Most Men Do Not Deserve A Marriageable Woman

Merry Christmas. This one’s going to sting.

Here in the manosphere, we are often accused of chauvinism, writing as though women ruined society and men are fantastic at everything. People moan about how badly they want a good girl but just cannot find a viable candidate. Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Who said you deserved one yourself?

The cold reality is that the modern American man is not much better than the modern American woman. If you really believe that patriarchy is the natural order of things, then realize that feminism only exists because men allowed it. Let that sink in. You are the ones that create the monster of the modern western woman. You complain about how terrible the modern western woman is, but you are the ones that permit them to be this way.

It’s Your Fault

You can go on the internet and complain like there is no hope, but feminism would end in a generation if men started acting like they had a dick in their pants. You think most women really want to be ball-cutting, independent sluts? Women have no idea what they really want. Deep down they all have a Disney princess fantasy, and the average nubile co-ed would gladly drop out of college if she found a man who actually made her happy.

Women want to possessed by a man. It is in their nature to be unable to articulate what they really want, but frankly it should be obvious to the menfolk who by nature are expected to lead. If American Jane can be manipulated by faceless propaganda, how much more so by a man whom she is absolutely in love with and could not imagine her life without?

Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew has been loved for generations because it gives hope to both sexes. Petruchio was greedy and selfish, and Katherine was ugly and had a terrible personality, but by the end of it all, they had both found a deeper appreciation for each other than any of the other characters who were acting on their passions (Lucentio) or desperation (Hortensio).

Not only did they fall deeply in love with each other, but they finally gained respect from their peers. Think about it: Katherine, the most miserable harpy in English literature, was admired, lauded, and radically happy after spending only a few days with the first man she ever met who didn’t try to coddle or appease her.

It Isn’t Hard

The manosphere shouldn’t even have to exist. Getting a girlfriend is not hard: you just ask girls out, and eventually one of them says yes. And if she doesn’t work out, then you move on, because she’s just a girl and they make plenty of those. Why do you need an elaborate network of websites to teach you what is obvious? All you need to know is, “Girls like guys who are confident and charismatic.” You do not even need a real job anymore, considering how many millennials are working in retail well into their twenties.

Girls want to be asked out, and they want to have sex, just like the normal people. Get to know a girl for five minutes and then ask if you can take her out sometime. With even the most awkward game, you’ll get a date maybe 10% of the time.

By the age of 20, if you have not figured out that there is something deeply warped about the way society today mates, then it is your own fault if you can’t get laid or if you find yourself in a miserable relationship. Even if you cannot figure out what exactly is wrong, you should sense that something is toxic about it. Everybody who has been married is either divorced or miserable. So if you do literally anything else, the worst case scenario is that you will have just as much failure.

And even if a girl has personality flaws, they can often be conditioned out. Remember that at heart they are looking for you to guide them. If she has a pissy fit over something small, walk away and don’t return until she begs. And once she begs, graciously give her that second chance she so desires. Communicate that you do not need her but may enjoy her if she behaves.

Make her work. Make her want to be feminine. Women show so little respect to men because they realize that most men will take whatever they can get. That is to say, men no longer demand respect. If you really are the high-status man every woman masturbates to in whatever Hollywood vomit romcom is currently in theaters, if you really are that high-status man, then she will realize that she cannot be insane if she is to obtain the man of her dreams.


Show just, like, a little confidence and communication and see the miracles it will accomplish. “Dear, when you cut your hair short, it makes you look like a man. Don’t you want to be able to really turn me on?” This is just one of any number of negative traits, but the same thing applies to fat girls, which is why I’ll date them if they have other redeeming qualities.

When you finally confront your girl about her dumpy looks or character traits, likely your voice will be quivery when you say it, but that is your fault for not having the conversation at the beginning of the relationship. Now that you have waited a year in, she will rant and rave at not getting what she wants for once. Say nothing and look her dead in the eye. When she finishes, repeat exactly what you said both gently and firmly at the same time. If she refuses to change, then dump her then and there.

If she then apologizes and begs for you to take her back, then do so, because now you have seen that she is willing to admit to her mistakes. Finally you have shown some actual masculinity, and you have increased your value enough to make her want to increase her value. And if she does not apologize and make the necessary changes, then it was best to get rid of her sooner than later. Some girls are so damaged that no amount of conditioning can fix them.

Sure, the rare girl with humility may be…well, rare, but you cannot just sit around and hope she falls into your lap. If you want the ever-elusive marital bliss, you have got to approach it like a part-time job. If you are lazy in your pursuits, then you will only get women who are lazy in their commitments. Most people who are divorced either do not know how to pick a wife or do not know how to manage a woman after he has gotten her.

And when your wife left you, did you wish her well? Perhaps buy her kitchen appliances to help her in her new found independence? If she threatens divorce, laugh her down and remind her that no one wants to marry a woman who is divorced, a mother, or over 30 (she is likely all three). Then walk out of the room still chuckling before she can elicit sympathy.

Do not look back or check back in. Crush her false sense of self-esteem and make her realize how much she needs you. It’s not like you have anything to lose, and at any rate women rarely leave a man because he doesn’t show her enough respect. Maybe send her statistics about how children of divorce grow up to be dysfunctional. Granted, I cannot guarantee that she will stay with you, but it’s certainly more effective than begging and bargaining. Even when your wife is leaving, you still bow down and kiss the feet of the tyrant.

You’re Just As Hedonistic

And of course you can claim that all women today are whores, but that is not true either. There are many women who still have a sense of dignity and only give away their sex selectively, since that is what women naturally want to do. True, there are not many virgins outside of the freshmen at Christian colleges in the southern states, but that does not mean that every woman allows herself to be the town bicycle. Maybe the reason you think every single Western girl is a tramp is because you keep searching for girls on ladies night in bars. Go volunteer for a boring non-profit that makes for a bad photo shoot, and you will be more likely to find the wife you are looking for.

Contrary to popular myth, feminism did not invent the slut. Men even have always had a way to get their rocks off before settling down. For example, the samba in Brazil provided a context to meet easy women long before the 1960s.

The famed foreign women of Red Pill lore, and the mothers of many men’s children.

“You can’t find a wife in a brothel,” as my grandfather always said, and it was as true when he was a child as it is today. The world’s oldest profession is nothing new, but today they get paid in martinis instead of cash. And who buys them the martinis? You do. At least the old-style whore knew what she was getting from the deal, but you are encouraging Jane Slut to continue sucking resources from men and pressuring other women to do the same.

You rant about how lustful women are, but how much better are you yourself? All you care about is increasing your notch count no matter what the consequences. You sleep with fat girls, you sleep with career-obsessed women, you sleep with androgynous women, and then you wonder why there are so many of them around.

Quit being an enabler. Let them know that you only validate feminine women, and the fatties and Hillarys will force themselves to change. There is a reason that gluttony—and hence lust—is a sin in every major world religion. Everyone wants to get laid in a way that isn’t desperate and miserable, so put a higher value on your sex. It’s not like you are even having a good time seducing them, considering how much you complain about them. If you feed the geese, they are only going to breed and shit everywhere. Offensive, yes, but the manosphere does not exist to affirm your ego and sense of irreproachability.

Furthermore, do you have any real marketable skills? You say you want a stay-at-home wife, but what have you accomplished to provide that? Laziness is also a sin in most world religions, so instead of living in an apartment with your Call of Duty buddies “because the economy is just that bad,” spend a year in vocational school and learn a trade.

Yes, your family will look down on you because “you are so smart and have so much potential, and you’re going to spend it building houses?” Fuck that sideways. This isn’t the 1950s, and most four-year degrees will get you exactly nothing. Don’t participate in the madman credentialism game your parents’ generation created. Forget about finding the job of your dreams and focus on finding a skill you can bond with. Maybe you will marry, or maybe you will decide to milk the player lifestyle as long as you can, but at least you will be able to afford to live autonomously.

Final Thoughts

So quit your entitlement. I was red-tinted purple pill before I ever came across the manosphere and figured I was alone. Sure, some of the material on these sites is very cerebral and takes years to synthesize, but most of it is garnered through plain observation or natural consequences. You’ve got a dick in your pants, so go make the world you want for yourself.

Become the high-status man who can make women want to change, learn a (real) skill, and buy the house with the white picket fence. Or if you want to play the field forever and never get married, then drop your pretentiousness anyway. Women will not suddenly put away their destructive choices by their own volition.

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503 thoughts on “Most Men Do Not Deserve A Marriageable Woman”

  1. Why as a man would you even bother to pursue the so called “modern” woman?
    Society is finished economically, socially and politically.
    Sure, men allowed feminism into government, but those individual men do not represent nor do they account for the vast majority of men who are against feminism. Men who complain, do not necessarily complain because they got burnt by women- it is because as men, we are now tired of seeing the same result day in, day out- career minded masculine women, desperate to have kids she cannot afford, pressuring men into marriage which will only result in divorce and man losing everything. You think as men, that that is our fault? That today’s god awful women, is a product of our so called “wimpiness?”
    Grow up. The reality is that men today are now being crushed by the wave of feminism. All the laws are stacked against men (such as “Yes Means Yes” and “Rape by Fraud”), not to mention that feminism has entrenched employment (with the creation of HR departments) and even infilitrating the mainstream media, (where everything is aimed for the woman such as the magazines in the supermarkets to the morning talk shows.) Oh and don’t forget the corrupt family courts (where everything goes to the women most of the time.)
    All of the above provides women with the necessary ammunition to assasinate and destroy men, which in turn, has created the monstrous modern day Western women. So as red pill men, everytime we try to talk about this in the open public, we will be perceived as sexists, racists, misogynists and every other “ism” and “ist” that can be devised by radical feminists. Worse yet, men will be prosecuted by the corrupt system.
    Which is why part of the mansopshere is about discovering a better purpose in life, rather than pursuing what is programmed and indocrinated into our heads from school- get the job, get the house, have the marriage etc. Well, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see what is happening infront of our eyes:
    Job- more jobs are being automated and outsourced.
    House- unaffordable to buy and maintain in this day and age.
    Marriage- divorce rate is now 60% (70% initiated by women)
    No offence, but this article sounds like it was written by someone who has no real understanding of the crap that men are subjected to everyday. And somehow, it is our fault?

      1. “I believe that most feminist bullshit can be overcome if you just stand up to them”
        Give it try. Many prisons allow inmates access to internet so after they throw you in jail for standing up to them you can still give us the field report on how well it went.

      2. “Think of feminism as a decades long shit-test.”
        Feminism is a misguided slave rebellion. The problem is that it’s been going on so long, that too many people Believe The Bullshit.

        1. Look, I’m talking about the micro-level, b/c that’s what I care about–I only have a certain number of viable years left on the planet which I plan to primarily spend Doing Whatever The Fuck I Want. Fighting The Power is great for younger guys with loads of free time, but I prefer to gather rosebuds whilst I may.
          On the micro level, the feminism that teaches ’empowerment’/’You don’t need no man’/The Government (or corporation) will love you back is precisely a misguided slave rebellion. Once I deprogram them and strip away the bullshit that they’ve been fed, my girls discover that they *want* to be feminine, they *want* to be pleasing, and they *want* to kneel.
          Of course, loads of people will tell me I’m wrong. OTOH, right now, in my bed, dreaming away, are 2×22 y.o. girls. (One arrived on Christmas and her flatmate joined us on Friday). So I’ve got that going for my side of the argument….

        2. You’re off in your terminology — feminism is a supremacist movement, akin to Nazism.
          It’s MGTOW that is the slave rebellion — the slaves are wising up and leaving the plantation.

      3. Agree.
        Step one is to tell any woman (or man) spouting this nonsense that “it’s over”. They may not get the message the first time around but with enough men repeating the message then it may sink it.
        Step two is: do not participate. By that statement, I mean do not reward a woman (with your time) if she wants to act like a god damn man. If I wanted to hang out with men, then I’d hang out with men. Women wanting to be men or act out like men is not my thing. Again, enough men repeating this message may produce results.
        Women need to realize – the reason why so many are so miserable, old, on meds and alone is because of feminism (not men).

    1. “No offence, but this article sounds like it was written by someone who has no real understanding of the crap that men are subjected to everyday and that somehow, that is our fault.”
      I wish I wast the man of letters you are, good sir.

        1. Truth, if I may ask, what part of the globe do you hail from, and what will be your approach to dealing with the coming future?

      1. thanks… and see my comments… this clown never lived with a woman for very long…. if at all.

        1. +1 to this. Any man who is a man, has done exactly the same shit he proposes here at EARLY stages in a relationship. The problem occurs when the relationship progresses and you are invested. Relationships are long term shit tests and unless your plan is to be lonely, his advice is not to be taken.

        2. Exactly… it’s a long con / ponzi pussy scheme…. you get all sorts of benefits initially as you invest more and more… then when you get to the point that pulling out will leave you emotionally broken and battered, socially rejected, retarded at dating, financially under water and completely disrupted professionally and personally…. THEN the thumb screws come out and you’ll be walking the poodle, picking the kids up from school every day, taking the trash out and cleaning the bathroom after a 75 hour work week and if you are lucky, maybe, IF, perhaps, you might get to buy yourself the odd new pair of shoes and get the odd handjob in the shower on your birthday. BY that time she’ll be pushing into her late 30s, early 40s, and so will you, and going solo will look like a manned mission to a distant solar system.

        3. ” 75 hour work week”
          At .42 cents an hour after one factors in inflation and all the taxes taken out of the paycheck.

        4. haha…. I love this kind of opt in arrangement…. .you opt in or you opt in…. who says i want christmas…. a pagan festival based on the solstice, (which is nice to observe), hijacked by Christianity into a mindless ceremonial nonsense, now re-hijacked by consumerism and some need to celebrate what exactly ? how fast i can empty my wallet ? how far i can pander to emotional blackmail ? how much i will lick my own asshole to conform to the herd ?

        5. Word. Well (never minding feminist cuntism for a sec) the history of Christmas and going back to the solstice pagan stuff and history of Christianity in general is fascinating. A lot of Christianity is pagan in origin.

        6. Just as feminist ‘Churchianity’ is replacing Christianity, Christianity replaced paganism by co-opting the pagan ‘holidays’ (i.e., ‘;holy days’) by having Christianized celebrations at the same time as old pagan holy days, and building Christian churches and other places of worship on pagan sacred sites. Do your research — studying the history of any religion can be a fascinating historic subject.

    2. This proves that a big part of the manosphere is just looking for a scapegoat (feminism) instead of an opportunity to take responsibility. The article didn’t state you should marry, its indifferent towards both options so you’re fighting a straw man argument.
      I can’t see what instructions I could draw from your post except for: “it’s not my fault”. Whining in order to feel better about yourself is for women. Taking responsibility in order to act is for men.

      1. “This proves that a big part of the manosphere is just looking for a scapegoat (feminism) instead of an opportunity to take responsibility”
        -The manosphere is about taking the red pill and trying to discover who you are as an individual, while taking the guidance and advice of other men who are worthy of providing their wisdom and knowledge.
        “I can’t see what instructions I could draw from your post except for:
        “it’s not my fault”. Whining in order to feel better about yourself is
        for women. Taking responsibility in order to act is for men.”
        -Every individual should have their right to live their own lives, without feminism attempting to ruin their lives. Read my post again and I have explained why men are being destroyed by the wave of this poisonous ideology. This is not whining, but simply an indication as to the direction in which our society is heading towards.

        1. I agree with you on what you said about the manosphere and I think the author does too.
          He jus added that there are other parts of the manosphere that state the obvious and that these are unneccassary.
          However, I believe that even idiots who don’t understand the obvious deserve advice so there I would disagree with the original article.
          „Every individual should have their right to live their own lives, without feminism attempting to ruin their lives. Read my post again and I have explained why men are being destroyed by the wave of this poisonous ideology. This is not whining, but simply an indication as to the direction in which our society is heading towards.“
          Coined like this I would almost agree with you. However I would like to add that men aren’t only destroyed by feminism they also let themselves be destroyed by feminism. If you eliminate the second part there’s no way to escape the destruction. Responsibility has always to be thought of in dialectical terms (I mean the way hegel uses this word, not the marxist caricature.) Otherwise you construct a linear victim-offender relationship which leaves no room for action.

      2. “This proves that a big part of the manosphere is just looking for a scapegoat (feminism) instead of an opportunity to take responsibility”
        The advice in the article is nonsense. The only valid argument that could be made is why a desperately needed civil war has not yet been instigated. But if one looks at the French revolution essentially it was a gradual build up of pressure, of more and more people getting more and more fed up, and the war was sparked by a simple fight in a bar, then the dominos all fell.

        1. “The advice in the article is nonsense. The only valid argument that could be made is why a desperately needed civil war has not yet been instigated.”
          You are correct. The only thing that men today are guilty of is not comencing the backlash. We desperately need it, because in the final analysis, I hate to say it, this is what is going to make it right.

    3. Our country, our way of life, and our society that was CREATED by us men was infiltrated and overthrown by a foreign agent. (a lot of us know what group makes up that foreign agent, but I won’t get into that on this blog). Instead of hot revolution, that foreign agent decided that a slow multi-decade effort of destroying western civilization values with traditional marriage as being the number one target, that society would eventually collapse or erode to the point that they could completely take it over and rule, as they are mostly doing today already.
      Absolutely nothing will change until:
      1. The welfare state is completely abolished. No more welfare. Any welfare should come from individual contributions.
      2. Completely eliminate affirmative action laws. If a company wants to hire all men because they want to preserve the dynamic of their workforce and be competitive, then that should be their RIGHT to do so.
      3. Eliminate “no-fault” divorce. It’s completely insane and stupid to enter into a legal contract/agreement that can simply just be dissolved for no reason whatsoever.
      4. Re-establish morals and standards. If a woman wants to sleep around with multiple guys or cheat on a husband, her reputation should be completely ruined and she should be seen as a complete turnoff to any man.
      Innovations, inventions, way of life, economic structure, and businesses were all originally created by men. It is OURS. No woman has any “right” to any of it or to be promoted or hired to anything. Whether it be welfare, affirmative action, or laws all in women’s favor….it creates a huge guaranteed safety crutch for a female. Therefore, she no longer needs to date men that have good values, morals, and are hard working with jobs. Since she has a safety crutch, she can now date scumbags with IQ’s below the average mean that do drugs, crime, live with their mom, etc.
      In a nutshell, a grand scheme, it’s nothing but wealth redistribution. Everything that us men created and were suppose to inherit by our fellow men from previous generations, was redistributed to women. Women no longer need a “dependable” man to be with. They can go date some scumbag with no job because he’s “fun, wild, and trendy” without any worry of her future survival. She already has either welfare or a guaranteed high status job waiting for her if she chooses. Free money. As a result, she can also pursue and sleep with multiple men since it’s now “socially accepted and trendy” for women to freely give themselves up sexually to any guy, thereby making it very easy for her to obtain new boyfriends and dump old ones over and over again.
      Back prior to the 1960s, women pursued hard working, stable, employed men with morals. Because if they didn’t, then that woman could never move out of her parents house. No way in hell would she ever date some scumbag “so called bad boy” that has no job, is undependable, does drugs, low IQ, hyperactive ADD, etc. Because there would have been no future with a guy like that. But today there is, because of welfare and affirmative action EEO laws. What made a lot of us hard working good men attractive to women decades ago, has been be removed.

