Former “Anti Capitalist” Bono Is A Billionaire Thanks To Facebook

“Irish” rocker Bono has become the world’s most cashed-up pop star and is now a billionaire in US dollar terms. A well-timed investment in Facebook six years ago means that he raked in more from one investment than all his other ventures combined. But it just wouldn’t be a page from Bono’s life without some mammoth double standard being uncovered.

The highly, highly lucrative parlay into Facebook has coincided with seismic shifts in Bono’s stated economic philosophy. In the last two years he has declared capitalism as the prophylactic for global poverty, in contrast to his former anti-capitalist stance.

When celebrities ideologically rampage against capitalism or whatever else they perceive as a social ill, they are giving themselves personal advertising that money simply cannot buy. Gullible folks by the millions are willing to overlook the hypocrisy embedded in almost every sentence coming from a celebrity campaigner’s mouth.

In relation to capitalism, the irony that the most famous celebrities earn much more than the average CEO is perennially relegated to a real life version of minuscule footnotes.

Already untenable to justify his wealth vis-à-vis his political “philosophy,” recent years have probably forced Bono to come out as a supporter of “capitalism” (I see generalities, however, and no real details, probably as he’s a musician).

Bono’s shift is far from courageous

It must be a coincidence that Bono bought this manor in Dublin, just one element of his property portfolio, using CD, digital music and other royalties that depend entirely on capitalist modes of production and distribution.

A particularly audacious Forbes columnist had the marvellously stupid idea to praise Bono for changing his views on capitalism and constant foreign aid, with the Irish musician now saying that the former is a better long-term solution than the latter. The paradox is that although Mark Hendrickson says Bono has “embraced” capitalism recently, he has actually been hugging it dearly as an entertainer for an eternity.

U2 band members have had phenomenal wealthy for more years than certainly I and maybe you have been alive. Across practically all of that time, they have supported the large-scale transfer of wealth from First World countries, where the money could be spent on the working and lower-middle classes, to (largely the elites of) Third World regimes through debt relief and other aid.

And if Bono’s new public position (as opposed to his private practices for decades) is now so warranted, what does that say about the damage he has done for years with his previous advocacy antics? So capitalism is the panacea and he has basically been feeding the masses poison over time?

To boot, the new course Bono is chartering dovetails nicely with post-fact justifications of his shoulder rubbing of the rich and powerful, plus a very belated rationalization of how his own gargantuan wealth can presented to the public as the legitimate outcome of his involvement in a generally fair economic system.

Throwing normal people under the bus for his own gain

If Bono had been serious about alleviating poverty and inequality in the past, he would have advocated for a reworking of the system, not redistribution after income is received, which enabled him to play “charitable” Father Christmas very publicly.

In addition to his forays into blue chip and other investments, the 2000s and 2010s have seen Bono diversify his SJW rhetoric in ways outside his normal macroeconomic and foreign aid focus. He once defended a deplorable song from the youth wing of the African National Congress (ANC) as he was searching for greater popularity in South Africa. The piece, entitled “Kill the Boer,” was widely performed by black activists to strike fear into the hearts of the white Afrikaner population, the distinctly European community created by the intermarriage of Dutch, French and German Protestants for two hundred years prior to the 20th century.

Not all Afrikaners are descended from Boers, Boer meaning farmer in Dutch and Afrikaans. Yet the confusing of the two groups within black communities and the contemporary history of white farmers (and whites in general) being murdered in alleged racial attacks in Zimbabwe and South Africa made the intention of the song clear. Bono claimed, despite the end of apartheid in 1994, that the song had connotations with historical Irish retaliation against British oppression.

And there’s the constant “do as I say, not as I do” paradox when it comes to Bono and U2’s convoluted tax affairs. He has wielded his mega-microphone to attack European governments’ “unfair” anti-austerity measures, which purportedly enable the rich to pay relatively less tax as normal people suffer much more, even as he bases a proportion of his business and other affairs in the Netherlands, where income taxes are traditionally much lower.

Is there a bigger celebrity hypocrite than Bono?

Bono’s personality and behavior reeks of “others must do this, but not me.”

A conservative answer is “probably no” but should someone find a bigger one, Bono would still be a worthy silver medalist and maybe he was just injured that day. His marked economic “transformation” is appalling as for so many years he could preach a sermon he repeatedly violated outside his own Church for Social Justice Warriors.

The nonchalance with which Bono pursues his illogical life is illuminating, though. As strange as it sounds, he may not be aware of it himself. Once again, we face the startling possibility that being a SJW is very much an illness that Bono is only helping to spread.

