Men Are Dropping Out Because Their Women Are Becoming Too Fat

The obesity epidemic has afflicted men and women equally, but weight gain causes women to lose far more sexual market value than men do. What will happen to dating now that two-thirds of the nation’s women are overweight or obese?

Men Are Judged On Everything—Women Are Judged On One Thing

Weight gain in the population is causing plenty of anguish for all of us, but when it comes to romance, each gender is affected very differently. Men are lucky, or unlucky if you will, in that no single factor determines their overall desirability. Women like tall men, certainly, and they like them handsome, but a nice looking 19-year-old, awkward pizza delivery boy generally has a hard time getting laid.

On the other hand, a  plain looking, semi-charming multimillionaire with a yacht likely does pretty well for himself. In a woman’s eyes, a global judgment is made involving height, facial appearance, wealth, ambition, personality, family and social networks, talents (music, art, athletics), and even the opinions of other men and women. The relative weighing of all these factors is fairly even. A very handsome man needs less to get by, but he needs something. A shorter, not so attractive guy with a lot of other things going for him will still do okay.

For women, however, beauty and youth are paramount. Other elements, such as mental health, personality, and intellect do matter, but their relative importance is far less. No level of other attributes can overcome unattractiveness in a woman. A great personality will move a woman up a notch in the dating pool, but only a notch. Yes, some men like “curvy” women, but these women are still quite fit and never is a widely sought-after women going to be fat. With so many overweight women nowadays, thinness has become the single most important beauty standard.

The Disparate Impact Of Being Fat

Although both genders have gained substantial amounts of weight in the past 60 years, the effect on attractiveness and desirability is not the same. A man can be 35 pounds overweight and this might bring him down a notch, but plenty of bigger gentlemen have very desirable wives and girlfriends. Such a man simply has other qualities which make him of value. On a 1 to 10 scale, his 35 pounds drop him from an 8 to a  6 or 7, hardly catastrophic.

But a woman who is 30 pounds overweight, drops from an 8 to a 4. In fact, with so many overweight men, a truly normal-weight man appears too thin to many people. In 1970, the average man weighed around 165 pounds; now the average is 191. If you meet a guy who is around 5’ 10” and 165, he may look skinny. It is instructive to look at male movie stars from the 1950s and earlier. Men like Humphrey Bogart, Laurence Oliver, and Fred Astaire were all quite thin.

One way to view the epidemic is to imagine that an entire generation of young men lost their ambition, that all they wanted to do was to hang out and play video games, that they were perfectly happy in dead-end jobs, making little money, smoking weed, and looking at porn. This is a net negative, analogous to weight gain in women, for men’s dating desirability. In fact, a popular book claims such an epidemic currently exists among young men.

If this epidemic of un-ambitious young men really exists, can it be accounted for by the scarcity of slender, attractive women? Why are young men driven to achieve? Evolutionary biology hypothesizes that males pursue achievement to attract women. But if there are so few desirable women, a young male may conclude that all efforts toward self-improvement and success are futile. With so few thin women, even years of herculean effort will not provide him a reasonable chance to mate with someone highly attractive. So why bother?

Out In Public

In social settings, I am often amazed to see zero or maybe one woman of a truly normal body weight. Average weights have gone up so much that one cannot see “average” as normal. Earlier in the 20th century, the average woman was 5’ 4” and 122 pounds. Now she is 5’ 4” and 144 pounds in some studies and 155 pounds in others. Today, a woman 5’ 4” and 120 pounds is considered skinny, but this is a perfectly healthy and attractive weight. Some Asian women at 5 ‘ 4” are under 100 pounds and healthy. In fact, the current average Chinese woman is 5’ 4” and 125 pounds, suggesting that about half of all Chinese women 5’ 4” tall weigh less than that.

One sees many more ethnically mixed couples these days, with successful, attractive white males matched with Asian females. This change is most likely driven by the obesity epidemic. When a man is considering a long term relationship, including marriage, one of his greatest fears is that his wife will gain weight and become unattractive. Bad eating habits and even a little bit of pudginess in a 28-year-old could translate to a very overweight woman of 40 after the kids are born. The rise in the desirability of Asian women is due to their lower rates of obesity.

Why do men value attractive partners? Well, you might say it is because it is more fun to have sex with a pretty woman. But another, perhaps more important reason, is that the type of woman a man is able to attract is an advertisement, a direct reflection of his worth in society. Watch a reasonably normal-sized man leave a building with his overweight girlfriend or even a platonic friend. He often walks ahead of or behind her. He cringes at the thought that people will see them together and conclude that he is such a loser that this is the “best he can do.” A woman might have a less attractive man, but a $90,000 sports car, a nice suit, a powerful job, any of these things will make up for his big gut. If a woman is fat, nothing can compensate for the problem.

In The Land Of The Fat….

The obesity epidemic has made many women vastly less desirable romantic partners compared to most men. Fatness just doesn’t knock as many points off a man’s sexual market value as it does a woman. “The end of men” may well be a rational response to the scarcity of thin women where some men conclude it is no longer worth the effort to work hard and gain wealth in the hopes of having sex with slender, attractive women.

The repercussions for society are substantial. Although there are many reasons for the decline in marriage rates, one reason is that men don’t want to marry overweight women. They worry enough about a woman gaining weight after the wedding or when kids come along. Imagine starting out with someone overweight? I am often amazed that when I see a wedding, the bride is much more likely to be slender than chance would suggest. The few remaining thin women can easily seek out men who will marry them. The rest are likely to go unmarried or to marry men incapable of earning a living. From a matchmaking perspective, the appropriate fit for an overweight woman is not an overweight man, it is an unemployed one.

Men now focus on body size even more exclusively than they used to. This is because normal-sized or slender women are so rare. In dating settings, you can be a woman with an unattractive face, bad personality, mentally ill, and a substance abuser, but look around — you may be the only normal-sized, non-overweight woman in the room. Every man there wants one thing: a slender woman. You are in the land of the fat, where the one thin girl is queen.

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767 thoughts on “Men Are Dropping Out Because Their Women Are Becoming Too Fat”

  1. Its much worse in the South. Average woman here in San ANtonio, Texas must be about 5 ft 3 to 5 ft 4 and 175lbs. Im serious. Its depressing.

    1. Yeah I lived in Florida and I could swear that there’s some program going on that has men in vans prowling across the country looking for shameless fat women. They see a woman say in Minnesota or Spokane in short shorts and a string top they hit her with a tranq dart, measure and weigh her, put a radio tag on her, then drop her in Central Florida with a one year lease and a service job.

      1. awwww hahaha
        Got my long laugh on that one, thanks bro.
        “they hit her with a tranq dart, measure and weigh her, put a radio tag on her, then drop her in Central Florida with a one year lease and a service job.”

    2. The proportions are not that skewed here in Denver, but it is incredibly funny hearing a fatty go on about how she is “outdoorsy” and “loves hiking, camping, and rock climbing”. Obviously, if they really loved those activities they wouldn’t be 20+ lbs overweight.

      1. Most of those women lie and couldn’t hike 5 miles…. They want it all but can’t deliver squat

  2. Let’s not forget that schools are now taught in a ‘cooperative’ and not ‘competitive’ fashion that turns off male drive. Sure, there are some males that learn better in a cooperative environment just like some females learn better in a competitive one. The problem is that we’ve castigated the way most men learn the best to help the poor females do better.
    Really, if I was a young guy, I wouldn’t have half the ambition to give a fuck about getting a cow sized woman into bed. The best men will still strive, if only for themselves. They’ll leave a trail of ‘broken hearts’ as they plow through the few attractive (but utterly vapid) females they deign to bed.
    Heck, my old ‘friend’ (read: cum dumpster) reads a ‘problem with women’ feminist bullshit page and constantly shares their posts. She still comes over between nice guy boyfriends and tries to get laid. Sometimes I throw a shot into her, sometimes I don’t, she’s reasonably attractive for a 37 year old. She’s fit, nice (but sagging now, oh how nice they were even 8 years ago!) tits, et al. She wonders why she can’t find a good boyfriend. Well slut, the fact you whored your way through the prime years of your looks (using men for money and emotional support) and now want a nice guy to take care of you probably didn’t help.

    1. The problem with women is….. they grow old. Now that wouldn’t be such a problem if a guy in his 30’s who wanted to get married could find a juicy, slender, late teens or early 20 something yr old chick (who hasn’t powered through the cock carousel yet) to settle down with.
      But when most western women squander their most fertile years taking bad boy(and occasionally, loser) cock, getting fat, being a worthless bitch and after they’ve had their “hearts” broken 100 times over, expect a man….. ANY MAN worth their salt to wife them up and try piece them back together again, then it just goes to show how deep-rooted the delusion in the modern feminazi’d brain really is.
      As for your cumdumpster friend, she’s destined for a life of loneliness with a house full of surrogate children(Read:- Cats) simply because of the shitty life choices she made when she still could get by on her looks alone.
      Enjoy the decline, gentlemen!

      1. Growing old is a bigger problem for women when they do it apart from men. When you grow old with a woman, it’s a natural process. When you see a woman for the first time at 40 or even 35, she’s old in every sense of the word. This is why it doesn’t pay for women to stay single longer. The same men who wouldn’t much notice their aging now look at them as past-their-prime.

        1. For American guys that are 50 and up, its a very sad state of affairs. All that is really available here in the US at that point for us are divorced, baggage-laden monstrosities with children, saddlebags and bearing little resemblance to actual females.

        2. Hmmm women view it the same way … frankly the entire saggy baggy thing doesn’t work for me either. I gag when older men hit on me. Then their is the ED slinky dink thing … Viagra only sometimes seems to help (but of course it is my problem because if I was just hotter it would salute me …hahaha men need a scape goat for everything … glad I no longer have to deal with the crap on a daily basis … only when I feel I want to now). Unfortunately the truth of the matter is … no one wants someone old, not even females want baggy men so when you hit 50+ you’d better have someone that loves you otherwise they are going to gag at your appearance.
          And yes, American men are delusional about their appearance … you are saggy, all that hair or lack of it, I have to close my eyes to get through it when I decide to indulge which is happening less and less because it has gotten so disgustingly ugly.

        3. I see most women now baggy saggy and fat over 40…I am just glad as a guy in my 50’s I am not.

      2. “”The problem with women is….. they grow old””
        Growing old is only a problem for ex-carousel riders. Traditional women who manage to lock down a higher beta/lower alpha whilst she’s young will have a man by her side when she’s old more often than not. So the “growing old ” thing never really becomes an issue.

        1. Then why do men routinely dump loyal loving wives their own age to go chase younger women who may or may not want them?

        2. 1000s of reasons, but if he were just simply that shallow, it seems you’d notice way before it got that far.

      3. Frankly, I find women between 28 and 35 to be more attractive, specifically if they managed to maintain their physiques.

        1. Frankly I find men that same age to be hot … especially the ones in tight fitting jeans, lots of hair, and wonderful shoulders. They are so wonderful to look at.

        2. I think all women who are confident, non-bitter, active and sure of themselves are beautiful, from 18-infinity. Its a great attitude and honest knowledge of the world that makes all that work out looks included.

    2. Castigated? Castigate means to, essentially, reprimand, or scold. The way you have used the word makes it seem like the word “castrate” would have been better, if only metaphorically.

  3. My mother once told me women are the GREAT MOTIVATORS. I did not understand. Is not until you stumble upon a beautiful, slim, and feminine women who while you REMAIN masculine is loyal TO DEATH is when you see that she was right.
    When you think about such beautiful creations you want conquer more land. You want venture into new and dangerous terrains. At times you even want to KILL other competitors OR risk you own life in keeping her happy. That is strenght of a women. How can a morally obese woman with bordeline masculinity do that. How can she activate that UBERMENSCH type persona in her man with such image and attitude. My fellow ROK members, THAT’S why men have withdrawn!

    1. Absolutely right. When you find the needle in this proverbial haystack, you’ll know exactly what this guy is talking about.
      Unfortunately the only motivation Western women give me is to get the fuck out and go somewhere that I can find women like this. I’ve been in several countries, and even there they are somewhat rare, but the odds are definitely more in your favor than in ‘Murica.
      The odds improve to something like 1 in 50 vs. 1 in 50,000,000.

      1. Yes such women are really rare but once you find them make sure you treay her LIKE A WOMEN not your mother. You know how much MEN I have seen intially with beautiful feminine women who could invoked some of the strongest desires, squander them by being complacient a pussy and instead of leading, THEY WANT TO FOLLOW. Its a shame. If you lose you masculinity your WOMEN will NEED to compensate for that and its NEVER pretty

        1. what’s with the capital letters on random words, do you have a form of typing tourette’s

        2. He capitalizes certain words to emphasize them.
          You must be something like 12 years old to not know this.

    2. There have been revoluationary protests in Ukraine, Venezuela, and Thailand… but not in the English-speaking world, despite similar government corruption and lack of opportunity for young men.
      How are Ukraine, Venezuela, and Thailand different from English-speaking countries? … mmm, yeah.

      1. They’re by and large quite poor so they have significantly less to lose. Here in Amurka we have bread and circuses to keep us entertained and distracted.

      2. People who revolt have been truly driven to the wall, and do so out of pure desperation. Their poverty and lack of complacency could be the explanation for their thin women, and not the other way around.

        1. I’m from the Ukraine and being thin has a lot less to do with “poverty and lack of complacency” than you would think. It’s called taking care of yourself.. Something American women slack on, especially after having kids. Stop providing an excuse for American women about why they are so much more than women in other countried. Visit the Ukraine and then you can talk (well, wait for the political crap with Russia to be over first, then take a visit). You will never see a woman out in a sweatshirt looking like a slob. Women know how to present themselves, they know how to dress and they are a lot less LAZY. The only slobs are tourists which you can pinpoint from a mile away.

        2. LOL hubby and I sat in the Walmart parking lot in ARkansas once , for one hour, counting the number of people in sweats going into the store. There were more than 200, mostly fat women. You should never leave the house without checking your appearance. How people treat you is very dependent on your grooming.

    3. You sound like a medieval lunatic. You would be at home in Game of Thrones, but this is reality. The 21st century. What’s so manly about wanting to live in a fantasy world?

      1. No, he’s not. We have evolved, but our instincts are still intact. Women still want a strong alpha male, their hormones will not allow them to do otherwise.

    4. Take the pussy off a pedastil bro, anyone doing anything for a woman that involves risk or money is pedastilizing pussy and it doesn’t matter if we lived in 1214, you pedastilize a pussy she dumps you.

      1. No need to pedestal pussy. Before you marry any women or commit to any women such women must be DEEP CONVERTED 🙂 anything else is risky.

        1. Marrying a women is a deeply psychotic act, in fact living with one given the anti-male domestic abuse laws is psychotic. Unless you have an arrest wish and want to piss away half of all your assets plus lawyer fees you are nuts to do it.

        2. Fear marriage or commitment is fearing your inablity to manage your woman. Ironically with such high divorce rates a sizeable percenatage of marriages actually LAST whether or not the particapants are happy is another thing but to keep a union intact that takes strenght.

        3. Of course you will have no ability to manage your woman in the long run, it is an uphill battle because:
          1) Everytime your women sees a commercial its all girl power, you deserve better
          2) Everytime your woman watches a movie or anything else on tv like programming she sees a dormat man who she can piss in his face and he will swear it was candy canes
          3) Everytime your woman hangs around her friends and they are comparing men, her friends will laugh at her and put her down and try to drive you two apart behind your back. Next thing you know you and her are arguing more than ever and her friends tell her to “stand up to you” and then to “leave your ass”
          4) There is no point in keeping a marriage that is unhappy, why would any sane individual choose to stay in an unhappy marriage, this is when women are most likely to have you locked up on phony physical or child abuse claims. 90% of the men in jail for child molestation are men who have a bitter ex-wife who downloaded child porn on his laptop when he was at work and she hid it.

        4. “manage your woman” hahaha you retard, we are not back in medieval times. You are backward in so many ways

        5. If you are not aware that your woman has those kinds of friends, then you are not aware enough to be in a relationship; nor do you know your woman well enough to consider any kind of meaningful commitment.

        6. Nah, he’s right, to a degree. There is a reason that men, all throughout history, have been the “man of the house,” although to be fair, women often managed way more of it than the man did.

        7. Are you talking about women or men here? Crap I never had time to hang around for girl talk and neither do my married friends with kids … yet the men find time to golf, compare their woman to others and drink. When I have to go to the mall I managed my kids while my ex had time to “oogle” because he successfully showed how incapable he was in taking care of them. Who are you talking about here and what power. So happy to be single again as I have time, lots of time to pursue my desires, I’m no longer raising my fourth child who was 50+. hahahaha so happy to not have a man in my life other than when I want one and yes, they work hard at making me happy, I just know if I allow them to catch me, they will then become bored and the crazy crap will start … such is the way with American men.

        8. hahaha … so true. Uhhh some recent studies indicate women’s IQs are ramping up higher than men. Hmmmm … women don’t need men to motivate them to progress forward … yet we have these retarded lost boys who need a carrot dangled in front of their nose to get their faces out from behind a video game and off the freaking couch. Come on, let’s hear it, it’s the woman’s fault men/boys are this way cause women got fat therefore men/boys aren’t motivated. hahahaha hahahaha waaaaaaaaa waaaaaaa I think that is all men/boys have now is waaaaa waaaaa waaaaa. The feminist movement started because men were waaaaaa waaaaaa waaaaaa too much yet were entitled men who demanded sex. Now we just have a generation of menboys who can continue to waaaaa waaaa waaa and be just damn worthless and find yet another scapegoat to take the blame.

        9. You can’t understand, he’s talking alpha langauge. Beta males have no sense of this and are scared of what women might do to them. When you know whats up, you’re more worried about the wrong ones going crazy to cling to you. If you don’t have the power to be a man and stand on your beliefs, women smell it and take advantage. Women cannot leave an alpha, their hormones won’t allow them to.

        10. You shouldn’t use a woman as sole motivation. But when you have that “one” you do go harder at the world. Happiness shows up like that in men, gives you that extra “umph” in all aspects, work, home, social etc.

        11. Not all men are like that, I hate golf…and take my kids on trips by myself, to include trips more then a few days every year…or more…marriage is what you make it.

      1. No … pussy doesn’t fuck up your life … you fuck your life up by not thinking things through and thinking you can jerk a woman around and she won’t strike back. Spend less time thinking of fucking and you won’t need the pussy as much … most morons understand the more you dwell on something the more crazy it makes you. So jerk off, porn off, think of pussy more and you will fuck with your head in desire. Ain’t nobody doing it to you but yourself. Control your mind means controlling your destiny. American men seem to have forgotten this and have become a mind, pussy gluttoness population. Guess what … woman moved their desires off men and moved onto solving their security problems by education and working … men/boys no longer wanted the “burden” they wanted free sex and entitlement. Well we did that(we support ourself, we do birth control and abortions … we give out sex like candy) and you still aren’t fucking happy, something is always wrong … what is the American male’s problem? Pussy fucking your life up or is your whine and lack of purpose and self discipline fucking up your life?

    5. My current husband was married to a fat cow , and had 2 kids with her. The boy is normal ; the girl is another fat cow. Hubby was overweight but very tall and financially successful. Since we have been together (20 years now) he has become…not thin, but at least normal weight. I have always been thin and I have always looked after my appearance because hey, it counts. My husband , who is 8 years younger than I am, was initially attracted to me because of my thin figure and nice appearance, which I spend time and money on. We are married because we are best friends and soul mates, and he treats me fabulously, but he never would have taken a second look if I had been a fat girl. It matters. Ladies, you will have a lot more choices if you just get your ass up and do some hiking, and dress with class and dignity. What you look like determines how people treat you, at least at first.

      1. Just bought some new hiking boots I am a lean mean hiking machine at 58.
        Just bring

    6. You are right, many women have lost the feminine Characteristics that used to attract men. Now so many are overweight and masculine…..a turn off for most guys.

  4. I guess most women want to become fat because they are lazy or in some cases (want to have bigger asses which primarily constitutes female body sex appeal in the modern world.)
    Unfortunately, race and genetics plays a big role in fat distribution in women’s bodies. The corrupted “scientific” studies state that fat deposits in women’s bodies usually goes to the ass, whereas for men it goes to the bellies. But it doesn’t happen with every woman or every man.
    So exercise, proper diet and knowing what body shape is very important for a woman to look attractive. Unfortunately, women in the Anglosphere (or after pregnancy) usually have become lazy sows or cows who don’t care at all – yet demand model bodied men – an entitlement which comes with the indoctrinated disease of feminism.

      1. That’s something that needs broadcast far and wide (no pun intended) to the women out there sneering “I have curves!”
        Yeah, like a circle is curved.

      2. Muscular women are for gay men in disguise. Why the hell a woman with the physical traits of a man is attractive?

        1. Where did I say that? Doing squats isn’t going to make someone muscular like Arnold Schwarzenegger unless you’re lifting some seriously heavy-ass weight. I suggest women to squat light weight to get their asses toned. A toned, tight ass is better than some big pile of blubber, which will happen if they gobble down burgers. Without a bit of tone, they’re likely to become skinny-fat too, which can also be sloppy.

        2. Women can get a bit of tone only with exercises like walking or elliptical…no need to lift weight. Booty is a perfect balance between fat and muscles.

        3. so women are just supposed to be naturally skinny, dude? i like a women who works out lol

  5. Great article and you’re definitely on to something there. The American people are turning into disgusting blobs. I see more fat girls than I do guys in my area. They’re everywhere and it’s goddamn depressing.
    But I think there are a lot of other reasons why some young men are dropping out too. A few off the top of my head:
    1. They’re raised by women (in the home and in school) and bombarded with emasculating propaganda from every direction about what a bunch of scumbags they are just because they’re male.
    2. They don’t know how to deal with entitled girls who’ve been told they’re princesses and beautiful their entire lives even if they’re really complete bitches and porkers.
    3. The government is the supreme white knight and a corrupt, warmongering thief who has legions of nutty cultists who want to socially ostracize you for disagreeing with their perverse ideological dogma and who can’t shut the fuck up about politics for one single second. These fuckers are also largely responsible for voting in crooks who come up with policies that kill the economy and jobs, further discouraging young men.
    4. Somewhat related to 3, but most older folks don’t seem to give a shit about anything other than getting their entitlements before the money finally runs out.
    All this shit can be overwhelming to a young guy first getting started. It’s like a black hole of negativity that sucks some guys in and they have to pull themselves out of it.
    Right after I graduated college into the economic shitstorm I was like that for a while.
    It took me six months to find a goddamn retail job even though I had significant work experience in a technical field. I remember one of my customers, an older guy in his 80s who was a retired teacher, used to talk with me when he’d come in. He told me we should be pissed at his and our parents’ generations for screwing us over. And I gotta admit, it was tempting, but eventually I realized anger and negativity by themselves don’t do anything but bring you down.
    There’s a whole world of options out there, folks. Try not to let the bullshit bog you down.
    And don’t date fatties.

    1. > anger and negativity by themselves don’t do anything but bring you down.
      Exactly. There’s a whole world out there of whiners and people with agendas. Don’t let yourself be influenced by them. Think about what you need to do to survive. Every man is an island.

      1. BS
        Anger is necessary and proper to address problems that are not being corrected by those who are causing them, or those who deny the problems.
        I’m sorry if you think the world should be a positive, happy place with rainbows hosting leprechauns at their ends with pots o’gold.
        Obesity is epidemic. It’s a problem that is being swept under the rug–that that we are not “aware,” of the problem, but that very, very few people are willing to say what causes it and how to fix it. Eat less, eat healthy, and get some exercise (not play exercise at the gym on high-tech equipment).
        I’m angry because this was a HUGE issue with me an my ex. She packed on the lbs over two decades, and didn’t lift a figurative finger to do anything about it. She’s now suffering signifcant health problems as a result of being at least 50lbs overweight. But she’ll not change a GD thing in her diet, her silly femaly-styled “workout”, or her attidute about things.
        I can’t agree to be happy about such a situiation that destroys more than just appearance. It affects marriages, relationships, kids, family members, and society as a whole.
        I recently spent 2 weeks in Tokyo and I can tell you that you’ll have a HARD time finding women as fat as the AVERAGE AMERICAN FEMALE of the same age. I’m not sure most people understand how UTTERLY AND HOPELESSLY FAT AMERICANS ARE, on average, compared to what we used to be, and what other cultures consider normal weight.
        I’m mad! I’m mad as HELL!
        I’m so sick and tired of not being able to go out and be social without having to reject 60% of women automatically based on WEIGHT. 20% are on the fence, and 20% are what I could consider normal weight for Americans. But what really gets my gall is the absolute LIE continually being sold to me that “big is beautiful,” “women have cures,” and the like to make me guilty of not accepting the new “normal” here in the west. I’m a major league asshole and ignorant dunce if I don’t buy into the lies being sold by the feminist movement, feminist media, and beta supporting male contingent.
        Ok. I feel better now that I’ve vented that anger an negativity.

        1. That’s understandable, but TheWastelander said “by themselves.”
          If it motivates you to take action, awesome.
          If it doesn’t, you’re just getting riled up for nothing.

        2. I agree with you. Let the anger consume you, you dont know the power of the dark side. And call for manginas/whiteknights/entitled princesses heads on stakes !
          Fuck it all, show no fucking mercy !

        3. For nothing ? he now knows where to find nice slim women (Tokyo)…why the fuck would you be happy with a shitty situation ? why would you even try to ?
          Be unhappy and angry while you’re in it and at the same time, work to get out of it.
          If you try to be happy, that feeling might take over and you might actually BE happy. Why should shit make you happy ?

        4. You’re missing the key word; action. If you sat there and complained, and changed nothing in your life it would be meaningless.
          If you try to feel happy, that ‘s doing something.

        5. I said “..and at the same time, work to get out of it.”. That’s the action. Just trying to be happy is not doing anything or going to accomplish anything. One could probably learn to be happy in a Colombian prison but I think it’s better to be unhappy and work on an escape plan.

        6. I lived in the Tokyo area for several years. I knew several Japanese women in my neighborhood….all sorts….from housewives to nurses. There were smart, confident ladies, stayed fit, good eating. I liked buying classic, feminine clothes in Tokyo….work wear, jeans, any of it. Something rubbed off on me as a woman, and when I returned to American I never feel like I fit in again. I have so few female girlfriends. It feels good when I read this for I feel more comfortable being the girl in my own personal way. I may be educated, I’m not weak or stupid, but I enjoy the way my man treats me (he’s European, not an American) and makes me feel like all woman and so good about myself. No wonder when he asked would I marry this guy, no way I’d say no.

        7. I agree, these overweight women empowering their obesness, case in point, the actress, Monique, happy with her curves but is always chasing after normal weight guys.
          Then you have the overweight couples with the overweight children.
          When I grew up in the 70s, you had maybe one fat person in the crowd. Now you would be hard pressed to find anyone of normal weight around.

        8. I agree. I hear fat women try to justify their fatness as “normal” all the time. They think that it a woman doesn’t east

        9. hahaha …. my ex wasn’t happy with a diet that would lead to healthiness (men want to eat and a woman is suppose to cook and feed him his desires otherwise he punishes the crap out of her). Uhmmmm and the time I required to stay fit he wasn’t happy about that either. The delusional American male wants the goodies without the sacrifices. Personally, I am happier without the delusional American male. I see men piggying out at resturants, they want to take their girl with them and then what … am I to eat a salad while I watch him stuff is fat cheeks with bbq ribs? hahahaha gluttony and laziness.. where did it start and how did it roll?

