What Would You Do If The Girlfriend You Loved Sucked 12 Penises?

Less than a month after an Irish girl sucked off 24 guys in a Spanish bar, we have another case of a BJ suckfest gone public, this time in America.

A young man in high school started to get harassed on Facebook that his lovely girlfriend had been with black men. Thinking it was a prank, he told them to fuck off.


That’s when they started sending him photo and video evidence of a lot of guys running a blowjob train on his girl.

You can see the “Fuck you” comment by ballnlife_jay at the bottom, who is the boyfriend in question. Here’s a more NSFW image that shows the oral fornication, and there is also an Instagram video clip where one member of the crew smiles and gives a fist pump while receiving head.

It’s hard not to feel sympathy for the boyfriend upon discovering a cheating girlfriend. I imagine he wants nothing more than to have a pretty girl as the love of his life, so it is not his fault that she turned out to be a promiscuous young lady who has no respect for herself or the commitment she made. This is where he cries it out for a day or two and then moves on with his life. Unfortunately, he decided the best course of action is to renew his commitment to the girl and broadcast to the world how everything is okay. He does this by sharing a kiss with her not long after she gave head to many men.

Twitter   ballnlife_jay  Reunited with my girl

He doubles down on his commitment with her, but note the body language:

Twitter   ballnlife_jay  Together forever ...

Twitter   ballnlife_jay  I think everyone is over it now

You can note in the comments to the above tweet and others that he’s actually receiving good advice from men, but he’s choosing to ignore it.

I bring your attention to this event not to shame the young guy or girl, but to give you yet another data point at what modern men are being reduced to when it comes to their relationships with women. Earlier this year we wrote about a used-up hardcore porn star who was able to easily settle down and have a family with her beta bux, and last week we remarked on it further:

With men choosing to wife up whores, sluts and porn stars, the end of men, a fairy tale prophesied by feminists seems even truer.  Men are contributing to their own end and destruction of their self respect in the eyes of women by making faulty choices when choosing mates. The levels of sexual thirst among modern men propelled by permissiveness in modern societies, blinds men on how to distinguish between a good woman and a slut. Unless men develop more taste and standards when it comes to choosing the women they want to mate with, the self degradation by women through slutty personal behavior will continue even more, who’d still know there’d be someone to wife them up.

I hope you are starting to see the dots connect. Thirst and desperation are so high among men that they are willing to tolerate the most humiliating behavior among their girlfriends or future wives. It’s clear that this can only come from a culture that puts women high up on the pedestal, brainwashing men into believing that nothing a woman does is unforgivable.

It’s too bad that men like ballnlife_jay have to put up with what amounts to relationship abuse, all because they were born in a country which has led them to believe that women are infallible snowflakes. We’re seeing nothing less than the standardization and acceptance of cuckoldry among all men, not just the weirdos who frequent swingers events. You won’t find one complaint about this trend from women, but many men will suffer for it emotionally and psychologically.

Stay tuned next month when we’ll surely see a “reformed” 40-year-old porn star who took over 100 cocks in her anus pen an article for Huffington Post giving child-raising and husband tips to readers. This is definitely a trend, and it’s not going away anytime soon.

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610 thoughts on “What Would You Do If The Girlfriend You Loved Sucked 12 Penises?”

  1. You know if I met and dated like a porn star or stripper and I could logically see that she had her shit together and had that shit behind her I could probably forgive her provided she could earn my trust that that shit was behind her. Get her STD tested though. 39% of blacks have herpes. She sucked off twelve dicks at once? How many times over did she catch genital herpes?
    That said I’m afraid that most porn stars are or would be crazy even if they were reformed. Sasha Grey for example may or may not be crazy.

    1. The Carousel changes a woman permanently.
      Once a dog has killed a chicken, he’s done, damaged goods.

    2. Women don’t have the male ability to compartmentalize. Maybe 1 in a million might be able to put this behind them. As a man you are better off playing the lottery.

    3. “You know if I met and dated like a porn star or stripper and I could logically see that she had her shit together and had that shit behind..”
      Man you’re a dope.

    4. All porn stars are crazy. Sasha Grey just a rarer type of sadomachochist who will unlikely feel shame

  2. It’s not his fault. Our society has become the imaginary playground of the radical neo-feminists. It’s a world where a woman claims to feel empowered after riding the cock carousel. He’s been brainwashed and doesn’t know just how terrible his girlfriend in. I feel tremendous pity for him. Hopefully he can one day wake up, and realize just how horrible she is.

    1. Some men don’t WANT to believe that their girl is not a special angel. It would break their heart to think otherwise.

      1. “Some men don’t WANT to believe that their girl is not a special angel. It would break their heart to think otherwise”
        Thats true of how most fathers see their daughters.

    2. Here is the real question though.
      If he is truly happy despite all this (as in, will not wake up and feel shame for being the sucker that worked his ass off for something everyone else got for free), AND he gets to reproduce, is he not winning???
      If he breeds and we don’t… than doesn’t he win?
      Evolution doesn’t give a rat’s ass how much his behaviour makes us want to throw up. And I see this behaviour every day by the way.

    1. Most white women like black guys. Always have. So stop living in fantasy land and come join us in 2014.

      1. I’ve met more than a few white women who complain of the smell of black people. You guys smell different.
        Blacks are generally portrayed as “cool” and fun in the media these days so yeah they look really fun. The media doesn’t accurately show the disparity in violence including rape between blacks and whites.
        And we can see an example of the modern white woman who seeks out blacks in this article. She is physically attractive, but hedonistic and completely lacking morals. Product of a dead culture and modern brainwashing.

        1. Will you please take the American White pussy off the pedestal. I thought that is what this site was all about. Also have you forgotten about the Rape/Sexual Assualt epidemic on college campuses. There aren’t a ton of black people on college campuses so who do you think is doing the Raping?

        2. Hey man, this isn’t black v. white here. It’s real men v. feminist dogma and negative, beta behavior. Getting caught up in differences between blacks and whites just alienates men who could get behind the cause. This article didn’t seem racially polarized at all.

        3. The people who pedestalize white pussy the most are mudsharks. Wonder why almost nobody wants to bed their titted gorillas, even they themselves prefer white pussy and will take anything: damaged goods, landwhales, 65-year olds …

        4. Will take anything? Seems to me from that video/picture, those black dudes are getting the cream of the crop. That girl is young, fit, and hot. The only people that care about Black dudes getting white girls are Beta males that are jealous they aren’t getting any pussy which is ultimately where that feeling of resentment stems from. Some of you CLAIM to have swallowed the Red Pill, but how can you accept the Red-Pill, if you cannot even accept something so simple as Girls in general being attracted to Guys of all races.

        5. Bingo. It’s the “nice guy” conundrum. Blue-pill guys think, “If I treat girls right, I get to bang them.”
          Feminists then scream, “YOU’RE NOT OWED SEX! NICE GUYS ARE FULL OF SHIT!”
          They don’t think to step back and think, “what behaviors actually lead to drilling?”

        6. Nope. Black guys go for the unfuckables where I live (old, fat and ugly). And what’s more most of the time they actually look proud to be seen with them. At first I thought it was JUST about using the unfuckables by taking their money or using them as drug mules… but I dunno, the niggers ALWAYS go for the fattest, ugliest bitches. Go figure.

        7. Nope. Black guys go for the unfuckables where I live (old, fat and ugly).

          Then that settles it. If Black guys go for the unfuckables in your trailer park, we can extrapolate that data to Black guys worldwide and call this thing a done deal -__-
          Nothing says “I don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about.” quite like fallacy of insufficient sample.

        8. “The only people that care about Black dudes getting white girls are
          Beta males that are jealous they aren’t getting any pussy which is
          ultimately where that feeling of resentment stems from.”
          A very common refrain on this site (which is often more vitriolic towards white women than any other women). It’s completely unfalsifiable, of course. As are many of the liberal talking points that this site rightfully lampoons (no pun).
          As an aside, perhaps it’s not white men by and large that white women are rejecting? And perhaps it’s not white men that are the ones doing much of the fuming about these women?
          But how wonderfully convenient! Being successful with women and being against racism go hand-in-hand!
          You’d like to think that were true. It’s not. Simply because one is successful with women, it does not automatically imply that they take PC stance on race. That’s a total skip in logic, there. Plenty of guys with high notch counts don’t like the idea of screwing the same women that black men have screwed. And for very legitimate reasons. I can just as easily say that guys who have access to top shelf white pussy by virtue of their alphaness have the luxury of being able to filter out whores like the one in this story in favor of less spoiled snatch. It can go both ways, here.
          Hell, I just got done listening to a white porn star on Howard Stern (who’s done triple anal, among other things) talk about how she won’t do black guys. As much as it may be hard for some of you black guys to believe, it’s not *only* just white men who are not crazy about black men screwing white women in every case.
          Newsflash: Not all black men like white men screwing their women, either. It’s a natural tribal reaction. It doesn’t mean that they can’t get pussy.
          The attempts by some of you to make “game” (which is recognizing biological differences between men and women) into something that is PC in terms of race is simply laughable.

        9. Live in Asia dude, The niggers over here are from Nigeria and are either pimps or a drug dealers. And yes, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM GOES FOR FAT, UGLY CUNTS. Nothing says, “I have to defend my nigger brothers any way I can,” quite like an assumption that what happens in your neighbourhood is not the norm.
          Plus it’s fucking ironic, if you think about it. Especially when you have a shining example in your neck of the woods with that dumb nigger, Kanye West fucking that fat, ugly Kardashian bitch… and being proud of it too!

        10. Word. They even go for ugly fat bitches like Heidi Klum or kardashians. I totally agree.

        11. It wasn’t, but these guys feel threatened by the image of an attractive white woman with a black guy.

        12. Based upon your posts, it sounds more like something you want to believe rather than actually do.
          No one ever really complains about gnats because while they may be annoying at times, they’re such a non-issue.
          Black guys however, brings out the blood lust.

        13. No, it’s something that I’ve observed with one raised eyebrow. But yeah, at the heart of it I hate black people. Guess that’s cause I was born in South Africa… but still, they’re such dumb cunts, it’s hard not to hate them.

        14. Huh?!? LOL! How did I know you would double-down with more name-calling and more Cherry picking? Nothing demonstrates ignorance quite like fallacy of incomplete evidence.
          You’re straining credulity here @up2daelbow:disqus and somehow managed to further substantiate my previous sarcasm in the process. Unlike you, I don’t care who fucks someone I’m not currently fucking because I don’t engage in pussy worship. That’s your bag.
          So, if seems like I’m defending anything it’s logic. Which you clearly loathe more than any nigger.

        15. I think that’s a mindset that proliferates in college these days especially with traditional-age students. Personally I think college is like night-clubs, it is a breeding ground for scum and even a quality man will begin to exhibit traits of foolishness if he isn’t very, very careful. Also dude, responding to people who proliferate an incendiary discussion of racism just fuels a negative fire. Stay above it. I was dumb to get into it but it was a smaller thread at the time so I figured I’d try to break it up early (which never works).

        16. The assault on college campuse are primarily committed by the few negrows students and the feral negrows who don’t go to school but reside within a short distance. You brothas are natural born predators

      2. The question is “why do they like black guys?”
        I know a lot of the black guys in the sphere like to believe white guys are loser betas while black guys are naturally alpha, or some other version of that old schtick, but the real reason women are liking on black boys so much is heavily based in racism, not any natural alpha qualities.
        The racism women are attracted to is the stereotypical thug black boy – the criminal. Rightly or wrongly, blacks are far more associated with criminality than whites are, and THIS is what chicks find attractive in black boys. They certainly aren’t scampering to be fucked by a responsible black lawyer who wears a suit. Only gangbangers will do. Al Capone had no shortage of women either – criminals attract chicks big time – and the reason white women are attracted to black boys is because they stereotype blacks with crime and thuggery.

        1. Exactly, women are attracted to men that make their own rules and dont abide by society’s. We men see society’s rules and laws as being necessary to live a civil life with everyone being held responsible for their actions and inaction. The red pill has taught us that women hate personal responsibility because it holds her back from doing what she wants to do, impulsively. Many associate rules with their parents and she loves the thrill of rebelling against their wishes.
          In the presence of men that play by their own rules, she can let it all hang out without having to control her thoughts and actions. No crossed legs, no censored speech, no slut shield, just pure unfiltered lust. Honestly, if youre on the receiving end of it, you can have a lot of fun with an uninhibited slut. Its almost like she turns into this animalistic split personality. Betas never get to see this side of women.
          If a girl thinks you will judge her for her slutiness she will put up a shield and pretend to be a lady. This is why sexual talk should be brought up early in your game. Let her know that sex is a comfortable, open subject for you and she will open up quicker.

      3. Really? Do a Google auto-fill for “why don’t i like b” and see what comes up – “why don’t i like black guys” is #3. No, white women are under HUGE social pressure to like blacks but few actually do.

        1. LOL, that was hilarious.
          White women are being “forced” to like blacks. You guys are on the wrong site.

    2. There is always gotta be one cunt you tries to turn shit into something racist. Did some big black dude pump your wife or something? I agree what happened was shitty for the BF, but it happens all the time. To everyone.

      1. Aaand this is what happens…Dudes, this shit aint racial. Getting pissed at blacks or whites is stupid as hell. There’s plenty of articles where that kind of discussion could be appropriate but this isn’t one of them. Any anger on either side is just fueling an immature argument.

        1. You should sign up for dating tips over at the Grio. Another brother such as yourself, who masterbates. Ore than he gets real taco.

      2. But but but… there IS a difference between finding out your gf fucked/sucked a black guy as opposed to a white guy. Pretend you have a small dick, you’ll be insecure as hell (even though the average dick size of negros is only 6 inches – bitches don’t know they’re showers not growers, as opposed to whites). Also, they’re pretty low on the ladder. It’s pretty similar to finding out your gf fucked a dog. You just don’t want your dick anywhere that’s been infested by nigger fluids.
        That above paragraph might sound slightly racist but deep down it’s at the core of the disgust/insecurity. I still expect flaming from pussies but understand it’s the fucking truth you’ll be flaming.

        1. These penis size debates are ridiculous, and can be skewed in as many ways as feminists skew rape statistics.
          For example, while you show the median penis size, several other studies will show the nationalities of men whose penis size exceeds average length… and wait for it, white men from the netherlands have more eight inch penises than other nations, although eight inch penises are not the norm in Holland… but if you’re a size queen looking for big dicks, the extremities exist in greater numbers in the northern europeans rather than with the blacks, who may AVERAGE a larger size, but don’t truly represent the places to FIND bickus dickus.
          What a bunch of bullshit.
          Even a whale feels small in the ocean.
          Men should be finding women whose wombs haven’t been stretched by the cock carousel, but if not, Richard from Ally McBeal said it best when he said, “I know I’m good at sex because I’m always satisfied!”
          Women might be impressed by bickus dickus, but they are also impressed by the six incher that took their anal cherry because, while anal didn’t make them cum, it made them so horny to be some powerful man’s little bitch, that they cum from masturbating about it time and time again.
          Why do you think so many report they still think sex is good even if they didn’t cum?
          It’s mental, stupid.
          Are you guys really studying game, or not?

        2. Btw, if big dicks really do matter, you have to get into the over nine inchers… because that’s when the G-spot and other places get stimulated, even pushing the cervix back to stimulate the other areas.
          If women really are looking for these, they can compete for the 5% of men or less who are so endowed, and live miserably ever after.

        3. Someday, maybe soon, white men will rise up and show you why they’ve dominated the earth for most of history.
          For most of you minorities who keep shitting your blackness on us whites, you seem to forget the core of your grievance was that WHITEY IS A BAD MOTHERFUCKER.
          Someday soon, we may live up to our heritage, because I am sure fucking tired of being blamed for every other colour’s problems in the world…. and if we are such badasses, maybe you shouldn’t provoke us so much!
          Just a small suggestion.
          My sympathy for non-whites is less than zero.

        4. Yeah but girls like this slut probably throw those same signals around at all white parties and nothing happens. The black guys just pick up on slut vibes faster. This kind of behavior is never going to stop now that she has found out how to get penis effortlessly.

        5. Not sounding like a bitch at all. I stated it because I know a lot of guys who hate(d) me because they’re asian and I’m white (I live in Asia right now), and it’s all down to dick size. In fact my one good friend told me exactly this, that he hated me when he met me because I would steal all his girls because I’m white with a big dick.
          So take that one step further with whites hating niggers with big dicks. The whole thing kinda pisses me off because my dick is bigger than the average nigger’s, so the stereotype is bullshit in my case, and yet niggers occasionally try to pull that shit about penis envy. On the other hand, that’s about their only card that they can play, and since it doesn’t work on me I just look at them as even more pathetic than they are.
          But that’s not the case for ALL white men. There are tonnes of guys with tiny dicks who are eaten up with emasculation over this. Even worse if you’re a black man with a tiny dick. Just imagine seeing every single woman’s face drop like they just opened their christmas present only to find a pair of socks.
          As for my sources, just go online and google something like “world dick sizes.” I did that once to find out just how small Asians really are (good for a laugh). Now, every single site you go to will have varying stats (just how it is) but still you can draw average results pretty easily by cross-comparing.
          For Asians it’s around 4.2 to 4.5 inches (roughly, with Japanese coming in pretty much last on all surveys I saw). So I checked some African countries, and Nigeria, for instance, is only 6 inches. As for westerners, it varies around 5.5 inches to 5.75 inches depending on the country.

        6. Yes, it’s bullshit, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t used as a emasculation weapon against us.
          And I’m Dutch, btw. 8 inches too. Just thought I’d throw that in there to say, yep, your data is pretty accurate. 🙂

        7. Bullshit. Fuck a toddler and you’ll only need a 3 inch to hit the magical g-spot. Not that you should, but I’m just pointing out how fucking dumb your argument is.