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131 thoughts on “Former “Anti Capitalist” Bono Is A Billionaire Thanks To Facebook”

  1. is bono even relevant anymore? whenever i hear U2, i immediately change the radio station (songs have been so overplayed, i’d rather listen to commercial jingles).
    also, while this article focuses on the hypocrisy of one man, couldn’t it be applied to the vast majority of western celebrities? they’re all leftist nut-jobs who make big bucks while preaching for SJW causes.

    1. Everyone in Western society needs to come to an understanding about celebrities, they are not stable individuals (suicides, drug dependency, depression, etc. are all rampant within the culture).
      They need constant external validation, attention, and affirmation. They are not more intelligent, wiser, or more capable than most anyone else. Their opinions on economics, politics, and social issues in general are no more valid or insightful, and considering the source likely not particularly well-reasoned or informed.
      Celebrities should stick to trying to hawk whatever product they are part of be it acting, making music/noise, or playing kid’s games for money and leave the real grown-up work to people who aren’t wholly overcome by their own neuroses
      (or being willingly sold for the profit of their owners).
      And that’s without even considering what they will compromise or surrender in order to gain acceptance from the “mean-girl” cliques like SJWs or the even less tolerant “progressives”.

      1. Politicians are right behind the celebrities. Al Gore talks about global warming and how all of us need to change our habits for the earth’s sake but he makes no effort to help on his part (still lives in multiple, big homes…still drives larger vehicles – and cashes in on his gigs.
        And don’t forget the other side (GOP)….Bush (and friends): fiscal conservatives yet drove up the debt in this country (U.S.) for years and when the crash hit gave money away (loans) to wall street and businesses because they were “too big to fail”. It continues today with the other side (Obama and Dems) but really they are all the same big party.
        It’s all about the money, first, and damn the values (when it comes to these types). And they’ll take any road needed to get there….as seen by Bono and U2.

        1. The thing with Al Gore and his hypocritical stance on global warming, when confronted about his living large and not practicing what he preaches, he just says he offsets by buying carbon credits.

        2. I find the notion that the GOP has pulled off being called fiscal conservative rather funny. Dems are awful, mind you, but the GOP is just as bad with spending, they just switch their spending to military and their own connected lobby groups, while Dems do the same thing only for their connected lobby groups and the lawyer/government complex.

        3. Yeah, from himself, which he kind of excludes from the conversation, heh.

        4. “Politicians are right behind the celebrities. Al Gore talks about global warming and how all of us need to change our habits for the earth’s sake but he makes no effort to help on his part (still lives in multiple, big homes…still drives larger vehicles – and cashes in on his gigs.”
          Yup. Then there’s Warren Buffet walking around with Obama’s cock in his mouth, where Buffet is stating about “everyone must pay their fare share of taxes” yet Buffet’s portfolio is structured in a way where he will not have to pay any tax at all. People make me sick with their hypocracy.

        5. Are we really debating on who is better, Dem or Rep. Seriously!?! I thought all of us who come to sites like these understand how the world works. I mean, do you really think there is a difference between the Dem or Rep party? They are both just rich old people who will screw over anyone just to get more rich. They don’t give a damn about us. They are just trying to make it to the front of the bus that is on a direct route to go over a cliff.

        6. I forget who first said it is always the party with a reputation for an issue that will destroy that issue..(more eloquently than I) but it is so true. IE Republicans will enact gun laws, when they have a label of being “pro-gun”. Democrats will eviscerate civil liberties because they have the reputation of supporting them. But it is so true. Watch, it will be a Republican (as it was with Reagan) who legalizes immigrants. And it will be a Democrat who takes away another civil right. The Republican courts tore down the law that “leftist” Bill Clinton passed banning gay marriage.
          It’s really quite evil. If you care enough about an issue, you vote a party in to protect it, and that is exactly the party that is bought and paid for by the other side on that issue.

        7. Of course…they all do it. The best thing for any of them to do would be to say “no comment”…..and keep a low profile. People are liking Trump but I hope they realize that Trump is no different. He’ll get into office (if he does) and he’ll do the exact same thing. They all talk a good game before being elected but when they get inside you no longer recognize them (it’s hard to recognize them with someone’s cock in their mouth). All that payback is due to get them in.

        8. I hear you. Just like Schwarzenegger when he became governor of California. He tried going after the state employee union and he backed off with his tail between his legs.

      2. I have no respect for most celebrities or politicians. Athletes are a case-by-case issue. It seems when the money starts piling up and the cameras begin to surround you, any semblance of common sense goes right out the window in an effort to protect your money and fame.

