When Will Women And Gay Men Apologize For All The Anorexic Fashion Models?

Even when women and gay men run the show, any bad things happening to other women is the fault of straight men reinforcing the patriarchy. In perhaps no arena is this blame game more apparent than the fashion industry. Here, veritable armies of females and homosexuals vastly outnumber straight men, but straight men still get the blame when girl skeletons start parading up and down at Paris or Milan Fashion week.

Here’s an example below, a look promoted and defended by gay man Karl Lagerfeldt:

Similar things can be observed about fashion models employed by female designers and company heads. Nonetheless, we could say the problem is most acute with out-of-their-depth homosexual designers, who pretend they know what constitutes a healthy, attractive woman. Lagerfeldt is joined by gay men like Alexander McQueen (now deceased), Calvin Klein, John Galliano, and others in having a penchant for pushing emaciated girls into the public spotlight. If you added together their individual market shares and industry clout, they effectively control well over half and perhaps three-quarters of the industry.

Yet when we take a look at the kinds of girls straight men prefer, as evidenced by them purchasing publications like Sports Illustrated, models tend to look, even at their thinnest, like Kate Upton:

Consequently, there are two reasons why we find so many anorexic models in the female and gay-dominated fashion industry: a) of any group, straight men know best what an attractive female looks like and b) our culture only considers starving a woman as abuse when it is perpetrated by straight men. And because men are genetically programmed to appreciate healthy women, this slow death by anorexia is almost exclusively the domain of controlling gays and women.

Just don’t tell the feminist typists all this. And, surprise, surprise, one of the lone voices that has challenged the use of anorexic models is Giorgio Armani, who, while he has slept with men, has also slept with women. By contrast, for gay men in the fashion industry in particular, their delusions know no bounds. They honestly believe they have their fingers on the pulse of what makes a woman attractive, which is very closely correlated with what makes her healthy. The results speak for themselves.

Just look at what models themselves have said about these women and gay men

She describes designer Miuccia Prada as a “witch” and tells how her 32A boobs were deemed too big by Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld.

— Catwalk model Victoire Dauxerre lambasting Miuccia Prada (a woman) and Karl Lagerfeld (a gay).

Though many models have to shut up in the interest of keeping their careers (or avoiding a law suit), enough have come out to attack their former employers. And the overwhelming majority of the people these girls criticize, especially over things like their anorexia or other eating disorders, are gay men, straight women, or fashion companies run by gay men and/or straight women. If the straight male is anywhere, he must be behind the scenes, pulling the puppet strings of the well-intentioned gays and females, right?

The case of model Victoire Dauxerre above is very run-of-the-mill. The New York Post relates how she worked for Prada, headed by the founder’s allegedly terrible granddaughter Miuccia, Alexander McQueen (a gay man whose brand was known as being pro-anorexic both before and after he died) and Céline, a label founded by a woman and whose current “creative director”, Phoebe Philo, is a woman.

What land whales and skeletons have in common

Both human blimps and human sticks are the result of sustained attempts by feminists, gay men, and leftists to redefine what society—and straight men—should find attractive. Much of the time, especially in the fashion industry, the interventions of gay men are not so much political, like with feminists, as misguided attempts to determine what will make them the most money and to portray themselves as female beauty “experts.” Yet with bonafide SJWs, the intention is much more sinister. They may rail against thin models, to the point of attacking healthy but slim, jealousy-inducing girls, rather than anorexic women, but they simultaneously sell the idea that females like Tess Munster/Holliday are gorgeous:

The irony is that if women simply conformed to the preferences of men, they would be much healthier and much happier. Still, this is supremely unlikely to happen. Doing so would require SJWs to admit that straight men are actually right and force them to concede that the real misogyny when it comes to endangering female health and beauty is committed by the women and gay men of the fashion world.

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  1. I demand TRIGGER WARNING if similar pictures as some of these in this article are attached to an article!
    I was eating, for God’s sweet sake!

    1. I’ve never tried sweet sake before. Do they make that in Japan or is it something you only find in the States? Wasn’t aware that God drank it either, be careful, He might not appreciate you stealing his sake.

      1. Yes, yes they do, there’s even flavored sake (things like plum or other fruits), reminded me of wine coolers, not against but not a fan either.
        Some Japanese spirits and deities are depicted drinking from sake cups (for instance Amazake-babaa is a crone who brings disease and asks for sweet sake), and then there is this non-Japanese gentleman’s take:

        (Not taking away from your jocularity here, just enriching it understand)

        1. I like to consider myself the Thinking Man’s Joker. Heh.

  2. When will they apologize? The short answer is never. These creatures do not have the capacity to understand the error of their ways, all they know is destruction and evil.

    1. You basically made the comment I came here to make. So…upvote for you.

    2. they will never have the idea to apologize until someone blame them officially for such horrors. And it won’t be for tomorrow..

      1. I have been at social affairs and watched homosexual men make bitterly anti-women remarks– and women treat it like it’s cute.

        1. when i said someone, i did not think about them.
          they have the homo card which give them immunity, after all

    3. I dated a chick for a month who wanted to be a “fashion designer”. She was just a 22 year old kid, but literally nothing was going on upstairs and once I met her gay male “BFFs” (also from the fashion industry), I got the fuck away from her, even though she was a tight hardbody. That gay/female/fashion nexus is toxic.

        1. That’s easy to say when you’re not the one who has to listen to her yapping on about topics of no importance. Even if KansasBred78 kept the time he spent with her outside the bedroom to a bare minimum it still wouldn’t have been worth the earache. I speak from bitter experience when I say that I’d choose a 6 or 7 who knows when to shut up over a 9 who prattles on endlessly any day of the week.

