What To Do When She Claims To Have Been Raped In The Past

“I was raped.”

If you’ve been navigating your way across the American dating landscape for any period of time, chances are pretty solid that you’ve heard this at least once in your lifetime. These words can be chilling, especially if they’re coming from a woman that you hold in high esteem, or possibly love.

The most common emotions for the majority of men would be vexation and despair. “I would kill that mother fucker if I had the chance,” one man might say.

“Don’t worry sweetheart, you’re with me now, and I’ll never let anyone ever hurt you again,” is another possible line spoken by a sympathetic man.

No one can blame a guy for these  responses, they are completely normal and noble reactions.I would say out of the many women I’ve dated in the past, I’ve heard this claim from roughly 30 percent of them—an incredibly high number. That’s quite disconcerting, considering I make it a point not to date women that come from the bars or clubs where alcohol and drug use run rampant. However, many of these women had lived or were living the college life, and were actively engaged in the typical trappings associated with that environment. On the flip-side, however, I’ve never met a college educated man (or any man for that matter) that has been an abuser or a rapist—neither accused nor convicted. Something doesn’t add up with this equation.

Due to my experiences with the opposite sex, and seeing the lengths women will go to for attention, I can’t help but be somewhat skeptical of these claims. A man has an obligation to unearth the truth at all costs. It’s in his best interests to do so—nobody will ever care about a man’s best interests more than himself. But it’s not enough to simply acquire the truth. The reasons for being faced with subterfuge in the first place must be examined as well. Why do I encounter so many women that claim to have been raped?

I speculate it’s because I’m not a very sensitive person. When women are with a man who starves them of sympathy for things the majority of guys coddle them over—things like an asshole boss, a backstabbing friend, or a financial predicament—women have a propensity to look for bigger and bigger trigger points to tug at the man’s heart strings. That’s when they start throwing out the “Hail Mary”s in an attempt to get the attention they so desperately crave.

They don’t just do it with rape or abuse, either. I’ve seen it a lot with hypochondria as well. Women will greatly exaggerate the extent of their medical problems. A mild headache that can easily be treated with a couple of Tylenol becomes, “I think I need to see a neuro-oncologist due to several malignant cerebellar astrocytomas destroying my motor skills,” or a sore back from a sedentary work environment becomes, “I think I need spinal fusion surgery due to spondylolisthesis, it’s really painful and it’s affecting my mobility.” I’m exaggerating for effect here… but not by much.

Real Eyes Realize Real Lies

Due to this constant stream of attention pandering from women, coupled with my somewhat incredulous nature, I have a go-to question that I immediately throw back at women whenever they start talking about being raped:

“The guy that did it is rotting away in prison, right?”

Not a single woman has ever answered “yes” to that question. Out of a very healthy sample size of women—not one fucking “yes.”

That’s alarming, to put it mildly. None of these women even pressed charges against their so-called attackers, either. After a little more interrogating, it was usually revealed that a previous boyfriend pressured them for sex, or they got drunk off their asses and didn’t remember what happened. One girl in particular said she was raped by an ex-boyfriend at a party, and that her new boyfriend at the time broke up with her as a result. If I’m supposed to be compassionate towards a woman who was dumped because she got black-out drunk at a party with her ex-boyfriend and then ended up with him alone, in a bedroom, and in a sexual situation… Well, lets just say the compassion train won’t be pulling into that fucking station anytime soon.

This same woman later told me that she called the cops on her neighbors for making too much noise one night. Interesting, isn’t it? She wouldn’t report being forced to have sex against her will, but if her neighbors started getting a little loud and rowdy at 1:00 AM on a Tuesday? Call in the fucking S.W.A.T. team. I’m sure that I’m not alone in thinking that behavior is a bit dubious.

Women are tattletales. That’s just what they do—they’re fucking narcs. They’re like this from the time they’re little girls. Almost every detention I ever received in school—and there were plenty—was due to some girl ratting me out for something. If a woman was truly the victim of a savage attack, she’s not going to just let it roll off her back like nothing happened. When shit gets real, women always go for help.

Getting Down To Business

If Return Of Kings conducted a poll asking its readership about their most disappointing sexual experiences, what would the most common answer likely be? Aside from maybe a toothy blowjob here or a pussy that looked like the Predator without its mask on there, I assume the vast majority of us would say, “She just laid there.” The proverbial dead fish: a woman that doesn’t fuck back.

Men despise it when they’re sexually engaged with a woman and she isn’t responsive—we can’t stand it. We want a woman that thoroughly enjoys being intimate with us. Very few dudes get off on the idea of fucking a sedated capsized turtle. We have a natural biological aversion to sticking our cocks in what is essentially one step above a dead body. Dead bodies don’t make babies, therefore, they don’t turn us on and we don’t fuck them. In short: sloppy passed-out drunk broads don’t get our dicks hard. Couple this with the fact that getting sloppy drunk as a man usually means “whiskey dick,” and you’ve pretty much arrived at a situation that is not only unstimulating and undesirable, but also unfeasible.

Several years ago I also conducted an experiment with my ex, whom I was with for five years. I’m a big dude, well over 6′ and 200+ pounds. She was about 5’4 and 110 pounds. Bear in mind, this was a mutual endeavor—a test to see how well she could protect herself against an attacker.The goal was to get her jeans and underwear off. Basically, a simulated rape attack. She could do whatever she wanted to defend herself within reason—as in don’t punch me in the face, gouge my eyes, kick me in the dick, etc.

After about four minutes of wrestling with her, I was able to get her jeans unbuttoned and her zipper down—that’s it. That’s all I could do in four minutes. To get this woman naked, somehow acquire and sustain an erection throughout all of the chaos, and then manage to penetrate her would have been fucking impossible. The only way it could have been done would have been to either beat the shit out of her, or threaten her with a weapon. There was no other way. If this was a real world situation, she would’ve screamed her head off while scratching, biting, kicking and clawing at anything she could. Help would’ve arrived within a couple of minutes—at most—if this was happening at a college party.

This brings us to another fact about men: we like beautiful healthy looking women. We don’t want to have sex with a woman that has a beat-up face and bruising all over her body. And we certainly don’t want to be the cause of any of that bodily harm, either. No man looks at the recent pictures of Christy Mack and says, “Damn, look at that fractured orbital bone, I gotta get me some of that shit.” The men that are actually into that sort of stuff are a very extreme minority.

What’s A Man To Do?

All of this has made me adopt a very tough stance on women and their rape claims. The simple fact of the matter is whenever I hear the word “rape” come from a woman’s mouth—especially if she didn’t file a police report—it’s over. If a rape did or did not occur is of no concern to me—I’m bailing out whether it’s true or not. That probably seems stone-cold to some readers, but what’s the alternative?

Some might say, “If the rape was real, then how can you judge someone for something that was out of their control you victim blaming piece of shit!?”

Simple, I’m not judging them for what happened in their past—I’m judging them for who they will be for the rest of their lives. If a rape truly happened—that’s unfortunate and good luck with everything. If a woman was involved in a car wreck that wasn’t her fault and found herself paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair, I wouldn’t date her either. Why? Because I don’t date women in wheelchairs. It’s not their fault, and doesn’t make them bad people. They just have an affliction that extends beyond my comfort zone. Cards get shuffled and then they get dealt, not everyone will draw an ace.

As a man you have to assess how your life will be as a result of being with someone that experienced something as traumatic as rape—real or perceived. When someone goes through something exceedingly distressing, that person will never be the same again. These women tend to have triggers that keep them from being truly intimate with a man. No touching certain areas, don’t do this, don’t do that—it’s a lot of burden to shoulder for a guy that’s just trying to make his way through life with minimal complications.

“But but you need to be patient and understanding!”

No, I don’t.

There’s no shortage of men out there willing to grab their capes and play the role of a hero, I won’t be one of them. I’m not a therapist and I’m not running a human being overhaul facility. It’s out of the scope of my talents and capabilities to heal or fix a rape victim—I don’t even see the need to try. If you’re a man that values your sanity and well-being, I suggest you let one of the heros come along and attempt to save the day. If you’re involved with a woman and she has a questionable rape story—stop dealing with her. You don’t know if her next rape fable could contain you as the antagonist—you’d better fucking run, seriously.

In Closing

It strikes a nerve when you realize that many women have no qualms with throwing a man under the bus if it means a modicum of attention can be obtained as a result. When I was listening to these women make their sketchy rape claims, I would often think of the men they were accusing. I would think of how incensed they would be to know that women they were once intimate with (or possibly not) are now desecrating their characters in an attempt to procure a morsel of pity that they don’t deserve—all at his expense.

Chances are, if these same men were sitting there having a conversation with them instead of me, being told the same things I was hearing about them being raped in the past, they would probably say, “I would kill that mother fucker if I had the chance!” Almost no men are rapists, but almost all women will play Faust at the crossroads and sell off their dick-stained 10-cent souls in exchange for attention.

Women can no longer take a firm stand on the moral high ground because they don’t own any fucking property there. Their lies and cries for attention have eroded their credibility to the point that good people—and true victims—must suffer as a consequence of their actions. Men have their hands tied. They can’t say or do anything lest they be accused of victim blaming, misogyny, or whatever other string of bullshit buzzwords one can conjure up. And as for women? They refuse to police their own because at the end of the day the only thing that matters is that “Team Women” comes out on top. The shattered lives and reputations of innocent men left in their wakes are irrelevant.

As a man, the bottom line is that you must judge the people you allow into your world with inexorable and unwavering ferocity. This means both your close friendships with men and all of your relationships with women, but it’s especially true for your dealings with women. It is your responsibility to be completely ruthless in gauging the character of a woman that is angling to become even a diminutive part of your life—only the best players are allowed to join your team. Everyone else? They can go fuck themselves. And as for women that cry rape for attention? Well, as far as people that can go fuck themselves are concerned, they don’t have very much competition at the top of the list.

People are like dirt. They can either nourish you and help you grow as a person or they can stunt your growth and make you wilt and die. – Plato

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688 thoughts on “What To Do When She Claims To Have Been Raped In The Past”

  1. Knew a woman who claimed to have been gang raped once. She would have these Hollywood grade destructive flashbacks over it too, with all the fanfare and drama.
    They seemed to come whenever there was some challenge to her… bubble… we could call it.
    After some investigation I found the “rape” was in an x-rated theater and she got gang banged.
    This was dealt with and someones dick got scrubbed with lots of bleach.

      1. It was a case of post-gang bang guilt that she converted into her mind into a gang rape.
        When you see someone mold reality in their mind like that, not just in memories, but in “after effects” and working up anxiety or panic attacks over it because they are ashamed of what they did, it’s mental illness in motion.
        There are men who come back from Thailand red-faced and then eventually just say “OK a mouth is just a mouth and I didn’t stare at the balls” and then get over it but for a man there’s no commerce or profit in being a victim so he moves on.
        A woman can base her entire life on it, at the least making men miserable in her personal life and at the most getting a book and movie deal and becoming a household name and getting laws passed to make men she never met miserable.

        1. This is why I tell guys to record any sex with more than one guy involved, especially if she has a boyfriend. Alot of girls think they want to be like the sluts they watch in pornos but cant handle actually feeling like a slut. Ive never met a girl who has been gang banged and spoke about it positively afterwards. I have been a part of a few two-guy-one-girl situations, both in college, and the look in their eyes when its over isnt joy and happiness. When I saw them on campus they avoided eye contact and damn near ran the other way.
          The crazy thing is that the girl almost always initiates these encounters.

        2. A lot of those girls in porn don’t really handle it that well either. I would have to look it up, but I once read a long interview with a guy that had gotten into producing porn for the easy money. It was a long story, and he had since become a Christian, but he laid out exactly what things were like. How the young women he managed to bring in would be curled up and near catatonic after scenes, the result of shock and mental revulsion at things she had just done. Yeah, she got paid, in more ways than one. Of course, what she was paid was nothing near what the video she was in would go on to make.
          I believe that people should look carefully at what they are getting into…sometimes the money just isn’t worth the cost.

        3. And they always look so cheerful and into it when they are actually doing the fucking. There’s another warning for y’all.

  2. Bravo. I have tried that experiment and just wrestled with my girlfriend. I have came to the same conclusion, no way in hell would it be easy to rape someone without a large group of people, weapons, and/or extreme force. In other words if she went through all that and still never went to the police or it supposedly happened in such public setting and nobody came to help. Then she is fucking lying or crazy, so it would not be wise to stay with her. Even if it did happen it just means that she is really mentally unstable and you don’t want to be around that.

    1. That is the most ridiculous shit I have heard!!! So because you and your girlfriend wrestled…and keep in mind that she trusts you not to really hurt her…and keep in mind that you know you would not really use your complete brute strength to overpower her and actually hurt her, came to the asinine conclusion that it is hard to rape a woman?? What a douche bag you are. Fuck you and all you douche bags that think rape takes super human strength.

  3. Most people who survive traumatic events rarely if ever talk about it. They don’t want to open old wounds, or dredge up bad memories.
    For anyone to casually talk about something as serious as rape is already a red flag for me.

    1. And judge the character too. If she’s got a victim mentality to go along with ‘progressive’ beliefs, take her words with extreme suspicion.
      I wish I could say this was just one or two girls, but the social justice fanatics on tumblr or livejournal alone prove that victim whoring is a common phenomenon.

      1. No. Just no. The worse the experience, all the more important for one to seek help and talk to someone about it. Hello, PTSD and suicide rates. WTF is wrong with you, Odile?!?! Did you get knocked over the head by a black swan?

  4. Q: What to do when she claims to have been raped in the past.
    A: “Run, Forrest, RUUUUUUUUUUN!!!”
    Our #1 Answer. There are two possibilities: either she’s telling the truth or she’s not.
    If she is, she going to be damaged, and if you want to spend time being her amateur shrink and putting Humpty McPsycho back together again, that’s your business. If she’s hot, she’ll have a beta-orbiter/White Knight to rescue her, and you can move on.
    Jesus saves people; I watch them self-destruct from a safe distance.
    If she’s not telling the truth, (a) she’s a lying-ass attention whore, and (b) you WILL be cast as the villain in her next piece: “I Was Raped….Again!”
    Life is too short to spend it trying to Fix Broken Girls.
    End Transmission,

      1. Don’t make your kids only have to deal with that, brother. It only gets worse.
        Bail and get yourself one that hasn’t been permanently damaged.

        1. Her lack of self esteem is not something outrightly visible and ave yet to see anyone as skilled and loving with children as she is. She tries validating herself by trying to be useful to people she loves. Her biggest self esteem issue is about her self perceived “uselessness”.
          I can deal with this

        2. “I can deal with this”
          Famous last words of many an addict, but hopefully you found one of the Righteous Ones, good luck brother.

    1. You got that right.
      I dated a woman a few times. She exhibited a pattern of being stalked by just about every ex boyfriend she had.
      (more red flags than a Mayday parade right there)
      Anyway, right in the middle of disagreeing with some minor point on the phone, the line went dead. Since this is not a rare occurrence on the cordless phone I was using, I tried to call back.
      Now when I was talking to her, she was not dressed. Roughly 10-15 seconds stood between the disconnect and my return call. But then someone else (family) answered and said she went to the store.
      Hmmm – dressed and out the door in 10-15 seconds. Then I remembered how every past boyfriend was a stalker.
      I took that phone number and burned it. Really, with fire.
      Seriously. Rape, stalking, whatever… GTFO. It’s bad news. Whatever her dysfunction she’s going to be heading back to it eventually and dragging some poor chump kicking and screaming back to hell with here, and maybe even kids too.
      The same goes for women who had substance abuse issues. I have seen women stay clean only long enough to be married for a decade give or take a few years, then go back to drinking and drugging and being a whore complete with all the trappings of her filing false reports against her husband and having the family courts give her the kids plus wrecked cars, run up credit cards, the works.
      Rape, stalking, substance abuse – GTFO. Oh I can hear the screeching “What is she supposed to be perfect?”. No. Everybody got a problem, but for women if the system or environment in which they had the problem is static, then she does not really change all that much or recover.
      The risk is to much to take. I know fellows rotting in jail because they didn’t GTFO. The way the system is set up, the state with their cops, fines, courts, and prisons is integral to the destruction that damaged women cause. You don’t just get a broken heart, your entire life gets destroyed. Don’t touch damaged women even with a borrowed 10′ pole.

      1. I dated that girl, too. Rang her up one and she reacted to my voice like I’d hit her. After she realized it was me, she calmed down and said I had sounded “exactly like this guy who stalks me at home”. o_0
        After that point, I knew it was just a matter of time before *I* was the “crazy stalker”–who wasn’t actually stalking her.
        Engines All Reverse FULL.

      2. Your comment is one of the reasons I love this website. Guys don’t pass this information onto other guys in “real life”. So much wisdom here.

        1. Please watch for my upcoming book, tentatively titled, “How to Not Fuck Up Your Life”. 😉

        2. And what a fucking shame that they don’t…. There’s such a stigma today with saying ANYTHING bad about a woman. If you do, people automatically look at you like your the one who’s crazy. A sweet innocent woman can’t possible do anything to fuck up her life on her own. Drug addict? Oh, a boyfriend must have gotten her into that. Cheated on her husband? Oh, the man must have done something to CAUSE her to cheat.
          And I really can’t blame it on these cunts. It’s the fucking men who let the get away with it, and don’t stand up for their fellow man. And go forbid you tell another amn about how you were fucked over. He immediately pegs you as a “beta,” and see’s it as a pussy opportunity.
          ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?? Men, its tim to wake up and grow some fucking balls! I live in Colombia now,and in various other countries over the past five years, and no where in the world have I seen a foreign woman (with the exception of the UK Broads, quite a nauseating species unto itself and perhaps worse that the dreaded Americunt), behave as badly as the common US woman. If a Latina chick down here in LA tried to pull half the shit that Americunts do she would get the shit slapped out of her, not only by her man, but by her mother, brother, father, cousin, and sister.
          You guys that have never been out of the counrty, man, you really don’t know just how bad it is

        3. You’re quoting Al-Jazeera? You are kidding me? right? The news organization that supports every anti-American terrorist in the world? Okaaayyyyy.

        4. Page Not Found
          Sorry, we cannot find that page but that should not stop you from visiting some of our other great related content.
          As real as those rapes that don’t get reported, hey?

        5. You should come to Australia then women here are MUCH MUCH worse then UK women try game here and you will get a glass bottle shoved through your face, SERIOUSLY I’M NOT JOKING, They tried stabbing Roosh V to death I’m NOT KIDDING and anyone who supports him. UK women are nowhere NEAR as bad as ours, Ours make americunts look saintly, I’m serious!

      3. ‘Whatever her dysfunction she’s going to be heading back to it eventually;
        Just like the fat girl who starved herself and lost weight, she can blow up at any time.

        1. Heh – there was this fat chick once – low SMV and all – so I took the time to train her how to lose weight. No big deal. She was big fat and disgusting and I had no interest in her though it was fun watching her drink men under the table.
          I wrote her a routine that had to be the most unforgiving monstrous workaround routine for a fat chick ever. Looking back, I think maybe I tried to kill her.
          Anyway, she did it! And lost all that disgusting weight….
          and then got married to a fellow who must have been an alpha (or attempting it anyway)
          And then she got pregnant (we know where this is going).
          And the fatocalypse hit during that pregnancy as usual.(that’s where it was going)
          And right after the kid was born, he was of with a woman 10 years younger.
          She is looking more disgusting than ever, with short hair too. Though I sense she cares little for SMV now.

      4. I went on one date with this girl, and as I began to escalate, touching her thigh, she jumped a little and her face looked scared. She asked me not to do it, since it remembered her of her ex and a “bad” experience she had, which “still hurts”.
        Redder than the fucking China flag.

      5. What do you conclude was the reason for this girl getting ready in 10 seconds or whatever. connect the dots here for me.

        1. Seriously I didn’t understand his point. Unless he was trying to say the ‘family member’ who answered was actually a dude she was fucking.

      6. True, i know a friend who was really raped and you would never know becauce she’s not harping on it, she’s not milking the victem card or even letting it effect her intimate life. It happened, she’s over it, she moved on and she’s strong being strong about it. It’s funny because this article basically reconfirmed everything she said. It’s those crying wolf who are always throwing the biggest pity party and acting all traumitized for sympathy in every aspect for a little attention. Real rape victems keep it buried as deep as possible and dont want to relive it or even let it be known

        1. Dear Damaged Boy,
          You mention “real rape victims”; let’s talk about what “real rape” means. “Real rape” is NOT just rape that happens in stone cold sobriety, by a man using extreme physical force on a female virgin (or whatever arbitrary hypocritical level of “purity” it takes for guys like you to not deem women sluts). Real rape is ANY act in which a person, of any gender, has sex with another person without their (spoken) consent. I’m terribly sorry if it’s more convenient for you to live in a world where rape doesn’t count as rape if the girl was drunk, or changed her mind and the guy ignored her right to choose, or if she was a girl who enjoys casual sex (because if she’s consented to other guys before, what right does she have to refuse you, right? How dare a woman exercise sexual autonomy, AND expect to not be exposed to physical and sexual violence? Who does she think she is – a human being or something?)
          Do you really think this is how the majority of rape cases play out? A woman is “naive”, “loses control of a situation”, and then “some poor fella has his name dragged through the mud?” What do you mean exactly, loses control of a situation? If the guy she’s with stops paying attention to the signs she’s giving out or what she’s saying, SHE’S not losing control, HE is losing control of himself. If she’s on a date and they’re alone together, they kiss, then he starts touching her body, she gets uncomfortable, tries to move his hand, he slides it up her skirt, she tries to speak but he’s still kissing her forcefully and she realises he now has her pinned and her phone is out of reach. That’s not her losing control, that’s him being a shithole. A guy who’s too stupid or selfish to get that he needs permission to do sexual things to or with someone else’s body doesn’t deserve sympathy. A guy who can in pursuit of his own pleasure comfortably ignore the fact that only one of the people having sex is enjoying it is a) not a man worth pitying, b) not a man at all, and c) way more fucked up than the vast hordes of women you seem to believe are pretending. Now, I believe that that particular type of ignorance is all too common, and that there are a large number of people who commit sexual assault without meaning to, without realising at the time “oh hey, this person didn’t actually say yes, in fact they’re not saying anything – are those tears? Eh, lots of women get emotional during sex, it’s probably tears of joy. YOLO.” Our education system doesn’t cover consent nearly as well as it should, it’s true. “You don’t have to do anything with your body you don’t want to” is just a fucking little bit lacking on detail. But we have the internet. We’re all thinking adults, and we all (should) have the ability to empathise and communicate. There really isn’t an excuse for anyone out of their teens to not be consent-literate. The bottom line is, real men only want to have sex with people who definitely want to have sex with them too. And if you’re not sure how to make sure your human is ok with what you’re doing or thinking of doing, ask. Find out. Educate yourself. It’s not difficult.
          Not everyone who gets raped or abused has physical scars to show for it. If someone is drunk or drugged, or simply paralysed with fear, they may not be able to fight back. So don’t make assumptions about what a person’s been through, because they don’t fit your idea of a victim profile. If someone trusts you enough to reveal such a personal and traumatic moment in their history, risking judgement in order to be honest with you, why not show them you deserve their trust by reciprocating?
          I am extremely sorry that you have a family member who was raped, but glad that she’s coping. But love of God, man, allow a little room for the fact that people are different! Some of the “messed up” women you describe may very well be messed up BECAUSE of what’s happened to them. Someone appearing to not have it together doesn’t make them a liar. And why should a person who’s gone through trauma have to be strong and silent all the time? How is that a healthy expectation to put on someone?
          And can you please, please, stop with the judging and hating on “slutty” or “promiscuous” women. I mean, a woman who has a healthy sex drive and has sex with numerous partners, safely and consensually, in a way that respects their boundaries and their partners’, is a hell of a lot more moral than a guy (or girl) who COMMITS RAPE. I mean, really. Women get shamed if they’re too promiscuous. They get shamed if they’re too frigid. They get shamed if they wear revealing clothes. They get shamed if they dress too modestly. Shamed, or ignored completely. What do you want – a woman who’s a virgin when you meet her, then after waiting just long enough, suddenly discovers she has a vagina that’s wildly responsive to you and only you??? Get real!
          If you want to date a woman who really loves sex, don’t judge her for who she’s had it with before you, or how. And you know what, even if a girl has played “dick roulette” or whatever at a party – really, WHO CARES? If they’re not hurting anybody with their actions, then it doesn’t affect their worth or credibility. Because this is 2014, not 1414. And has it ever occurred to you that the reason some girls act up on college might be a direct response to the insane pressure and bullshit society puts on women to conform to the impossible standard of appearing available, but not too available, sexy but not too sexy, modest but not boring, and just generally having to please everyone?

