5 Ways Millennial Men Can Save The West

Every generation has some defining characteristics within which they see the world, and the role they played (or will play) in the theater of ideas that writes our history.

First we have the greatest generation who grew up during the deprivation of the Great Depression, and whom went on to fight and destroy out-of-control fascist governments during WW2. Then, at the end of the day, they came home and built America into an economic powerhouse.

We then had the Baby Boomer generation which was a result of the Greatest Generation coming home from war, building businesses, and picking up a woman to start a family with. These kids grew up in the patriotic, conservative, and chauvinistic world the patriarchs of the Greatest Generation created.

When the 1960’s rolled around, Jewish intellectuals from the Frankfurt School decided to pivot away from the ideology of the bourgeois vs the proletariat and adopt a new way to sell Marxism to the West. And so identity politics were born. It was the rich vs the poor, the haves vs the have nots, capitalism vs communism.

Hippies began to spread this anti-capitalist, anti-West ideology into the popular culture through music and arts. By the end oft he 1960’s, the baby boomers had successfully swung the pendulum the other direction from the post-war American pride of their fathers.

Generation X was born during this now popular culture of post-modernist, Marxist thinking. Since the hippies were now having kids of their own, they could mold them to the idealistic image of progressiveness they saw in their ideology. They raised their children to be critical of the West, and to have a distrust of the institutions their grandfathers had built. These kids had no reason to object, as they were growing up in a time of relative economic ease and were still riding the wave of the post-WW2 America built by their grandfathers. They had it both ways for a long time. The millennial generation, whose birth was just around the corner, were about to inherit a West so damaged that many have asserted would be impossible to recover.

What goes up…

National debt began to rise in the late 90’s early 2000’s. Terrorism became a real threat after September 11, 2001. Liberal policies caused the biggest economic disaster since the Great Depression when the housing bubble burst in 2008. Since then, national debt has continued to skyrocket, illegal immigrants have begun swarming, and wages have stagnated.

Businesses under the stranglehold of high taxes, intrusive bureaucracy, and red tape are beginning to close their doors. Factories moved over seas in search of cheaper labor as the result of poorly negotiated trade deals which saw American nationalism taking a back seat. Even though we were hurting worse every year, our parents incessant liberalism kept trying to solve a problem by throwing more and more money at it. The answer was always more government, more control.

The counter culture of the 1960’s had become the dominant culture, and was quickly destroying everything the Greatest Generation had built. What our parents lacked was the context and experience that their grandparents had. Their grandparents knew that Western civilization was superior and must be protected, but their kids took it for granted and unknowingly allowed the dominoes to begin falling.

We have inherited a broken West. Communism is knocking on our door yet again, cultural Marxism has infiltrated the roots of our educational institutions, resentment for capitalism is growing, and the left has taken their post-modern identity politics to the extreme. The salt in the wound is that the only ones who can save the west, millennial men, have been emasculated by feminism and are lost in a crisis of identity.

The good news is that there is a cure. The damage is severe, but we are not past the point of no return. Even in the face of what seems to be insurmountable adversity, anger is always more useful than despair. Here are five ways we can turn the ship around before we sail over the edge entirely.

1. Recognize that the West is the best

The Western world is the greatest civilization humanity has ever seen. Our culture is not only different from other cultures, it is superior. As millennial men, we have been handed the reigns to the pinnacle achievement of the human race. Thousands of years of trial-and-error have lead to this very moment, but in the war of ideas, we cannot become complacent. This begins with acknowledging exactly what we have inherited, and having the intellectual and historical context to understand its value. Nowhere else in the world is there the opportunity, freedom, life expectancy, productivity, advancement, or industriousness that there is in the West. We must protect it.

There is a war of ideas happening as we speak, and the egalitarian idealists on the left are attempting to institute a philosophy which holds that the West is somehow the enemy by spreading lies like “the West is destroying the planet with our pollution”, “we are oppressing minorities through capitalism”, and that “the patriarchy itself is an evil that is to be destroyed”. We must reject this devastating philosophy of destruction, and bring Western patriotism and pride back. When our peers spit on the culture that our forefathers created we must spit back and remind them that everything they enjoy today is a result of Western beliefs and Western philosophies in action.

2. Reject egalitarianism

Part of recognizing that the West is the best is acknowledging the big lie of egalitarianism. All cultures are not equal, all philosophies are not equal, and all people are not equal. To pretend otherwise is to continue digging our own grave. Western ideals have provided mankind with the vessel to accomplish the impossible, to bring order to chaos, and to provide for our advancement like no other society on earth.

The big lie of egalitarianism presumes that all people, cultures, and ideologies are equal and interchangeable. Egalitarianism suggests that the West is not the best, but is only different from other societies. The side effect of egalitarianism is that we have nothing to protect, nothing to pursue, and no greater purpose to strive for. If we are all equal anyways, why bother striving for anything?

If you are looking for chaos and pain, look no further than third world non-Western countries, or anti-Western values through history. From the tribal warfare of Africa to Islamic slaughter in the Middle East or the mass genocide of communism, the alternative to Western civilization is ugly and barbaric.

3. Know your enemy

Know what we’re up against. Research cultural Marxism, the nihilistic and malevolent doctrine of post-modernism, and the slaughters of communism. Gain some perspective by looking back through time and learning about how societies rise and fall. The looking glass of time is cloudy and smudged by default without education, so while we still have time on our side we need to wipe it clean with study and insight.

History is the world’s most effective teacher. Ignorance of the natural laws of chaos and order are not excuses to repeat past mistakes over and over. Hell was once defined as a place where there is no reason, and if we don’t have perspective or an understanding in the war of ideas, we are existing in a state of hell. Knowing why the West is the best, and who the enemy is will better equip us to fight and win.

4. Speak freely

Freedom of speech means the unlimited freedom of ideas. It is allowing your intellect to flow, and not placing restrictions on the dissemination of ideas. Free speech is the foundation that the West is built on. History is littered with oppressive regimes attempting to quash free speech so they could hold onto power. Evil ideologies cannot prevail unless the truth is hidden.

Make sure that truth is always visible, and speak your mind freely. This is why Jesus said “No one lights a lamp and puts it in a place where it will be hidden, or under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, so that those who come in may see the light.” He was referring to the importance of truth.

Learn to debate, and how to persuade others of your position. Speech is your sword in the war of ideas, and if we want to win we must keep them sharp. Always be looking for the truth, especially if it hurts. Truth doesn’t exist to please, it exists to light our path through the chaos of life. Political correctness, as we all know, exists to quash free speech in favor of the doctrine of the left.

However, we need to pay particular attention to definitions. Since the left cannot defy human nature to suppress free speech, they are now trying to hijack and re-frame definitions to suit their movement. This way the speech can continue, but it can serve their purpose. They have redefined words like racist, socialism, radical, and conservative to mean what is convenient to them. Radical used to mean an extreme ideology. Now it means anything that doesn’t tow the post-modernist line.

5. Start a business

Go to work for yourself and produce. Create jobs, and create wealth. Enterprise is the engine that keeps the vehicle of the West moving. Men are designed to produce things of value, and to improve the lives of others. If we aren’t producing, we are dying. This is why we are living in an epidemic of identity crisis, drug use, and absentee fathers. When we have no reason to exist, we default to wasting our lives.

Wealth creates the means for positive change, and puts the reigns of the West into the free market – into the hands of the people. If you want to live a meaningful life, and make a lasting impact on our Western society you must generate adequate wealth to do so. A life of poverty doesn’t only short change you with what you could’ve been, but also what everyone else your enterprise could have touched could have been. Entrepreneurs don’t only feed their own families – they also create the means by which others can feed their families.

The Most Important Generation

The solution to our identity crisis as millennial men is recognizing our purpose as a generation.  We might not be the greatest generation, but we could prove to be the most important generation. The fate of the West may well lie within our hands. We are about to truly come of age, and take the wheel of Western civilization, so it is up to us whether we continue to steer it off the cliff of chaos, or turn it back towards human greatness.