        8. This ^
          People here are mad others can’t read the fucking signals or see hoes for hoes.
          I suspect most men see women as delicate snowflakes and formulate a plan of attack based on that assumption instead of understanding their nature and looking for the first clue as to what she’s like.

        9. Naive Jeb, the only threat to white people are other white people.
          “We didn’t actually get where we are by accident. Why on earth should we continue to indulge you, those who want us dead? God help you, if we really are as bad of muddafukkers as you clame.”
          I don’t know who exactly you’re addressing, I don’t think you know either.
          You talk as if you are somehow personally responsible for civilization. You aren’t in a position to “indulge” anyone, you are regarded as an average peon just like the rest of us. Your money (you don’t have enough) and your life don’t mean shit to the people who are running things.
          You need to get some better perspective.

        10. Nope, actually dutch (didn’t know they had the most guys 8 inch and above till today). And I’m 8 inch, which isn’t really a blessing, since I have trouble getting it all in half the time. Yeah, I live in Asia, that’s half the problem. But trust me, it’s not a good thing being 8 inch. Better to be 6.

      1. At least then she could have avoided checking off the “Coal-burning whore” box along with the “Sucked 12 dicks” and “Videos of me sucking said 12 dicks posted on Instagram” boxes.

      2. It’s a natural reaction. They feel unable to compete so they try to “shame.” An ironic feminist tactic, not realizing how obvious it is.

    3. The boyfriend is black isn’t he? it’s already bad enough seeing a pretty white girl dating a black guy or a mulatto, then she goes and sucks BBC’s off.
      A trendy little white whore sucking numerous BBC’s off is infuriating, obviously this “woman” has committed an act that makes it unfit to refer to her as a human being. Probably the best punishment is to smack her on the nose with a rolled up newspaper?
      Naw, she should have those photos posted everywhere along with her name so when employers, family, friends look her up they will see what a piece of shit she truly is.

  3. Seriously though he needs to drop her and get an STI test. Assuming he is even fucking her.

  4. Answer:
    Focus solely on myself, right after I focus on posting pictures of her in the act ALL OVER THE INTERNET which would of course include her parents personal/professional e-mail accounts

    1. Yeah, if she was cheating then her parents, friends, employers, and everyone else definitely need to see these images. Post it all over facebook. Fax it to her place of employment though she looks like she’s may not have a real job. If she’s a student then perhaps he should fax the image to every pc on campus. A list of fax numbers should be under her college’s contacts list.

      1. “Yeah, if she was cheating then her parents, friends, employers, and everyone else definitely need to see these images. Post it all over facebook. ”
        And watch nothing happen to this walking STD incubator because we live in a society that does not hold women accountable for their actions.

        1. Yup plus an army of thousands of white knights coming to her defense and being like “why you doing this to that poor girl?”
          Lol fags

        2. I would post everything on thepinkmeth. Get her facebook account. Seriously, guys there will troll the shit out of her facebook. Burn this whore. As for the dude: GET OUT NOW! Why would you stay with this cum dumpster?

    2. Gotta disagree. Doxing exes or otherwise contributing to their drama is gay. Turn your back on her, delete all her messages, emails, photos, etc. Never speak to the whore again. Ever.

      1. “Gotta disagree. Doxing exes or otherwise contributing to their drama is gay. Turn your back on her, delete all her messages, emails, photos, etc. Never speak to the whore again. Ever”
        ^^^^^ THIS

    3. Gotta agree with Arirang. Posting the pics all over and other revenge behavior are emotional chick-beta tactics. Be a man – suck it up and go find a hotter chick to bang.

  5. Poor ignorant fool will realise the true status quo soon enough. It will hit like him like a brick wall. Should ditch that slag immediately.

  6. Accepting proactive cuckoldry is now an expectation of Beta men. Hypergamy is now openly, and proudly admitted by women. Shaming men for not ‘being man enough’ to accept their cuckoldry is the only workable solution for open hypergamy.

    1. Indeed. Sheryl Sandberg encouraged young women to go after the bad boys but not to marry them. Classic AF/BB strategy.

      1. “life partner” fuck we used to be called husbands. That Sandberg sounds like such a cunt

        1. I’m not looking for a fucking partner… I have enough partners… I’m looking for a fucking Woman.

        2. Her main job as Facebook COO was basically adult supervision of Zuckerberg, aka a babysitter with an MBA. But Zuck has calmed down a bit and has voting control of the company. That’s why he pulled off deals like Instagram, Whatsapp and Oculus VR on his own. Her main claim to fame is getting hired by Facebook at the right time. With all of her “lean in” talk she is a bit of a hypocrite. She can afford to hire all the domestic staff she needs to run her household. How many people can afford that? Oh, and if she does ever decide to divorce beta hubby it could cost her a pretty penny in California. =)

        3. Let’s see now. Would you rather be called a house-bound-man (husband, LoL), or a life partner. Is the second choice really that bad on careful etymological reflection?

        4. Yikes. You nailed it. The modern woman will do anything to not refer to you as her husband. The reason? You are not husband in her heart.

        5. Sigh; as an outsider, looking in, she all has herself to blame why she’s “getting left behind for shiksahs”, the same way Englishmen are leaving their own women behind (hint: it’s not “The Wandering Jew” stereotype that every single anti-Semite swears by but instead the assimilation program England employed, directly aimed at Anglosphere Jews).
          And guess what did they learn from England, beside misandry? I’ll let you guys figure it out for yourselves.

        6. If they aren’t MY 12 penises, she gets nexted.
          Once you start getting some grey hair and income, you can choose any bint you want. Choose wisely.

        7. Wait until you go in for the birth of your first child. You have the form to fill out where it asks for the name of the mother, and of course, the name of the “partner”.
          The word “father” is nowhere to be found.

        8. If that was my soon to be ex-girlfriend,I’d kick her ass with a belt before I kicked her to the curb.

        9. I would in a fair world but not this one which would see me jailed for it at best.

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        11. Really? The man can collect on her if she divorces him? Please make that happen!!!!

      2. In other words….when she is done fucking everyone on the planet then go ahead and settle down with a guy who will pay for everything (plus take care of any stray kids).
        Yep, you have to love that “equality” that we’re all striving for, today. lol

      3. “The things that make the bad boys sexy
        do not make them good husbands.”
        I wonder what her “good husband” thinks about not being sexy to her…

        1. Yeah, I am SURE she will never be tempted to cheat again. What a moron!

      4. ” find someone who wants an equal partner.” So what makes you think you are equal to X?
        X Being many things as another woman whos chast or hasn’t ridden me and five of my friends?
        X Here mostly means the partner you describe? Whats makes a woman as herself to think shes worth or X should want her as a Equal partner?
        After you ride 100 cocks like a slut then then like a video game, no emotions or love or anything forget husband now it s called PARTNER, Wow, nice, then deserve a good guy or something. Filthy scumbag women as these are asking to be made public examples out of, and men must start doing this, Women are being destroyed and you will have nothing to fall back to but these little sluts. Its already too late.

    2. Then be the BULL!
      Looking forward to you doing some writing on the rise of Cuck culture and what you think it means in the context of Red pill etc.

        1. I agree. He picks and chooses who He wants to bless…..and leaves table scraps for everybody else.

    3. Here are a few thoughts, expressed as one liners:
      -This guy got cheated on not just once ,but 12 times. He doesn’t respect himself, and the girl doesn’t respect him or like him either. The picture of them above depicts that very well.
      -If your girlfriend is hanging out with niggers, then you’re doing it wrong. No, you did something wrong. A man of value doesn’t date trash.
      -Even though this story has been made public, there are enough men out there who’ll gladly date this STD-vending machine (the girl). After all, “the past is the past”.
      -There’s nothing weaker than a man thirsty for vagina. He’ll do everything just to have a woman by his side, no matter under which conditions.
      -Very soon we’ll read articles by “strong, independant” sluts, who feel empowered because of their promiscuity, praising the boy’s choice. “OMG he’s so confident. A “real” man. He is able to look past her girlfriend’s present actions!”.

      1. What is it about niggers that make white women crazy tho? (Not even being racist. There’s a difference between a black male and a Nigger)

        1. It’s just that they don’t give a fuck.
          Plain and simple.
          White boys (read: blue pill white youngsters) just care too much about everything, worry too much about everything, etc etc etc
          Black guys don’t give a shit, every girl is just a jumpoff
          Plus many white girls are racist as hell deep down and also love being degraded, so they view the black guy as a vehicle for degradation

        2. If the western soldiers of WWII could see this world today they would trade their guns in for german dictionaries,

        3. It’s rare to see women of high quality pairing up with niggers, but I admit it’s getting worse and worse all the time. Outside of the midwest and Texas it’s basically a wasteland.

        4. Yeah, that pairing will last and end up totally to the benefit of the white woman in the long run.
          I’m a psychic!

        5. No, no, no…
          Uttering unpleasant observations is not tantamount to the hamster wheel. If anything, the reduction of all of societies ills to “women” (in general) on this site mirrors illogical female thought patterns far more than me saying things that you seem to disagree with. Particularly sans anything intelligent to say on your part.

        6. Uttering unpleasant observations is not tantamount to the hamster wheel.

          Though attribution errors are. Unfortunately, you’ve made quite a few of them.

        7. WWII was beta. Both of my gr’fathers were strong men but NOT because of that corporate war profiteering adventure that sent them both overseas. Read Marine Corps Major General Smedley Butler’s short book “War is a Racket”. He names the corporations that he served. It’s online for free.

        8. ‘Anti-racist’ is a codeword for Anti-White.
          How’s it feel to be a stupid Anti-White, Leah ?

        9. Haha I think it’s honestly the same question would be asked by Asian men about Asian women. Women don’t want stable white guy who studies and wants a career. White guys gotta stop feeding the welfare state of both government and entitled women. I purposely choose women now who will not lead me to being in this chumps situation.

        10. Your analysis is correct. There is also the stigma that they love. Possible my the view of being involved in the taboo but most certainly white guys are white nights and some Africans are raised in an environment where there isn’t the penalisation. Especially from the liberal media. Listen to rap. How many white guys get away with saying “mistreat that bitch, nigga” as if it were catch cry of the century.

        11. Bullshit. WW2 was not a small colonial war for profit. It was about global supremacy for the next 100 years. It had to to be done.
          Accordingly, during the war corporate profits were taxed at a rate of >95%.

        12. black guys are well endowed and women like to say “i bet u just a loser with a small dick” so ………. do the math bro.

        13. I am glad I am not into blonde women, for it’s the heralded “aryan” phenotype that seems to indulge in mudsharking the most often (applies to men too). In my experience, brunette women are less likely to find subhuman black men attractive.

        14. You haven’t made any sound observations, you just sound jealous and butt hurt.
          The tingle women have for bad boys/alpha-ish men has been discussed ad nauseum. It’s amusing how this dynamic changes depending on the race being discussed.
          If it’s a white biker dude you’d be hanging off his nuts in awe of his masculinity.

        15. I’ve been around country, working class white men. They’re like the final version of masculine white men in the states.
          They don’t have this problem. Not being white myself, I actually get along better with them and we all engage in racist jokes with one another.
          It’s the urban, liberal, middle to upper class white guys that get emasculated.

        16. One thing common in white sluts who hang around with blacks is that these women all have big to curvy booties. Frequent anal or doggystyle?

        17. That’s the thing. Any man can get himself a blonde bimbo, provided he’s got either game/money/black skin.

        18. The reason some white women go for black men is because black men have high testosterone levels. It’s the same reason why some men like Asian women, because they have LOW testosterone. But it isn’t just black men, black women also have high testosterone, which is probably why black women are universally seen as unattractive. (The “black” women who are pitched as attractive almost always have non-African genes, such as Halle Berry, whose mother is white.) Even black men rate black women as the ugliest of all women. Blacks also have higher rates of a gene known as the “warrior gene.” If you think about it, blacks did not evolved to survive in what we call “civilization.” They lived in tribes until just recently, and without the constant guiding hand of non-Africans, civilization in Africa simply would not exist. Period. White men have lived in civilization for a loooong time, and we’ve had many generations that have lived under law and crime and punishment, which has essentially removed the High-T males from most of the population, like breeding dogs and killing off the most aggressive ones. It’s these aggressive males that women are the most naturally attracted to. Our prisons are full of natural “alpha males” and always have been. The Africans have not had the same kind of artificial selection in their species via a judicial system, hence why they struggle today.
          The appeal of black men to white women is partially rooted in the media’s fault, by constantly giving them a “demonstration of higher value.” You’ll never see a black man portrayed as anything other than a hero and good guy in the media, despite the statistics saying exactly the opposite. It’s part taboo and kink, as well. Part interest in what’s unfamiliar, and part the ancient attraction to the high testosterone, as what women find attractive is still based on hunter-gatherer instincts, and not rational thinking. Women follow their emotions, their hindbrain. A women who is with a black guy like that is not thinking rationally. I can guarantee you this blonde would not be slutting it up with a black guy if she knew:
          Blacks have 8 times the rate of HIV.
          Blacks have 7 to 8 times the rate of other STDs.
          Black men are far more likely to abandon their children.
          Black men are more likely to beat their spouse.
          Black men are the more likely to cheat.
          Black men are more likely to end up in prison.
          Black men are twice as likely to molest their children.
          Black man/white woman marriages have twice the divorce rate of white man/white woman marriages.
          The list goes on and on…
          The mainstream won’t talk about any of this stuff though, only how great black men apparently are.

        19. Largely true, if they let themselves get led around by the balls by some fake-hippie, liberal swipl money sponge chick.
          Of course, I’m one generation off the farm, and worked in a union factory for a while, before I traded up (in economic terms); I guess it’s my (hypothetical) kids I’ll have to watch out for…
          À bientôt,

        20. “Accordingly, during the war corporate profits were taxed at a rate of >95%.”
          That statement is complete bullshit. Where’s your proof?

        21. I used to love blondes but now I find F.E.Asian girls more attractive. Although I wouldn’t want to have an eurasian son though.

        22. I would make the argument that the west lost.
          After all: whose ideologies have survived?

        23. What bull shit, anti racist doesn’t need decoding, it means just as it reads. I’m not one bit racist, my mother is white, my father is black..

        24. Ok, so your mother and father were selfish.
          Your mother insured you wouldn’t inherit her beauty and your father wasn’t interested in being with someone who looked like you.
          Have you confronted your parents over their selfishness, yet ?
          ‘Anti-racist’ is a codeword for Anti-White

        25. Damn it man, stop talking to her.
          There’s a table full of men talking inside and you’re sitting in the yard arguing over a bone with a mutt.

        26. lol…I always laugh because I can see them thinking “I’ll show my dad!”. It’s always about being the “rebel”…no race involved…it’s about being a rebel and showing her daddy who’s in charge.
          Too funny.

        27. Chris Rock will tell you exactly what it means…I guess he’s a racist, too? The door ——-> bye.

        28. Lol, that’s hilarious! My father remarried a black woman, my mother married a white man, had nothing to do with what they wanted me to look like, it had nothing to do with me at all. sometimes, people just fall in / out of love…crazy but true. Anti racist means….wait for it… Against racism.

        29. Get a few more years under your belt….you’ll understand it.
          It takes a few years for that wisdom to start working…..but you’re on your way, sweetie.

        30. The attempt to destroy EVERY White country through 3rd World immigration and ‘assimilation’ is GENOCIDE
          ‘Anti-racist’ is a codeword for Anti-White

        31. Omg the Europeans invaded everywhere, I surprised they didn’t end up invading their own arse holes. Nearly every continent on earth has been raped by white European settlers, and then they complain about people immigrating to a country which they already stole. Anti racist means against racism…although I’m beginning to think ‘imazombiekiller117’ is code for ‘im a racist and zombies are trying to Invade me’ …stay safe and keep that anus secured lol.

        32. PS. I’m not a feminist or a submissive doormat, just a person trying to figure out.the world, like everyone else.

        33. The Japanese had a vast colonial Empire, slaughtered and enslaved millions and established rape camps from Nanking in China all the way down to the Philippines.
          The Zulus went on a 600 mile rampage of rape and slaughtered everyone in their path as they headed South West from their East African homeland until they were stopped by the Dutch ‘Boer trekkers’ in 1838.
          My people have committed no unique evil, it’s just we did what everyone else did with greater efficiency.
          The attempt to destroy EVERY White country through 3rd World immigration and ‘assimilation’ is GENOCIDE
          ‘Anti-racist’ is a codeword for Anti-White

        34. So two wrongs make a right? Third world immigration is a consequence of the rich powerful nations(America,Russia) stealing resources for themselves, while blaming religion n and terrorism. Oma”please, stop fighting….oh and of course you can buy our weapons ” anti racism means against racism.

        35. I’m not justifying any genocide, my heart breaks for people who are suffering. Plus how do you know it’s not my ‘white half’ talking? Lol.

        36. Yes. Because they fought against all those black guys trying to take their women.

        37. Whose ideologies survived? Is that rhetorical?
          U.S. style “free market” capitalism combined with cultural marxism (which today = feminism, multiculturalism, blank slate theory, and victim theology).
          Neither had any place in either Nazi Germany or Imperial Japan.

        38. There would be no feminism nor any of its bastard children ideologies.
          That alone would more than make up for any of their downsides.

        39. A cappuccino black is president. Is it not the ultimate Disney show? Yet there is still slavery in the west. Beta whips and wage slaves of every race ARE the modern slaves. Each race has strengths/weaknesses, advantages and disadvantages with regards to the other. Like rock – paper – scissors, the betas of every stripe live at the peril of the never ending scissors game. Alphas of every race live aloof and exclusive of the game of slaves. I’ve learned a bit from alphas that hail from the other races, one thing being that the alpha IS his beta brother’s keeper. Never have I lusted for the women of a negro or Asian alpha. The women of his race are HIS responsibility. Each race should take care of their own. Each race should police its own women. We’re getting way behind on recovering our women. The girl with the 12 chadwursts in her face, those are YOUR blue eyes on that face. She’s YOUR blood, your daughter, your tribe. The push for white betas to break out is right on target. Blacks have their share of alphas. There is a shortage of white alphas. Our women are in trouble and they need a spanking.