        2. Yes. Yes to everything you said. This article was very sad to read and it’s nice to see a logical comment to refute it.

        3. This comment gave me hope for the male side of the species after looking around this fucked up site. Thank you.

        4. I agree with certain points you made but im sure my comment basically summed it all up. Rape culture is either a really really f*cked up situation, or just some damaged cunt with BPD crying wolf and blaming men for being a slut bag. But really, Where the f*ck did all you feminist manginas come from anyway? How did you even find this site, and who gave you cunts permission to comment or to even speak?

        5. No-one needs permission to speak, on any site, and nothing you’ve had to say so far makes me think your permission is worth having. On the subject of cunts, as someone who clearly likes vagina more than you do I’ll take that as a compliment. Mental illness is not something a decent man takes lightly; if you know a woman, or anyone, with BPD you should treat them with respect, or at least humanity.

        6. “Blaming men for being a slut bag?” Has it occurred to you that if you stopped using words that shame women for liking sex…you might get more sex? If you stop obsessing over this notion you’ve built up of the “bad ones”, the “cunts” and the “sluts” and the crazies, and using your own fiction as an excuse to hate on women, you might get along with them better. You might even like yourself better. Women have eyes and ears, as a rule. They can tell when you don’t like them. …Until then, I feel sorry for any women that cross your path, but, I guess, more for me.

        7. I think you mean ridiculous. I’m proud to be feminist, just like I’m proudly anti-racism, proud not to be nazi or a member of the westboro baptist church. I quite like cunts, actually. They’re pretty and they feel nice. Did no-one tell you?

        8. Never understood why ‘men’ think its cool to boink an unconscious girl when in reality the only willing participants in that party exchanging body fluids and or diseases is you and your buddies. Ewwww! Leave the girl out of it That is illegal and asking for trouble and horrifying unfair to her. They do realize its like boinking their buddies right? They call her the slut yet they are willingly boinking her. What does that make them? Disgusting all the way around. If they like screwing unresponsive bodies why don’t they all take turns on a blow up doll or a corpse. Hopefully none of their wives girlfriends sisters daughters etc have a take drug out on their drink cause they’re not sluts right? And clearly there are many predators out there to take advantage. These are not ‘poor guys’ these are predators.

        9. Oh really now? Then riddle us this, Einstein: How come the
          number of women throwing around rape fables like candy is grossly disproportionate to the number of men imprisoned or on probation for rape? How many women with rape prophecies do you know compared to me who have (or would
          even fathom) committing rape? Why are these numbers nowhere near commensurate to one other? Quick, invent some internet jockey pseudo-intellectual retort, fast! “B-b-b-but they’re ALL afraid to report it!” Yeah, sure, and the sky’s
          green, too!

        10. Now, correct me if I am wrong, but it seems like the only time you consider a sexual act rape is when someone is being held down and physically overcome through force with anger. That is not always the case. If a girl says no and is coerced into the sexual act that is considered rape (ei. It’s both their first times and when it starts to hurt her she asks him to stop, but he begs her and tries to convince her to let him finish even though she is in incredible pain). If one of the parties is drunk and doesn’t know the situation they are getting into, it’s rape. In these circumstances the rapist may be a decent guy and not understand what they are doing to their partner. Most of the time these situations occur when the involved parties are in relationships. We live in a rape culture where guys genuinely don’t know what they are doing is rape. In these cases, of course the girl isn’t going to the police.
          Another reason why a victim might not want to go to the police is because she can’t commit the time or energy to go through all the questions and probing, first by the mostly male police force, then by medical staff and then finally by the sometimes multiple court appearances so the guy can get away free due to “insufficient evidence”. The whole process is emotionally and physically draining. Unless there are credible witnesses, there really is no reason to go through all that.

        11. How is it possible to be a feminist and not a “nazi”? They’re one and the same thing!

        12. Well I’m having, This Problem!!! every girl I have dated and I mean every damn one of them say I was raped when I was, however old she was and I’m sorry if I offend anyone but I don’t think alot of it is the fucking truth!! I think some woman or “people ” shall I say are just looking for a pitty party and is trying to hide something

        13. Never understood why women think it’s cool to lie about rape. (30- 50% of accusations are lies). Maybe it’s because they are never hardly punished about it ?

        14. Thank you. Sincerely for writing this comment. When I read this article I couldn’t believe what I was reading. Without going into detail. Chris, thank you so very much. I sure hope there are more men around like yourself than those who agree with this peice.

        15. Lol don’t take these guys seriously. This is a website dedicated to a very very small group who are absolutely terrified of becoming extinct. The world is moving on without them, people (women) are becoming more educated, and it scares the absolute shit out of them. It’s basically a bunch of men having a sad circle jerk party to the fact that it isn’t 1954 anymore.

        16. There’s alot of self importance this article. I’m sure these women won’t be crying themselves to sleep at night because they’ve lost the prospect of dating such a catch.

        17. The men on this thread are exactly what you are talking about who slip their hands insidecthe skirt

        18. Omg i didnt realize you were a man.Thank you and i have tears rolling out of my eyes right now.

        19. What a faggot cuck comment. Almost certainly written by a woman, or perhaps a badly bearded white knight.
          Any man with an ounce of sense wants to protect himself from mentally unstable women who casually fling false rape accusations and ruin lives (like “do me in the butt” mattress girl).
          I have eyes and have lived a day. Enough women claim rape falsely that any woman who claims past rape raises a flag. Is it absolutely conclusive? No. But poker taught me to play the odds.
          Avoiding women who say they were raped in the past is a useful heuristic to weed out women with a higher probability to fuck up your life. It’s just a smart odds play.
          Same for women who display attention-whoring body modifications like blue hair, visible tattoos or weird piercings. I’ve found that excluding them from my life is good for my sanity.
          Save your speeches for Malcolm X. This is not a political statement. It’s simply practical advice for avoidance of crazy. I’ve found it useful. Your mileage may vary.

    2. In the real world it is almost always number 2. Women want male privlidge without male responsibility. Lying about rape is just one way to get it.

      1. How can you say “women want” anything? I’m pretty confident women want food, water, shelter, clean air…beyond that I’m not going to make any generalisations.

      2. How the fuck does rape get you male privilege? You realize even in 2016, alot of women are still blamed for their own rape right? “She wanted it, look what she was wearing!”. Not to mention the stigma that follows you around for the rest of your life. We won’t even get into the women in other countries who are killed because they were raped.

    3. I have dated a woman who really was raped. She was strong and dealt with it. She was quite passionate, and it did not affect our intimacy.
      I also dated a woman who claimed her father had raped her. I remember doubting her when she told me. She was angry with her dad at the time. I had known her for years, dated her for about a year, and she had never mentioned it before, and she seemed to have a lot of affection for her father at times.
      If you have any doubts when a girl makes a rape claim, STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM HER.
      Do you want to be with a girl whom don’t quite believe when something as important as this comes up? If you think you can tolerate this you have a seriously low opinion of yourself.
      What do you think she will say about you after the relationship ends? Do you think that letting the relationship progress further will make her more or less vicious toward you when it ends?

      1. What made you doubt her? That she didn’t bring it up straight away, and was at times affectionate for her father? Do you know anything about people? People tend to have affection for the people who raised them, even if they were abusive. My mother had a violent father; they have a troubled relationship, unsurprisingly, but she still loves him. You can’t assume she’s a liar on the basis that her emotional response wasn’t black and white. Or on the basis that she didn’t bring it up straight away. Put yourself in her shoes for a moment – when the fuck is a good moment to bring up the fact that you were sexually assaulted by your Dad? At the movies? Over Ben and Jerry’s? It takes time sometimes for people to work up the courage to talk about what’s happened to them, especially when we have a culture that STILL shames and discredits victims who do come forward. The fact that the first girl was passionate and able to be intimate is not a green light for you to go ahead and expect every rape survivor to be exactly the same. She’s a person, not a pattern.

        1. Would you quit trolling you nut bag. You see… you are lying right now about your motives, intentions and identity. Thanks fro reminding us that it is better to assume a woman is lying and go from there.

        2. WAIT A MINUTE Shep. Do you expect me to believe that’s your real profile photo? I bet you’re not really that cute and fluffy.

        3. You’re right. I’m not.
          That’s Leonard. He filled in for me.
          Letting Leonard stand in for my mug was an act of charity toward you and every other poster on the internets.

        4. My intentions? I just want to treat you like a lady. Nothing untoward. Honest to God, my intentions are pure.

        5. God dammit man, you can’t just take a cat’s identity like that. He has his own voice! His own honour and reputation to uphold.

        6. But of course! And much more scarred as well.
          To be fair, Leonard has put away quite a bit of kibble since that pic too.

        7. With a beard on it, no doubt.
          Oops, I was supposta treat you like a lady. Dammit!

        8. I LOVE lizards! Do you have a dewlap too?
          Undergrad degree in zoology. I built a gazebo in my back yard and screened it in so my herps could enjoy real, unfiltered sunlight during the summer.

        9. He loves you back. Mostly because you always take his side.
          He has been helping me push work off of my desk again this morning.

        10. I might be. Doesn’t matter. I am a strong, proud green lizard who don’t need no horizontal perspective.

        11. Sweet!! I could use him in my office when I get back from holidays. In PHIL airport. Heading to Mis to visit friend till Thurs. 😉

        12. Sounds like fun. I’ll probably head to Tulsa today to bring in a new block of business. I’ll be there for two or three weeks, driving home for Scout and family obligations. Probably won’t be fun, but it should be profitable.

        13. Have a Mojito for me. I am glad you are not going to Mississippi this week as much of the state is in mourning.

          Conversely, Louisiana has yet to sober up from Saturday night.
          Geaux Tigers!

        1. Thank you for your kind words.
          You had to dig deep to find that one.

        2. The internet has a timeless quality in its archives.
          I know you now, from recent pos
          Your welcome.
          Rape is awful. There must be another type of awful, dealing with someone who suffered it.
          To me, dealing with such things- is ones own issue.
          But Ive never known any other way, i could be. Never given any chances. But there you go. Silver lining.
          That you could be man enough to let her deal with something herself, is now I consider it- very mature. To not be neurotic, or a busybody. Or a rescuer.
          Ive told someone I have my closest relationship with that I was. He’s no stranger to adversity himself. As such, it is said, and left unsaid.
          So there is how it is dealt with by two, with issues. So if you have no major issues ( mental illness, poverty, abuse, serious medical, mentally ill family etc ) – to let alone, if the person is strong- is to have understood.

        3. More kind words. Thank you again. You have assessed the dynamic of that situation properly.

        4. your reflection on this helps me assess how my communication skills work. Thank you.

        5. You’re right, but it doesn’t always turn out that way.
          That’s precisely why the ones who survive and endure to the extent that they can have healthy relationships later on, are truly lauded and celebrated.

        6. Your life story is an inspiration to all of us who are blessed to know you!
          As I have said before, you make the world a far better place, by being a part of it, and for always standing up for liberty and truth.

        7. Wow! When you say nice things like that it makes me really happy that I left most of the “R” rated parts out.
          Thanks for your many kindnesses, Mom.

        8. They fucking suck and you are a fucking idiot. Seriously, we’ll take your lady card now
          You aren’t deserving of a vagina.

        9. Thanks for the hot take, man who will probably never be raped. Now tell us how we should handle child birth.

      2. You never cease to amaze me, in so many ways. You are a true survivor in every sense of the word.
        Most impressively, despite all that you went through, you did not allow yourself to be jaded and cynical in your heart. That is truly incredible.
        Finally, most importantly, you were able to pick yourself up and see the true beauty and essence of yourself as the worthwhile and wonderful person that you are. Without that, one can never truly have a meaningful and loving relationship.
        G-d bless you and your loved ones always. Your wife is a very lucky woman! May G-d grant you many long, happy, and healthy years together. 😉

        1. Thank you Mom. With the exception of the divorce I really didn’t feel like I was just surviving. I’m sure that made it easier.
          “Picaresque” has been my life to this point. I would not have chosen to be a Picaro, but I seem to have been fated to it.
          We have barely touched on my time in Latin America. Perhaps I should write those chapters for my children.

    4. Agree.
      Dump the girl.
      You can’t fix damaged girls, and long term you not want to date them either.
      Many women who were not raped will exaggerate non rape into rape stories as a sort of damsel in distress game.
      Don’t fall for this, it just makes you a tool.

    5. “Q: What to do when she claims to have been raped in the past.
      A: “Run, Forrest, RUUUUUUUUUUN!!!”
      This x 1000000. For all the reasons Mistral cited. Seriously. It may be a harsh thing to do, and she may be the sweetest girl you ever met, but this a is a major red flag.

    6. What do you do what that person is your sister or even mom? Sounds like you’re saying a woman who’s been raped doesn’t deserve a happy relationship? Literally no good future for her? Only weak-ass dudes and disfunction?

      1. >What do you do what that person is your sister or even mom?
        The context here is women one would be dating. I do not date my mom or my sisters (nor, likewise, I assume that men here do not otherwise date their close female relatives), so your question lacks, relevance.
        >Sounds like you’re saying a woman who’s been raped doesn’t deserve a happy relationship?
        I never said what a woman does or does not “deserve”. I simply prescribed a course of action based on the greater likelihoods. But, on average, for ever “Oh, I dated a rape victim and it worked out totally cool!” there will be a fuck-ton more “This really sux extra hard” stories. But hey, if you want to go mount your trusty stallion, “Fedora” and go save broken girls, that’s up to you.
        >Literally no good future for her? Only weak-ass dudes and disfunction?
        Who knows? What I know is, women who talk about their “survivor” stories tend to be bad romantic investments, so I pass.

        1. Totally relevant, you just missed my point:
          YOU may not date your mom/sisters/daughters, but someone else did/does/will.
          So if something horrible happened to those gals, you’re saying you’d tell guys to avoid’m? Even if it was your own daughter??
          “FELLAS, STEER CLEAR of my daughter, she was raped.” …That’s you??

        2. Totally relevant, you just missed my point:
          YOU may not date your mom/sisters/daughters, but someone else did/does/will.
          So if something horrible happened to those gals, you’re saying you’d still advise guys to avoid’m? Even if it was your own daughter??
          “FELLAS, STEER CLEAR of my daughter, she was raped.” …That’s you??

        3. I don’t think it’s me who missed the point. My advice is of general application, based on what makes sense for most guys. Positing that said rape victim is my mother or sister simply isn’t relevant to the general proposition.

        4. Advice like that has to hold true across all cases (even if it’s your mom/sis/etc), or by definition it is NOT fit for general application.
          Which is exactly its relevance to your general proposition, and thus exactly my point. More specifically:
          For at least one (probably several) of the guys out there to whom you gave this advice, it IS or WILL BE their mom, sister or daughter facing that situation.
          Rendering your advice to them useless or even damaging.
          And you would advise guys to treat other people’s moms/sis/daughters like this but not your own? Weak.
          Here’s some better advice– wanna stop having to deal w/ broken women in this world?
          Maybe advise that we stop viewing fellow human beings as just pussy.
          The mentality that you espouse in “avoiding damaged goods,” is exactly the mentality that, when taken to its furthest extents (which happens all the time), allows rapists to feel fine about raping.
          It might feel all good and self-grinny to get your primate jollies, but there are legit people out there who are being used on the other end.
          Which makes it nothing more than dumb ape masturbation; self-gratification at the expense of half our own species.
          Last I checked we’re men and can make a choice. We should have the balls to have honor.

        5. >Advice like that has to hold true across all cases (even if it’s your mom/sis/etc), or by definition it is NOT fit for general application.
          You’re confused out of the gate. A rule of general application need NOT fit every possible case.
          >Rendering your advice to them useless or even damaging.
          Not unless they’re dating their mom or their sister, as my advice was about avoiding romantic relationships with damaged women.
          >And you would advise guys to treat other people’s moms/sis/daughters like this but not your own? Weak.
          I gave no specific advice about my mother or sisters.
          >Maybe advise that we stop viewing fellow human beings as just pussy.
          Ah, the White Knight speech. You have no idea how I treat the women with whom I am romantically involved, but you presume that they are mere cum dumpsters because it suits your worldview.
          I maintain multiple romantic attachments with women who are well-adjusted and who are better off for their social interaction with me, including the “sexy times”.
          >…when taken to its furthest extents (which happens all the time), allows rapists to feel fine about raping.
          Actually, it would have to be taken beyond its rational limits.
          >…there are legit people out there who are being used on the other end.
          This may be news to you, but as it turns out, women enjoy sex also. And not every woman is looking for a chaste, sincere man to have lunch with.
          >Last I checked we’re men and can make a choice. We should have the balls to have honor.
          You are welcome to live your life as you see fit, Captain Save-a-Hoe, and I will, quite enjoyably, live mine. Ta-ta, now.

        6. Way off-topic, and you apparently don’t even see how. Observe:
          >”You’re confused out of the gate. A rule of general application need NOT fit every possible case.”
          -Understood that a “ROGA” needn’t apply in extenuating circumstances, but my point is that the circumstances I’m describing are COMMON. Thus your “rule” can’t be adequate.
          >”Not unless they’re dating their mom or their sister, as my advice was about avoiding romantic relationships with damaged women.”
          >”I gave no specific advice about my mother or sisters.”
          -You didn’t, but I asked you about it, as my original point (more clearly restated just above). To which you cowardly backed away from confronting your own cognitive dissonance.
          >”Ah, the White Knight speech… You have no idea how I treat the women… but you presume cum dumpsters…”
          -I do not presume that. Nor is it on-topic.
          Instead I’m asking you to give other fellas advice that will hold up under the common situations they’ll encounter, and won’t lead them into inner conflict should something happen to women of their own blood.
          And that addresses the problem at its core so that there are less screwy chicks in the first place.
          >”This may be news to you, but as it turns out, women enjoy sex also. And not every woman is looking for a chaste, sincere man to have lunch with.”
          -Good. Agreed. Off-topic. Go for it. I’m talking about the respect held for those women as equals your mind while doing so.
          That’s the advice I’m asking you to give other guys instead, bc it’s the only thing that can actually improve the broken women problem.
          >”Actually, it would have to be taken beyond its rational limits.”
          -Agreed. The furthest extents of objectification are, for sure, well beyond rational limits. Which happens all the time. The underlying philosophy has got to go.
          >”I maintain multiple romantic attachments with women who are well-adjusted and who are better off for their social interaction with me, including the “sexy times.”
          -Good. Same. Off-topic. No need to justify. Don’t lie to’m. Out.

  5. My wife was raped multiple times as a child and thus suffers from long term PTSD. She never talked about it to anyone and it took us two years into the relationship for her to finally speak about it, and she was dead drunk then.
    The fact that someone is willingly and openly talking about it is a major red flag.

    1. Like the dude says though, there’s a big damn difference between held-down beat-up raped and got-tipsy-and-pulled-a-5-way raped.

    2. Yup…. my ex…. anytime tried to talk to her about our sex life clammed up….”I don’t want to talk about it”. Read up about abuse, etc,…. classic case of over compensating feminity, etc., living in her own little princess world…. couldn’t even boil an egg….. boo hoo….

      1. Yup. The extreme princess complex is a sure sign of underlying issues. Dated a gal once who I swear had multiple personalities. She alleged that she had been beaten severely by her ex, and was in witness protection or something. I know, I should’ve called bullshit but I did not. After some outbursts in public, (the best of which involved her getting shitfaced drunk, falling off her barstool, and screaming , “I’m a princess, I’m not drunk!” at anyone who suggested otherwise) the final straw was her rolling over in the sack after a roll in the proverbial hay, staring into my eyes, and intimating that I reminded her of her birth father. Yeah…after that I ran far and fast from the loopy broad and all the mind-fuckery that accompanied her. TL/DR: Stay frosty, them bitches are crazy.

        1. Those all sound like symptoms of a person suffering from Mk- ULTRA programming. You should look that up.

        2. Y’know, that hadn’t occurred to me. You may be onto something there. She must’ve chewed through the straps during a programming session.

        3. It is worth researching. However once you get a firm understanding of it, it becomes really scary as well.

        4. I would imagine so, from what I had already read and seen. The gal I mentioned seemed to have no real core persona…even her female associates remarked to me how she would literally be two or three different people in a day. I’d think that normally theyou as gals would have chalked it up to mood swings, but the sudden shifts in personality were so frequent and marked that they figured she was several cards short of a full deck.

    3. Now the abused woman I was married to never spoke about it but she tried to twist my mind and make me into a wife beater because it “made her feel alive”.
      You see I would have had more compassion if I knew I was dealing with a broken brain.
      But I still would have left. To this day she has not told me anything though from post-facto investigation (that I should have done BEFORE) I got the good on her.
      Thing is, rape, abuse, PTSD, depression – only a white knight would try to save a woman from that. I was that white knight so I know exactly what goes on here.
      And in the end, to stay with the metaphor, the horse was gone, the armor and sword were sold to pay the bills, and there was no honor left.

      1. I think some people just cope with it in a different way. My wife’s trauma was from when she was very young and she lived through her formative years with it. I guess it varies from individuals, and her qualities far outmatches her faults.

        1. I agree. For some, speaking about it is a form of healing. And when you think about it, that is way healthy than burying deep inside and letting it fester…that usually develops and shows up in other ways, deeper issues.
          I’m leery of people who speak for a collective group “all men”, “no man”, etc. (as is done in this article). No person knows every man or woman in their state, let alone the world.

        2. Good on you for standing up for your wife and being loyal. This article says some really poisonous shit that people who’ve experienced rape really don’t deserve to have heaped on them.

    4. Whoah. Sexual abuse is more common than a lot of us would like to believe. If people aren’t made to feel ashamed of what’s happened to them, they’re more likely to willingly talk about it, which would be a good thing, as it makes us more aware of the reality.

  6. The whole rape epidemic is going out of control. Reminds of when the race card lost all of its value when it was being played on every single irrelevant occasion.
    The same thing is being done with illnesses such as bipolar and add- being used as an excuse all the time.
    What will be next?