      1. “For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong.” (H.L. Mencken)

        1. Are you saying that Omega is wrong? Seemed pretty concise to me.
          Women in America/U.K/Canada/Australia act the way they do because they no longer need to depend on men for money/protection/provisions, they got big surrogate-daddy Government to cover all that(for now).
          Just remember, there are NO feminist on a sinking ship.
          Strong and Empowered my ass!

        2. “…there are NO feminists on a sinking ship.”
          Yeah — remember the ‘Costa Concordia’? And how upset all the women onboard were when men were no longer so ‘chivalrous’ and willing to let themselves drown so some ‘strong, independent’ harpy could get into the boats first?
          I still chuckle thinking about it.

    4. Also sounds like another man that doesn’t really give a shit about other men to be honest. Well he wants to help men Man Up. Like crabs in a bucket, men in a female dominated society.

    5. “More jobs being outsourced” so what option do we have left to make money. I mean the common response is “put a business” how would you business survive when more people are unemployed? I mean do we even have a future??? If not, then there no reason for me to work hard at all..

      1. If not, then there no reason for me to work hard at all..
        I can understand this approach, and I would not blame any man taking that road. There is no incentive to work. However, I would take the other approach. Get pissed off, work hard, game the system (within legal bounds) and make a life for yourself and only for yourself. Once that’s done, do not let anyone take it away from you.

    6. Exactly right. The only part of this article I agree with, is tell you GF, or wife, to not cut her hair, and if she does, Do Not accept it. Luckily I have never had to do this, as every woman I have been with, loved having long hair. But I always tell them at the beginning not to get fat, (in a tactful way). I digress, but as long as the laws of the land are anti male, there is nothing we can do.

    7. Excellent article and very well put. The only way for men to take back there lives is to take back control from these types of women who are a growing majority with the backing of a biased court system. Most women do not want to look at it with logical thought. Did I say that, the wrong thing. Women do not think with logical thought because for them its all emotional in reasoning about what they want and feel at the time. As long as it gets them what they want nothing else matters. Thats why they lie , create drama, false rape cases because of their own shame and then blame the guy. Its a growing pool of women like this out there. Happy NO MARRIAGE . Take your family jewels back from these women and hold on to your money!!!!!!!!!

  2. “just, like, a little confidence and communication and see the miracles it will accomplish. “Dear, when you cut your hair short, it makes you look like a man. Don’t you want to be able to really turn me on?” This is just one of any number of negative traits, but the same thing applies to fat girls, which is why I’ll date them if they have other redeeming qualities..”
    Oh yeah, this will work fine.. Man you’re a dope.
    I hope this is satire. If not you haven’t a fucking clue about anything. Red pill doesn’t come that quickly or easy even at age 20.

  3. Right on the money: never forget you have a dick in your pants and act like you really have one.

    1. “Right on the money: never forget you have a dick in your pants and act like you really have one”
      There’s no need to act: Men are marginalized, insulted, spat upon, imprisoned for no reason, demonized by the media. All the reminders are there that we are the ones with the dicks and therefore we are reminded our third class citizenry constantly.
      The USA has gone Soviet!

      1. Men are treated this way because indeed they no longer seem to show they have a dick or act with a red pill frame of mind. It seems that many men have been indoctrinated to act like pussies, take almost everything as non-serious or a joke and thus be judged as cocky jokers. Women of course don’t like it (but still, I don’t care if they don’t, because I like to be cocky so that I won’t appear too needy/desperate/thirsty, but then, they don’t believe I wanna bang them!) so I think one’s gotta have more of “the eye of the tiger” mindset. Gotta internalize the opening scene of the movie “Replacement Killers” (1998).

        1. Pussy or no pussy they know the higher authority is on their side. The only thing to do about it is to go through the painful process of boycotting the system as many men are doing now. The very thin layer of “other men” are the ones profiting from it… maybe not even women themselves.

        2. And what do you recommend that we men CAN do that doesn’t bring down the jackbooted heel of the State upon us?
          ***And I don’t want some damned useless good-sounding generalities, I want SPECIFICS!!!***

      2. “Men are marginalized, insulted, spat upon, imprisoned for no reason, demonized by the media. ”
        Why do give a flying fuck what the media thinks? You can only be marginalized if you agree to it.

  4. Most of the time when I read an article about how men are bad, it usually is because they don’t suck up to women.
    This article turns that logic around and does a good job of emphasizing that if men really want a wife or long-term girlfriend, then they need to man up the old fashioned way.
    Merry Christmas. Man-up the right way.

    1. I’m fine with that but it deserves acknowledging that “manning up” only works when society provides an incentive for women to abide by that. Now, women have a plethora of favorable alternatives (at least in the immediate term) and willfully select those. Perhaps this is at the detriment of their long term well-being but they aren’t forward thinking enough to recognize that so the end result is still the same.

  5. Ah ROK, telling these inconvenient truths to the manosphere is a brave and dangerous thing. My hat is off to you.

  6. Many good points but I would argue that growing in the present climate young men are subject to a lack of proper male role models. It is now left up to the majority of young men and boys to “work it our for themselves” in a western world hostile to masculinity. It is not a matter of making excuses, it is just where we are at the present time.

    1. That’s partially a function of our education system, which removes formative years of real-world experience from development and replaces them with the primary ed system BS, fluff and nonsense and balderdashery and propaganda and such.

  7. Last woman i tried to pursue beyond anything other than sex has her name under the term “show hoe” on urban dictionary. Ill try next year

  8. “If you want X, you must do Y.”
    Raise your standards with women and you will perceived as more valuable. If enough men raise their standards with women then men as a whole will be seen as more valuable. And then we can start climbing out of this mess of a political situation we’re in.

      1. Do you think you’ll have more leverage begging for someone to date you, or being willing to walk away, perfectly happy to be single?

        1. I know what you mean. I wasn’t trolling or challenging you, btw. It’s just an honest factor that so many people forget. The women are overwhelmingly pigs, so all of the ‘solutions’ for how men can change will not change the lack of women. Even if we all woke up tomorrow, 100% red pill across North America, maintaining ‘frame’ with ‘dark triad’ etc. then the women still waddle down to Krispy Kreme like a herd of buffalo.
          As for me, I’m overseas and I’m happy to have all kinds of leverage. Easy access to perfect 25 and unders, while being post 40 . Do it.

        2. Challenging ideas with logic is a sign of respect. No offense taken.
          I believe that women can respond to market forces. But I’m not holding my breath. So I propose a win win strategy.
          Men should (1) Learn to be happy and self suffient (in all ways) without women. (2) Only date a woman if she makes your life better. (3) Not allow themselves to become dependent on anyone they’re dating.
          Women may never get the hint but at least men will be happy. Individually, self sufficiency and raising standards helps men even if their “success” with women never improves. Perhaps, if enough men catch on the market improve a bit.
          I suspect the most likely result of this is a world where a lot of men and a lot of women end up single but at least the few relationships that remain won’t be so incredibly toxic.
          Its also somewhat dependent on the political climate. If laws continue to ensure that its harder for men to be happy single than it is for women to be happy while single, society while gradually slide towards collapse.

        3. No worries! Challenging is a sign of respect.
          I’m not holding my breath on women taking the hint. I’m just hoping men figure out how to be happy.

        4. Totally agree.
          Just as women are the gatekeepers to sex, we men are the gatekeepers to commitment — and OUR greatest bargaining tool is to say “NO!!” and walk away, and be absolutely OK with that.
          Modern women (by their own words and actions) have spent at least twenty years proving that THEY are NOT worthy of US!! Say “NO!!”

  9. Clearly bunk.
    “You are the ones that create the monster of the modern western woman. You complain about how terrible the modern western woman is, but you are the ones that permits them to be this way.”
    Suffrage was enacted in 1920. Womens’ choices were legally institutionalized generations before anyone reading this site happened, resulting in a massively increased federal structure devoted to catering to their preferences, including the welfare state that I mention below.
    The pill happened in the 1960s. The notion of sex = family was immediately voided with all sorts of foreseen negative effects on intersexual relations.
    No-fault divorce was available in all 50 since about 1985, removing any sort of incentive for female commitment, and the growth of alimony and the welfare state removed any commitment for women to find husbands.
    Obesity is 30+ percent in the general population, rendering the effective sex ratio about 1.2 (or about the same level as China, which has a policy that has encouraged the deliberate murder of female babies) because of so many obese women, which reduces the supply of marriageable women and (conversely) increases the “price” for getting one. The governmental and social forces driving this were put in place in about the 50s with various farm subsidies and the USDA. Social trends toward liberalization and reduction of femininity have been underway since the 60s & 70s.
    These are structural, long-entrenched conditions that cannot be undone and create barriers to finding marriageable women.. So take your “it’s your fault, it’s easy and you could fix it if you just worked for it, just go get it” homily and get stuffed.

    1. OBESITY is 30+ percent. Don’t forget the difference ‘obesity’ and ‘overweight’. The overweight tally is obviously much higher. I say more than double the obesity number. One pound under obesity is still disgusting. I would say 75% of over 25 women are physically unhealthy to the point that they are literally worthless to a man. I mean a man who is really in tune with his true needs (not to be confused with a man in a state of submission to cultural coercions that he misreads as his own wants. Think of your buddy who married a 200 pounder because you just know he was worried people would think he’s a fag if he stayed single). In international terms there are about 300 attractive men for every ONE attractive female in the USA. I’m not kidding. Any employed American male is unbelievably highly valued worldwide but the actual geographical distance keeps everyone in the dark on this.

      1. Correct. Obesity is ~1/3 of the U.S. and is a BMI of 3lbs or more per inch in height and overweight is ~2/3 of the U.S.

      2. I don’t date American women anymore. Maybe one or two, here or there, but usually they are 1st generation, with immigrant parents, or the mom is foreign and married an American, so they have a blue passport from dad, but mom taught them to be *women*.
        Do not waste a second of your life, gents, messing about with cunty, entitled bitches. The payoff is far too low percentage. Sure, you might fuck them, after putting up with a shit ration or two, but is it worth it? 99% of the time, the answer is “No”, and 99.99% “NFW” for anything beyond a pump-and-dump. The only way it makes any sense is if (a) she understands HERSELF that her inner shrew must be tamed and (b) there is something exceptional about her that makes it worth it (i.e. explosive in the sack/will fetch other girls for you for 3ways/etc.)

    2. No worries, you’re eating shit for two people. You and all the crap she shouldn’t be responsible for.

    3. Average weight for american female is now around 160 lbs, compared to 125 pounds in the 1950s. That 5’2″ woman who weighs 165 pounds and looks like a mini refrigerator calls herself “average”.

  10. ” join the discussion “…I dnt know if I’m allowed to. I’m only female and stupid.
    Who actually thinks this way?
    Im sure all of you are losers who have never seen a vagina before so you sit here complaining why am I so ugly and fat.
    Yes i am being immature because every article you post must be written by a monkey

    1. I also don’t agree with the premise of the article, I am more along the line of what “truth” posted below.
      But if I wanted to write a comment stating that the article is wrong, I would lay out my point of view and arguments of what is wrong in the article – not resort to insults like “all of you are losers”, “never seen a vagina”, “written by a monkey”.
      Insults like that makes other readers think that you have no logical arguments at all.

        1. So you call him a loser but yet here you are on Christmas day “trolling” hahah get a life

        2. “Curtis” that was “lowwwe”
          You can come fuck my Christmas turkey if you want? It’s still warm. It might suit Ur needs, not able to talk or move, just have a plucked hole for plucked dick

        3. Give me an address and i gladly will. I imagine it wont be much different than having sex with the average American woman. Just be a dear and pay for my cab ride home

        4. So Ur gladly admitting to fucking a turkey? Ok…now Im seeing a pattern on this site.
          U can fuck the deer on the cabride home

        5. Yeah, I’m not that sure if I really got trolled by a woman. I think I got trolled by what we in Germany call “misfits”. They usually are very asexual beings.

        6. Well the turkey probably looks better than any female that lives in your house and judging by your typing skills the turkey is probably the smartest in your house as well.

        7. U obviously are obsessed about grammar. Getting back to u would fuck a turkey? That’s ducked up man

        8. god damn your a fucking loser. No profile picture , no name, . Sorry gents, this squaker just misplaced her vibrator and one of her dozen cats ran away this morning. Give this hag some love.

        9. you live in a fking fantasy world. You dikey, dried up , spinster. Equality is a totalitarian term that is only used by tyrants and dictators. Go back to your lonely pathetic life

      1. Remember this:
        She’s a woman, (and therefore a feminist) isn’t she? Because that’s what they resort to when they don’t have any logical arguments of any kind. They’ve been doing JUST THAT SAME THING for years now.
        So now you know…

  11. I agreed to a point. Your are correct in that your average male today isn’t worth anything at all and will only ever will be mediocre, Hence the whole MGTOW movement that only exist so that men can escape from an honest look at themselves instead of blaming women for everything wrong in their lives. MGTOW could be valuable if they would just hold women to an higher standard of behavior and select only the women who meet those standards and stop being so got damn defeatist and swearing off women all together.
    Sure, we could all just say “Fuck it, society is fucked and I’m not going to try to change or fix anything at all” then just waste or one and only existence retreating into or little corners and bitch about everything that is wrong with the world and society and not do anything but feel sorry for ourselves. If that is what we are settling for then the manosphere is a complete waste of time.

  12. Do you get banned here if you don’t believe any of this bullshit? Just checking what rights I have as a women.

      1. I’ll just check the fridge. We’re all out of ham. How bout dick and ball soup. I heard its good for your congestion of bullshit

    1. Exactly!!! How in one paragraph he says, Train these women, then in another, some of them are past the point of no return?

    2. In the near future, this is basically going to become the MSM mantra concerning dating.
      They will see the writing on the wall and coopt game to serve chicks’ needs. Game will of course be watered down to the point of uselessness but that’s what they are going to try to do.

  13. AA’s serenity prayer:
    “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
    The courage to change the things I can,
    And the wisdom to know the difference.”

  14. Damn. You come so close to giving solid advice. So damn close. Then you fall onto, keep doing what you’ve been doing, be confident, be a man, and don’t take shit. Well, here’s some problems with your choices Blair…..
    We’ve been indoctrinated for years to appreciate snowflake Becky as she travels the world, learns 2 languages (sort of) and gets a scholarship into a law program and later becomes a judge. Will that be your average male? Could be but for years he was taught to praise her. Not himself. His value is at best, on getting money, however that may come. Because he is less tethered to anything, he can float for years before he comes into something. Floating in life doesn’t give you confidence. Nor do you develop the competence in anything that truly makes confidence shine. Hovering in circles does not make a strong man. Reason why manosphere has to exist, HAS to, is because so much pussy worship goes on in the real world we know, unless you are a man of power, and sometimes even then, you are nothing more than assets, utility, and social power. The minds that could be molding the world, are playing catch up because we were indoctrinated to believe we mean nothing.
    Live in Confidence. Thats all fine and stuff, but confidence doesn’t grow on trees. It comes from taking risks for a reward that exceeds the risks. So back to Becky. Big C’s, small waist, green eyes, feminine, and sassy, will be met by many a guy (without the manosphere) in a state of desperation. We want to bed her. Bad. We lack the competence to bed women like her so she becomes special. No one to tell us otherwise so we either fall on our face or get lucky. You won’t find any man, EVER, whom you can convince if he beds, big tits Becky, and dates her for 2 years, he deserves better. And this is because at our core upbringing in America, manhood has been stomped on to being a marker best represented by the hottest piece of ass you could date. Only true outliers amongst men know from an early age get the money, claim the power, bask in rejection, and develop your life. The Manosphere must exist because we don’t know, it all starts from us.
    Break a relationship down and you have two people looking to form a union. The problems stem from this, men don’t get taught that we are the prize. Why do we need that? If we truly made the time to learn high status traits, we’d be pumping, dumping, dating, and living enriching lives of our own accords freely. When we meet some of these women in our environments they are sometimes near to us in status, or currently more apt, the women hold a higher position in a different company. Women are encoded to believe status equates to alpha. All the confidence means shit if you aren’t relied on by others, display dominance in your field, and are a lynchpin for progress. This is all subconscious but that is how you have guys with a 50k salary rocking a woman making 150k or better. If he shows how he is dominant if he lost his job tomorrow, he is golden.
    I was almost with you Blair, but look at it like this. The manosphere is needed because a new definition of manhood is needed. PUA, confidence, trade schools, style, financial assets, hot women….all of this aside we men are in desperate need of 3 things: Honest Actions, Honest Living, and Honest Loving. While finding those answers, we’ll run across some toxic shit again and again. If we can develop those three areas better, we can start having more fulfilling lives.
    Do not fall victim to women as special, non blamable snowflakes either. She wants love and happiness sounds like indoctrination to turning the other way while some horrendous shit occurs. Women kill far more children than man ever will. This is pre and post birth. Is that for love? Women will destroy a man knowing he doesn’t have the assets to stand again because she can. Is that because she wants someone to love her? Do not give any one a free pass to do anything. They are responsible for their actions as are you.

      1. Thanks. There was just too much naiveté that I had to say something. Even so-so articles get my respect. This one was just off. Like he was trying to cater to the shadow cabinet female readers.

    1. Nice, Red….and Driver is here to tell you…..guys, always “be the prize”.
      I think you have some good stuff here (great points) and I think we need to take what Blair said in the article about men (us) claiming responsibility for adding to the mess.
      It’s fucked up today but that’s where we are, we need to fix it and it’s going to take us (men) to fix it. Change takes time..this shit didn’t happen over night.
      Similar to unions, they had a good purpose at one time but the shit got out of hand…so we had change (jobs shipped down south and then out of country).
      To me, ROK is a starting point (for many) and I will at least help
      contribute (give a little direction to younger guys) on how to avoid
      pitfalls when dealing with women.
      A man claims responsibility for his actions but will also huddle up with other men, in response: “Ok, things are broken, fubar-ed, etc… how do we fix it?”