      1. You’d be surprised how easy it can be to red-pill women who are on the fence, especially when they are willing to admit that they are turned on by male dominance. It’s short jump from sexual dominance to healthy patriarchy and male authority.
        Not saying that you should wife a girl like that, but you could bang her a few times and actually leave her higher value than you found her. I’ve got something along these lines in the works right now. Maybe I’m just a Good Samaritan though lol

    4. Its like I always say, if you want to know what men find attractive visit a strip club. No skinny girls in sight.
      It’s ironic actually that men are blamed for skinny girls in the fashion industry when the fashion industry is dominated by women. Only women pay attention to it. Men don’t give two shits about fashion.

        1. Being healthy is what makes a woman look good.
          If you look back to traditional western aesthetics, a morbid and unnatural physique on a woman (obese, “modified” masculinized, starving, etc…) was seen exactly for what it is: ugly.
          Unlike other cultures, deformities of the features or bone structure were rarely seen as beautiful, though there are exceptions with the corset meme during the colonial era…
          Even if you look at something as recent as the Hollywood “Golden Age”, actresses and models considered to be beautiful would at least present the appearance of robust physical health. Most actually were quite healthy, especially at the beginning of their careers, before the party girl/whorish tendencies would set in.
          They could be on the thicker or thinner side, taller or more petite, or plain Jane average, it didn’t matter. Traditional western aesthetics, especially female beauty, was a deeper and more existential reflection.
          Women and society as a whole seemed far more psychologically healthy back then. It probably had a yuge effect on their appearances.

        2. deformities of the features or bone structure were rarely seen as beautiful, though there are exceptions with the corset meme during the colonial era
          Feminist propaganda hits you in the most unlikely places…

        3. Schopenhauer talked about this sort of thing, regarding western aesthetics. It’s far from feminist propaganda.
          That sort of manipulation of the physique isn’t typical in most western and European cultures in men or women, as opposed to other cultures where some sort of manipulation or mutilation was quite common. Foot binding, circumcision, etc…
          Even though the corset was meant to sort of accentuate feminine appeal, I’ve never subscribed to the notion that it was forced on women by men. Just pointing out a rare example of western physiological deformation.
          The contemporary circumcision of male children in the Anglosphere is another example. It’s fucked up and absurd, unlike the corset meme, which many cotemporary women actually choose to do. It’s also not traditionally western, not even Christian, to circumcise children at all.

      1. Agree with your second paragraph but I do not find trashy coke faced plastic titted strip club women as ideal.

        1. Why would you even want to objectify that? The skeletal look is disgusting and the landwhale look is vomit inducing.

        2. I don’t (or nobody else here on ROK platform) “even want to objectify that” !! But calling a “pile of shit” as “pile of shit” doesn’t make us “pile of shit” !!!

    5. ………..And they will continue to blame (straight) men – AKA “patriarchy” for female depression, low self esteem, anorexia, bulimia, etc. until the end of time.

      1. …they will continue to blame MEN & also make them “liable” for more things/issues, including but not limited to:
        ovulation, menstrual cycle/bleeding, vaginitis, insomnia, coughing, sneezing, farting, pissing & pooping !!!

      2. Cosmetics and fashion industries screw women over not just with stick models but by telling them they have to continuosly update their looks or thwy will be ugly. Long as one woman wears make up other women have to follow suit.
        Women are very competitive on looks, make up, clothing and shoes are like body armor and they weaponize their beauty in this everlasting feminine beauty arms race

        1. “Weaponize” is a good word.
          Two traits that apply to women – competitiveness and jealousy. The more attractive and desirable the woman, the more success she has in the mating game. Beautiful women score themselves an “Alpha” male. Ugly women don’t. Plain and simple. Beautiful women compete to see who can be the most beautiful – thus trapping the top quality male. Ugly women don’t stand a chance at nailing an Alpha – they still do their damndest though with the cloths, shoes, and makeup.
          The fashion industry is as essential to female self preservation as food, air, and water.

    6. They can’t apologize. If the women got fatter they’d probably have to cancel their “Auschwitz line” of clothing. The pajamas could stay in production, though. Vertical stripes make em look skinnier…

    The pictures are pretty clear… The girls look like corpses.
    Nothing more to be said. If you can’t see where the elite’s social engineering is meant to lead you must be blind.

    1. Yeah. It is necrophillia for sure, but targeted at whom? Heterosexual men would never go for this shit. So this is to convince women to annhilate themselves.

      1. if the model is too hot women will get triggered. Try to get empathy for porn star. You can burn porn star in the stake an no women would care. So they need to put the cloths on something not too ugly to ruin the fashion but not to hot to trigger the average women.

      2. I believe both the glorification of corpse looking women and morbidly obese whales are part of a strategy aimed to glorify sterility.

        1. They are fully anti male, and have nothing to do with women at all. It is all about thwarting healthy male sexuality by marginalizing desirable women and persecuting beauty.

      3. For sure! Different messages for different groups….
        Overall message is Auto-Genocide for the white race, but you can see different messages all aimed at the same ends….
        Fashion – if you are a women be a sterile corpse, if you are a (white) man be a skinny wimpy faggot…
        Porn – get used to watching other men have sex with women…
        Cuckold Porn – don’t reproduce yourself, white women need to reproduce with Black Men (improbably proportioned – white inadequacy)…
        Holywood – Mixed couples are the way – white women with other races – all white men are evil, or inadequate, or joke figures…
        Media – done to death on RoK – all (white) males evil and deserve to be eliminated…
        Politics – put down (white) males, empower (sluttify women) let in the rapefugees….
        And so on…. look with your eyes open and you’ll see it everywhere. It’s disgusting.
        First time in history (I believe) we have ever seen a race taking itself out voluntarily and committing auto-genocide… or at least being instructed/hypnotised/suggested by it’s ‘elites’ to do so.
        Looking at the statistics there is some evidence they are achieving the goal too…

        1. Just have as many white babies as possible, the more that we do this the more it infuriates them to step up their agenda, and any move they do in haste and in emotion is one that is less-calculated and more prone to mistakes.

