3 Ways To Transition From Pursuing Night Club Girls To Pursuing Real Life Girls

You can find plenty of attractive, interesting girls in nightclubs. That said, the greater superficiality of the nightclub scene, the ability of people to act completely different in “real life” and other problems, particularly those alcohol or marriageability-related, mean that many men are not sure where to turn for something else. They intrinsically know that more normal situations are the way to go in finding girls, especially as their responsibilities in life grow. But how?

Finding normal girls should not be confused with so-called day game vs. club game distinctions. The contours of each category are rough but manageable. Pursuing normal girls can occur at night, such as at a cultural exhibition, walking by the river or savoring the cuisine of a new restaurant. Normal girls can also be girls who otherwise go to clubs; it’s about context.

The general rule of thumb is that events with real life girls do not involve (copious) alcohol consumption, dancing (aside from a dance class), loud music or some kind of large celebration, which are the sorts of ingredients younger men rely on too much for finding and bedding women. And this is usually without knowing anything substantial or verifiable about the girl they’re exchanging bodily fluids with!

This article assumes you have met a girl you can potentially spend a lot of time with and have preexisting tools to spark her interest. It is about crafting positive opportunities to see them more regularly and helping both of you enjoy shared moments. What it does require is a willingness to remind yourself about simple habits you must practice again and again, in addition to inserting your own individualized routines.

Have a number of things going for you that you can prove implicitly

Are you coasting at life or striving to reach your true potential?

Men underestimate this essential factor (and overestimate their fulfillment of it) all the time. In a society where the majority of adults are overweight, they think that simply being non-overweight and moderately fit is an achievement. Likewise, they believe that reading one book about learning French makes them interested in French language and culture. You need not be a total expert in an area but you need to have a demonstrable appearance, knowledge or proficiency to match what you say you like or are good at. Girls can tell this, even unconsciously.

It is much easier to fake personality and other traits in a staccato-style nightclub environment, where half-meaningful conversations are regularly interrupted by favorite songs, different dance moves and an approaching friend. Not being where you want to be in multiple areas should not stop your overall transition to finding normal girls. Nonetheless, be prepared for a significant personal evolution as you steadily build up your level of female contacts and individual experiences with each of them.

Quantify and document where you are in each area of your life, such as:

Fitness: Weight and body fat both now and for your desired level of fitness? Average number of quality gym sessions per week now and in the future (be realistic!)? What do you eat now and what should you be eating?

Career: Are you doing what you want or what’s easy? For students, are you studying what Mom and Dad wanted you to or what you wanted? If you’re in the workforce, are you chasing a pay check or moving towards your dream career? Instead of just earning an income, what else are you working at or studying on the side?

Experiences: Did you climb a local mountain last week or settled for storming a fortress in a Playstation game, as you do every weekend? Having your regular hobbies (gaming, mixing with friends at the bar, playing golf etc) is fine but it’s what so many others do. Few people have the energy, drive, and grit to do more than live week to week. And when you vacation, do you explore voraciously or stay within a few blocks of your hotel?

Spiritual and Relaxation: When was the last time you took a walk to think about life in general, observe nature or just switch off? And what about some other perspective-giving activities?

What next, you ask? Develop a plan, for the areas I mentioned and other common sense ones, and do five things towards them, each and every day. In a little over three months, that’s 500 steps towards being a guy who has multiple things going for him. Women will notice. Most importantly, you will, too.

Force her to invest and entwine your interests

Shared moments but not too many selfies.

There are plenty of ways to do this. For example, one of my favorites is to ask the girl for a book recommendation and then recommend one to her. After one or two meetings, I often steer a girl into a bookstore and we buy our recommendations for each other. If I hate her recommendation, I read a summary online and pretend I devored it, even if I later tell her I disagreed with the author’s style. In fact, at least half of the time I do.

Take turns picking films at the cinema. Repeat the book exercise. Force her to think. Her expending effort thinking about what to do with and for you ensures that you live on in her mind well beyond the times you are actually with her. It shows a depth to your personality as well, one few men ever bother to create. Sure, you can impress her with abs or a fat wallet. Take it further, however.

Do not confuse this with either giving her unnecessary control or doing things you absolutely hate to please her. There are plenty of ways to avoid boredom and connect. Avoid hated activities of yours that she loves and move to something similar but more to your liking. And if she does not have enough interests that you can enjoy with her, why are you even spending time with her?

Cultivate location diversity

Today? At the top of a mountain. Yesterday? A day trip to the Grand Canyon. Tomorrow? Another exciting adventure.

You can go to many different clubs, each with their own feel, style of music or stereotypical customers, but the diversity is much less than normal game. Use this to your advantage. Depending on the respective interests of you and the girls you meet, aim to expose her to three different normal locations in your first three meetings, four in your first five meetings and at least seven in your first ten meetings. You should have regular haunts to breed some familiarity but the idea is to open up her world. Not all the different locations need to be new ones for her yet many should be. Remember, variety is the spice of life.