        10. Yes … you got that right … not the American male who is way delusional. The American male is Mr. fat checks with a fat arrogant head.

        11. I was born around European men. No way would iIever want those moody, annoying, unambitious idiots as mates. American guys are the best.

        12. Are you insane? Really? You eat if you are hungry. Otherwise you don’t. Who cares what your partner is eating or not? Men tend to be bigger then women, and their metabolism is faster. I couldn’t possibly eat every time my husband does. I am 5’6″ and 120. He is 6’3″ and 210! That doesn’t mean he needs to strop eating, or needs to eat alone. You have a rotten personality. I can’t believe anyone would want to be with you. You are so selfish you can’t even go to a restaurant with someone unless you need to eat at that moment? Yeah. Have a salad. or a drink.

        13. Hmmmm … I think what is insane is how delusional people are. Did you know that people who are obese don’t believe themselves to obese. Why? Because they can always find someone bigger than thenself thus they aren’t obese/big. Couple that with the thinking of a fat arrogant head and you will find most men, even if they are obese, don’t consider themselves obese. Now how the hell do you deal with that? Probably a good percentage of men on here ranting about fat women are fat themselves but don’t believe themselves to be fat. That is the delusional American male who can’t truly see himself for what he is. I haven’t met too many women who don’t want to lose weight and aren’t beating themselves up for being fat. I find the vast majority of men think their weight is ok. Well frankly, the measurement doesn’t have to be subjective … use the BMI calculator instead of your own subjective opinion. And, if it says you are over weight or obese then you are. The man I am dating right now rags on women and their fatness and I tell him he is obese. He looks at me like I am crazy. He is 80 pounds from what is his normal weight range. He looks fat, he is fat, he jiggles. He is a nice man but he is constantly ragging on women for being fat when he himself should not be judging. I don’t see myself wanting to live with this kind of delusional man.

        14. And, before all the shit starts about why don’t I dump him. I am going to dump him mainly because he is a delusional person. Full of himself, arrogant. Not because he is fat because he has a fat head. It took a few months to figure out he has a fat head and people with a fat head are impossible to live with.

        15. Wrong, many middle age men are still fit compared to all the fat women I see constantly…women after40 just don’t care anymore. It’s disgusting….makes me sick.

        16. my bmi is still 20 and has been for the ,25 years. Everyone else is getting bigger and fatter but

        17. We just lost a 38 year neighbor women last year to obesity, complications of diabetes and heart.Her obese 19 year old son just died of a heart attack and left a wife and new baby. Being fat is unhealthy and will decrease your life span. My parents have always been hwp and they are still alive in mid nineties.My mom will probably reach 100…Go figure…

        18. This article is about fat women, not men so STAY on topic and quite making excuses for women. If women do not cease to ALWAYS alibi then they will never correct their shortcomings that are growing like weeds in a garden.

        19. Amen brother. I felt like it was me writing this. I also spent time in Tokyo and China, and those women are beautiful. They are thin, feminine and they care about their looks and weight. I had a petite chinese woman tell me how much weight she wanted to lose. It was crazy because she was already skinny!

        20. I agree that there is hypocrisy in claiming that women need to lose weight, but not men. Women are also attracted to fit guys. The double standard comes when people expect women to settle, or claim looks don’t matter to women, yet make all kinds of excuses for men who are fixated on appearance. The author of this article is a case in point. He plays up the stereotypes to make excuses for himself.

        21. Nancy represents the ideals of 75% of women. It’s never them, it’s always someone else’s fault. And if you really love her you better just accept it or else!

        22. You know with men, success can supplant looks in most cases. Dorky millionaires get beauty queens all the time. Standards are different for both sexes. As men we are expected to be constant providers, protectors of our families, no slacking off. Men do expect their woman to put good effort back, we don’t expect you to protect or provide, but it sure does feel a lot better protecting and providing for a sexy woman over someone that doesn’t turn you on. In my worldview at the age of 39 and seeing relatives, friends as well as my own relationship ups and downs, I feel confident saying women let themselves go at seemingly a rate of 4 to 1 compared to men. Most of my guy friends are in relatively decent weights, while many almost all the women are not on the level anymore. My 20 year class reunion was last summer and I recognized most of the guys, but the women? I was shocked to see some of the girls I had thought were hot looking like grandmas.

        23. Especially when they challenge you, huh? Where was this fat head in the past? Why marry a douche?

        24. I’m with you on the beauty of the thin women of the 1970s!! Women didn’t really diet but there were few fast food outlets and people cooked and ate at home. The usual meal was a small portion of meat, potatoes, a vegetable and maybe a little rice. We didn’t drink any Cokes or other such drink but drank chocolate milk for kids and coffee. for adults. Good food and just enough to get full, not bloated like we do today.

        25. DId you ever consider that it’s our CORPORATE FOOD SUPPLY MAKING EVERYONE FAT here in AMERIKA? Estrogen, hormones, antibiotics, aspartame, flouride, msg, GMOs, senomyx and all kinds of TOXIC CHEMICAL SHIT that our bodies were not designed to PROCESS! The liver cannot handle this shit so it gets transferred to the FAT CELLS! And the chemicals are ADDICTIVE and ruin the satiety receptors in the brain so that Americans just keep on eating and don’t know when to stop. Also everything is devoid of nutrients in America (thanks to Monstanto) which causes the body to CRAVE food to obtain the nutrients. There is an evil agenda here that goes FAR beyond “eat right and exercise”. Get on YouTube and look at some old footage from Woodstock Festival 1969. You won’t find ONE SINGLE OVERWEIGHT PERSON ANYWHERE. Not even 10 lbs overweight! It’s the FOOD SUPPLY IN AMERICA. They don’t put this shit in their food in Japan. You need to wake up.

        26. Holy cow, dude. You nailed it!
          Anger about this issue is healthy and necessary.
          To some degree, I agree with others here that it almost seems a government conspiracy. Put stuff in food to make women fat and emotionally nasty (due to unhappiness or perhaps chemical imbalance caused by what is being added to food today), and drive up the divorce rate as a result so that government can become the provider male (and influence women, who influence policy).

        27. Exactly. What is wrong with a guy who makes the effort to get out of bed EARLY and go through some pain to run before work most days wanting a woman who will also make such a sacrifice?
          Fat women are generally lazy, in my experience. Not an attractive quality.

      2. What a load of rubbish. You sound like a derpy white libtard chick.
        If men didn’t get angry throughout history we would still be shitting in caves. You don’t exact change by wishing unicorns and rainbows. What a ridiculous statement.
        Having said that it’s obviously too late to turn around this mess the leftards have created for us in the West but still…

        1. I find this amusing. It’s the the “libtards” who tend to actually care about what they eat. Who’s fatter; the occupiers or the tea partiers? It’s the Wal-Mart people of America who are living off of little debbies and eating at McDonalds three times a day. It’s Michelle Obama who is growing an organic garden and trying to get people motivated to get fit.

        2. lulz woops just read your post history . A leftard shill and a chick. I swear I did not know ROK admins.

        3. A quick search showed that the most obese states are Mississippi, West Virginia, Delaware, Louisiana, Arkansas, South Carolina, Tennessee, Ohio, Kentucky, and Oklahoma.
          Most of those don’t look very blue to me.

        4. Sorry, Mutantmart trailer-trash retards are the dumbest fattest most disgusting slobs on the planet.

        5. Blue states are feminized, afraid, and helpless.
          That’s just reality and you coudn’t pay me enough to give my self-sufficient hillbilly neighbors to move to a ‘hive’ and live around a bunch of metrosexuals, feminists, whimps, and overbearing government that finds it illegal for a man to defend himself.
          Different strokes right?
          Boston STrong? that’s some funny shit right there. Connecticut the Constitution State that ignores the Constitution.
          AFAIC if the I-95 corridor and LA were somehow extricated from the US, the rest of us would be a lot better off. Perhaps we could make room for IL on the extrication boat, at least Shitcago.

        6. Yet LA has some of the fittest women in America. And regardless of what you think LA is all about, if you tried to “extract” LA, you would be greeted by .556 .9 and .45 rounds. LA did rein supreme as the murder capital of the world not too long ago for a reason: we like our guns.

        7. The Walmart people are liberal. They aren’t the ones that dislike having their taxes used for illegal immigrants…they don’t pay taxes. And actually, the fatsos i know are all liberal. Every feminist chic is a fat slob. Michelle Obama is fat. Oprah is fatter.

        8. Oh please, how out of touch. It’s the red states that have the higher percentages of people on SS Disability. They also have higher rates of being un-employed and drug use. You can have your un-educated hillbilly neighbors….lol

        9. Yeah, get rid of Chicago, Champaign, and O’Fallon (near St. Louis…evidently the liberal wackiness of STL bleeds across state lines.)
          Much of the rest of Illinois is actually pretty reasonable.

      3. The term is “no man is an island”, dumbass. It means we all rely on each other in some way.

    2. When you stop giving a fuck and just accept things for what they are, turning the anger and depression you feel into a motivating force at work and in your personal life, things will improve.
      I manipulate because to do otherwise has proven to be a failure. I’ve tried doing things the “right” way: A dismal failure. Now I’m going to do what works.
      Adaptation: it’s key in biology, and it’s key to being successful as a man.

      1. True but there is simply no satisfying way to adapt. Not by staying in the West. Only way is to get out. Why do you think Roosh is living abroad ?

        1. Blackdragon found a way to adapt
          Although it’ll take effort, way better than getting married to a hag

    3. Lolz.
      Couple things here. Gotta admit number 2 was really tough for me. Always had a tough time dealing with the ego of modern women. Society simply doesn’t prepare you to deal with their shit and it’s ruined a lot of good boys.
      Also, an 80 year old is telling you to blame his parents generation? Wouldn’t those be the people who lived during the depression and fought off the Nazis?

      1. Yes, and they and their parents ARE the ones to blame. They became enamored with hard core collectivism and kept voting for the worst possible people (FDR, LBJ come to mind) despite the fact that outside of genocide their policies more or less matched those of the national socialists.

        1. I don’t know about you but I consider the 55m abortions in America since ’73 to be genocide

        2. I agree. And it was the SCOTUS made up of The Greatest Generation that “found” this right to kill one’s child in the womb, in the Constitution.

        3. Then you better find a way to incubate babies outside of the womb. Because no one has the right to force a person to keep something in her body that she desperately wants OUT. Besides, the world is overpopulated enough, and you clearly don’t know what genocide means. For it to be genocide all fetuses aborted would have to be of the same ethnicity. Do you feel like paying for all of those children out of your pocket anyhow? I don’t. You probably don’t pay much in taxes anyhow. You hate women, so it makes sense that you wouldn’t care about them, but they are living humans, and their rights come first, before the not yet born things stuck inside them making them ill. If you care then find a way to stick the embryos up your ass and incubate them there. My womb is not for rent.

        4. They did build an overwhelming percentage of abortion clinics in poor areas. it does seem targeted

      2. hahaha — study after study indicates males are more arrogant, egotistical, prideful, and delusional than women… yet women have ruined things? Society doesn’t prepare who? It has been shocking to me to deal with the male bs, mind games and arrogance (most haven’t done anything of any importance yet they are prideful and arrogant. Study after study reveals the male entitled attitude, yet angry men still think women are the problem. hahahaha too funny.

        1. You ha ha ha but inside you are not laughing; you hate men and that is not delusional. It is a severe sickness…get help

        2. male created Youtube, google, tumbler, twitter, facebook, apple, samsung was all created by men. Also you car, house, roads, phone, computer, laptop, wifi, work building, buses, tv, light, camera, cinema, cures, internet was invented by men and also built by men. Also your freedom and government was built by men and protected by men serving in the army sacrificing themselves for your freedom. Also the police officers who die everyday so they can can try to protect you from criminals. The men who die building bridges so you can drive your car. The men who die constructing buildings so you don’t have to live on the street and can live warm and cozy in your warm house. All the vaccines were created by men so you or your family doesn’t have to suffer and die in pain with viruses and also prevent mass extinction. It was the men who fought the bears and lions in cavemen times to protect women. Back then men were atleast 5 times as strong as the men now. Research shows the average 25 year old male currently has the same level of testosterone as the average 80 year old male in the previous generation. So imagine how strong were men in the cavemen times (probably lifting even 10 times heavier then current males). It was because of their strength the human species survived because men defended and lost their lives to protect homo sapiens from wild beasts to stop us from going extinct. Also nearly all chefs are male who cook your favourite meals at all restaurants. Men are great and so are women. We are both Gods which can change the course of humanity. I don’t hat women or men. But you can’t say men haven’t done anything.

    4. “And don’t date fatties.”
      And for the love of the universe DO NOT fuck them either. Don’t give them that satisfaction. I dont care how long of a dry spell you’ve had. Dont fuck these fatties.

      1. What about getting head from them? In my experience fat chicks have always been great dick-suckers.

        1. Eh, I dont know. That still makes them think men want them for SOMETHING. The point is to not give them any attention at all and hopefully they will change. Normal sized girls give head just as well.

        2. The “but she gives great head” excuse is a face-saving maneuver for rightfully embarassed whale-fuckers. That’s all it is.

        3. Same goes for the skinny ones. They wouldn’t be so stuck up and entitled if they weren’t getting their asses kiss all the fucking tim.

      2. The problem is, there are still lots of thitsty dudes that will continue to fuck, white knight, and treat them like princesses because they have something that was passed down in their genetic makeup.

        1. GROSS!!! The problem is people like Monique that say they are beautiful when they would have died alone in the past. They are gross and disgusting and no man should date one. Wait until there is one of normal weight or just go to Europe and find a woman that gives a crap about how they look. Ukraine!!

        2. I don’t know your ethnicity, but if you are Caucasian, I’ll let you in on something. Us Black guys have it 100 times worse. Black women have bought into the feminist nonsense to a greater extent than women of any other ethnicity, even though it makes the least sense for them to do so. On top of that, most Black males have been raised by emotionally disturbed single women. Consequently, these males have the emotional makeup of emotionally damaged women. S.I.M.Pism is rampant among Black males. Most will take an obese, grotesque beastly female, and proclaim her a queen. These women will rise to the level of male acceptance, and no further, if it requires character and effort. The S.I.M.P.S simply lack the character to forego banging these porkers. It gets worse with every generation. It is so bad, that many good looking, successful Black men are looking outside the U.S. for acceptable Black women. This, even though there are millions of Black females in the U.S. (95 percent of whom are unacceptable to the desirable Black alpha male.

        3. Yeah they have the sex drive of a rabbit.. and they have many folds to lube !! It doesn’t even wake them up, just lift a lobe and slide it under.

      3. Having a thin woman (as I am) doesn’t mean you’re going to have a happy marriage, just a superficial one based on the physical, which we all know men and women’s bodies get old and ugly….
        That’s why it’s more important to marry some whom you can have great fun with and with whom you share similar interests.
        All this verbal attack on heavy women just makes a man look unattractive…cruelty makes one look very ugly indeed!
        Its further evidence of a person who doesn’t respect women in general.
        Again making one unattractive.

        1. In that case, you’re not going to get sex either. The move is away from giving it up for no reason. Sorry, boys. Frankly, I am pretty entitled. I expect a guy to take good care of me. I have a very high opinion of my own self, and if you think that someone that doesn’t give it out for free is a slut…then think whatever you fucking like. I know you’re not going to be getting it from a good looking women any time soon. YOU aren’t what they are looking for. Blamiong the world really doesn’t get people far. At some point you realize your problems are made by yourself.

        2. But why respect someone who does’t respect themselves? You’re going to have a lot more fun vacationing and being active with your fit, thin wife, then paying for the hospital bills of Jabba the Hut. I agree. If your wife is fat, your kids will be fat, and looking at their fatness will not bring a life of joy.

        3. BS ! Slim is naturally more attractive plus healthy, period. It is as important to a lasting relationship since we are of the flesh and do have healthy children, as the spiritual component.

        4. That’s why we caucasians will be obsolete. White men are too afraid to get married and have children, while the flooding in of illegals and Muslims love marriage and having children, the average child rate in Muslim families is 4-6….while most caucasian makes are too immature and just want to screw around without any commitment.

        5. I didn’t insinuate that being obese is healthy, I’m just saying it’s unhealthy to marry someone just because they’re skinny, that’s not real love, because eventually we all get old and a little fat, so there has to be more than looking for someone with the primary importance being skinny!
          you really have to find someone who is great company.

        6. This argument can easily be turned on women. With so many Caucasian women choosing careers and money over families, Caucasians will be obsolete. Women are getting ridiculous in the U.S. They are literally pricing themselves out of the market. More and more men are no longer good enough for women as women try to dominate the job market and education system. Meanwhile they’re getting fatter and not wanting kids. Women are so fucked in the head about what’s really going on with male-female relationships. Many men are just being turned off by women in general. That’s scary. That’s how bad women have become.

        7. I will never marry again, not a fat woman or a thin woman. I will only fuck the thin ones. its not about marrying; marriage is obsolete and a fool’s game for men.
          Marriage is a pile of steaming shit in the snow.

        8. You’re explanation is why the country is failing. American men don’t want to marry, so many men in America just want to play, while most new immigrants mainly Muslim men aren’t afraid to get married, and most have an average of 5-7 children.

        9. there must be a lot of stupid women there who would give up their bodies to a man that doesn’t truly love them.
          That’s why there’s so much trouble and suffering in the world.

        10. My current “wife” cheated on me 4 times, before moving out of state.
          I will never get married again. Marriage is a scam.
          And I no longer care that the country is failing. I once served in the military, but I would not do so now. There is nothing worth defending here anymore.
          If the Muslims ever become a force to be reckoned with, I will convert to Islam, and laugh as they deal with the liberals and feminists that welcomed them in.

        11. 1) When I said will only fuck the thin ones, I should have caveated it by saying *IF* I decide to have sex again, it will only be the thin ones.
          2) Even if I wanted to get married again, which I don’t, it would take 12 months of separation here, to get a final divorce.
          3) I despise most conservatives as much as liberals. I’m an atheist; I don’t buy the conservative guilt trip about “marry for society’s good” crap. At least with me in direct control of the finances, I should be able to recover, eventually.

        12. Muslim men arent afraid to marry because their wives know their place. North American women are difficult to get along with because the majority of them behave like spoiled brats.

        13. We are talking about sex not marriage. But, if you do marry a fatty then how can you deal with them getting even fatter? Do you really want to marry a women that has to ride a scooter because her legs can’t carry her weight? Forget it! Thin or get rid of them.

        14. If you are fat then expect to be lonely or pitied. Having sex with a fatty is gross and in the mind of the man they are doing everything possible to forget what they are having sex with.

        15. The cure for the problem is banning Muslims from the US. It is not a religion but a form of political philosophy. It describes how to govern and the way to get to heaven is to convert or kill anyone not Muslim. That is NOT a religion. Ban it and make sure anyone that is Muslim is kicked out.

        16. If we stopped Welfare and all government payments to people by the government then evolution would come back and the women with kids they can’t feed would end up with a lot of dead children, just like it was before Roosevelt!

        17. Hold out!! Wait for the thin women and you will be happier than being stuck with a gross fatty that makes you hate your decision of marrying her.

        18. A thin girl can be great company AND great sex. A fatty cannot be great sex. Having to fanaticize about someone else while having sex with a fat wife is not good for the relationship.

        19. ???????????
          Loving a thin woman that loves herself enough to eat healthy and exercise is easy. Loving a fat women that doesn’t care about herself or her family by eating herself into heart attacks and diabetes is difficult. Stick with the thin women. Fat girls are not attractive and those that think they are are delusional!

        20. Stop Muslims from coming here. We already have 330 million people and we don’t need any Muslims breeding to take over the US. We don’t need Mexicans that desire Reconquista to get back the land they lost to the US in 1848. Many US citizens of Mexican decent believe in it and most Mexican nationals do to.

        21. But in the US Muslim men cannot kill their wives like they can in Pakistan and other hard line Muslim countries. They will hate their women that disobey them and cannot be controlled.

        22. If Muslims do take over I will love watching them kill all the liberals too! Not one communist college professor will be left alive a month after the Muslims take over.

        23. Height and weight then a picture of your face. The men will forward a copy of their bank balance and tax return.

        24. Marriage is a trap! It only enriches divorce lawyers. If the relationship is good then you won’t need to be married.

        25. Even high school girls are fat! I went to a high school football game and the cheerleaders looked bigger than the players!

        26. I’m 30 pounds overweight and I’m considered beautiful by many, not just on the outside either. My husband is a professional who makes six figures. I been a stay at home mom and he always took care of us and I always made great meals and created a beautiful home and raised our children well!
          We been happy for over 22 years… I feel sorry for you all who judge. You deserve what you get.

        27. Once a woman gets married then they CAN get fat. But as soon as a women gets a divorce they lose lots of weight and take care of themselves to look good to potential mates. Marriage is a trap and women can get as fat as they want and the guy will lie and say how beautiful they are just to keep peace in the family. BUT, that man that is trapped will be looking at every good looking thin women and wishing he could be with her and mentally regretting that his wife got fat.

        28. I know….I miss the 80’s when most people were thin or HWP and fit…maybe I need to move to

        29. What on earth would make you think she was fat?Seems pretty clear to me that she is speaking as a attractive thin woman.

        30. I don[‘t think thta many people choose careers over families. Its just very hard to be a single income family right now. The economy sucks regardless of what Obama says.

        31. Yeah, most sane men are not looking for slaves, but partners. And I haven’t noticed that Muslim women are thin and gorgeous. Far from it….

        32. Yeah, you kind of do, because when you get older you will see that you want your spouse protected in case of your death, and no will can do it as well as a marriage license.

        33. The world is already overpopulated. We don’t need to have a million kids each. We just need to get rid of a few Muslims.

        34. They have the children, but we pay for the children out of our taxes. We just need to stop paying for them, and they would have alot less.

        35. Who says you have to be fat? Man I hate hearing that. It’s not diet either. It’s eating healthy and not overeating and working out. I’m 59 and 5’10” 170 lbs. Everyone thinks I’m ultra skinny which is ridiculous. Women need to lift weights as do men. We ALL lose what muscle mass we have as we age. Women have less so they have to try and keep at least some of it.

        36. Fatness is an epidemic in the US, and should be addressed and talked about. Many other countries are much slimmer, Japan, Singapore, Spain etc I know because I have been to these places. Americans are increasingly getting fatter…lack of respect for themselves and how they look. Unhealthy and disgusting

        37. You’re overlooking the fundamental reason we are having this conversation to begin with. There is a clear socio-biological reason why men desire thin women, and are biologically programmed NOT to find fat women attractive: it’s called health. An obese woman is going to have more health problems, and it much less likely to be able to carry many children to term. This is deeply ingrained in human biology, just as women’s desire to find a tall man–tall men are much more likely to see danger coming, and will be able to react to it (defense of the woman and the children). This is simple “Paleo-humans 101.” There is no mystery to any of this. The idea that things would be “just fine” if men weren’t superficial a**holes, and would just love a woman “for who she is on the inside” completely ignores the fact that a healthy male will rarely find any fat woman attractive. And let’s face it, “love” starts with being attracted to someone; it’s hard to get past square one if you find the person repulsive for (dare I say it?) the RIGHT reasons.

        38. But I contend American men are playing video games to bury their depression knowing they will never experience sex with a reasonably attractive woman.

        39. You are SO in denial. Trust me, EVERY man looks at this, fit women and wishes his spouse was like that.

        40. I know your husband looks at thin and attractive women and dreams about having a thin woman. Tell me how sexy you feel Kevin James is. Is he someone you want to see naked? Is he someone that turns you on? Women are just as shallow as men only women will go with a fat man as long as he has enough money as women desire financial security almost as much as men desire an attractive mate.

        41. happy.. by who’s standard? yours or your “perceived” husbands? I always hear how women say they are happily married. would they admit it if they were unhappily married? probably not because then she’d have to deal with personal thoughts of her inadequacies. But she’d throw the standard, my husband isn’t nurturing crap. women think marriage is supposed to go down like a Hallmark channel movie or romance novel. Men get screwed in divorce more than 75% of the time. the government gets rich off the husband. It’s a serious racket. Lawyers, courts, the wives all rape the man and he ends up a former shell of himself. I’ve been married twice and both women were out for the almighty dollar. there was no love. Plus number 1 after I got command sponsorship was having an affair with her ex boyfriend. Most women are incapable of being married. Men want to provide and be a good father. these supposed materialists are out after what he has.

        42. why would a man want to parade a woman around who doesn’t even like herself? many women have massive self image issues. how can he pridefully show off his wife when she has no pride in how she looks? Oh.. my husband woudl love me any way I look. to a point, if it were a medical issue like a disease.. that’s a completely different story. not some woman sitting eating bon bons all day

        43. Who hurt you, dude? If women are so awful, turn to men instead. Y’all on this site definitely make me consider homosexuality. You’re all salty, lonely pigs hiding behind computer screens.

        44. Although I agree with you somewhat, a big part of the problem is the FOOD SUPPLY (aka corporate food) additives, such as estrogen and antibiotics put in all the livestock and poultry to make THEM get fat FAST. I’ve noticed that the chickens in the supermarket are twice as fat as they were when I was a youngster and most of the livestock and poultry was grass fed. Also the msg which is a chemical these greedy corporations put in the food to make people stay hungry. It messes with the satiety receptors in the brain. Also they put toxic sodium flouride (aka a toxic industrial waste product) in most of our water supplies which screw with the thyroid and slow metabolism. If you go to YouTube and pull up some Woodstock 1969 footage or a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert with Ronnie Van Zant (died in 1977), you won’t see a SINGLE OVERWEIGHT PERSON ANYWHERE! I’m not talking obese I’m talking 10-15 lbs overweight! NOWHERE! Doesn’t it strike you odd that although people ate the same back then as they do now, (I know I did!) NOBODY WAS FAT. And doesn’t it strike you odd that the countries like Europe and Switzerland and Japan who don’t use toxic artificial chemicals and sweeteners like Aspartame (THEY ARE PUTTING THIS SHIT IN MILK NOW!! MILK!!!). Nor do these countries use antibiotics and hormones in everything or genetically modified fruits and vegetables (franken fruit, etc) that have ZERO nutritional value and probably cause all kinds of disease for Big Pharma to profit from. I don’t overeat but I have a very difficult time with my weight and I know it’s because of the garbage these greedy corporations are putting in the food supply. Some of the things they are putting in (like Kraft, Nestle, Pepsi, KFC, Taco Bell etc) are HORRIFYING. “Flavor enhancers” made from ABORTED FETUS ORGANS! NO kidding! IT’s called SENOMYX. I honestly think Americans are being fattened up on purpose by the powers that shouldn’t be for some kind of mass slaughter they have planned. Plus we are much easier to control when we are all fat ass waddlers hooked on their addictive, fattening chemicals that our bodies are not able to process and so store as fat, especially women’s bodies because of all the estrogen they flood in everything! It’s truly like playing Russian Roulette with food nowadays to try and figure out what to eat and what to avoid. There is definately and agenda here. It’s not just “fatties stuffing their pie holes”. I stuffed my pie hole with anything I wanted back in the 70s and early 80s and never had a weight problem of more the 5 – 10 lbs which I could lose easiily and quickly. Not so today. Once we reach the 30 lb mark it’s next to impossible to get it off. There is an agenda here people and we all need to wake up!