        1. That’s very true. The sad reality is that people can be bought and complicit completely of their own accord.
          But then there are those who had no sense or principles before the fame and yet many of our populace take a celebrity’s word as some sort of gospel without ever knowing (or caring about) the celebrity’s IQ, family mental history, personal biases, or agenda.
          For instance, when you’ve got a father who thinks he ought to have been born a mother chopping his body up to chase that delusion (instead of being locked in a padded cell for his own protection while undergoing psychiatric treatment) while you’re all faked-up with 10 lbs of concealer and a tight dress over a plastic enhanced figure telling the rest of us that men are oppressive and girls need a positive self-image, (but buy the next Gucci bag y’all and be sure to check out my Cosmo spread), no one should be lending you a platform to speak on real issues or any credibility on anything whatsoever.
          These aren’t former Mensa candidates here, actors are paid to pretend to be something they aren’t so you’ll watch or buy their productions and their advertisers’ products, singers are the same and many are vocally equalized through machinery so even the worst voice is passable, and all will ultimately peddle whatever their handlers wish, for if they don’t the fame, the followers, and the fortune vanish. They may even face further public persecution and ridicule depending how far they went off script.

        2. Agreed. Hollywood seem to contain some of the biggest idiots around. I remember a few years ago Fran Drescher went on Fox when Obamacare was still being debated. After fumbling around for a bit with Hannity’s (?) questions, she was given one final question:
          “With the record of essentially EVERY other federal social program being essentially bankrupt and full of fraud and corruption, what makes you think Obamacare will fare any better?”
          Her answer? It’s the 21st century.
          My jaw dropped and I lost all hope for humanity at that point.

        3. Rowan Atkinson is a MENSA member, actually, and I think the man who played House is also quite intelligent if not just multitalented.
          But Mr. Bean hardly speaks and two of them against the teen boppers these days doesn’t bode well.
          Saw a trailer for this new movie where Robert Deniro goes out of retirement to work as Anne Hatheaway’s assistant. She asks what happened to all the men like Marlon Brando and Harrison ford that were in the previous generation, then turns to look at three millennial beta-males.
          I found the irony quite hilarious.

        4. Why lose all hope for humanity? Just because Ms. Drescher, a member of the tribe, does what “they” always do and supports a cause that is not in the best interest of the host society?
          Same old, same old.

      3. “Celebrities should stick to trying to hawk whatever product they are part of be it acting, making music/noise, or playing kid’s games for money and leave the real grown-up work to people who aren’t wholly overcome by their own neuroses”
        Fuckin brilliant. Celebs are probably the dumbest of the bunch. They have a moral obligation to shut the fuck up over matters not connected to their celeb work.

    2. For sure he’s as relevant as the portable CD player that was popular in his day.
      Remember kids, clowns come in all shapes and sizes.

  2. This is weak. I want to be rich and yet I know that Exxon-Mobil probably doesn’t have my best interests at heart.
    P.S. I don’t know the lyrics, but I’m not really sure what is wrong with a song called “Kill the Boer” when the Boers are killing you. If you want to talk about hypocrisy, it’s the idea that blacks are the ones who always have to turn the other cheek.

    1. Give examples of Boers killing blacks with evidence. I would like to hear your explaining South African history or you could just admit you don’t know anything about it.

        1. Me thinks you know Jack and have swallowed alot of leftist fudge sprinkled with blue untruths.
          Go to SA sometime and talk to people of different tribes. You might get an education (if you allow yourself).

        2. Here’s a picture of me outside of Mandela’s cell.
          By the way, I did some research and found out you were right. It turns out Biko *did* just fall down the stairs. Apparently, he was always very clumsy.

    2. What I don’t understand is how someone like Bono could speak on the matter when he really has no “skin in the game” – other than to exploit the area for personal wealth (i.e. trying to get new fans to buy his music and follow him).
      I can’t speak on this matter because I don’t live in the area. I haven’t been exposed to living in the area and the matters that involve that community (and neither should Bono).
      Bono rails on about injustices in the world (that’s his con). He talks about all of the big bad governments, about large corporate greed and how it infects smaller countries (third world) yet he banks off of it. Maybe at one time (a long time ago) he was authentic (poor musician) but today it’s pretty much in your fact (what’s going on with him). People are pretty stupid if they still buy his “act”.

      1. I don’t see it as much different from what recent popes have said. They live in splendor, too.
        And it’s certainly less hypocritical than Dick Cheney’s saying Halliburton didn’t make a dime off the government in the 2000 vice presidential debate.

        1. Agree. It’s really sad when you see people using religion (and God) to make big money…you just have to shake your head.
          I see all of these examples as the same (although Cheney’s daughter being a lesbian was kind of a payback for all the shit he’s pulled during his time in office).