The idea here is to give her as many emotional connections as you can. Emotional connections are not about love, of course (at least not in the beginning). They are about the simple gut associations a girl feels about you, your presence and what you do together. You want a rich tapestry of these for girls you like.

Over a 30 day period, how many men can say they have taken a girl to at least eight of these kinds of locations, in addition to cafés, bars, cinema and obvious nature attractions like city rivers and parks:

  • Museums
  • Cultural days or exhibitions
  • National parks
  • Book signings
  • Language classes
  • Dance classes
  • Bowling
  • Horseback riding
  • Go-karting
  • Whitewater rafting
  • Rock climbing
  • Day trips to a nearby town or city
  • Camping

I could add another 25 categories but you get the picture.

Ready yourself for a journey of self-improvement and learning

There’s more to life than these ones…

The buzz you get pursuing normal girls needs to be created consciously by you. Almost anyone can be excited by a party, dance to their favorite song or get Dutch courage from a couple swigs with Mr. Jack Daniels. By all means, mix and match your nightclub experiences with your normal, real life ones. Just make sure you can see a life beyond that nightclub door.

Never take your foot off the pedal when it comes to seeking out normal girls. It is as much about training the girl as it is about enjoying your time together. Ultimately, your ability to find the best girl for you requires the best version of you.

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157 thoughts on “3 Ways To Transition From Pursuing Night Club Girls To Pursuing Real Life Girls”

  1. Excellent, well thought out prescriptions one and all. Bravo!
    “Going club-hopping again tonight?”
    “Yeah. I’ve got to get connected sooner or later.”
    “Maybe. But you know what kind of girls you meet in clubs?”
    “No, what kind?”
    “The kind you leave there…or wish you had.”

    1. well, or the kind you take home, smash, and get a cab back to their house and exchange numbers for nights when you’re cold and no one else is available.

  2. You should be cultivating location diversity and going to new places and events in your life regardless of women. It makes you a better person plus you are likely to meet quality interesting women there.

    1. Exactly.
      Also, get yourself in shape and live healthy for you. Dress well for your own satisfaction. Feel confidence for yourself and not seek other’s approval. Once you apply these ideas, people will compliment you without you expecting it.

  3. Yawn… these life advice/game articles are terribly unoriginal and void of any meaningful information. You’re not likely to meet a marriageable woman by being a club dweller.. No shit. Most of the article is common sense, some of it is fantasy. Unfortunately most millennial women are uninterested in romantic weekend trips to other cities or towns. Most of them will become easily bored if you try to talk about your favorite books. Most of them strongly prefer drunken stupors every weekend in overcrowded, unhygienic clubs. They’ve traded dating for the hook-up culture.
    I don’t know the background of the author, but trusting his unverifiable anecdotes as a qualification to being a casanova/don juan/PUA guru and taking his advice when it comes to being successful with women is incredibly naive. It’s like taking Matt Forney’s advice about how to get laid. Matt Forney has probably never banged a girl over a 3 that he didn’t pay for. If you’re listening to these guys, you’re doing it wrong. Just go out there and apply trial and error to find out what works and what doesn’t.

    1. Just go out there and apply trial and error to find out what works and what doesn’t.
      Now there’s a plan to stay celibate. Why listen to what other men are field testing and figuring out works and what doesn’t, when you can go ahead and reinvent the wheel every time you head out? Great plan, let’s get cracking!

      1. Firstly, what makes you think this guy has any experience? Anyone can write an article. Also, there is no one size fits all advice when it comes to women. What works for one man can fail for another. If you approach girls aggressively the way Chris from goodlookingloser does without having the muscles and other features he has, it isn’t going to be successful for you. It’s going to depend on more factors than that, but you get the point.

        1. Right, but trying out different proven strategies is better than just shooting blind.
          When you are trying to bake a cake, do you just throw shit into a bowl and store or do you research and try different recipes until you find one you like?

        2. Human psychology is what it is. While it’s never one size fits all, nobody that I know of in the PUA/manosphere claims that one size fits all. They warn explicitly that you’re going to have to get used to rejection. I don’t see your beef here. While this all may seem like common sense to you and I, many Millenial men have no concept of what “used to be” when it comes to searching for an actual ltr (presumably if you’re looking for real life girls and not club girls, you’re looking for more than a pump and dump).
          A lot of advice given out here by men may not be perfect, but it usually beats the living shit out of “just be yourself” or “eh, who knows, there’s no way to know, just shoot in the dark”. There are only so many personality types, and a lot of competent men in the manosphere are quickly dissecting what approaches work with what personality types. It’s better than hit and miss guessing, given as it’s being documented and validated by others who try it, or honed and improved if it isn’t working.
          I don’t know “this guy”, and I don’t have to follow his advice (nor will I, given as I’m married and already way past this type of thing). But what harm can befall a man who does say “Hey, why not give it a shot”, precisely? What if it works? Then great. If not, it’s not like he paid for the advice, and he’s out nothing.
          If you approach girls aggressively the way Chris from goodlookingloser does without having the muscles and other features he has, it isn’t going to be successful for you.
          While you do make room for “more factors” it appears taht you incorrectly believe that women value looks as much as men. That’s false and demonstrably false even by heading out to your local social event and looking at husband wife pairings. While looks do count some, they are not the end all be all for women. All of us have seen far too many pretty girls with ugly or plain men before to think that it’s all about the muscles and looks exclusively.