        45. Spiritgirl, I’ve been dating a heavyset gal for awhile now. I just can’t cross the finish line and marry her. She is nice and good, and I hate to even be considering breaking things off, but I just can’t see a future married to a heavy woman. Other guys are married to thin ones. There must be a thin one out there who is also emotionally well balanced, healthy, in a good place spiritually, etc.
          Totally understand and agree with what you’re saying (I’ve made a similar post above), but it is gross when a woman who is heavy gets into bed next a guy. She shakes the whole bed. You feel every move. There is no grace in her movement.
          Men like thin women who take care of themselves. Men want the best genetics for our offspring…and fat/heavy predisposes offspring to all sorts of health issues. Seeking lighter, healthy women is ingrained in our biology and shouldn’t be shamed.

        46. Not true. Most Caucasian women are fat and unattractive, or have bought so far into the feminist garbage that they are unattractive as mates.
          Men have every right to avoid unhealthy women…physically unhealthy ones and intellectually dishonest ones.

        47. Sorry, but having dated around for years…women of all body types…fat women can be great at sex. A woman’s sexual ability to a great extent depends upon how much she cares about you.

        48. Shaming obese women is justified, we’re trying to help them… Much like the way a Drill Sargent helps his recruits get through boot camp. Bottom line, why should a woman who doesn’t respect herself (and her body) be entitled to a mans respect? Fuck that, I’m not contaminating my genes with some unhealthy, disgusting land whale. I’d rather just fade away into the darkness.

        49. You’re forgetting one thing, the illegals, and Muslims flooding in have significantly lower standards than most Caucasian men. Again, I would rather fade away into the darkness than contaminate my genes with the crap that’s being presented these days.

        50. I don’t. Obviously I’m not blind so when I see a fit woman I can appreciate her beauty, but I don’t wish my wife were like that. I’m proud of my wife as she is.

        51. Spiritgirl – Men aren’t ‘afraid’ of marriage. They just know that the woman has no real incentive to work for it, because if the marriage fails she ‘wins’ half his money and probably the house to boot. Crap deal that men are saying ‘No, thanks’ to.

        52. A woman in a marriage who let’s themselves get 30 lbs overweight is like a man who decides he doesn’t want to work anymore to support the family. It’s unfair to the other partner in the marriage, which is an exchange of sex / company for financial security.

        53. Sad but true. American women have become disgusting. I’m ending a relationship with an obese woman because I just can’t commit to her. No matter how good everything else is, I just can’t marry a woman who makes the bed sag (hurts my back) and who I’m just not attracted to when it comes down to it.
          The attractive ones try to be more of a man than us men, are disrespectful/argumentative, have some sort of actual (diagnosed) mental disorder (the last pretty woman I dated was bipolar), can’t or don’t want children, or have some other kind of issue. It is nearly impossible to find a pretty, emotionally-balanced, healthy woman these days. Truly sad.

        54. LOL. Yes, many of a person’s own problems are made by him-or-her-self. Many of us men have high opinions of our own selves and are rightfully avoiding entanglement with entitled women who think the world owes them something (or who want to take advantage of OUR hard-earned resources and status, without any intention of being faithful.)
          Your remark about sex is incorrect. Men have always been and will always be able to get good sex for free or cheap, without commitment. Personally I don’t believe that doing so is right, just stating a fact/observation..

        55. Muslim men aren’t marrying obese women. American women are the problem, as a result of the “women’s lib” movement that went waaaay overboard in the ’70s and ’80s, schools and society that cater to girls, and gender-based preference in hiring/business/promotion. These have all been toxic to boys and young men…for years now…and we’re tired of being treated like dirt.
          American women have become ugly (emotionally and intellectually), entitled, obese, and just nasty to be around and to deal with. Exceptions are few, and are married early (and STAY married.)

        56. Probably less that than just the fact that it is more fun to play video games than it is to be in a relationship with an emotionally and financially abusive, immature woman.

      4. So each “desirable” woman should have 3 boyfriends?
        Or do you expect to win and them to “stand down?”
        Low IQ is far more damaging to society than an intelligent fatty

        1. Right…but I said should. Should they?
          I can tell you, its unlikely I will chase them. Its too much just for some vag. Now if they were smart, well maybe I might. And by smart, I don’t necessarily mean “agreeable”

      5. Yeah, easier said than done. Try that in Man Jose, where ratio of outgoing young women to men is 1 to like 10 and out of 10 women you may lucky to find a couple who are somewhat fit. The demand is overstaggering. Young cute 21 yo college hottie is not just sought after by her college buds but also 40+ year old married males with their menopause indulged hot red convertibles

        1. At my age 39, nothing is sexier than a 35-45 year old woman who has lived life with children but still manages to be fine and keep her figure. It shows that she cares, has great work ethic and is self motivated.

        2. Agree, those MILFs are are a huge turn on even for younger me but unfortunately most of them at least in the States tend to accumulate extra hundred lbs by that age and its kind of hard to see a shine from their wonderful beautiful soul dug beneath a thick layer of fat

      6. And for the love of the universe DO NOT fuck weak ass boys who think a person’s worth is determined solely by their weight. I highly doubt any of you have any winning qualities that compensate for your terrible mindsets either.
        Even though I was underweight, still my boobs weren’t big enough to compensate for being a “stick” and this article is trying to act as though men are suffering in a world where all the women are morbidly obese and that’s the only problem in the dating scene. Yeah, okay.

        1. No, it’s not the only problem with modern relationships, but it is the topic of the thread. Why are men so vilified for desiring their mate to work hard to maintain? Women don’t get lambasted for leaving a man who craps away his life, she’s applauded. Women need to understand and stop fighting it, we’re visual and our wife says a lot about us as a man. Men judge other men off of their ability to get harder targets. When you see another guy with a super hot wife, you automatically figure he has a good level of success. Just like women talk about other women who put up with broke men who have no ambition. It’s like the same thing.

        2. Yet it is women who state in no uncertain terms that they want a tall, dark and handsome man with a great job and plenty of money, a large penis that is circumcised and stands erect like a flagpole for hours while the woman dreams of Brad Pitt in order to have an orgasm. It is easier to masturbate than put up with the demands of a woman. At least you get to look at a thin and attractive women that doesn’t bitch and moan if the guy can’t hold off for the hours the women take to have an orgasm.

        3. Brad Pitt looks like a chipmunk, and women like sex to be about fifteen minutes. NO ONE likes a marathon man. It doesn’t take that long for women to come if they are capable of coming. And being screwed for hours is just going to make us dry up and start thinking about the laundry. Nothing worse then sex where the guy is worried about you rather then himself. Its much hotter if they actually just do what they want. You can’t orgasm for the female by proxy, so worry about yourself.

        4. I wonder what kind of shitty people you surround yourself with that you believe that’s how relationships are supposed to work.

        5. Corinne, stop bashing guys because we don’t like fatties. Yes, we can like women who are fat for reasons that have nothing to do with their weight…but when it comes to marrying them, marriage to a fat woman is just a bridge too far.
          This is an issue of biology. Men are hardwired to like thin women, for reasons others have already mentioned here.

        6. “Who hurt you”. Wow, Did you just enter the shaming game? That is some weak lvl1 cliche shaming language right there. Let me know when you take your training wheels off and become a full grown manipulative cunt.

      7. Gotta disagree with you there. Been dating one for six months now. Can keep up with me better than the 10/10 bipolar gal I dated a couple years ago…and doesn’t try to kill me every now and then, either.

    5. Don’t forget about the retired teacher taking his fat pension to his 80s & beyond–jeez what did that cost john q taxpayer to keep that guy fat & happy? Libs.

    6. FINALLY A SITE WHICH DEFENDS SKINNY MAN/WOMAN!!! Media and a lot of songs nowdays mock skinny women and their ”flat butts and chests” Lets be real, big boobs and butts are made of fat and in that package is also a big fat stomach and fat legs. You can’t have it all (unless you’re rich)! Being fat is very unhealthy and not attractive at all! But since fat people are everywhere, they stood up against beautiful skinny women because they’re not lazy to care about their bodies! They’re just jealous fat whales -_- So what if I’m a ”skinny bitch”?! I’m proud of myself because a healthy life is not a wasted life!
      EDIT: Artists like Nicki Minaj and Meghan Trainor are getting even more and more popular because their songs openly recommend you to be fat to be more atractive. That message is satisfying fat whales all over the world. That’s what is wrong with this society. Fatties are trying to make you fat cuz they jealous!!!
      Even I tried to get like REALLY fat after all those hurful messages. This article is just what I needed to change my mind.

      1. Stay slender : ) Clothes fall better and you feel cleaner, lighter and fresher. Who we should support are men strong enough not to cave into pressure and stick to their principles. These are the men who’re determined enough to succeed.
        I told my man about the saying which some women like to quote to shame men for preferring slim women – ‘Real men prefer meat; bones are for dogs.’ My man at once replied, ‘Then I’d rather live the rest of my life being called a dog by those people.’
        Stay true to yourself. Why feel uncomfortable with the extra weight? You’re not responsible for feeding somebody else’s ego : )

        1. Maybe but not for me I always liked women thin to average, after all I am a thinner fit guy
          Who does not like women weighing more then myself

        2. I love being thin, can bike hike and swim while most the overweight unfits can’t hike mile at my age.I was still body boarding at 50 when living in Hawaii.

        3. Same here. Being active feels great and gives me a lot more energy too! Which part of Hawaii were you living in? I was in Oahu and loved it!

        4. Oahu is beautiful. The people are so friendly : ) Food was pretty good too! I remember a diner named Like Like and asking a friend if anyone would name a restaurant Dislike Dislike 😛 Food was yummy there.
          Loved Ala Moana mall and spent hours browsing there. But eventually, I missed home, family and our local food. Am back in Asia now but still have fond memories of Oahu and the people there : )

        5. Yea lived up the coast about 40 minutes from Honolulu. Was able to visit the big island and Maui while I was there. I do miss the ocean…

        6. If I recall right, I was staying along Beretania Street. The boys would play basketball and us girls would have a chat, then we would head for supper afterwards.
          I miss spotting waterfalls while driving along the highway. Hope to visit sometime down the road : )

        7. I have the standard 3 square meals, fresh food on weekdays and treats on weekends. It works since I’m 5’4″, weigh less than 120lbs, maintain a BMI of 19 – 21 and remain the so-called ‘unattainable size 0’ blahblahblah.
          Caring for ourselves isn’t as difficult as what people make it out to be. There’s no need to spend hours at the gym nor be obsessive about calorie-counting.

        8. I have visited Singapore a few times and went to Bali once…when I miss the beach now I visit San Diego CA or St Petersburg Florida…I have family in San Diego…

        9. How did you like Singapore? : ) Bali is great for short vacations! It’s relaxing and there’s enough to explore during the day and at night. Phuket is good fun, but after a few times, it gets boring.
          My cousin is married and staying in San Francisco with her family. You guys are fortunate to experience the 4 seasons. Here, we only have hot and less hot 😛

        10. Yes I forgot to mention have been to phuket a few times along with Australia and hong kong..I liked Singapore had fun there and enjoyed the mass transit, easy to get around and lots to see

        11. I love Australia! Studied and lived in Melbourne for 3 years and enjoyed all the new experiences derived from exploring places : )
          I went to the Bangla area in Phuket. That was where all the good activities were. Afternoons were spent hanging out at the beach and evenings watching stage performances, exploring the night bazaars or pubs. Food was cheap and tasty.
          Did you get to taste our local food when you were in Singapore? : )

        12. Cool, Oh yea, love it and got some good Thai food also…I hung out mostly at patong Beach. Even ate kangaroo steak in Australia…. Lol

        13. Yes I agree..I cook a variety of foods at home. I am thinking fresh salmon cooked over natural wood from the forest in my back

        14. Yes, Patong! 😀 Did the island hopping tour as well and got to visit Krabi for a short while. Bikinis and other beachwear are so cheap there.
          Authentic Thai food is delicious! Makes me want to visit Thailand again. Maybe in the middle of the year 😛

        15. I saw it… Love it…my first solid food as a baby was crab….born in Florida…I will have to try some..sounds great

        16. I might of seen you there…lol food was pretty good had shrimp and lobster dishes while I was there.

        17. Yes I have been to Singapore in the summer a couple times reminds me of Florida here as far as weather goes.

        18. Crab is delicious 😛 It makes me wonder when obese people claim that healthy eating is boring. It isn’t. In fact, there’s much more variety when one eats proper food.

        19. You are right..I think most Americans are just to lazy to prepare good healthy foods. I desire to and always have. The rewards are fantastic…

        20. Haha! I ordered tom yum goong everyday! 😛 We have Thai food here but nowhere as authentic. The seafood dishes are very affordable in Phuket. I also loved their street food 😛

        21. Exactly. Relatively healthy meals don’t take that long to cook. I save dishes that require long preparation times for weekends. While watching the food cook, I can do simple cardio exercises like walking on the spot.
          It’s also fun to tweak recipes and add our own personal touch.
          We can make home-cooked dinners daily if we manage our time effectively.

        22. The closer to the beach the more fit people congregate. I guess Colorado has the most fit people now with all the skiing hiking biking although as far as cities San Diego, San Francisco and Denver are toward the top fittest

        23. That makes sense. Most people who’re active don’t lead sedentary lives.
          By the way, thanks for a very pleasant chat : ) You guys aren’t the grumpy misogynists that fat feminists claim you are.

        24. Haha, it’s late evening, close to night and bedtime : ) Out of curiosity, is obesity really that bad in the States now? I’m not sure whether what I’ve read is an exaggeration.
          But if it’s true, I fear that those of us at a normal weight and who keep lean will be anamolies in future.

        25. Yes. Especially in Midwest and south and rural areas. About 60% of both men and women are overweight or obese living around me. A neighbor lady died at 38 last year from complications of obesity and one of her obese sons just died of a heart attack at 19 years old, left a wife and new baby.

        26. 19???!!! Goodness, that is so young. Frankly, Asia is starting to suffer from obesity, but it’s nowhere compared to countries which embraced fat acceptance and political correctness.
          I prefer being slim and active. Regular exercise and proper food keep us energetic the whole day. Being toned and looking and feeling good make life much more interesting.

        27. It’s funny though, now that there’s so many overweight people , slim people are starting to get rediculed. The over weight women I know always say to me you need to eat more ur to skinny…but I am the one at 58 that can still do the 10 mile hike! While they can’t… Go figure

        28. You’re right. People actually think I’m underweight when I’m actually at the middle of what is deemed the ideal weight range for my height! :O
          Doesn’t matter though. Many guy friends still appreciate the discipline needed to maintain a relatively toned body. Plus it feels good to be active, not having cellulite and being energetic. Life is more meaningful too!.

        29. slow clap for the lady who gets it, thank you for your response, women like you are truly becoming unicorns. you are exactly right when you say “Many guy friends still appreciate the discipline needed to maintain a relatively toned body”. I bet one of the biggest stresses of life is weeding through all the suitors that come at you constantly.

        30. That’s a really nice thing to say. Thanks : ) Well, I’m happily taken so… 😛
          My man is very supportive of my goal to be healthy and it helps a lot : )

        31. No kidding. People in the US just need to learn my simple saying. Eat food from the plant, not made IN a plant.

        32. many in America have skewed perceptions of what we should look like. I was just in China….everyone looked great.

        33. Ah yes, eating fresh. I do that most days, including while on vacation. Treats are just that; treats. I don’t eat them daily. Good eating habits, coupled with moving a lot, helps keep one energetic and lean.

      2. You are not kidding. The “real” thing drives me crazy! To be real I have to have big fat jiggly thighs? F**ck that! I am plenty real. I don’t even know how they manage to be such slobs. I eat. I’m not fat. I ended up with a photo on a street style blog once. Most of the comments were nice, but sone chick made three cracks about me not being a real person, or looking like a real woman or some such. I didn’t say anything back, but it made stream come out of my ears i was so angry. How dare she!! Now if I were to start calling people unreal because they are fat, it would be awful…but somehow insulting not fat people is all good.

      3. I personally prefer skinnier fit women for two reasons. First I was raised in Russia in 90’s…we did not have a lot of food but our food was all natural and organic and majority of us did not own SUV to sit our asses on and go through drive through Macdies and most of the time elevators were out of order so we have to walk upstairs to our high rise appartments. I pretty much grew up around place where 90% of people were skinny or fit. Second its just so damn sexy when women take care of themselves and I am not talking about shopping or make up. I am talking about those squads, yoga, running and other sweat inducing exercises. I would have sex with a stinky sweaty woman who just finished her work out in a heart beat over some fatty in D&G, gold earings and Louis Vuton purse. Keep it up girl, don’t let those ugly fat bitches turn you down, screw them ugly lazy slobs 🙂

        1. Dude, your so on the money. I always say the same thing. I’m black and it’s even worse with our women, they have hairstyles they care about too much to work up good sweats. I tell female family all the time, 90% of guys prefer a woman with a ponytail thrown back in a rubberband but fit jogging down the street over some overweight woman dressed to a T with a $200 hairdo. It’s no competition, but guess what they don’t listen.

        2. I’ll take a fit healthy weight woman in sweatpants any day over some over-weight girl that thinks a high end outfit and a new purse will solve her issues any day.

      4. And the great thing about being thin is u can run circles around fatties, hike bike, swim, ski, and even run…water sports.. The list goes on…

        1. And screw, nothing like bumping uglys with a woman who’s an athlete. Takes things to a whole new level

    7. I am a 52 year old woman the 5’4 140 pounds and I’ve dated a bunch and well … truly haven’t found a man that has a good enough personality that will make me want to over come my commitment phobia. I have had 4 marriage proposals over the last 5 years and frankly, living with a man that will constantly be unhappy as I age each day is the most worrisome issue for me … having a man around just isn’t worth the hassle (extra work and concern about taking care of his tired butt) and I figure by the time I get 60 I will be tired of the game anyway. So … we all are tired of the American dating crap. Neither gender is worthy of having a mate … we just make each other miserable 🙂 I watched my Dad make my mother miserable. After she died he thought he was a 10 (financial, good looking, etc. he was very delusional as most men I know are) and spent the next 10 years being rejected and miserable and depressed. Personally, I’m happier single and I plan on staying that way. 8 months tops relationship then time to move on to greener pastures until the pastures all dry up then I got other plans 🙂 Having a college education and financial security I provide to myself is the greatest, most wonderful thing. I am very happy not to measure my worth as a human based upon how males are attracted to me. I’m a great mother to my children, a wonderful grandmother to my grandkids, I am active in my community … I don’t need a penis to validate me or as the case may be, to not validate me concerning my worth as a person. Who cares if men are or aren’t attract to me 🙂

      1. As a happily married woman two years your junior, your message is a common theme among those disenchanted with marriage for a wide range of reasons, but the same ring usually holds true – that women don’t need men anymore. Women can vote, own property, obtain living-wage jobs, hold political office, and procreate outside of marriage without the social stigma that bringing a bastard child into the world once did.
        Women may have won the battle but they lost the war in my opinion. Many women don’t know how to manage a relationship let alone master a loving and nurturing marriage that can bring many wonderful joys and gifts that no other relationship can fulfill.
        I agree that a woman doesn’t need a man to be a whole person and likewise a woman can nurture many other relationships in her life through friends and family….but there IS something so beautiful and serenely blissful that can only come from giving your heart, body and soul completely to another and knowing that amazing man has risked the same falling-over-the-cliff in love with you, too. No friend or family member can even come close to the level of intimacy that can be achieved in a loving marriage, ever.

        1. Over the years, I haven’t seen very many loving marriages. I was married for 25 years and my husband as well as the men I have dated over the past 5 years spend most of their time fantasizing about other women. So to achieve that loving feeling you have to have two parties wanting to cherish each other … I truly haven’t seen that among very many couples. If you have found it, that is great and I am happy for you, you are among the minority. I was faithful in the mind, heart and soul to my now ex husband, never will I be fooled again thinking that men in today’s culture can be the same … they never give up the hunt so why should a woman? It is what it is.

        2. Those men are on the hunt for a loving porn star. Women hate to hear it but it’s true – they want a porn star in the bedroom that will love them and be loyal to them. Of course, the caveat is that they have to be worthy of letting yourself be all that to him.

        3. Absolutely they are looking for a porn star. Uhhh … I am not one thus I am sure to disappoint every male that thinks he wants me so … why bother? I will grow older (all men I have dated want 20 something women yet want me to be loyal, cook, clean, etc …. hmmm No I think I will keep my freedom and my sanity. There is no sense in letting a man drive me nuts with his constant disappointment of me as a person.

        4. There you have it then. Sex is priority numero uno for men and if it doesn’t float your boat then stay onshore. Kinda sad that many women don’t get the same satisfaction that men get and eventually become bored, frustrated, and even turned-off by physical contact with their guy. Fortunately we can all learn new behaviors and adopt different attitudes that can be mutually gratifying.

        5. Yes … finding mutual gratifying things. I give you this and you give me that. And, when you no longer can, time to move on. Funny how ED comes into play …. have a friend whos husband has ED issues and doesn’t want to see the doc so … he has decided he no longer wants to play house since he isn’t getting his … hahaha isn’t that too funny. Ahhhhh, love and loyalty in America. And, yes I understand that more than ED is affecting their relationship … point is, men are fickle and irrational, thinness only being one piece of the puzzle .. so many things set a man off .. they drive you nuts trying to live up to their expectations, is it worth it? You know you can’t change aging, if thinness isn’t the issue then it will be aging, if aging isn’t the issue it will be something else that justifies their no longer in lust with you. Just keep one foot on shore … don’t buy into the bs of giving up your financial freedom cause some man professes to love you until death … as that isn’t happening in America. Is it sad that men don’t get the same satisfaction out of what women like … funny, men find what women like as damn annoying and for God’s sake they shouldn’t have to.
          I listened to my ex’s whine about how he hated all the stuff I liked and how he shouldn’t have to. I never whined staying fit and thin for him. So no … I don’t find it sad. What I find sad is how women dog on women and how women are told to be this and that for men yet if you ask a man to change … you’d thought you’d suggested he chop off all his legs and arms. And, the comical thing is men think women like all the waxing and crap, like somehow or another we get a jolly out of waxing, piercing, tucking, etc. versus us doing it to keep THEM happy and proud of their trophy. If a woman thinks she is getting male credit for all this effort she is miss informed … it is EXPECTED. Good golly I am watching my youngest daughter starve herself to death trying to be the “image” … I am going to be happy when she decides it is not worth it and joins us ladies for happy hour and dinner.
          Here is another one for you … men abandon their women who become gravely ill at a 21% rate. So getting fat, getting old, getting sick all good reasons to become disenchanted and find greener pastures for a man (there are loads of other reason too). Put faith in a man? That is a hard sale. So thinness, it is just one thing that ticks a man off concerning women, that gives him justification for hating women.

        6. My husband has been dealing with ED issues for years and it doesn’t bother me as much as it bothers him as far as his ability to keep it up for an hour or more like he once could but we just find other things that are fun for both of us, averaging about 7-10 times per week. No lack of libido on either part! ED drugs don’t work well with him as his BP drops too low.
          He’s not a saint – his first marriage lasted 3 years (no kids thank god!) because he had an affair with his boss. She divorced her husband and then eventually dumped him, too, and he was devastated.
          I’m no saint either. I had an affair with him while I was married to my first husband which led to divorce and broke up our family. Not cool on my part and am ashamed. Surprising my present husband would walk down a similar tightrope like he did before – he probably should have known better than me not to go there but here we are, married 15 years, dated for 4, had 2 more daughters totaling 4, and still madly in love. He doesn’t compliment often or tells me he love me much but then neither do I, but we never engage in character attacks and words are kind and loving, never hateful. The best compliment he’s ever given came just 2 weeks ago on a short vacation – he said that he could look for a million years and never find anyone again like me. I’ll take that over a million spoken “I love you’s.”
          There are a lot of turds out there and I don’t blame you for wanting to remain single. But there are some good ones and I’m very lucky to have what I regard as the best fit for me I could ever possibly imagine. I may sound naive but I really think that what has made our marriage successful is that I understand him and when I don’t understand something, I work to gain understanding. He isn’t perfect but he’s perfect for me and he doesn’t demand or expect anything from me – he is always saying he just wants me to be happy and I am. He is the most devoted father and husband I have ever seen, with the exception of my first husband and I screwed that one up. But my current husband, he’s a god in my book and if he is foolish enough to throw my love, loyalty, and high passion in the trash for a newer model who probably would not tolerate his ED issues, then he can have at it. In my opinion he would be a complete idiot to do something so risky because as you know, most women are very willing to put out before marriage but afterward, the headaches begin. The only thing I worry about is his family history of heart attacks which may only be 2-4 years away and if I lost him to that I will have lost the most beautiful man i have ever known.

        7. Well … with my first marriage I read the books, vidoes, magazines, frankly I went on a sex journey to learn how to please him as I knew how important sex was to him. For 25 years I initiated sex 3-4 times a week, my God he got so lazy that when I finally stopped you could tell he wanted to have sex yet he was so out of practices asking for it, he did … hahaha I would have jumped in bed with him had he initiated it but he didn’t, to bad for him. Frankly what I know now, I am very proud of my sexuality and what I know about pleasing a man. However, my lazy ex never gave a crap about learning how to please me. Since divorce I have found out it is a very small percentage of men who know anything about how to please a woman and most aren’t even interested in trying or learning … they want their gratifications and seems very unconcerned if I am pleased. Most men I have dated are very lazy in returning favors in the bedroom. I’ve learned to dial back my work … only give as effort much as one receives. As a woman, study after study shows we don’t give our self enough credit … kudos to those young women who have as fat of a head as men, glad to see women feeling good about themselves versus feel their efforts are less. All the men that are pissed some women act like princesses … what goes around comes around. I have more men brag and strut their stuff and then hate it when I share my successes then I can count. Surely men see their behaviors being mirrored back act them, don’t they? Like I said, when I am dating and they are lazy, I mirror their effort (only give as much as you get_. They brag then I feel that it is equally right I get to boast about my accomplishments. I have spent my life reading about men and how to deal with them and frankly I’m tired of reading … most men haven’t read anything about women — so understanding only seems to travel in one direction and frankly I rather only misunderstand myself versus be beat down that I am a nag and a bitch and a whore and a slut and irrational and crazy. All words men use to control women to get them to be under their thumb.