    1. Next will be “trans”. Just take a stroll on the SJW profiles of Twitter. They all give themselves some strange gender label.
      It will be the next “gluten intolerance” thing. Except that the gluten thing really covered for the fact that the wheat in the market is fucked up from GMO and chemicals and getting stomach issues from eating it is expected. A lot of people who think they have gluten issues really do not. It was once a very rare condition.
      But that didn’t stop everybody who claimed they had it from lording it over everybody else such that if you had a party and didn’t have anything gluten free, you got the “Progressive Stare”. You know, when they come up to you and ask you in front of everybody and you say no, and they just stand there passive-aggressive like, being the victim.
      (they they want to leave and take whoever came with them )
      Self-diagnosed “Trans” is next. And it will be the cover for (again) the jacked up food supply messing up hormones. It’ll be said “Oh look, people are safe to come out of the closet now” but in reality, people are going to compare their hormone-destabilized selves (thanks to the food and chemicals) to some “standard” of gender identity that nobody in reality can meet (you’ll have skinny effete gamers comparing themselves to The Rock or something) and then concluding that there is something wrong with them emotionally.
      And since the food industry is also owned by the same people who own the news industry, they “cover” will take place. Nobody will be able to address why more women are running about with bull necks and more men are like pansies. Nope. they must be trans! and if you don’t agree well then you are a racistbigothomophobewhitemalegunownerneonazi.
      And these self-diagnossed trannies will be lording it over everybody else. “Hey you guy could you clear the hallwa…”
      “Guys? Who the hell are you to say what we are?”
      For me it’s just more fodder to pray for complete and total civilizational collapse just so we can have some peace from these people.

      1. The wheat isn’t fucked up from the GMO – it is fucked up from traditional plant breeding in the 60s and 70s. It’s ordinary old plant breeding that gave us the glutens responsible for Wonderbread and Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
        Similarly, fruits and vegetables are bred for size, colour, and pest-resistance. Notice anything missing? Flavour and nutritional value. Breeding for pest-resistance actually selects for plants that don’t taste or smell as good as the plants growing next door. It’s a race to the bottom.
        It’s unintended consequences run amok.

    2. They ruin the chances of people with real disability from ADD/ADHD- which there are sadly, many, getting real help.

    1. Oh fuck dont even get me started about that girl who made the cover of a magazine to be regarded as some sort of “hero”. Even her story sounds like absolute nonsense…I cant even begin to rant about that idiot.

      1. The female detective that she reported it to thought it was bullshit. Ms Bedbug did not even follow through with the complaint and probably just thought doing it and pointing a finger was enough because you know, why would a female lie about rape lol
        The Uni thought she was full of shit too.

  7. So often those that make false rape accusations are staunch modern day feminist and are completely clueless to the fact that their parading around their personal “rape” story disregards those who have actually been raped. I know a few girls who actually have been through the trauma of being raped and/or abused and they are the exact opposite of the typical girl who is so willing to say I was raped when it was actually a bad decision they regretted.

    1. “are completely clueless to the fact that their parading around their personal “rape” story disregards those who have actually been raped. ”
      You dont understand. Women do not care about other women. Most of the time, they more or less hate them, really. They dont want the “problem” of rape to go way, that’s why they are constantly redefining what rape is.

  8. To add to this, If we as a society are going to push this “rape culture” then we have to also push: Robbery culture, murder culture, DUI culture, traffic law violation culture etc etc.

    1. That’s like saying if you support the American Red Blood Cross, you have to support ALL the charities in the world… EVEN if you don’t have time time or money for that. Use better logic to mane your points please.

  9. As a woman (who hasn’t been raped and has lived a pretty comfy sheltered life I would say) it fucking kills me that women make these claims. Its so insulting to people who actually legitimately experience any traumatic events.
    I sell things on ebay here and there and sometimes I meet up to drop off the item for an agreed cash price. I cant tell you how many times I have heard “oh my baby is sick” “oh I cant afford their lunch this week” “oh look at my scar from the ivf” and they come with less cash because they think their sob story will catch.
    Fast forward a few months im working at a warehouse sale for an expensive designer Australian brand and I see not one but 2 of the sob story women. The staff who actually worked for the brand full time all knew them. Why? Because one spends over $20, 000 a year on their clothes and the other around $15, 000
    Also cant telll you how many times I have heard “my husband will kill me of he knew I was buying this” then you look at their feedback and they are shopaholics but making out their men to be controlling
    I can’t believe anyone who openly tells me how “depressed” they are or anyone who uses their children or nake believe children for price negotiations. Most people who actually have depression dwant to talk about it all the time and dont use it every time they have to take responsibility for fucking up. Just sickens me.

    1. Let me add this. You know what clinical depression is? Remember that Death Wish film where Bronson’s wife gets killed and the daughter raped? The daughter is practically comatose and had to be put into a home. She later recovers but I’m not even certain whether 1 traumatic event would do this because humans, like other animals, always had these incidents in their lives where they escaped near death etc and our nervous systems don’t go awry from them. Most psychic trauma occurs when you’re in a day after day situation, like being in the trenches for months on end and never knowing when a bomb may hit you;after a while it really gets on your nerves and you crack. What situation could an American female be in that she couldn’t get out of where she would suffer debilitating real depression? It’s all about getting attention or using depression to her advantage. In the past they would be referred to as medical malingerers.

      1. How can anyone use depression to their advantage? I mean I know how theu can and do, but how can they do it in good consciousness ? Its just not ok and not legit. Not sure if these people see that and ignore it or they actually think that they have it

  10. Its articles like this that remind why women are parasites in todays world. When it comes to having sex, more men are now secretly recording footage of intercourse, not for some sex tape, but for legal purposes. Women are now claiming false rapes more and more in this day and age, and men are now providing footage to prove their innocence. I strongly advice all men to do the same.
    The whole rape epidemic is growing out of control and is proving my point- that women are dysfunctional degenerates who enjoy destroying a man’s life. My god, the amount of false rape cases I read about. Really fucking pissed me off.
    And now with the cancer known as feminism inflitrating and entrenching the legal system and universities, men have to find more safeguards than ever before. The system is designed to fuck you over in every way possible.
    It is a sickness I tell you. These women are exactly the kind of parasites that will get you fired from work for sexual harrassment if you were to glance at them or ask them for something. They are the same people who will get you imprisoned for rape, just because you do not want to be with them after a one night stand. They are also the same people who will entrap you for child support and even going as far to the courts to enforce you to pay up, even if you are not the biological father.
    Stay safe.

    1. Women are now claiming false rapes more and more in this day and age, and men are now providing footage to prove their innocence. I strongly advice all men to do the same.

      Back in the day, a friend of mine was accused of rape by a girl who lived in his building. My buddy got off on treating girls like dirt so he kicked her out of his apartment, half-naked, with cum dripping from her face and never talked to her again.
      Unfortunately, she didn’t handle this as well as he had expected her to because she told every one she knew (including his boss and co-workers) he had raped her. The only reason he wasn’t fired from his job and arrested was because I was able to vouch for him.
      How was I able to vouch for him you ask?
      Because I was there and witnessed the entire thing.
      In fact, she had begged me to join. Initially, she wanted him to fuck her face while I fucked her in the ass (her words) and a bunch of other kinky shit. Something about her felt off so I opted to kick back, nursed a bottle of Johnnie Walker and watched my buddy go to town.
      That said, the best advice I can give to young men (especially those in liberal colleges or metro areas) start recording all of you pre- and post- sex acts. Short of coddling and cosseting women like children, that’s the only way a man can hope to cover his ass.

      1. that’s funny. i read this same exact account of the same exact episode a couple of months ago on this site from somebody else. did you cut and paste just to have a story to tell, or are you the same person? his name was elliot something.

        1. I’ve told the story here once before with fewer details but I’ve always withheld names to protect the “innocent.” If the narrator you’re thinking of gave up names it was probably someone else.

      2. Should’ve filmed it, brother, then, after she complained, widely publicised the exonerating evidence.

    2. Secretly recording – been doing that since the 1990s.
      Back then it was really hard concealing VHS cameras let me tell you. I had to hide it up the dinosaur’s ass.

    3. “The system is designed to fuck you over in every way possible.”
      One wonders who was in power and let this happen? Our ancestors let this happen, (or caused this to happen). I’m am greatful to have found a community of men who are not ok with the status quo.

    4. Yes we’re weak little parasites who are slowly but surely (somehow) stealing the reigns from men and taking over EVERYTHING Muhahahahahaha

  11. I suppose it depends on how she tells it. I had a girl tell me on the first date that she was raped by her first boyfriend. After bedding her the next evening, I thought ‘you were raped …. LOL … that’s a good one’. I was in an LTR with another fairly nice gal who freaked out about 10 months into our relationship and dumped me. I was told by a mutual friend that she had been raped (read the articles from the trial and all the gory details) as a teen and that PTSD has seriously thrown a monkey wrench in her ability to be emotionally close to men.
    It’s a tough call .. if shes got everything else you are looking for you might just have to put up with the neuroses that come with the territory of being with someone who has PTSD. But if its something she just throws out in casual conversation run for the hills because she’s more fucked up than a real rape victim.

    1. So because one guy raped her…. all men are now rapists??? That doesn’t sound like PTSD it sounds like FEMINISM.

        1. Unless she was raped by her brother and father….
          The can’t trust men narrative is a tired feminist excuse/response. It is not a natural.

    2. Yes I too have encountered a nice girl, very feminine but completely aversive to mutual intimacy. She’d go down on me but if I went to touch her she’d back away or start to shake.
      I later found out she was sexually assaulted as a child.
      And she was forcing herself to be in relationships with men to ‘heal.’

      1. Yup…. read my post below…. read “Mans Search for Meaning”, by Viktor E. Frankl….later in the book he gives case studies of his patients… one instance is of a woman came to him claiming to be frigid. Read that case study…. cleared up a lot of things in my head….

        1. actually the girl i had met was quite independent. didn’t want to be in a relationship, didn’t want someone to take care of her. she could do it all type mentality. but besides that, your ex couldn’t even boil an egg? pathetic human being haha.

  12. Not saying it doesn’t happen, but I have a hard time believing women who say they were raped or abused. A girl in my building said a guy sexual assaulted her on an elevator, the landlord was ready to press charges and throw him out the building until they went over the security cam. The minute he stepped on the elevator she attacked because he got into a fight with her brother a week prior.

    1. So, one person lied. Therefore, all women who say they’ve been raped are liars. You, Sir, are a master of logic.

        1. Implying all women to her? You mean comparing all women to her, or implying all women are like her. And why did you bring up the anecdote, if it wasn’t to back up your beliefs?

        2. If I meant all women, I would have specifically said all women. I merely gave an example of a woman that lied about being raped because women do in fact…. here it comes, lie about rape.

        3. You said you have a hard time believing women who say they’ve been raped. Not some women, or a subset of women, just women. That implies all. Duh. But seriously, why are so many people so hell bent on focusing on one small group of women who do lie about rape, when the conversation should be about how do we stop actual rape from happening (especially when half the time it does happen, we apparently dismiss it, because we’d rather believe the girl’s a liar than believe something so godawful might happen on our street)?

        4. “Not saying it doesn’t happen” learn how to read.
          ” But seriously, why are so many people so hell bent on focusing on one small group of women who do lie about rape”
          Lets see, it hurts actual rape victims and completely lets the women that lied think it’s ok to lie, and most importantly it ruins a man’s life.
          I’m gonna concluded you’re either a feminist troll or the ultimate white knight, pussy. I’m just go with the former. The way you phrase your comments is a huge giveaway.

        5. “I’m just go with the former”? Well, I know what the way you phrase your comments gives away. Yes I’m a feminist, genius. I’m one of those madmen who believes in treating people with respect, whatever their gender. When I’m not out getting laid more often than you as a direct result, I do lie awake at night wondering if trying to make the world a better place and treating people decently is going to leave me incredibly unfulfilled, obviously. I’m not saying it’s acceptable for anyone to lie about rape. Obviously it’s not. But your comment “not saying it doesn’t happen” is pretty casual and dismissive compared to the huge hatred and anger throughout this forum for women who lie, or are even suspected of lying. Which is fucked, and which was my point. Not ONE PERSON on this forum that I’ve seen (and I’d love to be corrected on this, please), has said anything about how bad rape is. Comments on what disgusting things people should do to the women who claim they’ve been raped, yes. Comments on what people should do to the men accused of rape, no. Despite the fact that sexual assault is actually incredibly fucking common. That was my point.

        6. “…why are so many people so hell bent on focusing on one small group of women who do lie about rape…”
          Because that is the group of individuals who make it illogical to take at face value what many women relate regarding rape claims. If you’d like to reframe the dialog to fit your whims, I would suggest you pen an article.

        7. You would suggest I pen an article? Noble Sire, your wisdom is surpassed only by your eloquence! I take your gallant suggestion and clasp it to mine heaving breast, mopping the corners of my mouth to remove the last traces of vomit.

        8. Nah, I probably won’t write an article. I don’t feel like encouraging people to ignore and punish rape victims just because their experiences don’t fit one very limited mould, or assume that all women are the same based on the actions of a small few. I don’t have any fascinatingly edgy theories to explain why rape must hardly ever happen because men don’t like raping, at least not that I want to share with an audience that goes on and on about how funny rape is/how most women are evil sluts/how half the world’s population are parasites and it’s all an evil feminist plot/how much butthurt it’s possible to fit in one forum.

      1. Ask any honnest cop. 30% to 50% of all accusations are false. And yes, it includes rape accustions…

  13. Interesting to hear other men getting the same rape stories. I’ve heard the same thing from a few women I know and same deal-no charges ever pressed, no one ever went to jail. I think many times its a simple matter of a girl getting too wasted and sleeping with a guy she had no intention of banging. Especially in the case of any STD’s caught-she needs to save some face there too and can justify catching something by claiming it was forced sex.

  14. Frape (Feminist rape) can happen to any woman because it’s not an actual crime… Real rape is logistically impossible unless the woman is choked out by a convict with a little dick and a tub of KY Jelly.
    And if a woman drops the R bomb on you. Make sure you record the next intimate encounter before you leave her. Leverage is required for such crazy bitches.

    1. If she’s humiliated and/or disgusted with herself afterwards, in a woman’s mind, it’s always rape.

    2. You know, this fucking rape shit has got to stop. I’ve posted this before in other topics, but, I’m honestly very strongly convinced that more men are “real raped” than women (because of prison rape). Sure, women report rape a lot more than men. But that’s because anytime they wake up and realize they slept with someone they didn’t intend to it might be rape.
      Let me spell it out. If you wake up in a ditch, underwear ripped off, black eye and look like you just lost a fight with Tyson, you were probably raped. If you wake up in a bed, or, had sex in a bed and then went home, 99.99% of the time, you weren’t raped, you were making bad decisions. Rape is violent, it’s not “hold my hands down”, it’s knocked unconscious, head bashed against the pavement, multiple punches to the body/face. Again, think about a man in prison being taken against his will. Think about what he will look like after that experience. If you don’t look like that, you weren’t raped.
      Now, is there another crime for “taking advantage of a woman/man”? Maybe there should be (I’m honestly not sure). But it sure as fuck isn’t rape. And, frankly, calling “I got drunk and slept with someone I don’t like” “rape” diminishes what a real rape victim has gone through. Of course, most of those real rape victims are men, and well.. We don’t give a fuck about them..
      Calling “date rape” “rape” is like calling a schoolyard fist fight “attempted homicide”. It’s just fucking ridiculous. Sure, maybe somebody got hurt. But it’s not even in the same category as the more serious crime.
      Is anyone ever going to give a single fuck about all the men in prison being raped? Really RAPED, not fucking and then realizing that maybe the guy wasn’t as hot after the 25 shots you did the night before wore off. The “rape epidemic” is males, largely there for bullshit crimes, who are being held in prison. It’s not college campuses or some other bullshit that feminists have thought up. Stop the rape in prisons, and stop locking people up for bullshit (drug crimes) and then maybe I’ll give 2 fucks about the college sluts making bad decisions and winding up in situations they later regret.
      And, BTW, by the feminist definition, I was raped as a young man (by women). Held down, stripped of my clothes and “forced to penetrate” (although, by that time, I was over it and quite eager to penetrate). I didn’t want to anything with these women and had the ripped shorts to show for it. Let me tell you, comparing the mental “scar” from that to something like what happens to men in prison is like showing a guy who just had his arm blown off by an IED a papercut that you got last week. Fucking bullshit, all the way around.

      1. Couldn’t have said it better at all but one big issue.
        Taking “advantage of someone” should never be a crime….
        We know how that would play out under the feminist regime…
        I mean think about it… you’d end up in prison for a consensual one night stand simple because you never called the bitch back and she felt as if you wanted a relationship…
        Women’s emotions already have too much legal power.

      2. All the women I knew I college that said they were raped merely resented waking up in a bed with an ugly guy. Not that no women were raped, I just didn’t know the legitimate ones.

    3. Logic fail. A woman’s vagina will lubricate itself under a whole variety of stimuli, not just wanted ones. If a big hairy bloke sucked your dick, I reckon you’d crack at least a semi. Doesn’t mean you’re gay, doesn’t mean you wanted it. It means you have nerve endings.

      1. WTF? Why are faggots, pedophiles and feminist whores with rough sex interests always so quick to project their perversions onto sane people?
        Disgust shuts down arousal in normal people.

    4. “Real rape is logistically impossible unless the woman is choked out by a convict”
      So a woman who has a knife held at her throat or a gun pushed up against her belly can’t be raped?
      “Make sure you record the next intimate encounter before you leave her.”
      And then post it on the internet?

      1. So a fag reader can’t read between the lines that “choked out by a convict” = “knife to throat” = “duct taped” etc. etc. etc..

  15. This article has some harsh words. But I think its right.
    A woman’s sexual history is important is it not??? No matter what the reason.

    1. The average man couldn’t even move an unconscious female into a position to fuck her.You ever try to move or carry an unconscious person?

  16. Another thing to consider. Some Chinese scientists foud something that may prove telegony to be accurate.
    Telegony is when the genetic material of the first man a female organism fucks is used or affects her future offspring.
    Smart Pussy. On break and not at home so I can’t grab the sources but google should be enough.

    1. It was also found at the University of NSW among flies as of this week.Researcher Angela Crean.

  17. Another way to see if she’s BSing is to ask the name of the guy. If she goes quiet or makes up a lame excuse, she’s looking for pity points. If she names a name within the next breath then you can delve deeper, or forget her.
    The ones who can remember the name were fully conscious and fvcked up.

  18. When I was high school I went to a church camp. One of the gals who was leading gave a talk about being raped.
    This woman gave a talk about her rape to a bunch of high school boys and girls.
    I’m not even sure what the lesson was supposed to be about. I just remember her crying most of the time.

    1. I’ve sat through a sob story like that from someone about being raped when with my girlfriend.. I almost started laughing because I was certain the whole oratory was bullshit. I got up biting my lip to avoid laughing at all 8 of these girls and began laughing uncontrollably down the haul. So hard actually I think they may have mistaken my laughter for crying so my girlfriend and her friend came down to “see if I was alright…” as if this story struck a note like I was raped as a kid or something. My tears of laughter were a perfect cover for saying it reminded me of someone who had something similar but worse happen. The fattie rape lies are the funniest. Who the fuck is gonna rape an obese slob?

    2. When I was younger I was a good actor and could practically cry on cue.We used to laugh at some of the things people believe.Like if someone’s lying they can’t look you in the eyes lol. I can look right into your eyes and tell you the biggest lie so convincingly that you’ll believe any bullshit. Females are natural little actresses and I can take a female at random off the street and with a little coaching she’ll be able to play a role.
      btw, here’s a trick. Look into one eye when you’re looking into someone’s eyes and to the other person it will appear that you’re looking into both their eyes.

  19. “Women are tattletales”
    One encounters this so much on the job that it is prudent to avoid female coworkers like the plague.

    1. Especially the unattractive women. I work among a mix of people and while on a break was walking with the other young sexually active people, a mix of males and females of various races and even with a couple of homosexuals as well – I let a dirty joke slip and they all laughed. The old fat woman slightly in front of us got “offended” when she overheard my joke and nearly got my ass fired. In a way the workplace is great for flirting but you have to know who you are dealing with and where you stand with them. The bad thing is you may have a fun flirty thing going on with a girl at work but if something happens suddenly that mutual flirting becomes retroactive sexual harassment. If I gave a shit about keeping my job I would avoid all female coworkers as well.

      1. I work in an office environment and for the sake of sanity I advoid female coworkers at all possible costs. Cubicle sows no no limits.

    2. I’ve had a female “friend” concoct an entire story about me to cover up that she was cheating on my best-friend (male). I mean, the levels she went to – involving several other people.
      What she was really doing was working as a waitress at a local pub, and I was “friends” with one of her co-workers. When her husband had to work out of town during the week, only home on weekends, she took up fucking some of the patrons at the pub.
      Since I was there at the same time visiting my friend (FWB), her co-worker, she figured, I suppose, I was too close to the fire.
      She engineered an entirely fabricated story to turn people against me – including my friend, her husband – to cover up her slutty behaviour.
      I even paid for half their wedding reception costs, because they were so broke when they married they only had money for the fees and the dress. I forked out $800 as a gift to my friend, to help throw them a party – and yet within a year I was betrayed.
      Women are amoral.
      She got away with it for awhile, but eventually got caught. She even almost got back together with my loser friend afterwards, but when she got knocked up by her coke-dealer, he wisely backed away.
      He’s not my friend anymore.
      On a side note, after several experiences with the “I was raped” excuse, I have come to recognize it as just that – an excuse for something.
      Most importantly, I have come to realize that when a girl tells you AT THE BEGINNING of a relationship about her “rape experience” – you are being set up. The real meaning is: “I’m fucked up and I’m going to screw you around – but you can’t get mad at me because I was RAYYYYPPPPEEED!”
      Run in the other direction as fast as you can!
      Fuck women and their rayyype bullshit. I just don’t care anymore.

    3. Elmer, females have always been this way. In the past they were just viewed as a bunch of wet hens, today they take them seriously.

  20. I sense a moral panic overcoming the country in regards to rape on college campuses. The historically demonstrated prerequisites for such hysteria are certainly in place. It is a murky and emotional issue, a specific demographic are applauded for their righteous victimhood, and soon start to try and outdo each other, while suddenly given enormous power over the lives of those they accuse. The media has smelled blood in the water and is now on a feeding frenzy, no young man is safe.

  21. I’ve had 2 ex-girlfriends tell me that.
    In one case the girl passed out drunk while camping in the woods with some local boys and girls. She woke up with an aching bloody butt. Immediately she went to the police and two of the guys served some time (as far as I recall something around a year). She was remarkably balanced about it and had no further issues. There were witnesses to it and it was well-founded. The girls saw it from far and thought that she was willing – they did not know she was passed out.
    Another ex told me that she was raped too, but refused to divulge further details. Based also on what I know of her personality she likely got heated up with some guy who more or less went through the LMR a bit more violently. Also from what I could get is that she met the guy later on and had sex with him a year later again. That incidence was certainly some kind of regret-rape or something so muddy that it would not merit the definition of rape. Also she did not press any charges and never mentioned it to friends or family.
    Girls nowadays are not some scared Snowflakes that they refuse to press charges. In many cases they go straight to the police while the evidence is fresh. I don’t believe in the feminist lies that women are afraid to accuse a man of rape.

  22. “Women will greatly exaggerate the extent of their medical problems.”
    YUP. Or invent them altogether. I’ve dated three women who insisted they had a “chronic illness” that a doctor diagnosed when they were kids. This “chronic illness,” which has no verifiable symptoms like a fever or inflammation, conveniently prevented them from doing all sorts of shit they didn’t feel like doing.
    Night out with my friends? Chronic condition! Not only doesn’t she want to go anymore, but I’m a dick if I don’t stay home and take care of her. I suggest she gets some exercise – nope! Chronic condition! The doctor explicitly forbade exercise.
    After a couple of these episodes I’d say, “boy, with health as precarious as yours, you really should see a doctor.” It’s like AV8R said – not fucking one actually went to a doctor to get checked out.
    That’s when I just drop the charade. I get all, “cut the crap. You’re fucking fine. Let’s go.”