        3. There are no proven strategies. There is no formula. It’s just about looking good as you possibly can, having some sort of status if possible, and having basic conversation skills that really anyone who doesn’t play world of warcraft should have.

        4. There are no proven strategies. There is no formula.
          It’s just about looking good as you possibly can,
          having some sort of status if possible, and having basic conversation skills that really anyone who doesn’t play world of warcraft should have.

          Be in good shape, aka self improvement physically, advice given on pua sites as well.
          Some sort of status – aka social proof as advised on pua sites
          Conversational skills – aka know how to talk to women in a way that won’t send her running, advice given on pua sites.
          You disproved your own thesis by giving a formula.

        5. Bullshit. There are proven strategies and formulas for communication. “How to Win Friends and Influence People” didn’t sell millions of copies for no reason. You don’t go to a job interview and just have a conversation. You come prepared with canned stories to accentuate your skills. You don’t argue in front of a court without having a roadmap to direct your arguments.

        6. I have to agree with Chris from GLL that PUA is nothing but guys who don’t get laid (aka Julian Blanc) teaching other guys who don’t get laid how to get laid. Being a sociable being is not something that someone can teach you in a classroom.

        7. Actually, being sociable is something you can teach in the classroom. There are classes you can go to in college that teach sales and marketing, which is a form of teaching you how to be sociable with specific goals in mind. If they did not work, they would not be taught in accredited colleges and salesmen wouldn’t swear by them.
          Additionally, introversion is a well known personality trait, and people like “life coaches” and even psychologists can work with extremely introverted men in order to teach them to open up and develop social skills. Being sociable IS taught to you every single day of your life, since birth, it’s how you learn to communicate with others, it’s one of our primary traits that we learn *as social animals*.
          Game, as it exists now, is not the Mystery Method or David DeAngelo formulaic approaches of yesteryear, it’s far more complex and not really formulaic at all.
          Coming in here and snarking about “these guys don’t get laid and men who don’t get laid come here to learn from them!”, then telling us there is “no formula” while simultaneously laying out your own formula which looks exceptionally like advice given on these blogs seems a bit…odd.

        8. That is very true. Girls can be very attracted to wit and humor and confidence… even if you aren’t packing an 8 pack.

        9. “While you do make room for “more factors” it appears taht you incorrectly believe that women value looks as much as men. That’s false and demonstrably false even by heading out to your local social event and looking at husband wife pairings. While looks do count some, they are not the end all be all for women. All of us have seen far too many pretty girls with ugly or plain men before to think that it’s all about the muscles and looks exclusively.”
          Women ABSOLUTELY value looks just as much as men, if not even more.

        10. oh i’m not sure that’s true at all…. if you control an interview correctly there are some serious similarities.

        11. At this point I have to call “troll” on you. Even men who know nothing about game or PUA will often remark “How did an ugly fuck like him rate a girl like that?!”

        12. “there is no one size fits all advice when it comes to women”
          Yeah, but there is one size fits most. Women aren’t complicated — just annoying.

        13. Oh yes, clearly. You can tell by the way I’m imitating everybody and offering no clear, thought out posts. Because as we all know, if somebody doesn’t agree with you, that must mean that they’re a group-thinker.
          Hit the road.
          ————————-> Door direction

        14. I think I will leave now, because I have a life. I know you’ll be here all day just as you do everyday, commenting in between crack pipe hits.

        15. I wasn’t aware that was true either lol. The men I know in high corporate positions tend to be pretty successful in the social areas of their lives as well… of course the sex is rarely with their wife… but they have plenty of it.

        16. I’d say there’s a handful of helpful tips that you can give someone. Beyond that, they just need to learn it themselves. It becomes natural with time. There was two points I was trying to make with my original comment, which seemed to have struck a nerve with the PUA cult here. 1.) You don’t need to read a ton of books or articles, you just need to apply common sense, and 2.) If you’re going to give self improvement advice, the reader should know who you are. You could be someone slouched in a computer chair playing world of warcraft with cheetos crumbs spilled all over your man boobs for all we know.

        17. Last big boss I worked for, who owned the company, was in his early ’60’s. A take charge, take no shit, down to business man, very masculine and not at all some office drone type. His wife was 35, red head, hot as a tin roof in summer and her submissiveness towards him, and him alone, was almost embarrassing.