        40. How do I sound jealous? If I acknowledge racial differences or intellectualize about them in a way that is not flattering to non-whites, that must mean I’m “jealous” of them? It sounds more like you have to label me as “jealous” because I have offended you.
          Talking about dumb white rednecks (a type of white) is fair game but talking about nigger black thugs (a type of black) is not? Or when I speak about such blacks, I have to say pleasant things about them instead speaking my honest opinion?
          Incidentally, others seem to know what I’m speaking to. You’re just offended by what I wrote so you label me as “jealous and butthurt.” How novel. It’s like the RoK MO when you say something about race that offends non-whites.

        41. I remind every woman I ever catch entertaining the idea of mudsharking of these statistics; might be fun to watch them run with a ball or beat each other, but you don’t let them into your front room.

        42. I prefer not to church it up. American women are just too fucking stupid to avoid self-destructing without strong men willing them not to bang ghetto trash.

        43. Having an impulse control problem and coming from an inherently criminal culture is not “alpha” or even “bad boy”…its just…nigger.

        44. fuck you should walk around in a robe and square hat, please let everyone know where you’ll be hosting your “enlightened thought” workshop.

        45. This was a bit of a non sequitur but it made me laugh so I up-voted you anyways.

        46. WWII? If the founding fathers could see us today, they’d have went “Nevermind. God save the King“.

        47. Black men still act like men. Millennial white boys… not so much. Rip on the drugs and gangs and murder all day long, but women are attracted to men, not boys.

        48. I’m an anti-feminist, but what’s up with all the racists and White supremacists on ROK? Sheesh…it makes us sane people on ROK look bad as a result..

        49. I don’t know, but I salute them for it.Seriously, I don’t think there’s any racism at all among men about this issue. If a brother has the chance to nail a girl like this, good for him. Have a good time, Leroy, and send us the pictures later.

        50. Umm.. I think just about anyone could have that little whore in the picture, you, me and that gay french guy.
          That said, its Feminism and Female Whorism Glorified by Media along with the MEDIA again glorifying Rap/Thug/Hiphop Nigger BS (I dont often want to be racist but when most blacks fall into the American Black Category) its probably the most undesirable trait and over hyped and sold till shit!
          They are all Whores, Either Fuck Them all, or Kill them all, Save yourself.

        51. I was at the casino last night and saw a low quality pairing. First thing that entered my mind was someday she’ll be a single mother lol

        52. My grandparents (born in 1880s & 1890s) understood that difference except they’d say “colored man”. The “N” word wasn’t always a general all purpose insult. The nuances have been lost.

      2. [ “Very soon we’ll read articles by “strong, independant” sluts, who feel
        empowered because of their promiscuity, praising the boy’s choice. “OMG
        he’s so confident. A “real” man. He is able to look past her
        girlfriend’s present actions!”. ]
        Feminism is the gift for men that keeps on giving, previously it bestowed upon us lowly shallow men the wisdom that “real men look past women’s appearance & weight” and now this. Now if only feminism can convince the government & the IRS to look past productive men who much prefer to keep their own money onto themselves or bestow another wisdom that “real men don’t pay tax” ……….

      3. http://m.topix.com/forum/news/sex/TU3O0H06N8NII88LB?lw=1 intresting thread a white chick i banged a while ago texted me. I asked her what it is about black men and she just said its an unspoken taboo. Every white chick deep down in their hamster brain wants to try it because the jungle fever stereotype took on a life of it’s own. Unless she was raised to be disgustingly racist then she’s going to have tingles the more she think about it. It’s an itch she has to scratch

        1. The taboo plays a part, but it’s the social conditioning of white men that is the catalyst. Women want to fuck “masculine” men. White men, among most men in feminist countries are raised to serve women.
          Thugs (perceptual or real) make it very clear that they don’t cater to women.

        2. Those psuedo-masculine thugs are the biggest simps on the planet. Usually have nothing to offer and rely on women the most. The only thing they get is pussy.

      4. “Very soon we’ll read articles by “strong, independant” sluts, who feel empowered because of their promiscuity, praising the boy’s choice. “OMG he’s so confident. A “real” man. He is able to look past her girlfriend’s present actions!””
        You mean to tell me this fag-boy is still with said cum-bucket? Fuck then you are correct watch for all the femenist propaganda praising this dumbass,.

    4. Someone posted it a while ago and I am sadly agreeing… Modern men HAVE to learn how to find fundamental happiness in things other than women.
      I’m being a hypocrite here because I still absolutely LOVE the attention of women. Even if I’m not banging, I feel better about life in general after having casual flirtations and fun interactions with women I meet. And real sex with women is great in many ways even if I don’t ever want to see them again.
      But I know deep down how utterly fickle and unstable that is. And I’ve been on the other end of a dry spell and how hopeless and schizophrenic that can begin to feel.
      I know that when she says she is a traditional girl who wants a man to love her that there is most likely more to the story. Sometimes I bend and I’m willing to believe it but then as more is revealed I realize how much the hamster can take harsh truth and re-package it.
      “Oh… so you’re a traditional girl who has only had a few partners but the last man you were with was engaged to marry? I see… Are you sure you meant traditional in the traditional sense?”.
      I know I simply HAVE to find happiness in hobbies, travel, fulfilling friendships, and some kind of stoic philosophy…. Sex is great but I’ve stopped romanticizing it in the same way I used to. Women (in my demographic anyways) really do just appear as overgrown children 99.9% of the time.

      1. Well said. I too now find happiness in other things other than women. While constant sex is amazing, I am able to live a happy life without being in a relationship or women frequenting in my life.

        1. Yeah go figure. Since I stopped giving a fuck that brings them in. I tolerate them though. Last week I says to one woman “Feel free to come over if you want to cook me dinner, but you can only come over if you cook me dinner”. She didn’t cook me dinner, but she didn’t come over either and I got a lot of things done.

        2. I had a good looking room mate in college who always had women pursuing him. He would make dates with them, but he would only actually go on them if they passed his test.
          He would masturbate while watching a porno. If he still felt like seeing them, he would actually go out. If not, he would call and tell them something had “come up”, and take a nap instead.
          At best, he actually went out with one in 6 of the women with whom he had made a date.

      2. I must be a mutant, or dead. I can go years without getting laid and I never gave a shit. Thank God.
        And in spite of that, I still made horrendous beta blunders and ended up married once. If I never gait laid again in my life I could care less. If I were at a moment before a disease or industrial accident and an angel froze time and said “OK, you get a choice. You can choose to lose your dick and balls in this accident, or keep them but you’ll be paralyzed or blind”. I’d say so long twig & berries for there’s much left to see and do and none of it involves sex.

        1. You can actually develop an addiction to sex/masturbation. People today, especially men, do it way too much. We aren’t robots that can fuck non-stop with only a little down time to recharge our batteries.
          That shit can and will screw up your hormones, causing all sorts of health problems that most scientists/doctors won’t study because it’s 10x more profitable to keep men as enslaved sex beasts than otherwise.

        2. Sex addiction/masturbation is largely a myth. What you are talking about is high libido which is healthy in a strong man.

        3. Yeah, and porn merely exacerbates the problem causing men to have erectile dysfuction when confronted with a healthy breathing actual female woman naked in front of them.

      3. It is necessary to become comfortable with yourself, comfortable to be alone when you need to be and satisfied that your life is order. You are the man, and women who want to be part of your well run life will seek you out.
        You have it right that women are overgrown children. They must be treated as such, not in the “modern way” of letting the child express itself, doing what it likes but with you coming down HARD on bad behaviour. They will respect this. You are a man and you have a “yell” that terrifies women. Your woman should be slightly afraid of you. If she is not, she will not respect you. If you get even a inkling that your woman does not respect you she is out the door – no exceptions.

      4. Curious: Do the men on ROK have a problem against gay men if they believe that women are usually not relationship material? If not for your own sexual preferences, would you advise other men to do the same?

      5. You can establish with her a solid, healthy, and open dynamic. That is why being a functional man and choosing a functional woman are critical to your happiness.
        Why did I want them again? Because being with a woman is singular and being with a
        great woman is a miracle.

    5. You guys wont believe this but I heard from a friend that she posted the pics and videos a few hours ago and is sucking up all the attention.

    6. As the liberated women love to say: “If you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best.”
      Jonah has clearly handled his girl at her worst. When is she going to give him her best?

      1. Well technically he has already had the “best” of her which was before she ruined herself (assuming this was her first episode).

        1. “technically he has already had the “best” of her which was before she ruined herself (assuming this was her first episode)”
          That would have been true had he cut her loose and moved on after she gang sucked, but the fact that he’s still with her means he’s a dumpster diver who eats other mens’ cum.

      2. Of course, they have little patience for a man at his worst – say unemployed, or homeless.
        The hypocrisy stinks to high heaven.

      3. The “If you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best,” is by, or at least attributed to, Marilyn Monroe, who was thrice-divorced, drug-addicted cock jockey who may have had as many as 12 abortions. Not exactly wife material, much like the female lead in the “12 car coal train” story….
        À bientôt,

      4. lol…more useless shit that women say to make themselves “feel better”.
        I don’t deserve any bullshit from women…and I don’t put up with it. I pull the bus off to the side of the road and tell them to get the fuck off.

      5. The funny part is that it was only a woman that said to leave him alone like he was getting bad advice. I’ve lost two friends because I told their men that they were not what they appeared and this seems to be a norm. Guess that’s why girls don’t like me. If you have nothing but your vagina to offer sorry to say that so do 3.5 billion other people on this planet. Come up with something new like maybe a skill. And the worse part is that all these beta men are brainwashed by their probably single mothers and they end up miserable, divorced, broke, and will probably kill themselves. Yet women still want equality. What a fucking joke.

        1. Even a “skill” is too ambiguous. A blow job can be considered a skill. I want a woman who’s passionate about something that less than half the population is passionate about. That indicates a depth of personality and intellect. Be good at or interested in something that not everybody is or cares to be.
          I like football, cars and popular music like a lot of other men, but I’m also into the weather, geography and travel, and other things that the majority of people probably don’t care about, so I expect the same of a woman. I’d rather be single than deal with a woman who’s useless beyond her vagina.

        2. “Guess that’s why girls don’t like me.”
          Girls don’t like any other girls.
          “A misogynist is a man who hates women as much as women hate women” – H.L. Mencken

      6. I always laugh at that statement and counter it with well…..if you can’t handle me with 0 dollars in my wallet, you don’t deserve me with a million dollars in my wallet. They weep when they find out that I actually do have 6 zeroes to my name. LMAO

    7. That probably explains the appearance of fetish cuckold porn and other such more recent depraved weirdness. They really do try to condition them from all sides now, do they not?

    8. Sad truth. I can not feel pity for these boot licking cuntboys. They collectively drag the rest of us down by letting these bitches get away with murder, thereby inflating their egos and flooding the market with mediocre looking women that have the stuck up attitude you’d expect only from a dime.
      Recently I mentioned (on the post about why the American economy needs beta men) that I fear there may be no end to Western men’s desperation and lack of self respect, pride and dignity…and this kind of shit is why.
      So fuck it, the next time I get good vibes from a taken woman, I’m gonna fuck the shit out of her and drain my balls down her throat. There’s no saving this sinking ship, so we may as well plunder the fuck out of it.

      1. Well said Brother, See these women majority pack of whores if these “taken” women you talk about, if they give you vibes, flirt, then put themselves in a situation that can go to a formal fucking behind their man they “love”, then you do just THAT! Fuck Rape the whore’s shit out, then do the man and society a favor by at least exposing the whore and further degrading her and ensuring the guy knows whats he dealing with.

    9. Openly indeed. Was at a club near Tampa last night and had my eye on a fairly hot brunette. She came off the dance floor and went up to a guy and started making out, sitting on his lap. Damn it, so I went a flirted with my second option, a nice blonde, got the number but was heavily blocked by her mother hen who was openly snapping at men, myself included. Went back toward the dance area and now the brunette was making out with a new guy but here’s the rub. The original dude was sitting in a booth, alone and holding his drink and was looking at them all sad. I burst out laughing and looked downward while shaking my head. Thats when I heard, “what the fuck are you laughing at” and the brunette and new guy were walking towards me.My laugh was apparently too obvious. I noticed she had tattoos near her armpits because she was pointing at me. When they got to me she stood in front of him, acting like a stupid chicken shaking her finger and head at me. She said Iit again, what are you laughing at because I was still laughing. I looked at her and said, ” I’m laughing at you” I then proceeded to give a brief rundown as to why and then that’s when it happened. Dude looked right at me and said “Its America, women have the right to do want they want, so what if my girlfriend was making out with that guy, I love her and thats all that matters”.

      1. “when it happened. Dude looked right at me and said “Its America, women have the right to do want they want, so what if my girlfriend was making out with that guy, I love her and thats all that matters”.
        Fuck….. I mean, fuck….. ! And I’m guessing this shit-for-brains mangina who said that to you probably walked away thinking to himself “I really showed him!”
        Guys are getting dumber, and this includes all guys from the skinny hipsters to even roided out no neck meathead guys who work out at the gym.

        1. Yep, this dude was a quasi looking biker. I didn’t know what to say after he said it and it absolutely was said with pride on his part. I looked at them and said, “Alright then, take care” and they walked away holding hands, her in front leading him. She gave me a nice Fuck you while sticking her finger in my face before she left.

    10. Shaming is actually the way out of it.
      Shit Test Theory claims that a woman gives shit to a man she is not certain of. Remaining calm and unperturbed in the face of shaming is exactly what leads to raising status.

  7. This whole incident will end badly for everyone involved. The kid is humiliated, the girl’s reputation is destroyed and those guys will probably end up in jail on trumped up rape charges. #stopwifinguphoes

  8. This is EXACTLY why Americunts can get away with whatever they want. Until that changes, they have no incentive to alter their behavior.

  9. The poor guy has reinforced to this girl that accountability is not required in this sham of a relationship. Have to point out that in the responses to the guy above, every bro gives him straight up beneficial hard advice save the lone chick, Tammy, with that deceptively soft, ‘omg it’s his life. leave the kid alone’ response.
    Men need the ‘cold water to the face’ treatment sometimes, as uncomfortable as it may be.

    1. And yet he still didn’t accept it. Goes to show that betas simply have zero independent thinking skills.

    2. For all we know tammy is supportive of this behavior judging by her picture and comment. That being said i suspect she also has done the same… on the OTHER projects bench that night.

  10. AHHH!! This drives me frikkin nuts! More and more examples of masculinity punished by women and an economic system that feeds off betas. Lesson for me: Facebook is evil, and the red pill was the right choice no matter how hard to swallow (no pun). I’m impressed when guys like roosh or runsonmagic and others can get into the weeds and suffer through the agony to extract an entire article. Thanks for the motivation to keep away from disgusting behavior like this.

    1. And just remember-if you say anything about traditional virtues in the free world you are a hate mongering mysogynist who gets zero pussy. God forbid we expect any kind of decency from the fairer sex. Ha I am glad for these guys too, a century’s worth of knowledge in one website

      1. You’re right, it’s disgusting. I have tried a few times to wade into the muck just to analyze it and I can’t do it. I will probably never visit Jezebel simply because I’d go crazy and honestly don’t want to add to their page views. Usually I’m all about looking at both sides’ arguments but hell, there’s literally nothing to glean from that trash but vomit-inducing rhetoric.

    1. LOL @ your name, firstly. Oxymoron if I ever heard one. Then LOL at the quoting of Twilight actors. Gotta be a troll. 10/10.

  11. At least one of the twelve men had the mind to tell him what was going on, the body language in the picture also made me cringe. I can’t remember who, but wasn’t it someone on here who said that your enemies are great to pay attention to? If twelve guys ran the train on your girl who is your actual enemy? To blame them is to further assert that everything that girl does is infallible-ridiculous. I hope he learns how to carry himself someday. He’s at faut for being a bitch and she’s at fault for being loose, but the real offenders here are terrible parents and a feminized, unnatural society. The way I live now, masculine virtue seems like second nature but it wasn’t always like this. I remember being a teenager and hearing all these ridiculous gender and equality ideologies being thrown around and at that age it’s hard to know what to believe… Wandering through the wasteland without masculine guidance creates men like this. I remember looking at the way alpha men handled their women and was abhorred by what I though to be selfish and barbaric behaviors… Only to find that I came to emulate those same behaviors when I became an adult!

    1. I absolutely agree. It’s insane the level of double-speak propaganda that high-school kids are inundated with. Until a few decades ago, a male coming out of high school was really a man, ready to go to work and support his family. Today the same males are children raised by women to become beta marshmallows.

      1. No bullshit, I was way tougher at age 11 than I was by age 18. High school in the US is a pussification brainwashing camp.

        1. They need you to be soft and pliable. If you emit any kind of no-BS, take no prisoners masculine vibe, they automatically feel threatened. It really is quite sick actually.

        2. Im not planning on having children. But if I ever did, I would hire a personal instructor and home school my child since US schools neuter young men and glamourize sluttiness.

    2. “If twelve guys ran the train on your girl who is your actual enemy?”
      Sadly at the age of 17 3 dudes ran a train on my (Now EX) Girlfriend. One of the dudes used to bully me at a younger age. It hurt since there was nothing I could do about it. But after hearing so many Horror/Divorce stories, Im glad I never married the slut.

      1. That’s crazy man. On one end your enemy fornicated with your ex but on the other end your enemy revealed how bad of a slut she was. So what happened after that?