        8. I never was attracted to guys with big egos – both my father and brother have huge egos where they can suck all the oxygen out of the room. Complete male chauvinists and treat women like crap so I told myself no way would I date, let alone marry, creeps like them. But in defense of men, they love having their egos stroked and never want to compete with a woman, especially their wives. I have a successful career and recently received an executive compensation plan so I don’t need to be married, I want to be married. My husband isn’t as successful in his career but that was his choice not to move into management. I never brag and barely mention it and he is happy for me and my hard-earned success. We are a team, not rivals. I think the biggest mistake women make is trying to prove their worth to men by bragging. Sure, men do it but that doesn’t mean women should and is lethal to a successful and loving marriage. If I want my ego stroked, I can find that in other areas of my life. I am confident enough in who I am that I don’t have to boast, brag, or otherwise discuss my education and career achievements. I did those things for myself, not for bragging rights. I wanted to be financially independent, not a threat to men.
          I have read a few relationship books but the best one is out of print and is the key to my successful marriage. Good old fashioned common sense is what this book teaches, a lost art that women from long ago knew and passed along to their daughters and granddaughters. Best book I’ve ever read and it really works with men. Like I said in my original post – women have won the battle but lost the war.
          Now I’m gonna step into the kitchen and make a fabulous meal for my family just because that’s what I want to do, it’s what makes me happy. No expectations, no demands. I do it because that’s what I do.

        9. Let me see here, women get headaches and men stop trying to impress a woman after marriage so …. both genders are guilty of duping the other in courtship. Maybe people should just stay single and there would be more sex and men wouldn’t get so lazy in helping out in the home.
          I think women are doing just fine in redefining relationships especially in today’s culture. Women didn’t create this culture they adapted to it what men wanted it to be. Sowing oats … is a male idea … along with that idea comes the notion that it is the woman’s problem if she becomes pregnant. So … women adapted. When men want to rein in their crap behavior society will change again and women will adapt yet again. But until that happens women will continue to adapt and match men’s ideology in rebellion.
          I think both genders have lost the war … men wanted sex without strings that is what they got, women gave them exactly what the wanted. Of course if I eat all the chocolate cake I want there are other consequences, everyone hates consequences don’t we? Could they not see the consequences coming or are people too busy in their need for instant gratification to think much beyond the moment?
          I did the home thing, I did my own cooking for my
          family, cleaning, raised my children and I loved every minute of it. I also am a professional that did not take the VP job so that I could be home evenings with my family. I didn’t run my mouth on my promotions nor my pay. None of that stops middle age crisis nor does it stop a man from feeling he needs to sow his oat neither does having plenty of sex and neither does being thin. With my youngest went off to college I have taken on a second evening job where I come into contact with so many women experiencing the same thing, this was surprising as I did not expect it. What creates a culture of such kind of people? Oh well, the younger generation of women will adapt …will they have lost the war or is the war for both gender’s already lost?
          There are lots of turds out there … funny thing is though all these nice guys that think that just because they bought you dinner you owe them so they expect you to suck their dick … well Dutch works for me … I don’t owe a man anything, he can suck his own dick. So is it worse being a fat cow or is it worse have an entitlement attitude? I think the two deserve each other.

        10. A scorned woman becomes a man hater. Both genders are human, after all, and really want the same things out of a relationship such as love, intimacy, and ultimately, fierce loyalty to each other which is inherently different than commitment. What is obvious in all your posts is that all men are scum, are lustful, sexual creatures who know no bounds and all are the love ’em and leave ’em types. Painting the entire male species with such a broad brush is so incomprehensible and tells me more about you than the men to whom you are so callously generalizing.
          I am going to be very frank here and I apologize in advance if you are offended, but it is your attitude toward men that has turned many men against women and cheapens the female species, creating a viscous cycle of distrust of the opposing gender.
          Stop dating men and remain single and celibate. Clearly you aren’t a good candidate for a loving, healthy relationship with a man and exude many feminist attitudes that make all women susceptible to maltreatment by men.

        11. You can be as frank as you want it doesn’t offend me in the least. I see a bunch of women such as yourself who puts the monkey on the woman’s back to bend over and take it. I think women are done bending over and taking it, I know I am. I am looking for that man who is that gem, there just aren’t very many of them out there. Nor are there us women … both genders have been taught to dislike each other … just as this article suggest … you aren’t a good likeable person if you are FAT. Don’t a fat whale and don’t a bit fat male head. Get a good read on what person you are dating and if their ideas will make you miserable because those ideas aren’t changing. Scorn … possible … I think it is being realistic with how people are today … don’t let a man disrespect you, don’t continue to bend over for a person not worth your time or effort … there are plenty of those out there.

        12. The feminist movement was created because men were mistreating women. Women kicked back with this movement and men have hated it. Good golly go look at other cultures where men have gotten so out of hand in their treatment of women and you will see why women have to take a stand against the hate and disrespect.
          Most people in prison don’t believe they belong there either … just as men don’t believe the feminist movement was necessary as they were doing nothing wrong. I mean expect sex for dinner what could be wrong with that attitude, it is just sex? Does it not create babies that no one wants hence the need for abortion? Uhhh let’s see on some college campuses the frat boys are carrying signs that say “No means yes and yes means anal”. After WWII the US entered an era that males were entitled to sex and not just any sex but sex with a 10.
          Frankly it doesn’t matter to me, what matters to me is I do find that gem of a man. I don’t hang around men who have an attitude against me that will make us both miserable in the long run. There is no sense in wasting their time or my time. I will age which many, many men can’t stand … they only have desires for a 20 year old … I’m not bending over, giving a good effort, loyalty and devotion for someone that is on a hunting trip and ever few years they needs a new VARIETY. If a women thinks that she will change him, she is a fool … if he is a hunter he is a hunter. In my world I have marker that help me keep the men in my life happy … the relationship is over if I gain 5 pounds, I get older looking, etc. …. I am not going to allow a man to get unhappy with my physical appearance … I will help us both out and move on freely versus be brow beat with his unhappiness that his cow became more cowish. Moving on doesn’t bother me a bit.

        13. ” I see a bunch of women such as yourself who puts the monkey on the woman’s back to bend over and take it.”
          Really? You don’t have any clue what I will or won’t tolerate from a man and have never been nor will ever be a doormat. The difference between you and me is that I have an exceptional sense of a person’s character (male or female) that has served me well my entire life and avoid and/or reject anyone that doesn’t pass the sniff test, so to speak.
          I don’t blame guys for not wanting to date a fat chick – especially a younger gal who hasn’t even been through child-bearing yet. Is it superficial? Maybe, maybe not. Health issues, lack of self control, but mostly lack of self-respect, i.e, low self-esteem, self-hatred, etc.) may hint to men this fat chick will most likely need constant reassurance, a high maintenance gal that is emotionally draining and exhausting to her guy. The other aspect is that guys are visual creatures – that’s why they love to watch porn. Being a porn star in the bedroom and having a body similar to one certainly keeps a man interested in having sex with her, but doesn’t exempt him from falling in love and loving her even after a large weight gain after pregnancy as evidenced by my husband’s nephew who flat out told everyone he would never be with a fat chick. He was crushed when his thin-became-fat girlfriend of 8 years and mother of their daughter left him for another guy.
          I’m fortunate that my husband still thinks I’m sexy after being together 20 years. I am blessed with great genes, having an hourglass figure despite 4 pregnancies. I lift heavy weights regularly, watch my diet but not overly so (I eat what he eats, just less), and am 3 pounds lighter than when we married. Although I have a few more wrinkles around my eyes, those wrinkles are laugh lines, not frown lines. My medium skin tans beautifully and is mostly mole and freckle-free. I take pride in my looks and want to look good for my husband and am not naive enough to believe that letting myself go is conducive to a successful marriage. Sure, I’ll get old but if I have the ability to look my best in spite of nature at least we both know I haven’t just given up. My belief is that women that let themselves go are in a way being disrespectful to their husbands. Likewise, he keeps himself fit with hard bicycling 5 days a week. He is super sexy to me, too, and if it ain’t broke, it don’t need fixing. In a nutshell, one could say that both my husband and I place a heavy emphasis on being sexy for one another and I think that’s a good thing!

        14. But you’ve had 4, count them, FOUR marriage proposals in the past 5 years yet you never married any of them! Why??? Because they must have been turds! Summing it up is too easy and is evidence of your poor judge of character. Yes, you wasted your time and theirs. None of them probably deserved a first date let alone taking it so far to lead to a marriage proposal.
          The gem you are searching for will not dump you for a 5 pound weight gain nor for a 20 year old. If that is the type of men you are attracting then you really need to examine your ability, or lack thereof, to become a better judge of character. There are gems out there but apparently you aren’t able to attract them. Hmmm….

        15. You appear to be lucky woman. And, I’ve walked away from all the relationships over the last 5 years because of the sniff test. Lots of turds. Lots of double standards. Finding that man that is not delusional about his weight and keeping himself fit and good looking is a real problem. The stories these men have told me and their delusional thinking is incredible. Finding that fair man is a hunt. I run 5 miles every other day, bike 50 miles on the off days, do the circuit of weights, squats, push ups, sit ups .. oh looks 5, 6, 7, 8 it is all subjective … and of course everyone looks 10 years younger than what they are or so they have been told by friends and men they are dating (who gives a crap a 50+ year old man or woman looks OLD when compared to a 18-30 year old, your aging gracefully but not in demand … jokes on the 50+ year old who think they look great … you don’t when compared to the 20-30 year old your SO is comparing you to)… And, I did all that when I was married too despite my husband letting himself go. It is time we stopped telling girls “just doll yourself up and your husband/bf will be a better man” that is bs. Work a little harder, your man will be more devoted to you, more bs. That is not our culture and women need to adapt to financial and emotionally survive. When the person you are with isn’t what you want, for goodness sake leave instead of drive them insane expecting them to change, don’t destroy them. If you like thin, for goodness sakes leave if your SO gets fat. It amazes me the men who do like full figured women are so judged by men that like thin, these men think they are better than the other men… people like what they like, leave them alone. For the men on this blog that has banged a fat chick and hates fat … boy, you are needy aren’t you .. thus who is the loser? Who is the whiner? Who is the bitch and who is the nag? Can’t get a thin chick to bang you … maybe you need to look in the mirror to see if you are as worthy as you believe yourself to be.

        16. You have to admit that is a funny aspect of life that one man’s fat wife is another man’s thin treasure. hahahaha
          In my relationships I understand it, it is a relationship marker … 5 pounds or one pants size that I gain (which I never have yet) I’m out the door … not listening to a man whaaaaaaaaaa my cow got bigger. It is part of the dating “CONTRACT”. I need some applause here because I UNDERSTAND MEN and their VISUAL NEEDS and I am a willing female to understand I have broke the contract thus time for me to MOVE ON … I love moving on, usually I am also ready for some new variety.
          The only relationship I have had with someone else’s spouse (we are talking character here right?) is when the man lied to me and told me he was single. But I figured it out and left despite him begging and them him calling me all sorts of names. Character? I never had an affair when I was married either 🙂
          I also have other markers to keep the men in my life happy so that I don’t have to listen to their whaaaaaa my cow is more cowish. See I don’t plan on living with an unhappy man that will then make me unhappy.
          Funny … the fat cow left for another man … hmmmm who was the cow?
          I see women dogging on women all the time … if she would just do this then her husband would be more interested or he wouldn’t be chasing other women. hahaha so funny, such a shallow perspective and as long as women are dogging other women it plays right into the male hand of excusing all sorts of bad behaviors and attitudes.
          I think men need to date what they like, whether that be fat or thin. Likewise for females, the sniff test for Mr think he is a good man but is actually a bad man, she needs to do the same. Cause some people will truly make your life a living hell and no one deserves that.
          This story is a little more fun. I had a dentist that believed his wife to be cheating on him so he sat up some hidden cameras in their bedroom. Sure enough she was with his best friend next door. So he suggested they all get together for a bbq and watch movies. Nothing like watching your own porn. hahaha. It was a bit shocking, actually a bit mean to inform the neighbor wife like this but you have to admit … this guy liked drama. I don’t know how fat his wife was or how fat any of them were (he was pudgy) and I really doubt it was good porn but it sure created an adrenaline rush 🙂 Maybe he was just too pudgy for her taste, maybe he should have worked a little harder at making her happy, maybe she was visual, maybe she needed some variety, maybe he was a bit too fat for her taste 🙂 I am pretty sure it was HIS FAULT she didn’t like his body style and instead like Mr. Neighbor man. They divorced but the neighbors stayed together — I bet that was a happy house 🙂

        17. When someone let’s themselves go by gaining weight, etc., often there is a powerful message behind it. Your husband let himself go but you remained fit. Is it a double standard or is it something else? Why does my husband desire to remain fit and so do I? Surely his desire to remain fit has more to do with health issues more than being sexy but he gets a double bonus because I want him all the time. I remain fit for health reasons, too, but also want him to desire me. Does that mean I require his constant affirmation? I don’t think so, I think it’s more likely that I desire intimacy with him, not necessarily affirmation. Does that make me a doormat, a sex slave, what??? Does it even matter? As long as he treats me with loving kindness and respect, and I can do the same for him, isn’t that a win-win? Of course it is. Deep down we both know we’re very lucky to have found each other and work hard not to mess it up.

        18. For him … age, stress, tiredness, kids, depression (you know life wasn’t what he had expected … when you expect too much you are bound to be disappointed.) My Mom raise 8 kids, there was no time for 40 minute work out to get the heart rate up so that you metabolism would burn after the work out. She was on her feet for 12 solid hours, she gained weight as she aged and my Dad stopped desiring her.
          Lots of stories about people in love and falling out of love (out of attraction).
          “As long as he treats me with loving kindness and respect, and I can do the same for him, isn’t that a win-win? Of course it is. Deep down we both know we’re very lucky to have found each other and work hard not to mess it up.” >>> Most people miss the boat on this … physical attraction is only one piece of the puzzle yet for some it is the only piece.
          Concerning my ex husband … most men do not like exercise as do the vast majority of women. To stay thin without training means you have to starve your ass, most people just can’t push themselves away from the buffet of easily available, wonderful tasting food. I’m lucky I exercise, people are amazed at how much I can eat and not gain but … this will not last the body changes and ages … look over in countries where people are starving and you will see pudgy/fat elderly women it is just a fact of life and it is an unfortunate fact of life. So be it … as a woman just make sure when you hit that stage of life you aren’t living with a man that wants you to look like a 20 year old … your life will be much better then with his constant unhappiness. (Let the nursing home take care of him and his whaaaa .. you will live a happier life).

        19. Aging together is a godsend really….he has his ED issues, his face is aging and so is mine. He has lost some muscle in the past few years and is having a hell of a time regaining it, another sign of aging which will happen to me, too. We are at the point where we can remember our once youthful bodies knowing there is nothing that will ever bring them back except our memories of them.
          As sexual as my husband is, he knows that he would have a difficult time attracting a 20 year old and claims he doesn’t even want one, too much of an age difference to be intellectually stimulating which says a lot about how him even though sex is a priority. Again, he is disappointed about his bedroom performance and would probably be even worse in a new situation with all the anxiety. Like I said before, he could keep it up like a rock star and I remember those days but the other things we do aren’t typical for a 20 year old or for any age for that matter. That’s why he told me it would take a million years to find someone like me and even then he probably couldn’t. He was single a long time during his younger days and had many women – he knows a rarity when finds one and makes sense why a self-proclaimed bachelor succumbed to marriage. The sex had to be fantastic and the woman had to be like-minded. He says he found it and I believe him. I found it, too.

        20. Within 6 months a person starts to take their mask off and you finally see the real them. The four men that have wanted to get married were reasonable decent men however most people are significantly set in there ways by 50, there is no changing. Can you see yourself living with them? If you can’t and you know they want to get married you cut and let them move on. Have I wasted my time … married at 21 for 25 years … times and attitudes have changed and life is much more complicated than it was at 21, you give yourself time. If I get to be the bag at 60 that, per the men I have dated (that are darn nearly 60 themselves) that no man wants, well I am ok with being single.
          Plenty of “turds” that don’t get a second date. Everyone has a certain value but that doesn’t mean they would be a good mate and pleasant to live with.
          I agree, most men won’t leave you with a gain of 5 pounds … they just get unhappy … unhappy is a bad place to be for everyone. I’ve spent all my adult years exercising, when the time comes that I can’t or I’ve gotten older … I want to live in peace not with the whaaaa of an unhappy man. One character aspect at 52 that I am looking for in a man is how comfortable is he with his own age, most men are not comfortable with women their own age, so I truly don’t think that over time they will be comfortable with me as I age so again … I am seeking peace not the male discontented and unhappiness. I may never find what I seek, maybe it is unrealistic but I am at peace with being single if I need to be. And, I don’t waste men’s time, usually it is them giving me the speech if I don’t measure up to their expectation then they will leave … ok leave, I don’t have a gun to your head, there is the door. However, I have found it comical that after I have been given the “this is how it will be speech” it is usually them begging to stay together … being respectful, kind and pleasant versus a demanding arrogant turd seems to win people over.

        21. Life can be rather funny. My ex would like to get back together after divorcing me. The grass wasn’t greener. But I lived his unhappiness for 25 years, I just can’t trust him, I am not putting my hope and future in that basket again. Some people run from pasture to pasture making everyone miserable. They think thin is the thing that will make them happy … fat definitely can make a man miserable … especially one that has narrow vision. So be it, you won’t change that thinking you can only run from it … you don’t want to find yourself living with someone who has narrow vision … everyone will be miserable when life just doesn’t measure up to their expectations. Plenty of thin women, such as myself, has lived with a man that not only hates fat but hates many, many other things … mainly themselves.

        22. What I have learned in dating and watching relationships fall apart due to mid life crisis is this … If a man hasn’t experimented then he feels cheated and he is unhappy about all the chocolate cake he believes himself to have missed. If a man hasn’t been able to get the woman he desires he spends his life lamenting and making his current wife miserable. If you are married to such a man, your life is going to be miserable because life has truly let him down and he had to settle for you. As a women this is incredible depressing however, the nice thing about it is sometimes you get released due to the mid life crisis divorce and you might find yourself much happier unmarried or possible in a much better relationship following divorce then you could have ever expected. And, as a middle life woman, no worries of pregnancy, don’t give two craps about the slut label, you might just find you like the variety and flavors of different relationships that you yourself passed up for marriage to your incredible unhappy groom. Life can be awesome for a divorced 50ish year old woman (the goal is not to get trapped by yet another angry, unhappy, discontented man and for goodness sakes if you gain weight – leave him, save him the pain and enjoy another piece of pie and that other piece of chocolate cake, you only live once and it is yummy ;).

        23. As you are well aware, there are some people, both men and women alike, who are perpetually unhappy, depressed, and largely dissatisfied with their lot in life. For those types, they are best left alone because nobody will satisfy them and will only lead to despair for both parties. Then there are those that for the most part are comfortable with themselves and know themselves well enough to be able to discern, promptly, what type of person will mesh with them.
          Fortunately, I can see a mask 10 feet away and don’t need 6 months to see the real them. The way the person carries themselves, the things they talk about, the false charm, dropping hints about wealth….you get the idea. People are always sharing things about themselves and if one listens closely, they should be able to detect a fraud when they see one. Those are the ones to ditch asap!
          Rarer still are the authentic ones, those that have a genuine love of life and lack pretentiousness. Those are the people I hold dear to my heart. They are true to themselves and make the best friends and SO’s. I can tolerate some pretentiousness from friends and can see through it, but usually it’s because they are authentic underneath their facade and I generally ignore it. I will not, however, tolerate any pretentiousness from a SO, ever. I will run and run fast getting away from them.
          I think why husbands become unhappy can be twofold: 1) Disappointment with their lot in life;
          2) Mama ain’t happy.
          Men strive to make their women happy. Why? Because when mama ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy. It’s so true. A bitchy woman is almost worse than death itself and men avoid it at all costs. These same women then get “rewarded” for their bad behavior into what becomes a self-sustaining cycle – the husband has to jump through (usually unreasonable) hoops and the wife recognizes how effective it was and thus, continues the negative cycle of what I regard as emotional abuse.
          Can men be assholes? Of course, don’t marry one.
          Does the man your dating have a lot of rules and requirements for their woman? Don’t date them.
          Does your guy care if you choose to embarrass yourself in front of others? He’s too concerned about what others think – ditch the guy.
          Does your guy expect you to cook and clean and take sole responsibility for the children? He’s living on Mars, time for sendoff.
          Is marriage an equal partnership? No. Why? Too many rules, too many arguments, too much micromanaging, too much keeping score. Figure out what each does best and let that person do it. If you were single and living alone you would be doing it all. Remember why men aren’t happy? Because mama isn’t happy. Mama wants everything fair, 50-50, and is keeping score. Mama needs to ditch the scoreboard and stop worrying so much about the laundry and the dirty dishes. Does it matter what your neighbor thinks if your husband didn’t mow the lawn this week? Who cares? Will your husband ask why his bathroom sink is still dirty? If he does he’s an idiot – his wife will hand him a sponge. Do your friends care if you didn’t mop the floor this week? They didn’t even notice.
          Much of women’s discontentment are household chores and fighting/withholding sex and it’s just stupid and silly. What a waste of what could otherwise be a beautiful and harmonious life together. Instead, these women became bitches from hell.

        24. Self-hatred, maybe, and those people should be avoided unless you want to be part of their abuse cycle.
          It’s not all about being fat, though. It’s what leads up to a person’s fatness and usually it’s fueled by an unmet need. I would bet very few men leave their wives solely on them becoming fat, unless they became morbidly obese, affecting lifestyle choices, health, etc., and then that probably isn’t too common as it probably has become a codependency issue and the mental sickness each shares.
          I have found very few men that are truly miserable with themselves and for the ones that are miserable and unhappy, is it their marriage/relationship or themselves? Sometimes it’s difficult to discern and it takes leaving their wife to know what is at the root of their unhappiness. But generally, men are more satisfied in marriages than women which accounts for the high number of women filing for divorce. Usually the wife has the high expectations and the husband is content or at least, tolerant, of his wife.

        25. You need to give some lessons, the rest of of us just may need a few.
          Yes, I do do all the work at my house now … funny thing is, at least I know when and if it is going to get done. Frankly I have less work and more time now then I did when I was married … I still haven’t figured that one out. The score board, yeah that thing never worked, created a lot of arguments … my ex in his own home is finding it much more difficult to manage, uhmmmm I was a bitch when I was overwhelmed and he was watching football … I think he would welcome the score board again. The man I am currently dating is constantly talking about moving in together and sharing work … I would gain more work, why would I do that? I mean my yard takes 45 minutes to mow, he didn’t do the plumbing, nor the car work, hell I can hire people just as easy as him. Financially, I’ve learned to manage better, I think that is a plus. I like the dating model, he has his hut, I have mine, if he asks me to marry or he pressures me more to move in with him well, I got to cut him lose. He is good enough to date just not good enough to marry … I will have too much work and not enough benefits and we would be fighting all the time about me not having time to go on my bike rides and golf … I’ve already tended a home for 30 years, I now desire me time is that horrible? For goodness sakes I sacrificed for 30 years while my man had his time … don’t I get some before I die or do I have to pander to a male want all my life? The dating model is great … everyone is on their best behavior, if they aren’t well you know, you get dumped, everyone pulls their own load, if they make a mess they clean it up versus leave it for someone else .. no prenups or arguments over money, work, how to discipline any children or grandchildren … it’s perfect, I wake up in the morning and when I had the “snoopy” this year (colonoscopy) well I found a good girlfriend who I could count on to take me, she was on time, willing, kind and even sat with me and was happy to do so versus grumpy about missing work and I will do so for her – probably isn’t much different for widows. There are no arguments, no unhappiness, no loneliness, no reporting in (I can come and go as I please)… no, I am a busy woman with many wonderful relationships, hobbies and interest, I truly do not need a man to be unhappy with my waistline, it just doesn’t add value having an unhappy person in my life and also dealing with all the stuff you wrote in your above response. Dealing with all this stuff in a “marriage” relationship you have to have two very dedicated people and a desire to serve. I don’t have that desire to serve as I haven’t found a man since my divorce that adds enough value to my life to make it worth my time because frankly, most of the men I have date believe I am to serve them … I made the mistake in my first marriage that modeling the servant would inspire my family to do the same … it didn’t work out that way and I don’t plan on getting myself trapped like that again … I have hobbies and interests I prefer to pursue versus nesting. I am not the “GREAT MOTIVATOR” I lack that gene. I think I have sucker written on my forehead … being too nice has it’s problems but I do know how to dodge marriage even if I can’t get the men who are like bubble gum off my shoe. To some men, no does not mean no it means yes or so it appears. When I got married the first time I made the marital commitment, it was hard to stay in the game, but I did, I did my 80% of the household chores, I worked my professional job, I made my family priority over my job, I did what the books told me to do, I went to counseling and it was the counselor who finally after counseling both of us gave me a book to read that talked about passive aggressive people ( a man counselor BTW) … I was out classed, working my butt off, it was never going to be right so I chose to shut off the sex and end my marriage and I did and I will never go back to what even smells of an emotionally abusive relationship. I may not be a mean spirited person that can kick a man down, but I can say no enough he does eventually leave. I have my flaws … but I am looking for someone who likes ME not the me they want me to be. When I date these men and hear how they hated their ex who did this and that … I do those things so … it won’t work, I am not going to be hated and disliked again, and then factor in the thin, fat thing … NO. I don’t think I am alone in my rambling, many are traveled this marriage journey and have found it to be terrible depressing. I am glad you and your man got it figured out … it doesn’t work out so well for many others.

        26. Yes … I have watched those marriage where the man is content to come home to a clean home, laundry and a cooked meal … after chasing other women all afternoon. Yes, men can be reasonable content … many aren’t putting in much effort.
          Usually a woman gives up and files. It is usually a very long unhappy journey for both. He stops the effort, she stops the sex, roundy it goes.
          For me I sometimes wonder if instead of not having sex I should have just had an affair … then it would have looked like he wasn’t keeping me happy. 🙂 (He wasn’t, knowing what I know now, some men know how to please .. he sucked in bed)

        27. And, yes I was quite amazed that my ex gained 80 more pounds after we divorced and got into tremendous debt. Yet, I was his problem. If I would have just been something different it all would have been better.
          Yes, women do give up and file. Roundy it goes. He puts in less effort, she stops liking sex, he puts in less effort, she stops sex … roundy until someone breaks.
          I wished I would of had an affair … it would have been more fun! That would have ended the misery.

        28. You know what they say about finding flaws while dating don’t you? Those annoying things become amplified 10x after marriage and rather than ignoring them or thinking you can change them, it’s best you either learn how to deal with them or cast the guy aside. Funny thing is about my husband is that he never did have any annoying habits, either before or after marriage. I still can spend inseparable countless days with him and I never need a break away from him, and I seriously doubt many women can say that about their man. Usually wives are aching to get a break from their husbands but I never want to and he doesn’t find excuses to leave me, either. And we both love watching football together and I always make a nice mess of Mexican food where we hang out in front of the television on Saturdays watching college game after college game. It never gets old.
          Sounds like you remaining single is your best option. Marriage can be hard work and probably is only worth it if there are children in the mix, otherwise marriage probably doesn’t make sense for most people.