    3. So basically you suffer from the same illness as Bono.
      Why should any company have your best interest at heart? That’s a pretty fatal conceit and likely one of the big tells of the SJW illness. Everybody has to be your parent or look out for you, or they’re a bad meanie.
      I don’t want Exon Mobil giving a flying fuck about me, I want them to pursue profit and bring their product to market in the most efficient manner they can. That benefits me. The last thing I need is for Exon Mobil to be populated with a bunch of nosey nannies trying to guide me “for my best interest” or “caring about me” such that it interferes with bringing their product, which actually does benefit me, to market at a good price. Fuck that.

      1. Agreed. A business’s primary goal is to make a profit. In an ethical capitalistic economy, they would make a profit by providing a good/service that brings value to their customer’s lives. The whole thing about doing what’s best for others and creating jobs are side effects, not goals of the company.

        1. As long as a company abides by the same rules as me, I’m fine with them. Respect my property rights, don’t harm me physically, respect my right to contract and that’s basically all I require, and all that they can expect from me. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship that requires neither party to be the other party’s keeper. The “care about me” bullshit is such, well, bullshit and so easily accepted by so many these days due to Leftist indoctrination that it’s sickening. My motto: Leave Me Alone. That’s all I need, just leave me alone, I leave you alone and everybody gets along.

        2. Yup same here. As long as a business adheres to the law, I don’t give a shit about its corporate social responsibilities or any other leftist crap. Make a good product and sell it at a reasonable price to the market and that’s what a company should do.

        3. “Leave Me Alone. That’s all I need, just leave me alone, I leave you alone and everybody gets along.”
          What you said.
          We have a minority of people “doing good deeds” on our behalf that pisses me off to no end. That is the problem people trying to parent or manage people that are FUBAR’d themselves.
          Stop trying to “raise my awareness” or “give a voice to…” to generate income for your interests you fak’n do gooders.
          “What about the hundreds of transgendered boys in pain because they are….” Let me stop you right there. I don’t give a fuck. Yeah it sucks, not my problem they want to cut their dicks off. Stop making cutting dicks of a fucking solution to mental illness.

      2. So basically you have trouble reading.
        I didn’t say any company should have my best interests at heart. What I stated is that I know companies like Exxon-Mobil don’t. That is what a lot of “critiques” of capitalism amount to.
        Your belief—that “[t]hat benefits me”—sounds like “a pretty fatal conceit.” Just ask the residents of Bhopal, India.

  3. I don’t know if it is still the same, but Ireland didn’t used to tax monies gained from royalty payments to musical artists, writers, and the like. So Bono was making a fortune living in Ireland while paying little to no tax.

    1. I’m guessing the government finally figured out how much money they were missing out on and changed it? As soon as that happened, he moved his wealth to Delaware…cough..sorry, I mean the Netherlands (yes, we have one here too…it’s called Delaware.
      It’s where you’ll find many big bank (credit cards) corporate offices.

    1. Everything since the 80s Ive heard from them is painfully bad.
      No balls, faggotty ass SJW shit.

      1. I liked their music and own a couple of their albums, but this SJW faggotry is something I cannot give any fucks or shits or the like.

        1. Poor, oppressed billionaire speaking (singing) about the injustices of the world (while whistling to the bank with his corporate check). He’s like most of them in entertainment…at some point they all sell out.
          Go back and watch (or listen) to them from the beginning. It will remind you of the feminist movement and how they were so oppressed but once they are on the other side it’s a whole different ball game (to keep the wealth and power). Bono is no different.

  4. The west’s obsession with celebrities is something that the Duke of Wellington hated with furor. Even being the undefeated Field Marshall who bested Napoleon, he hated being cheered by his own troops and disdained the hero-worship laid upon him after Waterloo.
    Wellington understood the dangers of a “cult of personality” that has been embraced by not only stupid Americans at large, but by Donald Trump supporters. Cults of personality could lead to very nasty things, such as Bonaparte’s attempted conquest of the world (only stopped at the cost of millions of lives) and Stalin’s oppression in the Soviet Union.
    When a group becomes so invested in a single man as the figurehead, people tend to lose their objectivity in judging that man. Very quickly, adherents to that cult of personality have suddenly deluded themselves into believing that “their man” can do no wrong.

      1. Yeah, at what point did our American President begin to equal Royalty? JFK? Before? Whenever. It’s time to stop elevating the figure beyond what it is meant to be.