We must consider our children, and our children’s children. Will they grow up in a culture of lost values, big brother, and nihilistic malevolence? Or will they grow up in the land of opportunity, freedom, and truth.  Hard times breed strong men, and strong men breed easy times. Easy times breed weak men, and weak men breed hard times. Knowing this feedback loop is half the battle, and preventing it from poisoning the future is something we will have to figure out.

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185 thoughts on “5 Ways Millennial Men Can Save The West”

    1. The Millennial generation (men and women) are hopeless.
      Relying on a generation that is so unreliable is like trying to build a skyscraper on sand.
      I agree with the gentleman above — black pill please.

  1. This website, as interesting as it is, really lacks diversity. I am sorry, but it is true. Too many white men speaking to their own echoes. I think there used to be one black man, Donovan Sharpe? God knows where he went, and even him, he was an African American.
    The West is the best? According to whom? Immigrant stories make the best stories. It’s time somebody hits you with the truth: The American Dream died in the 60s, get with the times. Palestinian American rapper Bellie said it best, coming to the West is “immigration the trap”. I hope you don’t actually think we come here and become rich, do you? Often, our immigrant parents had higher status back home. Then they come here and have to work as maids, dishwashers, grocery store clerks, taxi drivers. Really, it’s only their children that have a shot… if they survive their identity crisis and don’t go insane in the process.

    1. “Often, our immigrant parents had higher status back home. Then they come here and have to work as maids, dishwashers, grocery store clerks, taxi drivers.”
      Feel free to go back whence you came.

        1. Again, all of a sudden foreigners come to the great USA and think they know more than Americans. Somehow you think you have a great culture and money is NOT important yet when you come here all of a sudden money is really important and you miss the third world nation you came from. You can take your diversity and keep it to yourself . BTW I am Armenian/Russian , and could care less about that former Communist countries. I am glad some people live there and they can stay there for all I care. The door is open here in the GREAT USA, so feel free to leave and don’t let the door kick you in the ass on the way out.

        2. You again?
          I am not going to entertain you because I know for a fact that you’re ignorant. How do I know this? In your other comment, you stated that Iranian’s speak Arabic.
          All hail USA and you’re great cultured minds.
          Are you bitter that my tongue is more skilled than yours? I can see that you are by your comment. I see you.

        3. I never said Iranians speak Arabic, they read Arabic but speak Farsi. My mother can speak Farsi and understand Arabic somewhat, but she could care less about any of those places. We came here because AMERICAN culture is superior and people are much more civilized.

        4. They read Arabic… but speak Farsi? Lol, do you think that because Farsi looks like Arabic to you? That’s a cute try, honey, but as much as it may look like a sand niggers language, it is, in fact, it’s own.

        5. Anytime a chick, especially a foreign chick, who uses LOL, then I know she is actually dumber than a box of rocks and is a royal bitch. They use Arabic script, Farsi does not have it s own alphabet .

        6. I am glad Google can enlightened you. It is, after all, you’re only contact with the outside world.

        7. You’re right I can view your backwards tribe from the safety of my computer and not to have to deal with Arab swindlers and big time talkers like you. I can view pictures of foreign lands whenever I have a free minute on the toilet and not spend thousands on Shitistan Airlines.

        8. MEERA
          You really think that European immigrants to the West had it better in 1910 (like my grandparents) than the average Indian or Asian immigrating in the 1970’s or 1980’s?
          High-caste Indians and middle-class Asians are just shocked that some white man does not quit his job so they can have it.
          I’m white and worked in Dubai. There is a shocking naivete of Indians especially about the West and how it will transform their lives.
          Europeans and then Sikhs were basically refugees to Canada and the US with no choice.

        9. MEERA
          Tehran immigrants from Dubai have an unrealistic idea of their new life unlike the European peasant ancestors of current white people in Canada or the US.
          And I agree that immigrating when the job market is bad is stupid.
          Having worked in Dubai I knew an Iranian scientist who had to work in McDonald’s in California.
          So I see both sides of the picture.

        10. GEN X-ILE,
          Don’t listen to me. I just a mad-woman. Really, I have a sickness. I don’t know what to call it but I am sure a lot of immigrants suffer from it. Actually, I am sure of it.
          I just call it the fever and it must be working up again. Half the stuff I say has no bearing on my reality. I will never go back to Jordan because I can’t. I learned a new walk and forgot the original one.
          I am just as foreign in Jordan as I am here. We’re all mad here. The lingering illness will outlast us all.

        11. Like used to say the romans in Rome you do like the romans. If you immigre in a new country and intend to live in this country, trying to bring the culture of your original country in your new country is foolish.
          If you still like the way of you original country then go back to it, otherwise you adapt to the way of your new country.

        1. American women up until the last 10 years were the hottest sexiest dirtiest women on the planet and I love them that way. Funny how Palestinian Women in the USA, the ones I have met, are big time sluts and “fall in love” with tall white men who are using them for sex toys. I love it.

        2. I can see you are very intrigued by me and you are truly falling hard. I sympathize that you haven’t yet come across a woman who stimulated you this much, but alas, my dear, Princess Jasmine is going to exit.

        3. You know what’s classically American? disemboweling you savages in close quarters with a heavy automatic. Our children make war with your Men.

    2. If they had higher status in their home countries why did they come to the west in then first place? I’ll tell you. Because their own countries are shit. Why are their own countries shit? Because they are full of those people.

      1. I feel like I’m howling at the moon.
        They’re immigrating to the trap. And then they stayed for their children… and sacrificed everything they ever had. Their family, their friends, their high status jobs, their tribe names.
        Yes, I come from a tribe. It’s called the Al Batayneh tribe, one of the biggest and most respected tribes in Jordan. Then you come here, and nobody has any idea of your worth and your status. They think you were “happy” to get out of your third world shithole. Lol.

        1. If you’re tribe was so great and you didn’t care about money, then you should have stayed with YOUR tribe instead of coming to America. Don’t let the door kick you in the ass on the way out. Your truly, a proud AMERICAN FIRST (Armenian/Russian AMERICAN)

        2. I bet you’re a female over 40, single, without kids with a Tinder profile that states “I am smart, educated, from a great tribe in Shitistan, and therefore expect high standards from a man”

        3. Get angry at your parents then.
          The west, the real west is dead. The real west would never have allowed your parents to come. But the antiwest did. they wanted cheap labour, they wanted their votes, they wanted to use your parents as a demographic weapon to demoralise and subjugate.
          Your parents came with the barbarian invasion to exploit.
          The population never wanted them here. They came to exploit. Then got exploited. They assumed their own status would mean something. Then found out no one gives a shit which tribe of camel thieves they came from.
          They did indeed get trapped.
          They got trapped with the rest of us by the horrible parasite that is the antiwest. But you see, you have a place to got back to if you choose. If you can overcome your own addiction to pleasure and ease and take the risks, you can go home and be at peace. But us? This is our home. And it is a growing hell of atomisation, feminisation, dispossession, ‘diversity’ and poz which never ends. Our future is war..war with the invaders, war with the poz, war with the Empire, war with our own brainwashed people.
          Your best bet would be to get out now, before it begins. Go back to your lands. Barbarous as they are, they remain yours, and remain cleaner. You’ll be happier.
          In truth I think I envy you.

        4. You should envy me.
          I didn’t choose to be Middle Eastern; I just got lucky. 😉

        5. MEERA
          A German-American who worked in Dubai here:
          What do you “Farsi” expect the whites in the US to do for you when you arrive. Quit our jobs so that you can have one in your field?
          I’ve known a load of Farsi from Dubai who immigrated to the US thinking they’d be another Shah of Sunset Blvd and it did not work out-like my friend the biologist from Iran who ended up working in McDonald’s.
          Most of you Iranians are middle to upper-class Tehranians so unlike the white American grandson of European peasants who slept in shanties around the railroad or factory you are installed with expectations and privileges that Italian or Jewish or Irish immigrants did not have.
          That is really your problem. Immigrate to Australia or Tokyo if there is more opportunity there.

