentally found out about it after a casual reference to it in some youtube comments. I don’t quite get how this hasn’t been picked up yet

        1. Oh… it’s picking up, just not in the MSM and you know why. Once this actually gets out, it is game, fucking, over. I still can’t wrap my head around how monumental and global the exposure of a pedophile ring at the HEART of the democratic/left/feminist/gay machine will be on the future of humanity. I think it could be as historic as the death of Christ and the birth of Christianity.

        2. I think it could be colossal but I think its worth reining in our expectations somewhat. I do believe that this is real, that there are real crimes being covered up, but as yet it isn’t clear that much or anything can be proved against these people. The FBI will presumably get a new director to replace Comey (surely?) and there will be a new attorney general and then hopefully the evidence available will be re-assessed and any leads further investigated. As yet though there is a ton of evidence that suggests these people are engaged in bad things, but unless there’s something solid they’re won’t be anything to convict them. There’s also the fact that the entire establishment may be implicated in these things. If so they will move heaven and earth to cover all of this up.

  17. Theres a lot of money to be made off conservatives in entertainment. Country music. Passion Of The Christ. American Sniper. Those were gold mines. We just need brave conservatives to come out and do it.

    1. We need talented ones, too. It’s a sad fact of life that most conservatives suck at art. Probably because they’re too busy actually making a real living and supporting their families.

  18. During the entire campaign every mainstream news and opinion article was a hit piece on Trump and a glowing endorsement on Clinton. After Trump’s win the media asked itself how it got it so wrong on Trump. Then they go straight back to writing hit pieces on him.

  19. That last video was epic..and of course to add insult to injury its CNN declaring him winner.

  20. “The days of have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too are over” – the quicker this happens and they have to start paying their own way, not to mention taking responsibility for their poor decisions – looking forward to it.

  21. Feminism isn’t dead, at best it will go underground and be less obvious as it seeks “common sense” regulations because “won’t someone think of the poor wittle women?” Women will always seek to play on men’s genetic impulses to protect women so as to get themselves more free stuff, the presence or absence of the label feminism is irrelevant. And since big daddy government is by far the safest and easiest path to free stuff, the women (along with other ahem demographics) will continue to be the gibsmedats voting block.

  22. You’re celebrating way too early. Trump’s election is a psyop to cause the next big civil war. If you fell for the fantasy of make America great again, then Trump is pimping you’re ho ass out.

  23. Is it wrong that I STILL laugh at the people who can’t deal with the fact the we are going to have a male president who started out self funding and being laughed at all the way to the big white house in DC?

  24. Heavy metal, you dumb cunt, not your attention whoring to collect beta faggot Likes!

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