        18. I think it depends on the size of the company and the number of people they command. More “nerdy” guys can hack those if their technical/financial skills are good enough at a small company, but the bigger the company the more the leadership and social skills become the defining factor as opposed to their functional knowledge.

        19. Didn’t this all start by you accusing the writer of giving his point of view anonymously and then replying to the fact that he gave his name that just a name doesn’t mean anything.
          Well, Mr. Chicken, what I really want to know…I mean honestly and truly would like to know from you….What would you rather have seen in this article.

        20. right, ultra aggressive people who have climbed to the top of the heap to being a c level executive never get chicks…you know, people will never learn. If there are two things women hate it’s money and power…money and power and confidence…they are such a turn off to broads.

        21. bzzzzz try again.
          If your sensibilities are common then that girl has seen it a dozen times….that night. Quite contrary to what you say here…..it is uncommon sense that is most successful.
          Man, having read your quotes here I am left to assume you are always and consistently wrong. If I give you my email address will you analyze every single sports competition for the upcoming year so I can place bets against you?

        22. “Actually, being sociable is something you can teach in the classroom. There are classes you can go to in college that teach sales and marketing…”
          Please allow me to go one step further. Being sociable is ONLY taught in the classroom. It is in school, in class, where we learn to accept some authority, reject others, make friends, make enemies, use our wits and charm to get us into or out of fights and panties.

        23. First you guys were equating the ability to attract women with job interview skills, now you’re equating it with popularity on an internet forum…

        24. Congrats. You confirmed all 4 points of being a troll.
          1. Accuse and insinuate
          2. Ignore questions
          3. Change subject
          4. Insult as you leave
          Nothing you can do. You cannot blame a snake for it’s nature.

        25. What was irrelevant? Who was I accusing? All conversations shift in subject. Which question did I ignore?

        1. Weird, you’d think that would work, right? I guess I’ll just need to keep trying random things.

        2. why not just try to guess her number instead of asking. 111-1111, 111-1112, 111-1113……

        3. Now that’s a capital idea! And really, could be a lot more fun than hitting a club if you do it right.

        4. A bottle of laphraoig, comfortable pajamas and my phone and I bet I could score a date before the night was up.

        5. It goes without saying not to do these things. You really need to read dozens of PUA books and attend dozens of seminars to know not to poke a woman in the eye?

    2. Common sense isn’t all that common. Everyday I see paunchy slumped shoulder chumps who could use this advice.
      Where does your circular pessimism lead? There are no marriageable women in clubs – but men shouldn’t go to other places because all millennial women are club whores? There are some good broads out there, but you have to step up your life like this article suggests to land them.

      1. The intention wasn’t to encourage self defeatism. The intent is to say these articles lack anything useful.

    3. I agree with your stance on millennial women and in fact would simply say “all women,” I don’t do NAWALT. What does make a woman “not like that” is having a strong masculine influence in her life (father, boyfriend, husband).
      That said, men used to know a few things that they aren’t necessarily being taught anymore in our overly gyno-centric (single mom) society. One of these is that anybody can get laid so long as you aren’t picky, that in itself is no great accomplishment. Where it gets tricky is when you start to want quality women or quality relationships. It’s sort of a play on “you get back, what you put in.”
      So, a man who is having trouble being a go-getter, a self-starter, or even speaking to a woman might need some of this advice just to gain confidence through other venues, get motivated, or form an idea of what to even go about doing. Some people really don’t have any natural affinity for routine socializing much less intimacy. And familiarity with potential outcomes might lend them something too.
      But if you don’t qualify as one of those people why not say “This article doesn’t provide me with anything useful.” And if that is the case, why bother commenting about it at all?

      1. Follow the conversation down the thread, he basically is starting down the path of “Losers who can’t get laid”. I called troll after a couple of posts.

        1. No, I’m not shaming people for not getting laid. I’m shaming people for following guys like Matt Forney on advice how to get laid.

        2. Oddly, on an article written NOT by Matt Forney.
          If you have an issue with Forney, then take it up with him directly like a man and stop being a passive aggressive little bitch and throwing a fit in front of a crowd.

        3. Well fuck a doodle do. So then I’m back to my original suggestion of taking up Forney directly, I’m sure he has an email/admin account here. Pitching a bitch on a thread about a man you don’t like who is not even here, is unbecoming.

        4. Not answering any longer thought out posts, just doing snark after snark, and now attacking men who aren’t even on the thread. There’s nothing to see here, he’s just looking for attention.

        5. Memo: All future ROK articles must come with name, social security number and favorite green vegetable of the author.

        6. You aren’t actually under any obligation to take advice you know. You could read the article and find it helpful or not. You can look at the title and not read it. You might look at it and try to improve it.
          Like anything, read the article and then make a decision as to whether or not you find value in it.
          Would you find this article better if Roosh wrote it? What about if Hemmingway wrote it? Jesus? It’s like a page and a half of writing dude. Read it and decide what you think.
          If you want to just be told how and what to think and decide the value of an article based on its author rather than it’s content go over to fucking jizzabell.