        6. MEERA
          Go to Dubai then, Jordanian.
          You’re better off than the shithole Arab-American ghettos like Dearborn in Detroit or Chicago.
          It is not white people’s problem that Jordan never had oil.
          I lived in Dubai. I know your tribe well.
          You don’t have oil so your country is not as well-off as Dubai or Kuwait. That is your problem, not the West.

        7. I am not Iranian.
          I knew of an Iranian once. In Thailand, where my family vacationed. He was a restaurant owner. He was sick too.
          He was exiled from his country for being against the regime during some sort of uprising way back when. Spent a half an hour just showing me videos of some classic Iranian singer.
          It was terrible and it scared me for life. That was the only Iranian I ever knew.

        8. Respected tribe? Hamoud is a respect tribe. Maybe a few others.
          Yours sounds like a Bedouin family.
          Never seen your name on anything in Amman or anywhere else.
          And unlike the rest of these posters I worked in Oman, Dubai and Kuwait.

    3. LOL
      STFU and GTFO
      You want Diversity? Go read Cosmo, Buzzfeed, et al. We don’t need you here, we don’t want you here.
      You need to go back. Seriously.

        1. MEERA
          Go to Dubai then, Jordanian. It is not the fault of whites that your country has no oil and you are the peasants of Arabia.
          Jordanian-American communities are shitholes like Dearborn in Detroit, I agree. This is partly because you Jordanians are peasants like the Yemeni.
          Not really the fault of Italian-Americans or German-Americans or Jews.

        2. Why can’t you see that this is not about money?
          I am not talking about one thing, I am talking about everything:
          I am talking about war, I’m talking about exile, I’m talking about being an immigrant, I am talking about being sick, I am talking about hybridity, I am talking about identity – and you’re making this about peasants and lords?

    4. >Really, it’s only their children that have a shot
      Thats the point. The system demands human souls for consumption.

      1. They don’t give a fuck about the immigrants; all they want is their Westernized children and their long life contribution to Western society. We all know it’s really the immigrants that take their education seriously, white people take their education for granted. In fact, that’s why they love labor work. Lazy, easy money.
        Yes, immigrant children have the money. But at what price? And what’s the use of an “American dream” when you can have a Middle Eastern one? That’s why I say get your education and use this place as a means to an end, just like they used our parents for a means to an end.

        1. and you give a shit about immigrants? Some poor immigrants are more greedy and more money hungry than Wall Street bankers and are willing to ripoff anyone to get a Gucci watch

        2. I downvoted you because… I don’t like you. But you are correct. If you do come to America, please leave after you’ve pumped some money into our overbloated education system.

        3. Actually Jordanian Americans are quite stupid and ghettoized compared to Iranian-Americans or Lebanese-Americans.
          Like the Palestinian-Americans your communities are always in the ghetto and your kids tend to pick up some of their tendencies. Visit Deaborn.
          I am from Michigan (German-American) and then worked in Dubai so I knew the load of you well.
          Jordanians are also real peasants as an Arab race. Fat, crude, dishonest, amoral.
          In America you’ll never be the achievers of the Middle East like Iranians.

        4. MEERA
          Jordanians are the laborers of the Arab Gulf or they were until Indians and Pakistanis and Filipinos came along.

        5. You think physical labor is easy, lazy work? Try construction some time. I don’t see Arabs contributing to the science/tech/medical/mathematical communities like Europeans have been for thousands of years.

    5. Turks here in Europe often say the same thing – talking about their families, the culture and the beauty of Turkey. Without a doubt Turkey is a beautifull country and so i ask them ‘why are you here?’. ‘Why are you living amongst a people who are openly hostile towards your presence and who’s culture and values you fundamentally disagree with?’. I’ve never gotten a satisfactory answer.

      1. That’s because their isn’t a simple answer they can give you.
        All I know is that things are definitely changing. People are beginning to realize the scam that is North America and the children of immigrants are going back. I watch Arab television, and there was this segment that talked about this Jordanian American man who just opened a chain of successful hotels in Jordan. He said he decided to go back and open his business in Jordan because he wants to benefit his own economy instead of making money for other people. He was really inspiring to me.

        1. HARDEES of the US was opened by a Jordanian immigrant and they have become rich in America.
          Jordanians tend to excel in Fast Food. I would say that Jordanians ARE HARD WORKERS.
          I’m not totally sure what your point is, girl.
          And I am quite certain from your name that you are a young Arab woman (Nothing wrong with that, I am white but I have worked with Arab women and had sex with two so I understand the modern young Arab woman well).

        2. MEERA
          America is a hard place for a Jordanian to succeed. I agree.
          Most of you end up in fast food. A few of you like the Jordanian who owns HARDEES become rich but you are dealing with the public all day. Fast food is a shitty job.
          Your name “Meera” indicates you are probably a younger Arab woman. I’m a white man but I can say I know young Arab women better than most white males. Much better.
          Unlike Iranians or Iraqis in America for some reason you folks don’t have the highly organized network they do. You have to start on the dirty streets.
          Also those folks at least gather in California. Jordanians enter the US in Detroit or Chicago, depressing and cold grey cities with little money and lot’s of poor people.
          Not entirely unsympathetic.

      2. ACE
        I’m German-American and our senior citizens in Milwaukee and Michigan like Trump’s father used to say the same thing about Bavaria-the black forest and the mountain air and blah blah.
        Germans came to the Northeast United States for money and because in those days it was easy to start a business in Detroit or Milwaukee. Let us be honest. My grandfather, Trump, any of them.

        1. You absolutely understand nothing about being an Arab woman. You are delirious, and you are a fool.

    6. “The West is the best? According to whom?”
      According to everyone. Otherwise the flood of brown people clamoring to come through the gates would be clamoring somewhere else.

    7. In case you didn’t notice, that’s kind of the point. Return of kings. Not return of shoguns. Not return of sultans. Not return of Afghanistan warlords. A large number of us don’t want your immigrants anymore. If what you say is true, stay home with your stacks of cash. Tell the others, it was a trick. It’s not worth it.

    8. I’m an immigrant. Learn’t the language and customs.
      Could care less about the old country.
      Kids are thriving
      I said I’d give your virgin ass an interview.

    9. Can someone please ban this Arab woman?
      Why the fuck does ROK allow for comments posted by women?
      @ArabCunt: listen you camel-riding whore, you will never have the intellect of a Jew, so no one really cares about your stupid opinions. Go bomb yourself.

        1. Hmmm… definitely don’t agree much with this Meera but looks like you are doing the same thing what Disqus did to your ROK site Roosh.

      1. Why would anyone want the intellect of a Jew, the most hated race in the history of the world?

    10. Diversity is a lie. Humans are tribal beings, always will be. The time is closed for rhetoric-cultural Marxism is snowballing and the Deep State has an iron grip. We are losing the last of our greatest generation. Prepare for war on American Soil. There isn’t much time left.

    11. How amusing, an Arab panning western culture. An Arab. Low IQ on average, and basically intellectually unproductive for centuries. Invaders and destroyers of other countries, slavemasters to tens of millions of sub-saharan blacks (and also white Europeans).
      An Arab, pretending to have some concern for a black person. I’m dying of laughter here. I’ve been to Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia and the like. I know what Arabs think of blacks. You can read how they treat Pakistanis and Indians who work in places like Dubai or Kuwait.

      1. JBW
        I worked in Dubai and Kuwait. The first thing they do is steal the Indian or Filipinos passport.
        Filipino women were generally raped the second they got off the plane and some Arabs in Manila running a job agency there raped them BEFORE they got on the plane (And then they went to the police).
        As for Muslim women’s morality I have been with Arab women both prostitutes and normal. They are modest in public but they are a hooker who does the same thing other hookers do for money. Not that I have something against this.

    12. what if diversity is not the goal of this website? why cant white people or white man have a site that dedicate to talk about their needs? and their needs only or mostly?.
      everywhwer you go there is somone talking about minority needs or needs of other races but when whites talk about theirs its treated criminal or with disdain which is not fair.
      this site does not need diversity just as much as it does not insult other races

    13. why is it you immigrants come to the United States and spend all your time trying to destroy it and criticizing it and everything else but in all of your future and angst you never go back to your home country and fix your own fucking problems. why is it that you don’t fix the hell holes you came from into something worthwhile but instead you’ve got to come to another successful country and destroy it.