        2. I’ve already contributed more than my fair share to the gene pool, but wholeheartedly agree to the sentiment… Always happy to impregnate another young lady 😀

        3. White male on white female porn is still dominant in the porn industry don’t worry thats not changing anytime soon. You just need to stop going out there looking for cuckold porn. With porn you can’t trust it to have any decency whatsoever

        4. Thanks for the tip, but I don’t do porn of *any* kind and strongly recommend nofap for all Men (see YBOP for damage it’s doing to young men).

        5. They are also brainwashing mothers and wives to cheat, leave, and collect cash and prizes on the way out while teaching the children to hate daddy who is only good for money. What good does it do to have white babies when the mother will be screwing the younger guys and thugs she finds on tindr and snapchat while you have to send her money and get blamed by society for not being man enough because you go girl wanted to eat pray love more d*cks.

    2. Yes, take note of the arms. The top of the arms are the same size or less than the lower part of the arms. Definitely starvation because this does not happen in human anatomy unless starvation and severe muscle wasting has occurred. The upper part of the arm is always larger than the bottom part. Also the elbow joints stick out like phalanges.

      1. Absolutely correct.
        Of course you can see the muscle wastage purely by sight.
        I expect those girls have near organ failure throughout their bodies, and haven’t menstruated for years…

        1. Air brushing takes away the ribs, clavicles and other bones sticking out. Ever see the old anorexics walking around? Attractive they are not. Tom Wolfe called them “social x-rays”.
          As a women ages she needs a little padding on her. What’s that French saying: “At a certain age a woman must decide between her ass or her face”.

        2. I find neither old nor young anorexics appealing.
          Personally my ideal of female beauty was represented perfectly by the Greeks and copied by the Romans… a little (emphasis on *little*) padding at any age looks good in my eyes…
          Men should have <10% bf… women look fine up to around 18%

        3. Scary thing is that it is likely affecting her heart muscle. Knew someone on a highly restricted diet under medical supervision. They were frequently assessed for impacts on the heart.

        4. My point was that these women look ghastly as they age. Much like the obese land whales, the anorexics end up with health problems also.
          A young woman’s padding signals fertility and health.

      2. Women not wanting to workout and just barf out everything is just more proof women are lazy and want the easy way to get that body. It takes patience and dedication two things most women sorely lack. How they treat men ( rejecting poor young guys trying to find their way in life and hooking up with Mr. Billion dollar for example even if he’s abusive and is cheating) is how they treat their bodies. Easy way out

        1. It’s mental illness. Although I don’t have much sympathy for these moonbat knuckle heads. So much time and resources wasted. You get one kick at the can and then off with you. Darwin.

  4. I think homosexuals should be sent back in the closet, and women should have no say in a society’s culture at all.
    The world belongs to sane heterosexual men. PURGE DEGENERATES.

      1. I always thought that that movie, the first one, wouldn’t have been a bad world to live in at all. All the crime gone, everybody was armed and financially stable and happy, and once a year you get to go hose out the trash. In many ways it was a libertarian paradise. What’s not to love?
        Of course they naturally avoided the question of how so many degenerates managed to survive past the first few purges. In real life, one or two years and you’ve probably sand blasted Chicago clean, let alone other places. But of course, that’s not the message that they wanted to convey, it was, at the end, another “eat the rich” bullshit tale.

  5. When will they apologize ?
    When we MAKE THEM apologize.
    Otherwise both homosexuals and women are so self-absorbed and cannot recognize any wrong-doing. AMORAL SCUM.

  6. That’s why underwear and swimsuit models are better. Muscle, healthy, curvy. You can thank the red blooded desires of heterosexual men for them. Women actually purchase what swim and underwear models wear.
    How many people wear the moronic things that runway models wear out in public?…. besides Lady Gaga.

  7. The tragedy of Kate Upton. In her prime youth she was a vision. That she plumped out is such a waste of good natural beauty that it’s bordering on sin.

      1. Well, I generally assume any famous woman is a “leftist” to be trendy.

    1. 15yo Upton. Teenage is all women prime, I hate those puritans that magically get aroused by young women when they hit 18. People deny their boners, Like when people were waiting for selena gomez, ariana grande, natalie portman, cloe moretz, dakota fanning, anna sophia robb and others to be 18 so they can openly lust after them.
      The shame is real. If you are not aroused by ass and boobs you are gay, age is a social construct (try to say that to trans SJW), Biological age is what matter. if she looks healthy enough to breed is because she is.

        1. 14-21 Normal, 12 and below mental illness. 13 is the transition years, when puberty hit. They may or not fully develop Secondary sex characteristics yet. Genetics, environment and diet will make them hit puberty sooner or later, slower or faster, Take or add a year or two best to follow the boner test.

        2. Still surprised by some research I did recently, showing that age of consent used to be between 11 and 13 in the US (and most of the world). Between the late 1800’s and 1920, it went up to 16 in most of the States, and it remains 16-17 in most states to this day.
          Hawaii didn’t change from 11 until 2001, IIRC.
          Fascinating, but I still don’t have the slightest idea WHY the age of consent changed.

        3. (Aside: If a woman owned her own land, she could always vote.)
          Universal women’s suffrage wasn’t nationalized until 1920, right? So we can’t say their votes caused the age of consent to change, I suppose.
          But could it be related to the movement, or those Communists in the movement? Interesting theory…

        4. I would suppose it happened because childhood responsibility has diminished. For example, in the mid 1920’s, both my granddad’s parents died, leaving him and his two little brothers. At 14, he dropped out of high school and took it upon himself to provide for himself and his brothers by loading boxcars by hand. Not a chance of seeing that happening today. Nobody in their youth are considered even capable of supporting a family.