    4. I think the message here was to get away from women in the club. You would think much of this was common sense (and maybe for us older guys it is) but for many younger guys it is why they are here. This article does give out some good ideas (starters) to push young men in the right direction. Women will generally follow but it takes the man leading. Younger men come here to get that advice – not only on how to lead but in which direction (activities) to take for an activity.
      Women are only getting away with attention seeking behavior in bars because men give in (reward) that behavior. Once men start rewarding the right type of behavior (from women) then I think we’ll see a change (back) in society.

      1. That is the dilemma with dating in the west right now. Thankfully, I am not living in the west. I don’t think we’ll see that change in any of the current generations. If it happens, it will take a very long time. Millennials are beyond repair. I overreacted a little bit after reading the article. But it seems like most guys looking for a LTR kind of girl as the author describes would have the sense to look in other places than night clubs. The problem isn’t where they’re looking, the problem is that the supply of these types of ladies in the U.S. isn’t meeting the demand. There isn’t much you can do about that but try your best to beat the odds.

        1. You are right…and it’s sad. Many of these younger men will have to look in other places. Places that hold traditional values to find a decent woman to marry. Too many in the west believe in this latest plague of feminism and it’s doing nothing but destroying their relationships with men.
          Many younger women who have the potential of being happy in life (complimenting a man, not competing with a man) are listening to these older, unhappy hags (who are single). In the end, they will replace the hags with another generation of “empowered women” (read: unhappy, single, alone…because they don’t need a man). I see groups of these women out in their wine drinking groups…all very unhappy. They all try to put on a happy face but you can see how really miserable they are in life. They miss their compliment in life…a man, but they are so entrenched in the FI that they won’t admit it.

      1. No, only in white countries. I am aware that africans (or whatever you are, don’t care) are far more r-selected. Life in the north actually was as described in this post once upon a time.

    1. There are plenty of free/cheap high value, cultural dates – art openings/first Fridays, speeches/talks/events at the local campus (two of the early dates with the woman was our local university’s science department having a “Venus transverses the Sun” viewing event and a Mars rover landing party), demonstrations at outdoors stores, outdoor summer concert series, etc.
      Look on your city’s local cultural weekly paper website for the calendar of events. The city itself might host one too. Invaluable. 3 1/2 years later and I still rarely pay for a date night with the woman.

      1. That’s right…this idea of a date being a big expense is no good. See, the thing is….if she likes you and you take her on an expensive date she will fuck you….and if she likes you and you give her a half bottle of thunderball and watch apocalypse now she will —- yup…fuck you. On the other had, if she doesn’t like you she isn’t going to fuck you either way.

        1. Besides, the stereotypical expensive dinner date is fucking boring. I have more fun creating a memory by learning or doing something with a girl I like than eating forgettable overpriced food I could cook myself at home in some crowded restaurant.

        2. Eh. I like a dinner date. Just me. I have fun with it. But fuck a duck if I couldn’t list 20 things to do that are absolutely free and will result in panty moisture in any city in American and double that for New York city.

        3. I agree. I admit that I have a big man complex. I like going out to dinner with an attractive girl, to a place where the people know me, pick up the tab…whatever…it’s more for me than for her. If I couldn’t afford it I wouldn’t do it. My grandfather once told me that there is a difference between being able to pay for something and being able to afford it….some of the wisest advice ever….but since I can afford and since I enjoy and since I don’t care if they are only in it for the ride because I am not looking for anything more than casual I usually go for it…but you are 100% correct that it is neither necessary or, when looking for long term, even advisable.

  4. All this information used to be a given
    It speaks volumes that it isn’t today. Blokes expect to meet their future sluts in pubs and clubs

  5. Any tips for how to do this with your wife when you have kids? I desperately want to put some novelty and excitement (not just sexual) into my lifestyle and include my wife so she will be more attracted to me for it (and happier) but its not like you and your wife can run off and go mountain climbing on the weekend with a 9 and 6 year old….
    Weekends are pretty much booked with soccer games, dance lessons, and things. We try to do dinners and stuff in the evenings but that just gets really boring.

    1. Are you looking for things to do with kids or how to get away from the kids? 9 and 6 are old enough for camping and outdoor activities. 9 years old I was learning to shoot and ride 4-wheelers. Our local museum often has kid oriented programs that seem like they would be pretty fun for adults too. As I said in another thread, check your city’s local cultural weekly paper website for the calendar of events.

      1. Took the words right out of my mouth. Those are the perfect ages to start teaching children outdoor activities and making them family events.

      2. well, its not that we don’t want the kids along, they just have too much stuff on weekends to get away. If its not a soccer tournament its a dance recital etc.

    2. Simply schedule something that’d you’d like to do. You’ll be surprised what you can pull off when you light a fire, like suddenly the wife finds childcare once she knows she’s going to get a fun time.
      May sound funny, but the sense of urgency can be very powerful.