      1. Exactly. “be the prize” is a good way to put it.
        Yes folks, girls who are good marriage material are out there. There’s even some left in America, and yes, they are HELLA difficult to find.
        That fact isn’t going to do you any good unless you’re what they want…..and what they want isn’t socially inept, resentful males who hate women while simultaneously being desperate for their attention(e.g. most self styled “alphas”). They want men who are LEADERS, who’ve got their shit figured out and who have real power over their environment. Many of those women are naturally submissive. They want a man who they can trust to lead their lives, and let me tell you, a lot of them are frustrated at the lack of masculine, mature, responsible men out there.
        You’re the answer to their problem, and in return they’ll give you everything they have to offer. All you have to do is step up to the plate.

        1. Us marriageable girls would marry more but it seems men these days more and more fit the stereotype of “unloveable unbearable unwanted asshole” and most of the time some of you guys DESERVE that label. For one a lot of guys like to go on about how they love us “good girls” but then cheat on us women they denigrate as being slutty. Same guys claim they want a “submissive girl” through and through but when said submissive girl doesn’t take charge in the bed room, the guy who wanted the submissive girl will through a bigger Bitch Fit than one of the Real House Wives. Or how again these same guys say they want a woman who doesn’t rely on a man for everything, then yet AGAIN throws a Bitch Fit if his wife gets a job. What’s so wrong about having a job exactly, is there a memo I missed somewhere around here that said getting a job was wrong? Either way if you start acting like adults and not temper tantrum throwing two-year olds maybe some of you would be married by now.

        2. YAWNNNN…same ol’ shaming language because the slaves have seen how crappy a deal they’ve gotten and left the plantation.

        3. In reality most men because of the family us court system is why men are opting out of marriage today. Women claim they want equality but there is nothing equal about it when you have been through the family court system in this country. When the laws change you will see more marriages maybe but until then for a man marriage is nothing but a risk of gambling. Women love men to take risks dont they. Well the statistics are against any man to get married today. There are no incentives for any man to get married today. Sign that marriage license and you become a slave to your wife and the government. If she works what she works for is all hers but what you work for is half hers. This is the way they think. If she becomes unhappy in the marrriage its always your fault as a man. Guess who has to pay at the divorce , he does of course. If he becomes unhappy in the marriage and wants out kids or no kids he is labeled as a scoundrel, a jerk, and an asshole for leaving his wife or the family . It is still his fault and once again guess who has to pay of course he does. When both parties are actually on an equal in the courtroom you may see things change but until then i donot see anything changing. If you look around today i donot see any man complaining about not being able to marry. Its still the women complaining about no one wanting to marry. go figure. Men are tired of being crapped on by the court system. Take control back and just donot get married any more. In some of the other countries its so bad that the governments are worried about it. Its not just in the US. Maybe those same complaining women need to lobby to have the laws changed to where marriage is equal until then its going to get worse.

        4. I agree with you for the most part. My uncle got screwed over simply because back then (it was around the 70s or 80s…not positive on the date as I wasn’t born yet) courts believed that children should be with mom for the majority of the time, regardless of who is the actual better parent. It is still prevalent today, the belief that being a woman automatically makes us the better parent, which is completely ridiculous. Yes, in some cases it is true that the kids should stay with mom, but in cases like my uncle’s, mom was a horrible choice. I only know bits and pieces of the story because it isn’t something my family likes to talk about, especially now that he’s finally reconnected with his kids that are now parents themselves. My uncle’s wife just lost her mind or some wires got crossed, I don’t know why, but she tried to poison my uncle and run away with the kids (if I remember correctly about the kids; it’s been a long time since I heard the story). She wasn’t successful, but eventually won custody of the kids through some idiotic fluke on our legal system. And I have a friend who is married to a guy who had a kid with another woman, and they were fighting for full custody of his daughter because, though she was a decent mom and loved her daughter, the dad and my friend would take so much better care of her. I believe they finally won. It wasn’t easy, though. I think there are tons of cases where the dad makes a better parent than mom. I also think that if they are both fully qualified, there should be more equal parenting. Like, one parent gets a full 5 days while the other gets only the weekend; that isn’t fair. A good friend of mine actually lived the school week with his dad and only the weekend with his mom, but both of them were more than qualified to be great parents. They really need to fix the family court so that the kid/kids end up with the best possible parent.

        5. I have spent countless hours studying psychology and meeting with social workers and meeting with psychologists. men have and always will get the blame for everything. Learn psychology yourself and then you will realize just how many screwed up women there are out there today. Personality disorders or just traits of them are not just diagnosed in men. When you learn this there is no wonder that many marriages are failing today. Self entitled women , self centered women, princesses, queens cinderella syndrome HPD<NPD the list is endless. Part of the problem is that women have been given too much control and as men we need to take it back from them. Its simple stop giving in to them, and if they dont like it . Ill help you pack your shit ,straighten your immature shit up or get the fuck out. Most women today are immature in the fact that they have never grown up, they are looking for a daddy in the relationship. Not all women but alot of them. A young man getting married today has got to be a complete idiot.

        6. I agree that you are correct that some men are very hypocritical…or don’t know what they want. I see it all the time. But I also live in small town USA, in a county filled only with other small town USAs, so there really aren’t chauvinists or fickle men because all of us are groomed from a young age to view each other as equals. I think we need more of that in this country. Small town living.

        7. Um…I never once in my comment say that women can’t be crazy. Actually, my example was of a woman who had completely lost her mind. And I don’t need to study psychology because I’ve already been in several classes and have more still to take before I get my degree. But thanks for your completely random response… (sarcasm, in case you missed that)

        8. I’m just going to take a gamble here and say that you’re insinuating that I’m complaining because I want steal men’s money and ruin their lives just because. You must have me confused with the Kardashian females, since I don’t see marriage as a means to keep someone a slave. You also sound like one if those jaded guys that’s been cheated on…..several times? Look sorry about all that but I’m not responsible for the actions of female cheaters just like you’re not responsible for Richard Ramirez being a serial killer/rapist. And exactly how am I shamming anyone, do you feel ashamed so that’s you claim this is an attempt at shamming? If someone gets ashamed or offend by what I say then that’s just too damn bad. The world is full of people who agree and disagree with one another and I’m not here to try to change opinions or hurt wittle feelings, welcome to life sometimes it’s Hell sometimes it’s wonderful.

        9. I’ve actually signed petitions for this sort of thing, so I get what you’re saying. Nice to see a sane person on this site, though don’t take this to mean I’m praising you for that. Just a mere observation, that and there’s still the chance that at some point you’ll still think I’m Lucifer incarnate for doing/saying something you disagree with and I’ll think you’re a moron ect ect. No hard feelings though, sometimes people disagree.

        10. All I ever try to do is say what I think the truth is sometimes it may be wrong. I also know that all women are not the same. I am all for equality for everyone, but the problem is and I have said it before . No one is held accountable for the wrongs committed in a marriage and that is part of the problem. Men are easy to figure out. In history and even today women are still a mystery for alot of men or should I say most. I had a female relative tell me herself that “when you figure out what we are really all about . You will not want anything to do with us.” Of course that is her statement and only hers though, but it seems to be holding true for most of them. For the most part I have figured them out generally speaking of course, meaning the sane ones.

        11. Isn’t it refreshing? That’s why I still post here. For the occasional sane, logical person in the pool of insanity and bitterness (to borrow your words because they are so on point)

        12. Indeed it is, usually I browse over at A Voice For Men and comment due to most people there being able to respectfully disagree on opinions with devolving into the useless vitriol often seen in the youtube comment sections. Sanity gives one hope that people can still disagree or agree on an idea of opinion without devolution.

        13. Indeed that’s a huge issue I’ve brought up countless times in the past and now in the present. At one point at 17 I called myself a Feminist because I figured “Well I believe women should get whatever job they want even if it’s a predominantly make field”, until I stressed the idea of equal pay for equal work. Of course most self-proclaimed Feminists were quick to fly off the handle and accuse me of being a brainwashed self-loathing slave among other nonsense. So after a couple months of that I simply just took the position of just being a person with an opinion, there are some Feminists points I agree with but at the same time there are issues raised my MRAs that I agree with. Life is much simpler, for me at least, when one sits back and observes rather than pledge blind alligence to a group. On the subject of crazy women however I can see both sides of that, some women simply are crazy for whatever reason known and not unknown, some feel the need to pretend in front of others and others can just be unreasonably vindictive to the point that is scary. My label of crazy stems from being the only girl in my class(3rd grade) to volunteer to hold a large Tarantula without screaming. All that aside I constantly stress that the family court system is in need of serious upgrade in order to be truly equal. When that will finally happen I’m not sure but it needs to happen.

        14. I’ll have to check that one out. As much fun as it is to comment here from time to time, it really is nice to talk to people who can have differing opinions without trying to change yours or insulting your intelligence to make themselves feel better.

        15. I dated a woman that called herself and believes she is better than all men. I never accuse anyone of anything until I see things for myself. I did things for her because for one I felt sorry for her out of being the gentlemen and thats what I felt I needed to do out of care and concern for her. I paid for basically everything for her that we did together even made repairs to her house , electrical wiring, roof damage from hurricanes, gifts , flowers, daily compliments, including compliments to her in front of others, Took time off of work to see to it that she got back and forth to the hospital. Purchased food and prescription drugs for her, even offered to stay at her house while she was ill and recovering from nasal surgery. She told me no because she said I wouldnt get any sleep. I still checked on her to see if she needed anything. Really too much to put on that list of things I did for her but its pages. Also paid for her vacation trips, to show her that I was committed to her. I wasnt trying to bullshit her on top of taking care of my own son and my own home. My intuition kept on eating away at me something is wrong here. The hugs coming back from her are not genuine. After careful observation and evidence gathering i was shocked to find that she was also doing the same thing to others like I said others while she was doing this to me. Confronting her to her face was like A waste of time. She would ignore me because I caught on with what she was doing behind my back and others. To confirm what she was doing to myself and others I managed to contact three of them and all of them said the same thing about her. Well I knew she was seriously messed up in the head but didnt kniow the extent of just how much. After digging through my psychology books and refreshing from the internet information I conclude that I was with a female sociopathic woman. For her its all about the attention and what countless numbers of the male counterpart could do for her. Mind you with the rest of us not knowing it. I asked for a peaceful discussion with her about opening up to me and it never happened. The only way she would communicate basically the more I caught on was through text messaging that way she could control the conversation and think before she would answer me back. This relationship ended with no closure. Toomuch to talk about. But she did admit to another male victim of hers that she was emotionally sadistic . Its not just that Histrionic personality disorder and Narcissistic personality disorder with all the traits are all there. All of us were nothing but a narcissistic supply for her. When these people feel threatened by you catching on they are always looking for another source of supply. Or should I say victim. She has never apologized, said I’m sorry for anything. I read a post where she said I never said I said I was a nice person. I even offered to pay for therapy for her but she doesnt want to change. The only way these people feel alive is to hurt you in some way. Women love to hurt you emotionally and the men and some women like to hurt people physically. To confirm my beliefs I have spent many hours with a social worker in disbelief as to how a female that seemed so charming in the beginning could really be so cruel to another human. Well research says its from neglect from the mother from One to three years old possibly or some other form of repeated abuse. It hurt me that I couldnt get help for her. It still bothers me as I type this right now. Manipulation, lies , half truths, self-centeredness, ignoring the one trying to help her, not feeling shame or remorse, not feeling guilty of anything, its all there. 85% of what came out of her mouth was either manipulation or lies. All to secure what she wanted. I couldn t take any more of her bull shit. Right now as we speak I know for fact she is attacking someone else. Hopefully hell be alright I cannot fix everything. This is not what I meant by equality in a relationship. If i ever do find a woman that wants to be equal it may be a miracle. This has caused me to really sit back and question the majority of most females now.

        16. Sociopathy is more often the root cause of such behavior and tends to stem from neglect and other issues. It’s good you were able to move past that experience but of course such a thing is never easy, that and no one ever completely moves on after to being used and lied to repeatedly. Not sure someone like her can be helped though she seemed set in her ways. I could be wrong or I could be right, still an unfortunate thing though. True in pointing out both genders can be equally hurtful and manipulative, some emotionally and some physically. All in all it would be better if we were all civil towards one another but that is a mere dream.

        17. Insults and virtual mudslinging gets old and it never did anyone any good. Sure I’m not a saint in those departments but I prefer real debate and conversation over being a moron. But to be honest if I’m not in a good mood sometimes a quick and harsh insult will get people to leave me alone and get a minor point across.

        18. Well, gee, when men run the world it’s so easy to blame it on their psychological projections of women instead of trying to generate some compassion. If women are messed up it’s because they were not cherished as little girls by their parents in our patriarchal society which psychologically castrates women (men get it too). When men abuse and molest girls , neuroses is what you get…and 25% of females hva been sexually assaulted in their lifetimes (12% for boys) but that probably does not matter to you, huh, as long as you guys can take advantage of the situation? I don’t expect matriarchal cultures have this kind of problem.

        19. yeah let me tell you I’ve seen a bunch of fag a$$d boys out there who whine and bitch like little girls, they have zero man inside and let chicks dictate what they think with their pseudo screwed up reverse politically correct attitude – go take a walk in seattle, what a bunch of washouts.. im not from the US – but man i can see how both parties are just digging the hole deeper. The level of urban fear of the (human, yes human) right next to you is key. Ppl have zero human trust – they fake it, push it, pull it and talk about it, but noone here OWNS it. And no im not some mach military born dude (thank the heavens) – and i do appreciate non fat chicks with good home skills. the first half of this article is right on – for the guys part, the mistake i see everywhere is they marry dumb a$$ chicks, and then try make it seem ok for the rest of their lives. pitiful. There are special chicks and guys out there – but yes SUPER rare. Im sitting next to one right now, except her mommas a whale and thats terribly sad cos she will prob end up like that too (only 55kg now).
          So many aspects to this game – too little speed and you stall, too much and u fly off the cliff and crash..
          About the US jane scenario – try europe, just as bad in some cases. I would almost say some women shd just never be entitled to their opinion (some men too of course).. to make a woman flourish you kinda have to start out with one that flourishes already – absolutely true you can condition chicks positively, they all have some creaky floorboards – so do we. but the bitchy ones, heck im glad ur all alone and depressed. your brain just isnt big enough to grant you the basic logic of womanhood, it was most probably your fathers or lack thereof.
          pick wisely guys – and be great men.

        20. Keep in mind that it’s men who made those laws and court systems. You guys have the final say. Most, if not all women, had nothing to do with it.

    2. Almost forgot….very busy here but Merry Xmas to all of you men out there on ROK. Thanks for a great year and, again, in 2015.

      1. Agreed Driver! 2014 was made an excellent year for me when I came across ROK. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!

      1. I love how Quintus Curtius, an author and one of the most respected authors on ROK, in my eyes, is very active on this site.
        Definitely respectable.

    3. Very good comment. Especially the part about “Honest actions, honest living and honest loving.”

      1. Thank you truth. Those 3 aspects aren’t addressed enough and while it is easy to play the blame game and say man up, we rarely discuss what being a man means.

    4. Great comment. Like I always say I’m not mad at women for being women. I’m mad at society for completely shafting me and the rest of this generation. We have been deprived of our dignified birth right.
      Make no mistake, we in the sphere are at the front line in this war against the Marxist scrum trying to destroy us. We won’t be able to march our way back through the institutions without first getting a handle on our masculinity and our women.

      1. You are right, but here’s something I’ve heard on CNN of all places.. They were taking notice of the fact that for the first time, less than 50% of the population is married. Something is happening, tide might be turning, feminism and the State are starting to feel the pinch and are paying attention. Now, we have to wait and see what their next move will be.

        1. +1 on that!
          IMO, what’s really worrying the likes of CNN are the longer-term projections. The proportion of the population that’s currently not married (an average of younger unmarrieds and older marrieds) will by dwarfed by the bulge of unmarrieds moving through the python.
          We’re a decade away from an enormous imbalance. Because Marxism/feminism is inherently parasitic, they need men to stay involved with women, and to stay involved with institutions (like the university gulag) that advance the power of women. Further, women won’t be free to soar to the heights and grasp levers of power unless men agree to be the stay-at-home, job-sharing wind beneath their wings.
          Like men fleeing university, men declining to marry is a canary screaming in the Marxist/feminist coalmine. Books like Men On Strike are helping men clue in to how they are being disenfranchised and exploited. Young women are starting to notice, and to wonder whether feminism is destroying their lifeplans. Without the support of young women, feminists are doomed. That’s why feminists lashed out so nastily against #WomenAgainstFeminism.
          The upshot is that there’s going to be a whole lot of repositioning going on, as feminism tries to conceal its power-seeking, polarizing agenda to keep young women on board and men engaged with the feministed social system.

        2. Because the NYT is the Marxist/feminist axis’s vehicle-of-choice for coordinating their political tribe, I eagerly await the advent of a years-long series of NYT pieces alerting the team that it’s time to get smarter about feminism and the anti-traditional-family agenda is packaged and sold to women and to men.
          I expect lots of faux outreach to men, and the final retirement of War-Against-Men terms like patriarchy. Feminism will have a whole new language intended to lure men into engaging with feminist ideology and with feministed women.

        3. There is not much I can add to your analysis.. One thing bothers me though.. I have the feeling we are looking at the trees here. They will react, and as I said I’m waiting for their next move.. Problem is few of us are able to foresee the impact of technology when it comes to all these. I can’t for sure, but one thing is starting to transpire.. We, as a civilization I think are getting closer to singularity… And this can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending how the chips fall.. We know what the bad looks like. Let’s look at the “good”.. It will come a time when we will all be wired, I mean physically wired. We will have chips implanted into our brains that will enhance our communication, mental abilities etc. and before anybody will say “no, not me.. I’m not gonna stick a chip in my brain” you will have to.. it’ll be like an arms race.. If you don’t have, you can’t compete.. Sex will all me remote and executed via bits, our brains will be directed stimulated and we won’t know what is real and what is not.. Sex will be readily available this way, no game no money, no nothing needed… flip a switch and you are done.. So what’s all these gonna do for men? If they don’t get married now, they won’t get then under any circumstances. Marriage, real inter human relationships will be over.. but the species will have to go on. Artificial wombs, surrogate mothers real or robot mothers etc. is what’s coming.. Who will rear the children then? Some women some robots some communities.. who knows? One thing is for certain. Someone will have to pay for it all. And that, my friend is the biggest thread of the pretext for commuising it all. Indiscriminately take from the ones that produce and give it to the other half..
          So I don’t think we’ve seen our biggest challenges. What we are talking about here is 20th century stuff..