        1. FDR I believe laid that groundwork. His rising “above” his station with those idiotic “Fireside chats” where he extolled Leftism, combined with him bringing CEO’s of major companies to his office to intimidate them, really set the tone. Lincoln was the first attempt at being a dictator, but FDR really did the yeoman’s work in making the office of President into something other than an over paid public servant position.

        2. Bringing up Lincoln brought another thought to my mind. I was raised in a household which extolled many of the same stances I share here with one exception: Lincoln was a great president. In fact, I heard that everywhere while growing up and I still hear it. Agree or disagree with his actions though, why is he a great president, why should any president be denoted as such, have statues and monuments and special days to celebrate them? Isn’t that like religious iconography and monarchal/imperial worship?
          Not to mention, no matter how good/evil something may be, isn’t overriding a legal majority vote on an issue in any context an example of the ends justifying the means?

        3. It’s a pretty good indicator to me of an individual’s actual attention to history by how he views Lincoln. If he holds up the “hero/savior” model, I know immediately that I’m speaking with somebody who doesn’t pay close attention to details and who bases his political opinions on accepted and unverified words handed to him by others. The opposite when I hear somebody critical of Lincoln who can explain why using clear historical facts and observations. Usually when I hear the pro-Lincoln swooning I can pretty much guarantee that the person also is highly ignorant of the actual Civil War, outside of the Disney version taught in schools e.g. – “Lincoln freed the slaves! Yay!” and such.

        4. Telling Wall St to pound sand and financing the war with greenbacks? that was pretty ballsy.

        5. Interesting post. I’m not posting here to defend Lincoln (because quite frankly I haven’t researched the subject enough to feel comfortable doing so), but there may be more than meets the eye when it comes to some of Lincoln’s actions…
          If you have some time, I HIGHLY recommend a video on YouTube called “All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars”. The first video that pops up will work. Starting at six minutes in, he discusses the global implications of the Civil War for about three minutes, and also gives some insights into Lincoln’s actions.

    1. It’s a good indicator of the end of our empire here in America. The exaltation of celebrity is part of the death throws, much like the Roman empire became obsessed with gladiators and gaming towards the end. A good quick read is a document called “Fate of Empires” by John Glubb which explains the cycles very well. But of course every empire thinks “oh it can’t happen to me…”.

    2. And this cult has spread to even the smallest levels of government. Go to the county website to pay your car tags? The elected politicians name and picture is plastered all over the place (why they want their name associated with you paying $100 for a plastic decal is beyond me). Any official department from the sherriff to the county commissioners, they emblazon their name wherever they can, from every official piece of paper to squad cars to logos.

      1. Yeah, it’s like Kim Jong Un’s picture is everywhere in N. Korea. Same as Sadam Hussein in Iraq before we invaded it.

  5. Income is not ‘received’, it is earned.
    It is not ‘redistributed’ afterwards, it is stolen with force to serve somone else’s agenda and turn the earner into a piece of property.
    Socialist’s are fine with theft, as long as its done behind cover of the ‘state’.

    1. “ncome is not ‘received’, it is earned.
      It is not ‘redistributed’ afterwards, it is stolen with force to serve somone else’s agenda and turn the earner into a piece of property.
      Socialist’s are fine with theft, as long as its done behind cover of the ‘state’.”
      Fuckin gospel, good sir.

  6. Just because Bono wants us to pay our fair share that doesn’t mean he has too. Plus U2 has always been overrated yet still receive too much air play.

  7. Bono was generously awarded for being a good useful idiot with a tip about the future scale the company facebook. He is an Illuminati puppet.

  8. Any dipshit who rails on capitalism is automatically a loser in my book. Especially if capitalism made you stupid rich.”I hate capitalism”. The best thing about capitalism is that everyone is most free to act in their own self interest and when everyone acts in their own self interest, society ends up a lot better off.

    1. “I hate capitalism”
      See guitarist Morello from rage against the machine. member of communsit party, flies around in a chartered jet.
      The hypocrisy is staggering…

      1. All music artist know what they are doing…act and speak like your a lefty, commie, socialist and watch the people eat it up. They then flock like the sheeple they are to buy your overpriced merch and tickets…oh yeah don’t forget to preach about how capitalism is destroying the world in between songs!

      2. Yea. His band is called rage against the machine (which I love despite their silly message), and yet he’s a part of the political party that wants big government! We’re talking multiple levels of incongruent and hypocritical behavior/beliefs.

    2. “The best thing about capitalism is that everyone is most free to act in their own self interest and when everyone acts in their own self interest, society ends up a lot better off.”
      Really? What society are you referring to, specifically? Better off in which way?