    3. Grandparents. If your parents watch the kids, you sure can hit the mountains. We did so last year, went to the Great Smokey Mountains.

      1. That’s proper advice for just about any question in life except perhaps how to cure stomach cancer, really.

        1. I am not a Harley guy but the 2 years that I had a Yamaha R1 were a blast. I could make it to the beach in half the time it would take me in a car and I pretty much had carte blanche on Latinas….I think it was actually part of deal…like they through in a gas tank protector, slide guards and all the Latinas you could possibly make use of at the Yamaha motorcycle dealership.
          God I loved that bike.

    4. Since it’s the middle of the school year, take a day off with her and spend the day on the town or something simple like a picnic in the park. Museums during the day are practically empty unless there’s a school trip planned for that day. Go biking on a trail, see if there’s a lunch venue that has musicians. Regardless of what you choose, being spontaneous about it will definitely spice things up.

  6. Taking a girl to a variety of venues is a good idea. In part, to see if they have the ability to walk patiently through a museum (few will understand what they see regardless).
    But all this is for naught if you do not test her on the essentials. You don’t want to invest any time in her unless you know she can take care of a home.
    I maneuver as quickly as possible to putting a girl in the situation in which she has to cook. If she is lost, I do not invest more in her. I might fuck her for a while longer, but that’s it.
    You should not have to ask her to clean. A good woman with the proper instincts and education will naturally start to clean whenever in a household setting. If you go to her place and that instinct does not kick in within about 30 minutes – e.g., she does not start tidying up while talking to you – dump her. If she comes to your place for the night and is not tidying up on auto-pilot the next morning, dump her.
    Don’t fool yourself into thinking women can learn this stuff later. Either they have their natural instinct intact plus were taught be their mothers how to do these things, or they were brainwashed by today’s failing culture. Once brainwashed, there is no return to normalcy …. it’s rather like expecting a woman that was repeatedly raped by her father to ever be able to be normal. In both cases, the natural woman is dead and only a nightmare remains.

    1. You’ve got it right. I’m seeing a girl right now who cooks like a Michelin Star chef, cleans better than my cleaning lady and gives head like a porn star.
      I don’t give two shits what books she reads and she watches what I tell her to watch.
      Job… done!

  7. I already know that some of you might react in a negative way. My friends do too. However, I have had an ENORMOUS success rate with one very interesting first date.
    The details are always slightly different because of the circumstances but, like the Aristocrats joke, the format is always the same. I have used this many times and it has, without fail, always ended well for me.
    Here is one sample.
    At a nice restaurant bar having a drink I saw a girl who looked very nice and was having fun. I started talking to her and picked up on good vibes. I negged her, just a little, about her nails not being perfect. Then I suggested that we go, over the weekend, for a manicure/pedicure together.
    This offer will have several immediate effects. You will get some eye rolls from guys (but who cares) and the girl will be fucking confused. This will be new to them and they all love new things. It puts you in their world which turns out is unsettling to them more than to you (assuming getting nails done is something you are used to and….it should be).
    Interest piqued I got her phone number, agreed to meet her after work on Friday for nails and then out for drinks after, finished my drink, paid my tab and left.
    I made no contact at all until Friday around lunch time. “hope we are still on for tonight”
    She texted back so quick you would think she was just staring at her phone and waiting. Met her at nail place which was conveniently located near my apartment and near several bars.
    Now here is the kicker…we still haven’t really had much of a getting to know you conversation. This conversation took place while we sat next to each other getting our feet massaged. You literally couldn’t possibly make a girl more susceptible to whatever it is you say than to say it while someone is rubbing her feet.
    During that hour of pampering while she gets to know you while subservient women and tending to you and she is feeling like she is in some princess movie you are giving her your a game. Now you have a) surprised her b) entered into her world c) created intimacy d) let her feel that being with you will be a fun luxury e) given her something to talk to her girlfriends about (and she will)
    Afterwards we went to a nice bar and had a drink. After that one drink we were back at my place. No shoes in my apartment please, but it’s ok….she won’t mind taking them off.
    I have used this so many times not only because it works but because it is enjoyable AF. If you actually like her enough to go out a few times and meet her friends…they will be so excited to meet you.
    That concludes the masters class for adult hookups today.

    1. assuming getting nails done is something you are used to and….it should be
      Great story, but I have to say, you city boys are like 10% female right out of the gate. Heh.

        1. massages are good too (but more expensive and less ability to get to know someone during the process)

      1. ha….well GoJ we are used to a certain level of pampering.
        I, for my part, not only enjoy the near guarantee of the bang that comes with the manicure / pedicure but also the act of having women groom me.
        But yeah, I can’t really argue the point. In some ways we are a bunch of queers.