        1. My ex insulted me telling me that if I had any balls Id fight the bully. I never did cuz I was too scared. But even if I could fight him Id be unlikely to win as his 2 buddies followed him around like lapdogs. And they all lived in the same street so showing up at his house wouldnt be a smart move. Not to mention his dad could cap me with a shotgun fearing for his sons life. My life isnt worth used-up pussy anyway.

        2. Exactly like unless you get attacked it’s not worth it. There are too many sexually attractive women walking around to risk life and limb when you can safely get laid with someone who is possibly more attractive and less of a bitch.

        3. Was the no balls comment for not fighting 3 other guys or for not fighting them for training her?

        4. It was for not fighting the dude who made the sextape. But I aint even worried about that shit. Im just glad I never degraded myself like this beta chump did.

    1. “I wasn’t born last night
      I know these hoes ain’t right
      But you was blowing up her phone last night
      But she ain’t have her ringer nor her ring on last night, oh
      Nigga, that’s that nerve
      Why give a bitch your heart when she’d rather have a purse?
      Why give a bitch an inch when she’d rather have nine?
      You know how the game goes
      She be mine by half time, I’m the shit, oh
      Nigga, that’s that nerve
      You all about her, and she all about hers
      Birdman Junior in this bitch, no flamingos
      And I done did everything, but trust these hoes”

  12. More shocking than the incident itself is the joyful self-debasement of that herb, trying to get back a cunt who couldn’t care less about him judging by her body-language in the pic next to the pool. I cringed seeing that guy embracing his loss of face before the world and wonder what self-respecting woman will want to have anything to do with him.
    As for blacks, most of them have a puke-inducing smell and all of them are gross like a steaming turd on the sidewalk. I have taken the habit of asking women whom I intend to bed if they have ever gotten in bed with a black, to be sure I’ll not contract anything contagious and because I wouldn’t want to get into bed with a woman who fucks with dogs either – signs to me that she’s damaged goods.
    A bit more seriously, they’re a different species altogether from us. Whereas dogs, coyotes, wolves, foxes, painted dogs and some other species are members of the family of _canides_ (dog-like), blacks (afwikans), orientals, whites … are different species of _hominids_ (human-like). While we are different species, we are genetically similar enough to be able to generate offspring together, BUT, just as in wolves crossing with dogs create psychologically unstable creatures, crossings among different species of hominids create psychologically unstable specimens: a well-known case of such a cross, which has also been discussed here, is Elliot Rodger.

  13. Sad thing is if he gets rid of her and posts pictures of her exploits to her friends, family etc. He could seriously be fucked by the law.
    Ive heard of multiple cases where the girl ends up committing suicide, after pics etc ruins her credibility. (Justly so) but then the parents go and try to crucify the boys responsible for makung it go public and fuck the guys over for life.
    There is no self accountability for female actions today.
    I dont think they will ever fucking learn.

    1. In all honesty, she should commit suicide. This will have ramifications on her life forever, though she’s too stupid to know it now.

      1. She should just become a pornstar. Girls get about $5000 for scenes like the one posted in the article. She wont be good for much else to men anymore.

  14. I hope to wake up one day. I hope to wake up one day and hope this reality is not how it really is. To find men who have self-confidence and self-respect. Who don’t degrade themselves for dumpster pussy out of pure thirst. To find men not being degraded, not being told that what they believe is wrong. They know whores are wrong. Ask any man with a gun to his head pictures of two women of equal attractiveness and asks him to marry one of them, and the only knowledge is that one has banged 100 dudes and the other has banged 3 dudes, 99% of men would pick the one who has banged 3 dudes.
    The goal of the modern man is to get pussy. Which is sad if you think about it. I’m not saying that throughout history, the hunt for pussy hasn’t been an important driving factor. But now it’s becomes a lifelong drive where a man must go for the most disgusting, parasitic, and down-right depraved women in history. I almost feel shame at my history for banging such gross creatures, I do hold myself to a higher standard now. But hunting pussy is not optimal for most men. Most men need and should acquire goals and skills outside of pussy and that would increases their chances exponentially. The best way to explain this would be to show one of the best videos I’ve seen on the whole Eliot Rodger thing:

    1. I’m with you on this. It seems to me like many “red pill” men are just as thirsty for pussy as the betas they so gladly criticize.

      1. Don’t automatically assume someone who understands red pill knowledge is somehow above beta tendencies.
        Most men who frequent sites like these could probably be labeled beta-ish.

  15. 15 years ago, she would have been able to do this and get away with it. This guy should be thanking these men, rather than shooting the messenger.
    I weep to see such an attractive young lass relegate herself to cum bucket and bastard child spawner, when she had all the natural gifts to find herself a greater beta and achieve a rank of respectability in a functional community.
    Still, I am thankful to her, and to many other of these social media scandals as they will make exceptionally powerful lessons to my children in a few years.

  16. lol…obviously he likes the abuse. it ain’t like she just up and decided to suck 12 dicks without treating him like a little bitch along the way well before that. he knew she had slutty ways before he cuffed her.
    which let’s you know people have been telling him for a long time that this bitch was a runner. he knew it. she knew it. and they both know he likes being cuckolded. he’s masochistic, he likes the humiliation. some people are just wired fucked up like that.
    I remember when I was prob about 14-15, it used to be this neighborhood runner, me, some friends and a few other groups of people had ran trains on, on multiple, separate occasions. one of the dudes that not only knew she was down to get trained, but had even participated in more than one of the trains on her with his friends, caught feelings for the hoe, and made her his girlfriend. we still didn’t show him any mercy and he still stayed with this hoe for a while, even though she would kiss him with other ppl’s dick on her breath. obviously he liked the abuse.

  17. It could be worse. She could be fat and slutty. Maybe in a few years she can achieve that pinnacle of American womanhood as well.

  18. This girls future SHOULD be so grim. She just sucked 12 dicks on camera in highschool. That’s terrible. Imagine how many she will have by the time she finishes whatever party college in sure she goes too. She will probably major in dick taste studies and will be an expert dick tasting connessuer.

    1. Do yourself a favour and assume 80% of women have sucked at least 30 cocks before the time they’re 30.

      1. I already do. But 12 at one party in highschool is still bad. Just because it’s more normalized doesn’t mean she’s still not a how and it’s still not bad.. I mean I was part of one in highschool where a girl sucked off 5 of us. This was the most in I heard of in my city at that time. I’m just saying 30 is expected but the way this girl started she’ll probably have 150+ by 30.

    2. The thing is, his taking her back despite her behaviour is a major status booster for her amongst other women in the herd. She got away with acting like the dirtiest slut on the planet, and her boyfriend finds her pussy so valuable he forgave her for it. This is a major status builder for her, even if she finds the boyfriend to be a loser. Her girlfriends are all wishing their vaj possessed that kind of power. The male equivalent to this would be being so tough that he beat the shit out of twelve guys. Sex is power for women, and this woman has displayed a lot of power in her hamster brain – at least for now.
      I’m reminded of one girl I dated back in the nineties who used to masturbate to my porno mags when I wasn’t around. When I asked her what turned her on so much, it wasn’t the women’s bodies, or the men’s bodies fucking the women… but “what they were doing.” After a while, I kinda clued in – it was the woman’s POWER of turning men on sexually with her pussy. This same chick also told me about a girl she knew who went nude hot-tubbing with a group of guys, and eventually sat on the edge of the tub so all the guys could get a good look at her body.
      Heh, I had to break up with that chick when she started getting into mixed-company skinny-dipping herself, slutty bitch.
      Don’t believe women when they try to claim skinny dipping and such shit is none sexual – it is highly sexual. Exhibitionism is a top female fantasy – seeing guys get boners at their naked bodies without having to fuck them is a massive validation for girls.
      Anyway, this girl in the article has, in a round about way, massively validated her sexuality by her putz-boyfriend being willing to take her back – of course she’s going to leave him, but she’s going to enjoy the power of her pussy for a while first.

      1. Ya. Thirsty men everywhere these days doesn’t help either. If he won’t put up with it another man will. Which just validates her more and increases the power of her pussy.

        1. The thing what has come to surprise me the most after learning a few red pill things over the years is that now that I look at women and understand sexual dynamics a little better, is how incredibly dumb they are with their power.
          They want to “have it all,” but continue to try to manipulate men into giving it all to them only when they need it, rather than coupling their sexuality to some real goals they can achieve on their own.
          I mean, if you had your male brain and were in the body of a hot 20-something chick (and were attracted to men), think of the power you could wield. Fuck college – go into sales and make $250,000/yr when you are 20, then retire at 30. Milk your sexuality for political and monetary favours, manipulate people into creating wealth generating businesses for you, and so on.
          Instead, women use their sexuality to get a free ride in life, and squander their power in the stupidest ways imaginable,
          If the roles were reversed, think about it. Would you cozy up to your average looking female boss and go down on her to get a promotion that pays you an extra $20,000/yr? I probably would. Would you be willing to fuck a cougar to build some investment capital so you could have $50,000 to invest in the stock market in your early twenties? I would. Would you be willing to live rent free with a couple of horny women who would be happy just to see you walk around the house in your underwear or catch glimpses of you coming in and out of the shower? I would.
          Instead, women squander their power by doing stupid shit like this bimbo. Winning competitions with other women seems far more important to chicks than building real, intrisic power and wealth with what nature gave them.

        2. I’m right along with you. I would do every one of those things. Easy way to influence and manipulate to people to gain powrr. That’s why biology gave them that power because they aren’t able to use it to its full potential.

        3. Problem is that most guys will eventually see right through the smoke and mirrors. They won’t be able to keep the behavior without looking like a “manipulative bitch”, or their feminine appeal.
          Lastly chasing power, influence and money are man traits. Ever seen a woman with all these traits ( and that earned their fortune) and still be somewhat feminine? I can’t think of any

    3. “This girls future SHOULD be so grim.”
      I hear what you’re saying but as long as female behavior never gets shamed then prepare to continue to see the rigor mortis of anything decent in the world.

  19. Wow, 12 cocks in high school? Seriously? Pretty pathetic. I truly hope that he’s only getting back with her to then embarrass her, but I don’t know how a guy can top that sort of debauchery (maybe visiting Magaluf?)

  20. I’m starting to think that bonobos are more restrained in their sexual behaviour that human beings

    1. just took a look at his twitter account. Very sad! feel bad for this kid. he needs some ROK help!

  21. blackballsnmouth_jay. Fuckin’ pussy. Nigger dicks have penetrated your girls mouth repeatedly. And it wasn’t even rape! Every time you give a fuckin’ smooch to that sloot you’re getting all those dudes dicks on your mouth. shit, now I guess I see his point: we’re all over it. Yah, because he’s practically sucked 12 nigger dicks too.

    1. That isn’t necessarily true, you would need to know why she did what she did. If she was just a free spirit slut, who gravitated to some natural alphas you would be right. However, if she is doing it out of some deep seeded insecurity or to get back at her family she could be exceptionally racist.

      1. I was just kidding… of course she can be racist.
        I read (I think that was in Malcom X autobiography) that some sluts want to be fucked by black men, because they fantacize about fornicating with apes.

  22. What would I do, you ask? Simple.
    1) Put my penis in twice as many vaginas.
    2) Keep my ex-girlfriend’s contact info for the sole purpose of sending her coital pictures and videos with all 24 vaginas, regardless of whether or not she responds. Alternatively, I would send her everything in a .zip file, entitled, “Anything you can do, I can do better. Consider this the break up.”

    1. That would be so awesome. Sadly, however, it’ll take you a hell of a lot longer to sleep with 24 girls than it takes her to suck off 12 guys. This is the world we’re playing in.

      1. Yeah. Unfortunately, you’re right on that one. But it is still good to have a few short term goals.

  23. Too many chubs Ive heard is the hypothesis. Heck, I once rejected a girl who was so nice and loyal, but she was fat and ugly, it hurt me to reject her. And even now I know fats who would look so much better with 50+ lbs gone.

    1. I had a similar experience. The girl grew up in a conservative household. she was super cute but over weight. what a shame…

    2. They don’t bother losing the weight.
      They just find shittier guys to fuck.
      Not really great girls in the end.

  24. Don’t worry kid. See those Alphas fist-pumping your girl while doing a gangbang? They don’t know how to treat a lady. You do, with all those fancy candle-lighted dinners which end in a kiss to your forehead.
    Once she gets tired of those Alphas (around 30), she will allow you to pay for her wedding, house, car, vacations and kids. She may or may not divorce you, but who understands women. Just be yourself.
    Those nasty Alphas? Forget about them. The perverts will continue fist-pumping young girls, won’t marry (ha losers), and will travel around the world while you pay for child support until your 50s.

    1. There is a “classic” English saying that goes: The best women should be delivered same as the best Rolls-Royces. Fully broken in.
      Makes you wonder, don’t it my good chap?

    2. I like reading this site but I notice something creeping in that is obviously not quite right, i.e. the proposition that 12 thug gangbangers are somehow by definition “alpha”, and that what we see here is “hypergamy”.
      Alpha is Putin and alpha is Brad Pitt. Hypergamy is seeking to mate with them.
      What we really see here is the result of relentless mass media saturation – brainwashing on a scale never attempted before in human history – of a particular political orientation originating from a particular group.
      If you think that gangbanging with 11 other guys is alpha, you play right into the hand of your historic enemies.

      1. There’s no such thing as ‘alpha’. ‘Alpha’ is just what bitches think, because females are inherently drawn to evil and destructive.

        1. “females are inherently drawn to evil and destructive”
          You sir win the internet.

        1. This matters to who exactly? Oh, the guys that strive to achieve in order to bed the same chick by their in ground pools, comfy beds and the back seat of their rolls-royces.
          You know why chicks are behaving this way? They don’t worry about resources, that’s taken care of in most developed countries. Now they whore themselves out until they hit the wall and then they become receptive to the guys who can “provide.”
          Most women period don’t even have access to the wealthiest men anyway. “Roof over head, 3 hots and cot, birth control? Time to let my hair down.”

      2. There isn’t anything creeping in. Some of you guys seem to have your own version of female hamsters.
        Men don’t decide what makes women tingle. Your definition of alpha is meaningless to women because tingle doesn’t give a fuck about the things men honor and respect.
        For all the analysis that goes on around here some of you become really obtuse at times.

      3. I was being more or less sarcastic when using the term Alpha. While I can´t applaud a young girl engaging into gangbangs with 10+ men, you have to admit that those niggers were having success with women, while the boyfriend was failing miserably.
        If it came to choose, I rather be number 6 in the line to fuck her, than the poor sap who takes her to starbucks the next day.
        I agree with you that mass media saturation, aomng other things, is taking western culture to its collapse.

      4. Brad Pitt seems exceptionally beta. In movies he can play a good alpha but lord angelina Jolie has that beta whipped.she was gettin gang banged before brad, with older men and wants to adopt the kid of every man in the United Nations. If that’s the woman of an alpha I’m not buying in

        1. “Brad Pitt seems exceptionally beta”
          Was thinking the sane thing. He can play an alpha in movies – one of my favorites is Lt. Aldo from Inglorious Basterds.
          But in real life he’s a beta cheese-dick.

        2. I prefer Waltz in Inglourius bastards as Hans Lando. He seems to personify the hawk, the Iago character that the modern man must strive to be like in a world that wants his destruction.he is the machiavellian psychopath that can prosper against the State.

  25. She’ll do him a favor and drop him soon enough. That’s when he’ll (hopefully)learn from this huge mistake.

    1. How could any girl respect any guy that accepted her after that?
      He would have to force her into some hyper submissive role as penance in order for her to respect him. Probably some sort of BSDM assuming he was even into that sort of thing.

      1. Well, he better keep this part of his past a secret–never bring it up in a conversation. And learn not to take shit from any woman that remotely resembles any similar behavior.

      2. I was wondering what type of upbringing this girl had. Where is her mom and dad? Seriously, not to pass blame but something must have happened to her

  26. The instagram vid link is broken though maybe for good reason, just read on antoher link speculation she is 17 so the author shouldn’t show even the link I guess? – she’ll never know true love, only alphas using her and betas trying to buy her stuff – feminists are destroying the West.
    Let’s face it anytime you settle with a non-virgin you are accepting a woman who has done stuff like this. Only marry a virgin, until then enjoy the sluts.

  27. When I see this kind of truths about women, I want to go back in my blue pill days, and throw front kicks in my own face.
    Spent 5 years in the friend zone while she was probably doing that kind of stuffs !!!

    1. No need – just enjoy the ride my friend. And then in many years find a good, beautiful virgin in a foreign country to marry and love. Of course don’t drop game in marriage but there is a genuine future for love and family and kindness and respect – just never with promiscuous girls or anyone influenced by feminism.
      It often takes loving a girl who lets alphas fuck her to wake men up so you have woken up and just make the most of it now.

  28. That entire article made me cringe. One of my biggest fears was finding out that I had been cheated on. It’s also a source of motivation to avoid relationships. I feel some sympathy for the guy, buy he looks, and talks like a complete tool.

  29. “Infallible snowflakes who deserve to be put on a pedestal.”
    The pathetic mindset most men have towards women.
    I have always found it ridiculous and extremely stupid when a man takes revenge on another man who fucked his wife. It makes no sense. The wife knows her husband and owes him commitment, her very betrayal is more severe than some stranger who’s just merely being an opportunist.
    However, because women are viewed as innocent, ‘can’t do no harm’ sort of beings the male hamster apportions the blame to the other man or in this case men. This is precisely the reason men like him can bat an eyelid and forgive sluts like her.
    Her: “Babe, it was an accident, it just happened”
    Him : “I understand babe, its not your fault those guys imposed themselves on you.”
    Even the pool photo clearly shows how repulsed she is that this guy is still with her.