      1. The successful country with a national debt of 18 trillion and the largest per capita prison population in the world? That successful country?

    14. “This site lacks diversity”
      Pardon me? Is there a central planning that bans blacks or arabs from participating here? Don’t they have equal access to google which could lead them to here if they had red pill intentions in the first place? You can lead the horse to the river but you can’t force him to drink.
      It’s a reality that most POC have a more leftist, equalist, communalist, collectivist mindset. Not white man’s fault.

    15. Meera, here at ROK and other similar websites the story is always the same viz: American culture/western civilisation is the greatest, and there is a conspiracy to exterminate the white race. It’s a case of “my mother’s cooking is the best in the world” when one has never tasted food outside their mother’s kitchen.

    16. And this is why women are encouraged to stay away from this site.
      Don’t you have children (or cats) yo look after?

    17. If the west is an immigration trap, then why are so many immigrants to-be immigrants adamant on immigrating? If it truly was a trap, the word would have spread wide and far by now. 3rd world countries (mainly Muslim by majority) are constantly in shambles for a variety of reasons that stem from corrupt ideologies. The west does have its up and downs but it’s worlds ahead of any other 3rd world shit hole. If anything, the mass migration will spoil the pristine utopia that we call the west.

    18. That’s what the West is. It’s White, by definition. It’s our civilization, and others are guests. Your voice and complaints literally don’t matter. You have a home to return to. This is our home.
      “Immigrant stories make the best stories”?
      Since when? Immigrants are historically and presently here for cheap labor and as debtors. In the civil war, we used to stick rifles in their hands as they stepped off of the boat. They were literal cannon fodder, and those were the White ones. What do you think has changed in terms of basic economics and class differentiation? Much less than you think. You come here for money, which demeans you and we know that. The immigrants that don’t come here to escape imminent starvation have sold their soul. Do you think that gives you a legitimate civic voice? Just the opposite.

    19. Whether you are a self loathing American, a jealous foreigner, or both, it’s showing. Fuck you and the diversity horse you rode in on. Go ahead and keep all of your supposed doctors and rocket scientists so they can clean your own room before you go bashing superior cultures. Immigrants are afforded the highest opportunity to succeed in America than any other place in the world, yet the opportunity afforded to them is lost on their ungrateful children. I suggest you get off your high horse once you self deport back to the theocratic, socialist, communist, oligarchic 3rd world shithole you came from. The irony of you lamenting the lack of diversity on this site while bashing whitey on a computer…over the internet…is laughably sad.

    20. That’s why Americans are all lining up at the Jordanian Embassy in Washington D.C> seeking immigrant visas.

  2. “The Western world is the greatest civilization humanity has ever seen. Our culture is not only different from other cultures, it is superior. ”
    Hmmm …
    Civilizations are inherently feminine. The Patriarchy is, in fact, a Matriarchy. Agriculture, planting, the sedentary existence, subduing and controlling the earth, were inventions of the Great Earth Mother, whoever she was.

    1. you basically stopped at agriculture, which represents a fairly early stage in the development of civilization, i.e. before city states etc came into their own. You could make the case for agriculture perhaps, but how would you argue it beyond that point?

    2. Bullshit, men toiling the earth, paying attention to star signs and seasons, watching and improving and changing the planting, growing and harvesting of grains, harvesting and storing hay so livestock could be propagated above the freeze line, creating farming tools and implements, these are all activities undertaken and perfected by men. Nothing feminin or matriarchal about that. Just because you seem to believe the only lifestyle which is masculine is that if a hunter nomad, doesn’t make it so.

    3. Great mother earth? WTF is that?
      You realise that earth is just a piece of molten metal oxides with a cooler crust floating on it and working as a dynamic system? It’s not sentient or living or mystical in any way. You sound like a primitive bedouin with a lack of a scientific background or something.

  3. Eliminate universal suffrage. That is the impetus for all these other disastrous policies derive from.

    1. How about making IQ tests a prerequisite for anyone who wishes to vote or run for office???

      1. Sadly, a lot of these high IQed academics and Phd holders are leftists so it doesn’t sound as attractive an idea as it is on paper.

      2. Individual IQ tests are not that accurate, they will only really tell if you are super stupid (like retarded), below average, average, smart, or super smart. Only when you get large sample sizes of entire populations, multiple testing, cross referencing (SAT scores, etc), and you apply the test multiple times over a long period of time can you truly get accurate numbers…even that is hard though. Plus, sometimes smart people are REALLY fucking stupid. Have you ever heard of the saying “it is so stupid that only a smart person could believe it” ?

  4. If the west isnt the best then why do we keep getting flooded with hordes of refugees. Why is that that we are trying build a wall to keep illegals out. Could it be that life in the west is far better than the 3rd world hell hole these refugees fled from. Even if these immgrants arent on the top rungs of society they are still doing better than they would in their own homelands. Lastly no one is forcing these people to move to the west they are choosing it themselves. So if you dont like the west you can move back to whatever shithole you came from.

    1. They’re all immigrating to the trap. Let them come, so they can see for themselves and finally believe me when I tell them what a first world shithole North America is.

      1. The first world is far from perfect, but your reasoning sounds like the justification that all radical muslims use to cause trouble in the west. Seriously if where you or your parents came from is any better, why do you stay in the western countries? I’d really like to know your opinion?

        1. She’s nuts. Nowhere did you mention worship, yet she brings it up like she is winning a debate. Crazy. Reading comprehension is the first sign of a person’s intellectual abilities. Guess I can’t expect much from an Arab.

      2. It’s Top Kek that you hate it so much, yet you stay. Go to Eastern Europe, or Belize.
        Maybe it’s because you have no money, which isn’t a bad thing; hell, maybe you’re driving a cab or working as a janitor. That’s honest work.
        At least you’re (maybe) not on welfare, leeching off taxpayers. Except that your impotent rage is the exact thing that’s keeping you down, and not the West (echoes of 60’s/70’s era “The Man” rebop) or its once great values.
        You seem very angry and sad, and not for the right reasons. I don’t understand why you choose to visit RoK since nothing here makes you laugh or enjoy your visit here. Your takeaway is nothing but fuel for your incessant feminine bitching.

      3. IMPOTENT rage.
        Impotent is the operative word.
        Literacy is fundamental in the West. Remember that.

      4. No way. America’s awesome. Every place has it’s problems, but we’ve got a stellar infrastructure at the very least. Lots of benefits ontop of that. America invented the web for instance. If you want to badmouth, whatever man, but you’re wasting your breath.

      5. MEERA
        Dearborn is a shithole. I don’t deny that. If Arabs have the capacity to improve the US I have yet to see it.

      6. MEERA
        “Understand nothing about being an Arab woman”
        I’ve fucked more Arab women than you have, girl (How do you think I knew “Meera” is an Arab female name). Way more if you count Iranian women as Arabs but these were prostitutes in Dubai.
        I’ve lived all over the Middle East and you are simply the child of Jordanian gas station owners or employees in a Liquor store who maybe visited your family in Jordan once. You have never worked in Dubai, Oman or the places I have. Because you have no skill or trade or money to do so.

        1. You are so unbelievably offensive, that I would be offended, except I am too used to white men’s garbage and their ignorance.
          You know everything about Arab women, because you have had sexual intercourse with some? Are you naturally this stupid or did it develop over time? Sexual intercourse is the most superficial act Western men can do. Why Western men? because you sleep with anything that moves, you really don’t know anything about a woman before you sleep with her, and you’re out here trying to be the spokesman for Arab women? Lol.
          You’re really not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Anyone can find out I am Arab by looking up my name. It’s not rocket science. And no, Iranian women are not Arab.
          I am the daughter of a financial counselor who now works in real estate in Jordan and my mother is an architect. This is why everyone hates white people. And no, I have not visited Jordan Once. I was born there, and I go home every summer.