        1. First real date with my wife, we drove to London, Canada to burst her “I’ve never been outside the U.S.” bubble. This was after seeing her twice previously in something of an “escorted by several of our mutual friends” fashion. Second date was horseback riding. Third, the shooting range.
          Heh, now that I read that back to myself, it sounds really funny and totally something that younger guys probably won’t have happen any longer.

        2. Maybe and maybe not. There are a million ways to skin a goat. However, show up and get one alone. See if you like it. You can always walk out and it doesn’t cost a lot of money. I must say, my track record with this is 1.000 and I seriously consider whether or not to use it based on how much I want the girl.

        3. I did a shooting range date once. It was funny because neither of us had shot a gun in our lives and we drove to what we considered the middle of nowhere which, in reality, was just a suburb.
          Good stuff, but I wouldn’t try the horseback riding. I am already too much like Superman.

        4. Shooting range was my staple 2nd or 3rd date. If a chick balked or did the “I don’t like guns”, next.
          Used to do all sorts of weird dates, way back before I’d heard about anything called “game”. My favorite because it really set this sinister-daring-romantic-steampunk vibe was to take a date on a summer picnic to a Victorian (or earlier) cemetery. It sounds weird but chicks would get intensely fascinated when we played the “walk around and look at the headstones and try to figure out what they did in life” game. I have spoken to some of these women long after we stopped seeing each other and they were all about telling me how “that was the best date I’ve ever been on”. Has to be on a beautiful sunny day and a VICTORIAN or EARLIER place though, or it comes across as absolutely horror movie creepy.

        5. Yes, pre-game creativity was necessary but now it is still kind of fun. Haunted House around Halloween time, murder mystery, dumpling making class…one thing I used to do and which had a good track record was skeeball. A couple of drinks and some mock competition on the ole skeeball ramp was always a little different.

        6. I take women to shoot guns all the time, also live on a farm . The panties drop when you tell them you own horses . They swear you’re Clint Eastwood

        7. It’s a fantastic date. Sunny and warm, and “1800’s” are the boundaries.

      2. I have to side with you on this one. I don’t mind doing plenty of activities with a woman but we’re not shopping buddies (no shopping together, no nail dates, etc…). I, too, will take them to the range or other activity (fishing) just to get them out of their daily routine or comfort zone. Many of them haven’t been at all (first timers) so it works well.
        I think the range is best because they are learning a valuable skill (many get a rush after firing a weapon for the first time).

    2. That sounds like a darn good approach though… and one that’s not too expensive.
      I’m going to have to forward this to some of my single friends….

      1. that’s just it. You pay for her and it winds up being about 20% what you would spend in a bar buying drinks or out to dinner.

      1. yeah, but I haven’t gone a week without getting my dick wet in recent memory. All these women half my age…I am some big faggot.

        1. yup. It’s funny…a guy I know saw me coming home from work in my suit. I always wear loud socks. I was having a drink and he saw them and called me a fag. I looked at him, laughed and asked him when the last time he got laid was and “if they were over 150 pounds they don’t count”

        2. Loud socks are a sign of high testosterone. I wear them too. Bitches love loud socks. I’m kidding but not really.

  8. Museums
    Cultural days or exhibitions
    National parks
    Book signings
    Language classes
    Dance classes
    Horseback riding
    Whitewater rafting
    Rock climbing
    Day trips to a nearby town or city
    Most of these require forking out your hard earned cash on some gash that you want to smash. Nah I’m good…Better to do these activities after you’ve judged her to be wife material, otherwise you’re wasting your time and money.

    1. Bowling
      Anytime anybody misses, tell her to mark it as zero. Call her “Donny” when you do it.

      1. One of my FAVORITES is teaching a girl how to play darts. Women love being taught things…it is in their nature….there is usually inexpensive alcohol involved and loads of opportunity to correct form.

        1. It is prudent to carry your 1911A1 to bowling tournaments is all I’m saying.

        2. Prudent to carry it everywhere these days.
          Feeling like causing a mass shooting? Here take two of these and call me… Well yeah actually you won’t be able to…

    2. I agree. And there’s some people here who will say to apply reverse psychology and show her you’re so alpha by not paying for her part of the date, and she’ll be swooning for you because you’re not let the rest of the guys who put her on a pedestal. That’s not gonna work in reality. She’ll just go to the next guy who is willing to pay. Occasionally you may come across a woman who will happily share the costs, but they are the exception, not the rule.

      1. “She’ll just go to the next guy who is willing to pay. Occasionally you
        may come across a woman who will happily share the costs, but they are
        the exception, not the rule.”
        This^^. Its the simple demand/supply market forces at work here.

    3. Total agreement.
      Gash to smash? Bar/club sluts are going to be a relatively easy group for such an endeavor.
      Wife material? My simple rule is,
      More than two and your through.
      A lot of guys would say that’s totally unrealistic. Who fuckin cares though.
      This seed demands quality eggs I’m not takin some bitch that’s already been ran through with various other males DNA inside her.
      You got to be out your motherfuckin mind.