    1. It depends.
      If it was a trusted friend of mine I’d take his head to the pavement. Not that she is any less guilty… but I just don’t have it in me to punch a girl in the face.

      1. Then you oughta fix that deficiency.
        Don’t take this as encouragement to go out and punch a girl in the face. But to go as far as to say that you don’t have it in you to do it speaks to the weakness (yes, weakness) of your character.
        If all men suddenly did have it in them to punch a girl in the face, plenty of our problems would vanish overnight.

      2. If she isn’t any less guilty, why is your instinctive move to crack his head? Women are the gate-keepers of sex, it doesn’t matter if he’s your trusted friend or not. She is more guilty because she’s your wife and she knowingly spread her legs for the other guy.

        1. In my books they’re both traitors. They were both friends of mine and they took advantage of my trust in them. Obviously she owed me more but they’re both traitors. Period. I’m not going to give either of them the same trust again. They lost that.
          I was angry… I needed an outlet for all the anger and loss I felt.
          I can’t really explain it exactly but my instinct was simply to hurt him and make him afraid of me. Looking back I think its just a male instinctive reaction… You see a dishonourable-male move into your territory and cross the line… Tell me how any of you would react.
          On the other hand, beating up my ex wouldn’t have done anything at all except land me in jail.

        2. Bros before hoes.
          Any “friend” who breaks the male-code should get ass-whipped not just by the afronted friend, but by the entire circle of friends.
          Cuckoldry fetishes are not just about simpering wimps like the guy in the article, but also about the fucked in the head guys who think they are “alpha” by cuckolding their friends.
          I HAD a friend who was like this – high N count – but what REALLY got the guy off was fucking the women of other men he knew – not strangers. I lived with the guy for a few months and left just fucking disgusted – I also discovered he had a huge bisexual porn collection. It all made sense to me after a while, that what really got this “alpha” off was dominating other men by proxy through women. Every time a friend of his split with a girlfriend, or had marital problems, there was Bob, trying to slip his dick into the girl. Not only that, he was an active cock-block to his friends and only felt other guys could only date girls he had only fucked first. It is totally HOMO-EROTIC to try to dominate other men by fucking their woman, and deserves not only an immediate shit-kicking, but a second one when you go to visit him in the hospital.
          He never cucked me, but when I moved out of the house it involved me and him wrestling on the ground and me pounding him up the side of the head a few times, because he was trying to cock-block me from every single girl in town. Dumb fucker deserved a lot more than I gave him, the fucking faggot.
          Without a doubt, the girl goes. But I hold men like this to a higher standard, and their punishment for betraying a friend in such a raw manner should be infinitely more severe. Women are mere children, men are not, and I hold them to a higher standard. What kind of loser beta would hang around with a “friend” who cuckolds him? That’s pretty much as bad as the loser who takes a girl back after sucking twelve dicks.

        3. This guy you mention describes to a T this other dude I knew.
          He was always planting seeds with his friends’ girlfriends and whenever there were relationship problems he would come to her as councillor and basically do what women do… talk shit about their boyfriends.
          It became clear over time that he did this because he couldn’t get women interested in him on his own… He was the “macho” type always trying to play-up what hot shit he was.
          Know what happened to him? He was murdered 2 years ago at knifepoint in his own apartment.
          People in the community have various theories on what happened and a popular one is that he fucked with the wrong dude’s girl.
          Sure its super fucked up but there are unspoken rules between men and there are a few things in this world you don’t fuck with.
          You don’t fuck with another man’s family, you don’t fuck with another man’s money, and you don’t fuck with another man’s woman.

        4. Almost all cultures, including our own, had severe punishment for cuckolding/adultery – up to and including death, some still do, as in the Middle East.
          This is something pretty fucking primal, and I wouldn’t fuck with it. It’s one thing to fuck a strange woman, while knowing she is likely “monkey-branching” because that is what ALL women do. But to knowingly cuckold your own friend? To genetically rape him? To expect him to be an omega loser by staying friends with you? That’s fucking bullshit squared.
          Aside from fuck-buddies you’ve once had, where your friend asks you if you’re OK with him going on a date with her (I’ve had this happened and was OK with it), a guy who bangs your current woman behind your back is certainly not your friend, and YOU ARE an OMEGA DEVIANT (lower than a beta) to accept that kind of abusive crap from a “friend.” A complete fucking loser. How could you not be? You are agreeing that your friend has sexual primacy over you. I can’t imagine anything more humiliating and insulting. And I would fight hard over it. Damn the torpedos, full fists ahead. The bulls are fighting.
          There are not many things that would get the hairs on the back of my neck up anymore at 43 years old, but this is certainly one of them. The woman is irrelevant. It is the absolute disrespect the other man has shown me. And I would give the guy a few extra kicks when he was down too, because dirty deserves dirty.

        5. Beating up your ex will land you in jail, but beating up the guy who made the moves on her won’t? Are you fucking daft?
          Your ‘instinctive’ reaction is what will land you in jail.
          You’re prepared to go to jail over some cheating slut for what? For honour? Bullshit. There is no honour in absolving a slut.
          A smarter way to punish those involved is to ruin their reputation through social media. (in this case there is video/photo evidence)
          You keep saying how both are guilty blah blah blah but clearly you choose to take action over the man ONLY. That’s fucking weak.

        6. If men at RoK say its high time that women are held accountable for their actions yet say shit like ‘they mere children’ ‘men are not etc. etc.’ are we not contradicting ourselves?
          You’ve completely missed the point of my comment. My example here fit within the contexts of this story. The above story has NOTHING to do with ‘friends’ fucking his bro’s hoes and everything to do with strangers being opportunists.

        7. The thugs werent his friends mate, but I get your point, never fuck over your friends, never. But common they didnt know that poor faggot, only his slut.

        8. The guy is 43, he still lives in the deluded Honor First wolrd, cut him some slack mate.

        9. Speaking of ruining reputations. Does anyone know another good website besides pink meth? I hear it’s pretty good but are there other ones you can recommend?

    2. Truth. Wife’s sister wanted to hang out and drink with me, play some drinking games etc. Nothing sexual happened but got her to do some modeling for me and of course, I’m the bad guy. Women know what they are doing just like guys know what they are doing.

    3. I never understand this line of reasoning.
      It is true that primarily you should be angry with your wife in this situation, but it’s not the case that you just give the guy a pass. Would you give a guy a pass if you walked up to you in the street and spat in your face? That is essentially what he is doing, he knows he is showing agregrious, intolerable disrespect to you and your masculinity when he goes for your woman. You should not let that slide.

      1. Look, my entire comment was illustrating how beta male’s faulty rationalizations contribute in absolving women of any responsibility for their actions. Those 12 men individually disrespected him but her disrespect alone was worth 12 men. A stranger spitting on my face is less insulting than someone you supposedly love and trust figuratively doing the same thing. Think about that.
        He discovered the hard way that he’s in a relationship with a slut. In a twisted way, he should be thankful.
        His best option was to leave her bitch ass and perhaps ruin her reputation. What would he get out of killing or beating up those guys assuming he could? He would just be another innocent guy ending up in jail or worse dead over some worthless slut who couldn’t care less because she’s busy slurping semen off her tits.

        1. Yeah I get it, I agree with most of what you are saying. In fact in this case I would say that guy has very little right to be angry with the other men, since as I understand this all happened before he got with his girlfriend.
          All I’m saying is there is that it is not just fine for another man to make a move on your woman. The drive to rage and vengeance against the other guy should in no way distract you from immediately getting rid of your woman if she does cheat, but it is a perfectly reasonable and understandable response.

      2. Well said. Vendettas have been carried for fucking another man’s wife. There are a couple of middle eastern religions that make it into a capital punishment for both parties in order to prevent such vendettas from occurring. With all the things they got wrong they got this one thing right for sure. Unbridled hypergamy destroys societies and someone somewhere noticed it long time ago and put it into a religious book.
        Hm,m. Perhaps the ancients had some true redpill knowledge after all….

    1. My best guess is that she gave her boyfriend anal and a stunning blowjob to win him back over.

      1. Honestly, speaking from experience I bet she never offered anything so nice.
        Just the manipulation of “working things out” and taking advantage of his hurt feelings, manipulating him into believing she was remorseful and rationalizing how it was a “mistake” and some other nonsense to justify why it happened.

  30. The biggest issue with this man or young male is he’s adapting all qualities of what it means to be a young woman who was cheated on. He was supposed to see worth in himself and move on to other endeavors. She’s going to not only sleep around with more guys, but lose even more respect for him until she treats him like he’s Ray Barone from Everybody Loves Raymond, leave him for guy who cashes in on those intimately pure feelings all women like or more super masculine men like those black guys. She’s using him like an emotional crutch….nothing more nothing less. Simple case of an animal playing with it’s food. Hope it doesn’t shock him for life.

  31. I could sympathize with the young man had he dumped the bitch… but no, he chose to take her back… his kind deserves no mercy. To say that he is a mere victim or that he was brainwashed by our culture is to take away his responsibility and make him an eternal victim just like feminism is always trying to make women innocent no matter what. NO. We are better than that, we are responsible for our dumb acts.. so I say let’s mock this loser so people don’t start acting like him (too late for that I guess, but still..) and may he never ever reproduce. Ever.

    1. If he dumped her straight up there wouldn’t even be a reason to sympathize. He can’t be faulted for going after a hot girl if he doesn’t know the history of. All that matters is he acts with honor when he finds out.

  32. Don’t forget the 30+ year old “reformed sluts/new Christians” out there who shove the “you cant judge me!” nonsense down our throats. We are supposed to “accept” them as they are, dontcha know

    1. Good point. Even true “Christian” women are affected greatly and the church unfortunately tows (at least part of) the feminist line.
      Dalrock does an excellent job of calling this out at his blog. Red pill dude all the way, but with a religious basis.

  33. “What Would You Do If The Girlfriend You Loved Sucked 12 Penises?”
    What would I do?Absolutely nothing.
    I am never having a “girlfriend” because being a “boyfriend” is almost as demeaning as being a husband. Women do not love men, how could I “love” any female back?
    I would just dump my load in her for release and pray I don’t get a disease. Condoms are not 100% effective.
    Let’s face it, gentlemen, the days of virtuous females are now over. It’s now the era of pump and dump and move on. It’s hookup culture.
    Indeed how bizarre it is to see washed up, diseased ridden cum buckets now try to become June Clever. But Roosh nailed it: the desperation in men is at an all time high.
    It’s a wasteland out there. Fuck for release only, and focus on your hobbies and interests and forget any kind of girlfriend, LTR or getting married or having a family. Society is rotting.
    Sad but true.

    1. WHat a fucking bummer. I can see how the Japs have given rise to the “Herbivore male”…they arent gay, theyre just over chicks. THis is how the species ends? Not with a bang but a whimper?

      1. It’s not a whimper, but Rome is burning and things are too far gone, let society collapse so it can start again correctly.

  34. That whore has her tongue out almost perpetually… as if waiting expectantly for the droplets of man goo to fall upon them at a moments notice.
    She is certainly a catch, reminds me of Clerks: Hey, try not to suck any dick on the way through the parking lot!

  35. Are things like loyalty or morals completely foreign concepts to these people? How did things turned out like this? Media? Shifting values? Joos? I don’t know but I am afraid things will escalate further and further, greater acts of debauchery and sickness shall be done… and none will bat an eye.
    This is only the beginning of things to come.

    1. Welcome to English society, where it:
      –has an inherent anti-Semitism towards Jews of all continents and ethnic stocks
      –already went Medieval during The Crusades
      –whose elites used the Zionist movement as a front to turn Palestine into a British mandate, and used two World War victories as political leverage to make it happen (never mind the fact Theodore Herzl sold out the movement from the very beginning)
      –used Anglo Victorian feminism to thin out certain bloodlines through male-bashing
      …to name a few all because the country, as a whole, has not learned the lessons of Guinevere/Arthurian England, let alone the Viking conquest of England.

  36. “I hope you are starting to see the dots connect. Thirst and desperation are so high among men that they are willing to tolerate the most humiliating behavior among their girlfriends or future wives. It’s clear that this can only come from a culture that puts women high up on the pedestal, brainwashing men into believing that nothing a woman does is unforgivable”
    I still think this has a lot to do with the conditioning that men are scared to death to NOT put pussy on a pedestal. That to do so will make them wake up next day and automagically go gay/trans, shout “faaaabulous” and run off decorating apartments and sucking cocks. I will bet that beta jay dude whatever thinks there’s some point system, like if he said “fuck this” and dumped the ditch witch the finger of God will smite his heterosexual value and the Almighty Himself will say “Oh that’s the rules. You turned down pussy, even under these circumstances. You’re a fag”.

    1. So you too disagree on the idea that the correct way to live in these ugly times is to adopt the hypersexualized lifestyle and be obsessed by banging sluts like this website seems to think ?

      1. are you sure that’s what this site is about? I would have said its about improvement and being in control of any sexual urges you have. And of course a healthy dose of feminist baiting

        1. Well it depends of the articles of course. But it doesn’t try to fix anything, most of them are “improve yourself to bangs sluts” and that’s it. Look at the Jordan Belfort article…
          Even if you bang sluts, you’re still wasting time on vaginas.
          And sex is not that great.
          On that point, I feel closer to the MGTOW guys.

        2. Its a quite broad church. There are some PUA-like articles, but all of them discourage ‘thirst’ and promote the mindsets and skillsets most likely to promote opportunity and control. I haven’t seen any articles that say ‘if you don’t bang sluts you’re not a real man’ or anything. The site deflates the value of pussy IMO

        3. It’s just a personal opinion, but ‘if you don’t bang sluts you’re not a real man’ is the message I get when I read the PUA articles.
          The sexual urge is supposed to be transcendanted through self-improvement and actions.
          Self-improvement for the sake of sex is a bit silly, in my opinion, because women don’t have that high standards.
          If you look at the great men who shaped history for example, most of them didn’t want the power for what it brings (women and wealth) but for the power itself.
          So yes, I think, sometimes, this site give too much value to the pussy, but in an other way that feminists do.

        4. there are articles like that, but they’re on the wane: men are wise to the ‘economics behind that kind of thinking these days, as well as the desperation that telegraphs to the skirt their chasing. I think the core values are away from pedestalising, or over-valuing pussy, but it still has to pull in the punters, and when done right it can still be informative

      2. Knowing game and practicing PUArtistry are not the same. “Game” is all about human interaction and I’ll be the first to tell anybody that using it only on “getting laid” is a waste of skill.
        For that matter the site has a lot of PUA stuff and I find a lot of it to be true based on my own personal experience. There are only three faults I find with the subculture on this website:
        1. There is a belief that “Alpha” means outlaw and “Beta” means law-abiding simp/chump. Such that Jessie James was an alpha and say the men in Little House on the Prairie were all betas. This is really not the case in the real world. Two men can be doing the exact same things in life and one can be alpha and the other beta. Their reasons and motivations will differ.
        2. There is a separation in perception of Game and PUA such that mastery of human interaction is covered only in the scope of “getting laid”.
        3. While advising not to put pussy on a pedestal, there’s a contradiction when men are told to improve themselves and their lives within the scope of “getting laid”. Truth is I never saw a fellow stay in the gym consistently when he was doing it just to look good to get laid. I have worked out consistently since I was 14. I’m over 40. Only once in 30 years have I gone more than 1 week without working out and that was due to being ill.
        If there was one failure, it’s the missed opportunity to confront the conditioning that has men chained to their balls as such they live in fear of some notion that they go gay the minute they exercise discretion around women. So ingrained into the society this is, men become unreasonable. It started in the late 70s, this “you might be gay and don’t know it” crap. This killed any sense of fellowship between men, making them weak. Your best friend would fuck your girlfriend not because he was an asshole, but instead because when she came onto him, he has that “you might be gay and don’t know it” spectre on his shoulder. Of course it makes no sense, right? If you are not gay, you are not gay, but the people pushing this civilization wrecking lie would also say “if the idea scares you or you are upset by it, it can’t be because you are not gay. It’s all societal pressure!”. Yeah so you tell boys they might be something they find naturally repulsive, and then tell them that natural response is not natural at all, from a young age.
        And that’s why you see women getting away with everything. That’s why you see nearly sexless beings on the internet white-knighting everywhere as if women are some kind of borg collective that takes note of their goodness and may someday reward with sex.
        But, if you come to this website and see stuff about giving up on being slave to your own ball and slave to the system of putting pussy on the pedestal, after an ENTIRE LIFE of being told that having those thoughts will lead you to doing things you innately find repulsive, nobody would stick around. That’s how evil this game is, and the think tanks earned their pay on this. So it has to be couched in PUA and “getting laid” or at the least people will think this is some kind of monastery or (more likely and at worst) the programming will kick in and they will flee thinking they’ll go gay if they go against their conditioning.

        1. Mothers can have a disastrous effect on their sons if they are too controlling, neglectful, or abusive. I know that the common insult of men here is that we have mommy issues, and I would have to agree. My mother raised me to be the ultimate beta. After my parents got divorced when I was about 9, my mother was devastated. I was forced to be her emotional rock/crying shoulder way too early in my life. My dad was of course the bad guy that broke my poor moms heart.
          As a result, I went out into the world with that rescuer mentality and got punished severely for it. I played football in high school and college so I always had women, but when I decided to get a gf I turned into this super beta captain save a ho because I thought women were sweet and innocent and needed my love. I didnt know that I was being disrespected until I swallowed the red pill and I was furious about things that happened to me 5-10 years ago.
          My red pill awakening was when I stayed with my mom for 6 months after having reconstructive foot surgery a few years ago. Even when I was dealing with a really painful injury, she made everything about her and continued to emotionally manipulate me. I now saw her for the vampire she is. When the veil falls from your mothers face, the red pill has been fully digested.