        29. All my married life and the men that I work around … most men are aching to get away from their family and the pressure of it … they prefer golfing on Saturday and want to go to the bar in the afternoon to watch football with they guys. I never took a vacation away by myself my entire marriage yet my ex did, the male bonding thing. I have so many female friends dealing with this same like kind of issue. You have the facts backwards … it is the men aching to get away and after a while it just gets old being told they prefer their buddies over you. Frankly they are just attempting to get out of the weekend chores and the hassles of dealing with the kids. I spent the vast majority of my marriage yearning for time and attention from my ex, when we were out he was busy gawking at other women. When I finally gave up at year 23 (actually year 27 as we dated for 4 years … I was truly a naïve 17 year old) … I became the prize, now he won’t leave me alone. Who wants to play those stupid games? When you have it you take it for granted when you don’t you want it. Games are exhausting.
          And, yes I do understand the 10X annoying flaw thing which is why when a man is going on and on about the things his ex did that he hated, the flaws, and I know I do the exact same things as most females do … it is going to be misery all over again. I am not hanging around to take the emotional bitch beating hate, he can hire a maid.
          And, lets not even go into how the woman just doesn’t like to do the things men do thus he needs time with the guys .. for God’s sake most of the women I know watch foot ball, we kayak, camp, rappel, hunt, bike, I rode a f.cking motorcycle (I have two!!) for the love of GOD the male unhappiness in today’s culture is not a female problem. I am the “perfect” match I have been told more than the 4 times but when I hear how these men hate their ex and I do all those things they hate for the love of God thin and aging just add gas to the escape need.
          And, if you think men were happy or even kind of satisfied in their marriage … you just give them space/listen and they will unload their unhappiness. Men like to talk if they feel they are being heard and not judged. Believe me you will hear a lot of crap you wished you didn’t. It will give you a very different perspective.

        30. “Yet, I was his problem. If I would have just been something different it all would have been better.” Seriously, are you going to take that bullet, especially after his gaining 80 freaking pounds after your divorce?! Whatever your issues were I’m sure both of you played a part in them but to just chalk it up and say that you needed to be all things to him, now that’s just silliness.

        31. Sorry that is sarcasm. When men leave it is because the woman didn’t do this and that and blah, blah, blah. It is time women stop taking the bullet. Men love it when other women blame women for the failure of the relationship. We take the bullet too often. We are the ones that do the self help books. I have a shrink friend and it is amazing that the men pick on women about her body, it is the justification for him falling out of attraction. Yet when she presses then, she says you find that that is the trivial issue … it may have started the fire but it isn’t what is fueling the flame of why men stop putting effort into a relationship that ends in either divorce due to the wife filing or an affair.

        32. Reread my post – MANY women, not ALL.
          Maybe I’m the exception but I think I get more satisfaction than my hubby!

        33. What does that even mean? They want a porn star in the bedroom? Like they want you to make little piglet sounds while you screw? Or do you mean they want to do anal? or they want to do a threesome with the lady down the street..or the guy down the street? or they want to snort Coke off your ass? hahahahaha!

        34. I did the opposite when divorced first wife,.worked out gained muscle hiked the grand canyon, joined a gigging band along with 40 hr week job…was in best shape and best looking time of my life..always a fit women I dated

        35. Not true I eat every 4 hours thin and active…and 58…it’s more how much and what kind of food u eat. And if ur a total couch potato vs active.

        36. Nancy, 5 ft 4 and 140 pounds I could have guessed because holy smokes, your mouth never stops…WE here don’t even imagine the type of man who would put up with the likes of you, a Tom Bosley type from Happy Days. But hey, you are the rule rather than the exception in America. Do you not realize that people do not respect someone like you rambling ranting beating your chest like a female tarzan?

        37. The more post I read, the clearer it becomes. You’re one of those that has hard set ways and those ways just don’t jibe with male tendencies. Men don’t want a porn star, we want someone interested in pleasing us the way we’re pleasing them. You sound like one of those who just lays there and think they’re great in bed, or maybe you didn’t even care and think something is wrong with a guy for liking sex.

        38. Wow, you must walk around with bitter beer face. Man I bet you nag the hell out any man who even dares try you

        39. I’m now eating popcorn reading you grill this Nancy lady. I would pay to see you tell her these things in person, she needs to hear it from other women as well, she’s lost and at 52 yrs old, it’s sad that it may be too late.

        40. You need a day time talk show mblaster. You make more sense than 99% of the women I’ve ever met. Damn your hubby is lucky

        41. “All my married life and the men that I work around … most men are aching to get away from their family and the pressure of it … they prefer golfing on Saturday and want to go to the bar in the afternoon to watch football with they guys.”
          They probably have wives with attitudes like yours. Big problem is women like you are much more plentiful than ones like mblaster. Mblaster is a unicorn, I feel the wisdom just reading her posts. Women like you have those problems, women like her usually are happy.

        42. Thank you for your kind words. May you be blessed with a loving wife that is as crazy about you as I am about my husband.

        43. I am married and she is crazy about me, but not as motivated like you and has gotten comfortable gaining weight. Instead of changing, she’d rather I calm down taking care of myself so we both get matching weigh issues and I can’t rightfully say anything about hers. I gained 15lbs while she was pregnant sitting around with her, but I lost them that summer and cruise between 160-165 mostly. She liked me at 180 because I too couldn’t fit clothes and which meant how can I say something to her about her weight gain. She seems to rather get old and fat alot younger than I want. That’s my main issue with her and why I wound up on a “why is my wife fat” blog.

        44. Daddynate, love your idea of a day time talk show but who would watch? Men would love me and women would hate the men that tune in….Sigh!
          Oh, and I’m the lucky one and sometimes I have to pinch myself.

        45. That’s great that she’s crazy about you! Sounds like you aren’t pleased with her weight gain but especially her lack of motivation to lose and your rightful concern about her gaining more. Firstly, she has got to stop gaining weight! No shopping for larger clothes, period. That has always worked for me, if my clothes get too tight I remove the feedbag. Second, I never diet. Diets don’t work as the long term success is low. I eat whatever I want, I just eat LESS! I don’t deprive myself of food and know how much sugar, fats, etc. my body can tolerate before gaining weight. If I want dessert, I eat it, but always a small amount and not often.There may also be something that she is eating regularly and too much of that is contributing to weight gain, a certain snack or soda? My whole thing with food is nothing tastes THAT good that is worth gaining weight for, and the few foods that do it for me are the very ones I have to be careful of and are not a staple in my home.
          Maybe you can help her by offering some of these tips and reassuring her that losing weight is important to you, yes, YOU, that you want her to be sexier to you, healthier for you and your family, and when she does lose some weight be sure to notice and compliment her on how great she looks and then back it up with action, more affection, more sex, more passion. Demonstrate how her sexy body turns you on, if that isn’t a motivator I don’t know what is. Wives want to be desired by their husbands and by showing her that you want her even more may stoke her engine in losing more weight.
          Good for you that you are keeping yourself in shape and not succumbing to her wishes that you gain weight, too. I think spouses should be our “better half”, and by that I mean that our spouse makes us want to become better people. There is a lot of wisdom in this ideal, and in many ways my husband is my better half. I want to become a better person and if my husband can help me achieve that then it’s a win-win.

        46. Hopefully now that she’s back at work she’ll have less free time to snack and keep busier. I make smoothies daily with my bullet and shun things such as cakes which I’ll only eat for a holiday or my bday. I’ve been getting beat up by other ladies for having these feelings even though I never harshly call my wife out for it, I do it very discreet and with concern. Most women on these type of message boards think like Nancy and swear I’m some type of shallow asshole that expects something impossible. I love my wife and I know she’ll be happier with her figure back. I’ve recently gotten snipped so we won’t be having anymore kids (we have 3 combined she came with a son me a daughter and we have a 4 year old girl together).

        47. Unfortunate that other women beat you up over your feelings regarding your wife’s weight – apparently they don’t recognize (or are fooling themselves, most likely) how important a woman’s size matters to most men. It does matter! Women call these men shallow, superficial, blah blah blah and think that men were initially attracted to them for their intellect? Really??? You know sexual attraction comes first, then love may follow. Then when these women gain unwanted weight, they can become depressed, creating another marriage stressor. I think women want to believe that their personality and talents are more important than their sexuality but they are naive. If men thought that way they wouldn’t pursue women, they would have guy friends.

        48. We had an argument last night. We were out and she saw Krispy Kreme with the hot sign illuminated. She asked me to pull over there and i didn’t and she didn’t speak to me for the rest of the night.

        49. Silent treatment, oh boy. Gotta love passive-aggressive behavior. Maybe she got the hint, just food for thought (pun intended). Give it some time, she may see how important it is to you that she lose weight and start losing, OR she is hell-bent on letting those doughnuts go to her thighs. I’d rather not wear those doughnuts but hey, that’s just me.

        50. Actually your daughter needs to eat small portions of healthy food several times a day, lean protein and veggies. No junk food ! keeping metabolic rate high, starving will only weaken her immune system and increase the potential of gaining weight.The body goes into starvation mode and tends to store more fat when she does eat if she keeps up the way she is going.

        51. Wow, I did all those things during marriage, and my wife takes yearly vacations to see family….even play in a band , you have to give each other space….sounds like u two were immature.

      2. You are a pretty big fibber. You never found a man that was good enough to marry…but you found SEVERAL men that were good enough to FATHER YOUR CHILDREN? Do you know how trashy that is??? I doubt very much you have had any decent men proposing to you. Your personality sucks. You have children by other men. You are overweight, and over the hill. I know for a fact you are not well educated. Your grammar sucks. You don’t seem to use commas , or any other kind of punctuation, and your tenses are screwed up. It is’t “Who cares if men are not attract to me” It is “Who cares if men are not ATTRACTED to me” …Just one example. You are a trashy, uneducated, desperate old lady, who allowed men to use her, get her knocked up and leave her in the dirt.

        1. hahaha …. hmmmm … I make over $100K a year, am a math person not a grammar person … was married for 25 years to the same man who I had all my children by …. I sent all my children to private schools … My life isn’t tied up in what a man wants me to be. Uhhhh I exercise everyday with either running or biking … funny how wrong a person can be isn’t it? t is amazing to me how trashy women can be towards other women … frankly the evolving of not caring much what a man wants me to be … ask your man how much he cares what you want him to be … I am happy for all women today that no longer have to kiss a man’s asz and live up to all the double standards. I am also happy to see women excel and achieve despite men wanting to keep them in the kitchen. For those women who want to be in the kitchen, I am happy for you, I hope your husband appreciates you versus gets bored of you. Frankly I find stay at home Mom’s the most amazing people … hopefully their husband isn’t dicking a co-worker over lunch eventually leaving stay at home mom destitute cause that is just how men are wired and women are wired to want that dick in her own house (neither woman wants to share) so someone is going to lose. So are you prepared to lose and take care of yourself … and then go out and hunt another dick to start the cycle all over again? Cause you know a man never gives up the hunt/chase, it is how he is wired. So why invest long term especially if you have no children involved? Hmmmm … it seems that is how men think yet it is not trashy but trashy when a woman thinks like this? How many men do you know that just want to get into a woman’s pants and he has no desire to commit to her or many times anyone? Go call them trashy, you will be talking to the entire male gender 😉 No sense in investing in that, you evolve to play in that world by putting up walls to protect yourself from getting attached. The lose of something that one is attached to is what hurts … when a man is just wanting in your pants … he isn’t getting attached … he has a game to hit and run. No sense in investing in that. How many people walk down the wedding isle with the notion .. if it doesn’t work I can divorce. That isn’t commitment so why invest in a ho-hum thing? What percentage of people do you think think like this? Why do you think co-habitation is up so much versus marriage? After a 25 year marriage … I can honestly say … I will never be getting re-married. I enjoy being snuggled up at night with a man but the tedious daily grind of living with him … hmmmm … life is more peaceful with him having his own place and space to do with it as he wishes and both of us have the freedom to move on when we don’t like the looks of things.

        2. Wow, you sound kinda bitter. Your commitment problem is your issue and since you have that and seem to be so picky don’t date at all and give men a break from your nonsense. By the way, I do most the cooking at home for the family because I enjoy it and am good at it. I don’t buy a man/women needs to be a certain way or with a certain job/career path. I have prior military in charge of big guns and missile systems and also play classical piano. I do what I want not what women or society think I should do. By the way I am fit 145lbs have all my hair and the same age as you…

        3. Sounds like you were with someone incompatible and paint all men from his cloth. Honestly women like you probably are better off alone. You need healing, sorry you are still running into guys who want to hit it and quit it at the age of 52. Heal yourself and better suitors will notice, ones who maybe actually have the patience to deal with you.

        4. If you were attractive you would probably find males you would like. Most of the top charming and handsome males have really high standards and only go for women with perfect face and bodies. Just the way the world works.

      3. Your comment is EXACTLY what I found as typical of American women in the last year. I am 57. I was talking to a lot of women between 48 and 55 on in the last year. What I found was, they were mostly ambivalent as to if they even wanted a guy. Most of them basically had dropped out of any desire for sex. And without that desire, I was just a paycheck and a companion to talk to once in a while. It was like they were empty shells, not worthy of my time to pursue. Most of them were looking for a guy that had money so they could travel and of course, they wanted me to be funny like Jerry Seinfeld. Match was the most depressing time in my life. I moved on and found a much nice variant of lady overseas. Goodbye American women….

        1. I am glad I could help you move on 🙂 I hope your woman will stay with you .. I have numerous male friends who’s foreign wife ditched them … Why? Because American men are a pain in the asz. And, American men have been a pain for a very long time … women have finally become tired of their crap and became self sufficient. The male poor behavior is not worth dealing with.

        2. I have many, many co-workers that have been with their foreign born wives for years. I am not saying these relationships are bullet-proof however, I think they have a greater chance of surviving than with an American woman. My reasoning is they start from a completely different place. Their expectations are different. Just having a home and a stable income is huge for them. In my opinion, I think ALL Americans, men and women are so spoiled in that way that they take it all for granted. That said I do know I need to improve myself from how I handled my first marriage. I plan to be way more affectionate. Wish me luck…lol.

        3. All relationships are hard.
          The vast majority of relationships I have had with American men over the past 6 years … they see me as an object and feel entitled thus I am to bend over and take all their crap with a smile … I don’t think so … if there is going to expectations then I will come with a list of my own … I have learned … only give as much as you are given (don’t over give and please more than what is extended to you), men have taught me you do nothing without expecting something in return (in the past I would give and get nothing I wanted), … it is amazing to me that men can’t see themselves mirrored in how women have learned to treat them. After spending the last 6 years dating American men … I am ready also to date men from other countries … American men are so terrible and disgusting. BTW … in America .. all my life I have been told by men her that I am nothing, that if I am not an 8 they don’t plan on bothering, they are with me only until they can get something different, American men treat everyone just as a tool… I am ready to try something different … I don’t need the American sausage attitude.

        4. I talked to a lot of women on Match in the last year. What you say rings true with what they were telling me. Most men were looking for sex and no relationship. Just sex is not real life. I don’t even want sex unless I am in love first. I had a taste of that and one, the sex is not very good and two, it leave you feeling empty in the end.

        5. If men can’t see how the “lustful” whoring behavior is turning American women against men then they are delusional. If American men can’t understand they are “gaming” women with lies of love and other “relational” falsehoods when in reality they have no intention, the woman is just a tool to be used and discarded for their pleasure. An average and possible a below average intelligent person can understand where this has taken society. No woman is going to trust a man and hold him in respect. All the men can get on here and bitch and moan about whoring women and in reality they are the whore creators … most men have had dozen more “casual” sex than most women (however times are changing because we no longer desire to please you and to save ourselves for you … same as you don’t desire to do for us). Most men I have dated only count the women they have had sex with where they have been in relationship, they never count the “casual” hooks ups .. their memory is shallow … thus they don’t see the whore in themselves that us women see in you men. While men may think that women don’t measure them this way, we do, we have little respect and no trust for the whoring male. We have disdain for the ones who are so stupid to think that they can lie to us and pretend not to have been a whore. Why would an American woman give a hoot about what an American man wants? Did women do this or have men done this? Women have responded to the American male whore. As a young women I saw my Dad whoring. It was humiliating to my Mom and brought about a lot of insecurity. Oh well men said, we are just wired that way. As a young girl I said “I will not be humiliated” thus I got a job and now work and earn a living … never trusting or respecting men … the vast majority of men are whores and are would be whores if they had game … men don’t believe in loyalty nor commitment. It has brought about many changes especially in the way women view men. Very few men do I have much respect for and I don’t trust men thus why would I want to please a man?

        6. Well I will say this. You are extremely jaded, for sure. I understand where you are coming from but not every guy is like you describe. I was married over 25 years. I never once even kissed another woman. I probably din’t have game…lol. But I also didn’t have that much desire to mess around. Only after my divorce did I have a few partners, and like I said, they were unfulfilling. Perhaps you are looking for the wrong kind of guy.

    8. Much like this “superb writer,” I am fabricating statistics to support my ridiculous assumptions. How many of you, men, meet women’s requirements as seen in the pictures below–0%, 10%, 20%?(That is a rhetorical question, so it needs no answer.) Because if you do not match these exactly, then we, women, will not have sex with you. It is unknown why men lack the common knowledge that we, women, want to ensure that the human race is solely populated with fit and attractive people. Once every man begins to understand this concept, in turn, he will begin to realize that the majority of his sex do not meet the standards below. Finally, a man will have an epiphany as he learns that women “don’t date fatties” either.

      1. Speak for yourself. Personally I respect men who have standards. I wouldn’t want to date a man that would sleep with an overweight woman. That doesn’t mean i am perfect. It means I am the best me possible.

      2. Lol, I love this comment. Just emphasizes how retarded females truly are. You are comparing a male who has absolutely no control over a fixed variable like bone structure to a female who has all the control in the world over how much she exercises and what she puts in her gullet.

      3. Another sexist and feminist feline has spoken yet makes no sense. All you women love to do is put males down and feel superior. You just LOVE competing with men and win win win while, which is unnatural, abnormal and destructive to the human existence and this is why families are being destroyed. Your gender even Lords it over babies and children by DOMINATING them too. YOUR gender decides from birth whether a baby will be breast fed??? How SELFISH is that !?

      4. I’m a win, win. Those guys aren’t even buffed, just thin. I got actual muscles with mine

      5. And to be honest, most guys I know who are married look closer to this than the women do to their ideal. I see way more women blowing on their husbands than the other way around.

      6. Of course we don’t. But we are not asking for you to be perfect. Just maintain a reasonable healthy weight… everyone does outside the US.

    9. I’m glad you seem to have found your way. The entire conversation about whether there are enough worthy alpha men for women is bullshit. Reverse the question: are there enough worthy alpha women for men ??? What entitles a woman to someone who is better than her in terms of looks, intellect, emotional health, character, etc, just because she’s a woman ? Men do themselves a disservice when they buy into the notion that they have to be all these great and wonderful things to attract a woman who is not all the same great and wonderful things. In reality, nature probably intended for average women to be with average men and exceptional women to be with exceptional men. I remember reading the saying ‘ God smiles on a union of equals’.

    10. Your response is brilliant and correct. But the KEY is women’s source of Income so as long as they can sustain this, Independence will remain and even grow. About 5 decades ago their need for a man’s income started to dwindle and with this, fatness, loud mouthing, legal / government corruption and so much more as you’ve educated us to, has destroyed many families. This is MGTOW is accelerating like crazy.

    11. I agree with you. I think the current education system is made by women for women until you get out of high school. And I think it hurts both sexes. As for acting entitled, you guys here take the prize. You feel like simply being male entitles you to a pretty woman? Thats not going to work. Anything worthwhile has to be earned.

    12. When the lights are out, some studies have indicated that men prefer their women with some extra meat (body weight).
      Bones are not so nice for snuggling.

  6. It is quite sad how many overweight people you see now. I’m in Chicago so I don’t need to tell anyone we have an abundance of overabundance…the result partly due to a short bikini season i gather. I see girls everyday that would easily be a 7 at least but are a 5 at best because of weight gain. I take the time to stay healthy, work out and eat right so I expect the same from girls I date.

  7. It’s so disgusting go to college here in Texas where the average female is fat as hell, has no intentions to look presentable, and just puts on some sweatpants and a stupid sorority generic shirt and heads to class.
    I am in a STEM field and a few buddies of mine were saying how we have acquired beer goggles without actually drinking due to the amount of subpar females in all our classes. I head to med school next year , and I hear it only gets worse.
    Fuck me right, lol.

    1. College in Washington State is similar. When it comes to girls, fives and sixes get away with being bitchy and demanding as though they were hard eights. It’s ridiculous. They think that they are far more attractive than they are because the entirety of the main stream media says so.
      As far as the weight thing goes, I would say that an easy 40% of girls are automatically crossed of the list purely due to being too fat. The next 30% or so are iffy as long as they come with a damn nice personality. These numbers aren’t too depressing until you realize that I’m talking about 18 to 22 year old women. Just think about what they’ll look like in five or ten years when they’re hitting the wall and scrambling for a beta provider and children. Yikes.

    2. I went to college here in Texas too and I had quite the opposite problem; there were fine women everywhere but the majority of them were married or already had kids! On the off chance somebody was single, though, they either had huge tattoos or they were not terribly nice.

      1. hmmmm … classless have you seen how men want to show off their penis and balls to everyone, measure it, calculate it tabulate it. We have become a penis obsessed society … why? Because men want women to see and know their most prized possession … it isn’t their brain either.

    3. Had a buddy that went to Michigan Tech. He went into mandatory beer goggle mode the second he got there, ’cause what other options are there in the Upper Peninsula. They call it the Tech Effect.

    4. Probably because you’re ugly as fuck, and ugly girls are your only option…….. Oh no, let’s not consider that shall we. Hot guys don’t have this problem.

    5. If those fat women were 125lbs, she would look fashionably unfashionable in sweat pants (why sweat pants? in the summer?) and a sorority t-shirt.

    6. hahahah I suppose these men with baggy pants and their asses falling out is somehow or another sexy. Not to mention lack of hygiene. hahahaha

  8. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:
    The “woman problem” is at the root of nearly every societal and economic problem that is plaguing us today. Few people understand how massive this problem really is.

    1. All the different flavors of “economic bubbles” that we have/are seeing come to mind.

      1. One thing I have noticed about women, is that they are far far more likely to swallow media propaganda than men. And far less likely to self-research and delve into non-mainstream ideas than men.
        An obvious indication of this would be the huge preponderance of men involved in conspiracy theories, UFO’s, 9-11 truth.
        Women just do not question what is presented to them.
        But the end result is that when women are presented with diet yoghurt which is 15% sugar, and told it is a healthy alternative. They buy it.
        When you tell women that fats (coconut, olive, butter) will make you feel full, stop you eating, and be good for your skin. They look at you like you are mad, because it goes against the lipid-hypothesis, anti-fat, propaganda they have been sold from the food/phara/media industries. Even when the evidence is staring them in the face at every turn.
        Whether it is the brainwashing of the feminist movement, fashion magazines, the diet industry…… women just cannot logically question evidence vs propaganda. Because they are not logically driven. They run on emotions, and we all know it.

        1. so youre saying women are second best because they run on emotions? That they are only amde to serve a man? Running on emotions is good, that way they can help there children. And women are not just made to serve men, they are made to be a human and be helpful to children AND men, not just serve them. Women can thing logicly as well, bro.

        2. They are easily exploited because they are gullible and stupid.
          Look at all the idiotic daytime talk shows with all fat women in the audience. If you eat any product called “Sksinny Girl” you will automatically lose weight – right? Duh
          Women will do anything to avoid simply eating healthily and doing real workouts (not bare minimum housewife workouts that their idiotic magazines showing fitness models tell them to do).
          By the way, it is almost always Jews who exploit these dumb women.

        3. Bravo … uhhhh the American male superiority BS. I hear this crap everyday so happy to not be married to it. Men has such stupid crazy notions. The ironic thing is … study after study has proven men to be more emotional. All you have to do is look at the suicide rate among all ages of men, look at the prison population, look at all these crazy shootings, and you know who is the emotional and out of control gender. hahaha yet they are so discerning on what to and not to believe (of course we all know they are only going to believe what makes them superior so truly any truth is a waste of time speaking it to them). Again, I will never, ever marry that male bs personality again … not for any amount of average weight or money or any other carrot, there is no carrot big enough to want to deal with the American male bs.

        4. ohhhh … study after study has proven men are more compulsive, irrational spenders too. Off course ever American male out there is saying in his head … that ain’t me. hahahaha men are so clueless and falsely arrogant. Dealing with them is like dealing with a 2 year old. I dated a man that was 100 pounds over weight, he thought he was “average weight”. hahahahaha. I am dating a man now who is 60 pounds over weight and I tell him what dmi weight should be and he says that is impossible that is the weight I was in high school …. uhhhh so we are dealing with a gender here who thinks that 60 pounds over weight is ok because they are older ….I asked him how he would like me if I was 60 pounds over weight and he just looks at me like … surely you can’t be asking me that questions. Delusional is the American male.

        5. Not all men can be had weight, I was way to skinny in HS. I gained 25 pounds since then but still thin

        6. I don’t care if this was 2 years ago. You are fucking annoying and totally ruined this thread.

    2. I think is the opposite way: the economic problem is shaping (literally) the women of today. They are the perfect consumer. And the men left behind, are good at spending too. Imagine when the first fembots are finally released. The lines will go round the city.

      1. What you say doesn’t ring true to me.
        In a society where survival is virtually assured, pussy (or the innate desire to reproduce) is the prime motivator. It follows then that the sexual market is the primary market to which all other markets are subordinate.
        Thus, when sexual incentives break down, economic incentives break down as well.
        But admittedly, it’s a very complex issue, and the truth may lie somewhere in the middle.

    3. I agree. Moronic women are the root of most problems. Look at our fucked-up medical system. We have fat idiotic women with no inclination towards science working in a. Highly scientific field. Do you think even one of them will go home and study anything medical? This is why we have so many screwups and mixed-up stupidity in the system.

  9. The more fat men, the more the fit, stronger, healthier, more muscular men shall stand out thus be more desired and valuable. The more fat women there are, the easier it is to find the few skinny/athletic/ in shape ones who DO care about their weight, and become much more valuable.. Diamonds in the rough.

  10. Fat chicks are only one part of the equation as fatness is obviously not limited just to women. Its also that the young women who are attractive are either a) On the carousel with huge N counts and shooting for moon with top alphas b) The relationship oriented types whose hypergamy is so stratospheric that giving the average guy the time of day is completely out of the question for them. That and the YKW relentless Feminist propaganda and you go grrlll cultural manipulation has rendered even whats left of the attractive women to be untenable long term mates. Which is why its time to… #EnjoyTheDecline

    1. Why should a young, attractive woman give an “average” (in looks, income, personality, etc) man the time of day?

      1. I have been ripped on numerous blogs for saying the same thing but for men. I actually agree with you, but a man cannot call a woman “average” without being vilified as some insensitive asshole. Women think the same way, they just have different bullet points.

  11. “Earlier in the 20th century, the average woman was 5’ 4” and 122 pounds.”
    Yes, that was the average, but the “normal” for an under 30 was 110-12, even after a couple of kids.

  12. I’ve never dated a fat woman, never even considered it. Celibacy is preferable to sex with fat people.

    1. I still live in Asia and am horrified at the rolly-polly sumo types I see back in Jesusland.

    2. Funny, because in the 1990’s I was thinking that people were starting to pork out (GenX here). The 1970’s and ’80’s, where I have my growing up and young man on the town memories, chicks were fit and hot and proud of it. I recall the “No Fat Chicks” banners we’d fly from our pickup trucks on the beach that women frigging *flocked* to giggling and cheerful.
      Compared to Stalin’s Amerika 2014, where massive, angry, belligerent landwhales sneer and snarl from buffet to buffet demanding acceptance.