      7. MEERA
        One reason is that Jordanians in America have gone into the lower-class in Dearborn or Chicago unlike Iranians in LA who are millionaires owning Beverly Hills.
        Jordan is no great shakes either and right behind Yemen as the worst place in the Arab world in terms of poverty.
        If your choice is between Dearborn or some other poor Jordanian community and Amman I do not know what to tell you.

        1. You really have no sense of the world if you believe that Jordan is right after Yemen in terms of poverty.
          God bless you. Goodbye.

      8. So move back to your Progressive Utopia you came from then and take your non/mal adaptive mindset with you.

      9. Face the fact, the west is great and every single brown skin hopes to move to the west. But are ashamed to accept it.
        And I can assure you the owner of “Hardee” would have moved back to Jordan only after he changed his passport to US.

    2. I don’t know about the US but here in Europe immigrants get disillusioned quickly. They quickly discover that the land of milk and honey doesn’t really exist. The only thing i think Europe has over other countries is the health care system, which is pretty high standard and – for the time being – affordable.

        1. So you indeed live in Jordan. One of the most Westernized Middle Eastern countries since (at least) 1962, with King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein, who admittedly is a badass.
          And yet, you bitch about the West.

        2. Please go to Jordan dude. Twitter Trump and ask him if he’ll pay for your plane ticket. Tell him you don’t like America and you want to go back to your own country, but you can’t afford it. After Trump realizes you’re serious, I bet he pays for your ticket.

        3. Jordan is insolvent as a country without the United States directly bankrolling it, and indirectly supporting it militarily. The United States has practically colonized it with influence. The US is the reason Jordanians are even able to drink water on a daily basis.

      1. ACE “Disillusioned” Reasons
        Germans for example who came to Milwaukee or New York were smart and cunning like Trump’s father.
        They were smart enough to know that Milwaukee was not paved with gold and they had no expectations but it was better during the Depression than Germany.
        German-American communities were already booming with cash so someone like Trump’s father could make money quick.
        Immigrants today have a high expectation. Do you really think that Trump or my grandfather thought they’d get a free Porche and big house for free when they immigrated to Milwaukee?
        Turks have unrealistic expectations.

      2. ACE
        I think Germans headed to US during the Bismark and World War 1 Era were REAL refugees.
        If you could get a job like Trump’s father cutting hair it was something.

  5. I don’t get the (being?) john malkovich picture? Is it supposed to represent some kind of identikit status?

  6. I can’t believe the comments im reading. This is one of the best articles ive read in a long time on ROK. Well written and very true!

  7. Actually the first step is this: Stop complaining. The boomers won’t be listening. They are too busy being self-absorbed to care, which is why things are the way they are.
    Stop complaining and just do what needs to be done.

    1. Depends. If you happen to troll the boomers, they won’t be happy but they will be forced to listen a little bit.

        1. There’s a class of boomers that stands out. The German born and educated boomers have the worst unshakable self loathing complex. The Easterners yielded the worst. Merkel was East German born, and whose country remained demographically pristine until the reunification with the West. East Germany was like an untouched crypt in a museum it was so pure. East German boomers are the most deplorable. The self loathing and shaming education across the board really intensified after the wall came down. The elites wouldn’t stand for a reunified traditional German people. That was the tradeoff.
          If korea were ever to reunite, the nation too would be mighty and racially pure. They are divided by a jew ideology, how convenient. If N and S korea united, you can bet the elites would hold a shotgun at Korea forcing them to hose the place with every degree and shade of hapless refugee and insurgent immaginable. And the self loathing education programs would be a catch 22 of the reunification.
          Germany morphed very quickly. These are kindergardner baby boomers in East Berlin 1960:
          Now 28 years after the wall came down, fighting age Somali muslim migrants settled in Berlin, posing in front of a modern high school:

      1. Kids of boomers come in two types. Some like many here turn out to be some piss ass rebels that rebuke the kool aid and the marxist hippie culture of their parents. The others were the 30% codependent types or the ‘suggestable’ achievers that always seek brownie points from established authority. They’re weak by themselves and cannot define their place until programmed. Actually James Bond was a super prodigy of this robo type of suggestable chtegory. He was a cunt licker of a queen or ‘kwine’ ultimately. A true alpha would bitch smack any mouthy kwine.

        1. MCGOO
          Gen X born in the 70’s are just cynical underachievers and skeptics whose slacker shit is irritating to anybody born before 1970 or after 1982.
          I don’t why but people born 73 Oil Crisis to Reagan/Thatcher that came of age in the 90’s embody the 70’s even in middle age like a Hobo’s Fart.
          I watched T2 to see where Spud and Renton who were a few years older than I am would be today and I noticed that a downbeat 70’s vibe hangs around Gen X even in middle age.

    2. Do you ever read the exit polls? They just had an interesting in Virginia. The results like in last year’s Presidential election showed millennials love their Democrats. The more Bernie like the better. This horseshit about blaming 78 million or so born between 1946-64, many who are now dead, for all the ills of today is more than tired. It’s enough to make an old man realize he still has a lot of fight in him. Baby Boomers came from every race, religious group, social class and inherited a world where the boom times ended and the PC times began. Most of us had to learn to survive on new rules we never made and definitely didn’t want. One last thing. I wish when men posted that they would automatically be teleported to a place where everyone could see one another. We were born before the dawn of the keyboard warrior too.

  8. The Millenials are finished. It is up to us, Gen Z, to fix the destruction that Cultural Marxism has wrecked. Majority of white male high schoolers voted for the God Emperor 😀
    To all fellow under 21s reading this:
    Take the red pill and save the West!

    1. RAY
      Gen X here (Born 1974).
      You people born in the 1990’s are mostly pathetic and I feel sorry for you. Unlike Gen X born post-Vietnam and Watergate you were raised by Yuppies born in the 1960’s in the nineties-the most economic boom time in history. As kids you had anything and everything.
      Now in your 20’s you can do nothing. Gen X moved away from home at 19. We had jobs, tech boom, a great economy.
      You folks have to live with your parents when you are 25.
      How do even get laid? Tell the chick to be quiet or your parents will wake up.
      This is why you beat off to internet porn all day. You’ve never traveled, never made decent money, never even moved out of home.
      I kind of feel sorry for you.
      Gen X was apathetic and cynical but they had the opportunity to do things.
      Also your parents voted that alcoholic bum Bush into the White House.

      1. 1. My dad was an orphan by 16. He wasn’t a “Yuppy”, he’s a small business owner. Made it on his own without welfare and dislikes the nanny state.
        2. I never got everything I wanted because my parents never spoilt me. I didn’t get my first smartphone until I was 15.
        3. Game is one of my great passions and sex is fun. I’d work out or daygame for an hour rather than spend time surfing porn.
        4. I’m off to med school next year that I will be paying my parents back for, unlike typical kids who take it for granted. Being a surgeon has been my ambition since I was five. STEM degrees are the best, fuck Liberal Arts.
        5. Travelling is fun and broadens your mind. It also shows you how far behind other cultures are.
        6. Your impact on shaping the West is limited as a Gen X-er. Only Gen Z kids can fix it. Don’t chide us, teach us how to be strong.

          Traveling is fun and broadens the mind. It is hard to believe that people born in 1974 could get a job in London or move to Poland on their own earnings at 21 because they felt like it. Gen Y people just cannot even leave their parent’s house.
          Born in 1974 I won’t even bother with the long list from Tarantino to Cobain who shaped the West because most of them were jerk-offs and we can debate if the world really needed Robert Rodriguez films or Jenna Jameson.
          We can thank people born between 1970 and 1975 for bringing dick-piercings and $10 tattoos and bi-sexuality in the world.
          To have been born in 1995 or 1997 must indeed be a downer because your earliest memories would have been of the most prosperous and peaceful decade and when you turned five in the year 2000 it went straight down the shitter.
          When I was 15 kids could actually get a job and I feel great sadness when I see a 25 year old with a Bachelor’s Degree working in Fast Food.
          It is not really your fault that you lived at home until you were 25 or 30 and you got hooked on internet porn and the rest of it.