  9. I enjoyed U2 back in the early to mid 80’s. Their newer stuff in the 90’s didn’t do anything for me. Then when I heard that Bono was not going to play their old songs in concert anymore for the fans just to promote his newer garbage, I took it as a big fuck you to the fans who gave him his popularity.
    I’ll still listen to their older songs when it is on the radio, but I think this guy is a sell out and is only fir himself.

    1. “Then when I heard that Bono was not going to play their old songs in concert anymore for the fans just to promote his newer garbage, I took it as a big fuck you ”
      I never knew that, because it’s their early songs I really liked.

  10. It’s funny how the richest celebrities always espouse this fairy tale ideal of “fair share” and how dang evil capitalism can be, all the while raking in millions from their various ventures. There’s that little line on your tax form that allows you to fork over as much as you’d like to big daddy government if you feel so bad and want to help the impoverished. I’d love to see the reaction of these vapid celebs if a true socialist was running things and came knocking on their door to take the “fair share” to redistribute. They’d be jumping off the roofs of their palatial mansions.

      1. Will’s best movie was Independence Day. Remember the scene where he has jeff goldblum hack into the aliens mainframe from his laptop?
        Apparently those aliens were running Window95

        1. Yep, their computer system had not only the same OS, but the same underlying architecture that would support such an identical OS. Lucky for earth!

        2. Talk about a gaping plot hole.
          Goldblum is all over tv now in those ads- he hasnt been this visible for years. He should toss his hat in the ring for president
          “Who saved earth from aliens back in 1998? It sure as hell wasnt Donald Trump!”

        3. I thought it was a clear rip off (or perhaps tribute, if one is being kind) of H.G. Wells “War of the Worlds” where the invaders are basically thrown a curve ball by the diseases inherent here on Mother Earth. Viruses, if you will. They just tried the electronic route in the modern version. Which was such a blooming bad idea for so many reasons, even back then I laughed at how stupid the entire premise was.

  11. It’s insane how pathetic the left is and how pathetic token leftist celebrities are. I made all this money singing stupid songs, hating on capitalism, and like you said, giving away money VERY visibly to increase my attention. And now when it’s convenient, Ill quietly fade away with my excessive wealth, but you know what stays? All the morons who believed the crap you were saying.

      1. Some of their old stuff is good.
        I haven’t paid attention to them since Bono became the iJesus.
        Their guitarist, “The Edge”, was an inventive guitarist when you situate him like 20 years ago. Did some interesting stuff with effects pedals, stereophonic sound, etc.
        But I haven’t put on U2’s music to listen to in many years, and I probably wont be revisiting them.

  12. Maybe we should look at this another way. Maybe the supposed celebrities who hate capitalism (or claim to) are playing to the masses of idiot SJW’s and making money on them? I mean that’s who they’re appealing to, and who they are wanting to buy their art/service/etc, right? I know I don’t knowingly support far left SJW’s, and I suspect most here wouldn’t either, but you know who would? Readers of Jezebel, of Mother Earth News, etc. Bono is basically sucking the cash out of their pockets with an industrial sized Hoover vacuum.
    Of course I understand that this isn’t the case, but if it was, I’d have a big ol’ shit eating grin on my face.

    1. Or are you giving him too much credit?
      All I hear when these guys start trashing the system is:
      “I dont understand economics, and neither do you!!!”
      crowd ROARS with approval

      1. Actually I’m not really giving him any credit. “Of course I understand that this isn’t the case”. Bono, I think, is exactly as the article describes.
        I do wonder at times about other supposed uber rich Leftists though.

      2. All I hear is them starting a well-worn chorus:
        “Death to America!” Death to Independence and Liberty!” “Death to rising above your current financial status or class!”
        But yeah, I like yours too.

        1. Madonna?
          She’s still alive? Hasn’t pulled a fake lesbo stunt with a girl she could have grandmothered in so long I’d figured she must’ve followed her long dead soul to the soil by now.

    2. Clearly. It’s impossible to be a celebrity (and other positions of authority) without espousing leftist views. This phenomenon is exactly why anti-egalitarianism is so needed.

      1. I could not agree with you more. Clint Eastwood spoke up, but far too late, he was direly needed in the 1980’s (and he held the same views then). It’s up to us. Which is fine, you have to start somewhere.

  13. excellent article. I’ve always been critical of bono’s stupid hypocrisy (though I have to say I do enjoy the music of U2, at least in their early days) what gets me are many musicians (and also what comes to mind is Sineaid O’Connor, remember that stupid cunt?) where they would be shitting on america’s way of life (anti capitalism, etc) yet they have no problem selling records to american consumers or selling concert tickets…. fucking bullshit assholes these celebs are..