        4. Oh, they are well aware; they have gotten just about all they can get from the “independent woman” meme. Ive noticed a bunch of “gee, maybe women cant have it all?” columns in print and segments on tv in the past year. Time to recondition the female sheep back into a more traditional role because of the permanent decline of the economy….

        5. When it’s on CNN, it means one thing: Women aren’t getting what they want, and so suddenly, it’s news.

        6. If the manosphere successfully penetrates into mainstream culture (= species consciousness..?), many horror scenarios that now appear probable, might become improbable. Objectively seen, in a few hundred years we may be able to look back and observe how the manosphere was a movement that helped fix western culture. (It needs other movements to achieve this, but it’s logical that a big shift could start with men claiming back women, because it’s a basic need.)
          Culture is a collection of axioms that people are raised to identify with. When a culture is sick, the population has fanatic beliefs and is easily manipulated. When a culture is healing itself by looking at reality and learning to deal with it (that’s where the word “bitter” comes in. It’s always bitter to let go of silly dreams and face the music.) that’s when this sickness starts to disappear. This needs to be done on many other levels before we can face the future you describe.
          Like you say, mankind will have to make choices like the merging with machines. The question will be: What do we want to become? It cheers me up to imagine that if culture is somewhat healed by then, those choices will be made based on healthy ideas, if you know what I mean. If man wants sex to remain a real thing, he will make it so. Like many authors and scientists believe, either we fix this, or we will go down before getting to close to that level.

        7. “Their next move” will be to find some technically gender blind way to raise taxes on childless singles. Since most childless singles are men, that means we lose.

        8. “We, as a civilization I think are getting closer to singularity.”
          Can be scary shit if one is like me and believes in the afterlife. What defines a soul? Simply intelligence? or self awareness?

        9. The answer socialists/progressives usually have when their programs aren’t working is they aren’t doing it enough. So I’m anticipating more laws/taxes/innocuous social media movements before a cultural shift occurs. There will be one, we’re just in a strange place right now, which is probably a statement most humans thought at one point whatever time they occupied in history. Next time I hear a feminist arguing I’m just going to ask ‘what don’t you have right now? What do you need to make you happy? Why is that the fault of whomever you’re blaming this week?’ Then it’s not hard to put their frivolous problems in perspective with the experience of the rest of the people in the world.

        10. It isn’t evidence that “feminism isn’t working”. It’s working EXACTLY as intended: child rearing is no longer primarily the domain of the family, and is now performed mainly by the state.

        11. your comment is retarded. it would take hundreds of thousands of years of technology continuing to advanceand progress at the current rate before we get even close to having the technologies you describe. the human brain, mind, human sexuality and reproduction contain mechanisms so complex that we, with all our scientific knowledge, haven’t even begun to understand. some of these complex mechanisms probably take place at sub-atomic levels so small that they are unobservable with current technology.
          to build these futuristic inventions you mention would require technology to advance at the current rate, uninterrupted, for many thousands of years. wars and other conflicts (political conflicts, bad economic policy) will not allow technology to keep advancing at the current rate, so it will probably take a lot longer.
          also, relationships and sex are more than just electrical signals in your brain. there is (sometimes very rough) physical contact between people. virtual sex wouldn’t be sex the same way virtual violence (attacking them by sending pain signals to their brain via computer) wouldn’t be the same as actual violence.
          and this shit about how we will continue to need men but not women? firstly, we will never have reproduction technology like in Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. that is fiction, not reality. and secondly, when you say things like this, you sound just like the feminists that scream “i don’t need a man” and “men are useless.” this site has a lot of good ideas but you really have to sort through the bullshit, which there seems to be more and more of these days.

        12. Thanks for calling me retarded. Peace.
          Check out quantum computers/nanotechnology while you are at it.

        13. yeah and with all of that they’re still no where close to understanding or being able to simulate the mechanisms of the mind and human consciousness.
          it’s funny how your original comment is 2 days old and then when i replied to it, you responded immediately. it’s not surprising at all that someone making comments saying that we won’t need women anymore in the future is also someone who is on here making comments 24/7.

        14. jeez dude.. I’m working, browser’s open, talk to the guys on the other side, get the notification, come back here and find the same muppet urinating on my shoes..

        15. Absolutely. When people start talking chips in brains or barcodes on skin, I’m out. I’m not trading my soul for the ability to connect telepathically or whatever.
          I’m not getting into the religious debate, but for some of us that is still a legitimate and deciding factor.

        16. Wow. Darn good comment.
          Yes, I have been seeing this coming, too, as I have known some “pro-male” feminist girls. They will ramp up all the talk about how gender roles harm men, and how masculinity harms men. Oblivious and thirsty men will jump right on board, if that helps them get scraps, like always.

        17. eh…this stuff is nothing new, though. Nothing will stop people’s need to reach high status. Ambition is like the most important value of modern America.
          However, I do see lots of women who marry high-status men, particularly the women in healthcare, working part-time, unlike the powerwomen of yesteryear who were on a mission to prove they are equal.
          We’ll see a lot of female doctors, pharmacists, nurse practitioners, and PA’s working 20hrs/week or less.

      2. you don’t have any “dignified birth right.” we are not born with any rights, and we have to earn all our rights. I hate to see so much bitching in the comments section.

      3. have a handle on your women? You don’t have that right. Sorry, but most of you guys are only out for yourselves so you don’t deserve women’s trust.

    5. If an individual is weak enough to fall for that conditioning, then he is lost, and that’s he’s own fault. I grew up with the same conditioning, but something in me always rejected it. Finding like voices online is just the icing on the cake. Many of these “men” will turn you in for a whiff at pussy any time. They are everywhere. They have no shame, no principle, no backbone.
      Men are not coddled. Man are made, and they are made by their own will.

      1. I agree with you in regards to the pussy traitors. At even the whiff of spreading legs, they will lie, cheat, disown, socially destroy, all for the sake of sperm coated vagina. We have been taken for a ride collectively as women demand more, give less, and Mr. Pussy Beggar says You go Girl!
        As for the conditioning, it is about the reward/punishment. I’ve been there and it is highly rewarding to be in a long-term relationship with someone you share 75 percent common interests. What you sensed, and is rarely spoken but highly true, as much as the love can be there, at some points the facade will slip. The longer the relationship the more the image erodes.
        What it will reveal is, You as a man hold no value for her. None. Your interests? She liked it to garner a relationship. Your personality? Cute and entertaining but not as fulfilling as her like section on Facebook. That future with kids and your private army? So kind of you to believe that but that is her army, with brood not crafted from your loins, all to later hate you.
        It takes much work to find someone who does like you, your interests, and your time. But it does all start from you. Just some of us had to go through some form of destruction to realize this.

        1. “Just some of us had to go through some form of destruction to realize this”
          One can not grow before he hits the bottom. Staring into the abyss is the prerequisite of moving to the next level. Very few can do that. Most men are just as entitled little bitches as most of women. They want the upside without wanting to accept the downside.. They want to “look” alpha without having to go through the process of actually becoming one, PUA/posturing schools, are for these little men looking for the shortcut to the pussy. It’s all BS. You either are or you are not. Simple as that.

        2. It can still be mitigated though. Much like when you are in a combat zone, if you make a habit of looking for even the smallest indicators(wanting to get a tattoo, posting selfies, tastes in music or clothing, etc) you can dramatically reduce your odds of stepping on a landmine.

    6. One of the biggest tricks pulled on men is the lie that women want to marry their best friend. The husband-wife relationship is not a best friendship. Men are able to compromise and concede some power for harmony and balance; women are not. They will always try to gain an advantage like a child.
      A man should be at least 5-10 years older than his wife. At LEAST. The closer to being a father figure the better. It seems weird in modern times to try to be a girl’s father but it’s the only way she will maintain an adequate level of respect for her husband.

      1. I have to take a break whenever I see a girl on say she is looking for her best friend. It basically means she will demand ALL of your attention. Do you already have a *male* best bud? No more, you don’t.
        She doesn’t really want a best friend. She wants a male to constantly stimulate and validate her, because she is A) entitled, B) insecure, or C)bored/boring. Probably A, more than the other two, at least in my region.
        Good luck to everyone in getting a decent girl 10+ years younger.

        1. And Ive noticed myself on OK cupid which is owned by that there are a lot of women that claim they like to go fishing , hunting, etc. Generally mens activities. I fish alot and do not see that many women actually into fishing and hunting. I know some that do but its few and far between. I think its just a manipulative part on these womens profiles to try too get someone at first.

      2. These are low-value qualities. Michaela Bohm, an expert on gender polarity, offered a great stage explanation. Stage one people are “me” people. They are concerned with basic needs (housing, food, etc). They also have self-value issues. They dress for attention, they will try to fit in, they need and use people to fulfill issues they have. Stage two are independent and self-sufficient. They can look for a partner being a whole person. This stage forms healthy relationships. Stage three is working for the better good of society. Parenting is stage three.
        We have to be at stage 2 to find a stage 2 partner. A stage 2 partner has their own interests and their own life. They appreciate the time apart to grow personally and as a couple. They do not need a father figure or a best friend. Stage 2 and 3 woman want unconditional love which they will return in droves.

    7. Very good review of the article that covered some weaknesses in it as well as strengths. Could not agree more

    8. Red, your comment is a great and balanced add-on to Blair’s very good article. Maybe you should write for ROK sometime (unless you already have).

    9. i have to agree about not treating these women as special . In actuality most of them needs to be knocked down a few pegs. i personally know guys just like that and that is just what they have done to some of these women. It is true all women want to be asked out by every guy in a room. Do not kid yourself about it . It increases a womans self esteem and allows her to pick the ones she wants. But I myself after I see how some of these women act out in public there is no way on gods green earth I would choose most of any women out there today. Too many of them are conditioned to be just eye candy to make it in life. Alot of this behavior amounts to nothing but attention seeking behavior. Make these women believe you have money. Look and play the part and they will be following you. Just play the game on the opposing side . Take what you want from them when they are eager to have sex with you after you have manipulated them into thinking you have tons of money.. It works every time. Attention/money whores is what I call them. I treat them how they are asking to be treated . It s just a game of who figures whom out first. A woman that is not like this and has self respect for herself above all things wouldnt be so ready to jump in the sack. Like I said when you know she thinks you have money and is trying to manipulate you with sex as a tool before really getting to know you. Slam it then leave her in the dust. Shes asking for it so give it to her.

      1. Hmmmm does this honesty, hones living …. this is exactly the manology that created the environment we have today. Funny.

    10. Pussy worship? Last time I looked, I saw that men ran the world. You just can’t give an inch to women can you? So selfish. And no, men with bad attitudes are not a prize at all and would only make a woman miserable, so do us a favor and go rot in your mancaves.
      The number of people men have killed in the last 200O years cannot even begin to compare to any crimes women have committed. Hitler, Stalin and Vlad the Impaler were not women, you know.

      1. Men do not run the world. Men are the leaders of the world. If Men ran the world, there would be no need for a manosphere as if a man desired a familial unit, it would be attained. If a man desired finances, it would be attained. If a man desired glory and comrades it would be attained with ease. The family unit was long separated. I’m sure this was because men wanted this, right?
        You choose to compare the numbers in mass genocides to individual abortion instances. It is a matter of apples to oranges. Lives matter regardless so a comparison of male violence to female violence means little if lives are still lost in the process. Worse or better doesn’t matter in such a final matter as death. And abortion is legal as every day a woman is killing an unborn infant and this is stated as her right.
        No one with a bad attitude is a prize, but whereas my original statement focused on the discord a man faces as well as the road needed towards his improvements, you neatly focused solely on a man’s flaws as opposed to any improvements a woman could or should be making. And I’m the selfish one as I look at both men and women yet you focus on solely men.
        I won’t spare an inch, but you can’t handle everything at once. I can only enter you slowly, just enough for you to gasp, grapple with me, and decide how hungry you are for more.
        Mancaves says more than enough. Men rule the world yet are designated to a mancave? Maybe you’d prefer some comment about baking me a cake in my kitchen? Sexist much?
        Final note and this is more a question to you as an individual: are you sane? You refer to an invisible audience of us, yet are on a site run by men, where a comment I stated was considered the majority view. Who is this us you have backing your opinion to substantiate you having any ground for a disapproving audience?

  15. American culture has reached peak beta. Most men tolerate any negative behavior from women because they feel they have no other choice.

        1. Don’t feed the attention-whoring fat bitch, that loser can not get any attention from even omega men in the real world. Just ignore that fat bag of shit, it only have insults and multiple layers of fat to offer you.

  16. Fantastic. So many still don’t get the basics, they pour over articles and websites and vomit long winded jaded comments. So much of the “Bullshit” in the “modern” relationship/dating situation, (to me at least) only exists right here, on ROK and the Internet. The recycling of butt hurt wah wah feminism ideas is breeding SJW’ish weesh comments. Too Macro, think about YOUR universe and who you choose to engage and let in it, fuck Anita what’s her fucking name and gamergate. It takes energy but mold your women how you desire, you’ll only attract similar and get better at it.
    Purple Pill, lmao genius Blair.
    Merry Christmas to all!!

        1. It’s Christmas Morning on the East Coast dear, you’re clearly drunk and trolling on the comments section whatever time it is where you are. Good Job though Honey, you’re well on your way to landing a great man/transgender that finally make you happy.

        2. And this site is……for men young and old to discuss and motivate each other into feeling less insecure about their lives?

  17. I think American men deserve criticism for allowing some of this to happen, but there are forces at work far above our heads that fuel feminism (msm, corporations, government) and won’t be stopped without a dramatic change in our society. As they have already ensconced themselves within the power structures of society. So even when a good percentage of American men do want to change the system, it’s going to take a revolution for that to happen.

  18. Thank you so much for writing this article. This is exactly what I’ve been needing to hear. Please more criticism, I’m starved for it.

  19. “Today the American woman is still confused. She wants independence, she wants to be free to do everything… to have all the opportunities which men have, and, at the same time she wants to be mastered by man and to be possessed in the archaic way of Europe.”
    – Carl Gustav Jung, interview for the New York Times, 1912

      1. I’ll be posting an article about this NYT interview on ROK. I would be interested in your profound and intuitive wisdom on the matter, because, you know, you have a pussy.

    1. update 2014 : Today’s women want to be men, have all the benefits of being a man, with all the benefits of being a female AND when they find that being a man is actually quite demanding and stressful, then they want the men to come and pick up the pieces, whilst they play pretend career, pretend mother, pretend wife, pretend girlfriend, pretend good girl, independent single mother… all whilst blaming, emoting and shaming the good men who tried to stand by them.

      1. “update 2014 : Today’s women want to be men, have all the benefits of being a man, with all the benefits of being a female AND when they find that being a man is actually quite demanding and stressful,”
        This makes me think there would be less breast cancer in women if they were less confrontational with men. Seriously. They are simply not equipped to be in competition with men without some detrimental affects on themselves.

  20. Well made and long needed point of view on the manosphere. As I see it both man and women are naturally flawed but neither are inherently worse or better then the other – just different.
    The reason why the gender discussion have gotten out of hand in the way it has is because we are deviating from important core values. The same core values that in the past made mankind so great – honor, loyalty, grit, betterment of oneself and society, logic, strength etc.
    If we would return to these core values both men and women would be far better of.

    1. Those core values were responses to social incentive systems. What are the incentives now?

  21. We as men have been endowed by our Maker with the testosterone that compels us to create, procreate and annihilate when it comes time to do those things. And women hated that. Hence, modern-day Feminism, and hence the reason why many women love it when one of us has our genitals mutilated.
    So yeah, I guess it really is our fault.

  22. Great article. I can’t stand all the self-loathing and whining à la “women ruined everything”. Taking responsibility is the most important masculine virtue.

  23. Most Men don’t deserve a good wife because they have been validating sluts and whores all their life, and feeding their bad behaviour, online and in the real world, how can Men think when it comes to getting married they will be able to find someone decent without all the bad social conditioning? They won’t. And those same Men will continue to allow bad behaviour in their marriage because they don’t know any better. Most married women are glued on Facebook and Twitter and attention whore their day away instead of actually trying to make a marriage work.

    1. This is why Game needs to be applied differently by the LTR and marriage-minded men than those who are looking to MGTOW or PUA the rest of their lives.
      Those in the former group are on a hunt for the elusive non-ruined woman. They are rare, but they do exist (generally young, having been somewhat sheltered and raised by a Red Pill father). And part of securing one is by combining the alpha attractiveness and beta provision in just the right mix.

  24. ROK has fallen subject to MacLeod’s company hierarchy. Populated primarily by the clueless.

    1. Never heard about MacLeod’s company hierarchy so made a quick Google search:
      Corporate Clueless (noun) – 1. A person who is loyal to their company, completely unaware of how disloyal the company is to them. The corporate clueless person will always follow management directions, honored to even get the attention of their sociopathic leadership. The Clueless create a communication and hierarchical gap between the sociopaths and the losers, and also can be easily manipulated to be the fall guy for the sociopath when things go wrong.
      Unsettling true remark on the manosphere and at a stretch other spheres.

  25. “It’s your fault”
    Well, the men who allowed this to happen aren’t the type to read this website. They’re left-wing politicians who allowed it to happen, I’m not a left-wing politician so I fail to see how this is my fault. What can I do? People with my views are barely even allowed IN politics, let a lone allowed to make a difference.
    We’re sitting ducks at this point.

  26. This article is pure unadulterated BS.
    I’ve had four women (and 3 x 5+ year marriages) all were solid feminine women, great for settling with and all morphed into useless angry depressing frigid bitches.
    Let’s start with the basics:
    “the average nubile co-ed would gladly drop out of college if she found a man who actually made her happy.”
    A woman will never be happy. It’s alien to them. They are always restless, needy, moody, angling for some advantage. Sure a man could in theory find a woman to settle with, but it’s basically a full time job, so make sure you have a multimillion dollar trust fund on hand.
    Check any ambitions or individualist desires you might have as you get roped into her idea of family, with endless dinners, Christmas gatherings etc. etc. (excuse me while i vomit).
    Oh and remember you’ll be co-habitiating with someone else now, so you’ll have to run on their schedule, wake up when they do, creep about the house when they are asleep, do what they want from time to time (or most of time if you don’t want hissy fits).
    Forget it……. This article belongs in Cosmo.