        5. women hate men looking young ass. Government gynocentric. Is the the constant tug of war between age of consent and age of adulthood, 18 is the magic number. It is know that young people tend to vote left (democrat). More young voter more vote to the left, but then you have more young “adult” for the perv men to lust after, so women will get mad at government seeing a 32yo old man with a legal 16yo old. I been called a pedo, my girlfriend is 19yo but looks younger she looks the same since 14. Older women specially those above 30 give us a screeching when they can do nothing about it. is totally legal.

        6. My grandfather did something similar in the…1940’s? He had a huge family, and times were tough, so he ran off at 12 to go work in construction. A week’s pay kept him in room and board, and he had enough to send home to help feed his siblings.
          Compare that to today, where a well-paid 20-something has barely enough to cover himself and a wife, much less children. The times have changed, and not all for the better.

        7. My grandfather ran away to sea at age 12, never schooled past 8th grade.
          He ended up as a nuclear engineer designing nuclear submarines.

    2. It was an early wall, accelerated by a love of BBQ.
      Maybe there is hope for a rebound.

    3. One could see the signs of her eventual descent to blimp phase though. Kinda like observing ancient Rome and it’s failing structures before the actual decline.

  8. Health is 80% of beauty. Genetics is 10%, hygiene and style is 10%. Put a 20 something Cindy Crawford in a potato sack with arm holes cut out, and you will have a hot potato sack.

      1. I suppose I should have left out the hygiene part. There are obvious deal breakers (green teeth, smells), but anyone that takes decent care of themselves (typical first world standards) is fine. A girl that spends more than a hour in front of the mirror gains little, she would better spend that 45 minutes on the stair climber.

        1. Probably not, but as an example, if a girl is 5-10 lbs over her BMI but she works out and makes a genuine effort, (or perhaps genetically her ears stick out a little further than average), that’s not as big a deal as if she smells like old Maxi or has developed an unchecked toenail fungus.

    1. I think you underestimate good genetics a bit too much. Cats don’t make puppies.

      1. it goes along with health. Some obese girl with great genetics will not get above a 3 (bottom picture), while some physically fit girl with an overbite can score as high as 8.

        1. Let’s agree to disagree. No amount of grooming/hygiene can turn an ugly duckling into a pretty girl.

        2. And it’s easy. Sure you can eat pizza, but not every week. For me it’s just cutting out the softdrinks and other sugar. Working out every other day and then your bodyfat % is below 15, which is good for a man age 30.

    2. The 50/50 model works well with almost everything that has to do with biological dimensions (nature/nurture, or genetics/environment):
      IQ/cognitive ability
      If a person has a really ugly face, then plastic surgery can cure this more or less.
      When it comes to effect sizes and distribution, the Pareto model (20/80) works better, such as:
      Wealth distribution (20% owns or earns at least 80%)
      The sexual market place (80% of males have access to 80% of the women)

      1. Agreed, I was talking strictly about looks. Post wall, they have to have homemaking skills, obedience, traditional values, etc. Otherwise they are good for nothing.

  9. Hey, just saw it n the Fake News!
    The Association of Women and Gay Men will issue their official apology letter for anorexic fashion models on the 12th of Never…

    1. no woman wants to boycott the maker of those cute handbags and dresses. It´s men fault! If women really care they would stop buying that shit, No more Armani wallets. but of course not. They love they precious fashion accessories made by child labor in Turd country

      1. Yeah, but just LOOK at that poor creature in the top pic. What does she keep in that purse she’s holding, her liver and spleen?

  10. Can those skeletal pics be… you know, real?
    If they are, those girls are actually dying in slow motion, wearing some hateful fuckers’ doll clothes.
    Excellent article, Mr. Brown.

  11. Yep, a bunch of sickos in their own little bubble. You’d have to be mentally ill to be a part of that world.

    1. I’m pretty sure that Starla from Napoleon Dynamite wasn’t supposed to be a role model.
      IIRC, there’s a stat floating around that female athletes are ~4-6x+ more likely to incur knee injury than men. With the mutated quads depicted, that woman has tilted the odds way out of her favor.

      1. Wider hips, thats why they are more prone to knee injuries. Also more prone to concussions(eg, butting heads while playing soccer) bc they have weaker neck and traps muscles. I think this post isnt PC though?

      1. I don’t know, but I take some solace in the low body fat percentage (and obvious steroid abuse) having a high chance of making it sterile.

    2. All that “muscle” and I’d wager I could slam her in arm wrestling while letting her use *both* arms.
      Guys think chicks like that are “super duper strong” but they’re really not. They’re stronger than average girls, yes, clearly, but really very seldom do they even approach a high school boy athlete in strength, if ever.

      1. Spot on.
        Even juiced, famale bodybuilders lift far less than men, even at comparable bodyweights…

      2. I still remember the first time I wrestled with my wife. Being a 5’11” farm girl, she thought she was pretty tough. (She is, for a girl) Still, I could easily pin her there, both arms held with one of mine and tickle her insane with the other. I am stronger than most, but no hulk by any means. I think it was a wake up call to her. Those girls who think they are accomplishing rape prevention by learning Kung Fu are deluding themselves.

        1. I firmly believe that’s why our maker situated our junk where it is: Instant rape-prevention, no strength necessary.

        2. And as soon as we had material strong enough to do the trick, we invented cups and jockey shorts. Heh.

        3. Lol. Years ago I dated a girl who was a black belt from some mcdojo her dad owned. We were on the beach and she said “what would you do if I did this” (mind you this was a pretty small girl and I’m a pretty not small guy) I grabbed her head and threw her face down in the sand. She was so mad

        4. really, I think it is doing women a disservice to give them a false sense of security. Sure, it helps if they are going to get in a scrap with another woman, but I think there are plenty that get themselves more dangerous situations because they think they can Judo chop their way out.