    1. Do a compare and contrast on Sinead O’Conner from her early days to today, looks wise. Despite the bald head she was rather easy on the eyes when she was young. Decades of Leftism and its attendant bad habits and now she looks like a rough, fugly lesbian.

      1. “Decades of Leftism and its attendant bad habits and now she looks like a rough, fugly lesbian.”
        Yeah I agree. She was kinda cute until she started tearing up pictures of the pope on tv thats when I knew the feminist virus had destroyed her. Indded its been downhill ever since.

  14. U2 were The Clash wanna-bes. Ball-less, milquetoast pop for the unthinking masses in order to line their pockets. The made a career on getting the feeling you’ve been cheated…

    1. Music nerds claim Edge pilfered his signature sound from another irish band from that era, name escapes me…another new wave group

        1. Are The Pogues still playing? I honestly had no idea, if they actually are, that’s really cool. If so I’ll make it a point to catch them when I can.

        2. Having moved to the far north where barely any bands ever play, I fear I will never get to see the Pogues. I still kick myself for not going to see Joe Strummer and the Mescalaroes due to school obligations then he up and died a few months later.

  15. This article is making me sick. Bono is nothing more than a douchie musician, yet he’s a fucking billionaire. Don’t misunderstand me, the World does not owe me anything. It’s just that I see more people getting ahead, except for me. Guess I’m fucking useless…

      1. I think I know what you mean. I’m not saying I’m perfect (far from it) but I wonder if there are any truly and genuine men who are billionaires.

        1. Buffet is publicly telling everyone to pay “his fair share” of taxes as he walks hand in hand with president Obama, yet Buffet has arranged his portfolio so he doesnt pay one cent of tax. I’ve lost all respect for him. That, and there was a documentary about Buffet – about his early days and he needed capital to invest with, so he and a partner of his bought a factory and then shut it down (firing everybody) and then asset liquidated everything, and used that to invest with.

        2. Can you not see the world for what it really is? You answered your own question “I see more people getting ahead, except for me.” perfectly fine.
          To go ahead you have to what Buffet did. You have to get the money. I will tell you a secret now. The laws and the moral standards and the religions they are not made to help you get rich.
          All those high moral standards, including the idea of beeing “good” are all made up to keep the masses poor and stupid.
          No royal family who ever ruled their land for even 5 years was considered “good”.
          None of the great leaders of history you have to study in shool was a “good” guy.
          Alexander the great? good guy? Nope
          Napolean the first of france. Nice guy? Nope
          Hitler, Stalin, Mao – all very good and honest people with great respect for human life, social justice and the law of god?
          Can you see the pattern? The nice guys finish last.
          They dont get the women, because woman have an instinct to stop loosers and weaklings. They hate weak men.
          They also do not make tons of money. They are too weak to do what needs to be done. God hates weaklings too.

        3. Duly noted, thanks for the insight. How can God hate weaklings when his rules laid down advocate “being good”?

        4. “How can God hate weaklings when his rules laid down advocate “being good”?”
          -> What is more important; What one says or what one does?
          The god of the old testament was not a “nice guy” at all.

        5. The God of the old testament is the God that jews worship. Maybe then that is why Jews are so ruthless in business yet, also very successful, a trait that I can admire.
          My god is Christ, of the new testiment. Is there a way to worship Christ and be successful?

        6. Not a preacher here, not at all. But when I was a kid education included religion. If you are part of the roman church with pope and all that, the holy bible consist of the old and new testament and some letters.
          The jewish people do not accept the new testament but both do very much accept the old testament.

  16. Bono is a shameless narcissistic. He’ll drop his pants and open his gob to spout whatever “cause” reflects best on him personally…it’s all about Sir Bono…he’s still very sniffy about the fact that he wasn’t awarded the Nobel peace prize about 5 years ago…God knows he kissed enough old man ass to warrant it..Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, George Bush, All the popes since JP2, Fidel Castro, the whole central committee of the Chinese Communist party….even the Queen (what an Irish Nationalist)…he hasn’t quite cornered Vladimir yet….guess he can see through him.

  17. Money is time.
    If Bono takes a shit he makes thousands of dollars. When I take a shit it’s in the tens of dollars.
    It’s still shit, but I don’t have an ego or a marketing machine behind me.
    People are under the impression the wealthy got there because they are somehow better than others and they are to be honored and fawned over. There is a ton of better musicians on the street that play simply because they enjoy it and have lives. They’ll never make money.
    Extreme wealth seems to breed immorality. They can live in great luxury and still pull money from a poor man pocket through clever manipulations and then call him an idiot due to his disadvantagement.