      1. Fibromyalgia isn’t all in someone’s head it’s the result of a chronic pain pattern. The term however is used to describe multiple scenarios where someone experiences pain as the result of physical trauma in which the body holds onto pain. Think car accident that messes your body up and the muscles and bones heal but you were in such intense pain the body continues to exercise that pain.

        1. Er no it’s actually a disorder with no known cause.
          Currently the only differences in individuals with fibromyalgia are differences in processing pain, lack of SWS and excessive sensory nerve fibers around specialized blood vessel structures.
          So…no, it isn’t a result of physical trauma in which the body holds pain i.e. your car accident scenario….

        2. I know a woman with true fibro, I used to fuck her. I massaged her frequently and you could feel the nodules at either ends of the muscles intertwined with the tendons. There are 15 main points doctors check and if you hit like 12 more of them you definitely have it. HOWEVER, I definitely believe many women claiming fibro do it to get free opiates and pain killers and check out of life and adopt the pity party lifestyle.

        3. I think I should get me some of this fibre-malagia stuff!
          Sounds like a hoot! And anyone can get some!

        4. Yes no known cause. There are many things that can onset fibromyalgia although its hard to narrow exactly the cause. People predisposed include those with diabetes. It may well be an autoimmune disorder like R-arthritis. Namely traumatic incidents that create a psychosomatic disorder have some link.Psychosomatic disorders are among the least known disorders in the medical world. But it’s hardly just in someone’s head. There are plenty of people with fibromyalgia who would rather not have a life of debilitating pain where they struggle to have any quality of life.

  23. I remember when I was in Junior High a friend of mine had a single mom who would routinely volunteer at a men’s chemical addiction facility in town (think homeless guys and ex-felons going through a 12 step program with a Christian emphasis attached to it). Anyway, she got pregnant with one of these guys and claimed rape (she was white and he was black). Even at that age I questioned A) why she was frequenting that place and B) why wasn’t the guy put in jail for raping her?
    I seldom believe women’s rape allegations now.

    1. Tell me about this friend and about their financial condition. The female could have been working earning money rather than getting her kicks with a bunch of losers.

      1. He said she routinely volunteered, no money in volunteering. Was she lifting pastries from the buffet to supplement their diet at home? Was she turning tricks for extra bucks? Was she scoring dope or smack there? Very curious.

  24. There was an article recently written by a feminist that was working with the poor in Jamaica. She reported being raped on the rooftop of a building by one of her clients? subjects?, and that she simply gave up halfway through and let him finish.
    Without touching on the illegality, stupidity, naivete, injustice or trauma of her experience, I would simply put an idea out there on the physical aspect of rape.
    It is simply that at some point during a true rape a woman has a high probability of just giving up and letting it happen. It may happen sooner or later, but the biological impulses for submission to power and unconscious attraction to those who exercise it present a biological impediment to a woman truly defending herself from her attacker.
    Such responses must be mitigated and overcome by will, training, and reason. Unfortunately, those traits are what a modern woman lacks thanks to feminism.

    1. The amount of ghastly violence typically employed during rape by the perpetrator cannot be conceived by a normal human being (not even the “false rape” accuser).

        1. Yes, and that is 40% who can admit it. It’s a terrible crime, the only thing worse is getting falsely accused of it.

    2. On the other hand she may have just decided that she liked it and had an orgasm. You’ve heard of 10 second rape where the girl didn’t want it anymore and it was called rape (absurd)so what’s so hard to believe about a girl who didn’t want it changing her mind and consenting 1/2 way through?

  25. Why not crossover and simply fuck men?! Have your bros over, play COD, and share bodily fluids. That would show womenfolk. That would solve all your problems with creatures with vaginas. I do not want to venture into the reason behind your brand of misogyny.
    PS. Bring it.

    1. don’t you wish they would? although i have to admit i am curious as to why there’s so much intense hatred here. the only reason i can come up with so far is that they know some really shitty women.

    2. Lol, angry and fat black woman with inferiority complex can come up with no better or well-thought-out insult to offer than to take three lines to say “u r gey”.

      1. Mr. White man, I am not the least bit challenged or moved by your comment. This angry fat black woman wants no part of what you have in your trousers and since there is nothing else you can do for me, your judgement on my body is meaningless. Your sperm was never in the running to fertilize my eggs, so why bother with your opinion?
        I would rather hear a response as to why men who detest women continue to even bother. That seems futile to me. I don’t like white men, so I don’t date them. I don’t write an entire blog about it. Now can you come up with an actual viable argument for pursuing male/female relations, when there is a clear alternative available.

        1. Why debate with someone who seems to be homophobic, as demonstrated by your earlier posts?

        2. That’s a lame argument. You don’t have an answer, and sometimes that’s all there is to it.

        3. It’s not an argument. It’s an observation on your character as revealed by your posting. Your choice of insult is what psychologists call projection. You feel threatened by people who have sex with their own gender, so when you want to insult someone, you choose an epithet that you yourself feel worried about.

        4. I never said being gay is wrong. You infer that I did by making assumptions. If the OP really means what he says, the company of women must really bother him. Why would one purposely impose the presence of such dishonest, manipulative people upon themselves? I find sexuality among consenting adults to be a beautiful thing, regardless of orientation. I’m sincerely curious to know why there isn’t a movement of misogynists who completely reject relations with women all together, especially in the one place you have that control: in your personal life.

        5. You didn’t have to say being gay is wrong. You reveal it by your actions, and indeed by going defensive about it. Someone who alleges homosexuality as their choice of insult is saying a lot more about themselves than they are anyone else.
          Once again: tell me why I should be debating with a female bigot.

        6. It’s like debating with a table or a chair. In my last response, I say clearly I find consentual sex between adults great. I do not use homosexuality as an insult, because it’s not. It is however by definition a relationship that involves people of one gender. Thus if the OP sees women as such odious people, AND there exist alternatives, why not pursue relationships with men, who rarely claim to have been raped? It’s an easy fix, all that angry energy could go to something useful.

        7. Keep on spinning that hamster wheel, angry fat black lady. You might want to quit while you’re behind.

        8. You cannot bother to debate the actual point because you can’t. You seem the frustrated one in this discussion, if I can call it that. I don’t subscribe to your European ideals of beauty so fat is not an insult to me. I do not seek your approval and you don’t appear on my radar when I look for a man. There is inner turmoil in men who are heterosexual but hate women. It’s self-contradictory. If you love women, you will find the right one for you and care about her and empathize with her pain, and she, yours. Not all women are good women, not all men are good. But once you find a person you care about, there is no loss of power in comforting each other and being present as your partner’s refuge against the world. That’s the beauty of healthy relationships.

        9. lol, you’re projecting again. You must be getting *really* upset over this. I already said I’m not debating you because you can’t admit you’re a female bigot – not even to yourself.

        10. If it makes it easier to dismiss the discussion, I guess. But imagine if you’d relax one second to explore why the contradiction exists within misogynists, it might be an interesting mental exercise… I’m bisexual. I am often a homosexual myself, I couldn’t hate myself. That would be the confusion I am talking about.

        11. Wow. And this is such a verifiable fact about yourself on the Internet. Please; spare yourself the grief and making up stories about your own sexuality.

        12. I gotta admit I am curious too. This site lambasts women yet desires them.
          Wants chaste but sells game.
          I am coming to the conclusion they just attract these types of women. Shitty luck.

        13. Mais non, femme et negresse a part entiere. Nope, all woman and all negro. In case that mortsubite is for posing purposes…

        14. ” Your sperm was never in the running to fertilize my eggs, so why bother with your opinion?”
          I dont know about Aurelius but my sperm most certainly wasn’t in the run. After all why would I bother putting seed into inferior soil?

        15. ” I’m sincerely curious to know why there isn’t a movement of misogynists who completely reject relations with women all together, especially in the one place you have that control: in your personal life.”
          Its called biology. Do your reading.

        16. “There is inner turmoil in men who are heterosexual but hate women. It’s self-contradictory.”
          Equally applicable to feminists who blame all men as rapists but have gina tingles at the sight of them.

        17. ” Your sperm was never in the running to fertilize my eggs, ”
          If this is how modern feminists see men, i think someone intelligent best start up a amazonian training camp, to learn how to kick feminist ass- for us less educated females.

    3. Hey housenigger,
      You hang out with too many white girls…. “Have your bros over, play COD, and share bodily fluids”. Lol. “Brand of misogyny” Lol.

      1. Never house nigger, always field, to better set the whole thing on fire and roast master’s corpse over it.
        Yes, I found my comment quite lol worthy as well.

        1. Yet here we are. Your racist little epithet do not insult me. You’re right, I have slave ancestors. But you and your kind were not adequate enough to maintain that situation so you mad. The fact is this: you don’t have a problem with women or black people or Jews or whatever else you hate. You are simply woefully inadequate. You have issues with women because you can’t hack it in the sack or otherwise. You’re afraid of anything you cannot control. That’s not my idea of a real man. You’re hiding behind anonimity to say nigger. You are a real man, do it in public. Call a black man a nigger to his face and stand there. But you won’t. You’ll troll the internet acting tough. Poser. You would not last a second in the real world being your true self and that’s got your panties in a wad. You’re an internet troll. You’re a dime a dozen and you are as impotent as the word nigger.

    4. In that case, the same question could be asked of you. If “all men are rapists”, why not hold kitty parties-cum-orgies? Why bother with make up? Why bother with dating?…

  26. Almost all these women that have been “raped” instead of actually physically raped have rape fantasies where they really just love the idea of being completely dominated and roughhoused in the bedroom. Just the thought of sex like that makes their panties drip.

    1. Well yes and no. Fantasy implies complete control over who’s and what’s is done in the fantasy. So if your girl isn’t into anal, it won’t be on the fantasy list. Same with short and fat guys, won’t meet her fantasy.

      1. Actually, with most broads, the further the action is from what they’d “never do in real life”, the hotter it is in their fantasy.

    2. I think they’re just torn in two (for lack of better phrase) over the guilt they retain from the desire to be nailed so hard it would seem like forced, violent, criminal rape. The guilt then short circuits their hamster and the only way to band-aide their own subconscious disgust in themselves is make up a blatant lie for attention to publicly work through their own self inflicted pain. Plus, the added attention is a bonus.

  27. Your idea is sound, and the article is good, but it’s way too long.
    The answer to your question is:

    1. You must have a short attention span if you can’t read a couple of paragraphs. Turn off the boobtube, any perverted porn you watch, video games, smoking weed which is worse for your concentration than heroin and everything else that is rotting your brain and you’ll be able to concentrate on a short article.

    1. You avoid this person because she is damaged and will only end up making you damaged and miserable. Aside from that these real molestation cases are RARE. She may even be making the whole thing up which means she’s really crazy so avoid. How many of these hoax cases have we heard over the past generation from Roseann Barr to Jane Doe.

  28. If I hear a woman say she was raped I immediately assume it was a beta who she had sex with and later regretted. . They throw themselves at thugs and bad boys and have no problem screwing these guys for free in the bathroom stall of a club. Most rape Accusations are false and just a way to manipulate a man or control him.

  29. What To Do When She Claims To Have Been Raped In The Past?
    Any woman that has been “raped” has now become a whore in my eyes.

  30. And speaking of rape whatever happened to that college slut carrying around a matress?

    1. She got tired and slept it off. Someone said she mysteriously awoke with a much-improved complexion, for some reason…

  31. I heard, “I was raped” from 3 different girls. All 3 of them were psycho in one way or another. I’m relatively sure there was no rape on 2 of them…but their problems were real. I’m pretty sure the 3rd one was raped and she was damaged…and I doubt she’ll ever be rehabed back to a normal, happy girl.

  32. RoK Community: I’m seriously confused about a common theme I noticed since I started following this website. A lot of us talk about Game and getting girls and such. But, I’ve also noticed that a lot of us on this website acknowledge that guys tend prefer girls who are…not sluts. With this conflicting idea about trying to sleep with women, but wanting to settle down with women who are somewhat chaste, what do people in this community have to say about that?
    I grew up with a pretty strong religious background and I recently began to have sex and got out of a relationship with a girl who acknowledges that she used to be a slut. It’s a question that’s bugging me and I’d love to hear what people have to say

    1. It depends on what your definition of chaste is? If you mean virgin then it would depend on her age. If she’s 25 and has never had sex then there’s a good possibility that there’s something wrong with her and her chasteness whether it’s some religious nonsense or other reason is just a cover for her own defects(usually mental) All normal females have a drive to reproduce and that means sex.I guess that everyone has their own idea about what a slut is.

    2. A lot of guys here would rather have one good chaste woman in the prime of her life than ten women past their prime who have mid to high double digit partner counts. However, women are choosing high partner counts on their own. We have no control over the choices a woman makes so all we can do is make the best of the situation that we are given.
      If women are choosing of their own volition to have sex with lots of men in their teens and early to mid twenties and postponing marriage until their late twenties or early thirties the best we can hope for is to be one of the men she has a one night stand with when she is 23.
      Men aren’t the ones who decided on this new sexual landscape. If a girl wants sex and we turn her down some other guy will do it. Women control whether or not they become sluts, not us. All we can do is adapt to the new system.

    3. 1) Just because some skank has lots of sex with different guys doesn’t mean she does it for sex (ie, because she likes it). In these cases she’s using it as a tool for getting other things (like free drinks and food, gifts, etc.)
      2) On the other hand, some woman who actually likes sex AND is looking to eventually become “serious” with one guy without getting stuck in “relationships” before she meets a guy she deems worthy of being in a relationship with, that’s a different story.
      3) If a woman can separate just being horny from deeper emotional connection (without killing the ability to have deeper emotional connection, too), she’ll never be a slut no matter how many guys she has sex with.
      Unfortunately, type “3” is very rare, types “1” and “2” infest N. America and Western Europe.
      Only options for victims of those societies is to marry young virgins and pray they don’t have “deeper issues” ready to jump out of the jack-in-the-box after it’s too late to flee intact.

  33. One of the best articles written on here.I’ve said the same thing here with perhaps a little less finesse because I get annoyed with the younger boys for their naivete but that’s probably just due to the fact that they may have seen something once while I may have seen it a thousand times.Real rape is very rare and always involves some stranger. You cannot rape your gf because the fact that she’s your gf means they she’s agreed to have sex with you, same with a wife.If you’ve had sex with someone a hundred times how can the 101st be rape?At most it would be considered bad manners or being a bit inconsiderate, not rape. Anyway I don’t want to go into this but remember that this the way females behave.
    I want to congratulate Joran on the birth of his first child :o)

    1. Soooooooo the person who rapist gets to define rape now, not the victim? If you have a long time girlfriend or wife, you’re still not entitled to sex if they don’t feel like it. If you persist, despite them not wanting it, they can classify that as rape depending on how they feel.
      You can’t classify the rape if you weren’t the one being raped.

  34. RUN
    And a week later, you’ll be like…thank God I RAN from that bitch
    Remember the word is RUN!

  35. Right on brother!
    Rest assured, this article does not exaggerate false rape claims one bit. I was once told a long and intricate tale of woe on a first date that I chose to ignore. She made her college life sound like she was a slave girl at Batiatus’ ludus where she was constantly being groped or raped.
    Shakespeare said it best 400 years ago “the lady doth protest too much, methinks.”

  36. Best article I’ve ever read here. Very we’ll put…
    So absolutely right on all points!

  37. AV8R, great timing on this article and this line just strikes the brown note; “Almost no men are rapists, but almost all women will play Faust at the crossroads and sell off their dick-stained 10-cent souls in exchange for attention.” – A-fucking-men. If that isn’t the truth nothing said on ROK is.
    When these laws started passing in CA and now other states on verge of campus sex requirements, etc., it was inevitable a shift has occurred, at least in legislation with vote harboring undertones. No sooner did CA pass the vote, that in OH recently OSU is rewriting their def. or rape, and my local UNI just had a string of 2-3 rape claims.
    On top of rape claims, any girl who talks about, or has tendency to call the cops for anything except actual felonious crime must be shunned. Amazing however, how many fuck stains marry these exact same women.

    1. Those “fuck stains” get their fix of white-knight mangina love by getting abused by those same women, they dig their own grave.

  38. The fact that these cunt women who claim to have been raped, actually havent been most of the time, pisses me right off. Theyre shitting all over the girls who HAVE actually been assaulted. Think about that. They shamelessly pull attention away from victims so that they can lie, and attain self gratification, large amounts of attention, break the fucking law etc. Shit makes my blood boil.

    1. What good man hasn’t vowed to hurt those who committed a crime on someone they love?

  39. I met several women who claimed being abused during childhood or being stalked by an ex-lover. I also discovered that, in the first case, they were the kind of girl willing to do “perverse” sex acts in bed more easily (ie threesomes, gangbang etc.), and/or having a low morality concerning relationships (cheating on their boyfriend, conning men/beta without remorses). The latter case, they were just some kind of (common) social bitch with many beta orbiters (whom she would considered as “just male friends”). The result is the same to me, as soon as she began some of her typical bullshit-princess-behavior on me, I cut the communication lines immediatly.

  40. “If this was a real world situation, she would’ve screamed her head off
    while scratching, biting, kicking and clawing at anything she could.”
    Not so sure. There are a lot of people, especially women, who tend to freeze, go in denial and depersonalize when under stress or in deadly danger.
    This is very well re-enacted in the movie “Irreversible”, from Gaspard Noe, with Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel, in the infamous scene when she get raped in the subway.

    1. Bellucci got raped at knifepoint…of course she didn’t fight back.
      Freezing when there is no weapon is not that common unless she has actually been raped before.

      1. That’s actually not true at all. From the ages of 12 to 15 I was frequently sexually abused by a family friend. This included both rape and molestation. It would happen when I was asleep; he’d come into my room and do things to me when he thought I was asleep. I’d wake up during the act, and, terrified, completely paralyzed with fear, wouldn’t do anything to stop him. I’d just miserably lie there, wait for it to be over, wait until he’d taken everything that he wanted. I’d dissociate, I dissociated the first time he molested and raped me, I dissociated every time.
        This is what a lot of rape victims do, even when there’s no weapon involved. Not all, but it’s extremely common, even the first time that they’re raped. It’s a terrifying experience, one I’d never wish upon anyone. And everyone experiences their assault in a different way. There is no one way that it happens. Some women fight back, some don’t. Some women tell what happened to them soon after it happens, some report it to the authorities, some choose to not even get the law involved, some never report it or tell anyone, some tell years later.
        I am almost 18 now and the first time I told someone was a year ago. I didn’t want to get him in trouble with my family (fucked up I know haha) or with the law. I also didn’t want my family or anyone else to think that I was lying.
        There’s no one way to respond to a situation like rape or any sort of sexual assault. I’ve never reported what happened to me to the authorities, and I highly doubt I ever will. It’s just too difficult of a topic for me to rehash and revisit as much as pressing charges would force me to do. He is out of my life now, not dead, but not a friend of the family anymore.
        I hope he dies soon though. Motherfucker’s gonna rot in hell haha

        1. You were 12 a yo virgin and not a grown entitled bitch that had a bucket of previous dicks in her.
          Women don’t get to claim freezing past college age unless a stranger jumps out of the bushes. Don’t let feminists water down what happened to you with their opportunistic bullshit.

        2. I actually feel like what you said waters down what happened to me and every sexual assault victim. I hope that you never cross paths with a sexual assault victim. For their sake, not yours.

        3. “This is what a lot of rape victims do, even when there’s no weapon involved. Not all, but it’s extremely common, even the first time that they’re raped.”
          Would you like to provide a link to some objective statistics to support that claim, bearing in mind the old saying that the plural of anecdote is not data?
          And in particular, would you mind making a distinction between women over the age of 18 who are raped and children aged 12 and upwards? One is rape, the other child molestation, and freezing or feeling powerless strikes me as much more likely in the latter than the former.

        4. I see you are well on your way to cunthood via feminism. So lets make this clear where I stand.
          All sexual contact between an adult and a 12 year old is rape…
          But 18 year old sluts need to prove it in a court of American law… especially since there is no such thing as he “raped me with his eyes”.

        5. no one said there was.
          and he wasn’t an adult. he was in high school. are you gonna go ahead and say it wasn’t real rape now?

        6. You speak like a feminist and think like one. That’s enough. You don’t need to carry a card.

        7. God. You are one sniveling bitch.
          Adult as in age of consent…dumb ass. This may come as a surprise to you but based on the law in 50 states most high schoolers (save those who skipped multiple grades) are “adults” pertaining to contact with middle schoolers.

        8. “Sniveling bitch”
          If your points are as valid as you seem to think they are, why do you feel the need to use childish insults when someone is calmly disagreeing with you using their experiences as a frame of reference for this conversation/their opinion?

        9. I’m thinking like a feminist by disagreeing with your very simplistic view of how all adult female rape victims collectively react to their sexual assault?

        10. I say this again, I hope you never encounter a sexual assault survivor in real life. I don’t even want to imagine the damage you’d do to an already fractured, frail psyche.

        11. Funny how you know so little about me and yet you draw a conclusion that I’m lying about having been sexually abused for 3 years. Just how uncommon do you think sexual assault is that anyone who talks about it is automatically lying? It’s hard for me to breathe sometimes if I see him. Unlocked bedroom doors make me anxious. Sleeping on couches makes me cry and hold myself and my body tight so no one can touch me.
          Anyway, this conversation’s a waste as I don’t feel the need to “prove” to internet commenter youngexecutive that I was sexually assaulted.

        12. You are awesome…I am so sorry about what happened to you. May that pedophile rapist rot in hell. Don’t listen to that inept douche bag “young executive”.

        13. Thank you. It was horrible and led to a lot of broken things in my life, and it’s always going to be something i have to deal with. but yeah, you make do, and people like you help to make it easier 🙂 <3

        14. I’m so sorry that happened to you 🙁 I hope you know that the people who actually matter on here believe you. <3

        15. Once again: would you like to provide a link to some objective statistics to support that claim, bearing in mind the old saying that the plural of anecdote is not data?
          I realise women think they win arguments by learning to copy and paste weblinks, but for this forum you’ll need something just a little more specific than that.

        16. I said objective statistics with data to support the claim that it’s “extremely common” that women freeze the first time they’re raped. You sent me to an infographic which contained no statistics on the claim. If you can’t read, then fuck off.

        17. Do you even read your own links? That document contains not a single piece of data dealing with the claim made. If anything it destroys the arggument since it indicates any number of responses occur and that each one is individual. It does not assign any frequency to the alleged “freeze” response.