        2. Yuppies made it without welfare. They had an economy that produced shit. If you are born in the mid-90’s or so than to be honest these were the years when globalization and PC emerged.
          GEN X impacts were all rather culturally debatable. We talked girls into thinking Bi-sexuality was cool; we started getting tattoos all over our bodies and piercings. All things that Gen Y believes is normal. It is sad. You cannot remember a time when only convicts and biker chicks had tattoos or homeless London punks pierced their penises and bisexuality was like going to a whore.
          The Boomers and their stupid presidents our parents age like Bush really made the world a shithole after 2000. I feel sorry for children that were born in the relatively pleasant Clinton era who ended up in grade school just as Bush came into office. World is a shithole now but Gen X was still your age in the year 2000 and we were not really running things.

    2. Ray’s Red-Pill from Gen X
      Your parents were Yuppies and you were helicopter kids which is okay because if I were doing as well as people born in 1960’s were in the late 90’s when you were born I’d give my kids everything too.
      But your generation hasn’t experienced anything but the world going into the shitter since Bush got elected in 2000 and you believe everything the media tells you and nobody will give you a decent job because your parents voted for Bill and he sent all the economic production to China in 1994.
      You cannot get laid and end up shooting spunk all over your key word because your female counterparts all grew up post-PC thinking men sucked but porn was cool.
      You live at home at age 22 or something so you have to obey your 50-something parents rules like we did when we were 16.
      You do the jobs we used associate with teenagers like working in fast food when you are a 25 year old. Even the manly labor jobs like construction are gone.
      Your degrees are totally worth shit and Gen-Xers like me who are now 43 were such slackers in the 90’s that we are willing to work for the same wage as a college graduate so you cannot get hired.
      Your personal life is all over social media and you live vicariously through the equivalent to a lonely hearts club.
      Gen X liked their pot too much and we spent most of our political energy making it acceptable so all of you have been getting stoned or around people getting stoned since you were 12 but when somebody smokes a cigarette you go crazy that your Skunk-fried lungs might get some nicotine near them.
      Females of your generation all bought Gen X bullshit about “empowerment” which was intended to convince them that it was a feminist thing to fuck 10 guys but we did not mean it seriously.
      Your hooked on the porn that Gen X started doing when we still had nice bodies and invented internet porn.

  9. …which saw American nationalism taking a back seat. Also known as globalism and one of the main reasons Trump is so hated is his nationalism.
    The globalist utopia means hell for the serfs on the neo-feudal plantation.

    1. BARTH
      I am Gen X and I would say that what happened was in the 90’s your parents (Presumably born in the early 60’s) voted for NAFTA and then they voted for Bush and as a result the jobs were outsourced and the economy trashed.
      I was born in 1974 and the sad thing is that Gen Y just have no economic ground to stand on and also the PC excesses invented in 91 or 92 reached ludicrous proportions for you.
      Finally, you are awfully dependent on your devices. We had to screw real girls in 94 and you yourself just jack it to net porn all day. You’re hooked on porn, you have never had the chance to leave your house because you cannot get a job, it is hard for you to move to another country like Gen X could or have any tactile experiences.
      Since you were born in the 1990’s when your Yuppie parents could by you anything, this must be a big downer/

      1. you make an interesting point about the porn. I do remember being in high school in 92-95, without access to much in the way of decent images on the internet. It wasn’t like nowadays when you basically get bombarded with images online all the time. Hence, if you wanted sexual stimulation it was much more satisfying to actually go and date a real life girl. They were also less problematic back then, with less of the cultural marxist nonsense percolating.

        1. If you were born in 77 or 78 you remember when only dorks and losers jerked off to porn.
          When you were in college you probably remember the roommate who got no pussy was careful to hide his bulky porn mags and VHS copies in his underwear drawer.
          Men who jerked off to porn were “dweebs” and “dorks”.
          In 1992 porn was regarded as the awful exploitation of the lowest white trash coke whores by the Italian mafia.
          Gen Y or Z or whatever you call kids born from 95 on are all “fags” who live at home when they are 22 years old and probably jerk each other when they watch porn together.
          In 1992 when we teenagers we were getting blow and having sex all over the place but then PC came around and told girls to be bisexual feminazis.
          Then again lots of things were considered pathetic then that are normal now-people who were 15 and already smoking pot every single day were losers. Bisexuals were disease-spreaders who gave women AIDS. People who believed what they saw on television were fools. Only white trailer trash chicks had babies with black thugs.

        2. JBW
          Porn was basically a way to make money for the mafia and get white trash girls hooked on coke before the internet.
          That was how people saw it in 1990.

        3. JBW Pre-internet
          Remember the days of sleazy sex stores downtown with the blacked out doors and back entrance where porn addicts had to go and jerk off in booths?
          Any 17 year old doing that in 1992 was rare. Porn addiction was the domain of sleazy older men.

  10. Markus
    This ain’t new. Lund had areas full of Turk gangs in 1990 when I was 16 and visited with my Dad. We were told to stay away from them.

  11. what is this incoherent garbage:
    “When the 1960’s rolled around, Jewish intellectuals from the Frankfurt School decided to pivot away from the ideology of the bourgeois vs the proletariat and adopt a new way to sell Marxism to the West. And so identity politics were born. It was the rich vs the poor, the haves vs the have nots, capitalism vs communism.” What?

    1. MOLOK
      It is an inarticulate way of saying “the middle-class and upper-middle class did not give a shit about the rubes (white hicks, white proles)”.
      Another words white educated middle class folks did not care if the white janitor in Germany or the white construction worker in LA faced the loss of his job, his neighborhood, the safety of his kids, his public schools.”
      “Jew” is really not referring to actual Jewish people who are all over the spectrum economically and politically but rather to the white hippie college kids of the 1960’s who took over the government as adults.

      1. That’s not what he meant. The Frankfurt school, which is anti-Marxist–the latter would call it bourgeois, were a small sect of people that hated the larger European society. What weakened it culturally is what they wanted. It was racism of the highest magnitude against the people that surrounded them and were generous enough to dedicate their society to meritocracy, while the sect engrandized itself through in-group race relations against the Europeans.

      2. Correct it’s a fact Jewish folks are a diverse group economically and politically see i.e., Larry Ellison who backs the Right. I think MOLOK has a good point because when we reference that it’s because of the Jews we misidentify and wrongly and we cannot solve the issues by falsely attributing fault.

        1. Lower-class Jews and Upper-class Jews despise one another because the working class Jews are the ones who suffer the most for immigration and civil rights due to being unable to afford to leave the Bronx or Paris.

        1. MOLOK
          1/8 Jew here and what happened in Paris to working-class Jews happened in my Detroit neighborhood.
          When unchecked immigration from the Middle East and black political power was enabled by liberal Jews the poor Jew in the Detroit or Bronx ghetto who could not afford to move got it the absolute worst of any of the white races.
          This is why working class Jewish construction workers beat up Abie Hoffman and others during the 1960’s.

  12. I think this is simplistic. The Greatest Generation (mostly an artificial construct by boomers as an ode to them when they were dying in late nineties) was very Left-wing in the traditional Socialist sense. In 1946 there was almost a mutiny when the U.S. didn’t demobilize quickly. People didn’t want to fight Korea, at that time no one knew what a failure it would be. There were thousands of strikes after the war with people demanding better wages and consumer goods production in the wake of the elite channeling resources to the military-industrial complex to threaten the Russians.
    I think Boomers were a product of the Post-War prosperity. The commercialization of a society leads to shallow, selfish people.

    1. Everyone is a product of the decade that they were born:
      Gen X born in the 70’s are very cynical and distrustful and navel-gazing because that was the mood of the decade they were born.
      Gen Y born in the 1980’s and 1990’s is more pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps optimistic and actually patriotic.
      I was born in 1974 and it has to be said that Gen X really did not amount to shit. They invented the clit piercing and the tongue ring and the 10 dollar tattoos that only sailors used to have and smoking pot EVER DAY.
      Gen Y at least fought in Iraq or Afghanistan and had some patriotism. Gen X just basically sat around on their ass in their 20’s listening to Nirvana or Oasis and created the AID Skrillex black glasses look.
      To see 45 year old Goth chicks with purple hair and piercings looking like it is 1997 and the biggest issue is Clinton getting a blowjob is really pitiful.