        5. I’ve been saying this for years. The Super Power Princess fantasy is going to, and has been, getting girls hurt when they finally get that fight with a guy that they think that they can whoop.

        6. We men learn at very young age to not to fuck up with people, especially if they are larger than us. Women seldom learn that. Moreover, I would say that most cunts these days get to their thirties without having tasted a single slap on their faces. This must change.

        7. Indeed. She can do all the Karate she wants, if a rapist throws a couple of punches she will freeze from fear within five seconds.

        8. For rape prevention, Ju Jutzu would be the martial art of choice. Once the punching distance is closed, any Karate would be useless. Even so, a girl with the skills of Royce Grace would have an uphill battle.

        9. That’s a ridiculous conclusion. Genitals are genitals; If a MAN indeed want to rape a female, He can kick, twist, squeeze (hell lot of options !) the female’s “junk” and make her “incapable” of even moving, let alone “preventing or defending” !. Female’s junk is NOT invincible or hard/difficult to … !

        10. You do teach the women in your life not to ‘off body’ carry, right? And the Tuelller drill/21 foot rule? The importance of SA and distance?
          I agree if she has no SA, she’s toast. But I’m with Jim Johnson- a handgun is a far better option than pepper spray. The pepper spray will get taken away from her by an assailant pissed off that he’s been sprayed. (assuming she gets it out of the handbag in time, actually points it in the right direction….)

        1. It’s just revolting. She has decent genetic material to be a true woman and bear beautiful babies, and she’s instead wasting it pretending to be a man. How fucking sad is that?

      3. This actually brings up a question I have always wondered. Do drugs like Winnie and Tren etc actually make a person stronger? What about HGH? I’m sure the tons of rest she injects make sense her very strong for a girl and I’ve no doubt that her lifting form is on point and those other drugs help with that, but do they actually make you strong and is it more dope = more stronger

        1. never gets old
          first guy is a pussy, then she loses, then she loses again and cheats

        2. There is one where a marine is boxing some chick that’s great too.
          Too be fair, I don’t believe arm wrestling to be a great indicator of general strength as there is a skill to arm wrestling that if you don’t have, someone much weaker than you who knows how to properly arm wrestler, will take you down.
          Still. Hilarious

        3. Being well acquainted with the fitness model types, which has bleedover into the scary muscle types (if one wants to “advance” to going from looking like a bikini model to looking like a dude), I’m going to say that most of them just don’t lift amazing amounts of weights, a lot of it is the drugs they take (as you pointed to above). They will lift more than a girl, clearly, but generally nowhere near what a fit guy does by a long shot, let alone a really hard core weight lifting dude can do.

        4. This is what I figured but I wanted to know about the juice. Like if you take x amount of steroids and it makes you strong for a girl can you take 50x amount of steroids and be strong for a male boxer or is there just a terminal point.
          Weight lifting is so odd. I know a girl who, when it comes to squatting, is objectively stronger than me. She simply can squat more weight.
          I can out deadlift her any day of the week and believe I am genuinely stronger, but she can squat 90 pounds more than me for more reps and with better form.

        5. My knee has long since been well. My injury was in 09 and I had excellent surgeons. I chalk her lift up to steroids (which I believe she is on) and the fact that she has better form than me

        6. I don’t take estrogen to grow boobs, why would a woman take testosterone to grow bulky muscle?

        7. I liked them *pressed* on me.
          A friend of mine has a shirt with two circles on the back, that he wears when he rides his motorcycle. Under the circles it says “Press Boobs Here”.

        8. Seen that one. He clobbers the fuck out of her to the cheers/boos of his fellow marines. No shame in his game. She couldn’t get a hand on him the entire fight.

        9. What’s so odd? Squatting is a much different movement than deadlift. Squats are more androgynous.. i.e. Upper leg/rear only

        10. Probably. But I feel if my form was as good as hers (she is a professional trainer) and I was geared up the way she os the play field would be even and I would squat a lot more
          My upper legs are like tree trunks and my glutes and hams are very good too

        11. It sounds like you’re losing a lot of hip drive on the squat due to poor technique tbh, knee.
          But that’s not the worst place to be in as a lifter. As long as you’re breathing well and don’t destroy your spine and stuff.
          Having a deadlift that is much weaker than your squat would be an indication of something being badly fucked up, like a ticking clock basically.
          You have to defeat that juiced up roastie for RoK pride now. A lot of them are on newer, designer stuff to lift more weight (why?) but not look as-mutant-tier as juiced up female lifters of the past.

        12. Yeah. My form isn’t terrible and I know where my problems are but once I get over 225 I just can’t seem to correct them. I can squat under 200 with great form all day.
          I’ve never done juice and don’t really know enough about it. My deadlift is huge, my squat is fair and my bench is ok. I stopped chasing other people’s weights in the gym last year when I hurt myself. I have a really excellent physique, keep a very clean diet, lift hard and daily, don’t skip my cardio and am happy, for the most part, with where I am.
          I leave keeping up with other guys (or whatever this thing is) to younger bucks

        13. Well, that sounds humble enough. And smart.
          Guess I’ll have to come to NYC just to put this juiced-up split tail’s dreams to rest. (There are people out there in this world, right now, who won’t view that statement as ironic).