        18. “…while everyone thinks they would fight or run away, survivors often freeze in response to an attack. They do this to survive and to avoid further injury. Often victims are paralyzed by fear, and cannot
          take any action at all for fear that they could be hurt or killed…often helps victims to dissociate
          themselves from fear and pain they are experiencing.”
          I also found a few more articles- http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=3&ved=0CDYQFjAC&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.nationalguard.mil%2FPortals%2F31%2FDocuments%2FJ1%2FSAPR%2FSARCVATraining%2FBarriers_to_Credibility.pdf&ei=unheVPCzG8eAygS904CwDw&usg=AFQjCNGMRVZZjySwuq_4_XMKKB-aeqEgGg&sig2=uCvdKDdUpzbXMAXUQ6kMfg&bvm=bv.79189006,d.aWw
          “Many rape victims offer no physical resistance whatsoever…They believe with good reason that submission will increase their chances of surviving the rape, or surviving without major physical injury….Other women experience one of two terror-induced altered states of consciousness called dissociation and frozen fright which render them totally passive.”
          “few victims physically resist the attack. There is a considerable literature on the physiological and psychological responses of victims to rape that explain the reasons for this(cited)…the perpetrator may well be stronger than them, or armed, and so they may rightly feel that attacking or attempting to flee may cause them more injury…the brain’s response to a life threatening situation can be to paralyze the body – going into a rigid freeze or a relaxed flop. This primitive response is what our brains calculate to be our best hope for surviving the experience…at the time the victim is simply trying to survive – they are not thinking about how their behaviour will look to anyone after the event or when they give evidence in court.”
          “…at the time the victim is simply trying to survive – they are not thinking about how their behavior will look to anyone after the event or when they give evidence in court(cited)…It is suggested that in addition to the fear and threat experienced during rape, it is also the disbelief and shock of being disregarded, degraded, and treated as less than a person that leads to a loss of agency and an inability to respond(cited).”
          This study’s findings concluded “That freezing occurs to such a high degree during rape, with 89% of survivors reporting some degree of behavioral inhibition during the assault, implies that it should be viewed as no less than a normative response to rape.”

        19. Oh yeah, Im injured.
          Does she think all women are such fragile flowers, that a strong man’s ideal will crush them? I will say this, as a victim once – I find now,strong men who are standing up for the truth, very stimulating in a good way.

  41. That depends, obviously there is real rape going on. But when they insist on clinging onto impossible figures like 1 out of 4 girls on campus, it becomes hard to tell whether or not it’s actual rape or feminist exaggerations.
    Morally speaking, we could trust women entirely with claims and definitions of rape, but feminists have shown themselves incapable of holding that responsibility, thereby ruining the credibility of all women by extension.

  42. Only met 2 grls whole life that i honestly believed were attacked. One was raped by her dealer who basically gave her more than she could handle on purpose. One was attacked as a child by a drunk homeless man. Both filed reports (dealer got jail time for both dealing and being in the habit of messing with his femal clientele), neither were quick to bring it up, bot were practically ashamed of it, the one who was actually raped was sexually messed p and the one who was attacked had more sexual hang-ups than an adult store, the first was easy to bed, the second impossible.

  43. AV8R, Do you read articles from a guy named Pook? There was an article about him on RoK before (link below). A lot of people (myself included) believe that he is one of the most influential writers of the manosphere movement.
    You (and the commenter Lance Christopher) have the potential to become the next Pook. You are the best writer on RoK today. Certainly the funniest one. “pussy that looks like Predator without its mask”? That is HILARIOUS. You are the only person that weaves humor with philosophy. An article that mentions Faust and Predator is very rare indeed. Please continue writing. You are an inspiration for a new generation of men.

    The Author Who Was The Biggest Influence On The Manosphere

    1. David, I can’t say that I’ve read any of Pook’s stuff, I did just check out the article you linked and will read some of his PDF book at some point in the future – it looks like interesting material.
      I’m not much of a “Manosphere” guy. I really only read ROK, Roosh’s blog, and recently started checking out Matt Forney’s stuff. Occasionally I lurk the “Everything Else” section of the Roosh forum too, but I’m not registered there and wouldn’t post enough to justify joining.
      Glad you enjoy my writing and appreciate the humor. I can honestly say that I don’t have any plans on stopping anytime soon. However, I wouldn’t expect more than one or two articles a month – for now.

  44. I only ever knew one woman who claimed to have been raped. When she told me “he raped me”, it was almost as if she wore it as a “badge of honor”.
    No man who messed with her had a single positive thing to say about her. Including me.

    1. Yes, it’s a badge of honor in the culture now because victimhood is perfectly fused with heroism these days and there’s no overlap at all. It’s the same thing. Not much you can do when society gets to that point but leave unless you want to stick around and pay for everyone’s hero/victim fantasies.

  45. Avoiding women who are victims of abuse, real or imagined, is vital. Don’t make her problems, your problems and your kids’ problems.

  46. I can add a few stories of my own too.
    1. A girlfriend who I was with for nearly two years – mature, business owner, wealthy, gorgeous and confident – told me that she’d been raped by two men at the same time when she was a teenager. Of course, this cued my protective and sympathetic reflexes. But the thing is, she was a total sex kitten in bed. Great sex. Epic sex. When I put my hand to her throat she would go into climax. She also confided that one of her children was not, actually, the child of her ex-husband, but had been conceived during the marriage with an old boyfriend she still hankered after back then. The ex-husband was paying child support for this kid and didn’t know it wasn’t his.
    I broke up with her when the pressure for marriage became too great. I thought her an amazing woman and she could have kept me in Aston Martins and Italian villas for the rest of my life, but I didn’t love her enough for marriage and I didn’t want to feel like a kept man. As we talked about this before the final break-up she tried to blackmail me into staying, threating to write to my boss with all sorts of allegations of sexual deviancy and past misdeeds. Have you ever tried having sex with your blackmailer? Talk about soft sausages.. Sheesh. Anyway, she kept her promise and she did it. I held security clearance, so this meant an investigation which exonerated me. I was a man who would not be blackmailed and the security people liked that so I kept my clearance. However, until that moment there’d been talk of promotion and new posts for me. That all ended, and within eight months I was out, the result of “regrettable budget cuts”.
    Later, she re-married and her new husband was the old boyfriend she’d hankered after. Her ex was now paying child support for the offspring of her new husband. Amazing.
    2. There was a married woman I was crazy in love with, an absolute beauty. To my eternal shame, I was her devoted orbiter and emotional tampon. God, the stories she told about her husband: that he kept another woman and had children by her, that she was forced to live on a pittance because of all the debts he racked up, that he was a drunken abuser and that he routinely raped her in the marital bed. She once said to me, “You know, it’s not that I wish anything bad on him, but if anything did ever happen to him then I’d be free to re-marry..” And then she gave me this piercing stare. Yes, she was inviting me to murder him. Which I didn’t. Eventually, and far, far too late, I realized the obvious: that she was a bat-shit crazy attention whore. Beautiful, but toxic.
    3. Another woman told stories of childhood beatings from her mother and a step father who sexually assaulted her younger sister. There were hints that it happened to her, too. When she was 15 she was taken into care after having felled the step father with a bat.
    This woman was loud, self confident and relied on nobody. She had to do everything herself and allowed no chinks in her armour. Her persona was very masculine but she had a spectacular body and was great in bed. I grew to love her, and so it took me a very long time to doubt all the stories she told about herself and her past husbands. The first was an abusive drug addict (but rich, rich, rich). The second was a secret homosexual she only married in order to give him cover in a discriminating workplace. The third was a marriage of convenience to try and get him immigration papers so that he could escape the country in which he’d killed a corrupt policeman who was blackmailing him. And on and on.
    I could tell more stories because there have been a lot of women in my life, but three is enough for now. Most weren’t crazy, but all of them behaved exactly in accordance with Red Pill theory. I didn’t know it then, but I understand now. For me, Red Pill awareness has brought a lot of peace.

    1. “one of her children was not, actually, the child of her ex-husband, but had been conceived during the marriage with an old boyfriend she still hankered after back then. The ex-husband was paying child support for this kid and didn’t know it wasn’t his.”

  47. The fact that this is such a commonplace claim that it’s a mainstream issue is just so far beyond insane. It really is getting this insane.

  48. It’s already probably been mentioned, but this came up as a question on the feminized Miss America pageant. “1 out of 6 college age women are raped. What do you think?”
    I was screaming at the TV: I think a lot of girls get drunk at parties and wind up with an evening they regret. Of course, the contestant answered that she wanted to teach girls how to defend themselves as a tough grrrl. She won.
    I got a lot of people flustered on old USENET debate sites when I observed that looking at this from a male perspective, most such rapes shouldn’t be a big deal. If a man got drunk and woke up in bed with a woman who took advantage of his state, even an ugly woman, it would not be a night he’d want to brag about or remember, but he wouldn’t be overly traumatized by it. The main concern would be a VD or accidental pregnancy/child-support liability and that’s it.
    Because men like heterosexual sex and therefore aren’t traumatized by such a situation.
    For all the talk of women as equals to men, feminism regards women as innocent virgins and damsels in distress who are traumatized even by NORMAL sex with men. Men’s sexuality is considered dirty to them and can only be made up by the man “paying” her off via begging, bashing other men, or buying permission to touch her.
    So yeah, aside from a dragged in the bushes type of situation and/or unwanted pregnancy/VD from the event, such women have a sex issue that goes beyond the rape itself.
    And the author makes a valid point that even if the woman is a true victim, it’s worth considering whether a relationship is stable or desirable. There are men who save a busload of children from death and wind up disabled and women dump them regardless in lieu of more fit men. It’s not their problem.

  49. This was really well done. I have never seen this so well laid out before and I have seen so many of the same things over the years. I was dating someone a few years ago that wanted to “role play” a rape and like you i didn’t even get fucking close. It was exhausting and not a chance in hell I could stay hard. It would be like trying to maintain an erection while doing wind sprints.
    I usually call it a “starfish fuck” but your “sedated capsized turtle” is way better.
    Nice post.

  50. Had a girl tell me about a year ago on a first date (!) that she’d been beaten and gang raped in college by some guys she knew. I was like, well at least they’re in jail now. She said, no, not exactly, it’s complicated. I changed the subject and never discussed it again. Got her clothes off on the second date but never followed through with the bang because of the reasons articulated in this article.

  51. Funny, I’ve heard that line twice myself.
    1st instinct is to believe.
    But since i’m an Atheist and skepticism is in my blood, i tend to drill down little deeper after the emotions subside.
    “Men despise it when they’re sexually engaged with a woman and she isn’t
    responsive—we can’t stand it. We want a woman that thoroughly enjoys
    being intimate with us.”

    1. That dude is a pervert. He must’ve known that broad would take a spill, fall on that cart, and end up crashing through the door and getting her vagina impaled on his suspiciously-convenient erect phallus.

  52. Just unbuckle your belt and say, “I guess today is not your lucky day.” Damn, love that old joke.

  53. Rape is a power word, just like Racist..you say the word you get instant power. Who doesn’t want more power?

  54. It’s asinine to think that a HS girl or younger is going to report to the police 100% of the time. Or that a 12, 15, even 18 yr old can fight off a much larger man, who may be armed, who may be wearing sweats, who may be stalking a girl in a skirt.

  55. Meanwhile, I actually encountered the exact same type of girl who texted me over the phone, word for word, “I got raped”, as I found out much later on it was an elaborate extortion scheme that I saved myself from. Yes, the same two girls that played a malicious long-distance prank on me, complete with a FAKE suicide note.
    Since then, she’s been leaving me alone, knowing fully well I do retaliate and make the whole thing public, to the point she started hiding and even outed her accomplice in public, in front of customers and co-workers. Even the cops left me alone, knowing fully well I was in the right.
    Since women love AND crave drama, they’ll only have themselves to blame, after they look into the mirror. Even better, I’ll start carrying a mirror to walk around with, in case my false accusers stalk me and dish out their false accusations.

  56. This is an excellent post on ROK. THIS is what makes ROK great. Finally, someone speaking the truth, unfiltered by mainstream media bull shit.
    Yes, it is true, only a tiny, tiny percentage of men rape women. They are usually psychopaths. All men today were taught as boys not to harm women. In fact, that was taught even more forcefully to men of generations past. So, it is also true that very, very women have actually been raped.
    But, for those that say they were, I immediately get the fuck out the minute I hear that. If a woman was raped, she is fucked up for life and will never make my life better, only worse. If she is a false accuser, or she likes claiming rape because it garners her sympathy and attention, then she is just to dangerous to be around. So, to hell with both categories of women.
    Boys really should be taught this in grade school sex class. They would have better lives. Instead, they are taught to pander to these fucked up women.

  57. “After about four minutes of wrestling with her, I was able to get her
    jeans unbuttoned and her zipper down—that’s it. That’s all I could do in
    four minutes. To get this woman naked, somehow acquire and sustain an
    erection throughout all of the chaos, and then manage to penetrate her
    would have been fucking impossible. The only way it could have been done
    would have been to either beat the shit out of her, or threaten her
    with a weapon. There was no other way. If this was a real world
    situation, she would’ve screamed her head off while scratching, biting,
    kicking and clawing at anything she could. Help would’ve arrived within a
    couple of minutes—at most—if this was happening at a college party.”
    Anybody who didn’t already know this needs to the read the above paragraph again. Contrary to public delusion, raping a woman who isn’t drunk by yourself without resorting to violence is NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE. If a woman doesn’t have bruises or marks, then the chances of her having actually been raped diminish significantly.

  58. In high school I was getting close to a hot girl until she told me she had been raped. I didn’t know why but my intuition was to stay away from her. So even though I felt bad about it I fled. A friend of mine promptly swooped her up, and 8 months later a was being confronted by yet a new boyfriend who wanted to destroy my friend because she had said he raped her. The boy who cried wolf has nothing on the girl who cried rape.

  59. I agree with those who say a real rape victim does not talk about it easily. In a woman, a red flag for sexual abuse is often smoking. Smoking for them is some kind of coping thing. It does not simply mean they are bold, or loose, like they said in high school. It often means they were abused. Not necessarily in all cases, but in many.

      1. Don’t know. Not many people smoke anymore. In the past smoking was common, so did not necessarily mean anything at all. But today it is a red flag, at least to me. At least in a woman. However, some people smoke to help control weight. And some to control nervousness. I do know one guy who use to smoke. And so have wondered a little about his past.

  60. I recently did a survey of every woman I know, and I couldn’t find one that had been raped or even knew a woman that had been raped. And I live in a large city and know a lot of women. Yet Oprah, Dr. Phil, etc have us convinced that every other woman has been raped at one time in her life. It’s all bogus. It’s this all men are bad bullshit. Whenever a woman claims rape, molestation or abuse, ask her if she filed a police report and followed thru on filing charges. The answer is usually no.

  61. Why was this so subjective? You never experienced any of this. The biggest problem is that I could seriously understand how you could maintain an erection due to a fight or a scrap. Besides most rapes go unreported. Jesus this was a bad article.

  62. “None of these women even pressed charges against their so-called attackers, either.”
    Which makes them accessories after the fact. Every citizen has a duty to report violent criminals to the authorities. Covering up as crime is a crime in and of itself.

  63. A man would be wise to never immediately believe a woman has been raped unless he himself has witnessed it.
    I’ve been privy to 4 women who claimed that they were raped at different times in their life. Want to know how many of them were actually telling the truth? One.
    1. The first was date raped by her boyfriend (this actually happened)
    2. The second one falsely accused a guy because he wasn’t interested in her. (He had never had any type of physical contact with her either) This was on a college campus and she’d sit outside of his dorm room all day while he was at class/work. He’d be gone for 12 hours a day so he was not aware that she was there. The only thing that he knew was that the police came and took him off campus based on her word alone. The only thing that saved him was at the exact time that he was supposedly “raping” this girl, he was across town using his debit card. Luckily for him, only a few people had heard about the incident so his reputation was not tarnished. The girl never suffered any legal ramifications because of this though.
    3. The third was a sociopath. She was an attractive girl but a master manipulator and a pathological liar. She loved to play the damsel in distress so that people, mostly blue pills (like I was at the time) would have sympathy and possibly give her money. Over time, I noticed a pattern. Every few years she would claim that she had suffered a different sexual assault with a different assailant. She never went to the police or filed a report. After a few mutual friends got together and compared notes, it was revealed that each of us had heard a different version of each story. (or in some cases not all of the stories. Some had heard 1, another 2, I had a good memory and remembered and heard all of them) All in all, this girl was “abused” about 4 times in 6 years in 3 different states. Of course, the stories would always change depending on who was present. Of course, this girl was revealed to have lied so often about so many other things, it was safe to say that all of her assailants were imaginary.
    4. A coworker of mine had a buddy who was a cab driver. He picked up a beautiful girl one Friday night from a club and she had him drive multiple places. By the end of the night she had racked up an impressive fare. The last stop was a gated community and she asked for him to wait at the gate while she ran inside to retrieve her money to pay the fare. Well, the guy was wise and knew that this girl was about stiff him. (Old trick: run into a gated community and never come back.) He insisted that she pay right away or he’d call the police. She tells him that if he doesn’t let her go she’ll say that he raped her. He dials the police and while he’s talking to the operator, she starts screaming, ripping her clothes and punching herself in the face in the back seat. This is all recorded by the operator. The police show up quickly and because the girl looks freshly “beaten” they start to arrest the cabby. The only thing that saves him, is that one of the cops happens to check her purse and he finds two false IDs each with her picture. The cops then start to question her as to why she has two IDs with different names. Her story quickly falls apart and she’s arrested. A few days later, the cabby starts to press charges and gets a call from the girl’s rich father. He wants him to feel sorry for her and offers a few thousand dollars to not pursue the case any further. My coworker changed jobs not long after this so I don’t know if the cabby took the money. I hoped he didn’t and that bitch took the full grunt of her punishment, but I doubt it. After all, she was an attractive woman and her father was rich. She was probably set free to accuse someone else later.

  64. Somehow I don’t see the correlation between the inability to rape and a females ability to ward you off. I did consensual non-consent (aka rape play) with two females, both ~ 1.60m, 55-60kg, great physique, cardiobunnies, not too fit, not chubby. I’m ~1,9m, 100Kg, definitely not fit, but I had no problem to restrain them.without using too much violence( eg. : pinching muscles, pushing my thumb into soft tissue, ) 4-5 feet of rope / handcuffs made it exeptionally easy to subdue them. the main problem has been a) keeping their legs away from my face and groin and b) shutting them up c) get them on the ground *safely*. during a quite rough play-time I did get a hard kick in the balls. the complete package, pain exploding, problems to breath, close to black out, nauseatic feeling. But as I was already on top of her she couldn’t get away.
    I was close to penetrating her with a wine bottle when she signalled savewording.
    My main point is that it is easy to overpower a woman ( at least for someone my size, the average guy might be more challenged, depending on his fitness and the size of the female). another point is that overpowering a woman will almost always lead to significant bruising on her side ( wrists, ankles).
    During my Aikido training the only women that were actually able to bring me down to the mat were ~1,8m and close to my own weight. the small ones were only able to do it if they were a) extremely quick or b) caught me in the right moment (off balance/ slow reaction).
    Concerning rape/sexual history/illnesses I go along with House: Everybody lies.

  65. I was in a relationship with a woman that had lost her virginity to rape when she was 17. Claims she got blackout drunk with 2 dudes she didn’t know at a festival, which then dragged her into a tent and raped her while she was too drunk to fight back. While I never felt too sorry for her, because she had been stupid enough to get into that situation, I always tried to help her out with the aftermath – big mistake.
    She had only told me and the friend that had been at the festival with her about this and actually once tested me on the story by saying “a friend of mine once…” before admitting it was really her. She didn’t press charges and kept claiming that she was ok, along with saying that she was over her bulemia and didn’t need any help.
    Two major red flags I had wished to see earlier. But I guess the good guy in me was still alive at that time.
    I should have ran the moment she said it was her. It was a terrible relationship, with her claiming that I was cheating 99% of the time and her being absolutely selfish and spoiled. I ended up cheating around 7 times in a short time (why get punished and not do the crime…) and I strongly believe she did the same (“battery ran out” on a rare night out with the girls), shortly before breaking up with me.
    Either way, I was basically a free therapist and sugardaddy for 18 months. Sex was never a problem, she liked it really rough, maybe because it made that festival experience feel normal, but she’d never innitiate it.
    From what I can tell, she’s back on the carroussel – After claiming that she killed tried to kill herself, 1 week after breaking up with me. 2 months after, when she was back in town, she literally spent 2 afternoons at a cafe with sight to my front entrance, probably trying to figure out if I had a new girl. Then she proceeds to hit me up with long “I miss talking to you” emails after the summer vacations were over and she was back to her 9-5.
    All in all, run. All girls have insecurities and all of them will eat up your time, but jesus, a girl who has been raped, or even claims she’s been raped.. it’s on another level. I have a good amount of game, but the issue is that as a man, getting yourself involved in that stuff, you are investing way too much emotional and timewise.

  66. Yeah, if a chick tells me that she was raped my immediate first question is did you go to the police immediately after?
    What happened?
    Were you brutally beaten or drugged?
    If she answers no, or tells “you we had a couple of drinks and we put a little force on me”

  67. You’re all fuck heads. If you don’t believe her, then you shouldn’t be sleeping with her. And being raped is fucked up. Especially if it’s someone close to you. How could you call the police and get your brother/father/uncle arrested when you’re supposed to love them. And you know that it would destroy your family because they love them too? Not all women press charges. It’s scary and you can’t even imagine. For 1. Guys don’t have to worry about getting raped nor do they have to deal with the repercussions. If a girl is too drunk, you shouldn’t sleep with her. It’s rape. Is it the girl fault for going out to have a good time? Should she just stay home all day just in case? Or maybe they should educate guys not to rape instead of telling girls how not to be raped. Fuck heads.

    1. “Guys don’t have to worry about getting raped nor do they have to deal with the repercussions.”
      People like you are why so many altar boys have killed themselves in their thirties. Because there’s no such thing as a person who rapes males.
      “Is it the girl fault for going out to have a good time?”
      Try that as a defence to your next drunk driving charge. See how far it gets you.

      1. Did I say guys don’t get raped? No. But generally when a guy goes out he doesn’t have that thought even cross his mind. And You’re comparing being raped to drunk driving? Drunk driving is the drivers fault. So being raped is the girls fault? Well I call bull shit. It’s not her fault, drunk or not… driving is completely different.

        1. No, you just said “Guys don’t have to worry about getting raped”. That reveals far more about your attitudes than your weak and intellectually dishonest act of answering your own question. It reveals you hold a disgusting stereotype of all men as musclebound enough or physical enough to defend themselves against an aggressor.
          Nothing could be further from the truth. Male rape happens. A lot. Not that any woman will admit it because they’re too busy focusing on how supposedly they’re intimidated to walk the streets and are looking for a rapist on every street.
          Newsflash, princess: the incidence of rape in the West — along with all violent crime — is and has been trending downward for decades. The statistics from every credible law enforcement agency monitoring the problem are quite clear on that. You are quite literally safer from potential rape in a Western nation than anywhere else on the planet, and you are many times safer than either your mother or your grandmother were from being vaginally or anally violated against their will.
          And before you credit feminism with that progress, the statistics from every credible law enforcement agency are quite clear that that falling crime rates are uniformly because of better crime detection and better DNA technology, not because Kate Millet and friends decided one morning that the patriarchy was a Bad Thing.
          And of those rapes that *do* happen, the FBI’s own statistics are clear that it actually happens on a rough par to men as well as women. We are speaking of roughly a 40% to 60% split. Your assertion that guys “don’t have to worry about getting raped” reveals you either as a misandrist or an ignoramus. And that’s to say nothing of the much, much higher number of men who are the victims of violent crime: murder, armed robbery, wounding, assault, the list goes on and it’s predominantly men.
          “And You’re comparing being raped to drunk driving? Drunk driving is the drivers fault. So being raped is the girls fault?”
          Being drunk certainly is the girl’s fault. Unless she’s a complete clown she opens her own drinks and she swallows alcohol of her own volition. I don’t blame the victim of a burglary for being burgled, but I do call him—or her—a bloody idiot if he leaves the door unlocked and puts up a big sign on his front lawn saying “I will not be present in this residence for the next, oh, six hours or so”. Even retired, female British judges have basically said if women want more rape convictions, they need to stop drinking themselves blind.
          I particularly like your indication in your earlier post that if a girl is “too” drunk, that men shouldn’t sleep with her. We call that a Freudian slip. So it’s okay to sleep with a woman if she’s a little drunk? Sufficiently drunk? Just-a-little-bit-over-but-not-falling-down drunk? Drunk enough that she doesn’t care what she’s doing but not catatonic? Are you beginning to get the picture?