    1. “They can live in great luxury and still pull money from a poor man pocket through clever manipulations and then call him an idiot due to his disadvantagement.”
      Doesn’t that sound like what women do?

  18. If you support socialism or communism you should be required to sign a binding legal contract agreeing to give any earnings you make over and above a living wage: there is a long history of people, including the super-rich supporting far lefts causes that were they not absolute hypocrites would have seen them give up their wealth. Very few have actually done that. Why, because progressive and leftist causes lose their attractiveness pretty quick if you ask people to follow through logically. Communists are the absolute worse very often because they’re rather less interested in creating a fair world than getting the power to lord it over everyone else they imagine will come with it. At worst progressive elites though aren’t merely hypocrites they are making their wealth, and ensuring their power by pursuing progressive political causes. Progressive foundations often translate into political control and influence (philanthrophy is never just philanthropy and moreover being seen to support ‘good causes’ seems to be great PR and very easy to monetize.

  19. Bono is a bit of a Shabbos Goy, and given that Facebook is widely rumored to have been seeded with CIA money, it’s no surprise he made a fortune off of it.

  20. The first two records are well-nigh unlistenable (really, Boy and War the drums sound like paper grocery bags (I give October an ‘incomplete’ because of the briefcase theft), then they hit their stride with The Unforgettable Fire, peaked with The Joshua Tree and it’s been a backslide ever since. Rattle and Hum was serviceable and the last gasp was Achtung Baby (Hon. mention for All That You Can’t Leave Behind on the strength of “Walk On”; “In a Little While” could have been great but Bono phoned the last half in.)
    Since then? Dreck.

    1. i’ve always liked the first two albums (boy and october, not boy and war) best, for what it’s worth.

  21. All I have to thank Bono & U2 for is that rather shitty album that was installed on my iPhone without my consent.

  22. Better still, Mr. “Donate More Tax Money to Africa You Selfish Western Cunts” and his group, aptly named after a spy plane, moved their publishing company out of Ireland to avoid, wait for it, …taxes.
    They were paying the onerous sum of 0% on their royalties in Ireland. The Irish government put a stop to that in 2007. That meant if Bono was paid royalties for his music personally he would pay 42% but could channel them through a corporation for the, very generous in the 1st World, corporate rate of 12.5%.
    So in 2006. U2 moved their publishing company to Holland to pay a mere 5% on royalties. U2 made an estimated $110 million in 2005. In 2011 they made $161 million, and it is safe to assume they made this type of money in the intervening years. So from just 2007 to 2011 U2 avoided paying, if we assume an average of $110 million per year, $5.5 million dollars to the Irish government. They paid $2.2 million on their royalties to Holland instead.
    And did U2 really need to avoid paying this money to the Irish government? A government he has called out to spend more tax money in aid to Africa in his expensive and apparently very lucrative concerts? U2 Net Worth is $838 million according to some sites on the web and this article just illustrated how rich Bono is. But hey, as the band their guitarist, David Evans, said, they were “just being tax-efficient” and “who doesn’t want to be tax-efficient”?

    1. NOBODY is against capitalism. Except those who have no capital, while they have no capital.
      The whole idea of socialism is to take money from those who earn to enrich the socialists themselfs. It is all about money at all times. Nothing ever changes.
      The lower class stays the lower class, not because they are so poor or all is so unfair – the lower class lifestyle is simply all they can handle.
      Proof: Give them massive goverment money and their “standards” (productivity) go DOWN.
      In game terms these guys are called omega.
      The middle class stays the middle class. They work decent jobs to earn a living but they cant imagine to not work. If they loose their jobs they descend into lower class quickly. Work defines their live. The love to follow orders, rules, regulation or laws. Top notch servants they are.
      In game terms these guys are called beta.
      The upper class is the elite. Not only because they have the money. The is the other way around. They have money BECAUSE they are the elite. If money is lost it is quickly regained because these guys know how to get it.
      Like in game. When a women goes, she makes room for a new girl. There is always a new girl if you know how to get them. Same with money. If you never thought about this basic connection I suggest you do it now. Take a couple of minutes and think about it. Might change your life for the better.
      Anyways the upper class does not rely on work. They understand money is there and you just have to take it. By whatever means are required.
      Like in game. Roosh: “weasel my way into her bedroom”.
      Who is afraid to take risks, who is afraid to offend someone, who is affraid of the laws will never be an alpha nor make it into the upper class.

  23. When this piece of shit was in a concert down under, he was selling T-Shirts with his logo, made in China cost $0.80 each & selling them to Aussi morons for $80.00 each…
    So no surprise that he’s a millionaire… Morons buying his products, CD, going to his concert a $200 cheapest seat, so……………….

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