        2. It’s good to see that we are very close-minded, and for you’re almost twice my age, I deduce from this that I’m on the right path.
          I’m trying to transcend my sexual urges, through ambition and adrenaline, instead of wasting my time trying to fulfil them like most men do.
          I like to think that I can be more than a biological and governmental puppet.
          I totally agree with you. For me the all feminization and “gay” thing is a totalitarian manoeuver to create a new, weaker, lonelier man, that cannot survive without the consumption society.
          I wrote a few posts establishing that the “born this way” argument was a scam created by homosexualists to get the pity out of the public and that this lie will soon be used by pedophiles to gain acceptance. If you care to read them, it could interest you.
          Homosexuality is the result of a perversion. Just like alcoholic, drug addict, or even foot fetish in a lesser degree.
          It is a sexual OCD, that our society glorifies.
          It could be cured by psychiatrists, but the lobbying now forbid them to do so.
          How many young men have been pushed by the social engineering to this morbid lifestyle…

        3. I feel you, man.
          At least you played football. Some of us had mothers who did a great job of preventing us from getting out socially and truly fucked up those precious & quickly disappearing teenage years.
          Once you get in an LTR with a great woman who has a good family they’ll treat you really well. I promise you, it feels so much better!

        4. Very well said. A mother is there to wean but not to teach her son to be a man. Ideally a humble mother should admit to her sons that she cannot teach manly ness. She’ll cook, comfort and service dad. If she abandons her duty to serve dad, the children have the green light to bite back at the vagabond bitch. A mom who trashes her spouse deserves to be shamed. Kids have some pull after all if they exercise their limited power over their mother gone wild. A dog housed dad wouldn’t object. I can’t stand seeing grown kids suckling up to an old french whore single mother. We should preach to the kids out there to honor their parents AND ALSO to spike the bitch if she goes preying mantis. In time precedent will be set and it will be known as custom that if you dump on the man, the kids flip the tables and give mom an overdue haircut.

  37. The worst part for me is that she let them get away with recording her. Cheating on me is one thing, video taping and photographing the deed is just cruel.

    1. “What is it that brings WHITE WOMEN to the BBC?????”
      Anglosphere women despise the white knight, but they’re too politically correct to admit it.

    2. I admit without a doubt that black men are physically superior to white men, but…. if they openly started a campaign to steal white women how do you think that would turn out? Black man stronger physically – White man stronger mentally. Mental strength > Physical strength in the modern world. There is a reason the darker skinned people of the world live in abject poverty despite being in the most resource rich areas of the planet – whites are dominant (chicks may want to fuck men from the Congo but no way in hell will they move there).

      1. Have you ever seen the world’s strongest man competition? All White Europeans. Maybe black men are faster, but stronger upper body wise? Nah.

        1. True. I guess i meant “in general” and really what they have is lower body fat % and skeletal structure more suited for athletics.

        2. I have to go with scratche here.
          Blacks have been shown to generally have more fast twitch muscles than whites, the “sprint muscle” the reason why they are better at explosive positions in sports: linebacker, running back, anything in basketball. Blacks are generally sprinters and such in track, take for example Apollo Ohno. However, when it comes to endurance, whites are usually better: marathons (although Kenyans have a natural advantage due to elevation), swimming, rowing, these are and almost always will be white sports.
          For the bodybuilding, I don’t know much about sport bodybuilding beyond the obvious ones such as Dorian Yates. I would imagine this is due to a cultural emphasis more than anything, I’m sure if more blacks got into bodybuilding, they would dominate, same as how not many blacks play hockey (a very explosive sport, and this is due to economic reasons as well), but the ones that do are usually very good. However, as it stands, I can’t think of a single significant black bodybuilder.
          Selective breeding occurs in humans, just like in other animals and plants. Cultural emphasis has resulted in slight differences over thousands of years and hundreds of generations of breeding. Blacks generally live in a more primitive environment, ie Africa, and especially when they were bred as slaves in the south this process was sped up. Jews have always placed an emphasis on intelligence, which is why the average Jewish IQ is slightly above the norm (105-110 range). These differences don’t make people inferior, just different, and certain differences make some people better suited to some environments (While egalitarianism is idiotic, and I say this as a neoreactionary, inequality is often used as a justification for what amounts to racism). For example, it is impossible to say intelligence>strength. If I lived in a primitive society or in a state of nature, intelligence is next to useless. However, Western (European) cultural has come to dominate the world over the last two thousand years, which places an emphasis on intelligence over brute strength.

        3. Are you a black? Questions like that are very important. I am a white man.
          “Strength”. Genetically speaking, blacks can’t be stronger than white men. It just can’t. Heavy-weight MMA, boxing, Muay Thai are caucasian dominated sports. I will ignore strongman, i will ignore that blacks are shorter than whites (the average white and average black).Two-three black nations produce runners, but don’t forget the huge support from sponsors they get.

        4. You mean all East Europeans, again a people with even higher fast twitch muscles than blacks.

        5. I’m white and I’m also suspicious that you’re actually a genuine racist.
          Mma doesn’t have much to do with “strength.” Boxing doesn’t have much to do with “strength.” Coordination, balance, reaction, and agility are all different aspects of fitness. Strength isn’t hypertrophy. Strength isn’t power. Strength isn’t endurance.
          Height generally depends on environmental factors. Some places favor shorter heights, some larger. Height has no effect on strength.
          Black nations don’t produce more runners because of “sponsors,” and that’s something that absolutely ridiculous to say. When you’re running miles above sea level and your race has more fast twitch muscles than the competition, you’ll tend to be faster

        6. “Black nations”. 2 negroid sub-species produce talented runners.
          BTW, there is a reason why for blacks is harder to win in Strongman, heavy MMA and completely fail at swimming.

      2. Every race has a bell curve. There are a lot of bitchass black dudes, even among the thugs.

        1. My wife and I pulled up to MackDonald’s drive-thru.
          A warm black female voice politely took our order.
          When we got to the window there was a big masculine black man with a thick facial stubble. But he spoke in a woman’s voice.
          Very polite. Excellent customer service.

      3. I have met black women who only want white men. It’s not all too uncommon. The provider instinct is huge and many black women want that too. We need to break off from the welfare state and it should all end. It’s also a question of nature v nurture. A lot more blacks are in environments where strength/speed will be ingrained in their way of life. White men and Asian men need to stop trying to be providers as the only way of attracting females. Because blacks still attracted the opposite sex when economically disenfranchised.

      4. That is some nonsense right there. Whites are just as athletically gifted as blacks. The modern :African-American” is usually a very poor representative of anyone from Africa.

        1. Come on man, take the redpill on athletics – there is a reason it is dominated by blacks, they are more athletic!
          There are plenty of non-athlete blacks as well but the best athletes are black – how many whites have broken 10 seconds on the 100m?

        2. 1 white guy there from France. 9.9 for 100m. There is a 16 year old Jap who wears pink shorts who runs 10.1. There is a genetic link. But then again there has been much less drug testing in US and Carribean and whites got out of the manual work earlier. white people lack the incentives to focus entirely on sport.

        3. I have played on the same teams as and actively competed against blacks. I have won awards over blacks playing the same position as me. I was once the best running back in my league, step for step as fast as any other athlete and I could shake off a single tackler with ease. I set several league and later district records, I broke records set by Emmit Smith and tied a record set by Derrick Brooks. I quit after sustaining a neck injury.
          I think the difference is that blacks are encouraged, erroneously I might add, to be very good at athletics as that is a possible route out of poverty. The average black is not more athletic than the average white at least not genetically.

        4. It’s wonderful you were a great high-school athlete but without a doubt blacks are more genetically gifted when it comes to explosiveness/jumping etc. Not to mention they have much longer limbs and better bone structure for athletics. That being said, yes they are more encouraged and part of their athletic success is cultural. There are certain physical factors that determine success and blacks have the advantage: long limbs, compact torso, stong glutes, etc. Whites are built differently, we have long torsos; just look at a white linebacker compared to a black one – the white one will have a longer torso and no ass compared to the black one.

        5. Short Twitch muscle is developed by engaging in excercises where one explodes through. The average person of African descent has no more advantage than anyone else. The reach of a man’s arms is determined by his height, it will almost always be the same as his height, regardless of small variations not limited by race. Take a group of white kids and encourage them to engage in active running and playing and when they are old enough to play football they will match their counterparts, same for asians.

        6. Dude u crazy, just look at olympians – the best of every race compete (and all of them practice the best training/nutrition) and men of west African descent always come out on top. When comparing “average” people you may be correct but the best of the best are almost always of west African descent. There is really no arguing with results.

        7. Modern African American? You mean the one with the great great great white slave owner grandfather, and the tons of white men hes mommas surviced through the late 19th and early 20th century? Not really that black

      5. Blacks can’t swim, blacks can’t win strongman because of their physical built, the average 30 year old black man is shorter than the average 17 year old european BOY.
        From dick size, bodycomposition to IQ… blacks are lower than white men.
        Enough with the propaganda coming out from hollywood.

      6. Actually I knew a slut who fucked men of several races. She claimed most of her black lovers had small dicks.

        1. Yes, from what I have heard from women black guys are just like white guys when it comes to size. Just from viewing porn it doesn’t seem like they are any bigger; look about the same – some big some not so big.

    3. If you want a really good read of a white guy dealing with these issues about 500 years ago then read Othello. Amazing! I model my life off Iago. Any weakness in his enemy he finds. He uses the women that men love to eat away at their souls. Shakespeare created the most brilliant character of all time. A man of pure Machiavellian brilliance. He at one points admits to having being cuckolded and as a reason for his life lessons and a taking of the red pill. One thing that particularly annoyed him was “a black ram tupping a white ewe”

    4. You liberal blue pill men crack me up.
      You think that because these limp wristed lady-boy urban metrosexuals don’t act like men should, that all white men are that.
      Sonny, you’ve got another thing coming.
      A little research would do you well. You could begin to learn about the population demographics of the United States, the demographics of the Combat Arms of the USMIL (and the majority of combat veterans), the demographics of firearm ownership and competence, and the Bell Curve.
      These shallow cum-dumpters like the one in the OP who place more value in ‘bad boy’ or 6 pack abs (all false advertising for Real Manhood tm), eventually learn the error of their ways if they’re lucky enough to survive.
      Check out the stats on inter-racial relationships, and see that when whites mate with blacks (either w/m-b/f or w/f-b/m) the chance of being killed by your black mate are orders of magnitude higher than the chance of being killed or harmed by your same-race mate.
      There I go with those ‘rayciss’ statistics and facts again.
      Far as I’m concerned, it is a shame that this young woman didn’t have a man as a father to teach her what to look for in real men, and not the false advertisements shown above.

  38. man: Hey hone can you stop by the pharmacy to pick up jr’s ear infection meds after work today? I gotta go to accounting class tonight.
    woman: Yup no problem hone…but I have to swallow 15 black cocks at my local empowerment session meeting tonight so I could be late.
    man: Ok don’t worry I’ll just pick it up on my way back from class. Be sure to rinse out your mouth, vagina and anus before you get home!
    woman: Ok bye see ya later.
    The thirst is real here in 2014.

  39. With women so determinedly devaluing themselves, it seems a waste of time that feminists worry about men devaluing women.

  40. This woman is a prime example of the quality of white women that white men have to deal with in the United States. I for one will not be risking engaging one of these women in an LTR, Jamal and Tyrone can go to town because I’m heading to Eastern Europe should the time for an LTR come in my life.

    1. My tailor is a woman from the Ukraine. Just got done talking to her about men here & women there.
      I’m considering checking it out, too. Hard to say no to beautiful, sexy, but sweet blonde women although I speak some spanish and do well with latinas.

  41. Unbelievable. You would hope this is an extreme case but is probably common amongst the younger generation. Young teenage boys need leadership from fathers and girls need leadership from mothers who aren’t nightclub/bar hopping, cock carousel riding tramps.

  42. Well jeez look at that guy. Dude takes more selfies with his girl than most girls do, and on top of that he took the girl back….after getting caught running a train behind his back lol. The guy is a like “lovesick” puppy, and nothing is really going to change that at this point if finding out this doesn’t change things…

  43. Oh wow, the second news story I’ve heard this week where I can say “In a row?”

    1. I have to admit that one made me lol a little, never heard it but it is a great comeback for the sluts who like to throw out the classic “once u go black u never go back” line. It’s just that I never met a classy female who slept with black dudes (and by “black dudes” I mean “homies” not guys like Obama or Tiger Woods or any other black male with a decent education/morals/future)

  44. I feel bad for the guy who became the campus slut’s boyfriend.
    More importantly, I am grateful for this website, as it teaches me to let go of sexual thirst.

  45. This is truly pathetic and shows how far downhill society has gone, however this ain’t nothing new. Sadly one day this girl will realize how stupid she was when she was younger when she applies for a job and her currently employer will google her to find this ratchet slorish behavior. Just ask Monica Lewinskiy the bitch had to move to another country cause no one would hire her even with a masters degree
    The guy is a sucker and I’ve seen guy’s like him. I remember one guy buying his girlfriend a car, house etc this was 10 years ago when I was in college and her emasculating him in public by kicking him and often calling her “your my bitch phill and do as I say” his response
    “yes dear”
    I’m serious guys like this are just happy to get some Hot pussy even if it means setting their pride aside. I last saw the girl on tinder and swiped left

    1. “Sadly one day this girl will realize how stupid she was when she was
      younger when she applies for a job and her currently employer will
      google her to find this ratchet slorish behavior. Just ask Monica
      Lewinskiy the bitch had to move to another country cause no one would
      hire her even with a masters degree”
      This girl won’t. Her boyfriend’s already ‘forgiven her, and she’s gonna tell people that was a ‘mistake’ (while secretly labelling it as an ‘experience’).
      The times during Lewinsky and today are different. If she seeks a job, her interview might as well involve an anal and blowjob selection test as well.
      Avoid western cunts today like the plague.

  46. I had to stop when I seen he took her back….
    C’mon MAN DAMN. What the fuck?
    Let me finish reading this. This post better have some type of revenge or happy ending. It can’t be this bad out there in the Blue pill world right?

  47. I had a similar scenario.
    When I was 24, I found out that my girlfriend of 3 years had, prior to us dating, hosted some gang bang parties. She let three guys toss her around on five separate occasions (she says five. Who knows if it was more?).
    From that moment on, she was dead to me. I lost all respect for her.

    1. Hey, “It was her past, and she practiced it safely. Her past is what made her appreciate you when she found you”
      That was the advice I was given. My stomach disagreed.

      1. The old saying, “you can have such an open mind that your brains fall out” applies here.
        Gotta kick these bitches to the curb for the sake of humanity.

      2. Sounds like the shit advice from typical places like Reddit!
        the past is the past and although she was a whore before you met her and now only gives you missionary, she’s still a woman you need to respect..” etc, al.

      1. She tried to play the “you’re too sensitive” card. That I needed to man up to the position of cuckoldry.
        She almost had me convinced (I was a young man at the time). But my stomach would not let me accept it. So the relatonship faded out. I was living in my own apartment at the time, so that made it easier to exit the scenario.

  48. Well this is fake. Look at the instagrams. Not a single comment on a single picture from before four days ago on the boyfriends pictures or the girlfriends. You’d think an attractive 17 year old girl would get a single thirsty dude saying “you look beautiful” on an old picture. Or even you know her “boyfriend” of over a year commenting on somethjng

    1. might be “fake” but how do you fake the dicks in her mouth? Were they just dildos?

      1. No doubt there was a girl who sucked off 12 black dudes. Go on pornhub and you can see a girl fuck 50 black dudes. But the whole idea of a “whipped boyfriend taking her back and forgiving her” is completely made up

  49. Even if this were to be fake this is probably happening all the time and guys are staying with these girls much of the time. It even happened to an uncle of mine who worked his ass off for years for his family, he was controlled by his woman and in the end she ended up getting cock from other guys, they had been together for probably over 20 years, and she was probably doing it all along and he is still with her. My dad would comment all the time on how his own brother was controlled by his wife, it never ever ends well guys, don’t give up control of your relationship under any circumstances to a woman.
    It’s condoned by the media and American culture, but if a guy even slips up a little bit there is absolutely no redemption to be found. A few months ago when I had a blue pill relapse due to giving too much weight to the media and academia about relationships, there was absolutely no sympathy for men in any place to be found. According to feminism tilted websites and such about relationships, if a guy was unwilling to give complete control to a woman he was abusive, and it would take the guy years of therapy to overcome this. It was basically an outright message to women to leave their husbands and that the kids wouldn’t be as affected and may even be better off without a dad and that they would make it financially. It was crazy, but I’m thankful I looked because a woman on there made a reference to Return of Kings and I haven’t looked back.
    What’s going on is crazy, I mean kids need their dad, heck my three year old looks to me for guidance and discipline , if he were to grow up without a dad, I shudder to think what kind of a guy he would turn out to be. All these groups advocating for the destruction of the American family should be careful as they may reap what they sow, I would be very lost and a drain on society had my father not guided me growing up. Women should not be getting a free pass on this stuff.