        2. Good, when it does you can offer some “empiric” and “logical” arguments rather than pathetic snark.

        3. ” if women want more rape convictions, they need to stop drinking themselves blind.”

        4. “Some of us are just a little wiser to how false rape allegations can destroy lives and can be manipulated by women.” Thank goodness for that.

        5. I meant, with laughter ( at lack of logic ) and pointing it out- but I suddenly got a alpha male effect reference from this, and had to laugh even more!

    2. ” Guys don’t have to worry about getting raped nor do they have to deal with the repercussions. ”
      People like you are why some of my friends tried to off themselves. Because no one rapes males.
      “educate guys not to rape.” So we should scapegoat normal, innocent boys and men, for the criminal actions of mentally ill men AND women?

  68. Good article, especially “Their lies and cries for attention have eroded their credibility to the point that good people—and true victims—must suffer as a consequence of their actions.” There are so many false rape accusations that real cases have been diminished in their severity.

  69. Men (and small boys) are also raped, and many of them don’t report it to the police out of fear of being ostracized or police not believing it. Considering that most people in jail are in there for non-violent drug abuse, don’t be surprised when the justice system fails at imprisoning white collar criminals, rapists, child molesting priests, and other actual violent criminals.

  70. your entire premise is based on the falsehood that women want your attention – I assure you we can’t get enough distance from you – only the naive ones you haven’t shown reality to are still prey to you – only the young, weak silly ones that you don’t want…hence your utter desperate rage…

    1. “your entire premise is based on the falsehood that women want your attention -”
      And your that men still care and want yours.

    2. “- only the naive ones you haven’t shown reality to are still prey to you – only the young, weak silly ones that you don’t want.”
      Haahahaha! Proved you wrong! Even one makes your claim crap.
      I may be naive, but Im not weak nor silly.

      1. How does it feel to have NO one even notice you on here, except a female?
        Bet that stings.

  71. I think it’s funny in a fremdscham kind of way (google it) that you think rapists would go around admitting it, therefore the 30% raped women must all be lying for approval and leverage to have a go at your dried out beef jerky textured heart lol. I assure you, I know a lot of women. They know your kind. They kind of hope you’ll have an apoplectic fit and fade away before their very eyes. Can you please hurry up. We are hoping that it’s true what scientists say, that thought effects reality and if we think of you clutching your chest and choking on your own spittle, that it may actually happen and in the meantime, we can watch you writhe in your rageful frustration that we won’t focus our loving nurturing approval on you, that you so desperately need to feel…alive.

    1. ” We are hoping that it’s true what scientists say, that thought effects reality..”
      I assume you hope this, because your logic and common sense certainly isn’t working.
      Nor is your sense of empathy, or compassion.

    2. “we won’t focus our loving nurturing approval on you..”
      Speak for yourself. Some of us LIKE men. Especially, manly men.
      “that you so desperately need to feel…alive. ”
      Just chaffing at the bit to ruin another generation of innocent young men, are you?
      Yes, you will win. Wake up, middle aged, without a man, passed over for younger ones, bitter, and lonely.
      Mmm sounds fun.
      I think I prefer the love and respect of educated men, who have pride in being male- as do I in them.

  72. Hey guys, keep on blaming the victims instead of the perps which may have worked in the past but how’s that workin for ya know eh with 50% of all men unable to get a woman to even stay for the night. Women really don’t care – we don’t have the same drives or priorities as you do nor that you think we do – not at all. Injured women like it that you are so deeply delusional and lost. Think about it. If you keep on this way, making it so easy to spot you within just a quick convo or comment you let slip (yes your kind always reveals yourselves pretty quickly with some victim blaming smear) it will only be a generation or so of culling you with refusals to push your DNA into the next gen before your entire evolutionary line and all it’s struggles to survive to produce the hot mess that you are, will be gone. Finito, kaput, forever. Your problem is that you don’t have the patience we have nor the self discipline to turn around as you skip and trip off the cliff into your own man made abyss.

    1. “it will only be a generation or so of culling you with refusals to push your DNA into the next gen before your entire evolutionary line and all it’s struggles to survive to produce the hot mess that you are, will be gone. Finito, kaput, forever. ”
      Underlying motives show, much?

  73. Oh and just to clarify, we talk about how clear it is that you are fully aware that you created your own demise, as much as you pretend not to know, and it’s obvious you don’t have any skills to correct your conduct other than your explosions of frustrated rage, and you hate yourselves for your ineptitude but your pride will endlessly fuel it’s perpetuation. Aww.

  74. I am completely disgusted by the attitudes I have read here. To make such sweeping generalisations about something that is traumatic and that not only happens to women but also men is ridiculous.

    1. What, you mean sweeping generalisations like “All men are rapists?” Because that’s what “learned”, “academic” feminism has said. Explicitly. Marilyn French, to be exact.

      1. I haven’t read her work. I have read a number of naomi wolf books which I really enjoyed. I don’t feel that’s what this article is saying but I think it’s unfair to assume soneone

        1. … (wrong button) someone is lying if they say they have been raped. Unfortunately it happens and I have also studied psychology but not law. I have been sexually assaulted and have told partners for the reason of hoping for understanding as to why I have issues with trust that I haven’t fully dealt with yet. Men and women should be allowed to share and talk. I give the same acceptance and respect in a relationship as I would give anyone else. I think generalising to give an excuse to be unsympathetic and mean is unfair.

        2. If you’d studied law, and in particular criminal law, you’d have realised that all accusations raised against a defendant are assumed to be lies until proven otherwise. That’s what the presumption of innocence means. And if you’d studied law you’d be familiar with William Blackstone’s observations on eight hundred years of English law: that rape, while a heinous crime, is easy to allege, difficult to prove, but harder to defend.
          EDIT: And incidentally, stop reading Naomi Wolf. She thinks ISIS staged the beheadings they’ve televised to the world. Against all the relatives of the victims protesting otherwise.

        3. Your explanation of criminal law explains well why women would be put off going to the police following an incident and why the author of this article shouldn’t be assuming that every woman is lying if she hadn’t gone to the police.

        4. On the plus side, and more relevantly, it also puts off false rape accusations, too. At least to police. Lying to a university, or a newspaper, doesn’t carry quite the same consequences as lying to a court. If you don’t like that, go and tell women to stop lying about being raped—not that this will ever happen given Blackstone’s observations are on rape cases going back eight hundred years from 1760.
          And it’s actually a pretty damn good assumption to make if she’s proffering the revelation up on the first, second, or third meeting with a guy. If most rape victims don’t want to talk about their crimes, as seems to be the common stereotype espoused by feminists, then you would have to regard someone who wants to tell a new boyfriend about their rape experience with some suspicion.

        5. In this article as far as I’m aware he didn’t say that the ladies reported the offence to anyone, that would include universities and newspapers. There are indeed people who lie, but not only about rape but other things. For example, there are people who lie to insurance companies or exaggerate damage to claim compensation or increase their claim. Do these lies mean that personal belongings don’t get stolen or damaged? No, it means that some people lie for personal gains. People get raped, lying about it is bad but it does not mean everyone who talks about abuse is lying. What might a person be looking for who lies? Sympathy and acceptance as a person? Direct all to a helpline/website for rape victims and move on. You don’t have to fix people who are broken, that’s their own job but you don’t need to make it worse or judge.

        6. Only about 2% of all rape and related sex charges are determined to
          be false, the same percentage as for other felonies (FBI). So while they
          do happen, and they are very problematic when they do, people claim
          that allegations are false far more frequently than they are and far
          more frequently than for other crimes. Put another way, we are much
          more likely to disbelieve a woman if she says she was raped than if she
          says she was robbed, but for no good reason.
          On a related note,
          only about 40% of rapes are ever reported to the police, and this is
          partly because victims know that if their claim becomes public, their
          every behavior will be scrutinized, they will be shamed for their sexual
          history, and they will be labeled as lunatic, psychotic, paranoid, and
          manipulative. Just because someone does not report their crime does not
          mean it did not happen. Furthermore, only one in two claims lead to
          prosecution, so if the DA decides not to prosecute, that says nothing
          about whether or not it happened. (http://www.rainn.org/get-infor… I’ll even Harvard reference it for you..
          Stanford, 2014. Myths about false accusation.[online] Available at : http://web.stanford.edu/group/…[Accessed 11 October 2014].
          I hope you dont have a daughter

        7. “What might a person be looking for who lies? Sympathy and acceptance as a person?”
          Quite possibly – but if the lie is about being raped it’s a different category entirely because rape remains easy to allege, hard to prove, and harder to defend. You can try and spin it with the airy excuse that “lies happen”, but rape and child abuse are special categories. The mud from a rape or child abuse allegation never comes off, even if it’s entirely false. That’s a big part of why women would rather allege rape to a newspaper or to a university, simply because they never have to back their claims with proof as they must in a court.
          Feminists like yourself keep trumpeting that there’s supposedly a low false rape allegation rate. The problem is that this misconception actually makes it paradoxically easier to allege a false rape, because people like you will assume the person is telling the truth.
          Consequently it’s merely a good working rule for men to avoid or take it with a big pinch of salt when a woman starts disclosing to a near-stranger that she was raped in the past.

        8. 2%, really ? That’s strange, it’s even lower than the lowest study you can find on wikipedia…
          FBI says: more or less 8%, by the way…
          The problem is taht this number is calculated on the amount of false rape that are found as…volontary fabricated by the victim…
          If you speak of the global false rape accusation, the number is between 30% to 50%, like all accusations…

      2. Come on mate. When you bring Marilyn French into an argument you’ve automatically lost. It’s almost like trying to prove a point with Hilter. She didnt say that either so you didn’t really answer the question..No marks for you.

        1. Put it this way, Marilyn French is from your side of the line, not ours. Sorry you’re stuck with Hitler, but it’s not like any of you are decrying her views. And she did say that — or are you going to assert that an author is not responsible for the words that come out of her mouth?

        2. That is a useful aphorism for you to adopt given your short attention span, but not, sadly, a point that applies to me.

  75. I have a suspicion that all the perfect, undamaged women are looking for a man who doesn’t have so many anger/mommy issues. It’s okay for you to have exacting standards– just know that the perfect woman you are looking for are likely not looking for you.

    1. As my beloved Alpha once taught me, ” Dear- we are ALL ( excuse this, Im quoting ) fucked up. “

  76. This man is a pilot, Why are you taking advise from a man with no
    history in law or psychology hasn’t studied a day of human behavior in
    his life. Fuck me there are some thick people out there. The greatest
    thing we can do is give love and be loved in return even from a
    scientific perspective dopamine and oxytcin make us feel good. This dip
    shit wouldn’t be aware and is socially lacking instead. Fine all you
    morons dont be with someone who is classed by you as have had a
    traumatic event in there life so there not worth your time I will name
    so inspirational people to me that made a change and had dramatic life a
    events even if it isn’t rape I suppose Rosa parks was craving attention
    when she made a change
    after year of racism and put downs. John Forbes Nash who suffered from
    schizophrenia but his wife stuck by him loved him he’s a mathematician
    he made a change..what if his wife thought he was too broken, he credits
    her for his happiness.

    1. “Why are you taking advise from a man with no history in law or psychology hasn’t studied a day of human behavior in
      his life.”
      I studied both. He’s much, much closer to the truth than you think.

      1. Opinions are like assholes. Everybody’s got one and everyone thinks everyone else’s stinks. So talk and talk all you want..I want empiric evidence not sadistic stories, I genuinely dont believe you and anyone in the medical industry would see these where the ideals of a sociopath or they have got into the profession for the wrong reason.Stop defining people by features we are one race.I’ll leave you with this again. Rape exist.

        1. I find it interesting that your resort is to an image not from anywhere in the First World, but rather straight to the Third World. I take it then you are profoundly grateful for the legal and societal protections you receive against potential rape in the West, where you are literally safer than anywhere on the planet from being anally or vaginally violated.
          Can you not even find one sensationalist image of a woman hanging herself in the US over a failed rape accusation? Is that how rare it is? Is that how intellect-free your argument really is?
          “Opinions are like assholes. Everybody’s got one and everyone thinks everyone else’s stinks. So talk and talk all you want..I want empiric evidence not sadistic stories.”
          Your starting point was to try and discredit him because he was a pilot and therefore hadn’t studied law or psychology. I then pointed out, having studied both, that he was pretty much on point, at which point you waved your hands in the air and tried to back away from your first statement. We call this a layered defence, and it’s just as unconvincing in a courtroom as it is in a normal argument.
          “Only about 2% of all rape and related sex charges are determined to be false, the same percentage as for other felonies (FBI).”
          This is blatantly misleading. Most reviews of the FBI’s data place the number at somewhere in that vast space between 2 and 10%, for a start. As I’m sure you’re aware, there’s a big difference between 2 in every 100 and 1 in 10. Particularly given, as I’m sure you would be aware, the presumption of innocence is founded on the principle that it is better ten guilty parties escape than one innocent person be convicted.
          That aside, when you start looking at other studies, the numbers of false rape accusations rise from anywhere between 10% right through to 90% in one small study.
          Although since you’re looking for “empiric” evidence, you might remember the universal criticism that is made regarding this data, including the FBI’s data—that none of the results are gathered scientifically and thus have very little to really tell us about the numbers involved, either inflated or deflated. They prove little to nothing.
          And none of that data includes the swathe of cases in which rape was accused and the alleged complainant cleared after DNA data proved otherwise than the rape victim’s strident, teary pointing at the man in court.
          “Furthermore, only one in two claims lead to prosecution, so if the DA decides not to prosecute, that says nothing about whether or not it happened.”
          This establishes to me that you’re either copypasting from feminist screeds or you don’t understand how legal systems work. You’re right to say this says nothing about whether or not it happened, but it does not make the false rape accusation rate any lower. It just means the DA takes the view that there isn’t sufficient evidence to run a case … whether that’s based on a lack of DNA or because the complainant is blatantly lying, or for any other reason.
          “On a related note, only about 40% of rapes are ever reported to the police…”
          And this is about the most unscientific statement you or anybody else can make in this context, since you can’t establish a null from presented data any more than you can prove a negative. It is more social pseudoscience at work. An unreported rape is no different from no rape in the eyes of statistics. You can project a number all you like, but you cannot state it as a positive number. It may be higher, or it may be lower. You don’t get to assert projections as statements of fact.
          “…and this is partly because victims know that if their claim becomes public, their every behavior will be scrutinized, they will be shamed for their sexual history, and they will be labeled as lunatic, psychotic, paranoid, and manipulative.”
          That is also a ludicrous proposition given the protections that are extended to most rape victims when they reach trial. It is also, frankly, mindreading and justification post facto for someone who may or may not be telling the truth about their alleged rape. Liars about rape also fear their behaviour being scrutinised in a courtroom—for the same reason liars about any other form of crime fear their behaviour being scrutinised.

        2. I cant even be bothered to read this.These are statistics from Stanford, sorry your not better that that.

        3. “I can’t be bothered to read this”.
          Classic response from a woman too gutless to confront the transparency and weakness of her own argument and statistics.
          “These are statistics from Stanford, sorry your not better than that.”
          What statistics exactly? Your “Stanford” link takes me to a feminist-oriented webpage that contains not a single link to a single study conducted by Stanford on the subject. I can also find not a single reference to any study or review conducted by Stanford University on the subject either on Google or on Wikipedia. You have also been copypasting chaper and verse from tha same website. Have you no original thoughts in your head? All you can do is parrot somebody told you on a web page?
          ” I lost attention at third world like it meant the incident was less because of it”
          I’ll ask you again: why did you put up an image of something happening in the Third World when your feminist outrage is wholly centred on false rape accusations in the First World? Was it because you were looking for a sensationalist image for lack of anything intellectual to say? Have you contemplated how fortunate you are in the First World that you don’t have to put up with this kind of shit on a daily basis?
          ” I have seen how long you spend writing these comments. I feel blessed.”
          Good, because your comments and writing style evince an attention span that is only capable of being held for 140 characters. That being so, you are an intellectual lightweight and need to read more.

        4. No because I have a life. A career. Someone who loves me. People around me who care and Your not any of these. If you are studious and had an education you would know it’s Stanford in the copyright and it ‘s.edu and also if you did have an education you would realize things need to be referenced not parroted before you can make your own ideas, you need to do research.I’m not going to understand someone who uses the word feminist wrong and calls every women they come across one thats not at home.

        5. Actual studies need to be referenced. You attempted to give the impression that you were drawing your statistics from an actual study rather than a sourceless web page.
          “Copyright Stanford” merely means that Stanford has the right to reproduce the text because someone employed by Stanford University wrote it. It does not mean the work is scientifically scrutinised or tested. And I might add that Stanford’s copyright, as the word implies, is a legal right which you and your feminist friends have infringed, repeatedly, by copying and pasting excerpts from that page onto this site without the author’s permission. In some jurisdictions you can be sued or even criminally charged for that sort of thing.
          If you had any real education you would understand that.
          Back to your “career” now, do not darken this door again, and hope that someone from Stanford doesn’t come knocking on your door with a summons to court for damages.

        6. You’ve just said everything wrong someone can’t sue you if you referenced it as there own work. You are an idiot. Sorry.

        7. No, you have that wrong. I really hope you don’t conduct all your legal affairs with this level of idiocy. Copyright and academic plagiarism are two different concepts.
          Per Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Copyright_law_of_the_United_States_of_America#Purpose_of_copyright
          Plagiarism is using another person’s scientific study and not crediting it.
          Infringement of copyright is reproducing a written work without the author’s permission. You have breached Stanford’s copyright because you copied and pasted direct from their website a sizeable tract of text that is explicitly copyrighted to them, and you even recognise the document was owned by Stanford since you told me the source of the text.
          If it were plagiarism you would have bothered to reword the concepts. This is flat-out breach of copyright.
          I realise you come from a peabrained generation that thinks it’s okay to rip off artists, musicians, and filmmakers with a few keystrokes on uTorrent, but it doesn’t excuse that you’ve just performed a criminal act: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Criminal_Copyright_Law_in_the_United_States

        8. lol. Try any basic text on copyright law, then. It will tell you exactly the same thing. You studied it, right?

        9. Ya think that matters to Daisy the butch lesbian in Cell Block 8? Plenty of honest people in jail, Nella Jane. Some of them even get raped, can you imagine?

        10. But you copied it without permission. That’s why you’re heading off to share a cell with Daisy.

        11. Oh, you can keep telling yourself that. Who knows. Maybe you’ll get lucky. Maybe they won’t select you as the copyright case they use to make an example of. Or maybe they’ll just set you up with civil penalties and damages sufficient to ruin your career if not your life. Have a pleasant evening.
          And for your bedtime reading, some more law enforcement statistics: this time all those prosecuted for copyright infringement. http://www.mediainstitute.org/IPI/2011/052511.php

        12. It’s day where I am again with the ignorance at least I can admit when I dont know much about law. Psychiatry on the other hand. You need help.Its been a pleasure .

        13. Again your fabricating things,do you spend most of your day daydreaming. In terms of my arse how would you know if it was sizeable.

        14. Yes I know it’s a size 40 but it wouldn’t really bother me if it was a size 42 I like cooking and food.

        15. Yes I know it’s a size 40 but it wouldn’t really bother me if it was a size 42 I like cooking and food.

        16. Marcus, we are not suppose to reply to females:
          So tell little miss Nella Jane Harlotsen to fuck off back to Jezebel and take her “allegdely raped” cunt with her.

        17. “layered defence”, “-that none of the results are gathered scientifically and thus have very little to really tell us about the numbers involved, either inflated or deflated. They prove little to nothing.”, “And none of that data includes the swathe of cases in which rape was accused and the alleged complainant cleared after DNA data proved otherwise “,” You’re right to say this says nothing about whether or not it happened, but it does not make the false rape accusation rate any lower “, “you can’t establish a null from presented data any more than you can prove a negative “, “It is also, frankly, mindreading and justification post facto for someone who may or may not be telling the truth about their alleged rape.”
          got it. Thank you.

        18. Ive bookmarked the site to read later. Thank you kindly, for providing study material.

        19. For someone implying being well educated, you use terrible punctuation. And lots of emotion, in place of structure.

    2. “.. oxytocin make us feel good. ” Then you do know that women are the major makers/ recipients of this hormone? It is not logical to demonise testosterone, while talking up oxy. Or science.
      It is a different kettle of fish to look up to public figures who overcame trauma, to living/caring for one. From experience.

  77. Amazing article! Simply put, the numbers don’t add up. I haven’t dated a woman who DIDN’T claim to have been raped or assaulted since 85 or 86. With women far outnumbering men, it is numerically impossible for EVERY damn woman to have experienced rape. It would imply that every single man has committed rape and, like the author, I have never met one that admitted to rape, implied he had raped or even joked about rape. Therefore, there must be one or two bad asses out there involved in raping some 3 or 4 billion women. My thoughts are that women refuse to accept responsibility for their actions. They sleep with a man (usually while in a drunken stupor) then have regrets the next. Since a woman could not possibly make a bad decision, bada-bing!, we got us a rape over here! Finally, if a woman is going to so casually fall back on the whole rape-claim, how trustworthy can she be? How far our you willing to risk your life and your good name?

    1. Only about 2% of all rape and related sex charges are determined to
      be false, the same percentage as for other felonies (FBI). So while they
      do happen, and they are very problematic when they do, people claim
      that allegations are false far more frequently than they are and far
      more frequently than for other crimes. Put another way, we are much
      more likely to disbelieve a woman if she says she was raped than if she
      says she was robbed, but for no good reason.On a related note,
      only about 40% of rapes are ever reported to the police, and this is
      partly because victims know that if their claim becomes public, their
      every behavior will be scrutinized, they will be shamed for their sexual
      history, and they will be labeled as lunatic, psychotic, paranoid, and
      manipulative. Just because someone does not report their crime does not
      mean it did not happen. Furthermore, only one in two claims lead to
      prosecution, so if the DA decides not to prosecute, that says nothing
      about whether or not it happened. (http://www.rainn.org/get-infor… I’ll even Harvard reference it for you..
      Stanford, 2014. Myths about false accusation.[online] Available at : http://web.stanford.edu/group/…[Accessed 11 October 2014].

  78. Its been statiscally prven that 1 in 3 women are sexually assaulted and if you are right, in traumatic events aren’t talked about, and this statistic is only from women who have admitted being assaulted, then how many other women are out there?

    1. Please show me how or where it has been statistically “proven” that 1 in 3 women are sexually assaulted. Please show me the reliable, peer-reviewed study that proves that false assertion.

  79. This is the most ridiculous article I have ever read. Clearly nobody on this page has any fucking clue what it is like to go through that trauma.

    1. What, be falsely accused of rape? Oh, I think there’d be a couple. I’m sure you have no clue as to what that trauma is like, though.

      1. Garcon, send this man a wine cellar.
        On my bill.
        ( Even paying it off until I hit menopause would be worth it. )

  80. Statistically rape and molestation are more common that what people think. That truth goes for both women and men. Many choose to kept it hidden, try to delete it from their memory. Others find healing and freedom in speaking on it. Everyone is different. What brings relief or pleasure to one, may cause disdain in the heart of another. Some find extreme pleasure in torturing someone, hearing them beg, plead, scream, cry. That may be repulsive to another, who finds attraction in a woman who is submissive and quiet. There are men who love a woman to take charge and talk dirty. Another man will liken those actions to that of a whore and prefer his woman to allow him to take charge while emitting a few sensual moans.
    No one part can speak for the whole. Even if you have ten thousand people supporting your claims, it still isn’t “all”. Who knows all the men or women in their coast? Country? State? So surely no one can speak for all of anyone in the world.