        14. Lol!
          This whole comment is great.
          Yeah—last year when one of my herniated discs when backwards and pressed my nerve against my spine I learned a lot about humility. I still lift heavy but not looking for 1rm on anything anymore

        15. Man, it’s a bummer you had to learn the hard way, knee.
          imo, any time people, who aren’t professional lifters are going 2x+ their bodyweight on something like a 1rm, it’s pure ego trip.
          I always advise the younger lads who come to me, to use the 1rm sparingly, as a tool to gauge an adjustment, when you absolutely have to.
          Beginners need to use it, sure. Champion lifters and strongmen use it often, because they need to for their goals and they often have perfect technique. Even then, then get injured on these lifts, at times.
          But even with an injury like that, and even though you aren’t super-young, you can still rehab your back and lift heavier weight properly with some effort (if you should feel inclined to do so). I have seen guys with a similar injury do exactly that.

        16. Yup. Some lessons you just have gonlesdn. I’m totally 100% now and really happy where I am

      4. Because it’s just white muscle fiber. Pumped up muscles. Under the hood it’s nothing special. These women are on gear. If they go off they will melt like icecream on a summerday.

    3. Not valid.
      She is simply injecting testosterone and, by the look of her, taking Anavar or similar ‘mild’ oral steroid.
      I’d guess some HGH too, given the look of her facial bone structure and jawline…

    4. There is an epidemic of “fit girls”. The narcissism is rampant, also here in the Netherlands. I see these girls in the gym torturing themselves to have a bf% of 15 or so, to make their abs visible. Completely unnatural. I’m not going to praise them like the idiots who clap for them at those BB-shows. A woman should have a bf% of approximately 25%, so she is fit: for breeding that is.

      1. I see a shitton of it on Pinterest and Instagram. Apparently, the goal is inspiration, and in some vein of consistency with this article, thinspiration. Judging by the obesity rate in most Western nations where social media is widely accessible, it looks like their inspiration isn’t working, at all.
        Maybe it’s the fallacy of overcorrection/overcompensation. Perhaps the insane efforts (roids) these ~women~ put in, end up turning more women away from trying at all. If the inspiring image was simply a stomach that doesn’t double over, I’m guessing more women would feel the standard is within reach and actually put some effort into fitness. But 8 pack abs? “Too high, can’t try”.

    5. Gear has wrecked even her bone structure. Legitimately has the hips of a man now, for life.
      Man that is some fucked up, morbid shit tbh.

  12. I have always questioned the motives of gay designers when the “female” models they choose to mold look more like cachectic 11 yr old boys. No curves, no sense of femininity.They disdain a natural non-obese healthy woman and punish any lady by ripping them of any self-esteem for being 1 oz over 50lbs. Just Google “fashion model mental health problems”. Yet, as usual, we want our ladies to be healthy & fit by mind, spirit and body but they defend the gays that abhor their figures and set the fashion scene. They deserve their misery because they stand behind the gay monsters that disgust them.

  13. Where is the money in fashion? Admittedly I’ve not ever thought about it in depth, so maybe I’m missing something obvious. But seemingly for as long as I’ve been aware of the existence of ‘fashion shows’, it’s always a bunch of weird people dressing up in weird ways. Outside of the dozen or so people it takes to put on such a show, the entire rest of the world continues being normal or too poor to care. What is their market?

    1. Honestly? Its the Saudis. some obscene amount(80%?85%?- I forget) is bought by their women. The industry would collapse w/o their oil money

      1. More explicitly, the first and second pictures in this article, for example. That’s the first and last time a woman will ever dress and appear like that. I don’t have a solid grasp of what purpose taking those pictures served. I’m not ready to believe Saudi women are dressing like that under their niqab.

        1. Although if they are, I suddenly understand the reasons why they are compelled to wear the niqab.

        2. pret a porte or couteur, I dont know which, they are responsible for most of the spending. The waste is obscene(Im sure lolknee knows the difference, he is back from Club Med I see)

        3. Okay, well, that’s it. I had no idea. I suppose if they can sell these things for 50k to 75k Euro each, everything leading up to it is justified.
          And wearing the same dress twice is not an option.
          One of many concepts here that are completely foreign to me.

    2. In the prestige. So they could make a name. So you could sell normal shit with a special price tag with designer name. They run the industry they own the normal “designer” brands cloths brand too.

      1. This is plausible. And it means the problem is I’m too literal minded. If that’s what they use to create their name, I say their name is shit and their wares are to be avoided.

  14. ” Nonetheless, we could say the problem is most acute with
    out-of-their-depth homosexual designers, who pretend they know what
    constitutes a healthy, attractive woman.”
    The core problem is everyone involved in fashion industry that push their version of beauty upon the world are at their core being, unhealthy. Their version of beauty is the reflection of the their corrupted/damaged mind and soul. Models are seen as disposable resource to the fashion house, as young women subject themsleves to drugs and malnutrition to keep up with “ideal” beauty. They will not repent for their actions since they are incapable of understanding the damage they do upon the world.

  15. ehh even most Sports Illustrated chicks don’t have that much meat. They usually got small boobs if any at all. Pancake asses too.
    But maybe I just like thick girls.

    1. Or they’re beached whales like Ashley Graham.
      From what I’ve seen of the VS catalogs, the gays have gotten their hooks in there as the models range from “looks like a boy” to “reverse jailbait”.

        1. No, but I suspect that any attractiveness that she has comes from creative/edited photography.

  16. Sucks how feminists ruined the word curvy. Every guy likes curvy women but they’ve twisted it to mean obese.

    1. The word curvy is also usurped by non fat but slutty women who think their value is higher than it is.

  17. the fashion industry is about the fashion industry, and has no anchor in the real world. It is entirely cannabalistic (consider the Neon Demon) and seeks only to cut loose from any kind of healthy heterosexual grounding for it’s creations. Except insofar as it co-ordinates it’s ensembles with the New World Order gender imperatives it is entirely about surface, or rather the absence of depth and substance. The anorexic / landwhale dialectic is an interesting one though, as in both cases it promotes these forms of self-harm in order to mutilate the idea of beauty and grace. I just can’t wait for the Lagerfelds of this world to decide that the Ebola bleeding from your eyes look is in at the moment

    1. Right, but my question is, how do they actually make money? Nobody wears this shit. Nobody except the one model who actually wears it for the show, will ever don any of those garments, ever. So where’s the pay back?