    1. “I’ve had four women (and 3 x 5+ year marriages) all were solid feminine
      women, great for settling with and all morphed into useless angry
      depressing frigid bitches.”
      Doesn’t sound like you made them happy with any babies. An impotent man can hardly complain that he turned four good women into “angry depressing frigid bitches.” The common problem in all those marriages would seem to be you.
      “Check any ambitions or individualist desires you might have as you get
      roped into her idea of family, with endless dinners, Christmas
      gatherings, little johnnies violin recital etc. etc. (excuse me while i
      More room and resources in the world for my children. I certainly enjoy watching my children acquire skills/talents and display them. Ballet, gymnastics, classical music, rock climbing, tennis, etc, etc, etc.
      “Of course I am, I want to live like a fucking shaman, and explore the bounds of reality”
      Uh huh.

      1. Dumbest thing Ive ever read.
        Beat it——————–>
        Im sure your daughter has a Xmas ballet pretty soon. Your cute Xmas outfit is hanging on the bathroom door for you.

    2. This article is a shit-test. Or maybe just shit. It’s basically telling RP men to “Man Up.”
      Uh, and why *exactly* to I want to waste even a single second of my life trying to Fix Broken Girls? Oh, right, I don’t–Sweet Sally, Feminine Fiona and Suzy Sandwichmaker are going to get my attention and my cock; Feminist Frances, Entitled Emma and Bitchy Becky are getting tossed on the trash heap and be left for beta, pussy-begging jackals.

    3. “Check any ambitions or individualist desires you might have as you get roped into her idea of family, with endless dinners, Christmas gatherings, little johnnies violin recital etc. etc. (excuse me while i vomit).”
      But that is the end result if red pill ideology takes hold. That is the conservative family dream red pillers claim to want. Your wishes to “live like a fucking shaman” is feminist irresponsibility.

    4. You know…..I’ve had similar experiences. Do you know what all of those experiences of feminine women turning into “angry depressing frigid bitches” of mine had in common?
      They occurred before I put in the work on myself and learned how to be a strong leader and a real man.

  27. I love that for a Christmas Day article this was posted.
    Merry Christmas!
    And I guess my gift for today is that I am happy I am NOT married, and happy that I have never been married.
    Also glad that I have a chick who I see sparingly, because I have my life to consider first: gym, meditation, reading, working on my masters thesis, writing my ebooks, traveling and advancing in my career.
    That sure beats living in deb or to a woman, where you get little to no sex or the sex is typical and boring, and all she does is nag.
    I am very content with my bachelor lifestyle. Merry Christmas 🙂

  28. This guy and article is bullshit due to the fact all of this guidance and leadership is illegal. The sexodus is happening for a reason . it is not a crime yet to walk away from women. This isn’t some playground any more this stuff is in real law with real bullets. Women vote and the laws are in place. Women are unmarriagable by law.

    1. “The sexodus is happening for a reason .”
      — If things can get worse, they will… I think feminism will not stop regardless of what we do from now on. We’re passed the point of no return imho. Men will go their own way, women will use sperm banks to impregnate themselves and unmarried men will be taxed 50% of their net income and that money will then be passed onto the newly impregnated bitches.. Kids have to be taken care of somehow, right? There is no stopping gents. Women will blackmail the state with their children and we will all have to pay. So enjoy the ride while you can.

      1. So why don’t we just stop donating to sperm banks?
        They’ll run out eventually. Sperm that is frozen at -180 is never a guarantee.

        1. You know that’s not possible… It only takes ONE guy. I am telling you.. been thinking a lot about what’s going on and there’s no escape. It’s not up to us. They hold the Nazi state’s sword above our head.
          PS: I am personally going through the legal wranglings of a divorce, and it’s not pretty. Let me take that back… It’s the equivalent of a financial/emotional/physical nuclear strike.

        2. See it’s that mind state that’s dangerous. It’s the one that led to scapegoating the Jews and Nazi Germany.
          But if you want to give up, so be it.
          I for one know that to donate sperm you need to jump through a lot of hoops. Be at least 6 feet, educated beyond High School, usually Caucasian and overall good genetics in the attractiveness department.
          It’s only a select few of men that meet those requirements. And if we can prevent even half of them from donating…this would be a huge cut in sperm available.

        3. I am not giving up. I still have a life to live, and I am doing my best given the circumstances to achieve my goals. I am not afraid to start over, as I’ve already done it 3 times now. One more time of starting over? Eh.. so be it. My problem is with the Sate… We are at this point because of the laws that were passed the last 100 years. While these laws stand we don’t have a chances. First things first: Women should not be allowed to vote. That right has to be repealed, and then we’ll take it from there.. And keep in mind, I have a daughter…

        4. Given what you are going through it is understandable how you are feeling. Looks like you have the right attitude for going forward. Keep your head and stay strong brother.

        5. Thanks bro. This too will pass. Moving forward… Let’s see what else this bitch life can throw my way next, or better yet what else can I do to fuck myself over again. It’s all a game.

        6. There is one thing, Heisenberg. I do have something that nobody can take away from me. And that is the ability to make money. I am not talking about millions, but enough to be right up there with the 5%. It’s the one thing that each man should focus on. Forget about building your body, learning/applying game, and all the other things the manosphere is talking about… Not that they are not important but none should come before making and accumulating money.. I may be wrong, but money got me out of a lot of troubles along the way.

        7. Absolutely. Was thinking the same. Just make sure you learn from each land mine so you can side step them going forward

        8. Women won’t lose the vote. They are in powerful positions now.
          That’s like saying, when a cow flies over the moon THEN I will act.
          What a joke. We have to work with what we have.
          I pity your daughter to have a father who thinks she doesn’t have the right to vote because she is a woman.

        9. My daughter will be set for life and I would give my life for her… The only woman I would do that for.
          Realistically, you are right. They will not lose the vote unless something drastic will happen, and the society will hit the big reset. The way I see it, in a way the article is right. We are in the situation we are in because we as men, dropped the ball. Call it weakness, call it times, it doesn’t really matter. We’ve been in retreat for 100 years now, and we are in a weaker position each day that passes. How are we supposed to reverse it?We are losing and we are losing big. The society is falling apart, the State becomes more aggressive by the hour, the economy is ready to implode, our currency is worth nothing (don’t look at the dollar being where it is right now, it’s all smoke and mirrors).
          Please tell me point by point what exactly can we do and I will follow you to the end of earth. However before that I will argue why what you are saying is not going to happen.

        10. Save yourself and your family. Have dollar bills (not band account) and a bit of gold. Pay off your debt if you can.
          You can not save the others. The have a right to suffer and bleed because it is the only way they will learn. Try to survive AND PROFIT as much as you can.

        11. I was there when the wall fell. The irony is I lived half of my life in communism, and then the second life here (good deal). I have seen it all, what people become when food is scare, when the Government is crushing your spirit and will to live. The signs I’ve seen over there before it all came crushing down, I see them now here. You can’t do this, you can’t do that,etc. In a word the oppression is tightening. The economy will fail because this is not free market anymore, with the FED levitating the markets for the sheeple to stay happy and quiet seeing their 401Ks going to the Moon. The markets WILL correct, there is no escaping, right up there with the law of gravity. Only a few will profit from all these, and it will be the biggest wealth transfer in the history of men. And then we will see private armies springing up to protect that stolen wealth. I am not into conspiracy, I don’t think any one person can accomplish these, it’s just that that’s where I think the dots are pointing to. I only hope I’m wrong.

      2. Our role and place in history is to make sure all men are told and know the truth starting from age 12

  29. yeah this is a lump of coal;but instead of finding it in a stocking, its been shot via slingshot into your eye haha

  30. thank you ROK for all the articles you write.
    each one I read, it makes me appreciate my SO much much more.
    i love educated men!

  31. “If you want the ever-elusive marital bliss, you have got to approach it like a part-time job”
    No kidding!
    This is why many of us do not bother to apply!

  32. This article is largely nonsense.
    You can’t defeat this at an individual level. The laws will remain against men in divorce, child custody, rape laws and the work environment.
    You can just “be confident and controlling” over a woman. It works partially for attraction. However, if you form a long term relationship with the woman, you will NEVER have the power.
    It is that simple. No matter how “alpha” you are, after marriage, you have no power. The most “alpha” male is defeated by the marriage state. Not that complicated.

    1. Depends where you live, this is true especially for Australia and parts of the USA, and some countries of Europe ( not all ) .

    2. They’re asking for it. The false accusations, the media lies. For the divorce rape. Just MAN UP maaan. Be a bad ass. Isn’t that what men have basically done since our species existed?

    3. When are men going to realize this simple truth that I keep screaming over the rooftops: have cash and have gold bullion, and don’t tell anyone that you have it. Any other forms of wealth or investments, like owning a business, owning a piece of real estate, or having stocks or mutual funds are IN YOUR NAME, and the courts know it and so do these dangerous North American women. The only anonymous forms of wealth are cash and gold, bury it, hide it, hell, wear it as jewelry, but do not have wealth in your name. And lease a Porsche, that way it’s not in your name either, it’s owned by the leasing company, but it still pokes her eyes out, again, because SHE DOESN’T KNOW.
      Stop telling women your financial secrets, dammit.

      1. The only problem with gold bullion is it’s in a fierce bear market….read losing value big time. Whereas stocks have grown people’s wealth tremendously the past 5 years So…in essence you’re saying you have to put your wealth in a depreciating asset…ie, gold/precious metals to hide it from your wife…and keep your wealth out of the best wealth generators there are : the stock market and to a lesser extent real estate.

        1. Gold as an investment has gone up and down just like stocks or real estate or any other investment throughout history, but I was trying very hard to stay away from the investment point. Even if real estate or stocks or anything else that’s in your name is better than gold, will it still be better than cash-and-gold after your Americunt takes 50%? Fat chance, brother.

        2. If you’re a man, getting married is ALSO putting your wealth in a depreciating asset.

      2. So true…women nowadays don’t want to be married so much as they want to be divorced.
        Their record for the last thirty years proves that observation.

    4. However, if you form a long term relationship with the woman, you will NEVER have the power.
      — You do, if you leave.
      It is that simple. No matter how “alpha” you are, after marriage, you have no power. The most “alpha” male is defeated by the marriage state. Not that complicated.
      — Yes, it’s an uphill battle, but if there is a will there is a way.

  33. it pisses me off because the women that are feminine, come from conservative backgrounds…don’t marry or date, because they don’t need to.
    they have trust funds and daddy’s to pay for everything, so why would they need a man?
    if you want to be with them you need to be liked.
    a man is not a provider for them. he is their partner. and we all know you have to like who you partner with.
    times have changed. and no we won’t ever go back.

    1. That doesn’t sound like women from “conservative backgrounds” that I’ve ever known. What you are describing sounds like women from “upper middle class” liberal families. Moreover, the complaint that women need to “like” you now, yeah, that’s not something new that came about with the fading of provider status. Only the “poorest of the poor” and “richest of the rich” were ever forced to marry to men they didn’t “like.”

      1. i didn’t say they didn’t honor sex/marriage. they do. you just need to bring more than your wallet to the table.

  34. “If she threatens divorce, laugh her down and remind her that no one wants to marry a woman who is divorced, a mother, or over 30 (she is likely all three). ”
    Unfortunately there are many men that would gladly rescue a divorced mother over 30. So after she divorces you and rapes you financially, she’ll just get on POF or Tinder and some beta guy will be more than happy to marry her

    1. and failing that, half the chicks are bisexual now, so she’ll also have an army of carpet munchers circling for a taste…. what this article forgets is that women are frivolous by nature, and thus with all incentive to hold down a marriage removed by the socialist / nazi system…. she’s never going to stay….
      an LTR is like owning a pet rottweiler where the neighbors keep throwing Prime Angus fillet laced with cocaine, into your back garden… you’ll never be able to control it. NEVER !
      I’ve tried several times and come as close as one might possibly get, but almost destroyed myself in the process. There’s no point in hunting a polar bear if it drowns you as you kill it.

    2. Right. This nonsense about The Wall needs to stop. It’s wishful thinking. Sure it can be brutal for women but today I’d bet most women do Not suffer all that much from it. Guys talkin’ about The Wall like it’s nightmare for women that’ll ruin their lives. Lol. First off Most women damn well know about The Wall without having heard the term and most women know there’s a vast reserve of men to find on social media they can use like an atm machine with built in dildo.

      1. The Wall used to be 30 but it’s now been pushed back to 40. Plenty of women today don’t give a damn about being single at 30+. Go to any club and you’ll find plenty of 30+ year olds in there shaking their asses

        1. Theyre impossible to miss…and feel…that is with the floor feeling like its going to collapse from them…

        2. Yep, so I’m calling bullshit on this Wall talk. Women are in their forties acting like they’re twenty and fucking twenty yr old dudes. And if they want a provider male it is easier than ever. Plus they have the Big Daddy State to take care of their irresponsible ass and more comfy office jobs than ever. America is a Bitch’s Paradise.

        3. That doesn’t change the biological clock, though. The Wall will never be truly pushed back to 40.

        4. True. We might yell all we like that a 40 yo ‘should’ be home alone crying with her cats, but the sad truth today is she’s more likely on POF having dozens of 20 something guys beg to fuck her. These dudes young enough to be her sons will be messaging her every day pleading to go down on her or do whatever she wants. And when she’s done with them, some older guy will probably still provide for her, as long as she’s kept a reasonable figure and has a semi-attractive face. That’s the cold hard truth about The Wall, gentlemen

        5. A century ago, a single woman age 25 was a spinster. Now they can get money from the state and thanks to DNA testing we’re sure daddy is daddy. So he will pay. We now have spermbanks too, and what about IVF for “older chicks”. The wall now is just a revenge fantasy that doesn’t happen anymore for most women. Thanks to the dumpsterdiving that is internetdating, women have it easier than ever.

  35. To the writer: sorry but, you sleep with fatties? Are you serious? Why would you do that? If you want women to improve themselves and let go of feminism, why would you validate fat women by sleeping with them? And then you tell us to “go make the world we want for ourselves”? I’m sorry but that’s just a contradiction in terms.
    Any man who sleeps with overweight women is desparate, and a desparate man has not internalized the values and principles that the manospere stands for and can, by definition, not call himself red pill.
    And then there’s this comment: “If she threatens divorce, laugh her down and remind her that no one wants to marry a woman who is divorced, a mother, or over 30 (she is likely all three). Then walk out of the room still chuckling before she can elicit sympathy.”
    First and foremost, if your wife threatens divorce, then you’ve already lost. If you crawl on your knees for her after she threatens divorce, you are now her cuckholded bitch boy, and she’ll go fuck an alpha cock first chance she gets. If you do as you say and chuckle and walk out of the room, she’ll want revenge and she’ll also go fuck an alpha cock first chance she gets. What you do if your wife threatens divorce is this: you tell her that you’ll make things up to her. You do whatever you can to stall her, to prevent her from actually going to her lawyer. In the meanwhile, you take all your savings out of the bank and convert it to cash and gold bullion (I would hope that you don’t just have a joint account, that you kept your own bank account where you put most of your money, because you never told her exactly how much you make, right?). You sell any real estate that you may have (rental properties), and you sell all stocks that you own, and your business if you own one, and you convert all the wealth you have into cash and gold bullion. You bury the gold bullion and you bury the cash, in whatever ratio you prefer. Then you go to your lawyer and YOU divorce HER and you move to another country that has beautiful young women, and she never sees a red cent of your wealth because all your wealth disappeared into the ground, and because you’re no longer living/working in the U.S., she doesn’t get half your income either.
    I’m not a survivalist, but the only two freedoms in the world are: cash and gold bullion. Have cash and have gold bullion BEFORE you get married. Any other investment, whether it’s stocks or real estate or a business, are in your name and the courts know it, and so does she.

      1. Exactly. Law Dogger should really write an article that explains how to legally protect yourself from dangerous North American women. I mean, what can you do as a successful man to protect yourself before you get married? Surely a lawyer would say “prenup”. For me I buy gold bullion and I keep cash around, but there must be other things one can do.

        1. You’re betting on getting a North Americunt to marry you after you make her sign a prenup, or revoke her dower rights, or sign an affidavit of any kind? Are you awake man? Sorry but, good luck with that. The only way you can protect your wealth without her knowing that you have malicious intent is to have cash, and gold bullion.

        2. No, but I dont really plan on getting legally married. Told one broad once that she’d have to sign. Initially agreed, few weeks later said “no, and I dont want your stuff” Lol…You dont want my stuff yet you wont sign. I simply started getting serious with one of my orbiters and phased her out. Fired her.

        3. Okay, fair enough, but I still feel my way is better. If your wealth would have been in cash and gold bullion, you would’ve never had to tell her to sign in the first place, and then the choice would have been yours, not hers.

        4. and the funny thing about contracts is, as soon as you try to put them in place, even an honest person will begin to think into how they can worm out of it…. lawyers make straight forward communication and trust into a mine field of miscommunication, bad faith and mistrust.
          honest people working in good faith don’t need contracts. dishonest people will fuck you contract or not and you have no business getting involved with them. contracts make honest people think into all the loops holes and turn them dishonest. lawyers are gibbering idiots with zero real experience themselves, that pontificate all the whys and where fores, most of which are completely imaginary…. but scare the shit out of you, to keep themselves in a job.

  36. American man created American femicunt like Adam created Eve. Adam was given operating instructions for Eve. We on the other hand are deceived and lied to full blast from all directions on how reign in our women. It has all but been declared an outright felony for a man to dare try to control his female, and the cries and screeching come from the traitorous judiciary who sit as an elite judicial oligarchy over every civilized country and who play the tunes of the feminist kingpins and their minions. Women came FROM MAN from the stem cell of his rib. She IS you. The renegade vagabond feminist woman has ESCAPED man and has DEPARTED FROM OUR HUMAN SPECIES. It is only a matter of time before she dies aloof, separate from her genesis. In space YOU FREEZE alone. ”Mars ain’t no kind of place to raise your kid. In fact it’s cold as hell.”