  13. I’m going to out on a limb here and say that I’m not the only guy who has become increasingly more critical of the physical aspects of women in concert with their collective descent into the black hole of entitled bitchdom. That is to say the worse people they become as a sex, the more harshly their looks are judged. If we were being offered legitimate human beings with a grasp on reality and entrenched desires to conduct themselves as grown ups, maybe average chicks would start looking better, and fat chicks might actually show up on men’s radar.
    As it is, no matter what kind of woman you’re dealing with, you’re going to be subjected to the same kinds of childish irresponsibility and unaccountability regardless of her looks, so why would any guy waste his time with anything other than first tier ass? And for those who aren’t up to the task of engaging the more attractive end of the female spectrum, who, in their defense, are already outnumbered by potential suitors, of course they’re going to retreat and find other avenues outside of women to cruise.

    1. No matter how sweet, compliant, loving, and kind a woman might be, if she’s fat, she’s not going to show up on the majority of men’s radars. Guys will choose a slender bitch over an obese sweetheart.

      1. Exactly.
        And it goes further than this.
        So many western parents stuff their daughters full of piano lessons, maths and science tutoring, language classes….. and why ?.
        So they can be successful. (whatever the fuck that means).
        But the single most important predictor of women’s success is body and looks. It shouldn’t be this way… but it is. And to deny it is to believe in the easter bunny.
        Take a look at the top 100 most successful women list, and with a couple of exceptions, there are very few obese women there. And the majority are slim.
        Women get these positions through men. And men look at a fat woman, and see someone who is lazy, undisciplined, unattractive, and ignorant of the importance of health.
        Would you put such a person in charge of a $50 Billion company.
        No fucking way.
        So, to all the parents who blow thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours on their princesses french and language lessons.
        Forget it !.
        Get them into sport, health and smart eating.

        1. “But the single most important predictor of women’s success is body and looks. It shouldn’t be this way… but it is.”
          Why shouldn’t it be? A woman’s main asset is her reproductive capacity. As fitness and attractiveness are strong indicators of reproductive fitness, it stands to reason successful women– mothers to many healthy children– will have the “body and looks” you are so quick to dismiss.
          Seriously. Who wants to bang a Sheryl Sandberg?

        2. Sorry about that… I was thinking purely in terms of the qualifications to do a specific technical job…. and thus I had a spasm of equal opportunity duckspeak.
          Let me re-phrase.
          The single biggest predictor of a woman’s success (as defined by happiness, wealth, reproduction and longevity) is her body and looks.
          And it should be this way. Because evolution is a cruel bitch, and if we don’t want the human race to die out, or regress back to precretaceous rodents, then the fittest will reproduce and the unhealthy will die.
          Fat blobs are generally not happy. They are depressed and bitter, and put a burden on the rest of the taxpayers.
          The easiest way for a woman to become wealthy, is to marry a rich man. And no self-respecting rich man is going to be seen around town with a fat shocker.

        3. I would have to do about half a bottle of Makers Mark before I took a shot at Sandberg.
          Annet Mahendru is more my type.

        4. “I had a spasm of equal opportunity duckspeak…”
          Everyone does. But the hijacking of language is pernicious and should be resisted.
          Further, if I were you, I’d consider re-examining my beliefs about the value of women in technical work.

        5. I’d bang her. She’s cute, fit and wealthy – total MILF. Her reproductive unlikelihood is a plus to me. And I’d bet I’m not the only one by far.
          Or was that a rhetorical question?

        6. You have extraordinarily low standards for female attractiveness. Congratulations. The world is your oyster.

        7. Myself and my daughters are very successfully … we don’t need a man to validate us. That is a good question what is successfully? No man I have dated yet has been unsuccessfully per him … I truly enjoy asking this question even of my brothers. Frankly I have earned more money and save more money and have more wealth than all the men I have dated. So is the measurement money? If so, I win since I don’t need their validation concerning my looks (but 4 marriage proposals surely means something … no way would I sign up for that hell but the dating is fun) and I have accumulated wealth and status (I’ve done very well in my job) and I have raised a successful family. What is the measurement. How about this measurement … I don’t give a fuck what you (men) think of me, God is the measurement 🙂 Last I checked no American man was God but many proclaim to be.

        8. Evolution? No we seem to have de-evolved regardless of how much scientific information that is now available to us.

        9. Funny how success and money is so important to you..most men don’t care how successful a women is. Flaunting 6 figure this and that, so what I ve made 300k in one p/ T real estate sale.Who cares Missy??

      2. “No matter how sweet, compliant, loving, and kind a woman might be, if she’s fat, she’s not going to show up on the majority of men’s radars.”
        THEY WILL.
        If 90-95% of the guys out there are thirsty Beta/Omega then stands to reason that these porkers WILL get a man….they will NOT get the Alphas-George Clooneys…..(regardless if they think they are ENTITLED to a George Clooney or not) but they WILL get a man to support and tell them how special they are…..
        We can JEZEBEL style bitch all we want……it is TOO late….
        All we can do is to maintain OUR standards and NEVER EVER compromise….
        Say it after me:

        1. You are right they will show up on the radar. If you are dying from hunger you WILL go dumbster diving eventually.

        2. False. Some men have a sense of dignity and propriety and can wait out the adversity of famine for the reward of a feast later. Self control, restraint and impulse control are manly traits that we need to consider when looking at a fat cow and saying “well, my dick needs wet”. No, not at the expense of your masculinity it doesn’t.
          Self control; it’s what makes a man.

        3. I got so tired of messing around with bitches I went a whole year without dating. Not once did I consider lowering my standards to fat chicks.
          When one has nothing to eat the best thing one can do is fast.

        4. Do the words Beta/Omega/Alpha bother you Bob?
          I use the words Manginas/Whiteknights also….
          These words are used by everyone around here…..they help differentiate the types of Males we have in the world….

        5. You use the words so much they have no meaning coming from you. It reminds me of how noobs constantly throw the word “noob” about yet fail to realize how much it applies to them.

        6. Nah…..My guess is that there are other reason why you dislike the word BETA and OMEGA…
          Nevertheless…I’m sooooooo sorry that my comments have no meaning to you….I shall try to use these words less in the future so as not to offend you so much…..OR you can try not reading my comments at all!
          How does that sound Bob?

        7. Doesnt matter what you and I do. What matters is rest of the men, meaning what does 99.99% do. And 99.9999999999999999% of men are spineless.
          So of course, the little princesses get away with it, easy.

        8. I see, I misunderstood the context of your comment, my bad. And yes, a beta will take whatever fat lard ass bone is thrown at him, even if it means swallowing his entire family’s history and pride in the process.

        9. I’ll fuck single moms, but I sure as shit won’t wifey their ass up or commit to them in any way, shape, or form.

        10. Yeah, that’s the red pill thing to do: Disregard advice and maintain your present path with no intention of improving yourself, while telling the rest of society that they are the ones who are wrong.

        11. hahaha – one thing I know for a fact … ever man I have met it is always the “other guy not me”. Studies prove men to be irrational and delusional in this kind of thinking. It is so fucking funny.

        12. hahahah … from what I have seen that is the male way … everyone else is wrong and they are “RIGHT” . hahahaha I think it is a testicle/penis thing.

        13. Well of course you have and your not fat either I bet. Probably a 10 hell maybe there is a new scale of 15 🙂 I bet your it!

        14. Just as an FYI … I banged some fat men too … I had to close my eyes. Ohhhh … and I am a slut and a sperm dumpster and all those other things. The man I am baning is a STUD. hahahaha
          Actually you can, if you want to have a bit of jolly fun, write a jingle in your head to the man boob bounce … fat men and skinny men have man boob bounce … naw best if one just closes the eyes.

        15. No, it’s a fact. Both genders are getting fatter and less desirable. Sad but true, no wonder Obama care is going bankrupt…all the fat diseases are being treated

      3. Sorry, but every single male that I have come across desire one thing above anything else – yes, even sex – and that is PEACE and quiet !!!!

      4. I think the problem is that men WON’T choose a slender bitch OR an obese sweetheart; hence, men are checking out.

    2. It’s a sliding scale when the weight piles on isn’t it? So inevitably follows the increase in undisciplined self-justification, passive-aggression and hollow entitlement.

    3. hahaha … how do you think we got here? Is it because men have been entitled jackassess for forever and women finally are done with their shit? Frankly, my daughters don’t want a pet that produces so little yet needs so much and stomps around like an entitled 2 year old. Look at the male entitlement issue that has gone on for centuries and you will see why women have evolved. Most of us are glad we have evolved out of desiring a male. Ahhh yes, somedays we want the family and the picket fence but then all we have to remember is the husband fucking our neighbor, our best friend, and the women at work … the sucky end to the fairy tale and that jolts us back to reality real fast. hahahaha … look at history before you point the finger … society has work to do and until men own their part of the equation there is no American woman that is going to let him lead her around by the nose. Frankly, I don’t give a damn because men never take responsibility thus it is wasted time and effort, men will always be the little boys boooo hooooing and getting in the way to solving problems because they can’t see the big picture because they believe women to be emotional and irrational. Uhhhhh that is the pot calling the kettle black.

  14. Something that is rarely addressed is the impact that women have when they are fat and lead a lifestyle towards constant weight gain. 1) research now shows the food that is eaten while pregnant affects the child for life no different than drugs or alcohol. McDonald’s during pregnancy means you have a nutrient starved but morbidly obese child with a pen chant for fast food at day 1. 2) the influence of the food that a mother and by extension father feeds there child and the exercise they get while developing will carry with that child for life. A fat nutrient deprived inactive child will be 99/100 a fat nutrient deprived the mothers food choices abd exercise choices really need to be viewed as akin to smoking during pregnancy.

    1. Also lets not forget all the diseases and cancers that are caused by obesity. It’s no coincidence that there has been such a huge surge in cancer cases, heart disease, and diabetes in our country. Most understand that diabetes and heart disease come from a poor diet but, science also shows that most cancer cases are brought on by obesity.
      My ex girlfriends aunt is an obese, alcoloic, cancer surviovor who still refuses to change her behaviors. This past year she also had a hip replacement and and needs an additional operation on her foot. All because of her weight. This woman regularly starts the day with champagne for breakfast and has to buy her bottles in bulk to keep up with her habits. Who wants to have to deal with that? Its no wonder rumors are constantly swirling about her husband cheating on her.

    2. “1) research now shows the food that is eaten while pregnant affects the
      child for life no different than drugs or alcohol. McDonald’s during
      pregnancy means you have a nutrient starved but morbidly obese child
      with a pen chant for fast food at day”
      Calling bullshit on this one. Maybe one or two studies provided some data, but it is hardly conclusive. My mother, a model in the 1960’s, craved White Castle hamburgers when pregnant with me. Ate them “by the sack!”. The net effect was a son, me, who is tall, healthy, muscular and with defined abs who finds no pleasure in sweets nor fast foods.
      Point number 2 in your list is the relevant one. She went back to reasonably healthy eating after childbirth and has never been a fast food junkie, except for when pregnant with me.
      I think the overall dietary habits are what matter. Binging on something you’ve not eaten much before pregnancy and don’t eat much after pregnancy does not write the script into the child. What influenced me was her attention to eating well (along with my father’s attention to eating well), not the belly bombers she craved when pregnant with me.

      1. It’s pretty accepted now in the developmental biology field that long-term obesity affects your child’s epigenetic marks in a markedly negative fashion. I agree that short-term eating habits during pregnancy likely only have a minor effect, but that hasn’t been properly explored.
        Also, your personal story is an anecdote and evidence of nothing. Many women have smoked and drank during pregnancy without causing any birth defects. That doesn’t mean drinking and smoking during pregnancy are fine.

  15. Also, it should be noted that 30 extra pounds can look WAY different on a man than on a woman. Some men can carry some extra weight in such a way as to not look totally disgusting – distributing around in the face, neck, shoulders, legs, etc, in addition to the stomach. On the other hand, a woman generally carries extra fat as nothing other than unsightly flab in the stomach, back, fupa, and muffin top.
    For this reason also the weight of the nation destroys womens’ SMV more than men.

    1. I’m going to interpret this as another of the ways in which the current fat issue has distorted images of what is “normal,” because it is more or less backwards.
      For most men the abdomen and belly slab is the main storage area, where fat goes first and where it leaves last. There are lots of men out there with chicken legs and wings, but a huge gut. On the lean side a man must generally be under 10% body fat by weight to show some abdominal definition.
      Women, on the other hand, can show abdominal definition at as high as 20% body fat, because the belly slab is the last place fat is added and the first place it is removed from. Their principle fat storage area is hips/thighs/butt.
      So if you think a woman has gotten fat because she’s gotten a flabby belly and back fat, well, she was already fat before that.
      Fat, it’s the new skinny.

      1. In addition, most guys only consider a girl fat and relatively undesirable once she has pronounced abdominal fat. And if a woman only has a bit of extra chub in the glute/hip area but a decently flat stomach (individual limits apply on belly fat), then most men will find her desirable.

        1. Guys like smooth legs and some roundness to the hip. It takes 5mm to 10mm of fat to achieve that. But here is a cross section of a typical contemporary woman, through the hips:

          And here’s the difference diet and exercise can make, for a skinny, old, endurance athlete, not a lifter:

          In particular make note of what happens to muscle tissue as fat tissue increases.

        2. This is purely genetic- modest adipose distribution across heavy muscle and a 0.7:1 hip:waist ratio indicates high fetal
          survivability. Moving outside that is the purview of local influence- an area with famine as the standard method of population control (Russia, W. Africa), adipose tissue in general is desired

  16. The fat is bad enough, it’s the attitude around the fat that exponentiates it.
    Speaking of red pill, the last blind date I ever went one was with a fat woman, a fat woman with short hair. My sister set that one up. Look, ladies, if you gain weight, DO NOT cut your hair off. You are only one body part away from being a man when you do that. Why red pill? Because the move we went out and saw was “The Matrix”. And it was that date that I learned one lesson: that I don’t like the way things are going and pretty much just gave up on the idea.
    The thing that got to me the most was the attitude. This was 1999. There were already how many years of Oprah? Everywhere I looked it seemed like women would gain 80 lbs to birth an 8 lb baby and then keep 72 lbs permanently (unless she got a divorce then she would want to look smoking hot in divorce court to “rub it in” – and yes I heard women say that numerous times).
    Meanwhile, while turning into flightless blimps, and watching Oprah, everything is all about how the MAN must change. It’s “Get rid of your muscle car! Sell off those guns! You can’t do this! Can’t do that! It’s for the Cheeeeeeeeeldrennnnnn!!!!!” But address their blubber and it’s “accept me for the way I am!!!”.
    Yeah. Right. I’d sooner wank till the end of my days before that.
    And when I did break down and pulled a beta stunt in 2005 and got married guess what she did? Yeah, she got fat. Luckily we didn’t have kids so I’m not an economic mule now and she’s history.
    I have been to other countries where fat chicks are rare. We can also blame GMO food and vaccines too. Our food in the USA has stuff in it that’s banned in other countries. That’s part of the problem.
    We run women through a gauntlet here in the USA. Out of 100 girls we fill around 80 of them with all kinds of dumb fem crap that will have them frumping it up by 20 (and men will still flock to them because they were raised beta). 10 more will become radfems or radicals or whatever and be off the map. The last 10 will have miraculously resisted the GMO and the mind control crap and actually be beautiful.
    …. and we have to pay money to look at them and being such rare specimens will become so full of themselves from the attention they get if you are not Mr Rap Star or a high caliber PUA you ain’t getting that. All over Europe I saw pretty women on many arms. In America it’s flightless zombie blimps.

    1. Disagree with the GMO and vaccines part.
      Weight gain is simply a matter of calories consumed versus burned. In North America women (and men) eat large portions, consume high calorie deserts and junk food, and don’t exercise enough. Full stop.
      One can debate the long term environmental and health effects of GMOs, but they have nothing to do with the simple calorie balance of weight gain. Vaccines also have nothing to do with it. All vaccines do is prevent diseases that used to kill us.

      1. This is so very true! For both men and women, its all about calories consumed vs calories burned. For some reason most women refuse to accept this as fact and complain that “its easier for men to loose weight” and ” I just have bad genetics!” Their other classics are “its the baby weight” and, ” I’m bloated from water weight.”
        Its such total bullshit and incredibly frustrating.

      2. “… calories consumed versus burned.”
        This nails it concisely. Simple concept. All else is bullshit.

        1. No, it’s an oversimplification that’s dangerous.
          “Hey man you want to know how to get rich, it’s easy, it’s money in versus money out. Now go be a millionaire.”
          If I offered that advice as a way to be wealthy, most people would tell me to fuck off, even though it’s technically true.
          The type of calories that you put in influence how many calories you eventually consume. Junk food fuels hunger while clean food satiates.
          So sugar and the food that turns into sugar like pasta,bread, sauces, etc. are going to make you fat if you eat them because they fuel hunger in terms of insulin regulation.
          Meats and veggies won’t do this and will allow you to eat at a calorie deficit while not having your body go haywire which leads to sustainable weight loss.

        2. Sounds like you’ve been getting your dietary information from ‘gurus’ rather than scientists…

        3. Yes tend to agree. Not all calories are equal and the amount of time I see a fat chick with diet coke. These foods that use chemical sweeterners tell the body to hold onto fat. Eat how we were meant to eat as a species. Vegetables and meat unprocessed, nuts and some grains not too much and only water. Maybe milk once a week.

        4. You missed my point. More calories burned than consumed = weight loss. I wasn’t commenting on the types of foods consumed or diet plans, just the math, which is a simple fact.

        5. I didn’t say that calories in/calories out is technically false. Of course you have to use up more calories than you take in. The laws of thermodynamics can’t be broken.
          My point is that the quality matters greatly because low quality food fires off certain bio chemical reactions that are akin to a junkie fiending for smack. So it’s not practical to say calories in/calories out and you’re good to go. Just as it’s dumb to tell some guy that has money problems is all he has to do is not spend more than he takes in. It’s not that simple. The problem is more complex.

    2. The fat is bad enough, it’s the attitude around the fat that exponentiates it.
      THIS. The “fat is beautiful” mentality is rampant. If women are pieces of artwork, fat chicks are a full-on avant-garde modern art exhibit that people are supposed to like for some mysterious reason.

      1. I truly believe it is symptomatic of something bordering on a mental dysfunction.
        When a person has to pretend something about themselves is true or not true, there are far greater things at play than simple “power phrases.”

  17. “From a matchmaking perspective, the appropriate fit for an overweight woman is not an overweight man, it is an unemployed one.”
    This nails it. Bravo.

  18. Some soft solutions and mostly complaints from the message board. Ill give you some shit tests to help you all out. 1) if in a date go to a upmarket restaurant. Order a single plate of food. Share said good with date if she eats more than 40% she is not a keeper. Not in it for self sacrifice. Not long term. If she eats 30-40 % order a single dessert and continue the shit test. If she eats less than about 30% she doesn’t appreciate the food you put down. Easy test. Easy to tell results. Next date idea exercise not at gym. If she quits she’ll quit on you. Take her for a run or mtn walk. Easy solutions and easy to see results. The walk or run date is a good idea. Some girls are dormant fatties. Skinny fat. They are young and have good metabolism and calorie restrict. This isn’t true fitness and they will quit given a second to relax when it gets harder and their metabolism slows and they virtually would have to eat only celerary to stay thin.

    1. Good ideas, but not realistic ones. If you share a meal on the first date, she’ll think you’re cheap. That goes doubly for the dessert. Also, if she’s near or on her monthly period, she’s going to be a lot hungrier than usual.
      Second date a run or mountain walk? Few girls want to get sweaty and have their hair and makeup messed up so soon for someone they’re interested in (unless it’s in bed). They want to dress their best and sexiest — no running shoes. And the cheapskate aspect comes into play again.
      Bottom line, if you have to watch/gauge/control/shit test a woman’s eating habits, you’ve already lost. She can stuff her face with Haagen Daz the minute your back’s turned. Trying to micro-manage a female is a waste of time and effort. Look for someone you don’t have to fix. If she eventually gains weight, dump her and move on.

      1. Trust me the dinner one works a charm. Take her to a place that is upmarket and share a meal. This works especially well at sushi where you get day 6 rolls. 4 are yours 2 are here and sharing a dessert girls find cute. Research also shows that people eat less around others they are not acquainted with so it’s a double whammy. Portion sizes are so big in the Anglo world that there’s no way a man or woman needs a full plate. And you should always walk away from a meal not feeling full. Still having a bit of an appetite. It’s not hard to mentally navigate a girl to do exercise either just say you want to show her a view or picnic walk. All these are tried and tested. If you actually want a relationship I don’t think the girl should be jumping into bed with you first ,2nd even 4th date. I’m not religious but don’t waste this kind of time and effort on women who don’t deserve it.

        1. Maybe it’s worked for you, but two pieces of sushi isn’t going to cut it for even a ten year-old kid. The big American feed trough plates are another story, and I agree with you there. A casual stroll after a meal is fine (unless she’s got 4″ heels or its 90% humidity), though your first post touts a run or mountain walking. To each his own timeline on jumping into bed. I’ve never thought of dating as calorie-counting/exercise/micro-management sessions.

      2. She’s going to be near her period 1/4 weeks. Are you saying you’d tolerate a girl stuffing herself and being selfish a quarter of the time?
        I think you’re suffering from low testosterone.

        1. PMS face stuffing, no … but a gal might not want to share a plate during that time unless that plate’s pretty big.
          You might be right — maybe I should get my T-levels checked. Nice try, Tex.

        2. The whole point is that if she doesn’t want to share her plate, she’s selfish and likely to turn into Jabba as soon as her metabolism slows down.

    1. That’s a BMI of 27.5 which places the average woman in the overweight category (N.B. the obese category is 30 or above).
      The weight range for a woman 5’5″ in height in the normal weight category is 111 lbs. to 149.5 lbs.

    2. Deal with that.
      Nope. I refuse. If that’s what’s available to me from here on out it’s internet porn and video games.

    3. 165 for 5’5 is attractive. I like meat, booty and boobs. 180, 200 and more for 5’5 is not attractive, it’s just fat.

  19. The zero-to-one number of normal weight women you witness on a given trip to the market is accurate. That’s why any girl who has normal BFI gets double-takes – even if she’s got a nasty mug. Many (most) women are lazy fat pig whales addicted to processed food and television. Anything their corporate gods tell them to indulge in, they will obey. Fat acceptance was a big win for the food makers. Feed these pigs high-margin processed shit for the microwave, and make them feel good about themselves while doing it.
    Now, if you happen to be hanging-out at a specific hotbed of mostly 8+’s, for example, at the MOMA on a Saturday in Manhattan, maybe South Beach Mia on a Friday night, or Vail Village over Christmas, you’ll see a good portion.
    Other than that, cities and suburbs are a sea of Far Side characters. Massive torsos with fat humpbacks, and their nasty hair pulled-back into shitty ponytails. The knock-knee walk while fixated on a game of candy crush, or texting their fat goth girlfriend about how bored they are while choking a smoke with their fat fingers behind the gas station. I have a special look of pure alarmed-disgust reserved for these grotesque consumption machine princesses. Basically raised by pissed-off baby boomer mothers or push-over gen-xer types with no structure. Ick.

  20. The primary reason for the decline in marriage rates is economic. Don’t kid yourself with all sorts of bullshit social reasons. It’s as simple as the incentives not being lined up properly. The fact that we’re in the middle of what’s effectively the second Great Depression doesn’t help. The high level of income inequality isn’t helping either. If you get wages higher and reduce the level of income inequality, marriage and fertility rates in the US would skyrocket. This is actually what happened at the end of the Great Depression. The US was basically at replacement rate until around 2009-2010, which was when the recession hit.
    Also, the world population needs to come down. If you don’t force it to come down, the world will force it to come down via famine, war, disease, or something of the sort. If you saw a world war, I think the spike in food and energy prices would cause at least 40-50% of the world’s population to die (and that’s me being generous). Water resources could become scarce too. The strain on natural resources and the environment is too much for the world’s population to keep growing at this rate. If the trend keeps up, something will give.

    1. I read somewhere that the world is going to stabilize at 10 billion.
      But yes, you are correct about the effect of inequality. If women marry up, and they are getting the jobs in the only industries growing (service, etc), and they also get degrees over degrees, there are not going to be enough men that they feel attracted to.
      I would like to compare a place like Sweden (more equal) to the US (more unequal) to see if relationships are different there.

      1. I agree. We’re in the middle of a massive change in the social, political, and economic systems of the world. One of the biggest problems is that the fertility rates in the rich countries have fallen and poor people procreate like crazy while living at subsistence. This just exacerbates the underlying worldwide inequality down the road. Inequality MUST be reduced and we must learn to live in a sustainable manner. We’ve got a problem where the middle classes have effectively been enslaved to the very wealthy via debt. The environmental issues will also create major problems (and already are).

    2. A large part of the problem is meat production which in itself is unsubsainable and destructive on the environment! Regardless, women of today in the western nations think they can live a life of indulgence and still be attractive? What a joke, the first thing a woman does when she breaks up with her boyfriend is, drink, get fat then hits the gym to get in shape to find a partner!
      Men have become to soft these days in telling a woman she is fat because it’s ‘impolite to say otherwise’ what a fucking disgrace, I would be gunned down if i said other ways and told I was a jerk! The white knight brotherhood would mow me down for telling th truth.
      The truth is that women these days are entitled to think that we should think like they do and accept the maxim ‘why can’t you take me for who I am shit’ as if men judge women purely on character without looks!

      1. I’ve turned down many fat chicks. It starts polite, but they’re insistent since they’re “empowered”, and eventually I end up telling them that I do not prefer overweight women. They shrill and scream, but I generally smile, get up, order a scotch and find someplace else to be while they’re ranting. Who cares if they’re upset? Their opinions will matter to me when *they* matter to me, and they will *not* matter to me if they think they can be uncontrollable fat cows. Who cares about the white knights and shaming anyway? Screw that.

        1. Real talk! My girlfriend got chubby and wouldn’t take the hints that I was unhappy with her weight! She got the hint and made a half attempt at it, whilst rubbing her indulgence in my face!
          Guess what? I told her it was over in a month if she didn’t lose the weight because she was no longer attractive and that it was disgusting! Low and behold she’s in the gym everyday, trains everyday and watches what she eats! Whats more is she finds me more attractive cause I told her what was what! After a month she’s lost a considerable amount of weight and is on her way to having a pornstar body!
          Ghostofjefferson, your right my friend, fuck the white knights, women need a real wake up call!

        2. Right on. Many guys, even red pill guys, forget that women want men to direct them and lead. You’re not leading if you’re refusing to set your standards and hold to them.
          Good for you and the example you set for your woman, you deserve that tight body she’s working towards more than any white knight could ever think to earn.