  13. Je voudrais dire que les hommes Milenial sont stupides et le féminisme est un Petard. Ce n’est pas une question de sémantique. Cher monde, il n’y a pas de préjugé dans le cœur des penseurs post-modernes, seulement la folie dans la myopie du traditionalisme. La libération du sexe féminin a été la meilleure chose dans le monde et sera la source d’une nouvelle illumination.

    We could have managed to get Gore voted in and people born in the 1990’s when were toking reefer and listening to Sheryl Crowe or Marilyn Manson and maybe we would not have given the 4Chan generation such a bleak adulthood.
    We could have not glamorized porn with Boogie Nights and been so decadent and maybe the same 4Chan kids would not have grown up seeing girls talk about how empowering it was for a woman to make 6 figures a year doing interracial double Anal.
    We could have said PC was a joke in 95 and laughed it off-some of us did-and then the world would be without protest but at the time Rodney King and the LA riots and OJ seemed like the beginning of a black crackhead revolt.
    We could have listened to that Proto-Trump Perot when he said that if we signed NAFTA we would be fucked.
    We could have continued thinking tattoos were for Biker whores and jailbirds and only the depths of London’s punk rock dementia pierced their dick.
    Gen X did not of this. We just spent the 90’s as teens and young adults slacking off and listening to Kurt Cobain tell us not to give a shit.
    So we didn’t.

  15. I lived in America for last 20 years. My parents brought me here as a child. I had to endure this shit hole of a place that is filled with shit from all over the world. I had to deal with western women that are whores, and that’s a compliment for them, a better world would be diahriia shit. I moved back to my home country in 2015, found a job a girlfriend and I couldn’t be happier. Yes it’s tough to make it in your own country, but people that go to America are losers, thiefs, criminals, or just want an easy way out their harsh lives in their own countries. America is built on blood, and supporting America is supporting the holocaust of the world. Fuck America, fuck you and everything you stand for you piece of shit garbage country that will collapse in the coming years. People, stop being bitches, life in America is boring and pointless, you want adventure, real harsh life move back.
    Very truly yours,
    a concerned world citizen.

    1. We can thank the Jews for that because they wanted more foreigners like themselves but they were too stupid to realize South Asians and Arabs like you will then blow them up.
      I agree that Australia, New Zealand, Canada and many other WHITE countries are better than the US in terms of living standard because they never bought a load of cannibals from the jungles. Slavery is a punishment to the victim and the perpetrator.
      If you are an Indian or Filipino or some other Asian then probably your parents had unrealistic dreams.
      Nobody wants your smelly sweaty ugly hairy South Asian ass or your gay effeminate cannot-grow-facial-hair Asian ladyboy small dick and balls in a girl’s toilet.
      South Asians and Arabs and Southeast Asians only bring prostitution and corner-cutting business practices and low-intellect white collar crime and stupid lunatic religions and wife-beating primitive behavior into a continent meant for Europeans.
      Middle Easterners and Asians and North Africans pollute any country they go to and like your mother.
      The thieves, criminals and losers who come to North America are not white. German bankers in New York and Japanese businessmen in LA are not criminals.

    2. As a “Gora” who HAD to work in Cochin and Andheri I can understand your pain. You made me sick and the Dravidian people’s food down in Kerala made me sick and you were to stupid to even invent a chopstick much less utensils so wherever you ate look like a 3 year old throwing his food around.
      Goa was proof that white men shouldn’t be breeding with Brahmin girls.
      Your only good prostitutes are Bengali girls.
      I got invited to Chennai but by then I was glad to leave and anyhow “Desis” didn’t like me.
      Your booze is shit and you think whiskey with warm water is a drink.
      So to each his own bro and I think that Indians were glad to see me leave their country too.

      1. Scorpio
        I can answer that I am white but had the mixed-blessing of living in Asia:
        Mercifully many of these Third World people can be kings back home so they actually make enough money to return.
        They will keep their US passport within arm’s reach because they sometimes need to head to the airport during the next period of instability, bombing, religious war or just plain government brutality.
        Also, they keep their currency in US bills.

    1. Facts on the internet are posted by 12 year old kids. Anybody alive before the internet has doubts about the veracity of wikipedia or other links. Sure its vetted every 3 months but it is not in print.

  16. The thing with “equality” and egalitarianism, is that the left does not believe in it. If I can get by without assistance from the government so can everyone else. If I don’t need health coverage because I take care of myself and don’t do dumb shit, so can everyone else. If these successful people who came from nothing can make it, so can others. If people can provide for their families without the government, so can everyone else. If I’m free to speak my mind, so is everyone else.
    Equality now means “some people are more equal than others so we deem to take opportunity, money and respect away from certain people, because equality”
    There are some good people on the left who are generally just naive and not in touch with how the world works currently. But the people and organizations behind the left, behind all these “grassroots movements”, are simply manipulative sociopaths.
    Honestly any time I see a liberal I think “well, here’s someone who doesn’t even WANT to provide for themselves, thinks people are helpless, patronizes people, wants daddy government to run the show and should dictate what private citizens do with their money, I have little control over my emotions, I don’t like to help people I merely support the government doing so, and thinks that because they support these false causes and narratives that they are a supreme being”
    I don’t even bother with politics anymore, it’s merely a bunch of petulant, closed minded children arguing and refusing to see anything from a broad perspective.
    The demonizing of what America stands for deep down, it’s constitution, how it came to be, of men, white people, straight cis white males…. it’s ludicrous. The demonizing of independent people. The promotion of no morality or values, to live life for pleasure, fame, popularity, “success” in a non balanced or inclusive way, and money, the promotion of “personality” with no regard to character.
    The real enemy is the shadows who have the influence in the world. Not liberals, not any single individual, really.
    The ones who seek to control the devolution, and free will of mankind, via lifestyle, food, water, air and MEDIA brainwashing and social conditioning. The mass deception going on in the world, that is dulling the minds, softening the minds of the masses.
    They are masters of human psychology, and we’ve been kind fucked to varying extents since we were young.
    I see their end game as something like Brave New World and idiocracy combined. Give government control over all money, all reproduction, all resources, for the government to literally raise and condition every human, government is your parents, you developed as a fetus in a test tube, you have no parents.
    In modern times the media and powerful companies at large are basically branches of the shadow people, of the agenda at play.
    Gentlemen my greatest advice; keep your testosterone high, find peace and strength in your heart, connect to higher beings, pray, attain perfect health, let the bitterness and negativity of the world and your past melt away from your heart. Live your own lives and use the information about how people and the world works and why, the causes, to your advantage.
    I personally do not believe they will win.

    1. G
      The Far-Left is not as smart as they think they are.
      When Sarkozy the Jew noisily protested Draconian immigration laws and Muslims were allowed into France which whites did they go after first.
      It is liberals who ironically seem to bear the brunt of the very people they defend because they are usually urban-based.
      Gays for example are noisily liberal as are Jews but they are the first victims because they are perceived as weaker.

  17. Hey I am Mexican/American that have always lived in Texas My family is here since the state was Tejas do you guys hate me?

    1. Tejanos people look like Italian-Americans. You are not really Mexican.
      Since most of us Yankees are the grandchildren or great-grandchildren of immigrants it is hard for us to really say anything.
      The issue of Immigration is partly that Mexico is sending Indians and Anglo and Indian people have never gotten along.