  37. Calling attention, complaining, “whining” about feminism is fun. I don’t care if men try to SHAME other men for it.
    Blame feminism for what it deserves to be blamed for, which is so much you can write several encyclopedic volumes. And for change to happen, the word must be spread and the complaining must continue with good arguments, facts and propaganda until all of society has become saturated with red pill and anti-feminism messages and memes.
    Go for it you would be badasses. What the fuck ever floats your boat. You know many so-called red pill men here are a blowjob away from burying their head up some mediocre bitch’s ass. Maybe she’s a feminist. Lol. But now your fucking regularly. And are in love.
    Actually manning up wont work too well on a society wide level since we live in a society where female hypergamy is completely unleashed and only the top 10-15% of men are really attractive to mediocre women whose sense of entitlement is warped beyond all reason. Most guys can have fun with the consolation prize you’ll probably settle with and know you’ll be her’s too while you pound her fat. Or maybe you made it, got a unicorn. Still be prepared for divorce rape. As for pick-up, remember yes means yes.
    Society level change means laws are changed, political battles are won and we fight back in the Culture War that’s being waged on us isClearly most? many men don’t really give a shit about other men. and are only on a self centered, egotistical, narcissistic

    1. 15% are alphas.
      70 betas and 15 omegas. Nature never wanted anything but alphas to reproduce and weaken the human genome.
      It was only with christian civilization that women were FORCED to marry betas.
      Betas in return would work and slave and die in wars to keep civilization going all for their very own pussy.
      Now we no longer need them because we have machines to replace them, at least most of the betas. We can also outsource them to asia, with places like china and hundreds of millions of beta-slaves.
      Thats what we have seen the past few decades the demise of the middle (beta) class. As an alpha i couldnt care less, but it must suck to be a young beta in todays world.

        1. For women:
          90% looks – a hot woman is an alpha woman
          10% here feminine traits, like submission to her man and love for her children.
          For men:
          There are 7 alpha traits:
          – Your body. Only ~15% worth or 1/7 good looking guys have an edge but it is not the same as hot women. Think arnold. If his body was ALL he had, he wouldnt be the titan he is.
          – The 6 other alpha traits are who you are deep inside.
          There are outer factors one can see of course.
          Like: good in sports is one.
          The gold medal winner is an alpha.
          Like: good in fighting
          The warrior is an alpha trait
          Like: natural leader
          The guy with charisma who commands the sheep is an alpha trait
          There are 3 more but you get the point. Alpha traits also interact well. Weak body makes you bad in sports and doesnt help your fighting skills. On the other hand a good sportsman often has a good body.
          Note: Money is a beta trait. It is something many alpha have, but in the core of what it is – money is a beta trait because betas (omega is a beta with no money in essence)
          have to bribe a women (with money) to give them what she will give the alpha for free.

        2. Scientists, technicians, inventors, artists, writers, intellectuals. These “traits” are kind of useful to society and have greatly benefited the species. Yet many of these men are not attractive to the female. Female hypergamy was healthier in caveman times.

        3. You got that right. Civilization was ONLY possible because of marriage. A contract where betas got a very own pussy and a chance to reproduce and in return would serve their masters.
          Everything you can see around you was only possible thanks to this contract. This contract has been canceled a few decades ago and middle class (beta class) is suffering since them.
          Women never wanted to breed with betas. It will be interesting how things work out. If history has any meaning it says that we are heading for another big war. Young men without wifes = a lot of trouble.

        4. Exactly. It’s in the self interest of alphas to care a little about their beta brethren. The future is unpredictable but going by history, rapid technological development, human population explosion, development of the Third World, depletion of finite resources, probability of global pandemics natural disasters and what we’re learning of human nature -red pill awareness, it looks pretty fucking scary. The 21st Century has just begun.

  38. Men who brag about how many virgins they wooed into thinking they were husband material only to be deflowered and then dumped should be shunned…
    Thanks a lot, a-holes, for destroying that chick’s innocence and making her unavailable to a REAL man who is seeking a wife.

    1. I call strawman bullshit! Who are these men bragging about how many virgins they’ve bagged? I say they are basically non-existent. I almost never see that on ROK. The fact is, there aren’t hoards of virgins running around even available to be destroyed by red-pill’ers. What most men in the U.S. and other western countries must contend with are girls who’ve been used and abused by their early/mid-20s. Yes, someone bagged the virgin initially but it wasn’t by most of the guys on this site just trying to navigate the feminist-statist nightmare.
      So who’s the “asshole” here? Take your baseless ad-hominem attacks to those left-wing, name-calling sites. GTFO.

      1. The latest one I came across was in the comments section of one of Blair Naso’s previous articles; the one called “Women should save their Virginity for Marriage”.
        Please don’t insult me by associating me with the Left-wing.
        THEY are the ones who (mostly) encourage promiscuity.

    2. And the women making THEIR choices had NOTHING to do with that, right?
      Stow that old crap about ‘innocent little damsels’ that were deceived by ‘bad men’…it don’t sell anymore.
      “IT TAKES TWO TO TANGO”, remember?

  39. I hope you are good with metaphorical analogies.
    It’s getting harder and harder to be a “sniper” in this world because the “riflemen” and “machine-gunners” keep rushing and mowing down as many “targets” as they can.
    The few chicks who don’t get “shot” get “scared off” and run away from men entirely and join the feminists.

  40. Men need to learn to accomplish for the sake of accomplishing. The tops of most companies are men, and this is not a mistake. Bitching and wanting validation from others is honorless and shameful. Those who are wise and virtuous dominate those around them because their actions garner power until no one can oppose them. Some of these kids I am around at work and at school make me hate my generation, thinking supplication, mediocrity, baseless humility and shamelessness are traits to be encouraged. When it comes to both women and men, I reward good behavior and befriend those who share my mindset and allow those who participate in the excessive vices of the western world to fail. Because they deserve to fail.
    The only thing holding most people back is themselves, as they use words like “impossible” and make their obstacle seem insurmountable in their own mind to feel better when they quit. Other species on this planet are brutally murdered if they quit, I feel no pity for humans in one of the most privileged country on the planet.

  41. ” fat girls, which is why I’ll date them”
    -> And here goes your reputation. All of it. How little it may have been.
    Dating a fatty is a big no go.
    Here is why.
    First I date only girls who i would LIKE to fuck. This comes down to a numbers game, and should be at least a 6. When I was younger I would sell myself cheaper, but never below a 5 under even the worst hangover you can possibly imagine.
    Now a fatty can – everything else beeing great never get more than a 4. And even a 4 may be something many readers will deny a fatty can get.
    Then there is the little thing like self-respect and REPUTATION. If you are seen with a fatty all the hotties will instantly downgrade you. If you start dating Ms Piggy you will soon find yourself in a barn.

  42. This is one of the best articles I’ve seen on ROK.
    “Maybe the reason you think every single Western girl is a tramp is because you keep searching for girls on ladies night in bars. Go volunteer for a boring non-profit that makes for a bad photo shoot, and you will be more likely to find the wife you are looking for.”
    The groups you associate with and the places you go to “meet girls” will dictate what girls you find. I’ve seen alot of complaining – specifically on TRP reddit – about slut, but easy sex has its consequences.
    Perhaps we shouldn’t next every single girl who doesn’t out out after the 3rd date. Then again, it depends what you are looking for. IF you are indeed looking for sluts, then don’t get mad when they confirm themselves to be exactly that through their behavior and actions.

  43. White knights will marry anything though. Fat, over thirty, two kids and still fucking the ex husband. Lol

    1. They have such low standards. They’ll treat their ‘snakehole’ commandeered wall family and stepkids to Mickey D’s regularly and call it four star quisine compared to the home box dinners just as they likely shine their shoes with a finger dab of dogshit picked from the yard.

  44. Like most of the semi-awake on this site, the article totally misdiagnoses the problem. You see feminism as the end all and be all, a simple societal condition that can be overcome through a change in attitude. In actually, it is only one tentacle of a governmental desire to break the power centers of society, the former normal majority who is cool in temperament and capable of reason.
    The radicals are backed by the full force of governmental power. You can’t just decide to “be a man” without dire economic and legal consequences. That is the fundamental problem, and why they cannot be simply dismissed as kooks as they were in years past. There are some here who get it, but many are still ragging on the blogger dupes while they continue to enable the system they despise by working in the academic, legal, military-industrial and enforcement industries. Part of the problem.

    1. Love it. If you cant change it. If you cant do that leave it.
      You have got feet. Use them. I did 5 years ago.

    2. Your commit is what being a man is. Understanding and accepting what is and not living the delusion of what ought to be.

    3. You are absolutely correct, and what you are saying is very easily accomplished with the stroke of a pen. Here’s how I see it at work. First off, divorce is encouraged by the State (the laws favoring women, etc. we know all that). Then it comes the child support..
      I’m not going to even go into the fact the man has no saying as to how that money is being spent. I am all for supporting your child married or divorced, but hey, WTF..What was I saying? Oh, ok.. So you have a certain standard of living now that you are a divorced man, but that little 20% of your net (and the extras) was exactly the money you could use to move ahead.
      Now all your income goes to your costs of living + child support. And that’s it. You are a slave to the State. And you better behave and do what you are supposed to do on the plantation, because if you lose your job, and you fall behind, you go to jail. So you can’t even afford a mild depression or make the smallest mistake. A slip up (nothing major) can trip the domino that can land you in jail.
      So what’s the solution? I think the solution is to make more money than they can take away from you, and then the way all these numbers are being stacked up against you can’t touch you anymore, and you can go and live the life on your terms. The numbers and the laws are for little people… One should put all his efforts in raising above the masses financially. I just don’t see any other way out of this..

      1. Oh, now I get it. It’s really very simple: be rich. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that before. Problem solved. (Reminds me of an old Steve Martin bit from back in my youth.)

        1. Not necessarily rich like in millions rich. Just enough to not be one with the masses of slaves is what I meant. Three pay checks away from being in the streets. That is not hard.
          As I said, laws are for little people. It always was, always will be.

    4. Feminism is nothing new. Look at all the matriarchal societies in history. Look at all the feminine gods that have been worshiped. They either collapsed, got conquered, or wised up. We can learn a lot from the mistakes of these societies.

    1. I liked it as well. I didn’t get the “man up” or Driscoll vibe that others speak of. I don’t see what’s wrong with telling men that they need to act like men. Feminism wouldn’t exist if men put their foot down in the mid 20th century.

    2. Men ARE leading whether we want to or not, and whether we are cognizant of it or not. Women ONLY respond to what men do.

  45. If you really believe that patriarchy is the natural order of things, then realize that feminism only exists because men allowed it.
    Patriarchy isn’t the ‘natural’ order. It is a fragile social construct that men *and* women have to play along at.

    1. Patriarchy as a social construct?
      Isn’t feminism (today’s militant variety) a social construct also pushed; by people who don’t know what they are talking about?
      While there be problems with any patriarchy, virtually all of the matriarchies that I know of eventually decline(d) and fail(ed) with/in a total disaster. One matriarchy that I am watching now (brother married into family where the woman run everything after driving all them men into an early grave and are running it all into the ground. I also blame the men for letting this all happen instead of telling the womyn to STFU, the men all caved in. The few that didn’t cave in became drunks to deal [or not deal as it is] with it.) is being driven completely into the ground. Within two generations the family has gone from the men being in the top 5% to 10% of the area in terms of income and having careers/businesses to where the now just out of college generation, is doing nothing. They don’t even want to finish or go to college; and do not want to work except at some dead end job, like Starbucks.(If you can’t complete college or trade school, how would someone work or 8 or more hours per day at a ‘real job’ doing real work? The reason they don’t want to go to college is not because they can’t do the work, they just don’t ‘feel like it’ and want to do nothing instead.) No degree, no job, no career, no trade, no plan for any kind of future since the prior generations made everything easy for them and never insisted that they prepare to contribute to society in some meaningful or useful manner. Once the current, older generation dies off (as a few have done already) it will probably all ruined.

      1. Patriarchy as a social construct?
        Yes Evan. A socially constructed arrangement of domestic and political affairs.
        I would be comfortable agreeing that many things that are tangential to patriarchy are in fact ‘natural’ or inhere in the nature of men (and women) themselves; e.g. greater male aggression, higher male visual-spatial i.q., large sexual dimorphism in human beings, greater female emotional and relational intelligence, etc. but not patriarchy (the system) itself.
        I just can’t see how social arrangements or the distribution of social and political power is an any way determined by nature itself. I would say that patriarchy is probably a more likely social arrangement in (European) societies lacking the cheap and readily available energy extracted from petroleum, natural gas, and other fossil fuels.
        Plastic makes matriarchy possible (I like to say).
        But the real concept of patriarchy is social and everybody has to play along (or a majority of men) to get it to ‘work’.
        Isn’t feminism (today’s militant variety) a social construct also pushed; by people who don’t know what they are talking about?
        Yes. And hopefully it is inherently unstable enough that even the cheap energy we have isn’t enough to keep it chugging along forever.

        1. I really with guys in the Manosphere would drop the “Patriarchy” nonsense. There never was a Patriarchy in the sense that feminists implies, which is nothing more than a conspiracy theory. Females have always had far more power than they let on.

  46. This article is garbage. Women can’t be happy and to think those men trying to improve themselves could believe any of this nonsense is a step backwards.

    1. Yep. I can see that now. To my defense there was no manosphere at the time I did it (twice).

  47. If you men are determined to have your lives destroyed by having serious relationships with today’s western women then by all means take this writer’s advice. He is just the type to think he can teach you to fly a jet because he knows it all from playing on his flight simulator.

  48. Was thinking… A lot of activity here today. If you’re not a muppet “enjoying” Christmas with you family, then you must be here. Good deal!

  49. Great article. There’s no reason to call “feminists” hypocrites if men themselves are hypocrites too.

    1. Save your “lamour” for the beta chumps in your friend zone. The fact that you like this article proves how much it sucks.

      1. You’re just weak and fail to take any responsibility. The essence of a real man is to accept responsibility for the downfall of a patriarchal society. Your attitude is what sucks and is why men have dropped the ball and allowed feminists to get away with murder.

        1. I take no responsibility for you western women, especially single mothers by choice, forraising your sons to be manginas and your daughters to be decadent entitlement minded sluts. We know what “real men” are to you and frankly, you deserve them. Real men like me have been happily married for years to our foreign wives who are real women. BTW mt wife thinks you’re a bigger joke than I do.

        2. “You’re just weak and fail to take any responsibility. The essence of a
          real man is to accept responsibility for the downfall of a patriarchal
          Newspeak much?
          Take your toy and do something other than post for the rest of this afternoon.

        3. Who are you talking to? All I date is foreign women and as a man believe feminine attractive women are attractive to my macho masculine behavior and the fact that I take responsibility. Again, we as men should take responsibility for the downfall of a patriarchal society so I can feel like us men can return as kings. And if I as a man can see that then so should you.

        4. You’re no man.
          You’re not even a mangina.
          You’re here posing as if you were in some sick reverse drag queen show.

        5. The fact that you can’t reply with an honest answer, shows you’re no man. You’re just trolling pretending to be a man and probably a little girl who has feminist mommy telling you what to write on this forum.

        6. ‘Jean’ is french name for males in France. Obviously you have no idea what a man is because you mutilated yourself like your cat.

        7. I can hear your best Parisian hissyfit voice when you say that, “Jean”.
          I think you delight in your testicularless androgyny. Makes you more attractive to the right sort of “male”.

        8. Careful! That might be John-Clod VanDamme. (John-Clods are very special, if ya’ know what I mean)

        9. Real men call themselves ‘men’ not males, JEAN.
          I’ll completely overlook your use of French culture to define anything masculine, this time.
          Now go tidy up. Your “male” will be homo for dinner soon.

        10. I chose the word “male” so I wouldn’t have to explain that when French mothers name their newly born male children they are not ‘men’ yet. I assume men on this forum would automatically understand the implication and the choice of words.
          How old are you…5-years-old?
          Do have a high school diploma?
          You sound retarded.

  50. Yes, we know the problem is the fault of men. we have all the power. We are not personally responsible, and so the fault is not directly ours, but the responsibility to set thinbgs straight IS entirely ours, since we are the only ones capable of setting things right… ‘with great power’ and all that.
    But did you have to turn it into a two page bashing session? the people that actually read the article are the ones who have already decided to make a difference… the ones your article seems to be pointed out will pass it off as a simple ‘tl/dr’.

  51. I agree with much of the author’s sentiment-be a man, take responsibility, don’t make excuses, etc. Yes, the deck is stacked against us, but that should inflame us to wade into the battle more, not make us retreat. Real men love a challenge. What I am disturbed by is his suggestion (which I’ve seen on this site before) that underemployed men should “learn a trade.” Really? Is this where we’re at in American society? My grandfather worked to repair buses so my dad could go to college to be an accountant so I could…learn to repair buses? Does this sound like the forward march of civilization that this site is always touting?

    1. And that time has come again. I don’t have a degree, yet I work in the software industry and have the baristas at Starbucks (many of whom have multiple degrees) serve my coffee. Colleges are diploma mills, nothing more. Get educated on your own, get women on your own and claim your destiny.
      “If everyone is thinking the same thing, nobody’s thinking very much”.

  52. Right so in order to fix things you’re going to need to violently overthrow current Western civilization. The trump card of the womynz is to pick up the phone and call the police. Once that happens if you have a job – its gone – have a normal life? gone too. You lose everything, period, and that’s by design. The price of being a man has been increased to the point that any altercation where you put your foot down turns into a lethal fight against the authorities. So you’ll need to start by elimination of those authorities.
    You’ll need to start wholesale assassinations of high ranking officials, judges, politicians, and police and you’ll need a loosely organized army of psychopathic followers to do this. You can’t mass an army anywhere as that is just a magnet for airstrikes. Protests are worthless and only serve to alert the powers that be who you are. Once a family court judge has a real, personal fear of assigning onerous child support and alimony because he knows that his teeth, fingernails, eyeballs, and testicles will be removed one by one and sent to the court house THEN you can really start making these positive changes. So you know… get to work.
    Obviously I don’t think anything above is going to happen but I do get sick to death of these stupid articles pretending the last 60 years of police militarization and government enforced tyranny have nothing to do with female domination. Being a man is now against the law which is why the womenz start lusting after Muhammed Abdualla Jihad – that guy doesn’t care about the law when he blows up a hospital. It isn’t the women who are your primary adversaries its the freakin’ governments. They are the ones who currently enforce beta male inc. So unless you’re willing to tackle them this is just talk. Personally rather than undergoing fantasies of Red Dawn I found just moving away easier. I don’t feel any obligation to fall on my sword fighting the devils government. Let the beast consume itself. When the parasite has no money to fuel it’s bloodlust the former West (especially America) will descend into messy chaos – THEN you can go dominate any woman you like.