      2. For me personally, I’ve called bitches fat all the time. There was one time where some fat chick working at McDonalds (this was a few years ago) was being a bitch when she handed my food. My response, “alright big girl”. If a girl’s a bitch, I’ll fucking say it. Fuck political correctness. I’m about the least politically correct person you’ll meet. I don’t know why you’re saying all that stuff because the people I choose to hang around aren’t like that. Now, are there places you can’t say shit like that? Of course. You can’t go to work and call some 40 year old woman a fat bitch, but that doesn’t mean anything. There’s a reason why we have the freedom of speech. If you feel trapped by the “culture”, I don’t know what to tell you. I don’t have any of those problems by the way (I’m in my early-to-mid 20s).

        1. Excellent response, I agree completely. The trappings of PC are in our own minds, and nowhere else (outside of work, where there are penalties, damn the eyes of white knights).
          Out in real life, stand tall, speak truth, fear nothing

      3. What a joke, the first thing a woman does when she breaks up with her boyfriend is, drink, get fat then hits the gym to get in shape to find a partner!
        Heh heh. I worked at a place that makes electronics for a few years after college. The people who actually did the assembly were all women, and they were all pretty hefty. Occasionally one of them would slim down and start paying attention to her appearance. That’s how you knew she’d recently been divorced.

    1. “Medical Standards” that are based on statistical relative risk factors without a known causal mechanism can be worse than useless; they can actually cause harm.
      Medical standards are about disease and dysfunction of an individual. ” Group Health Care” is about herd management.

      1. Okay, a person who is at rjat height and weight is statistically more likely to suffer from illness related to their frailty (ie osteoporosis).

        1. So test them for it. If they have osteoporosis then their risk factor is 1. If they do not, then it is 0. Measurement trumps guess work.
          Adding 2 lbs. of hair and/or 5 lbs. of fat to “make weight” wouldn’t change the actual risks to an individual.
          Improper use of statistical methods in medicine is the new plague.

        2. Probability is the peculiar science of quantifying the unknowable. It’s a betting aid.
          Once known, it has no application, and it is always better to know.
          The value of a medical risk factor is gaining some idea of what it might be wise to test for, and thus know.
          I have a die. How do I know if it is fair?
          I have a pair of dice and know that one of them is fair. What is the risk that the other one isn’t?
          I have 1000 dice. I know that 999 of them are fair. What is the risk that the last one isn’t?

        3. You are replying to a woman who is very apparently trying to rationalize her own obesity. Come on, bro.
          World class athlete and smokeshow Maria fucking Sharpova has a BMI of 17.5. According to Ms. Muffintop McLardass, a BMI of 17 is anorexic!

        4. That’s not true, you’re ignoring the fact that conditions DEVELOP as a result of previous events.
          You might not have osteoporosis now, but you have an increased RISK of getting it. Testing would come back with a negative, but that doesn’t change the fact that you’re at a higher risk of obtaining it.
          My favorite way to explain the fallacy you’re stuck in is with Russian Roulette. Playing Russian Roulette increases your risk of getting shot in the head. Yes, by pulling the trigger you can quickly determine whether or not you’re dead from playing, but not dying at that moment doesn’t change the fact that if you continue to play the game you’re eventually going to have your head blown off.
          Thus, risk analysis has more uses than to plan verification. Ever heard of preventive care? If a girl is too skinny, we can give her food until she’s at a normal weight and reduce her future risk of osteoporosis. If a girl is too fat, we can have her run until she reduces her risk of getting Type 2 diabetes. These are just obvious examples.

        5. “You might not have osteoporosis now, but you have an increased RISK of getting it.”
          The published risk factor is only valid under the conditions of the statistical data collection. In this case all that is know is BMI (which knowledge isn’t worth much to begin with).
          With every measurement of an individual patient, the risk factor changes, sometimes quite dramatically, because the number of known facts has changed.
          One relevant measurement would be their back squat.
          Another would be how long they have been underweight.
          What is the risk factor for a weight class power lifter who has maintained a BMI of 17 for 10 years, squats 450 and who has no signs of osteoporosis?
          What is the relative risk factor, and compared to whom?
          Someone hands you a Ruger Blackhawk, and says “Play.”
          What is your risk factor? What is your risk factor after you have pulled the trigger once? Six times?

        6. I completely understand, but you’re arguing a moot point.
          Yes, we can’t quantify an individual’s risk. That’s why we use population statistics. I agree that on an individual level you cannot quantify someone’s risk, you can only say they are at a higher risk by being part of ____ population. That population, assuming sufficient sample size, is going to have a heterogenous mix of people with varying other risk factors that cancel out. The common factor will either be, for example, “is obese” or “isn’t obese”. That’s why we have p-values, so we can score relative risk and then figure out just how confident we are that there is a real difference.
          So, to end this discussion, would you say that we can accurately tell a patient with obesity that they are at a higher risk of acquiring type 2 diabetes, without defining this by saying “you personally have ____ percent increased risk of acquiring type 2 diabetes”? I think it’s fair to qualitatively state something if you’ve quantitatively determined that it has a very high probability of being true.

        7. “would you say that we can accurately tell a patient with obesity that . . . “you personally have ____ percent increased risk of
          acquiring type 2 diabetes”?”
          No. I can only say, within a certain degree of precision, how many patients out of 10,000 with that degree of obesity will develop diabetes.
          My questions were not rhetorical in the colloquial sense. They were Socratic.
          That is to say, I actually intended them to be answered.

        8. Either you’re being intentionally obtuse or you lack the necessary reading comprehension to understand that you replied to my question by mashing together two parts of my post to make it seem as if I was asking a question that I wasn’t asking.
          I’m going to guess the former, considering you seem to have some mastery of English. In this case, fuck you, I’m done playing.
          Otherwise, read over my post again and you’ll figure out what I was actually asking.
          And in response to your previous question, you are perfectly capable of figuring out extremely basic statistics without me spoon-feeding them to you.

        9. When did I say anything about feeding them sugar cubes? What the fuck are you talking about?

        10. “What the fuck are you talking about?”
          The relevance of weight (and by extension BMI) to risk. Is it reasonable to take it from granted that the risk of osteoporosis has been reduced by making a person a few lbs. fatter? Just because the probabilities work out doesn’t imply the effect is real.
          One must still take a diagnostic approach to determine that.
          . . .you are perfectly capable of figuring out extremely basic statistics . . .
          I asked the question because I already know the answer, but I don’t know if you do until you answer it.
          You may think I’m just being an asshole, and that’s all right. Ten years from now I might be saving your life, or the life of someone else who reads this and works it out.

      1. It’s a BMI of 17. Just do a search on “underweight risk factors” and you’ll be able to read for hours.
        Note that the risk factor of prime interest is total mortality; which could be due to car accident, which is not a medical condition, it’s a mortuary condition, even though physical frailty might have well played the critical role.
        Now surviving a car accident injury would be a true medical condition.
        Similar to needing a bullet removed being a medical condition, but being at high risk of being shot is not. It’s a defensive condition.

        1. You’re making the mistake of using a population statistic to describe an individual person, the same mistake as the OP of this thread. This is the problem with using BMI. Body fat percentage is far more important when looking at an individual.

        2. I’m explaining his point, not mine. Most of the time I don’t even bother with body weight at all, never mind BMI.
          For my purposes eyeballing a person is more than precise enough. I’ll occasionally recommend a trip to the Bod Pod, but that’s for someone who needs the numbers in order to be able to see what I see.

      2. A woman with that bmi would be very frail. Most studies have found that men like women at a BMI of 18-21. So health aside, who even wants a woman who is below the threshold for REAL anorexia?

        1. This is not a source. Also, BMI is a population statistic. Maybe her body fat percentage would be fine? I’ve met Asian girls at 5’4” and ~100 pounds that have some curves. Sure, you’re not talking pornstar curves here, but some people like skinny chicks.
          It’s right near the threshold for anorexia anyway, 17.2 as compared to 17.5.

    2. 99 lbs at 5’4″ yields a BMI of 17.0 which would place a subject in the underweight category.

  21. A couple of girls that live in my nephews block of apartments explained that most men are low value and they’d rather eat, drink, enjoy their lives, study, work, travel, save, own pets than settle with what’s out there. They’d rather be fat and alone than settle. That’s how they have justified from going from fit to fat. Sure there are plenty douches of both sexes, but to completely give up???. They are only in their mid 20’s. That could explain why the fat chick movement is on the rise…

    1. It’s a vicious circle, but the women are more at fault here as they’re supposed to be the passive sex. If they weren’t actively uglifying themselves, it might put a stop to it.

      1. hahaha … how stupid can men get. Hmmmm … are blacks still slaves? (BTW if you are black I am not against you and am very happy you have freedom) The stupid male mentality is that because things used to be so they should now still be so. Well there is evolution that most males buy into. Did the slaves evolve? Frankly not, slaves were slaves because they were forced to and they were beat if they chose to try and run from it. Maybe the male understanding of women and their traits is nothing more than what worked then versus what works now. Women are people, no person likes to be kicked around and told what to do. The past women took it to keep a roof over her head and food in her mouth and her childs. Men seem to have become more rotten and evil and you just can’t trust them hence the woman’s movement for her to take care of herself, which women are doing. You can’t be all that passive and take care of yourself now can you? And, just as a bit of enlightenment … my mother and her generation of women were actually stronger and more faithful then the men of their generation, they used skills (what you believe to be passive) as a way of managing the family and making the man “think” he was in charge because they didn’t work and to survive then needed him to work/paycheck. Fast forward to now and we don’t need to make men “think” anything because we don’t need your paycheck. Yes, yes, yes the divorce thing and your poor paycheck … that delusional male thinking and whine on that topic is for another article/blog. Just as the blacks didn’t enjoy slavery it is just the role they had to play at the time to survive, is it possible that women aren’t as passive and what you believe them to be per your baked up fantasy world? The summary of this rant is this women did what they had to do in the past to survive … the world has become more wicked and evil and women have made changes to better take care of themselves in this world they find themselves part of so you may have to relearn what you believe women to be as it is historic and outdated.

    2. I also think it’s due to men dating all these feminists women and in the end, they give up on women and stay single. We all know also that divorce is very common compare to non existence 50 years where women get our kids that we can’t see unless under her terms as well as paying child support for the next 18 years of our life as ruled by the family court.

  22. Great article. Even in the animal kingdom, if you remove the motivation, standards drop like a stone.
    I think one of the biggest causes of this epidemic has been that women now eat like men. Go back prior to the 1960s and you’ll see that a male and female dinner plate were often unrecognizable from each other.

    1. True, its looked down on if a woman can cook due to another dysfunctional feminists belief “women shouldn’t be in the kitchen ever!!!” Allot of women can’t cook today, I always say if they express they can’t cook “so how u going to feed your children everyday, Maccas???” it hits them hard cause women don’t want unhealthy children and most women are feminists today so it puzzles them!
      This whole men cooking dinner on a date makes me sick! Soon as a man does this, he is giving the balls to her in the relationship. Women are naturally program to help men. Don’t ever be afraid to tell your woman, im hungry can u cook something up! The best woman are the ones that u never have to tell her in the first place. They automatically clean your place up if dirty and want to do your laundry. These woman u marry where the only bad thing is they are on the dangerous species list!

      1. I will never clean up after a male again … frankly the American male entitled attitude that hit this country in the 70s blew it to shit. There isn’t any fixing that and I sure in the hell am not going to let a man put his self righteous arrogant lazy foot on my head. I have more talent, common sense, relationship skills, work ethic, moral ethic then the vast majority of men I know my age. The only men I respect are the older generation but frankly they are saggy and old and I am not interested in them as a romantic interest but they have more value then any man I know under the age of 65. Those WWII vets are so much better than the pukes that have followed.

  23. A few more articles along this line, while we’re at it:
    Also, anybody else notice how there have been anti-government protests recently in Ukraine, Venezuela, and Thailand, but nobody even bothers in the English-speaking world (Ireland, for example), despite similar “democratic” government mismanagement of the economy and lack of jobs for young men?
    Hint: what are the women like in Ukraine, Venezuela, and Thailand, compared to the English-speaking world?

    1. Venezuela: the protests are of right-wing middle and upper class against a Government voted by the low class. Is pure class warfare.
      Thailand: basket-case. I don´t know enough about this, but Thailand is far from being a democracy. I think every Thai government has been supremely corrupted since the King lost absolute power. In fact the King and Queen seem to be really nice. Maybe Thailand should go back to absolutism, who knows.
      Ukraine: Europe and the US versus Russia, 21st Century version.

    2. It may have something to do with the fact that the men in those countries simply aren’t neutered…. Masculine men tend to put their women in their place, hence the more pleasing and feminine disposition of the fairer sex in those particular countries.

  24. On public broadcast the other day there were some fat lingerie models trying to profess all body’s are beautiful. Wish I could’ve been there to laugh in her face and tell her, ‘STFU you self entitled, over weight, lazy, useless, fast food engulfing, blob’.

  25. All these erection problems wouldn’t exist if women were so FAT these days. Men have to take drugs to get turn on towards their fat wives!

    1. Geez, I dont even think drugs could help me get it up for a fatty. Might need to inject it right into my dick.

    2. Per the men are fat and have developed ill health, like diabetes, heart disease or are alcoholics. All these can lead ugly man developing sexual dysfunction. . Like erection problems.

    3. Lol, I never had ED, I’m only 39, but I can see that. Those commercials have gotten funny. I like the ones with the obviously hot 40ish year old women. I bet if most guys 50+ had those women, they woudn’t need a pill. My friends older brother needs pills for his 250lb wife, but sure doesn’t need them at the strip club, hmmm.

  26. I grew up in the 1970s. There simply weren’t that many fatties. It just didn’t exist like it does now.
    Yeah a few people who were fat, they were teased but simply accepted as the token fat person. Older mothers would get “matronly” but never obese.
    it really has changed so dramatically. I can’t quite figure out why. We had plenty of soda pop and crap food then too.

    1. In the 1975 high fructose corn syrup replaced traditional sweeteners since it is cheaper to produce. It is used in the majority of the typical American diet in increasing amounts. Max Power above posted a great lecture “Sugar:the bitter truth” above, well worth the watch if you want more information one it.

      1. True and no denying it, however, picking up vegetables and fresh meat from the grocers, I can’t help but notice none of them have an ounce of sugar in them. Fat is still a choice.

        1. Two pounds of broccoli does. Pound and a quarter of carrots. Not including sugars that are called something else ( but don’t include fructose).
          2000 calories of broccoli – 6 ounces of sugar.

        2. I meant added sugar, as in supplemented with it. Eating a fruit or vegetable raw is fine. Eating processed sugars, or worse, HFCS, is awful.

        3. There’s no need to be pedantic. I was making a difference between “dose” clearly. If you add a bunch of crap to food, that’s different than finding trace amounts in the food occurring naturally. If you need to belabor the point, that’s your call. I stand by my words.
          Good day.

        4. In the sense that I take you to mean that nobody ever died from eating too much sugar either.
          On the other hand, if you tried to eat your daily caloric requirement in nothing but raw broccoli, you would quite likely end up in such painful distress that you at least consider an ER visit to deal with it.
          The subject, however, is not broccoli; it is sugar – sucrose.
          In that mound of broccoli above you would consume a good half pound of sucrose ( plus nearly twice as much other sugars, principally glucose).
          Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to discover and report to me why:
          The half pound of sugar in the broccoli isn’t metabolically sugar and thus doesn’t count, but extracted from it and sprinkled on top, it is.
          Without invoking magic.

    2. It seems like it has become more acceptable to substitute frozen dinners or fast food for healthy (or moderately healthy) home-cooked meals.
      Frequently my coworkers eat reheated frozen dinners for lunch, full of preservatives and other poor ingredients.
      I was formerly guilty of taking the easy way out and driving by McDonald’s for dinner as I was simply too lazy to cook at home.
      How many people sit down together and have a good, fresh meal with vegetables anymore?

      1. Women are told how being a good mother and wife is “backwards” and “oppressive”.
        Many can’t cook for shit today and aren’t ashamed of it.

        1. Not only are they shameless, but many brag about their inability to care for themselves and their future children.
          It’s creepy.
          (Creepy. I love calling ’em creepy. Guaranteed immediate ape shit meltdown.)

  27. “The rest are likely to go unmarried or to marry men incapable of earning a living.”
    Yes, my cousin will no longer work, or even try, after a 19 year marriage filled with deadline end jobs and bi-annually bouts of unemployment. His *huge* wife can’t take it anymore and asked him to leave. (no kids, but this was likely medically not possible with such a hugely obese woman.)

  28. “Men have litte motivation to keep fit because women get fat and there are less attractive women on the market!”… I don’t know about you but I do sports because I like being fit and it is fun…. but maybe that is because I am german XD

    1. I hit the gym as well, but being American (of recent Scottish and English descent) I do it because of your reasons PLUS it makes me stand out as a huge beacon in the crowd of fatties. Throw in financially successful, tall and being compared to in looks to famous movie stars nearly weekly and, well, there you go. The bounty goes to the attractive and successful.

      1. Good comment.
        It’s awesome to get compliments and have people think you’re younger than you really are as a result of being fit, isn’t it?

        1. It is fantastic. I’m 46 and constantly get hit on, as in approached first and openly, by mid 20 something women; and very fit, attractive ones at that. Good build/fit, clear indicators of wealth, a bad boy aura, a commanding presence in whatever room you stand and a position of assumed authority in any crowd and the HB8+ women cannot line up fast enough to beg to submit to you.
          In the world of the blind the one eyed man is king, truly, but the fully sighted man is a demigod. Word to the wise lads, get fit, get successful,/get confident, get pussy…in that order.

    2. Agreed, we should all be exercising for our own personal growth and health, not to please anyone.

    3. hahahaha – I am glad you, as a man, pointed out how utterly stupid the American male has become and totally always trying to blame their lack of drive and focus on women. Darwin had his penis envy theory which frankly was truly stupid but we all had to study such bad thinking cause it was history. Maybe we need a new theory called men are envious of woman’s tits and body as they spend hours upon hours upon hours of thinking about them (seems like envy to me) and seem to be the reason why American men are so fucked up. hahahaha whaaaaaaaaaaa goes the American man. Do you know why America is becoming last and is no longer a super power … it’s the woman’s fault. hahahahahaha

      1. I have been around the world to about 23 countries and ,America and English are some of the fattest people.Asians and Indonesia are the slim ones..maybe I need to

  29. “You are in the land of the fat, where the one thin girl is queen.”
    That’s why street smart girls hit the gym, even the “intellectual” ones.

  30. Why would I share my hard earned money with a woman that does not give me a hard on?
    Fat women will never get anything paid for by me, except for by force, which is what the government does.

    1. I am with you 99% of the way. There are a few things I would voluntarily pay fat women to do. One thing I have always wanted to see is what would happen if 20 fat bitches got dosed up on laxatives, barged onto the set of The View and just totally coated the cunts who present it in shit.

  31. Sugar, specifically the fructose present in sugar, is the primary culprit of the obesity epidemic. This doctor proves it:

    Cutting the sugar will lead to weight loss. I’ve lost 11lbs in six weeks.

    1. It is possible to avoid high fructose corn syrup, quite easily. People make the choice not to care, so they essentially make the choice to be fat. I excuse no fatty for her/his laziness.

      1. Bingo. I see people consume sodas all day long. We have a soda machine in my kitchen at work for free drinks. People just don’t put thought into avoid those things and aren’t motivated to change.

      2. Avoiding it completely is much more difficult than one might think, but this doesn’t take away from your point on people making a choice to stay heavy. I made a choice to change last summer and have kept off 25lbs.

  32. Fat women is part of the whole porn problem too. Most men would prefer a bottle of lotion and a porn membership to these american cows with entitlement attitudes. Especially when the financial outlay is looked at. Plus, no one can shame guys for the porn they watch because no one can see it. Humongous miss piggy is a little harder to hide from your friends.

    1. I agree, the patient looks normal. The problem in her case is, that she only looks like this because she has been force fed through a tube for the last years, otherwise she would look like a walking skeleton…

  33. Thanks for finally dropping a few reference numbers. I’ve been following the whole fat shaming articles with interest, since right now I feel somewhat chubby. Seeing that I am in a pretty acceptable field (5’3” and about 125 pounds) even from the author’s viewpoint gives me some peace of mind. I’d really be interested in some kind of photo references. The extremes are obvious, but the “grey zones” can be a bit difficult. Where is your line between “not thin” and “not thin enough”? (Knowing that it is also a matter of personal taste!)
    The last sentence in the article, however, is not true. The slender woman in the café full of fat ones is not queen, but the immediate focus of negative attention by the other women. No matter if the slender one eats ice cream or salad, no matter if she’s carrying her sports bag or a toddler. She’s the immediate, universal, unpardonable enemy, simply for being what the fat ones aren’t. The fat ones will therefore do anything in their power to drive any man away from that woman. Believe me…

  34. I will add something else. When a woman becomes fat she removes herself from the pool of desirable women. As such, the demand for desirable women increases, thus increases the “power” of a desirable woman to choose her mate. This increases the amount of “game” a man needs in order to compete with the other men trying to get her attention. This can either be motivating to some (increase not just personal appearance but education, career prospects etc.) or demoralizing to others.

    1. True, but looking at the typical male specimen who is usually also ballooning AND lacks any ambition or desire to do anything but lay on the couch, an active, fit man with ambition and a plan in life is the gold standard which those still hard body 8+’s aspire to obtain.

  35. Unconsciously, I have found that something that really turns me off a woman is her appetite at dinner. She could be just on the right side of over-weight but if I see her putting it away at mealtime a line goes through her name.

  36. Great article. So true. Same obesity rates in Australia, or close enough. We’ve inherited the worst selection of women in human history.

    1. Women are on the verge of judging men exactly as men are judging them … men are not going to like the outcome. Women can support themselves and dealing with an ugly man (personality as well as appearance wise) is not something they are going to want to sign up for.

  37. “If a woman is fat, nothing can compensate for the problem…”
    hahahaha… never a truer word spoken… although anal, deep throat and threesomes can help…. the social stigma of stepping out with a fattie needs no further mention.

    1. What self respecting, self made man would want any kind of sexual contact with a landwhale? I don’t care if she can suck start a Harley and gives up anal on command, if she’s a bloated fem-hog she doesn’t stand a chance at touching me sexually.

    2. I’m sorry, but a threesome with a fat chick would ruin it for me. I’d rather just bang the attractive woman one-on-one than have a threesome (or anything) involved with a fatty.
      Now, if it’s a somewhat chubby (not bloated land whale) chick rated at say a 5, I’d take her as part of a threesome deal, but 6 is as low as I go one-on-one. Of course that means that as a Black man with yellow fever I don’t get laid often, but while 0 sucks, 0 > negative numbers and I count sex with unattractive women and other “shit I don’t like” for lack of a better term as negative sex.

  38. ” No level of other attributes can overcome unattractiveness in a woman.”
    The summarizes rational thought very well. TRUTH

  39. Just read this article…I feel so lucky to be born 5’11 and good looking, way ahead of the competition and did not have to try very hard.
    Don’t worry, I’m doing my part and shaming fat women who hit on me with “only slim feminine women get the honour of hitting on me” or “back of the line fatty, I only date women who take care of their weight”. I know it is harsh, but bitches need a reality check, and there is no better reality check than a genetically superior alpha telling them off if they try to make moves on me…and trust me, there are quite a few.
    I do wonder what exactly a short man who is say 5’1-5’5 to do if he is average looking to get hot girls apart from becoming famous. I have my unsuccessful friends and they are better than me in terms of money, dress, style, socially and yet I still pull hot babes because of my height + looks. Starting to think short men are mother nature’s way of say you guys were doomed form the start.
    I feel quite blessed and greatful knowing a warehouse store hand like me can bang the a rich guy’s hot model wife with moderate game.

    1. I hear that game, confidence and a full bull-in-charge attitude helps. Look at that runt Putin, man owns half the world and I guarantee you I could use pick him up and throw him across the room much akin to dwarf tossing. Point being, he’s got it down to a fuggin’ science. Emulate that, shorter men, albeit without taking over a continent (if it can be avoided).
      5’11” is short to me, heh, so I figure you can help the short guys more than I can.

      1. 5’11 is taller than most girls I have met except in clubs cause of heel so I wear boots when hitting the clubs so I go up to a little bit above 6’1. That coupled with looks gets me results every night. But I still approach, I’m not saying they just walk up to me.
        Yeah but Putin has the fame and the power…take that away…and he will struggle with hot women. No short man could get laid with hotties easily without fame/power.
        Although, I must give Putin props for his GF. Some flexible Russian gymnast … must be some real wild sex in bed.

        1. I was just giving you a hard time, 5’11” is respectable. I’m 6’3″ flat footed, and in my motorcycle boots I’m 6’4″.
          The point with Putin though was that he was NOT handed all of that fame and power. Look at his early years photos when he was a nobody, the man still had that steel, deathly look in his eyes, even being towered over by his superior officers/NCO’s. Study how he overcame obstacles in life, go with that. As you mention, his GF is uber hot, especially for a guy his age, so that tells us what you can achieve if you put your willpower and intelligence to the task.
          I dislike the runt and his leftism, btw, but I respect what he’s done and his position in life, despite his handicap of being little taller than a semi-respectable dwarf. Man has his attitude and confidence down tight and always has, hence success.

        2. Even if he wasn’t handed power, dude had to work damn hard for it to finally get a taste of pussy. He was born a mentally strong person on the inside, which I believe is also inherited.
          Guys like you and me, we just need financial stability and to never get married. We have no problems with women.
          There are no obstacles in life except for getting a stable job. We don’t need fame, we have genetics and moderate game to get hot vag.

        3. I already tried my best to help out shorties I have some friends between 5’1-5’5, my bestie from back from high school is a bit taller than 5’1. Dude still has no been laid by a chick that was not a hooker. He dresses better than me, talks better than me, good white coller job.
          I was told that I should tell him to save up for South East Asia and go for Asian women, but he can’t get hard for Asians, so not he goes for Latinas.
          I think it is truly hard for us taller men to help out shorties because we do not experience what they go through in regards to dating and the mental state they need to over come genetic factor like height .

        4. “stable job” + “never get married” = life of a sheep.You may be a black sheep in a sea of white sheep but a wolf you are not.
          As long as you have a job, you will never be free.
          Given the choice between “having a job” and “marriage”, the later is less of a bondage.

  40. I really appreciate all the commentary. It improves my article greatly to have it accompanied by other men’s opinions and experiences.

    1. It’s a fantastic article and a great point to be made. Please keep writing for the site, man.

  41. My main suspects:
    1) Women started going to college in droves, where they lapsed into poor eating habits.
    2) Thanks in part to the college experience, women became hard-chugging boozehounds. Remember when the man would drink a beer or something harder and the dainty woman would order a sherry? Me neither.
    3) The rise of Starbucks: the calories from all those fancy, sugary lattes have to go somewhere.
    4) The ubiquity of cheap fast food.
    When Caroline Kennedy put on a lot of weight as a chubby teenager in the early 1970s, her ever lithely mother bluntly told her that no man (of quality) would ever want to marry her–famous surname or not. On her wedding day two decades later, she was skinny as a rail.