      1. Through marketing I imagine. Magazines etc. Designers do sell their clothes though and some of it goes onto the shelves of department stores. Catwalk clothes though are like concept cars – not for wearing but they are consumed culturally I’d you like. And never forget women do buy stupid shit

      2. Runway clothing is then the trend for other designers that spawn ready to wear seasonal lines. They are concepts, unless the show was a ready-to-wear show

  18. Thankfully, they are mostly high fashion models whose looks and fashion gets filtered down to the less endowed and fatter mass populations. Most women are not suffering from being too thin. I do notice women who have more money, more education, and careerist are much thinner than the general public that have larger waists and lots more tattoos. Fashion has gone to the whales as the other side of extreme dieting.

  19. I was just talking with a friend about how it seems like the more prestigious/well-known the modeling agency… the more androgynous all their models look, whether they’re male or female.

  20. I don’t like your fashion business mister
    And I don’t like these drugs that keep you thin
    I don’t like what happened to my sister
    First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin

  21. The combination of straight feminist women and gay men is toxic. When together each doubles the bitchiness of the other. Feminists have nothing but hatred for truly beautiful women, and gays are full of contempt for the world and everyone in it – including themselves. This is why the world of fashion is the sewer it is.
    (Feminist) women hate men – we all know that. Gay men – sex aside – hate men (gay or straight), so yes, The fashion world and feminist controlled media that assists it tries to “punish” (for lack of a better word) men by trying to sell them on land whales and skeletons. This is their way of ridiculing and negating healthy beautiful women (such as myself…. Haa Haa) and the straight men they attract.

    1. Faggotry should be an automatic disqualifier for the fashion industry. How would women know what is attractive to men if the producers are gay?

      1. The irony here is, even in the fashion industry, women are still told what to wear by men, even if said men are gay.

        1. Even those radical feminist crazies like Femen, all of them are centrally organized and funded by men.

        2. That is why so much advertising is pointed at women, they respond when you tell them to do something, even if it means buy a goofy outfit.

      2. Faggotry should be eliminated with the age old Burn at the Stake method.
        I DO NOT care how they feel about it. They are of the devil and ONLY beget evil.

  22. I think gay men telling their fat girlfriends (every fag gets one at chick and the more you fag value the more you get…I figure Doogige Houser had like 75 because he is like king of the sodomites) that they look great.
    Every time I see some landwhale walking around with her fucking huge fattits hanging out I know she is either fucking a black dude or has a gay best friend

  23. Gay men like young, slim boys and the women are projecting what they think men want.
    This is why gay men and women should be banned from voting and taking political office.
    Yes indeedy.

    1. Good observations. This might be true especially with bears. One can suppose that, for what is worth, whichever slim gay guy that decides to date a bear will undoubtedly be the bitch.
      Lesson: even among gay guys, slim partners will always be choice no.1.

    1. This is a lie. Herr Dr Mengele would have done experiments with the guy in the wheelchair before shooting him.

      1. Israel hasbara troll with your fake Latino name:
        Playing your dopey HolocaustCard is getting really old.

    2. Why are they executing the google? With a shirt with that design he’s obviously the most intelligent and brainy out of all of them. Hitler would have put him to work developing Germany’s super weapons.

  24. Gay men and women have the same faulty brain wiring. Will they ever apologize? Do women ever apologize? How many times have you heard a woman say she was sorry? I haven’t. Gay men fall into this category. They like to torture other women to weed out the competition.

    1. And for what is worth, even an extremely effeminate gay man can still whoop a woman’s ass handily. Heck, I’ve heard stories of faggots getting the best of straight men in fights. And because they’re gay, beating up a woman won’t make them misogynist.
      Combine this, and the cattiness and manipulation of women that you cited in your comment, and you got a horrible monster.

  25. Good points. But the fatty fems will of course assert that healthy slim = anorexic. Keep bombarding them with pop stars and point out that it is not impossible to look like this.

    Well, it is even how most East Asians look fat-wise. 3-4% obesity, compared to 40.4% in the U.S. (and 9.9% of women 20+ are morbidly obese on top of that). But as long as American males are even more fat it’s hard to only blame women.

  26. Even Land Whales are marginally more attractive than a female who looks like an escapee from Belsen!

  27. Another extremely important article. Don’t forget the airbrushing that goes into the overall presentation.

  28. Fashion is terrible in my opinion. It’s a moral crime to waste so much valuable resources, energy and time on clothes that should be replaced because they are not “cool” anymore. Especially now, fashion is not seasonal anymore but became more like a monthly phenomenon. Another despicable outgrowth of capitalism. I will never buy clothing from a company who advertises with gay models, or thug-alike figures. Also any time I see them supporting feminism or cultural Marxism, my money is never going to see their cash-register.

    1. Screw that. Luckily, as a man, I don’t feel the compulsion to change my wardrobe every season. I still wear clothes I bought ten years ago. In fact, I’m not triggered by the fact that my local Ross has a minuscule section for men and 75% of the store is for women. Heck, shopping triggers my feelings…Of boredom.

      1. Same for me, I don’t need new clothes. The last time I bought clothes is like 2 years ago. And I own like 10 shirts, of those I wear like 3 or so. I own 8 pants, I wear like 2 at the most.