    1. your getting the fact that rape, although it may be a fantasy of sex- is a crime of violence, confused.

  81. This is fucking disgusting. Women deal with this traumatic event in different ways, for you to judge their situation based off how you think they should react and share with people… you’re extremely sexist, fucked up, and a horrible human being. Of course there could be some truth here, maybe some girls who say they’ve been raped haven’t, but for you to even expose that idea in an article creates skepticism for survivors to endure. Which is why so many rapes are unreported, women feeling people (assholes like yourself) will not believe them and or hold it against them.
    You have successfully ruined my day and tore down the little hope I have in this country.

    1. “Of course there could be some truth here, maybe some girls who say they’ve been raped haven’t, but for you to even expose that idea in an article creates skepticism for survivors to endure.”
      Maybe those survivors should be out castigating women who make false rape accusations, because it’s the latter that cause the skepticism, not the former—and always has been. That doesn’t happen: a false rape accusation, when uncovered, is routinely explained away by feminists or asserted as true anyway, even when the woman fully retracts the accusation and says she was lying. And women who lie about false rape accusations are not prosecuted in any great numbers either.

      1. Women are not prosecuted for rape accusation because it is a sensitive matter that is hard to prove. It would result in even less report rates among rape survivors because there is already stigma that no one will believe a women if she comes forth.
        You claim “Maybe those survivors should be out castigating women who make false rape accusations”
        The problem with this is it would create more risk for a survivor to speak; not only may men be against her, but fellow survivors as well. Lastly, as a man, it is not your place to speak on how women should deal with a problem that men are generally excluded from. There’s a great difference between saying “this girl I know was raped, she should do this” and someone saying “I was raped and this is what I want to do about it.” As men, we can only work to shame and eliminate rape, and the shame is on you if you exert further skepticism on the survivors,- or to put it in perspective for you, victims, of rape.
        The problem is that rape happens in the first place, not that it may be exaggerated in some situations. Your need to call out girls for “claiming” to have been raped, and skepticism for its severity and statistics, is you justifying rape.

        1. “Your need to call out girls for “claiming” to have been raped, and skepticism for its severity and statistics, is you justifying rape.”
          It is not justifying rape to call out women who falsely assert they have been raped. If anything it’s the opposite: I demand less false rape accusations so the real ones can be discerned and punished. But women as a group are not so interested in that.
          I also don’t claim skepticism on its statistics. I claim rape levels as propounded by feminism — as high as a ridiculous 1 in 3 –are wildly exaggerated, and false rape accusations as propounded by feminism — as low as 2% — are wildly underestimated.
          “Lastly, as a man, it is not your place to speak on how women should deal with a problem that men are generally excluded from.”
          Women see fit to invade male-only spaces all the time and comment on male-only issues all the time. There is no reason for me not to return the favour. Feminism destroyed the idea of a man, or woman’s “place”, remember?
          “Women are not prosecuted for rape accusation because it is a sensitive matter that is hard to prove.”
          You have just admitted that a false rape accusation is hard to prove, i.e. it is easy to allege and therefore hard to defend, because you can’t prove the person is lying. Presumably you therefore also now concede that there is tremendous incentive for a woman to make such an accusation against a man for whatever reason.
          As for it being a sensitive matter? Horseshit. It is a fucking crime to lie to a court, and reprehensible to lie to police, no matter the circumstances. Specify me a number, Ben: how many of your fellow men are you willing to see die, innocent of rape charges falsely accused, before you start thinking wariness over rape charges is warranted?
          “It would result in even less report rates among rape survivors because there is already stigma that no one will believe a women if she comes forth.”
          Rubbish. Show me a single reliable statistic to support that ludicrous assertion. Show me any study where authorities have cracked down on false rape accusations where it’s resulted in a lower rape conviction rate. If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear, right?

        2. FBI estimated that the percentage of “unfounded” (which is not the same as proved false) rape accusations in America is around 8% (2% in average for other indexed crimes), even though the general consensus among prosecutors and resaerchers is it varies between 2% and 10%.
          And just like other crimes, the percentage wildly varies depending on location, year and researcher performing the study

        3. The FBI’s stats are not collected scientifically.
          When you look at those stats which are, the percentage is much, much higher. You saying “the percentage wildly varies” ignores that statistics collected with rigour outweigh large bodies of statistics collected without.

        4. ” already stigma that no one will believe a women if she comes forth “- what decade are you living in? It’s MEN that are being being given stigma, for something never even proven! Its ruining men who have not even committed a crime.
          “it is not your place to speak on how women should deal with a problem that men are generally excluded from.” Are you for real?
          Men have WORSE stigma and problems being believed when they have been raped. In fact, most if not all – are afraid to even admit it due to the fact, nowadays women NOT men- are the only ones who can BE raped, according to feminist propaganda.
          ” As men, we can only work to shame and eliminate rape, and the shame is on you if you exert further skepticism on the survivors,- or to put it in perspective for you, victims, of rape.”
          No, the shame is if good men become white knight hypocrites , who ignore rights being FORCED out from under their very noses, while crimes against men are ignored, swept under the rug, and just plain incited to be forgotten in the race to put every entitled female fanny on a pedestal.

        5. ” I demand less false rape accusations so the real ones can be discerned and punished.” Nicely summed up.

    2. Pherhaps you could be so kind as to fuck off back to jezebel, and cry your river there. FUCK OFF —————————–>

  82. I literally can’t finish reading this article, every sentence and concept is dripping in overt sexism. You are the problem with society.

  83. So lets examine the other possibility (for shits and giggles), that some attackers (rapists) enjoy the fight, the screaming, the begging, seeing a woman banged up and broken. Those are the very things that get them off, not the actual penetration. There is nothing normal about raping someone, therefore what would be a turn off to a normal person is a turn on to the sick. Normal people aren’t attracted to 6 year olds but kiddy fiddlers beg to differ, is your next super smart blog going to be about how child rape doesn’t exist and the turds begged for it?! People like you all, are the reason rape victims suffer in silence. This site is disgusting.

    1. “There is nothing normal about raping someone, therefore what would be a turn off to a normal person is a turn on to the sick.”
      Correct: and the number of normal people in society vastly, vastly outnumber the number of crackpots who would or actually do rape someone. Even RAINN in its submissions to the White House refuted that there was any sort of rape culture in the US — that rape is caused by a tiny minority of people who have some character or brain defect that leads them to do so.
      But this is not the narrative that feminism wants you to hear. Feminism wants you to believe all men are rapists. Feminism wants to convince women that they have been raped when—in a sizeable fraction of cases—all that has taken place is consensual sex that is regretted after the fact. That is not rape, despite what Lena Dunham wants you to believe, and calling it that slaps real rape victims in the face. Rape is sexual penetration without consent.
      And feminism has pedestalised victimhood—especially rape victimhood—so much that the frequency of women who claim they are raped far outnumbers the possible number of rapists in society. Added to that is that the disclosures of rape are so frequent, so glib, and so early in relationships that it offends all reason to think that all of them are true or could not possibly be a woman changing her mind about what happened and characterising a silly but willed decision to have sex with someone as sexual penetration without consent.
      If there is anyone as fucked up as a rapist, a close second surely must be a woman who would lie about being raped — knowing the awful consequences of that act. Consequently: if someone tells you early on in a relationship that they were raped, one is perfectly entitled to entertain some skepticism bearing in mind these factors.
      It’s not endorsing rape.
      It’s not victimising real rape victims.
      It is necessary self-protection for men in the jungle that is gender relations in Western society, because feminism browbeats women that they’ve been raped when no such thing has occurred.

      1. “Feminism wants you to believe all men are rapists. Feminism wants to convince women that they have been raped when—in a sizeable fraction of cases—all that has taken place is consensual sex that is regretted after the fact.”
        Your work is heroic. I thank you on behalf of the men I love ( who are very busy. )

  84. This post made some very good points.
    Except it didn’t.
    Will not be visiting this site again as ALL articles are exactly like this one in quality.

  85. Wow its guys like the one that wrote this article are the reason women dont report rape. Rape is not just a random stranger in an alley. Rape can be a friend, a boyfriend or even a husband forcing themselves on their spouse/friend. Lots of men are rapists but they arent just gonna admit it are they?! Its like the writer of the article saying theres no such thing as child abuse because no man will admit to being a paedophile.

    1. Rape is also not an incident of consensual sex that the woman later regrets. Unfortunately, feminism wants women to think of this as rape rather than just a life lesson not to be repeated — as most men treat an incident of drunken sex which they discover in the morning they wouldn’t have engaged in.

    2. ” Lots of men are rapists .”
      I love how you just casually throw that out, like rape isn’t a crime of violence by the mentally ill, but a matter of sex.

  86. You, sir, are an insensitive asshole. I am a woman, I have never been raped but I still carry a knife with me at night. This is the world we live in; women must fear for their safety, I know many that have been raped. If they tell you they might trust you enough to share that deep, dark part of their past, or they want you to know the reason for if they are triggered and turn into a “dead fish” or start fighting back.
    Now answer me this- how would you feel if you were raped? What would you want your significant other to do if you told them?

    1. “I am a woman, I have never been raped but I still carry a knife with me at night.”
      Then you have paranoid delusions and need to see a psychiatrist as soon as possible. You are safer from rape than literally anywhere else on the planet by living as a privileged white woman in the Western world, and you need to wake up and recognise it.

    2. Whatever.
      Now fuck off, because women & faggots are not allowed to comment here., and you`re trespassing.

      1. Thank you for such a thoughtful response, resorting to name calling makes you look like an intelligent individual.

        1. Not all men are rapists, I never said that. I do, however, think you are being insensitive to women who have gone through such trauma.

        2. Think what you like. Then go and explain that to all the men exonerated of false rape convictions by the Innocence Project.
          And your disclosure that you carry a knife with you at all times at night, for the specific reason that you fear being raped, suggests you do, in fact, regard all men as rapists – or at least that portion of men who dare to be outside after the fucking sun goes down.

      1. Yes, I have.
        “About 3% of American men — or 1 in 33 — have experienced an attempted or completed rape in their lifetime.”
        “1 out of every 6 American women has been the victim of an attempted or completed rape in her lifetime (14.8% completed rape; 2.8% attempted rape).”
        -National Institute of Justice & Centers for Disease Control & Prevention. Prevalence, Incidence and Consequences of Violence Against Women Survey.

        1. I am not the best person for stats or I would gladly give you some asap. I have mine, from my housemate who has high distinctions in statistical analysis * a whiz at it , bad luck for us pictorial storage types (( e.g.- photo memory, example- items in a room. )) I can still get them for yo, if you would like them. It just will take me a little time, as he is very busy. I would like to get this right, just so you may see where I am coming from, debate wise.
          From what he has shown, and taught me- they are quite high in some areas ( possibly he is using Australian stats, or Western Countries as a whole.)
          My tone sounds wrong here. I post late at night, when its cheap ( and Im not working) so may sound a bit off colour.

        2. I know that men are raped, I am not denying that, theirs is just a far smaller percentage than women. And men do not have a rape culture surrounding them. Men are not told to go out late at night alone. Men are not told to not wear short shorts. Men are not told to carry pepper spray. These things are told to women almost constantly (myself included), what we really should be doing is TELLING MEN NOT TO RAPE PEOPLE IN THE FIRST PLACE.

        3. “And men do not have a rape culture surrounding them.”
          Neither do women. As RAINN has said. Repeatedly.
          “what we really should be doing is TELLING MEN NOT TO RAPE PEOPLE IN THE FIRST PLACE.”
          What a good idea. I think we could extend that strategy to other societal ills too. Let’s start TELLING MUSLIMS NOT TO SUICIDE BOMB IN THE FIRST PLACE. And while we’re at it, let’s TELL BLACKS NOT TO STEAL CARS IN THE FIRST PLACE. And also while we’re at it, how about we TELL MEXICANS NOT TO SMUGGLE DRUGS INTO THE US IN THE FIRST PLACE.

  87. This article is the reason women can’t trust society. NO means fucking NO shithead!…There are a lot of women out there who “claim” to have been raped because -in fact- most of them HAVE BEEN. Usually it is a close friend so there’s trust there and those “men” take advantage of their trust. You don’t think guys like to have sex with girls that don’t move back…uhm…have you fucking heard of KETAMINE?!…it’s a date rape drug you asshole…and men love to put this in drinks…i’ve seen it myself…and you think guys won’t want to have sex with women with bruises on their faces??…think again! some guys out there do get turned on by physical abuse….so just because you don’t, doesn’t mean your best broseph beside you doesn’t love the idea of absolute control over a woman. This article was shit. I hope a woman date-rapes you with ketamine so you know what it’s like to be completely helpless.

    1. “There are a lot of women out there who “claim” to have been raped because -in fact- most of them HAVE BEEN.”
      Ah, no. That’s not borne out even by the most feminist-biased studies made on rape rates. But your crappy assumption has been the foundation for eight hundred years of law: that rape is easy to allege, hard to prove, but harder to defend.

  88. Oh i get it…you delete all the comments that aren’t from a male chauvinist prick…my bad…you have what’s coming to you asshole.

  89. Damn dude… this whole site is an abomination.
    Are you just bein controversial for clickbait or what???
    Every word I’ve read from you has been a drooling rant of stupidity and delusion.
    I’m a man; be one too by learning to recognize where you’re incompetent.
    Guess it’s hard for someone to realize…
    That the only reason for their ideas…
    Is their own crippling stupidity.
    Change or stay the fuck outta healthy society and the fuck away from women and kids.
    ‘Nuff said. christ…

      1. Substantiate.
        …Marcus Aurelius… my ass. You apparently know shit about that great man and if you believe in this site, you couldn’t be farther from his values if you tried.

        1. Oh, but I do go with his values. For example, in speaking with you I was able to exercise his very first observation:
          ““Begin each day by telling yourself: Today I shall be meeting with interference, ingratitude, insolence, disloyalty, ill-will, and selfishness – all of them due to the offenders’ ignorance of what is good or evil.”
          Thank you for being the fuckstick I was able to exercise stoicism upon.

      1. Actually, I’m chiding you a-holes to contribute some love–b/c the whole basis of this site is to validate the use/abuse of half the human population; that’s what’s negativity and hatred.
        So maybe rethink that.

  90. As a woman I have to agree with this… I mean these mainstream basic girls with no depth. . . just throw the word around like it’s nothing. After many years of therapy I have learned that I’m not a victim and I forgave my abuser long ago but before then I would tell no one what happened to me. I was embarrassed about It. I was 9 when it happened and a lot of Times this happens to young girls who much like me we’re ignored by their parents or in some cases it was a parent. It’s not always a fixable situation or reportable even because of the age and lack of control of the abused woman/girl. But I dare say that females claw at men for attention and do come up with the most insane junk to get an emotional rise. If a woman is feeling ignored or emotionally staunched she should leave because it only gets worse and he doesn’t give a rats ass. I got my own shit to do its about all I can do to dig my husband outta my crack.

  91. So let me get this straight, you think that because you and most men don’t want to fuck a woman who doesn’t want to fuck you back and don’t want to fuck a woman who’s beat up and bruised, that other men are the same. A rapist does not care about the state of the woman, he cares about being powerful and masculine and dominant and getting off. And it doesn’t add up that so many girls are raped and not many men are convicted? Refer to the attached photo. Very few women even report rape because they are shamed by society. They are called weak, they are not believed, they are pressured to withdraw claims, and the abuse they suffer as result of reporting it is not worth it for most. And after all that, if a woman is brave enough to go forward with charges, a portion of them are intimidated an threatened by authorities, friends, family and strangers to withdraw the claims. A portion of them are blatantly not believed simply because they are women and the judges believe men over women. A huge portion don’t even bother trying to press charges because it is SO FUCKING DIFFICULT to get any evidence, as you can only gather physical evidence for 12 hours after the crime, and only if they don’t shower, which a hell of a lot of victims do after being raped because they feel so dirty and violated, they try to wash the feeling off.

    1. Ah, the old bullshit 2 in 100 statistic again. Newsflash, brother: those stats are heavily doctored and intellectually wrong. Get your news from more than one source and you’ll soon see how.

      1. What statistics is that? Haven’t heard of it, “brother”. I get my information from a fuckton of different sources, and all I know is they’re all a little different due to each different set of statistics being taken from a different study, but that doesn’t change the fact that a fuckton of rapes happen and shit all rapists go to jail for it.

        1. Except you dont get it from a “fuckton” of sources. Your peabrained infographic has been circulating around feminist websites for years, and it’s based off one, single study which was not collected scientifically. If you start to broaden your horizons, you find there’s significant variance in the studies: false rape accusations make up anywhere from 2% through to 90% in one case.

    2. And there`s also the women or teenagers who have been raped by a family member and then other people in the same family force them to shut up about it for supposedly “keeping the family unit and peace”.

      1. And why do you avoid saying “males” Can’t countenance that males are raped by family members? They are.
        You think a male is going to be listened to when they tell about the mother or aunt that is molesting them? Do you?
        You know NOTHING if you don’t include this.

        1. Yes, it could happen too. And the cases of boys and men being raped and molested must be taken seriously as well.

        2. Then perhaps you can explain why whenever the word “rape” is mentioned, feminists never mention the word “male” except as the perpetrator?

  92. Continued ~A woman will also wait to report a rape, if she does at all, because the brain often forces you into denial in an attempt to protect your mental state. They refuse to believe it happened and try to convince themselves it didn’t. And it takes time to make a decision such as wether to report it (which is a huge ordeal). After this period, there is no physical evidence, which is a huge problem for obvious reasons. On another note, most rapes, are not violent in a sense that the woman ends up bruised and beat up. If a woman has a knife or gun pointed at her, a lot of the time she will not struggle, for fear of her life (which does NOT count as consent). This also makes it hard to show physical evidence of rape.
    After all of that, only about 3% of rapists ever spend a day of their life in jail. Is that really surprising after seeing all the factors that stop rapists being convicted? No. Take a second to research and understand the matter before you assume things such as this.

  93. Personally, I don`t rape.
    I don`t mean to sound “morally superior” or anything.
    And no disrespect to guys who “help themselves” to the goods, but I just cannot help to think about all the stuff you might contract if you rape a girl.
    You could get HIV, genital warts, herpes and all kinds of other shit if you rape a girl.
    And furthermore, who`s to say she didn`t voluntarily get fucked by another dude 2 hours ago?
    She could be dripping with another dudes sperm, and I`m not putting my dick into that.
    No way, Hose.
    I`ve always thought of women like a milkshake and if the guy behind the counter at McDonalds has put his dick in it before serving it, then clearly, that milkshake is not for me.
    Same with rape. Wether or not the milkshake “enjoyed” being fucked by the guy at McDonalds or wether she considered it “a rape” makes no difference to me.
    If the dude at McDonalds has put his dick in her, he can simply keep her.
    I have no use for anything another man has put his cock in.
    Wether it be a milkshake, a burrito, a bag of potato-chips, or a girl, if he put his dick in it, he can keep her.
    So I don`t rape personally. Not because I care what women “wants”, but because I don`t want to put my amazing cock, into something another man has jizzed in.
    So I only fuck Perfect Virgins.
    So guys, if you happen to rape a virgin, then “rape responsibly” and marry the girl afterwards. And pay her father 50 shekels of silver.
    50 shekels is about 550 grams or 19.4 ounces of silver.
    The spot price of silver has been dropping for the last year or so, but as of 10-05-2013 it was around $21.70 per ounce.
    That would place 50 shekels as being worth about $420.98.
    So if you rape a virgin, make sure to marry her and pay her father what a virgin girl is worth and that is $420.98
    Just my two cents. Great article by the way !

    1. Are you seriously saying you don’t rape merely because you don’t know what you’ll contract? Not because you’ll be ruining someone else’s life by feeling entitled to “help yourself to the goods”?
      Wow, brah, you’re so morally superior. Thanks for not raping me, I’m grateful for not being treated like a piece of shit.
      Actually I was totally thinking about raping some dude today but I was like, “Man, don’t know what I’ll catch! Gee whiz, what if his anus is just full of aids?!”
      #rape problems.

  94. Oh my fucking God, you guys are nutjobs. Not all women are out there to fuck with you about such an awful, personal issue. If someone tells you they’ve been raped, that’s not something you question at first. You give them love and support and listen to them when they need it, as well as respecting their boundaries.
    If someone has lied to you about being raped, don’t disregard the thousands of women getting raped out there in the next ten minutes.
    And just a good tip – women often don’t report rape for three reasons:
    1. She’s afraid of accepting what happened, and of what the accused may do in response.
    2. The amount of rapists actually locked away are very slim due to American legal systems valuing dudes lives over women.
    3. Responses of disbelief when they do confess their experience from people like you, dickwad. Woman are afraid to tell people what happened because so many douchebags dismiss them.
    You’re all awful, pathetic people.

    1. “You’re all awful, pathetic people.” stop getting your panties in a bunch and take your medication sweety

        1. You missed a fourth and fifth reason for non-report of rape:
          4. Because she knows in her heart that she gave full consent to the encounter, even if she realises in the morning her sexual partner is a rather weedy, less “hot” specimen than she thought he was under the influence of six or seven shots;
          5. Because she knows she’ll get much the same opportunity for sympathy from other women and opportunity to destroy the man’s life by simply alleging rape to anyone who’ll listen *except* to the authorities who can do something about it.

        2. Or, that she was the aggressor, actively pushed alcohol on him, climbed into his bed uninvited, had been stalking him despite his protests that he wished to be left alone, and ultimately, claimed rape! to cover up -that in the morning, finding out that the guy had not succumbed to her charms, and fallen madly in love – after her machinations, declared to the public no less, failed.
          Despite my terrible writing style ( tired, sorry )- this was something I witnessed.

    2. “If someone tells you they’ve been raped, that’s not something you question at first. You give them love and support ” -which is what you feminists are doing for men who have been raped, whose numbers are as high-if not higher than women???
      Thought not. Hypocrite.

      1. Firstly, straight off the bat, an average statistic will tell you that out of every 4 women raped and abused, one man is. Let’s just get that on the table you wet sock.
        Secondly I don’t know where you get the gall to call me a hypocrite in terms of not backing up male rape survivors? I will back up anyone who has been raped, as would anyone in the feminist community. Because it is an appalling and unjust thing to happen to ANYONE.

        1. Where are you getting those stats? Because they are not coming from Australia.

        2. ” as would anyone in the feminist community.”
          I so wish this was true.
          But its not.

        3. Im wrong. Im sorry. I was expressing a general opinion, not of you. Im unclear, it seems on writing this correctly. Please accept this apology for making you upset. I was trying to offer up just my opinion, not to tell anyone what they should do- how should I know what they wold do, I cannot and it would be wrong to assume so. Sometimes its very hard to communicate in terms that are not personal. Im thinking, that since your the third person Ive accidentally upset, I best accept I should not try to comment on internet, until I know how to write better. Im sure you do what you feel is best. That is right for you.

        4. I totally accept your apology if it is honest, and thank you for it.
          That’s a really good stance to have. Just try and discuss concepts and ideas rather than insults.