    2. Tejanos are basically like Italian-Americans from New Jersey. There is little Indian blood in you because for some reason a bunch of Canary Island families moved to Texas.
      I bet if you went up to New Jersey and faked the accent nobody would know you were not some Italian kid from the “naybawhood”

  18. The “Greatest Generation” fought for Marxism…ultimately.
    One Grandpa of mine went across the Atlantic, the other across the Pacific.
    After World War I, Americans became opposed to foreign wars which do not benefit American whatsoever as George Washington counseled (“Stay out of the age old conflicts of Europe”)
    The Feds supported the Marxist government of Stalin how killed tens of millions and opposed Hitler who killed millions.
    After Pearl Harbor, most Americans came to support war. Roosevelt and his banker/’defense’ contractor cronies were happy. (They were already using taxpayer money to profit and sell supplies to Britain and the Soviet Union).
    The Military-Industrial Complex “defense” contractor bombed their competition’s (Germany and Japan) factories. So the world had no choice but to buy manufactured goods from the US…at least for a while.
    This is the primary reason why the Greatest Generation was so prosperous. Any low skill clown could make a great living with a low skill union job…with a nice pension and generous Social Security benefits.
    After WWII, W. Edwards Deming attempted to get US manufacturers to improve quality and technology which was still stuck in the 1920s.
    Who listened to Deming? ONLY Japanese manufacturers.
    Akio Morita, the founder of Sony, as a child in the 20s marveled at the movies of US industrial manufacturing. On his first trip to the US, he was astonished to find the exact same machines still being used!
    Is it any wonder that Asia leads the world in manufacturing now?
    (It is not because of “unfair trade deals” as the God-Emperor says)
    The support for World War II made the Federal Government stronger…and more Marxist.
    The Federal government follows the precepts of the Communist Manifesto more than those of the Constitution. (Government control of media, the money system, education, etc.)
    My grandfathers were “great” and prosperous because of the choices they made in their lives and their individual efforts…not because they were suckered into a war to serve the Oligarchy.

  19. “We must reject this devastating philosophy of destruction, and bring Western patriotism and pride back.”
    Perhaps the term “misosophy” could more accurately describe cultural Marxism?
    Also, I have yet to see articles on Li Hongzhi’s Zhuan Falun (Rotating the Dharmacakra/Law Wheel), Frederick the Great’s Anti-Machiavel, Robert Lee Camp’s Cards of Destiny, or even up to all three of them.
    Zhuan Falun: http://en.falundafa.org/falun-dafa-books.html
    Anti-Machiavel (the link to archive.org is at the bottom of the article): http://expandourmind.com/2017/10/31/book-anti-machiavel-reveals-tyrant-strategies-modern-society-2017-10-31/
    Cards of your Destiny (a free Destiny card Reading will reveal what’s called your Birth Card; in my case, I’m a King of Clubs): http://www.7thunders.com/
    In Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance

  20. As a westerner, I say we don’t want to save the west. Think about it. The west in its current form is everything we despise and complain about weekly on this very site. It had a life-force once, but now it is mainly the source of all that is rotten.
    An empire:
    Of consumerism and SJW-type thinking.
    Of cowardliness and comfort.
    Of big business, surveillance and propaganda.
    Of wealth transfers from you to designated victim groups that want your resources
    There is no castle to storm because those in charge are not even human. They are transnational corporations. And even if there were a building we could burn, we wouldn’t as long as we have our bread and circuses so to speak. As long as we can keep busy with netflix, porn and fast food.
    But were the west to be engulfed in flames, then it can eventually give birth to a better and stronger man.

    1. LEX
      Surveillance-GEN Y lives on social media. Watching Next 48 half the time the killers are caught because they said they would do it on Facebook. GEN Y has no sense of privacy because they all secretly want to be movie stars which makes the government job of tracking them easy to do.
      Sopranos days when Chris and Paulie shot people in the middle of fast food places are over because cameras are everywhere.
      Wealth transfers.
      Ever see the original TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE when hicks actually lost their jobs and proceeded to eat anybody they could talk into stopping at their gas station? White hicks need oil, money, buy their shit at Wal_Mart and are hardly self-sufficient.
      Ever stood in the ghetto in a KFC line in front of a 6’5 hood rat who is about to eat through your asshole. No welfare? Please, look at Africa where 100,000 people get eaten by other Africans in tribal wars. It would happen in 3 days in America with no welfare.

  21. LEX
    GEN X Question
    Always with the “porn”.
    What is it about Gen Y unable to stop watching nerdy middle-aged Jewish guys like Deen or Jeremy or repulsive black crackhead with a huge dick doing degrading things to Ann Coulter-on-meth type-type skinny blonde trailer trash?
    I’m 43 and when I was young only dorks and serial killers were “porn addicts”. If you sat in an adult book store booth jacking off to loops you were the most pitiful kind of loser.
    Gen Y on this sight are always talking about “masturbation”. What are white girls doing these days? They used to want to have sex and suck young men off.
    It is like Gen Y (Now actually 25 or 30) act like 14 year old boys. They live at home and jerk off in their room all day and hang out in fast food restaurants like high school kids.
    Gen X left home at 20 and traveled the world and moved to other cities for jobs. If you were 20 and still hanging around your neighborhood you were a fucking stone loser. Even high school dropouts hit the road.
    And we were told by our Vietnam-era veteran Boomer fathers born in the 40’s that WE WERE immature losers.

    1. As an even older Gen-Xer I can tell you this: when the toxic fumes from politics (e.g. feminism) grew too strong we could still sit somewhere else.
      From the day they were born Millenials were hit, non-stop, by what we call PC. Listen to the audio interview with Trigglypuff; do you think she invented those terms? If she was 20 at the time then she was born in 1996- BORN- so she was raised in this century. I can tell you for a fact that it was much worse being raised in such a PC environment than being like me, born in the latter half of the 1960s.
      Bash Millenials and you’re hitting the wrong people.

  22. I just skipped the entire fucking article because the headline alone is a joke. Pure and simple. Save the west?? The west has terminal cancer. Ain’t no saving the fucking west. End of story. I feel like Denzel in the Book of Eli. A lone warrior thats just passing through and fighting my battles until my clock stops ticking.

  23. Most important is beginning to save yourself. This means creating a program of masculine education as existed until the 20th century. This means learning skills to build self-confidence, going through grit with peers, instruction in the classics, learning combat and self-defense skills, and the like. This was the program that educated young knights, for example. http://masculineepic.com/index.php/2017/11/01/how-should-a-young-man-be-educated/
    Today’s “education” is only focused on cramming “facts” into a pupil’s head. People before us until very recently understood that this wasn’t enough and left an empty shell with no soul.

  24. Could you please explain how the statement “the West is destroying the planet with our pollution” is a lie?

    1. The West- unlike communist countries- were the ones with environmental laws. But that is all the more reason why we must do what we can, to set an example for the developing world. I for one do not want to depend on corporations and government for water.

  25. Well written, one of the finest and most truthful in the site. Millennials may be the ones to reverse the decline of civilization, they’re the ones who are bearing the worst of the excesses and absurdities of the past fifty years.

  26. It’s rather difficult to believe in the ethos of this piece when you berate identity politics in one paragraph and then promote it the next, but under different conditions. In that direction lays the same festering hole that hardline social justice extremists claim blacks can’t be racist howl into the dead of night from.
    I also disagree with you on the principle of western superiority. There is a saying that goes something like: good writers emulate, the best writers steal. An ultra nationalistic view of home when pushed to isolationist, exclusionist extremes, only stifles progress and innovation. How are we supposed to take all the good from everywhere while excising the bad if think we have nothing to learn from others?

  27. Agree in part with the 5….
    But a Huge error in calling them ‘The Greatest Generation’ They were actually the WORST Generation.
    Fighting in a fraticidal war (killing their cousins) when we were never attacked directly in- To Spread Communism TO 11 nations, Create IsraHell, World Government (UN), and allow Europe to be invaded by 3rd world savages. 60 million died for this. They were warned not to. None heeded that warning by Lindburg and Father Coughlin and others..

  28. I wish people would stop with that “Greatest Generation” garbage courtesy of Tom Brokaw.
    That generation did not equal the WW1 generation, and given how the Baby Boomers turned out on the whole, their parenting skills left something to be desired.
    And they did NOTHING while we Generation Xers were force-fed what is now called “political correctness,” especially radical feminism.

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