  29. When people on ROK brag about their 90 lb philippino girlfriends…You realize how much nicer men can be to women than they are to themselves. By that I mean, that woman is not 90 lbs but they look it to the male eye that sees good things, rather than the scale, and personal self-deprecation. The male gaze as much is said about it, can be so much more flattering. Men see women as squishy and warm, and beautiful when we see stomach rolls (that barely exist) and complain about not being able to fit into some ridiculous trendy outfit. When I was a teenager I’d read Playboy and Maxim when I wanted to feel skinny and good about myself. I’d pick mainstream magazines when I wanted to pick up “trends” that I couldn’t pull off, and overall feel like a fatty.

    1. My Thai wife has just exceeded 110lbs …….. I told her, lose it or lose me.
      I don’t want to be seen out and about with a fat cunt.

      1. She’s probably like 5’0, so you are correct that’s pushing it, the rule of thumb for health professionals is like 100 lbs for 5 ft, then 5 pounds for every inch over that. Thai women are super tiny. Also Asian thin is a level in itself. I don’t know how they do it. Also breasts weigh about 1-3 pounds per cup size per boob. If you’re an A cup your breasts will add on about an extra pound or two. B 4-6 pounds, C 6-8. Asian women are normally A cups hence that extra weight goes to less fun places.

  30. They’ll apologise as soon as the moderate muslims apologise for the terror attacks being carried out by the supposed small minority of muslim extremists in the name as islam and as soon as the moderates demand islam be reformed.

  31. Gay men and women in the fashion industry see other good looking women [by real men standards] as competition, so inevitably they will consciously and subconsciously act in a way that will protect their interest and benefit them, screw the competition in any way.
    Any fag hag that thinks their male gay friend has their best interests at heart is seriously delusional, you and him are in competition in the same market space and he has one up one you all the time, while you listen to his bullshit.
    No man wants an Auschwitz escapee or a plus+++ size for relationship material, they might be fun, but only if no one sees you.
    You don’t see real men hanging out at fashion shows, strip clubs and brothels have what they are looking for…

  32. Is it just me or has anyone else noticed, female celebrities getting some sort of plastic surgery that makes their cheeks look sunken in and their chin elongated? I suppose it’s some sort of implants that give them a really unattractive skeletal look.

  33. Sports illustrated models are still generally really lean. You are not going to find many with 25% body fat. The difference is they work out and eat well and they hold onto their muscle. Muscle mass makes women curvier.

  34. I said the same thing just about in a video awhile back ,women read these fashion magazines produced by gay men and women ,that straight men never look at what so ever. And all the sudden they develop eating disorders thinking straight men find women who look like twigs attractive ,women can be so easily misled its sad really.

  35. Its no big mystery, anorexic women are square shaped with as few curves as possible, which makes it easy to create those weird outfits nobody in their right mind would ever buy or wear. They would use men and design for men if they could, but men won’t even pretend to want outfits that make you look like a retarded swan or a drunken chameleon.

  36. best article in a while. Now that I think about it I cant think of a scenario where a straight man drove a woman to anorexia. When a woman just wants to get back at a man she likes she just gets another dick, among other things.

  37. just take over the fashion industry. Attack – win – earn money – push them out. Fight.

  38. A couple points here: yes there is an agenda by an overarching group within the industry.
    But I like to use the model standard of beauty as one that will shut non model women’s ego down. Hence they don’t get that hyperganous attention whoring habits unchained. Always tell them they are normal girls and not genetic specimens like models, so stfu. Also in regards to regressives/sjw – they hate models because of their beauty whether or not they are props of gay men; as the article saids – straight men will always be the one to Blame. Many girls I have come across are naturally hips 33-34. They can eat all they want but can’t get past 119 lbs at 5’9-5’10. Genetics. Tess holiday – cupcakes.
    Also, say what you want but Phoebe Philo is brilliant.

  39. Also, if we prop up women who are average/healthy body – what are we saying? Putting them on a pedestal. So a fat/healthy average chick should be a supermodel but average joe is not? So pairing real male models with “average model female”? What is that implying? just think about it.

  40. Women with a little bit of everything balanced like muscle tone with a nice thin layer of fat is actually the most healthy female body type. Anorexia and obese is extremes. The middle/balanced is virtue as Aristotle says. Baywatch girls, cheerleaders, Playboy models, Victorian Secret models, some pornstars all women adjusted for the pleasure of a male audience have the healtiest body types, the kind men are most attracted to. If you notice women with these bodies tend to smile a lot very naturally and also radiant more with deeper color in their overall appearance, their hormones are very well balanced and they have good libido. They also have more body heat. They routinely workout more often tan other women and are more laid back and less insecure.
    These stick figure models are over 6 feet tall and weigh 105 lbs., it does show how obssessed women are about height and thats what they want to be. It’s unhealthy. Just look at how they’re always frowning they look like they’re taking their mugshot just more cleaned up. Expressionless doll faces.
    Also can’t understand what gay men would know about female beauty doesn’t anybody find that odd

  41. Spot on, and not only is female beauty being distorted and deformed. Have you people seen the state of so called ‘ male models ‘ these days?
    They look like famine victims and most are UGLY , I’ve seen hooked noses, ears like batwings and cheeks that stick out a mile wide.
    Is that what regular straight guys are supposed to aspire to ? I don’t fucking think so, you LBGT MF pieces of shit.
    Article please guys !

  42. Hello. Im new to this site and i absolutely love the articles on women. So what are mens preferences exactly? I’m naturally slim athletic. Is that good? Or is that not what men prefer?Thanks. Any man is free comment. And feel free to say what else you like. 😃

  43. FUCKING THANK YOU. I’ve been saying this shit for years. The fashion industry is run by WOMEN AND GAY MEN.

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