    1. “First they will ignore you, then they´ll laugh at you, then they´ll fight you, and then you win” Mahatma Ghandi.

        1. just enjoying how righteous you think your mission is.
          people who seek to oppress people are not future Ghandi’s.

    2. I love hearing them squeal. However I don’t like the main stream conservative wing associating themselves with the MRA. The right is just as rotten as the left. A lot of the wrongs were done on their watch. Rush Limbaugh was the only one talking about the feminazi for at least 10 years. I think he’s the one who came up with that term. Anyway, fuck the left, and fuck the right as well, just for good measure…

    3. Love the hate articles. Fuck the MSM noise. We’ll continue to practice free speech and do as we please with modern women. The “creepy” “misogynist” and “sexist” labels don’t scare us like they did 10 years ago.
      The once fringe mens movement will soon become mainstream. The creepy sexist movement is destined to reach it’s tipping point. With the combination of divorce rates, rape accusations, and smartphone culture, it’s a mathematical certainty that the majority of men will be jilted enough in the 1st or 2nd degree to become red-pill.
      Men have given up on feminism. The question I have: will women follow suit? Will women abandon the feminist media that has recklessly abandoned them in pursuit of a happy relationship? Or will a gender war last for generations, women mating with androgynous males and skyrocketing divorce even further?

      1. My opinion is that feminism is one of those snakes that WOULD eat its own tail…if it weren’t funded and propagated by puppets at every level of media, society, education and government. Without those things, and the Beta Male Backers accepting and encouraging the whole thing, it would fall apart in a week.

      2. Men are not only ‘giving up’ on “feminism” (do you mean ‘feminists’? Most men “gave up on feminism” long ago) — more are also ‘giving up’ on women, too (mostly by ‘Going Galt’ on them and Going Their Own Way also) — and it’s gotten to the point that the Carousel retirees are really starting to feel the pinch.
        If it’s one thing that “strong, independent” women fear, it’s not being able to find a guy who wants to marry — because in spite of their “don’t need a man” BS that they vomit on a regular basis, they want to marry just so that they can get divorced.

    4. I went over to the site listed to place comments on that article (The Creepy Misogynist Movement….). I must have hit a little truth (and a sore spot) because all of my comments were deleted and I was blocked. Too funny. Most of my comments listed were rebuttals to many rants about feminism being about equality….my position: it’s about “power and control” today.
      I guess the truth hurts and it’s easier to block me out versus debate with me. Just an FYI in case any of you want to be a pain in the ass for this author (moderator).
      I can see blocking one or two comments but to delete all of my comments and block me…..ROK must be a serious threat (no longer a fringe thing).
      They are scared, gentlemen.

        1. It was too funny. My comments weren’t ugly. They were just well thought out, rational (logical) responses.
          I guess that’s foreign to the many feminists who preach the same old lines….and if you don’t agree then they ban you (and your comments). I guess the shit was too much for them to process?

        2. A woman named Emerald Bixby, with her picture as the avatar, said nothing that violates the terms of service yet every single one of her comments were erased. This is a good thing it shows that the faggots and cunts are scared.

        3. Yep, I saw that one. I was able to read most of them before they were deleted.
          Anyone who didn’t “tow the line” had their comments deleted. It’s how they maintain their world (world in a bubble) where no one disagrees with their comments.

        4. Yeah, I hear you. I had to throw a couple of punches in there just for the hell of it. It’s too funny….they talk about us living in a bubble.

      1. “We are fortunate to live in a free society where moderators do not have a police state mentality where they are terrified of freedom of speech that doesn’t conform to their narrow school of thought. Otherwise they would ban all comments from Driver and that MRA woman and…hey, wait a minute…”
        I posted this comment one minute ago so I can time how long before they ban me as well, brother!

        1. I’ve posted some much need comments (food for thought) under that article – debating some women (and white knights). We’ll see if they ban me, again.
          This is Driver, btw (alias).

        1. Typical hypocrites! So funny how they screech for “tolerance” and “toleration” ALL THE TIME, and their ‘tolerance’ is reserved only for those who agree with them.

  53. Modern American Feminism is indoctrinated on both females and males since they are old enough to attend school (if not earlier). It is part and parcel of America’s new Cultural Marxism, which is mainly just SJW-ing to promote The Agenda.
    My take, in large part, is there is a problem with Cultural Marxist SJWs with group hostility and status obsession. This type of thing is seen as high status. I think the most potent attack we can attempt is to make this sh|t look LOW status.

  54. If men today are pussies and don’t deserve a woman it is because they’ve been broken down by the system. I discovered the red pill in university. If not it would be impossible for me to pull women merely for the fact that between 4 years of male bashing mandatory courses feminist instructors would bash men constantly and it made it harder to approach woman because I was in fear if my actions would be labelled as sexual assault/harassment and then I’d get kicked out of university and be banned from university for ever and then my life’d be over and I’d never pass a background check and could never get work anywhere worth a damn.

    1. It all leads back to an asshole woman. Guy is a sally, or an asshole, or needs to man up? Its because his mom was an asshole. Father wasnt there? Its because the woman, or the dads mother, or the mothers mother, was an asshole. Either, way, be it solid line or dotted line, problem leads back to some asshole woman along the way that messed things up.

    1. And if that woman wants a high value man & his provisions/support, she’d better be prepared. She’d better be feminine. That’s my philosophy from now on.
      Men are the gatekeepers of the relationship.

      1. For you, perhaps. For others, no.
        If you’re content to see your genetic line disappear, that’s your choice. Some of us are still going with the genetic impulse to continue and propagate life. The fittest continue, the weak die out, all basic evolutionary forces at play.

        1. Only a fool would kill off his genetic line. It’s tossing the baby out with the bath water. We are irritated with women that shirk their duties so we do the same? That doesn’t make sense.

        2. “better living through nihilism” is most likely a degenerate who is not within the bounds of reason. He has clearly embraced the dark side of reality.

    THE OBELISK represents Man’s overcoming female domination which he had fallen under in ancient times. Under the whip of the dominatrix, ancient man languished for a period. The shaft of the obelisk with pointed capstone symbolizes the uncircumcised pointed WHOLE UNCHOPPED DICK. THE RISE OF THE GREAT DICK.
    Under ‘THE BITCH WHIP’ literal castration was more common than not. The ‘castrates’ of ancient scripture came to be under the priestess judges, a judicial bitch oligarchy that would hand down castration orders to men for the most minor offenses and misdemeanors. In other words, a man could get ‘whacked’ for the equivalent of a traffic ticket!
    We’ve hit rock bottom before and rebounded. Now as we approach the eleventh hour and the gates of absolute ‘BITCH RULE’ are again trown wide, the MANOSPHERE NOW SNOWBALLS once again. In the face of bitch tyranny, WE COME BACK TO LIFE. As we have done time and time again throughout the history of our stellar species, we resurrect our species as a whole with a masculine spirit, force and power that the dispossessed mutinous bitch thread could never grasp or comprehend. And MAN RETURNS TO THE THRONE.

  56. The Red Hood makes a point. So does Blair. Men should be sought after as the prize in the relationship. However, this community, formed out of desperation and a longing for truth and answers, is more of a prize to me than any woman ever will be, in bed or in the kitchen. Let us stand strong and help one another to face the struggle of reality and find new ways to better it for the future.

  57. Great article! I love it when someone on here turn the tables around and in so many way reminds us guys that whining and bitching about how awful women are is not productive at all, as comforting and as entertaining it might be to read. On the other hand, tough love and calling us on our sh-t is much more likely to help. No matter how much we bash the awful feminism and its side effects, we are not going to stop it or reverse, but there are things we can change in our own behavior and attitude to help ourselves deal with these societal-evolutionary developments.

  58. “Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew has been loved for generations because it gives hope to both sexes. ” Amen to that. I would only add that Much Ado About Nothing, also shows us how a mouthy, but good hearted woman, is tempered by a dominant male, and is better off for it. The only thing is that, if Petruchio or Benedick had been raised by a bitter single mother, who vacillated between treating him like her boyfriend or cursing him and his father, do you think they would have had the cajones to bring their respective ladies to heel? What if they had grown up in a world where they were forced to sit in classrooms all day and were punished at the first sign of rambunctious play, disciplined for acting like boys…accused of sexual harassment for stealing a kiss on a playground? I love your article and I think you really make a lot of brilliant points, but I do also think that women and (now gay men) are largely to blame for the tangled-up state of things. Sometimes, I contemplate a blog similar to this one for ladies, urging them to drop their cod-pieces, and to return to true femininity…the beautiful place that it is. But in the meantime, marriage is a two way street and if the women folk are hurling ninja stars at your man parts, from the time you can walk, how can anyone in this sick society (male or female) know their true roles and what it is to be marriageable?

  59. Until the current culture of emasculating males from birth has been destroyed,men will never be “confident” and grow to find the manhood they seek. It is true men are enablers, but they have been indoctrinated to be so from the start. This goes far beyond feminism and deep into cultural marxism. Feminism is just a symptom of the problems men face from birth; a many-headed hydra that can no longer be fought effectively. Eventually it will die from its own hubris. Until then, we can only expect to keep as many men as possible around to help re-establish the natural order when it fails. The author is correct: the current “red pill” manosphere does nothing but exacerbate feminism with its message of enabling whores by sleeping with as many as you can. That is not alpha male wisdom, it is omega male doctrine.

    1. Good comment. Men need to stop acting like male sluts. If every man did that, then maybe the women would get a clue if they want a high value man.

  60. Let’s face it. Everybody would like to have confidence without any hard works. If you are confident, your success rate goes higher no matter what you do. If man becomes successful, I don’t think man would even think of marrying when they take the priority of their own volition. In this day and age, men are growing up encouraged to be more open to their emotions and that is quite counterproductive for man to grow with confidence. it means not giving a damn about what anyone thinks and be proud of oneself but being open to emotion builds you more insecurity.

    1. Creepy AND misogynist! Dang you can feel the fear she feels in the title alone! heh. No doubt at night though she rubs out to various fantasies of being taken by a gun owning far right captain of industry.

  61. Doesnt matter what you say. 90% of women are banging 10% of men..and that number is increasing/decreasing rapidly.
    Only advice I can give men:
    1) make money, save money, dont spent money on stupid things like drinking and going out
    2) Start planing your exodus to another country. Focus everything you got on that or at least, focus on finding overseas bride.
    Even if you are the lucky 10% that women throw themselves at, you can be sure that these women are simply in a state of temporarily insanity. They are not useful for anything (than banging).
    The West is a strange, sick place now. You forget about it.

    1. I don’t disagree with the broader premise of your post, but what’s your source for this 90/10 percent claim? I see others on ROK making similar claims (ie, some small percentage of guys are banging most of the eligible women), and I’m just not buying that it’s as extreme as it’s claimed to be.

      1. Offcourse its a bogus claim. There most certainly are losers in society.
        But to claim that 90% of males are not having children, just for starters, is clearly false.

        1. 90% of the women worth fucking…7s and up, are sleeping with 10% of the men.
          All the other guys settle for just paying for shit and having a sexless marraige.

        2. If they are worth fucking is a completely different issue.
          The statement: “90% of all womenn are sleeping with 10% of all men”, is clearly false.

    2. Doesnt matter what you say. 90% of women are banging 10% of men..and that number is increasing/decreasing rapidly.
      Simple genetics refutes that claim. Plus, there’s no way to prove it. Additionally, marriage is still in majority, and 9 women are not married to 1 man, statistically, and there’s a good chance that most of those men are getting sex at least some of the time.

    3. That whole 80/20 (or in this case 90/10) is such an exaggerated myth. Think about what constitutes 80% of women…a lot of hot women, a lot of mediocre women and a lot of ugly women. Yet all these women are banging only 20% of the men? And the other 80% are not banging anyone?
      There is absolutely nothing to support this myth.

      1. You only need basic arithmetic and knowledge of some basic demographic stats to realize that the 90/10 statement is completely senseless.

  62. I don’t know that I entirely agree with the statement about 4-year degrees being worth nothing. Granted the they are not worth nearly as much as they used to be, or currently cost to obtain. I do believe that a bachelor’s degree does prop open some doors that would otherwise be closed, and there’s some value in that. Too many thinking that a Bachelor’s guarantees them certain things. I worry a great deal about my two sons when they reach college age, with how thick the anti-male culture is on many college campuses.

    1. Khan Academy is free online, and so are most of MIT’s courses. Skip the college bill, it’s hefty and I don’t think it was personally worth it.

  63. You don’t need Game, you only need confidence and approach women & 10% will go on a date with you?
    Well – I guess Roosh, Krauser and many others labored for naught all those years and all their books are toilet paper. They should have just asked out 20 girls, gone out with 2 and likely fucked 1. And everything at the tender age of 20 being highly self-confident just like that versus a woman in her full prime who lives in the West in a demographic 10-50% inbalance of men to women and plus in a fucking Disneyworld, where she is encouraged at every stage of the way while men are belittled from grade school on. The world and women will change if all men suddenly become more self-confident and attain great things. So fucking easy – just be a high value man with fantastic income, self-confidence and stupendous power at age 19 and you are in pussy heaven.
    I wonder what’s next in the advice column?

    1. Don’t know about Roosh’s books….
      But yeah. Most PUA “gurus” books actually are about as useful as toilet paper. Human interactions in the real don’t “go from A1 to C1 to A2 to A3”

      1. Quite a few are actually useful especially if you start out at zero – even Mystery’s basic model. It just went on so much further. You just have to learn to adjust everything and not move forward autisticly on a fixed guideline. Pick-up Artistry is not called art for lack of reason. The art is to perceive her emotions and state and adjust the right seduction for the girl. Plus aside from such great Game masters like Krauser who breached new territories in Game knowledge, there are some others who specialized on some point – Tinder, how to get girls naked online before meeting them the first time etc. We can profit from those men who put thousands of hours into their “hobby”.

      2. It’s fine to say “just have confidence,” but there’s more to it than that. Someone might say, “I want to learn to sing.” Are you going to say to them to just have confidence? True, confidence is a big part of singing well, BUT it’s actually a lot more than that. You’ve actually got to know what you’re doing to a certain extent, and train well and understand the logic behind what you’re doing. Gaming women is a skill just like anything else, and having confidence means understanding how women think, and the logistics to meet them. I get the “just have confidence” argument, but I also think it’s reductive.

    2. You don’t need money or power of any kind to get laid a lot, nor to be particularly good-looking. You can activate the Lover side of their hypergamous instinct without even brushing against Provider (ask me how I know).

  64. There have always been slutty women, always. My issue with feminism is that they try to make slutty behavior into a normal thing, when it’s disgusting. Obviously, a woman who is promiscuous before marriage will probably continue to be promiscuous after marriage. Women are the final arbiters of sex, so even after she’s married she can get sex more or less whenever she want with whomever she wants. Women cannot be tricked into raising another woman’s baby, but a man can be tricked into raising other men’s children. That’s why men value chastity so much, and why most men avoid LTRs with sluts. Sluts aren’t meant for marriage, they’re meant for short term gratification. Normalizing slutty behavior means there’s no women left worth marrying. Only a sea of pump-and-dumps, which will result in an army of fatherless bastard spawn, lots of miserable people of both sexes, and a broken society spiraling towards extinction, soon to be replaced by whomever has a normal society of “traditional gender roles” (ex. muslims).

    1. “My issue with feminism is that they try to make slutty behavior into a normal thing…”
      They also try to make slutty behavior praiseworthy, as though it’s something to be proud of!

  65. Solid stuff as usual from Blair.
    But don’t ya think ‘be a man with balls ‘ ‘dont entertain flakey behavior ‘ advice are beaten to death on every other manosphere site?
    Anyway may the year 2015 bring more success to ROK and even more Butthurt to vapid feminist!

  66. As a female reading these articles and the comments that follow its really confusing trying to imagine the kind of woman you guys are looking for. I’ve noticed a recurring mention of a unicorn; does anyone care to give me a rundown of the ideal traits you would look for in a girl? Cheers

      1. It takes some seriously amazing traits in a man to bring that out in a woman, sure the world is 90% assholes male and female – but there are plenty of girls out there who approach relationships like this and are left dissatisfied with the effort put into the relationship by their partner. You can be the greatest support to your man but what’s the point if he lacks the traits required to best match a noble wife?

        1. Yes, it does take some amazing traits in a man to bring this out in a woman. Unfortunately, due to the impact that feminism has had on our society, no matter what the man does, 70%+ of the women in this country will discount his efforts.
          The husband out there who tries to lead his family in the way they’re supposed to go, he’s labeled as oppressive & old fashioned by society. Divorce him!
          The husband who tries to shelter his wife from the world and protect her, he’s labeled as an abusive man who doesn’t deserve her as he won’t allow her to do what she wants, when she wants regardless of the fact that her actions will damage the family unit. Divorce him!
          Yes, there are women out there who want to live a scriptural marriage as God intended. But they are VERY few and far between. If they chose bad men to be husbands then that’s on them. And vice versa.
          Women are called to submit to their husbands and win them without a word. That’s supposed to inspire the men to take care of them like they’re supposed to.

        2. I’m sorry if it sounded like I was suggesting that all women are perfect, I honestly don’t believe that. As I said, most people in the world are assholes – it takes some real observation and assessment skills to find the good people amongst the shit ones. But it really sounds like you’re argument is suggesting that 70% of men are perfect and that every fault in their relationship comes down to women’s failures, kind of unfair considering your interpretation of my last comment was pretty much the reverse story.
          Personally I really don’t think that religion is yardstick every relationship should be measured by, not every person in the world subscribes to Christianity, that doesn’t mean they can’t persue a meaningful relationship with substance.
          I agree that there are natural roles in relationships that play to the strengths of each sexes, but it’s not all black and white. Expecting a woman to submit to her partner without a word? Accepting that her husband won’t allow her to do what she wants? This is not a healthy approach to a relationship. It’s also not realistic. A relationship should be based on mutual respect and transparent communication, not the surrender of personal freedom. You are a person in your own right before you enter a relationship and that person does not evaporate once you are bound body and soul with another. For both parties. However every relationship is different and you obviously have your own idea of the kind of relationship you want, so I can’t really judge your perspective – I’m sure there are women out there who want the same thing. Just as there are others who would prefer a slightly different approach based on their love and respect for their equal instead on religeous ideals. Each to their own

        3. 70%+ of men aren’t filing for divorce. Women are. That fact alone validates my argument.
          I will not argue biblical principals with a feminist as it is a waste of my effort. Best of luck adhering to the world’s secular values regarding relationships & marriage.
          Good luck.