  42. The US government has been subsidizing corn production for a while now. Most countries don’t do this. Because of this it’s less expensive to use corn syrup and it is to use sugar. Not saying that cane sugar aint bad for ya, but high fructose corn syrup fucks with your body more. They put corn syrup in all kinds of shit. Things you wouldn’t even think of like hot dog buns and sushi can have it. The obesity and diabetes rates skyrocketed since corn syrup came out. Combine that with all the propaganda for low-fat high-carb lifestyles and Monsanto’s GMO empire, you see why we are where we are.
    I went full-retard in college during my senior year. Lots of beer drinkin and eating shitty food. At the beginning of freshman year I was 190 pounds. At the end of senior year I topped out at 240. All it took was 4 months of calorie restriction, intermittent fasting, and a very low carb diet 6 days a week and I was back at 190 by September. Amazing what happens when you eat food not loaded down with all kinds of chemicals, preservatives, and corn syrup. Fuck corn syrup.

    1. You’ve demonstrated correlation but not causation. Perhaps obesity and diabetes rates skyrocketed because cheaper sugar means cheaper food, meaning larger portions and more eating. Also, people tend to eat McDonald’s and other horrifically unhealthy food more.
      High-fructose corn syrup acts identically, in a biochemical sense, to regular glucose/fructose cane sugar. You’re just consuming more of it.
      GMO foods are the latest health scare but there’s no reason yet found that this is the case. It’s just a bunch of nutters who don’t understand what genetics are freaking out over nothing.

  43. It is so blindingly simple for women. Just stay thin. Stay thin. How many women who are thin would be considered ugly? Not many. It is sad in America that finding a girl who is thin is becoming a rarity.
    I love how feminism thinks you can fat-shame your way to acceptance as if this will ever change human nature. Men are attracted to thin women. You can’t legislate fat acceptance anymore than you can make people enjoy a flank steak as much as a filet mignon.

    1. Agreed. Any thin woman can snag a decent guy. If that woman is thin with a cheerful disposition, she can do even better.
      The problem with rising obesity in women is that is lowers the bar for all women. As a result, even normally thin women slack on their appearance. Gaining 10 pounds is no longer a big deal compared to all the obese women who are over 100 pounds overweight. So a normal woman is not motivated to lose those 10 pounds. This happens enough to where it becomes the new normal.
      God I hate fat people. Especially the ones who are middle class and above. These are people who have just given up even though they have a good reason to be fit. I can’t be too mad at poor fat people. They’re just fucked.

      1. Except you can blame poor people. Eating less means you WILL lose weight. Exercise is super important in what weight is lost or gained, and you do burn some calories doing it (in addition to extra calories burned due to increased basal metabolism from larger muscles) but eating less calories than your body requires means you WILL lose weight, and eating more calories than your body requires means you WILL gain weight.

        1. Pool people eat shitty food to dull the pain of being poor. The food is like a drug to them, and they constantly crave more. Unfortunately a lot of that food is government subsidized.

        2. I agree that poor people make poor choices. That doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be mad at them, considering I have to subsidize their fat through increased medical insurance costs.

        3. Cheap food is usually the worst. Alot cheaper to buy ramen noodles and hot dogs. Those who get government food cards should do better, they get a lot of money in many states because they encourage you to buy good foods. Most still buy the ramen noodles and sell the rest, or they have T-bones and crab for dinner 2-3 times a week.

      2. It is amazing how stupid men can be. Uhhhhh … who gives a shit how many men I can bang because I am fit. How many abortions should such a women have? What brought about the need for birth control and abortions if all the fit and thin women of the 70s were getting men? The American male is such a dummied down dog, is it possible to even try and help it to “understand” why things are as they are?

        1. It’s not about banging a large number of men. It’s about finding the one quality guy who is smart, successful, and well-adjusted and can provide a wonderful life These men only go for thinner women.
          Once a woman gets fat, she has to settle for a low-quality man, and this leads to an overall shitty life.

        2. So …. once a guy loses his ability to provide a great life then he is no longer fit to have a quality woman is how one would read this … conditional love. Think of how many Dad’s are coming back from war with missing legs and head issues … sucks to be loved in American doesn’t it 🙂 Get fat no one loves you, lose a leg no one loves you, heaven sakes don’t get injured as you might no longer be a trophy … love is conditional. I don’t believe in love in America. Easy come easy go … don’t get your head or your heart attached because love will come and go … same with marriage it is all contingent on many things … some in your control, some outside your control … screw loyalty. By the way … this is why women provide for themselves, there is no loyalty … you’d better be ready to take care of yourself because your spouse might throw you off the out of love wagon and you will get run over. And, the out of love wagon … it can be many things … thinness/getting fat is only one of them. Look at Sandra Bullock … that woman rocks and her man Jesse was out humping dogs. Let’s see, is this more of an attraction thing or a love thing? Loyalty to the head down yonder so who truly cares if a man lusts after you as a thin woman or not? Love is rare and that is why women work and take care of themselves. Who gives to craps about the feminist movement, women need to be able to take care of themselves … fat or thin because it truly makes no difference. The only difference is you might have more of a selection, that is if you want something semi-permanent. I can date and bang every night of the week … I just haven’t found that wonderful man yet that has those ultra redeeming qualities. And, I have dated a man that was constantly on my back about what I was eating for fear I would get fat on him … talk about misery, I was happy to move on. I also have dated fat men that have to be reminded they are fat because they have some kind of manology about what constitutes a man being fat and ugly … they seem to think money can make up for all kinds of ugly, ugly flaws (the biggest being their personality and way of thinking). What is that lyric … money can’t buy love?!

        3. If a man isn’t bringing in money, he is worthless in a relationship. A broke man is like a fat woman — a complete failure in the mating marketplace. Sure, both can probably obtain sex, but no one anyone of quality will want to be with them. They are doomed to low quality partners and shitty lives.
          Sandra Bullock was too old and mature for a rich celeb like Jesse. Don’t try to extract lessons from people of extreme wealth and fame. They operate by different rules.

        4. Just exactly where do you think we get our ideas on happiness? And, our images of beauty? We are more a product of Hollywood then we are of just about anything else.

        5. These men are so entitled, I have never come across such rudeness. America must be full of uncouth type men. Now I believe the FBI crime files. I was misguided, I thought American men were gentleman.

        6. “If a man isn’t bringing in money, he is worthless in a relationship. A broke man is like a fat woman”
          I make that same comparison all the time. Women who aren’t comfortable usually have a problem with it. Sexy women usually wholesale agree. Funny how perspective drives emotions and opinions.

  44. so true, many 20yr old guys have zero ambition,
    this video game obsession is pathetic, wasting precious time,
    anytime I meet someone who talks about video games,my first thought is “loser” (walk into any gaming store for proof)
    when they could be doing anything else to improve themselves,
    the older i get I realize the deep unavoidable, importance of self-improvement
    self-educate/ read,work out, pursue a passion/hobby to improve themselves,
    lets face its a lazy, going nowhere ,slob life choice
    another topic:
    read Napolean Hill, he stated many decades ago, the energy wasted on chasing women should be directed toward improving your own situation, so they will chase you!
    and one more topic,
    fat women are lazy, pathetic, low-self esteem individuals, its self-evident, they make the easy choice, to do nothing about their lives to improve it,
    wow, this sounds very negative, but true, truth hurts

    1. I am not sure you have noticed Mark but most women are going to college and are on track for doing self improvement.
      It is the dudes that seem to always have an excuse why they can’t/won’t. Laziness and lack of self control and discipline and making other accountable for our “lack of” is unattractive and pathetic.
      Both genders need to get real about what is destroying them and each other. Will we? No, it is easier to point the finger elsewhere. The best one can do is to make the changes in oneself and leave the others to rot in their delusion … don’t get connected to a delusional person as it will destroy you and pull you under, they will bring you to their level.
      Obesity is a problem in both men and women in America. If you are outside of the normal BMI weight you are fat … don’t be delusional and think you aren’t fat but everyone else is … common American male thinking at this point in time. Just because you can find someone fatter than you doesn’t make you skinny. If you aren’t spending time and money on your appearance and personality, you aren’t a 10, fix it, you don’t get a pass just because you have a penis, that is entitlement and entitlement is an ugly personality trait that grates on everyone’s nerves and get’s you the delusional crown. But frankly, I don’t care if you are fat and ugly but don’t whine that you can’t get a hot chick and the only ones you can get to notice you are fat and ugly ones which there seems to be an over abundance of. There is an over abundance of ugly people, both appearance and personality wise.

  45. practical advice to keep your girlfriend in shape, from a formally slim woman who gained 20 pounds in a relationship and then lost it again. This worked on me. Although it might not all be completely PC, or apply in all cases.
    Prior to relationship
    a) go out with someone who is already thin. It’s not realistic to expect someone to change themselves to suit you if you were happy to begin a relationship when she was already overweight.
    b) be (slightly) out of her league. If she is (slightly) concerned that you could jump ship at will, she will make more effort
    After she gained weight
    1. Look at yourself. If you have also gained 20 pounds it would be a bit unfair to expect that she is the one who needs to get in shape. If you have fix yourself first, perhaps encourage her to do it with you. However, if you have maintained your attractiveness, it is reasonable to ask that she does the same.
    2. Don’t be hurtful. A thin person who gains weight knows they are no longer as attractive. You don’t need to make them feel bad about it to encourage a change, and being unhappy is a reason people eat. For myself, it was snacking while studying that did it. The fact he stayed after I changed physically made me realise that if I gained pregnacy weight, or was because I was ill, he wouldn’t jump ship. This is reassuring, and made me think perhaps given that he cares enough to put up with a drop in attractiveness, he is worth making an effort to stay attractive for.
    3. Don’t be too nice either. Never underestimate the power of the ‘pudge-poke’ on a womans ego. Don’t say ‘I find you attractive no matter what you look like’ if it’s not true. You can let her know you prefer thin woman without causing too much upset. She probably already knows you don’t like her as much with excess flab.
    4. Get involved. ‘Lets go to the gym/for a run/skip the burgers tonight’, even if you yourself don’t need it. If you make positive steps (that probably help your health too) with her, she knows she’s not alone in the hard work and that you’re not trying to make her feel judged and unhappy. You want to help, and willing to go out your way to help her.
    5. Allow for slips. If you go on holiday or to a nice restaurant and she’s fretting about how she’ll manage, saying ‘why don’t you have a break this time, and enjoy yourself, you can start fresh afterwards’. Months and months of dieting and excercise is hard work, allow her to enjoy a day or two off without a guilt trip.
    6. Positive reinforcement. Each bit she loses, take time to notice (if she gains, return to the pudge-poke). If she gets up early to go to the gym, telling her you are proud how much she is trying will motivate her more. When she’s finally back in her skinny jeans, a ‘wow you look great’ and passionate sexual attention will hammer home the message.
    Ultimately, you don’t need to be mean to her to convince her to lose weight. But also you don’t have to pretend it doesn’t bother you. She knows deep down she needs to be attractive to keep your attention. (ps probably works better if you are unmarried, as she may feel that you agreed to love her ‘no matter what’). She knows that she’ll be happier if she is in shape. Never underestimate the postive physcological impact of the ‘once-up, once-down’ eyesweep from a stranger (male or female). It’s subtle but a powerful compliment, and doesn’t happen if you are overweight.

    1. Sounds like a huge investment of time and effort for little return.
      It’s better to date thin chicks. Dump her when she gets fat or bitchy or psycho.
      Dating is supposed to be fun. Playing at unpaid psychoanalyst/dietician/motivational speaker sounds really lame.

      1. no investment really, just let her know you preferred her thin and be positive when she tries to fix it. Losing 20 pounds at 2 pounds a week takes a few months max. Im not talking about dating or a start of relationship, but when you a year or two in and have developed something good togther, and for one reason or other she gains a bit of weight. If you are looking for short term things then yes, probably not worth the time.

        1. If she gains weight while you’re together, it means she is complacent. It’s a dis to you. Bad game, bad behavior.
          Rather than getting mad or going all Richard Simmons like you advocate, it’s better to reflect on the weakness in your own game and improve yourself.
          There are so many hotter, thinner, younger chicks out there. Why torture yourself for your weak hand?
          If anything, she’ll get the message and work her way back into your rotation after getting her ass in gear. Don’t coddle a bitch.

        2. only really relevant if its someone you are in love with and want to stay with!

        3. “Practical advice” for beta failure. You get to love a fat chick who now not only disrespects, but actively resents you for being a bossy, thirsty pussy.
          What is this, dating advice from chicks? Do you write for Cosmo or Men’s Health, or something?

        4. there’s nothing in what I said that advocates being bossy, or thirsty, or a pussy! It doesn’t just apply in relationships. Take for example my mum and dad. They’ve been married 35 years and she’s always had a fabulous figure until recently , when a bout of poor health and immobility lead to a massive weight gain. My dad confided in me (we are close) he was concerned for her health and that he was losing interest sexually in his wife. After a brief ‘ew gross dont tell me about your sex life’ moment I said I’d try and help. I basically did the same thing as above (bar the relationship bits), advocating healthy eating, non judgemental but not accepting that change wasn’t possible, postive reinforcement. Her health means that heavy excercise is difficult, but went walking with her when I could and encouraged them to go on walks together when I couldn’t. Every pound she lost we were on the phone and I said how brilliant she was doing. She’s not back to skinny, but now at a healthy weight range. ps out of respect, never pudge-poke your mum.
          Its just advice, take or leave!

        5. practical_advice, don’t bother wasting your time on here with that advice, most of the men on here have personality disorders and are cold, uncaring misogynists with extremely high (and probably unrealistic, I doubt many of them are rich or 8’s, 9’s or 10’s) standards.
          Some normal men out there will be more receptive to your advice.

  46. My name says it all. 65% of American women are obese. It’s disgusting and pathetic.

  47. Friends, men, alphas
    This is indeed a major problem here in the West. Especially
    here in the US.
    And we can fight, we can scream and we can wage a war…but in
    the end we shall loose.
    And we shall loose not because we are wrong or we are
    unprepared but we shall loose at the hands of other men.
    Of Betas, of engineers and men of little to no net worth.
    Who will fight to the death not for glory or for fame but for the hope and the
    prayer that they may one day maybe if they are lucky get laid.
    We shall loose on the home front, we shall loose on the net,
    we shall loose on facebook and on any polite social media format there is due
    to these beta males.
    So what are we to do?
    I for one suggest we accept the loss.
    For a battle in the mud and in the sludge will suffocate us
    and slow us down and we will fall to the ground on our own devices. Instead
    take that energy that drive that directed focus and put it towards not the
    battle but to the war.
    Stay in school, work hard at work, make something of yourself
    and stay in shape and become great….and look east my friend….my brothers in
    arms…look east…look south look over the horizon of the small towns and to the
    big cities of the east. Come to NYC stake your name and enjoy what it is like
    to work with and live with and date women who work hard to stay in shape and to
    stay relevant for there are 2 women for every 1 man and half those men are very
    happy with their boyfriends. And if that’s not your tea look even further past
    the sea on to the old country.
    There are amazing women of eastern Europe and of South
    American who crave men with vision men with drive men who know how to grill a
    steak and only it them rare with a glass of whiskey. Women who know full well
    that it’s men like you and I who make the world a better place. Women who love
    men who respect their bodies and their minds. Women who know that it’s about
    respecting their husband as well as themselves.
    My friends….we may have lost the battle here on the home
    front but we shall win the war on the sea. And the betas can beg and nip at the
    jowls of the disgusting moon faced tank assed thunder thighed overgrown maggets
    that swim in the seas of the west.
    May god have mercy on their souls and may your adventures in
    new lands be great!
    Can I get an AMEN!

  48. While there’s some truth to this I don’t think the obesity explains the whole dynamic. The other half is the family court system. The average guy will be willing to marry if his girlfriend is attractive even if the court system is stacked against him if it goes bad. The average guy would probably be willing to marry an overweight woman if he wasn’t setting himself up for indentured servitude.
    But if the best you can do is something of a porker and the system is poised to chain you to an oar if she ever gets unhappy… well, that just doesn’t seem like a good deal at all.

  49. Your girlfriend’s weight is inversely correlated to how much money you make
    – Tom Leykis

  50. “Men used to be thinner” This is true. When Sean Connery played Bond he was 6’2 and weighed 180. For many people these days 6’2 180 lbs is skinny. For a 6’2 male to be fit now he has to weigh 195-200. Before Skyfall was filmed Daniel Craig (5’10) was 160 lbs. The producers felt he was too skinny so they got him to bulk up to 180. Had Craig been 6’2 he wouldve been 180 and forced to bulk to 200.

  51. This article made me happier than I have been in a very long time! Let me share my story.
    I’ve been feeling a little down lately. I am in college and I’m actually turning 20 this Monday. Over the past week or two, I have noticed my mind ever wandering to the question of what I truly want out of my life. I rode the bus in contemplation and walked to class in a worry. Studying biology, I am habitually scientific about my outlooks on life. I look at the human race and see just another species on the tree of life. I realize that I compete with others in my life. It is the very nature of life. I want the best food I can find because I cannot appreciate a good steak through anyone’s mouth but my own.
    Looking at life this way, I realize my conscious brain is of limited use. One day, I pray very far in the future, I will not wake to greet the sun and my refrigerated bacon will go bad .The cells of which I am will cease to respire and I, I will not be. By this logic I decided what I really wanted in life was to be the best while I am here – “to not, when I come to die, discover that I had not lived.”
    It was this that has upset me for the past few weeks. For pity oh pity, I have failed to impressed myself. If today my body ended, a world would not lament my death. I would die to the tears of a small few and before the tick of a clock striking centuries from the sun, I would be forgotten. I would die as billions died before me. There’s a man dying right now. There’s a man dying right now in a bed, or in an ambulance, or a chair, or making dinner, or asking his wife’s help on a crossword, or in the river below the bridge from where he flung. I know not how frequently humans of this earth die but I am learned enough to know the number would stagger me. Yet I know not one person who died today. For there are very few people that matter to humanity as a whole. William Shakespeare. George Washington. Moses. DaVinci. How many people will be remembered until humans are extinct? Not enough to fill my living room.
    I have been feeling down because I am not at the top. Because I am a competitive man, I thought not being at the top was equivalent to being at the bottom. I hate being at the bottom but I don’t know how to split an ocean or how to forge a nation. I sleep, study, and eat. I do not invent, I do not create, and I do not rescue.
    Then, by some sweet magic I happened upon a link to this site and read the first article on the page. I had a good day today but my smiling soul started to laugh. This site is beautiful! For I can look at this article, and think, “Hey, at least I am a better man than those who read and agree with some thing like this!” I read that the author of this article walks around and rarely sees a woman of whom he assigns a “normal” body weight. I am surprised if I take a walk without seeing ten or more wildly sexy women. I would argue with Mr. Sam G. that women are exactly how women have always been. Women these days are even more driven than they were in the past. Women these days work out, study, read, succeed, and you are to say that you are not attracted to them? Well Mr. Sam G. and readers of agreement, I rejoice in your criticism of the female humans. I, frankly, LOVE the fact that I do not have to compete with you sweet souls of man who are so unmotivated by the rigors of life that you wallow in your disgraceful incompetence and go so far as to seek solace in the claiming of victim in the sad fact that the entire human race is getting larger as their diet is getting worse collectively.
    So perhaps my goal in this life of mine is to find the most fit woman that I can find, and make a family with this woman. Evolutionarily, this would make perfect sense. I would assume that the woman who is most fit would be a woman of great competition and I fully intend to compete for her. So thank you, you sad saps of defeated men. Thank you, you kind and unmotivated bunch who are to dismiss so many women who are so beautiful in the victimism of your depression. You give me opportunity in this life and make me feel just slightly (but oh so wonderfully) better about my chances in this lifetime.
    So in conclusion, you are the lowest of men, you who write and read so disgracefully of our female partners in this life, and I sincerely thank you for bringing me some semblance of peace in my troubled times. If you feel so inclined to delete or otherwise respond negatively to this comment, PLEASE DO SO!!! I look forward to hearing and knowing of ALL of those who have less chance in this life than myself. For it will only encourage me further and bring be joy you few will never receive.
    That said, I wish you all a merry St. Patrick’s day and because it is also my birthday, I also wish you well in this coming summer. I wish you would realize that women are a wonderful bunch to whom we owe a very many of our successes and I wish you would realize that in today’s world, men and women are just human and their competition is just that. May we change the saying to, “May the best HUMAN win!” Or rather, “May, quite simply, the BEST win.”
    If you were offended by this response, then, quite frankly, you deserve to be offended.
    Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you rest of men who are good in this world; and best of luck in the competition for the fittest of women ;). I sincerely hope I beat you <3.

    1. Getting a woman to be with you is not a competition, is about love, companionship, fullfilling each other desires. If you want competition, join a sport. If you are going to marry the first fit woman you see, you’re an idiot.

    2. Why should a fit slim man accept and overweight women as a partner only because there are fewer fit women now more then ever? Attraction does matter.

  52. Nothing changes biology- attraction is important. When a girl is fat, she’s just not physically attractive. Humans are supposed to reproduce. And it’s about survival of the fittest, best, most attractive. I do notice, the more Americanized the Asian girls are, the fatter they are. Why? Corrupted by the American diet. Why would I date a fat bitchy American girl when I can find a slender, feminine, nice, pretty Asian girl. I’m not kidding- Asian women take care of themselves, dress up to please their man. They are careful about what they eat. Look at the clothing stores in Japan, the clothes are FEMININE and PRETTY. However, I am totally not advocating for plastic surgery as popular as it is in Korea. It’s just a total lie. I don’t want to have a fake wife and pop out a baby so ugly I’d scream in front of the OBGYN.

  53. I recently moved from Boston to Houston and I am in shock. For the first month here, I thought there were no women in this city. I went so far as to look up demographics. Then I realized that there are women in this city, but they’re SO FAT that they don’t register on my radar. It’s awful. I feel so bad for the men down here.

  54. 2nd best tell off of an American woman in cinema history,*
    * “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn” is number one.

  55. There was this article on why men are not responding to financial incentives… why if the money can’t buy good, attractive women… because there are none.

  56. This is garbage. Overlooking the numerous grammatical errors, this article has no foundation whatsoever. This guys is most likely the fat man playing video games and eating pizza that he describes, and is probably looking for someone to blame for his inability to live a productive life.

  57. This article disgusts me. To suggest that her figure is ALL a woman has to offer is a misogynist and sad point of view. Surely you must be able to explain how “fat” women are in loving and happy relationships? Or how I, a slim”10″ fell for a man who had no yacht or wealth to offer?! You sad, shallow little person.

  58. This site is for douche bags and misogynistic pigs. I came to this site after seeing some ridiculous post about how most women don’t deserve good men, and thought maybe that post was the worst of what this site has to offer “men”… obviously I was wrong.

  59. This site is part of what is wrong with humanity. This article and most of these comments are disgusting.

  60. There are so many viewpoints not being considered here. You a claim, a young beautiful women without money will go for an old, ugly, powerful rich man. Does anyone consider that women have a harder time achieving jobs, and aren’t taken seriously, and are gender rolled into life skills such as modeling, and being Dependant. They get with rich men to compensate for having no money while the rich old man, wants this young socially acceptable female. So the definition of power, is skinny females. What if the definition of power changed? Women ate stressed, suppose to be a certisn weight and height. Men don’t care about who they are (characteristics), what they do (job) or how they feel (emotions). Women are being dehumanized. No wonder people get fat. I believe, in my opinion, the best way for both parties to live happily would be through equality or acceptance. Women wont need to be objectified and genderized into becoming trophies. Maybe theyd go achieve goals like succeding and being healthy and men wont have to ‘become lazy and play video games all day’. Its pretty damn pathetic if the only reason for living at home at 40 and working at mcdonalds is because all the females are fat. Oh, and you say men have to worry about height, job, while all women need is looks. Maybe if womens ither characteriatics were taken into consideration, you could have a better woman. As a female, I’m confused. So do I have to worry about being healthy, getting a good job, affording rent, or should I just concern myself with being skinny? And also, men are fat too.

    1. This is not a site for considering all viewpoints. This is a site for considering male viewpoints. If you want a site that primarily concerns itself with female viewpoints, try anywhere else on the internet.
      “Does anyone consider that women have a harder time achieving jobs”
      This is incorrect. The manosphere rejects this low-brow pabulum. Since we do not grant the claim, you can’t take the claim for granted if you want to engage us in debate. Anything less is poo-flinging. Feminists are allowed to fling their poo at essentially all other public venues, but we don’t take that seriously here.
      “aren’t taken seriously,”
      Being taken seriously is not a human right. You have to actually be a serious person with serious ideas before you become deserving of being taken seriously. You’re working toward this the wrong way around: become a serious person first, then expect to be taken seriously.

  61. This article is retarded and reeks of the personality of someone who has no traits a woman would desire… well. Beyond a lay, that is. Sorry bout your dick, dude. Maybe it will outgrow your ego someday…

  62. I was going to respond with a female view about how there is no “lack of skinny girls”, but after reading this article and the associated comments below it, I don’t think I’ll be heard amongst the cockstench of hypocrisy and double-standards.
    I am a Caucasian female, 5’6, 179lbs. My son is now 2 years old and I’ve been slowly trying to get back down to my pre-pregnancy weight of 145lbs. According to EVERY fashion magazine in the checkout line, I was morbidly obese even before I had a kid. I weighed 111lbs in middle school but could leg press 200lbs for 15 reps, and i jumped over flights of stairs on my rollerblades. I wasn’t allowed to donate blood until I was in my late 20’s due to being underweight. Now I have to read how the preferred weight for the author is a woman who’s 5’4″ and under 140?
    There’s a name for people with your tastes:

    1. The average woman in 1960 was slightly over 5’3″ tall and weighed 140 pounds. That’s the average woman from all age cohorts. [1] Younger women were thinner than that, on average. Are we to believe that every man who wanted an average-sized woman from the beginning of time until 1960 was a pedophile? Or is this pedophile smear a transparently self-serving attempt to redirect the blame for your own sorry state to the men who are quite naturally repelled by it?
      None of what you said about jumping over flights of stairs in your rollerblades seems to have any bearing on anything else you said, by the way. It sounds hysterical, really.

    2. So, apparently, men who are exclusively attracted to adult women who are slim, are pedophiles, I guess this means there is nothing wrong with being a pedophile then.

    3. I’m a man and until a couple years ago when I got serious about weightlifting I was 5′ 10″ and 140 lb. And I perfectly healthy. Your claim that liking girls who are 5′ 4″ and under 140 lb is pedophilia is completely absurd.

    4. I’m a man, and until a couple years ago when I got serious about
      weightlifting I was 5′ 10″ and 140 lb. And I was perfectly healthy. Your
      claim that liking girls who are 5′ 4″ and under 140 lb is pedophilia is
      completely absurd.

    5. I’m a man, and until a couple years ago when I got serious about
      weightlifting I was 5′ 10″ and 140 lb. And I was perfectly healthy. Your
      implication that 140 lbs is an extremely low weight for someone who’s 5′ 4″ is completely absurd.

      1. According to the “charts” that’s considered being under weight for a man to be 5’10” and 140lbs. Again a woman’s body is different from a man. I’m also 5’9″, but I’m 185lbs. I’m in good shape and I have a flat stomach. But I’m an hourglass, which means I have naturally fuller hips, bust and muscle. I can fit the same clothes as my friends that are my height at 155lbs. But it depends on build. At 145lbs, I would look sickly, but some women can be that weight naturally and not look sickly. Don’t judge people on their weight if you don’t know their story.