  50. To everyone reading my comment, … sorry folks, but chances are the next woman you successfully game has had MANY threesomes, either she has , or she has fantasized about it. Every.. Single..One…Of you who doesn’t think this is the truth is a BETA.
    What is better to a female than one dick? 10 dicks! than 10 more dicks after that! most of them collect tons and tons of dick picks on their phones!
    There has never been a better time to be a lascivious female, and guess what, it’s yolo 2014! don’t you know the attitude. It’s. Fuck you ! Im gonna screw all i can because you only live once and i have a smart phone with 10000000000 desperate and sex hungry men, and than when i age i’m gonna find myself a gulliable shmuck who is sex starved but can’t wait to pay for my lifestyle and if you don’t like it, go to hell , loser! (typical attitude)
    ^says the modern woman in her attitude* LOL folks, you can have em.
    Though your woman may not be doing this behavior outright, she really and truly is thinking about it. FACT. As i always say, at least the whore is honest, and you at least know to protect, whereas the nice woman will deceive you with her mannerisms and kindness and give you some warts, i’ll take the whore over the fake “proper” feminist, Why? because the whore has ONE trait that i can identify with and that is HONESTY!
    The last noble feminine trait of honesty, is only found in the out-right whore, we red-pillars must form an alliance with the whore/sluts/skanks We must unite with peace, so long as whores are identified, disease cannot happen, and so, we have no problems.. The problem with multiple partners is DISEASE. That is why it is supposed to be repulsive

  51. Roosh, with all his pessimism in pointing out thirsty little bitches like BallnJay missed out on the much bigger picture in all this.
    Notice how many MORE men were telling Jay how dumb he was?
    My favorite was where one of them said, “You whipped off these hoes. You’ll figure it out soon enough.”
    We’ve all been there. Get burned enough, and all but the worst of betas will abandon it.
    Don’t forget how sick and tired millenial men are with modern girls. For every BallnJay, there’s 10 more reformed nice guys with a very cynical outlook.

  52. Lol Could not of he posted a better pic of the both of them with that header… Or maybe that was the best one. Either way he`s a fucking moron

  53. The poor kid is in denial to the extreme extent that he may have psychological issues. I’m no shit talking shrink either. I don’t even buy into freud babble or any goy self help brainwash in the slick mags, but the kid is clearly in SERIOUS DENIAL. Does he have an available dad or alpha mentor? He seems determined not to be another fag, or to at least have a piece of candy ass female to show the world. BUT SHE’S A WHORE fool. How many bisexual men or outright faggotts would even give a shit what a woman does. Fags don’t even get it. To parade a skank like that indicates that you have the JUDGEMENT of a fag. He’s just one slip up from becoming a pathetic ass packing sodomite dumb animal without a soul. Alpha red pill patriarchs offer the only last stand for the salvation of humanity itself.

  54. The story of the MMA fighter who tried to marry a porn star yet to come home early and find her doing what porn stars do is very much in a similiar vein to this story

      1. Yep. The guy went on the run. The red pill hit him hard. Basically said there would be no chance of a fair trial.

        1. Even funnier is his top- I go alpha make shit- even the world of mma is not immune to blue pill ways!

  55. cut the poor sap some slack, had he dumped that strong agile confident girl then he can have hate-crime charges against him like “he hates black people, if it were white guys who got intimate with her then he’ll be cool bout it, gnomesayin?”

    1. Not sure whether you’re a girl or a guy, so I assume you’re a guy to avoid bans.
      It’s not a reason to kiss a girl who had 12 penises in her mouth and take her back just because one wants to avoid the “racist card”.

      1. to each his own dude, perhaps that chump also secretly likes cock but too shy to admit it? and so satiating his crave for cocks by proxy of his soulmate? LOL.

      1. wow wow just wow stop right there dawg, raycism be eeeevil , eeeeevil i tell ya! u be ignorant dawg cuz my feminist retarded jedi master once told me datz da concept of race be social construct like da concept of gender. had it not been for dem eeeeevil patriarchy then women can produce sperm like men do and impregnate each other! nomesayin?
        once women are free to impregnate each other then men become obsolete and believe me dem women be throwing party in biblical proportion to be celebrating datz, woooooohoooooooo partay!

  56. Why isn’t anyone writing about the porn star who couldn’t get enough penises and cheated on his MMA boyfriend who kicked her ass?

  57. Is this porn advice column on huffkngton for real? If so, I imagine new breakthroughs in industrial organization, new schools of economics, maybe even the advent of sentient AI- all being spawned from the efforts it will take to moderate comments on that ho’s column.

  58. Remember guys, unless you give a girl the “tingles,” there is NOTHING, NOTHING that you can do to make her attracted to you. Not working, not contributing to society, not having a stable income, not being a nice guy. Nothing can make her lust for you as much as she lusts for an alpha.
    Sit on that, feminists, and ask yourself exactly what will happen to society once this fact reaches mainstream knowledge.

  59. The level of that chump’s thirst is disgusting. To kiss a mouth which has sucked off 12 dicks, and to knowingly do that – is that the chump has absolutely no self respect.

  60. Relationships and romance in general is a joke in modern america. Women have become spoiled degenerate alpha-bitch princesses who are a complete disgrace to their grandmothers.

  61. I know I should be focused on the sex aspect of this story, but I can’t help but notice how everyone involved in this sordid case seems to be quasi-illiterate. There’s something so grotesque about this…like primates tapping away and trying to express the contents of their tiny little minds. I just hope they don’t reproduce.

      1. Did you have sex with his girlfriend too? If not, then I think you really misunderstood my comment.

        1. yaw dawg, are you a man or a woman? in the holy name of sacred feminism, be honest or u’ll be damned in patriarchy hell forevaa!

        2. Haha. Man. Btw, I liked the article and agree with the sentiments expressed, only I can’t get around this idiotic way these young people “express” themselves. The whole fiasco was only made more embarrassing by all the participants’ inability to clearly communicate.

  62. the funniest part of all this is the ppl that got they feelings hurt because it was black and white…newsflash you simple minded dummy — they’re just women lol. black, white, asian, spanish, arab, or some mix of them all…they all operate the exact same and fall for the same game. no matter what color the gods splash on them.
    you’re delusional as fuck if you think women really give a shit about race loyalty or insecure and lonely dudes bitchin about race loyalty. the only color that matters is green. if you haven’t found out by now, you will sooner or later. this is america, classism is king here.

    1. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard ”I don’t care if she’s green or purple – PUSSY is PUSSY”. Really? What’s this green and purple shit? If I ever saw a GREEN pussy – damn, I think I’d put on two or even THREE rubbers. You kidding?

      1. lol if I saw a green pussy I wouldn’t put on any condoms…id put on my shoes and run the fuck outta there

  63. To all the white guys who are butthurt about the men being black, go fuck a muslim girl, with your buddys, then watch as angry towelheads call you “fucking white scum”. Now you know how your black brothers feel, when you post shit like ” this nigger is a monkey y”all!”

        1. So I don’t get put on some infidel kill list, I’m going to plead the 5th as to whether or not I truly did that

        2. Fuck it, brother youve inspired me, im organizing a train on muslim girls this wednesday, any white crusaders welcome to join, we will be serving morrocan ass and lebanese pussy. 2345 Saint-Catherine, Montreal. Bring your red cross condoms.

  64. Wow, this is disgusting. Thankfully I’ve realized this from a long time ago. I never let a woman get the best of me. I don’t care how beta i’m acting, or how horny I am. Bust a nut and move on. It just isn’t worth the trouble anymore. I’d rather live in peace then have attention from a whore.

  65. I am willing to bet the beta in question hasnt had sex with the hoe in question.

  66. Does anyone remember the story about a year ago that was going around on the manosphere about the husband who was married to a nonsexual wife? One day he was cleaning up the house and found an old VHS tape having a gangbang back in college that she had saved for memories sake. I could see this slooot being that girl 10 years from now.

    1. I remember that. Not only that, but other (more tame) stories have occurred in other places. It’s pathetic in all aspects.

      1. yep, that’s the story. That story should be mandatory reading for all men as a cautionary tale.

  67. When I see a westernise woman these days (feminist), I look at her as a piece of meat and nothing more! If she gets hit by a car, I doubt I would even bother help…
    Women complain that they get treated like shit from guys… seriously… wake the fuck up and take a look at yourself!! RESPECT has to be earn which doesn’t involve fucking/sucking a different dick week in, week out!!! and yes… we can tell

  68. This kid’s name just got changed to Hugh. Miliation.
    Just imagine him 9 months from now, if she plops out a kid: “At least he’s got my palms…”
    À bientôt,

    1. Probably Stockholm Syndrome from being raped by niggers in the past.
      Avoid the police they are waiting finger on trigger for you boy.

  69. First of all the chick is WAY out of this guy’s league looks-wise. At least 2 points. He is young and probably sucks in bed. Regardless of how many guys this chick has fucked/sucked, he is beta at least in part because he is on the wrong end of the supply and demand curve. He might find a nice girl, but not one that is that much better looking than him that will want his scrawny, beta ass.
    There is no male equivalent to a gang bang for a guy (while guys might have a threesome with 2 chicks no guy I have ever heard of has 10+ women taking turns on him) if there was would we fault a guy for doing that? Who cares what this chick has done. So long as she has an STD test from like 2 hours ago…ok maybe one hour ago, I would still fuck her. Why not?
    Just don’t pedestal the chick. Otherwise who the fuck cares.

    1. I’ll bet you a box of donuts that’s his first attractive girlfriend. That plays a major factor in these things.
      Doesn’t matter, though, as no woman is attractive enough for any rational male to take her back after personally being shit on.

      1. No man IMO should be in a monogamous relationship anyway so it should have been a non-issue.

    2. Dawson, dont want to come accros as arrogant, but where I live cunts like her are a dime- a-dozen. Im serious btw, maybe in america shes hot, but not in my neighbourhoud, shes a 7.5 to me.

  70. For FUCK SAKE you stupid misogynistic assholes for the last time the Magaluf girl was NOT Irish NOT!!!!. she was an Ulsterlady from Ulster in Northern Ireland she was British NOT Irish. Understand Fenians? Ulster is British always has been always will be.
    And second of all whom she choses to spend her time with or have sex is nothing to do with any of you. Disgusting idiots.

    1. While I come from old Ulster Plantation stock and bemoan this, the future of unionism in Ulster has a few decades tops. After that, welcome to the Irish Republic.

  71. she’s too hot for him anyway, even without the dick train she’ll have left him eventually.

  72. What should I do if this happens to me? Do I have double standards If i keep gaming girls and EXPECT one of them to not suck #X num of guys before me? Is this my hypocrisy? If I want true commitment – I should be committed myself?

  73. What a chump.
    Interesting I was having a conversation recently with a female friend. She was telling me that her female colleagues give her a hard time for not participating in one night stands (which they do almost weekly apparently). When she told them how vile they were they responded defensively “why can we just have sex when we want to?”
    My response to any woman who “wants sex when she wants to” is get yourself a boyfriend and you can have all the sex you want.
    I have to say, I didn’t realize so many men were “wifing up” these sluts. From the comments and some articles I realise a lot of guys do and wind up getting burned. For my part, and not to brag, I have always seen these sluts for what they are and stayed far away. Whats needed on this site, at some point, is some advice on “relationship game”. How to tell a good woman from bad and how to keep her in line when you have her.

  74. I almost feel sorry for the poor beta male, well at least he didn’t beat the living shit out of her like War Machine did to Christy Mack, and then have some beta doctor pick up the pieces of her teeth….To me this chick in that one picture and from her instagram has slut written all over her. I think the twitter that’s linked here is a troll account, the real one says he left the bitch, only the worst of the worst cuckolders would stay after his girlfriend sucked off 12 men.

  75. this shit is disgusting, just unreal how thirsty some dudes are to hold onto their girl.

  76. Interesting but sad subject, Señor Roosh.
    So somewhere I have seen that she claimed she was “drugged” (I can’t find the actual statements but saw references to it).
    And last time I checked, she claims it wasn’t her.
    If severe public humiliation isn’t enough to bring a young man back to reality and reconsider a girl he’s with, there’s not much to be said. It’s pathetic on many levels, and I believe it stands to reason he possibly needs professional therapy to address the reason he allows himself to be shit on and ridiculed as we saw.
    But primarily, where’s his father to give him a blunt and harsh swift kick in the behind to bring him back to his senses, as well as warn him on the nature of disturbed women like this?
    I think we all know where this will lead in the future. He’s just a convenient momentary placeholder until her next big thrill comes.
    These types of women are future (horrible) “wives” who will cheat on him (of course, he’ll take her back), get pregnant, and not even necessarily by her husband, then when he’s stuck with child support and alimony she’ll be getting pounded doggystyle and shouting “Fuck me big boy” to her current lover. The same things she never would never do to her faithful, reliable husband who pays the bills on time and thinks he’s doing all the right things.
    Damn, honestly sometimes it’s incredibly depressing what young men are up against.

    1. Women who are sluts have a hard time finding a man to pair-bond with them. They can find all the casual sex in the world, but not someone who is actually willing to invest in her and her offspring. (Why would he when that offspring probably isn’t even his?) Thanks to the welfare state, she probably doesn’t need to worry about a man. She can shit out 12 different mulatto spawn, none of which know their fathers, and the hard-working sexless beta male is footed the bill. She apparently hasn’t realized that’s an option for her yet. Women who still have hope in some sort of pair bond will try to protect their reputations. If she fears she’ll gain a reputation as a slut she will usually 1) deny it happened, but if that’s not possible 2) claim she was raped, but if that’s not possible 3) claim the girl wasn’t her. Since there’s video evidence, and she appears to be enjoying herself she’s opted for #3.

      1. In my case there was no video evidence so she just said I “sexually harassed her”.

    1. I started thinking so also but I’m not convinced. Unfortunately, it’s every bit possible today.

      1. I am sure shit like this happens 100 times a day … but this particular instance looks like a hoax … or maybe some viral marketing campaign for a porn site.

  77. Just look at his username – ballnlife_jay
    You can’t expect above or average IQ from guy with an username like it. Something so superficial as the username, can reveal alot about their personality and views.
    Retarded nigger lover guy

  78. Women in today’s society make me absolutely sick. No wonder men aren’t marrying anymore. It’s like on Maury when they all boo the man even though the women has done tested 12 men. I don’t get it. They are so entitled its pathetic and then they wonder why no one will marry them that’s worth anything. It is the betas that get suckered in. But then the alphas are left to get judged and ridiculed because they won’t settle for these women. Such is life and the perpetuating cycle. Sorry to all you men that are worth a damn. These bitches tend to ruin it for all of us.

  79. Does this blog actually exist or does it steal all its posts from chateau heartiste?

    1. There is an extremely high probability that ROK, CH and Alpha Game’s writers read each other’s blogs.

    2. Are you the father of that dick sucking whore or are you just here for the comments?

  80. That is disgusting. I honestly feel for her boyfriend being humiliated this way. I guess now I comprehend a little bit better why certain men end up choosing “the red pill”.

  81. The simping is hard with this one. But as a black man I don’t really trust white women that have been with more than two black guys. Just doesn’t sit well with me.

  82. LOL, got to hand it to the girl, she fucked 12 guys in one night got busted and outed on the internet to her “boyfriend” yet he still came crawling back to her. Man I wouldn’t mind having game that involves me getting 12 girls in one night, getting busted and going home to the girl who stil fucks me.

  83. I know this is completely unrelated but is anyone else concerned about how these degenerates are abusing the English language? I mean these white teenagers trying to sound like black rappers in their writing? This disgusts me. Write proper fucking English!

    1. I felt the same way when I reached the end of the article. Truly, what is an “anus pen,” can someone explain? I assume it’s not held in the hand.

  84. I say give her a set of Air Jordans and dump her at the projects, that’s an absolute showstopper….and then get straight to the doctor, that sure as hell wasn’t her first day at the circus.

  85. Hey I’m one of those “sickos” who enjoys cuckoldry….and I’m alpha. okay okay hear me out for a second: Red pill is about TWO things…it is about not being controlled by a woman. it’s also about control over your own life (self improvement). A woman sleeping around is probably the worst thing a woman can do. It is also- in this day and age- expected. We cannot control that, it is what it is. We can only control our reaction to it. IF her sleeping around doesn’t bother you, THEN she doesn’t control you. If she does EXACTLY what we all expect a modern woman to do and you are angry then SHE is controlling you and your autonomy. I say fuck trying to control women. That’s not beta. That’s common sense.

    1. You don’t have to tolerate it though. You can just punt them to the curb the minute they do it. Why would you tolerate a woman disrespecting you by being with other men? You sleep with another guy, your out, I’m leaving, that’s it, end of story.

  86. Masculinity. Women want it. Not sensitive, Alan Alda BS. She has more respect for a pack of thugs than him because they’re not sack-less.

  87. My personal experience with a hoe: ,, after 1 year dating getting to know each-other her sweet self began to turn into a nasty bitch, constantly bellitleing me for random shit + she grew the nerve to ask me my salary at the time. At first i didn’t suspect anything but after a while i started asking questions like ,, What’s wrong with you? What has happened to you? It’s obvious that your anger is coming from a place unrelated to me, so you can tell me ” – she blanked out and coulnd’t give me any response – after coaxing her with the psychologist charm ,,it’s ok – you can tell me, i won’t judge” it took another 2 hours to dragg it out her – she had a had group sex some people she met a club one night – i was stung harder than Dacian Falx stings a Roman Centurion – my utter view on reality got fucking chucked into the garbade right then and there. ,,So here’s my girlfriend, acting like a bitch, her destructive behaviour obviously comes from way far before we met and now she’s taking it out on me.” After calling her out on her bitchyness and telling her that she shouldn’t be the one judgeging i got the following reply – ,, if you can’t get over it, you’re not a man”. So in a way i can relate to the cockoldry expectation that Rollo Tomassi just wrote a few comments before. I immediately took action and dumped her worthless ass to the curve. The reason i told this story is so that some of you guys can wake the fuck up and realize that the shit you put up with will never be payed back, plus you will get fucked over if you take it.
    Keep your heads out of your asses and take the red pill – women have the whore-sidede mind that some lose complete control over. Whatch out of the whore signs, the bitch in question was a heavy smoker, cursed regularly, and told me stories of how her girlfriend whores went out and fucked strangers at night (birds of a feather, flock together) so the signs – flags – were always there, i was just too deep on the blue pill to realize it.