    4. Depends where you’re at. I’ve got two museums within a half hour of me that are free on Sundays. I can take a chick to Philly or NYC and do self-guided sightseeing tours with an iPod. I’ve been to a couple of book signings that are free. I’d rather expend effort looking for free stuff than worrying about spending cash.

    5. Better to do these activities after you’ve fucked her.
      Since most girls these days give it up on the first or second date.

      1. If you’re not at least making out by the second date, you’re wasting time. That’s a long list of stuff she can do with her girlfriends. You’re putting yourself in the friend zone. I was very surprised to read this on ROK.

  9. Huh. I always thought that “day game” for the most part was pursuing “normal” girls, either for relationships or sex, and “night game” was for the most part picking up sluts. I wasn’t aware that they were both about picking up sluts.

  10. Its important to pursue game outside the club sluts. The club scene has declined so fast in the last 10 years, where I am the clubs are full of feral bitches with chest tattoos and gay males. But this article reinforces the paradigm that all a woman has to do on a date is show up and expect to be entertained. That’s wrong. A man could easily find himself being used as ATM for activity dates for some bored woman. More and more I find I read ROK for red pill theory than PUA content.

    1. Agree. I always hated the bar scene, even when young. In college, I had better luck in class and other places.

  11. Goddamn this is a lot of hard work. If you enjoy all this, go ahead and do it. If not, do something else.
    I do not agree with letting her pick the movie. Nine times out of ten she’ll pick some romantic bullshit. And you are now setting the tone for the relationship where now she expects you to watch bullshit movies. I see married men caught in this miserable trap. Say no upfront.
    I think the book club would work great on a TV romance but I would not try this in real life. To me it threatens to turn your relationship into an academic course with you as the head teacher. Not sexy. On top of this you have to read her bullshit books. Even less sexy.
    Frankly, this stuff is not necessary. A couple dinner dates, then over to yours for dinner and that’s all she wrote. When you get serious you can start planning excursions, etc.

    1. I think most guys find romance movies unbearable because they are written by homosexuals and the dialog is hard to relate to as a straight man. The movies are often filled with unnecessary drama which women love but men avoid. Then Hollywood created the Romantic Comedy which soon became neither romantic nor funny. So we are stuck with horrible movies about women past their prime, finding Mr. Right, he accepting her whorish past and the two living happily ever after. Hence why men hate romance movies.

  12. I just got back from Mexico City. This being my 5th or 6th trip to Latin America, I think I can say w/ out a doubt. I don’t care if my dating career is shit here in the states. I met a sexy Mexicana on our first day and she was all about it. She was down for all my suggestion. We would go to a cafe and chat. We talked about all sort of things and not gossip, like real life topics. She didn’t nag, whine or anything. I didn’t have to some weird douchebag. She brought happiness and added more value into my life and vica versa. I won’t bother talking to a woman who can’t do the same here stateside, period

  13. Just met a shy but beautiful 19 year old from a traditional Catholic family who’s tells me no one’s ever even approached her before me. What a good time for this article to come out!

      1. My brother’s girlfriend has known her for a long time, and judging from the looks of shock and frantic whispering from said girlfriend and her friend when I broke through the shy shields, I think it’s true. But good advice.

        1. Not original advice–I forget where the hell I saw it, but it’s always stuck with me. Hopefully you nabbed a unicorn, Joe.

        2. Yeah I know it’s an old Ronald Reagan quote, but it holds true. And thanks, so do I. I hardly dare to hope.


  15. Meeting a women with use of a dating-site or Tinder is stupid.
    You will also lose her like that, because in the back of her mind there will always be a little voice: “swipe for a better specimen”
    It’s like browsing 9gag. Doesn’t matter how funny the pic, a new dopamine release will be given with the next funny one. So you’re dating a junky if you go for the serial-dater/CC rider.

  16. Reading through the comments ( cretins like englishbob and wi tu lo) on this essay has convinced me that this website is incorrectly named. This is not a site for ‘returning kings’, we are talking about barely human trash, valuing nothing beyond what an animal might choose – the male equivalents of the slutty club girls.

  17. The most effective way to improve your day game™ and transition from pursuing night club girls to better quality girls is simply to work from home. I make $95 dollars an hour.
    Getting rich is super easy and the best decision I ever made in my life.

  18. Both club girls and real girls alike avoid misogynists. If you spouted to them your sexist nonsense, they’d walk away.

  19. Just had to post this. Couple behind me at the coffee shop in on a Tinder date. The poor guy is just sitting there and the girl has been rambling on for over 55 minutes about everything from her childhood to her military service. She took a bathroom break and came back and started up again like the Duracell Rabbit. The guy is leaning back in his seat, body language saying he wants to escape. The only time he can get a word in is to respond with like stuff, like: “I had a freind like that.” Than she jumps right back in. Glad I don’t put up with that shit anymore.

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