        5. Thank you Abby. Im glad you accepted it. I always feel quite bad when I accidentally anger people , I only screw up mostly, after my ADHD meds wear off.
          But I will write this down, on a post it- and tape it to my laptop. This is very helpful, and I thank you for taking the time for this. Its very generous.
          Ive had two years, learning to interact fully with society since I finally after 35 years, on proper ADHD medication- was finally given a chance to learn what everyone else knows from a very young age. Ive not had anyone to actually teach me. My father raised me, and I believe he, although a genius- has Aspergers.
          The internet I seem to understand, eliminates “gloss’ or tone, so that many things which conveyed in words ( and tone of voice ) are lost? Perhaps, if a opinion was prefaced by ” this is only my own personal opinion?”
          It is hard not to desire to comment, /as I have been ( literally ) trapped in a communication disorder for more than 30 years, and Im starved for knowledge.
          I think, I might go back to just reading posting. There are “programming bugs” to work out, in the old brain hardware, before trying to run my “software” with other peoples systems 😉

  95. The misogyny on this website is un-fucking-believable. You all have some serious, serious entitlement and small dick problems. Grow the fuck up. It’s 2014.
    My rapist was my 16 year old cousin. I was 9. He didn’t go to jail. Does this make me any less worthy of having a good man in my life? No. However, this site does take every single one of you fuckers out of my dating pool, and gives me little hope for the future. You couldn’t ever deserve me or any of the good women in this world on your best days.

    1. “Un-fucking-believable”? Did you really just quote Andrew Dice Clay?
      You were, at your word, sexually abused as a child. Children are not capable of giving consent. But if you think that is the category of rape cases the author has been talking about, you have really missed the point. And frankly, you are not the one on the receiving end of a false rape accusation, as many men have been. This article is not for you.

      1. I didn’t quote anyone. Hence, the missing quotation marks. I have worked as an advocate for sexual assault survivors for years, so frankly, I don’t give a fuck about what the “point” was that I missed. Do my job for awhile, and I’ll take what you have to say seriously. You seriously have no fucking clue.

        1. When all you have is a hammer, you tend to see the entire world as nails.
          As I said: this article is not for you.

      2. ive been on the recieving end of false rape accusations, it doesnt make this article less bullshit
        also its not ‘many men’. 6 out of around 100,000 rape acusations are false.

        1. Then you’re a slow learner as well as a misinformed white knight, assuming you are male.
          Even feminism uses the “statistics” of the FBI. They estimate 2 in every 100 accusations are false. Not 6 in 100,000. I’d like to see the study that says it’s 6 in 100,000, because it has as much existence as a unicorn.
          The real number, when you peruse the various studies that have been done, varies between 20 and 90 per cent depending which population you use.

  96. I don’t believe in the myth that real rape destroys a woman forever. Abuse and neglect in childhood can do that much more and is more common to both girls and boys. This myth of rape destroying a woman’s life forever and is hence worse than death is a complete hyperbole. If I found a perfectly reasonable girl who had that happen, filed a report, the forensic evidence was clear and witnesses hear the commotion, or whatever, why would I reject her? The problem is, stranger rape does not affect 30% of women, but rather some 0.1%.
    The problem with women who claim rape is not about any experience having damaged them but rather their use of feminist folklore to interpret their own past. I had this conversation with a Facebook friends who seemed reasonable even inviting a connection after my very clear anti-feminist polemic and direct attack at her. So we talked. And I got to hear her stories about that. In both cases she was clearly letting it happen as in not trying to really do much of anything against it. That’s a fantasy of women to be ravaged reluctantly, we know that. If they can process their experience and see their own part in it (yeah, do some “victim blaming” on these 30%, haha) then they may be worth to stick with. People make mistakes, those who can see their own responsibility in the shit that happened are worth a chance.
    In her case the feminism hand too strong a hold on her, so I eventually got her to unfriend and block me because I won’t shut up to bullshit. That to me is the key: force a confrontation of the issues early in a relationship.

  97. Wow. You really don’t get women at all. Which not only sucks for women, but for you as well, because no sane woman would ever want a man like you. Maybe that’s why you have so many women troubles.

    1. Actually, he gets a lot of women. Mostly in the pussy, and they seem to like it very, very much. It’s why he’s had sufficient experience to draw the conclusions he has.

  98. have you ever considered that your heard it so much because roughly 1/3 women are raped, and 9/10 rapists walk free.

    1. Except they’re not, and they don’t.
      The 1 in 4, or the 1 in 3 depending which site likes to push the lies further, is a myth. It comes from a questionable and biased survey which was not collected scientifically, as this site points out.
      9 out of 10 rapists do not walk free. You are forgetting that women lie, about all subjects, including being raped. That 9 out of 10 includes any variable number of innocent men, as the Innocence Project is finding out.

      1. To say 9/10 rapists walk free is contradictory, because you can’t really call them rapists if they walked free. If we’re labeling everyone who goes to trial for rape as automatically guilty, we should just dispose of the courts and create Gulags.

  99. I was working at this hotel/restaurant/nightclub hybrid last year as a bouncer when a female hotel patron (mid-40s and totally unattractive, but that isn’t the point) walks up to me smoking a cigarette, as casual and mellow as can be with her tone, and showing NO SIGNS of distress or any kind of struggle said “I was just raped in my hotel room”. Doubtful, I looked her up and down and said “How?” Long drawn out paused followed. I asked “So do you want me to call the cops, or what?” She got all defensive and flailed her arms in the air “No, no, no! Don’t call the cops!” I said back “Oh? Something like that happens and you don’t want to report it? Okay, then.” Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

  100. “that has been an abuser or a rapist—neither accused nor convicted. Something doesn’t add up with this equation.”
    Maybe because most of those fine specimens who don’t get reported do not actually brag about their achievements, fyanoimean

  101. Two things.
    If this is based off the assumption that he sees females who were raped/assaulted , and doesn’t meet any male offenders who raped someone, then i think he forgot about the whole “people get arrested for that” part. So unless he’s hanging out at a prison, i’d expect him to not be hanging out with those types. (yes I know they do release them, later, but i’m sure they come out a different person that he’d probably not associate with. Who knows.) and guess what? these offenders are typically repeat offenders. so 1 male can mess up a large number of women. it’s not 1:1.
    Second point: Victims don’t go around telling everyone they’re been raped, (maybe unless they are finally coming clean with it and want to press charges, sure) but you know what girls do when they’re in a serious relationship? Tell their partner full disclosure information. Their insecurities. Things that they’re afraid might scare their partner off. SO if a girl is telling you she was raped, then there’s a likely chance that she feels really close enough to trust you with something so devastating.

  102. Either you are the the kind of human that decides to write a hole lot of bullwhip without even googleing a single time about the topic or you are the kind of person who thinks you have fucked enough girl to know everything about women.
    If you are the first kind of guy I first of all have to congratulate myself on my guessing skills and congratulate you with your ignorance. An asshole gets worn out with time, ignorance hopefully minimizises.
    Next time you want to share some of your wisdom please be so kind and use fucking Google.
    But to be honest ignorance is a bliss and I’m not gonna be the one trying to convince you that the little safe bubble you are inside of, together with santa-claus,the easterbunnie, ferries, unicorns, hobbies and elfs, are in truth a really small and pretty, very pretty little world to live in.
    Good lock and be safe not to burst that pretty bubble of yours. I might not like world outside of it.

  103. You are dead wrong. Not only that but you are so disgusting I’d bet you raped a couple women in your day. You have no idea what you are talking about and your statistics suck. Try 99% of women have been raped in their lifetime and most are violent episodes in which the woman is too ashamed to press charges or the guy has threatened to kill her if she told anyone. You are a woman hater. Get off the web. You are dreaming up this information and have no clue about the facts.

    1. …99% have been raped? For real?
      Jesus, dude, get off the crack and stop worrying about all the pretend men you’re worried about raping you.

    2. That’s such bullshit. I have dated lots of women and I haven’t heard of one being raped. A couple of them got a bit taken advantage of when drunk but didn’t remember it very well, and giggled when they re-told the story. Stop being a drama queen.

  104. “Men despise it when they’re sexually engaged with a woman and she isn’t responsive—we can’t stand it. We want a woman that thoroughly enjoys being intimate with us. ”
    If this was true, prostitution wouldn’t exist.

  105. The only way I’ve ever heard “I was raped” mentioned is when some PC chick from Oberlin College or something complain about the fact that she and the guy were a little buzzed and the guy had sex with her maybe without 100% consent. Which to me isn’t really rape, sorry. I have never, ever, ever heard a girl talk about a classic rape where someone breaks into her house and ties her to the bed with duct tape and does the deed. I think that just happens in the movies and at any rate it has never been clear to me how or why the assailant gets a boner in the first place.

  106. The last Americunt that “confessed” to being raped to me didn’t go as well as she hoped. All I did was ask questions and she went nuts realizing I was on to her bullshit.
    She:” I have something to tell you before we go on more dates I was- I was Raped.”
    Me: Oh My God! Are you ok?
    She: Yes, I think so
    Me:How did it happen!
    She:Well I was drinking at a bar-
    Me:Were you with friends?
    She: No, I was drinking at a bar and got a little drunk-
    Me:You went to the bar by yourself and got drunk on your own?
    She:…….Yes, I wanted to leave and this guy who seemed nice offered to take me home-
    Me: You went to the bar by youself got drunk alone and went home with a random guy?
    She;He offered me a ride home!
    Me:didn’t mean to interrupt go on
    She: He drove me to his place, I don’t remember anything after that except I woke up in his bed naked! HE RAPED ME!!
    Me: Ok so you went to the bar by yourself, you got drunk by yourself, you went to another man house after he “offered a ride” and after getting smashed and going home with a guy you just meant you said he raped you?-
    Me: Hangs up the phone, turns it off.

  107. I got a proposal. Each time you talk to me, i’ll publish a video about false rape accusations as an epidemic. Ok ?
    So, it’s a win/win situation. You can do what you are best (insulting people), and i can show this type of info to dozens and dozens of people, thanks to you.
    We got a deal ?

  108. He’s a rape apologist and obviously a sexual predator trying to blame the victim similar to Hillary excusing bills behaviour. He’s probably a fan of puddin poPS COSBY AND JERRY Sandusky. Women who falsely accuse men of rape are despicable but that’s totally unrelated to this perverts rape cheering. Creepy isn’t he? Then again he chose a French profile name so we can’t expect much and can count on cowardice SMH

    1. Thanks ! (Same price than for cwgf. each time you talk to me, i’ll publish a video on the epidemic of false rapes)

      By the way, you were supposed to stop talking to me. I’m honored, but i’m already in an happy gay relationship.
      You aren’t Homophobic, are you ?

  109. Thanks !

    You don’t know anything, do you ?
    That’s a common strategy among us. We won’t try to convince you. We use you as an opportunity… The more you protest, the more people you will help us to touch.
    Does it work ? You bet it works. That’s how have been ‘converted’ from a whithe knight to an MRA.
    By seing stupid SJW likes you being answered by a smart MRA…
    Fewer and fewer people listen to feminists and social marxism, anyway.
    By the way, i’m a MRA, but i can’t talk in the name of this forum. They are our cousins, the neomasculinists PUA.
    We disagree very often… but we help each other.

      1. Humm, it’s tempting, but i’m not as much in BDSM as my SJWs friends.
        I had a nice moments with you, Thank you for the laugh, for giving me a perfect space for my infos, and good luck finding old fashioned Nazis here.
        With Love
        Yours Sincerely

        1. Ooooh I think I found my Nazi, baybee! I don’t believe for one second you’re the militant poofter you appear to be! Let’s share some slime toots!

  110. The jig is up. Not a big surprise to find out he’s one of the militant gays that hate women and are t satisfied with getting their gay on at Dillards. They are obsessed with bashing women It’s very queer that these are usually the same gays that hate women but try to act like them and look effeminate. Probably went gay cause no women would have them. LOL. Probably a friends of the parody troll BJCJ – you can almost see him lighting candles in front of his Bruce Jenner poster on the altar in his moms basement.

  111. Thanks !
    Yes, and you are courageously fighting for freedom on and old page.
    No your not. You can’t help doing this. THIS is your porn. You just HAVE to answer and get a new SPANK.
    Those messages are there for YEARS. Those links would be available, so is your humilliation.
    Lots of people will have a good laugh, and some will be touched by my arguments, my links or simply because EVERYBODY despises feminists and SJW.
    Raping your mind, as i do, is a small victory.
    But it costs me nothing, it pisses you a lot, and it shows everybody how to get on your nerves.
    And i can dio it … at will.
    You see, there are more and more sites like this… and less and less feminist forum.
    YOU are the control freaks. You HATE everything that don’t 100% agree with you. You can’t expand anymore.
    Here, i can tell i sometimes totally disagree with Roosh, and he can call me a fat Poof. Who cares ?

    I know this site. Here you are seen as liars, mentally challenged buffoons.
    But i tell you: it’s okay. You can stay. You’re fun.

  112. A woman telling other people she was raped, but never the one that did the supposed rapping. That’s no big deal. How about this. Living with a woman for three years and raising her six months old father less baby and loving every minute of it. I left town for a few days and when I returned she was gone and a lot of expensive stuff with her. Never saw her again. I did hear she was telling her friends that her excuse for leaving was that I molested her 3 year old daughter. If I could have found her I would most likely be serving life for cutting her tongue out. I found out later she had already had two children taken away from her by the courts. She was a beautiful 24 year old night club singer who had been on her own since she was 14. She knew how to game any situation she got involved in. I have now been happily married for 40 years and I still get homicidal when I think about her shenanigans. Rape so what? Molesting a 3 year old girl, a different ball of wax.

  113. You victim blaming guys are evil, insensitive, horrible excuses for men!

    1. There is no such thing as victim blaming. Merciless evolution prunes out the ‘victim’.
      Take responsibilty for yourself, others are not your slave.

      1. You’re a real pig! Victim blaming has been happening since time began! Why do you think they always ask her what she was wearing, where did she go, what did she do, did she let him in! But the fact remains that whatever she was wearing or doing doesn’t mean that she asked for it or that she deserved to be raped! And btw, women are still sex slaves to men because if a woman let’s him buy her dinner, or even one drink, then the guy expects her to pay him back immediately with sex! And if she doesn’t, he’ll just take it any way and to hell with her feelings! I hope you hit a tree!

        1. oh, a “righteous” man hating gir….You are basically the type of girl this site hopes to get rid of in society..Leftist female hating social justice warriors devoid of fact logic and rational thinking… The FBI statistics state the actual amount of rape by definition is 25 per 100,000. The number you won’t anywhere is how many cleared of the charges and actually arrested. This is feminine mystery that is perpetuated in society for hypergamy. Your basic response is to be expected by female hypergamy. “I am an automatic victim – I am a helpless fully rational woman- so I expect men to do more for me as a shaming convention”

        2. Nothing you have said pans out or even makes any real sense. You are the type who thinks if you use statistical language and big words, that you will sound highly intelligent and make me look like a bitter fool. The point I was trying to make is that this is too often the total truth of what happens to women in society because men seem to think that women are at their disposal any time they feel the need to play.And if women do not play with them, men act like children and throw tantrums and then just take what they want just like grab a toy. There aren’t very many cases where women have “cried rape” just for the hell of it. There happens to be a nationwide epidemic of sexual abuse, harassment and rape happening right now. And how do I know this? Because I read newspapers and magazines, and I see reports on the news all the time. Nearly every day, there is a new case of sexual assault against a child or woman reported. Obviously, you do not read or watch the news, which is very bad, Considering your answer. You would learn a lot about how our society has gone to hell in a hand basket if you did. You would actually be well informed. Or you would just ignore facts and keep believing the women are inherently evil and twisted, and keep your sexist views of women intact. I suggest that you move into the modern age. This is not the 1950’s, and the train of thought that women are just bubble heads and the cause of the world’s troubles is very archaic. And BTW, I do not hate men! I happen to think many of them are very fine. Especially if they are nice to the women in their lives. So don’t you dare to presume to tell me what I am like, because YOU DON’T KNOW ME.

  114. I know a girl.
    (Ok, not a big secret there, right?)
    She said that her mom became a “single mom” then found another man. This man raised her and her sister for nearly 15 years. She said one day she saw him “looking at my sister”. Not “lewdly”, not with malice, not with lust, just cast a glance at her sister. She claims she (at the time 17) jumped on his lap to “save her sister”. He did nothing, told her to get off his lap.
    This, to her, was her being raped in childhood.
    I wish I was kidding.

    1. Yikes…there are women out there who are seriously messed up to be thinking like that. Absolute nutters.

  115. People who falsely accuse other people of rape are the lowest of the low, and I genuinely worry about my dad, my brother, my friend – having to live in a world where they are at risk of being destroyed by false accusations.
    At the same time, we’ve got to remember that rape does actually happen to people. It’s a dehumanizing act that is especially prevalent in particular parts of the world such as China, many parts of Africa, the sub-continent, and many parts of the Middle East.
    People who are actually raped are victims. People who are falsely accused of rape are victims.
    Women who are genuinely raped usually won’t tell anyone, often for a long time, because of the terrible sense of shame and fear that the act creates.
    In the end, we have to be human enough to develop an attitude that supports victims of rape and of false rape accusations, and an attitude that seeks just punishment for perpetrators of rape and of false rape accusations.
    Disbelieving all rape cases without reason or consideration does the world no more good than does allowing people to make false claims without punishment and censure.

    1. Also to add that its really hard to prove that rape actually happend,its more likely going to be thought of as a consensual sex.Its even harder these days because of new fetishes like bdsm etc.
      But its not to deny that people falsely accused of rape are victims too.

      1. Why is it hard to prove?
        A girl gets dragged into an alley by a stranger and brutalized/raped with the physical evidence to prove it? That’s a slam dunk conviction.

        1. as .. your arguing with a lady that is hell bent on stating she and all other females are victims with no responsibility. I swear, most of the ladies get around to the same 1 1/2 of 1 % of men in society and brand everyone as well as play their game on every male in America.

        2. they have that narrative covered..They say she likes it rough.Mostly they dont need to brutally rape them ,cause if they brutally rape them then they kill them afterwards.
          Also the example the writer gives is his own personal experience but in reality they happen from back when the victim is on stomach.

        3. really aren’t you just stating what you do.
          ” I swear, most of the ladies get around to the same 1 1/2 of 1 % of men in society and brand everyone as well”…

        4. No they do not.
          A stranger or near stranger raping a girl will never have an out.
          And neither will an acquaintance if it is true, violent, brutal rape.
          But you seem to have agenda. Being drunk and not remembering what happened is absolutely NOT proof of rape.Did you ever stop to think that the male might not remember either? And not using a condom is not proof of rape either. Did you ever imagine that a girl might tell the guy to “take it off”? Males and females drink together. Stuff like this happens. Your assumptions undermine real rape cases. As far as colleges go, if girls were not partying with the basketball team and the football teams (at the very least the wide receivers and defensive backs), rapes on campus would decrease geometrically.

        5. I never said being drunk and then forgetting never happens but you seem to be actually implying that any woman who says she got raped is a liar and had a rape fantasy already.
          Do you know that someobe can have a weapon too.and they might threaten to kill thr woman.how many bruises do you think these women have.
          And your right the only rape someone can prove is brutal rape if the victim survives and press charges in a meantime.

  116. Men on this site are never going to meet a truly beautiful woman inside and out.Women can be wrong,they may be stupid but the people who visit this website are 100% all people who have raped someone and now want to act like it was consensual and it was her fantasy,nice try.

    1. A fat homely girl accuses the male posters on this site of being rapists? Did nazi that coming.
      Put down the chardonay and go to bed toots.

      1. nice try calling me fat.come up with something better cause I m not fat or homely. 😛

    2. I love this. So women aren’t 100% the way some articles here portray.
      But the men here are 100% the way I say they are.

      1. yes the ones on this website.There is no other reason to say its not a big deal or it was her fantasy.

    3. You are basically the type of girl this site hopes to get rid of in society..Leftist female hating social justice warriors devoid of fact logic and rational thinking… The FBI statistics state the actual amount of rape by definition is 25 per 100,000. The number you won’t anywhere is how many cleared of the charges and actually arrested. This is feminine mystery that is perpetuated in society for hypergamy. Your basic response is to be expected by female hypergamy. “I am victim so I expect men to do more for me as a shaming convention”.

  117. Run. Run very fast in the opposite direction. Don’t worry about your coat!

  118. According to a friend of mine who is a psychologist, a girl who was raped will become distant to men on her own. To a girl was truly raped, first of all, it’s very unlikely she would ever tell this to anyone who she doesn’t trust. Trust itself requires time and some commitment, so if a girl tell you she was raped, I will assume that you and this girl already have an somewhat deep – romantic or friendly – relationship.
    If you’re a good man, I doubt you would abandom a girl that means something to you just because it would be inconvenient to your own life.
    I’m not saying that you should marry her and bear the consequences of her trauma for the rest of your life, but cutting off the relationship can and probably will just finish the job of breaking her completely. If she means something to you, you must help her in a way you can.
    The thruth however is that there are few things you can do to help. But, If you’re a alpha male, you have the tools to help her by showing an example of masculinity’s true nature, which is protective and supportive.
    However, if a girl with whom you haven’t created any intimacy tells you she was raped, be sure: it is 90% certainty she’s lying. In that case, it is best to not take the risk.

    1. Memories from your duct tape and chlorophorm with Huey Lewis playing in the background days? Haha

      1. Actually just from this site bringing out the fun trolls but yes, now that you mention it, that too.
        My favorite was the girl who said 99% of women are raped.
        That statistic can’t be right unless by raped she means having their pants set on fire because of constant lying

        1. Ha-ha…my favorite is the cunt Lizard of Oz in this thread saying that 100% of guys who visit this sight have raped someone! Hahahs

  119. “That’s alarming, to put it mildly. None of these women even pressed charges against their so-called attackers, either.”
    That’s a great litmus test for this type of claim.

    1. I always ask, what happened to the guy? I know a girl who told me she was raped. When I asked what happened to the guys, (there were four who over powered her) she said that her uncle and other family handled them. That far away look she had when she told me gave me chills.
      EVERY OTHER TIME, it was “date rape”. Translation: drunk regret sex.

      1. Sure, anyone with common sense should be able to see the difference between a drunken, fraternity/sorority hookup party and a horrific Channon Christian type incident. but where feminists are concerned, common sense goes out the window.
        BTW, I do not recal any feminists speaking about what happened to Miss Christian, or even Cytherea for that matter. Hmmm…Wonder why…

  120. The FBI statistics state the actual amount by definition is 25 per 100,000.
    The number you won’t anywhere is how many cleared of the charges and actually arrested. This is feminine mystery that is perpetuated in society for hypergamy.

  121. Another key test is to demonstrate your own illness/injury and see how she deals with it. Usually she will feel that you are encroaching on her own little pity racket and show passing concern. These are professional victims after all.

  122. True or false really doesn’t matter. Better odds than you should be willing to chance that she’s fucked in the head one way or the other. Ditch em.

  123. Don’t waste your time hanging out with people whose lives are more screwed up than yours. Time is precious.

  124. “Women are tattletales. That’s just what they do—they’re fucking narcs” Yader for the lulz, well stated.

  125. If she shares her rape story as if it’s nothing new and she shares it like a celebrity gossip news, then she is a liar most likely. Women who are really raped don’t share those kind of stuff because it’s traumatizing. The ones who freely share these stories are all fake. Do not confine into females that do this. RUN the opposite direction, cut off all the contact and you did not meet her. And you do not know her.
    This is why I tell men to give out your fake names. You never know who is the psycho these days. In fact, it’s safe to assume that majority of women are psycho.