  88. In college I went out twice with a girl that I wasn’t really interested in. I was just bored. Wanted to get out. Only 2 dates, just drinks and groping. She came looking for me in the dorm one night after I didn’t return her messages. When she couldn’t find me she went next door and had sex with 4 other guys on the hall. I honestly didn’t care because I wasn’t that attracted to her. The other guys on the hall were all apologizing to me the next day, thinking I was going to explode on them. But I just made a joke out of it and told them she was a virgin before she met me, and I turned her into a porn star. Never communicated with her again.

  89. I am not a beta male. I am a MAN. I have to wonder, why, when a women has several experiences, it is a bad thing but a guy who has “game” is respected. I have my share of dates and conquests and I am 57 years old. If once a woman is a slut, that then she is always a slut is flawed thinking. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. I have no illuisions that the women I date are “virgins.” God, I hope not. But then again, neither am I.

    1. The girl in the story did 12 guys in one night and publicly mocked her boyfriend about it. If can find a way to apologize for that kind of behavior you are beyond beta male. You are omega male.

      1. Nah hes beta. Omegas dont get laid. Then again Clement Joshua could be lying like all betas do..

    2. You’re kidding right? The guy who has game is respected because a guy couldn’t get 12 girls to let him go down on them without having something to offer. Any girl can suck 12 guys off and require NOTHING but the fact that they are a girl in order to accomplish it… thus they haven’t done anything worthy of respect.

  90. If that was my woman, she wouldn’t be seeing anyone for a while on account of her black eye/bruising. She knows I’ll beat her ass for something like that.
    That being said, she’s never done anything of the sort and I have never hit her, nor do I want to. But bitches gotta have consequences for their actions.

  91. So we get these extreme cases out of seven billion people in the world, and suddenly a significant portion of modern men are being abused by women? Additionally, are we actually judging and generalizing many women based on the actions of a few?
    Thanks for the laugh.

  92. It doesn’t matter if they were black or not, she cheated and that’s already wrong. Has nothing to do with race, however, the reason why it even came up is because this girl did happen to cheat with a large group of black guys. I mean it’s not really racist, if I had a girlfriend and she happened to cheat on me with 12 [insert race here] guys and my friend knows about it and hes like, “Dude your girl has been fucking with madddd [insert race here] guys.” What’s going to stick out to me is the cheating not the race, but it’s still just citing what actually happened and what people saw. In this case, this girl was with a bunch of black guys.

  93. Holy shit! That’s just,,,wow. I would not be kissing that mouth or any other part of that body. Why do men put up with this? I will never understand this.

  94. He did NOT stay with her. The Twitter account is a troll account that was started AFTER this whole thing blew up and is using pics of them from before the incident to troll and make people think he took her back. In reality he refused to talk to her and the girl has since switched schools.

  95. What do you think of this scenario?A beautiful NYC woman at craigslist posted a question asking why it was so difficult for her to find a man who earns at least 500K per year. She claimed to be spectacularly beautiful, intelligent and articulate. She Sked what she was doing wrong.And then finally a man who works on Wall St. answered her question. Here is what he said to her in his own words.I read your posting with great interest, and have thought meaningfully about your dilemma. I offer the final analysis for your predicament. Firstly, I’m not wasting your time, I qualify as a guy who fits your bill, that is, I make more 500K per year. That said, here’s how I see it. Your offer from the perspective of a guy like me, is plain and simple, “a crappy business deal.” Here’s why, cutting through all of the B.S. , what you suggest is a simple trade. You bring your looks to the party, and I bring my money. Fine….simple, but here’s the rub, your looks will fade and my money will continue into perpetuity. In fact, it is very likely that my money increases, but it is an absolute certainty that you won’t be getting any more beautiful. So in economic terms, you’re a depreciating asset, and I am an earning asset. Not only are you a depreciating asset, your depreciation accelerates. Let me explain. You’re 25 now and will likely stay hot for the next 5 years, but less so each year. Then the fade begins in earnest. By 35, stick a fork in you! So in Wall Street terms, we’d call you a “trading position”, not a “buy and hold,” hence the rub, MARRIAGE.
    It doesn’t make good sense to buy you, which is what you’re asking, so I’d rather lease. In case you think I’m being cruel, I’d say the following. If my money disappears, so would you, so when your beauty fades, I need an out.
    It’s as simple as that. So a good deal that makes sense, is dating, not marriage. Seperately, I was taught early in my career about efficient markets. So I wonder why a girl like you who claims to be articulate, classy and spectacularly beautiful as you, have been unable to find your sugar daddy. I find it hard to believe that if you’re as gorgeous as you say you are, that the 500K hasn’t found you, if not only for a try out. By the way you could always find a way to make your own money and then we wouldn’t need to have this difficult conversation. With all this said, I think you’re going about it the right way, “classic pump & dump!” I hope this is is helpful.
    If you want to enter into some sort of lease, let me know.
    So guys, what is your opinion about this gentleman’s answer? Do you agree with him?

  96. This girl could very easily not be Jewish.
    There are plenty of white people whose last name ends with BERG.
    Furthermore, you can’t tell a horny modern white cave woman what to do or what not to do. She has a very simple one track mind. And once she gets an idea in her simple brain, then she gonna go do what she gonna go and DO!
    The future mother of the white male is a FILTHY RAG. I suspect that there’s going to be a lot of white males in the future sitting at their computers and watching videos of their own white mothers fucking & sucking all races of men, horses, donkeys, sucking doggie dick and swallowing the sperm.
    I’m glad I never got married and had any children because they’re all growing up so goddamned retarded these days.

  97. Women just keep looking for better men. The marry a beta, cheat on a beta for an alpha, the cycle goes on and on. Screw marriage! If a girl wants to sleep with me, fine. Will I marry her, no.

  98. Sorry, but this whore needed a dose of equal rights…and lefts. Let the punishment fit the crime I say.

  99. Guys, this is only American women. That’s why you gotta travel, where the women who still think that men are men are. You don’t have to take this shit. Take it from someone who learned their lesson with his first marriage, then got the hell out of dodge. I have done nothing but fuck my brains out ever since leaving those dumb, brainwashed, American cunts alone. That’s where they belong, alone.

  100. Fault
    1. Shes His GF.
    2. Shes His GF.
    Emotionally investing on these little whores resembling sorry excuse of femininity, trust or reliability a man deems from a female products of hookup feminist culture in the west, east or simply any country influenced by the “Liberated Women’s Rights Justifies my Cock Carousel Status and Dressing up as a Cock teas wanting sexual attention and to be raped” who are banged by ten guys behind their “Love” Beta of a BF/Husbands. – I mean you can see where this sexual market is working and coming from?
    They can GET away with it because they know they will, there is always a beta cuckload schmuck who would accept them late on in life when their value in the sexual market decreases giving way to a next generation of Whores of all colours and creeds.
    RULE 1.
    You try not to invest emotionally in any of these women. You dont keep them as a GF unless you know absolutely what you are doing, you make things clear from the beginning, If you take something its yours, and try not to take something thats been used around by others as well, Thats the least any man not just Alphas should be doing.
    RULE 2.
    Make it clear, Give these women real Misogyny! Real Slut Shaming, Real Rapes, Regardless of what part of the world you are from, If your forefathers saw this happening with women in their erra, they would prepare for Rape and Slaughter calling them out as whores they are. You should be no different, because you are, thats why this happens too often.

  101. That chick is the nastiest of the nasty. This is why the world needs slut shaming and we need it online and we need it now. At least the guys told him it happened so he’d know…. and didn’t just keep it quiet and let him run around looking like a fool to everyone not knowing what was really going on.

  102. The only positive in this situation is that the female may still possibly produce a white progeny…I doubt it.

  103. Well, high school girls are a no-man’s land, and the kid will have to chalk it off early introduction to the Red Pill. But, I regard that you can’t trust any of them because they’re whole existence is about putting up images. If there’s a girl I’m dating, I’ve already considered that she’s got a horrible past, no matter how she acts around me. If I end up liking her, it’s because I’ve watched closely and figured how where she fits on the scale from total worthless skank to Mother Teresa.

  104. wow what a idiot she cheated she is a disgsuting ugly worhtless piggy. DOn’t go back to her she doesn’t deserve that infact she doesn’t deserve anything. she is never ever good enough anymore she is nothing but a slut that never can be a mother no guy should date her she needs to be alone for the rest of her life and everyone make fun ov her. people who theat are nothing but trash and don’t deserve anything in this life anymore they never can be parents. people who date someone who theated are worhtless as well its just something you don’t do

  105. Personally I want a gf that fucks black men so I’d be ecstatic if I had a gf that fucked 12 at a time. I’d tell her what a good job she did and give her lots of kisses knowing those lips had been around all those black cocks

  106. This story is so insanely bad that it may indicate two relatively rare symbiotic mental disorders. Am totally speculating here – but would suggest something like following. The girl clearly wants masses of male attention and is extremely promiscuous and utterly reckless – ergo – her daddy deserted her and mother was seriously neglectful. She is quite likely, authentically, somatic narcissistic disordered. Cocks are male supply that her damaged psyche craves and she has no operational moral code, so uses her body for attention, she will never ever stop this behavior, it will just remain hidden and run as parallel life.
    The boy is the opposite, to tolerate this level of sheer public humiliation, his background would suggest an overbearing and destructive mother that shattered his personalization at early age, and utterly neglectful father. He is possibly the even rarer inverted narcissist – a masochist – who believes he is so worthless he needs to give, give and give to be acceptable to people, let alone this girl. He will tolerate her behavior and even rationalize it, because he doesn’t believe his needs count for anything, and she will keep humiliating him as long as he takes it. Because, she enjoys and revels in power over a weak male, due to the whole powerlessness of her childhood rejection thing, but she has total contempt for this boy, she just wants the complete power he so readily hands over.
    This is entirely speculative account – and is only 1-5 % of population Cluster B mental disorder territory am talking about. BUT – if was so, that girl will seriously get around the male population and have many, many, sex partners – because she craves male approval supply without any moral code and lives in a completely unstable mental world where normal relationships with healthy men are literally impossible.
    This people, I suggest, is the combined diabolical results of trash-bag-level parenting and some bad brain genetics.

  107. Beta male or alpha white knight, cucked in the extreme….what a fucking doormat…let me wipe my boots too. He sucked all them dicks too after kissing that sluts diseased mouth.

  108. Wow. I’ve had some sloots in my day. But I never kissed them. This dude is vicariously gay.

  109. In the Great Reckoning that’s coming our way (“When The English Learned To Hate”), this gal will probably be flayed alive and kicked to the curb by any white tribe she encounters. As an example to others, of course…purely educational.

  110. This is the reason all these white women have “Welcome refugees” signs, so they can ride cock carousel with the migrants. They all want some refugee dick.

  111. Daily Stormer rides again.
    Do it NOW.

  112. What would you do if the girl you loved sucked 12 black penises? Lmao! Bitch better have my money.

  113. Truth of the matter is, this girl – despite her history – is STILL much higher SMV than him.
    He is a skinny fat, hapless beta dude who has very low to no chances to get a girl of her SMV in the real world. He knows she is too good to be true and he would be HAPPY to marry and wife her, even if she would keep getting dirt-dick on the side. He would simply turn a blind eye and pretend to know nothing.
    The lower SMV males simply got the short stick and have to eat crap.
    Such is the reality of the sexual market.
    If you find yourself in this group and you dont like your situation there is hope.
    You have to stop beeing such a whiner pussy and grow up. Work on yourself.
    Improve something every single fucking day of your life and within a few years you will be an average to high SMV guy yourself.
    It wont be easy. It can not be done in front of a screen, mobile, PC or otherwise you have to confront and own the real world. No more thinking. Get out there and start doing.

    1. You know what sucks? That you have to jump through all sorts of hoops just to get a higher “SMV value” so that a guy has a better chance of feeding his pussy addiction.
      It just makes me wonder what the end goal is. All of this self-improvement, not for the purpose of pleasing yourself, but so you can have a higher chance dicking a girl who likely has already had multiple cocks inside her.

      1. I agree.
        High SMV should mean hard working, honest, intelligent, well off, polite, modest,
        fit and trim, decent human being, etc..
        Not a tattooed, roided up freak who goes “clubbing” every night.

  114. I would never hook up with a woman who bangs black men. Mudsharks are usually very slutty and have high STD rates. They’re also usually a little mentally off.

  115. I ask women point blank shortly after meeting them if they’ve ever mud sharked. I make a point to make it blunt and always do it face to face. If I see even the slightest lie tell or substantial hesitation I move on.

  116. Never, ever, EVER forgive a girl who has dishonored you with other males. NEVER! There are many things that can be forgiven, but this is not one of them. She should have been dead to him forever.

  117. As an a budding “business” man, I ponder if the value of pussy is too inflated? I don’t count arbitage IE poor countries but on a global scale. Serious question.

    1. Vajayjay is just like a house pre-2007. Suckahs floated dat shit like it was gold. Then, all of a sudden, TERMITES!!!!!! Sooner or later tha value of poon is gon go to 0 just like Lehman Brothers and smart people gon Big Short dat shit just like Burry and Baum did!

        1. Judging by the name Berg Shekelstein I figure you are either of a Western European descent or possibly Jewish. What I was referring to was tying the U.S. housing market crash of 2007-2008 and what it did to the world economy along with the geniuses that profited from it to the crash of women who think the gash between their legs is of great value. To wit, some smart investors bet against the U.S. housing market and made BILLIONS. When smart men short the pussy market and women are left in the rubble of their own making, it will actually be glorious…..as it was for those who invested with those companies.

  118. I have said it once and ill say it agay, it does not matter how “alpha” you are, if society keeps feeding her ego with likes on instagram (likes of fucking thirsty men) and men all over society accept her slutty behavior things wont change to much. This is also one of the main reasons why you see so many juicers in the gym and metrosexuals guys everywhere. The problem is that “feminism” ideology has separated men, so that men now compete for a few females, while them just go around doing whatever the hell they want, and lets be honest, woudldnt you do it? i mean, there wont be any consequences whatsoever.

  119. Men need to stop watching so much fucking porn. It turns you into these pathetic beta’s that are a slave to their organ. Pussy becomes a drug, and porn watchers are like addicts, they’ll kiss any stank bitches feet for a hit. Your only hope of enjoying your life is to learn to control your sex drive.

    1. True. Men need to focus on goals first, achieve stuff, then worry about women. No wonder why boys were encouraged to marry later. Either that, or when you’re older and more successful, you can choose the woman you want to bed.

  120. Girl does a blowjob train? 0$
    Gets a beta-bux to stick around? 0$
    Beta-bux shows the whole world his start to cuckdom? PRICELESS!!!
    There are some things money just can’t buy. For everything else, there’s MasterHoe

  121. I was gonna say, I hope when these black guys have daughters, they don’t end up on Instagram getting fucked by white men. But I forgot, black women are pretty subpar.

  122. INSTANTLY drop her. Let the blacks have her. They don’t want her. Go get another. It’s easy. Don’t be a pussy. He’s a pussy. She hates him. I hate him. I felt bad for him, but her body language in the ‘together forever’ photo showed everything she felt about him. She’ll do it again. And again. She’s a mudshark slut, and he’s a beta cuck pussy. Bye, Felatio.

    1. Not only her body language but her actual body. It looks like she eats dirty and doesn’t “have time” to even walk her dog around the block.

  123. I’ll cop shit for this, but blacks and Arabs seem to know how to identify sluts better and they treat them accordingly. White men must shame and reject sluts, leave ’em for the non-whites.

    1. Leave them for non-whites? LOL
      They can identify sluts better. You said it yourself.

  124. Excuse me. Any white man who would have anything to do with a woman who consorts with Negroes deserves what he gets. Any white woman who involves herself with one of them is beyond the pale and should be exposed and shunned. Leaving aside the disgusting nature of the act, the rate of STD infections among blacks – the product of ignorance, promiscuity and poor hygiene – is incredible. Find your girl with a black, any black? Kick her to the cub. Enough said.

  125. Unfortunate as it is, but men like ballnlife_jay must go the way of the dodo – all of them. So all that remains and for the future are battle hardened masculine strongholds. This is not a new thing, this is nature and God’s intent. Weak manginas and save-a-hoes are the anomaly that was a product of the devil’s lies.

  126. I sure hope that cuckolded guy didn’t get an incurable STD from her, since she sucked off that many men. God forbid it’s AIDS or Herpes. >:[

  127. Well I wouldn’t allow myself to be in a situation like that unlike this guy who obvi grew up without a good dad

  128. What Would You Do If The Girlfriend You Loved Sucked 12 Penises?
    A rhetorical question to say the least. The answer as in “drop her like a hot potato”.
    Her body language in the “together forever” photo stands out like a fart in an elevator. It really says it all.

  129. Dam they’d better come up with that Cloning machine and cure for the various STDs, fast. World is going to S*** real fast.

  130. “his lovely girlfriend had been with black men”
    Please refrain from associating insecure racism and a lack of journalistic integrity with Men’s Rights – Its embarrassing.

  131. Its not about “taste or standards”. Thats like advising girls to have “taste and standards” while socially allowing chads to hit on your daughters. If a chad approaches your daughter, your daughter is going fuck him regardless. If you allow your women to sleep with everybody they are going to do it, just like your son would of he could.
    The reality is thst until you impose social costs people will act out. We imposed social costs on the men, thinking that we didn’t need to do so with the women. When that didnt work out we imposed even greater social costs on the men, and more and more, etc. the end result is that the Chads and Whedons (my name for Gamma male feninists who ignroe their own rules) are the only ones capable of even talking back because the rest of the men are broken. As a ressult we are at a point now where we are psychologically incapable of imposing any social costs on women. The beta males are too broken, and the alphas and gammas are too invested to want to.
    The end result will be a societal collapse. And frankly, if you wont stop this train then you people deserve what you will get.

  132. What a stinky skank…but due to accepting her behavior and not dumping her ass I have even more contempt for him.

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