        4. Well by that argument you could just as easily say that 70% of men are terrible husbands, obviously not accurate, I think that statistic would make more sense if approached by a case by case assessment, like most things in life.
          You don’t have to argue biblical principles, my original post didn’t pose that question, I was just curious about the broad perspective of men, not Christianity. But I appreciate your response to my question all the same.
          Using the word feminist to deride anyone who doesn’t necessarily follow the rules of Christianity is a little weak though, are you calling my long term partner a feminist because he’s not a Christian?

  67. Great article and sorely needed. Gotta take responsibility – don’t blame it all on others – or women.

  68. You’re so right! Abundance mentality rules (that’s what empowers women, so use it yourself!). Women are they way they are because of how they are treated by men, starting with their father. So if you have a daughter, stop treating her like little a little fairy princess right now.

  69. More man up bullshit. I bet Matt Walsh and Mark Driscoll sat in a circle jerk writing this shit. . Even if men manned up in mass most simply can’t as there are not enough good jobs for them to support a family. . Also what of the unfair family courts and over 50% divorce rate. Look I’m all for men being strong as a man it makes you feel good. But I’ll be strong for me and not some fat single mom who ignored me and other men to go ride the cock carousel. All this man up shit is just society getting mad that women are facing consequences for their slut behavior. . Maybe we men should have been included at that table when negotiations went down. They seem to be under the impression that men are just gonna always man up or be able to man up. Men want to be strong, but we are also logical and won’t do it just for free. There has to be some incentive structure. That incentive is bad according to women. That means they have to settle and they don’t want to settle. They want to try for the top man and see if she can get him. The beta guys society is bitching at to man up are just the safety net for these whores. .pethaps one day they will will realize that most of these guys can’t provide due to affirmative action, hr cunts, outsourcing. Of course trad cons and feminist sluts think any man can make six figure if you shame him enough.

  70. This is like one of those “why men should man up” articles from feminist dykes. Dude, why should man put so much effort into being a great man? His bitch will probably fall in love for a worthless piece of shit anyway.

  71. “It’s Your Fault … and the average nubile co-ed would gladly drop
    out of college if she found a man who actually made her happy.”
    No matter what you do to try to make someone else happy… No one can make anyone else happy. Happiness can only come from GOD.

  72. Yes fucking yes thank you god for this I love you man its just fucking epic thank you so much for ending my year this way!

  73. Jesus. This is exactly what I thought when I was a teenager back in 1985. With every year it seems more and more that I knew everything worth knowing when I was a kid and that my 20s and 30s were where I really went wrong. Probably because I as a kid I read Tarzan and Conan and then as adult started reading “literature”.

  74. I actually agree with him to a certain extent. Obviously there are women out there who would gladly marry a guy with his shit together and be the submissive; not a bad thing. I agree that for the right person, a woman should make changes, compromises, but, in some relationships (because everyone finds happiness in their own ways, whether by staying single, being a stay at home mom with a more dominant husband, or entering a union where each person is equal, whatever) men should also compromise. I’m not saying bow down and lose self respect to a woman. I sure as hell don’t want any man to kiss my feet. I want to respect them as a person and receive the same treatment. My personality is a need for independence, but I like to have help and companionship. I can be a good leader, but I’m perfectly fine taking the backseat, too. I am ungodly stubborn and stick with my beliefs, but I can admit when I’m wrong and apologize. I admit my flaws and know that sometimes a woman just needs a man. My fiancé and I work out perfectly.
    The point I’m long winded-ly making is that while women can and should make changes, it doesn’t have to be as drastic as the author says. I don’t need to be trained to be a good wife and respect my husband. I already know how, and I do it every day, even if only in practice for when we do tie the knot. I understand that there are women out there who prefer the 50s lifestyle, and I applaud them for taking what they want out of life and their love life. But not every women has to turn into a submissive pile of need for a man to take care of her and tell her what to say (which is what I feel the author aimed toward, and I’m not criticizing because everyone has their own idea of a good marriage.)
    I get that the men of this site don’t want the Hillary Clinton type of woman, and I’m not saying you should shut up and take what you get. I’m saying that if you look in the right areas, you will find women who are like the kind the author described, but you’ll also find ones like me. Women who are happy to meet in the middle with you. Women who love to cook, buy groceries, do the laundry, etc. but we especially love it when you’re included because it’s silly time spent together. Women like me love to have sex, and it is one of the safe places we can let our guard down and be submissive, but still participate wholeheartedly. (My fiancé enjoys the silliness, which has a tendency to lead to hot sex.)
    You don’t have to force a woman into a role she wasn’t meant for; just widen your horizon, shape up and be responsible, and you’ll find the woman without all the extra work. We aren’t as rare as everyone seems to think.

    1. You miss the entire point. But you’re a woman……
      You say that men have to shape up and be responsible. Some men (myself included) already have our shit together, are well educated, have careers, and are more than capable of supporting a family. (And frankly, it pissed me off that you assume that all men are deadbeats who don’t have shit together in their lives.) Feminism teaches the majority of women (and yes there are exceptions, but they rarely exist anymore) that they don’t need a man, they are better than men. So they end up with the entitlement attitude & they make lousy wives.
      You say you are independent but you want companionship. That statement is contradictory in itself. You want a tool not a man. You want a trophy you can tout around to your feminist sisters. Either you want to be submissive or not. There’s no middle ground. There cannot be two “heads of the house.” You end up with a two headed monster instead of a union as it was originally designed. The guy most likely bows down at your feet, you just call it “meeting in the middle” because it benefits you.
      I don’t want to “meet in the middle” with a woman. I want her to need me to take care of her. That’s a feminine trait. Her needing me inspires me do so. A “independent” woman turns me off as there’s nothing I can do for her. Independence is a masculine trait. Your feminist views won’t change that.

      1. I never said all men are deadbeats. If you’re referring to my very last statement, then I can understand why you thought that I felt that way. The author also tells his audience to shape up and become responsible. But because I’m a woman I can’t say that. 😐 I didn’t mean that all men suck and need to shape up or ship out. It’s just a saying. I know there are tons of responsible and mature men. I live in a town full of them. And I’ve met many across the country when I went on vacations as a kid. I was not personally attacking you in any way or men in general. It was supposed to be light hearted, but I guess the point was read wrong.
        I don’t know why some men think a woman can’t be independent and still need and want the help of another person. Independence does not mean to you what it means to me. I look at independence as being able to stand on my own two feet without falling into a pit of despair. But I’d rather be independent (from my parents) with someone by my side. There is such a thing called equal footing, and that’s where my fiancé and I stand. He does not want someone who couldn’t survive without him, but that doesn’t mean he bows down to my every whim. On the contrary, we are nearly complete opposites and butt heads often. It is what balances our relationship. If you don’t understand it, then move on.
        I don’t know how this whole website only interacts with the radical feminists whom all other feminists wish would shut the fuck up and go live on a man-less island where they will not bother anyone anymore. They aren’t real feminists. Feminism these days is meant to uphold equality for all, which is also now known as humanism. True feminism does not teach ladies to hate men and that we have entitlement over them. Actually, all it teaches is that all people should be equal no matter gender, race, ethnicity, religion, etc. But no one hears about that anymore because the idiots who think women are superior dominate media. I really don’t like those people.
        If you don’t want to meet in the middle, then don’t. I never once said that my relationship should be the model for every other relationship. I actually said that everyone should be in the type of relationship that makes them happy. I was simply pointing out that there doesn’t have to be just one type of woman.
        And, yes actually a person can be both submissive and dominant, though not necessarily at the same time. There are levels to how submissive or dominant a person is, and it depends on what personality type they have. Psychology can teach you that.
        One last thing, my fiancé is not a trophy I parade around to show my friends. First of all, my friends are his friends, since that’s how we met. Second of all, I am the luckiest girl in the world to have found this man who loves me for all my imperfections and inspires me to be a better person. I tell him often how grateful I am to have him and that I am a lucky person to be marrying him.
        Sir, you should reread my previous comment again, slower, and actually pay attention to what I say, despite the fact I’m a woman. If you still stand by your first statement, then fine. You’re entitled to your opinion. Same as every other person on this planet.

        1. you’re wasting your time with that caveman.. He has been rejected too many times and he is bitter so he sees every woman he meets as a chance to get back at them all. Any intelligent argument you make with him is lost when a woman shows up here, he sees them all as feminazis out for man blood and he melts down usually into a profanity laced hissy fit. You are right about the feminazis, most women wish they would shut up. They are more anti-man than they are pro-woman. They wrongly tell us that in order to succeed, we must become more like men, I don’t believe we should give up our femininity for anything and certainly our femininity does not bar us from being successful at anything except of course, a democratic politician or a “news” anchor at MSNBC.

        2. It is amazing how some people think they can judge an entire group based on a few bad experiences. Thank you for the tip lol trying to have an opinion with someone like him is like trying to a move a mountain with your head; you just end up with a headache.
          Yeah, I’ve never understood the argument that women need to act like men in order to succeed. Like, we are different from men for a reason.

        3. Here is can help you understand Bear94.
          “Women need to act like men in order to succeed” – because there can only be one leader, one captain, one king.
          The man is the natural leader or the captain if you wish. All male skills are geared towards dominance.
          The so called 7 male alpha traits – like strong body, good in sports, charisma (natural leader), good fighter etc these are all qualities of a captain.
          The wife can not be “independant”. If you are on a ship you allways have to respect the captain. The captain has the last word. He MAY decide to hear your point, take it into consideration but his word is final. There is no “middle ground”. The captain decides and gives order, the first officer (thats you, the wife) follows and makes sure the crew (the children or house servants) does what they are told.
          A strong and independent women (TM) is a woman who challenges this order. She wants to lead herself. She wants to “meet in the middle” and things like that.
          No good captain will want such a person in his crew, nevermind make her his first officer.
          BETA men on the other hand are men who are full of fear (almost like women). They are afraid to take responsibility, they would rather follow orders. They submit to laws, to goverment, to big corporations, to alpha men, …and to their wifes and often children too.
          These beta schlurbs will be happy to have a strong independent woman take care of them. Thats what you get ladies when you act like men.
          Final note for Bear94. Make no mistake lady – you are hot and young and you provide the great sex. You can do all kinds of shit as long as you provide quality sex you know. If your man is an alpha, he does not want an equal partner in the long run. No alpha does.
          I am past 40 with 3 children and have seen my fair share of couples over the years – it NEVER worked out like that for more than a few years.
          Then a hotter, younger woman comes around and takes the prize you failed to claim in a feminine manner; or you find out you have a beta and get bored.
          Following the natural order is the only viable path to happiness for most women – if you like it or not.
          BlkAV8TR is spot on – listen to his words. The guys you really want in your life are like that. These are the fathers you want for your children not Mr. Kissmyassandmeetinthemiddle.

        4. Maldek, you are fully entitled to your opinion. I know there are relationships out there that work like that, and they work perfectly. But that isn’t the type of relationship I want to be in. Say all that you want about me and tout about your wisdom, but I know myself and what I like, and I do not want and could not live with a man like that. Also, I know couples a lot older than you who don’t follow your model and are more than happy. Marriage is a partnership, two people agreeing to be equals. At least, to most people.

        5. Dear94 – the truth is not an opinion nor an entitlement.
          Entitlement is that you do have a choice.
          The idea of man and women beeing equals is nothing new, but it never lasted long. History repeats itself a lot.
          Be happy that you have this choice. As long as you are young and hot, men will tolerate this and even support you.
          But dont expect long lasting happiness if you choose poorly.

  75. Is it just me, or are ROK writers and commenters trying to subtly convince men to keep playing the rigged game? Just have confidence, and get married and have children! Man up! Get the fuck outta here with that shit.

    1. Nothing wrong with children and a wife – you just have to lay down the rules from the beginning.

      1. Oh, that’s all you have to do? No outside forces will have any effect if I just lay down rules? lmao that’s rich. I bet that is what all those guys who got taken to the cleaners told themselves too. A man would have to be a complete idiot to marry and procreate in this toxic culture.

        1. DXY, these guys never layed out any rules. Even less before marriage or children. They put this ring on and that was it.
          These guys mostly dont have the balls for a pre-nup, even less rules who raises children or who is going to have a career and who not.
          If the culture is toxic you have a choice. You can do what you say and simply not have wife or children.
          You could also use your feet and move elsewhere where it is less toxic and have your children there.

        2. You are correct. Those seem to be the most obvious choices. I just thought it was strange that men on RoK would suggest to keep fishing in a poisoned pond filled to the brim with boots and tires.
          It might be worth it to other men who really need children and want to have a constant power struggle with their wife, but I don’t buy the ‘be confident, lay down your expectations, and everything will be just great’ nonsense.

  76. These days, I ONLY date women that are high earners. Why? I’m a high earner myself. Stay-at-home feminine moms seem to be dumb as dirt these days and I can’t afford to lose my hard-earned money on a divorce. The high earning women are more likely to be educated and intelligent, more likely to want to continue working once they get married, AND they still can be submissive (well, some of them). I’ve seen some of the bitchiest women (in the work setting) be completely dominated by their very average husbands in social settings. This is my goal, ultimately. Though, I am currently too young to marry.

  77. Fine indictment. You can trace this all the way back to the Garden of Eden. Adam dropped the ball allowing Eve to be manipulated by the Serpent. Once the deed had been done and all hell had been unleashed what does Adam do when confronted by God : like a weak little pussy he blames both God and the woman for his lack of leadership. At that point God unleashes his temper against that little naked simpering male and both him and his girl are banished from the garden and cursed forever – along with all of his offspring( humanity). We’ve been paying for it ever since. Its up to each one of us as men to individually fight this “curse” by leading and taking charge.

  78. I would never disempower myself through the feminist legal instrument which presently masquerades itself as “marriage” in Western society.
    Being single without dependents is a wonderful gift. I can’t imagine the horror of being a powerless man-slave locked into a feminist legal contract where she holds the power of a fast and easy divorce over me to control and manipulate me or serve me divorce papers reducing me to the state of a poor divorced man-slave who’s very existence is to work and support her and her new boyfriend(s) or be incarcerated by a family court judge. Ugh!
    NO thank you. I say, “I do NOT!”
    I suppose I do owe the feminists a thank you; however, as feminism has truly empowered me because now I wouldn’t touch marriage nor ever have a child with a woman and I get to keep my freedom and money.
    It’s been fun stopping by but I have to get ready for a Hawaiian vacation. Enjoy your ten cats ladies. It’s a win win in my book :).

  79. When dealing with a wife or girlfriend communication is very important. When I think she gained a couple of pounds I say it. Same when she looks sleazy. Now you always get the angry face. But because of experience you know why: because you confirm what she already knows but doesn’t want to hear. Don’t accept frowned faces when you go somewhere together. I make it clear to my gf: “either we have a good time now or I go home and don’t have to see you for the rest of the week”. She knows I mean it. It’s all about who cares most about a relationship. Once I had an ex, and she had the habit of putting of sex. “Good night”. You know the feeling of don’t getting any that night. Blue balls and such. Don’t accept that kind of sht. Fine, women are the gatekeepers of sex, but you as a man are the gatekeeper of a relationship. Lay down the rules. Of course you as a man should be somebody who is what women want. Most women just want you to be motivated, ambitious and predictable. Not so hard as you might think.

  80. Ok, I know a lot of you guys are gonna have seizures over what I say, but here goes:
    More testosterone and male egotism is not the answer to the world’s problems. Hypertestosterone is what is causing our problems. It starts wars and genocide, wipes out cultures, kills animals for trophies, uses competition to exhaust resources , dominates others without their permission. Correct me if I am wrong, but this site perpetuates that whole masculine hypertestosterone superiority delusion. Superiority is just a relative value judgement, not the truth. It is the opposite of what is needed… which is compassion and understanding. for others and working with them so that we can ALL get our needs met…and that includes women.
    I hold that a man can do this and still be a “real man.” In fact, this is the kind of man I like and the only kind that I would entertain.. Someone who has a real heart. .
    Regarding relationships, all I read about here is how much you guys want to be worshipped but you give no love back to us women. You want it all for yourselves. A real man can honor and cherish women and still do his manly stuff. In fact, it makes him a better man. I do like masculine men, but not apex males. I had a dominator hunter alpha male for a father and the only thing he did was make misery because he was incompetent in relationships.
    I see most guys on this blog headed in the direction of misery, but I guess that what you want. If you cannot make the effort to meet women 50:50, then misery is what you deserve. Our needs are just as valid as yours. You know, you could actually make the effort to read about what women really want rather than insulting us. Women don’t always voice our needs because we learned that most guys don’t care. I have spent countless hours studing male psychology so that I can be a better partner for my man. What are you guys doing to better your relationships with women?
    Seems to me that most of this manosphere stuff is only coming from your heads and is hardening your hearts, which takes away any bit of happiness you might have had. I am not sure if it is really helping you, it seems to just perpetuate a lot of bad ideas about women, which makes it harder for you..

  81. Not looking for a marriageable girl. Im looking for a sloot. Im looking for a thot. I want one of those girls that you have sex with on the first date. Marriage is for suckers

  82. Women want equality? Well here it is: Women and Men are both responsible for the downfall of our society.
    This article is right in saying that men allowed women to push feminist ideals…but why did men allow them to? Clearly there were some mentally-ill, radical women who influenced other immature-minded women to rebel, and their men were so fed up with them that they just gave up trying to stop them. They didn’t think it was worth the mental agony to try and tie these women down. And the cycle continued, back and forth, as more women were being influenced by mentally-ill feminists, more men gave up on them.
    And what caused those first women to rebel?
    They were not content with their life, they gave into selfishness, and became Satan’s puppets.
    People are weak and lost without God.
    We are all to blame.

  83. So train women like dogs? That’s a good way to be single for the rest of your life. Plus this isn’t the 20thcentury. Nobody cares if you’re divorced, and 30 year old women are hot. Girls know if they still got it. Chances are you try to reduce her self esteem,she’ll spot that, dump you, and tag you in pictures of her with a hotter guy on facebook. Women are taught by age 5 about shit like that, red flags to avoid, and you listed many of them. If women wanted to be led,do you really think be fighting so hard for independence? Stop acting like you know women, when you aren’t one.

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